Kate looks smashing in polka dot Dolce & Gabbana for Wimbledon

Kate looks smashing in polka dot Dolce & Gabbana for Wimbledon

Kate Middleton made her first appearance as Patron of All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) Wimbledon yesterday, July 3, when she attended the first day of Wimbledon. Kate debuted a new D&G dress and a new haircut, and I have to say she looks lovely.

Kate at Wimbledon July 3 2017 1

Upon her arrival at Wimbledon, Kate met with current and former players on the Players’ Lawn, including Kim Clijsters and Martina Navratilova, and Dominic Thiem.

When Kate spoke with Thiem, she asked about how his practice sessions were going and whether he was nervous for upcoming games. When she was told that his first match was on Tuesday, Kate said: “That’s why you’re so relaxed!” And when Kate was asked if she plays tennis, she replied: “Yes, but not to any standard!”

Kate then met with ball boys and ball girls before they took their positions on court. Kate told the ball people that their work “makes the game happen. It makes such a difference to the players, your professionalism. You look so smart.”

Kate also met the tournament’s medical and safety teams before taking her seat in the Royal Box to watch Andy Murray v Alexander Bublik.

As Patron of Wimbledon, Kate was invited to nominate a charity to be involved in the pre-match coin toss at the Gentlemen’s Singles Final. Kate chose Place2Be, of which she is Patron. Place2Be nominated 11 year old Luca, who will take part in the Centre Court ceremony a week from Sunday. Kate said (in a statement released by KP): “As Patron of both Place2Be and Wimbledon, this is a unique opportunity to bring together two wonderful organisations.” Kate also said that she was thrilled for Luca “to step out onto Centre Court and showcase the excellent work of Place2Be on the world stage.”

Kate debuted a new look for Wimbledon, opting for a new Dolce & Gabbana “Polka-dot print silk-blend charmeuse dress” (originally priced at $2,595 before going on sale for $1,557). Kate’s is slightly customized with a square neckline instead of a scoop neck. Kate paired the new dress with new shoes, the Office Nina Block Heel Sandals in black (Β£62.00).

Kate went with her Oscar De La Renta pearl and brass disc earrings she’s worn several times now, and her Victoria Beckham Quincy tote she debuted last year at Wimbledon.

Kate also debuted a new haircut – she took several inches off the bottom. And because I saw people bringing up in the previous post that she is still wearing hair pieces here, I want to comment on this here. I’ve stopped caring whether Kate wears hair pieces or not. If she wants to wear hair pieces or thinks she has to, that’s her business. I will still eyeroll at the press claiming she has the best hair ever, but that’s on the press, not Kate.

I think Kate looks fantastic here. I haven’t been this excited by a Kate outfit for a year. I love the dress – I think it’s pretty and fits her perfectly – I love the shoes and the bag, and I think the haircut looks great. She should keep her hair this length; it suits her. Basically, I think Kate looks great here and I’m excited about it (although the dress is ridiculously expensive).

Dolce & Gabbana Polka-dot print silk-blend charmeuse dress

Some more photos:

Kate at Wimbledon July 3 2017 3

Kate gave a kiss on the cheek to the Duke of Kent who was also there.

I’ve also stopped caring to make fun of Kate’s faces and the way she claps. She makes faces when watching sports and she claps differently than I do. It’s really not a big deal and not something I want to make fun of anymore.

Here is a video of Kate’s arrival.

Photos: Wimbledon Facebook / Getty

Quotes from: Express

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  1. First of all – Happy 4th of July to KMR and all the American readers of this blog πŸ™‚

    Hope you are all enjoying the holiday and some beautiful weather?

    1. Thanks, we are doing great in Texas. It will reach 95F/35C here, so we will be in the pool. Kids are looking forward to the fireworks tonight. Happy 4th everyone!

    2. Thank you! We have a neighborhood parade, for which the kids decorate their bikes and wagons, with a pancake breakfast this morning. Then we’re doing a BBQ with my sister and her family. And then tonight we’ll be along the river downtown watching the fireworks show. I love Independence Day!

      1. Thanks, Cathy. The weather was glorious here on Long Island and a great time was had by all until late last night when the entire neighborhood was rocked by people who were setting off illegal fire crackers until way past midnight. It went on and on and truly at a few moments, it felt like the house was in a war zone. Baby was beyond consolable. I love fire works shows, but at parks or by the water, not done so disrepectfully by so many, many people in the community. According to our overworked police department, they had more calls last night than ever! They tried to clamp down, but the entire town (which is huge) was really under siege. Our poor cat, too!! As well as the two outdoor ones we’ve been feeding and trying to find homes for since March. One did not show up this am for his meal and the other vomited his meal up after consuming it. I sound like an old woman, but last night was not a way to celebrate the birth of our nation by so many people performing illegal use of fireworks. Breaking the law and celebrating the U.S. Come to think of it, that seems to be the new normal in many, many ways. Stop texting and driving people. I could go on and on. Obviously, nobody in this house got much sleep last night.

        1. Jenny, I so agree with you about the illegal fireworks. I will never understand the attraction to dangerous noisemakers. And we have the obligatory posts about lost dogs on Facebook today, who were spooked by the noise.

          1. Where have you been, BamaLynn? I hope you and your family are well.

            I heard earlier today that the fireworks sold on the streets this year are 50 times more powerful than ones in previous years. Nice, yes? I agree with you, Bluhare, some laws need to be passed. When I called my town council office earlier, a secretary breezily told me, “All we an really do is prayer for rain on the Independence Day Holiday.” I wanted to slam the receiver down really hard!

            Fireworks were being shot off in the nights leading up to July 4 and will continue to be irritating for the next week or so. I just can’t understand the thrill of them, either. Of course, at a show, they are fun, but when you are trying to enjoy family and friends in the privacy of your home……

            I don’t have a quick Irish temper for nothing. I’m writing emails to anyone I can think of in any important town positions. In between being on this site, that is.

            My mom and dad are here and having fun with their granddaughter at the park. When my husband called earlier to check in, he heard about my rants and he said, “This town doesn’t know what it’s in for.”

          2. The sale of fireworks to the public is illegal in Australia (except in the Northern Territory), and has been so for about 30 years.

            Just fyi JENNY:
            In case you want to see how it works elsewhere, here are two links from an Australian perspective.. The reasons they were banned except for public displays are similar to your complaint too. Maybe you need to see how you can change the law locally. I see that several US states have fireworks bans/ laws, so ithere are models to follow or improve upon.

            From 2017:
            From 2016:

            When I had my kitties, I would always keep them inside and snuggled up to me on cracker night as the noise frightened them plus I was worried about people terrorising them. People can still get hold of bungers in Oz, it’s not a perfect situation, but there is some control. Jenny, I hope the little stray has come back for food today, and not hurt.

          3. I’ve been lurking. Every time I start to write about WK, someone else has said my opinion so much more eloquently.

            Hubby and I are in the middle of a kitchen remodel. It is finally underway. We will be happy when everything is back to normal. All the shopping and decisions, arranging financing, packing up the kitchen stuff, etc. I’ve heard it is the hardest remodel, and I think that’s true, even though all our work is being done by others.

            As for your Irish temper, you go, girl! Persistence is what makes changes. I did an Ancestry DNA test, and it was a huge surprise to find out I’m 25% Irish!

          4. BamaLynn, good luck with the kitchen do-over, So stressful, I am certain of that! Are you eating a good deal of take-out food? Going out for meals? I just cannot imagine the upheaval you are going through.

            Even if others have expressed your thoughts on this site, do comment! There’s always room for more thoughts!!!

            It’s always interesting to do a bit of research one one’s heritage. I love reading about ancestors I never knew I had!

            Good luck with the renovation ans sorry for being late in replying to you.

        2. I agree! Our neighbor was in the street setting off street bombs last night, and the street backs on to the bedroom. I don’t understand the attraction either; it’s just noise. One year we had flaming ash floating into our back yard; had to hose down the roof just in case.

          My sister’s dog is terrified on 4th of July. She got her a thunder shirt this year and it made a huge difference. She was still scared, but not nearly as bad.

          I’m hoping our town makes fireworks illegal, even the safe and sane ones. Several towns around here have done it and July 4 is so much more pleasant.

          1. You are lucky some towns have made them illegal. May I ask what state you live in? Here in NY, I sincerely doubt anyone will do anything!

          2. I missed this yesterday; sorry! I’m in Washington state. A lot of towns in the Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan area ban fireworks except for public displays.

          3. Hi, Jen, many thanks for your info. I have been on the telephone with local town officials with no results. Am now contacting the campaign manager of the man who is seeking the office of town supervisor (mayor) this November. I think he should want to get on board to change things. His competition is a woman from the current 16 year administration, which has left this town in shambles but lined the current supervisor’s pockets with the shady deals he has made with land developers.

            I wish we could have brought the strays in, but try as we do, they won’t come. One, makes more of a move than the other, to want to enter, but we would need to worry about our current indoor cat who is truly a basket case when it comes to change of any sort. I didn’t think she would survive our little girl’s addition to the family. Although, she adores the baby now.

            It really upsets me that people are so very inconsiderate of others. I’ve heard fireworks on the 4th of July everywhere I have lived, but NEVER like what went on in our town this Independence Day. I’m not giving up until someone of import and influence listens. I appreciate all the info!!!

          4. I replied, but it disappeared, so let me try once again.
            FIrst off, thank you Jen. I must tell you that I have been constantly calling town officials with no positive outcome. I was laughing when I read the New York rules concerning illegal fireworks, which you so kindly sent. They’d have to build several new jails all over Long Island to be able to hold all the law breakers who were out in full force on this July 4th

            I am currently trying to reach the campaign manager of the man who is trying to win the town supervisor (mayor) seat this Novermber. The current supervisor of over 16 years has lined his pockets with all his shady land development deals, but done little for the average tax payer. One of his cronies is seeking to fill in when he leaves office.

            My sweet strays are back and it is my hope they will eventually move in. My husband, disagrees. He says we can still feed them and let them stay in the garage, but I think he will change his mind if the weather gets really hot and humid again.

            Bluhare, you are fortunate in more ways than one to live where you do. A lovely part of the States.

            So glad I am not alone in my anger about illegal fireworks.

  2. Wow, her hair looks fantastic! She looks so much younger today (not that that’s the measure that any woman should use when deciding how to style oneself) and her outfit IS adorable. It seems as though she’s been a lot more engaged in her last few engagements. To me, the photos show someone who is comfortable and at ease, which is not something I feel we’ve seen much of from her.

    1. Agree Joanna, I love the whole look. I couldn’t believe when I saw the images. Her hair is gorgeous and the sandals are an improvement. Kate was in her element, she looked very happy and engaged. I agree with KMR, I dont care anymore to Kates faces. I read criticisms about Kate only spending 20 or 30 minutes at her charities but at sports engagement she spends hours. But regarding her hair I only read praises.

    2. Hi Joanna, thanks for the chuckle today!!! “She looks so much younger today (not that that’s the measure that any woman should use when deciding how to style oneself) ” I keep re-reading this line thinking but no woman is going to decide to style her older or frumpier, lol

      I agree, Kate did seem much more comfortable today and I hope that comfort and ease continues for her.

      1. LOL you’re so right! I more meant that there’s nothing wrong with “dressing your age”, but yes I don’t think many adult women would ever strive to look older than they are!

  3. I was curious to see your take on this when I saw the article in the DM. I completely agree with you- this is the best I’ve seen her look in a long time. She looks pulled together and polished and the hair length is fantastic! So light and young! I wonder if Leti’s upcoming visit has lit a fire under her or if it’s merely coincidence…?

  4. I really don’t think there’s anything to complain about here. Look at her shoes…they match her dress and they’re such a different style than she normally wears. Her dress itself is lovely; classy yet fun.
    And her hair. It’s doing her wonders. The shorter length has aged her down and she doesn’t look as exhausted as she normally does. She looks her age. Plus her expressions were toned down compared to other Wimbledons.

    1. The big dots are fun and it was a major move for her to dress more age appropriate instead of matronly. Liked her hair, too.
      That said, although the tote was a welcome sight instead of the proverbial clutch, why did it have to be white? It just looked bad against the white background of the dress, imo. I am not a major fan of patent leather, but black shiny bag would have popped more, I think.

      Still in shock that she wiped her nose and then shook some poor person’s hand. Gawd!!!

      1. I agree mismatched dots at the waist look bad especially at the high price. But I don’t think matching was possible. The bodice has fitting darts above the waist, Β the skirt has pleats below. Unless the same amount of material is “darted” above and “pleated” below (so the same amounts of dot pattern are folded under on each side of the seam), there would be no way toΒ match the visible dots. Some could be matched but not all. And if only some can match, better not to match at all. A belt would distract from the mismatch but would change the look. The material might have worked better for a “fit and flare” dress with no horizontal waist seam. Or if the dots had been smaller the mismatch wouldn’t have been so glaring.Β 

  5. Now for my comment about this post. I like Kate shorter hair style. I do like the dress, the shape is very flattering but I wouldn’t wear it in spots as they don’t match up and that bugs me. Also I wouldn’t want to be spotted in this dress as it would bring on lots of jokes from my family; my Mum had a Dalmatian so we know all the “spot” jokes possible… But the dress is a lovely style. Yet again I do want to question why she is not wearing British designers, as a senior member of the Royal family she really should be wearing and showing support for British fashion. She can wear D&G, Chanel, etc in her private life but IMO if the cameras of the world are on her then she really should be flying the flag for British produced fashion?

    “Kate said (in a statement released by KP): β€œAs Patron of both Place2Be and Wimbledon, this is a unique opportunity to bring together two wonderful organisations.” Kate also said that she was thrilled for Luca β€œto step out onto Centre Court and showcase the excellent work of Place2Be on the world stage.” ”

    That’s nice she picked another of her charities but, just a comment, wouldn’t it have been more correct to say All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club? And not Wimbledon? Wimbledon is the location, not what the club is called. I’m probably just being pedantic but I would have expected a press office to call something by its right name?

    1. I pulled that line from KP’s Twitter, and they said @’ed Wimbledon, so I wrote Wimbledon. I didn’t see the quote anywhere else I read. This engagement was not very well covered by reporters and photographers.

      1. Hi KMR

        Oh Yes, it’s the KP press office again!

        (I realised this as I saw you had credited KP)

        * Sigh

        Don’t they check before they push the “post” button?

    2. Well, I learned something new today. I thought that Wimbledon was the event, and that the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club was a whole different animal. So, if you’re ”pedantic” it benefited me πŸ™‚ And at the risk of being hit with rotten tomatoes what with the kinder gentler posters, Wimbledon is probably the best option for: I’m going to say it: Marble Mouth.
      While I agree that Kate’s hair looks much nicer and it’s a great length, to me it doesn’t look at all healthy, it looks brittle. My hair is not as healthy as it could be either, I’m having to have it cut every month or so since I have it colored and past abuse has taken its toll on my very thick very heavy very curly used to be dark Brown/Reddish hair.
      We hung the American flag today, it’s very hot here and I am wilting since our air conditioner isn’t working. Appears to be a timing issue, we moved last December in the frigid icy cold and the air conditioner needs to be ‘charged’, in less cold weather. My son talked his father into calling the contractor yesterday, and the air conditioning people should be coming out today. Even our little dogs are feeling the heat. (This move has been interesting, in December the cable guy shut our furnace off, and we froze until the contractor figured it out, and now we’re melting.)

  6. She kept touching her hair, neck, whatever, while talking to guests. It was pretty annoying. Kate must not be used to the cut yet and so is fidgety because she’s uncomfortable. Or maybe she didn’t rinse off all the soap? (Excuse my English)

      1. As someone who recently cut her hair too, I can confirm it’s something one must get used to. It didn’t annoy me personally, though it can when you start fixating on it.

    1. I saw video of her greeting the lineup. She touched her hair several times, wiped her nose then shook someone’s hand.

      Rinse and Repeat with few modifications.

      1. I also saw this video Herazeus. When she wiped her nose then shook someone’s band, OMG. No, Kate. Please. I felt for the person she shook hands.

      2. You know that says everything to me. She really is the most ungracious, unpolished, unrefined ‘Princess’ I think I’ve ever seen and I don’t wish to sound mean but this is where breeding and manners are everything. I don’t wish to knock all the spontaneity out of her completely but come on Kate you’re one of the most senior Royals in the land and you’ve the manners of Eliza Doolittle before Professor Higgins & Colonel Pickering exchanged bets.

        The dress is nice but it infuriates me that LK Bennett have a near identical version for Β£199. What’s wrong with LK Bennett these days Kate? Why the do you keep buying and wearing Italian designers in public? I just don’t get it.

        But appearance wise more positive than not even if she an absolute vulgarian with her decorum and manners. I’m not sure about Royals wearing gloves, when Kate’s meeting and greeting the public they’re the ones in need of the gloves.

        Personally I do wish she’d cut her hair into a long bob because is think it would look incredible on her. Her hair really is her security blanket isn’t it? But it could be the making oh her style wise.

    2. I understand your English better than the “British Barbie’s”. That fake/phony/posh accent of hers is ridiculous. I guess if I’m going down I might as well go down with a big splash πŸ™‚

      1. Hair touching and nose wiping before shaking hands (I don’t believe she intends these faux pas)these are things that are about breeding and manners ,not money,but simply good manners.Truly somethings money cannot buy.

        1. omg, no! She wiped her nose and then shook someone’s hand? I cannot stand it! Truly, who brought her up? Oh, we know. We know!

  7. I think this is the best Kate has ever looked. I love the dress and shoes and really hope this dress will be used a lot in the future. It would look great with shoes and bags in different colors, so easy to accessorize. This hair lenght as well as styling is perfect for her, hopefully she decides to keep it. However, I must say I think it’s horrifying how much she – and many other royals – spend on clothes, many of which are never used re-used. It feels wrong when so many people are struggling to get ends meet. And big, established fashion houses hardly need that kind of promotion they get from royals. I’d love the royals to experiment more and turn to lesser-known and ecological designers etc. That would be a good way to promote fashion since not many are able to afford the terribly expensive designs the royals mostly wear.

    1. I totally agree. Although she does look good there was no reason for another new very expensive foreign designer dress. I wonder if she reads the news or has any idea how unsettled we are in the UK? Very weak government, Brexit, terrorism, arguements about pay especially for the emergency services….. that’s not political, people on all sides of the political spectrum would agree with me I think.

      1. Agree with you both. Actually, while I think she looks absolutely great, I kinda laughed at the fact that for her debut as patron of AELTC, she had a new hair cut and dress. I don’t think any of her charities ever got that kind of duchess roll out. Priorities I suppose.

        Anyway, apparently their taking G&C to Germany and Poland when it was said that Canada would be their last tour with the kids. Perhaps this is a response to the fact that their last two tours didn’t generate interest in the royal press until the kids appeared. I mean, where I’m from, the media don’t talk about the royals much but as soon as the kids appeared, boom, it was one of the headline news. Perhaps trying to make their tours more important by angling them as the forefronts of soft diplomacy post-Brexit is not catching?

        1. I thought this is not exactly a tour? It’s a royal visit? Maybe I’m wrong, but that would mean that they didn’t lie when they said Canada was the last.

          1. Just wondering what the difference is between a tour and a royal visit? Number of public engagements? Length of time? Size of entourage?

          2. M from Germany – an interesting point. No doubt someone will know. Just looking it up, in Australia, the terms ‘royal visit’ and ‘royal tour’ have been used interchangeably.

            The tour of Canada was 8 days (?), and India/Bhutan 7 days. So maybe less than a week is a visit?

          1. I agree as well, and this reeks of **pr, pr, pr, pr**. Desperate times call for desperate measures, time to bring out the big guns aka as George and Charlotte. I don’t know what makes for a ‘tour’ or ‘visit’ in ‘royalese’ , but I suspect that no matter the nomenclature Bill and Cathy won’t spend a dime of their own money.

        2. +1 Yuhki that’s for sure the reason the kids are being hauled out and dusted off. In addition to the poor press that they’ve been getting of late

  8. Her hair looks lovely, her dress is flattering, great shoes, snaps for having a proper bag … good look for Kate.

    I’m not sure if I’m ‘allowed’ to add this (KMR pls delete my comment if you don’t think it’s appropriate), but her face looks – fuller. Does anyone else think so? I also wonder if she was aware that the cuts of her most recent dresses give her the look of a little belly?

    1. My 2 cents. I agree her face looks fuller, but I don’t see any hint of a belly at all. If she’s gained a few pounds it’s a benefit to her, her face is looks much more rested and youthful.

    2. She looks fuller but given how gaunt she’s appeared lately (even with the botox), it’s a healthy fuller. I wouldn’t venture into the belly yet. The cut of her dresses lately has created that angle. It’s weird and the misalignment of the dots doesn’t help.

    3. This has me fascinated. She looks different somehow and I’m thinking it is some sort of new cosmetic enhancement. She just looks not herself. Or is it just photoshop? Her face is definitely rounder/plumper while the rest of her looks about the same.

      1. I see what you mean – yes, Kate looks a bit different; not sure why. Is it the teeth? Something around the mouth? It’s hard to know from still images what is real vs cosmetic vs photo-shopped. Didn’t Carole have a plumped-up face for Pip’s wedding? Maybe it’s something along those lines.

        The dress is okay, but not at that price. A belt in a crisp mint would have hidden the spots not matching up at the waist; given the dress was probably bespoke, no excuse. The shoes belong at the beach; the bag seems over-sized. Both are very Pippa. Actually the whole look is very Pippa.

        1. It’s rather like the photographs a year or so ago of Kate being driven to the diplomatic reception, I think. Those photographs looked nothing like Kate at all, and I remember thinking then it was the teeth. In fact, I think it was Maven who commented it looked like her teeth had grown.

          The Middleton women all definitely had some work done pre-pip wedding.

          And I completely agree with you about Kate’s look being Pip-ish. Every bit of it (especially the bag and except perhaps the earrings) is more along the lines of what Pippa wears than anything Kate has ever worn.

          1. First I’m going to say that she looks lovely today. I still believe it’s horrendous that she needs a dress worth thousands of dollars before she goes to work, but she seems to be trying.
            I am a licensed psychologist and to me it appears that she has snapped out of whatever funk she was in previously. I truly believe that she is on antidepressants & I don’t say this in a bad way. I have been ever since I had my 3rd child and they make my days much happier for all involved. After the death of my 2nd husband they even upped them. I’m truly happy that if she did this, then I applaud her bravery in taking that step.
            Something has caused her to look happier at all her engagements, even if she insists on wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothes from non-British designers. That would be the only thing she should improve upon.
            Now the positive on the way she looked today. I saw her on DM and was completely excited, the only side note is that I hope she’s like this for her other charities, but with that said she truly looked lovely! I loved the hair, the bag, and definitely the shoes. I’m a bit disappointed that she had to have something done to her dress because I feel as if she does that because she’s royal and she can, but others can’t customize every expensive dress they find.
            In addition I just bought her shoes, because I love, love, love them and that takes a lot for me to say. So kudos to Kate!

          2. SpringsMom,

            “it appears that she has snapped out of whatever funk she was in previously”.

            Or perhaps it has more to do with the fact that she is doing more and more fluffy, shallow engagements like the thrill of sailing, the thrill of Wimbledon, the thrill of riding in carriages, the thrill of cutting ribbons and opening curtains for museums and art galleries and taking opulent holitours and the 4 nannies- nothing that asks anything of her except to show up and show off- see: the Irish Guard fiasco aka ‘don’t have any freaking expectations of me cause I will cut you with my prince’.

            The BRF finally got the message. No more, ‘come to me, you poor, you suffering children, you great unwashed masses’. Just take a look at her engagements in the past several months and her wardrobe excesses, and the helicopters that are a daily part of her existence, the cosmetic tweaks etc., etc., – she’s living the life. No wonder she can seem happy.

            ETA: And I think it’s just as plausible to suggest that she now has a lover, the biggest anti-depressant of all.

        2. A chin implant? Something is different around the jawline. I can’t put my finger on it. But there’s a difference in her appearance.

    4. I agree. Face looks fuller which makes her look better and less gaunt. She doesn’t have the jowls going on which aged her

      1. I think that some of the photos have photoshopping in them because the screen cap of her on the celebitchy site from yesterday has her looking a bit jowly. But it’s possible that she just ate a burger or something and isn’t as strictly dieting post Pippa wedding, because she looked rough in those photos.

  9. Kate looks great! I have no complaints about her look today. She looks young and professional. This hair length really suits her; I hope she keeps it. It really is great to see her animated and engaged. I wish her team would play to her strengths and have her support and be patron of things more like this.

  10. Wow! Two engagements in a row that I love her whole look! I’m so happy she’s carrying a tote, and sandals? I’m pleased. She looks so youthful in these pictures. Her face also looks less drawn, fuller and more fresh. Hope this trend continues. Also love the haircut.

  11. Look at that hair!!! Good job, Duchess! It’s real and flattering and makes her look her proper age (while, strangely, making her look younger and more vibrant).

    The dress is not my taste (the black and white hurt my eyes!) but she looks lovely.

  12. I love the new hair, the new shoes, the whole look. And she has a real bag! And in the dress, I think the square neckline is actually an improvement. I really hope everything in this is a repeat, especially the hair. I had a thought on that, as I recently got my hair cut, and Kate and I have very similar hair. My hair was very, very thick until I was about thirty and over the last few years it’s started to thin. I know that it’s just a decrease in estrogen production, and I’m kind of enjoying the lightened locks. But if I was Kate and everyone still expected me to have The Hair, and that was something on which I had kind of defined myself (which it really was a big part of what I felt made me *me*) then I might be tempted to wear pieces too. Thankfully over time I’ve learned to like other parts of myself and to find beauty in those parts too so I no longer feel like I have to maintain long, flowing hair.

    I’m sure the game faces will be back but I honestly think they’re fun. I fret a lot and then look wildly happy while watching sports, especially teams I love. And I know that I too look ridiculous. And frankly I don’t care! I’m having fun.

    1. I notice her hair and comment on it because she had KP issue an official statement about it.

      Ridiculous even if revealing about her priorities.

      Extensions, wigs, wiglets, pieces are completely normal for women all over the world, but don’t you dare mention Kate’s use of them voz KP has officially denied it!

      Let’s all pretend that her hair looks like that all on it’s own, even where you can see said attachments.

      Btw, using a historic example. Elizabeth I wore wigs to the end of her days, but anyone who dared mention the wigs was punished. So everyone pretended that the wigs were her own hair no matter how ridiculous they looked.

      Ditto if anyone mentioned her advancing age or the fact that she wasn’t the vibrant young woman she had been in her youth.

      Portraits were painted with very little give on that point. Subsequently there are very few true portraits of her in her advanced years.

      1. Let’s all pretend that her hair looks like that all on it’s own, even where you can see said attachments.”

        I think you meant to type ‘childhood scars’, not ‘attachments’, Herazeus πŸ˜‰

    2. I’ve always thought that Kate and I both inherited our fathers’ hair: thick, wavy, prematurely gray and coarse. So I’ve followed what she’s doing with her hair with great interest. I can have Kate’s hair if I spend quite a small fortune every four weeks at the salon with keratin treatments, color and lowlights. But it has to be done frequently. Knowing how much that costs, I can’t imagine how much Kate is spending regularly on her hair, her face and her teeth.

  13. She looks perfectly appropriate, I like the whole outfit and the new haircut. The waves are suitably casual with this look but I’d like to see her wear it straight more often. She looks more like her old (pre-marriage) self here.

  14. Love the new haircut. Love. Dress is ok (the unaligned spots are annoying me, especially at that price), but it is a more youthful style so props for that. I also love the shoes. So the look is a definite win although it’s yet another new dress at the public’s expense. I noticed at the America’s Cup thingy that she had put on weight and she looks so much better for it.

    I hope she can be this engaged and interested at some of her more “serious” engagements. I’ve no problems with her facial expressions or her clapping (honestly, I’d never noticed anything strange there) but I really think she should lay off the botox. Some of the pics on the DM look frightful, in both senses of the word.

  15. Even I can’t argue much here. The price tag is obscene yet again and they couldn’t bother to get the dots aligned for that price, but it’s an overall win. She took 20 years off just by lopping off that security blanket. She looks healthier and more vibrant. I’ll even give her a pass on the need for a pedicure.

    1. I don’t understand why so many people are of the opinion that you need to have your toenails painted when you wear open shoes? I don’t know where you are from Meghan and I mean all of this not as an insult, but really out of curiosity and astonishment andI feel that this is something very ‘American’.

      1. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, the general tone is to scroll past. Specific put-downs are also not helpful ie your reference to what you consider ‘American’ traits.

        1. I am afraid I could not express my views properly – I meant that the feeling that someone else needed to paint their toenails was American, not having your toenails painted. I am German and love to always have my toenails painted, but a lot of my friends hate that and never paint theirs and nobody here cares about whether or not another person has nailpolish on their toenails when wearing open shoes πŸ™‚

          1. I am not a nail polish person overall. In all three cases (these three royal ladies), they had on toe nail polish but not fingernail polish. Seemed odd to me to do feet but not hands, but again I’m not a nail polish person.

          2. I understand your point, and agree, I paint mine, but it’s an off-on thing; maybe Kate doesn’t normally and we hardly see that because she usually wears closed-toed shoes. I think it’s important that a perceived negative doesn’t become designated belonging to a particular group or people, that’s all.

          3. M from Germany, I am from the Deep South and most women here polish their toenails. It might not be an American thing, but it is definitely a Southern thing. However, I choose not to. My husband likes a more natural look, and although I don’t do everything to please him and he’s still hanging around after 39 years, if he doesn’t care about toenail polish, I’m not spending the time and money on professional pedicures. (I’m too old and fluffy to reach my own toes and could not see them if I were able.) I do take excellent care of my feet so that they look good in sandals.

      2. A pedicure is not painting nails. It is caring for the feet. You can have your nails polished if you want but the pedicure itself is maintenance for the whole foot, not just the toes. Her feet are gross. Corns, bunions, dry skin, ragged nails. She shouldn’t have any of that showing given her position. Further proof that she really is out of touch with what her position is, just as much as wiping her nose and then shaking someone’s hand is. She’s so lacking in any kind of decorum that the glowing support she gets from her sugars for being so perfect is laughable, at best.

        1. Yes to this Meghan.I have recently begun using clear nail polish only but still do the whole pedicure thing at home.To me I like that Kate allows her nails to be natural but in any open toe shoe one should be sure to still be “polished “even sans polish.Loving the gel mani pedi looks but I am worried about damage to my nails and long term up keep

        2. I totally agree. If you wear shoes like this, your feet need to be presentable. Hers were not. From the ankle up, she’s groomed to the hilt. From the ankle down, not so much.

          1. Rhiannon, how did you do yesterday? Hope it was not toooooo hote!

            And, I agree. Clear polish on well trimmed nails and smooth skin on the feet . Just elegant and necessary with such shoes!

          2. I finished! It was beyond hot. I was nowhere close to a good finishing time, but I finished. I slept for 5 hrs when I got home, lol!

          3. A round of applause for you, rhiannon. I’m proud of you! Was it really, really hot? Get some rest and know that you achieved so much,

          4. Thought of you yesterday, Rhiannon. A Facebook friend of mine who lives in Atlanta was posting pictures. It is beyond awesome that you ran in the heat/humidity after what you’ve recovered from.

          5. Rhiannon, after what you’ve been through this past year or so, and the level of recovery needed to even contemplate running, this is nothing short of a phenomenal achievement. Good on you.

          6. Thank you all so much. It was in the low 90s with 70%+ humidity. The humidity was probably higher. I sat down later feeling accomplished, tired and grateful. Then I thought “What’s next?”. I’ve been resting and hydrating since. The good thing is my feet got more tingly versus hurt. My hips are a different story. Regardless, I started and finished.

      3. M from Germany, I didn’t not perceive your comment as negative or an insult to Americans. You just asked if toenail polish was an American thing. I don’t understand why people took umbrage at it. I thought it a reasonable question to ask from someone who lives in Germany.

  16. Hi everyone! Long time lurker here, I’ve enjoyed reading this blog for a few years now but just want to say that I think this is the best Kate ‘look’ I’ve seen. She looks young, fun, and still suitable for a royal engagement.

    Also, I have to admit, her hair looks great. This length really suits her!

  17. Love the haircut, the length is spot on and age appropriate, so much better, it is defiantly younger looking on her. Yes it has helped fill out her face maybe, but she does look so much healthier looking. Her eye makeup looks very natural and not harsh looking at all. She looks lovely.
    Dress okay, but the price is a shocker! What she wore though is very appropriate for the days event.
    Love the shoes, ankle straps are a real winner for me.

  18. Apart from terrible small talk snippits we got from the media, I have nothing bad to say.

    She looked AMAZING. LOVE the shorter hair, it suits her so much and doesn’t look ‘mumsy’ at all (some people on other sites have been saying that).

    1. I agree about the hair. As for looking mumsy, well, she is 35 and has two children. Since she has no career, and doesn’t “princess” very much because she is busy with her family, seems like the name fits. Unless in the UK, the word means dowdy.

  19. Love these shoes! And I can afford them? WANT!!

    I love that she went for a tote, but wasn’t the last time she carried one… at Wimbledon? As much as I’m sick of these clutches, I don’t think this is the beginning of a new era. Now her hair… it suits her so well! I do hope at least that will stick around. It doesn’t at all make her look mumsy. And she seemed really excited today. Good for her.

  20. I like the shorter hair, the dress (though it’s obscenely expensive for something that looks like I could pick it up at Forever 21 with the poorly designed seams and dots not lining up), and wish the bag or shoes were in a fun color but it’s a major improvement!

    1. I have a total obsession for yellow handbags this year after Amelia Windsor accessorised with canary yellow Chanel. It looks fun, youthful and so stylish.

      1. Yellow would have knocked this out of the park even with the misaligned dots. Never doubt the power of a good accessory.

  21. The quoted comments KMR posted are very nice and appropriate, and I too like her hair cut and her shoes and bag. The dress is nice, but overpriced.

    I think this is one of the best engagements Kate has done ever…she seemed to take a real interest in the staff and not just the players, and looked happy to be there. I’ve never minded her sports faces…Selma Hayek did an interview once where she said how hard it was to not scream and look agonized at a soccer match for her beloved Mexico because the cameras were on her at all times. But then she decided to forget about it and had crazy faces and had the best time. She found out that fans were actually glad she wasn’t so perfect. Kate’s expressive face when exciting things are happening is fine and actually endearing…the times when it is not is when everyone else is naturally calm.

    I think Kate has such a gorgeous smile when she is truly happy.

    1. I love her faces because then you can get a glimpse of her personality, the ‘real kate’ she probably is in private but does not want to showcase on official engagements. A bit more fun, young, careless, engaged, relaxed.

      1. I love the seeing the Queen’s expressions at the races, especially since she is otherwise so controlled.

  22. The hair is good. The shape of the dress is as well, HOWEVER, for a top end designer I would have expected D&G to match up the dots better than they did. Quite honestly, I don’t think this fabric pattern is a good choice for a garment with so many seams. For that reason, it is a fail. It also doesn’t fit her properly in the bust. I don’t mind the sandals, but I think a pop of color would have been better.

    1. They aren’t in Germany and Poland until the 17-21st. What is their excuse for ducking out of a state visit July 12-14th? Can’t be “the kids” because they’re hauling the kids with them to the Continent.

      1. The answer is they are super lazy. They are going to get their numbers boosted with the trip and won’t do anything more.
        Kate still hasn’t visited any of the resident at the Grenfell Tower. Why not? She can’t meet with the common folk?

        1. You want to bet that the King and Leti visit the residents of Grenfell Tower to express their support?

          Leti would make Kate look just awful. Thus, a Cambridge no show!

    2. What?!? They need to form relationships with other royals, especially those of their generation, and this would have been a great opportunity for that.

      1. Maybe it’s not their choice? I can’t figure out how to word this so it comes across like I want. W/K have been ‘loose cannons’, and especially Kate, so maybe the powers that be decided to trust Harry?
        I can see William avoiding it, but Kate? I mean talk about bragging rights and ‘look at my daughter all ye who dared to not embrace me into your social circles’ for Ma.

        1. Remember WK have been insufferably rude to Felipe, not speaking to him at events where they have all been present. I doubt they even know who he is.

        2. Loose cannons, oh yes. But then, I wouldn’t send them overseas on royal visits/ tours either. Past performances have shown a lot of rudeness and disinterest by the couple. Add in incoherence, lack of preparation and inability to conduct a conversation and it’s an insult to countries having to host them.

          1. Which is why the kids are going – guaranteed positive pr. They don’t have to do a thing other than let the kids been seen and photographed, and any gaffe or flash will be forgiven and forgotten posthaste. And the papers & blogs will be full of stories about what wonderful, hands-on parents W+K are.

          2. And not only is it to garner positive pr, but taking the children is a better guarantee of greater media coverage, since media interest in Kate and William seems to be dwindling these days.

            Also, I’m starting to think that William is taking every opportunity to compete with Charles in terms of media coverage, and the children are useful tools to do so.

          1. Most people seem to not give a crap about Harry’s interview. Storm’s over. I mean he does tend to get beat up more than William does, William is still the one who’s far more protected.

            I would rather Harry escort me, a foreign visitor, than William who would be rude, dismissive, or simply ignore me. Or mock me. He’s been known to do all four.

      2. I think BP knows that putting airhead Kate against the incredible likes of QLetizia would show a glaring incompetence in W&K. Not that folks don’t already see it, but the powerhouse Spanish queen would put poor Waity to shame. Kate has nothing to offer but botox and a fake smile (literally). She doesn’t even have any real style and Leti rocks her wardrobe.

        1. I 100% believe that is the unofficial reason. Can you imagine what Michelle Obama came away thinking after their cozy get together at KP. Besides wondering why this youngish woman chose to wear a curtain?

          1. Can you imagine what Barack Obama thought of William and Harry after their cozy get together at KP? I mean, neither of those two are mental geniuses either.

            And for why William and Kate have no confirmed role for this State Visit, maybe it’s because putting airhead, inappropriate-joke-telling William up against the likes of Felipe would show the glaring incompetence of William.

          2. Totally agree KMR!

            It’s easy to make fun of Kate’s intellect but we should remember that her husband & brother-in-law are not much better either. Wills & Harry had to their advantage the best tutors & advisors their whole lives but seem to have done very little with it. When you compare Felipe’s education & experience both domestically & internationally it is quite impressive. These are the sort of qualities you need to be a modern day royal. I do wonder why the BRF with all the access available to them don’t seem to think getting this sort of experience & world exposure is vital. Even Meghan who some have suggested is not fit to be a royal & did not grow up with the same privilege, she at least intellectually puts them in the shade.

            The trio keep saying they want to be modern royals but they don’t have the experience, intelligence or mental curiosity that makes them qualified to implement such a task.

          3. To the boys, modernisation means using the PR juggernaut to craft a fairy tale and continue ‘the magic’ while doing bugger all. They have found the perfect magic tool to cover all their sins and will just amp it up while they amp up their hedonistic excess. And with untold millions courtesy of the public at their disposal, it will work. This is why they wanted a team separate from Charles’.

          4. Maven: spot on. Far from ‘modernising the monarchy’ they are wanting to retreat to pre-20th century norms of intermittent sightings and little ‘work’ (even as limply defined in royal terms). All on the public purse, of course. They are counting on PR to provide an inpenetrable shield.

            But as we know, the three amigos are not too bright and far too arrogant to consider the impossible: the public may not agree to pay for it. Why is the public not formally involved in any discussions to ‘modernise’? Whether they like it or not, there will be discussions about monarchy’s future after the Queen dies.

          5. Well he is the “Prince Charming” of the family. It’s probably hard to resist his roguish sense of fun and curiosity wrapped up with his serious side of army experience. Privileged as he is, the man is able to converse intelligently, especially on the subjects closest to his heart.

        2. I think them not participating in this state visit has several reasons. First both William and Kate would come sorely lacking between Felipe and Letiza I’m not just talking hair and fashion. 2) there would be no way wk would actually work 2 wks in a row, the world might cease as we know it! 3) Charles is heir so gotta throw him in there 4) chance to show Harry does actually want to work. Isn’t this his 1st state dinner
          There is no reason why William and Kate couldn’t do the state visit but they have Andrew going instead? Meh okay

          1. Well, all the royal guests will be sporting their Family Orders… except Kate, so another reason for not attending.

          2. No. Harry is not confirmed to be attending the State Dinner. He is only confirmed to be accompanying Felipe and Letizia to Westminster Abbey the day after the State Dinner.

            Also, Andrew is not confirmed for the State Dinner either. He is only confirmed for a few other engagements with Felipe and Letizia over the course of the State Visit.

            BP does not confirm who is attending the State Dinner this far in advance. We have no idea who is attending the State Dinner.

  23. Hi KMR – that’s really mature of you to find things (like how she claps, or how her enthusiasm for tennis shows in her facial expressions) to stop making fun of – particularly if you wish to be courteous, respectful, and intelligent in your commentary. Hopefully you’ll set an example for other people who comment. Unfortunately several will always find it easier and more fun to provide critical feedback in a demeaning, insulting manner.

  24. Like this Kate look more than any look that I can remember, including pre-engagement. Perfectly appropriate for Wimbledon. But if the British tax payer is going to spend that much on a dress, for a British event, then it should be a British design. And while I think Kate looks good, there should be more expected of a patron than showing up looking nice, smiling pretty, chatting and clapping. Performing well at public, fun, sporting events does not justify the insane amount spent on this woman’s lifestyle; and my liking her look doesn’t mean that I think she’s anywhere close to being an positive role model for anyone or a good representative of her country. Like others here, I get tired of having the same criticisms of Kate, but I think it has to be said again and again, or nothing will ever change.

    1. Funny thing about work. You have to do a lot of tasks you don’t like in addition to doing the ones you do enjoy. Some royals get that, others will never understand it. Maxima may not enjoy visiting factories, Victoria might find visiting fish farming places boring – but they’ll never show it.

    2. +1. I couldn’t care less if Kate turned up in a burlap sack, as long as it was (a) often, and (b) involved more than superficial chit-chat. As you say, an insane amount of money to spend this way. It’s an indecent use of public money.

    1. Helen Mirren looks absolutely wonderful in that dress, though she always looks sharp. The pop of colour lifts the dress, as does the necklace.

  25. +1 For the post, KMR. I think if someone was constantly taking pics of me while watching sports they’d get some pretty ridiculous shots.

        1. Diana was photographed way more than Kate and how many pictures do we have of her making strange horse like guffaws in public? Kate makes these weird grimaces all the time because she doesn’t know how to act like a person with emotions in public so we get these constant weird grimaces that are supposed to mean “happy”. Everyone can have a bad picture or so, but with Kate it is often and practically every public outing. Or maybe it’s the veneers she has that don’t fit her face. Who knows, but she looks odd way more than any other member of the royal family.

          1. Why do we have to make fun of Kate’s facial expressions? Her facial expressions really aren’t that important and not really something worthy of making fun of her for.

        1. I just saw a photo of Pips’ expression at Wimbledon. It’s the same as Kate’s- a guffaw (always makes me think of Mortimer Snerd, and Monty Python’s upper class twits). Indeed, it’s an expression for caricature for either sister. But has that happened?

  26. I hope this haircut means she sacked the useless hairdresser and has a new one!! =)
    I liked this look and loved the much needed haircut.
    I liked these shoes but think some red accessories would’ve made it pop even more.
    I have to say my one dislike is the earrings. I’ve never liked them and just think they look cheap.

    1. Those earrings confuse me. Is she channeling the 80’s? They need to be lost between now and the next time she goes looking for them.

  27. I must be in the minority, I disliked the dress, in particular the square neckline and the size of the large dots which aren’t even. The haircut is far more flattering but I dislike the colour. Overall a more age appropriate look.

    1. I find it odd that she and Rebecca Deacon seem to have the exact same hair color, lowlights, highlights, etc. Rebecca’s hair just doesn’t have the volume of Kate’s.

  28. I think Kate looks fantastic here! I love almost everything about this- the new hair, the outfit, the accessories! Kate looks very happy to be there. I’m a big fan of the not so matchy-matchy accessories. It’s nice to see her mix it up for a change. The only thing I don’t like is that the print doesn’t match up on the bodice of the dress. Particularly for that price it should match up, but that’s a pet peeve with the designer, not a reflection on Kate.
    It’s clear that sport is really where Kate shines. At sporting events, she always seems involved, happy and you can see her excitement. This is an aside, but it sort of makes me wonder if the focus on mental health is really her idea/choice. It’s apparent that this is where her interests lie and I don’t really understand why she doesn’t focus on sport events/charity. Although it might not be up to her? Not sure. That’s neither here nor there though. She looks great and I personally always love seeing her at Wimbledon.

  29. It’s a nice dress which the goddess Helen Morren wore better- she paired it with red heels! Red ?
    It’s sad that she feels that she needs to go out on a completely new outfit to watch tennis and make some obligatory small talk and manic grins (in a bid to appear interested in the conversation) with ball boys and girls.

    And to whoever says that Kate has thick, lustrous hair needs to put their illusion to rest. These pictures show Kate’s hair at its realest- not as thick (which is normal for a woman in her mid 30’s who’s had 2 kids, until unless if you’re an Indian woman of course, lol), and looks stringy and parched. I do like the haircut and I hope
    That she keeps this haircut- looks sharp and professional and easier to maintain.

    1. My word, that dress is shockingly awful. And her hair! It looked better in pictures following her marathon run.

    2. All I can say is, this is what the BRF has come to, infested with parvenus, and this it what it deserves, as it seems no one in the top jobs is doing the driving. Ugly will out.

    3. Hi Eve, I actually liked Pippa’s dress today πŸ™‚ I don’t know that I would have worn suede court shoes with it but I do like the grey accessories.

      1. You liked the dress Lauri? Shock horror!
        I think there is far too much going on from the collars, cape, waistband & cut out lace. It also doesn’t fit properly.
        I agree with you that it was also the wrong shoes!

        1. While I do agree that there was a lot going on with this dress, for some reason I still like it. I rather like that Pippa takes fashion risks that her older sister just doesn’t. Shall I send for the smelling salts?? πŸ™‚

          1. Queen Lauri,

            The point about this dress is that she can’t carry it off. She lacks…well, everything! Including the sense to know her limits. For that reason, her choice is pretty grandiose.

          2. Hi Maven, I guess I’m the odd one out here cuz I still like it and I like on her πŸ™‚ I must say that I do feel rather strange having such a different opinion from everyone else but differences are what makes the world go round πŸ™‚

          3. I half agree with you Lauri. While I dislike the dress personally, I think Pippa does pull it off. I don’t think it’s “grandiose” of Pippa to wear this dress.

    4. I hate this brand. Several Royal ladies (pippa too) have now worn it and they’re all terrible, this dress has so much fug going on I don’t know where to start. Peter Pan color, weird sleeves or whatever the hell those draping like things are, nude underlay. Hate all of it
      Just no
      And James’s beard has to gots to go. Or at least trim it bleh

      1. The dress looks like a big, ugly doily paraded by a pigeon-toed, attention-seeking woman with bed hair. Amping up the attention by arriving in a vintage land rover/ tank. Pitiful.

        1. I hated the dress, too. At least she did not flash her panties like she did last year, but the dress…. a bit nasty.

          1. Oh, I’d forgotten about last year’s knicker-flashing.

            Jenny, I’ve also left comments/ links for you re. your fireworks post.

        2. I saw a foto with such a vehicle in Twitter, noted that it was Wimbledon and thought they had amped up the security for some reason. Is this family trying to be as loopy as the K-trashians? Even worse if this stunt was something their PR firm suggested. I wonder when the foto-drones will start following her everywhere. Then video can be plunked into every SM outlet that shills the brands she wears. What odd people they are.

        3. I agree with the pigeon toed walk. There are numerous photos over the years of an unflattering walk.
          The tan too… my gosh…

        4. What does it matter that Pippa is pigeon-toed? Why is this being used as an insult toward her?

      1. No. Lots of non-royals sit in the Royal Box. Lots of celebs do, too.

  30. The amount of praise Kate got for trimming her hair is about on the level of the praise a toddler gets for potty training. Has the bar really been set so low ? She is 35 going on 36 and what the hell kind of accomplishments does she have? A much needed hair trim?

    1. As now-retired Chief Diaper-Changer in my home, I can attest that few accomplishments provide a greater sense of triumph (on my children’s behalf) or relief (for my part) than becoming fully potty-trained.

      So, yay! Kate, you’re a big girl now! And your hair looks nice, too. Now stop playing with it when people are trying to talk to you.

    2. Why is it bad that people want to comment that they like Kate’s haircut?

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