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Prince William and Duchess Kate to invade NYC in December

Brace yourself, America, Will and Kate are coming. After being subjected to the other two Middleton siblings, Pippa and James, America is getting smacked in the face with the third Middleton sibling when Prince William and Kate Middleton invade New York City and Washington, D.C. from December 7-9. Unfortunately for all of America, the Cambridge invasion does not include the Almighty Grumpy Faced Guardian of the Galaxy Prince George. His Almighty Guardianship will be left at home with Nanny Maria, or Carole Middleton, while his parents hop across the pond. Boo.

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Kate’s Malta trip itinerary details

Kate’s Malta trip itinerary was released, and it looks like her two days there will be full (-ish; she’s not on Charles’ level but at least it’s better than the “work for an hour” crap she and William pulled in Oz and NZ). Kate will visit Malta on September 20 and 21 to mark the 50th anniversary of Malta’s independence from the UK. She will have five events per day, for a total of ten. Man, ten events in two days, no wonder our dear Kate needs a month and a half of rest time before she goes. She will certainly need a good month off after returning, too. Anyway, let’s run down the events, shall we:

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