Prince Harry tweets birthday message to Usain Bolt

Prince Harry tweets birthday message to Usain Bolt

Prince Harry sent out a personalized tweet this morning, wishing Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt a happy birthday.

Harry tweeted: “Congratulations @usainbolt – now you’re officially the greatest you might be ready for a re-run! ? Happy 30th -H.”

Harry’s tweet came after a set-up tweet from the KP staff, which featured a typo because the KP staff can’t seem to get their s— together: “We were also watching the sprinting closley last week and have a special message for one of the competitors on his birthday……”

Apparently they got caught up in Olympic fever and weren’t watching their spelling closley.

Bolt has won three gold medals in the Rio Olympics in the Track & Field Men’s 100m, Men’s 200m, and Men’s 4x100m relay. Bolt has won gold in these three events for the last three Summer Olympics.

Harry previously met Bolt in 2012 when Harry toured Jamaica for the Diamond Jubilee, and again in 2014 during the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

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  1. Usain gave an interview to the BBC in which he name checked Harry specifically. Something about celebrating his 100M win by partying with Harry.

    I find Usain Bolt infectiously silly and full of personality. It’s a joy to watch him. A very good ambassador for his sport.

    His rivals tend to be po-faced.

    Though, now that he has retired, perhaps his team-mate Johan Blake aka the beast can finally win some gold.

    1. I can’t help but notice that William doesn’t have these kind of relationships. For someone who is trying to situate himself as a regular bloke, he is incapable of these friendly acquaintances, which are the lifeblood of diplomacy.

      1. Meanwhile WK host the POTUS whilst seating next to a slave painting…….

        Talk about poor diplomacy.

        Let’s be clear, those types of ‘art’ are co-signed to history ie rarely exhibited outside museums and only for a specific reason so my comment wasn’t to say that WK are racist, but to point out a problematic ornament in their diplomatic saloon that shouldn’t have been there regardless of who visited them. Privately or publicly.

          1. +100

            It’s all about themselves, middletons – how to spend taxpayers funds. No care in the world, sacrifice, charities, causes, history, duties and tradition.

            I strongly believe Prince Harry would be in Rio but was held back bc the two lazy entitled whiny lambridge loved the use of the virus to be kept away from visiting and bothered with regular people.

        1. Also, Waity supposedly has a degree in art history and you would think she would be thoughtful about how art represents so many facets of history. Apparently not even superb professors at an excellent university could infuse knowledge and perspective into that dim skull of hers.

          1. She’s an air-head! George Clooney always states of his wife, Amal, that he married *up*, which IMO is very complimentary towards his wife. I have to wonder which member of the W&K duo married *up*.

          2. Frankly, the “I married up” comments some men make are getting on my nerves. They seem so condescending to me. Yeah, maybe some guys do marry up. William didn’t. I apologize for my take on the marrying up comment. It’s almost as if some guys — maybe, not Clooney, think it’s the politically correct thing to say. Just as some clueless guys crack jokes about having to “Ask the little woman,” if they can go places or do things.

            We should all believe we married the best possible person. I don’t think either mate in any marriage is better than the other. We should compliment each other and work beautifully together hand in hand.

        2. I think it shows how utterly clueless they (and some extent their staff) are to history, the world outside of Anmer and yes diplomacy.
          They should donate/loan it to a museum where people can talk about it in a historical context.
          If I was St. Andrews I’d be embarrassed that these two ignoramuses are alumni.

          1. It’s part of the royal collection, so they can send it back and request a non controversial painting in it’s place.

            Ps: i find it absurd that in the process of hanging that particular picture, no one had any issues with either the picture’s content or the plaque declaring it ‘the negro page’.

            Clearly they don’t have any culturally sensitive staffers anywhere in the chain of command to point out how that might be problematic and it took a visit from a black person for anyone to notice.

            Since said black person was POTUS, would they have removed the plaque if it was a random unimportant black person?

          2. Herazeus, from what you’ve said it sounds like POTUS was their very first visitor of colour.

            Do you know if they socialise with anyone of colour outside of work? Or even white people who don’t come from such privileged backgrounds and so have very different life experiences than their own?

            If not, I struggle to see how they’re being billed as the couple that will modernize archaic “royal-isms”. Given the changing “face” of Britain and how different it is likely to be during their reign, one would think that they should make a concerted effort to get to know and even befriend people outside of their priviledged bubble – mostly for a diversity of opinion and perspective- or risk being even more hopelessly out of touch with the very people they ought to serve.

        3. Their staff should have realised and moved the painting. As an art history graduate I would have thought Kate would have looked at the paintings hanging in her home?

      2. Acquaintances is the first step to becoming friends. William from what I can see has friends to party with, then there is Kate, then friends like Jecca and the Van Cutsems then there is his family. It is if William puts everyone in separate compartments and Kate is only briefly included in each segment or compartment of his life.

      1. Herazeus, I too am struck by Bolt’s joy. This Olympics was the first time I watched him sprint and was in awe at his superpower athleticism while at the same time he’s was so relaxed and funny. Harry must love hanging out with him.

        Just an aside comment, I was reading posts by commenters on The Telegraph about the series Indian Summer and the term po-faced was used to describe a particular character. I had to look it up. The British comments had me roaring with laughter.

        1. I was disappointed in the IOC ruling regarding Russia’s doping. It was a missed opportunity for them, to say doping has no place here. The Paralympics did the right thing.

  2. I saw that this morning. Call me skeptical, but I wonder if it’s really Harry that tweeted that. If it is, cool. Maybe there’s a brain at KP yet. But the whole spelling mistakes, nothing new there. I think the way any company/business works is very indicative of how the boss runs it. It doesn’t give me a good impression of Kate & Will. I wonder if Harry has any part of it because it’s his office too. And I really hope this is all Will pulling strings. If Harry was ok with this level of work, it’s disappointing. He really needs to get his own office and his own staff. He needs to separate from Will & Kate.

    1. When KP tweets anything instigated by Harry specifically, even if it’s the office doing the actual tweeting rather than Harry himself, they always include that ‘H’ as a sign off.

      They share many staff, but Harry has his own dedicated team that work within the parameters of the overall office.

      That’s why Harry’s individual work effort is easily spotted and rarely lazy mistakes whereas the overall team who seem to work primarily for WK clearly don’t care enough to do a good job for WK and make it very clear any problems are coming direct from WK rather than themselves.

  3. I love Usain Bolt! He’s a wildly talented man. I love his humanitarian side too: he’s built schools, brought electricity to his town, among other things. While he is a charismatic man, he’s also a good guy.

    KP needs to get their act together. Seeing such unproffessionism eyes twitch. You would never see such inept behavior out of KP and CH.

    Regardless, I’ve loved seeing Mr. Rhiannon with Usain. They seem to have an easy and fun rapport.

    Thanks for a great review, KMR!

    1. It appears that most people who Harry interacts with has an easy and fun rapport. He and Michelle O seem to have the same relationship.

    2. Harry is pure fun and lots and lots of class. Usain Bolt rocks. How nice that they have developed a good relationship. You would never see this with William, imo.
      The KP staff’s unprofessional actions are inexcusable. How do these people get and then keep jobs?

  4. A wonderful, fun, personal tweet that still lets us all in on their dynamic and lively relationship. That’s how it’s done!

    There are great people like Bob Barker here in America (he’s retired from the Price is Right now) that always saw the camera as holding “a million new friends” behind it. Bob Barker wound up being one of our most beloved celebrity’s, and he’s not a movie star, just a game show host with a big heart and respect for people. It’s that mentality that makes all the difference when someone has a high-profile position. Seeing the camera as the enemy, as it can be, but as the primary issue loads the situation until it will be–the self fulfilling prophecy. Seeing Twitter or cameras as sharing moments with unknown “friends” makes Harry the lovable guy he is.

    The point is, it starts with him and his attitude.

    W&K blaming the media need to look in the mirror at their attitude, or for Kate, that she’s reworking herself to become someone completely different. People liked her because she was “one of us,” and that’s how the media tries to run stories about her, but nothing could be further from the truth. Kate (from Carole) has always wanted to be an elitist, and that’s what Kate is trying to become with her accent-change and “wave to the masses” while she lives in a castle. This house of cards is going to be in trouble in a few years.

    1. Waity is a phoney. She was able to fool some of the public, for a while, that she wants her children to grow up *normal*, whatever that means to her. Normalcy is a state of the mind, and can anyone observing W&K, their lavish lifestyle and homes, think of them as *normal*? I don’t think so. They need to pare down their ultra-expensive spending, their pseudo-privacy, and pretensions, for them to be believed by people who are normal and are of modest means. As Abraham Lincoln stated: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Read more at:

  5. I think that it’s interesting that Bolt speaks about Harry saying he wants to party with him like Herazeus posted : the link is with Harry not with K and W (like A. Murray with K and W).

    I had the luck to see Bolt running live : he is so loved, he makes the show. One time, in Lausanne in 2009, I waited under the rain during one hour just to see him run : and he imitates the windscreen wiper with his hand and he runs like there is not water. Look at Lausanne Bolt 2009, you will be impressed.

    About KP’s twitter, there is not a word about the meeting with the president of Malawi : it is not incompetence at this point, it is speak about K and W and ignore H. I think that KP doesn’t understand that it is not without talking about Harry, they will make K and W more popular.

    1. Their twitter has no theme. Even the set-up tweet seems stupid and unnecessary. Everyone who pays attention to Harry/Bolt knows that Harry did the Bolt pose with him, etc. Coupled with Bolt’s recent namecheck of him, having Harry simply wish him a Happy Birthday seems perfectly acceptable.

      They are trying to maintain that veneer of formality by having “Kensington Palace” tweet the set-up. But that defeats the point of social media. I would direct them to check out how the POTUS/FLOTUS/VP Twitter accounts handle that for advice/examples.

      1. Maybe this will sound too conspirational, but I think it’s less about the formality and more about linking Bolt to KP (W+K+H) rather than just Harry. Kind of the same thing they did when the Obamas visited.

    2. There pretty much are no relationships comparable between the Cambridges and others, from athletes to head of states, that are favourable.

      What’s interesting is that Andy Murry didn’t seem that excited to be talking to William and Kate at Wimbledon, it was very much because he had to reading him, very polite but not really into. Kate seems a bit flirty with Ben A (even Tatler had a write up about crushes being okay and used pictures of Kate with Ben) but he’s not that keen on Royal visits I recall KMR having read before.

      I suppose the Cambridges have Brad and Angelia, Kate couldn’t do any work last year over the Summer, including 7/7 services and WW rememberance services, but she was able to meet up with them…

      And of course Wimbledom.

      1. I thought Andy was polite but indifferent to the Cams in the Wimbledon reception line. Kate seemed to be eyeing him in a subtle, flirtatious way, but Andy looked bored and readily moved on to the next person in line. Kate was heard telling Wills “Let’s go” right after Andy dismissed them so abruptly.

        1. Andy is Scottish and he has expressed how he feels about the English, which got him into some trouble with the press, a few years ago. That said, I doubt that he was thrilled to have W&K encroach upon his victory walk.

          Kate’s a flirt, period. She hasn’t got much going for her except her expensive, over-priced wardrobe and hair wigs/extensions. We’ve all seen how very ordinary, borderline trashy she looks when she isn’t dressed in one of her expensive outfits — her last visit to Ben’s race is a prime example. She relies on her body to help with her dimwitted remarks and actions.It must be very mentally exhausting for Waity to continuously and unashamedly try to flirt with men who are married and while in the presence of billy boy. She probably wants to make W jealous. Since that outing that she did solo visiting Ben’s organization which was all over the press, I’m wondering if that is the reason that William was ordered to accompany her on other engagements?

  6. I wish Harry could get his own Twitter account. These moments when we get to see him interacting with other personalities are so endearing.

    As for Bolt, I love that he is such a humble guy. I watched him race on TV, and the commenters were saying that he always gives interviews to EVERY single reporter waiting for him. And he has a great sense of humor – this video of him “trolling” a Brazilian reporter put a huge smile on my face:

  7. Helo my blog partners. As a Brazilian I am very happy and proud with these Olympics. The Rio de Janeiro, with all its problems, managed to make a beautiful and memorable event. Many Brazilians, including myself, were apprehensive about these Olympics, but overall it was okay. The Brazilian people are a suffered people and are events like this that give us a sense of pride and happiness, a relief of the challenges the country faces every day.

    About the story of Harry and Bolt, I had already read the happy birthday message that Harry sent for Bolt and that the Jamaican athlete wanted to celebrate his victory with Harry after the Olympics. I do not know if this story is true, but if it is, good for them. As said, I do not see William having this kind of relationship. This shows that Harry really leaves a feeling of friendship and sympathy that surpasses his prince status. Both times he was in Brazil, everyone, absolutely everyone who was with him only say wonderful things about him. He is not a character like William. And Bolt shares with Harry an impressive charisma. The Brazilians were amazed by Bolt (my mother wants a Bolt doll), as well as Michael Phelps, Simone Biles and others who have shown sympathy and respect for the Brazilian people. For me this is the ideal type of person, which is not only good at what they do but what they really are out of their profession. And we already know Harry. I remember when I watched the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012 and saw that “queen” parachuting and I was surprised to learn later that the “queen” was Harry. Wonderful.

    Have a great day, everyone.

      1. No, it was a professional stunt person. E News did interviews with him afterward.

    1. Hi Jamel, agree with everything you posted. I was also really happy about the Olympics and I think we did really well given the crisis we are facing now. Let’s hope the games represent the changes our country (and Rio) need so much. Beijos!

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