Kate Middleton and Baby Cambridge 2 polls + details of their Mustique vacation

Kate Middleton and Baby Cambridge 2 polls + details of their Mustique vacation

In the last Kate post, a few commenters suggested polls on different Kate Middleton related questions – like how many engagements Kate will make in 2015 and will she wear red when leaving the hospital – and I think it would be hilarious if we could accurately predict things like how many times she’ll wear those LK Bennett Sledges. Also, it’ll be fun to see how many people think Baby Cambridge 2 will be a boy or a girl. Sadly, I don’t have a “Treated Like Royalty By Prince Harry” prize at the end. PS. Since alleged details of the Middleton Mustique vacation were released, I threw those in at the end.

How many engagements will Kate make in 2015?

Kate’s previous year’s totals were: 34, 111, 44, 91. These answers are in actual numbers since we will know her actual numbers at the end of the year.

When will the bulk of Kate’s engagements take place?

I’m excluding the first half of the year since she won’t be making many appearances due to the pregnancy and birth. You can pick two answers for this one.

Will Kate give a speech in 2015?

How many times will Kate stay at an event for more than 1 hour?

These answers are in percentages because the outcome is based on her total number of engagements.

How many times will Kate hold her hands by her crotch while at engagements?

These answers are in percentages because the outcome is based on her total number of engagements.

How many times will Kate wear her nude LK Bennett Sledge pumps?

The LK Bennett Sledges are Kate’s most worn shoe and she’ll no doubt turn to them again many times in 2015. These answers are in percentages because the outcome is based on her total number of engagements.

How many times will Kate wear blue in 2015?

Kate wore blue 26% of the time in 2014. These answers are in percentages because the outcome is based on her total number of engagements.

How many times will Kate wear her hair up in 2015?

These answers are in percentages because the outcome is based on her total number of engagements.

How many times will Kate’s skirt fly up in 2015?

Kate has had at least two skirt fly-ups/Marilyn Moments every year since she got married. I’m not just talking about full-on bum shots here, but any time her skirt flies up because she refuses to wear hem weights.

Will Kate wear red to leave the hospital with Baby Cambridge 2?

When will Kate make her first appearance after the birth of Baby Cambridge 2?

Leaving the hospital and the Christening do not count.

When will Baby Cambridge 2 be born?

Kate is due sometime in April, with the theory being late April around Will and Kate’s anniversary on the 29th. So when will the new little sprog will get here?

Will Baby Cambridge 2 be a boy or a girl?

How much will Baby Cambridge 2 weigh at birth?

George weighed over 8 pounds when he was born.

What will Baby Cambridge 2 be named?

These are the top ten boy and girl names from Ladbrokes.

How many times will we see Prince George in 2015?

Will and Kate are so stingy when it comes to letting the public see George, and since Baby Cambridge 2 will take attention away from George, how many times will we actually get to see the Grumpy Face in 2015?

PS. According to the Daily Mail, Carole Middleton is throwing a lavish 60th birthday party on Saturday in Mustique. Guests include the Middletons (and why yes, Prince William is a Middleton) and a bunch of rich Mustique people. Carole snubbed Pippa’s boyfriend, James’ girlfriend, and her brother Uncle Gary. Carole is “sparing no expense” and is even flying in a Goring Hotel person to make drinks for her. She asked guests for the pretentious gift of “planting a tree”. Apparently Will, Kate, and the Midds are staying at Villa Rocina which boasts 4 bedrooms, a 30ft private pool, a household staff of 4, and a $21,000 per week price tag. Will and Kate will be there at least two weeks, so $42,000 at least just for the use of the villa – that’s not including the lavish party. I wonder how much this whole vacation including the party is going to cost. The Midds will be paying for that, right?

Villa Rocina houses up to 8 people so… Will and Kate, Carole and Mike, Pippa and James, George and Nanny Maria? That does not include all of Will and Kate’s security, which is at least four people. Where do they stay? Did they get their own villa? Who pays for that?

Mustique Villa Rocina
[screengrab of Mustique website]

166 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Baby Cambridge 2 polls + details of their Mustique vacation

  1. Fun polls, can’t wait to see the final results. I think we’ll see George a little more this year because of the new baby. Have to have a picture of him and the new brother, plus he’ll probably come to the hospital.

    As for the party Carole is throwing, I would hope they are paying for it, but I’d bet Kate is making Will pay for it. Really sucks that she didn’t include her other children’s significant others. Guess they aren’t royal so they don’t count.

    1. Oh good thinking about Prince George. I was thinking Will and Kate now have a newer PR baby, so they’d use that one. But you’re right, we’ll see George probably at the hospital, in a pic with the new baby, maybe at the Christening, for his birthday, and maybe in Christmas photos or something.

      I’m actually thinking maybe Will and Kate don’t want to hob-knob with the likes of Nico Jackson and Donna Air, and Uncle Gary is a PR blight, so that’s maybe why they were all left off the guest list.

      1. So basically the Middleton clan only consists of Kate’s parents, siblings, spouse and offspring. Got it. Everyone else can shove off. Only problem with that is they should remember that saying about being careful who you step on as you climb the ladder, because you’re going to see them again when you fall down it. We’ll see how soon Uncle Gary gets a call if William dumps Kate. Someone has to pay for her attorney…lol

        1. If Kate and the Middletons fall, I just hope we get an Uncle Gary tell-all. That would be amazing.

          1. An Uncle Gary Tell-All would be great. So would any other tell-all.
            When do you think there will be books that slam Kate and Will on the market? There has to be interest in such books.

      2. I can see leaving the unpredictable and tabloid courting Uncle Gary off the list, but what’s wrong with the longtime girlfriend and fairly longtime boyfriend? You’d think they’d make the cut, as it would be more of a snub to Carole’s own children not to include them. Maybe they weren’t able to get away. They both have jobs…

        1. I’m actually wondering if Pippa and Nico are still together. We haven’t seen or heard anything from Nico since last summer. But yeah he does have that Switzerland job or wherever he is.

      3. If George is at the hospital, no doubt he will come in with granny Carole. That is the picture she has always dreamed of, and the press would have to run it!

        1. I agree, Autumn. And I will have to make sure that I keep my food down because it will be nauseating. I will put money on the fact that Ma Midds will have a Diana inspired look, too.

        2. It looks to me like all the Royals have distanced themselves from George. He is supposed to be king one day, yet no one is making a fuss about him except Ma Meddlesom

          1. The royals seem to be making the same amount of fuss over George as they are over Mia Tindall – ie. not much. At least not in public. To play devil’s advocate: why would William’s aunts and uncles care that much about their great nephew? I know he’s “going to be king”, but it’s not like the other royals are really that close to William either (with the possible exception of Zara who is George’s godparent, and who made Will godparent to Mia). What kind of fuss would you like to see the royals make over George?

            Maybe this is just my own experience with a dysfunctional family, but if I had a kid my aunts and uncles and even cousins wouldn’t really care that much. They’d probably say congrats and maybe’d like the occasional photo on Facebook, but other than that they wouldn’t take much interest.

        3. I could see William bringing George with him when visiting Kate. But if it’s not William than it would be Carole. God that would be a horrible photo.

          1. But Wills would probably think that George would be too noisy for the hospital, because you know kids make noise. I think that this has come as a bit of a shock to them. I was also thinking that Ma Mids had a blue dress on when she visited Waity in hospital with George. Maybe she will wear Red this time around too.

            I think that we will see Ma Mids bring George to the hospital and not his father, which will be a shame if it does happen

            I also seem to remember that Protocol dictated that the Queen be the first person to visit Prince William when he was born. Can someone let me know if this was true or if I was mistaken. As I was confused when the Middletons were at the hospital before anyone else when George was born. I am actually surprised that Ma Mids was not in the delivery room.

          2. Very true, Tanya. But a pic of Will with George is good PR for his (fake) “I’m a hands on father” image. Jason may insist.

          3. William will bring George to the hospital for the PR moment. Carole was probably on the phone with Kate the entire time she was in labor.

  2. Oh, Happy Birthday, Carole! I’d say, “May all your dreams come true,” but it seems they already have. Your first-born married to an Heir to the Throne. Your grandson, the future King. Oops, wait, there is one more thing. If you could only arrange to have Harry marry Pippa, your royal dynasty would be complete. You can do it, Carole! Go for it!

      1. Or a wing in Buck House. God, if William is ever king, Carole would probably move into BP with them and try to be the new Queen Mum.

        1. Oh, no, KMR. You and bluhare are on to something. I think Will’s turn at the throne may happen long after Carole is gone. When Charles finally becomes King, I think he will have a good twenty something years to wear the crown Carole will be how old by then? Saying, Charles is still a good five to ten years away from coronation.

          1. True, it may be 30 years before William is King, which would most mean Carole would have to live to be 90 to see Will on the throne.

    1. Nooooooooooooooooooooo please please please don’t do that to us Jenny. I think that Harry has more brains than Wills (Despite Wills digs at Harry) and he will steer clear of Pippa. Besides, he likes his blondes and Pippa is not one, but I would not put it past her to dye her hair for the right man

  3. Great poll KMR!!! Thanks for the fun time:) I don’t think Kate’s “work” load will increase until the kids are in school. (I felt funny even typing the word “work” and “Kate” in the same sentence) And as in years prior the bulk of her “work” will take place in the later part of the year when it’s decided that she needs to appear to be doing something. Fashion wise, I don’t expect any wow moments in 2015 and I do expect that we will get flashed at some point, just because. I don’t mind if she continues to wear the nude Sledge pumps but really wish the Wedges of Doom and the Dreaded Skinny Jeans would accidently get lost or burned up or meet some other type of gruesome end. I have to ask what is the meaning behind the wearing of a red dress when leaving the hospital with the spare?

    I bet that the Midds don’t pay full price for the villa, just like W&K didn’t when they stayed in Mustique (or anywhere else they go). I’m thinking they either make a “donation” to some charity or the owners love the attention they bring and comp their stay.

    I am thinking that the security staff are probably sharing a small bungalow some where on the property. If they are working 12 hours shifts, then two can sleep while the other two are on duty (assuming a security team of 4) augmented with the island security force.

    Again, thanks so much for this post!!

    1. Diana wore a red dress when leaving the hospital with Harry.

      I don’t know about the Middletons, but I’m sure a lot of places would comp William because they want to say they had the future king stay at their place. And since William is there this year, they’ll probably have all this stuff comped.

      According to the Mustique website, there are only four rooms on the Villa Rocina property, all over which would be taken by the Midds and company. So the RPOs would have to stay somewhere else. Maybe a tent in the backyard.

  4. No doubt they are getting the Villa for free. They are getting tons of publicity. People who have money that they want to toss around will want to stay where the Duke and Duchess Doolittle stayed. They will have their friends pay for tickets and to stay at the lone hotel on the island. Goring Hotel is getting major publicity out of this also, so they may not be charging anything for the bartender.Goring may even pay to send him there So another freebie all around for these freeloaders. Not sure if William will have to pay anything except their airfare. Cameras and cell phones of the guests were said to have been confiscated. Not sure if that is because there might be proof that William is not there, or they don’t want pictures of a drunk hagged out Carole, or they are going to be selling pictures to the tabloids.

    1. I was thinking that I sincerely hope that they don’t receive or take a discount or get the accommodation for free. But I’m betting that you are right. It’s publicity for the island and resort.

      I remember reading that when Will and Harry would go out drinking they would rack up a huge tab worth several thousands of dollars and get it all for free. For some reason, that really rubs me the wrong way. Probably because they are taking freebies when they can afford it, and they are taking freebies from someone who maybe can’t afford to give it for free but it’s become an expectation.

      1. I believe that Will and Harry hang out at nightclubs and bars that they’re friends own. At the mark up on alcohol, it is probably not must of an outlay for the owners. They bring in the crowds on the chance to see and maybe talk to Will and Harry. A win for all of them. For the customer who goes there to see the royals, consider it all part of the cost to observe.

      2. This type of comping of goods and services has been going on a long time, especially in Hollywood. It’s always bugged me that those who can afford such frivolities are seldom charged for them but the regular Joe’s are charged full price.

      3. It’s so very annoying that the people who can actually afford to pay these outlandish prices for things get those things for free while those that cannot afford them get charged an arm and a leg. But unfortunately that happens all the time.

        Also, mostly when Will and Harry go clubbing now, they go to Guy Pelly’s clubs, or another friend’s clubs, and there is always a PR piece afterward to let everyone know Will or Harry partied there. I think it’s hilarious that Guy Pelly, especially, uses Will and Harry’s name for free publicity (or publicity in exchange for free drinks) when Will and Harry have been so adamant about weeding out the friends who are not friends for the right reasons and whatnot.

    2. Yikes it seem excessive to confiscate cameras! Everybody takes photos when they are on vacation so it seems extremely unfair to the other PAYING guests to not be able to take photos of their own holiday!

      1. I think the article is just referring to the party guests getting their phones taken away while at the party, not all the guests staying on Mustique the entire time Will and Kate are there.

        1. KMR, for past Middleton vacations that was the news that was leaked. All guests on the island had their cell phones and cameras taken away when they landed. No warning ahead of time.

          1. True, but I’m just talking about the current article which alludes to only the guests at the party being asked to leave their camera phones at home. All phones from all guests on the entire island may have been confiscated, too, the article does not say.

    3. To be fair, loads of celebs ask their guests at weddings and parties to leave their phones at home or check them at the door because they don’t want photos leaking onto the internet. So I can understand why Will and company would ask the party guests to give up their phones.

      Considering the DMs “source on Mustique” was so open, even though Will is suck a freak about “privacy”, it may have been an actual Mustique employee giving quotes with Will’s permission so that the Midds get the villa and the party for free.

  5. Loved the polls. I say that Kate will show her toned tummy within months while wearing inappropriate footwear. She is very predictable.

    1. Lol. It’ll be about a month after, so maybe she will have an engagement in May.

    2. Oooh, the toned tummy! YES! Good one, Rhiannon. She’ll be out there on the volleyball court about 6 to 8 weeks after the new arrival’s entry into the Royal world.

  6. Great poll! It was fun, yet sad that this is all we can really expect from Kate. God knows she’s had plenty of time to develop herself or get an individual personality if she wanted to. Have the Cambridges ever said how they are going to raise George and co? Diana was very clear in her interviews when the boys were little. I wonder too what Kate is going to do to hold Will next? Get cancer?

    1. Cancer would involve losing her hair… so I’m guessing no to that. Perhaps something more in the lines of a massive food allergy that would justify her continued weight loss.

    2. I certainly wouldn’t wish that on anyone! However, she could develop a yet unnamed nervous condition which of course means she can do no engagements what so ever, never be subjected to the stress and strain of having 2 children under 2 and the only know cure would be to spend massive amounts of time at Peter Jones. William would certainly look like a cad for leaving a woman who was suffering so.

      1. I think she already has an advanced nervous condition. Kate, as previously posted on this site, appears to be very unhappy. Sure, she smiles at the events, but there’s something that is obviously bothering her. And, it’s not impending motherhood again.
        She seems to have emotional problems. Look at the weight loss when not pregnant.

        I think the reality of being married to the heir to the throne is not what she expected it to be. Nor, what Will promised her. She really thought she was going to get a big pass from the media and not be hounded due to the way Diana suffered at the paps’ hands. I’m sure she and Will thought they’d be given more privacy. Sadly, media coverage comes with the job and the perks do seem to be pretty good, don’t they?

    3. I don’t think suggesting something like that is kosher. I get your point, but yikes.

      I think that once she’s produced the heir and spare she’s golden. She can live her life with the perks of her title, and what William does is of little or no consequence unless he’s dumb enough to want a divorce.

        1. I don’t think she’ll be golden. This is a new age where people are struggling and the entitled who are rich from public coffers have to pull their weight no matter if she’s had the heir. As for bringing up cancer, it’s a very serious illness that I don’t mean lightly, or any major illness, but an insecure person can go to extreme measures, true or not.

          1. We agree rather than disagree, Sugar, but I’m with Laurie above. I think that’s much more likely and fits in well with the “Kate’s so caring and works so hard” groupthink.

            I do think she’s golden once she’s had a couple of kids though. The royals don’t need another high profile divorce and IMO William won’t know what hit him if the MIddletons think William done her wrong. HOWEVER, the big carrot on the stick is rarely talked about and that the Queen has final say in what happens to the children. I think that’s why Diana toed the line for so long.

      1. I think Kate will think that once she’s produced the heir and the spare she’ll be golden, but I don’t think she will actually be. If she continues the path she’s on, the public will grow evermore discontented with her and she will receive even more criticism. She will not be able to live her life with the perks of her title without giving some effort back; the public (and all her current fans and supporters) will completely turn on her eventually.

        1. I agree, in fact I found a Kate-centric site that closed because the author had had enough of the Patron Saint of Peter Jones, the Duchess of Doolittle.

          1. Like, a pro-Kate site that closed because the author got bored of Kate? Now that’s interesting.

    4. I don’t think Will and Kate have ever talked about how they are going to raise their kids. Would you mind explaining how Diana said she would raise her kids, I don’t actually know.

    1. I only read the article on Amalienborg Palace in Denmark. The comments are fairly negative but I expected that since the minimalist style combined with contemporary art is a very Scandinavian aesthetic that in many ways are incompatible with escpecially English and American aestehtics. Personally I like it very much. Amalienborg is a gorgeous piece of minimalist rococco architecture that is very different from the overblown and overly decorated rococco palaces of France and Central Europe or the overly gilded Victoriana like Buckingham Palace, which I find to be an inferior piece of architecture. I very much like the incorporation of contemporary art. CP Frederik has an interest and a collection of contemporary Danish art and I think that they have simply done what royals and aritocrats have done through history – redecorating and rebuilding according to modern styles and tastes. They are not obliged to live in a museum!

      1. Actually, I like most parts of the redecorated palace. Some people think I have strange taste (traditional which has been pared down and contemporary paintings).

        It is funny the interiors have been met with controversy, since Mary and Fred seem to have a huge fan base in terms of their sartorial style.

        1. I wouldn’t say that the controversy was huge – however, there was a vocal minority, usually people who don’t like modern art.
          The most controversial thing was the wall painting by John Körner that depicts scenes from Afghanistan, including soldiers as some felt that was inappropriate. However, CP Frederik has been very invested in the Danish troops in Afghanistan and he has visited seveal times. He also convinced his mother the Queen to visit (where she wore a military green jumpsuit accessorized with a scarf as a belt). John Körner is a very interesting artist who takes on controversial themes (like prostitution, etc.) and he is a VERY skilled painter. His colours are luminous and built up by wonderful, transparent glazes.
          I’m including a link on the decorations in English:

          QMII turns 75 this april and in relation to this The Nationalhistoric Museum at Frederiksborg Castle is putting on an exhibit of her gala dresses through the ages. I can’t wait to see it!

          1. That exhibit would be so cool to see. I hope they put pics online.

            There are two different gala dinners for Margrethe’s birthday. I can’t wait for the tiaras.

          2. My main issue with the redesign is that it is ephemeral. Someday the Palace will be redecorated, maybe a long time in the future. Those murals will be lost to time. I’d rather they were all wall-sized paintings, rather than murals, so they could be removed to museums in the future.

          3. I’m not so sure that’ll be the case. Nowadays murals are generally left in place when historical buildings are renovated or redecorated. It is also worth emphasizing that this palace will be inhabited by their descendants in the future and the DRF has always been very respectful of their heritage – and I do think that both QMII and CP Frederik’s roles as significant patrons of contemporary art as well as their appreciation for art may very well be passed on – the CP couple has taken their children to art related events in the past. Furthermore, the artists in question are well-established and will quite likely be part of the Danish art historical canon in the future. Installing murals is a bold move, reconfiguring the Palace as a “Gesamtkunstwerk” but we also need to factor in that issues of preservation and cultural heritage is something that is much more important today than in the past. It dominates much of the cultural debate today. However, things can certainly change a few centuries down the line but that can be hard to predict.

          4. Question: Can murals be removed from walls? Like, the plaster or whatever the mural is painted on be removed from the wall and then the wall be redone? I don’t know much about this stuff, so please forgive my ignorance if this question is stupid.

          5. It is not a stupid question! Murals can indeed be removed. It is a lengthy and extremely delicate process but it can be done. I don’t much about the technicalities though.

          6. So if the next person wanted to redo Mary and Fred’s current place, they could still save the murals.

      1. I wouldn’t take those seriously. The first video is a shill for that dude’s book. Using Kate’s name is just a ploy to get views and shill the book. The second video is a “dream” some dude had when he was high on pain meds.

    1. Ya, I’m not sure who you are looking at, but Kate is definitely not in those first 2 photos. There is Pippa and 2 friends.

  7. Why does william, carole so over protective of kate like shes a child, well shes not , shes a grown woman, a former party girl, who was busy in her twenties bedding william for a ring!!

    1. Adam, now this is just my opinion, but I think there is something very simple about Kate. Meaning that if you took this girl/woman and put her out there on her own with no support from her husband or family she would curl up in a little ball and cease to exist. I don’t think she has the basic skills to survive on her own. Most people go through a point in their lives (their 20s) where they get out there and learn to take care of and provide for themselves. May not be a lavish lifestyle but they do what they have to to survive.

      Something vital is missing in Kate and I don’t know what that is. I don’t know if it’s something mentally or that she was so controlled by her mother she just doesn’t know any other way, but it is very telling that she can’t cut the apron strings. Really, how many women have babies and run home to their parents house? Usually, the mother/grandmother will come by HER home to help her get used to taking care of the baby, not the daughter moving in and being taken care of along with the baby.

      I think William has discovered this fact after seeing her at engagements and finally living with her on a day to day basis and the cold reality of not being able to get rid of her has smacked him right in the face. If they ever do split, she is not going to thrive like Diana, she’s going to crack and there will be lots of little pieces to pick up.

      1. Hi Lisa, my understanding is that W&K&G went to Carole’s after G was born because there was no air conditioning at Nott Cott and London was in the middle of heat wave. However, I do agree with you that there is something off when a grown woman spends so much time at her parents home. I have two adult children that I love dearly and enjoy spending time with, but I raised them to be independent and it would be worrying to me if they wanted to spend all their free time with me. It will be interesting to see what happens when baby #2 arrives, with two beautiful homes will Kate run back to Buckleberry? Or will she finally woman up and live her own life? This would have been an interesting poll question.

        1. That would have been an interesting poll question. Sorry I didn’t think of that.

          The lack of air conditioning was the excuse given for the Bucklebury stay, but there are a bunch of places W&K could have gone to get some air conditioning. They didn’t have to go to Kate’s mom’s house. I think the lack of air conditioning was just an excuse for Kate to run to mummy like always.

          1. Forgot about that one, but yep add that to the list of places they could have gone. Kate wanted to run back to mummy, so that’s what she did. Lack of air conditioning was an excuse.

          2. English summers very seldom are hot enough to need air-con! I think it was more probable that Carole wanted Kate home so Carole could control Kate and the baby. Was she thinking that The Queen may come to visit? Good way to make the chances of having HM to tea if you have the new great grand child in your house!

      2. Of course, this is just an opinion from afar, but if there are any psychologists who are fans of KMR, I bet they would say Kate comes from a family that doesn’t know their boundries.

        If I was pointing a finger, it goes straight to Mamma and her psychological issues.

      3. Lisa, I am with you. Something is emotionally off with Kate. Look, all new first-time mothers want their moms, but I agree that Carole could have come to Kate more than having Kate return home. Carole knew a good thing when Will and Kate ended up at the same college (didn’t she plan that)? and all her scheming is going to stay as is. I don’t think William knew what he was getting into when he married a Middleton. I bet Carole tried to be his surrogate mother after he lost his own at such a tender age. Now, he’s realizing he’s toast as far as freedom from the Middletons means.

        1. I thought that it was stated before she had the baby that she would be spending some time at her Mums after it was born?

          Oh I agree about Wills and the Middletons, I think that he is starting to realise just what Ma Mids is up to, but it is wayyyyyy to late for him to do anything about it.

        2. “I bet Carole tried to be his surrogate mother after he lost his own at such a tender age”

          Oh for sure. Carole knew exactly how to play William.

  8. It seems to me that all this hype about Carole’s birthday, how much money they are spending in Mustique, who is there with them, etc. seems so utterly self indulgant first if all, but secondly I honestly believe the Middletons are desparately putting in aires so they can get a title. They want the world to see they are at the same level as royals and therefore they should naturally be royals too.

    1. Maybe William will give them a title when/if he’s King, but there is no way in hell QEII or Charles will give them one.

        1. The government acts in an advisory capacity (especially for the New Years Honors list and whatnot where it really is the Cabinet Office picking the recipients and the Queen just goes along with what they pick), but technically only the sovereign can confer a title or honor on a person. Creating a peerage (like the Midds want) takes a letters patent from the sovereign, and yes the government would advise in the process. So while the sovereign is the only one who can give out titles, they can’t really do so willy-nilly because the government would be scrutinizing the process. The only honors the sovereign can give out without the advice of the government are those such as the Order of the Garter, Thistle, and Royal Victorian Order (among others).

          Only members of the royal family receive hereditary peerages at this point, so really there is no likelihood that the Midds would get one. I wouldn’t put it past William to try and force the issue, though. William could theoretically make the Midds members of the Orders of the Garter or Thistle or Royal Victorian Order or something if he wanted to if/when he is sovereign (as long as the current standards don’t change by then).

          That’s the extent of my knowledge on the subject, but you might want to hit up Seth for more info.

  9. BTW they announced a new engagement for Kate in February. On Feb 12, Kate will visit Ben Ainslie Racing and 1851 Trust in Portsmouth.

      1. Yes, it is most likely to make up for missing the one in the fall, the way the Art Room visit was a make-up. I have to say it is actually nice that she’s making up these visits, as opposed to not giving a shit like she is prone to do. Maybe Jason is having a positive effect?

        1. I think Jason sees the publicity/media danger Kate’s in. She was widely criticized for the brown dress outing where she showed maybe a tiny bump. People are concerned she’s starving the baby to be thin. Baby 2 is probably fine but people can’t get interested in a pregnancy that can’t see so Jason cooks up this outing where Kate will be sporting a healthy bump.

          1. Not only that, Jason realizes if Kate is going to take most of 2015 off, then she needs to put in a few appearances before going into hiding.

    1. It will be interesting to see 7 month pregnant Kate Middleton flirt with Ben Ainslie. She has trouble controlling her flirtatious nature around him.

        1. I thought the same. They make a great looking couple and seem well suited, as opposed to her and Will.

  10. l think carole would be shattered if something happened to kate and wills, shes has schemed and worked too hard to let anyone or anything come her way!!

    1. The article even says Kate has hazel eyes, lol. Yet they are trying to make it fit her! Oh poor daily mail. They must be on the Royals PR payroll.

    2. In some pics they look green while in other pics they look more hazel. Let’s split the difference and say they are on the green-ish side of hazel.

  11. Kmr there some news in dm calling beatrice “scrounger” why they dont do some news like this about kate the queen of sroungers and holidays???

      1. Jason the new PR guy at work. Criticism of William and Kate on vacation? Point out the Beatrice is on vacation too, even though Beatrice is not a working royal and lives (mostly) off her trust fund.

        1. Let’s take Will and Kate out of the equation completely and just analyze Beatrice on her own for a moment:

          Beatrice had a “full time job” yet she took ten vacations a year… then she quit that job and took more vacations… then she got a “full time job” at Sony and still took eight vacations a year… and now she’s quit that job and taken three vacations in the span of a month. And on most of these vacations she’s been accompanied by her boyfriend Dave Clark who somehow finds all this time to take vacations with her even though he supposedly has his own full time job at Virgin Galactic.

          Taking so many vacations doesn’t exactly say “I have a full time job and work super hard”, even though a spokesman for the Duke of York insists Beatrice’s “key focus is her work”. Lol, what work?

          To bring Will and Kate back into this for comparison’s sake, it seems like both Beatrice and Dave Clark have the same sort of set up as Will and Kate: they get all the vacation time they want because they are royal, or are dating a royal. Unlike Will and Kate, Beatrice does not do royal duties, does not have any taxpayer-funded protection officers, and is funded by her father, whose money comes from the Queen via the Duchy of Lancaster. So it’s a plus for Beatrice that she isn’t sucking up taxpayer money while spending so much of her time on vacation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still criticize her.

          Is this a PR scheme from Jason to divert attention and criticism from Will and Kate and on to Beatrice? Quite possibly (William did get a lot of criticism from us here for releasing that statement while vacationing in Mustique). But that doesn’t mean Beatrice shouldn’t be called out for her near constant vacationing. We criticize Will and Kate for their lack of work and constant vacationing (and rightly so), but that doesn’t mean we can’t also criticize Beatrice. There is enough criticism to go around. And yes, I am critical of Beatrice and her Male Waity Dave Clark. They tried to bill her as someone who worked full time at a normal job yet was still involved with charities in order to improve her PR, yet she shits all over that by taking 8-10 vacations a year and then quitting her jobs. Back in mid-2013-ish I really liked Beatrice, but that has dwindled ever since due to her vacations, partying at celeb hotspots, attending celeb-filled events she had nothing to do with, and job quitting. Beatrice is basically a low-rent celeb who is only famous because of the HRH in front of her name. I realize this is harsh, and you may completely disagree with me (you have every right to), but I’ve been wondering for a while when someone would call out Beatrice for this stuff. I think they went about it the wrong way, though. She isn’t sucking up taxpayer money like Will and Kate, but she is, as I said, basically a low-rent celeb. They should have called her out for that, not called her a “scrounger”.

          1. Yeah, KMR, I don’t know what’s up with Beatrice. She does vacation a lot. And if I had the opportunity to do it I would too, but trying to put the “hardworking royal” image out there isn’t working. Maybe they are getting the vacations out of their systems before they settle down and get married. Once the kids come it will be a little harder (and more expensive) to dash off to some tropical location.

          2. I wouldn’t vacation on a beach all the time like Beatrice, because what do you actually do at the beach? I’d get bored. If I had a ton of money and free time I’d be all over Europe at museums and art galleries and looking at all the old monuments.

            In a related note, when are Beatrice and Dave going to get married? They’ve been dating for a really long time.

          3. Do I think Beatrice needs to get her act together, yes. Fact remains, she’s not a working royal and she never will be. She is in the same position as Zara and Peter Phillips (and by extension Lady Sarah Chatto and her brother). They have royal relations but are not working royals. However she chooses to fritter away her life – she’s doing it as a private citizen.

          4. Then she should give up her HRH status. She doesn’t need at as a non-working royal and having it only leads to criticism of her for being a non-working royal.

          5. I agree completely, it hurts the RF badly when Beatrice uses these excuses and it’s so obviously untrue. If she was at least honest and said “I didn’t ask to be born into the RF and don’t give a @%$# about charity,” it’s not nice but that’s her. The problem again like I said for Kate is these people aren’t golden, they have to work. If Andrew had any balls he’d cut her off for a year and Fergie would out on her ear.

          6. I couldn’t agree more, KMR. I’ve twisted in the wind with my opinion of Beatrice before; nice to see someone who agrees with me!

          7. No, that’s not so easy. Princess Beatrice of York is a male-line granddaughter of Sovereign and her birthright is HRH Princess of York. Neither she or her sister can be deprived of that without Letters Patent. With all the vacations and hiding out Willy and Waity do, someone will have to carry out engagements when Willy’s King. In the short term yes, she and her sister are surplus requirements. What about in 25 years? Right now the Royal Family is propped up by the so-called “minor royals”: the Gloucesters, the Duke of Kent (who is 79 and had a STROKE two years ago but continues to carry out a full set of public duties) and Princess Alexandra. Not to mention the more senior royals, who to the press at this point don’t exist: the Princess Anne, the Wessexes, etc. Some newspaper said 15 years ago that Charles wanted a “slimmed down” Royal Family (as long as he still can live like The Last Edwardian), but with Willy and Waity’s hedging, scheming and lack of a strong royal work ethic, the York sisters at some point probably will be necessary to help. The Queen alone has 620 patronages, the Duke of Edinburgh around 800. There are all the royal regiments which by 2030 will need new Colonels-in-Chief. If Georgie is like his parents and avoids work at all costs, SOMEONE will have to pick up the slack or there will be a lot fewer organizations with royal patronage and support and I don’t see that happening.

          8. Beatrice hasn’t the best role models now, has she? Especially her Royal Dad? Andrew never seemed to want to do anything in his role as the Royal Spare. Just a lazy, drunken bloke, if you ask me.
            If the new rumors are true about his dealings with under-age women are true, Shame on Him!
            I don’t think he ever wanted to do anything of merit with his life. After his military action in the Falklands, that is. Edward and his wife amounted to something.
            Sarah had to do something didn’t she? But, what she’s accomplished of late, I don’t know.
            I don’t really follow Beatrice and Eugenie to much. What’s Eugenie up to now?
            Shame that Beatrice has been given such great jobs and then she just wastes everything that’s been handed to her by being a lazy vacation girl.

    1. She also (technically) isn’t a working royal and doesn’t (technically) receive the perks of a working royal. She’s a private citizen who happens to have a royal grandmother, just like Zara and Peter Phillips. That means her life is her own.

      1. If my daddy was rich and would gladly pay for my shennanigans, I will do as Beatrice does. Or maybe Dave Clark is paying for everything, he does have a six figure salary.

      2. Yet she got a taxpayer funded redo of her apartment at St. James Palace. Not nearly to the extent of William and Kate.

        I do think that if her father had his way she would be pulling a royal schedule

        1. I don’t understand. I thought she wasn’t a working royal? Then why the hell do the taxpayers have to pay for her house. In my opinion, if the tax payers will pay for it, it should be open to the public at certain points in time. Why can’t they just give her a paid job in the family, at least she wouldn’t be called a scrounger. What’s up with her sister?

        2. Of for sure. Andrew wanted his daughters to be working royals doing royal duties and was pissed when their protection officers were taken away.

        3. I think Andrew is pushing for it, and it makes sense (especially if W&K continue to be so lazy). All of that is out of Beatrice’s hands. Yes, she needs to get her act together, but until Charles changes his mind, she’s a private citizen. Best option would be to marry Dave (if she wants to), and go live a private life out of royal property/homes. But she gets to make those decisions herself as a private citizen. Her HRH isn’t her fault or choice, that has to be removed by someone else.

          Trick is Zara and Peter aren’t completely independent either. They live at their mother’s house, still protected on-site by taxpayer-funded bodyguards.

          1. Although if she wants to be a working royal, the way to change Charles’ mind would not be to take endless vacations, but to show that you are indispensable and an asset to the royal family through your hard work.

          2. It is a catch 22. She has to work a job, not be accused of taking a job from someone else, and do charity work. Charles isn’t going to change his mind, it is related to his jealously about Andrew being HM’s favorite. He’s good at some things, but definitely emotion-driven when he needs to step back and look at things logically. I think his decision surprised everyone, so they’re scrambling.

    1. “Beatrice is not alone in this fundamental failing. Harry oscillates between cavorting as the playboy prince and doing wonderful work with his African charity. William would rather play happy families with the Middletons — with whom he is currently holidaying in the Caribbean — than step up to royal duties.

      Even Zara, perhaps the most grounded royal of that generation, makes me a little queasy with her endless sponsorship deals that net her and husband Mike Tindall a fortune.

      The truth is, the younger Windsors cannot have it both ways: they cannot be royal when it suits them, and just ‘ordinary’ individuals when it doesn’t.

      With the terrible example set by her freeloading parents, perhaps one can’t really blame Beatrice. But if the monarchy is to have a long-term future, the days of frivolous, work-shy jet-setting must come to an end.

      The young royals need to grow up. And quickly.”

      1. They are using Beatrice, Harry and Zara as scapegoats to get the heat off of W&K. but at least they called William out on “playing happy families with the Middletons.” That one line made my morning!

  12. I agree with your logic up thread KMR, we can equally criticize B for her yo yo work ethic. Too many vacations and too much quitting jobs doesn’t make her look good at all. However, I also agree it’s not apples to apples when comparing her to W and K. W and K are close to the top of the royal food chain so they should be doing more and holding themselves to a higher standard–but they are self-entitled so they won’t. It does seem like the younger generation of royals take full advantage of their royal status whenever they can-to suit their whims. It would be wonderful to see B and E use their royal status to benefit others. Even if they aren’t “working royals” they could still create their own charitable foundation, do a lot of good work, and use the foundation as a means to indepently support themselves (I think you can draw a salary from a foundation, right? Correct me if I’m wrong).

    1. “I think you can draw a salary from a foundation, right? Correct me if I’m wrong” You can, and unfortunately some people who work at charities draw quite large salaries and at some charities a lot of the money goes to paying it’s employees instead of helping those the charity claims to support. It’s always important to look into an organization before donating to it.

      I agree with you Switch, Beatrice is not equal to W&K because she is not funded by the taxpayer for the most part, but she did apparently get a taxpayer-funded quarter-of-a-million redo to her SJP apartment. Honestly, neither York girl has to do charity if they don’t want, they could just say F it and live a jet set life off their trust fund and daddy. But if they want to do that they should probably give up their HRH status. If they are not going to be working royals, and instead be “private citizens”, then they don’t need it and having it is just going to lead to more criticism.

      1. Giving up the HRH isn’t within their power. And Beatrice does have a charitable foundation, The Little Bea Foundation, started with the money from the hat auction. Yes, B&E need to step up and figure out their direction, but we need to remember that them NOT being working royals is a new development.

        They’re in their twenties, suddenly facing a different future than the one their parents told them they’d have. I think they’re struggling, need to figure it out. And Beatrice has more patronages than Kate Middleton, all of which are done on her personal time.

      2. Even if they could voluntarily give up their HRH status (and I can’t see why they shouldn’t be able to approach whomever and say that they’d like to) I don’t see them doing that. At least I don’t see Bea doing that. I think she rather likes the attention she gets as an HRH and member of the BRF. A lot of doors are open to her that wouldn’t be otherwise.

      3. In Norway they have a sort of half-way position, Her Highness instead of Her Royal Highness. Martha Louise gave up the HRH for HH when she “went into trade” as she calls it.

        1. When King Edward VII took the throne, he ordered that Lady Alexandra Duff and her sister Lady Maud Duff be gazetted as Her Highnesses with precedence after H.R.H.s as they descended from his eldest daughter the Princess Louise, Princess Royal and Duchess of Fife, and were otherwise ineligible to be Princesses of the UK; though they were fifth and sixth in the line of succession. King George V eliminated great-grandchildren of the Sovereign from having precedence as H.Hs. and eliminated H.Hs to “slim down” the Royal Family and get rid of some German relatives during the First World War.

    1. actual birthdate and time- 4:24 on 7 22 2013 4+2= 6 4+7+2+2= 15 (1+ 5= 6) 2+0+1+3= 6 so you do have the 666 on a planet alignment and a David star formation on space just google alignament in 7/22/2013 to 7/30/2013

  13. My comments in dm for this article:


    Being mother is losing sleeping nights is give education, is caring,give affection,always be around and who will be that he will call mother nanny or kate?

    Hahaha this way is easy have 1,2,3…10 children kate when you dont take care of them personaly and give them to a nanny!!!

    some comments in this article are saying that kate will give a excuse for not to work like post natal ill like depression!!!

    1. Postpartum depression is a real thing, but gah don’t give Kate any ideas!

      PS. Thanks for the link, I hadn’t seen the article yet.

  14. The Royal Protection Officers are plainclothes London Metropolitan Police officers. So the British taxpayer pays for them. As for this nonsense about them being in a tent on the beach… ha ha, very funny, but bloody likely. Actually their contracts require them to have four-star accommodation, overtime pay and first-class travel and food accommodations. They also have to have one day off a week, since they may put in 100 hour weeks. And if Carole asked one of them to fetch her sparkling water or the like, they would tell her to sod off; they’re working police officers. Actually I’m pretty sure if it was a choice between protecting Georgie Porgie or Carole (if God forbid there was an attack), they are only able to help Georgie Porgie; Carole’s a private citizen who doesn’t have police protection, only her grandson.

      1. Upgrades like an alarm system, bulletproof glass, safe rooms or even a bulletproof car etc. are not the same thing as having armed bodyguards who are responsible for shielding and evacuating the principal. The upgrades were made because three highly public principal members of the Royal Family spend a lot (too much) time at Bucklebury. The principal is the CPOs responsibility, not the other people around them. When Ronald Reagan was wounded in the assassination attempt at the Washington Hilton in 1981, the Secret Service pushed everyone else aside, including the White House chief of staff, the senior counselor to the President and the military aide with the nuclear codes. The press secretary was permanently disabled by the attack. If there is heaven forfend an attack on Georgie Porgie, where his non-royal, non-titled, non-important grandmother is, will MOST definitely NOT be the first priority of the royal protection team. She would be secured but only AFTER the bodyguards’ principal is. That’s how it works.

      2. Point is, the Middleton’s benefit from those things when Bill, Kate, and kids are not present. When they sell that property, you can bet they aren’t going to give that million back to the taxpayers.

  15. Word on the street is that there are pics of Kate in a bikini in Mustique being shopped around. Oh, and of course this is coming from her favorite pap, Tanna.

    1. God I hope so. William’s head will explode – it’ll be great! Plus, we’ll get to see how big that bump really is.

      1. I hope so. I know that I’ve given her the side eye about her pregnancy. I am more interested in seeing Will started calling up the lawyers. I think that these pics sell so well is that no one sees them and want to see them. Unfortunately the British press cows to them and won’t publish, which makes the people go elsewhere to get them. It’s a vicious cycle. In a way, he is inflicting the same intrusion that his mother dealt with.

        1. I agree with you and I think William’s problem is he doesn’t see the repercussions to his actions. He thinks the more he yells, the more the press will bow to him, when in reality all he’s doing with his “you’er invading my privacy” thing and hiding away is making people want more (and possibly to piss him off for fun like us), which will make paps go to even greater lengths to get photos. He’s such a moron.

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