New photos of Prince Alexander ahead of his baptism

New photos of Prince Alexander ahead of his baptism

The Swedish royal court released two new photos of Prince Alexander, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia‘s son, ahead of his September 9 baptism.

Prins Carl Philip, Prinsessan Sofia och Prins Alexander. Augusti 2016.
[Kate Gabor/]

The first photo is a family shot of Carl Philip, Sofia, and Alexander, while the second photo is a close up of Alexander’s face (with a hint of Carl Philip). Alexander is getting so big! It amazes me how different babies are – I have a friend whose baby is six months old and is much smaller than four month old Alexander.

Alexander’s baptism will take place on Friday, September 9 at the Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace. Guests will begin arriving at 11:00 AM (Sweden time) with the service starting at 12:00 PM (Sweden time) and the reception at 1:00 PM (Sweden time).

The baptism will be officiated by Archbishop Antje Jackelén with Bishop Johan Dalman and pastor Michael Bjerkhagen assisting.

The guest list and godparents will be announced closer to the date, but the court released that guests are “the immediate family, foreign royal families, representatives of the parliament and government and official Sweden”. So there will be foreign royals at the baptism. Any guesses which ones?

Prins Alexander, son till Prins Carl Philip och Prinsessan Sofia. Augusti 2016.
[Kate Gabor/]

PS. Princess Madeleine posted this photo of Prince Nicolas on Facebook ahead of the Olympic women’s football gold medal match in which Sweden played Germany (Germany won). Maddie captioned the photo: “Nicolas wishes the Swedish women’s football team all the best for tonight’s gold medal match! #GoSweden”.

Nicolas Olympic football gear
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

34 thoughts on “New photos of Prince Alexander ahead of his baptism

  1. What a gorgeous chubby cheeks! I’ve been looking forward to the baptism since his birth. One thing is for sure, the Cambridges won’t be attending, they’ll be ‘preparing’ for their Canadian holiday. Someone from the Danish Royal family will be a godparent, the families seem to have a close rapport.

    1. I don’t think William and Kate know Carl Philip and Sofia. There was that moment at the London Olympics where William and Harry ignored Daniel and Carl Philip when they all sat a few feet from each other, but other than that the Cambs wouldn’t have ever met Carl Philip and Sofia. So the Cambs not going has nothing to do with the Cambs not wanting to go and everything to do with Carl Philip and Sofia not knowing them so not inviting them.

      I wonder if the Swedes will reuse foreign godparents. Both Mary and Frederik are godparents to Victoria’s kids, as are both Haakon and Mette-Merit. So I wonder if Carl Philip will use any of them, too, or go for a lesser royal in those houses. Maddie didn’t have any foreign royals as her kids’ godparents.

      1. I saw on tumblr that Carl Philip is apparently close to Princess Martha Louise of Norway, so she’s a good contender for the royal godparent.

      2. My bet is Danish and Norwegian royals as well, and possibly someone from Germany as Carl Gustaf’s mother was a German princess and I remember that branch of the family attending other family occasions. The Swedish and Dutch royal houses are close, so it’s possible that someone from the Netherlands will attend too, or Luxembourg and Belgium, as they’re related as well. I’d be surprised if Victoria and Sofia’s sister weren’t among the godparents.

      3. I didn’t see or know about the snub in London! It’s a shame the Cambridges don’t spend time with the SRF – they are more or less the same age, with young children – a waste I think. I doubt the Cambridges would go if asked by the Queen to represent the BRF. I’m surprised by Harry’s snub of Daniel & CP, it’s not like him to behave that way.

      4. I think the younger generation of royals are pretty uk centric when it comes to other royals. Yes, William and Kate went to Denmark but that’s about it. I saw some pic of them and Felipe was there and I think Herazeus mentioned that they ignored him or didn’t know who he was.
        I had read that the reason Sophie and Edward are the ones going to other royal events is because Charles hates that he is so much older than his royal counterparts and that SE are more their ages.

    2. If CP is close to any of the European Royals there is a chance one of them could be godparent – possibly a Danish or Norwegian Royal or perhaps one of the German Princely families. I doubt there would be a UK Royal at the service – Edward and Sophie went to their wedding but CP is not heir so unlikely they would attend his son’s christening

      1. Queen Margrethe of Denmark is CP’s godmother, and he has a German prince, Leopold of Bavaria, as his godfather, so Denmark and Germany are good bets!

  2. He is precious. Those cheeks! What a chunkster.

    I have nothing kind to say about his parents, so I won’t, except Carl Philip seems besotted by his little guy.

    Nicolas is precious! I squeal every time Madeleine shows pictures of the kids on her Facebook page. I’m a fan of the page just so I can see the pictures she shares and the information she posts about the work Childhood is doing.

    1. I agree with the comments about his parents and how cute and chunky he is. I’m trying to giver her chance to change. We’ll see
      I like how Madeleine posts pics of her kids. I don’t know if it’s because she doesn’t live in Sweden at the moment so it’s a way for Swedes to stay connected but I think she gets that people like and need the pics to stay connected.i don’t think people relate much to George and Charlotte but because we get to see Mia out and about being a little kid, we feel more connected to her. At least I do.
      i just got back from a trip to Sweden and what I find interesting is that all my travel bks talked about how swedes are big into equality- yet they still have a royal family? that seems to be an oxymoron to me.

  3. What a cute baby! I love the close-up of him smiling. And yeah, he does look bigger than four months. I wonder if he was a big baby at birth? Like nine or ten pounds? My brother was almost ten pounds at birth. Sofia looks great four months after giving birth.

    1. It is a good photo of Sofia – and from what we see of her the dress fits well – she seems to generally have a preference for clothes that are too fitted and one size too small – or at least from what I have seen in recent photos.

      1. Yes, beautiful, gorgeous family and a very healthy Prince Alexander.

        Such a wonderful royal family of Sweden, who continues to include the people in the stages of their children’s lives. Thank you!

        Prince Alex and Nicolas will be having words for P’ess Sofia’s hair. Alex smile has the look of Nicolas and Estelle family trait (from grandpa King!). Can’t wait for another baby gathering at the Christening….and the busy, lovely Princess Leonora (before the boys join; Princess Estelle will be wondering where did her quite childhood went…)

  4. This is the most cherubic baby I’ve seen in a while. I am a sucker for a chubby baby. He looks like a sweetie. CP and Sofia look so happy as any new parent would. I’m going to take a wild guess and choose CP Haakon and Prince Daniel. CP Haakon, well for vapid reasons, is so handsome. And Prince Daniel because of his relationship with CP. Maybe even CP’s best man.

    Nicolas looks just like his daddy. He looks so happy. Chris and Madde sure make some beautiful babies.

    Thanks for the baby-rific post, KMR!

  5. wow, Alex is gorgeous, he definitely is a healthy boy, and sofia, is such a proud mum, yep the SRF, are doing a great job love all of them!! they are visible, meanwhile the cambridges is like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially when it comes to their kids, I wonder how char looks like now???

    1. +1

      The willand cannot show are out as Ordered. They grant the plebs a sight of their entitled laziness – Whiny and waity look as if they prefer to be someplace else in that big fake grin and she with the awful big hair and high back slit.

      They seem such a waste of….both tax payers funds and status to help global cause (and only meet greet and handshakes….compared to SRF other EU royals and Jordan. Keep hiding at AH and the kids hidden with nanny Maria (while multiple staff needed to dress, hair/ makeup, for lazy flasher waity).

  6. What an adorable baby Alexander is. You just want to pick him right up and cuddle him. He’s darling and his daddy seems to be smitten with him. I think his mom looks tired. A sign that she is hands on, perhaps?

    Maddie and Chris’ son is a doll, too. What a sweet little boy.

    Love seeing all these baby pix and yes, it is funny how babies grow. An older baby boy might be smaller than Alexander. Every little one grows differently. One of my nephews was a little chunker for the first 18 months of his life. Now, at 7, he’s one of the smaller kids in his play group. Not that he’s ultra small, but the other kids, who apparently were not as big as he was in infancy, are now bigger. Wierd, but true. He is a picky eater, so perhaps, that’s the reason.

  7. Cute smiling baby!

    Loving the photos of CP holding his son!

    Madde’s son is a cute too, great to see him in the Swedish colours!

  8. Oh my goodness, what cuties!! Alexander is quite the little chubbins 🙂 But he looks like a happy little guy and is certainly the apple of his father’s eye. Wow, Nicholas is growing up fast, it seems like yesterday he was getting baptized. How time flies. I love that Maddie posts photos like this and the one of Lenore and the cow at the beach, such a “normal” mom thing to do. It’s really lovely how the SRF and the Bhutan Royal Family share photos of their children with the world, not just the 3-4 yearly photo shoots but these adorable candid shots, that really highlight the little personalities.

  9. That second picture of Alexander is adorable! I’m so glad the SRF shares these pictures. They have a great sense of timing not to mention trusting the public enough to open up their lives a little. I am willing to bet that the press respect the SRF privacy a little more because they know they will have access and professional respect. Treat people the way you want to be treated. W&K want fawning adoration but autocratic authority which is why their popularity isn’t what it used to be.
    Thanks KMR for a post guaranteed to bring a smile. Who can’t help to, seeing that cute little face!

  10. Awww what adorable little guys!
    Love the second pic of Alexander, too cute! And how wonderful that they share pictures quite frequently. Nothing too fancy or too much, just little reminder that baptism is coming up.

    Same with the picture Madde posted – lovely way to wish the team good luck and same time new pic of Nicolas. Everyone happy through a quick update.

  11. I wonder if the christening gown will fit Alex? He’s a big boy.

    Predictions for godparents…
    One of Sofia’s sisters
    Victor Magnuson (CP’s cousin – son of Princess Christina. His two older brothers were godfathers to Princes Nicolas and Oscar.)
    Prince Daniel
    Maybe Joachim? He and CP both love racing cars, and I think they have been skiing together.
    Princess Martha Louise?
    It would be neat if Sophie was a godmother, but I doubt it. She and Edward seemed to have fun at the London Olympics with CP.
    Probably a friend of CP or Sofia.

  12. I am in love with Baby Alexander. He’s so chubby and very, very cute. You can see that he is loved! And, his little cousin, Nicolas, is adorable. How nice that the Swedish Royals allow the public the opportunity to see the children at all stages of life. I guess the public will soon be getting more looks at Charlotte and George as they go to Canada. I feel sorry for the kids being put in such photo opp situations. This is all deftly planned to give W and K good PR, I am sure.
    The kids will be tired, cranky and out of their normal routines. All could spell trouble. Of course, Nanny Maria will be there to whisk them away and keep them on schedule. But, still…..
    Why not just release more photos of your children, W and K. Look how the Swedes do it.

    It works to benefit all.

    1. I think it will be interesting to see how Georges react in front of many photographers : during the baptem of his sister, he seems anxious. I wonder if W and K will ask for not too much photographers during the events with their children or will transform their engagement from public to private.

      I am okay with you about the behaviour of the children : not sure how Charlotte will react.

      The Swede are good to organize the children and the medias : it will be the first time for Charlotte in front of many unknown people, in opposite of Estelle who is like a pro now in front of cameras…

      Anyway, we have not confirmation about the visit of the children : imagine if they don’t come…

      1. +1
        This was george”s tantrum at the airfield, he was overwhelmed by people and media….noise is just too precious …the headgear was like a toy to him for diversion.

        Royal grandpa and uncle Wales could teach the kids a thing about the people instead, willcat kids are held off limits to the RF, even little Mia would be great teacher.

  13. Alexander is so cute! Carl Philip and Sofia looked very relaxed as well. As far as W & K bringing the kiddies to Canada, maybe they will leave (sneak off) a few days early to get George and Charlotte used to the time change-W & K could have a bit of a holiday since they work so hard and it would benefit the children. It would really be nice to have some pictures of George and Charlotte where they both do not look upset or anxious or grumpy, which to me is how they both look most of the time, unless the pictures are staged.

  14. I’m no Cambridge fan, but I think I’ll defend them here. I remember reading a lot of complaints that they kept their kids away from the public, and that they, George especially, needed to be out and about more. So they come out — for Trooping, when Charlotte was clearly uncomfortable and probably teething and George’s first airshow where he was initially upset by the noise. That’s the whole thing about kids, though. They’re imperfect, and don’t yet know that they’re supposed to hide that. So we saw G and C as they were — just as everyone wanted.

    Now they’re going to Canada, probably by request of the Canadian PM, and we’ll see a couple of cute kids being themselves. Maybe we’ll see that they’ve grown. Maybe they’ll have a cute encounter with a Canadian or two that can be referred back to when they revisit the country later. Point is, they will be doing what they’re supposed to do in this case. The parents could make this more acceptable if they worked more at home so the vacation aspects of the tour were less galling, but I don’t see a problem with the kids’ presence. It’s not about their memories; it’s more for the Canadians.

    1. I don’t see a problem with the kids going, either. Many people were disappointed that they didn’t go to India, so the Cambs are doing what we asked of them: showing off the kids. Also, the time change, travel distance, and the fact that he won’t remember any of it were not huge deals when they brought George to NZ/Oz. if George could handle that I think he and Charlotte will be fine going to Canada.

      1. Thanks, IJ. I do think it would be easier for the kids if they met the public more often but in small, more easily managed groups. That way they could actually get used to connecting to people rather than be overwhelmed by crowds. The media might go along with a press rotation, too, so we get pics, the reporters get their turn, and the children learn that the photographers are people, too — not just banks of camera lenses.

    2. It’s nice to see George and Charlotte from time to time, should the occasion arise. TotC was a chosen event; too young (I felt) to be exposed to the noise etc and it clearly distressed them both.

      I do object to the children being treated as props to conjure an image of traditional English family perfection eg dressed up in 50’s gear as if in a play. The formal photos are incredibly staged and Photoshopped within an inch of their lives, all for image purposes. The children are not ready-made mute excuses for their parents to shirk work or to help mend their parents self-inflicted bad PR.

      The European royals appear much more low key, but they also live in a much more egalitarian society than Great Britain. They seem to handle public access much better. Of course, they have less visibility/less work so maybe there is less pressure?

  15. For what it’s worth, I doubt King Harald will be there because he is here in Toronto racing his 8 metre (classic sail boat) at a regatta. His yacht, the Norge, has been docked in Toronto harbour for the past 10 days looking very royal and shiny and impressive.

    We have been on the lookout for Norwegian royals but so far nothing confirmed. A couple people on the Norge watched us racing last Wednesday and tonight their tender buzzed by us as we were racing. I didn’t get a good look either time (I was too busy racing!) to know if King Harald was checking out my sail handling.

    King Harald’s visit hasn’t made it to the media here.

  16. I love Alexander, he is so adorable and his parents are really growing into their role. Princess Sofia, is really taking to motherhood. I have to say I like Princess Sofia’s dress. Alexander looks a lot bigger and his cheeks are so chubby. I am looking forward to his Christening. It is so good that the family and the married in family are invited. That is a real positive and the Swedes do this thing so well.
    Nicholas looks cute and I like how he is dressed up in the Swedish colours and that Maddie is supporting her national team.
    Thank you KMR, for this sunny post.

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