Prince William & Kate Middleton Canada Tour Day 7: Kate wears $250 sweater to fish

Prince William & Kate Middleton Canada Tour Day 7: Kate wears $250 sweater to fish

The penultimate day of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s Royal Tour of Canada saw the couple row a canoe, William speak in Haida, and Kate wear a $250 sweater to go fishing.

Day 7 started with William and Kate – accompanied by 10 warrior paddlers, three community leaders, and two Scotland Yard bodyguards – rowing a 25ft Haida war canoe to Haida Gwaii. The fiberglass canoe was a replica of the traditional red cedar canoes used by the Haida Nation for centuries. The group landed on a beach at Skidegate after paddling for around 20 minutes from a nearby jetty (having flown by helicopter onto Graham Island after traveling from Victoria in a military plane).

When they arrived, William and Kate were greeted by hereditary leaders before touring the Haida Heritage Centre and Museum. William and Kate were given a traditional welcome and watched Haida cultural dances at the Performance House. They watched a woman’s dance in honor of Princess Charlotte (the Haida are a matriarchal society) and a man’s dance in honor of Prince George.

William and Kate were given Raven’s Tail scarves trimmed with sea otter fur – a sign of wealth and standing in the Haida community. I understand that anytime fur gets involved there can be heated debates, but please let’s not go there. Whether we like it or not, this is the Haida’s heritage, so let’s be respectful of that right now.

William gave a short speech and spoke a few words in Haida, which garnered cheers from the crowd.

    “Women of High Esteem, Chiefs, Friends, ANA t’alang isis ska-wada-gee id ga dalang kil laa, haaw. [Thank you very much for having us here.] Thank you very much for welcoming us into your longhouse and for sharing your traditions with us. The historic link between the Crown and the First Nations people is strong, and something that I hold dear to my heart. And so it is an honour for me to be here with you, to see that your traditions remain strong. We are very much looking forward to spending today with you. Thank you.”


How amazing would it have been for Kate to give this little speech considering the Haida are a matriarchal society?

After the Performance House, the royal couple moved to the Carving House where they viewed Haida totem poles by carver Guujaaw.

The couple were shown around the grounds of the Heritage Center.

After the Heritage Center, William and Kate moved to the Haida Gwaii Hospital and Health Centre where they toured the facility and met with people who use the facility. They also heard from new mothers who, because of the hospital, were able to stay on Haida Gwaii to give birth.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

They unveiled a plaque to officially open the new hospital.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

The final event of the day (which lasted about 4 hours and didn’t start until almost noon) was a fishing trip on the waters of the Hectate Strate – they went out on a Highland Ranger fishing boat. William and Kate were joined on their fishing excursion by four young people from Skidegate Youth Centre.

Neither William nor Kate caught anything themselves, but they did get to interact with previously caught sea creatures. From the Daily Mail:

    “After 15 minutes crawling the wall of the lake, Pryce called the couple over to help reel in the fishing lines. William was first to give it a go but proved unlucky after the group were greeted by an empty hook. But William and Kate still got to see local salmon up close – a large previously-caught salmon was produced from a cool box and held up by the guide.
    “It was then on to check two crab traps that has been put out the previous day next to Sky Ass island. As they headed over, Will and Kate waved to locals who were gathered on the banks nearby. The Duke and Duchess watched intently as the first rack was pulled in empty. But it was a successful catch with the second rack – producing three large Dungeness Crabs, much to the delight of Kate who gasped and said, ‘They’re so big!’
    “Without even being prompted, brave Kate asked the guide if she could hold one, and he let them pick up one each from the cage for them to inspect.”

After the phallic clams on Day 4, I’m never not going to think what Kate is saying is dirty.

Here’s a video of Kate holding a crab.

Kate wore a new Smythe one button “Duchess” blazer in Army ($595) (the one I’ve pictured is the linen version, there is also a wool version) – which is the same style she has in navy – and a new Somerset by Alice Temperley “Spot Pretty Blouse” in Ivory (£79.00).

Smythe is a Canadian brand, BTW.

smythe-one-button-duchess-blazer somerset-by-alice-temperley-spot-pretty-blouse

She wore her Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop Earrings, Zara jeans, and her brown suede R. Soles cowboy boots (£295.00). She also wore a brown braid headband and her Cartier watch.

I actually think this outfit is cute… for a riding day at a country club. But, like, a western one because of the boots. I’m not sure how appropriate it is for this occasion, but it is cute.

For fishing, Kate changed into a red sweater, the Really Wild “Cashmere Mix Cable Crew in Ruby” (£195.00). She threw on a new Troy London “Wax Parka” in Khaki (£350) while on the boat.

Yep, Kate wore a £195/$253 sweater and a £350/$450 jacket to go fishing. Fishing.

166 thoughts on “Prince William & Kate Middleton Canada Tour Day 7: Kate wears $250 sweater to fish

  1. I like the blazer look. But then again, it’s fall and I’m firmly into my skinny jeans/top/boots/blazer look phase myself. I like that her hair is back. Wish she had a ponytail though. Not too sure about the red sweater. It could just be the pictures, but her pants look olive in colour. Adding the red sweater is giving off some Christmas vibe. Random trivia, I went to high school with the designers of Smythe! It’s a pretty well known private school in downtown Toronto. They were graduating as I was starting so I don’t know them well, but our school was small and very close knit. Everyone knew everyone.

      1. Yup! Loved it there! But that’s why I don’t really get Kate. We both went to a boaring school. I was taught we can rule the world if we wanted to. We got into top universities. And had a hard work/good work ethic “pounded” into our heads. I went to school with daughters of celebrities, politicians, etc. Yes, we all had opportunities that most don’t get, but we all still worked hard. And now, all of us work and create our own fortunes and lives. I don’t get the coddling from Carole and Kate’s entitlement issues and laziness.

        1. In the Middleton scenario, the schools were a key to unlock access to wealth and status, which it did. The kids were instructed to ‘work it’, which they did. While we know of the stalking of William, the more obvious example of Middleton preying techniques can be plainly seen through Pippa.

          You mentioned you went to school with children of high achievers who became high achievers. The school replicated family philosophies of professional achievement through hard work.

          With the Middleton’s, the overarching family philosophy was social climbing in order to gold-dig – their version of professional achievement. I’d hazard a guess that money to subsidize all this has been via Uncle Gary.

    1. I like the looks too. Earrings too small (her), pants too tight (both) but overall they are good looks. But she dresses for the camera, not events. I really like how they both look wearing the scarves. Now THAT is how you accessorize!

      1. Hard to see clearly, but I think that they chose their outfits based on the color in the Raven Tail scarves each was to receive–Will, blue, and Kate, olive. Just another example of how scripted, planned, manipulated, manufactured–whatever term you choose to use–these appearances are. Just image, no substance. More important to make sure that Kate’s top doesn’t clash than for her to actually have something to say.

    2. Goodness me Kate’s trousers are tight… (Plaque unveiling picture, Kate is in profile, looking to the right).

  2. The blazer is nice. Does it go with everything else she wore? No.

    This look was awful! Those cowgirl boots are hideous and have ruined every look she’s worn with them.

    1. From my point of view this outfit is such a mixture of different styles and gives me an image of a Leprechaun. On top of it both pants and the jacket look too small on her. She looks very manly despite the girlish blouse with the bow (for fishing!). She tucked the ruffled blouse into the pans ?!?!? Flat or hiking boots with sweater or turtleneck under the jacket will made this look appropriate for the event.

      1. Why did she need another jacket, cut out in the back over her butt, just like the jacket she wore in September on their Cornwall outing? That was navy blue and worn many times already. And now she has one in camo green.

    2. Those cowgirl boots and tight low waist jeans are not appropriate for a grown up woman who has to represent her country.

  3. I dunno why she can’t wear dress pants or a business casual sweater with dress trousers or suit look? Anyways, I loved that you brought up the fact that the Haida people are a matrilineal society, so how appropriate would it have been for Kate to have taken the lead on this visit? To have given the speech and spoken a few words of Haida? I also think too that it might’ve been nice if they could have brought out their kids to one of the many cultural performances that they got to see.

    1. Kate is a throwback to Victorian society where female consorts did not speak at all. Not a great example for anyone. But I will certainly use my voice to have Canada get rid of the monarchy once the queen passes.

      1. +2
        She has deliberately avoided any sort of public speaking now for several years. At least the first year or so she TRIED, but she gave up. And I hate to say this, but she’s displayed some behaviors on this trip that show how much of prima dona she is. Videos don’t lie. They haven’t been widely circulated, but I’ve seen them and forever after I will think less of Kate for the way she treated her hosts.

    2. Everything is “could” and “should” when it comes to these two. This tour was so light, they could have at least brought out the children on many occasions. Kate could have said a few words. It’s not like they approached heavy and controversial causes.

      1. That sums it up for me. You’re in Canada! We’re a pretty safe country. We don’t bite. I don’t get it with these 2.

  4. Wills looks like a dork in his Ray Bans. KM desperately attempts to get some sort of reaction from Wills. Sorry, but this couple makes me laugh. Canada is the winner this week.

  5. I like the blazer and her ivory blouse .
    A ponytail would have been appropriate.
    At the end .. nothing gainful out of the Royal Canada tour …waste of money.

  6. William’s face on this second to last pic basically sums up my sentiments on this whole tour. I don’t even have the energy to comment on Kate’s looks anymore. So she wore a $700 outfit to go fishing? So relatable.

    Can we please bring on Harry and his Caribbean tour? I want to have something of substance to comment on. I followed the Nepal tour and it was really great.

        1. I’m getting better Jenny. Lost my mom exactly one month ago today and am dealing with that. Which is why I’ve been just fed up with W&K squandering all that they have with no seeming regard for anyone but themselves.

          1. Lisa, I am so very sorry about the loss of your mother. I cannot imagine how hard that is for you. I send my prayers and my sympathy your way. I am sure your mother was so very proud of you. I hope warm and happy memories of her will be with you always.

            I can see that the actions of William and Kate must be hard for you. I feel the same way and I am not suffering the loss of a parent.

            I hope you will take care of yourself. I also hope you realize how important you are to us here at this blog. xx

  7. Matriarchal society is just as bad as patriarchal society. Kinda glad William gave the speech to be honest. I did not see a lot of coverage today, seems like everyone’s done with the tour, there still discussing the kids lol!

    1. For me, it just would have been something different from Kate and that’s all I really want. This tour is so boring.

      1. I agree KMR. Kate could have had positive headlines for stepping up to the plate. This tour has been DULL! So was India for me. I don’t get what the either of them were supposed to promote.

        1. They did all these events with First Nation people yet didn’t address any of their concerns. The only attention it got was when the Chief boycotted the events. If he hadn’t, I don’t think any mention of them would have been made at all.
          You know you’re blah when you can make BC seem boring

  8. Their video getting off the canoe made me want to slap her. Just jumped off and ignored everyone, no thanks, until William called her back. So incredibly rude. Also how they refused to take a photo with the staff of the hotel in Yukon and refused to interact with them whilst the hotel renovated their top floor just for them. Ugh. Their petulance grosses me out and makes me angry.

    What us wth all the skinny jeans? Well, jeggings. Off duty do what you want, but on duty please dress appropriately….

    1. They are spoiled brats. The photo is one thing, but not even talking to the manager or the staff who did everything to make their visit pleasant… well.

    2. The royal household staff at various residences are forever gossiping about Kate’s rudeness and thoughtlessness.

      We see alittle of that in how she treats her cgarities viv a vis the notes and letters she (actually her office) writes.

      William’s time with the Middleton family has shaved off the manners his parents were known sticklers.

      1. Even if some say the RPOs would not let them mingle with the staff or allow pictures, it still would show how out of touch Will and Kate are not to ask to thank the staff. It takes a couple of minutes and goes a long way for diplomacy. It’s simple politeness. As far as I know, other royals regularly thank the staff and have a quick photo taken. In William’s own nuclear family, I know Harry has, and I believe Charles and even the Queen have been obliging.

        1. Oh, come on. It’s *Canada*. They will use any excuse to not make an effort. They are beyond lazy, they are slugs. I do believe that it’s really about their sense of entitlement and how they think their mere presence gracing the earth is all that they need to bestow on/give to anyone. That’s exhausting enough.

      2. Absolutely believe Kate is rude and horrible to work for. It has shown here on this trip. She is one messed up young lady and I can only hope that the kids are raised with better behavior than she obviously was.

    3. Thank you for posting this. I’m glad others have seen this, because it is very telling on who this woman is – William has his own issues, but at least most of the time he ‘thanks’ people. Kate? no.

      1. I recall reading either here or on Love Lola that a poster had run into them during one of their many vacations… Seychelles I believe, and that Kate was incredibly rude to the other people visiting the resort and basically tried to ignore them.

        I guess this doesn’t surprise me. She wasn’t raised to understand the concept of noblesse oblige and just acts like she deserves all the riches she receives without working for it. I m afraid reality will be a shocker to her once the Queen is gone. Charles isn’t as popular and he actually does something and these two are rapidly losing the bloom of youth which made them interesting. Monarchy is archaic and a dying institution and these two will be the ones to help kill it.

        1. I saw a comment earlier on this blog that there was video evidence of Kate being rude all over Canada… is there a montage somewhere or something? I would LOVE to see this. Admittedly it’s my fault for not knowing because I have steered clear of all news Cambridge and only followed this blog and Lola’s for this royal visit. In my opinion, the only good things about Royal tours are the posts and commentary on these 2 blogs.

          Anyway, I’d love to see video footage of Kate being rude, especially since carole’s comments about Harry still P me O to this day!

          1. Let me make sure I’m reading correctly. Carole Middleton had the gall to say that Harry was rude and had bad manners. Who does this woman think she is? If anyone has more details on this or an article I’d love to read it. I had heard this before but wasn’t sure what it was all about. It’s almost laughable in a weird sort of way but right now I’m so appalled I can’t say any more, because it will turn into a ‘look who’s talking’ rant.

  9. Her boots haven’t matched either of the pants she’s worn them with this week. That red sweater looks like Ron Weasley’s mother knitted it. It’s really ugly. I keep pulling for them to snap out of it and they continually let me down. Can we see those kids being adorable again? They’re the best part of the tour.

          1. Well she can be mortified all she wants. I think she looks better in casual clothes than Duchess clothes, or whatever all these monotone dresses are supposed to be.

  10. And again, in that last photo, she keeps clutching her index fingers together! It’s like she doesn’t know what to do with her hands or how to stand with them by her side, so she clutches her fingertips. I find it annoying. She’s been doing that a lot on this tour.

    1. It is evident that she has never had any serious instruction in what used to be called deportment. Until the 90s, young women were sent to finishing school to learn how to conduct themselves in their social circles. The lessons were still available in London though they were no longer boarding schools. Miss Middleton wasn’t schooled in deportment and, after watching her over the last 5 years, has no interest in learning any etiquette from inner sources in the RF. It makes her look a fool, a boor and a product of a socially inept family. A LIW would help her learn the social graces of her status but it appears that she chooses to surround herself with people that know even less than she does. A proud refusal? No. Just a self-absorbed wanna-be coddled by her staff. There is no one who is able to make her understand that her life is appearance, tradition and ceremony when she is engaged in activities as the Duchess. Catherine is subsumed into the fabric of the royal family and is required to act in a manner that reflects the privilege of her position. The more often she acts like a ‘normal’ person, the less the citizenry will consider her royal.

      1. I agree with these observations – to continue the monarchy you need people ‘being it’ who truly embody it. Kate does not, I don’t see how she ever will, William has become increasingly less royal (by his actions) over time, the children are raised with a heavy middle class (Middleton) influence – as as far as I am concerned the monarchy has come to an end.

  11. How many hours did they actually spent working during this trip? It feels like they either started the day late or finished early which js not how it should have been. Beside most of engagements feeling like a tourist trip with watching shows, going to a festival, canoing, finishing…. Why can’t they use heir time in Canada the fullest (or at least a bit more)? And I’m not familar with distances in Canada but also having their base in Victoria it seems like the spent a lot of time in air…

    And yes the kids were adorable but if at the end of a Royal Tour this is all what people remember you clearly did something wrong! Okay they still have also the clothes and accessories of Kate to speak about – but there should be more! It’s so frustrating.

    Speaking of clothes, the blazer/skinny jeans/boots look can be really nice but not if it’s done like in pics above imo. The blazer and blouse, okay but those boots didn’t work with any of her outfits! It shows again that you can have nice and styoish pieces but if you can’t combine them, the whole look won’t work…

    1. Even the clothes aren’t that great. She’s had some nice pieces but nothing really memorable or iconic. There have been no events or outfits to make this tour stand out.

      1. I wrote up a “My top 25 favorite outfits Kate has ever worn” article and didn’t get around to posting it yet because things got busier than I expected and then it was close to the tour so I thought I’d wait to see if anything from this tour bumped anything from the list, but while that Preen dress was nice it wasn’t enough to bump anything. Who knows, she may wow us today, but as it stands now I don’t have to alter my favorites list.

        1. I can’t wait to read it. You could also easily do an article on duplicate clothes, shoes and handbags. At this point I think we know more about her wardrobe than she does.

  12. 4 hours? They must be knackered. As far as I could tell they were late at the hospital after taking a while to get there, but early for their fishing trip. Their visit was only scheduled for 45 minutes to begin with.

    I saw some videos and pictures from the fishing trip and wasn’t the aim of this engagement to spend time with the kids participating? I guess Kate at least tried to engage with them a little bit and actually looked like she enjoyed the “fishing”, but William was just standing by with his hands in his pockets most of the time

      1. Where I’m from hunting season is huge, but out here people do it for the meat. There is very few in it mainly for trophy sport. Every other person I know takes pride in their deer sausage and their venison steaks, or moose meat stew (all so delicious). Great care is also taken in how the animal is killed, or it will spoil the meat, so no willynilly shooting- you have to know what you’re doing or you don’t release that bow or shoot that gun- very precise

        1. If Willy could have killed a passel of passive, raised birds he would be happy. My ex boyfriend hunted moose in northern Ontario. I have eaten moose meat. It was all about meat. I believe for Willy it’s all about the kill.

    1. There was no one chosen from the media pool to join them on the fishing boat. When space is short, one person from the media pool is chosen to be with the couple. Not so this time. Another private portion of this vacay-tour.

      1. The fishing on Day 7 and the sailing on Day 8. No press were allowed with them.

  13. KMR, I want to thank you for the hard work of this tour’s coverage.
    I’ve been following here and there the blog again, trying to find some reason for me to stay tuned with W&K’s whereabouts, but it’s been really difficult. I don’t think they interest me anymore except the occasional fashion.
    My absolutely favourite thing in this tour has been the beautiful country of Canada. I can’t help but thinking how lucky W&K are and how non appreciative they must be when they look bored and not interested. This tour comes across as boring because these two are essentially boring.

    As for the kids’ playdate, they just melted my heart. Charlotte is a wee Leonore and George such an innocent and thoughtful little fellow. In all honesty, I can’t think why they don’t do anything like that back in Britain and why they haven’t included them more during this tour.

    As for Kate…I could understand a stage/speech fright from her but not her incapability of being relaxed in front of the cameras. She just can’t let herself go, even with her kids. She’s always so much aware of the cameras that her smile and pose look fake! I have to wonder if the true Kate ever comes out, even in the seclusion of Amner. And what with this inability to wear any other trousers or jeans except of skinny, this increasingly drives me nuts!

    I wish everybody a lovely day and a lovely new month. xxx

    1. Elina, your comment was so lovely, so well-thought. I started today with a positive attitude toward William and Kate after the wonderful post yesterday with their adorable children. I thought, “Oh, I am so critical most of the time . I see them now in a better light and want to stay more upbeat, too.”

      Then, this. I have to admit that I thought Kate did try harder, but all in all, after reading comments about how they never interact gratefully with the staffs at the places where they stay, after hearing that Kate stepped off the boat and ignored people and William had to call her back, I am half-way back to my critical self. DO you think they ever pen letters to those they met? Thank you notes that express how much they enjoyed their visits? I have read several times that every night, Diana wrote tons of notes to people. Thank you letters and other ones, too. I guess that is a lost art. And, any notes that go out are probably written by the staff. Sad, isn’t it?

      The scenery, the people they met, the exposure they have had to an interesting culture begged for more of a positive response from them. I agree that even a few words from Kate about “matriarchal society” could have been a highlight. We ask for so little and so that is what we get.

      A happy and healthy month to you, too, Elina. It’s the commenters here and KMR’s hard work that keep me coming back. Don’t give up, please.

      1. Jenny, you’re such a gentle soul. Thank you for being in this site and spreading your kind thoughts and wishes to the rest of us.
        As with Lisa above, I am dealing with the recent loss of a parent, my father. It makes you think what the important things in life are and it’s important to be kind.
        All my good wishes to you and the rest.

        1. Elina, I am very sorry about the loss of your dad. Such a sad time for you, I am certain. What a special daughter he raised. You have a gentle and caring nature, yourself, and you express yourself so beautifully in all your posts.

          I send my prayers and good thoughts to you and your family. I believe that you and Lisa are realizing, as you grieve, just what matters in this world and what does not. Bless you. Your kind words mean so much.

          1. I would also like to extend my sympathy to you and your family, Elina. You, Lisa, and BamaLynn are all grieving and in pain. I wish each of you peace of mind and heart. I hope that the kindness that people you know and love show to you is a help during such sad times. This, as rhiannon has said often, is a real community, too. We know each other from comments, only, and yet, we get to meet and interact with so many good people, like you! BamaLynn and Lisa, you, too.

            May comfort and care be extended your way and may you all come to understand that people and their love never really leave us. We are with them always — and they with us –and that is what makes life so very special. May you all be blessed.

    2. I am so tired of her wearing pants so tight that you basically see the crotch outline unless she has a longer jacket to cover it. She has no class in wearing this stuff for her public appearances. I don’t care what is in style. There is a lot of ridiculous skanky stuff in style and not all women wear that stuff for work.

      And there exist skinny style jeans that aren’t painted on. She has never worn suitable pants in public and often wears dresses that risk flashing. She truly does have a psychological problem with this. What other 34 year old woman does not own at least one pair of non skin tight pants? Besides boyfriend jeans are coming back in style and they are looser. And you don’t have to wear painted on pants to wear boots. Boot cut jeans have existed forever and aren’t skin tight.

      Showing off how thin she is seems to be an obsession with her. So glad she and her bag of issues are leaving Canada today.

      1. It just demonstrates that Kate has never had any professional work experience. If she had, she would have some other trousers in her massive wardrobe. But more to the point, it also suggests to me that she has this need to sex things up. Very teenage behavior and now at her age, and in her position – it is very unbecoming.

  14. Kate wore nice outfits today. I like especially the red pullover with the green trousers and boots. I’m really fond of her in casual wear. Perhaps because I can relate to it. There are not many occasions where I can wear designer dresses with pumps x)

    1. I agree, I liked her clothes, probably because this is something I might wear. Not that I would wear a cashmere sweater to go fishing, but otherwise a good and appropriate look.

  15. I’ve been very negative with this tour, so i’m going to say something nice.

    This outfit is MILES better than that outfit she wore to the Eden project and the Isle of Wight.

      1. The blouse so channels him though I am sure were he a modern man he would be horrified at Kate’s so called style. And William’s too for that matter.

  16. Meh, this whole tour has been underwhelming to say the least. Thank goodness they brought their props/children, it was the highlight of the tour. Her expensive wardrobe was a let down, goes to show that money can’t buy you class or good taste. Thanks KMR, as always you’ve done a great job, your blog posts have been my other highlight of an otherwise dull and pointless tour.

  17. Oh, and I have to say (this has nothing to do with the tour), I really miss Diana. I was really young when she died but I can still remember the faces of the adults, they were all deeply sad. I say this, because I saw a video of Diana yesterday and it moved me deeply how she interacted with everyone. She was really interested in the people and their problems. So even I didn’t see her with the knowledge of an adult, I can say today, I can completely understand all the people who say they miss her.

    1. If Kate died today in a tragic car accident, I doubt (after the initial shock) if many people would notice. Because of her position people might speak of her with regret, but it would be the regret of potential not explored during her life, not the regret of what would have been accomplished had she lived (like Diana). There certainly wouldn’t be much in the way of public grief.

  18. I firmly believe Kate should be banned from Zara pants. Ugh, they are so tight and to me, it’s literally like she’s walking nude from the waist down. It’s so inappropriate for her position and I think her perfected smile and extreme skinniness are why she’s more relaxed. Kate the Superficial.

    The scenery is gorgeous. I wonder if the Trudeau’s regret inviting them or if Canada will see any tourism boost. I think the taxpayers or financial sponsors of royal visits should see an accounting for their spent $.

    Kate definitely wants that royal Order. I’m sure she was promised one if she could get through a tour without flashing. I do appreciate that she’s almost through unscathed. Stay strong Kate!

    I have to wonder if they’ll start to do functions with the kids at home? That was really the highlight of the tour considering how the kids are nearly invisible.

    Thanks KMR!

    1. I kind of wish the royal press took more photos of the beautiful scenery and told us more about Canada. The Cambridges were so boring, but they could have at least talked about Canada, which is not. Missed opportunity. I wonder if this and India will impact future tours.

    2. I hope she doesn’t receive it. I felt like she was trying her damndest to give a crotch shot every time she bent down in the white dress at the play date.

  19. I’m going to disagree with most posters here in my dislike of the outfit. The jacket is too short and I really don’t like the section cut out to reveal the bum. She has one in navy and that cut out bit looks odd. I think the trousers are too tight to be worn with short tops – it makes the outfit look imbalanced. Just my opinion, thanks for the blog KMR.

    1. I agree Bea. Usually skinny jeans look stylish when it’s worn with a longer top, one that covers your bum area at least. The short top and too too tight skinny jeans are what I would see a young, college age, person wear.

      1. This woman has not advanced beyond her college-age years in her wardrobe choices. IMO.

        I have an Anglophile friend who wishes she’d just give up the jeggings and the pretense of wearing any kind of trouser substitutes and wear heavy tights whenever she would wear trousers. At least everyone would know she is deliberately wearing clothes to display her body. It would be easier to ogle her.

    2. I think it’s an equestrian style cut, so why she favours it I’m not really sure! But Smythe is a Canadian designer, so she gets a point for that I guess

  20. The fashion: glad she didn’t get yet another pair of boots, but I am not a fan of these. The Smythe is nice, but the square cut out in the back is noticeable yet again with her shirt often showing. Kate often picks nice pieces and then the fit is incorrect, often being too small or tight. I don’t mind the sweater since she could have gone with a designer cashmere for $1000 – but then again, she could have gotten the exact same sweater at an LL Bean outlet store for $60. That’s the other thing aside from tailoring: Kate picks nice some nice pieces but they often don’t look to have the high quality an expensive designer piece should. If Kate could, I think she’d wear skinny jeans every day. But, really, that being the case, I fail to see why her fashion makes headlines every day. I guess it is because the press is interested in her, but only knows about what she’s wearing and not what she’s thinking during this tour.

    William sounded more confident in the native language than French! Seriously though, it was nice for him to attempt it, and you could tell it was appreciated by the tribe.

  21. We have called this tour light, but MacLeans calls it their grittiest tour.

    Reading this, it is true they made some visits to areas with high needs. The problem is, which MacLeans did not seem to realize, is no major news outlet focused on that aspect. I’m glad some locals thought they were listened to and respected. However, how much of a difference can the couple really make when the visit is less than an hour and involves a tour of the facility for half the time? How much difference can they make when the couple listen intensely but then admit they didn’t know much prior to the visit because they didn’t read the briefing notes? Unfortunately, I think people’s money may go to the “Kate effect” and buying cozy $900 sweaters rather than to the charities and organizations Will and Kate have visited.

    I realize all royal visits are brief, but when Will and Kate have whole mornings or an afternoon free, there is no excuse (even the children) for not having more in depth discussions. Much of their time was travel time, as well, which was poorly planned. I would have chosen more time in Vancouver/Victoria and then the Whitehorse area for the First Nations segments. Two main areas of focus, in other words.

    1. Hi Anne, Thanks for the link to this article. It is a shame that most will have no more knowledge of these issues and problems now, then they did before W&K showed up. It’s a shame that most people would be able to tell you what designer Kate wore that day but not what charities they visited or how those charities work.

  22. My gosh, Kate is so endlessly jolly wherever she goes. The jeggings are vulgar, the jacket highlighting her bony bum. Her theme dressing is offensive (Cowboy boots? Really? You’re on the West Coast, honey, not Alberta.). She is that shallow, unimaginative, tone deaf, and ignorant.

    As a Canadian especially, I feel badly that all these sincere and earnest people are stuck with the offspring of Mortimer Snerd. They deserved, so, *so* much better. Every nation does. If I had done this tour I would write about it, it is so amazing. They will merely burn the gifts.

    This just solidifies for me the ludicrousness of aristocracy and royalty especially. These upper class twits are treated as someone semi-divine. It has to stop. Not much good will come from this except for the numbers in the CC. The real royalty are the First Nations people.

    On a personal note, I never realised how deeply offensive and condescending they are to all nations until they came here this time. I have seen the light. Let me tell you, this is as dumbed down as you could possibly get, and they are celebrated.

    1. MavenTheFirst , +1 to everything you said. We gotta be grateful that at least Kate isn’t wearing a mermaid costume, you know how she’s by the water and all…

    2. +2 and a lot of kudos to you and the people who have graciously hosted these offensive twits. I didn’t like the Cambridges before this trip, but now I can say I truly LOATHE them.

    1. Can we talk about the braided belt?! I think those were in style when I was middle school! Didn’t know they were making a come back

  23. Such petulant rudeness in the arrival video.

    Who wears cowboy boots on a boat and canoe? Got to be the only blazer in the world that will show off her backside, and I can’t believe her tight pants will win royal approval.

    I don’t think we’ll see them on another tour soon; this one was such a fizzle. I do think the kids will be making more PR appearances to try to prop up their popularity.

    Off topic: did anyone else think it was weird the way Kate pulled off Charlotte’s sweater at the picnic? My usual way is one sleeve at a time, even if they’re wiggling to get going. Made me think she doesn’t have much experience with everyday hands-on parenting. But maybe I’m just feeling negative.

    1. Not just cowboy boots but suede boots! What was going to do if they caught something? A lot times water sloshes up and over. I guess it’s no concern to her if they get ruined.

  24. Overall, in my eyes the tour was a giant waste of money and time. They didn’t look like they were completely there. There was no generosity or real sincerity. It’s like they were just going through the motions. Kate gave me a vibe of having one up on William quite a few times. I don’t know what that is all about, but I don’t really care for it.

    The kids (the two times we saw them) were cute. But why fly them all that way for basically one appearance. Getting off the plane was a given, but the one party, really it was kind of pointless having them there other than to insure the media would attend.

    I am taken aback at the difference between outgoing, playful George at the polo match last year (or year before?) and his reticence now. It could be a combination of factors (being in a place he doesn’t know, coming out of the seclusion of Anmer and his world to face the photographers, possibly overhearing mom and dad discuss the big bad media and/or being told to rein it in when he’s in public) but I’d like to see that spunkiness again. For some reason I think Charlotte will be given a bit more leash to show her personality.

    This wasn’t the huge win I think they expected it to be, they’ll have to significantly step up their games to get that.

    Personally I’m looking forward to the tour with the Ginger Prince to show them how it’s done.

    1. I imagine the kids are jet lagged, out of routine, different food and water , away from their toys and Lupo. Absolutely ridiculous decision to take them. Sure they miss them as do many parents when they go on business trips. But W&K could have worked much harder without them and their carbon footprint going back to Victoria all the time must be shocking.

  25. Are we ever told what the goals of a tour are, and therefore if they achieved them? I’ve been reading about the Danish couple in USA and it is a trade mission which seems to have real purpose.
    I know KMR you said you would do an end of tour round up, I wonder if there are more or fewer comments about this tour? We all seem to have tour lethargy…we can discuss whether we do or don’t like the outfit, admire the beautiful scenery and learn about the First Nations…. Then what? To me there’s absolutely no substance.
    Apologise if I am grumpy my youngest son has gone to Uni today and I officially have an empty nest ?.

    1. Birdy, Best wishes to your son and to you as an empty nester.

      It seemed to me that Justin Trudeau hoped that the Cambs would promote Canadian tourism, specifically western Canada. I think in that sense this gamut worked.

      However, I don’t think Trudeau realized how dull and rude W&K are. In some way I can see W&K’s seething resentment in that they may feel that they are being used. I don’t think they ever saw it as a fantastic gift and opportunity. I wonder if Trudeau is shaking his head at how ungracious these two dullards are.

      1. Indian Joanna,

        BC does not need tourism promotion. I lived in Vancouver for decades, until last year, and tourists are abundant to the point of suffocation, everywhere.

        Some say Trudeau did it for the publicity. I just don’t get it. The First Nations are not going to be better off with this tour.

        1. Then I have no idea why he invited them. But I’d love to visit western Canada. I’ve done some touring in the east of Canada, including Newfoundland which I loved.

          1. Both coasts are amazing in their own way. The West Coast seems to have nature on a larger scale, trees, mountains etc., especially if you are from central Canada.

    2. Hugs, Birdy!

      This is a holiday for them, nothing more, nothing less. They want to meet Canadians but keep themselves far away from them. They want to learn about the cultures, yet it goes in one ear and out the other. It is Kate’s fashion walk.

        1. All the plain rides, helicoptering around, boat rides. I really don’t think they cared about the people or the customs. And the children…………..why did they bring them?

          The way these people treated the innkeepers in Whitehorse was……..despicable.

      1. I am thanks Red Tulip. He’s now at Cambridge one of the very best Universities in the world. Couldn’t be prouder of him because he is severely dyslexic so getting the grades has been tough. My little dog aka fourth son is giving me lots of licks …. And hoping for extra treats!

        1. That’s so fantastic! Cambridge, wow! You must be so proud of him. 🙂 Heck, I don’t know him am *I* am, that is amazing. Good for him and good for you too.

  26. #RoyalVisitCanada hasn’t been trending at all on social media during the entire trip. Then again, the hashtag itself isn’t exaxtly grammatically correct. Goes to show no one cares. I’d much rather they send Harry next time. Maybe when he comes here for Invictus next year he can extend it into a mini tour. You can bet I’m gonna try to get a glimpse of Harry when he’s here.

    1. I’m a news junkie, I scour multiple sites a day, and this tour got no coverage in the U.S. except for one article buried on CNN. Does anyone know how the Canadian news covered it?

      1. Brief mentions about where they were that day on CBC National. And one article in the major newspapers per day too. But they were overshadowed by the US debate, among other things. No one cares about these two here.

      2. Mac leans magazine is a royal ass kisser usually so they had a special section on this tour. And even then it didn’t have too many articles in it. More of the coverage veered towards entertainment such as Kate’a fashions, how cute the kids are and how in love WK are. Toronto Star did an article every other day or so, in the main section but not front page. But TO Star connected it more to the issues that WK would be dealing with (which is how the coverage should be in my opinion) like youth depression, First Nations right and fight for recognition and equal treatment by the Cdn government.

      1. Love the last one. I’ve always wanted to go to Canada and am so envious of this opportunity they have squandered. Bhutan also is on my bucket list.

        1. Bhutan is on my list too but the only way you get a tourist visa is if you book through a travel company and tour with them. Thus, they’ve been pushed further down on my list as I don’t usually travel that way.

  27. I’m coming off my high from the wonderful party W and K had with their children. Coming off? How about crashing? This thread just hammers home once more to me just how ineffective the Cambridges are.

    Kate in her tight, tight jeggings! And, that sweater?! I’ve seen nicer pullovers at Macy’s and they are far less costly!

    I don’t understand these two. Except to reiterate what others have already mentioned. They don’t want the roles they are given. Just the benefits! They don’t want to work! Just want to play! And, do things their way!

    I had such high hopes after the children’s party and now I am angry that I was snookered into this by some good old-fashioned PR spin that used darling kids as props. And, I have worked in PR! Boy, do I feel stupid.

    Oh, well, homeward bound they will soon be. Then, it’s back to normal. A few appearances now and then! Locking up of the little ones, so none of us have a chance to see them again. Until. their next birthdays, that is.

    I must say I think Kate outshone William this trip, but that’s not saying much. All in all, they did little to win over people. Their kids, on the other hand? Adorable. But, that goodness can only go so far. William is hell bent on sabotaging his Royal future. I will say, this is the best job he is doing on anything. I salute you, Prince William. I just feel sorry for HM, who dedicated most of her life to her role. I feel sorry for Prince Charles and the memory of the lovely and caring, Diana, too.

  28. Interesting article in the Times about the Yukon hotel. They paid a lot of money to upgrade the Cambs room, and had artwork loaned by the Yukon Museum. They were hardly there, didn’t eat there ( rumours of take out pizza) and refused a photo . So the hotel want to recoup the investment by calling it the Royal Room or Cambridge Suite but don’t have a photo. How ill mannered can they be? Others go out of their way to make their stay fantastic and they are just rude and arrogant. I’m ashamed of them.

    1. Didn’t W+K have their own staff deliver food to their room rather than hotel staff? They refused a photo with the hotel owner and rushed through reception asap to avoid any contact. No manners, no empathy for others whatsoever. THIS is who they really are. Ugh!

      The pair are just dreadful ambassadors for the United Kingdom, and for the Royal Family. The sooner Commonwealth countries can disentangle themselves from this odious family, the better.

      1. I read that as well. The manager also said how much it had cost to renovate the rooms they stayed in. They are just horrible people.
        Big mistake Trudeau

    2. Wow this article should be the one making headlines! How rude of them that they offend their hosts like that. Really the only way these two seem decent are when they are with their kids, which I still stand by the belief that Will and Kate hardly play the role of actively raising them….it’s the nanny that’s the unsung heroine here.

      Can’t wait for all the dirt of WK’s bad behaviour to come out, once the Queen and Philip pass.

  29. I might be stupid in asking but is Kate wearing a braid plait?
    Out of all the outfit I do like the jacket. It is lovely. Diana wore blouses with a bow didn’t she?

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