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British Royals bits and bobs: Magna Carta, Garter Day, Royal Ascot, and more

Here is a post with some British Royal Family bits and bobs. Lots of royals in this post, including but not limited to: The Queen, Prince Harry, Prince William, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, and Sophie Countess of Wessex. Also, some Kate Middleton-related articles at the end.

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Prince William loses beauty sleep to Princess Charlotte (updated)

Prince William did some stuff the last three days. I was going to include William’s stuff in the British round up part 3, but the post got too long, so I split it up. The Duke of Cambridge traveled to Switzerland for United for Wildlife, he did an investiture at Windsor Castle, and he visited the Women’s Football team. He mentioned his new daughter, Princess Charlotte, and said there have been some sleepless nights since she arrived. I’ve been mostly avoiding talking about Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, because of the Kate Overload that happened for a few weeks there, but there is an interesting article I want to bring up, so that’s at the end. **Update at end of post**

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Prince William and Kate Middleton take Princess Charlotte to Anmer Hall

Prince William and Kate Middleton (yes, I’m still calling her that – go here to read why), the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have left Kensington Palace for Anmer Hall with their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. William drove himself in his Range Rover with Kate in the front seat and presumably the babies in the back seat (though tinted windows prevents a glimpse of the babies). They drive themselves and everything. They are just so normal, you guys. William even wore his glasses – which brings up the fact that he shouldn’t be allowed to be a pilot since he wears corrective lenses, but whatever.

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Carole and Pippa Middleton visit Kate and Princess Cambridge at Kensington Palace

Carole and Pippa Middleton were seen driving into Kensington Palace to visit with Kate Middleton and the new Princess Cambridge. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall were also spotted driving into KP. The Queen is currently at Sandringham and will not visit the baby today. It is possible she will not meet the new baby until Kate and Prince William move Prince George and Princess Cambridge out to Anmer Hall.

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