Detailed itinerary of Prince William & Kate Middleton’s tour of Canada

Detailed itinerary of Prince William & Kate Middleton’s tour of Canada

Kensington Palace released the detailed itinerary of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s Canada Tour Part Deux.

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KP made it official that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are going to Canada with their parents. Apparently the tour will consist of “more than 30 engagements over the week” even though they are taking most of one of the days off. Their focus is mostly on meeting people, the culture of the area, and boosting tourism, but they will also visit a few charities – two of which align with their mental health kick. Oh, and once again all of their appearances are duo appearances. Neither William nor Kate are making any solo appearances during this tour.

The full schedule of events:

September 24 (Saturday):

  • Arrive in the afternoon and travel to Victoria, British Columbia with the Royal Canadian Air Force where they will be greeted at Victoria Airport before moving to Government House for a very brief stop.
  • Will officially open the tour at British Columbia’s Parliament Buildings by paying respects at Victoria’s Cenotaph and unveiling a new plaque paying tribute to the veterans of Canada’s involvement in the Afghanistan conflict. The official welcome to Canada will then get underway, featuring an honor guard and speeches.
  • They will return to Government House where they will have meetings with senior Canadian leaders.

September 25 (Sunday):

  • William and Kate will travel from Victoria to Vancouver by float plane. They will land in the harbor in the heart of Vancouver where they will receive a civic welcome in Jack Poole Plaza located by the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.
  • Will visit Sheway located in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. Sheway is a charity that has achieved remarkable things for vulnerable mothers who are battling addiction and other issues. This charity was chosen because, ahem, “The link between addiction and family breakdown is something that has been a major priority of The Duchess’s charitable work.”
  • They will visit the Immigration Services Society of British Columbia where they will meet the staff and volunteers who support over 25,000 recent migrants to Canada each year. They will explore issues including housing, education, employment, language, and mental health and will have an opportunity to engage directly with Syrian refugees.
  • William and Kate will attend an event celebrating young leaders in Canadian arts, music, sport, charity, business, and film.
  • They will visit the Kitsilano Coastguard Station in Vanier park to learn about the round the clock operation to support people who come into trouble on the water that surrounds this coastal city. They will then meet with other first responders who protect the safety and physical and mental health of people in the region, including police and fire services and social workers.

September 26 (Monday):

  • William and Kate will travel to the Great Bear Rainforest – which has been named as Canada’s commitment to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, which is creating a pan-Commonwealth network of forest conservation products. They will arrive at Bella Bella airport and be given an aerial tour of a section of Great Bear by float plane. Then they will land on the water at Bella Bella’s main jetty where they will be ceremoniously welcomed by the Heiltsuk First Nations community.
  • They will be guided by young people through Bella Bella to the community center where a youth performance will take place. There will also be an opportunity for speeches on the significance of the QCC at a separate event following this performance.
  • They will then travel to nearby Mcloughlin Bay where the rainforest will be officially committed to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy during a brief ceremony.
  • In the evening, William and Kate will travel back to Victoria where they will attend a reception hosted by the province of British Columbia at Government House.

September 27 (Tuesday):

  • William and Kate will fly to Kelowna, a city in the beautiful Okanagan Valley where they will visit the Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia. They will have a chance to meet with students and the wider community before watching an exhibition match with the campus’ nationally ranked women’s volleyball team.
  • The couple will take part in the BC Government’s ‘Taste of British Columbia’ festival at Mission Hill Winery. They will have a chance to taste the wine, cheese, and food and will also meet with local young people who are learning about potential careers in food and agriculture.
  • They will fly to Whitehorse, Yukon, arriving in the early evening and will be greeted by members of the Canadian Rangers.
  • In the evening, they will watch a cultural performance at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre. They will stay in Whitehorse overnight.

September 28 (Wednesday):

  • The day will begin with a visit to the MacBride Museum, where they will learn about Yukon’s history.
  • There will be a colorful and fun party on Main Street in Whitehorse. Whitehorse has a thriving arts scene and local artists and craftsman will have their work on display, and there will be plenty of music and local food.
  • William and Kate will move to Carcross, a small town of less than 300 people 70 kilometres from Whitehorse on the Klondike Highway. At the Carcross Commons they will have a traditional welcome from the Carcross/Tagish First Nation and will be given a tour of the recently completed buildings and public spaces there and will have a chance to say hello to the local community.
  • They will travel to Montana Mountain which is known for its biking trails. The Single Track to Success (S2S) project on Montana Mountain not only builds world class trails, it provides life changing experiences to local youth and contributes to tourism in the area.
  • The couple will travel down to the bottom of the track and bid farewell to the young people and the community before heading back to Whitehorse Airport and on to Victoria.

September 29 (Thursday):

  • William and Kate will attend a children’s party in the beautiful grounds of Government House in Victoria. A group of military families have been invited to share what should be a really lovely morning with plenty of surprises for the children. William and Kate will take the rest of the day off to spend some “private time with their children”.

September 30 (Friday):

  • William and Kate will visit Haida Gwaii, the archipelago on the northern coast of British Columbia that is home to the Haida Nation. When the couple arrive at Skidegate, they will transfer to a traditional Haida canoe and will help to paddle around to the beach at the Haida Heritage Centre and Museum, where they will be officially welcomed. Inside the center they will be addressed by the President of the Haida Nation and see a cultural performance from around 30 local children.
  • They will officially opening the new Haida Gwaii Hospital and Care Centre and meet people who have benefited from the services it provides.
  • They will join youth from the Skidegate Youth Centre where they will enjoy world-class fishing on the beautiful waters of the Hectate Strate. The Skidegate Youth Centre serves the youth of Skidegate and surrounding areas engage in safe and meaningful social, recreational and educational activities. The program focuses on confidence building, physical activities and creativity, while achieving social and life skills.

October 1 (Saturday):

  • William and Kate will visit the Cridge Centre for the Family – one of Victoria’s most well-known charitable institutions. The Centre provides a range of services, including childcare, youth outreach, and support for women who have experienced domestic violence.
  • They will visit a local café where they will meet with families that have been supported by the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, one of British Columbia’s leading mental health charities. Kelty uses digital and community-based tools to take mental health services and information to families throughout the province.
  • They will board a tall-ship operated by the Sail and Life Training Society, a charity that uses the power of sailing to give young people skills and direction in their lives. On board will be a group of young people who are part of – a national network of youth who are working to end stigma around mental health for their generation. William and Kate will have a chance to talk to these young people about their work while actively taking part in helping to sail the tall ship before docking in the inner harbor.
  • William and Kate will end their tour by taking part in a public official departure ceremony at Victoria Harbour Airport. They will then board a float plane and will have a brief tour of the southern tip of Vancouver Island before departing Canada with the Royal Canadian Air Force.


“The link between addiction and family breakdown is something that has been a major priority of The Duchess’s charitable work.” Has it? If I remember correctly, Kate dropped addition as her Big Cause only a few months after taking it on. She then moved on to children’s hospices being her “major priority”, then changed her “major priority” to children’s mental health. I kind of think it’s interesting that addiction, a cause Kate has mostly dropped, is one of the focuses of this tour but children’s hospices, which has been a focus on every previous tour and which Kate still kind of does stuff with, is missing.

They don’t have any big gala events planned, so I doubt we will see a gown or big jewels. That Government House reception will probably be like the one in Australia, and Kate will probably only wear a cocktail dress.

I hate to be nitpicky and critical of events even before they happen, but the fact that William and Kate are taking most of a day off during their week-long tour to spend some “private time with their children” bothers me. This tour is only one week long, and they’re on official business. Why are they taking most of a day off? I actually understood why they had days off during the New Zealand/Australia tour since it was three weeks long (and I needed a break, too), but this is only one week long. Why do they need “down time” during a one week long tour?

Canada tour itinerary

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  1. I agree KMR – the Canadian taxpayer is funding all this – and I could undersand perhaps taking a few hours on a Sunday to go to church and then spend a family lunch perhaps – but a Thursday ?? A few service families will get to spend an hour or so with George and Charlotte – but what about the rest of the community who might have an interest ? After all, including the children will come at an extra cost . . . . .

    Just an another opportunity to add an Adventure Holdiday snap to the family album – and no doubt do some hiking and other outdoor activities.

    Thirty engagements ? Hmm – will be interesting to see if all 30 meet and greets collectively go more than 30 hours.

    1. Sadly, I am sure they will count the travel time as part of their work. Plus, I think it is silly that walking off the plane is counted as an engagement. Talk about fluffing up the numbers. I will be shocked if they spend 30 hours total (not including travel).

      1. I don’t think it’s the getting off the plane part that is counted as the engagement – it is the being greeted by officials part that is counted. During the Oz/NZ tour the part of them arriving that showed up in the CC was them being greeted by various officials.

        1. Ya I knew it was the greeting by officials at the bottom of the steps of the plane that count. But it was easier to say “getting off the plane” than typing that out :). Either way, it is still silly that it counts as an engagement. It lasts for 10 minutes at most and is a quick shaking of hands/receiving flowers. It definitely should not count as an engagement. But it is all about seeming busier than they are.

          1. Wouldn’t it be so great if the officials didn’t even bother showing up cuz they have better and more important things to do with their time, than greeting this dull duo? How would WK count being “bowed to” as an engagement then?

      2. I don’t get the numbers thing, I know that there is a CC that tracks engagements, but no matter what Cathy and Bill do or don’t do it appears to **not** matter, or am I missing something? Hope that question makes sense.

        1. I’m with you, royals. Why is there such an effort to plump up numbers as opposed to impact? Apart from the CC being a kind of public report card and a de facto ‘look, we’re relevant to the people’, greeting people as you get off the plane, or giving birth is really trying to wring out something from nothing. And the Cambridge’s always have an excuse anyway. It’s not as if there are consequences – financial or otherwise – if they don’t do much. Now, if goodies were tied to events with a hierarchical scale of events, we’d see a different set of numbers unfold.

    2. I’m just thinking that they only have a week there and yet they’re taking most of one of the days off? You’re only there a week, why not work every day so get the most out of the tour? Also, if any normal employee took their children on a business trip and then said they needed a day off during the middle of the trip to “spend time with their kids”, they would get fired. That’s what evenings and off hours are for.

      1. More yachting and wine tastings! i almost can’t believe it. The schedule actually sounds quite busy? It remains to be seen how much time they spend at each place.

        1. Kelowna is commonly know as wine country in BC. People go up to Kelowna for fun relaxing weekends for wine tasting. Rememebr the time they went wine tasting in Australia, I”m going to guess its going to be very similar to that.

      2. If they want private time with the kids come early or stay late and enjoy the beautiful scenery on their own private time! The fact that they always needed schedule private time I’d infuraiting. I understand needing some down time but they are doing things from 7 am-2100. They can take breathers in between

      3. But if any normal employee took their children on a business trip, they’d usually have weekends off. The Cambridges are working through the weekend, so I don’t begrudge them a part-day off. I’m a Canadian tax payer and BC resident and a parent; they’re spending at least one night away from the kids and having some time to reconnect with them after four fairly full days seems reasonable.

        Regarding the causes issue, Sheway is a fantastic and much-needed organization in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, which is one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods with a lot of systemic health problems. I’m really impressed that the tour is including a stop there and I think in the local context it has the potential to be more meaningful than a hospice visit would have been, though of course it would have been great if they could have also visited Canuck Place, the children’s hospice in Vancouver. There’s more info about Sheway here, there’s a tenuous Princess Diana connection:

          1. I agree that it’s a good point. If they were working full 8 hour days, I wouldn’t begrudge them a day off to be with the kids. But we’ve often talked about how they don’t do anything near 8 hours a day, let alone 8 hours a week. Chances are they do an hour here, an hour there and they’re back with the kids again. Why do they need an entire day off to be with the family?

        1. But they’re not “normal employees” how many days off do they have before they work? Most people work around 40 hrs a wk. they come nowhere near that. Plus, these aren’t going to be all day events and many of it is enjoying the scenery. We know they generally don’t stay long at engagements.

      4. They need a mid-week break for Kate to re-energize due to her having to “run after the kids” plus the gruelling hours she has to work. The truth is that her low caloric intake saps her energy, and cause her to look wilted. They are so very predictable, and are now a laughingstock to many. It’s such a shame that they feel it’s necessary to attach so much self-importance to themselves. However, much of it is the public’s fault for placing them on a pedestal and excusing their behavior. I’m sure if the public ignored them and their popularity were to take a nosedive, they would definitely make themselves more accessible and stop all their ridiculous adolescent games.

  2. It bothers me too that they are taking almost a full day off. The day off is 2 days before they head home, it is not even midway through the tour. So it really makes no sense why they need a day off when they are about to travel home (and probably take a few weeks off). Plus, this ‘tour’ really feels like another vacation for them, so why do they deserve a day off when this is a free vacation to begin with?

    This will really boost their numbers, but doesn’t have much substance. So in the end of this year, their numbers will look better, but if people dig deep it is obvious they are mostly fluff.

    I also don’t get why they are bringing the kids on this short trip? I feel bad for the kids since traveling is hard on young kids. They will just get used to the change and then have to travel home. I feel like Will and Kate are just bringing them along to use them as an excuse not to do certain things (or take a day off).

    1. I think it is very interesting that W&K are bringing the kids on this trip when this trip is about as long as their trip to India where they said they didn’t want to bring the kids because it was such a short trip and would mess with their schedules. Will this short trip to Canada not mess with their schedules? The trips are the same length, why is India out but Canada in? Definitely see some hypocrisy (and perhaps something else) there.

      1. Total hypocrisy. It makes me think that Will and Kate saw how bad the press was on the India tour. So their way of fixing the bad press is not to fix what is truly wrong (the constructive criticism), but instead bring the children to distract the public. They probably figure they can’t get bad press when they bring out the cute children. That is sure how it seems right now. I just feel bad for the children being dragged on this trip and disrupting their routine all for their parent’s PR and vanity.

        1. Is there is a de-brief after royal tours, a frank and fearless review of what went right and wrong, press reactions locally and internationally? If so, what does the team – including the principals – resolve to do better next time?

          I wonder how W+K receive critique? Is their any self-reflection? Or do their advisors tiptoe around them? Meanwhile W+K decide to plop the kids in front of people as a distraction for lack of substance.

          The story being spun in one outlet at present is that W&K want to show G+C Canada before school schedules get in the way. Charlotte won’t remember a thing, and I doubt whether George will either. But the schedule doesn’t look as if the children will be seen much, nor will they see much.

          1. According to the press release, W&K are bringing G&C because “[W&K] have received so many wonderful messages from Canadians since the birth of their children and look forward to having the chance to introduce their young family to the country.”

          2. Haven’t they received many loving and congratulatory words from the people of Britain? So, why keep the kids hidden from them?

            This is definitely a PR stunt. When all else fails, wheel out the tots!

            I feel sorry for PG and Princess Charlotte. That’s a long way to travel for them. And, poor Nanny Maria. Just how often the Canadian public will see the children is a guess. But, the given is certainly the fact that W and K are sliding in the polls and what better way to lift them up than to show off their kids? Shame on them.

        2. Trudeau specifically asked for the kids to come. I suspect the pressure is coming from his government.
          I think Trudeau is making a mistake inviting the. Because this tour is pointless and a waste of taxpayer money. Most Canadians view the Royal Family as foreign visitors and don’t really care about them.
          The people they visit will be polite, because that is what Canadians do.

          1. Meanwhile, remote northern First Nations families cannot afford basic nutrition for their children because they are being gouged by the lone supplier in their town. Pop and chips because milk and apples and chicken are far too exorbitant. It’s a travesty, but ok Trudeau onward and upward with your next vanity project. Just disgusting, imo.

          2. While I agree the First Nations have serious issues to deal with, Harper was also doing photo ops in the North and not much actual help. The issues are complex and a visit by the two most useless adults on earth really won’t do much of anything. Frankly it is condescending for them to visit since William’s direct ancestors helped to create this situation in the first place.

      2. To give the benefit of the doubt, I would say the hot weather was cause for concern for the kids that’s why they weren’t in India. The more suspicious part me would say it’s some kind of hypocrisy thing, maybe even some snobby thing. I don’t wanna say racist because as far as I can tell they are not and I’ve yet to see any reason to believe so. But the bad press in India probably played a part. They needed something to distract from whatever went wrong with that tour.

        1. Weather could well have played a part in that decision; also carting around two babies is silly. I think they are still too young at 3 year and 16 months respectively. I’d laugh if one/both of them decided to channel Leonore!

          1. I have to say I never thought we would see more of George and Charlotte this year. I think this year they have been spotted/photographed a lot.

          2. They have been. I was working on a “how many times have we seen G&C versus the Swedish kids post” (August was *way* busier than I anticipated, so I never got around to posting it) and we’ve seen G&C a lot this year. Not half as much as the Swedish kids, but a lot by Cambridge standards.

          3. Also during the India trip, the kids were younger too…couple that with the hot weather & the attached risk of young kids getting very sick (if they are not used to the heat and the air in India), I can seee why they wouldn’t bring G&C with them then.

        2. I think there could be another answer besides distracting the press, which is conversation topic. W&K apparently have little to no public relating skills, so bringing the kids allows them to be the center of any conversation. They don’t know or seem to care about other people, their lives or problems. People meeting them will naturally ask how the kids are liking the trip which gives an easy answer then moving on, ad infinium.

          1. I agree, sunny. This is probably why Kate brings up George on every engagement she attends. She doesn’t have anything of substance to talk about.

          2. I remember on one of Kate’s walk abouts she ask a lady if her baby was a boy or girl. The lady told her it was a girl. As Kate walked away she told the lady your son is beautiful. A news lady was interviewing the lady. She was shaking her head and kind of laughing. She told the news lady that Kate ask about the baby and in less than two minutes Kate had forgotten what she said. It wasn’t that Kate forgot she wasn’t listing to began with.

          3. Cue in George and Charlotte to help their parents image. It’s pretty sad that they are dragging the kids along. A three year old and a 16 month old need to stay on their routines. This trip in my opinion, is not good for the kids. Yet William and Kate I believe do not have see it that way. George and Charlotte will boost the image of the Lazy Duo as being hands on parents as well as a modern and young monarchy. The people I feel bad for are George, Charlotte, and poor Nanny Maria. She will be the one that will have to comfort the children with the time change and being off their routine.

      3. Well. I believe now they are out of predominantly white Commonwealth countries 🙁 for them! However, they’ve already set up many more trips to Canada! I believe the Palace’s release says something about introducing their “young family” to a country they will visit many, many times.

        1. I hope not. They are utterly useless human beings and this waste of my taxpayer money should never happen again. Stay in the UK, because Canadians can’t afford more of this waste.

  3. It sounds like a lovely vacation.

    Why are they bringing the children? For a Cambridge/Trudeau photo op, and that’s all?

    Work time is not for ‘private time with your kids’. Well, it is in Cambridgeland, where work time is all holiday time!

    1. I doubt K&W have too much interest in photo ops with the PM – altough in this case he is very good looking and Kate seems to like flirting with Ben Ainsley so maybe it will be a plus on this vacation.

    1. Hopefully. She’s done a skirt fly up on every tour she’s undertaken, though. Hopefully this one breaks the tradition.

      1. Feeling queasy at the thought here!

        Is the bar set so low now that we think it’s a good day if we dont see Kate’s underwear?

          1. Can’t get Godiva chocolates here 🙁

            Which is probably a good thing considering my waistline?

            Rhiannon – you asked about my friend with GB. She doing really well, I actually think she’s looking healthier than she did before. She was worse than you. She told me she was diagnosed and hospitalized immediately as it was to the point that her breathing would shut down next. She’s a lovely lady and as she is my mother’s age it must have been so scary, you would know all about that! I had read up on GB after you told us about your diagnosis so I knew a little of what was going to happen. I think she was happy that finally there was someone who knew about it and she didn’t have to explain. The first time I saw her after I gave her a hug and it was only later that she told me no one had wanted to touch her or even give her a hug as they were afraid. I saw her last weekend and she’s doing really well, using a walker out in public when there are lots of people around otherwise she’s using a stick. She plans to be back at her volunteer job at Christmas and I think she will make her target. She definitely hasn’t lost her kind nature and her optimism!

          2. Oh Cathy that is so good to hear. The sad thing about GB is that it hits us so differently. My case started at my hands and feet. It went up to my diaphragm by the time I was hospitalized. My arms were numb through my forearm too. I was starting to get short of breath quickly. I am so glad that you knew enough to support her.

            The sad thing about GB is that many people do not know about it. They get confused and aren’t sure what to say or do around you. I am sure that your hug meant the world to her. Please know that it is the small things that make people feel ‘normal’ again.

            I actually ‘raced’ this past weekend. It was a 5k and I walked it with my cane. It wiped me out, but I needed to do it for my spirit. It took me an hour and a minute, but I finished. My bff took my cane and made sure I walked over the finish line without it. I will tell you this: I always considered myself to be pretty selfless and compassionate. But GB taught me empathy and patience too. Because you need the latter as you recover.

            Thanks for reaching out 🙂

      2. I am going to go against the grain here and say I think this is the tour that she doesn’t!! Truly. She looked SO angry at the India tour as it was happening. That was a solemn event, and then that soldier had to help her…. if it happens against this time, truly there is no stopping her.

        1. I got the impression Kate was angry at the photographer for getting that snap!

          It seemed on the day that she didn’t really make much of an effort to gather up her skirt so it didn’t fly around, it was more like she was liking the feeling of the fabric moving through her fingers??????

          1. I’ve read that, too. But I’m not entirely sure if that’s accurate. From his photos posted from that moment (and other people’s photos from the other side of her), he was not standing right in front of her during her skirt blowing moment – he was standing diagonally to them, then as they moved closer to the monument he was standing to the side of them, then he moved to stand diagonally from them as he moved in front of them. And when he did move in front of her, there was a large block of stone and fire standing between them and all you can see of her is from the chest up. So I’m not completely sold on the rumor that Chris Jackson saw everything and/or took photos of it. If he did see something, it was as much as anyone else saw.

        2. I don’t think she looked angry then. Frustrated and flustered. It was as if she was saying to herself, “Oh, no. Not again.” Yet, she had herself to thank for choosing the full skirt with the light fabric. I think maybe, I should change my vote from below. I will be happy if she learned her lesson and no flashing occur. I am afraid to go all out, though. Of course, with the kids around, (her children), maybe she will be on best behavior?!
          I hope so.

    2. So, I think this might be the first tour she doesn’t flash on. Mainly because it is a casual tour, I am not sure of how many dresses she will be wearing. Dresses are normally the only thing she wears on tour, but this one is different so her percentage goes down. She will probably mostly be wearing legging/jeans. But Kate might find some way around that 😉

  4. So, the kids are attending a party on Thursday? The remainder of the week they will be…?

    And “the link between addiction and family breakdown is something that has been a major priority of Kate’s charity work”. What kind of fantasy is this?

    1. Rebecca English at the DM said we may see G&C up to four times – arrival, play party, departure, plus one more. But who knows. I don’t know which other engagement would be kid-friendly enough for them to go to.

      1. So they bring the two small kids, one little more than a baby, on a 10-hour flight in order to be seen coming off a plane, be seen going to a party, maybe another event, and then be seen getting on a plane for a 10-hour flight? Are they using these kids as a shield? It will be interesting if the kids don’t play along… kids being kids.

        1. 10 hour flights with kids is not fun. I did it with one and I did not have a nanny. God bless Maria–and judging by the pictures of her out with George, and not Charlotte, when W&K left for Cornwall from KP, they’ve got another nanny as well. I hope it’s an overnight, because man, it’s rough but if they can sleep through most of it that makes it easier.

          1. Pity poor maria. She’s the one who has to deal with cranky kids.

            It leaked out at some point during the Aus/NZ tour that Maria had been in charge of PGtips entire flight to/from both countries whilst Kate slept through the trip.

            If you remember pics of Maria disembarking on arrival in NZ, she looked wrecked whilst Kate looked fresh as a daisy.

          2. I do pity poor Maria. Every day. I’d not heard that story but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Hands-on parenting, eh? Mind you, it wasn’t made clear that those hands belonged to nanny Maria. Did we ever believe otherwise?

        2. From what we’ve seen of Kate’s cold-heartedness towards Charlotte on BP’s balcony, I doubt that the children’s comfort is of any importance. Also, Charlotte could very well be in some discomfort with her ears and the popping that is felt at high altitudes. Isn’t George attending school? If so, wouldn’t this trip be messing up with his scedule?

      1. There will be a cenotaph visit in Canada and we all know that Kate has a history of flashing the war dead. I am betting that she is going to do that here too.

    2. It’s unbelievable that they tout the idea that addiction & family is her life’s work so to speak. She puts in less hours than a Saturday kid at their first job. It’s not only an insult to all the genuine caregivers out there but also to other members of the RF such as Princess Anne, HM, PoW etc who actually do put the hours in. Even thought HM in in Balmoral she’s still doing her boxes every day, entertaining that the Govt. has advised her to do in Balmoral as opposed to Windor & BP. Writing and reading re. Her patronages. Monarchy doesn’t stop for holidays unless you are a Cambridge. It really is quite delusional thinking to believe that she plays any kind of role beyond being on William’s arm. I’ve yet to hear her utter one sensible remark in relation to anything like a working role. We know she’s not stupid…..just totally disinterested and unmotivated. She doesn’t even have the ability to listen properly or show genuine empathy. I despair.

      1. Hello, Mrs BBV. I loved what you wrote about Kate putting in less hours than a Saturday kid at their first job! So true. It is shameful and insulting to other Royals who work so diligently and care so much about their causes. I am not going to insist that Kate and William don’t care about mental health issues, but the amount of work they do is not what average people refer to as “work.”

        You are also right when you say that Monarchy does not stop for holidays. W and K are having a much easier time of it than any other future King and spouse ever had. This up and coming trip to Canada sounds like a lovely vacation. One, many of us would be only to happy to embark upon, yes?

        My sympathy is with those two little children who are being dragged along for positive press. And, to Maria, the loving, hardworking nanny, too. That will be some long flight . Trans Atlantic and then well into Canada. Those kids are not seasoned travelers. Traveling with tots like them is not easy! Nanny Maria certainly earns her pay! I do hope that when the parents take time to be with their children that Maria will have a little time to experience the beauty of Canada, too. Or, at least, W and K, send her on a lovely holiday in the very near future. One, in which she is not working nonstop watching your children.

        1. They are so lucky to have Maria. I often wonder how long she’ll stay with the family and how she is treated by the Cambridges? I wonder if they realise how lucky they are to have her given how attatched William was to Barbara Barnes who was wrenched from him at a very vulnerable age or whether they see her as just staff. Her relationship with them all fascinates me and yet we know so little. Xx

  5. Sorry, but my inner snark wanted to know if KP managed to release the itinerary without a spelling mistake?

    Are they going to breeze through the crowd like they did in Auckland with hardly a stop? Not impressed then as they were going sailing and weren’t terribly interested in meeting the crowd.

    As for them not doing any solo engagements? Imo, Kate’s not really up to going solo so William has to be there, mainly it seems to keep her moving?

      1. There were members of the America’s Cup team (Emirates Team NZ) on board and I think there may have been a hunky All Black or two?

        Could this be the reason for the quick walk to the boats? Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city but very little time was spent meeting the crowd (well, the people who were there).

  6. Long Term reader first time commenting. Big fan of the blog and your writing style KMR.As somebody who lives in this part of Canada I feel that they can be doing so much more on this tour. They are visiting some very beautiful parts of BC that many people that live in BC would love to visit. So it does sort of come off has a vacation. One positive I will give them is the inclusions of the First Nation community which is a big part of Canadian history.

    1. I was lucky enough to spend time in BC a number of years ago – including a trip on the Rocky Mountineer train – fantastic scenery and great country. Canada stacks up well in the recognition of First Nation communities – I would like think that W&K requested this inclusion – but I imagine it was advisors. Of course, if there is something in these communities that is on Kate’s Bucket List then she might of requested it

      1. As somebody who does not have a lot of money to travel . I’m super jealous that they get to explore all these places that I would love to go , because they are supposed to be beautiful.

    2. Hi westcoastgirl, and welcome. I hope you’ll provide some local insight into the tour that we would miss. When the tour was announced one of your local papers said that W+K had chosen certain things to do and these were incorporated into the tour/vacation. Can’t find it now though did put a link in a comment here at the time.

    3. Hi westcoastgirl! Alberta girl here, and done my fair share of travelling in the mountains between our provinces, but never been farther west than Vernon. My son was invited to try out at the Kelowna Rockets camp a couple of years ago and he loved it there.

      That said, I don’t feel that “boosting tourism” should be listed as a goal of this royal tour. The places they are visiting in BC are globally established (surprised they aren’t doing a quick stop at Whistler) as areas of beauty and tourism. The Yukon has never been considered a tourist destination, or certainly not on the same strata as BC. The Cambridges are embarking on a “duty” trip and a real whirlwind at that!

      I hope Maria gets Thursday off to see some sights or just sleep all day, since that’s “family” time- she won’t be needed at all, right?

      1. I don’t think BC needs anything to boost tourism! I live in WA and was contemplating driving up to check them out but wanted something to do other than be weird peeper. I knew there was a rainforest in the area but have been to Olymic national park several times so had never been to the one across the boarder. As I was looking into it I found out about the spirit bear (I guess they did help a little) and was trying to get onto some tours. All the ones I emailed were all booked up and they were for at least a yr!! So they get to go but are doing it via float plane?!?! They’re missing some of the best parts. Grizzlies are still active during that time too!! So frustrating. I decided to get a pair of shoes instead…

        1. BC is already known worldwide, if not because of the Olympics then just because it is a beautiful province. W&K visiting will have zero effect on tourism. Any claims that these two boost tourism is quite simply a lie.

      1. Oh jinkies. I didn’t even think of that….please for all that is good in the world, let someone please help prepare this man. And for her too. I am sure that she will find the history of Native Americans to be “interesting”.

        1. I am doubly concerned because Manning is not going, and because this trip was planned in such a short period of time. And one of the Canadians can confirm, but BC/Yukon are not traditional strongholds of royalism, right? It’s not like they are meeting with people of British descent in Toronto.

          1. You will find strongholds of royalism anywhere in Canada. It wasn’t that long ago that God Save the Queen was sung along with O Canada at school every morning. This is a country still very much tied to the Commonwealth and quite honestly one of the last things people care or think about is getting out from under it. We have bigger fish to fry. The BRF are just figureheads of leadership, really.

            If the Cambridges want to come visit, bring $$ to donate to our charities or those in need. Their presence is not a gift to anyone but themselves, as we have seen time and again. Wonder if Kate will show up in Moose Knuckles or Canada Goose?? I will die laughing if she does 😉

  7. “the link between addiction and family breakdown” – hmm – wonder how the Wales family breakdown has played out with W & H ? Harry seems to be making a go of things, whereas Will has to be pandered to

  8. I really don’t get why there aren’t any solo engagements. Due to his “job” the coastguard meeting woukd totally fit William or Kate could focus on mental health, her new big thing.
    As usual it sounds a lot in schedule but having a closer look it’s a couple of “arrive/greeted by..” or “say hello to…” events which shouldn’t take a lot of time! And though I don’t mind that some events sounds more like fun to them I think they could do so much more!

    And I also don’t get bringing the kids to Canada. Even more as they couldn’t bring them to India as it would mess up their schedule. It’s actually a valid reason but it will be same for Canada. Also, the kids aren’t in an age where they will able to remember a lot or can attend some engagements. I remember the Danish kids in Greenland and though sometimes bit bored they were able to understand what was going on and to learn a bit.

    My hopes for this tour aren’t really high but who knows, maybe we will be nicely surprised.

  9. I know Will and Kate are not next in line but I always think of that saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Surely now would be the perfect time to introduce a few business-type engagements? After all they have already done the “meet the people” type tour in 2011, and both Will and Kate still seem uncomfortable with the job so the more training and practice, the better off they will be when it’s time to step up.
    As far as Kate’s changing interests – I understand that it takes time before you can settle on a cause/career path but it would be more professional to work with different causes behind the scenes for awhile to know whether she can cope with them.

  10. This sounds like a wonderful vacation. I would love to do this on my own. I do think that these tours are almost like a microwave dinner – take out of freezer; pop in microwave for 3 minutes; remove to cool and eat it. It looks good on the box, but it doesn’t look the same in person and it doesn’t taste just right.

    That being said, I see all fluff and no substance here. While they are second in line of the throne, they aren’t doing anything that will prepare them. I think both will be in for a rude awakening once HM passes (which I hope is no time soon) and Charles ascends the throne. They will be ill prepared. I am starting to lose hope that WK will be ready to pick up the work which is required of the Prince of Wales/Duke of Cornwall entails. If he continues to work as he does (light schedule, utter disengagement), we will begin to see the end of the monarchy. The only good aspect is that we will see Georgie and Char briefly. I do feel bad for the people of England as they rarely get to see them.

    Thank you so much for this update, KMR! Let’s hope for a tour with no “that’s interesting” comments and fly ups.

    1. You are right rhiannon, a wonderful vacation with no substance and this is pathetic, really a joke. But with William and Kate this is not a surprise.

    2. +100

      The beginning of the end of the British Monarchy (take a look at the SRF at multiple event, and all the Princessesand Princes present inspite of having babies/young children, and even further down the Line as is Princess Maddie who was performing duties, Charity work).

      The BRF will soon have nothing special to fund by taxpayers and the Duchy by the time IF whiny Bill becomes heir ; and there is no practice, to make perfect by willnot and cannot middleton.

      For them it’ s all about excuses excuses, of the kids….meanwhile, nanny the hands on parent.

      1. The way they are relying on the 5th in line(Harry) should make it obvious the 5th in line needs to be 2nd in line. Only way the BRF will survive.

  11. I agree with you, rhiannon. We all hope for change, but it does not seem to find us.
    The itinerary sounds full when you initially read it and then you think, vacation! And, a full vacation is what we all are looking for. Few can really afford such a trip, though .
    Time off with the kids? Ridiculous. If it was a Sunday, maybe, but during the week? And, I think the kids are being rolled out for great photo opps for arrival and departure and for the Trudeau encounter. I feel sorry for PG and PCharlotte and for Nanny Maria, who will bear the brunt of the kids from the long flight to Canada and the additional burden of them being thrown off their schedules.

    Flashing? Well, as others said, it would not be a state visit without one or two. Still, maybe, Kate has learned her lessons? If you win your bet Rhiannon, enjoy every bite of those chocolates.

    Mental health issues still at the forefront of their interests. Hope this is more substance than fluff, but who know? I’m getting very tired of these two. VERY>

  12. How much do you want to bet that Kate will take to the court with the women’s volleyball team for a warm-up before the exhibition? And do it while wearing–of course–wedges, leggings and a shirt that will ride up to show off her toned tummy?

    1. Ugh, if she wears one more pair of sprayed on leggings I may vomit. Prediction wise we have flashing, sports while wearing wedges, too-tight pants and I’m going to also predict crazy faces (Kate’s way of flirting) with the PM. Maybe a comment about how George is a handful… Any other predictions?

        1. Canadian bacon 🙂 Canada is gorgeous and back in the day we could cross the border and enjoy w/o being bothered by passports and such. We didn’t get far into Canada but our daughter lives very near the border and every time I see that sign I think how nice it would be to go back. For our 50th wedding anniversary we’re planning to take the tour that starts by train and I’m not exactly sure about the rest, but this has been our plan for years and we’ve been saving. Down the road aways but something to look forward to.
          Canada doesn’t **need** help with tourism, the country itself is enough so the promote tourism is crap. They promote nothing. If these nimrods were visiting our state I would be more like angry at the hang ups they cause rather than happy they were here. Not impressed at all, and I don’t see one single reason for this tour, and especially nothing at all that justifies the horrendous expense and arrangements that have to be made.

      1. George loves everything Canada. He’s awful. He’s a handful.

        Charlotte is a perfect angel because she is a girl and girls are perfect and boys are bad.

        1. Yeah, but like, Charlotte is feisty now and George is now the baby-wrangler, or something. I’m not sure. George and Charlotte’s personalities and likes change every time W&K talk about them.

          1. Pretty much! Just like Kate’s interests change. I’m a good cook, no, William says I’m a bad one; and George likes everything he likes brownies, he makes a mess; I wanted to be a farmer too! *head, meet desk*

          2. I wonder if these tall stories are told because both W+K like to simply screw with the press? They know whatever they say will be written about, so desperate is the press to report anything about them.

          3. I’ve also started to wonder if they do it so as to throw people off of what George and Charlotte are really like. W&K don’t want people to know who their kids really are, so they lie about their personalities and likes? Not in any sort of altruistic way of “G&C should get to decide what part of their lives the public know” but in a “I hate the public knowing anything about me or my kids” sort of way.

          4. KMR I wouldn’t be surprised if they are doing it to keep the public in the dark. Look at Kate, we really have no idea what she is truly like. We don’t really know her personality or likes. On the Canada tour a kid asked what her favorite color was and she said something like ‘I don’t know, white I guess.’ It was a simple question and she kind of skirted it. William and Kate don’t want the public to know anything about them and that goes for the kids as well. William gets some kind of sick pleasure out of messing with the media and in large the public.

  13. Maybe it would be nice for Will and Kate to do something with George and Charlotte in the UK? If they can travel with George to Australia and both kids to Canada, then why can’t they bring both kids to do a few little events on English soil?
    And to say that they need to spend time with the kids on one full day off of a one week long tour…not too long ago royals would travel for 4-6 months throughout the Commonwealth. The Queen basically lived on the royal yacht for months while she toured various countries. It is ridiculous that Will and Kate make it seem like they can’t be away from their children for more than a few days. The kids are with them, they will see them every day. The fact that they are taking one day off really makes this seem like a glorified family vacation, not a professional tour. When will Jason realize that the more they say they need to be with their kids constantly, the more they alienate working parents who have real jobs 9-5, Mon-Fri?

    1. I think they are trying to be relatable by claiming they want to focus on their kids and that they can’t work too much because of the kids, but they are so out of touch that they don’t realize instead of sounding relatable they are alienating all the parents who actually work full time jobs.

    2. I’ve noticed that if an event is “work” related the royal parents can’t bear to be parted from their children but when sun and sand call, it’s a whole different story. I’m sorry to be so snarky but the whole Maldives vacation when George was 8 months old really opened my eyes to these two and I haven’t been able to look at them the same way again.

      1. Not just holidaying without him, but having the new nanny start working with him that same week and having Carole show the nanny the ropes.

        That was a double whammy of showing just how ‘hands on they were’

    3. I suspect they (at least William) are away from their kids for extensice periods of time when they are not working / hiding outat Buckle/Anmar/France/etc. The fact that they have to have quality family time in the middle of a week long tour is absurd to me.

    1. Oh yeah, Leti’s back to work!! She’s one of my faves and Kate should take note not only on the pants but how to engage with kids and look like you’re enjoying it!

    2. OMG, I love her outfit!!! Kate needs to try something like that. She would look good in a wide leg pant (or really anything that isn’t glued onto her legs).

      1. Also Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima both wear beautiful
        trousers and blouses. Neither have ever had a fly up show my body moment. So this proves it can be done. I’ve totally lost all respect for Kate. And have no hope of her ever changing.

    3. Great example of wearing proper trousers for work – looks smart and no chance of flashing. The Euro-royal women who often wear trousers have all had proper jobs before being ‘royal’ – maybe thats the difference?

      1. I do believe you are right Kay, it’s the lack of real world “work” experience (among other things) that really seems to hold the Duchess back from doing her job correctly.

  14. There will be no windblown skirts because this has been labelled a casual, outdoors kind of tour. DofC will be wearing painted on pants at every event she goes to. I would love for her to look to Queen Rania, Queen Mathilde, Queen Maxima, the Princess Royal etc on what’s appropriate when wearing pants to an event. Call me old fashioned but for the DofC’s position, jeans and leggings are not appropriate when “working”. I feel sometimes that the way she dresses is almost disrespecful to the people that are hosting her.

    1. Add Queen Leti to the list. She wears trousers a lot, she too is very slim but she doesn’t wear spray on jeans/jeggings etc but smart Boss trousers. There’s a Boss store at Bicester where Kate apparently shops ( a very popular high end discount village ). She should go there.

    2. I agree with you, Loyal, about Kate’s jeans and leggings being so inappropriate. I work in a casual corporate office where we don’t meet the public. Jeans and leggings are not allowed. Well, jeans are allowed on Fridays, but leggings without a long tunic top – never.

      What one wears does signal a lack of respect if it is inappropriate. Once a young relative of mine by marriage wore his flannel pajama pants and rag-worthy tee to a family wedding. He was doing it to upset everyone, since that was his MO for everything. I’m glad my niece wised up and kicked him to the curb.

    1. Carole has never been on an official tour. Private vacations, yes. But not any official tours.

  15. Awww travel is stressful for little kids! They should have a day off. Especially if they are not used to mom being away everyday. I only work three days a wk and by the last day my little guy misses me.

    1. Travel is tough which is why it’s ridiculous that they are taking them. There’s absolutely no reason that they have to be there. And they are ok with mum being away – Maldives, India/Bhutan etc.

        1. They have to bring the kids if they want good press and coverage.The India trip was rather boring .They were criticized for taking personal time during an tour and restricting access to the press.Now they want to bring the kids out to help curb some of the criticism they get by portraying themselves as very hands on parents.I thought they were hands on until the trip to the Maldives when w&k didn’t have a problem leaving George for a holiday.I believe nanny Maria&Carole are more hands on than the parents

          1. +1. Shame someone in the press doesn’t call them out on this type of thing. It’s obviously self-serving. The kids are going to be mucked about dreadfully with travel, etc and for what? Getting off and on a plane, and a party for an hour or so, all to shield their lazy parents from critique for yet another tour-lite.

          2. I’m not sure if their children had been with them on the India tour could have saved them. The stunt William pulled together was one of the most disrespectful moments that anyone could pull off much less a Royal. On the day they were flying home the public/fans and media had gathered out front of their hotel. William set it up so they could go thru the kitchen out the back door. Their were Range Rovers out front to pose as they were waiting on the Cambridges. After awhile and time passed on someone checked to learn they had left. After standing in that heat for no telling how long and William and Kate are in an air conditioning in either a car or plane laughing how smooth they were. Now can someone tell me why would they do that. How hard is it to walk out a door wave to the people get in your car and leave. I know of no other royal couple on tour pulling such a childish stunt. These two need to grow up.

          3. Because they are a-holes. They clearly get a high from “beating” the press. Tanna, I think, said William punched the air when he was escorting Kate into the hospital to give birth to George because William had thought he “beat” the press who were out front waiting for them.

          4. Wow, I didn’t hear of that before Shirley, but that is just terrible. They really do think they’re celebrities, and emulate the worst behaved to boot.

          5. And the story of them breezing past in the Bhutan part of the tour leaving into the cars when the media were waiting giving them little to no time. William loved that I am sure. I am also pretty certain they told the media the wrong due dates with the babies to screw with them, especially George; making the media stand out there for weeks in the broiling heat day after day…

          6. You are right about the press coverage, except I would have to say ANY press coverage. I think without George and Charlotte the visit would get little attention in the Canadian media. Even with them, I think the mainstream Canadian papers will probably cover the visit with Trudeau and the kids’ stuff, but very little else in terms of news coverage v. tabloid coverage, pictures, etc.

  16. I don’t think that Kate will **dare** to flash, but I could be wrong. The kids are coming along I think to be props and a distraction. Someone said that they are a talking point and that makes perfect sense.
    Jen, your comment about the hands belonging to Nanny Maria is not only funny but right on. Why in the name of all that is logical don’t they just give up trying to convince people that they are hands on parents? Rich people have nannies and it’s hardly a big deal, but their blabbering on about it **is** insulting to parents who do work and raise families, not to mention to the intelligence of anyone higher up the food chain than an aomeba.

    1. I have no idea who they think they are fooling either. I’d imagine other ‘normal’ parents grit their teeth and keep on doing what they do. Of course these two have nannies and all kinds of help. But the persist in this ridiculous, “we’re just normal” charade which is truly insulting.

    2. The more they say it the more people believe it. Leave them alone, they’re such great, hands on parents and she has great hair and William is a RAF hero!


  17. I am looking forward to this tour. Mainly so I can see the Canadian landscape. sigh. I want to go as the unofficial nanny. hehe.

    I hope Kate has learnt her lesson about the flyups. I am kind of hoping that Kate’s dress or skirt will blow up but not with Justin Trudeau. I know little about Canadian politics and I do not want to know. However I hope Kate does not flirt with him especially with the children there. Are they taking Prince George to the party with the children? I hope the children have some new and warm clothes. George will love this and that and Charlotte is fiesty and a lady. Oh this is going to be great but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. No I hope it improves British/Canadian relations.

    1. Oh, no worries, I have a feeling this is going to spun as a cozy ” Cambridge family visits the Trudeau family for a quick ramble over the grounds” type of trip. Sophie will be prevelant with her fashion and her children.

      I am picturing the Zoolander “walk off” situation, but you know, with manners and grins and in the very best taste ?

        1. Zoolander is actually pretty funny, and that’s coming from someone who dislikes comedies. I have not seen Zoolander 2 but I’ve heard it’s terrible. I’d give Zoolander a watch, though, if you have spare time. I wouldn’t put it high on the “to watch” list, but it is funny.

  18. An inappropriate trip to drag along their props, I mean children. If I’ve read the itinerary correctly, they barely do any activities with the kids as it’s not appropriate to have them there as they would be a distraction…so why bring them? It’s not like they’re going for a long time. What a joke to have more than half a day off whilst being funded by the Canadian taxpayers to work. Sounds like a great holiday, lucky them!

  19. I thought it was already official that they were bringing the kids? It seems like they have been talking about this tour forever now. This is KP’s MO regarding the couple: to gradually release info so that they are always in the media, making them look busy. Ate least this time they are not releasing entire articles focusing on Kate’s fashion.

    1. Everyone assumed they would but KP had not officially confirmed it before this press release.

    2. Paula, I think that’s what it’s all about: a constant drip feed of sugar and spice and all things nice to convince the public of their purpose and utility. It’s hard to make relevant the act of looking busy for a few hours a week for a few scattered months of the year.

      PS: KMR, I’ve noticed that I recently turned green ie my little toggle next to my name. It’s a nice change up from the brown. I wonder if you are going to do this from time to time to keep us on our toes?

  20. Just to repeat what others have already (and more eloquently) said here: why can’t they ‘tour’ the UK for once? We pay for them, let us see the goods!

  21. Well, by bringing the children to Canada K & W can tightly control access the press will have to the kids. We probably will not see them again until Christmas. I just read that Kate made a complaint about the picture of George on the police motorcycle being a breach of privacy and it was upheld because because the picture was on the grounds of Kensington Palace. KMR, hoping you do a post on this.

      1. KMR, maybe you could talk about the public vs private. KP is public. But are only certain parts of it public? I’ve walked by that very area myself and nobody cared. Part of the palace is public and of course all the gardens are as well and people see the royals there sometimes… I wonder if it would be considered public or private grounds? People take pictures of them on the helicopter leaving from Hyde Park fairly often.

        1. William and Kate need to take a lesson from Crown Prince Fredrick and Princess Mary. They always make time for media and photo shoots with their children. And the royals of Sweden are always posting pictures of their children. They are really good about posting pictures on their Facebook pages. William really does need to grow up.

  22. A modern royal couple that warms the heart of millions people around the world and brings people and nations together: new wind in the British monarchy! William, Catherine and Harry are following the step of Princess Diana being dutiful, careful to the people who need support and attention, sharing hope, respect and love to those ones in need. Princess of wales would be very proud of them. Canada should too!

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