Duchess Kate celebrates Black Friday a day early with a spot of shopping on Thanksgiving

Duchess Kate celebrates Black Friday a day early with a spot of shopping on Thanksgiving

To help celebrate the time-honored tradition of mauling others in department stores that is Black Friday, Kate Middleton did her own bit of shopping. Kate was spotted out and about yesterday, November 27, in a town called Holt in Norfolk. Kate was shopping for antiques with but one lone bodyguard. So for anyone wondering if she headed back to London after her EACH appearance in Norfolk on Tuesday, now we know she stayed in Norfolk.

Kate was spotted in the town’s High Street by Chloe Nelson, who co-owns Nelson’s Eye Patch in the town, just after 1 PM.

Nelson said: “[Kate] looked lovely in a tartan cape as she left the Antiques Emporium and headed up the high street, what a great ambassador for shopping in local independent shops.”

Kate visited that same shop when she was pregnant with Prince George.

Kate wore her 2010 Zara checkered cape, skinny jeans, and boots. She wore the same cape when she was seen shopping and visiting a coffee shop in January 2013 when she was pregnant with George.

Kate wore her hair in a ponytail for the shopping trip. For some reason she always wears her hair up when she goes shopping, yet clings to her security blanket hair when doing public appearances.

17 thoughts on “Duchess Kate celebrates Black Friday a day early with a spot of shopping on Thanksgiving

  1. Haha an ambassador for supporting local shops. Well, they have to scrape the barrel to consider her an ambassador for something.

    Is this the first candid we have of her since late August (the date night with all the wine)?
    Not bad. Glad she is feeling better.

    1. I’ve been wondering the same thing. Will William make a fuss over these photos, or is it just the press he fusses over because he has a grudge against them? The Express ran the new photos. So, so far Will hasn’t complained.

      1. What Whiny needs to understand is that they are public figures and anyone with a camera may take a picture of them if they are out. Happens with all of the fab celeb friends they covet, so get over it already.

    1. She usually shops alone or with Carole (and sometimes Pippa). She doesn’t really seem to have many female friends at all. Sad really.

      1. Yes, it is sad that she doesn’t seem to have female friends to go shopping with — just Carole and Pippa. Do you think she had any real idea what she was getting herself into when she decided to marry William both of them thought the ban the press had on covering Will and Harry for so many years would soon be gone, but do you think they envisioned such exposure? I guess it goes with the territory, but don’t you think she may have believed (wished) that she might not be hounded the way Diana was?
        Just wondering. Look, I am loving this site and am all too eager to comment, but somethimes I wonder why I feel the need to do so. And, yet I do.

  2. It seems she’s never had many friends but that should be expected as she spent so much of her single days setting her trap for William and chasing him. Sad really but she and her mother, Carole, carefully orchestrated her capturing the Prince. It’s even been reported Carole Middleton called on William during one of their break-ups to query him as to his intentions. So, if she hasn’t many friends it’s very clear to see why.

    1. She also jettisoned her friends in fear they would leak info on William. Very sad. People need friends. Their own friends, not just friends of your SO that aren’t actually loyal to you.

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