Prince William and Kate Middleton release Canada tour itinerary, message to Team GB

Prince William and Kate Middleton release Canada tour itinerary, message to Team GB

Kensington Palace released a stubbed out itinerary for the upcoming Cambridge tour of Canada. Prince William and Kate Middleton will visit British Columbia and Yukon from September 24 to October 1. KP did not confirm whether George and Charlotte will go.

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, seems to be their base while they travel to various parts of the country for their 8-day tour. Nothing specific about the itinerary has been released, just a basic idea of where they will be on which days.

  1. September 24 (Saturday): Victoria, British Columbia
  2. September 25 (Sunday): Vancouver, British Columbia
  3. September 26 (Monday): Bella Bella, British Columbia; Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia
  4. September 27 (Tuesday): Kelowna, British Columbia; Whitehorse, Yukon
  5. September 28 (Wednesday): Whitehorse, Yukon; Carcross, Yukon
  6. September 29 (Thursday): Victoria, British Columbia
  7. September 30 (Friday): Haida Gwaii, British Columbia
  8. October 1 (Saturday): Victoria, British Columbia

Bella Bella is a reserve for the Heiltsuk Frist Nations people of Canada, the Great Bear Rainforest is a temperate rain forest, and Haida Gwaii is an archipelago off the coast of BC. The rest of the places on the list are cities.

Here’s a map I made in Google Earth of the locations of the Cambridges’ tour itinerary.

Canada tour itinerary

Also yesterday, Kensington Palace released a message from William, Kate, and Prince Harry to Team GB congratulating them on their Rio Olympics success:

    “Congratulations to Team GB on your record-breaking success at Rio 2016.
    “We have really enjoyed following your achievements across such a wide variety of sports during the last two weeks. London 2012 was a hard act to follow, but you have made the entire country proud of everything you have accomplished.
    “You should arrive home knowing that you have delighted millions of people across the Home Nations, many of whom have stayed up late, night after night, to share in your celebrations.
    “We all know that this success does not come easy and is the culmination of years of hard work, passionate commitment, sheer grit and determination. You are an inspiration to us all, young and old.
    “To everyone associated with Team GB – well done! We hope you have all enjoyed the experience as much as we have back home.”

Team GB congratulations message from William, Kate, Harry

167 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton release Canada tour itinerary, message to Team GB

  1. Looks like a lot of travel in Canada – so how much actual “on the ground time” will there be ? And a lot of time in nature reserves etc. I don’t know how interested Canadians will be to see Kate in a multitude of new outfits – but it would seem that there will be limited time to actually meet Canadians or visit Canadian charities etc that support the same causes the W&K supposedly support in the UK. My mind boggles at the thought of Kate dressing in her interpretation of “First Nations” traditional dress – any Indian ladies I know didn’t know whether to be amused or insulted at Kate’s fashion in India – and don’t dress day to day in the sort of costumes that were on display there.

    1. So, guys, I work in a children and youth mental health facility. A big one.

      If Keen Kate makes an appearance… and we get to chat with her… what questions would you like me to ask?

      Legitimate ones. Ones that wouldnt get me in trouble with my manager I mean.

      The chances my location would be chosen are actually rather high. Now, the chances I am working that exact shift on that exact unit…. maybe!!

      Let’s have hypothetical fun here!

      1. I would ask them if they have seen any results or changes in how mental health issues are being handled or treated in the UK. If you meet them I’m sorry for the inane answers you’ll receive.

      2. Snarky question I know that you won’t ask: how hard is it for her to speak with that uber posh accent? ?

        Serious question: what initially drew them to the cause of children’s mental health?

        Pure fluff: who is cuter in person, Sir Ben or Canada’s PM? Hahahaha! ?

      3. Personally, I think you would be in the best position – someone at the coalface – to ask the most searching questions. You’d know straight away whether they were genuinely involved or not.

        I’d ask:
        • How much they thought their involvement has impacted on the various mental health organisations they support.
        • How hands on they are with the charities.
        • What suggestions have they made that have been taken up? If any, what has been the impact?

        I suspect you would only get wishy-washy answers because I doubt that W+K are involved with mental health beyond rocking up for half an hour here and there.

      4. “What drew you to the children’s mental health cause?”

        “What’s your favorite thing about working with the children’s mental health cause?”

        “What are your long term goals for the children’s mental health cause?”

        1. What new ideas will you take back from Canada, and how will you introduce new initiatives in the UK following your visit here?

          1. I wonder how Will and Kate monitor the changes they make with Children’s health. Do they make graphs to map their progress or do they hold fundraisers for their patronages? I am interested in this tour / work trip/ holiday of Canada. I have always wanted to go and the last trip made me envious. I expect the different cultures are interesting and the scenery must be amazing. I don’t know much about Canada apart from a trip a friend made.

        2. The mental health aspect of this trip will be meaningless because health care is run provincially and even if they start something in BC, it would only apply there. Each province is responsible for its own health care system and some provinces have better systems than others. Even Trudeau can’t impose anything on the different provinces on that issue. The separation of powers on that issue have been there since the country was created in 1867.

          So this is merely a vacation.

  2. Sounds like a lovely sight seeing holiday, perfect for Kate to take some snaps and have her hair and make up fixed by her PA, before embarking on a hike. It will be interesting to see whether they visit any charities, hospitals etc. whilst in the cities. I’m guessing their people are scrambling, trying to finalise the itinerary, I’m surprised with a month before the tour we don’t have a more detailed itinerary. I wonder whether they’ll take the children, I think this could cause some controversy and rub people the wrong way, it will appear more like a family holiday funded by their Canadian and English subjects. I’m skeptical about the benefits for Canada post holiday, I’d be livid if I were Canadian.

    1. Indeed – all the costs associated with the trip will be paid for by the Canadian taxpayer. When they visited Australia I read that even the cost of clothes was charged back – but I don’t know if that was correct or not. If the children go along the whole structure of the the junket will be focused around a “family friendly” program that suits a 3 and 1 year old. I see no benefit for Canada – other than the photo ops for the PM ! Perhaps – given how stunning the scenery is there – there may be a short term increase in foreign tourists visiting BC.

      1. The cost of clothing is always charged back.

        So when they release figures of who is the most expensive royal tourists, that figure is charged back to the tax payers of the visited country via the Foreign office. And it includes everything, from flights and hotels to clothing budgets.

        1. I’m so sorry for the Indian Govt. Who has to pay for Kate’s expensive clothes. The cost of one gown could be used to buy many, many clothes for the poor people of India. Did Kate ever thought of that before buying these clothes?

          1. And we’re talking about clothes she’ll probably never wear again! This is absurd. How hard would it be to at least auction those outfits and donate the money to a charity in India? These people are absolutely clueless.

    2. I am Canadian and I am NOT happy about this. I am just about livid that our completely useless PM even invited them! All the PM wants is a photo op and they are willing to provide it.

      1. Agreed. I hope their visit to these First Nation areas that they are able to shed light on the situations that these communities are in. I hope that it won’t be a glossed over (but it probably will), the lack of resources on reserves and the poor state of many people’s mental health. Maybe Trudeau can make good on what Gord Downie promised us on Saturday night that Trudeau will be the one to solve their problems.

        1. Gord was amazing Saturday night! He could have said anything at that moment and chose to highlight the First Nations. So remarkable and true to character. I’m still a mess of emotions, so I’ll leave it at that.

          Totally jealous that they get to go to Haida Gwaii. That’s in the top 5 of my bucket list. I think this might be the first time that I’m jealous of Kate.

      1. Wow, I’ve been to to Vancouver several times and didn’t even know that was right outside! I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m up, at least it looks scenic and she and her crew could pop into the woods th have hair and makeup done =)
        Outside of Colorado Springs they have a hike called the incline, it’s essentially an old cable car route that they left the wooden part in the mtn.
        My legs were shaking coming down

  3. Harry, Harry, Harry – STOP IT ( sorry shouting )
    There are not three people in this marriage, for heavens sake stop allowing yourself to be tacked on at the end.

    Canada – one word – holiday.

    1. Yes; Harry needs to shed them. They do his own image no good at all. But of course, he’d have to be very strategic – really have his part of the office work very differently so that he doesn’t get tarred.

        1. I really don’t think Harry will break from W&K until he gets married. Once he’s married, then I could see that being a reason he needs his own office – to share with his wife, separate from W&K – but until then it doesn’t make much financial sense for Harry to have his own office with his own staff.

          1. I think that Harry will break from W&K when his brother will be Prince of Wales (if he is not married at this time)

        2. He can’t ‘break up’ with them; too many repercussions. However, he and ELF and staff associated with Harry’s activities can run their bit of the office professionally and seamlessly. The point is to ensure Harry is seen as independent from W+K, and who occasionally joins them in a few initiatives. I wonder if Harry sees it this way? He and William are brothers, and are close. They share the same upbringing, values etc.

          1. Except for one thing: I don’t think William and Harry are as close as they used to be. They might’ve had a similar upbringing but, each probably sees their respective childhoods with different eyes. William just sees it as his mother and father fighting, mommy always sad, etc and Harry was a wee bit younger but might’ve seen the exact same things (fighting, unhappy parents) from a different point of view.

            I have a feeling that their values have changed with the passage of time which is sad but oddly makes sense to me.

          2. Hi Kimothy. Hope you are well?
            William’s nature seems to be growing ever darker. I think the brothers enjoy the privilege accompanying their positions though Harry has a far better sense of obligation. Harry is a loyal soul; I’d imagine he needs to tread lightly around William’s ego.

          3. Hi Jen!

            I’m doing alright, thanks for asking! Even though it’s hotter than heck, I’m back to (at least) walking to work which is a 25-30 minute walk so YAY!! Back to getting some exercise!

            Yes, William has gotten dark and more paranoid with age which is sad and borderline scary. I think it’s a combo of ego and just the way he’s been programmed since college/post-college that William just can’t shake off anymore. Harry went straight into the Army after Eton while William was still “press-protected” during his St. Andrews years. He got 4 extra years of being wrapped up in cotton by the media.

            Yes, Harry has always had a much more sensitive soul than his brother, it just wasn’t as clear then as it is now.

          4. Good to hear, Kimothy. Best exercise is walking, though I am trying yoga too… not much chop at it though (sigh). We are just heading out of winter which means sweltering is in store.

        3. His financial future is tied to William being happy with him. It does not matter what arrangements HM and Charles put in place while they are alive.

          If Harry is living in a royal property (or a royal “private” property like Sandringham or Balmoral), William will have complete control. He can throw his brother out at any time. He’d probably even find away around something like Andrew’s 99 year lease on Royal Lodge Windsor if he wanted to.

          If Harry breaks publicly with William, he will be thrown out and left to his own financial devices. No royal property lived in rent-free. No access to Balmoral or Sandringham, as they will both be William’s private property.

          With $15 million personal inheritance he’d do fine, but won’t live anywhere near the life he would live if he stays in William’s good graces. If there ever was a big break, expect Harry to move to South Africa permanently.

          1. It’s impossible to know how Harry perceives his brother, and whether he has much influence with him above a self-serving influence such as Carole Middleton. Harry will no doubt inherit from his grandmother and father, and with his existing 15 million pounds, could easily live incredibly well, as do many aristocrats. There is no guarantee that the monarchy will continue to exist; even ardent royalists don’t believe this, expecting it to last another 50 years at most. I’m sure the Windsors know this too, squirreling away public funds for personal use eg the Queen dipping into funds earmarked for Buckingham Palace repair for personal use. BH is not her personal property so the taxpayers will need to stump up (again) if they wish to retain it.

          2. Many aristocrats are land rich and money poor, and the estates they have they inherited. They work incredibly hard trying to make their estates break even – and often fail.

            He could live well, better than all of us, but not incredibly well. If Harry tried to buy something like Anmer, it would take $10 million just to purchase. Historic county mansions don’t come cheap. Add on security that Harry would have to pay out of his own pocket for the rest of his life. Minimum that would be several hundred thousand a year, every year for life.

            Charles was cleaned out by Diana in the divorce. He may not have that much personal money to leave to Harry. It would be up to HM to decide to leave him some. If she thinks he’s Mr Loyalty and would never leave the Firm? She won’t think he needs an escape fund so she won’t leave him much. She’s more likely to leave larger amounts to all the other grandkids and great grandkids, the ones who won’t be working royals.

            For better or worse, a lot of Harry’s future lifestyle is dependent on being in his brother’s good graces. I wish this wasn’t true.

            I do wonder what will happen to Balmoral and Sandringham if the monarchy is ended. I expect the Windsors will be required to pay the real inheritance amount on those properties at that point, which would mean selling both to pay the 40 percent in inheritance taxes.

          3. Should the monarchy be brought to a close I’d imagine re-entry to the real world will be bumpy for them all. Even those who married in and left – Diana and Sarah – found the transition incredibly difficult. Sarah’s still clinging to her erstwhile status. Too much of everything corrodes character. Harry has plenty; whatever happens, there is no reason to fret about a man who has 15 million pounds in the bank.

          4. Forgot to say, nota, that the financial untangling would be an auditor’s worst nightmare. You’re most likely right about the great-grandchildren/ grandchildren inheriting. Their lives will be eased by both money and connections. It seems only fair that laws affecting every citizen of the UK also impacts the Windsors ie death duties.

        1. Yes, Charles pays for W&K&H’s staff, which is why I don’t think it would make economic sense for Charles to pay for a whole separate office just for Harry. But I can see Harry and his wife asking and receiving their own office once married, since it might make more sense then.

        1. Am I missing something? All three legs of a tripod have to work together and do the same amount of work for the tripod to stand. If we’re saying Harry does most of the work, wouldn’t a different analogy work better? Or am I just not getting it?

    2. Well-said!

      KP treat Harry like the little brother Will has to take to the movies on his date with Kate. He’s more mature than both of them with a personality to boot.

      1. +1! That’s exactly how they treat Harry–like the “kid brother” even though he’s 32! (Okay, so my sister is 28 and I’m 36 and I still see her as my kid sister but I don’t treat her the way KP/William treats Harry!)

    3. Ha! Even Kate’s name appeared to want to be closer to Harry’s than William’s into the note. So KP didn’t get the spacing right, but at least the spelling seems to be in order.

  4. That seems like an really brief tour. I am not really sure of the point of it other than it was probably on Kate’s wish list. It really does seem more like a vacation than tour. If they bring George and Charlotte on such a short tour, it will be for PR purposes only. To bring them on such a brief tour would be hard on such young children, specifically Charlotte, with the time change and flights. But with them having a ‘home base’ it makes me think they will drag the poor children along. Sorry, this tour just seem like a PR move and that is all 🙁

    On a side note. We have not seen Kate for a month, how different do you all think she will look? Will she have changed her hair at all or been freshly tanned, botox, etc? I am just curious if anyone thinks she may have changed up her look after a month off, since some times after vacation she comes back looking “refreshed?” :0

    1. Increasing tourism is always the reason given to justify these tours (as well as retention of monarchy in Great Britain) though no definitive evidence is ever provided, if ever done. It would be incredibly difficult to isolate the royalty effect given the multiple initiatives from various tourist boards operating at the same time. The effect is said to be several years down the track, by which time everyone has forgotten.

      Taking very small children on such a trip seems to be incredibly selfish and disruptive to G+C’s schedules, especially when neither will remember it nor be able to do much. W+K have had no problem in the past leaving George behind when they went off on holiday as a couple, or William going off to kill animals, or to South Africa for a wedding. The ‘fishing with George’ malarkey can happen on any royal property for goodness sake. So it boils down to using the children as props to deflect their parents’ poor reputation, calm hostility from the Canadian people re. being burdened with the expense of yet another royal tour*, as well as giving the Canadian Prime Minister some PR on a global scale. *Hasn’t Canada just recently hosted Edward and Sophie?

      If W+K spent substantial amounts of that eight days with First Nations peoples, highlighting the latter’s huge difficulties concerning health, education and overall well-being, the trip could be deemed worthwhile. However, this couple has proved to be too insubstantial and would not be the right fit for such a focus.

      1. The issue is that if they visit mental health charity, we will hear the same sentence again and again, like a scrached disk….

          1. They do a lot with the Duke of Edinburgh Award so they travel to meet young people who are involved in it and give out awards, etc, to support the program. It seems like the award scheme has been good for a lot of people, from what little I’ve read about it.

          2. Yes, they do do a lot of work with the DofE International Award, specifically, which means they tend to travel for it. Also, both Sophie and Edward have Canadian patronages.

          3. Seem the same when w&k PR place feelers for Caribbean Tour last year…no one seem willing to foot the lazy cost; Instead the Earl and Countess Wessex were received in multiple islands re the DoE scheme, as well as the Ladies of 100 Hedge Fund traveled and met up with the Countess, with their programs.

          4. I think Sophie may also be honorary Colonel in Chief of a regiment that is stationed in the Caribbean (Bahamas maybe?). Edward and Sophie visiting there would make sense, if that’s the location of her regiment.

      2. Taking the kids is also a move that will anger the UK press.

        When they took their son down under, the press and people complained that the child could be seen and photographed in another country but remains hidden at home.

        Ditto their daughter’s christening, with strictly controlled access and a handful of hand-picked approved photographers.

        The recent trip to the flight center with press banned and even the SAS families weren’t allowed to take pictures for their personal albums. The “security” excuse was just an excuse, as the SAS folks know the importance of security in their personal and private lives.

  5. It sounds like something a travel agency would sell – get to know British Columbia! The right mix between cities and nature to have the most fun…

    I feel myself getting really really tired of WK. Their constant lack of work, them making excuses, bored faces, new expensive clothes… it’s the same everywhere they go and with Royal tours with being a huge disappointment earlier, I don’t have big hopes for this one either. I can’t see them change.

  6. On another subject there is an article on DM about the ressemblance between Mary of Denmark and Kate : the majority of commentaries says : the difference is that Mary works and Kate no…

    I repeat what I say on Harry’s article because I am not sure that everybody see what I posted : Harry will maybe make a tour in Caribeans (source : E. Andrews).
    -> Have W and K make a tour in Caribean ?

      1. I wonder why they don’t go : not popular in Caribean or not good enough to deflect republicanism’s feeling?

          1. That approach will only work for so long. It’s inevitable that countries will want their own head of state etc. Interfering in what should be a country’s decision is outrageous.

          2. Idk I kind of think they got lucky the last time because the PM and Harry hit it off so well immediately. I’m also not sure how serious their want for a referendum actually was at the time. But the PM was clearly smitten with Harry and he did an amazing job all around. There were some new referendum talks a while back again. but I don’t think this visit would have anything to do with it. More that the Caribbeans haven’t had a proper royal tour for some time now, so it would make sense anyways. Harry is a good choice for tours like this as he gets in the spirit right away.

    1. There were rumours about it late last year but then India was announced. Rebecca english from the Daily Mail hinted at a possible meeting with Usain for Harry as well. He hasn’t been there in a while and the last royal visit was a very brief one (and only to the Bahamas I think) by Ed and Sophie early this year for the DoE awards. I hope if he goes and it sounds like it, he’ll not only visit the places he already visited but maybe some of the other islands. I suspect a tour in November/ early December.

      1. Maybe Kate does not want to go on tour in the Caribbean because the humidity will make her hair too frizzy in public! When one is in St. Barts or Mustique hidden away in a sumptuous villa that a “friend” has loaned them that would normally cost 20k a week, other than possibly being photographed arriving or leaving the island, there is no need to have one’s hair done.

  7. Being an Australian citizen, I was livid at the $2 million bill that we as tax payers had to pay for their Australia trip. The whole trip had NO purpose what so ever. They didn’t visit any charities or raise awareness of a cause. All they did was play volleyball, shake hands, and met a bilby named George.

    1. I think they did go to some charities. Kate even gave a speech at a children’s hospice but that event was only covered by one reporter because KP wouldn’t allow the press pack in. The limited charity visits they did make were overshadowed by the other events.

          1. Wasn’t it the very short speech where all she basically did was thank the country for how nice they’ve welcomed her and George?

          2. Limiting media access makes absolutely no sense. I thought one of the purposes of the Monarchy was to bring attention to charitable causes? How are they supposed to do that if the papers don’t cover what they do? It’s a shot in the foot.

          3. I agree. Limited media access, especially for the one speech she gave during the entire tour, was really stupid.

        1. Exactly, and that’s the cut, or at least it should be. It’s not carte blanche anymore that if royalty comes, everyone is falling over themselves because they decided to. They have to bring value, which unfortunately today is media positive attention and hopefully, more people to get behind the effort. Because W&K are so negative, reclusive and devoid of personality, they don’t bring anything to these visits or very little when weighed with the cost.

          I wish there was a way to see if that is a right or wrong premise. India for instance. What did their wardrobe, security, hotels, travel expenses, PAs, etc. cost and then, did it net any real and/or future British contracts or business deals? In fact, her dress choices were roundly criticized which could hurt the UK at a time when Brexit is still decently fresh.

          Does anyone here think this move to send them is to move against a possible Canexit? Sending the young royals being thought to be a good move as a promise of sexy youth rather than age ala Prince Charles? I know we have some Canadians on here–is Kate rated higher than Sophie or Camilla if she is rated at all? I think Sophie’s hard work and open character are appealing, as is Charles’ creative efforts. I’m curious.

          Here in America, I think most people could care less. The people I know who actually know who she is always refer to her as Kate Middleton (too bad People Magazine) and like her for her hair or think she’s pretty. That’s the sum of Kate’s glory.

          If all Kate can do is sell clothes, she can stay in Britain at significantly less cost to everyone.

          1. I always am perplexed by the lack of transparency : how can British accept to pay for a royal family and for a government, without knowing clearly how really royals cost, how they pay?

          2. Agreed Clem, it’s a surreal carry-over from a different time when royalty got away with being considered the cat’s meow just by affiliation. Now, people look at their financial challenges and then see needed money going to people with hundreds of rooms, plenty of food and a dream life while they are struggling with challenges or nightmares. It’s bizarre how backward this is.

          3. I know that around here, people still refer to her as Kate Middleton and really only know her for her clothes and “glamour”. There has been very little buzz about this tour.

          4. Clem, I’m sure there are some hard core monarchists in Britain, though most are apathetic about it in that they can’t be bothered to think of an alternative. Discussion about the monarchy defaults more to the ‘role’ rather than to ‘content’ of that role'(ie achievements able to be measured for societal impact vs cost etc). That is why the CC is all-important: numbers not impact. William is dangerous for the monarchy’s continued existence because he inadvertently begs the question of why a lazy, unaccomplished and rather stupid man could be born to be Head of State rather than a wise, accomplished commoner.

            The monarchy, ultimately, holds up the establishment – the honours system, the House of Lords – because abolishing the monarchy would prove that neither of those things are sacred, and that a Britain / England without them could be conceived. That’s why so much effort goes into presenting, defending and lionising the monarchy.

          5. Clem – the British people are told over and over that the monarchy costs them 60p each to support. It is a blatant lie reinforced so often that it becomes a ‘fact’ hard to dislodge. Full costs are hidden, for obvious reasons.

          6. Most people have no idea who Sophie is. Camilla would be known because of the Diana triangle and Kate because of the wedding. Generally the average Canadian doesn’t follow the royals. They aren’t Canadian.

            I am sure Peter Mansbridge will have to remind viewers on CBC that the Queen is Canada’s head of state. Symbolically of course. Most think the PM is head of state.

            There is no call for a Canexit yet, but they are also not masses of monarchists as there might have been in the 50s and 60s, when Canada was still mostly white and with British ancestry. They just don’t represent us anymore.

            I am normally supportive of Trudeau’s approach, especially as compared to Harper, but I just can’t understand why he invited these two… Although the invite did include the kids on purpose. Even he probably knows it’s the kids who matter.

            Charles and Camilla are supposed to come for the 150th anniversary in 2017, but they won’t be as popular.

            I also think that this vacation won’t draw a lot of Canadians either. The newness has worn off these two.

          7. Apparently one of the cities W&K are visiting has less than 300 people in the whole town. I’ll be very interested in how many people come out to see them in that town. I think the crowd will be way smaller than they think it will be just because the interest in them has waned dramatically since they got married.

          8. KMR I wonder if they’ll try to call the small town visit a private one if their advance team reports small crowds.

    2. I’m Aussie as well, and I agree. And naming an Australian bilby and an enclosure after an 8 month old British child, just because of what family he was born into??

      The whole tour was so bland, mostly fun and no work.. beach, Easter show, wine tasting, rugby match, glamping, Shotover Jet, sailing, reception dinners… ugh.

  8. This sounds like a lovely holiday. Work will be perfunctory and dull. . The scenery and people sound amazing! I just know Georgie and Char will come. The pics of The Cambridges and the Trudeaus is PR gold. I hate that it will probably happen.

    Thanks for this update, KMR! By the way, I’ve subscribed to comments on previous posts in order to read the responses, but haven’t received them. Did I do something wrong?

    1. For all of the recent articles you’ve subscribed to, you have an extra “l” in the “mail” part of your email address. Maybe that’s why? Other than that there isn’t a reason you shouldn’t be receiving the emails.

        1. I did have to get a new server several months back which caused a lot of email problems, but then I got a new new sever and that seemed to fix most of the email problems, but some email providers seem to be still not receiving the emails. I’m not sure why.

  9. The only reasons I’m jealous is because:

    1) I’ve always wanted to go to British Columbia
    2) They’re visiting Canada during the Autumn/Fall. Lucky!! As I’ve said before, fall foliage makes me drool. I absolutely LOVE the colors of Autumn and truly wish we could experience it (the season) here in North Florida.

    Like others have said, this is a total fluff tour plus, I feel bad for G + C because they’re going to be royally jetlagged, cranky little things who’ll have their normal routine switched up–and only for a small amount of time!! I hope to see the kids in more than just blue & pink. Perhaps some orange, cranberry or golden yellow colors to go along with the time of year or is that just wishful thinking on my part? 😉

        1. Charlotte will be in pink or red with a maple leaf on her hat. George will be wearing let me see blue with a maple leaf his hat.
          Or they might go wild and dress them in a different colour 🙂

          1. A Maple Leafs jersey (though I would suggest the Oilers!) would go over a whole lot better. We are a nation defined by many things, but hockey is one of the greatest that brings us together! If they do their homework, it’s really a no brainer…actually I wouldn’t be surprised if our rock star wannabe PM presents them with some. It would be better if they come prepared, imo!

      1. They can dress George in a Royal Canadian Mountiy uniform and say that it’s something he’s always wanted to be or that he’s keen on them=)

        1. Hehe. George is going to be busy when he is grown up. I agree that KMR, is doing a dedicated and fabulous job of keeping us updated. Thank you KMR. You really work hard and your recent inteview reflects this and so much more.

    1. Kimothy, you are so right about how awesome (and thereby humbling) the life they live is. How many of us have to dream and save and hope that nothing happens in order to have a British Columbia vaca like they are having, and they don’t have to pay for it! I wish someone was paying me to vacation! So the 15 minute charity fly-by just doesn’t cut it, or the awkward hand-shaking and “don’t touch me” body language doesn’t work. I’m not blaming them for not wanting strangers to touch them or vice versa. In Will’s case, he didn’t have a choice of what he was born into and for, which includes interaction with the public. But the days of waving from the balcony are over. And there is no excuse for Kate. She’s the biggest disappointment because she’s constantly billed as “just like us,” which was supposed to mean that she was a girl that would be comfortable with regular people. Instead, she’s put herself on the track of being an elitist with the assumed posh accent while sporting an impersonal demeanor unless Sir Ben or a military man is within view.

      1. LOL! Thank you Sunny and MA!

        I got my “visitor” Monday while at work (and yes, I was wearing a white skirt–UGH!!) and right now, out of the 7 female dwarfs associated with my “friend”, Sleepy and Bloaty are here today so I needed the laugh/smile. (Yup, I’ve come to the conclusion that Aunt Flow has 7 little children that tag along and those kids latch on to us like velcro which is why we feel extra cruddy. 😉 )

  10. “. . . the culmination of years of hard work, passionate commitment, sheer grit and determination.”

    This sounds like Kate when she went after William for 10 years.

    1. Good one BamaLynn and I hope you and your family are well. You have been through much.

      I read that sentence and thought to myself, “Perhaps you, Will and Kate, could learn something from these dedicated and hardworking individuals.” I like your idea better!

      1. Thanks, Jenny. We are all doing well and working hard to get my mother ready for her move this fall to my sister’s house. There has been so much paperwork for her to take care of after my father’s death.

        My husband and I are helping her clean out her house to get it ready to sell. My father squirreled away so much stuff! He had receipts going back 35 years, dozens of suits, a box full of old prescription eye glasses, to name a few. It all went to charity. The Lion’s Club will take the glasses on mission trips to Africa and South America. I found a small shelf I’m keeping. It was his project from high school shop class (circa 1945) that he made for his mother.

        Cleaning out has been a job, but we’re almost done. My sister and her husband are helping with the unpacking of what she’s taking and helping her to get settled. My sister and her family are 100 miles away.

        1. Wishing you and your family the best. Cleaning out your parents’ home must be a challenge. Emotional, for sure. As well as just plain hard physical work!

          I did an article for a newspaper a few years back on similar situations. So many elderly couples hold on to everything and their adult kids have to clear out the houses. It’s tough, I am sure. What to save, what to donate, what to junk. After a while, many of the people I spoke to starting chucking everything out and then regretted it later. So, I hope you are keeping things that really mean something to your mom and/or you and your sibling. I am sure you know what you are doing!

          I am glad your mom has a good and happy place to go. She must miss your dad. Very hard time for all. I hope she settles in with your sister with as much ease as possible.

          Best wishes and I hope your health is well.

  11. Well I waited a while before commenting hoping that I could come up with something positive to say about this vacation… I mean tour, but I can’t so I just wanted to say thanks to KMR for keeping us updated and for all the posts during the month of Kate’s vacation. Most of the other Kate-centric blogs go dark during the month of August but not our KMR, she writes about so many other interesting royals and bits of news that I feel quite spoiled 🙂 So Thanks again KMR!!!

    1. Thank you, Lauri. I’ve got some other interesting posts in the works lined up for the rest of August and into September while the royals trickle back into work.

  12. I find it odd how the three names are “centered” at the close of the letter to the Olympians. It looks like William is separated more from “Catherine,” and then “Catherine” is closer to Harry. Her name is actually off-center. Done intentionally, as William’s must come first and since there are three names in the signature, nobody wanted Catherine to look centered and appear more dominant? Could that be the reason? Or am I seeing it incorrectly? Or, is it sloppiness on the part of the staff?

    What a shame that Harry needs to be included in this little note. Can’t one come from him solo?

    As for the upcoming trip, how i wish I could visit British Columbia and Victoria Island again. I did several years ago and was amazed and enjoyed every minute of the trip.

    I hope they don’t bring the children. Although, wasn’t it announced previously, that they were? If I was a citizen of Canada, I would be upset by having to foot the bill for this visit. Can we place bets as to whether there will be any skirt blow-ups? It all started in Canada, didn’t it? A state visit would not be official unless one happened. At least, in my opinion.

      1. Definitely sloppy, but one can’t expect anything more from this staff, apparently.
        Yes, the spaces between the names are not equal. It looks odd.

        Blah, blah, blah. The little notes and letters are churned out and the mistakes are always there, it seems. Unless, as Jenny pointed out, nobody wanted Catherine to be exactly in the middle as that would draw the most attention and apparently, Wills deserves that!

        Harry, get yourself your own office and get away from these two.

        As for the upcoming trip to Canada, I can just imagine those cute photo opps of George and Charlotte with the PM’s children. Oh, how endearing to all, these will seem. I am sure each of the children is darling, but in a world experiencing o many problems, do we really need fun family trips at the host country’s expense? It’s all about making W and K look like great parents. Whether they are or not, I am frankly sick of them.

    1. I think that they wrote the names like “William [tab] Catherine [tab] Harry” and because Catherine is a longer word than William, it takes up more space and is because of that closer to Harry than William is to Catherine.
      (I don’t know if anyone understands what I mean, my English seems to be worse than usual. I’ll have to try to write a bit more, get some practice.)

      1. I think you might be right! They should have tabbed so they were all separated by the same number of spaces, and then centered the line.

        1. You each should apply to telecommute for the Cambridges. You could take turns penning their letters, making sure the word keen is never used, etc.. You could also make certain that all the notes were set up perfectly and no such issues happen in the future.

          Oh, I imagine such jobs would never happen, but each of you knows more than the current crew does. So many people need jobs and would be so willing to do their best. What a shame that such sloppy work is churned out time and time again in regards to W and K.

  13. The only part of the Canadian tour that will be interesting to me is learning about and seeing the actual locations where the Cambridges will be going. It certainly does not sound like they will be visiting any charities or organizations that align with the causes they are supposedly “keen” on. I have a vision of Kate in a Mounties inspired outfit or a native Peoples of North American inspired outfit, so she can “blend” with the culture.
    Just wondering why so many of you seem to think Kate uses botox, because in my opinion, since the birth of George, she has aged rapidly and she looks haggard in most pictures.

    1. I attribute the haggard look to what appears extreme limitation of caloric intake (her once chipmunk cks now sagging jowls) smoking and whatever else maybe going on.
      The fact that she was reported not to have been sweating on India hike is one example of Botox. The original use for it was to help with excessive sweating. She also has wrinkles on her forehead sometimes that mysteriously disappear. I think the day she was wearing the big grey hat was to hide that she had just gotten it done

    2. It’s quite possible that she has used/or is using Botox but it also might be that the press has stopped photo shopping her all the time so now we’re seeing her as she really is, not airbrushed perfection.

    3. I think it’s too early to tell whether or not they will visit any charities since they haven’t released a detailed itinerary. Once they release that, then we’ll know what kind of tour this will be.

    4. Not being mean, but her use of botox was very obvious in the 18months before her first pregnancy.

      She was so botox lacquered that she lost her dimples or they were not as prominent when she smiled. Plus she developed botox bunny lines.

      Those OTT expressions compensated for the immobile face.

      Also, media used to photoshop her pictures to hyper reality, correcting make up, balancing her complexion, the lighting, making her hair look shinier and glossy. A better than perfect version of herself.

      3mths after George was born, when she was botox free, the DM posted a picture of her that was unphotoshopped. The world reacted badly, saying she had aged, was haggard etc she disappeared for about 3wks and came back with botoxed face, hair coloured, and the resulting pictures were also photoshopped.

      Around that time, the media were beginning to push back against them so i can believe that unphotoshopped image was a deliberate move.

      Since then, depending on how their relationship with the media, her pics are photoshopped or not. Increasingly they aren’t photoshopped or in the case of the Chinese state visit, the first pics posted during the day were unphotoshopped, but my the evening editions all were photoshopped to perfection.

      She isn’t as heavy handed with the botox as she used to be in those first 18mths, but she’s still using it. The most obvious tell is when her eyebrows lift and her forehead lines disappear or are minimised.

      1. One would think that by using Botox at such a young age, there would be nowhere to go when the aging process really sets in. I mean, how much of those fillers do you really want to have injected into your face? And, then, when does one start the surgical process? I cannot imagine putting one’s skin, one’s body through all of that.

        Looking back at pix of Kate when she was younger, she was chubbier and looked healthier. It’s not just the botox, but she must have had actual surgery performed. In Katie Nichol’s book, she mentioned that at one point, Carole took Kate under her wing for a make-over and crowed excitedly when she and Michael took Kate to Italy with them on a vacation. She was so proud of her “beautiful” daughter and wanted everyone to be aware of how special she was. Nothing is said, I don’t believe, about what was actually done, though.
        fUsually, one can spot a nose job, contouring changes, etc. With Kate, it’s hard to see exactly what was done. At least to me. Besides the loss of weight, her face used to be chubby, she does look different. I just cannot pinpoint the major changes. Oh, the veneers, yes. And, some people say a nose job. But, I am wondering what was done with her nose. It never seemed to be too large, or of a bad shape. What was wrong with her facially, that had to be changed? Kate, the younger Kate, seemed just fine to me. I guess she was unhappy with how she looked and is still eager to keep doing things to enhance her appearance. Sad.

        1. Ultimately, all the externals in the world – Botox and surgery – don’t impact much on psychological ill-health. The dreadful mother seems to be at the root of so much crap, given her emphasis on physical appearance and sexual prowess/availability for her daughters, all to aid trapping the Terribly Rich and Titled. What a pity the daughters didn’t grow a backbone, spit out the indoctrination and tell mama where to shove it. I dread to think of Carole’s influence on Charlotte.

        2. I find looking at Kate around 2003 her hair was a mess. Then it was straightened out. Now it looks various lengths. I think Kate’s nose has changed shape. I mean you can’t tell whose nose a child has until they are 12 years old. Kate’s face did used to be chubby. I noticed that when you saw photos at St Andrews. I quite liked that. I guess Kate had pierced ears before meeting William but her dress style looked so much like Diana. It is sad.

  14. The Yukon can get pretty chilly in late September so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of clothes Kate brings.
    I live in Washington state, if I feel adventuresome, I’ll drive up to Vancouver or take the ferry to Victoria and report back =)

      1. You’re right! She does need some more coat dresses and suede boots. She can going panning for gold in said attire and it’ll provide her flashing opportunity =)

      1. I’m thinking I might just indeed. Their rainforest has a a kermode or spirit bear that I’d love to see. Since it lives in a rainforest I’m assuming it probably doesn’t hibernate.
        I’d probably be more excited about seeing that then them!=)

  15. Just looks like another free trip for the Cambridges. Very hard to get excited about it, even if they bring Charlotte and George. About the only thing I’m interested in is if Kate will continue her tour streak for skirt fly-ups. Considering the number of windy airports they will be visiting I’m thinking there will be a moment. We know she’s allergic to hem weights and unless she sticks to slim skirts it’s game on.

    I agree with others who say Harry should have his own office, but right now the cost just isn’t justified and W&K need all the good rubbing off on them from Harry that they can get. Two separate offices would be a bit of a competition. Might be the thing W&K need to step up, but looking at past history and their “we don’t care” attitude, it probably wouldn’t do any good.

    1. Harry has definitely distanced himself from W&K. He has shown, by his actions, that he is not going to be at their beck and call. He missed Charlotte’s baptism and George’s birthday as well. I doubt Harry would have availed himself when the Obamas visited KP had it not been for his close ties with them. I felt at the time W&K were using Harry to help them make what would have been a somewhat uncomfortable situation enjoyable for all. I still don’t understand why the Obamas were not invited to their wedding, since the two countries have such a strong alliance.

      1. Sophie may put a stop to that. I don’t see her being okay with the sad flirting.

        I actually wonder if she will even speak during this tour. She said very little during the first one. Always a great example for women worldwide to be basically mute!


    Zara can rest assured that KM will not be a part of the lawsuit because the Duchess is unconcerned about such trivial matters, i.e., price tags on whatever she buys. Probably all KM says via her assistant is:”charge it to my account” and we all know who pays the bill?

    All I can say about the Canada trip is better you than us. I hope KM follows through with some credibility and takes the children with them, considering how she “massively” missed them on the India trip. Somehow, I always associate missing one’s family “immensely”, but I now realize that I have much to learn from waity’s grammar book.

    1. Both William and Harry (Kate the Mute rarely speaks) over-use the word ‘massively’. It is their current ‘go to’ word. I’ve noticed it to the point of being massively irritated by their incorrect usage of the word. It must be part of their social set’s current vocabulary.

      As for Zara, no surprise there. It also appropriates (= steals) other designers’ work who are often young, sole proprietors unable to match the legal efforts of a large company. Just don’t buy Zara. Shop ethically: support local designers, support ethical production practices. If purchasing online from foreign sites it is wise to check currency conversion rates. Zara is not the only company that plays this trick.

  17. I forgot to add: I’m curious to see how Kate will behave next to Trudeau. He seems like a very charming and charismatic guy.

  18. Jen: Thanks for enlightening me. I didn’t know it was their go-to word. I like your reference:”Kate the Mute”. lol. Hey, it’s quite appropos. I suppose she has finally learnt a new word, and her vocabulary has “massively” improved.To be truthful, I have great difficulty understanding KM’s speech.

    I don’t know much about Zara, except for mention by journalists with respect to KM’s shopping.

    1. Zara is known for ripping off current designs. There was an item here on Oz tv a few weeks back about a couple of designers who’d had their designs stolen; nothing they could do.

      I’ve noticed ‘massively’ several times now; maybe it’s a peculiarly British thing of the moment? As in, when you have limited vocab, insert ‘massively’.

  19. As a Canadian, I am appalled and angry that we are going to paying money for these freeloaders to take a vacation in Canada! Canada is a beautiful country and many of its cities rank high in global surveys on liveability- so why do we need these 2 lazy, unpleasant and greedy people to come and “boost” our tourism numbers? What expertise do they even have that they can accurately shed a light on their latest kick, “mental health”?

    When I think about the government money that can instead go towards funding social issues, such as respite and care services for adults with complex developmental disabilities- this kind of wasting of public money makes me FURIOUS! My government is going to spend my money to bring these worthless shitstains over here for a vacation & we were not even asked? Public’s permission is not even sought?

    As a hardworking person who takes pride in my own work, I detest lazy, entitled freeloaders, like WK.

    1. Agreed, Red Tulip.

      BC is so insanely popular it certainly doesn’t need a tourism boost (just moved back east from Vancouver after 25 years). I can’t believe that we and so many are going to pay for these flagrant, bird flipping wastrels.

  20. I’ve been racking my brain to come up with a good reason why W&K decided to go to the West Coast. The only thing I could come up with is Kate can wear her polar bear brooch LOL. Taking the kids is ridiculous – they won’t remember much (if anything) and they will be so messed up as far as schedule. But it’s probably the only way they can draw some crowds to reinforce how massively popular they are.

    It is truly a spectacular area to visit. I was lucky enough to vacation there years ago. We drove up the Alaska Highway from Seattle. Victoria is a beautiful city, Vancouver was really nice, Whitehorse was really fun (met lots of neat people there – met one family who I believe were Haida or maybe Tlingit? who carved the most incredible totem poles and had them all over their yard). Back then, Haida Gwaii were simply the Queen Charlotte Islands and the only way over was by boat or floatplane, neither of which fit in our budget or timetable 🙂

    This is just another expensive holiday at other people’s expense (plus you guys have to fly in the PM and his family for the photo ops). I’m curious to see how much backlash there might be afterwards. They certainly didn’t get much good press after India (except from the usual butt kissers).

  21. Does anyone else think Kate is co-dependent? I’ve been watching Youtube videos on narcissism and co-dependency. Some of it sounds like Kate with William and Carole.

    1. Kate definietely appears to be overly dependent upon people. First, it was mommy and daddy (especially mama) and now it’s William and the RF. She doesn’t know how to be Kate, the woman at all. She was Kate the dutiful daughter, Kate the royal GF, Kate the member of the BRF, Kate, William’s wife, Kate the mummy but she has no flipping clue who “Kate” really truly is and that’s incredibly sad.

  22. Someone who is co-dependent has a hard time getting into touch with who they really are because they are too busy looking for external validation. That validation could be from a spouse, a parent, a boss. Kate constantly looking to William to pat her on the back or Kate changing her whole look and hanging her bum out of her window to the boys at Marlborough after they rated her lowly would be examples of seeking external validation rather than living authentically from knowing and being comfortable with yourself.

    Co-dependents also will subsume their wants and desires to another agenda whether that is being the perfect spouse or playing a role in the family. Mamma Carole’s plans to move up the social ladder would be one such agenda. Kate making sure to draw William’s bath every night when he returned home from work would be her trying too hard to be the perfect wife.

    Generally, co-dependents attract people who aren’t going to give them a lot back in terms of support or consideration but will take, take, take. Not the happiest situation romantically because you don’t have give and take between partners. I’m reminded of Kate bending over backwards to please William and William taking her for granted in return.

    Co-dependents also attract very narcississtic (selfish, self-centered) partners. William definitely would qualify as one.

  23. I remember when Princes Charles, William and Harry visited Vancouver back in March of 1998. Yes, I recorded video clips/snippets that would air on TV here in the states (please don’t judge! I had a massive crush on William back in the day). I just now went to YouTube to find some of that footage and oh my word! What happened?! The shy smile? That mop of hair?! That sweetness on his face?! All gone!! Sigh….

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