Updated itinerary for Prince William and Duchess Kate’s NYC trip (updated)

Updated itinerary for Prince William and Duchess Kate’s NYC trip (updated)

Kensington Palace released an updated itinerary for Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s US trip to New York City and Washington, D.C. December 7-9.


December 7, Sunday

    Afternoon: The couple touch down in New York and make their way to the Carlyle Hotel.
    Evening: Attend a dinner at a private, undisclosed, residence on behalf of the American Friends of the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

December 8, Monday

    Morning: William visits Washington to attend the International Corruption Hunters Alliance conference where he will make a keynote speech at the World Bank. William will be accompanied by Ex-UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.
    Morning: Kate is hosted by the First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray, during a trip to the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem where she will take part in gift-wrapping and meet students in a craft-making exercise.
    Lunchtime: Kate attends a lunch at the British Consul General’s Residence in New York for successful Brits from the culture, arts, hospitality and business sectors.
    Evening: William attends a reception at the British Consul General’s residence in New York organised by the Royal Foundation in recognition of the conservation work carried out by Tusk and United for Wildlife partners. He will be accompanied by Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton.
    Evening: The couple attend an NBA basketball game, Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers in Brooklyn where they are expected to meet Beyonce and Jay Z.

December 9, Tuesday

    Morning: The couple visit the September 11 Memorial Museum, New York where they will tour the museum, the Memorial Plaza and view the Memorial Reflection Pools.
    Morning: The couple visit The Door/CityKids centre, New York where they will learn about services on offer to help young people reach their potential.
    Afternoon: The couple attend a reception at NeueHouse celebrating creative Brits in New York in association with the Government’s GREAT campaign to showcase the UK internationally.
    Afternoon: William attends a reception for entrepreneurs from the UK and US at the Empire State Building.
    Evening: The couple attend a glittering gala dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in aid of the St Andrew’s 600th Anniversary appeal.


Will and Kate are taking seven people in their entourage – not including their full time security. Miguel Head, William’s Private Secretary; Rebecca Deacon, Kate’s Private Secretary; Natasha Archer, the PA turned stylist; David Manning; Nick Loughran and Laura King, press officers; Amanda Cook Tucker, Kate’s hairdresser who is supposedly being paid for privately.

I think it’s cool that William is going to get to meet William Hague and Hillary Clinton, but I roll my eyes at meeting Beyonce and Jay Z. I seriously hope that doesn’t happen. I’m not a fan of either of them.

UPDATE: While in Washington, D.C., William will meet with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, separately.

William met President Obama before, in May 2011, when the Obamas visited London.

109 thoughts on “Updated itinerary for Prince William and Duchess Kate’s NYC trip (updated)

  1. I am not a fan of Beyonce and Jay Z either. William and Kate will be grinning from ear to ear, I imagine Bey and J will be too cool for the room. Honestly, to me it’s the same as meeting Kim and Kanye. Both women take and release a lot of selfies and photos in various states of undress.

    So it looks like William will work a bit more than Kate. Not looking forward to the creations that Tash whips out for Kate or how Amanda Cook Tucker styles her hair (“sausage curls, matronly up do or messy pony tail – take your pick, it’s all I know ma’am”)

    Can’t wait for it to actually be done with. Hoping she’ll be covered up in a big warm coat with some trousers on, but I know it will be a dress, fly up coat and heels…sigh

    1. Kim is Kate’s soul sister. Seriously, they are so similar it’s ridiculous. You know, I find Beyonce and Jay Z more pompous than W&K, to be honest.

      I hope Kate’s skirt doesn’t fly up, but I do want to see her bump. She’s, what, five months pregnant now? I wonder if she’s showing yet. She hasn’t been showing that much up till now.

      1. And this just reinforces their celebrity image by meeting Jay Z and Beyonce. I wonder if the demonstrations in NY will impede traffic in addition to the usual holiday gridlock. Oh, dear……

  2. Why wouldn’t Kate attend the reception at the British Council with William? That seems weird to me.

    Joining you with the eye-rolling at the Carter’s.

    1. It’s not like Kate has anything else to do during that time. The only thing I can think of is because it’s a United for Wildlife thing, maybe William didn’t want her there. Like, he wanted the spotlight on him and his charity, rather than on her clothes and stuff?

      1. Lol too true. Kate will have all afternoon free, and all the press will be with Will since he’ll be back in NY. Perfect time to shop.

          1. Hmm, will Kate hit Macy’s flagship store at Herald Square or wander among the glitzy and glamorous shops on Madison and Fifth avenues? Maybe she’ll pop in the Century 21 store right by the World Trade Center to indulge in some quick retail therapy to offset the grim visit at the 911 Memorial. So many stores, so little time……

          2. This will probably be the one time that she uses a back exit so she can slip away and shop and keep the illusion that she’s there to work alive.

          3. It would be completely inappropriate for her to go shopping while on this trip. She begged off royal duties for 2-3 months claiming illness. She’s been obviously tacked onto this trip, perhaps to stave off the talk about how they haven’t been living together for months. To be seen shopping in the middle of this ridiculous trip, riots, and using scarce NYPD resources to secure shopping venues instead of dealing with the protestors? Bring on the pitchforks.

  3. From CNN excusing W&K not brining George because “the city never sleeps.” LOL wasn’t that what Will was complaining about with George keeping him up. George would be in his element. Seriously felt my stomach lurch from “America’s fascination with this fairytake is unmatched.” PR guy is going to get the Cambridges laughed out of the country.

    1. They talk shows have been talking about W&K but I wonder how many people in NY actually care about them. Like, how many people will actually show up to their appearances?

      I don’t mind them not bringing George. It’s a 3 day trip; there is no point to disrupting his schedule for that short a trip. Leave him with Nanny Maria; he’ll probably enjoy that more anyway. I do hope we get new photos of George soon, though. We haven’t seen any new photos since July. He’s grown even more now. They better release new ones for Christmas.

      1. I agree, and they have a lot of events that they wouldn’t be able to bring him to, but it’s Will intrinsic dislike of the public; I think he always sees us as some sort of monster and the press are teeth. It would have been nice if they were so attached to their son that they wanted to share moments with him like George wearing one of those foam Statue of Liberty crowns while he stares at the Tree, just like any cute baby. America would have gone wild on that pic. Not bringing him is a misstep, and it shows how they’ll use people, go through the motions, but don’t like and don’t trust the public. I’m starting to think Will needs therapy– they both do.

        1. For sure Will needs therapy. There are SO many issues that have become apparent. I was thinking back on the pic they released just before the April tour, the one where they are hanging out the window. And then I was remembering how Diana and Charles had family photos taken with Will inside their home. Like, C&D were inviting the public in to see their family, while W&K are pushing the public out, forcing them to look through the window if they want to see anything. It’s not inviting at all. Carefully orchestrated to show how much Will hates the public interest in his life.

          1. Exactly! And it’s sad because people are not stupid whatever Will and crew may think. It’s not the old monarchy where a person could be an imbecile and stay on the throne until a brother or uncle cut his throat. Today’s danger isn’t so much from the crazies– a good guard detail will keep Royals as safe as we normal people can hope to be. The danger is being expensive, shallow and pointless. Will is privileged, he’s been living in a bubble of public love created by his mother. The bubble is gone, and now he has to earn his stripes. She earned hers- good and bad- and now he has to figure out how to be relevant, and not just talking about wildlife conservation when, if there is a Q&A session after his keynote, the first question will be, ” why do you feel that you should represent preservation when your family are notorious hunters?” (I don’t have a problem with hunting– this is his problem of a press corps that won’t just fawn on him and not ask an uncomfortable question.” Hope you have a good Sat KMR 🙂

          2. I agree that they’re a dysfunctional family but I’m actually glad they’re leaving George home. Not only do I dislike seeing even more adulation and fawning over this couple because of him, I think it’s pretty mean if they had dragged him on a long flight to show him off for PR purposes and not allow the British to see George on their home turf.

  4. The DM has an article how the NYPD are giving Willnot and Waitwon’t extra security b/c of the Eric Garner protests. Since the two have nothing to do with each other, I’m presuming the newsies just wanted to print some piece of crap up about their visit and the protests getting all the headlines.

    1. There’s also a DM article comparing Kate to Diana when she made a NY trip in 1989. The funniest line in it was about how the palace desperately wants William to get some attention when he goes to Washington for the World Bank appearance, because they know that all the reporters are most likely going to stay in NY and go to the Kate appearance and ignore Will.

      1. Very true. There will be two reporters covering W and both will have a desperate urge to go see the newly revamped Washington Monument.

    1. The itinerary makes this trip look like such a bullsh-t, made up, fake trip. Methinks, Kate just wanted to go to New York for some shopping.

      Ah well, I’m taking my little dog for a hike to one of Los Angeles’ seasonal waterfalls. Since it’s been raining, it should have some water in it. I’m much more interested in how much water dog and I will see this trip into the foothills than I am in Kate pretending to look interested at an appearance when really she wants to be with her b-tchiest best gay friend in Chelsea hitting an antique store.

      1. I do think the trip was thrown together because Kate wanted to see NY. She’s not really doing much at all.

        What kind of dog do you have?

        1. A black cockapoo, which is a minature poodle crossed with an American Cocker Spaniel. She is smart and loves her people and my paretn’s dog pack. I take her to their house evry day before I go to work.

          Here is my flickr page with some pictures of her on it. You’ll have to scroll about halfway down to the Sequoia National Park in winter pictures or to the Yosemite last spring pictures to really see her cuteness.


          1. Ugh, parent’s and every were misspelled in my post due to typos. I hate those kinds of mistakes. They make you look like you didn’t make it past the third grade.

          2. Love! She reminds me of a less fat version of my grandparent’s old dog, Butch.

          3. Thanks guys! The man in some of the pictures is my dad and the little red dog is his cockapoo Dude. The border collie in a couple of the pictures is a rescue from the county animal shelter. Her name is Pearl. She is kind of the mother of the dog pack.

          4. Cockapoos are great dogs. Around 20 lbs., smart and loving. Definately take them to training. They have poodle smarts and will do well at it. Luna has been to basic and intermediate training and took a class that taught her how to do tricks. She loved all of it. She shamelessly was the teacher’s pet.

          5. I love Pearl, too. It is true that a poodle mix doesn’t shed, because poodles don’t shed?

  5. After reading that Kate is taking Trash and Amanda along it started me wondering… did Kate promise a shopping trip pre Christmas if they were friends with her?

      1. BAHAHAHAHAHA Ah man, I love the Freudian slips from you guys! Even autocorrect gets all Freudian with these people. Love it!

  6. This is going to be interesting. It will literally be a tale of two cities: one is grappling with the issues of race and police brutality and the other fawning over the celebs, I mean royals. I am not looking forward to Kate going to an inner city center and looking all concerned and caring when she doesn’t even bother in the UK. I say, do something meaningful in the UK and translate it here. Diana did it with AIDS. What will Kate translate? Her and Will’s love of the drink that is dubiously named “The Crack Baby”? Sorry, I am in a mood.

    1. I know what you mean. She’s very blessed having the position she has and, while working very hard to get it, doesn’t seem to be able transform into an independent person. There’s no butterfly with her; I don’t mean externally because she looks good in some things and can help make sales, but she’s such a pleaser only to those that she wants something from. So she will smile, shake hands, take pics and never be anything other than the cut-out like figure one of the others on this blog smartly pointed out. Everyone here has her number. I know I’m grousing because there are a lot of really important issues I would like to support and see dynamic efforts made. Kate could be the knife into those issues where we could all participate to help with the issues of our time, but she’s just frosting. She poses in front of a natural disaster, sheds a tear because maybe she’s affected, but then she leaves to go somewhere to be catered to and hang with the elites. I’m glad that KMR is covering other royals like Leti, Mary and others who are getting out and making their voices heard. Hope you’re having a good day!

      1. Hi Sugar,

        I so agree with you, this is my biggest point of frustration with Kate too.
        She has such an incredible platform to make such a difference in peoples lives but she does nothing with it. She could inspire so many people to get involved, to volunteer their time to worthy causes, to be of service to others but it feels like she just digs in her heels and refuses to do this. I thought it was great when she volunteered with the scouts, showing others that by taking just a few hours out of their week they could make such a difference, that the number of scouting volunteers swelled. But then we haven’t seen or heard of her doing anything else with them since she was pregnant with George. Which in turn shows those volunteers that when it starts getting boring or whatever, hey you can just leave, no need to follow through with your commitments. I continue to hope that someday, maybe she’ll realize what a great opportunity she has and will really make something of her exalted position.

        1. There’s a lot of positive goodwill (ha- wish we had GOOD WILL to cheer for) from all on here recognizing the challenges and wanting to unify, but Kate is probably will never be that person. Maybe one of the….. Hmmm Harry? will start leading the charge. I loved the way he broke protocol and hugged all the moms who lost sons in Afghanistan.

    2. Has she ever even done the inner city kids thing? I’ve always thought it was a bit rude for rich people, royals, celebs to visit inner city centers and such, because they’re basically flaunting their wealth in those people’s faces for an hour or two and then they go back to their luxury lifestyle while the others have to continue to live in poverty. Same thing for visiting Africa.

      1. She did ha E the campfire visit where she told inner city kids that they need to visit the countryside more. Then she was whisked away in a helicopter.

        1. I don’t really count that since she went out to the countryside to visit them, not to the inner city, you know. But yes, she did that one thing, and then never did anything with them again.

      2. She visited an inner-city Art school in La back in 2011 and makes a couple of appearances for Wide Horizons in London, but nothing substantial. The cut-out could go with a taped speech. Disappointingly negligible

      3. I am not looking forward to the head tilt thing she does when she tries to look like she cares and if she hugs a young child of color when it looks like it takes all of her will to actually touch kids when she’s at her other functions I may throw something through my monitor. She is not Diana, please don’t let her try to emulate her during this trip.

        1. I agree- it takes a special person to go into an unfamiliar environment and relate at a personal level that’s not demeaning. Diana’s gift was that everybody hurts/everyone’s human no matter $,status, etc. she related like a laser on that specific and people responded because it was honest. I have absolutely no idea what Kate can find that affects her personally when she goes on walkabout with Chirlane.

          1. And just for everybody, I am trying really hard not to bring up/talk about Diana, but darn if she doesn’t crop up constantly. That poor woman cannot just RIP

          2. I agree, Sugar. I like Chirlane and Kate will look like an idiot next to her. The only way that she will go Harlem is in the gentrified area or even Fort Greene in Brooklyn.

          3. Sugar, I love discussing Diana and I don’t see any harm in bringing her up. If Kate really gave a damn about anything, she would be studying Diana’s life to help herself make better choices. And yes, I know Diana wasn’t perfect, but Kate could learn from some of Diana’s mistakes, also.

          4. rhiannon: I looked it up and the center Kate is going to is at the NE corner of Central Park. Do you know what part of Harlem that is?

      4. Here is what I am curious about going to the inner city… is she going to wear an expensive dress??? Because that would be flaunting it. This would be a great occasion to wear slacks, so that she will still look nice but understated. Just because you are Royal doesn’t mean you have to rub it in people’s faces who are way below you economically:(

          1. It looks like she will be mere blocks from Harlem. A few blocks separate Harlem from Central Park. If she were on 15th street, then it will be a different story. She isn’t going too far uptown.

    3. Rhiannon, I think her favorite drink was the “Crack Daddy”. She thought it was funny that she could drink Harry under the table. ClASSy.

      1. Lol! Well, she had all the time to hone her skill. It is amazing how they whitewashed all of it. She spent a good decade “drunken than cooter brown” as we would say in the South.

        1. The whitewash is strong in this one. I remember one article that had a quote from a “friend” that said Kate was never really a drinker. BAHAHA

      2. I thought it was Will she could drink under the table? Either way, heavy drinking isn’t something one should want to be known for.

        1. Unfortunately for her all the drinking is showing in her skin. Trying to be her husbands best friend, good drinking and partying buddy took its toll on her.

  7. Thank you. I love NYC and my heart is breaking with what’s going on there. I don’t know if I can stomach the heavily rehearsed sad faces and the mock concern. I will lose a gasket if she messes uup the Ground Zero visit.

    If they want an empathetic ambassador, send Harry. I repeat QE2, but she needs to check them really quickly.If Kate and Will want to be normal, just step out if the line of succession and get on with it.

    1. W&K walk this line of trying to be both normal and royal, and they are failing at both because of it. They need to pick one and commit. And as much as I respect the Queen, she’s just enabling them at this point – giving them Anmer and KP without any sort of improvement in how they act, so they think they can just get away with everything and no one will ever say no to them.

    2. Harry has been to Ground Zero and was his usual stellar self. I expect Kate to pull that stern/bitch face she adopted during the trip to Australia/NA that she uses to convey that she’s being serious/respectful. And you’re right, pick the life you want and work it to it’s fullest, don’t try to take the best from each world and think you’re going to get away with it.

    3. One flying skirt incident at ground zero and I seriously will start looking for a street car vendor so I can throw NYC hot dogs at her. Ones with a lot of kraut and mustard.

    4. I’m a New Yorker as well and it’s a shame to see this frivolous visit in light of the demonstrations going on in the city. And if the police are being diverted to protect these fun-seeking parasites instead of further reinforcing where need be, it’s just shameful.

    5. I can already see the headlines now “Kate sheds a tear at ground zero”, “emotional Kate looks deep in thought at 911 memorial’. Blah blah blah. She will have her typical fake ‘I’m so sad’ face, which really to me just looks like she is bored and thinking about other things. I hope she proves us wrong though and surprises us by being sincere. The Memorial would be the place for that to happen considering what happened there.

      I thought the visit to Ground Zero was suppose to be private, so I am surprised they announced it. Makes me think it will not be private. When Harry visited, was his a private one?

      1. Her sad face and bored face are the same face.

        They said in the initial press release that they were going to Ground Zero.

        1. And then she’ll probably run over to the Century 21 store nearby for some shopping to forget about the tedious grim visit she just had to make to Ground Zero. Sorry, but the snark is strong in me today……

  8. If I were in the position, I would focus on charities that supported female education. There is so much that I would want to do. Will wanted a Stepford and he got it.

    1. I would definitely make female education, equality, and empowerment one of my top causes. As well as mental health. She has such a platform that could be used so well.

  9. The world will be watching, again. And so will Her Majesty. I hope there are no embarrassing ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ Beyonce and Jay-Z???????????????? Please~

      1. On the one where they switched their faces, Kate looks like Eddie Izzard on William’s body…lol And I love him to pieces so that may not be a compliment to him.

        1. I love the one where Will’s face is on Kate’s body; that’s just hilarious.

          1. Ditto on the creepy and what faces she makes! Some of them look like she sucked on a lemon. But I have to say that she looks good in the shorter hairstyles in pics 4 and 5.

  10. If I had to guess, when the NBA offered the million dollars for the Royals to attend the game, PW and Kate jumped at the chance to meet Bey and JayZ! I think its kind of odd, but PW likes the rappers (remember his attempt to rap or dance at an event). Hopefully, someone has explain to Kate that American’s will not put up with any inappropriate behavior and not being genuine. It’s ok in your own country (if they choose to allow it) but very rude if you are a visitor in another. I really wish them the best and I hope they can pull it off like the AZ/NZ trip.

  11. Meeting Bey and JZ? Great. That’s what it should be all about The Obamas are always hobnobbing with them, too. What’s happened to people? We truly are living through the Age of Trash.
    I am sure Kate will shed a Tear or two at Ground Zero Museum. After all, she is experiencing raging hormones of a pregnancy. Other than that, I simply don’t understand how people can dare to compare her with Diana, who had compassion and dignity. Warmth and love for others, too.
    Kate is just a blank canvas for the media to draw upon and write rave reviews.

    1. Apparently Beyonce and JayZ are back in NY. I really hope they aren’t at the NBA game. I think it’s annoying to compare Kate to Diana. Clearly there is no comparison, just let them be them. Diana was one thing, Kate is something else.

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