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Kate wears Queen’s necklace to National Portrait Gallery Gala (update)

Kate attended the Portrait Gala 2014 at the National Portrait Gallery in London today—wearing a necklace loaned to her by the Queen (I’ll get to that in a moment).  Kate is the patron of the museum.  The gala was a fundraising event to showcase Pen Portraits and Mystery Portrait Postcards created by a number of artists, authors and well-known individuals who have been inspired by portraits in the collection.  Apparently the portraits will be sold, with the proceeds going to fund “the Gallery’s work of delivering inspirational exhibitions and displays, offering unique learning opportunities and undertaking world class research.”

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UPDATED: Kate and George vacation photos update and amendment to previous comments

Update/amendment to my amendment at bottom of post.

So it looks like other media outlets are running with the Kate and George airport vacation photos.  Popsugar has a ton of them, and full photos, too, that show surroundings and add some context.  Upon viewing these photos, I would like to amend my previous comments about the photos.  However, since my previous post was so long, I decided to go ahead and make a whole new post so it’s easier to read.

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Kate decides not to take action against latest Mustique photos: unpredictable stance towards privacy?

So… let’s talk more about the pap photos of Kate and George in the Caribbean that Hello Mag published.  I created a Tumblr (that I’ll probably never use again) so that I could compile the mag photos in one place (that are all from Tumblr, obviously, since that’s the only place I’ve been able to find them), so go here to view the photos.

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Is the palace hoping Kate in couture and tiaras will make an impression in Oz and change her image?

There is a new article in the Daily Mail about Kate and her Oz tour wardrobe, and my if it isn’t hilarious.  It’s hilarious in how interesting and telling it is.  It references Diana—a lot—and talks about Kate’s wardrobe and stylists and all that, and is very telling I think.  Hm… how best to do this… I think I’ll bullet point quotes, then give my thoughts on the quote, and then summarize after.

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The Queen has “just £1 million left” and the palaces are “crumbling”… so they throw a Kate appearance announcement at us

The Queen’s finances have come under scrutiny.  She has “just £1 million left in reserve” while the palaces are in dire need of repair.  I’m not sure how best to cover this, so I’m going to post the entire articles from the Telegraph below (sorry in advance for the longness of the post).  They give an overview of the situation, but here is the official report if you’d like to read it.

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Kate’s taste for Duchess-ing came early when she played Eliza Doolittle in school play

Our dearest Katie Middleton seems to have been the right royal actress in her youth.  She was in a few plays in school, one we’ve known about for a while (where her character was told she’d marry someone rich), and now it’s come out that she played Eliza Doolittle in a production of My Fair Lady in 1993.  Here’s the Daily Mail article about it.  I saw the Sun article about it earlier but I don’t subscribe to the Sun’s website so I didn’t have full access to the article, so I didn’t cover it.

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