Prince William and Prince Harry take US by storm… of media coverage for a private wedding; leave Kate at home

I’m going to be completely honest, I’ve been putting off reporting about Prince William and Prince Harry’s excursion to America because the way the American press and fans have reacted to the Prince’s visit is cringe-worthy.  It makes me embarrassed to be an American.  Kate did not attend.  We can debate why she didn’t go and talk about all the nefarious reasons behind that decision (and we will), but let’s be honest here, given the press’s reaction to Will and Harry, imagine how much worse it would have been if Kate had been on US soil.  I’m stating it now: it’s a good thing Kate skipped this wedding.  By the way, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie attended the wedding as well, but the US media doesn’t really care about them.

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Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas broke up

So much for Duchess Cressida.  It seems Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have split up after nearly two years of dating.

There were reports that they broke up because Cressida was “too needy”, but the palace has been adamant in denying that; claiming Cressida is the opposite of needy.  “Sources”—and by that I mean KP—insist the split was amicable and Cressida wants to focus on her career.

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Post-tour updates for Will and Kate’s 3rd anniversary

Happy 3rd anniversary to Prince William and Kate Middleton.  In honor of their 3rd anniversary, let’s do some post-tour news.  First, landing in London after the royal tour counts as an official engagement for both Will and Kate.  What?  Again, that’s crap, and I’m not counting it.  My numbers and the Court Circular’s numbers at the end of the year will be off because of their “landing/departing at airports where no one sees them” numbers inflation.  Second, Will has scheduled an appearance.  He will visit the Royal Navy Submarine Museum on May 12th.  That’s just about 2 weeks after the end of the tour.  Wow, I’m impressed.  Now if only Kate would have an appearance in May.  Third, Guy Pelly is getting married in Memphis this weekend, and William and Harry are supposedly going—but Kate is staying home, I guess.  Fourth, here are some previously unseen photos of Kate and Will playing with George on Easter Sunday.  That’s nice.  But if you’ll notice, there is at least one bodyguard with them, as well as Nanny Maria.  This makes me think even more that Kate playing with George on their day off was a stunt, because there was not a bodyguard to be found on that day.  Fifth, Will and Kate will attend a ceremony on behalf of Her Majesty to commemorate the start of World War I in Belgium on August 4th—the day Britain declared war on Germany.  There were numerous happenings between June 28, 1914—when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated—and August 4th, including several ultimatums, Russia’s mobilization, and Germany declaring war on both Russia and France.  Sixth, here is an article that is so sickly sweet it’s not even funny.  The photographer who took what he claims is Kate’s favorite photo of the tour has given many quotes on how in love Kate and William are and whatnot.  He calls her “Princess Catherine” numerous times as well.  Someone needs to explain to him how titles work in Britain.  The article is calling the photo “iconic”, which I disagree with.  It’s a sweet photo, but I don’t know if it’s “iconic”-level. Seventh, go here to have a laugh at Kate’s crazy facial expressions.

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POLL: Royal Tour 2014 – Favorite Outfit Kate Wore

Here is a round-up of all the outfits Kate wore during the Royal Tour. There were 25 total outfit changes, three of which involved pants. The pants outfits are throw-aways for me, and looked too similar to bother with. There’s one caveat of my fashion coverage in this post: I am only covering the clothes (dresses, coats, etc.) Kate wore; her hats, shoes, bags, and jewelry do not count. She didn’t wear enough hats to bother with, nor did she change up her shoes, bags, and jewelry enough to bother with. So this is only about her clothes.

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Will and Kate pay tribute to fallen soldiers in ANZAC day service before departing for London

And so concludes the Great Royal Cambridge Tour of New Zealand and Australia…  Prince William and Kate Middleton concluded their tour on Day 19 by attending services to mark ANZAC day.  They then boarded a RAAF plane in Canberra and flew to Sydney, where they changed planes (Will carried George) and flew home to London.

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New photos of Princess Leonore with her cousin, Princess Estelle


Princess Estelle went to New York in the middle of April—along with her parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel—to visit her cousin, Princess Leonore.  On her Facebook page, Princess Madeleine posted the photo and captioned it, “A cousin is a ready-made friend for life…”

Princess Leonore’s Christening will take place at the Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace on Sunday, June 8, 2014—exactly one year after her parent’s wedding.

Enjoy the cuteness!


Photos taken by Crown Princess Victoria, posted to the Swedish Royal Family’s website.

Kate wears white, and no jewelry, for final night in OZ

William and Kate attended a reception at Government House—named Yarralumla—in Canberra, hosted by the Governor General of Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove, to end Day 18—their last night in OZ.  There were about 100 guests from the arts, business, charity, conservation, and sporting industries, as well as surviving recipients of the Victoria Cross.  The Governor General gave a speech in which he paralleled the Cambridges to the former York’s trip of 1927—the then Duke and Duchess of York, who later became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth—because they had a young child at the time and “accounts of their visit note the deafening cheers of the crowds, the fervent and spontaneous greetings of those they met and the Duchess won hearts from the start – all words that could describe the last couple of weeks.”

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Kate wears bright green for day in Canberra

We have reached Day 18, the penultimate day of the Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand.  Prince William and Kate Middleton spent their next-to-last day in Canberra—the capital of Australia.  They visited the National Arboretum, where they planted a tree (and by “planted” I mean they threw dirt over and already planted tree) and chatted to schoolchildren.  They attended a reception at Parliament House where the host PM Tony Abbott and Will both made speeches (opposition leader Bill Shorten also gave a speech).  The reception was attended by more than 600 guests including members of Australia’s House of Representatives and Senate, diplomats, and members of the armed forces, among others.  The next appearance was at the National Portrait Gallery where they viewed portraits and met some artists and patrons.  One of the paintings they viewed is the portrait of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark; they also met the person who painted it.  I have to say, that is a portrait.  CP Mary looks wonderful.

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Camilla’s brother, Mark Shand, has died after hitting his head outside fundraiser in NY

The Duchess of Cornwall’s brother, Mark Shand, had died today following a head injury he sustained after slipping and falling outside a charity fundraiser in New York. Camilla is said to be “utterly devastated”. She and Prince Charles are said to be in Scotland at the moment, preparing for their trip to Canada.

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Kate tries DJ-ing while wearing a deep v-neck in Elizabeth/Adelaide

Can I just say, no royal should ever try DJ-ing.  It was cringe-worthy when Charles did it and it’s cringe-worthy when Will and Kate do it.  Please, royals, just stop.  Granted, neither one really wanted to try it; they both kept insisting the other go first—they must have known how cringe-worthy they would look.  For Day 17, Will and Kate went to Adelaide, South Australia.  More specifically, they went to Elizabeth, a small suburb of Adelaide, named after the Queen (obviously).  The Cambridges visited a music studio/youth center, Northern Sound System, and were shown how to… I don’t even know what it’s called, scratch the records?  That’s what they did, held down the records and moved them around to make a scratching noise.  Outside, they watched a skateboarding display and were presented with a skateboard for George.  Will then spray-painted a wall (the artwork had already been started Will just dabbed in a little bit).  The Cambridges then unveiled a plaque for a planned new business development named Prince George Plaza.  Then they went to a reception.  There was a walkabout thrown in there somewhere.

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