Duchess Kate visits EACH to launch hospice appeal (updated)

Duchess Kate visits EACH to launch hospice appeal (updated)

Kate Middleton was at the Norfolk Showground in Norwich today, November 25, to attend the launch event for East Anglia Children’s Hospice’s (EACH) £10 million fundraising appeal to build a new children’s hospice in Norfolk, called The Nook. The Duchess of Cambridge joined 700 guests to learn about the proposed hospice EACH plans to build and hear from people who had been helped by EACH.

EACH supports families of and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions. Offering a holistic and family-centered approach to care ensuring that children, young people and their families needs are met, whether physical, emotional, social or spiritual. Care can be delivered in the family home, at hospital, in the community, at one of our three hospices, or a combination of all three, depending on the family’s and child’s preference. EACH currently has hospices in Milton, Quidenham, and Ipswich (called the Treehouse, which Kate opened in March 2012).

Kate Middleton meeting EACH kids
[Clarence House Twitter]

In a foreword message in the event’s program, Kate Rebecca Deacon wrote:

    The year ahead is an exciting one for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices. In addition to developing their care across East Anglia, the task of fund-raising for a new hospice in the heart of Norfolk begins.
    I have been fortunate to meet with a number of families receiving services from EACH. Hearing how much EACH’s support means to them reminds me what a wonderful organisation it is: I am enormously proud to be their patron.
    As one of the oldest children’s hospices in the UK, Quidenham has been a home-from-home to many families for more than 20 years. It is incredibly exciting that EACH are now looking to upgrade these facilities to provide children and families in Norfolk with even better care in a purpose-built environment: a 21st-century hospice for 21st-century care.
    I greatly admire the dedication, generosity and achievements of the charity’s supporters and volunteers, and look forward to seeing the progress of this campaign. Together I hope that you will achieve this vision for Norfolk families and continue to transform lives.

I like that Kate/Rebecca Deacon has been writing messages about the charities and visits she’s been doing the last few times. I think it is smart for her to make comments about each visit. So while these messages are just the forewords to programs, it’s still nice to read a message from her, especially if she’s not going to make a speech.

Leigh Smith (pictured above) gave a speech about her daughter, Beatrice, who died earlier this year from a rare heart condition. Kate was “in tears” after Smith’s speech. Smith said: “Kate sought me out and gave me a hug just before she left. I was getting quite teary-eyed, she had tears in her eyes and she just said to me, ‘You’re a very brave lady and again, I’m just so, so sorry’.” I would believe this even if there weren’t photos of her looking sad while leaving. Kate’s pregnant and hearing about a baby dying would most likely hit her close to home right now, especially with the hormones running around.

Apparently, Kate and Smith had already had contact. Smith wrote to Kate after Beatrice died, and Kate replied. Smith said: “I was so surprised to receive a letter with such personal comments and signed by her. It was a lovely gesture and helped me through a terrible time. I was touched that she had taken so much time to carefully read my letter and then to reply herself – it shows how much she cares. When I met her today she remembered the letter and said it was an honour to meet me. I was completely taken aback. For me it was an honour to meet her.”

I wonder if the letter was hand-written and signed, or typed and signed. Because if it were typed and signed then it might not have been “from Kate herself”, you know. Just because it’s signed by Kate doesn’t mean Rebecca Deacon didn’t write it. I really want to believe Kate wrote the letter herself, but… we all know what Kate is like. Ugh, I hate that I have to type that. SHOW me how much you care, Kate! Because I just can’t believe it when other people TELL me – you’ve told too many lies at this point.

Kate met Emma Bridgewater to inspect her specially made pottery – part of the proceeds of which go toward the Norfolk hospice. A royal aide said: “It was the duchess’s idea to approach Emma, whom she didn’t know previously, and she helped in the design process.” The pottery will be available March 2015 on Bridgewater’s website.

Kate Middleton and Emma Bridgewater inspect pottery EACH
[Clarence House Twitter]
Emma Bridgewater pottery
[Victoria Murphy Twitter]
Emma Bridgewater pottery close up
[Richard Palmer Twitter]

Kate wore a red (but kind of looks orange in some pics) Katherine Hooker dress that fit a bit looser than what she’s been wearing lately. Kate wore the Ascot dress in a custom color. The dress sells for £380.00 on the designer’s website, but the custom service on that dress starts from £495.00 (and goes up depending on how much work is done). Kate wore her Mappin and Webb Fortune necklace (£3,950.00) that she’s had for well over a year, but we haven’t seen in a while. She also wore her Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst Cushion Cut drop earrings (£1,300.00) she debuted earlier this year. Kate wore her hair in a ponytail, yay!

Katherine Hooker Ascot DressMappin and Webb Fortune White Gold Mid Length Necklace Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst Cushion Cut drops
[Katherine Hooker; Mappin and Webb; Kiki McDonough]

The tables were named with the top 100 children’s names, and Kate was seated at the “George” table. How apt. Lol at the bag hand-off between Kate and Rebecca. So does that mean Rebecca holds Kate’s bag when she doesn’t want it? Like, could Rebecca just hold Kate’s bag the entire time, instead of Kate holding it to her crotch while she walks and greets people? Kate’s crotch-clutching ways bug, and show her insecurity, but if she must crotch-clutch, or thinks carrying a bag is part of her fashion, then she should get better bags. Except for a few notable pieces, Kate’s bags are always so boring and plain.

EACH George table
[Emily Andrews Twitter]

Kate stayed for an hour and twenty minutes of the three hour affair. The event was scheduled to last from 11 AM – 2 PM. Kate arrived at about 11:40, and left at around 1:00.

This was Kate’s first EACH visit this year. She did visit the Treehouse sometime in June without the press, but with a formal photographer to take pictures that EACH used in promotion on June 19. That visit was not counted in the Court Circular.

By my count, Kate has only made a handful of appearance on behalf of EACH since becoming it’s Patron in January 2012. She visited the Treehouse on March 19, 2012. Released a video in support of Children’s Hospice Week on April 28, 2013. Visited Naomi House children’s hospice as Patron of EACH on April 29, 2013. Visited the Treehouse again to take pictures in support of Children’s Hospice Week released June 19, 2014. And today’s appearance to launch the Norfolk appeal.

Kate has made a number of other visits to other children’s hospices – it’s one of her most frequented type of charity visit – but not all of those visits were in support of EACH specifically.

“Bump” watch – except you can’t see anything (except Kate’s Bump It) because the dress is so loose. Second photo: A close up of Kate’s “bump” when she pressed her clutch to her crotch. Also note her hand placement – her right, and dominate, hand is on top, instead of how she usually holds her hands with her left on top to show off Diana’s ring.

Rebecca Deacon shout out! Her skirt is kind of short, though. Lol at her grumpy facial expression.  Is she trying to copy George?

Here is a picture of the foreword from today.
Kate's message in EACH program

And here is a picture of the foreword Kate/Rebecca Deacon wrote for the annual financial report that was released in March that I found while searching the EACH website.
EACH annual report opening by Kate

A never before seen photo of the Cambridges has come out – it is apparently a tour gift, or something. I’m going to guess, judging by George’s expression, that the photographer is waving a stuffed animal to get him to smile, and George is thinking, “You think you’re going to get me to smile, bro? Think again. Now you just look like an idiot waving a stuffed toy around.”

75 thoughts on “Duchess Kate visits EACH to launch hospice appeal (updated)

  1. I’m so underwhelmed by this appearance. At least the option of writing the foreword saves us from hearing her stammer her way through a speech. I’m going to go watch Godzilla vs. Mothra, much more exciting.

    1. I’ve been so underwhelmed a lot lately. I was looking at some old photos of her circa 2011, and I really like a lot of the clothes she wore then. She seems to have lost the fun in picking out her clothes. Her choices now are so uninspired and just plain boring. Whereas she had a number of fun outfits in 2011, and into 2012.

      1. Could be a combination of Charles tightening the purse strings, HM laying down the law and William letting her know he really doesn’t care what she wears. When your reason for being doesn’t care any more you tend to lose your focus. Especially if that’s all you’ve been focused on for most of your adult life.

        1. She still spends a crap ton on clothing. But I could see it if Will didn’t care about what she wears or about her in general, that she would kind of give up and stop caring, too. Maybe that’s why she’s leaving the clothes picking up to Tash more these days. And maybe because Tash has more of a say in Kate’s wardrobe, that’s why I don’t like most of her pieces now, I just don’t like Tash’s style apparently.

  2. Thanks for the great post KMR! This is a wonderful organization and any attention that can be brought to it is great. I read in the DM that Kate met with a mother who lost her baby to a rare heart condition, apparently Kate hugged her and did shed some tears. I can only imagine that as a mother and currently pregnant that must have been tough on Kate.

    I thought Kate looked nice today,so glad she wore her hair up! However, I thought her eye makeup was pretty heavy today. I’ve noticed that she hasn’t worn her $6000 watch lately, she wore it constantly earlier in the year, I hope it’s not broke.

    Lastly, I truly wish she would quit walking with her hands clasped in front. IMO it makes her look insecure and rather self conscious. Plus, it’s giving her a hunched look, not attractive on anyone.

    1. We must always praise her when she wears her hair up. Good catch re the watch. I don’t think she’s worn it to an appearance since August. Huh, she hardly ever took that thing off before then.

      According to the mother, Leigh Smith, Kate was tearing up after Smith’s speech. I’ve updated the post to include Smith’s quotes.

        1. OMG I would pay to see that! I would make a GIF of that and keep it running on a loop at all times.

  3. A great cause – OK, this may seem harsh, but just what is the problem with her actually speaking for heavens sake? I appreciate Ms Deacon’s ‘forward’, and indeed this may be perfectly acceptable, but putting a bit of time and effort into actually saying what is written….she isn’t dumbstruck surely?OK having a rant about this…sorry folks.. on the plus side love the hair up do, thank goodness we haven’t to grapple with that awful neck full of sausage roll curls…UGH – posture is dreadful and please stop holding hands over your front like that….no I’m not having a bad day..maybe I should join Lisa and go watch Godzilla..

    1. Hi Ferryman, I so agree with you, when will Kate actually start talking about all these charities that she is so “passionate ” about. Also, I’ve wondered why she only spent an hour and a half at this event. Three hours spent at an event for such a worthwhile organization isn’t asking to much.

      1. Especially when she doesn’t have anywhere else to be. If she had another engagement to get to, then I would understand leaving early, but she didn’t have anywhere to go.

    2. I agree this would have been a perfect opportunity to make a speech saying how much good work the organization does and how much needed the new hospice is.

      1. Since she’s not taking the perfect opportunity, Kate must be extremely resistant to public speaking. What a shame that she’s refusing to take on a function that’s so elemental to being a royal in the public eye and a sponsor to her charities. She’s letting Rebecca Deacon be her “mouthpiece” in crafting her written statements instead.

        1. The thing about public speaking is that it can be terrifying in the beginning but you need practice to become better. When I started doing 1 hour guided tours I was a nervous wreck. Luckily, one of the museums did a professional workshop and I practiced my speechifying on my friends before I did the guided tours. Regular practice did wonders for my abilities and my confidence.

          Kate needs to practice her public speaking, not just in private but also in public. She won’t get better unless she does and the longer she shies away from it the harder it becomes because the nervousness and anxiety builds up.

          1. I’m a docent at a historic house and yes, the key is like the old saying about how to get to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice. The first tours I gave were embarrassingly bad. I’ve done them regularly for seven years now, so they’re definitely more polished. Also Kate’s aging super fast from not doing things but taking vacations in warm climates.

          2. Seth,
            Out of curiosity, which house? I love old country houses and visiting places like Castle Howard was one of the perks when I studied in England.
            I worked a summer as a guide at the Royal Reception Rooms at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen. It was a lot of fun, and I got to see the Queen when she held audiences ans State Councils.

      1. Agree that a speech is a must- and a convincing one where she doesn’t fidget with her hair or sound like a schoolgirl or a recording, but rather like *she is damn happy to be there*. And stays for most of the event.

  4. I can’t believe people actually think Kate writes these forwards. She probably just approves them and her staff writes them like you said KMR.

    1. On another site, the sugars are smugly noting the “work” Waity did to write, edit and polish the forward, the personal letter written to the grieving mum (she only signed it)’ and the fact that she has (ludicrously) been credited as helping to design the pottery. See, you ugly jealous haters, she works plenty. Y’all must feel pretty stupid now, dontcha. Also, the 80 min spent at the event included lunch. She sat with four other people, one of whom was Rebecca.

      1. I saw that too on another site. Which I don’t understand why that proves she is working. I highly doubt she wrote the forward or the letter. And the pottery I have a feeling her contribution was saying what color the butterflies should be, lol. And you are right, she was only there for 80 min of a 3 hour event. Ridiculous!

      2. I think the people who think Kate is spending the time writing these forewords and such are kidding themselves. Rebecca Deacon is Kate’s private secretary, it’s what she’s paid to do.

  5. The dress looks like something I made in Home-Ec class forty years ago. It looks cheap. Hurray for the hair, though. The style looks good and is out of her face.

    1. I agree it looks cheap and ill-fitting. Maybe she bought it thinking she’d wear it again during her pregnancy and wanted room to grow? KP told the reporters at first that Kate was wearing a Catherine Walker dress, then changed to say Katherine Hooker. Maybe this was a last minute decision and the dress was supposed to be for later in the pregnancy? That’s the only thing I can think to account it.

  6. Agree with you KMR, glad to see hair in a ponytail! It crossed my mind that she’s seen all the kudos we’ve given Leti for style and copied by wearing red. Still wishing she would get an interesting stylist because this dress is boring but safe, and the jewelry! Am I the only one that wishes she would bling up just a little bigger? Some very nice pics of her connecting so good event, and I want some of that pottery!

    1. Lol, she’s totally copying Leti! She even wore her hair up just like Leti! I totally agree re the jewelry. I wish Kate would wear some bigger pieces. Or at least some more interesting pieces. She usually just sticks to basic pearls or stones without any flare or personality at all. She could have so much more fun and she just doesn’t.

      1. Some of her jewellery is quite expensive. If she’s shelling out serious money on jewellery then why buy such insipid pieces. Says the jewellery connoisseur. *sigh*

  7. The bar is set so low for her that we get ecstatic when her hair is off her face or she wears a bright color or if she’s wearing her dress at an acceptable length. But she always misses the mark, doesn’t she? A nicely patterned scarf would have looked beautiful with the dress if she didn’t want to wear a statement necklace. Kate spends quite a lot of money on her jewelry, but I don’t think any of her pieces worn today are worth the amount she pays. They’re small, minimal and looks like items that I have in my jewelry box, but certainly not at that amount. Nothing special about them for the exorbitant price, even the earrings.

    1. I completely agree– was surprised when KMR reported how much the pieces cost; I saw a nice-sized amethyst necklace at Zales not long ago cheaper than the necklace she wore that would look great with a cute dress. Kate should take your idea about the scarf. She could wear different types and start a trend. Would be nice to see her step out and become her own woman.

      1. Lol, Kate would totally be copying Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg if she always wore scarves. Steph wears her scarves like Kate wears her hair: as a security blanket.

    2. Oh you are right, a nice scarf would look great with the neckline of this dress. Plus it would have been perfect for this event.

      I so agree with you about her jewelry. I cannot believe how much her items cost for what she is getting. You can find similarly nice pieces on Ebay for way less )

    3. I completely agree on the jewelry. Her pieces are so boring, and in my opinion, totally overpriced. Kiki McDonough actually has some fun pieces on her website, but of course Kate chose the most boring ones to buy.

  8. Were Tash and Amanda Cooke Tucker away on the day of this outing? I ask this question as there were no sausage curls and no fashion mish-matches. Kate almost got it right, but she couldn’t avoid this event as it’s close to Anmer Hall. As this is meant to be the Cambridges full time home then Kate couldn’t dodge this one saying it was too far to travel while pregnant. Why couldn’t she stay for the whole 180 minutes? Is 80 minutes her limit?

    1. It’s not even like Kate had anywhere to go. She could have gotten there on time and stayed for the entire event.

  9. About this i just say:

    Matthew 6 New International Version (NIV)

    Giving to the Needy

    6 “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

    2 “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

    1. I understand what that is saying, but in the case with the royals, it’s not just about them going good deeds, it’s about bringing awareness to causes. So it must be public for that reason.

      1. Agree KMR, it is their job to do charitable works in the full light of day.

        If it was personal time or personal giving, that would be different. Interesting to note that it was “accidentally” made known that they donated £5000 to the flood efforts (last year?) — only after they were caught on vacation again.

        1. Yeah, all of their “private” donations and visits are used for PR by somehow being “leaked” to the press. The donation you mentioned, any time Will ever saved anyone while with the RAF in Wales, anytime Kate makes a private visit somewhere. That’s why I don’t believe people when they say Kate makes a ton of private visits. If she did, KP would have leaked it to get her good PR.

  10. Have you noticed that the comments in dm changed, previously only criticism, with this appearance only praise and green arrows, strange how people change quickly !!!

  11. People are trying to be fair to Kate and give her positive feedback because Someone is taking note of all our criticisms and making so.e changes. Having said that, there’s a long way to go,and the essential point is, does Kate have a personality or is she permanently a dress up Barbie?

    1. Yes, she still needs to step up her game, like with her speeches. This was a perfect event to give a speech about the organization and the specific appeal. Such a waste that she didn’t.

  12. I give up when it comes to Kate’s jewelry choices. How do gold and green earrings and a white gold necklace coordinate with a red dress? If you want an up-close look at the jewelry then visit WhatKateWore. She should buy stud earrings in all colors, red studs or even black studs would’ve been very nice with this dress.

    1. She seems to prefer drop earrings. I don’t mind that as I too prefer drop earrings. Kate’s problem is she buys super expensive jewelry that is minimal at best and lacking any sort of personality. I wish she’d have more fun with her jewelry choices.

      1. I prefer studs because they work well with an outfit in the daytime. I work with children under the age of 5 wearing jeans and a t-shirt and so I don’t need fussy earrings that they can pull on lol.

        It depends on the styling of the drop earrings otherwise when you wear them it’ll make your outfit look like evening wear.

        I forgot about red hoop earrings that would’ve worked as well for Kate without looking like she was going to an evening event.

      2. KMR your comment about Kate’s jewelry is also like Kate herself…. super expensive that’s minimal at best and lacking any sort of personality :). Or so that is how she comes across.

  13. Kate looked lovely! IMO, she got the dress right, the shoes and the hair. She knows she still needs to work on giving speeches so Rebecca Deacon writing the foreword message is a great substitute, until she is ready. She really needs to stay for the entire event. I don’t understand why she has to leave early, its rude. Concerning the jewelry the pieces are beautiful, but I agree they don’t go together. I would trade misses on the jewelry, clothes, shoes and hair if she would stay for the entire event and eventually give speeches on behalf of all of her charities.

    1. If she gave a speech and gave it well, then I too would forgive fashion misses. She really needs to work on her speech-giving skills. I know she gets lots of criticism for her speeches so she doesn’t like doing them, but the only way for her to get better is if she gives more speeches. Also, someone needs to hire her a speech coach, STAT.

      1. I worry that she believes she gives great speeches. The only criticism she receives are in the comments section on sites. But the media always praises her speeches and comments on how well she does. So I am afraid she actually thinks she is a natural. Sadly I doubt that her people really tell her the truth 🙁

    2. Completely agree CrazyAMG

      I thought Kate looked appropriate and the forwards are nice for now. Like KMR said she needs a speech coach and then she needs some practice. It’s nice to see that she’s making steps in the right direction though. Now she needs to attend entire events and take on more engagements. I hope for her sake she does.

  14. I wondered if she left early because she was upset – she had clearly been crying – Mark Stewart photographer had a close up of her eyes leaving and there were tear marks where her liner had run.

    I think she’s got a long way to go to earn our respect, but it’s understandable to leave of she’s upset hearing about baby Beatrice. She’s pregnant, so hormones are running high – perhaps she felt she couldn’t control her emotions any longer?

    I wouldn’t want to cry on camera – remember the furore it created when Diana cried (blue dress).

    I’ll give her a break this time – I remember being pregnant very well, and it can be emotionally raw.

      1. I wasn’t insinuating in any way that Kate had more right to be upset than Leigh Smith (Beatrices mother).

        I was just offering up an alternative, personal view as to why Kate may have left.

    1. She could have stepped into the restroom to compose herself and then come back out and stayed for the rest of the event. There was no reason for her to leave early. It’s not like she had anywhere else to be.

      Sophie cried during a speech she gave earlier this year at the hospital that saved her life when she gave birth to Louise. The photographers stopped taking pictures until she composed herself. It was nice of them. But then she did compose herself and continued with her speech.

  15. Oh my gosh, I want to munch that baby!! George is just too cute!! I think he looks very much like a Middleton. I’ve seen pics comparing him to William, but I just don’t see it…

    1. George is my favorite Cambridge. He’s the one with the most personality and I love it.

        1. I hope Will and Kate don’t beat that personality out of him. Stay strong, George!

          Happy Thanksgiving to you to!

  16. Dear KMR,
    Did you read the article in the DM that says Kate has been voted one of 50 most influential women of all time, including Madame Currie, Florence Nightingale and Margaret Thatcher? I was pretty blown away by this, once I stopped laughing,and what a slap in the face to princess Anne and the Queen, the hardest working royals around.

        1. DM=Big time bootlickers. Any journalist there that actually cares about what they do should quit immediately after that completely bull article

    1. I saw it, but I rolled my eyes and wandered away, because it’s super dumb and done only to promote a tv show. We all know Kate’s not influential in any way and does not deserve to be on a list with Marie Curie and Margaret Thatcher. And even though Princess Anne works her butt off, I wouldn’t call her influential, and especially not one of the most influential women ever. Honestly, there are a lot of people on that list that I would not have put on that list.

  17. ya she always look excited when, smiling and waving at people, that is all she thinks is about being Royal and a new outfit always, ya shes BORINGGGGGGG!!

  18. Wow. Regarding the Cambridge Family photo, doesn’t it look as if William was just “dropped into” that photo? He doesn’t seem to be a part of the Mom/George thing and he is the Future King, after all!
    KMR, I love all you write. Love the photo of Kate at the table as she is passing her clutch to her assistant. Ugh, wouldn’t you just hate working for her? She really seems to think she’s Numero Uno. And, she does so little to merit such praise, as others have said.
    The woman who lost her little girl is the brave one. How much she must have suffered and how her loss will be with her ever more. She appears so very young in the photo and her courage trumps anything else that happened during Kate’s brief stay. Granted, as others have said, Kate is surely “hormonal,” but her tears pale in comparison to the mother who suffered the loss. God bless her.

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