Is Prince William trying to set up his own ‘royal court’ by moving Princess Eugenie into KP?

Is Prince William trying to set up his own ‘royal court’ by moving Princess Eugenie into KP?

The idea that Princess Eugenie will be moving into Ivy Cottage at Kensington Palace is still making news for some reason, and Tom Sykes over at the Daily Beast has written a think-piece about what Eugenie’s move means for Prince William and his “royal court” at KP.

The piece starts with several paragraphs describing Kensington Palace as a royal dumpter, in that the royal family dumps old, unwanted members there to live out their days. Then it goes on to say that William has some sort of master plan to build his own royal court at KP, which starts by having Eugenie move into the compound.

    “Eugenie’s forthcoming move to Kensington Palace… is a dramatic statement of intent by William, Kate, and Harry telegraphing the fact that they intend the compound to be a significant power base over the next decades; for the duration, effectively, of King Charles’s rule.
    “‘They play it down and just call it ‘our London base’ and it doesn’t feel like a ‘court’ as such, but it definitely is the center of operations for them,’ says a source. In contrast to the formality that Charles loves so much, at KP, ‘It’s all very self-consciously relaxed,’ says the source, ‘First names are insisted on. Harry sticks on a baseball hat and pops out to Starbucks on Kensington Gore to get lattes for the staff and nips down to Tesco on the High Street to get milk. He never gets spotted—it’s weird.’
    “In the fullness of time, the queen’s cousins will pass on and it will be interesting to see who gets to move into the big house as they drop away. Harry (plus, hopefully, a spouse) will be first in line to get a proper apartment in the building, but it now seems like the Cambridges are contemplating bringing Eugenie in from the cold (her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank is universally loved by the family, unlike Bea’s ex, Dave Clark).
    “Her father, Andrew, has been ruthlessly cut out of the royal ensemble by Charles, so it would be a rather rebellious and typically headstrong move by William to once again involve Eugenie in the official life of the monarchy, and giving her a proper grace-and-favor home (she will be paying an undisclosed rent on Ivy Cottage) in the palace even more so. […]
    “But Eugenie’s return to KP is a fascinating development for royal nerds.
    “There are many who feel Charles’s ‘slimming down’ of the monarchy has gone rather too far. Yes, Andrew was a liability and had to be cut off, but in freezing out the inoffensive Edward and Sophie, Charles may, critics suggest, have cut off his nose to spite his face.
    “Charitable organizations, who rely on a royal connection, however tenuous, are increasingly nervous about what a royal family of five—Charles, Camilla, Will, Kate, and Harry—means for them. Those anxious fundraisers may have Will and Kate on their side. The Cambridges have made it pretty clear they do not intend to do 400-plus engagements a year like their parents and grandparents have done.
    “To make their appearance schedule compatible with having a family life, they will need help. Rather than slimming the family down, William appears to be contemplating fattening it back up. They may conclude, as many monarchs have done before them, that a set of rooms for a compliant cousin at Kensington Palace is a small price to pay for a loyal, stand-in ribbon cutter.
    “Another difference is that unlike previous heirs to the monarchy, Will and Kate are not planning their own departure from the premises—Charles, 67, could easily live another 25 years. And sources say that he has no desire to move out of lovely Clarence House into the rather municipal, apartment-above-the-store that is Buckingham Palace. And this, really, is why KP is finally shaking off its historical legacy as a sort of regal old people’s home, and instead cementing itself as the nerve center of young royal operations.
    “Although Charles’s reluctance to move into Buck House has forced the issue, how Charles will react to Eugenie being housed at KP is anyone’s guess. The depth of his fraternal mistrust and disappointment with Andrew should not be underestimated, and, for such a traditional man, he is very unpredictable.
    “What is clear is that his long-cherished master plan—to control all three royal courts (his mother’s, his own, and KP)—is dead in the water. William won’t stand for it, and nor will Duchess Kate. Charles likes being in control. He thinks, as king, it should be his right to organize the affairs of the monarchy top to bottom. His son, it appears, has other ideas, and developing KP as the fulcrum on which a dynamic young royal team can leverage its power is an important step in William’s path to making the monarchy his own one day.”

[Daily Beast]

I’m honestly wondering if people made such a fuss when Prince Harry moved into Nottingham Cottage at KP. Yes, the press reported on it, but were there think pieces written about what it means for the young royals and their “court”?

Like with the whole Princess Beatrice/Dave Clark thing, I don’t understand why William is being given so much credit for these types of things. Surely a move into KP would have been cleared with the Queen, rather than William “setting up his own court”, right? Does William really have that much power to “bring Eugenie in from the cold” and give her an apartment in KP? Is William really the one controlling who gets which apartment?

By the way, no matter what, those charities who rely on royal connections for fundraising and whatnot have something to worry about. Because both Charles’ and William’s plans include the royal family doing less engagements than the royals currently do. Five people cannot cover 4,000 engagements a year. But more than five people cannot cover 4,000 engagements a year when none of them want to do more than 400 each. So both Charles’ and William’s plans will have an impact on those charities who rely on royal connections for fundraising.

I don’t doubt that William may want to “set up his own court”, but I honestly don’t think he’s smart enough to really pull that off right now. William is not the master manipulator that he thinks he is. He may think he is a PR master like Diana was, but he isn’t and his press over the last year has proven that. But even more than that, if William wants to build his own court at KP and undermine HM and Charles he’s going about it all wrong. You don’t storm off like a child, throwing tantrums and isolating yourself. You make strategic moves to ensure things go your way when the time is right which undercut the current and next monarch’s plans, you build relationships to get people on your side, all while making people think you’re not doing anything that you’re actually doing. You have to be intelligent and charming, and sneaky and underhanded to pull that off. And most of all, subtle. When done right, it works and it’s amazing. But I don’t think William’s doing that.

William, Kate, Harry leave Commonwealth Service

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  1. I thought the press was saying that Kate doesn’t get along with Beatrice and Eugenie and that William has become distanced from them because of it? It seems they can’t make up their mind. But I definitely agree that William is no great master manipulator. He may like to believe he is, but he isn’t. If he were smart he would cultivate a better relationship with the press in general. He may be a control freak, but he isn’t street smart like Diana was. Harry is more like his mom in that respect. The Queen is still the Queen, so I would assume she was the one who agreed to have Eugenie move into Kensington. William doesn’t have that much power yet, IMO.

    1. I agree – Andrew is supposed to be HM’s favourite – while he has been sidelined from Royal duties for obvious reasons – I can see HM looking after his daughters. HM would no doubt rather have them at KP than too close to their mother. If Eugenie is close to becomming engaged then KP makes sense – it has the space to accommodate her – and provides security as well.

      1. Andrew hasn’t been sidelined at all. He might not be as visible at public events, but he undertakes an average 300 engagements, UK and abroad, annually and his twitter shows alot of work that he does.

        His twitter is used very well. WK could learn a thing or two.

        His area is business which isn’t exciting for media purposes and of course always leads to trouble with shady business deals going hand in hand with his patronage, but on the flip side, he does alot for young enterprise type businesses.

        1. I follow Andrew’s Twitter account and there is at least one tweet a day and it gets the point across. You know he’s out there working if you follow it. The Cambridges could definitely look to how his account is used and get some pointers.

          And I agree with others that William is no mastermind. If he is setting up a “court” it’s to insulate himself and his family even further and send others out to cover his butt.

          I don’t know what the relationship between Bea, Eugenie and Kate is but it doesn’t look like a “gal pal” kind of thing to me. Based on instances where I’ve seen them all in the same space there seems to be an effort to keep some kind of space between them and Kate. I honestly can’t see these two kowtowing to Kate (via William).

      2. It’s not just that Price Andrew is the Queen’s favourite, she loves Beatrice and Eugenie. You can see in the videos at Sandringham and other events that she is close to them.

        If the Cambridges used Prince Andrew’s tweeting style they would lose what little popularity they already have because they simply don’t do that much. Right now it’s easy to break down an engagement into many parts and count them separately for the court circular and they don’t really have to think of a message to get across. They just use their appearance to say they raised the visibility of a certain event or charity to the people.

  2. This whole thing with Eugenie seems odd. She moved out of SJP (St. James’ Palace, not Sarah Jessica Parkersburg) to KP just down the road. Was she upgraded or downgraded? What happens now to Beatrice living alone in the apt at SJP? Who lives at SJP now? Or is it all offices? And are PC and C still at CH? I can’t get over the fact that there are 4 Royal abodes within walking distance of each other and the BRF just shuffles between them. What are they doing with all that space? It can’t all be staff…

    1. Charles and Camilla are still at Clarence House.

      Eugenie was sharing an apartment with Beatrice at SJP, so E has been upgraded to her own place.

    2. KP also houses several members of the Queen’s household that live in “grace and favor” (free apartments). I believe that Sir Robert Fellows, husband of Diana’s sister Jane, lives there.

      Even in its heyday in the 80s, the Wales, Michael of Kent, the Gloucesters, Duke of Kent all lived there.

  3. I read this and wondered the same, the press always tries to spin things like it’s all about WK. Like they would have any input on what Eugenie and Bea are doing with their lives. And honestly, even if William could have an input, I don’t think he would care. Maybe this is KP or the Middletons leaking “headlines” to the press, trying to make William seem more invested and powerful than he actually is.

      1. +100

        Any Royal Court is of Prince Harry, who seem to be an only child since bill wedding to the middletons.

        Had it not been for his loving father, step and family especially, his cousins Phillips and York Princesses he would be alone. HM POW is setting the stage of a Court for Prince Harry with the Yorks, now that bill middleton family is ordered out of hiding back to London.

    1. Totally agree. The Queen makes these sorts of decisions, not William. Plus, as far as I know, Kate doesn’t get along with Bea and Eugenie, so I doubt she would want either of them closer to her. William isn’t smart enough to pull off a “court of his own” under Charles’s nose.

  4. The DM has a new graphic showing who lives where in KP.

    But this contradicts a previous DM image here.

    Prince Michael of Kent’s apartment is right next to Diana’s old apartment in the current graphic. Did they move or is that an error? And the new graphic shows that W&K have some of the apartment space across the courtyard/drive from their main space. Never knew that before. What are they using it for? This is driving me mad!!!! The RF has so much living space. And don’t get me started on Windsor, Sandringham and Balmoral. And each of the Queen’s kids gets their own lavish estate on top of luxury apartments in these palaces?

    1. Yeah, I thought Prince/Princess Michael lived in the apt next to the one the DM claims they live in now. And previous reports had W&K&H’s office staff in where Michael is supposedly now.

    2. The old graphic is vague, probably for security reasons. The apartments are labelled in a deliberately vague way without marking out borders.

      The new one has some details wrong, but it accurate in a way that is worrying for security purposes. It’s really irresponsible of the DM to do that.

      ETA: in complete contradiction of my earlier statement, i will point out that the garden space infront of WK’s apartment is their private garden space. Scene of their much derided photoshopped christmas card. I get very annoyed to think they have that much garden to enjoy, without having to venture into the park and complain about privacy.

      1. I think the privacy issue is that the wall is not high enough to keep the unwashed masses from seeing in to the garden.

        1. The wall is high enough, BUT the garden jutts out into the park and lots of people use that part of the park.

          It must make them uncomfortable having the masses so close, on the other side of the wall.

          Also, the palace sits in lower shelf of a series of shelves built into a shallow incline so if you are walking on the higher shelves of the park, you can see alittle into their rooms.

          I’m not explaining it well, so here is an old picture to explain it better.

          It’s the only apartment that suffers this anomaly. Overall, other apartments/cottages aren’t so public facing and have complete privacy.

          1. Odd that they would choose the most public apartment when they are so paranoid about their privacy.

          2. It’s a mystery that 2 people privacy obsessed would pick that apartment or that they wouldn’t add taller trees to shield themselves from nosy public. Their part of the palace can be hidden by trees without ruining the view of the rest of the building.

            Personally i envy them that private garden that they don’t use because green spaces are at a premium in London.

            The presence of exterior garden space can add serious £££ to a property.

            And that garden is big.


          3. I was looking on Google Earth at KP and William and Kate’s apartment is ginormous compared to everyone else’s. And they have a massive garden when others don’t even get one.

          4. It isn’t just that they picked it. It wasn’t on the list of properties that were available. Royal Palaces was using it for offices and exhibits and had a lease agreement for many more years. W&K rejected the smaller places that were available and demanded a space already occupied by something else. Now they complain about privacy? When all the other spaces were more private than the one they demanded.

  5. I doubt William has a say, the Queen would have organised this…even if it’s true, we all know what happened at Versailles and its court. Not a good idea to distance yourself from the people and live a life of selfish privilege whilst the plebs are doing it tough…

  6. William would love to think he’s oh so smart and clever–judging by the interviews he’s given over the past year, it’s clear he believes he is above all of us and even HM–but he isn’t.

    I like this article, KMR. It shows how ridiculously dense William is. The Tom Sykes articles always salivate over how William is amazing and perfect and Harry’s an idiot and a drunk, for the most part, so I’m not surprised he’s become some PR mouthpiece about William creating smoe court of his own to rival Charles or HM’s. Snort. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what William wants people to think. He’s so amazing and clever he has his own group of folks! And they’re so casual! (Whereas let’s forget the news how William demands to be bowed and curtsied to by his staff; they must bow and scrape to him. Not even HM is so formal!)

    I’d imagine t he move for Eugenie is from the Queen, not William, but William would love everyone to believe it’s all on him. Look at all the articles talking about how everyone goes to him for advice. It’s like an alternate reality in William’s head and he wants his PR to reflect that.

    1. Thanks for the link. I think it will be money that ends the monarchy, not just in England. People may be willing to pay for a beloved, hard working queen, and even for a quirky, hard working king. But a lazy and entitled king will not have enough goodwill to overcome the increasing cost.

      1. I agree Fifi, the Queen’s dedication and sense of duty really helps keep the monarchy going and Charles is such a great PoW and regardless of how one feels about his personal life he too has shown true dedication and sense of duty to the British people. William hasn’t yet accomplished anything, no great cause to link his name too. I know he’s tried to make conservation his “big cause” but the public can’t seem to reconcile a man how hunts regularly with one who calls for the protection of animals. And he hasn’t done enough with mental health issues in men to really have his name linked with that, so it appears at the age of 34, William is still floundering, trying to find his “passion”. Imo, the public sees his big “passion” to be avoiding work and pissing off the press, yes what a great King he’ll make.

    2. Thank you for the link. That is interesting to know. I think it is inevitable that the British monarchy will end. The only details are how and when.

      1. Most likely with bill family and middletons entitlement while the rest suffers…

        But this is willnot hopes and vision… In one interview some years near Pg birth, that is what bill is pushing the people to for.. He dont envision the Monarchy as it is now, and what his gg/grandparents, HM, his father, aunts, uncles brother has preserve with duty, sacrifice tradition and history – per the interview, he aspire to a different Monarchy by his and pg time (if there ever will be his time). The crazy like a fox is, he and waity will spend, use millions in tax funds, his royal status (“I am a Prince”) with as many kids and middletons – Willnot knows he is smart (right!)

  7. I think this is all a massive PR stunt, to show William as a powerful figure. I’ve read in the past that both Charles and William are distant from the York family, so why would they invite Eugenie to stay? This is a move definitely initiated by the Queen. Also, why do Will and Kate have such a big share of the property?! What have they done to deserve it?

  8. I find these articles as ill timed. This article is published before the Cambridge vacation, I mean tour, to Canada. William wants to look like he is preparing for his reign where in all actuality he js just as lazy as ever. His actions speak louder than words here.

    Thanks so much for this post, KMR!

    1. The only thing William is waiting for in a hand out from taxpayers. To upkeep his lavish lifestyle. A man child that has no sense of reality. Does he realize with the perks that come with being royal. It a responsibility and job. No wait he is living in fantasy land along with entitled posh Barbie doll of a wife.

      1. Now Eleanor, there is no need to insult Barbie. She has had more jobs and is more accomplished than Kate could ever hope to be. Barbie also has more class than Kate has in her little finger.

        1. I guess ‘in a nutshell’ the only criticism
          That is welcome on this site is to be rude, attack, demean, belittle the royal family of the UK. Especially will and
          Kate…the venom and hate toward kate
          is ridiculous…

          1. If you would like to present a different opinion on the royals, you may do so. But why be rude to other commenters? You can say you disagree with someone without attacking them.

          2. KMR does not allow venom or hate – sensible comments, argued well and politely – most importantly being polite, respectful and mindful of other commenters. You may not agree with the comments, so tell us why you think Will and Kate are so great, and what they have achieved. Persuade us, in a polite way, to your point of view.

  9. Thanks for another great post KMR!!

    I read this article on the DM a yesterday and while it’s fairly entertaining I doubt it’s truth. I’ve noticed several times in the past that the DM frequently contradicts itself. Secondly, I doubt William cares who lives at KP fulltime as long as he doesn’t have too. Thirdly, Eugenie is at the age where a young woman wants a place of her own and it’s quite possible that this cottage was A)available; B)the price was right; C)it’s close enough to her family without being too close and D)she liked it. As I said before this is all terribly entertaining but I think the DM is trying really hard to create a story where none exists.

    1. I agree, Lauri. I think the DM tends to read into things too much in order to create a story. Eugenie probably expressed that she was hoping to live alone, or hey, maybe her and Bea both wanted their own space! Bea is starting a new chapter after all. HM then most likely offered her this cottage from what was available in the London royal real estate portfolio. I don’t see any role for William in this, especially as he is not very close with the Yorks anymore.

  10. Bless their hearts!
    Is it so boring in August that we have a royal reporter making up stuff? Meanwhile on the other side of the world, this week’s NZ edition of New Idea is headlining that Kate is pregnant with a boy and is due in December.
    Sorry but the article didn’t say if George is excited and wants a baby boy too.

    1. lol, cathy. Here in the States one publication constantly has cover stories that Kate is expecting twin girls. Have not seen that lately, but it should be re-surfacing before too much longer.

  11. I think I agree Lauri. I am not convinced that the Daily Mail source is accurate in some of their stories. I think that Eugenie is moving out of SJP to the cottage because it is available. I get the feeling Eugenie wants to set up a home on the Kensington estate because she wants her independence and at the same time is entitled due to her birth. Kate is only entitled to the apartment and Amner because she married in. I get the feeling that Kate wants more and more of everything. Andrew probably wants his daughter to have stability. Thank you KMR, for the post.

  12. This reeks of an attempt to make William look like some super-clever-uber-manipulative-PR-guru. Instead, it just makes him look stupid and mean.

    Everyone knows about the bad blood between the Yorks and Middletons. Bring Eugenie “in from the cold” as if she were a puppy who needs the Cambridges protection? Puh-lease! I don’t buy that for one minute! Also, what’s this about Jack being beloved but Dave was disliked? I’m sure Jack is a great guy but way to pour salt onto Bea’s wounds!

    On top of that, Harry and Eugenie are close: they have mutual friends, hang out together, and Eugenie was the one to introduce him to Cressie.

    Last, there is no way William has the final say on who lives in KP; it’s his grandmother who has that privilege, not him!

    I think Eugenie and Jack are engaged, they plan on settling down at KP, and HM has given them the green light to live there. William thinks he’s the mastermind but (like always) he’s wrong.

    1. I am already thinking ahead to the birth announcement from Eugenie, Kimothy. I think those two would make cute kids. Perhaps that is thinking too far ahead.

  13. The Daily Beast article runs so counter to Will’s actions that it feels false.

    He doesn’t like the Yorks, he doesn’t like people, he doesn’t want anything to do with royal duty, he’s actually lazy and isn’t in the least thoughtful. Very strange article that sounds like wild conjecture and wishful thinking that Will’s even cares about the monarchy.

    1. It helps that there is a starbucks right outside the Palace, so it’s no hardship on anyone who goes.

      Kate was always papped at that Starbucks which tells you how much she isn’t in London anymore because she was always there.

  14. So if the atmosphere in at KP is informal and everyone is on a first name basis with each other, does she go by Kate or Catherine?
    I’m not trying to be funny, I’m genuinely curious. It seems to be against William’s love of pulling rank as well as the lengths that the Middleton’s have gone to make sure their daughter/sister would be royal.

      1. I never believed that. In their engagement interview, the interviewer repeatedly calls her Kate and William refers to her as Kate as well. To me the whole Catherine thing seemed to be a whitewashing attempt. The pre-engagement articles about her were brutal. They essentially called her a lazy social climber.

        1. Well she is still lazy – but she has certainly got to the top of the ladder now. She just needs to stay there – If Wills gets tired of her that will all change

          1. Do you think he would really divorce after his parents? I could see a mistress, maybe even an indiscreet one if he takes after his family, but I don’t see him as someone for divorce for whatever reason.

          2. You would think that after his parents, William wouldn’t take a mistress considering what Charles taking a mistress did to Diana. So…

          3. Apparently he had others while dating Kate so I think the potential is there. His life is all about him and what he wants – he doesn’t seem to have grown up and taken on responsibility the way most other 34 year old married fathers have – so IMO if the current arrangements stop suiting him I can see him changing them. Short of a repeat of the Camilla situation I can’t see Kate instigating any split – she waited and played the game for 10 years to get “big blue” – she would have to suffer major loss of face to walk away.

          4. It’s impossible to see inside a couple’s marriage; what they have agreed to, what they choose to not see. Kate is intriguing as at 34 years of age she still lacks independence; not a desperately attractive attribute one might have thought. But then, neither is William. The aristocracy has its own take on fidelity and William might feel comfortable with that; it’s his ‘normal’ after all.

          5. They are raising their kids in the house where Charles and Camilla had their relationship for years. William cheated throughout the 10 years before marriage. Their relationship started through cheating (him on his girlfriend Carly). The KM comment to Chelsy about accepting cheating as part of the deal. The only time she was heard to complain about it publicly (witnesses) was about him being obvious and public in his cheating because it was making her look foolish. William doesn’t seem to find anything wrong with cheating, and she accepted it as long as it wasn’t public.

          6. William was recorded as bring girls back to his barracks at Sandhurst, which he never got in trouble for AFAIK. He was dating Kate at the time. I think that came out during the News of the World phone hacking scandal. He’s obviously cheated; she just turns a blind eye to get what she wants and stay where she is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has continued, but he seems very lazy and isn’t much of a catch which is why nobody but Kate wanted him anyway.

  15. they’re giving William way too much credit. We know he’s not much of a thinker.
    I read an article where it said she’s to pay fair market value of £3500 a wk but I’m sure she won’t
    I think the wessex’s lease their ginormous place for £90000 a yr

  16. KMR- I agree – William has no say over the housing at KP. The Queen set up Eugenie there and probably so she can have some independence from her sister – they were sharing space at St. James. I think this is more of a preparing Eugenie for marriage with her own place to make her own decisions. The purpose of having all these “kids” at KP is SECURITY. The compound is already secure – there is no extra security cost for the family to incur. Basically, they gave Eugenie a place in a gated community – she turned 26 and is coming into her trust fund, if she hasn’t already. Also Eugenie probably needs her privacy from her sister – who is probably going to start dating again and be bringing new people into her space. Beatrice dated the same fellow since she was 19 (Eugenie was 17). All this is, is just the next housing phase for Eugenie. We never get to hear about other stuff – like if the Queen gives them houses on Sandringham or Balmoral – since those estates are private and they are no longer in serious contention for the throne.

    So I really do think its a case of the writer thinking stuff up for a weekend paper — there are practical reasons why she has gotten her own place in a secure community.

  17. Oh goody! I get to use one of my new favorite words – Codswallop!

    It’s the annual August rubbish from “royal reporters” who have nothing to report, so they just make stuff up…I’m now waiting to hear what they have to say about the Canadian holiday itinerary 😉

  18. ugh. these kinds of articles annoy me. Whole bunch of ado over nothing. I seriously doubt the Cambridges have any say over who moves in or out of Kensington Palace. They are never there anyways so what do they care.

  19. Tom Sykes knows less about royals that most of the posters here.

    KMR, the BRF currently does around 3,700 engagements a year. 6 people can cover that if they all work a little bit harder than Charles and Anne.

    “The Windsors are very good at working three days a week, five months of the year and making it look as though they work hard.” – Mark Bolland (former Windsor press officer)

  20. I recall following Sykes during all of the lead-up to the royal birth, but it seems that he’s been really out of it for a while – or being the male version of a Middleton sugar.

    I agree with all of you that Will is not that clever. I do think that he is mean and manipulative, however, and if he could somehow hurt his father he would. Hopefully the queen just worked this out with Eugenie and surprised everyone. I would throw up a bit if she seemed to ask Bill and Katie if they were ok with Eugenie moving in. Or maybe Harry had something to do with it?? That would actually be nice for him as I think he and Eug are close. Good to have a neighbor that he might actually drop in on – unlike the nonsense that he feels like he can just drop in on the Middletons.

    1. I think Harry and Eugenie are close and will have some fun times at Kensington. Kate must be feeling the whole world and his wife are moving next to them.

      1. I wonder what Princess Micheal of Kent and her husband make of Kate. I doubt they have been round for high tea. Apparently Fredrick Windsor and his wife Sophie have met up with Will and Kate for a playdate with their daughter. I guess they were just visiting his parents and happened to see them as Wills is shutting himself off from his family and extended family.

    2. Eugenie and Jack are probably wanting to set up home together and Ivy Cottage sounds perfect: newly renovated, safe, good size. There’s no reason why she and Beatrice need to live together; they are adults who lead separate lives.

      I’d imagine all the residents of KP enjoy as much privacy as they wish. Think of it like a big complex; people come and go. I am more disturbed that Carole Middleton has her own ‘granny annexe’ in Apartment 1a. Talk about muscling in!

  21. Harry needs to move out and Have his own Independence. He did say the ceilings in the cottage a way to low for him. Poor Boy.. Having to live with that lot

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