William & Kate’s Germany & Poland schedule + Spanish-UK State Visit schedule

William & Kate’s Germany & Poland schedule + Spanish-UK State Visit schedule

Earlier this week, KP dropped the detailed itinerary for Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s visit to Germany and Poland, and BP dropped the detailed itinerary for the State Visit from King Felipe and Queen Letizia.

Kate at gala dinner in Paris March 2017

William and Kate will undertake an official tour at the request of The Foreign and Commonwealth Office to Poland and Germany from July 17-21. KP said:

    “As with previous tours, Their Royal Highnesses have asked that this tour allow them opportunities to meet a wide variety of people in both countries. In addition to meeting leaders in business, government and civil society, The Duke and Duchess will prioritise opportunities to meet the young people of both countries; from entrepreneurs, to mental health campaigners, and bright young talents in music and the arts.”

The press release is quite flowery so I am going to gut the thing and only pick out the barebones engagement information, you can read the full press release here.

July 17:

  • William and Kate will arrive in Warsaw at midday.
  • William and Kate will be officially greeted by President Duda and the First Lady at the Presidential Palace.
  • William and Kate will visit Warsaw Rising Museum – they will tour the museum and meet with veterans before lighting candles in memory of those involved in the Rising.
  • William and Kate will visit the Heart in the Warsaw Spire building – they will join an event which includes a tech market-place and pitching sessions from Polish start-ups. This event will mark the beginning of a ‘Warsaw-London bridge’ initiative that aims to help small Polish businesses access London’s unique opportunities for scaling up to become global players.
  • William and Kate will visit Orangery in Łazienki Park – they will attend a Queen’s Birthday Party hosted by the British Ambassador. William will give a speech.

July 18:

  • William and Kate will visit Stutthof (former Nazi Germany Concentration Camp) – they will meet a group of five former prisoners of the camp.
  • William and Kate will visit Gdansk central market square – they will join a street party where they will be offered Goldwasser (a Gdansk liqueur), and traditional Polish pierogi, while watching amber craftsmen at work, and listening to local musicians and artists.
  • William and Kate will visit the Gdansk Shakespeare theatre – they will see the retractable roof opening during a special performance before attending a small reception inside the theatre for Poles from the world of arts, culture, and media.
  • William and Kate will visit Gdansk European Solidarity Centre – they will tour the museum there and meet with founding members of Solidarity.
  • William and Kate will walk through the iconic Gdansk shipyard gates before laying a wreath at the foot of the Solidarity Monument.

July 19:

  • William and Kate will leave Poland.
  • William and Kate will arrive in Germany.
  • William and Kate will have a private meeting with Chancellor Merkel.
  • William and Kate will visit the Brandenburg Gate – they will say hello to crowds gathered on Pariser Platz in front of the Gate before making their way to the Holocaust Memorial where they will tour the museum before walking through the Memorial itself.
  • William and Kate will visit Strassenkinder (a charity which supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including homeless children) – they will spend time with some of the young people who have received help from the charity, as well as meeting individuals from the Robert Enke Foundation (an organisation raises awareness of mental health issues).
  • William and Kate will meet with President Steinmeier at the Bellevue Palace.
  • William and Kate will attend a Queen’s Birthday Party held in the gardens of the British Ambassador’s residence. William will give his second speech of the tour during this reception.

July 20:

  • William and Kate will visit the Heidelberg German Cancer Research Centre – they will meet researchers and visit the stem cell research lab.
  • William and Kate will visit the central market square of Heidelberg – a British-German market will be set up offering local food and drink.
  • William and Kate will visit River Neckar – they will embark on a rowing boat each for a friendly competition, joined by rowers from both Cambridge and Heidelberg.
  • William and Kate will attend a reception in the vintage mirrored hall of Clärchens Ballhaus in Berlin – they will play host to a reception for some of the most creative, innovative, and exciting new names in the world of art, culture, style, fashion and technology in the city.

July 21:

  • William and Kate will visit the Hamburg Maritime Museum – they will celebrate the joint UK-German year of science, which this year is focused on oceans.
  • William and Kate will visit Elbphilharmonie – they will join the orchestra on stage, before listening to a special performance by the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra. The audience will be filled with children from all corners of the city, with the aim of inspiring a new generation to develop a passion for music and perhaps play at the venue in years to come.
  • William and Kate will take a boat down the River Elbe to their final destination for this tour: Airbus. They will tour the complex and meet apprentices, both German and English. They will then visit the final assembly line of an A320 aircraft and view the cockpit of a near-complete plane.
  • William and Kate will leave Germany.

I guess Kate doesn’t get to give a speech.

KP also wrote:

    “The Duke and Duchess are very much looking forward to this tour and are delighted with the exciting and varied programme that has been put together for it. They have decided that their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will travel with them and we expect the children to be seen on at least a couple of occasions over the course of the week. They look forward to a busy and impactful tour and are grateful that they will have the opportunity to meet the Polish and German people – such important friends of the United Kingdom – as a family.”

We’ll probably see George and Charlotte getting off and on planes. I don’t have much to add here, although I’m wondering if KP will release birthday photos of George seeing as we’ll see him just a couple days before his birthday.

Here is the itinerary for Felipe and Letizia’s State Visit from July 12-14:

July 11:

  • Felipe and Letizia will arrive privately in the United Kingdom at Luton airport. They will be greeted on behalf of the Queen by the Viscount Brookeborough, Lord-in-Waiting.

July 12:

  • Charles and Camilla will greet Felipe and Letizia at their hotel.
  • The foursome will travel to Horse Guards Parade where Felipe and Letizia will receive a ceremonial welcome.
  • The Queen and Prince Philip will formally welcome Felipe and Letizia on Horse Guards Parade.
  • Felipe, accompanied by Philip, will inspect the guard of honour. Afterwards, Felipe and Letizia will join the Queen and Philip for a state carriage procession along The Mall to Buckingham Palace.
  • Following a private lunch at Buckingham Palace, HM will invite Felipe and Letizia to view an exhibition in the Picture Gallery of items from the Royal Collection relating to Spain.
  • In the afternoon, Felipe and Letizia will meet Charles and Camilla for tea at Clarence House.
  • Afterwards, Felipe and Letizia will visit the Palace of Westminster, where they will be welcomed by the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Lord Speaker. Felipe will deliver an address in the Royal Gallery to Parliamentarians and other guests, followed by a reception with Members and invited guests.
  • In the evening the Queen will give a state banquet at Buckingham Palace for Felipe and Letizia. The Queen and Felipe will make speeches at the start of the banquet.

July 13:

  • Felipe will attend a UK-Spain Business Forum at Mansion House, accompanied by Prince Andrew. Speeches will be made by Felipe and the Secretary of State for International Trade.
  • Felipe and Letizia will visit Westminster Abbey accompanied by Prince Harry. Felipe will lay a wreath at the Grave of the Unknown Warrior while prayers are said by the Dean, and then be taken on a short tour of the Abbey, including the Tomb of Eleanor of Castile.
  • Felipe and Letizia will go on to the Spanish Ambassador’s residence for a reception with members of the Spanish Community.
  • Later, Felipe will visit No 10 Downing Street to meet Prime Minister Theresa May.
  • In the evening, Felipe and Letizia, accompanied by Princess Anne and Tim Laurence, will attend a banquet at Guildhall given by the Lord Mayor and City of London Corporation. The Lord Mayor and Felipe will make speeches at the end of the banquet.

July 14:

  • Felipe and Letizia will formally bid farewell to the Queen and Philip at Buckingham Palace in the morning.
  • Thereafter, Felipe and Letizia, accompanied by the Duke of York, will visit the Francis Crick Institute.
  • Felipe and Letizia will go on to the Weston Library in Oxford, where they will be greeted by the Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of Oxford University. Felipe and Letizia will view an exhibition of Spanish treasures from the Oxford University archive before proceeding to The Divinity School for lunch at which Felipe will give a speech.
  • After lunch, Felipe and Letizia will arrive at Exeter College, home of the King Alfonso XIII Professorship of Spanish Studies and the Queen Sofía Fellowship in Spanish, where they will attend a reception for Spanish nationals working and studying at the university and members of the university who are studying, researching and teaching on Spain.
  • At the conclusion of the state visit, the Lord Chamberlain will bid farewell to Felipe and Letizia on behalf of the Queen. Felipe and Letizia will depart from RAF Brize Norton.

I guess Letizia doesn’t get to give a speech either.

This will be Harry’s first State Visit that he’s a part of. William and Kate have no confirmed role, although the attendees at the State Banquet are never confirmed ahead of time, so it is possible that William and Kate will attend the State Banquet.

84 thoughts on “William & Kate’s Germany & Poland schedule + Spanish-UK State Visit schedule

  1. Does Letizia speak English? Just wondering if that is why she isn’t giving a speech. As for Kate, well not really shocked there. She will have new outfits each day and just stand there like a mannequin. What else is new.

    1. I don’t think consorts usually give speeches on state events. They can speak at UN, charity, and home events — in the case of UK, I think that covers the commonwealth as well. Letizia is in the same position as the Duke of E. He never speaks publicly at state events.

      Kate has a lot to learn before she can do the consort’s job as well as the DofE has done it.

  2. I cannot wait for Queen Letizia to show Katie Keen how modern, young and fresh Royalty carries itself and makes itself relevant to it’s people.

    Queen Letiiza will wow everyone who she comes into contact with her with her intelligence, compassion, humour, good looks and style. I bet she’ll be able to hold conversation in public, in a second language without sounding a complete brain dead dodo as some do in their native tongue.

    Watch and learn Kate, watch and learn.

    1. I was going to comment but really you’ve said it all. The Spanish visit sounds exhausting whereas the other is another holi- tour . Lots of free time to spend with the kids. Wonder when they will be brought out ? We the British people are only allowed to see them from the safe distance of the BP balcony but apparently other countries can get to see them close too. Says a lot about what Will and Kate think about the taxpayers who fund their lifestyle.

      1. I’m dreading just what Kate & William are going to say at the camps. I will die of shame if they’ve not done their homework and mutter their usual trite ‘how amazing, how clever’ bobbalox. Knowing Kate she’ll be either paying homage to her hosts buy wearing lederhosen or stripes.

        If she lets us down in there of all places with any skirt ups, fashion faux pas or stupid comments I will be starting my own petition on http://www.gov.uk to have these two removed from the line of succession. As a committed Royalist I don’t say that lightly.

        1. I’m already worried. She’s laying a wreath. Please, no white full skirted dress with boob flabs. Please, no gusts of wind. P.S. I will gladly sign the petition, if the need arises.

        2. I was thinking the same thing. They better learn some sympathetic phrases and faces for those concentration camp survivors. If they bungle that….

          1. Considering she wore bright pink to Ground Zero then said “how interesting” about kids in India having their hands cut off for stealing, well, I don’t expect much. 🙁

        3. I’m already worried. She’s laying a wreath. Please, no white full skirted dress with boob flabs. Please, no gusts of wind. P.S. I will gladly sign the petition, if the need arises.

      2. The dm actually called William and Kate’s visit a holiday for all, when it was announced the kids were coming i think that about sums it up.
        Let’s hope William and Kate are given snippet of things to say because on their own, I can only imagine what horribly inappropriate things they’ll mumble
        As for Letiza, can’t wait to see her with her A game on!

        1. I think a state visit to the UK by other royals is seen as hugely important so I can’t wait to see what Leti wears and her jewels?. I’m a huge fan of hers so really hope she brings the big gun tiara and some fan outfits.

          1. I can’t wait to see which British designer she wears to honour her host country as I think she will do once during this visit. I think she would rock McQueen but not Sarah Burton McQueen but something original from Lee, a vintage piece from the archives.

          2. Have a question about BRF tiaras. If Countess Sophie will be attending the state dinner can she ask to wear the Lovers Knot tiara? Or are certain tiaras assigned to one person and no one else?

          3. The BRF way of doing things is that one is loaned (or bought, but that’s very rare) a tiara or multiple tiaras, and one only wears those. One cannot wear a tiara that was loaned to someone else.

          4. So Kate wearing that tiara has precluded anyone else from wearing it. No wonder she was smiling so much the second time! Also, no one else can wear the Cartier Halo other than Kate even though she wore only once? Lotus Flower too? Wow. Three tiaras no one else but her can wear.

  3. This probably looks like one of the fullest programmes William and Kate have worked to on a full trip. As it’s quite serious (business, remembrance, mental health) I’m not sure how Charlotte and George will fit into it at all. Although George may have an interest in cutting edge stem cell research. Who knows.

    I am quite jealous of all the fascinating places in Poland and Germany they get to visit. (Also – free pierogi? Where do I sign up?)

    The visit to Stutthof ranks as one of the most series visits Kate has undertaken, so it’ll be interesting to see how she does. She does seem to have got better at her engagements over the past few months, so fingers crossed both her and William really learn something from such a sombre and important place.

    1. You are kinder than me. All her recent visits have been fluffy which she likes. I dread to think what inane comments she might come out with at a concentration camp. I wonder how many times a day she will be changing into new outfits too. And is Angela really going to give us a better Brexit deal as a result of this ? I think not. I think they’d be better off building bridges with Australia, NZ etc…sorry Cathy, Sophia Pitt Jen et al!!!

      1. No, Birdy, just no! Thanks for the offer, but no. You must keep them, they’re yours.

        Britain and Australia have already commenced discussions re. trade relations post-Brexit. Ironic, really, when the UK threw Commonwealth countries to the wall when it joined the ECC years ago. That act forced Australia and NZ to look for alternative markets, especially in Asia and the US. And it ultimately forged a greater independence from Britain, pursuing its own cultural identity, which has inevitably lead to an indifference towards the monarchy.

      2. I’m trying to be a bit less sweeping with my criticism! In her last few engagements, expensive outfits aside, she has been a bit better than in the past. It’s late in the day, but progress is progress. (Although I’m still well jell of the free pierogi)

        I am surprised, though, that her and William can’t play any role in the Spanish visit to the UK. Poor Leti – two engagements with Randy Andy.

        1. I’m not concerned with what W+K ‘learn’ on these tours; I want to know what they give in real, usable terms to their host countries. Too much emphasis is placed on entertaining them whereas they need to serve others, not be served. The bar has been set far too low for them compared to what they take from the country. I also can’t see the point of bringing two small children along either when they have no role to play, except as props. It simply disrupts their schedules and adds unnecessary costs. And as Birdy said, these children are rarely seen in the UK so why the zeal to include them on o/seas trips to simply get on and off planes.

          1. Same as you Jen. I wonder what they bring to the table because from what I have seen, it is only visiting, visiting for them. Are they going to bring business people with them ? Or just expansive clothing ?

            As for the children, we all know the answer : positive PR. They are in need of it, so the children will have to do.

          2. I theorized elsewhere. The kids might be dragged along for 1) PR and 2) another bait-and-switch with the UK press.

            Remember the games they played in AU/NZ, with KM playing with their son in clear view directly across from the reporters? Photographers took pictures; W&K complained saying it was an invasion of privacy because she was on Government House land.

            Germany has interesting laws about owning your own image in a public place. If you can prove the photograph negatively-impacts your life, someone is not allowed to publish it and you can have it deleted from publications. That is if you are a private citizen. Different rules apply for VIPs and events of historic interest.

            I can see them deliberately bringing the kids, waving them under the noses of the UK press, then claiming privacy invasion. They made a zoo delete a tweet about their son visiting during a tour, even though there were no photos taken and it was after they had already left the zoo. I can see them deliberately pulling games with press in Germany, to see what other illegal restrictions they can try to put in place.

            This has been a campaign years in the making and plotting, these press games and lawsuits. If only they would apply that amount of dedication and ambition towards the royal engagements they’re supposed to be doing.

      3. Haha, no thanks! Australia doesn’t need a bridge with them! I’m sure we will become a republic in the near future. I’ll only be sad when we don’t get a day off for the Queen’s birthday!

  4. I’m trying to work out where we might see their PR Props, oops I mean children…I don’t think their itinerary is very child friendly. I hope the Queen doesn’t send them back to Australia anytime soon, my taxes should not be funding these ungrateful freeloaders. The Spanish itinerary seems more meaningful and purposeful. I’m surprised K&W are not meeting with L& F at all, everyone else seems to be…maybe they’ll go to the banquet and ignore Felipe there.

  5. I am looking forward to the Spanish State Visit. I am a big fan of Letizia (work ethic and style), and I am wondering how she will woo us. I find it weird that they are only making Harry taking part in it. Shouldn’t have Kate & William a better choice as future monarchs ? When are they going to get that experience ?

    Oh well, about that trip to Poland and Germany … looks like a holiday more than anything. Out of 25 items listed above, 17 are about visiting and walking/boat/reception/fun (excluding meetings and arrivals). Looks like a big joke.

  6. This doesn’t seen like a child friendly tour. Why would they bring G and C just so we can see them get off and on a plane?

    1. Cookie I just hold my breath every time Kate walks down the steps from the plane. She’s holding Charlotte in her arms holding George’s hand all in a five inch hills. It would be so much safer for William to hold the Princess. For some reason Kate is always holding Charlotte like she’s an assesorey to her outfit. The only time I see her having anything to do with George is when she’s chewing him out and giving him the mad dog face. I really do feel sorry for him. She had better think about one day he will be king. She will still want to live in a palace and wear three thousand dollar dresses.

  7. Going over the itinerary, this tour doesn’t sound very kid friendly (plus, it seems fairly short) so I’m surprised that G + C are going.

    I’m nervous about the concentration camp visit. I vividly remember learning about them, the atrocities that took place in those camps and WW2 in general when I was 14 years old in the 8th grade. I was also introduced to Anne Frank and her family during that time and still have a copy of her story/book that I bought eons ago. I can’t imagine going to a location where such tortures took place, let alone meeting several survivors. ? I know I’d feel incredibly overwhelmed and take on the meeting with responsibility on my mind but love and compassion in my heart. ❤

    I know it has been over 70 years since the second world war ended but, in the grand scheme of things, it really wasn’t that long ago.

    1. I agree with you, Kimothy. Such an overwhelming sense of the tragic loss of so many innocent lives would wreck havoc on me.onally. I remember studying history of WWII and sitting in class wiping tears from my face. It is my hope that William and Kate will behave in the best possible way during this somber visit. I hope they will have “read their briefs” and be aware of what has taken place. To meet survivors will be an awe inspiring moment. I so hope they are tuned in to the emotional suffering and pain these people no doubt endure to this day.

      I appreciated your remark that in the grand scheme of things 70 years is really not that long ago. Still, so many people forget even more recent tragedies. Sad, but true.

      P.S. As for other comments, I am also in awe of the Spanish Royals and believe that they will do their countrymen/women proud on the Great Britain trip. I hope William and Kate also do well. As, for their bringing the children, why? Why? Other than to get a bounce in the polls. Good publicisy never hurts, right? And, the wee ones will bring many a chance for that. Kate and Charlotte in matchy colors will be part of the theme in clothing, I am sure. As for poor George, please no repeats of his other unfortunate Sound of Music clothing.

  8. Unlike the Canadian tour which had the children’s picnic (and originally people suspected the kids would be carried in a nature hike or seen visiting a kid friendly site in Vancouver/Victoria), this tour has nothing for three year olds and younger. It’s also not too long, so I don’t see the point of their presence. But, maybe it makes Kate and William feel more at ease to know they can return to a home-like setting each day. I would imagine it is a lot of extra security though?

    I think the kids getting on/off the planes and the fun, lighthearted rowing race may be the events people will remember from this tour, which is too bad since some of the somber events deserve more attention and contemplation.

    I am one of the optimistic ones here – I think Kate will be absolutely fine at the memorial sites – she will likely wear something similar to Somme and have the same demeanor.

  9. I think it would feel emotional and solemn going to see a place where so much suffering took place. I wonder how well Kate knows her history.
    I can’t think why the children are going on a short work trip. Such an added expense! But then, as shown by her wardrobe, Kate has no problem spending up big on somebody else’s dime.

  10. I think it is time for a UK tour for George and Charlotte! If I were British, I would be really pissed (pardon this expression) that the little British prince and princess are almost never seen in Britain! Other counties get to see them on tours, but not their own country… it is strange. A UK tour of the kids would be great PR and could easily be filled with kid-friendly engagements only. Why not try that?!

    1. I agree M, how frustrating it must be for the British people that everyone else gets to see their future King and Princess but they don’t. I’m of the mind that W&K won’t release birthday photos of George since his birthday is so close to the tour.

      1. I often forget about the kids. We don’t see them so it’s hard to get excited about it. I think the reason I go ga-ga about the Swedish kids is that we are watching them grow. I mean, I am looking forward to CP and Sofia’s baby’s christening. I am excited to see Estelle in her element and Leonore’s squirmy self. Imho, G/C are more like paper dolls. They are cute, but we don’t see them. And we certainly don’t see them as kids.

  11. W/K’s tour has some amazing and historic locations. I,for one, would love to visit. The history is nothing short of a miracle and the testament of human resilience. I hope that they give it the respect it deserves and behave accordingly. The learner in mw would be researching now and have my questions lined up. Imho, they should not bring the kids. It’s too short a trip to disrupt their schedule.

    I find the itineraries between the two visits glaring. While one has the potential to be substantial, I feel it will be reduced to photo ops. The Spanish visit will be all that is revered in regards to a State Visit: pomp, diamonds, and pageantry.

    Thanks for the breakdown, KMR!

    1. Hi Rhiannon,

      How are you ? How did this race go ? I hope that you didn’t have any troubles with the weather.

      I feel like you described the two State Visits rather aptly: one with pomp, diamonds and pageantry and the other one as photo op, even if there are “serious” events in and that it will be filled with strong moments, such as their meeting with Angela Merkel. What will they talk about I wonder.

      And I highly doubt it will get much cover in Germany and in Poland. These countries have better things to do (like campaigning for Merkel). We’ll see.

      1. I often wonder what Merkel thinks when she meets people. She does have an expressive face, but wonder what her intial reaction is.

        The race was wonderful! It was hot, humid and crowded. I loved every minute of it. I was thankful my body was cooperative. The last mile was rough, but I kept telling myself that I will finish. My hips are still sore, but it could be worse. Despite all of it, I felt like a winner. And for that, I’m beyond happy.

        1. Huge congrats to you Rhiannon! Whenever I see a friend has competed at one marathon, 5K or whatever I’m always like, “Gosh….I wish I could do that.” I’m not sure if I even would be allowed to plus, I’m in such poor shape for any marathon (even a fun Disney-related one) that I wouldn’t know where to begin so huge congrats to you, girl! 🙂

        2. Merkel makes me think of the Queen with her expressions. The Queen has seen plenty of visitors, some of them with not a good reputation, yet managed to keep a poker face. Merkel is probably like that.

          What you accomplished is truly amazing and I am glad that you could finish that race, you are brave and a winner. I wish you a good recovery 😉

        3. Congratulations Kimothy! Running a race is a big achievement, especially in heat and humidity. I hope you treat yourself for your efforts.

          1. Congrats Rhiannon and Kimothy I tried to post earlier about meeting your donor family. Wow..just wow. You really should write a book ..and ask Prince Daniel to do the Foreward?

          2. Thank you Birdy! If I could meet/hang out with any of the young Swedish Royals (Daniel, Victoria, Maddie, Sofia or even CP) I would be in shock because that would be awesome!!! I’m sure Daniel and I would have a lot to talk about regarding transplantation and raising awareness in our respective countries (and maybe even compare/contrast the similarities and differences in how each nation pursues it) and all 3 women beam just bright positivity that I wouldn’t help but be smiley around them! 😀

  12. I can’t wait for the Spanish visit!!! I’m dying to see what tiara Leti will be wearing and what type of gown!! I so hope that Leti’s posture and sense of style will be a bit of an inspiration for Kate.

    I really don’t get why they’re bringing the kids on this tour, as much as I’d like to see them I think they’ll prove to be nothing but a distraction for Will and Kate. I still think about when they landed in Canada and instead of paying attention to the waiting dignitaries, Kate was all about the kids. Now I’m not saying that one shouldn’t pay attention to the kids but not at the expense of one’s hosts.

    I do worry about how they will react to the concentration camp visit, I know I would be overcome with emotion. I’m hoping that we don’t see the Eyeliner of Serious Concern or the dreaded Synchronized Royal Head Tilt but instead see some genuine compassion. Too bad that this tour doesn’t include any visits to a children’s hospice care facility. It makes me rather angry to see how fast Kate has dropped this cause, as I was initially thrilled that she choose to highlight such a heart wrenching cause but I guess since she can’t pronounce “palliative” correctly her lack of support might be best for all, I say let Ed Sherran take over.

    1. So I was watching a clip of Justin and Sophie arriving in Hungary with Hadrian, who is three and noticed that Sophie did not hover over him like Kate does with her kids. Hadrian was given the flowers to hold and posed a bit with the photographer that follows the PM and then when Justin and Sophie had to head down to the limo, he knew to follow them and hold their hand.

      It is noticeable how they have figured out how to travel with kids when in office only since 2015, but Will and Kate don’t seem to know how to be professional.

      1. W&K use their kids as props and excuses to not work, I guess. Also G&C get a lot of press attention so this’ll keep the media’s eye on W&K’s holi-tour, because of the kiddos.

        It’s not like the tour is particularly taxing. Very light and fluffy, probably a few engagements per day, starting late so they don’t stay away from the kids too long when in reality they always do because that’s the nanny’s job. (Or their multiple nannies, really.) It’s an excuse.

      2. I just saw the pictures of the Trudeau family, and I completely agree with you- there was no helicopter parenting in the slightest.

        also been looking at Ivanka’s trip in Poland and look forward to comparing Kate when she goes. Must say I never expected much from the American first family but they can really look put together and manage their pr… and they’ve been in office what 100 days?? Wonder why Kate can’t even manage a sincerely concerned look? Even the foreign born First Lady who barely speaks English (or anything at all really) can manage looking more interested than Kate visiting at a hospital!

        1. As much as I dislike the orange menace and his family, at least Ivanka has had a job of some sort, despite coming from money, so she has an idea on how to interact with other adult women. Kate is a Victorian pampered princess throwback who just cannot understand how to be an adult in the 21st century (and most of the 20th century for that matter.)

        2. Please, Melania may have an accent, but she can speak English. Ad, mo0re than” barely.: As well as other languages. I am not being political, KMR. I just thought that comment was out of line. Sorry if it is considered political.

  13. I wonder about the visit with young entrepreneurs in Poland that is supposed to give them connections with London. How does that work? Do they set the Polish start-ups with London financing? Or introduce them to trade officials?

  14. At the early years i really found Catherine amanzing with a very sympathic smile and her neutral way of dressing herself. But over the years in my opinion She became More like a speach less Mannequin without any interessets. Very often the media says oh She is so adorbal ordinary what would be good. But with her Alexander McQueen dolce & gabana dresses it dosent seem She is ordnery. I am wondering is She scared of becoming a second Diana in that way that the media follows her and the kids in a very Bad way and therfore She is hidding herself to protect her and the kids or is She just a women how wants to became the wife of an future king and plays at the beging of their relationship everybody and his perfect girl. Because now She has always a fake smile without human Bering. When you look at other countries like Queen maxima or Victoria or Mary they are so warm passioned and powerful. Speaking in Front of the un. Crying in public after the Sweden attacks. This women are Idols specially for young people. What about Catherine after the terrible attacks in London and Manchester She arrived days later? I dont now why She becames so sad and Boeing. It is odd

  15. I have a genuine question– is there anyone in other monarchies to compare W/K to, as far as seriousness of tours? What I mean is, even though they are relatively close in age to the heirs in other countries (like CP Victoria, Mette-Marit, Mary), Will and Kate are actually a step down in the hierarchy from all those people (so I could see the more “serious” stuff on tours being saved for a country’s actual monarchs or heirs who are closer to the power, if you will). Is the “fluff” factor of Will and Kate’s tours indicative of their lower status in their own royal family (versus the Queen or Charles/Camilla) or is it all their choice? I don’t know, but I thought some of you might.

    1. It’s tricky to claim that distance from the throne should limit someone’s efforts. For example, the Prince of Wales has redefined what it means to be PoW. His predecessors did a few royal events, a very few charity events, and partied the rest of the time. Charles looked at his situation and decided to be as productive as any other man in the 20th century but with the benefits of immense wealth, prestige, and publicity.

      William is one step further away from the throne than his father, so has even fewer official obligations. However, the monarchy only exists by consent of the people, and they have Charles as an example of what a royal 30-something year old can accomplish.

      The Queen knows that the entire family needs to prove their worth to the public, not just the monarch, so it’s laughable that she would ever put the brakes on W&K’s work schedule. Unless, of course, W decided to read the speech at the opening of Parliment or at the state dinner. Anything else they do can only help her and her brand.

      1. Thanks for your thoughts! I just wasn’t sure if there was an etiquette/hierarchy angle to it, but your reasoning makes sense!

  16. Wimbledon doesn’t end until the 16th, so Kate–who is ever so dedicated to her patronages–will have to keep her slate clear through that time in case her presence is needed to cheer on Andy or Roger. The Spanish King and Queen will just have to wait.

    But in all seriousness, I’d love it if Felipe and Letizia could make it to Wimbledon to watch Nadal or Muguruza play. Maybe Kate, as patron, could find her way to escort them there.

    1. You’d think they would have been invited to such a prestigious event, particularly when a Spaniard plays. But maybe the Spanish royals have come to the UK to, you know, work.

      1. I’m sure I’ve heard there is some wriggle room in their schedule if a Spanish player gets to the last 4. Mind you I’m hard pressed to see where as by comparison to the Cambridge ‘family holiday tour’ they look very busy.

        1. I hope that wiggle room can be found, perhaps a meeting moved around. It would be a huge act of support for a Spanish player, I’m sure.

      1. Birdy, I love Nadal, too. We used to go to the US Open every year, back before security became such an issue, and one of my favorite memories from those years was with Nadal and Uncle Toni. The matches had all ended for the day, and the tennis center was emptying, but my boys caught sight of Nadal going to the Grandstand to practice. The followed him in, and Uncle Toni let them sit next to him while Nadal practiced. Toni even let them hold Nadal’s racquets. Afterwards, Nadal came over and chatted, gave his autograph and posed for pictures. Very humble and gracious. I had always liked him as a player, but after that I really admired him–and his Uncle Toni–as people. Sad that the threat of terrorism doesn’t allow for many opportunities like that to happen anymore.

        1. What a lovely insight. And how kind and generous of Rafa and Uncle Toni. People with talent and humility, decent and behaving well. So refreshing to hear.

        2. That is amazing. I love Rafa and hope he can win this year too. He was quite strong at the French Open this year.

    2. Didn’t Albert of Monaco attend a few years ago? I thought Sophie was his escort while Willie and waity pretty much of ignored him.

  17. How many people get to take their children to work? It is so unnecessary and means another whole level of organisation and security. Let Grandma Carole look after them for a few days and Skype them each day! Honestly what would Kate and William know about business or youth start-ups or any of the other stuff they are seeing? Completely meaningless trip. Very touristy and will achieve nothing. These 2 have no special knowledge. The only thing William knows about is helicopters and I don’t think they are looking at any??!!

    1. It will triple security costs and cause loads of headaches. They have no problem leaving the kids behind in their personal lives.
      – 10 day vacation in the Maldives
      – skiing vacations where both parents are away from them
      – possibility that her SCUBA certs were gained on a sneak vacation (sans 2 month old daughter)

      It is only when it is for 1) PR or 2) games with the press that the kids are dragged along.

    2. They don’t! I just got back from Berlin/Athens/Cairo with my boyfriend. (Berlin for a conference, Athens & Cairo for pleasure.) He didn’t bring the kids but did face time/talk to them every night. Did he miss them? Absolutely! But they were perfectly fine being at home for a week without daddy. K & W are just extra special.

  18. Didn’t they say after the Canadian tour that it will be the last time the kids will be on tour until they are older? So is this PR?

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