Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall champions children’s literature before unveiling new portrait

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall champions children’s literature before unveiling new portrait

I was going to put Camilla in the Royal Round Up post, but she gives so many great quotes (which is awesome!) that her section got so long it deserved it’s own post. Along with visiting a Holocaust memorial ceremony with Prince Charles on the 27th, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was out and about this week on January 26 – attending a reception in honor of Australia Day – and on January 28 – visiting Newcastle for a day of engagements.

Camilla at cooking demonstration by Lynton Tapp

For Australia Day, Camilla attended a “Friends of Australia” event with some of the country’s top chefs and wine producers where she sampled the produce. While chatting to chefs, Camilla revealed her son, Tom Parker Bowles (a chef), has developed “a nice little pot belly” (I bet Tom’s thrilled about that), and that she’s a huge fan of MasterChef and Strictly Come Dancing.

Camilla gave a little speech at the event: “I have a son who’s a foodie, quite a lot of you know, he writes a lot about food, and my father was in the wine business – so they are two things that are very, very close to my heart. I’ve only visited Australia once – not because it’s not the most amazing country – but because I hate flying. But coming and tasting that kingfish and that beef was out of this world – I just want to put it into a bag and take it for dinner, but I don’t think I would be allowed to do that.”

Camilla samples wine for Australia Day

Camilla meets volunteers at Maggie's Center

On January 28, Camilla traveled to Newcastle and made a stop at Maggie’s Center – a cancer charity offering emotional and practical support to patients and families – where she watched a t’ai chi demonstration before chatting to patients. Camilla became Patron of Maggie’s Center in March 2008.

While unveiling an art piece for the building, Camilla said: “I feel I have been in on this project from the very beginning. It’s wonderful and so uplifting and such a happy place. It brings everyone together, families and children, and they can all come and get the experience. Thank you so much for having me today. The centre brings everybody together. It’s the local community who get involved in raising all the money. It’s their centre. I hope to have one of these in every major city.”

Camilla chats with people from Maggie's Center

Camilla celebrates 10th anniversary of Seven Stories

After Maggie’s, Camilla visited Seven Stories, National Centre for Children’s Books – the only institution in Britain to collect, protect, and champion children’s literature – to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Camilla toured the facility, meet children and staff, and watched a “Mixed Up Fairytales” literary session by children and a performer in a fluffy-eared hat.

Camilla said of Seven Stories, “This is the best place for children’s literature I have ever seen. The staff have such passion. Many congratulations on your 10th birthday and I hope it goes on another 100 years.”

Camilla at Seven Stories 2

Camilla views paintings at Laing Art Gallery

After Seven Stories, Camilla visited the Laing Art Gallery where she toured an exhibition of paintings by artist Jonathan Yeo, including a new portrait of herself.

portrait of Camilla by Jonathan Yeo at Laing Art Gallery

For Australia Day, Camilla wore a black skirt suit with darting around the waist and black flat boots. For the Newcastle visit, Camilla looked wonderful in a cream coat with a polka dotted dress underneath and black flat boots. Camilla has been loving those black boots lately.

Camilla at Seven Stories 1

More photos:

Camilla views cooking demonstration for Australia Day Camilla meets Red Hall School students at reading workshop for Seven Stories Camilla views portrait by Jonathan Yeo at Laing Art Gallery

Links: Daily Mail. Daily Mail. Chronicle. Seven Stories News. Seven Stories Facebook for tons of more great pics.

Photos: Clarence House Instagram/Clarence House Twitter/Seven Stories Facebook

22 thoughts on “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall champions children’s literature before unveiling new portrait

  1. Thanks for great Camilla post! I like these little comments she makes, I wish she would teach Kate how to make these great little sound bites for her charities. I don’t know if I’m a fan of Camilla’s new portrait. Maybe it’s one of those painting that look better when seen from afar, I don’t know but it makes her look splotchy.

    1. I’m not sure I really like the new portrait, but it is much better than some of the other royal portraits we’ve seen in the last year.

      Camilla’s comments make writing about her fun. I’m really happy that she makes those comments, and has consistently done so.

    2. The use of light is very purposeful, there’s a soft technique that lifts just under the darker tone which brings out all the detail in her face and especially her hands. It moves your eye around to study her and that’s very clever, because it gives you woman of substance. I’ve always thought that’s what attracted Charles, even over the beautiful Diana. Charles is trapped into a position/life and Camilla gives him a feeling of freedom because she says and does what she likes. Diana was very focused on representing the role. Charles wanted to define it himself. Di was successful and unwittingly put him more in a box that he didn’t want. I think Di knew that in the end and hoped the people would skip Charles for W (and punish C for breaking her heart?). This new book could be deadly for C if it brings it all back up again. He’s made inroads but people may judge him all over again.

  2. I quite like the new portrait. I has caught her likeness but the artist hasn’t been afraid to give it a stylistic signature. Some of Prince Charles’ portraits are also quite interesting from an artistic viewpoint. There a hell of a lot better than many of the recent portraits by the BRF, where they simply go for a photographic style. If you want that look why not hire a very good photographer.

    QMII of Denmark is probably one of today’s monarchs who have been portrayed the most, by many different artists and in many different styles. I saw an exhibition of her portraits through the ages some years ago and they were a lot of really great pieces, even those I didn’t particularly like were artistically interesting.

    Andy Warhol’s portraits of Prince Charles and Princess Diana:

    Portrait by David Griffiths:

    Bryan Organ, Prince Charles, The National Portrait Gallery: (my favorite)

    1. Is it just me or does Charles’s head look out of proportionally large in the last link? I guess that could be an artist’s way of saying something. The artist would be correct, of course. LOL!

    2. Yes, fairygodmon, Charles’ head looks really big in that last one. I love the Warhol one, though.

      I personally like a more photographic style. I like it to be an actual, good representation of the subject. But I like it to be a painting. Once it gets too photogenic then it kind of defeats the purpose of a painting.

      1. Charles’ head looks slightly bigger than average. However, that effect is also enhanced by the strong outline and the strong colour contrast with the background because his figure isn’t really anatomically disproportionate. Artists have all sorts of technical tricks up their sleeves.

        It is hard to say whether this effect reflects the artist’s view of his subjects though. But sometimes one can suspect something like this. there’s an official portrait of a former Danish PM that I very much suspect to be a joke on him (based on the style, etc.), especially since he hired an artist that is very vocal on the opposite political spectrum.

        1. re Charles’ head: I also think it’s because the head is going in a different directing than the body, so there is more contrast and just calls attention to the head.

          Which portrait of the Danish PM?

  3. You go, Camilla!
    She certainly knows how to say the right things. Loved the comments at Maggie’s Center. Very thoughtful and most sincere. Just right, actually.
    I also loved her endearing comments about her son and Dad. And, I would also like to go to Australia and New Zealand one day. Only thing standing in my way is the flight.

  4. This is a completely random comment. I love reading biographies about the royal family and their history. And I’ve read biographies about Charles and Diana and all of the drama that went on throughout their marriage, separation, and divorce. What I mean to say is that through these various books, you get a certain perspective of Camilla (whether it is from the perspective of Charles or Diana). I remember when Charles and Camilla first became “official” to the public and then when they got married. The tone of the press has certainly shifted over the years. Through watching Camilla and reading more about her, she has really grown on me. It’s great to see her as part of the royal family and to see what she brings to the role as Charles’ spouse. She presents herself as a thoughtful, caring and genuine person.

    ETA: I’m actually amazed, when I think about it, how she was able to get past the negative press and association of being Charles’ mistress. She certainly had an uphill battle. I think there was a documentary that was made about Charles’ PR campaign for Camilla. I think that would be a very interesting documentary to see.

    1. Charles knows what’s up. He knows when he needs to hire a professional to get a job done, and he did that with hiring a professional PR person to handle the Camilla PR campaign. William seems to think he knows it all and has a natural gift for PR (like his mother) when he is the opposite.

      1. I just finished reading the book by Penny Junor, “Prince William: Born to Be King.” And the way that she sings his praises with being PR savvy and up on the most current privacy laws. Almost as laughable as the Kate biography by Marcia Moody which praises her for her fashion and jewellery choices and makeup abilities.

        It’s really interesting reading these biographies and comparing it to what is written and perceived on blogs by the general public (no matter what country they reside in).

        1. If William knew anything about privacy laws he’d know that it’s not against the law to take photos of people in public parks.

          Which biography was it that said Kate was cold and not fun to hang out with? I remember there being a biography that said that. And it was an official biography or something, one where Will’s friends were allowed to talk to the biographer.

  5. I am going to agree with bookworm. Camilla has handled herself with real class in a very difficult position. Yeah, she was an adulterer, but aren’t ALL of the BRF? (Sad to say this…) Camilla was the most hated woman in Britian at one time, while Diana was the most loved, in spite of the fact that they both were adulterers. At least Camilla didn’t try to use the press as a weapon the way C & D both did. Camilla has simply not engaged the haters and gone about her business. I think people are beginning to respect her more and more.

  6. Well, I’ve come around….Camilla is doing a great job. As previous posters have said, she seems genuine, engaged, making it personal with comments about her family. I’m sure she made these people feel relaxed and glad to be in her company.

    She’s dressed beautifully, and appropriately…she can actually scotch down on her haunches gracefully, not flashing any body parts or underwear!

    Three cheers for Camilla!

      1. She wore it earlier this year and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s exactly what I never knew I had to have 🙂

        I’m 35 and I have never, ever lusted after anything Kate has worn. Sad when I prefer a grandma’s dress to a 30-something royal.

  7. “I just want to put it into a bag and take it for dinner, but I don’t think I would be allowed to do that.” Love that remark and this is the secret of Camilla’s success; she’s personable and down to earth and doesn’t put on airs due to her position. She probably says what many of us would think; I’d certainly like to take a scrumptious meal home in a doggie bag. She’s actually someone you’d really like to be in her company, and she gives the impression she’d be delighted to be in yours. She’s done a Herculean job of rehabilitating her image over these past years due to her hard work and due diligence, and while I don’t condone her role in the Charles and Diana breakup, the past is the past and she’s earned every bit of respect and admiration given to her. She and Charles certainly show William and Kate how it’s done.

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