Prince William & Kate Middleton land in Canada with Prince George & Princess Charlotte

Prince William & Kate Middleton land in Canada with Prince George & Princess Charlotte

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in Victoria, Canada on September 24 with their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, in tow to kick off their Royal Tour.

William, holding George’s hand, and Kate, holding Charlotte in her arms, arrived at Victoria Airport and disembarked the Royal Canadian Air Force jet. George grabbed onto Kate’s dress before taking Kate’s hand while walking down the stairs.

Once the plane touched down, the press, dignitaries, and people who were watching the livestream were left waiting for several minutes while the royal party stopped to put William’s Canadian standard in place before the plane moved to where the press were waiting. Then everyone was left staring at a door – because William and Kate love making people do that – before they finally got out.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau greeted the royals at the airport. Sophie looks really pretty in purple. I kind of want to hate those bows on her shoulders, but otherwise she looks great. And, you know, Justin doesn’t look half bad himself.

George wasn’t too interested in greeting the dignitaries and was much more interested in looking at a landing helicopter. Charlotte was interested in grabbing Kate’s brooch, as well as grabbing at her own teeth.

Here is a video of the Cambridges getting off the plane in Canada.

The Cambridge family color-coordinated in blue. Kate wore a new blue dress from Jenny Packham with a new blue Lock & Company hat featuring maple leaves, her G.Collins & Sons Tanzanite & Diamond Drop Earrings, and the Queen’s Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch. Kate wore her Gianvito Rossi praline suede pumps ($675 here, $482 here) and an updo.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

This is a really pretty look from Kate. I could nitpick and say I’m not a huge fan of the collar or the poof on the shoulders**, but that’s just a nitpick. I really think Kate looks great here. Also, the skirt is a straight skirt that can’t fly away – way to go, Kate.

** Both of which remind me an awful lot of the bespoke lace dress Kate wore to the Somme 100 commemoration in July – I don’t think the dress designer was ever identified for that dress, but considering the similarities between that dress and this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if that dress were from Jenny Packham.

Maple Leaf Brooch G.Collins & Sons Tanzanite & Diamond Drop Earrings

After dropping the kids off at Government House – which took longer than expected and made William and Kate late to their next event – William and Kate arrived at the British Columbia Legislature for the Official Welcome Ceremony.

First on the agenda was a stop at the Cenotaph to pay respects to Canada’s war dead. William and Kate laid a wreath, and there was a moment of silence.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

When Kate dropped off her kids, she picked up her LK Bennett Nina clutch, but when she was handed the wreath she had to get rid of her clutch so she handed it off to the wife of the Governor General of Canada.

[CTV News livestream screengrab]

William and Kate, plus the party of dignitaries and security, walked through the crowds to get to the platform for the Welcome. They passed a few veterans who were saluting them and William stopped the party to talk to them, which was nice.

When they arrived at the platform, there was a military salute and William inspected the guard. Then they took their seats for speeches.

[CTV News livestream screengrab]

Justin Trudeau gave a nice welcoming speech (to some thunderous applause), saying in part:

    “I know you’ve visited Canada before, but as any parent who has traveled with children knows, it’s a whole different experience when you bring your family with you. I want to commend you and thank you for introducing our part of the world to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Though let me caution you from my own experience, if they’re anything like our kids getting them back on the plane after a visit to our beautiful west coast will really be a challenge.”

William also gave a speech (to much less thunderous applause), beginning: “Catherine and I are delighted to be back in Canada. We are so pleased that George and Charlotte can be with us in Canada this time round.” Then my livestream feed went out so I went to get coffee, and KP has not put his speech transcript online as of time of posting, but apparently he said something about being a “shy teenager” on a previous visit to Canada (in 1998) and how his French is “rusty”.

Kate gave William a pat on the knee after his speech.

Miguel Head and Rebecca Deacon (William and Kate’s private secretaries) were sitting on the platform behind William and Kate.

[CTV News livestream screengrab]

The crowd at BC Legislature was vast – about 10,000 people showed up.

After the Official Welcome, William and Kate signed the guest book and Kate received flowers from 14-year-old Vicky – who has cystic fibrosis and whose wish was to meet the royal family; her wish was granted by Children’s Wish, a Canadian charity which grants wishes to Canadian children with life-threatening illness.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

William and Kate then did a walkabout, greeting the crowds who came out to see them. They were over an hour late to their final events of the day – meeting with officials back at Government House.

William and Kate first met with the Governor General of Canada David Johnston and his wife Her Excellency Sharon Johnston.

[David Johnston @GGDavidJohnston]

Then the royal couple met with Justin and Sophie.

I’m not sure when this was but Kate said George and Charlotte were “Super excited about the fact they were going to sleep on a plane.” And William said, “I hope the children aren’t tearing up the Governor’s House right now.”

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Here’s a mini video of the start of the meeting – my god Kate speaks so softly.

Here are a few more photos of the real stars of this trip: George and Charlotte. Charlotte’s hair seems to be lightening up a bit – it used to be darker brown.

353 thoughts on “Prince William & Kate Middleton land in Canada with Prince George & Princess Charlotte

  1. Let the fashion showdown between Kate & Sophie begin! And while I do think Kate looks very nice, I think Sophie takes round 1. That hat and the side swept hair….boom.

      1. “..because William and Kate love making people do that – before they finally got out.

        There’s nothing better than a grand entrance. The Queen is the last to arrive at functions, but W&K are not the Queen. I think Kate was fixing her face, hence, the delay.

        Why would William make such a stupid comment about the kids “I hope the children aren’t tearing up the Governor’s House right now.” W&K always find something to make the kids relevant. They are just fishing for compliments with respect to the kids, which places the other person to respond in a complimentary fashion. They are such phonies.

        I don’t understand the ridiculous reasoning for bringing the children., — school. Isn’t George in school? Another untruth. Charlotte needs a teething ring to cool her gums, and not her fingers. Albeit, I don’t like pacifiers, etc., for kids, the child’s comfort is of most importance., and if a teething ring would help Charlotte, then give her one. I don’t think the kids like being with W&K, but JMO.

        I’d still like to know why W&K needs a night off away from the kids, especially how much they claim to miss them when away from home. I think the kids will miss Maria more than they’ll miss W&K.

    1. If there is a casual day with Sophie present then she will win because she won’t wear painted on jeggings and wedges.

      I didn’t mind the purple dress. The hat was a little odd, but it went a bit with what the spouse of the GG was wearing as well as the lieutenant GG for BC. And the Premier Christy Clark wore red, so when they were all standing there, it was a nice colour palette.

      Apparently Sophie has been provided the colours of the outfits Kate will wear for each event. So it should be interesting.

      1. Kudos to Kate for wearing a straight dress that would not fly up during the arrival and at the wreath laying ceremony. Dress was very pretty. So was the brooch. Hat? I hate those hats, but maybe, that’s me. I thought Sophie looked amazing. The purple really was gorgeous.

        Wondered if Charlotte might be cold. Everyone else had long sleeves. George even had a sweater and there she was in that short sleeved frock, once again having teething issues. Poor child!

        PG reaching out for Kate’s hand even though his dad had him in tow, was rather sweet and showed me that Kate does have a nice relationship with him. Little Charlotte, too.

        I don’t know, rhiannon. The chocolates might not be forthcoming. You deserve them anyway. Take out a PO box and we’ll ship them off.
        Best to all!

      1. Sophie wins. That is style. Not the buttoned up 1950s cosplay Kate is channelling.

        Let’s be clear, Kate looks good and very well put together, but Sophie’s jauntily placed hat in a different, but complimentary shade, those drop earrings, those shoes….style up the wazoo!!

        If i were to nitpick, i’d lose the bows on her shoulders.

        1. I have to admit that I haven’t paid much attentionto Sophie before but she looks great!
          It isn’t that Kate looks bad or did something wrong but she always has a bit of someone playing dressing up during these engagements – it does not feel natural whereas with Sophie it seems rather effortless imo

        2. +1
          To Sophie!

          Cannot in over the top besoke dressed, but why is she always buying, nanny Maria to dress charlotte in these cheap looking material of smock dress. Smock is beautiful but cannot should look to Sweden young Princesses for the lovley regal little formal royal dresses.

          Cannot pose in pic 7 imply – with all the expensive bespoke clothes, the pose with feet apart reek lack of class and regalness. …

          1. Geez, another blue dress for Kate plus the ugly tan shoes. The whole family is in blue, I wonder what the blue dressing signifies? Who walks in 5 inch heels with a young child in arms, down the plane steps? Only Kate, and she is struggling to do so.

            From the few pics that were released of the kids from KP, I’ve also wondered why Kate purchases such cheap looking clothes for the children. Kate should stop dressing George in those ugly knee-high socks, the too short pants, which from the look of it, George has outgrown. Both kids look as though they are dressed for a stroll in the park. I doubt that Ma Midds knows any better on kids wear.

            I also like the little Swedish girls’ dresses, especially the soft green chiffon dress that was worn for Alexander’s baptism, (sorry I don’t know much about the SRF and little girls’ names). I think Kate can use the advice of an expert when purchasing clothes for the kids.

            Pic #7 — Kate knows what she’s doing in that pose — Justin is right behind her. Kate’s pose is similar to that of the the ladies of the night.– I’m available and I’m cheap!!

            I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Kate is lacking in social graces. It appears that Ma Midds brought up Kate to work at catching a rich man, but forgot to teach Kate how to behave in public, with the rich man, viz., no whispering and pointing while in public view, clap, wave, walk like a lady, not stride like a man, and hold her back upright. Kate will be 35 in a few months, and I doubt she can remedy her behavior at this point. Ergo, what you see is what you’ll get, WYSIWYG. Kate looks like Sophie’s older sister, and Justin could be William’s younger brother. I don’t understand what it is that the Cambs are doing to make them look so much older than their years

            I noticed that Kate is flashing the ring, now that she has a new audience to impress. Her hand on Will’s leg, with the ring on display.

        3. Perfect comment. 1950s cosplay is PERFECT.

          Next to the Trudeaus, William and Kate look ancient. And they are younger than they are. And Sophie looks perfectly put together and stylish. The stylish part is it. I couldn’t put my finger on it if you paid me. But Sophie looks part of this millennia and Kate doesn’t. And the knee socks on that children… pathetic, truly.

      2. Sorry but I have to disagree there. Those shoes are hideous. Clear plastic? just… but there ya go. Be a boring old world if we all thought alike.

    2. I agree! I love Sophie’s whole attire but it’s the hat that really does it for me=)
      I don’t know much about her but remember there was something about her saying she needed more help with the kids or something along that line? Do most Canadians like her?
      And as much as it pains me to say it, Kate actually looks well put together. Hair and jewelry included. Lose the beige shoes and stop dressing George as a Little Lord Fauntleroy!

      1. I think it all depends on what part of Canada you’re from…and your politics. I like seeing what she’s wearing, but other than that could care less about her and am more concerned with what her husband says and does! She’s no Michelle Obama ( who I think is freaking awesome), that’s for sure.

  2. William also spoke in French a bit, and was not very good, hence the rusty comment.

    I also noticed that when they were gathering flowers that Kate was often passing them to the wife of the GG. Now I am not sure if she agreed to help, but don’t they have staff for that purpose ? My understanding is that the GG is the representative of the Queen in Canada and that he and his spouse are technically “higher” in status than the grandson of the Queen.

    It seemed rude that she was being given tons of bouquets by Kate because her personal secretary wasn’t around to help.

    George seemed a little tired and considering it was midnight for him when they landed, he was pretty well behaved. Charlotte was so well behaved throughout though. She seems to be a fairly easy going baby because she should have been tired too.

    Anyway Kate wore a decent dress, although I cannot stand those shoes. A pop of colour would have looked even better. Sophie had better shoes. And she wears Canadian designers for all public events now. She purposely highlights Canadian designers (with help from Jessica Mulroney, wife of Ben, son of former PM Brian Mulroney )

    It was interesting to note how much more popular Justin Trudeau is compared to Will and Kate based on the cheers. Even Peter Mansbridge on CBC noted it. But then again as a PM he travels the country and has to try to keep voters happy or else he won’t be reelected. He doesn’t inherit anything in that regard.

    1. I missed the part where they were greeting the crowd but wow, that’s what Rebecca Deacon is for. I’m actually shocked that Kate not only handed her bag but also the flowers to the GG’s wife – that seems very rude to me.

      I actually really dislike Sophie’s shoes – I hate those clear-but-the-toe-and-heel-are-colored type shoes.

      I was pretty surprised at how tepid the cheers for William were compared to Justin, and I’m wondering if the reason so many people turned up was actually because of Justin and Sophie rather than William and Kate.

        1. I agree. The PM and his wife Sophie seem more regal than the entitled lazy middletons.

          Sophie’shairstyle seem much more than cannot who looks aged and cannot carry off that hat and hairstyle.

      1. That is exactly what Rebecca Deacon is for. It was nice for the woman to want to help, but it was inexcusable for Rebecca not to be there to take on the responsibility.
        Do these people plan for any and everything? Staff, I mean.

        Gosh, what if this happened at a Nation’s capitol? Would the Queen of that country, or its First Lady be the one to take on Kate’s load? Ok, I’m being snarky. Sorry.

    2. The wife of GG was actually walking with Kate and Kate had a ton of flowers. So she came up and mentioned something to Kate. Kate then handed the flowers to her, so I am assuming she asked if she could help Kate. In all fairness, Kate was holding a lot of flowers (William had handed a bouquet to her as well), so it was really nice of her to ask. Rebecca was further back in the crowd since the stop looked like a last minute thing.

  3. Apparently George is wearing the same sweater that he wore to visit Charlotte for the first time – I can well believe that as the sleeves look too short on him. Kate looks good … But I would have liked darker shoes and clutch … Maybe grey. Sophie looked great – very stylish indeed.

    1. Wouldn’t George have grown out of that sweater in the last 16 months? Or do I just know nothing about how much kids grow?

      ETA: I just checked and it can’t be the same sweater. The one George wore to visit Charlotte in the hospital has buttons on the front and is a darker blue. So while the pieces may not be the exact same the two outfits are very similar.

    2. Heather grey and/or dove grey shoes matches perfectly with navy blue, or is it navy blue that KM is wearing. Yes, Kate looks put together, but that look must cost a fortune. KM spends a fortune on her wardrobe, but the kids clothes look like hand me downs.

  4. I’ve seen Sophie interact with wives of heads of state and she’s incredibly warm and seems to strike up a rapport with them quickly. KM seemed distant and nervous which came off as dismissive. After the initial greeting she turned away from the Trudeaus to look elsewhere. It would have been a good time to spend a few more seconds being gracious to her hosts.

    KM remains tethered to Wills for all cues on how to act. She constantly looked to him. Her hand on his leg made me gag.

    I don’t care, handing her clutch and flowers to the Governor’s wife looked very rude. Once again, she’s shown she acts like a precious snowflake who is out of her depth. She’s a manniquen, nothing more.

    1. I thought her turning her back on the Tradeaus really ill mannered.
      And the mark of someone who doesn’t know how to include others in a social situation.

      In this scenerio, whilst William is chatting to their hosts, Kate should have continued chatting to others, bringing them forward for the group tarmac photo ops instead of turning her back completely or fussing with the children.

      The children are nervous for sure, but fussing over them isn’t going to make them confident. The should have lifted PGtips so that he was simultaneously less fussy and nervous and meeting the adults wouldn’t be as overwhelming. The way Estelle is treated when she meets adults or is on walkabout.

      Kate will never work as the co-host of any situation if she can’t untether herself from William in these situations. She needs to be more open to encourage relationships.

      1. “Kate always used to say that she would have preferred to be like the Queen Mother – someone who was spoilt but loved, and whose voice was never heard.” (Rebecca English, 2007).

        I don’t think Kate has the temperament or natural warmth to consider others, let alone in these diplomatic settings. As someone said in the comments above, Kate barricades herself through props – clutches, draping a child around her. It’s an interesting thesis.

        It would have been perfectly acceptable for one of their entourage to tend to the children after disembarking, taking them to the car, while William and Kate paid full attention to the work at hand aka doing their jobs. It was silly to bring the kids in the first place.

        I agree with you that Kate needs to stop playing the hero’s helper, especially a passive one. She is a deliberate throwback to an era where women were not threatening, or rather, perceived as decorative; it is way, way out of touch with 21st century thinking. Can’t imagine how they live together. Dull, dull, dull.

        1. That QM quote always makes me laugh because it clearly demonstrates Kate’s fundamental misunderstanding of the QM and her role.

          The QM was not passive or decorative no matter how she appeared in public.

          She was very much an involved leader who pushed her husband to do better no matter his shortcomings, was very good and actively engaged in the family PR. Ruled the family with an iron rod and set out the rules they still live by.

          You do not become a thorn in Hitler’s side by being decorative or passive.

          1. Agreed, Herazeus!!!

            The QM wasn’t some “cute and cuddly” granny figure until the 1980s!! Early in her marriage? She was the power behind the throne.

          2. Herazeus, I know the QM was nothing but strong-willed and had her family in check BUT Kate’s misreading of a consort role reveals what she herself intends it to be: adoration and material goods are hers by right for providing the bare minimum. No sense of duty. None. As Lis said elsewhere, she doesn’t want anyone to expect anything of her.

          3. According to Hitler the QM was the most dangerous woman in England, and it wasn’t for being a passive, arm-candy type of wife. Kate really doesn’t know her history if she thinks the QM was quiet.

          4. +100

            Leave it to carol and a decadeinwait-y and Years marry in to not understand the RF. When I see cannot all Ithat comes to mind is whiny bill destroying the monarchy with this curly hair teenager at university graduation – in over her head! Such a waste of role and royal status to do GB and global good.

        2. What a perfect quote for someone so massively lazy and self-absorbed. Her one desire in life is to be wrapped in cotton wool, coddled, petted and waited on hand and foot. Yes, she’s always going to be some kind of ‘Waity’.

      2. I thought the same thing. When you see the picture of her just standing there, with William talking to the GG and the Trudeaus behind her, why wasn’t she engaging with them? She needs the learn the art of small talk! Plus, Justin is a cutie so should’ve been right up her alley =)

    2. Yeah, hand on his leg was a bad thing for me to witness, too. I agree Indiana, how many more of these trips does Kate have to make before she seems more at ease?

      I did like the straight dress. More appropriate for the tarmac. Also, I didn’t like the fact that William wasn’t holding Charlotte. Come on, how difficult must have it been for Kate to be holding Char in one arm, holding George’s hand with her other hand and doing the entire walk down the stairs in such high heels? Not too chivalrous, W!

      Oh, and in the video of Trudeau kneeling down and trying to shake PG’s hand, I wish William had encouraged the child more. I know the child didn’t know the PM and may have felt nervous, but for goodness sake, give the child a sense of “it’s ok,” and teach him how to be a bit more gracious. He has a long road ahead of him — little George. The earlier he learns, the better. Oh, well.

  5. Kate never used to speak like that pre-engagement. It’s ridiculous.

    I think she looks good but boring.

    George is precious, Charlotte is cute. I don’t understand why they brought them here except for PR reasons. It’s not like the kids will do much; Maria will be stuck at the house with them as she was in Australia and NZ with George, and this time she had to deal with the TWO of those kids on the plane and not just one. The woman is a saint! Super Nanny!

    In pictures posed for this meet and greet with the Trudeaus William looks so rude and stand-offish, his mouth all scowly, and Kate looks like a deer in the headlights. They have no gravitas.

    I can’t believe 10k people showed up. Goes to show their PR about them working oh so hard and how great they are works well.

    1. I worked for a woman, a very long time ago, who spoke very softly almost a whisper. She told me that she spoke softly because then all the attention would be on her, since everyone would have to look at her and be very quiet in order to hear her. I have to wonder if that isn’t why Kate speaks that way.

      1. I had a lovely male colleague who was very quiet; when he spoke it was deliberate and soft. Everyone leaned in to hear him – you could hear a pin drop! It was so different to everyone else who yelled over each other in meetings.

        In Kate’s case, her role requires her to communicate well. She needs help with voice production and elocution. Her affected and inauthentic accent sees words slide into each other and vowels mangled to the point of her not being understood. That’s just plain silly.

        1. Kate did not talk anything like this in the interview after the engagement was announced. She’s developed this way of speaking over the past few years. None of the other royal ladies speak like this either. I think she tries to sound posh and elegant. But it’s not working at all. You would think someone in the Queens group would speak to Kate about this.

      2. Its a lovely wish but I doubt cannot is that deep thinking. Selfish yes but all is for whiny to stay married so the entitlements continue for her and the middleton’s.

  6. I thought Kate looked very pretty today. And she finally realized that a floaty skirt is not good at the airport.

    I hate that William made Kate walk down on the left side of him off the plane. She couldn’t hold the rail because of holding Charlotte with that hand. Kate looked to struggle at one point walking down the steps in sky-high heels. I was actually worried she might trip. I am assuming William had them walk that way, although maybe they decided it would look best for photos. They were both holding George’s hands….hmm maybe it was for the photo.

    1. From what I saw, both of them holding George’s hand was spontaneous because George started grabbing Kate’s skirt.

    2. Hi Overit, I watched her walk down those stairs in those heels and holding Charlotte and I broke out in a cold sweat. I was hoping that William would realize that she should be on the other side so she could grab the railing if need be, but he didn’t.

      1. Ya, I totally blame him for that. So unchivalrous, but typical. I was at least hoping he would hold her hand as she started to walk down the stairs. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s heart stopped at first 🙂

        1. George, at three, seemed the only one to realise he needed assistance. I find Kate somewhat awkward with her children. She is trying to channel the whole madonna and child meets retro look, but is more concerned about the photographs, being ever so aware of where the camera is.

          1. It’s sad that K&W have the kids so regimented and as a result, when in public, the kids become anxious.

            This trip was a huge mistake for the kids to be included, but the Cambs want to show the public how very hands-on they are as parents.

            Kate is always trying to make G&C look circumspect, e.g., removing Charlotte’s hand from her mouth and ears. In one of the pics with Kate and Charlotte it appears that Kate did the same thing — remove Charlotte’s hand from her mouth. Then Kate began some kind of game with Charlotte. Poor little girl is probably confused about her surroundings. W&K are going to cause the kids to have anxiety problems and from what’s happening when they are in public, I’d say the anxiety is very much manifested already.

            All the stupid talk spearheading mental health that they are pushing with Kate trying to sound like she is now the mental health expert only makes them sound pompous and stupid because they are so out of touch with what’s going on in their minds. And, what good can come of it if their kids are fearful of their surroundings, and W&K are broken.

    3. Agreed Overit. We’ve all had a lot to say about Kate’s disastrous disembarks in the past, so I’m glad and relieved that she wore something attractive and appropriate for once. Boring yes, but at least it largely fits her body (a little off in the chest) but great length for an important public event like this. I liked her hat and makeup too. Overall, big improvement.

      As for the kids and her mistake about her back to Trudeau, I saw that too and was surprised. That’s a big no-no. But I wondered if Will has drilled into her that “she can’t lose the kids!” so she’s got to be first-over focused on where they are and what they are doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if his control in part equates her passive stance until called for.

      1. Sunny I 100% agree with you about William being ruling over Kate. She really does act different when she’s not with him. I was shocked to see her turn her back to her host. I bet the Queen will have a big eye roll when she sees this.

  7. I watched a lot of it live on CBC which is a big Canadian Broadcaster. A few things that stood out to me
    – those shoes are so boring
    – As I watched it live it seemed like the GG wife was offering to help Kate with flowers before everybody starting help with the flowers
    – At first Will and Kate were just walking by the crowd and waving, then suddenly they started to stop and accept flowers and talk to people.
    – The media in Canada keeps mentioning that the British people do not get to see the kids often
    -The Canadian media is saying that the three big things they will be focusing on are the environment, First Nations people, and youth mental health

    Overall it seems like in Canada we will be getting lots of coverage of the tour. Tomorrow they will be in Vancouver and I am planning on going down to see them

    1. If you see them, let us know. It’d be great to have a first hand account from someone who saw them.

  8. Btw, William and Kate really didn’t do a walk about. They walked by so many people before finally stopping. Kate was grabbing flowers as she walked by the crowd, so William finally decided to stop and talk to some folks. They bi-passed most of the crowd. I was watching live and commenting on the fact that I couldn’t believe they weren’t stopping to talk to people. They did it close to the car, so it only ended up being a few minutes.

    On a funny note, when they first stopped, someone handed a flower to an assistant to hand to Justin. The assistant gave it to Justin who was further back in the group and he called out a thank you. I thought it was funny and liked that the person wanted him to have it and not Kate.

    1. I love that someone brought flowers for Justin. I really do think a portion of the crowd came out just for him.

      1. I saw that exchange and yes that person did bring flowers to Justin and I think thats awesome. The Canadians love their PM and for good reason! He and Sophie are rock stars. However- the dissing Kate part never happened as I recall. The person who gave the flowers was far ahead of the group at that point. Kate wasn’t even close to them.

        1. What??? No one said anything about dissing Kate. I said I liked that someone brought Justin flowers and not Kate. The person didn’t “diss” Kate. And actually he wasn’t that far ahead of Kate since he was close enough to be on the t.v. screen which was focused on her. The person in the crowd just wanted to make sure Justin got the flowers.

          1. “On a funny note, when they first stopped, someone handed a flower to an assistant to hand to Justin. The assistant gave it to Justin who was further back in the group and he called out a thank you. I thought it was funny and liked that the person wanted him to have it and not Kate.”

            Maybe I should’ve used the word ‘funny’ instead of dissed?

          2. Maybe this is just me but if someone wanted to give flowers to William instead of Kate I would think that were equally funny in a charming way. Because it’s unexpected. Usually flowers are given to the female royal, not the male royal nor the male PM. So I think it’s funny/charming/cute that someone wanted to give flowers to the PM. At least that’s how I read it. I didn’t take that comment as malice.

          3. Oh puh-lees…. “I liked that the person wanted him to have it and not Kate…” Bless your heart if you wanna think this isn’t shady. And that’s fine! Be shady! This is the site for that. But own it.

          4. Overit- sweetheart – I wasn’t saying it didn’t happen. I was saying that no one refused Kate in order to give a flower to the PM- which is how you described the encounter to begin with…. Go back to bed now darlin. It’s all gonna be all right.

          5. Don’t make a drama about some flowers. I think that Kate has enough flowers, it doesn’t pain her to see PM having flower.

            At the end of the days, the flowers will be given at hospitals….

          6. Lol, ya I liked that someone wanted him to have it and not Kate because he is a male and PM. It is funny to give flowers to a man like KMR said. Most people brought flowers for Kate, so I loved that someone brought flowers for the P.M.-nothing shady about that at all. The only person on here throwing shade is you and honestly it just makes me laugh. I remember you from the past coming on to praise Kate and put us all down. But of all comments, i am not sure why you chose this one to attack, but I will not respond to you anymore. I honestly hope KMR will just block your comments. KMR thanks for understanding my comment. With the video link I posted you can see it now. I think it is cute he yells ‘thank you”.

          7. @Zoe:

            Were the last two sentences necessary? Don’t throw shade at others when you’re argument is that people shouldn’t throw shade at others.


            Now can we all just agree to disagree and move on, please?

          8. KMR- actually my argument is that if you’re gonna throw shade then own it. Don’t pretend it’s something else after the fact. Happy to move on. Already done.

    2. I just wanted to comment on last part of Overits comment as I thought it was charming/funny/different that someone wanted to make sure the PM gets the flowers and didn’t expect such a “trouble” underneath the comment.
      But indeed I found it charming and sweet that someone showed up (maybe also like the only chance to see the PM) and took the time to buy flowers and all… if you buy the flowers for a certain person I don’t think it’s wrong to make sure this person also gets them. And the “thank you” probably made their day!

      1. Agree!I

        I also agree with Overlit !
        Its awesome and huge that at a welcoming event for willnot and cannot the homecountry choose took the time for their PM and his wife. I see this as a negative for the whiny secretive lazy royals.

  9. I suspect the 10000 strong crowd showed up, as they were probably more interested to see Justin and Sophie Trudeau. I like Sophie’s shoes but don’t like her overall look due to the mismatched hat. But she is so gorgeous.

    Kate looks nice/elegant and hopefully finally has learned to wear A-line skirts: no chance of flashing. She’s aged so much since the last time she visited Canada. She looked like she was scolding or speaking sternly to George on the Tarmac. What do you expect woman, you drag 2 children halfway across the world for your own PR games and now you are pissed that your kids are not going to cooperate and play your PR game? Clearly, Kate doesn’t spend too much time raising her kids! And it’s a pity that George looks so nervous and shy around people- it’s his parents fault that George has not been acclimatized to his public role. But I’m sure they have already taught George to believe that he is entitled to a life of luxury and getting worshipped by people for simply existing though. Charlotte is a calm baby, she was just hanging off of her mom, didn’t seem to make a peep.

    1. Hi Red Tulip, I love how we can look at the same photos and have such different opinions. Viva la differance! I actually liked the fact that Sophie’s hat was a contrasting color instead of matching. In fact that was probably the one thing I would have changed about Kate’s outfit, a different color hat to contrast with the royal blue dress.

      1. Hello Red Tulip and Lauri from Ca , actually , if you follow the latest fashion shows for spring 17 and those of this fall , you’ll find that Sophie’s colors and the way they coordinated are the latest trend , royal violet and its shades are in now . wishing you both a lovely day 🙂

          1. Kate looked stunning in the blue suit and hat. With her height, even without shoes , she can wear anything. It’s hard living under a microscope. Some comments are so rude. Wonder what they would do in a similar situation. I love following William and Kate. The children are adorable.

  10. Kate looked amazing today, my jaw just dropped in awe as she walked off that plane. Whoever styled her, please stay with her. She looked elegant and perfectly put together (and can she ever work a pencil skirt!). Love love love.

    Sophie looked great, though I thought the hat overkill. She usually has great fashion sense and I’m sure she’s planning to bring it now that she’s met the tall drink of water she’s up against for the next week.

    Oh, and Charlotte looks like Aunty Pippa, wow!

    1. Pippa and Carol yes, but I thought I saw a bit of Eugenie in Charlotte, especially in profile. And Kate does look good in those jewel tones. At first I thought her hat was the blue version of the one she wore on the jubilee boat trip (which I liked). I also like that Kate thought to add a statement broach to her outfits. I think that really sets off the solid block of color.

      1. I wonder what Beatrice and Eugenie looked like when toddlers?I think Eugenie had blonde hair. Beatrice has always had red. Thanks for telling me you wear a broach on the left hand side. My grandmother left me the only one I have. A broach with a watch on. I am a very lucky girl. Goodness knows why I was left it. I am still puzzled.

        1. Laura,

          That’s so sweet that you have your grandmother’s broach!!

          Here is a picture of the girls when they were little. It seems that Beatrice was the blonde as a baby/toddler!

          Here is another one of her at 2 years old!


          And here is Eugenie as a baby/toddler:

          Hope that helps!! 😀

    2. Yes, I thought Kate looked great, very appropriate. I hate the shoes, but that is to be expected. And I love Sophie’s look too. They both nailed it.

      Side question, is there a rule on which side you wear a broach? I was surprised to see Kate wearing it on the right side.

        1. I figured she was wearing it on that side because she knew she would have Charlotte on the other, thus showing the brooch instead of hiding it behind Charlotte. Could be giving her too much credit tho =)

          1. I was thinking she was concerned it could get caught on Charlotte’s clothes or it could get pulled off. Good that that basic mistake wasn’t made. I’m glad someone used some brains before Kate stepped down the stairs. So far, not too bad.

  11. And I hated how the Governors General wife was treated like Kate’s own maid. And the wife of this official seems to be falling all over herself in front of WK. what have WK done to deserve this?

    1. Kate expects to be taken care of and everyone hops to it. I think the GG’s wife was being courteous. Kate takes advantage of courtesy and manners at every turn because she is a princess.

  12. Thanks for getting this post up so fast KMR!! You must have been sitting on the edge of your seat, fingers poised over the keyboard, all ready to go. I hope you have a relaxing day planned after this tour. 🙂

    Ok, so I’m going to make a serious effort to judge Kate a bit more fairly than I’ve done in the past. Sometimes my lack of respect for her clouds my judgement about her fashion choices and I will knock her for things I give a pass to with other royal ladies. I’m curious to see how long I can keep this up for but I’m going to give it a shot 🙂 So here goes…I actually liked this outfit, this color blue is lovely on her and as far as I can tell the cut of this dress suits her, plus it had the added benefit of being sleek enough that it wasn’t going to fly up in the wind. I’m even okay with the nude shoes. But I just have to ask, did the whole family really have to wear blue?? When I saw them disembarking from the plane I did a bit of an eyeroll at the overabundance of blue. I hope this trend doesn’t continue for the entire tour.

    I have to agree with Jenni though, Sophie won the first fashion round. While I did like Kate’s outfit the contrasting colors in Sophie’s outfit made it a clear winner! And I really liked the jaunty angle of her hat. Imo, it’s this type of “styling” that Kate just can’t seem to grasp. One last observation, Sophie knows how to “pose” and seems to know how to carry herself, no crotch clutching, no slumped shoulders. It will be interesting to see how these two women interact.

  13. I loved Charlotte grabbing at the Maple Leaf pin, obviously she thought she should wear it! Also surprised that she is going to be darker-haired than George. I thought both kids behaved well for their ages, and perfectly natural to be shy in front of thousands of people.

    1. Did you see Justin knelt down too which I thought was sweet. It was after they went threw the line, Justin put a knee down on the tarmac to talk to George. He didn’t worry about his suit getting dirty. I loved that. I don’t know much about him, but that informality for a child said a lot 🙂

          1. Hadrian was Roman emperor from 118 to 138 AD. Hadrian’s wall in the UK was built in Northumberland. It was a military camp I think. Roman soldiers hated being sent there because of the weather.

  14. I thought it was very rude of both Kate & William to ignore their hosts at the bottom of the planes stairs to fuss with their children. They are traveling with a huge entourage for goodness sake. I think the children should have disembarked separately. They are not props.

    1. To W&K they are props, it seems IMO. They must be well behaved and perfect at all times.

      It’s sad. They may have so much material wealth but..

    2. They could not say no to this big moment and photo opportunity, could they!?
      I don’t blame to kids on being fussy and George to more interested in the helicopter in background but I also found WK behaviour really off. These people were waiting for them and then it seems as WK didn’t really bother… it would have also a good chance for some small talk and to get comfortable but instead they were busy with the kids

      1. This is why HM told William to stand up at Trooping the Colour balcony instead of crouching down and attending to George.

        They are there to do a job, not to fuss over the kids.

        They should have figured out by now how to include the children whilst talking to adults. They could practise with their own small circle of friends.

        1. Exactly! A lot of people always seemed to forget that this is WK job and not something they do for fun. Ofc mistakes happen but often seems like they do not care and aren’t willing to learn. There are so many royal families with small children these days so why not have a look here and there…

        2. They don’t involve the kids enough for Will and Kate to know how to involve other people. For goodness sake Charlotte is almost 2 and this is only the third time we’ve seen this child in public. The Sweden Royals start taking their children at a very early age. By doing this the kids know what to expect and behave. W and K keep their two kids so sheltered they have no clue how to act and not comfortable around groups of people.

        3. Exactly!! he needs his grandmama there to tell him to stand up and be the grown up!
          Definitely no one is blaming the kids. But they are traveling with 12 servants, surely someone could have taken care of them.
          Just so rude!

  15. The crowds which didn’t look like 10 000 to me, cheering for Trudeau a whole lot more than William or Kate makes you think they were mostly there for the Trudeau show. The actual walkabout was very short, a few minutes top, quite sad actually. I remember Harry’s walkabout in Australia and NZ after laying a wreath in pouring rain and other times and he shook hands for almost an hour multiples times.
    Kate’s outfit was better than usual as there was no way she could have flashed this time. However she did manage to show of Charlotte’s undergarments. I did feel sorry for both the kids as it was quite cold and they were dressed in their little uniforms- same old outfit for George and very similiar dress for Charlotte.
    I do hate how all of this is blown out of proportion again. Following some royal reporters on twitter is almost unbearable with all the sugary comments. It started a while back after the tour with possibility of the children coming was announced.

    1. Both Kate and Madeleine hold their daughters in such a way that shows off the dress to the photographers but when you look behind apparently the dress is pulled all the way forward and you can see the kids’ legs. I don’t know why they do this and don’t just hold their kids with the dress between the girls’ legs and the moms’ arms.

      1. Hmmm KMR, I had thought that pulling the dress that far forward was to prevent the photographs from the front from showing the little girls’ bloomers/diapers. But now that you’ve said that, I’m rethinking it.

  16. Kate looked like an airline staff she’s boring and looked stressed. l was shocked how poorly the kids dressed. george looks like he is going on a play date. and Charlotte no personality at all. Cambridge’s are a boring bunch!!?!?

  17. A friend of mine was there today and told me nobody around her cared about W&K, they were there for the Trudeaus. Interesting!

    1. Really? That is so interesting. Thanks for sharing. I was actually surprised so many people turned out for them, but now I am not since it was really for the Trudeaus. Did your friend say anything else?

    2. The people in BC would especially love the Trudeaus, it’s a Liberal province and his mother is from there as well, so he has ties.

  18. Good afternoon everyone.
    KMR thank you for your prompt and wonderful coverage
    I think grooming and attention to detail has improved – hair is not hanging stylishly held, makeup is not to heavy, you may not necessarily like the style of dress, but compared to past attempts I think the Duchess looks much improved, length is good and no chance of flare ups. It would be nice to see a splash of color shoe/ bag wise but I guess it was the safe option.
    Sophie does look stylish definitely has the wow factor!
    The little ones are adorable, they behaved very well for such young ages, it must be very daunting seeing a see of faces and cameras, bless them.

  19. I watched the exchange with Kate and Mrs. Johnston on the walkabout and, for what it’s worth, the wife of the GG offered to take the flowers and gifts from Kate. She hesitated to give them to her but Mrs. Johnston insisted. Soon after the staff came and took over. It seemed as if the interaction With the crowd was unplanned. Maybe they had nixed the walkabout because they were running late??? They didn’t interact with the crowd at first but, Kate actually, started responding to people and taking flowers and William followed. I think that may have been why there was a moment of awkwardness about who would be taking the gifts and flowers from them. Whoever said that they only interacted for a few minutes must have been watching a different feed or something. Will and Kate spent several minutes with each person in the receiving lines and in the crowd once they finally started the walkabout.

    All the shade about Williams comments in the speech and the comments about the kids were really unnecessary if you watched the speech and their interactions with people. On the CTV feed you could hear the people in the receiving line ask William and Kate about the kids and they answered. In the speech William was grateful and sincere. He totally stumbled on his French and was self deprecating. I found him very charming actually and I can’t say that is true most of the time. In most of his speeches he comes off as very arrogant. But not this time. He also was deliberate and specific outlining thier goals and mission for the visit- wanting to meet with a variety of people Regarding topics and concerns such as the environment and mental health were mentioned. I know this isn’t a direct quote but this is what I recall from the speech.

    1. Did I shade William’s speech? I said I missed most of it because my feed cut out, and then I did some minor quotes I saw on Twitter. I don’t think I shaded him (other than saying he got less applause than Trudeau).

      1. Truthfully, I thought it was a little shady to comment on the quotes taken out of context. But I was actually referencing many of the other comments on here. Not you directly.

        1. There are few comment about William’s speech : and it is just to repeat like William said that his french is not perfect….

    2. I think you need to re-read people’s comments before attacking everyone. No one up above said anything about Williams’s speech or threw ‘all the shade’ at him. Your putting words in people’s mouth. I just read all the comments above yours and no one said anything about his speech other than to tell KMR that he spoke French which is why he made the rusty comment (that is hardly shade). So it sure seems like you are attacking KMR. I think you are jumping down people’s throats for no reason. Like up above, you assumed something I nor KMR ever said. I remember you from other comments doing the same thing. We all have different opinions, no need to attack KMR-she works hard. Thanks

      Also, the feed was live, they spent about 6-7 minutes, give or take, talking to people.

    3. I will shade William’s speech on this one point. For someone who was supposedly raised to be a King and a statesman,I’m shocked that he doesn’t know how to speak French or any other European language, since he is from that part of the world. It’s not as if he couldn’t afford to or didn’t have the time to take intensive French lessons. Even Kate should’ve taken the time to learn another language, it’s what diplomats do and is a diplomatic courtesy to know about another country through its language. From what I know, the other European royals know alternate languages.

  20. If the Canadians love them so much perhaps they can stay longer….say 20 years?
    For me today is a Sophie win although Kate looks better than usual, but a maple leaf hat? Thought we’d been there done that.
    Kids should be at home, this trip is ridiculous for them to be on.

          1. That’s fine ? I’m just not a fan of her theme dressing, but this time I’m not paying so I don’t actually care!! It’s such a waste of money because it’s not something she can wear again. And she already has a maple leaf hat… Look forward to your next post so much better than the sugar sites.

          2. I was really hoping she would repeat that red maple leaf hat from last time. I actually really like it and this tour is really the only time she can repeat it.

          3. I love it too and I’m a Canadian! Very much appreciate those gestures. We are proud of our country, and if you wish to come, show some love ? I also hope to see the red maple leaf hat again. She had lovely clothes on her ” honeymoon ” tour, and I have to say she’s off to a flying start again. Looking forward to what today brings…

        1. I didn’t notice the maple leaves in the hat either and I thought the brooch was a more noticeable nod to Canada too. The leaves on the hat looked like a flower to me, similar to the one from the Jubilee. But I do like the hat, it’s definitely one of her better fascinators.

      1. I like the hat too, but you know what? It would have looked better with some different colored leaves. Some fall colored leaves such as rust, golden burnt yellow, maybe a little teal thrown in. As it was, in certain lighting, the hat did not look good with the dress because it didn’t match. And besides, the monochromatic thing Kate usually does is just lackluster and not very interesting. That said, the design of that hat, and the red one from the Jubilee are very nice.

        1. The outfit looked very Diana to me. Part of it is the monotone color, which Diana did a lot of in the early years, part of it is the straight skirt, and part of it is that pose she struck on the tarmack (which someone above pointed out). It is also the flying-saucer style hat that Diana wore very well. And the ring. Hmmmm…

  21. I love her look but not her shoes : Kate is elegant here and has class.
    For the children : they are cute, but I think that maybe they are cold because it was 14°C (if I understand correctly) : why George doesn’t wear trouser?

    I don’t see the integrality of the show because it was very late for me (so I can’t comment about crowds or flowers) : but I have some observation from what I see :
    -it is normal that Kate is more concerned by her children, but she turns her back to the PM and his wife… It is not so good…
    – KMR : when you said that William and Kate stop to talk to veterans : I have rather the feeling that they failed to see them, Kate and William were ready to walk to the red carpet but fortunately William sees them and they don’t forget the veterans….I wonder where their personnal secretaries were…

    And at a moment I laugh : Kate was speaking with the governor (I think) and he said “Sorry?” : I don’t know if he doesn’t hear her because she speaks softly and he is old or if he doesn’t understand her because of her accent.

    1. About the veterans: I agree. It was tweeted by Kensington Palace that one of the first people they’d meet in Victoria would be a Invictus Games competitor. She was one of the veterans waiting to meet them. People say that William went out of his way to meet those veterans, but actually it was pre-arranged, but they seemed to have nearly forgotten to greet them after laying their wreaths and therefor had to turn back to them.

      1. Well that’s a bummer. I thought William did something nice (stopping to talk to extra people), not something not nice (almost forgetting he was supposed to talk to them).

      2. I am going to give William a tiny break and say that it is possible he didn’t see the veterans right away because of where they were standing compared to the cenotaph and that they had just gotten off a long plane ride where it was midnight for them and could be getting tired. Both he and Kate spoke with the veterans, especially the 90 year old WWII vet for a while and even Peter Mansbridge on CBC noted that it was a longer chat than usual. William also chatted with a few soldiers during the inspection of the guard, which also seemed longer than usual according to CBC.

        As for his speech it was fine, even though his French is not great. (The Queen’s French is great so there is a noticeable contrast) K & W were getting some cheers mostly because Canadians will be polite to visitors but Trudeau is just more popular. And that is to be expected in a way. Trudeau is one of us as a Canadian and if you like his approach and his policies, then there is a lot to cheer about.

  22. Canada is surely great, I wish I could travel there sometime! 🙂
    The Trudeaus seem to be very nice people. It’s always good to have a nice prime minister.
    I wonder if they know what the other would wear, if it’s the same with the hair. Sophie wears her hair long like Kate often does. I wonder if they could have the same hair style. Or maybe, this time politics will be more important! 😮

    1. According to royal reporters, Sophie was told what colors Kate would be wearing for the entire trip.

      1. Thank you for your answer 🙂
        Do you know if the two women can wear the same hair style, for example an updo or is it important to wear different styles?
        Oh, and I also like Kate’s outfit, it looks really beautiful, especially the colour.

  23. Wow Kate! I love this look on her although I would have liked some colour on her shoes. But all in all, she looks well put together and the outfit is appropriate. Well done. Finally!
    I wish George had been dressed in something different. Everytime I see him, it feels like a throwback to the 1950s and it’s almost always a blue jumper with the black shorts.
    And I get that holding Charlotte with her dress out keeps it neat and photogenic but I cringed. What if it flies up? I know she’s a toddler but my hands itched to pull Kate’s hand over the dress.

    1. I agree, they dress both kids in old-fashioned clothes. I have kids roughly the same age as George and Charlotte, and I would never dress them like this. They don’t look bad, just old-fashioned. Which is a shame because there are so many cute and fashionable clothes available for kids today. But then the kids would be more fashionable then the parents, and you can’t have that.

  24. Kate looked beautiful! She looks amazing in blue, I loved the dress and thank goodness she had the sense, this time, to wear a sheath dress on a tarmac.

    I know I shouldn’t comment on looks, as no one can help their appearance, but William is looking more and more old and unattractive every time I see photos of him.

    I also wish they would stop putting George in knee high socks. I know they’re upper class Brits, but so what. In this day and age, no one wears knee high socks unless they’re in school uniform :/

    Not a fan of Sophie’s outfit at all. The hat, the bows on the shoulders, the shoes.. just, no.

    1. Comments about PW. He has been compared to Prince William of Gloucester for his good looks. PW of Gloucester died at the age of 30 and he was still so handsome looking. In contrast, the Duke of Cambridge somehow lost his good looks at 30 and now looks like a Windsor. Seriously, there’s no comparison here.

      1. I think there is something similar in their jaw and long faces, but aside from that, William of Cambridge lost his looks a long time ago whereas William of Gloucester died before he could lose his looks.

  25. Poor Charlotte is teething.

    She’s doing great too! It hurts when those teeth come in. Kids get fussy and drooly.

    Kate looks lovely. She and William make a great team and it’s pleasure to see them.

  26. I’m tired of seeing Charlotte with her hands in her mouth. God forbid she be seen with a pacifier. I remember the young Spanish princesses with their pacifiers. It was ridiculously cute and endearing.

    G&C each wear basically the same styles and colors in public. Is it cos photos won’t fetch as much if they all look the same? God forbid we plebes see too much of them.

    1. Not every child takes to a pacifier. Mine didn’t care for them. Still, though, it might have been good for her to hold something — a frozen twist of hankie, perhaps– to chew on if she needed it. And about the clothes… if it’s cold enough for a shirt and sweater, it’s too cold for shorts. And it’s cold enough for Charlotte to wear an extra layer as well. It’s a bit boring that they’re all in the same color. It makes them look like a family on the way to get their portrait done at Sears. I think it’s important that they all be dressed for the same weather conditions, though. Just more emphasis on style over substance, I guess.

      1. Hahaha Graymatters, …”a family on the way to get their portrait done at Sears”. I live in a very rural community and sometimes the local photographers will show their work and it’s all families dressed alike, white shirts and jeans. I actually want my family portrait done in more of a gothic style, not goth just more mood lighting and shading, instead of the perpetual sunny, bright, smiley photos.

        1. My husband and I went to a Rennaissance festival for our first date. We’ve talked about dressing up the whole family to match that theme for a family photo.

          Mood lighting could make a nice change from the usual sunshine pics. Dress more sophisticated, though, to match. The contrast of mood lighting with white shirts and jeans might make you look like a family of sociopaths 🙂

          1. That’s the look I was going for!! Lol. Please know that I based my child rearing on the Aadams Family, if that gives you any indication of what we’re like 🙂

  27. Kate hobbles herself; holding the kids; attending to the kids (who could fault that?); tight skirt; purse clutched defensively; sky high heels. She’s inaccessible and physically constrained and she does or deliberately. She gives as little as she can get away with and wants people to expect nothing from her.

  28. Kate looks so pretty. She looks like an adult woman and not a teenage girl trying and failing to be sexy. Lets hope this continues after the tour

  29. I’m surprised by the negativity in some comments. I thought this was one of the best Will/Kate moments of the year. Kate is dressed appropriately and looks lovely. I can nitpick about the shoes, but I am so glad she is wearing a straight skirt at the airport and her hair up. And she had no clutch! When she did later, it was brief. The children were extraordinarily well behaved and looked comfortable with their parents (although understandably very tired). William was wearing a nice tie and suit. He was self deprecating but as far as I know, did not attempt his “humor” on others. They were polite and spent time greeting people instead of rushing. Let’s hope day one is a sign for things to come, because I thought it went very well. And, even though the crowd was more excited for their own prime minister, I think they were very appreciative of the Cambridges too and the couple made a nice impression.

    1. Hi Anne, if you read the comments including mine, you’ll see quite a few complimenting the Duchess for looking well along with the children. There will be people with other opinions, but they are completely entitled to them and we welcome a divergent group of thought here rather than rubberstamped fandom. Hope you have a good day.

      1. Oh, I realize that, I’m sorry if it came across as rude. I just thought that there would be more consensus since it is rare for Kate to get an airport look correct 🙂

        1. The bar gets set higher because she’s five plus years in, so seeing her in monocolor outfits with themes including jewelry is predictable and boring. There isn’t any individual personality that helps Kate be more than a glossy image in a magazine–very 2D, and she’s probably more than that, but we don’t know it because she doesn’t show it, at least IMO.

          However, this initial welcome was, I think, a win for Kate with no fly-ups and looking put together.

          I think she handled the kids and they made it through, which is no easy feat. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s engagements and hope that Kate hits a comfortable stride where she opens up more. Maybe Will is the wet blanket.

          Kimothy mentioned that he used to be smiles and fun, and now he’s grimmer and constantly complaining in his comments. She’s absolutely right. If he’s like that in private, negativity creates a chill that touches everyone. I thought Kate’s pat on his leg was almost motherly-like. I hate to say it, but I think that’s what he wants–a mother companion rather than a lover and life friend. That’s a tough order. All my best

          1. In their first year of marriage, there was an attempt to craft her in the image of a nanny-wife. Lots of articles about how she ran his bath and cooked him his favourite meals.

          2. That makes him sound like either a child or an infirm old age pensioner. These kind of PR attempts to paint them in such strange ways would not be needed (or as much) if they simply did their jobs often and well.

  30. I think Kate looked professional- by her standards anyway, although the dress is boring and the colour is what I can only describe as “undecided” (between pure blue, navy, teal or something else). The Hat is overkill imo, the shoes and bag boring beyond belief.
    I profoundly disagree with anyone who says she looks beautiful or amazing. Look at her face. It”s falling apart quite literally. Her cheeks- even with fillers- are about 1.5 inches below the point they should be at at her age. The wrinkles on the forhead are so deep. The skin around her eyes is stretched and looks paper thin. When she smiles she still seems ok but when her face rests she look like Michael Jackson’s little talentless sister. The bar for her is soooo loow however that ppl are impressed by her only because for once she failed to show her underwear or the lack thereof. She continued to be her usual rude, panicky, maniacally smiling, William dependent self.
    As for the kids, I better not say anything.
    William was his usual arrogant meats ackward meats entitled self though slightly more aware because he needed to perform. That part when she touches his leg so near his you-know-what was bile inducing.
    All in all, the circus was in town.
    Y’all are too nice

    1. My god, I don’t even want to imagine what you would say about my face.

      And yeah, do not comment on the kids’ looks. That’s not okay.

  31. The way Kate is posing at the airport with her legs apart and Charlotte on her hip , so very much like that of Lady Diana’s in the KG before her engagement .

    1. But was it cute when they ignored their host dignitaries? You can’t pick and choose in a situation like this, if this had been the Queen everyone would say oh what disrespect…. but since they are “just learning” and are only “part-time” royals no one will make it a big deal. (Sorry if I come across as rude, not my intention at all)

      1. They were rude? Sorry I must have missed that. I had more respect for them ( than I normally do) making sure George was OK when it was obvious that he was shy/uncomfortable. That’s all…..

        1. I apologize if I came across as rude but I stand by my comments, they were rude Kate in particular, there was no need for her to act in such a way… but yes I agree it was cute that they were a tentative to their children. But it was the wrong moment for that, they are held in such high esteem that in positions like these they lack greatly, which is such an utter shame

          1. I think this is a no win situation for Kate. If she hadn’t been attentive to her children people would have dragged her hard for it saying she’s not a good mother, but when she is attentive people think it’s rude to the people greeting her.

          2. Agreed KMR, but then they should leave the children home until W&K have the formalities down and can handle juggling the children into the mix as well. Kate asks to be criticized–as does Will for choosing to bring them and making obvious mistakes.

            I’m glad PG & PC are there but having them attend shorter home outings with photographers and not bringing them on the tour would be better.

          3. No offense but she kind of put herself in that position, if you ignore people who are there to greet you then that’s not appropriate… regardless I will Reiterate I’m glad she was atentative to Charlotte but was it really necessary to ignore the host countries PM?? I guess we all have expectations of someone in her position but if that’s all she is going to offer (ie… her children and her fashion) than the future looks pretty bleak to me
            Oh well off to normal average land for me.. ta

          4. I didn’t think you were rude. I must have missed that the were ignoring their hosts.. I’m not the most observant person. LOL! Thinking about what others have commented I wonder why did the bring the children? They are so young and will be with nanny most of the time.

          5. That’s alright I’m glad that you were being you, regarding the children I also do not understand because they are not needed on this tour because realistically they are not going to do any engagements, are they just there to be seen or maybe there’s another motive to them being there??? I don’t know but it’s not very wise to bring them on this tour since there have been numerous complaints that they are not seen in the UK as much as overseas but we’ll just have to see.
            By the way I’m glad that I have not offended you, never my intention.

          6. I agree KMR, that it’s a no-win situation. Think how Charles got criticized about being a cold father when he put business first.

            Did anyone else see the photo of Kate giving Charlotte a nuzzle kiss? Reminded me of Victoria with her kids. I feel a bit bad because I was quite surprised.

          7. No offense again but how is ignoring dignitaries not her fault, she could have easily conversed with them WHILST holding Charlotte she willingly chose NOT to, at this point all I see is false statements like “no-win” but i specifically never mentioned her interaction with Charlotte….
            This fantastic that she’s paying attention to her child and yet she’s causing a potential diplomatic moment (I assume) by ignoring the hosts. Why you conveniently chose to not mention.
            But your comment is very acute that she’d probably get critiqued for anything she does, so why not make the effort for the lovely hosts of the country you are visiting????

          8. Exactly, Maven. She was playing to the cameras as ‘the good mother’ when the children could more sensibly have been handed over to staff and taken to cars. Kate needs behaviour lessons.

          9. You may disagree with my conclusion that this is a no-win situation for Kate, and you are free to do so, but my conclusion is based on over three years of reading: comments from royal reporters on Twitter, comments from other people on Twitter, comments from people on here, and comments from people on other blogs and articles.

            Some instances of negative criticism Kate has gotten about her parenting:

            1) Since before George was even born Kate has been getting negative criticism that she is a bad mother, and specifically – especially since Charlotte was born – that she is an inattentive mother and lets the nanny mostly raise the kids.

            2) Kate has gotten negative criticism that the public does not see enough of her kids, that she hides them away.

            3) Kate got negative criticism for leaving her kids at home when going on the India/Bhutan tour.

            4) Kate got negative criticism for leaving George with Carole and a newly hired Nanny Maria while she and William went on vacation to the Maldives.

            5) Kate has gotten negative criticism for how close Carole is to Kate’s kids.

            6) Kate has gotten negative criticism for paying attention to her kids instead of the people waiting to greet her.

            Options for this particular situation and the probable outcomes:

            1) Leave the kids at home like she did for the India/Bhutan tour… Which would have resulted in Kate getting negatively criticized for leaving the kids at home with the nanny and/or Carole for over a week, and for keeping the kids hidden and not letting the public see them.

            2) Have Nanny Maria disembark with the kids while William and Kate met with the dignitaries… Which would have resulted in Kate getting negatively criticized for not being a hands-on parent, and for not letting the public see the kids.

            3) Disembark with the kids but ignore them and pay attention to the dignitaries… Which would have resulted in Kate getting negatively criticized for being an inattentive parent/not being a hands-on parent.

            4) Or what they did: Disembark with the kids and pay attention to them when they are having problems… Which resulted in Kate getting negatively criticized for being rude to the dignitaries for ignoring them.

            No matter what Kate did in this situation, she would have gotten negatively criticized for it. That is not a “false statement”. That is a conclusion I drew based on years of data.

            BTW, I never said ignoring dignitaries was not Kate’s fault. I literally said:

            “I think this is a no win situation for Kate. If she hadn’t been attentive to her children people would have dragged her hard for it saying she’s not a good mother, but when she is attentive people think it’s rude to the people greeting her.”

            No where in that statement did I say what my opinion on what she should have done was, nor did I say ignoring dignitaries was not her fault. I also have not said my opinion on what she should have done in this comment either. All I have said is that this is a no-win situation. And, based on my data, it is.

          10. Well said, KMR, that is the truth and I don’t think anyone here can really disagree. It’s a no win for Kate, full stop

          11. Thanks for your measured take, KMR; I agree that Kate will be criticised whatever she does. But then, I’d ask why.

            I think the often savage, dismissive critique is due to W+K squandering so much goodwill after they married. They took advantage of that and did not return the huge compliment by learning the job and working hard, or at all, if possible; we’ve seen lie after lie after lie from them. So goodwill turned to disappointment. And disappointment turned to frustration, then to disgust and to where we are now: distrust of their every move and motive. The question for them, should they care to ask, is: how do we regain people’s trust and affection?

   personally, I feel they are too young to get any benefit from a tour or in a position to give anything. My preference is to let them be. I do question the judgement of hauling a baby and toddler across a continent for, in essence, three photo ops. It smacks of opportunism. To be consistent, I felt the same way when Charles and Diana brought William to Australia/New Zealand. As consumers of the 24/7 media cycle, we all are beholden to be very, very critical – actually vigilant – of the narratives being sold to us from all sources as ‘truth’. We should always question the reasons behind them.

          12. Well I’m glad you have such strong views on this, I personally feel as if there is always an opportunity to prove yourself worthy… she has not and in this situation she was wrong. My opinion, my choice, my views will always stay that way until further notice. And you can’t really discredit others who will stand up to in various situations….. (like I have and will continue) this is coming from someone who is a legitimate fan of her. But oh well to each their own. Looking forward to the rest of the tour

  32. Pros: Kate looks good here (shade of blue is flattering, hair is in an up-do, and no fear of fly-ups) , Sophie looks awesome (LOVE the tilt of the hat), and the kiddos are cute (as is Justin….hehehe)

    Cons: Charlotte is obviously teething!! Poor thing. I wonder why they don’t allow her to be seen in public with one (or at least a teething toy). Is it because of their “image” or what? Also, I don’t like how they were all in blue (though, on the flip side, at least Charlotte is wearing something other than pink!). Also, I don’t get the side barrette. I can only imagine Charlotte yanking the thing off as soon as they were in their car. Why can’t they have her hair styled in a ponytail a la Pebbles Flinstone? I bet it would look cute!

    Also, strange that Kate gave the flowers to the GG wife but at least, bast on what I’ve read here, she was hesitant on doing so and only did it when the GG’s wife insisted upon it.

    Last: the Prince William of 1998 and the Price William of 2016 are so vastly different from one another, it’s both shocking and sad. The teenage William had light and laughter in his eyes, the William in his 30s is completely closed off. Just an observation of mine. 🙂

    1. Every time I see the photos from their first tour of Canada I think about how different they both look. I’m not talking about aging “physically”. They looked so happy on their first tour. Things are obviously different now. Such a good observation about the “light and laughter” gone from BOTH their eyes……………

      1. I think “happy” v “not so happy” is the key here. There was happiness and sparkle before, there isn’t now.

  33. I’ve commented up thread but I just have to put this

    That picture of Kate and Will smiling at each other is cute— and then there’s Miguel’s head, like he photobombed them with a goofy look. It’s so off, it made me laugh.

  34. Kate nailed it! Lovely look for the whole family coming off the plane. Sorry but Sophie gets a thumbs down from me. Those bows on the shoulders and the mismatched colors and see through shoes just look cheap. To each his own I guess. I could look at photos of the PM a long time! Love Charlotte’s little smocked dress. THanks KMR for the great post.

    1. Everyone shook hands from what I could see. As it should be. Bowing and curtsying should be a thing of the past. No one is above anyone else.
      (Reciprocal bowing done in Japan is different. Both sides are doing it. )

  35. She lookes like an under-fed, boring 47 year old who is yet to discover moisturisers. Which is good, considering how many times she has flashed on tarmacs. Turns out being completely beige and uninteresting is progress for some people. I stopped being able to notice William about 3 years ago.
    These people are so mechanical and unnatural in everything they do I am convinced that when they want to sleep someone just pulls the plug and takes out the batteries to be recharged separately. Next time she flashes I’m going to try and see if she has “Panasonic” stamped on her butt.

    1. Can we please stop commenting on people’s looks and weight? Comment on the clothes, how the clothes fit, etc, but leave the facial looks and weight out of it. It’s really making my uncomfortable.

  36. Kate turned out as well and appropriate as I’ve ever seen her. How the hell she managed the aircraft steps with no handrail, a teething baby, a toddler on the other hand and high heels. Now that was classy. Hats off because I would have been in a heap at the bottom.

    George stole the show for me. Desperate to go and look and look at the helicopter and planes instead of boring grown ups and his smile is heartbreaking. For those curious about George in shorts given the weather…….very normal class thing in UK. Normally little boys stay in shorts until Prep School age which is about 7. Although I daresay times are a changing and you might see him in long trousers sooner. But his big boy shoes were noticeable…….they will probably be Clarks or Start-rite, which is what most children are shod in so their feet develop healthily and not driven by fashion or trend. My Boarding school insisted on nothing else. Black shoes for outdoors, brown shoes for indoors and they had to be Clarks / Start-rite until 14 except on Mufti (own clothes) days. I tell you, I hated it. Xx

    1. Being able to balance on heels is not an indicator of class, it’s just a testament to agility IMO. If Kate were classy she would know not to turn her backs to people when in a group; she would know to include others in conversation; she would know not to give her flowers and things to the GG’s wife, no matter how much she insisted, but call for her obviously incompetent staff; she would dress her children approprietly but comfortably, not according to what she saw in “How to fake being upper class when u are really a middle class country bumpkin”; she would respect protocol. Class is not something determinated by looks, weight or height of heels but by deportment, manners and behaviour. In the last 3 departments, dearest Kate is sorely lacking.’

      1. I never said it was an indicator of class, I said it was a classy move. Quite a different thing altogether. I’m trying to give Kate some positive strokes for some improvements over previous airport arrivals. I really don’t need to have it explained to ne what class is.

        1. I was just explaining why being able to walk on heels with a baby IMO should not be considered, in any niverse, a sign of beign classy
          And for linguistical purposes I would like to draw attention to the fact that the word “class” when used as an adjective (as I am) means “adjectiveinformal
          showing stylish excellence.
          “he’s a class player”
          synonyms: excellent, very good, first-rate, first-class, marvellous, wonderful, magnificent, outstanding, superlative, superb, formidable, virtuoso, masterly, expert, champion, fine, consummate, skilful, adept;”.
          There is no need to be so belligerant. We are all entitled to our opinions as long as we are not rude.

          1. I apologize if you felt I was patronizing you. What I meant to convey is that classy is an attribute that Kate Middleton is a long way from deserving- in my own, personal opinion. Groomed, occasionally elegant, atheletix yes; a class act, no-no.
            Anyway, I’ve read some of your replies and I found you to be much nicer/ more charitable towards her that I can be atm. I really feel that she should really earn the attribute. Too much is given to her for granted or for very, very little, because expectations are so low.

          2. I think many of the adjectives used to describe “showing stylish excellence” could be applied to her walk off the plane. That was very much harder than she made it look! I will certainly give her props when due, no matter what I think of her work ethic.

          3. No hard feelings Adela. I feel quite defensive because a couple of weeks ago a poster came onto this blog and gave us all a very big telling off at how cruel we are to Kate. Now whilst I didn’t agree with most of what she said and her style was very ‘sugary’ I did take some of what she said onboard and I am trying to find a bit more positive in Kate but believe me I do find it very hard. These two try my patience beyond measure and I have been exceptionally critical of her performance over the last five years but I had begun to feel that maybe I was letting my personal feelings cloud my judgement and I was being unnecessarily catty. I am trying to find something nice to say about her because if I was in her shoes, all this criticism, no matter how constructive or deserved would destroy me. Xx

    2. Wow, thanks for the info. My kids go to nursery school and clothing wise, it is anything goes. The only helpful advice I got was from a teacher suggesting to never put my girls in flip-flops or open toed sandals, because then they can’t run or climb well on the playground. So my girls are the only two in sneakers.

    3. Brings back memories! My very English grandmother bought me a fresh pair of sensible brown leather Mary Jane Buster Browns for the beginning of school from kindergarten to gr 4. Insisted upon it, and now I know why.

    4. George wore long pants when he and Kate went to the Natural History Museum; I think they were corduroy. He was about two at the time. I wondered why he wore shorts and Charlotte in a short-sleeved dress when it was clearly a bit on the cool side, and given what everyone else was wearing.

      I had black Clark shoes for primary and secondary school uniforms; immensely comfortable, good for the feet and hard-wearing.

      1. It’s not set in stone on every occasion …..just more often than not and weirdly the more formal the occasion the more likely he will be in shorts. I tell you how backward thinking it is, girls at boarding school didn’t wear jeans unless playing outdoors. Apparently jeans restricted the growth of our hips. Pile of old parp but it’s the way things were done and some of these antiquated practices and ideas are still followed.

        1. Thanks for the clarification, Mrs BBV. I was wondering because it was a nippy day, with everyone else dressed accordingly except the children.

          I recall at secondary school the uniform code was especially strict. In summer we had to wear short, white-only cotton socks turned over/down at least three inches. Should they not be at the requisite length, detention would be given. One girl had hers turned down half an inch; the head of maths called her, publicly, a slut.

          1. I’ve just had a look through google images and the one instance you’ve mentioned and possibly his first day at school are the only trouser wearing pictures I can find. Every formal occasion is formal shorts, most casual situations are chino or denim fabric shorts. It would appear that the Cambridge’s on the whole are following the trend of their class. It’s most typical but as commentators have picked up on this thread it’s not hugely practical. He’s all leg too so I think he has the Spencer height gene. I do wonder what age he will go to Boarding school. IMO seven is far too young and it should not be allowed before secondary school. It would be nice if they could break with that convention.

            Aren’t so many rules just there for spiteful teaching staff to hide behind abusing their wards? Especially pre 1980’s where schools could get a way with all manner of misconduct dressed up as ‘discipline’.

          2. I think that George and Charlotte should day school especially at primary level. I hope George goes to Eton. I was impressed that Zara went to Gordonstoun school but I am pleased that Mike doesn’t want Mia to board. Mike has some sense. I hope Charlotte goes to Truro High School. That school is small enough and where I went for a year and loved it. I am old enough to remember William starting Eton. I think William liked being near his mum. It is funny that Diana influenced Charles into the children going to the schools she wanted.

          3. I’m sure cultural and class conditions dictate a lot. It just makes sense, to me at least, to dress for the weather you are likely to find yourself in, especially when travelling. None of the people in the crowd there, including children, were wearing shorts. All adults, including W+K dressed appropriately. As has been said here many a time, G+C are theme-dressed more often than not, as if they are playing a part rather than being real.

            I agree that seven is far too young to go to boarding school though realise that such UK schooling traditions are dictated by class convention. Yes, let’s hope W+K are sensitive to their children’s needs and break with convention. I’m a believer in sending children to the school that best suits their temperaments and abilities. While Gordonstoun was great for a sporty, outgoing Zara, it was traumatic for a sensitive, arts-oriented Charles.

            And yes, so much cruelty in the name of discipline was inflicted on children at school; in the instance I mentioned, the girl’s parents demanded and got a public apology from the teacher who made those remarks.

  37. Pros- Kate wore an appropriate dress (pencil skirt rather than the wispy skirts she loves so much) and didn’t flash anyone while getting off the plane. Hair pulled back (I quite liked the up-do).

    Cons- ignoring the dignitaries and Canadian PM to fuss over Charlotte (this is an excellent example of when she should utilize one of her nannies), handing her purse, flowers, etc… to the governor’s wife (um, can you say *rude* and belittling…)

    I agree with the other commenters on this thread re: the crowds likely turning up for their PM rather than Will and Kate… Perhaps William can pick up some pointers this week on how to lead with charisma and thoughtfulness…

  38. kate looked like an airline staff. she looks too skinny and stressed out. those kids looked horrible does she shop for herself alone.!!!!

  39. Did everyone, especially Canadians watch it live? I decided I had more important things to do. KMR’s post about how they made people wait, I am glad I didn’t waste my time.

    I love the Duchess’ outfit minus the nude shoes. Again she went from dark, top heavy to light. She’s into retro look a lot lately which is fine with me. It’s time to lose the clutch, royal ladies. Please, please leave your hands free and get closer to the people.

    Sophie is quickly becoming a fashion icon isn’t she? When the PM was sworn in, she wore an ill-fitting coat. Look at her now. I like her outfit but don’t like the hat at all. The Trudeaus are so handsome looking.

    I voted for Justin Trudeau being a Liberal but I was not impressed at all when they hired 2 nannies paid for by the taxpayers. (They did fire one of the nannies later.) The Cambridge only has 1 nanny I think??

    1. Hi Beatrice, the Cambridges have one nanny that we know of but I imagine that they have a second part-time one to cover for Nanny Maria’s days off. I’ve seen on other sites people saying that they have 3 nannies but maybe they had a night nurse for right after Charlotte was born and don’t have her any longer. I wonder if Natasha helps out with the kids too, along with styling Kate’s wardrobe (really how much time can that take?).

        1. Natasha is getting married? That is one to escape the Cambridge’s. I am sorry that all the good advisors have gone or to put it spend time more time with their families.

    2. I was actually shocked to see that Canadian TV was covering it live. Geez. No, I didn’t watch it.

      I suppose the Trudeaus don’t make enough to cover nannies, even though he is also the son of a millionaire. I’m glad I didn’t vote for him.

  40. Kate finally looks Royal, but George come on, he acts like a spoiled brat. Estelle from Sweden was shaking hands and greeting people. K&W need to be firm with that, I know they are all into feelings these days, but manners trump all.?

    1. Yes. They all failed in that respect. Manners maketh the man and those kids won’t learn anything from the parents if this airport greeting was an indication.

      1. Oh, I think that’s too harsh on George. He probably was tired after a long flight, and I thought he was well behaved….not crying, running off, hitting, etc. — especially since Will and Kate have made him sound like “a monkey” so often, he came across as a calm little boy. He’s only three, so I don’t expect him to make small talk with strangers. Estelle, in my opinion, is a very mature child for her age, and George is far more typical in terms of behavior. I love watching Estelle, but I can’t compare her to other royal children because I think she is quite unique. I do wish Will and Kate would bring George to an event like the one Kate did at the playground. One of the reasons Estelle is comfortable in front of the camera is her parents have included her in various child-friendly events like Daniel’s sporting patronages.

        1. George wasn’t misbehaving and he probably was a little tired, but he doesn’t seem used to meeting adults. Both the PM and the Premier of BC crouched down to greet him and he seemed stand offish. He also was like that when Obama visited at his house.
          Maybe they are isolating him a bit too much?

          Charlotte seemed pretty pleasant throughout though. Considering she is teething she actually seems a bit more sociable.

          1. He doesn’t seem so robust and appears quite shy & brittle when you compare him with Zara & Peter’s children. Mind you we know so little about them he could have just been overwhelmed with it all?

        2. Anne: I think you misunderstand what we mean when saying poor manner or should i say standoffish. Bad behaviour isn’t just yhe obvious running around or throwing tantrums. It’s failing to socialise and being standoffish too.

          In this case i blame the parents 100% because they are failing themselves and tge kids. They have a public job.

          Estelle wasn’t born mature and or able to deal with the public. She was socialised by her parents into it. If you see her early interactions, she is shy, but her parents are both reassuring her AND pushing her to interact with adults she’s being introduced to.

          In this scenerio, holding up G rather than making him walk would have helped him with his shyness AND kept his focus on the adults he’s being introduced to. He does respond to instructions because he waves when they tell him to wave, so focusing his attention to the task at hand is what is needed here.

          Pandering to him and giving into his shyness is not going to help him develop social skills.

          In the same way that Kate changes focus to her hair or her children or William where she should have been focusing on her hosts and introducing the children and making connections in a brief moment of informality.

          1. There was some footage a few minutes ago this morning in Australia of the Cambridge’s arrival. Close-ups of George showed a bewildered and incredibly tired little boy as his father and Justin Trudeau spoke to him. G+C are just too young to be doing this kind of thing. Charlotte seems a placid child but hasn’t a clue what is going on and will not recall this trip; George is unlikely too either. Bringing them along for a 1 hour party is just ludicrous. And a stunt.

            I do agree that children need to be socialised properly and for all the reasons you mention but yesterday the lad was just very, very tired. His routine is out of kilter and so he is too.

    2. I think the Swedes have found a good way to have their kids in public at an early age, Estelle has her little throne chair, Leonore can run around and be a two yr old. Yet they are out meeting people and learning how it’s done. Meanwhile, George is hidden at Anmer, always looking frightened when brought out.

      1. The Swedes are very clever in how they are teaching Leonore and Estelle. Letting Leonore being part of the party for the children in the palace and Estelle learning how to manage a crowd. George does appear shy but that wouldn’t matter if William and Kate showed him how to be confident by being confident themselves imo. Honestly all this paranoia must be starting to be noticed by George. The kid didn’t even hi-five. At four years old I was defending my friend.

        1. George is introverted and he is a by-product of his mother’s insecurities. That type of personality is learned. Perhaps, K&W feel that it’s best to keep the kids in a regimented mode, but they are doing a huge disservice to the kids. I often wonder if the kids are even allowed to run and play outdoors instead of being penned in/up at the mansion. If K&W truly love their kids they would not restrain them so much. Children are like a flower garden — if fed, nurtured and cared for they will bloom, if stagnated, they will not wither.

  41. Kate is so stiff, so upper lips, so stage, her outfit so dated, all look copied from the movies from 1940. The dress has nice cut but too thin fabric, you can see her bra and nipplesShe uses her children as an accessories, jeopardizes their safty on the stairway. She focuses attention on children instead on the dignitaries. She is so rude; after preliminary greetings with Canadien delegation, whole family turns their back on them while waiting for car. During official ceremony she is holding to Williams tight. Personally I think she is psychopath, constantly manipulating William and now public.

    1. X1000
      For someone in such a position there are absolutely NO EXCUSES and yet she is always given an exception…. if any other married in ever did this there would be serious consequences. Honestly at 34 with 2 children if she has not matured at this point how is she going to in the next 1-5 years??? Cause the Queen is 90 now, how long will she need before it’s way too late??

      1. Actually Cathy, I feel that Kate has regressed in the last 4 years. Imo her first year was pretty good, she seemed much more confident and self assured than she does now, now it seems like she’s trying to play a part instead of being herself. I’ve long thought that something happen in year 2, someone said something or did something that really intimidated her and now she just doesn’t seem to know how to handle herself (except when Sir Ben is around).

        1. Yes I agree very much a regression, maybe because she was kind of just lavished upon in the first year and responsibilities never set it became difficult for her to cope, this is a woman who is notorious for not really working in her dating years and maybe she’s never had to deal with being an adult -Carol’s pandering anyone- throw in having to be a parent, she doesn’t seem to be equipped for such a role. I think because she’s never really been herself she uses coping mechanisms (hair touching, crotch grabbing, over the top grinning, etc..) in situations where she is unsure
          I am studying behavioral analysis and she is a classic example of someone with traits of a narcissistic disorder with a hint of intense insecurity… but that’s just my personal take on it

          1. Was very much asked of Kate in that first year? She was a novelty, and garnered huge amounts of positive, gushing attention and no doubt, lapped it up. Wasn’t Kate officially in Wales in the 5-bedroom ‘cottage’ but really shopping till she dropped in London, or at her parents’ home? I think she fared well then because she had been given a free pass to do nothing, to simply ‘get used’ to being a duchess. So she did nothing except enjoy herself. She could have used that time to really come to grips with the role but chose not to. When that year was up both Kate and William pushed back as much as possible on taking on royal work and have continued that approach until just the last few months. Now, the screws have been applied. Neither wants to do royal work and it shows. Nor do they possess the personal attributes to do such a job well. So the bar is set so ridiculously low, presumably to encourage them both. They both deserve kicks up their respective backsides. I think you are right about Kate being a classic narcissist. She is a curious combination of that trait and being bland and unmemorable.

          2. Yes the bars seems to be set very low but I guess that shows those who expect nothing from her/them would probably not fare well in such a powerful position, based on their diluted beliefs that rightful criticism is either a pure form of hate or just not necessary… I guess some people would rather see a false image bared than the unfortunate truth. Regarding the narcissistic issues I see classic signs of helicopter parenting from her mother, which anyway you look at it is never healthy. She just is not cut out for this position and neither is William… sometimes the truth hurts.

          3. Hi Jen, I recall reading somewhere that during that first year of marriage many appointments were made between her and someone in the household to guide her on state matters, protocol, rituals, etc. but she would make excuses as to why she couldn’t make those meetings. Perhaps after that the Firm just threw up their hands and said “enough, she can sink or swim on her own” and when more was expected of her, she realized how in over her head she truly is. Imo, it really wouldn’t be too late for her to try again, to learn all those things she should have learned during that first year but I think her and William believe that they’re doing a great job and any further instruction is no longer needed.

          4. Lauri, I hadn’t known that. Why on earth would anyone refuse help in getting to grips with a new job? I’m guessing William told her not to bother, it was all a piece of cake! They are silly. But then the press and PR protect them so much that they actually can’t get better.

  42. Insert a slow clap to Kate and her stylist. Kate looks pretty and appropriate. The color looks so good on her. I would have switched the brooch to the left. My only gripe was those heels. I held my breath as she navigated the stairs holding Charlotte and Georgie’s hands. I am also going to say hurray for Rebecca. She looked good.

    I feel the same way about many others have stared about Kate’s lack of decorum. One thing I noticed was they seem so different from 2011. Yes, we know they have the kids. But, they don’t seem happy. He looks mean and she looks vacant. And please Kate, stop looking to William for direction. You are a grown woman.

    Thanks for this coverage, KMR!

    1. I was glad Kate wore the brooch on the right so we could see it instead of it being hidden by Charlotte like the Fern brooch was hidden by George when landing in NZ. To me, Kate clearly took note of the mistake in NZ and corrected it. So I’m happy.

        1. If you want to hold a child and shake anyone’s hand, you hold the child on your left.

          I was taught that there’s no right way to wear a broach, but that most people are right handed and so find pinning it on the left to be easier. It’s okay to be anywhere between the upper breast and shoulder, on or off a lapel or even a collar. I’m happy to see the broach. She wore it well and didn’t cover it up with either a child or too much hair.

    1. So proud of Sophie’s achievement, but it’s frustrating that she gets so little attention from the public versus Kate. Yes, Kate may be the future consort and is 34 versus in her 50s, but Sophie is an attractive hardworker who puts herself into challenges rather than a blank page. Maybe it says a lot about the state of the world today and people being largely being more mob-like rather than striving to be individuals, or down on people who are different (IMO).

      1. Sophie and the team finishing is a wonderful achievement. I liked how Edward hugged Sophie and Louise and James were there to greet Sophie. That must have spurred Sophie on. It is a shame Sophie and Kate did not team up to do the challenge. I would have liked to see Kate on a bike uncleating.

    2. I just saw the photos of Prince Edward and her children greeting her at the finish line and the pride on her husband’s face almost brought a tear to my eye. What a marvelous example she is setting for her children!!

      1. Those photos were gorgeous. He looked so happy and proud!
        What a lovely moment that was captured! Good on her for doing the ride, there’s no way I’d be able to do it, and I’m 20 years her junior!

        Just wish Louise would dress her age…

  43. Oh, no, day 2 first images look like Kate will have long hair by the windy sea. And she’s wearing a high necked MCQueen red and white dress that screams Canada a bit too loudly.

    1. LOL…………..oh boy……….this dress today is a poor choice. Red/white theme dressing. Let’s hope there isn’t a stiff breeze. And her hair is not going to fare well either.

    2. I think it would’ve looked better with out the tier. It’s way too much red with the pattern and then shoes and clutch!
      And Sophie’s Farrah fawcett hair style doesn’t do it for me either.

  44. I’m probably repeating a lot of what others have said, but first off it seems to me as if Charlotte was not dressed appropriately for the weather.

    Kate’s general ensemble was good, but it could have been better. I didn’t care for the way that collar looked in the front. The back view was nice, however. The hat was not a perfect match, and I mentioned elsewhere how it could have been better from a color standpoint. The shoes didn’t do anything for the ensemble at all.

    Kate’s behavior was kind of embarrassing. You can tell she isn’t comfortable in her role, here we are 5 years in and she is stranger now than she was at the beginning. The girl has no warmth at all, she’s downright rude sometimes in her actions. There is no excuse for that.

    George needs to develop some social skills. With them hiding him away like they do, it’s not surprising how antisocial he is.

    I can see why the crowd was more interested in seeing the Trudeaus………..they seem like enthusiastic people – unlike William and Kate who (imo) are nothing more than human mannequins….

    1. Yes I have to say, the Cambridge kids are dull children and George in particular seems unfriendly and more into his own interests and desires. There doesn’t seem any curiosity within George regarding other people. Charlotte, we don’t know too much of her but she seems like a calm and quiet baby. I make this assessment as a mom to a toddler & people have pointed out to me how friendly and curious and warm my little son is.

      1. Ugh- your critiques of these children make me sick. Perhaps if they could hide behind a fake name on an internet blog people would say your kid is a dull little brat. How would that feel?

        Leave the kids alone!

        1. Do you have Kate’s malady, HG? Please, I’m asking pretty please, read the mission of this blog, and when you’ve done so, if you still can’t grasp it, ask KMR nicely to explain it to you. Oh, and while I’m talking about KMR, you need to ask her forgiveness for being so tolerant of your disruption of her blog. The same goes for the other commenters who have been tolerant of your ankle-biting with respect to their comments.

          It’s people such as yourself, that derail blogs and stagnate them. No one has attacked you, so it would be wise if you were to divest yourself of whatever it is that ails you.

    2. The Camb family is akin to a freezing wind blowing on a hot summer’s day. Zero personality. It’s obvious they are oblivious of their surroundings and behave as if they are superior to all others. They are narcissistic — the proverbial me, myself and I, thinking.

      Kate is now more royal than the true royals . It’s strange how one day, she’s a nobody, then through marriage, she’s suddenly this somebody, so much better, in her mind, than all others.

  45. I am late to the party. I didn’t know Justin and Sophie Trudeau before but Sophie dressed in the purple does outshine Kate. The hat though I agree does sit well on Kate. I do think that Kate turning her back so early into the tour/holiday/bucket list is not good PR. I wonder how William puts up with Kate always looking for cues. Kate is his business partner. I think Justin and Hamish bending down to George’s level was lovely and Charlotte needed a teething ring as she looked uncomfortable. Could not Charlotte have worn dungarees or would it not be the same? Thank you KMR, I hope you find some rest whilst covering the tour.

  46. I agree, and wasn’t there a big deal made out of not turning one’s back to the dippy duo? I remember something about her handing off a glass of wine that she had put her ‘royal lips’ on to some one standing to the side and saying ‘enjoy’ like it was magnanimous of her to share her drink with a common person and he should have fallen to his knees in gratitude. That was on another tour, and I remember a picture of her in wedgies nearly stumbling over on her way back from the wine tasting or whatever.
    If the kids were brought along to drum up interest it worked for me, I’m amazed at how calm little Charlotte was with all the noise and people. George’s interest in that helicopter was precious, and I think they’re both very cute children. Then again, I refuse to say anything negative about any child’s looks since they haven’t a choice.
    I think that someone was warned not to even think about flashing, and to get that mop of hair under control when deplaning. That dress is ‘flash proof’ and her hair is up at least. I wonder if she’ll say something along the lines of ‘every girl likes Maple syrup I think’. I don’t know if that makes any sense but the Maple brooch and hat is obvious, not necessarily in a bad way but rather banal in my opinion. Perhaps predictable is a better word.
    Side note. I have a brother who is actually Canadian by law. He was born in Canada and until he was 18 he had dual citizen ship, and since he did nothing to change it to the US he’s Canadian. My sister changed hers.
    KMR good point on the ‘make them wait’. That’s pretty petty and rather rude, but they’ve only one shot at ‘the moment you have been waiting for with bated breath has arrived’. Canada will be Canada and beautiful with or without the help of these nimrods so they need to have an “entrance” I guess. I don’t know why Kate has a hair dresser since her styles are so few, either blowing in the wind, kinda sort up and down, and the chignon.

    1. I noticed the waiting too and thought maybe someone needed a last minute diaper change, as I recall that always happened with my kids when I was running late.

  47. I do want to add in the defense of no sweater yesterday, it wan’t actually that cold. She could also be hot natured. My sister and her family, especially my niece are. My BIL is one of those people wearing shorts in winter. I think they keep their house in the 60s! I always joke when I visit that I’m going to the ice box. I’ll be in a hoodie in their place then step out in 100 degree heat.
    Just sayin…

  48. May I add that Kate coming down in heels holding Charlotte looked worrying. I always remember to support my nieces head whilst holding them. They are more important than fashion. Could have Kate not worn flats. I shudder what could have happened.

    1. I was holding my breath for her entire descent. That was impressive. Terrifying, but impressive. I just cant believe William didn’t try to help or at least turn around to make sure she was okay.

      1. I have never worn heels whilst carrying a baby. William helping Kate hahaha. I have never seen William helping Kate apart from when she accidentally slipped during the St Patrick’s day. Seeing William help the older man the other day was shades of the real William.

        1. William didn’t even really help Kate on that St Patrick’s Day when she got her heel caught – all he did was let her grab his arm. He helped that old man way more than he helped his own wife.

          1. I will never forget how Will, kate, and Harry were on a boat and it was raining and Will walk away from Kate while holding an umbrella for himself that was meant for the two of them. Harry had to get Will’s attention and point at Kate for Will to remember he has a wife. I felt bad for her.

          2. You’re right. At the time it happened, it was all over the blogs I followed (sugars) what a sweet and attentive, supportive, loving, protective yadda yadda yadda husband he was to “SAVE” her from the grate her shoe was stuck in. I didn’t see the video for a couple of years, and when I did I was horrified. He seemed almost impatient and annoyed with her. I wonder if he told her not to wear such ridiculously high shoes while pregnant. Either way, she was not dressed for the occasion and he was rude and cold.

          3. That is it KMR. Sorry I am so busy at the moment. I just remember that Kate got her heel caught and it reminded me of the novel, I Capture the Castle, where Rose is trying to get Simon to fall in love with her and not realising that it is a trick. It was rude. I think that if he cared William would.

      2. I wonder if William has told Kate to not wear such high shoes, kind of like the comment about her hair, and yet she does it anyways so he doesn’t want to deal with her. It wouldn’t explain his lack of concern over Charlotte however he may want that “wake me up” moment.

  49. You know what I just realized? The Trudeaus are a decade OLDER than Will and Kate. If I didn’t know their ages I would have guessed the other way around. The Trudeaus look younger and happier than William or Kate. I would have thought they were in their 30s. Being royal has really aged William and Kate, hasn’t it?

    1. One day it will all come out in the wash what’s really been going on behind the scenes there. Because if they look this drawn and miserable when they’ve been doing exactly as they please for the last five years the next twenty years will be their undoing. There has to be something ‘rotten in the state of Denmark’ because the last 4 years have been painful to watch.

    2. Really!!! The Trudeaus are a decade older?? I never would have guessed that, whatever they’re doing is sure working. My first impression of them is that they love life, they’re happy with their lives and each other and instead of grumbling about this or that, they probably have a lot of gratitude for all the joys life has brought them.

    3. I am dying for someone to write a tell-all. It hurts me to see how happy, confident, and enthusiastic Kate looked in Canada in 2011 (probably high on all the good press she was receiving for nothing) compared to how frail and frightened/bored/rude she seems now. Something definitely happened.

      I also forgot how good looking Will was even as late as 2011.

    4. I never would have thought the Trudeaus were that much older! Wow!! I guess that is what living a passionate and joy filled life will do for you. I hope William and Kate can find that.

  50. Oh, and ridiculous that those children are rarely seen in British made clothing. And not only NOT seen in British made clothing, but consistently seen only in the same Spanish brands. How disappointing for any British children’s business. And for what? So that their parents get another one over on the media and therefore the British public? All I have learned on this tour is that they are perfectly capable of knowing and playing their role to the hilt when it suits them. They must perform for the realm, because the loss of Canada/Australia would be a crushing blow to the realm/commonwealth. Their own country? Kate and William think they are simply stuck with them.

  51. They have a very bad habit of running late to things this year. They couldn’t blame it on the kids during the India/Bhutan tour. That’s just unacceptable. It is also incredibly rude to the people of their host country and anyone attending be they official representatives or bystanders. These things are planned to the minute.

    Their staff needs to get them running like a finely tuned machine. The nannies will take care of the kids. It’s incredibly unprofessional and very self centered. I used to get angry if a concert I paid money to see started late, I can only imagine what some people must think about their delays.

      1. I agree Jen. If the Cambridges have a habit of running late due to shaking hands, making small talk or whatever, then whoever is in charge of their scheduling should take that into account. However, I imagine that the Cambridges are aware of their schedule ahead of time and really should make every effort to abide by it.

      2. Well yes, Sunny, you have to respect others enough to be punctual and yes, Lauri, William and Kate and their staff should be sufficiently professional to abide by schedules. But lack of punctuality seems to be a habit of theirs. No-one is going to call them on it, unfortunately.

      3. Are they an actual entourage or just some friends and ego soothing yes men and women who don’t dare to keep them to schedule?

        I can’t imagine ELF letting Harry be late like that, but I think the W&K staff are afraid of losing their fairly cushy jobs by standing up a bit to their bosses.

        Celebrities, people in public positions, etc. aren’t checking their watches at events. They rely upon their staff to keep them moving, on time and to extricate them when needed so they can move on. I played bad cop several times during interviews, meet and greets and tours so the recording artists I worked with could move on to their next interview, function, whatever. It’s pretty much part of your job to fall on the sword for them and keep them looking good for the next thing they are doing.

        1. Agreed, Lisa, but I doubt William and Kate would accept a professional approach. It’s possible that their staff is useless but also entirely feasible (and more likely) that the duo won’t be advised on anything.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a strategy. How easy to excuse stilted conversation or “rushing away” because of “scheduling difficulties/confusion.” Punctuality can be learned, but they would have to make an effort and actually care that someone(s) is/are waiting.

    2. I think the staff is incompetent. And that is WK’s fault because they hired them. A proper LIW would have never allowed the awkward clutch and flower passing to another dignitary.

  52. KMR, I couldn’t reply above to your long response about how the children vs the receiving dignitaries was a no-win situation for Kate, but I wish I could +1000 what you said. I think there was just about zero good way the Cambs could have handled this. I wish they had debarked holding the children, and then handed them to Nanny Maria at the first sign of a problem. After all, it was so late for the kids on their normal time schedule. Maybe tried again to present themselves as a happy family on day 2 or a later date. No matter what W&K did, someone somewhere was going to have something negative to say about it.

    If they didn’t hide their kids away like they do, maybe this kind of situation wouldn’t be such a controversially big deal.

  53. Unless Kate is still feeding Charlotte there is no excuse to be late – it shows how unprofessional their staff are. That is William and Kate’s fault; I think they prefer young staff who let them do exactly as they like. It won’t work in the long run. When William is with the Canadian PM he looks likeable. It seems it is just around Kate he is morose. Kate turning her back on people to attend to the kids is inexcusable. It’s not either/or, she could do bo

  54. I have just seen Day 2’s photos – that dress she is wearing reminds me of the paper doily things that used to be put under cakes etc back in the 1970’s – guess a mirror was not to hand when she tried it on in the UK and again before she went out today – and after a sleek hairstyle on arrival we are back to hair down . . . . . . . dress too frou frou and short – not suitable for meeting the public in. And very expensive as per usual . . . . . . and the Canadians are paying for all this – clothes included. Her earrings look like they might be good – but the hair hides them

    1. Yes Kate looked beautiful and elegant in her arrival outfit- that silhouette looks good on her. But the Day 2 outfit, while different, was too busy, too juvenile and in turn, silly. Perhaps someone who has great posture and wears kooky/out there-kind of fashions, might be able to pull that McQueen dress off-but not Kate.

  55. I actually like how they dress George for several reasons. 1. It is a cute nod to english school uniforms. 2. It really looks good on him. 3. I think they established some sort of “on duty uniform” with that look for him. That gives him the oportunity to distinguish between private life and this ocasions where a certain behavior is requested.
    I cannot snark on Kates outfits today as I think this is the best she looked in weeks maybe months.

  56. I think Kate looks great! She’s well put together and seems a little more relaxed. Sophie loses hard to Kate in this round. Sophie’s outfit was a good in theory but poorly executed. Cute hat- but it didn’t go with the dress. Cute dress- but it didn’t match the shoes or the hat. I find with Sophie she’s always trying to be something. She hasn’t found herself in terms of fashion just yet. Compare that with Kate who though usually boring, has her own.

      1. I completely disagree. ?
        Sophie has her own style Kate does not. I dislike the matchy matchy. Sophie has class, Kate does not.

  57. What does it mean that Kate has worn the maple leaf brooch twice now, and Camilla had only worn it during her first trip to Canada? It was expected that Kate would not wear it again because Camilla did not wear it during her second trip – who decides whether or not the jewelry piece is worn, the royal member visiting, or QEII?

    If QEII loaned it to Kate twice and to Camilla only once, what are we to make of that?
    Or, is it simply that Kate wanted to wear it during both trips, and Camilla didn’t want to.

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