Swedes at parliament opening, Madeleine at Min Stora Dag event

Swedes at parliament opening, Madeleine at Min Stora Dag event

Yesterday, September 13, was the opening of the Swedish parliament, Riksdag, which King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, and Princess Madeleine attended. I’m also including photos of Madeleine and Silvia showing a little girl around the Royal Palace in connection with Min Stora Dag, and photos of Victoria and Princess Estelle at an event on Sunday.

Yesterday kicked off with a service at Stockholm Cathedral – a medieval Cathedral built in 1279, and where Victoria and Daniel got married in 2010 – attended by the King, Queen, Crown Princess Couple, Prince Couple, and Madeleine. The service was led by Dean Hans Ulfvebrand and Chaplain Kristina Ljunggren.

After the church service, the royals rode via carriage to Parliament House where they King opened the parliament session with a speech about the importance of the EU. For space, I’m only quoting part of it.

    “We live in a globalized world. Many events have recently shaken the world, including Sweden. It is clearer than ever that what happens outside of Sweden also concerns us. Also, the European Union is subjected to stresses. We must continue to believe in cooperation between countries and on a covenant that guarantees peaceful interaction.
    “Sweden has been at peace for over 200 years and is today one of the world’s most prosperous countries. This has not always been. For over a hundred years ago, we were a poor country as people left. Over the past 150 years, Sweden has gone from being a country of emigration to a country that many people turn to. Today also moving thousands of Swedes abroad every year to work or study.
    “I hope that all Swedes in Sweden and abroad, stand up for our values. Values ​​that belief in human equality, equality between women and men, the belief in a democratic form of government, religion and speech. Sweden has a long tradition of promoting peace, security and human rights in the international context. […]
    “Our cultural heritage is the glue that binds us together. It is rich and diverse – created by influences from different countries for centuries. By meeting with mutual respect, and by listening and learning from each other, so we developed. That is why the good conversation between people is so important.”

[Full transcript, in Swedish]

In the evening, Carl Gustaf, Silvia, Daniel, Carl Philip, and Madeleine attended a concert of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Stockholm Concert Hall. Victoria and Sofia sat this event out.

The parliament opening tradition calls for a dress code of black and white. Victoria wore a black and white Paule Ka dress which she wore to the same event in 2014. Madeleine wore a Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini white lace top with black neck bow ($460) under her black Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti jacket. She wore a black skirt as well. Sofia wore a black Max Mara ‘Tivoli’ dress ($1,090).

The royals changed for the evening concert.

On Monday, September 12, Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine received 7 year old Enna from Skåne (Prince Oscar’s Duchy). Enna has a disease (which was not specified) that makes living difficult, and her dream was to meet and have coffee with the Queen and Madeleine at the Royal Palace.

Through the organization Min Stora Dag, of which Madeleine is Patron, Enna’s dream came true. Enna, her mother, brother, and six assistants who care for Enna were driven to the Palace in a white limousine where they met Silvia and Maddie has had cookies and marzipan (which is Enna’s favorite).

[Kate Gabor/Kungahuset.se]

Min Stora Dag is a nonprofit organization that “makes dreams come true for Swedish children and youngsters with serious illnesses and diagnoses”. They believe that “all children with serious illnesses in Sweden should be a part of something positive out of the ordinary that provides power and self-esteem”. Min Stora Dag is funded entirely through donations from individuals, companies, organisations and foundations. They do not receive any governmental funds. In 2015, 7% of the annual expenses went toward administration.

Madeleine has been Patron of Min Stora Dag for years. Earlier this year she and Princess Leonore hosted a Fairy Tale Party at the Palace.

[Kate Gabor/Kungahuset.se]

Maddie wrote on Facebook: “Enna is 7 and her dream was to meet the Royal Family at the Palace. My mom and I are so blessed to be able to fulfill that dream for her today! So proud of all the work ‘Min Stora Dag’ does.”

Madeleine wore her favorite designer, Valentino. She wore the “Pleated Printed Silk Skirt” ($1,690) and “Rockstud Light Blush Patent Leather Pumps” ($825).

[Kate Gabor/Kungahuset.se]

Maddie also posted a photo of Prince Nicolas on her Facebook page of Nicolas reaching up to a horse the day before Prince Alexander’s Christening. She captioned the photo: “Love at first sight”.

[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

On Sunday, September 11, Prince Daniel attended Sport Day at Haga Park which includes Prince Daniel’s race. Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle were not there officially, but they attended to watch and support from the audience.

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  1. The RF all look appropriately dressed for the opening of Parliament. I’m sure Maddie and Silvia gave the little girl visiting for Min Stora Dag a special time that she will always remember. Maddie looks to be genuinely caring about her visitor and family.

  2. It’s interesting to see the Swedish royal family on offical business like the opening of Parliament. Great see all adult members came along and , as Oz Shan, said “appropriately dressed”.

    I love that Madde and Silvia were able to give Enna her wish and give Enna and her Mum a day to remember. Bless Madde and Silvia for doing this.

    1. I thought is was lovely, too, that in one of the photos there was genuine empathy: the brother putting his arm around Maddie, Silvia putting her hands on Enna.

    1. +1
      Thank you KMR!

      Such positive sincere royal family and role models; the sharing of the children/family life, and all the adult children participation- with charities, the people and duties. Wonderful to follow with little or no ‘drama’.

      My only request Princess Leonore would have been a wonderful addition to meeting Enna;-)

  3. State opening is business as usually everyone really smart and we get to see the cavalry yay ?? God I love the queen and Madde ❤️ They really go out of their way when it comes to children and seem so genuine too! Thanks for all the coverage you do about the Swedish royal family KMR!!! 🙂

  4. I am officially a Madeleine sugar! I love that she and Queen Silvia were able to grant this little girl’s wish and as a former Make-A-Wish kid, it makes me happy to see these wishes come true. These women are naturals when it comes to caring for the young.

    Everyone looked smartly dressed for the evening concert and it’s sweet to see that chivalry isn’t dead and tgr husbands offered their arm to their wives.

    Estelle is so adorable and it’s very wonderful to see the close relationship with her parents.

    Last, I saw this photo when Madeleine posted it on Facebook.

    P. S. Daniel recently did an event with children that’s sports related!

    P. P. S. Did you watch the season premiere of DWTS? What are your thoughts?

    1. I’m sure there are Make-A-Wish kids or a similar organization in the UK who have wishes to meet the British Royal Family. I’d be great if the younger royals granted wishes the way Maddie has. It would just be really nice.

      I did watch DWTS. I liked James Hinchcliffe, and Laurie Hernandez was great (but that was a given). Amber Rose was way more boring than I thought she’d be. Calvin Johnson was charming. I didn’t realize Julianne Hough was coming back as a judge. I actually kind of like her as a judge – she’s much more a Len type then a Carianne or Bruno type. What did you think?

      1. I think I remember years ago (2008-ish?) Prince William doing a Make-A-Wish grant type thing for a young girl named Alice and a few years later, he saw her again with Kate but this time she was healthy.

        I think James and Sharna will be the dark horse pair this season! Their foxtrot was wonderful and I’m glad she has a dedicated partner this season (Antonio Brown was so not dedicated until the end). Calvin was just like you said–charming! He and Lindsay have a great rapport! Vanilla Ice? I liked his dance *but* while it would’ve been a great freestyle, it was a lousy cha-cha. I know that they were short on time (a week and a half) but geez Louise! Witney could’ve at least incorporated *something* into the routine! Also, I’m glad they did “Ice Ice Baby” out of the gate to “get it out of the way” (so to speak) instead of prolonging it.

        As for Lochte? I giggled at the song choice and thought he and Cheryl had good chemistry. He was a bit stiff but I’m sure he’ll loosen up with time. The “protesters”? Holy schnikies!! As soon as they went to commercial break I called up my dad going, “did you see that?” and Dad went, ‘up, looks like someone tried to attack Ryan’ and lo and behold, he was right. Wowzer!

        Marilu has great enthusiasm but I don’t think Derek is going to be in the finale this season.

        Laurie is a Latina Bindi! LOL! She’s so adorable and bubbly! I think Val will be receiving his second Mirror Ball this season but we shall see!!

        OH!! Babyface and Alison were great too! He’s just so smooth and I think will do well with ballroom!

        As for Maureen? She looks older than her age, yikes but at least she’s more into it than Misha was last season.

        I missed Jana’s dance but heard about how hot it was. As for Jake? Again, I missed the number but watched the package and during it (plus intro), he just did not seem into it at all–I think someone paid him to do the show.

        Did I miss anyone? OH!!!

        Terra and Sasha!! Omg!! She’s like a younger Paula Dean in terms of sass and flair hahahaha! I loved her!

        And Sasha’s real life GF, Emma, with Rick Perry? The dude tried, gotta give him props and I love the song that was used.

        P.S. Didn’t watch Amber and Maks so I can’t comment on the dance but I did see the package. Neither one of them seemed into each other to be honest.

        1. Babyface was surprisingly good. I actually didn’t hate Lochte. I think he’s very stiff but could actually be a good dancer if he worked at it. Was I the only one who was annoyed by Maureen? She was just too cry-y. I love country music so I liked the song Perry danced to, and I got to give him props for going out there and having fun, but the dance wasn’t great. Vanilla Ice was a throwback, but his dance wasn’t a cha cha. Jana’s dance was a bit too sexy for the Viennese Waltz, IMO. Amber seemed really bored and her dance was boring.

          1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed Maureen’s crying. Is she that overwhelmed? That nervous? That excited? All of the above? Artim just seems to always get the shaft in terms of partners and I can’t believe he and Carrie Ann once dated!

            I like country music too and that was actually one of the songs that Team Texas entered the stadium to at the 2014 games in Houston so I immediately recognized it! Like I said, he definitely tried.

            I don’t hate Lochte either. He just did a bone-headed thing, on the international stage and he is/was a 32 years old acting like he’s still 22 at a fraternity party. He got suspended, got chewed out by pretty much everyone and their grandparents. He’d already signed up to do the show about a month before Rio. If this makes you the most angry, considering what is going on in this world, consider yourself blessed and very lucky, in the grand scheme of things.

            The dance wasn’t bad and we seem to agree that he’s stiff but should be able to loosen up; the guy is half Cuban so he better have some moves in him! Hahahaha!

  5. What Maddie and Silvia did for little Enna was beyond wonderful. This little girl will treasure this moment for life.

    I love the king’s speech. His message of inclusion and acceptance in Swedish culture was well timed and appreciated. It is always nice to see how everyone turns out.

    Daniel’s sporting event is a great way to showcase his love for sport. I’m glad Vic and Estelle were there to support, but also let him shine.

    Thanks for this wonderful Swedish round up, KMR!

  6. I learned about the SRF from KMR. I’ve been to Sweden several times and knew nothing about this family until I found KMR. Love the coverage and thank you for introducing me to my favorite royal family.

  7. Thanks for the round up KMR, love this family. I normally approve of all of Maddie’s clothing choices but I wasn’t a fan of the dress she wore to the symphony. Both Victoria & Maddie have great taste in shoes.

  8. I love the Swedish Royals, too. And, how kind and loving Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine are. Their meeting with Enna and her family was a true dream come true for the child and she was treated with love and respect. So very lovely.

    I thought the women all looked smashing at the opening of Parliament and love their demeanor, too. As for little Nico reaching up to the horse? So darling! Maddie posts lovely photos with the best captions! If she ever needs a job, she could find one instantly with any website or newspaper!

  9. Madeleine’s meeting with little Enna made me tear up! I love the fact that the SRF can mix being dignified and royal, yet they are accessible. This is not something that I see W & K ever doing, as they have chosen to be very remote and distant with the public, and just do the bare minimum when they are out in public. It really is sad that they do not put themselves out for anybody and I hope someday that will change.

    1. You know BostonBrahmin, I want so much to not compare Kate to other royal ladies but gosh, it’s so tough to not when I see the other’s doing wonderful things like this. Something as simple as meeting with a child for tea and cake, which would probably take about an hour, just doesn’t seem to enter her mind to do. Sigh…it’s so sad that she’s chosen to be so closed off, not sad for her but for all those children who would love nothing more than to meet a princess, but are stuck with one who simply can’t be bothered.

    2. This is what W&K don’t get: being relatable is all about opening up to people and putting yourself out there rather than claiming to be “hands on parents”.

  10. Wow, I really like this up do on Sofia!!! I hope it becomes her go-to up do and we see no more of the center part look. All the ladies (and gentlemen) looked great today, I especially like the fun, flirty dress Maddie wore to the concert.

    Kudos to Silvia and Maddie for hosting this little girl for tea and sweets!! Imo, this is what being royal is all about, being of service to others, brightening another’s day and helping those less fortunate. Camilla is good with this sort of engagement as well, thinking of her annual Christmas parties always brings a smile to my face.

    1. Sofia looks great without a center part.

      I love Camilla’s annual Christmas tree decorating party at Clarence House. It always brings great stories, quotes, and photos.

    2. Add me as another fan of Camilla’s annual Christmas tree decorating party at Clarence House! Love it!!

      And yes, Sophia looks a lot better without the center part in her hair.

    3. I just got a closer look at Maddie’s dress and wow there is a lot going on there, lace, beads, satin, etc. I think I might have to revise my opinion of it, it looks great from afar but up close there’s so much going on it’s a bit overwhelming. The cut and short skirt is still flirty and fun especially with these shoes but the bodice area, ummm…I just don’t know.

  11. Count me in as a fan of the Swedish Royals.

    I absolutely loved the meeting that Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine had with little Enna. What a wonderful time they must have given the child. This is, indeed, what people in the position of Royals should be doing. And, when it is handled with such warmth and kindness, it is a true blessing. There was no stilted looking photos of everyone together. Just a very nice look at an event that must have touched the child’s heart. I know it touched mine just reading about it.

    As for the appearances of the Royals at the Parliament, it was so dignified and everyone looked handsome/beautiful. I especially loved Maddie’s look. And, Sofia looked especially nice, too.

    There is so much to appreciate about this family. They take their roles seriously and they give back time and time again. They are warm and caring and should be appreciated for all they do. They reach out with compassion and with love. There’s nothing pretentious about them — especially Queen Siliva and her children and their families. The King has problems, I think. But, I love everyone else!

  12. What can I say that hasn’t already been said?! This family knows how to do it right. I love that Madeleine and her mom do the make a wish Sweden version for the kids! I still remember the beautiful tea party she did with them earlier.
    With Madeleine living in London it would be great I’d she and Kate did a joint event together. I know wishful thinking.
    I’ll give Sophia her due and say thanks for finally getting away from dreaded part.
    I also love the pic of Nicklaus with the horse! Kids with pets are my weakness

  13. Thanks, KMR, for the explanation of the Sports Day. Boy, do I admire Victoria and Daniel, and love Estelle. Now there are some “hands on” parents.

  14. Love the charity work that Madeline and Queen Silva do. Wish WK would try to relate to the public and be in their hearts and minds by doing these “Make a Wish”
    Foundation type events too. Not these fly-by meet and greets and hand waving.

    Love the picture of Nicholas with the Horse. It is mutual love at first sight between the cute little boy and the majestic horse, indeed.

    Don’t see the point of miss Slitz and the useless wastrel Carl Philip to still be part of the Prince Couple. Wish they would get a real job and no, nude modelling with a snake and publicly making fun of people disabilities doesn’t count as a profession.

    1. Isn’t Madeleine a useless wastrel too since she’s sixth in line and should not be doing public engagements and she should either get a real job or live off her husband?

      1. Fair question, KMR. What is the financial arrangement with royals in Sweden? And what is the public’s take?

        Actually, this would make an interesting post sometime: comparing financial arrangements of all the royal families, what their duties comprise, who is officially on the payroll, royal residences.

      2. She does live off her husband. I seem to remember something circa her wedding when he said he would not renounce his American citizenship and would not accept a peerage. He also said they would live in NY and now London, because that is where he needs to be for work, so that he can support his family. I think the gov’t pays for travel to/from Sweden when Maddie has engagements.

        1. Based on what was said about Carl Philip and Sofia, Maddie shouldn’t be doing any engagements and any amount of money Sweden spends on her is too much since Carl Philip and Sofia are wastrels and Maddie is lower in the line of succession than Carl Philip is.

          1. Point taken. I just wanted to highlight the fact that Maddie is largely supported by her husband, not the taxpayers. I think the “wastrel” comment was disapproval of Sophia and dismissal of Carl Philip’s career (racing, design) attempts. I’m not sure he could support his family in the way that Chris does and Daniel could have (had he been allowed to keep his business). I’d like to see Carl do more — either as a royal, or as a designer — but I’m a long way from thinking of either of them as wastrels.

          2. I don’t think of any of them as wastrels. I was just playing devil’s advocate because the same comment that praised Maddie for her work with Min Stora Dag called Carl Philip and Sofia wastrels. But if Carl Philip and Sofia are wastrels who should not be doing engagements, then Maddie is also a wastrel who shouldn’t be doing engagements and shouldn’t be getting praise for her work with Min Stora Dag. In my opinion, one cannot praise someone lower on the totem pole for doing the exact thing one calls people higher on the totem pole wastrels for doing.

          3. To continue playing devil’s advocate, but with a different subject – this one has been exhausted — wouldn’t it be more praiseworthy for someone lower on the totem pole to do what their superiors are supposed to do? Isn’t that one reason why many people here praise Harry’s work with HIV positive people more than William’s work with conservation?

            I’m not picking a fight here, just enjoying a bit of a debate that doesn’t focus on the upcoming election. I love your blog.

          4. Interesting question (and I’m totally burned out by election talk, too). In my opinion, I would not classify the situation between William and Harry and the situation between Carl Philip/Sofia and Maddie as the same.

            Harry actually does more hands on work with his causes and charities than William does, even if the CC refuses to count them. Harry started his own charity (Sentebale), Harry started the Invictus Games, Harry has done actual boots on the ground conservation work in Africa and boots on the ground charity work in Nepal, in addition to his ‘royal duties’. William does more CC work and more ‘royal duties’ stuff, but has never done real boots on the ground conservation work and instead just gives speeches. William does meetings with various causes but they never turn into anything. William does not have his own charity the way Harry does and has never done anything as grand as the Invictus Games (or Charles’ the Prince’s Trust). So to me, when people praise Harry over William it is legitimately because Harry does more substantial endeavors than William.

            With Carl Philip/Sofia versus Maddie: Both Carl Philip and Sofia do more ‘royal duties’ than Madeleine; None of them have a full time job (Maddie left her job with Childhood USA when she gave birth to Leonore); Sofia has Project Playground which she continues to work with seemingly as much as Maddie continues to work with Childhood; Carl Philip and Sofia have their Prince Couple Foundation, while Maddie does not have her own foundation. Maddie legitimately does less work than Carl Philip and Sofia do.

            That’s the difference between Harry V William and Maddie V Carl Philip/Sofia: Harry actually does more work than William while Maddie does less work than Carl Philip/Sofia. So to me, it makes sense to praise Harry for doing what William should be doing since Harry is actually doing more than William, but it doesn’t make sense to praise Maddie for doing what Carl Philip and Sofia should be doing when Carl Philip and Sofia actually do more than Maddie.

          5. I think Madeleine has actually found a good balance. She does this one when kids want to meet the Royal family and I believe she works with her mother’s organzation, then shows up at official Royal engagements like opening of parliament and Sweden day.
            CP and Sophia need to do the same. As I stated before, Sweden is a small country that doesn’t need that many working royals. Chris didn’t take a title because he still wanted to work. Sophia should’ve done the same.
            In this day in age if monarchies are going to survive, the non heirs need to generally start making their own way in society and then do the occasional Royal engagement. They all have their personal wealth.

          6. Ok. I tend to think of Harry as doing his job well, and William as not. I think I expect even more publicly from William because he’ll be King someday. To compare, I expect (and get) more from Victoria than from either of her siblings, but until now didn’t think to rate CP vs Maddie. I guess I was thinking that if either Maddie or CP does something as well or better than Victoria, it’s cause for praise.

            It’s also highlighted my own sexist outlook because I realized that I expect more from CP career-wise than I do from Maddie because he’s a male and her husband fulfills the career expectations. So I would expect Sophie and Maddie to do about the same but Maddie gets a pass because she lives in England, where I imagine her opportunities for public work would be limited. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Princess Madeline did more in the UK than Duchess Kate? Or future Princess Harry?

            I’d still like to see CP do more, just to fulfill his potential as a person. I also have hopes that Sophie, whose pre-Princess career was problematic, will continue to shine and to really accomplish stuff for Sweden.

          7. Madeleine still works for and with Childhood. She is at the UN right now at a conference in her role of working with Childhood, not as a princess. She also attended a week-long training and event a few months ago. She’s not a full-time SAHM.

            For me a large difference is that CP and Sofia are pushing themselves forward, even doing bread-and-butter royal events and pushing their big new anti-bullying campaign. IF such a campaign needs royal support, it should be Victoria and Daniel who do it.

            Madeleine has a job. When she does “royal” events, it is smaller things like the Make-A-Wish thing that has been her charity for years.

            CP and Sofia are making no attempts to move out of the spotlight and to earn a living. They are trying to be front and center, when they should be fading away and earning a private living. If, while earning that private living, they do an occasional charity event it isn’t a problem.

            CP has millions. He owns three large private homes. They have more than enough money to live privately. Time they did it.

  15. And I love the Crown Princess family. I am not a royalist by any means, but they are probably the only royal couple that I genuinely like and hope that they can continue to thrive and shine in their public roles.

    1. KMR, about your blog, I came for the BRF and got hooked because of your coverage of the SRF. I appreciate these posts so much! They are such a warm and human family. I adore them.

      1. That’s lovely to read, Charlotte. I really like the Swedes but they don’t garner the attention Kate does, so it’s nice to know that you appreciate my coverage of them.

        1. I am glad that my comment sparked a debate on whether that many royals are needed in the small country of Sweden and consequently their smaller royal family. I’ll go one step further and say that do we even the royal family feeding from the public trough in exchange of supporting causes and doing charity work? Can’t these Royal family live as wealthy private citizens and still do philanthropy? That way, the royals who cry over their lack of privacy and take days off during the middle of supposedly “business trips”, can get what they want. And no, CP and Sophia can do all the good work that they want to do, it still doesn’t justify neither having a career or never having had a career and living their luxury lives off of the average Swede. And does Sophia still actively work with her vanity charity, Project Playground? Or is bullying her new cause du jour?

  16. Madeleine is pure class. I bet Enna had such a wonderful, wonderful day. I love seeing her work with this charity, and with Childhood.

    I never have anything nice to say about Sofia or CP so I never comment on the Swedes, though I adore Victoria and Madeleine. And of course all the adorable SRF babies.

  17. Hopefully Enna had a wonderful time.
    In that first photo of the Swedish royals at the opening of parliament,CP Vic and CP Dan look so smart.

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