Kate Middleton and Prince William in Luton

Kate Middleton and Prince William in Luton

Kate Middleton and Prince William visited Luton yesterday, August 24. Highlights: Kate nibbled some food; Prince George is messy; William misses Princess Diana, too.

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time knows that I’m kind of obsessed with royals eating food at engagements. And guess what! Both William and Kate ate some food while at Youthscape! While talking with some kids who were making brownies in the kitchen at Youthscape, William grabbed one and popped it into his mouth, and then Kate took a small piece and nibbled it.

William and Kate Youthscape 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Also while talking with the kids making brownies, Kate mentioned George and claimed she tries to bake with him but he’s just too messy.

    “‘So what are you making, this smells seriously good,’ asked Kate, ‘what are you putting in? Is this just chocolate? Golden syrup? Good.’ She added: ‘When I try to do this with George at home, chocolate and the golden syrup goes everywhere. He makes so much mess. It’s chaos.'”

[all quotes from the Daily Mail]

Kate also mentioned that George loves playing with spaghetti.

William and Kate Youthscape 3
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Youthscape is a Christian-based young people’s charity which was started in 1993 by 45 churches in Luton. They focus on helping young people face challenges like being in the care system or dealing with a mental health issues while also working with other youth-based programs across the UK.

In 2012, Youthscape had outgrown it’s previous premises and began funding to purchase and rebuild Bute Mills – which used to be a working flour mill. They opened the new space in April 2016.

William and Kate Youthscape discussions 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate toured the new Youthscape facility at Bute Mills and met with staff, volunteers, and young people before joining in discussions with several other faith-based organizations: Luton Council of Faiths, OM Group, and Our Minds Matter. The organizations work together to raise awareness of mental health among faith groups.

William and Kate Youthscape discussions 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate also learned about SelfharmUK – which is a project dedicated to supporting young people impacted by self-harm, providing a safe space to talk, ask questions, and be honest about what’s going on in their lives.

The royals met project manager Ruth Ayers who showed them about the work SelfharmUK does. Interestingly, Ruth is comedian James Corden‘s sister, and he tweeted KP’s photo of her with William and Kate with the message: “Check out my sister @Rudimuller here with some friends! So proud of the work she is doing.” I like James Corden, he was on two episodes of Doctor Who as Craig.

William and Kate talk with James Cordon's sister about SelfharmUK
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Other interesting bits from Youthscape:

  • William played FIFA16 and when Kate moved on he said: “Oh my wife has gone, I’ll be in trouble. I have been accused of playing too long on computer games.”
  • Kate chatted with a teenager playing UNO, the card game, and said it was one of her family’s favorite games.
  • Kate also revealed that she recently read the book The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins which they’re making into a movie that comes out October 7.
  • Kate chatted about the important role mothers have in shaping their children and their emotional well-being, saying: “It’s a big job to manage though.”
  • Kate joked about playing archery in Bhutan with young people who use archery to improve their mental health, saying: “I’m not sure my attempt could be classed as archery.”
  • Kate spoke about the importance for guides to help young people through their issues with mental health: “It is making sure you give young people the right information in a language they can understand and that is easily accessible and represent the way they are thinking. There are so many guides out there for toddlers, two-year-olds, babies, but there is not actually that much information out there for parenting grown-up children.”
  • William said “Children should have access to emotional help in schools just as much as they are first aid” to which Kate added: “It should be part of every day school life.”
  • William spoke to a woman who lost her brother to suicide, saying: “I spoke to a few ladies recently about the issue of suicide and one told me that suicide must be so much more raw, the rawest form of grief, because of the lack of understanding. There are so many more answers you need.”

I love UNO, and video games. I’ve not read The Girl on the Train, though I’ve heard it’s good.

If Kate thinks emotional help should be a part of everyday school life, she should work more with Place2Be and other organizations who offer that sort of help in schools. Kate barely visits Place2Be. And I’m sure there are other organizations who offer emotional help in schools with which she could get involved.

I have my own opinion on the lack of understanding surrounding suicide, but that’s a long conversation for another day.

BTW, W&K were at Youthscape for almost two and a half hours.

William and Kate Keech Hospice 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The second stop of the day for William and Kate was Keech Hospice Care where they met with patients, families, staff, and volunteers. William and Kate sat down for a discussion about bereavement and were listening to people talk about their experiences when William opened up about missing his mother.

William was listening to 14-year-old Ben Hines discuss the loss of his mother last year when William said: “I know how you feel. I still miss my mother every day – and it’s 20 years after she died.”

William ended the conversation by saying that men are not “great sharers” and making Ben and his brothers promise to keep talking to each other.

I think it’s interesting that a month after Prince Harry opened up for the first time about Diana, William opened up about her, too.

Kate Keech Hospice 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate had her own little moment with a 6-year-old who lost his older brother two year ago. The boy asked Kate for a hug and Kate said: “Yes of course – I love cuddles.”

William and Kate also received two memory jars filled with colored sand.

Keech Hospice Care supports adults in Luton and South Bedfordshire and children and their families living in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Milton Keynes. They have their own hospice facility, but offer care in a variety of settings including in the home, school, or the hospital. Keech offers a holistic approach to patient care which includes counseling and therapy in addition to the physical care. Keech’s services is free to patients – their funding is 30% statutory sources and 70% public donations.

William and Kate Keech Hospice 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate ended their Keech visit by unveiling a plaque and cutting a cake to mark the hospice’s 25th anniversary.

William and Kate’s final stop of the day was Hayward Tyler where they toured the facility, opened the new Centre of Excellence, and presented them with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

William and Kate Hayward Tyler 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

While at Hayward Tyler, William and Kate met Trish, 57, and Olivia Cruse, 27. Trish asked William for Harry’s phone number for Olivia, who is single, and William laughingly replied: “Oh no! You don’t want that!”

Then Olivia offered Kate a go at operating the “Cruser” crane (which Olivia and her father, who died last year, created), but Kate giggled: “I think William has to do it, I’ll break it.” Kate did end up pushing the button. Olivia said of Kate:

    “I told her to press the button and I think she was a bit daunted by the noise but said ‘Wow, can I stop now?’ She asked me some really interesting questions and was impressed that the hydraulic motor which powers the whole crane only costs £50. She’s really lovely and it’s great that she was so interested.”

Is it just me or is there a point when self-deprecation becomes annoying? Because there’s the “I wouldn’t classify what I did as archery” level of self-deprecation which is charming but then there’s the “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly press this button, my husband should do it” level of self-deprecation which is eyeroll inducing where you’re thinking, “Girl, just press the button!”

While talking to some graduate students at Hayward Tyler, this interaction went down:

    “William showed off his technical knowledge, asking one: ‘Is it just hammering the hell out of a product?’
    “As Kate groaned and rolled her eyes, the graduate said: ‘That’s one way of putting it!’
    “William laughed and replied: ‘Excuse my lack of engineering knowledge….'”

I want video of this eyeroll!!! Kate’s eyerolls are amazing!

Hayward Tyler – which was founded in 1815 and is celebrating it’s 200th anniversary this year – designs, manufactures, and services fluid-filled electric motors and pumps for high-pressure, high-temperature applications and environments across the global energy sector. Hayward Tyler Luton has been operating from its current site since the early 1870s.

William and Kate Hayward Tyler 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate brought back a favorite dress for today’s engagements: the LK Bennett blue Lasa poppy print dress. Kate first wore this dress in Brisbane, Australia in April 2014. I loved this dress when she first wore it, and for once y’all didn’t disagree with me: it won favorite NZ/Oz tour outfit and favorite 2014 dress. I still love this dress, so I’m happy she rewore it.

Her accessories, though, leave something to be desired. She wore her LK Bennett Fern nude pumps (RIP Sledges, which haven’t been seen in over two years) and carried her LK Bennett Nina nude clutch. She wore her hair down and her go-to earrings when wearing anything blue: her sapphire and diamond drops.

L-R: Stock photo; 2014; 2016.

LK Bennett blue Lasa dress
[LK Bennett/Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail/Emily Andrews @byEmilyAndrews]

BTW, many of you have mentioned that Kate over-does her makeup, but I’m wondering if she does her makeup for the cameras – like, she does dark eyes so that her eyes stand out when photographed from a distance. I ask because even with makeup, from a distance I look like I don’t have eyelashes or eyebrows, and I was thinking that if I were photographed as much as Kate, I would probably have to wear heavy eye makeup in order to look like a normal human and not an alien. Thoughts?

Here’s a video of part of the day:

And a Rebecca Deacon sighting:

162 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Prince William in Luton

  1. I wonder if she does cook with George – or if it is Nanny Maria ? I like the dress – good to see something repeated. I don’t think the accessories are great – and while I like the earrings not sure that they are the best selection for a daytime charity occasion in an underprivaleged area. Looking at the closeups I think she had some “work”done in France as she looks less lined. And the hair extensions seem to have had a growth spurt. Wonder if she was happy with Wills sharing his tasting with her – she never seems to eat in public.

    1. I don’t remember when my grandmother started baking with me. It was pretty young but I’m not sure if it was as young as three or younger. I would imagine that baking with a three year old or younger would be very difficult since they wouldn’t be helpful in any way. Whether Kate actually bakes with George… who knows. But I doubt Kate bakes in general since she doesn’t seem the type to eat baked goods and William said something at one point about denying a cupcake because he wasn’t allowed to have it. So I’m guessing Kate does very little or no baking just because she doesn’t eat that stuff.

      1. I started baking with my daughter when she was barely two, and she was a great little help from day one! I guess it depends on the kid, but my daughter had aways been around when I’d cooked or baked, and she learnt quickly. Of course there was some mess, but it’s amazing how much even young kids can do in the kitchen if they’re allowed!

        1. True. I’ve never baked with kids and don’t remember how young I was when I started baking with my grandmother – probably because I was too young to remember.

          1. My son is not allowed regular brownies and I do bake with him even though he is 3. We use tiny bit of agave syrup, dates, or some other sweetener in 1/10th the amount the recipe asked for. He makes a mess but it’s still fun (sometimes daunting).

        2. I agree!
          It’s amazing to see what kids can do at such a young age.

          I used to work in childcare (Montessori) and I was in the 15 month-3 years room, and they were cutting fruit for morning tea and making scones at about 2 years old.

        3. When baking with my niece, I’d scoop the measuring cups and then let her dump them in. When she was old enough she’d stir. It could be messy but who cares? We were having fun and that’s what it’s all about

      2. Maybe Carole bakes with George? I agree that Kate doesn’t come off as a baker.

        I thought it very clever and politic of William to grab a brownie and break off a really small part for Kate to taste. He looked keen, knowing it would not cause offence or comment if Kate had just a mouthful, if that. Good save.

        I reckon someone has been feeding back comments from various sources because the Luton appearances addressed previous criticisms of lack of engagement, refusing food, generic comments, looking uncomfortable around people, and very short attendance at events. Those characteristics were not in evidence yesterday. So I’d say the three events were a win for all concerned. If the organisations and people met were happy, then it was worthwhile and W+K have done their jobs.

        1. It is like someone reads this blog from KP! As you mentioned, all the things we saw at this engagement were discussed here only just recently.

          1. Two days in a row now.
            They must realize the Canadian holiday will not go over well.

            Unfortunately, This won’t last and it’ll be back to laziness, boredom and ill mannered condescension.
            We’ve all been fooled time and time again by these glib numpties.
            It’ll take more than a few days on their best behavior with the reporters at 2011 sugar levels.

        2. .. She do not seem to bake or eat and is repeating what she see George with nanny Maria and the kitchen staff doing.

          Waitt is so insincere, fake, she seem to not know how to put food in her mouth, even whiny entitled is smirking at her pretence as if they are so smart (and the plebs dont know better). First photo, she look as if she cant wait to vomit from that brownie so close to her face.

          1. That photo of Kate eating! I’m hoping it was a funny angle and just a moment in time, but if Kate really does eat like that? It makes me think that Kate must eat like she claps?

            And I don’t blame William for grabbing a brownie when he could. I’ve lived with a person with an eating disorder and my experience was that the person with the eating disorder tried very hard to push her beliefs about eating off on to others. I wonder if there are no sweet treats in her house?

          2. The photo is just a split second captured on film which makes it look odd. In the video it didn’t look so odd.

    2. I think she had her face renewed as well, but the photos were also back to being heavily photoshopped. So it’s hard to know what’s what.

      1. Agreed, Overit. Kate either had some major work done in France (Botox, microdermabrasion) or these pictures are just very photoshopped. I will say she looks happier and more engaged than usual, though, and that positive attitude makes such a difference in one’s overall look.

  2. I love this dress, I’d wear it myself. Kate looks great, fresh and happy. Rebecca looks lumpy and dumpy and bewildered as usual.

    1. You have no idea how much it pains me that this dress is no longer available. I would totally buy it.

    2. Kate’s dress is cute and suits her, but it’s definitely not my style. I love Rebecca’s skirt though. So much better than those ill-fitting pants she normally wears. Too bad the shirt is so wrinkled.

    3. I would hope Kate looks fresh after a month long vacation. And gosh, that’s mean to call the working assistant ‘lumpy, dumpy and bewildred’. It’s not her job to look good. It’s her job to make Kate look good and efficient. She is the assistant. I can only imagine how Kate would react if Rebecca looked better than her at an engagement.

      And talk about body shaming calling her lumpy. I find that super offensive, as some women have curves. A woman’s body type is not a choice but genetics. They shouldn’t be made fun of whether they are straight up and down or curvaceous. You don’t have to put Kates assistant down in order to lift kate up. You don’t have to like Rebecca’s attire, but please don’t body shame by calling her lumpy!

      1. I thought Rebecca looked lovely in that very sharp skirt, though the blouse did not really match. But then, she was not there to be assessed for either her clothing choices or body shape. We don’t refer to Jason’s physicality as far as I am aware, or ELF’s.

        Rebecca’s job is to make sure Kate has what she needs to perform her tasks seamlessly. Today, that objective appears to have been met with all three events going well. The principals seemed to be far more engaged with those they met, tried the food, put people at ease and exhibited empathy.

      2. Whilst i wouldn’t comment on Rebecca’s body, i absolutely will comment and criticise her unkempt appearance. She worked for a record label before she joined the royal household and clearly hasn’t made the adjustment. Like Kate, she only bothers to pull herself together when they are joining HM, which is appalling.

        Rebecca isn’t just an assistant, she’s also Kate’s LIW which makes her semi-public. If William and Harry’s equerries or private secretaries accompanied them dressed in shorts and friday wear ( it’s a thing!), you’d all be appalled.They are always smartly dressed except in very rare circumstances like the Nepal trip where they generally wore polo shirts and chinos.

        It’s not about Rebecca dressing to compete with Kate, it’s about her dressing appropriately in compliment to Kate.

        When Kate first joined the household, Rebecca dressed appropriately


        Perhaps it’s a symptom of JLP’s departure that Rebecca ( and Kate to an extent) are sloppily dressed these days because fly ups aside, even Kate made a better effort to be pulled together. Here are the 3 at an engagement




        One could argue length of skirt, but overall, look at how polished Rebecca used to be.

        For guidance this is HM with some of her LIWs




        For comparison, Mary of Denmark and her LIW





        1. Are Mary’s LIW “professional” help? I know HM’s are typically members of the aristocracy. I find it hard to picture any members of the young aristocracy wanting to work for Kate as a LIW. Kate doesn’t seem to be well-liked by many women, let alone peers and their daughters.

          1. Traditionally, a LIW, wherever you find them, are companions. They are helpers and the Lady’s hands, eyes, ears with or without her physical presence. They represent the Lady when she’s not present and keep her informed on what is going on outside the bubble and within it.

            On engagements, they are not there to simply hold a purse, keep the extra flowers or emergency grooming kit. They are also engaged with the engagement as an extra set of eyes and ears. They guide the principal to notice important things/ people and or remind the principal who they are meeting and why. Later they help with the correspondence that might come out of the engagement.

            Btw, does anyone remember Kate’s first visit with place2be where she was quoted telling Rebecca to take down notes as they stayed for other talks they were not scheduled to attend?

            That shows that Kate and Rebecca know why she is needed at engagements beyond the superficial.

            Seeing how ill-equipped/unprepared Kate is at her engagements, i’ll add that to list of functions Rebecca is failing at.

            Essentially LIW don’t have to be members of the aristocracy though it helps. For in-laws, they are picked to guide the newbie on their new role. The aristocratic daughters tend to be more familiar with the royal courts, but if one is picked randomly and does their job well, no one bats an eye about their background.

            As for protocol, it’s usually determined by the monarch. The Queen is of the generation that wears hats everywhere in order to look dressed properly.

            By the time we get to William’s monarchy, we’ll be in short skirts, fly up dresses and too tight pants for the men as the protocol.

            It’s not just WK flouting HM’s protocol rules. Harry does it all the time which is especially ergregious given he is a military man and military protocol is very similar to royal protocol….one feeds into the other.

            …..but Harry was told off by an old gentleman for being too casual such that i do not think he will forget.

            Mary’s LIW seem to be picked on a rotation of 3-4yrs. They function in exactly the same way the British LIW function. The pics i posted are the latest one though i believe she’s coming to the end of her rotation, if not already out. I don’t know if Mary picks her ladies for other duties like Rebecca is picked to be a private secretary. Any remuneration would go hand in hand with whatever the Danish system is.

            Diana’s dressmakers always said she insisted on long skirts when if dress was intended for an engagement involving children because she didn’t want to flash the children or have little hands wandering up her legs.

          2. Most other BRF ladies use unpaid Ladies in Waiting. The taxpayers are paying Deacon a salary to be Middleton’s personal assistant. She is used in both public and private. Another way they pretend to be “modern” which ends up costing more than doing things the traditional way.

            CP Victoria’s are there to be her memory in some cases. She has face blindness, so she does not recognize people by their faces. Her LIW are there to tell her who is approaching so she can greet them, otherwise she wouldn’t recognize them.

        2. Thank you for all the links. My question: how much of Kate’s dressing is dictated by the Queen, or royal protocol, or British custom? Her choices are often criticisized as matronly, but is that because she must wear a sleeve, high neckline, hose and pumps? While I love the blue poppy dress, today’s red dress just seems too old. And wouldn’t pants be a better choice when one is standing and bending down to talk to people sitting?

          Letizia of Spain seems to have the more casual, but still appropriate knack of dressing for public appearances. She wears pants, and sleeveless and doesn’t look matronly or sloppy, or too casual.

          Kate often looks like she is dressing according to my grandmother’s rules for church dressing.

          1. I’ve always wondered why Kate doesn’t wear more pants. She’s regularly interacting with children, bending down, getting in and out of cars, and sitting in front of people. For me, this would make pants more practical. I’m not sure if trousers are frowned upon in the british royal circle or if Kate just prefers skirts and dresses. Either way, trousers would be a great and practical way for her to mix things up.

          2. In addition snowflake not capable to attend meet greet withput willnot holding her hand,this after 15 years (10 MIW) waity cannot without manic grin facials.

            Day 2, she is in another flirty skirt dress, no professional respectable business wear, from visiting rep of HM. Entitled willcat middleton seem these meet greet is to ‘bless’ the public with their appearance.

          3. I wonder if Kate doesn’t wear pants because she can’t disguise her long torso in pants. With pants, the waistline usually falls between the true waist and hips. Kate mostly wears dresses with waistlines above her true waist to balance out her proportions. I wonder if she avoids skirts for the same reason.

          4. I think you’re right on JET. She plays the game of shorter torso so she seems all sexy legs to wet his Willy. Ugh…

        3. She really did look more put together. I thought she was always a sloppy dresser. Do you think it’s that she’s become more comfortable in her position so thinks it’s okay, just doesn’t care or that she has more bigger issues to deal with handling Kate that her appearance is the least of her worries?

          1. I think JLP being a military man, a senior one at that, dictated the appearance of the office staff, consciously or unconsciously.

            Once he left, it’s been sloppy joes all round. From PR to poorly written correspondence to press relations to self presentation of the staff AND the principals.

        1. Rebecca is Kate’s private secretary and Tash is Kate’s personal assistant. Kate doesn’t have a traditional lady in waiting.

          1. They like to pretend that Rebecca isn’t a LIW and is employed to be her private secretary only, BUT when she accompanies Kate on engagements, she is acting as a LIW NOT a private secretary.

            Kate and William also like to have their staff perform multiple roles rather than have specialists in those roles eg officially Natasha is Rebecca’s assistant, yet unoffivially performs the role of Kate’s stylist and dresser.

          2. What is the male equivalent of LIW? Because William’s private secretary, Miguel Head, who is in the same position as Deacon also accompanies William to engagements the same way Deacon does with Kate.

          3. KMR: There isn’t a male equivalent ie companion to male royal simply because of the history of the role.

            The closest you have is an Equerry who paradoxically does a similar job as private secretary or personal assistant to the royal.

            Equerries tend to be hired from the military because of similarities in protocol thus making it a smooth hire without trial period required.

            William does have an Equerry on top of his private secretary. The latest one, Captain Florian Graham-Watson, was hired in 2014 though they spun it as a temporary appointment which was a lie because Equerries are typically hired for 2yrs only. Therefore saying Captain Florian was a temporary hire is deliberately putting out misinformation when the position is a rolling temporary position.


      1. No matter what her body type, Rebecca could look professional and attractive. She jsut dresses to emphasize her disinterest in being a true help to Kate at these appearances. When I wrote that I thought lumpy and dumpy was a great description, I wasn’t referring to Bex’ bodytype. I’ve seen thinner women look lumpy and dumpy when wearing clothing too large for them. Rebecca needs a makeover. For sure.

        1. ‘Dresses to emphasize her disinterest in being a true help to Kate’


          The LIW is supposed to help AND guide. How is Kate supposed to improve when Rebecca is her help and guide?

          When faced with a better LIW, Kate has shown improvement eg the year the Queen’s LIW, Lady Susan Hussey, was stationed next to Kate during the annual Cenotaph Remembrace ceremony. That was the only year Kate was dressed appropriately, no unruly hair, everything tucked away or controlled, no touching her head or hair. she didn’t fidget or giggle or treat it like jolly. She was appropriate at all times, no OTT facial expressions.

          The following year, liberated ie no HM’s LIW, Kate treated us all to that ridiculous hair twirling that was made into memes. Together with her usual expressions and general fidgeting.

          1. Lady Susan Hussey is the real deal. When I marry Harry, she would be the first to call. Or Anne Beckwith-Smith. Those two women would be critical as you learn the ropes. You can’t go wrong. This is where Kate is naive to not enlist their support.

          2. I read where how the queen positions her purse tells her LIWs what she wants i.e. one way, she’s ready to leave and so forth. That’s a well oiled machine

      2. It begs the question of why the change? Rebecca, thanks to Herazeus’ research, demonstrated that she knew how to dress professionally. There are only two conclusions for the change. She’s spent so much time being a “friend” at Amner that she’s acting like a gal-pal rather than a paid assistant. or is confident that Kate won’t fire her because she knows where all the bodies are buried and can do whatever she pleases. Or a third, Kate likes her frumpy because she’s not a threat to eye-wandering Will and Rebecca plays that to get a nice paycheck.

  3. Thank you sooo much for writing this blog! For taking the time to analyse, research and write with your gentle sarcasm:)
    This is one of the few blogs I keep reading, because its level is so high.
    You criticize in a calm, intelligent manner and I hope you know, how much we appreciate the effort and time you put into this blog!

    Thats the compliment of the morning…I’m off to work now:)

  4. Is it just me or was Kate more talkative during this visit? I don’t recall seeing so many quotes from her that aren’t related to the kids. By the pics she does seem more relaxed, and the fact that the boy felt comfortable enough to ask her for a hug is very telling.

    I love UNO, and “Girl On the Train” is amazing. And good to know I’m not the only one rolling my eyes when William tries to make a “joke”.

    Overall I think this went well. They didn’t say anything absurd regarding mental health, so that’s already a start. I wish they could keep up the pace.

    1. No, it’s not just you. I think too that she seemed more lively than normally. Hopefully it means she’s trying to step up her game and the visit gave her some food for thought.

    2. A couple royal reporters mentioned on Twitter that W&K were on good form in Luton in that they were really engaged and open. So yeah, I think they were more talkative during this visit.

      1. It’s the vacation. They were energized by their vacation. Anywho, this seemed like a solid engagement for them so good on them. We actually heard something else fom Kate that’s not her usual lip sevice.

        1. Their overall attitude at this engagement just seemed more positive. Less like this was work or a chore (even though it is) and more like they wanted to be there. That attitude shift makes a huge difference.

          1. That is yet to be determined….”wanted to be there”..the same with upcoming GB agenda.

            More like HM/The Firm orders and ultimatum at play, after the France vacation, inspite of the country’s terror alert.

  5. I also really love that dress! It’s my favorite day event dress she has worn. Today seemed like a great success for them; ticked a few visits off the list, didn’t do any faux pas, looked good. Can we also please note that William wore a non-navy sport coat! I think it’s the same outfit he wore to Wimbledon…maybe the tie is different. But it looks the same and he looked nice too. I agree, the self-deprecation can be a little much, but I think its Kate’s way of trying to be “relatable.” I’m not a big fan of William, but I’m glad that he was quoted by saying “men are not ‘great sharers’ and made the brothers promise to keep sharing with each other.” I think that is the best thing he has said all year. Even though he seems resistant to his royal duties (amongst other things), I will give some respect when someone connects on a deeper level, especially with a child.

    1. Yes, I was going to mention it but then I forgot. I like this coat on William.

      1. A friend of mine has the very same L.K. Bennett dress, it’s just as lovely as it looks like.But I hate William’ coat. The color is too plain. But it’s a nice change to see him in something else than blue, so I’m trying not to hope the coat would shrink in wash.

        1. Whoever suggested that Charles take William under his clothing tutelage was right! Harry seems to be a better dresser but William’s clothing is abysmal.

  6. I am surprised it hasn’t been mentioned that “the most popular and glamorous couple in all the land” did not garner much attention from the public.
    Twenty, maybe, thirty people showed up to wave flags at greatness.
    It doesn’t bode well. E+P, C+C, and H all draw better crowds. W+k are on par with Edward and Andy.

    The cambs were on better form today. There’s that.
    Did they have another secret meeting with the press? The reporters were exceptionally awed by w&k, not to mention the photogs were back to photoshopping kate.

    1. Agree with you about the lack of crowds ( on one photo it is only the volontarys of the charity).

      Better form after holidays : halleluia she speaks!!!
      Photoshop :the come-back, the difference with the photos from R. English is flagrant.
      Happy to see her smile.

  7. I had been hoping she would bring this dress out again. I love it! Btw KMR, it is still available in a little darker blue than Kates, but close enough.

    Today was a good day for them. I’m glad they stayed longer and looked engaged. I would expect as much after a month long vacation. So I’m happy they seemed more genuine today.

    As for your makeup question…..I’m torn. It’s funny, today I mentioned to my husband that I thought Kate wears a ton of eye makeup so she looks good for photos but then to the people she meets in person it must look so heavy and caked on. I tend to think she partially does it for the camera since she is hyper aware of them. BUT then at the same time, looking at her mom and sister and her dating years, I think she was always taught to wear a lot of makeup. I think Kate thinks the more makeup the younger and better she looks. I think it’s a combo. She never learned to properly put on makeup and the benefit is she shows up in photos better so she keeps putting on too much makeup thus never learning.

    I will say, that with less makeup I think she would still show up in photos just fine. I have the same coloring as Kate and the photographers are close enough that her features would still show up. I think the Middleton women just don’t know when enough makeup is enough.

    1. I agree about the Middleton women and makeup, Overit.

      While I understand that make-up applied correctly can make one look younger, I find that more most women, lots of foundation and heavy eye makeup tend to be aging. The foundation gets caked into wrinkles, and the liner makes eyes look heavy and sad. I wish Kate would go for more of the “no make-up, make-up” look that has been trending in the past couple of years. I think it would go better with the “young, fresh-faced” image that she is trying to present as part of the younger family members.

      I suppose I’m also partial to less makeup as someone who only wears mascara and brow pencil on a daily basis. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I wore more! In all honesty, when I entered the workforce I was told too much makeup is unprofessional. I work at a conservative law firm though, so things could be different here.

      1. I think the Middleton women all think they are wearing ‘natural’ make-up because they tend to favour a ‘nude’ lip, and eye make-up doesn’t count. But a fresh complexion, a bright lip ,and minimal eye make-up (a coat of mascara) look more ‘natural’ to me, but I think I am in the minority. Make-up for photography often has to be exaggerated to look good in print but not so good in real-life. I can understand a ‘heavier’ make-up for evening and formal occasions as appropriate but not every day life. It is more modern to wear less make-up (or look like you are wearing less) but if you don’t have great skin this may be easier said than done. Speaking for myself, it took me a long time to realise I look better with minimal make-up. When I was younger, I used to wear a lot and while I did not use kohl on upper and lower lids (al a Middleton), I did wear eyeshadow and liner most days. I got used to ‘seeing myself’ this way and felt more confident. Perhaps it’s the same with the Middleton women – they ‘see’ themselves as looking better with the heavily pencilled eyes so they continue to use it. It is only when they realise they look better without that they will stop. Ditto for the fake tan (which in my opinion) looks awful.

        1. I think Kate’s well-shadowed brows are her riff off of Jecca. She knows Jecca attracted Will, so she tries to have those features. I understand it but it saddens me if true. It would mean that their relationship is just one big manipulation instead of anything that could be enjoyed from a public stance, like Victoria and Daniel.

        2. I suspect the Middleton women think they know it all. That’s why there is no accomplished stylist, dresser, tailor, make-up artist, etc on staff. They all seem to have poor skin and smoke to the point that they look rough; no nutritionist, no dermatologist on staff. The glow-in-the-dark fake-tanning exacerbates the roughness but also is very dangerous to one’s health.

  8. One thing which stood out for me during this outing was that our Waity-bot looked very happy. Her face appears fuller and pumped to me. Looks like that holiday in France may have had something to do with it. Our old man Wills also looked happier with the robot.

    I am not as excited by the fact they stayed there close to 3 hours. Simply because their last outing was quite some time ago, 3 hrs of ‘work’ in one day is abysmal and is a rather negligible amount.

    1. To clarify, the day was longer than the 2 1/2 hours at Youthscape. That 2 1/2 hours was just the first place they visited. They then visited two other places.

      1. I’m pleased to hear that W+K stayed for a respectful amount of time at Youthscape; trust the other two events were given decent/appropriate time spans, depending on what was programmed. It matters.

    2. +1 I think she looked happier too. Maybe she ate some yummy food on vacation and gained a few pounds to round out her face a bit. I’ve always thought she looked younger and happier when she had a rounder face during her pregnancies. Although, I know the weight and shape of one’s face is probably not something she can control too much.

      1. I agree! I wonder if she’s put on a few pounds in order to try to get pregnant again? At any rate, she looks healthier here than I’ve seen in some time, imo. I hope it’s authentic good health, not botox and photoshopping though.

    3. I have to agree. Not only did she look happy and engaged, she also looked better. I don’t know if that’s because they’re back to Photoshopping her not but this is the best version of Kate we’ve seen in awhile.
      Although she needs to stop wearing nude shoes all the time!! Grr even some bright pink ones would have looked lovely

  9. I like the touch of adding a photo of Rebecca Deacon. It is always interesting to see what she is wearing too. Thank you for this extra. Keep it up.

  10. I can call this a win. Kate looked good. I love the dress. I agree with Overit in regards to the makeup. It is a bit heavy. I know people in broadcasting that wear a lot to show up on tv. Kate’s isn’t applied well. And that wiglet…for the love of weaves everywhere, please comb it out.

    W+K did a good job with their interactions. I’ve decided that I like K on her own. She holds back a little with Will. I am no fan of William, but hd did a good job. If they can do this times one million, then my faith will be restored.

    As far as Ms. Deacon. I know her job is not to look better than Kate. But, she dresses in extremes. Either it’s too much or not enough. I liked that skirt, but the outfit looked a wee bit casual. It looks as if she were meeting the girls for lunch and the shoes were added on at the last minute. I stand by my original promise to Jason: I will take Rebecca shopping and have her leave with professional and minimalist styles. Remember Jason, first outfit is on me.

    Thanks for this post, KMR. I really hope this means a turnaround for them.

    1. Speaking of Kate holding back when with William: There is a moment in the video where Kate is speaking and William pretty much cuts her off. So yeah, Kate is probably better on her own.

      PS. Are you still having problems with the emails?

      1. The “rolled out of bed” look is unprofessional. It would be better if she wore a uniform (cardi/blazer, skirt, flat) that is crisp. In my previous role, my colleagues said that I never met a Tahari pantsuit that I didn’t like. It worked for me and I didn’t have to put much thought into it.

        1. I think it’s a reflection of the seriousness or not of her job.

          If that office was run professionally, she would dress professionally.

          Given the sloppy work from the office, not to mention Kate’s inability to maintain a professional outlook including not cancelling her commitments at the last minute, is it any wonder that Rebecca sports the ‘rolled out of bed’ look.

          It’s like a saturday job held by an intern who spends all day facebooking her friends.

          1. Because Rebecca was in public, I agree she should be wearing a jacket or cardigan and should look more put together. In a previous post, KMR posted an article that said K+W strive for a younger, more casual, vibe in their office, maybe this is why Rebecca thinks she can get away with dressing so casually?

            I work a serious job in a conservative environment, but because my boss tries to be a “cool boss” we can wear jeans when we aren’t in court or meeting with clients. Overall, I think a more casual dress code is on the rise and has little correlation with the seriousness of one’s job. But at the end of the day, I agree with you that Rebecca should’ve been dressed more professionally for this event and these screwups from KP are likely a reflection of how the office is run overall.

          2. I think it’s perfectly fine to be casually dressed at the office if you aren’t interacting with the public and your boss allows it.

            However, if you are interacting with the public and you work for a conservative institution, then dress conservatively smart for the public facing portion of the job.

            It makes no sense for Kate to rock up to events smartly dressed whilst in the background of the pics and video you see these sloppily dressed members of her team. It doesn’t present a cohesive picture nor does it teleport her seriousness.

            If she’s casually dressed for engagement, then so should the team. If she’s smart, ditto the team. Etc and so forth

          3. There is no professionalism in the office. Sloppy appearance, sloppy work. Herazeus you nailed it when you commented, “It’s like a Saturday job held by an intern who spends all day facebooking her friends.” Classic!

          4. You can have a young vibe in your office and still dress with style and polish. Come on! Rebecca looks sloppy. Sorry, but she does.

          5. My office experimented with allowing us to work from home one day a week (it failed). One of the first suggestions to successfully working from home was to dress like you were going to the office. No pajamas. It worked for me.

        1. JET, I work from home and always get dressed. It helps me feel like I am going to tge office. Plus working in PJs would not be a good way to start my day.

          1. I also learned that cats and laptops don’t mix. I came back from the bathroom to find my cat laying on the keyboard, and he had somehow inverted the screen (why is that a feature, why does anyone need that?) He also would sit on all the plugs behind my desk. I was on the phone with IT trying to figure out why I had no internet connection. They told me to check the plugs. Problem solved! Come to think of it, I may have contributed to the death of that program, or at least Tobey did…

  11. Really pleased with this day…Good interactions, both seemed more relaxed and happy than usual. Always liked that dress. And it was a busy, rewarding day of work highlighting some great causes.

  12. Hello everyone , I still love the pink/red version of Kate’s dress more , but then each one has his own taste , which I think makes life more interesting . As for her being more interactive and happy than in other previous similar occasions , I don’t know if the fact that “as the Daily Mail reported” that she spent her vacation in France in a palace that belonged to Michael Green , a psychotherapist who runs a practice in Mayfair , has anything to do with her situation yesterday , for it is quite clear she didn’t have anything done to her face as some has speculated , so “maybe” she had some mental help and encouragement while she was there , if so there is nothing wrong with it as we are all human and have our weaknesses , and a help whether professional or other wise would go a long way in our lives .
    Anyway yesterday I saw a picture of Diana giving a boy who ran after her and asked her for a hug a very tight hug , I think a gesture like this would go a long way for Kate than all the stories about her and her family that she tells in her attempt to relate to people , that many think are a bit too fake , people need that human touch which is more important than the picture of the perfect princess who is pretending that she’s living a normal life .
    As for William , maybe Harry’s talking about his mother encouraged him to open up , his words , “men are not sharers” show how difficult it must be for him , and out of personal experience , losing someone to death is very hard , I liked a comment about this subject on the Daily Mail yesterday that said , one never get over death , one just get used to it .

    1. Very interesting on the mental health help bit. Maybe they both had some counseling? Sometimes that is more refreshing and energizing than a vacation. Certainly sometimes more necessary.

  13. Well, today’s engagement seemed to go pretty good, nice little soundbites, a bit of affection, daring to eat and no flashing, although it was said elsewhere that the slit up the back of her dress rode up even higher when she bent over to talk to people so she was still able to show off her body a bit. All in all, not a bad day for the royal couple. I am really starting to believe that someone on their staff is aware of this blog and some of the complaints we’ve all had about how W&K handle themselves on engagements and is taking some baby steps to try to make them a bit better.

    On to fashion, I do like this dress but in the name of all that is holy this woman needs to learn how to put a basic outfit together. Beige shoes and clutch is the best she can do??? My 5 year old granddaughter has better fashion sense then this! And please Rebecca and Jason, I’m begging you, please, please have someone teach Kate how to stand up straight and to quit touching herself in public. It’s really distressing to see how much she pushes in on her pubic area, ewwww!!

    Lastly, yes I agree with you KMR, that Kate probably does wear heavier eye makeup in order to photograph better. When I got married, the makeup stylist did the same thing to me. I felt like a circus clown but the pictures did look nice.

    1. Her accessories make the outfit sooooo blah. I don’t tend to buy exciting colored shoes because I’m a budget. I have one nice pair of black heels, one nice pair of nude heels, and flats in each color as well. One pair of purple heels is my splurge. However, she’s not on a budget and has so many pairs of shoes in these boring colors! I really wish she would spend her millions on some more exciting accessories.

      1. This outfit could really pop with a bright yellow pump or clutch, really anything other than beige. I can’t believe I’m saying this but even these sapphire and diamond earrings are boring with this outfit. If she wanted to wear a discrete pair of earrings her white topaz studs would have looked better.

        1. When you want to reward yourself when you meet one of your pt milestones, Christian louboutin has a pair of shoes that starts off purple glitter and then moves to silver glitter at the top. Fun sparkly

          1. Omg yes! I’m going to Nordstrom this weekend. I plan on trying on a pair just for giggles.

            I tried on a pair of my favorite heels. That lasted all of two seconds. So now, I rock a flat with a bedazzled cane!

  14. Kate cooks with George? Yeah, right!

    Some of these claims are just silly. Like when Kate said she did messy play with George. At the time George was so little he would have working on being able to hold up his own head.! Rolling over would have been attempted in a couple of weeks later.

    Making stuff up makes me think shes not around her children so she doesn’t know what is going on.

    Btw does Kate look like she’s had work on the tip of her nose?

  15. Now we know what they do with their massive “downtime”- play video games, cards, read novels and mess about in the kitchen (I don’t believe it). George still is chaotic.

    Looks like a jolly good time was had by all. The usual redundant sound bites were perfection. The machinery must have gotten extra grease.

    It always strikes me as if they are just passing through and leave nothing substantial in their wake. Just another tick in the events ledger. But it sure looks good. I really wonder how much time they spent talking to peons and not officials amongst all the ribbon and cake cutting and touring and ‘listening’.

    1. Hi Maven, I thought the same thing. It seems that all this time William has to spend with his children, so they don’t have mental health issues, is really spent playing video games.

      1. I bet Willy is very disappointed that life is not like video games, too. Considering his lack of curiosity and his narrow view of life, it makes sense that he spends his time in fantasy, slaying dragons, avoiding growing up. Avoiding his children and his wife. Avoiding his duty. Avoiding his jobs.

  16. I like the dress. Very summer. I will say I will give them credit for putting up some numbers for their engagements. As well as the time at each engagement. With that being said. That doesn’t mean the Cambridge duo are off the hook. Of course they look refreshed. They haven’t worked in over a month or so. If they actually did this a few times a week. They could contribute numbers to the official engagement tally. Yet I feel that will work for two weeks. Then retreat to wherever they hide. Whether it’s Anmer Hall or Kensington Palace. They will need a holiday before their taxpayer jaunt to Canada. Isn’t George starting preschool in London soon? We shall see. Then off to Canada.. Disappear until mid October for a possible invite to Buckingham palace for a state dinner. Then who knows.

    1. I like the dress too but it seems like it’s pulling on the side seams causing that funny wrinkling. Has Kate taken in the side seams? Or is the dress sticking to her pantihose because she is not wearing a slip/ petticoat?

      I liked the pinky version of this dress too.

  17. Is golden sauce caramel syrup?
    I have a British friend and she once asked me if I wanted ice cream and jelly. Thinking she was meaning jam. I thought it a little odd but always up for something I said sure.
    It was ice cream with jello!!!!!!!! Blah I tried to eat it and luckily we’re good enough friends that I could jokingly tell her that she doesn’t need to offer me that again-I’d just take the ice cream. I don’t know if it’s a British thing or a her thing but they were two textures I wasn’t used to

      1. Ha! I’ll leave that delicacy to you Brits then! I now take mine sans “jelly” and she gets her drinks sans ice =)

          1. I’ll go you one further. Iced tea is different in the Southern US vs the rest of the country. Here, you say you want a sweet tea or tea, with full knowledge it is sweetened. If you travel to other regions.and ask for sweet tea, they will tell you the sugar is on the table. Or if you ask for tea, you get hot tea.

  18. All in all a solid bit of work by the Cambridges. It’s good to see that.
    I would imagine that these type of “Together” appearances will become the norm, as I don’t think Kate enjoys appearances on her own. Yet, I agree, she seems to come across better solo.

    I liked William’s comments about how hard it is to get over the loss of a mother. Maybe, Harry’s opening up, encouraged him to do so, too. Good for Harry. He’s more open and his actions helped his brother. I sincerely, don’t think William was just jumping on the Grief Train. He was being honest. And, that is important.

    Kate’s comments about baking with messy George did not hold true to me. No, I agree with others, she does not seem like a baker. However, maybe she is and her will power is so high that she resits goodies at home, just as she does at these appearances. Her nibbling was a tad annoying to me. I still remember the great photos of Sophie trying cakes, or were they cookies, that were posted on this site. Sophie really looked like she was enjoying every bite.

    I remember baking with my mom when I was about three. My grandmother sewed aprons for my sister and me, and we loved stirring ingredients in smaller bowls that my mother put out for us. We also smoothed the batter when it was put in the pans by mom and loved having the opportunity to decorate cookies and cupcakes, too. If we were messy, she never complained. It was just fun!

    Loved Kate’s dress, but why those boring shoes with it? Oh, well! She never seems to show any sense of flair or adventure with her shoes or accessories. Still, the dress was great.

    Interesting comment above concerning the home in France that is owned by a health care professional . More power to the couple if they tapped into his expertise. I’m for any help anyone can get. If it makes you more at peace with life, happier, too, go for it!

    And, yes, KMR, I agree that the comments that Kate makes in which she puts herself down are not needed. Oh, the first one, as you said, was a bit charming, but when she expressed her belief that William would be better pressing the button for the machinery, all I could do was cringe.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Will’s “opening up” was my least favorite moment from this outing. I really appreciated that they spent more than 15 minutes and actually talked to some of the people. But I felt like Will was pulling from the response Harry got when talking about Diana rather than any genuine feeling. I think he misses his mom but he misses more how he was her center of attention and focus rather than a personal relationship. He seems to be a very selfish man rather than a outward giving, feeling person. No negative to him, but he can’t pretend he is one just to regain popularity he’s enjoyed without earning thanks to his mother. He’s not doing a good job earning his own way without her umbrella anymore.

      KMR, as soon as I saw the DM pictures of them eating, I thought of you! I’m glad you highlighted it.

      1. It does seem as though Will is very jealous of any attention that’s bestowed upon Harry, even though Will is the one who’s received the most affection and privilege throughout the years. It’s as though Will wants to hog it all for himself.

  19. I am glad that both William and Kate seemed more interested in this event despite the fact it was not sports related. Kate’s dress is pretty, but the accessorizing or lack of is just more of the same. I really do not like that pinky-beige color that seems to be so popular all of a sudden and therefore, hate her shoes and her purse. It would have been really nice if she wore a pair of blue sling back or t-strap pumps. Just something to change it up a bit. Don’t get me started on her hair……………..:-)

  20. I am quite amused at little Katie’s reluctance to push the button. We are in the process of building a new house (downsizing big time) and I dug the first hole. I ran the cat, with the help of a very courageous contractor and moved the dirt around. My family was at a safe distance but I was alone in the seat and the contractor had his hand over mine at times, but the point is, I have a husband and I wasn’t playing the coy little old lady, I was going for it!! I don’t envy this woman at all, she’s just a little show off with a title, and to me, this ‘oooh, I can’t push that button’ was nothing but a show. A role model my fat aunt Harriet, she’s a throwback to the ‘little woman’ who is in need of a big strong man to protect and take care of her.
    Sorry for going off track here. Her makeup? I don’t know, but I don’t think it looks good, in fact it makes her look like a raccoon rather than bringing out her eyes. I think that Kate is actually a pretty girl who could do with a lot less coverage.She did warm the cockles of my heart with her response to that little boy, “The boy asked Kate for a hug and Kate said: “Yes of course – I love cuddles.” This is a step in the right direction, since from what I’ve been reading about her she considers herself above touching. William in my opinion acted the fool again. He seems to try to be humorous and just comes off as well, stupid. These two are stepping into some very very serious waters here, with deep and important issues so hopefully their visit did some good, if for no other reason than they are who they are. Personally, despite the length of their visit I’m not sure they are really invested, but what I think is of absolutely no consequence, it’s what came across to the people involved. I am a total skeptic where these two are concerned, and the George stories? Not buying them. At all. Too much George is this, he loves that, he’s into this and all, and in fact I’m not even sure that it was especially appropriate for him to be brought into the conversation at all. I don’t know, I’ve never been in positions where I attend meetings so maybe it’s a very acceptable way of relating. I’m trying, not very successfully, to keep an open mind about these two and not just assume it’s all pr.

  21. My comment will more than likely be buried and go unread, but I don’t care, I must speak out in defense of Rebecca for being called defend dumpy, frumpy, disheveled or unkempt. If she’s great at her job then that should really be what matters most; I really don’t see a problem with how she was looking that day. She may not look as sharp, tailored and coiffed as Kate herself, but she looks perfectly presentable.

    One thing I have noticed is that Kate does seem to prefer surrounding herself with helpers who some might term “homely,” and aren’t prone to hogging the limelight, preening and pouting for the camera, self-consciously dressed. Rebecca seems like a far cry from the sycophantic, status-seeking aristocrats and courtiers that I’m sure the Royal court is full of.

    I also don’t think that Kate consciously made a decision to hire only homely helpers and keeping them clad in dowdy clothes in order to make herself look good (I mean she doesn’t strike me as that much of a narcissist); it’s likely what she felt most comfortable with, maybe these women reminds her of her humble roots! Certainly, her choices are in keeping with her own modest, low-key, down to earth nature. My belief is that she likely hired both Rebecca and Maria for their unprepossessing simplicity in both their bearing and choice of attire.

    1. There is a difference between professionalism and style.

      Some people dress professional in a stylish way, others do not yet maintain a professional look.

      Rebecca doesn’t look professional. She’s not supposed to dazzle or preen . Just look professional.

      Looking professional has nothing to do with style or physical looks.

      And Rebecca once dressed in a professional manner. She just seems to have given up on that in order to look like she rolled out of bed, grabbed the nearest clothing from the floor and went to work.

      And it’s not as if she can’t do it again because here she is, looking professional at an engagement during Kate’s 2nd pregnancy.


      As for her looks, you are the only one commenting on them. Not us.

    2. It’s debatable if she’s great at her job or not. Part of her job is to look presentable. I wear scrubs to work yet I still iron them before I wear them!

    3. We live in a world in a world where you are judged before you open your mouth. You are sized up and opinions are made. The outside can contradict your expertise. It’s not right, but it happens on a daily basis.

      And please know that I only spoke to her outfit, not to her body type or intellect.

    4. Adorabella ive often thought Kate hired the ladies that she has because of there average looks. Knowing how William loves beautiful women she was not taking the chance of tempting His Royal Highness with having a house full of beautiful women around all the time. In my opinion if she did it would lead to a huge scandal. It would just be too much temptation for Willy.

    5. we all know, kate would never want, someone who will take the limelight from her, hence the frumpy staff, harrys wife will have to be a tough cookie because kate wont like her one bit, kate is not a beauty nor a fashion icon, but shes just too competitive on things that shouldn’t matter, her role was to work not parade along always with her husband like someone who won lotto ticket!!

    6. A bit like brides choosing their least attractive friends to be their bridesmaids?

      I am just always going to be in the corner of the polished professionals. I don’t think Rebecca has to be a style icon, but she appears sloppy when she is out with Kate. Or, dowdy. If the Cambridges are so interested in having a young with-it staff, then for goodness sake, how about a youthful, but professional dress code?

      Walk into any office and you will see that people tend to think a business is better if their employees look and act with polish. If I were in Kate’s position, I would want my staff to better reflect me.

      Sorry, but that’s my two cents, or should I say my tuppance?

  22. Anyone here a body language expert? Why does this not-so-young woman always hold her hands in front like a little girl? Being thrust suddenly into the spotlight would make most feel nervous and overwhelmed. But after all these years, meeting world leaders, etc., grow up already! Act like a woman. Standing up straight, hands to the side might give her more confidence. Did she ever think of that? Look at Queen Laetizia of Spain. Perfect posture. A dignified yet not haughty manner. A real lady. One who spent her twenties actually doing something. Then took that purposeful, disciplined approach to marriage and civc duty.

    There are plenty of excellent role models for Kate. But she’s so damn clueless.

    1. Hi Ines, you must be kinda new here or else you would have seen my dozens of posts saying the exact same thing!! 🙂 It’s gotten to the point, for me at least, where I can hardly look at photos of Kate because of her constant crotch clutching and horrible posture. At this rate she’ll have the posture of a 90 year old before she’s 40. I’m so glad you used Queen Letiza as your example, she’s been my posture guru for a couple of years now 🙂

      I’m no body language expert but I’ve read enough about it to know that a hunched over posture and holding one’s arms in front is a very defensive posture signaling that the person is feeling insecure and uncomfortable, trying with their body to keep others away. It has struck me that Kate appeared more comfortable and more secure during the first year of her marriage but since then her confidence has been on the down slide. Why, I don’t know, it could be that she’s realized how out of her depth she truly is. I think spending the bulk of her 20’s doing nothing but waiting for William to propose has left her without the skills she needs to successfully navigate the adult world, let alone relate to others that are successful in their chosen fields. Had she spent that time growing her confidence, her intelligence, her own sense of self and worth, we would be seeing a woman who is confident and full of purpose.

      1. Thanks Lauri. W&K spent their twenties as spoiled lazy teenagers, just hanging out at their parents’ mansions.

        While we’re on the topic of body language, what could thrusting one’s pelvis in Ben Ainslee’s direction mean? ?

          1. Back in the day there was a pic of Diana presenting a polo trophy to her lover, James Hewitt. Same pelvic motion. And big smile. Wills should watch out!

  23. Wow I’m learning a lot from these comments. I was wondering if golden sauce was honey. We have light corn syrup and dark corn syrup but I don’t know what golden is like. Kate’s makeup doesn’t strike me as heavy, but I don’t understand why she doesn’t do a bolder lip. Love the blue and white dress and I’m happy to see her arms aren’t as thin as some others. BTW Mary of Denmark? has been wearing nude shoes all over the place. Ice cream and jello sounds really yucky. I don’t understand Will’s pants. Why are they so slim cut in the leg? Rebecca looks ok. I think she could do better. I think the day is a win for me. I do wish she would let go of the clutch. My first thought when I saw the photo of Kate eating the brownie was how excited KMR was going to be!

    1. We have Roger’s Golden Syrup…my husband’s family loved it on ice cream and even pancakes! I have only ever used it for baking. Would this be similar to treacle or is that more like molasses (a question for the Brits here!)?

  24. A step in the right direction, but I want to see more – frequent and longer visits. I want to see them work like ordinary people do i.e. everyday, 9-5, it is the least they can do based on all the perks and privilege they have, paid by tax payers. Perhaps I’m a tad cynical, all of this is to justify their Canadian holiday – they actually ‘worked’ a decent set of hours today, wonder why now and not before…they have a long way to go before I sing their praises.

  25. I hadn’t even considered the possibility (ok, I’m back to uber cynical) probability that this extra long visit is actually for pr, to as Cat said justify their Canadian holiday/tour. These are not people who do things w/o their being something in it for them, so my attempt at giving them the benefit of the doubt is ticking away rapidly.
    I absolutely do not see Kate Middleton as modest, low key, down to earth. And I guess I don’t see any humble roots other than being a ‘commoner’, and that’s from what I understand simply being ‘not a royal by birth’. I just can’t, and that’s all I’m going to say lest I appear to be trying to start an argument. As far as Rebecca Deacon goes I don’t see professional, I see almost ‘why bother.’ The future Mrs. Harry is unfortunately right, we are judged by standards that are downright unfair, but I’m also seeing a lot of ‘hey, that’s not right’, here on this forum and some others. I know whereof I speak on this from personal experience.
    Snap judgments are costly, you can really miss out on some awesome people or at least that’s what I tried to teach my kids.

    1. “Kate Middleton as modest, low key, down to earth”
      No. Not in any universe.

      It is sad that women are still judged first by look (clothes and body and age) before the onlooker can use his/her brain to discern the person’s intelligence, work ethic and dedication. Sigh. I have no idea whether Rebecca gives good advice that is simply not heeded, or is not particularly good at her job. If the former, she would do well to move on. There is nothing worse working for a company/person where you don’t fit. No pun intended.

      1. I briefly worked in the city. You could make a correct judgement on the jobs of the women in the city based upon their clothing and self presentation.

        All the women in serious jobs or with intention of serious advancement to better placed jobs wore dark, conservative styles, unfussy hairstyles, clean lines. They also showed up with ironed clothing, shiny shoes ie no scuffed shoes, everything in it’s place.

        All the women in the fluff jobs eg receptionists/ office juniors/ interns wore bright, colours, floaty, flippy clothing, lots of accessories, make up, the works.

        It was the movie Working Girl come to life.

        On the flipside, the women who were on top of the heap ie made it big in their careers tended to maintain the same conservative look as befit the seriousness of their careers, but had one element that was OTT girly about their appearance eg they might have big, salon blowdried hair and serious diamond jewellery. Or like our current PM, wear silly shoes ( she loves her leopard print kitten heels) or big statement necklace whilst the rest of them was serious and forbidding.

        The men were just the same, but as they were all in suits, the clues were much more subtle eg the cut of the suit, the fabric it was made from, shoes and accessories. The darker the suit, especially worn in blue, the higher up the job/career ladder. Fewer, expensive, discreet accessories eg a watch and or wedding band/signet ring. Brogues not loafers. Also, the higher up the ladder the more likely to find that their suits were handmade by Saville Row tailors. At a superficial glance, they might look like they are wearing the same suit day in and out, but the head to toe look would very little change out of £10K -watch, suit, shoes.

        Sidenote, people never seem to realise that for years this has been William’s price range because he appears to wear the same suit every engagement. That suit would have cost a minimum of £5K, shoes £2K, watch £5k

        He appears to have branched out with his new jackets and trousers which have been identified as coming from MRPorter.com. He is actually spending several times less by shopping off rack than his usual bespoke suits.

  26. OH, wow, such benevolence from their royal highnesses, *willnot and cannot*! The organization should feel special that the duo gave 2.5 hours of their time to them. Are these duo visits counted as two (2) in their numbers? If only one, then can it be that HM and PC do not feel comfortable with Waity going solo? Or is it that the BRF want for them to show a united front to quell the rumors of divorce surrounding them, coupled with Kate’s shameless flirting with Ben that made some headlines? Something’s afoot! And, what of William’s job, is that over? I read something, but can’t remember where, that Bill stated he’s seen some horrible things in his job. Is that a warning that he’s saturated by those scenes, and preparing the public that he will be leaving the job in the not too distant future?

    Yes, Kate did speak, but does anyone actually believe her that she bakes with George? I don’t. Both W&K make up stories about George doing, this, that, and the other, et.al. I look upon those statements as them wanting to have us believe that they are hands-on parents. No way!

    It’s good to see her re-wearing that dress, something she should be doing more often with her other clothes, considering the huge price tag cost. I saw it, or maybe something like it in silk at one of our high quality stores, sometime last year. However, albeit the dress is eye-catching, it’s the usual blue. I won’t be surprised if her entire wardrobe consisted of 75% blue dresses, and nude, pointed toe, pearlessence shoes. I guess the amount she spends is massive (for you Jen) lol.

    Finally, some pictures of her face close-up, which seems heavily botoxed and pumped with fillers, but it could be that airbrushing was done by the photographers. I keep wondering how much money she has invested thus far on her face and hair maintenance. I was told that botox had to be done every 6 months and fillers once per year. Perhaps Wills could spring for some hair transplants or a toupee.

    I agree with other commenters that Kate would not hire any female staff who poses competition for her. I could be way off mark here, but I’ve noticed that since that lovely female doctor appeared on the scene at EAA, William’s hours at work have since dwindled. Now he’s become Kate’s escort, companion or watchdog.

    1. Vonnie, I think William’s statement was made yesterday when he and Kate dropped in to visit a London helpline. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3757964/Duchess-Cambridge-stuns-scarlet-joins-William-helpline-London.html

      I realise the anniversary of Diana’s death is just a few days away which may explain his response – clumsy, at best, selfish at worst. However, his fellow pilots, doctors, police et al perform incredibly challenging work every day, as well as carry their own personal burdens. We all lose loved ones, shoulder any number of burdens, yet we have no option but to keep moving forward. I would have hoped, after 19 years, memorials and concerts, that William could handle his grief privately.

      Given Kate’s insecurity and history, I doubt that she would choose female staff who might outshine her on any level. Rebecca may well and truly just be tired of the private secretary/assistant role; I imagine it is thankless and we do know that W+K do not heed advice.

      1. Jen, thanks ever so much for that link. I’m always one or more days behind in the news, now I understand why Will made that statement..

        I agree with you that everyone has their own personal sorrow to live with, but they keep moving forward. However, for William, it appears that he does not want to move forward and is milking it for all it’s worth.

        I would imagine that he puts a dampener on everyone around him. Kate’s statement below makes me think that she is lost somewhere in space. Here’s what the dingbat said:

        “William and I found it absolutely fascinating, from hearing the case study and also taking the calls”.

        I can’t understand that she found something so painful to be fascinating. Of course she had to mention her kids, e.g.,

        ‘We are parents ourselves, I am sure we will face worries – we do face worries, because we’ve got small young children'”.

        W&K uses all of these incidents in an endeavour to apprise other people that they are just like them. They are only fooling themselves. It’s not possible for them to have the same worries as the common everyday people. Not only do those people have to deal with matters of the heart, they also have the additional worries of finances, e.g., paying the rent, putting food on the table, etc. W&K’s only problems are how to pose for the camera, moving the tennis court, which dress to buy and how to keep the press away. I abhor such pretense.

        1. I forgot to mention that the link Jen posted showed William’s pants which are super tight and showed more than I cared to see. And, Waity, as per usual, had her clutch covering her lower part. She uses her clutch purses as a chastity belt, or could it be that she wants to remind us of what we saw in the pictures when they went to France, a few years ago?

          Will needs a stylist; because he dresses like a hick. Maybe Charles’ stylis can help him. I’ve always admired Charles’ clothes, and he wears them with an air of confidence. When you’ve got it, flaunt it, but not like Waity does.

        2. William needs to deal with his grief which I think is deeply entwined with guilt; psychologically, he’s ‘stuck’. If we believe the stories, he had had a row with his mother the night/night before the accident, and had been behaving poorly – no surprise.

          William is determined the world remembers Diana, not to lose their fascination and love for her. That way she still lives on, if that makes sense? At this stage of their lives, W+H have known their mother for less than half their lives. I imagine the 20th anniversary will be big for them. I’m not sure it will be so heartfelt by others simply because younger people will only know her through pictures. At a point, it can become maudlin though cathartic for the brothers.

          As for Kate’s statement, ‘fascinating’ was another misstep; too detached and not empathetic to the callers or workers. Kate lacks warmth and empathy; you either care about others or you don’t. I wish she would not keep re-routing the conversation back to her children. It’s not the place or occasion to bring them up at all. George and Charlotte will not know hunger, homelessness, ostracism. I get that W+K are trying to relate to others but need to re-think their approach and prepare more adroitly. Mental health is too serious an issue for dabblers.

          1. I’ve mentioned previously that I get the impression that W&K got involved with the mental health movement because they have some huge psychological problems of their own which has prevented them from moving on. They need to first deal with their own problems before trying to fix others.

            Both of them seem to think that they are now mental health experts who are equipped to handle other people’s problems and hand out advice. The incident with William requesting an easy call, and Kate’s response/remark that they found the experience to be “fascinating” is proof positive that they don’t possess the necessary skills and mindset to pursue such serious matters. In order for someone to assist other people with a problem one has to have a servant’s spirit/heart. I don’t think W&K possess the necessary wherewithal. I sincerely hope that this is not another project that they will leave mid-way and/or unfinished.

            I can’t believe that they are nearly 35 years of age and lack the discipline to finish what they have started. They behave as kids with a new toy that’s their favorite for a while, then becomes tired of it, and casts it aside when something new shows up. What kind of example are they showing their kids?

        3. Might I add, Vonnie, that Kate said “interesting” when she was told about the life that children in the Indian slums endure. Some.of those kids live in absolute torture, yet all she could muster was “interesting”

          1. Rhiannon, yes, now that you mention it, I remember that incident. Not only is Kate an air-head but she lacks social graces. Kate’s world is fashion, wiglets and styling her mop-head. There’s nothing else in that empty head. This duo will dabble in anything that keeps them relevant. They are narcissistic and devoid of feeling.

            I travelled to India and stayed there for 5 months. It was an eye-opening experience. We should all give praise daily for our good fortune in life.

          2. I’d say that mental health was chosen for them or they chose it from a presented list. Neither has any demonstrated history of voluntary charitable involvement. Neither demonstrates genuine interest in things that are not on the calendar to do as part of their jobs.

            Rhiannon, I thought exactly as you did; when I read ‘fascinating’ the ‘interesting’ comment came to mind. When all is boiled to its essence, Kate is not interested. Her contribution is dressing up, smiling, the occasional vacuous comment.

          3. Words you use when you’ve checked out of what someone is saying, all the while still appearing tuned in, but must respond somehow when the person has finished speaking. She’s a pro!

  27. Hi everyone! I haven’t commented for a while but certainly enjoy the discussion! Do these two seem rather tan or is it just me? She looks like she has a golden tone to her skin similar to a tan you would get in a subtropical locale. Have they been on a Caribbean island recently?

  28. William’s outfit struck me as a cross between “hipster” and “used car salesman” for some reason. It does seem like they did a better job at this engagement as far as their interactions with people went.

  29. It seemed to be a great day for them! I was especially pleased about William’s comment about men not being “great sharers” and the fact that he made the boys promise that they would speak to each other. Kate also seemed to have a genuinely good time, and the fact that she gave the boy a hug was sweet. She looked good too….

  30. KMR re your question about Kate’s makeup. I don’t think she needs to apply so much so photos will show up her face at a distance, if it was necessary then all the “celebs” would be doing it. I think she’s just very heavy handed with her makeup. There are times when I’ve wondered if she needed better lighting where she puts her makeup on, but I think she just applies too much. And don’t even get me started with the clown like stripe of blusher!
    In the early days of wearing makeup most women do probably put too much on, then we look at magazines or have a makeup session in a department store and we learn and tone down and refine our skills. I don’t think Kate has gotten to that stage yet. Or maybe she just likes the clumsy over made up look?

    1. I think celebs do wear a lot of makeup especially on the red carpet and such, but I think it’s more expertly applied so it doesn’t look as bad.

  31. I think Kate wears makeup firstly for the cameras but it really is caked on. At least get a professional in to advise. Secondly makeup makes a woman love herself more. Thirdly to show more emotion or a particular emotion.

    1. I guess I’m a little different from most women. There are reasons for this which aren’t relevant but that caked on makeup and eyeliner seem to diminish Kate’s natural beauty, or what’s left of it. To me, she’s hiding behind it, it’s one of her trademarks and such a big point was made that she did her own makeup for her wedding that I doubt she’d want to let one of her ‘signatures’ go. I very rarely wear makeup, and at one time for reasons still unclear to me, I actually did let a professional apply it for me. I then proceeded to go home and scrub it off, it was not me. Kate’s makeup does not say “I want to look my best and respect my position”, it says I don’t like myself, I’m insecure and this makeup caked on with a trowel will hide me. Just as I think her hair provides that same security. I think a prime example of this was when George was born, she could have pulled her hair back, tied it with a simple ribbon, put on a bit of blush and called it good. I think that would have really shown her as a young woman who had just given birth, and wasn’t out to show herself off, but put the focus on the baby who had just arrived. When our children were born we considered ourselves simply necessary to see to it that our children could meet their adoring ‘public’, and once they were there we could just go on home until they needed a ride, or to be fed. They were the absolute center of attention and the entirety of our universe. I veered off track here. The point I’m trying to make is that if Kate expects to be ‘relatable’ that makeup isn’t helping at all. My husband and I went out to lunch and our waitress really had some wild makeup on, like a throw back to the 50s almost, and some clerks in a high end store wear makeup that is so unreal that it’s hard to imagine they think it looks good. As far as I was concerned it was very distracting, as was the bright red lipstick slathered over the waitress. To each his own I guess.
      William and Kate are absolutely not ‘just like us’. They can’t be nor should they try to be, not if they’re supposedly going to be future heads of state. That’s like my going into a homeless shelter and trying to ‘be one of the regulars’, I’m not homeless, and never have been so I think that would be a flat out insult to those who are, a condescension that they don’t need nor do they deserve. People have roles in life, it doesn’t make them more or less important or valuable than others but the fact is that more is expected of some people. (and I doubt that most women would want to relate to a serial flasher). Just had to toss that out there.

  32. princess charlene is one princess who does minimalist dressing and yet she ends up looking like a movie star!! kates problem is her posture, hair, lack of confidence ,bad makeup!!! and acting too childish!!

  33. I’ve watched videos on YouTube of Queen Maxima making speeches as well as just a conversion with people. Some of the videos are several years old before she became Queen. It’s like day and night between her and Kate. She speaks with at athourity and very knowledgeable. Maxima finished collage and worked in the financial industry. Stand Kate next to her it’s very easy to see how immature Kate really is. I don’t know how the Queen and all the Queens men will fix this problem. Kate has lived such a sheltered life as well as William is so controlling over her she may never get out of the state she’s in now. William has never matured to the man he should be of his age. With these two wanting to pursue this road of mental health it’s my opinion they are neither qualified nor mature enough to be of any help. It’s not only Queen Maxima but Crown Princess Mary has from the beginning of the life as a Royal had to learn a new language as well as it takes to be presented as a princess. Kate would have never accomplished this in my honest opinion. I will admit since the wedding I was wishing Charles would step aside to the throne and it would go to Willy and Kate. But after watching how Maxima worked really hard from the time their engagement was announced there’s no question the Cambridges are not ready by any means. Question is will they ever mature enough to take the Crown.

    1. I sincerely doubt it, Shirley. Anyone, as in **anyone** who finds humor in other’s misfortune is not leadership material, nor is a simpering childish woman whose vocabulary consists of words like ‘interesting’, ‘fascinating’, among other totally inappropriate responses fit to be the woman behind the throne. Better she should have kept her lip zipped than to spout off that crap.

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