Princess Charlotte & Prince George play with balloons at party with William & Kate

Princess Charlotte & Prince George play with balloons at party with William & Kate

Princess Charlotte was the star of the show today, September 29, as she joined Prince George and their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, for a garden party at Government House in Victoria, Canada on Day 6 of the Royal Tour of Canada.

Charlotte is a little spunky kid, more so than George it seems. She gave a little wave to the crowd as the Cambridges were walking into the party and then she made straight for a balloon arch (she was heard saying, “pop”, while smacking the balloons), while George seemed a bit more reticent walking into the party.

The party featured a petting zoo with miniature horses, one of which George sat on. But he was only on it for less than 15 seconds before asking to get off. George seemed way more interested in bubbles, taking an orange bubble gun and blowing bubbles at his parents.


Charlotte spent time loving up on a rabbit (cutest thing ever) and then bounced on a large poodle and golden retriever mix called Moose (who is a cancer therapy dog). She also pet a miniature horse, and when asked whether they had a horse for Charlotte at home, William said, “Not Yet.” From the Express:

    “The children in charge of the animals in the petting zoo pen, Emily, 15 and Jennifer 16 (only first names allowed) are volunteers for the 4H club, which teaches children about raising animals.
    “Emily said: ‘Charlotte bent down and was hugging Honey so much and hugging her neck, it was the sweetest most adorable thing ever. She also petted TC a lot. Charlotte seemed to really love the miniature horses. I asked William if they had a pony for her at home and he said ‘not yet.’ George sat on Honey. William and Kate asked a lot of questions about the animals, if George could ride Honey and TC.’
    “Jennifer said about the goat, which was called Bethany: ‘Charlotte was really liking petting Bethany’s tail. They were all super nice. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.'”

Charlotte was very interested in the balloons, and had a balloon flower made by a balloon animal maker. When George saw Charlotte was getting balloons, he came over and wanted one, too (because Charlotte can’t get all the attention?). And apparently George knows about volcanoes and lava. From the Mirror:

    “Paul [the balloon maker] said: ‘It was totally over the top. I made a teddy bear and a flower for Charlotte and made George a tree and a volcano. When I made him the spider he started to laugh and pushed it in my face then pushed it in dad’s face. William said ‘We try making balloons at home but it doesn’t work’.
    “At first George wasn’t interested in getting one until Charlotte was getting one, then he was right over. He wanted what she had. George especially asked for a volcano and he was very proud to tell me all about volcanoes. When I started with the orange flames he was pleased to tell me ‘And that’s lava’. Charlotte asked for a flower, I think she said ‘flower’ because the other little girls were asking for flowers.”

The party was for children and families of military service members. As we’ve suspected since Trooping the Color, Charlotte is teething. More from the Mirror:

    “One of the guests, a little girl called Brielle, three, from Victoria, was delighted to meet Charlotte. Her mum Andrea, a charity volunteer, said: ‘Charlotte was chewing on her fingers so I asked if she was teething and yes, it’s very normal. She [Kate?] talked about bath time and how she [Charlotte] is always hungry.’
    “Dad Lucas Kenward, CO of HMCS Edmonton, a Canadian warship, said about George: ‘He was definitely into the bubbles. It was much more intimate than I anticipated. It wasn’t about the Duke and Duchess coming down the stairs. It was nice to see they have kids that are like all our kids, down to earth, interacting. It didn’t feel scripted at all.’
    “Andrea added: ‘I think they’re really enjoying their time here. They said it was fabulous.'”

William and Kate are just like us, you guys! They’re just normal, everyday, “spend hundreds of dollars on kids clothes that they’ll grow out of in two months” people!

More from the Mirror:

    “Another family who attended the event are Andrew and Kristy Matheson, 35 and 34, with their kids Lily 19 months and Isabelle 4. Andrew is a submariner on HMCS Victoria.
    “‘It was a bit surreal at first, it’s not too often you get to royalty you only see in the media,’ he said. ‘But at the heart, they’re parents. We talked about the challenges they have of being on a tight schedule and juggling children and how you’re always on edge because you always have one eye on the kids. They said they were loving their time in Victoria.'”

My impression of Charlotte and George is that Charlotte is much more outgoing and curious about the world while George is more shy – at first anyway, that shoving a balloon spider into people’s faces story isn’t cute.

I am wondering, though, why this was a “party for military families” instead of “William and Kate take George and Charlotte to the petting zoo”. Because from what I’ve seen, neither George nor Charlotte interacted much with the other children there. And William and Kate spent most of the time walking around with their kids rather than mingling with the other families.

It was nice to see them interacting with the world a bit more, though. I wish William and Kate did more events like this with their kids.

Kate wore a See by Chloé “Pointelle-knit cotton-blend dress” in Ivory ($460) with her Monsoon Fleur wedges and Kiki McDonough Lauren Leaf earrings. Kate also wore an Acne Studios “Leather waist belt” ($180).

I don’t like this look. I dislike the knitted part on top, I dislike the ruffles at the neck and arms. I dislike the color. I just dislike the dress as a whole and the boring accessories are not helping.

BTW, Kate bent down a lot because of Charlotte, and there are photos where you can see up Kate’s skirt a bit. But the dress comes with a slip so nothing is showing, other than the slip.


Charlotte wore Spanish brands for the party: Pepa & Co. (a brand she and George have worn many times before) “Classic handsmocked dress – Blue and coral” (£74.00); and a blue cardigan (Rebecca English on Twitter said it’s from Mi Lucero Baby, but People has a quote from the woman who runs Amaia and she says the sweater is the same one George wore to visit Charlotte in the hospital). She also wore blue shoes and a blue bow in her hair.

George wore a Wild & Gorgeous “Harry Jumper – Larkspur Blue” ($84.50) with a blue collared shirt underneath, red shorts, and navy knee shocks and navy loafers.

Two things about the kids’ outfits: 1) Why do they have to always wear blue, red, or pink? There are more colors out there, Kate. 2) Why do they wear Spanish brands so much? They are British royalty, they should be wearing more British brands than anything else, so why is Kate picking mostly Spanish brands? Kate doesn’t even pick that many Spanish brands for herself.


PS. I want to reiterate again that it is not okay to insult children or make fun of their looks. I brought up what George and Charlotte were wearing specifically to talk about Kate’s choice of color and brand for her kids, but that’s about Kate not the kids. We can talk about the kids (I mentioned my impressions of their personalities), but please don’t insult them or make fun of their looks.

Here are some more photos from the event:


296 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte & Prince George play with balloons at party with William & Kate

  1. the spider story is typical children’s stuff. “boo daddy, spiders are scary.” also what child see’s his sister getting a balloon animal and doesn’t want one too? what would have been bad is if he had been allowed to take her balloon, instead of waiting for his turn. i don’t believe you have children because this behavior is normal, fine, and age appropriate.

        1. It’s quite unnecessary to comment on one having children or not. An observation as such could be made from parent or non-parent. That’s a little insensitive.

      1. Ya, I think it’s the age. My 3 year old is like that. He always wants what his little brother has. It gets annoying but as long as he offers a “trade” and doesn’t just snatch it out of his little brother’s hands then we let it slide.

        I think shoving the spider in everyone’s face is an attention thing brought on by the advent of the younger sibling. Parents just have to be patient with that type of behavior. And he was probably over stimulated and excited too. I imagine those kids don’t get out and about with that many other people out of their Norfolk sphere, you know?

      2. In our recent fight to replace Cameron as PM one woman foolishly said she would be better than Theresa May because she was a mother so she cared more ( paraphrasing a bit there). 48 hours later she was forced to withdraw from the race. Comments like CH’s are not acceptable nor indeed fair.

    1. Tours always bring out ‘new’ commenters who make personal/rude comments to other posters/KMR when they shouldn’t. Just because a person doesn’t have children doesn’t mean they don’t know anything about them. That is quiet silly in fact.

      1. I will play a little devil’s advocate here. I’m not saying that people who don’t have kids won’t know anything about child development, esp if they work with kids in a teaching capacity (like I did before having kids), but from my personal experience, I felt like I learned a massive amount about young kids once I had one of my own. Things that I wouldn’t have known or thought about before or would’ve even believed to be possible 🙂

        1. I don’t think it’s about whether you have kids or not. I agree with you. I used to work with kids and know some stuff about kids, but I also know I’ll learn more when I have my own. It’s more about what CH said and the way she said it like KMR couldn’t possibly know anything because she’s not a mother. Just rude.

          1. I disagree with this statement completely.

            It’s a question of spending time WITH children, not because you became a parent.

            Childless Teachers, pastoral carers, nannies spend alot of time with children or people with large families where they end up spending lots of time with children accidentally can be better informed than parents.

            The parents who struggle most tend to be people who have never spent significant time with children until they finally became parents themselves. When their own babies is the first time they’ve held babies or spent significant time with babies.

            The first time they consider children properly.

            It’s a complete myth that you need to be a parent to understand children.

            Lots of childless people involved in childcare at all levels are or can be better parents than the actual parents.

          2. Having children doesn’t mean an automatic pass into knowledge and/or good parenthood. It’s the sustained quality of interactions with their children coupled with unselfishness that matter – actually putting the welfare of what you have brought into the world first. Can’t say I observe those qualities in the Cambridge’s, or rather, what they have stage-managed for the world to see, particularly in this latest and blatant attempt to exploit their children for their own sorry ends. Playing it up for the cameras does not equal wonderful parenting. George mostly looks anxious, no matter the occasion.

      2. And the reverse is true…..that is, someone who had children know nothing of parenting have no interest to learn, or know their children.

    2. CH, George shoving the balloon in someone’s face was ‘normal, fine, and age appropriate’.

      I disagree. That was rude for a 3 year old. It’s not unexpected behavior but it was still rude in the milieu of 3 year olds. He should be learning and understanding why that is the case and have many successes in curbing this type of impulse. Most parents I know, myself included, would have discussed it with him later in private.

      BTW, I used to teach Pre-K.

      If you discount and deride the observations of childrens’ behavior by anyone who does not have children, you are missing out on valuable insight.

      1. +1.
        Treating others thoughtfully can be gently taught from an early age. That said, when wanting a balloon animal, he did ask whether he could have one rather than just demanding ‘I want’. So he is being taught manners, though I would have taught ‘may I have one’ rather than ‘can I have one’. As a child I was told, ‘You can, but you may not’.

        1. Oh Jen, I’m glad to hear that George politely asked for another balloon. Kudos to Maria et al.

          ‘You can, but may not’ reminds me of the kids game “Captain May I”. I’ve always assumed it was invented to teach kids to say ‘may I’ instead of ‘can I’.

          1. So funny that here in the States the game is called, Mother May I?
            And, I agree, it teaches manners — or rather, re-enforces what parents/caregivers teach youngsters.

          2. Jenny, I’ve just looked up that game; very interesting. In my case, it was more of a reprimand to be courteous when requesting something: you can do something (as in ability to do so) but you may not (as in have permission to do so).

          3. +1

            But charlotte seem very aggressive with the balloons. That was the first I have seen a toddler attack balloons that way; bouncing on the dog (who taught her to…unless she believe it as stuffed toy?). And lazy caanot made no effort to halt or redirect her play. Charlotte really has an old looking face and sorry cannot but, she has some resemblance to photos of young Princess Eugeine York (but a definite look of carol pippa middleton).

            Princess Royal Anne grandkids look like Him and more so of grsndaughter, Lady Louise Wessex.

            And flasher cannot was bidding her entry at the steps – to wear a dress and heels with young kids at playdate outdoors on the grass (granted this was more fPR photo, since the children were hardly/ never play with the military children)- cannot also was undignified stooping in that dress was awful cringe worthy! Flashing in front with so many cameras in the direvtion of the steps, other times, seem csalculating and uncaring.

    3. CH I agree with you about the children’s behavior today. I thought they were very well behaved. What I don’t understand is why W/K didn’t mingle more than they did. The play date in New Zeland when PG was small Kate walked around talking with other parents and she tried to have PG interact with the other children. This time unless it wasn’t caught on film looks like Kate mostly with PC tried to keep her away with other kids. She’s very protective of PC. Kate was entirely over dressed for a tea party/play date with kids. What was she thinking. I really do wish she would check out pics of Queen Maxima ,Crown Princess Mary, etc all the beautiful slack sets they wear. Would have been perfect for today. Do you think
      she only wears dresses because that’s what the Queen has always worn?

      1. “This time unless it wasn’t caught on film looks like Kate mostly with PC tried to keep her away with other kids. She’s very protective of PC.”

        I agree with you Shirley, Kate did not encourage Charlotte to play with the other kids. Why would she take them to a kids party, and rein them in? I don’t get it! Also, K&W, did not make any attempts to interact with the other parents. How on earth are the children going to learn and feel at ease when having to interact with other children/people if their parents are so aloof? I don’t see it as Kate being protective though, I think she took the path of least resistance, which is to avoid having to mingle with the other children and their parents. I also think that Kate is aware that Charlotte is somewhat aggressive. and likes to hit.

        There was a little girl dressed in a lovely aquamarine color dress with some small and large circles standing a couple of feet away from the Cambs but no one made an attempt to befriend her. She looked quite put out.

        I agree that Kate was way too over-dressed for the occasion. Why would anyone wear a white dress to a kids party? What’s with the knee bends and frontal look-sees? The photographers sure got a hefty dose of the frontal views Kate offered. It’s obvious Kate is uncaring about wasting so much money for a dress which will most probably never be worn again.When Kate did the knee bend, the back of the dress was sweeping the ground. I think the off-white dress she wore for the magazine cover when George was beginning to walk was much better than this dress. This dress reflects poor workmanship and is adding to her collection of off-white dresses. Kate now has a collection of red, white and blue outfits — the Union Jack. An absolutely boring wardrobe.

    4. For some reason, unlike all of the others, this comment by CH didn’t really strike me as rude or mean, just a different opinion. I live in a country (not US) where people tend to be very direct, so maybe I have a different impression because I am used to a different culture?

      On that note, that means I have been reading this blog for at least about two years now, because I started reading it when I was still living in the US. It’s a great blog!

      1. That’s interesting, isn’t it? I’m also not from the US and I think that there is a great difference in how we say things and think it’s appropriate or not. (nothing against KMR, it’s understandable).

        1. Having a child does not make you an expert on every single child’s behaviour. Just your own and even then most parents have no idea what they are doing with their first. So to imply that not having children means you can’t speak to that issue is ignorant because having a child does not make you an expert on the issue either.

    5. When I read “George is more shy – at first anyway, that shoving a balloon spider into people’s faces story isn’t cute” I took a pause. I thought it unnecessary to be critical of a 3 year old for doing what is pretty typical of 3 year olds. Totally awesome that he pushes a balloon at someone’s face? Not necessarily, but not a big deal either. Kids don’t have the same sense of physical boundaries at that age. It’s something you work on (I have a 3 year old), but it’s a process and no 3 year old, royal or not, is going to be perfect. Throw in the kids are in a strange place with a bunch of strangers, it’s a tough dynamic and I thought everyone looked to be having a nice time.

      So while CH’s comment may not have been ideal, criticizing a 3 year old seemed really unnecessary.

    6. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal that I said I found the “George shoves a balloon animal in people’s faces” story to be not cute. Whether that type of behavior is normal or not is irrelevant – I still don’t find that story cute. That’s my opinion on that type of behavior. If you think that story’s cute, if you think that behavior is normal, if your kids do that – fine. If you think less of me and my opinion because I don’t have kids – I don’t care. Do you. I’m gonna do me. There doesn’t need to be a big conversation about parenting and parents V non-parents. Do whatever is right for you; I’ll do whatever is right for me.

      1. KMR, I dislike children altogether, and I don’t have any but: I agree with you and I completely found that behavior inappropriate. Smacking a grownup in the face with a balloon is clearly disrespectful of a child once it has the fine motor skills to hold onto the balloon properly. I get that these are kids, and therefore haven’t learned yet that the world does not revolve around them, but they clearly need more discipline (LESS HELICOPTERING), and more empathy training. Although god knows what kind of a “home life” they have. I fear these kids are bound to have life long issues.

        1. I have two children although they are grown I can assure you my son nor daughter would have never even thought to shove something in anyone’s face. By age three they both knew if an adult put their hand for a handshake they knew to return theirs for the handshake. By age three we took our children where ever we went because they were well behaved and showed much respect. Now they are grown have very successful careers and are happy with their lives. What George did was wrong and should have been directed by his parents to apologize.

    7. I noticed that the Royals stuck to their children a lot, but the children have great expectations from the world placed on them. I’m sure the parents knew they needed to keep a firm control on them so they wouldn’t do other typical children things like run around and yell and grab other people’s things. Very stressful in another country with all eyes watching. One mistake would go down in infamy.

      These meet and greet events are not really for fun, it’s to promote solid relationships. As this was the future King George, I think his visit was about perfect for what it was – something to build on.

  2. Agh! I hate them so much because these damn pictures are so incredibly cute! 🙂

    If they just tried a bit more they would rule the world with these cuties.

    George looks like a tiny Charles, which I LOVE!

    1. Yeah, they are really cute. Good thing the Cambridges waited to bring out the big guns until the end of the tour. Charlotte is un-freakin-believably adorable. Her bright personality shines through those old fashioned clothes.

    2. Prince George and the way Kate dresses him reminds me so much of Spanky with Spanky and Our Gang. Not the one in the new movie made a few years ago. But the series made I think back in either the 30s or 40s.

          1. No, I had my son in shorts and shoes like that, but always ankle socks. His uniform rules at school required long socks, though with shorts.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous babies! And I shall keep this snipe free because for all the parents faults their love of their children shines out of them. The individual close up pictures of William with both his children is the most content I’ve ever seem William look. I feel quite emotional looking at these. Xx

    1. I agree, Mrs. BBV. I have many ill feelings towards him. But one thing is for sure: he loves his kids and they love their daddy. It also made me wish Diana were here to see this.

        1. I want to believe she is taking it all in from a better place. Diana, I mean.
          The love she had for her boys will always be with them and now she has love for her grandkids, too. But I agree. How lovely if she could be here to hug, play and be with them.

      1. and it’s rather astounding, considering what a petulant child William is in other aspects of his life! 😀 But yeah, that is one cute photo of him and Georgie-boy.

    2. Me Too Mrs BBV. I can be quite critical of William at times but when I see him with his children it melts my heart. He’s guard is down and he looks so content. It’s obvious he is a loving and toting father. I’ve even noticed during this tour, the way he is around other children is more open and spontaneous. Kids really do bring out the best in him!

    3. I’;m with you, Mrs BBV. Kate and William love their kids. There is no doubt about it.
      THe photo of William with Charlotte really warmed my heart. And, anytime he is with George, he looks so content.

      I loved Charlotte with the bunny. She was so enchanted with the little animal. Taking little ones to an event like this couldn’t be as easy as some might think. Yes, they got caught up in the charm of the bubbles and balloons and animals, but still, it was a new place for them and so many other kids they did not know were around, too. I guess, many people wanted to see more interaction between all the Cambridges and the others. I think the kids are too little for such interaction. Especially in such a public arena. And, was Maria there? I don’t see how William and Kate could be expected to leave their kids and interact with others because, they would have been equally criticized for doing so. Sometimes, I feel they can’t win. And, I am not a Kate and Will sugar!

      It was nice to see the children. Nice to see their parents as parents, too!

      I don’t see Pippa in Charlotte. I know others do, but in these photos, I did not. I don’t know who I see. Sometimes, her mouth reminds me of HM All in all, I am amazed at how grown up she is becoming. Her hair is getting so long! And, she really stands so sturdily (is that a word)? She just owned that “room.” George is really a cutie, too, but his sister is more out there.

      Thanks, KMR. It’s nice to wake up to such nice posts. Especially, when others rally to your defense. I would have done so, too. But, I think that troll is gone!

        1. Yes, these children are darling. I think Charlotte is going to give her parents a run for their money! She’s got much of little Mia’s spunk. I think she has a way to go to catch up to Leonore’s “all over the map” actions, though. Leonore, is a sweetie, but I cannot imagine 24/7 with her. God bless Maddie and Chris. Still, I love Leonore!

          Ok, that said, I’m also a fan of William and Kate as parents. Their love for these two adorable tykes is apparent. Little George is his Daddy’s Boy and William looks happy and relaxed holding both of his kids!

          Kate shows her love and caring ways, too!

          I was wondering why the cream colored dress for a kid’s party, too. And, is that belt really called Acne? As in zits? Wow!

          All in all, a nice appearance by the two wee ones. Made for many smiles.
          Loved the bunny hugging and bubble blowing. Loved the excitement and curiosity, too. Just a nice entry on this blog on a very gloomy day here in NY.

          1. I agree – that is a strange choice for a kid’s garden party. I would probably have a hard time keeping that outfit clean at a regular adults only party.

            It is nice to see that they make good parents! Princess Diana really shines through in those moments, although it also seems like Prince Charles has a close relationship with his sons.

  4. I love that Charlotte seems to have some spunk to her! Love the running to balloons and cuddling the bunny! Too cute. George laughing with the bubbles is probably the most relaxed he’s seemed in public
    Kate broke from the familiar narrative of George hell raiser/Charlotte is perfect and said a while back that charlotte is actually more of a go getter and I can see that in these pics.
    I was wondering about other interactions with kids but you seemed to have answered that question for me. So even when they’re in public, they are still isolated.
    Wasn’t there a story out about young William not wanting a toy until it was given to Harry? Not wanting to share must be genetic =)
    The clothes, don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said before about George. I guess the pro is that at least his shorts were finally a different color besides blue.
    Kate’s hair stylist is waayy over paid for these simplistic dos. The wedges have gots to go!

    1. Two things Kate needs to change right away.
      1. Fire present hairdressers. There’s got to be a hairstylist in London that can travel and be on Kate’s speed dial. The one she has now has no more than three styles she uses over and over. Very boring.
      2. Fire Natashia the young lady that is suppose to be helping Kate with her clothing choices and pulling outfits together. Kate really does need a professional stylist to advise her. What Natashia is doing is not working.

      1. I completely disagree. Love Kate’s hairstyles! As for her clothing choices – she’s really rocked it on this tour. The Chloe dress was another great choice: chic, simple, had an underskirt and cream is one of her colours. As for the children not interacting with others, from the video footage I’ve seen, both W&K spoke to other parents & the children mingled with other kids.

        1. I think, whether you like her hairstyles or not ( I find most of them boring and too matronly for someone her age) what is truly appalling is that she’s paying someone to execute them for her! Most of the ones she’s had this trip are so basic that she could have done most of them herself. Waste of money!

  5. Ugh, why the dress?! Everyone else is dressed down and casual and she looks likes she’s dressed for the horse show! Obviously she dressed up because she knew these pics were going to be broadcast all over the world bc of the kids but she could have looked like such a cool mom in jeans and a cute top.

    Why can’t Kate just be a cool mom?! She just looks so stuffy and snooty in that outfit. And true, you can’t see anything when she bends over, but it didn’t stop me from looking. Every picture my eye naturally gravitates to her bare legs. I’m not a voyeur but it’s so distracting. Charlotte’s lucky I even glanced at her :).

    This was meant to be funny. Don’t yell at me and my gutter thoughts :).

    1. I also thought Kate was inappropriately dressed for the event. You know you’re going to be interacting with kids and animals. Why would you wear cream? She would’ve been better off in some (non-jegging) trousers and a collared shirt.

  6. Both kids seemed normal, and thus cute as kids are. I think Charlotte may have some potential to be another Leonore, who I adore. Probably because I was a bit of a wild child, too. I think their behavior is simply age related. George is old enough to be a bit self-conscious and to understand admonishments to behave properly.

    I think they wear Spanish brands because of Nanny Maria. I think she really is a substitute mother. Spanish children’s clothes are beautfully made.

    Who wears a white pointelle dress to a children’s party? I guess someone who wants to be the center of attention, and who doesn’t spend a lot of time with toddlers.

    I think it’s weird they didn’t play with the kids there.

    1. Hi Fifi,

      I was thinking the same connection between the kids wearing so many Spanish brands and Nanny Maria. I think she chooses what clothes to buy them. The Duchy pays but she steers the ship where the kids are concerned. W&K probably expressed a preference for blue which is why we see them in so many monocolor outfits.

      I thought the kids were cute but it’s hard to get interested in them when you never can tell when W&K might go off on the “dangerously nosy” public and slam the media. I don’t think these two will change their passive-aggressive ways.

    2. I couldn’t get over Kate’s wearing white to a children’s party either. My children are 2 and 5 and I was just cringing at all of the potential stain opportunities a kid’s party would likely entail. Cute kids!

      1. White plus the skirt!! She knew she was going to be bending over a lot with the kids and didn’t dress appropriately. Even one of the maxi-dresses she wore in India would’ve been easier to navigate for this event.

        1. Yes, a different outfit would have allowed her to play more with the kids and be more hands-on in general. The choices reminded me of Easter pictures. A white dress would have been my last wardrobe choice for an outing like this.

  7. It is normal that children in their age don’t interact much with each other. Especially if there are so many exciting things out there, balloons, ponies etc. They cannot “play together” that comes at later stage. Of course W&K could interact more with fellow parents. Probably they were too busy with their own kids.

    1. Yes, it’s called “parallel play” when little kids play next to each other but not with each other. Totally normal. They will grow out it.

    2. I was thinking about this, too. Plus, they are in a new environment with a lot going on around them. It’s natural to stick close to parents when you’re a little out of your element. They were so stinkin cute!

    3. It’s fine for W&K to be too busy with their own kids at a private garden party/birthday party but I think sometime we forget that on days like this they are on the job. Kate engaging with another mom while Charlotte plays around with balloons or animals near by, or the dog she bounced on, is not too much to ask of her, the Duchess and future Queen of that realm with her “subjects”.

      Charlotte with the bunny, I died! Oh my gosh!! I love her.

  8. Cute to see Charlotte playing with the balloons. Interesting to see that royals make the page of journal tomorrow when there are the children : it is like only the children interest people, now?

    Interesting to see how royal reporter treat these stories : people think that if they are not good royal, it is not serious till they are good parents. Like KMR I don’t see the George described by William and Kate…

    It is good to see them : as a French observator, I just have more interest in Estelle and Leonore than them.

    1. I completely agree with you. I like the education Victoria is giving to Estelle. It seems to me that when she exposes her daughter to the public she does it as a training as a futur sovereign, even if her daughter is still a young child. For example, last Christmas, Victoria and Estelle were at Skansen, a museum in Stockholm, baking Swedish thin bread. Victoria took the opportunity of this event to pass on a tradition. Victoria does not go for vain playdates. Besides, she does not feel obliged to show how emotionally involved she is with her children. She is very self-confident and mature.
      The more I see the Cambridges the more I realize how immature they are. William’s blunders are embarrassing. For example, confessing that he has not read his file about Canada completely before leaving is a shame. Was it a joke? Please explain!!! In the business world, this remark would be lame and he would loose his credibility with his boss. This little blunder shows how spoilt and unaware of the real world he is.
      According to the videos we get to see Kate focusing on her own children and she did not bother chatting with other parents. However, I think that she is still shy and is not confortable with her role as a royal.
      I am surprised to see the enthousiasm of people for the Cambridge’s children. Personnally their little ones do not interest me! Anyway, this playdate gave us a glimpse about kate as a mother. Her interaction with her daughter was very private in a sense that it was a mother-daughter moment since Charlotte did not play with any other children.

  9. The kids are cute, the photos are great.

    Now for the snark. Kate needs appropriate clothing for events like this. This dress is not appropriate for stooping down and nearly flashing the camera. KMR, I agree with all you said about the dress, it is unattractive, and even moreso with those awful shoes. Her hair is a big joke, what is that bump in the back! UGH.

    William looked pretty good though, and that photo of George hugging him is very nice. They should frame that one.

    When is this “tour” over????

      1. More prurient nonsense. There was no “flashing” or anything near it. I can only conclude that you have an unhealthy interest in the Duchess of Cambrige’s nether regions.

        1. Did I say “flashing”? No I did not. I commented that you cannot see anything but a slip because people had commented about seeing up her skirt. Now enough already.

        2. No one would have an interest if she didn’t make it a focal point? When she purposely flashes over and over again or wears skin tight jeggings so you can see every outline, it’s not KMR who focuses instead it is Kate who causes us to focus on her flashing.

          I think, that perhaps, you have an unhealthy interest in criticizes KMR. 😀

        3. Aie, Kate has a history of flashing. She has brought this on herself. KMR made no mention of it, I did. And I wouldn’t have said anything except Kate has had so many wardrobe misfires in the last 5 years, it’s completely ridiculous. Kate deserves the comment and she nearly flashed again today because of her stupid choice in wardrobe.

          1. Who else stopped the video to see if you could see up her dress? I did, not because I want to see up her dress, but because I couldn’t believe she was kneeling down in front of cameras like that, and I saw a flash of white waaaaay up her legs. Either it is a slip or some thigh-hugging spanx. The point is, don’t crouch down in a short dress or skirt!

        4. Aie, no said anything about flashing. Just about the Duchess’s slip. That’s it. So stop referring to the Duchess’s nether regions. Get off your moral high horse. Stop making it into something it is not. Stop trolling.

        5. I am going to happy when this tour is over so all these new people that only come on here to defend Kate and be rude stop commenting 🙂

          1. Hello! I am a long time reader, this has been my first time commenting because I’m finally browsing on a PC.

            I must say that this is the only royal blog I read. I’m not singularly interested in the Royals, however, I enjoy the high quality of the posts and the comments. I am glad to read the good and the bad, and I find the fashion commentary has given me quite a bit of help in improving my own style.

            Thank you to everyone and especially KMR for making this a wonderful way to escape real life for a couple of minutes!

        6. kate know its a play date, why not wear decent trousers, you have to bend, kneel, and she even wore a white outfit, really this was soo inappropriate, kneeling down at a child event, and nearly showing your regions, she will never change!!!

    1. They should also frame the picture of William and Charlotte and the one of Charlotte with the dog. Those pictures are adorable. 🙂

      Edited: and the one of George looking up, laughing at the bubbles. That picture perfectly captures his 3-year-old innocence.

      1. I rather enjoy her wiglets. Primarily because they tend to have a life of their own when viewed on video ie they move rather sluggishly compared to her actual head and hair. It’s a pet on her head!! Lol.

        And then there is the fan reaction where people go on and on about her perfect hair and how they wish they could have the same. Yes you can. Just go down to your local wig shop!!!

        1. Hahahahhahah I love your comment Herazeus. I don’t understand what the point of the wiglet is? It’s even more obvious on this tour. She’s had 2 kids, one less than 2 years ago, it’s normal that her hormones will have played havoc and she may have lost a lot of hair. I know I did- I think it’s only after almost 2 years I felt my hair falling off slowed down….somewhat.

          1. A wiglet is a partial wig. Instead of wearing a full wig covering the entire head, you wear a hairpiece in part of your hair to make it thicker or add length.

          2. Wiglet is not a full wig. It’s usually half a wig used with regular hair.


            In Kate’s case, he preferred wiglet is one attached to the back/top of her head eg


            When attached it looks like this model


            If attached and blended properly, you shouldn’t be able to see the line/bump or different textures as demonstrated in the photo above. It should be a smooth seamless addition like in Kate’s engagement photos.

          1. Me too, but for comic relief.

            It’s funny that most celebrity women use wiglets, pieces, extensions and i simply shrug, but it’s Kate (and her office) insistence that she doesn’t that makes me notice when she wears them. She thinks if she denies it, we won’t notice when she has it in her hair or science works in a different way on her head where her body can reduce in size to extent that she occasionally looks frail whilst her hair triples in volume.

  10. At last I’ve figured out who Charlotte reminds me of: Lady Sarah Chatto.

    Yes, I noticed too that there was little/no interaction with other children; not sure if you can enforce that sort of thing once children are mobile – bit easier when George was a baby and had his play date in NZ. And George does seem shy and/or anxious with new things/experiences, Charlotte less so. But all kids are different. What comes across, at least at this event, is a Charles-Anne vibe: shy boy, confident girl.

    All in all, it was nice to see the children. Re. the clothing: leather loafers for a 3-year old child? They are sweetly dressed, though it harks back to a previous era and feels like deliberate parts are being played, as if in a play. The other royal great- grandchildren don’t seem to be dressed in such a manner so it’s clearly idiosyncratic of W+K. The white dress is a strange choice for such an event, unless one is looking to stand out for the photo op (sigh).

        1. There is a strong Princess Eugenie and Sarah Chatto. I always look to see Sarah Chatto at the Christmas lineup. Sarah has two boys doesn’t she, Samuel and I forget the name of the other boy.

    1. I agree you can’t enforce children to interact, but William and Kate should have mingled with the other parents and their children. They could have brought the nanny to watch G&C.

      1. I think this is another lose/lose – they would have been totally ripped apart had they had a nanny with the kids one the one day of the tour they are “with” the kids in public. Especially since they took the rest of the day for “private family time”.

        1. Considering the cameras were focused on WK, and they don’t go or do anything without the support team, it’s highly unlikely that Nanny Maria wasn’t present. Like the support team, she was not photographed. The photographer seems to be only Chris Jackson and he understands what is required as focus, and usually crops out the support staff.

          At the NZ playdate, with open press pack, photos of nanny Maria in the room were circulated. She was famously pictured at Charlotte’s christening despite presence of various baby caretakers making her presence surplus to requirements.

          She goes everywhere with the kids, including attending events as mundane as family lunches.

          At this type of public playdate, it’s highly unlikely that she wasn’t present in case of a meltdown.

          Despite their ‘hands on’ approach, this aspect of upperclass parenting is one they continue to do ie have nanny present at all times even where parents, grandparents, and other adults are present.

          1. So, what does ‘hands-on’ parenting actually mean in upperclass terms? Nanny Maria does seem to take the children out and about in parks a lot, and I assume she does the nuts and bolts work in changing them, prepping food, keeping them engaged.

          2. Jen, I think it’s the seen but not heard type of rearing. For a friend of mine, she was trotted out during the drinks, then trotted back up to her rooms.
            I now think of Buster and the Milford school from Arrested Deveoplment=)

          3. Sarah,

            Which makes them not remotely “hands on” as the plebes understand it. And they try to hide it as well, being so normal and all.

            Fact is, it didn’t have to be this way regardless of class distinctions. They still had a choice to be truly hands on.

          4. Maven, I agree completely! Especially since they aren’t working all day to have all that hard earned money.
            My friend, despite (or maybe because of)her upbringing, is actually a good hands on mother. She didn’t want the same for her child.

          5. Thanks you both for your replies. I assumed the nanny did the grunt work and the kids are seen when they are calm, fed, and clean. Not quite ‘hands on’. Yes, the artifice of the Cambridge hype is tiresome. I think nanny Maria must be a saint.

          6. Jen: it means nanny does all the grunt work and the parents step in at their own convenience.

            Usually parents are presented with children for the easy bits. Nanny gas to be careful that children know their parents even if nanny is doing all the work.

            There is a small snippet of such an interaction in one of the episodes of ‘ladies of London’ reality show where the mother is going on and on about being hands on meanwhile nanny is updating her on progress of children’s illness and what the doctors recommend and how nanny is handling it, how the child is progressing. There is no attendant conversation about the mother doing any of it herself.

          7. Thanks, Herazeus. I’d imagine the nanny has to tread a very fine line. What happens if the child feels greater affection for the nanny? Apart from nanny getting the boot…

            Then W+K going on about their ‘hands-on’ parenting is just a figment of their imagination? Seeing their children episodically is ‘hands on’ for them? It doesn’t surprise me. I can’t find any truth in this couple. They must be laughing at everyone’s expense, quite literally.

            Hope the ‘mother’ in the reality program got the buckets of derision she so richly deserved.

    2. Oh, my yes! Just googled Lady Sarah, and YES!!!!
      Thanks, Jen. How are things with you, btw? Cathy mentioned bad storms where you are. Hope all is well.

      And, isn’t the gene pool amazing? I love seeing different relatives in the faces of kids. It’s so cool.

      1. Things are good here, Jenny, thanks for asking. Trust all is good with you too. Power was restored (the whole state went to black for 8 or so hours) but regional areas are still dicey. I’m a couple of days behind in work but will catch up.

        It’s funny what we see. I can definitely see Sarah Chatto and also a mini-QE2 in Charlotte; seeing her move and also a 3d version of helped. Also the QM in Eugenie as well as Victoria in Beatrice. Still think George looks like Michael Middleton.

        1. Hi, Jen. So glad you are back with power!!
          Must have been some storm.

          I really was totally wedded to Charlotte being a mini HM and then, I saw the photo of Lady Sarah. Quite a resemblance! Of course, kids’ faces change.

          Happy to have the chance to see these little children play and have fun. Nice to see their parents interact with them, too.

          Take care, Jen. Always enjoy all your comments.

  11. Hope you enjoy your coffee KMR!!
    Cute kids and I agree different personalities.
    Funded by the British taxpayer aka ME so please Kate buy your kids British clothing – designer if you must, but British.
    I’ve seen various versions of this and Kate should just wear smart trousers when constantly bending down to help her kids. The view up her skirt is unnecessary.

  12. I love kids, and. Charlotte bouncing on that dog was so cute! She seems to be friendly and spunky. I. Lol when she and George were punching the balloons. They have some adorable kids. Thanks KMR for this blog. You do a great job!

  13. Agree with everything you said, KMR. I think WK should have brought the nanny to take a look at G&C so that they could interact with the other parents and their kids.

    Judging by the photos, the whole event seemed a bit artificial, like the other families where just doing background figuration for a photo-op. In the end it’s more of a PR move rather than an opportunity to ease their children into public life. Maybe they did interact and we didn’t see, but at this point it’s hard to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    That being said, G&C are really adorable, and WK seem to be loveable parents. That video of Charlotte holding the balloons is the cutest thing ever. She’s going to be a showstealer.

  14. Prurient nonsense yet again. There was no “flashing” or anything like it unless you have a relentlessly filthy mind or some manner of unhealthy fixation with another woman’s body.

    1. I saw people commenting about Kate bending down in a dress on the previous thread, so I mentioned that she skirt comes with a slip in my post. Calm down.

      1. Aie: You keep leaving that same comment everywhere saying that people are being ‘prurient’. It isn’t prurient to suggest that maybe trousers would be more appropriate for a casual event at a petting zoo with children when you know you will be bending down a lot. Kate has had multiple wardrobe malfunctions in the past from not wearing underwear, and that is disrespectful to the Queen and the position that Kate holds as a representative of the Queen.
        I personally didn’t see her flashing today, but some others may feel she was at risk of possibly doing so like in the video where she actually crumples her skirt in her hand at minute 1:04. Luckily she was wearing a slip otherwise she would have been flashing.

        I think it is rude and unnecessary for you to say that people (KMR particularly) have a ‘relentlessly filthy mind’.

    2. She flashes on a continual and habitual basis that appears to be psychological in basis. Even her skin tight jeggings are her showing her “skinny” off. Carole if you don’t like this then you should have taught your daughter to behave better in public instead of on bagging a prince because she does a horrible job at her “job”.

  15. Gah!! Those cheeks (Charlotte)! Those eyes (George)! Adorable!! I see a mixture of Middleton and Princess Eugenie/Lady Sarah Chatto (thanks Jen!) in Charlotte. George is the spitting image of his Grandpa Mike but with Daddy’s blonde hair. I LOVE the picture of Charlotte with the dog (and the flower balloon overhead).

    I too noticed that she’s the more outgoing one of the two but that appears to be normal. Most oldest children are more reserved and the younger ones are the ones who have the spunk (speaking from experience, I’m the oldest of three and my youngest sister–eight years younger than me–has always had way more sparkle in her personality).

    I don’t see anything wrong with Kate’s outfit but I’m surprised she didn’t let the kids run around and just be. I understand that Charlotte was probably in some pain and discomfort but she was also (clearly) enjoying herself (as was George who was enjoying himself).

    Whatever comments and criticisms we make about William, Kate or William and Kate as a couple, you can tell they are genuinely besotted with/care about their children. 🙂

  16. There was no reason for them to invite other families and kids if they don’t let their children play with them. They look like helicopter parents.

    The pic of William and George is nice, but looking on Getty Images it appears a lady was talking to them and George was a bit shy and hugging Will closer. Still nice, but yeah.

    This would have been the perfect time to wear something more casual for all of them. Will was the only one getting the memo.

    1. I did notice in some videos that George tried to run and be curious and it seemed like Kate held him back. ‘helicoptering’ is what it looked like.

    2. Hopefully the other families and kids had a great time interacting with the events offered even if they didn’t get facetime with W+K. Little kids don’t know/care who they are anyways! All they care about is the cool balloons and the mini-pony in front of them.

  17. Cute kids and I really like the idea of hosting a party for military families!

    But, I only have these pics though, it seems bit like “us” and “them” – ofc I don’t expect toddlers to have conversations with others and behave perfectly but WK could have talked and interact more with others. We know they have the nanny there so why not bring her too.

    I also don’t like her dress and white for a party with children also seems an odd choice but at the end there was no real way to get dirty it seems. And not the kids fault at all but all the blue and oldfashioned outfits are getting boring and they always look a bit like those kids perfectly dressed but who aren’t allowed to play.

    And also hard to believe that this was it for the day! I don’t blame parents on wanting to spend time with their children but this is their job and why an afternoon off 2 days before they leave? Also not like they haven’t seen the kids… their days didn’t start at 7am and they had been back at 8pm.

    1. Victoria Murphy said only two British print reporters were allowed inside event. I don’t know how many Canadian print reporters were allowed inside the event.

    2. At the top of the post it says print reporters were not allowed in. So did that mean they only had one in to release the official prints? Interesting tho. Especially since the Canadians are footing the bill and there doesn’t seem to be much overall interest in this tour.
      The only thing I saw on CNN about this tour was about the Chief not showing up. Of course their headline was that Willaim and Kate were ‘snubbed’! Gah

      1. I assume they didn’t want the children scared by a lot of media cameras or reporters, but Will and Kate must know that if they were to bring the children to Canada there would be a high level of interest and media wanting access.

      2. Wow! They really want to control propaganda, what is seen. This way everything is perfect and they are the bestest, most loving parents with the most darling, perfect kids in the universe. Wouldn’t want to catch them off guard!

        1. What I don’t get is why. Everyone knows the kids aren’t with them during their engagements. Are we to think they’re just holed up inside Government House doing nothing?

    3. They are making so many enemies in the press. These two don’t seem to be the brightest royals. Then again, that isn’t new.

      Edit: I am assuming that William and Kate had a role in that decision. Maybe they didn’t?

  18. Thank you KMR. It is lovely seeing the children if only briefly. Charlotte definitely looks more curious, though should be allowed a blinky or a teething ring. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with shy if George is. However George does seem to not make eye contact and there is no playfulness. I like the photo of George blowing bubbles. At least the children had fun. I like Charlotte’s dress but I think Kate could be a bit more adventurous and spend a bit more attention on their wardrobe. I am undecided on Kate’s dress. It is a bit bleugh.

  19. Well this is by far their best day of the tour. The kid’s were so cute. I was wondering why George and Charlotte didn’t play more with the other kids. I didn’t know if it was because Kate and William were hovering over them or if the kids were just more shy? Although, in Australia, George played with the other kids, so I have a feeling he would have done it here as well. I get the feeling Kate and Will didn’t let the kids really run around. Too bad, it would have been fun to see them play with other kids. At least the bit we did see showed their personalities. I think Charlotte is going to be a spit-fire (which is a good thing).

    I actually liked Kate’s dress, just not for this. She looks like she is going to a garden party-not a kid’s play date. In fact, I bet we will see this dress again at the Queen’s garden party. Nice linen pants with a blouse/sweater and wedges/flats would have worked better. Kate had to know she would have to keep bending down for her kids, so why wear a skirt and risk flashing?

    This outfit also shows how Kate really has no style sense. She can pick a pretty dress, but has no clue how to style it. Those wedges are very casual compared to the dress. They just don’t fit with it, not to mention their bland color. A pop like cobalt blue would have looked great or a flower print. Just something to add color. Wedges were a good choice for the grass, but there are plenty of dresser wedges out there.

    1. +1 and may I add that I am officially a Charlotte sugar? I bet her and little Miss Tindall could get up quite a lot of fun together. And I still think she looks like Pippa!

    2. It’s so odd that on a tour, this turns out to be their best day. Why? Because of the kids. If it weren’t for the kids there would be no great day and the tour would be totally limp and useless. It still *is* useless.

      They could have done this with them in the UK, anywhere, and it would have been a great day. What’s wrong with this picture?

      All I see is PR to mitigate their carelessness, laziness and arrogance, and no genuine engagement with citizens. The Brits don’t even get this much.

  20. I wonder if George has gotten the “You’re the future King and have to act a certain way” and/or if they’ve really tamped the boisterousness in him down. For the first couple years of his life he was George the Destroyer now he’s more reticent. Charlotte on the other hand has probably gotten that break the later borns usually get. More relaxed parenting.

    The pictures were cute but I just wasn’t that enthralled. And I can’t get over how much Kate is channeling Loretta Lynn on this tour.

    1. “I wonder if George has gotten the “You’re the future King and have to act a certain way” and/or if they’ve really tamped the boisterousness in him down.”

      I wonder that too, Lisa. For the first few years of his life it was always “George is so naughty” and “He is a destroyer” and “He is bouncing off the walls.” I wonder if they have made him more timid by stifling his personality.,Because I definitely don’t see a wild and crazy boy, although that may be because he is afraid of the cameras. He seems very timid and uncomfortable in social situations.

    2. I’ve wondered if he’s different in private than in public. I have a couple of friends who I didn’t believe in reports of their children until we became closer and then, whew, the “real” kid came out!

  21. OMG could you just die seeing Charlotte lean in and hug her flower balloon? Loving on the rabbit and bouncing on the giant fluffy dog? Too, too cute. George is adorable too, asking Daddy for cuddles. Love Charlotte’s dress, my dil would always buy smocked and initialed dresses for her girls. I think it’s a very Southern thing. I happen to like the “old-fashioned” way of dressing the kids, anything really modern and they will be like other celebrity children and it will date their photographs.

    The white dress on Catherine is my least favorite so far. In her defense there are other women in the party wearing dresses. She does need help with her casual look.

    I think the party set-up is bound to be awkward, especially for the children they don’t know anyone there. Why did I think the Trudeau children were going to be there? I definitely think the children should be out and about more on this tour and at home.

  22. KMR: I just want to say thank you for your thorough and speedy coverage of this tour. I think you do more research about the charities and events than William and Kate do as William has clearly stated he doesn’t bother to read his notes (ie Sheway event). You do a lot of homework and I think you are very fair in how you write about Will and Kate. It must feel crappy to spend time and energy researching and writing a post only to have some commenters be rude to you. I like reading your blog and think you do a good job. Thank you!

    So, my feelings about today are that it was a good day. I loved seeing Charlotte hug the bunny and get all excited for the balloons. It made me smile. She is adorable. I think she looks like a mix between Pippa and Eugenie. George seems a bit timid. I hope that isn’t because Will and Kate insisted he was “naughty” for the first few years of his life and that suppressed his personality. I have never seen George being naughty or wild like Kate and William said he is. Maybe he is just camera shy? But no matter what my personal feelings are about Kate and Will (that they are work shy, aloof, and standoffish, etc.) my feelings for the parents won’t carry over into how I feel about the kids. To me they are innocent babies and I think they are both precious. I like seeing them and my only complaint is that I wish they would do something like this on English soil.

    I get the feeling that George may take after William in how he is camera shy, William also hated the cameras even when he was George’s age. That is going to make things difficult for George when he gets older. Charlotte is more outgoing (for now). Maybe if they did more things like this in England George would start loosening up a bit in front of the cameras?

    I wish that they all would have interacted with other people more. But it was a good day and I enjoy seeing George and Charlotte. Now if they could only get their kids English clothes in a color other than blue that would be awesome! 🙂

    1. One more thing: I like seeing William hugging his kids. I think William loves his kids and he has always seemed to have a good bond with George.

      1. Thank you KMR for another great post. This by far is the best day of the tour. George and Charlotte are adorable. There is nothing cuter than kids and animals. Charlotte seems to really love animals. George looks like a very sweet boy a little on the shy side though. Which there is nothing wrong with that. Kids are different. Especially siblings. I know my two are polar opposites. It’s nice to see William and Kate with their children. It makes them seem less hollow and they look very happy. William does adore his children. It’s wonderful to see this side of him. It’s really the only time he lights up.

  23. LOVED seeing Charlotte’s spunky personality, and also George, once he got over being a bit shy. As for Kate, if ever there were a time for pants, this was it! I felt like the outfit she wore for the second part of the day yesterday (cozy sweater, jeans, boots) would have been much better suited for this event than a white, lace, dress. With all the crouching and bending, she was constantly fiddling with her skirt (and hair- what’s wrong with a tidy ponytail).

    I loved seeing W&K interact with their kids, though. As you pointed out, it would be so, so, so easy for them to more events like this in the UK, and the kids (especially George) need to get used to being in the public eye. I think the Swedish royals are doing a much better job acclimating their kids to a life in the spotlight. I also agree that I wanted to see the kids (and their parents) interacting more with the party guests. Although, I guess it makes sense that the kids would stick close to their parents in an unfamiliar setting.

  24. I just want to thank you for the great job you’re doing everyday KMR , because of the time difference your blog is the first thing I read in morning , well after the DM 🙂 , wish you and all the friends here a lovely evening

  25. I adore Charlotte! I can only imagine her and Leonore on a playdate. Could you imagine the fun they would have? She is a cute little girl who has a lot of fun and finds everything around her to be interesting. Seeing her loving on the animals made me smile. Heck, even her holding on to her mommy’s collar and squirming to get out of her arms. Just adorable. Georgie is cute. He seems a bit pensive. I am saying this out of sweetness and no disrespect – He has the saddest puppy eyes. If I were his auntie I would sneak him sweets just with one look.

    Don’t laugh when I say this, but I often forget that Kate is a mother. We are so used to not seeing her with them that it is easy to forget it. She and William adore their kids and it was so sweet to watch. But they have to stop hovering. They were probably in the safest places in Canada. Let them run!

    Kate’s outfit was so, so wrong for this event. I would have had her wear a crisp, ankle length or crop khaki pants. A patterned blouse and a cute cardi. Add to that a ponytail and a ballet flat or driving shoe. That would have been an easier outfit to wear. It would have been both classic and comfortable and suitable for her engagement. I want to burn that wiglet and shoes. I do not like the dress.

    I never thought I would say this in a million years – William looked pretty handsome today. That being said, I need to check myself because I never say that. Blame the GBS.

    Thank you so much for your infinite patience and keeping us updated, KMR. I truly appreciate your hard work.

    1. !) I’m not laughing because I too forget that Kate is a mama to two! Though she’s sometimes a bit awkward with little ones, she clearly cares about hers.

      2) William is very much at ease with the kids which makes him appear attractive because I too go gaga when I see a guy who is a natural with kids (his or in general). Case in point? Harry!!! 😉

    2. I think happiness always improves a person’s looks. The loving, content smile on William today is such a contrast to some of his resting, petulant faces that it improves him no end. If only he could just try a bit harder and stop being so entitled. It would make him so much happier in the long run too.

      1. Mrs BBV, I agree. However if William is looking petulant it means he is not feeling something. IMO. Is that the right expression?

  26. Oh My God!!! I the last picture of Kate holdin Charlotte she (Charlotte) looks just like Queen Elizabeth!!! Am I the only one who see’s it??? KMR, Thank You , as always, for this blog and your Wonderful Post!!!

    1. I saw the resemblance in Charlotte’s 1 year old birthday photos. I’m very curious as to whose physical traits she’ll inherit once she’s an adult.

      Examples: when Harry was little, all we we could see was that he got the Spencer hair and Charles’s ears. As an adult, he’s clearly got more Charles/Mountbatten in him than Spencer/Windsor! Charles’s/Phillip’s eyes, ears (though Harry grew into his), and fingers/hands from his father, so those who continue the ridiculous rumor that Charles isn’t his dad needs to take a second look at the resemblance between father and son. I swear, I don’t see any Windsor in Harry.

      William? A lot of Spencer (the jaw and Diana’s eyes) with a fair bit of Windsor (I see none of his Grandpa Phillip in him though his teeth are clearly from the Windsors, as Andrew, Anne & Beatrice have them too).

      Princess Eugenie is a lovely mixture of the Queen Mother and her mother, Sarah. Beatrice? Andrew’s eyes and teeth with her mother’s red hair. I hate how the press criticizes her looks when she’s really quite pretty in the photos where she’s showing her natural smile and not the deer-in-the-headlights look that the media releases 🙂

      I am so sorry for that last run-on sentence. Whoops!

      1. I’m appalled that the press continually harp on about Beatrice and Eugenie’s appearance. Both young women are attractive. Some fashion choices miss, but at least they try. When Bea had a stylist – Charlie Anderson – she looked fab.

        1. I’m glad it’s not just me. Yes, they’ve had some misses (W&K’s wedding) but also a lot of great hits, especially when a stylist is involved. Both girls have lovely complexions and appear to have very warm, natural smiles and a natural when it comes to being out with the public, performing duties! I’m a total Yorkie sugar, guilty as charged haha! 🙂

      2. The teeth come from Philip’s side of the family.

        If you do a google search for Philip’s relatives, the first thing you notice are the big horsey teeth.

        Remember the recent Mountbatten wedding where Charles escorted the bride down the aisle? Look at the Bride’s mouth/teeth.

        Philip doesn’t have the teeth, but as so few of his relations are in the public eye, everyone assumes the teeth are windsor.

        As for Beatrice and Andrew’s eyes, those are pure Hanoverian. It’s what is known as the Hanoverian eyes that quite a few family members have. You see it in most of them going back to George 1. Like you identify Hapsburgs by their chin and mouth.

        Beatrice is the spit of Queen Victoria when Victoria was a young woman, especially in the eyes, nose and mouth. Her teeth are pure Mountbatten.

        And Victoria had those Hanoverian eyes too. This portrait of a 20something Victoria vs an 18yr old Beatrice really shows their similarities:

        Victoria is so often shown in her later grumpy, fat widow stage that few people remember as a young woman and thus miss the resemblace to a few in the current generation. Beatrice is the strongest resemblance, but you also have zenouska, grand daughter of Princess Alexandra.

        1. Oh my Beatrice is THE spitting image of a young Victoria esp in the second pic with the long white gown. How lovely it must be though to trace your family history back to generations and see the family traits that get passed down.

          1. I like the younger portraits of Queen Victoria. They show Queen Victoria alive. Victoria had blue eyes though didn’t she? I like that Victoria had blue eyes and hair that went dark brown. I wouldn’t say Beatrice is the spitting image but Beatrice definitely has the Hanoverian look. I think new genes are important too.

    2. Anastasia I agree 100% I’ve always though PC looks so much like the Queen. I think
      she looks more like the Queen than the Queen own children do. PC seems to be such a loving child and don’t mind showing her affection. I hope she don’t change as she gets older. If she don’t the public will always adore her.

  27. I still think it was a long trip for one event with the kids, but it is lovely to see them today. Charlotte is fiesty and I love that. The picture of George and William is precious. There’s a cute video of Kate dancing with Charlotte in her arms. They clearly adore their children. Kate’s fashion was a no for me today – my least favorite of the tour. I didn’t like the McQueen on day 2 but at least I understood the intention of it as a fashion forward, more youthful look that was a tribute to Canada’s colors. This, however, makes no sense. Ivory to a children’s party is a bad idea, she looked too dressy compared to the others, and the shoes don’t match or compliment the look. I thought her hair wasn’t on point today either. But, anyhow, this is the one day there won’t be a fashion headline. Since they did bring the children all this way, I’m glad we got some nice videos and pictures. It gives better insight into their personalities and makes the public care a bit more about the future of the monarchy.

  28. Thank you so much KMR for your lovely post. I wish you wouldn’t get blasted. I feel like you try so hard to be balanced in how you react to things, and was particularly impressed at your ability to walk away and get coffee. I think I need to take a page out of that book more!

    And one more vote for Charlotte looking like the Queen! It’s all in the eyes, I think.

  29. Toddlers and babies don’t tend to play with each other directly, until they are about 3 or so. It’s not surprising then that George and Charlotte are more enthralled with the balloons, bubbles and the fluffy dog and pretty pony 🙂

    I hope all the kids there had a great time, playing in the sunshine. It was heartwarming to see Charlotte’s joy at the balloons and running over and then bouncing on the dog! And it’s a well trained and calm dog too, that the doggie didn’t freak out, lol.

    WK are a lot more likeable and you can see that they are the happiest when they are with their kids. Personally, I liked seeing the videos here. It would benefit WK if they brought their kids out to more kid- friendly events on UK soil, as it’s instant positive PR for them! Also, this will give opportunities for both of the kids to get used to the fact that they are public figures and thus there is public interest in them. George seems completely anxious and unsure around people, including kids, it doesn’t seem that he’s used to seeing others a whole lot. You can see the other toddlers being curious and wanting to approach George and Charlotte but from what we can see in the video, George isn’t paying any attention to the other kids.

    The pictures of William individually with his kids are simply beautiful. Probably the best photos of this entire tour.

    And I liked Kate’s dress; thought she looked nice and appropriate, although those ugly wedges gotta go!

    Do you know how long they stayed at this party for? Probably not long as it’s hard to keep toddlers happy and comfortable outside for more than 2hrs at a stretch…

  30. As someone who has worked in early learning for years, it made me so annoyed seeing all the photos of Kate holding Charlotte.


    No child can do anything if their parent is constantly hovering and carrying them.


    1. I thought the helicopter parenting was too much. No wonder G is anxious. He’ll never regain his confidence if his parents keep hovering, and Charlotte will lose hers.

      It’s ok to let your kids run around. There were many responsible adults present, and these 2 should have been encouraged to interact or simply play without hovering.

      Charlotte was amazing in how she saw those balloons, immediately wriggled to be let down and raced to them. And was left alone for a few minutes without anyone hovering and the sheer verve with which she attacked the balloons uninterrupted.

      It doesn’t make one a bad parent NOT to hover, and this photo op simply demonstrated how much these two are helicopter hoverers.

      It gave them the prefect excuse not to socialise with the other parents, which speaks to poor socialisation of their kids for the future because they will emulate their parents.

      1. Agree, Herazeus, but it was all about how the optics would play. The children were the B story to the devoted parents A story. Hovering also suggests not being completely at ease with your kids (= maybe not enough hands-on contact?) or being a smotherer rather than mother (as Kate’s mother is).

    2. Charlotte was barking at Kate to let her down more than once. There were quite a few times I said to the camera, let her go! She wants to be let go!

  31. Okay, I’m going to eat a little crow after watching the ABC news video on youtube. George did get to run around and Kate did interact with some of the other moms. So not as isolated as I first thought. Still would have liked to see some encouragement of interaction with other kids. They might not play together, but they are usually curious about each other.

    I have a question–how old were the Queen’s grandchildren when they began to ride? I expected George to love the pony, but maybe he’s too young?

    1. Based on the photos that I remember seeing, at 3 years old William, Harry, Louise, James, Beatrice and Eugenie were all riding ponies “unaided” (being lead, but not held in the saddle).

      Since Kate is allegedly allergic to horses, I doubt George has been taught to ride.

  32. Maybe Nanny Maria buys their clothes. Anyway, I get the feeling that George is a clingy kid and both kids don’t interact with a lot of people except family. Probably the only time George sees other kids is when he’s in school. And he doesn’t even go all the time. Isn’t it just 3x a week and only when they’re in Norfolk?

  33. OMG Duchess your fashion advisers are doing such a bad job! An ivory dressy dress to an outdoor children’s party? You did this in Australia as well at the zoo. And at the party in New Zealand with George. Why wear dresses when you know you will be bending down attending to the children. OK there was a slip on view but it would have been a whole lot better if you wore trousers! Your over-dressing puts a distance between you and the other people there with whom you might possibly mingle. If you want to be Duke and Duchess of Awful-Normal then wear more casual clothes and be more approachable for these less regal events. Put the kids and your parenting front and center and wear more contemporary smart casual clothing.

  34. I am so conflicted about their royal tour: one one hand I understand the diplomatic issues of being the Queens representatives in the commonwealth; however isn’t it a weird thing that this tour includes ‘private’ time, a night away together and hauling the children around the world. So many people in the world do business and have big jobs with awesome responsibilities and do not take their families or have romantic nights away during their business trips. At least, not scheduled ones!

    1. I think they’ve played the PR game so badly that the children are now being used to prop up the adults.

      No one would have minded if they left the children behind. They’ve done it before for personal and professional reasons.

  35. Cute kids. Sad they weren’t allowed to interact with the other people there–the families and children who were invited–but W&K don’t want to get near the great unwashed, so G&C can’t either.

    I find it interesting Kate is clearly a helicopter mother from the videos all keen on the Image(tm) of all of them versus being a mother. William seems more natural letting them go do whatever and Kate runs after them as if God forbid they do something spontaneous or cute. George seems so anxious for a child his age, to the point of it makes me sad for him; it’s clear he knows he must be on perfect behavior even that young.

    I think they’re setting the stage for Charlotte is best, George is bad to continue.

    I think they love their kids, but they are definitely not hands-on like their PR shows. All of the interactions I’ve seen with Kate and the kids seems really awkward, or her trying to hover/helicopter/direct instead of letting them interact. It’s about show to me with her, not about enjoying time with one’s children. That even in those paparazzi photos we’ve seen of her with George at the park for example. It’s all so..manufactured even in those moments.

    This party gets them the “aw look at the amazing great parents and their kids!” PR so that’s the only reason they hauled them over to Canada. For the plebs to crow the sun shines out their butts because they’re such good doting parents (taking a page out of Diana’s PR book).

      1. Very much so, hence the outfit and madonna persona. Sorry to be cynical. The kids are loved, I am sure; just not keen on parental opportunism, when it suits, especially after all the threats, legal and otherwise, to anyone encroaching on their precious privacy. Totally unnecessary to bring the children on this trip; actually very, very selfish of their parents.

    1. “This party gets them the “aw look at the amazing great parents and their kids!” PR so that’s the only reason they hauled them over to Canada. For the plebs to crow the sun shines out their butts because they’re such good doting parents (taking a page out of Diana’s PR book).”


      1. What weirded me out too was her calling Charlotte ‘little Charlotte’. Who talks to their children like that unless they’re in some fairy tale book? Really.

        My FB feed is filled with What great parents, what cute kids, they’re so modern and wonderful and amazing!

        Welp, it worked. Bring the kids out, the sugar is even more cloying than usual.

        It is a shame they are hidden away. George seems so nervous around other people and I don’t think it’s just a personality thing, it has to do with exposure and he has had so little. Poor mite. I want to snuggle them both.

  36. I actually like the dress, although for another occasion, perhaps. I agree with posters above that it’s a brave colour choice for a children’s party! I also think she should wear trousers when there’s so much couching and bending, it’s too risky and I’m surprised she hasn’t learned from previous incidents. I know she has great legs that she’s proud of, so the only trousers are super skinny, but I think she’d look nice in a pair like Queen Letizia often wears. Chic and smart and dignified.

    1. I completely agree! But it seems that one of Kate’s own dress requirements for her “working” engagements is that her shapely legs must be on display no matter what–dresses must not fall too far below the knee, long dresses must have a thigh-high slit, and pants must be so tight as to appear to be painted on.

      1. I absolutely agree with you, Lizzie and I think it’s a shame she feels she always has to show off her legs. They are good – but it’s more appropriate at times to be properly dressed. I really don’t like the skin tight trousers, but slim cut ones would be dignified wouldn’t they? Too much was on display in one picture, fortunately she had a little slip on.

  37. Frankly, I do not care at all about their children! They are besotted with their children, which I understand, but I have no interest to see them playing!

  38. After they arrived at the party and the children ran over to the balloon arch, Kate and Will just stood there, staring at George as he did his darned best to pop the balloons–beating them with both hands and then squeezing them as tightly as he could. Obviously these must have been made with some super-duper balloon material because they didn’t pop, but really, a three year old is old enough to learn that we don’t try to destroy other people’s property. If Nanny Maria had been there, I bet she would have corrected him (“please touch gently; someone worked hard to make this pretty arch”) and then re-directed his attention elsewhere. But no, the royal wonder parents stand and watch.

    I think George is acting like just about every three-year-old boy on the planet, but he’s got to learn that not everything he sees is for him to treat as he pleases.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. Charlotte was just playing at hitting the balloons, but George was hitting them much harder and seemed more aggressive with them.

      1. My niece hit the television with a stuffed toy. I told my niece off there and then. I think my niece wanted attention so I turned my attention on her. George, is acting out because he has a problem in my opinion. I wonder if someone could tell me if children like people who are fake? I don’t have kids but I get the impression it makes the situation worse?

        1. Children have a fine sense in sniffing out fakery in adults. In the instance of George, he looked uncomfortable coming into that party – maybe he didn’t want to go but had to? I think he took his cue to hit the balloons from Charlotte. She wasn’t acting out, but he may have been directing some frustration to those balloons!

    2. Thank you Lizzie and KMR for noticing the bashing of the balloons. Both Charlotte and George should have told the balloons were part of a decoration and the archway pointed out. Then the children should have been redirected to another activity. My parents were very strict about respecting other people’s property, including decorative displays, and pets. Whew-glad I got that off “my chest”!

      I’m criticizing the parents, not the children.

  39. The little ones are beautiful.
    It is a wonderful age, they are full of wonder and adventure.
    Charlotte looks lovely
    They grow way to quick, you have to enjoy every moment you can at that age.

  40. W&K were much more gregarious at the New Zealand playdate. They seemed to really click with the other parents. Have they completely lost interest in others? Publicly, it seems like they’re just going thru the motions. I think the threat of disinheritance should be dangled in front of them whenever they get too self-absorbed.

  41. Charlotte definitely looks like the queen that is until i saw a picture of Sarah Chatto. Now Charlotte is her mini me! they’re identical! I don’t know if shell change as she gets older, but for now she looks like her. I disagree that she resembles Eugenie. I think Eugenie has larger eyes and Charlotte’s eyes seem to be a bit deep set but small. The only similarity I see between her and Eugenie are their rather large mouths which runs in the Windsor family.

  42. They all look really beautiful and I think it was surely a nice garden party for children 🙂
    I like especially George’s trousers and Charlotte is of course very cute.
    I also like that there were so many animals, it’s important for children to have contact and learn the handling with animals.
    I think they had really fun on this day 🙂

  43. I watched several videos of this day and I couldnt stop smiling. I loved the way both Charlotte and George found joy in the little things such as the balloons. Will and Kate seem so much more relaxed spending time with their kids than meeting the diplomats. All together I think this has been one of their best days yet.

  44. Charlotte looks so much like the Queen, but the poor thing doesn’t appear to be sleeping well. I can’t imagine the time change is any kinder to children than it is on adults. I could just kiss her little cheeks all day long (much to the chagrin of my 3yo daughter). I’d probably be a little shy, too if I had to wear those sweaters and knee socks all the time, George. I get it.

    I like Kate’s overall look, but I quibble with those damn kiddy collars and the dreaded wedges. Aside from that I’d wear it. Just not to a kids party where I know I’ll be squatting and bending a lot. Kate, they make these things called trousers. They’re fantastic and more appropriate for 99% of the events you attend.

  45. PG reminds me of one of my kids, the older child, much more cautious, high maintenance, jealous of sibling etc. charlotte seems very lively and likely gets a lot of praise. I don’t like to say hitting daddy with a balloon is inappropriate; he’s only 3 isn’t he? I’m sure nanny is guiding his behaviour. The way Kate is squatting is completely ridiculous. Sure she has a slip on but as she full knows, there are ways to squat which need not provide full upskirt view. She had to be more subtle with her flashing these days after all the criticism.

  46. Sorry to thread jack… other royal news, an update on Beatrice’s triathalon challenge.

    Completed, £1M raised by collective participants under the banner of big change her personal charity, specifically to be given to charities that deal with dyslexia. She’s a patron of a dyslexia school, so 2 birds with one stone.

    DM has an article + statement from her.

    1. Boy, good for Bea! That’s a real achievement.

      (I thought she looked great with no makeup and her hair pulled back, better than some gala appearances.)

    2. Way to go, Bea! Like Fifi and Claire have said, she looks so much better without the make-up and fancy schmancy hair styles. She’s glowing, from the natural endorphin she’s received from this triathlon which is making her shine from the inside out, and I think she looks wonderful! 😀

  47. I don’t “get” what the Duchess wears. Does she think if she wears awful clothes the press will leave her alone? A pair of lightweight wool pants, a light sweater and a scarf and a pair of slip on loafers would have been the perfect outfit for something like this – no worries when bending over or squatting. But outside of her clothes, I enjoyed watching her interact with her children. The pictures of the children with their father are beautiful and I thought both children did remarkable considering they did not know any of the other children. Would have been adorable if there had been more interaction with the other children but I think everyone was nervous – not exactly a normal party situation is it?

  48. W & K seem to be good parents, although I do agree Kate is more “helicopterish” and that George seems more anxious, but maybe he is shy. My question is, why does Kate dress the way she does? Clearly, the light gray wrap around sweater and jeans would have been a better look for this event, so you can get down and dirty with your children, after all this even was supposed to be about the children. Not for nothing but, if that Natasha advised Kate to wear a white dress to this event, Kate should be questioning her judgement. That dress was hideous as well, what is up with these ruffled collars that look like they are about to come alive and strangle Kate. Also, those wedges from the village of the damned just need to go….now.

    1. and why are they good, parents???????? just one playdate is not enough to judge anyone, most parents do what they can without the help that the cambriges have, so their is no reason anyway why they shouldnt be good parents, the nannies do the dirty work for them!!!

      1. That is the PR working. It’s not like we would ever have seen them on video being harsh with their kids. Nanny Maria is on the trip with them in case there are issues. It has also been noted that the clothes the kids wear are Spanish, so it’s obvious the nanny is choosing their clothing.
        And I do find calling your child little Charlotte weird. Why not Lottie? Don’t parents give their kids nicknames?

        1. My cousin has a son named Donovan and they never gave him a nickname. Maybe William and Kate like the name Charlotte and don’t want to give their daughter s nickname. There is nothing wrong with them not giving their child a nickname.

          1. I think royals never have public nicknames. It might not seem royal enough. We know some have private nicknames because of the maid who stole Christmas gift labels.

          2. Fifi,

            Harry is the nickname for Henry, I think Beatrice goes by Bea, Eugenie by Eug, etc. It’s the Cambridges who don’t like nicknames.

            I called my firstborn LittleLove until she was nearly school age (not all the time, though). I still call her MiraMine sometimes. She’s 22!

          3. I think nicknames are ok. However people can call the children what they want. I think planning nicknames is silly to the extreme. I am thankful that my nieces have the full name on their birth certificate. They will decide what they want to be called. Belle and Lottie sound too much like a dancing troupe. I am sorry but it has to be said. Though I do like Lottie. Not as a full name though. I thought Eugenie was known as booje. Harry is actually called Henry Wales. From what I have read. Of course lillibet.

        2. I think they like to present themselves very formally to the public eg William, Catherine, George, and Charlotte. What they do behind the facade is anyone’s guess. I love Lottie as a shortened version of the name, which in fact harks back to a much earlier era and what the Cambridge’s are trying to mimic anyway. They are really into projecting a certain narrative and this is why all interactions feel somewhat uneasy, inauthentic. The Cambridge image projected is of a pristine English tradition that probably never existed, except in fiction. This amounts to a dynamic of a passive mother who does not work, say anything, has opinions or passions, traditionally dressed children, and a father who has a set of undefined ‘responsibilities’ and always deferred to.

          It will be interesting if the family model modeled is Middleton which, to my eyes at least, is a very closed unit, one that projects an image of perfect harmony and tradition. But look how the three adult children have turned out – unable to function independently from their parents, with their eyes on acquiring status and wealth via attachment to others.

          It would not surprise me that Kate is a helicopter parent, simply because Carole is still one to Kate. However, I suspect nanny Maria provides huge levels of balance and stability to those two children. I do not believe for an instant that William and Kate are as hands-on as their PR claims. It’s evident in the awkward moments between child and mother. Also because the Cambridge’s have uttered so many lies over the years.

      2. Not sure I understand your comment Tracy. Maybe I should have been more detailed in why I think W & K are good parents. Personalities and work ethics aside, I ( this is my perception) can see in the pictures that they love their children. I am sure the Nanny is doing a lot of the things a regular Mom may do, but as we all know the rich are different.

        1. I understand what Tracy’s saying

          I imagine most parents love their children. Isn’t this usually a given? And yet we find people arguing whether that is true for the Cambridges. It crops us so often so to me, that is a red flag.

          Tracy mentioned good parenting, not love, and love is not necessarily positively correlated with
          good parenting at all.

          There is also no evidence that they are hands on. All we see is them hovering over the kids, looking loving, *in front of strict controlled photography* but there is nothing to suggest they are good parents. Not to say they aren’t (though I don’t believe they are) but it doesn’t mean they are. Looks like the nanny(ies) is a good parent. The fact that the rich are different is no proof of good parenting one way or the other. Tracy was spot on, IMO.

          My touchstone is William’s absence at Easter to attend the wedding of his old girlfriend for several days without children, without wife. According to Kate, he missed most of the first 6 months of Georgie’s life. Some “family man”. People love objects and props as well.

          1. I don’t understand the “no”. Can you elaborate? Parents can claim to love their kids and show it for others and still be abusive. Is it not a given for the Cambridges?

          2. You said that parents loving their children is usually a given. Which, sure, is correct I suppose since you used the terms “most” and “usually”. But my “no” was because not all parents love their kids. Some parents actually resent the hell out of their kids or flat out don’t care about them at all.

    1. True say bluejay. Some media articles are now posting fawning coverage of WK being such amazing role models and parents because they um…love their kids? And their kids are happy and playing? No wonder, WK don’t see the need to make massive improvements in their public role, when they get such high praise for doing so little and for doing what most working parents do on a daily basis.

      1. They get praise for APPEARING to be good parents, no memtion of the nannies and the frequently told narrative of grandma Carole being in charge of the kids day to day lives.

        1. I have difficulty seeing Kate as a good mother. It’s the self-absorption and manipulative nature that overwhelms above everything else. Of what we know of Carole, I almost gag at the thought of her influence over another generation.

    2. And how often was the Queen in public with her kids? Probably the same as these two and we only heard later on about the issues with how they were raised. A photo op for a few hours is meaningless and proves only that they can avoid being rage monsters with their kids for that period of time. Everyone but the worst parents on earth can do the same.

    3. I’d imagine that the royal reporters, whether full-time or freelance, have to produce a certain quantity of copy for their employers. This is why every event is scoured in order to create ‘news’. It’s just a numbers game to pump out stuff for the 24/7 news cycle. Aren’t freelance writers paid by the word anyway?

  49. I have been thinking a lot about Diana and Kate. I am just a bit older than Diana. Kate, right now, is just a bit younger than Diana. I also acknowledge, that comparing Kate to Diana is not really fair to Kate, but here goes. When I look at pictures of Diana at engagements, pre-divorce, I think this was where she may have been at her happiest and it radiates out of her smile and her eyes. Kate, unfortunately lacks that radiance, why is that, is it because she could care less and has no desire to work or is she painfully uncomfortable. Also, Diana did have some real fussy 80’s styles, but as she got older her styles evolved and the message they sent was that ‘I am more confident in my role’. I know that after Diana was divorced she did not have to play it so safe with clothing, so to compare Kate to the post divorce Diana would not be right and I am sure that there are probably some constraints on Kate as to what she may wear given her position, but I think at this point, it is time for Kate to say goodbye to this girl-woman look and just go with the all woman look.

    1. Look at what HM wore when young… Gorgeous strapless evening gowns etc. There is no need for Kate to play it so safe ( without the flashing) . I wear a similar style to many of Kate’s every day wear…LK Bennett , the Fold, etc and I am 20 years older than her. And all my friends would tell you my shoe choice is much more daring. She’s just boring. Not hideous or awful, just boring. She doesn’t showcase British or Commonwealth designers enough and she dresses like her mother. Sophie is just as bad wearing “foreign ” designers in public. She should know better as should Kate. In private she can wear what she likes, but when representing HM HOS of UK and many commonwealth countries she should not wear Italian, USA etc designers.

    1. I think she looks lovely too. I actually really like this dress minus the ruffle collar. And really like it a lot with the belt. I just feel, and I think most people here would agree, this dress isn’t appropriate for a play date. If she wore this to another event it would be hit. I actually think what she wore the day before (jeans/grey sweater combo) would’ve been a lot more appropriate for running around with the kids.

  50. I must say, the sugar trolls are out in full force lately. Copy and pasting the same comment over and over again. We stay off your sites, stay off ours. Or if you’re gonna come around, then critique the subject matter instead of blind adulation and bashing the commentators here.

    As for me, I’m gonna go back to watching videos of Charlotte. She’s really cute!

  51. This outfit looks nice and appropriate for a spring, adult garden party…. how was Kate not freezing wearing this?? I read on another blog that the weather temperature was in the 50’s, not to mention they seemed to be in the shade most of the day. I would rattle my teeth out without warmer clothes.

      1. That’s because we and everybody else on this blog has common sense and knows how to dress for an occasion! Gahhhh I was so hoping there would be a photo of a nice muddy Charlotte foot print on Kate’s white dress!!

  52. Sometimes I like to comment then I don’t cause I know that what I say would anger many here and I don’t want to,but BostonBrahmn just two comments before me compared Diana with Kate , which to Kate’s misfortune would always be a problem for her as she is not like Diana although she tries to imitate her in many things ; I know that Diana had her problems and she was not a saint and had her mistakes , but during that awful time in her life she did not retire to a peaceful place in the country to enjoy calmness , instead she threw herself into working for the public , which came from her heart and it showed and people simply adored her , Diana came from an older generation , our generation , even if she’s a bit older than me , but we were raised up with the concept of work is a basic part in one’s life , not just for money but for independency and strong personality , we learned how to be responsible , most of us worked and very few stayed at home , although now I know that children need their mothers at home , but I also know that a woman has to achieve something in her life not only for her sake but for those around her , anyway after us came a more pampered generation like Kate , but when I look at young “girls and boys” now , I just despair , they are so materialistic and consuming with no idea what so ever of what their parents are going through to secure their needs , they take all the luxuries they have for granted , and most of Kate’s adoring fans are teenagers who look at her as an idol , a person whose biggest achievements in life is how and what to wear , and I can’t entirely blame Kate nor these young people as some of the blame lies on the parents , and in Kate’s case on Carol , she provided her daughter with everything , and correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think that during her waiting years Kate did a lot of voluntary work or worked for charities , so Kate only knows how to take and life centers around her , she doesn’t know how to give or share attention , and stingy people are also stingy emotionally , I can’t understand how she doesn’t visit charities all the time when she knows that her presence , just her presence would bring so much happiness to people ; so here we are with Kate , the superficial person like so many young ladies nowadays , whom I think people have to accept as she is , unless something really drastic happens for her to change although I hope not , for I can only wish her , her husband and children all the happiness , hoping that one day she’ll wake up and decide to be a charitable person by her own will
    Also MrsBBV’s comment on William’s interaction with his children reminded me of , I can’t remember where I read it , that PW used to criticize his mother’s working because it used to keep her away from them , maybe he feels that he didn’t have enough time with her and doesn’t want the same thing to happen with him and his children , and that’s why he’s always with them .
    On a different subject and despite the article on the Daily Mail that insists that PC looks like the queen , I think little Charlotte looks a lot like Carol , I tried to look for a picture of Carol when she was PC age but this picture was the youngest thing I found

    1. Don’t despair, alia. I know what you mean, I can see it too in my generation. I’m a little bit younger than Kate and I can much more relate to my grandmother 🙂

      1. Lovely Blossom , I know it must be difficult but please don’t change , it feels so good when I know that young down to earth people still exist .

  53. With that kind of hovering and helicoptering Kate is going to turn Charlotte (who seems quite uninhibited at the moment) into a nervous wreck like she has managed to do to George. The kids are lovely but this was clearly a photo op for the family. I hope this is not their real parenting style – constantly chasing after the kids instead of letting them explore on their own. Loving one’s children comes naturally to most parents. There is nothing to laud them for that. But helicopter parenting is in many ways quite destructive to children. I hope that Kate realizes that and backs off for the sake of their little souls and personalities.

    1. I think W&K loving their kids is important to mention, though, considering so many people have said ever since George was born that W&K don’t love their kids.

    2. Just thinking. Other parents at the party are following their children around. I don’t think you can confuse this with, for example, a family party. These people are all strangers to one another. In that context I find it perfectly normal to keep a close eye on your children. Also these were younger children.

      1. She wasn’t just keeping a close eye on her children. She was actively restraining them, leading them around. That is not the same as following her children around in an unfamiliar place as one normally does. It was not helicopter parenting – it was actual interference and telling the kids what they should be interested in. For example, when Charlotte was going on her own to look at balloons Kate was going to a dog and beckoning Charlotte. If a child is already happy exploring something why distract her with yet another thing.. let her find it on her own. It is the worst kind of leading and actually curbs curiosity and independence. In fact it breeds insecurity in kids because they don’t develop the confidence to explore on their own. And they lose their natural curiosity.
        And for what its worth, even in family situations Kate does the same. Remember the polo game with Zara and Mia where she was breathing down George’s neck constantly. She is incapable of letting the kids wonder on their own while checking them from the corner of her eye.

        1. Wasn’t this soon after Charlotte’s birth? When Autumn Phillips had to get George out of the way, before he got harmed at the game, instead of Kate getting him? Or was this another time/episode?

        2. I agree with this entirely.

          What I find hilarious is that what you have said (and what I said in a comment yesterday) goes with the Montessori philosophy (I worked in a Montessori school).

          George goes to a Montessori preschool, then all that learning gets thrown out the window when he goes home.
          Kate is almost the opposite of what Montessori stands for, judging only from the photos and videos we see… carrying constantly, hovering, seemingly deciding what they should do/look at when they can decide. themselves

        3. It looked to me Kate was doing her best to direct her children especially the Princess away from the other children. Kate really does hover over her daughter.

  54. Kate really does need to fire that Natasha. She’s a stylist about like I am one. In India as well as this tour some of the outfits were not right for the occasion. And while Kate is clearing out staff that hairstylist needs to go also. The only thing I’ve seen her half good at is the undos. Kate really does need to take a look at all the pics from the tours and be truthful with herself.” Did she look her best??”

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