Prince William & Kate Middleton visit charities in Victoria on Day 8 of Canada Tour

Prince William & Kate Middleton visit charities in Victoria on Day 8 of Canada Tour

The end is here! The final day of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s Royal Tour of Canada is here, and Day 8, October 1, saw William and Kate make quick stops to two charities before sailing in the harbor in Victoria, Canada.

** Note: This is just part of the day. The royals will be leaving Canada later. I’ll either cover that in another post or I’ll update this one.

The first stop was at the Cridge Centre for the Family – a Christian charity which provides a range of services offering support, counsel, education, and training to children and youth, seniors, and women who have experienced domestic violence.

Outside the center, William and Kate were greeted by BC Premier Christy Clark, who gave them personalized ‘Canucks’ Vancouver hockey team jerseys for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Speaking of George, Kate said that pizza and pasta are his favorite foods – after a woman she was speaking to said she loved cooking pizza and pasta. From the Express:

    “At the centre, Kate, 34, chatted to Zola Auld, a 20 year old with Down’s Syndrome. When Zola said she liked cooking pizza and pasta, Kate said it was George’s favourite.
    “‘Kate asked me what I like to do and I told her cooking’ said Zola. ‘She asked me what I like and I said Italian like pizza and pasta and she said George loves that.’
    “Zola’s mother, Anne Auld, said the centre had provided invaluable support to them as a family, adding ‘It’s been a dream come true meeting the Duchess.'”

While at the center, William and Kate unveiled the Overcomer’s Monument dedicated to people who have overcome difficult circumstances.

While chatting to the crowds that had gathered, William told one little boy with a broken arm that George loves toy tractors. So add pizza, pasta, and toy tractors to the list of things George loves (Is someone keeping a list? Because I don’t even remember all the things they’ve said he loves).

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

The second stop of the day was at Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre – which provides mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support to children, youth and their families.

William and Kate visited a cafe in Victoria to meet with families and hear about the mental health issues they’ve faced, and the support that Kelty offers.

The KP Twitter account actually did something useful today – they linked to Kelty’s online resource, Something interesting I noticed when I went to take their “mood check” was that anyone over the age of 30 is apparently walking with a cane (this isn’t shade, I just thought it was funny).

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

While talking to a 25 year old woman who started having panic attacks at the age of 5, Kate said:

    “I still think that initial stigma and taboo around mental health is what stops some young people talking to their parents. They don’t want to burden their parents and that’s the underlying issue which is hard to break through. We’ve heard so much about how early in their lives young children register trauma and how much later in their lives it comes out.”

And talking to a 21 year old woman, William said:

    “We all need to be a lot more open about all this stuff. The more we’re talking about mental health, the more we’re finding there are so many more services needed for people who are struggling.”


[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Justin Trudeau announced today that as a gift to mark William and Kate’s tour, the Government of Canada is donating $100,000 to two initiatives: 1) Prince’s Charities Canada (PCC), to be used to promote education in Canada’s Indigenous communities and help more young people reach their full potential, and also to help preserve Indigenous languages in Canada; and 2) Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia, to help assist newcomers with housing, employment, and language skills.

In a statement, Trudeau said: “In keeping with tradition, I am honoured to mark the visit by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with a gift that will help both Indigenous youth as well as newcomers to Canada realize their dreams. Canadians have a real affection for the Royal family which was once again very much on display during this tour.”

A Kensington Palace spokeswoman said: “Their Royal Highnesses are touched by this gesture which will benefit many Canadians.”

Both Kate’s white blazer and black jeans are from Zara. Apparently the blazer is a past season and is sold out – which is more proof that Kate has a ton of clothes in her closet that we have never seen. Kate wore her white H&M Off-the-shoulder Top, which she debuted in Cornwall, underneath the blazer.

Kate wore new shoes, the J. Crew Avery Heels in Tweed (£278.00). And her trusty Annoushka Pearl Drop Earrings, and brought back her Asprey Woodland Charms necklace.


From the ankles up, I really like this look. This is probably one of my favorite dressed down looks from Kate. What keeps it from being my favorite is the shoes – they’re just not my taste. But I am happy that Kate tried something new and didn’t wear wedges or nude heels. Kate wore her hair in a low pony which I thought was pretty.

William and Kate then made their way to Victoria Inner Harbour where they boarded the tall ship Pacific Grace with members of the Sail and Life Training Society – which offers sail training to young people ages 13-25 in order to build their confidence, develop a strong work ethic and take on responsibility, and learn about teamwork and cooperation.

The Cambridges and the crew were joined by 19 student leaders from – a national network of young leaders who design initiatives and programs for young people to end the stigma around mental health by reaching out to all young people with an inclusive outreach strategy.

Reporters were not allowed on board the ship with William and Kate.

Kate actually participated! She steered the ship for a bit and helped pull down the sail. I’m honestly shocked that Mrs. “I think William has to [press the button], I’ll break it” actually participated in ship things herself.

Afterward, William and Kate did a walkabout and met with the crowds who had gathered to see them.

KP released a statement from William after the engagements:

    “Catherine and I are incredibly grateful to the people of Canada for the warmth and hospitality they have extended to our family over the last week. We have loved out time in British Columbia and Yukon and will never forget the beautiful places we have seen and the many people who have been kind enough to come to welcome us in person.
    “We feel very lucky to have been able to introduce George and Charlotte to Canada. This country will play a big part in the live of our children and we have created such happy memories for our family during this visit.
    “Canada is a country of optimism, generosity, and unrivaled natural beauty. I hope we have helped all Canadians celebrate what makes this country great. We will see you again soon.”

Kate changed into her Troy London “Wax Parka” in Khaki (£350) she debuted yesterday, and white Superga “Cotu” Sneakers ($65). Superga is an Italian brand, BTW.

90 thoughts on “Prince William & Kate Middleton visit charities in Victoria on Day 8 of Canada Tour

  1. I wish she would opt for a nice pair of trousers instead of skinny jeans. The blazer is nice, the shirt looks a bit cheap. The shoes are different and tons better than her wedges.

    Sailing is Kate’s favourite sport, so I am not surprised she was happy to participate.

    George loves everything other children love, no matter what it is.

    Ps. it was a written statement released at a specific time (while they were picking up the kids/doing whatever).

    1. Thanks. The post has been updated. I wasn’t sure if it was a released statement or if William actually gave a speech since apparently the press weren’t allowed to get too close to them during any of today’s engagements.

    2. I know, these Zara jeggings have to stop. There are plenty of skinny trousers out there. She would look classier and still comfortable in them. I also agree with KMR, that while I like the overall B&W look, the shoes seem a bit stuffy, but at least they aren’t beige court shoes.

  2. I’m of opposing view, I like the shoes(sans tassels would be better) but don’t like the blazer with the ribbed shirt. Needed something else under it for me.
    I don’t get why the majority of her coats have buttons, pockets, or weird button flaps over the breast area! There are so many coats out there that doen’t have that detail. It wouldn’t be bad with a pea coat, I even liked the Carolina Herrera coat, except for that aspect.
    Thanks for coverage! New hashtag #mostboringtourever!

    1. In general I like this look, but wish we would see some other pants than Zara some day! I’d also have preferred a top of better quality than HM as I stopped buying their clothes a long time ago due to poor quality. Most HM tops seem to be made for people who don’t look for sustainable fashion choices – don’t want to insult anyone here, it’s just my experience as the pieces I had picked looked very shabby very soon and could hardly be washed without getting damaged.

    2. I agree, the ribbed shirt in that off white color was really the only part of this outfit that didn’t work. Other than that, very appropriate including the hair.

      I have been wearing the white Cotu classics from Superga for years…great white runner that don’t make my size 9’s look like flippers haha.

      1. Agree with the comments on the ribbed top – where I’m from that kind of fabric is for undershirts only…. So not at all comme-il-faut!

  3. Can’t say that I’m sad that this tour is coming to an end!
    There had been good moments, the children had been cute and no huge mistakes but overall it lacked substance and got boring really quick. Also, I just wish they would have used their time over there much better with started days early and finishing late, soloe engagements, speeches… but what stays are Kates looks and Charlotte and George being cute and that shouldn’t be the main focus of it all!

    For today’s events. I would like to agree with KMR from ankles up this is a nice look and she can wear white really well. Also liked the way she wore her hair, fit the occasion well.

    And thanks a lot KMR! You did a pretty good job covering this tour and providing us with information!

  4. I love her hair like this. I also like these shoes. Not necessarily with that blazer, and def not with that shirt/blazer combo. If her shirt picked up some of the color from the shoes she would have had a win.

    Bless George. He likes anything anyone else likes, doesn’t he. Although pizza and pasta do sound like favorite kid foods.

    I’m not surprised Kate participated. She has consistently enjoyed sailing. Ben’s just the icing on the cake, so to speak. I would love to sail on a tall ship. I enjoy seeing them pop up now and again on royal coverage.

    I really hope the Cambridges send some handwritten thank-you notes to their hosts of this trip. That would go a long way towards alleviating the rudeness they’ve periodically graced them with.

    Overall, this tour was actually more work and less holiday than I expected. Not that they couldn’t have done more and better, but they certainly could have done less and worse. With a bit of luck, William will even prepare (read his briefing notes) and Kate will speak next time. KMR, you did a fantastic job covering this tour, and I’m pretty sure you worked harder than the principals. Thanks.

    Trudeau’s announcement for the charities was something that would probably happen anyway, but the timing is a nice thank-you for the PR boost of the little Cambridges.

  5. Well, we were wondering how charities would truly benefit from a royal tour, and it looks like the Canadian government is giving a large sum. That’s wonderful, but I also find it a bit sad that the tour itself probably cost that much, and likely more. I really like what I saw of today. Kate got down to eye level with kids and opened up with them directly about things like the Disney movie Frozen. That must of made the children’s day! She was wearing yet another pair of skinnies, but I’m glad she’s branching out on the shoe selection, and I was thrilled to see her out on a pair of sensible shoes for sailing as opposed to the wedges. I liked her hair today too.

    1. I read somewhere the estimate cost was around a million Canadian Dollars. I’m curious to see how much Kate spent on clothing.

      1. Did the Canadian govt provide a private jet? The cost of that would be huge. Lodging would be free of course. Now they’ll have the taxpayers of two countries peeved. I’m curious if there has been any negative chatter in the Canadian press.

      2. The British Foreign Office pays for clothes, I believe. Herazeus has mentioned this aspect of expenditure before.

    2. Going off of previous tour costs, this tour cost the taxpayer upwards of 1 million.

  6. At least her outfit and hair was something different! I actually thought she was wearing black pants, but black jeans is good enough.
    I loved her outfit with the white shoes.

    I just read a tweet from Emily Andrews and said:
    “Hold the front page!!! Wills takes sugar in his tea! Who knew? Most interesting thing that’s come out from this #RoyalVisitCanada!!”

    Hahah! She’s probably right…

  7. Kate looked really lovely today. There are some really nice photographs of her smiling and interacting. It’s not my favorite outfit. While on the whole it looks nice, the white on white is not my favorite. I still don’t like the skinny jeans. The shoes are again not my favorite but I’m excited she tried something different. Love her hair like this. I have enjoyed seeing parts of Canada. It’s been really interesting meeting all the indigenous peoples. I feel like I’ve learned alot. Love all the totems and colors. A shame I’m already reading about animal rights indignation. This is their heritage, show them respect. Loved the sailing photos. I can’t wait to see the departure!

    1. Traditions can be changed. In this modern world, we have no need to be cruel to animals in the name of tradition.

      Infact, it’s rejection of tradition that created a modern, better world. If not for that, all kinds of things would still be acceptable.

      As an example, the British govt has phased out the animal skins used for some regiments’ uniforms, and is actively looking to phase out bearskin hats in favour of synthetic material. Those uniforms go back centuries. Tradition is why we have them and they have now been deemed unacceptable because of the cruelty to the animals. Using synthetic material won’t spoil the integrity of the hats or uniforms.

      We can all do better when it comes to our animal friends.

  8. I wonder how much this tour has cost Canadians? Upwards of CAN$1 million? I ask because the $100,000 ‘gift’ from Trudeau in honour of The Fragrant Ones’ visit is a drop in the bucket to what should be being pumped into First Nations people given the huge range of vital initiatives on that list.

    These tours to Commonwealth countries eat up considerable public funds that could be better spent on its citizens. I chuckled when I read that smaller countries declined to host tours because they can’t afford security and so on: well played!

    I have no idea what the tours achieve – there is no discernible benefit to our lives that can be attributed to successive royal visits. It seems to be an exercise in flag-waving. As Canadians here have indicated over this tour, the monarchy is central to neither their identity nor existence. Same in Australia. It is optimistic/ unrealistic on William’s part to think that he and his kids will be ruling these countries.

    1. The anti monarchy voices will get very loud when the Queen passes. Charles is not popular and there is no point to a foreign monarchy in a modern country. Canadians are being polite but outside of some of the locals who were curious, there weren’t that many people who saw them, that is when they weren’t being private.
      The large crowds last time are deceiving because they were at Canada Day in Ottawa, which is always a huge event as well as Calgary Stampede, another massive event without their presence.

      I wish the Canadian media would stop being sycophantic about the whole thing. Having the Kardashians tour these charities would bring as much if not more attention and just as much value. And cost the taxpayers much less.

      1. The entire tour was positively reported each night on The National. Last night they aired a 30 minute summary of the tour. The reporters estimated the crowds in many of the small places to be in the thousands. You could see in the footage shown that Catherine in particular spent more time greeting the crowds than the security people wanted her to. They were well received in Canada.

  9. Just watched the departure – cute videos of the children. George seemed more comfortable in front of the crowd today – super cute energetic waving. Charlotte waved too!

  10. KMR, thank you for your detailed coverage of the tour and all of the photos. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the posts, especially the one the other day that focused on George and Charlotte (not surprising, probably, as I’m a doting grandma). I don’t comment a lot, but I want you to know I appreciate your work and always look forward to new posts.

    1. Another thank you. I know it was hard work, and truly your commentary was the only thing that kept me interested to the end.

      1. Well part of your poll KMR could be which is the best Kate blog? Think you’d be delighted by the response. Tours even bring the trolls on here.

        1. That’s no contest: this one. It is a result of incredibly hard work by KMR, who gets posts up quickly and consistently. I doubt any reporter covering this tour did a better job.

  11. Does anyone know how much time they spent visiting the charities comparing to the sailing event?

    I don’t know much about mental health, so I never feel comfortable to judge their work as I don’t have many suggestions on what their take on it should be. But they just seem to repeat the same quotes on and on. It’s always “we need to break the stigma, we need to open up”, but somehow they don’t seem to be going forward with the conversation. We all know there are people suffering from mental health and that there’s a stigma. Ok, but where do we go from there?

    I wish they would inform themselves more and take this work more seriously. It seems like a subject they could have a great impact on.

    And thank you for the coverage on this tour, KMR!

    1. Their comments are useless. I can say as much having had a relative with a mental illness.
      And when they talk about the stigma of mental illness, they are ignoring the big elephant in the room about Kate. She is not a well adjusted 34 year old and has been shrinking over the years. Unless she publicly admitted her issues, she may as well stay away from this topic altogether.
      Will at the very least spoke a bit about how his mother’s death affected him. But really dilletantes who do very little research and only briefly meet people should really find a more shallow topic. It is offensive to those of us who have had to deal with these issues directly.

    2. What Kate and William have the gall to call their ‘work’ consists of mumbled, barely articulate repetition of generic statements. There seems to be nothing more behind them, and as our suspicions were confirmed in Canada, no prior prep undertaken. My take on it is this: if they are not prepared to really get involved, then please leave mental health alone. They are trying to prove their relevance when they have none. Both would benefit from ongoing psychological counselling, given how they present themselves to the world.

  12. I adore the shoes. These & the burgundy Tods she wore are just my cup of tea with two sugars. In fact I have looked on both J.C. Crew & Tods with a view to buying them. And correct, evidence that she has a ton of stuff yet to be seen, both were sold out and not even this season. But I have seen an even nicer pair on Tods so maybe in the post Christmas sale.

      1. I’ve not been to Bicester for years. I must go soon and on a weekday. It’s hell on earth at the weekend. Thanks Birdy. Xx

      1. Sold out last night. ???? I love J.C. Crew and I love that they do free shipping to UK. Maybe they’ll repeat them due to ‘Kate Effect’. The Tods weren’t this season though.

    1. A while back a designer had apparently sent, I believe dress, and when Kate wore it said something to the affect, we sent that awhile ago, I had no idea she chose it until she wore it.
      It makes me think designers do send them things and they don’t pay for it until she wears it or some such thing. It would explain a lot of the out of stock/last season items we see her in

  13. At least Charles’s wonderful Princes Charities Canada got some love. I do hope the donation helps those who need it. I am glad they visited the Cridge Centre, but I wish they did more than just sit there, yet again. I cringe at every quote that comes from them – so very inarticulate and repeating the same things over and over. Like any charity I doubt their heart is in it, it’s just a niche their staff chose. I’m sure they think they are great and amazing and the best royals ever, and perfect snowflakes, who believe they are doing good when I don’t really think they’re doing much. At least publicizing these places gives the public some knowledge, but that’s about it. I am trying to be positive here! I have some negatives–like the media being shut out today and of course the rudeness and insincerity–but I’ll keep that to a minimum today. Or I will try 😛

    Thanks for your coverage, KMR! <3 You are the best.

  14. Hands down my favorite day. Glad that Kate got into the game and steered the ship and interacted with people. Really liked her outfits and hair– appropriate and cute.

    I think W&k have learned some important points this tour that could help them going forward and hope to see it carried back home.

  15. Long time lurker, first time commenter here. Thanks for the great coverage, KMR! You always provide such great information that is full of detail.

  16. I think Kate has been reading here. Fashion was better, hair tied back, no wedges or beige stillettos.

    I was also impressed by her interaction today. She looked interested, had a pleasant smile, pitched in with an activity. Seemed much more appropriate.

    Is Chris Jackson the only photographer today? I would like to see photos by other people who weren’t so close to WK. I don’t think he would ever publish an unflattering photo of Kate, even if it were newsworthy. He’s just not objective.

  17. I’m glad that Kate finally wore a ponytail hairstyle that made her look more her age than all of those matronly buns and teenager sausage curls. I wish that she had worn some looser fitting trousers, though. I guess you can’t expect everything all at once.

    Canada looked great on this tour. I want to go visit these places!

  18. Great coverage KMR! Thank you! Like Kate’s look today a lot but those skin-tight jeans! Some slim fit slacks would have been perfect!

  19. Hi everyone! This is my very first comment, and advance apologies if it seems dumb. What is the point of these royal tours? I live in America, so it’s such a foreign concept to me. Is Canada affiliated with British rule somehow? Or India and Australia? What is the benefit to these counties to make such expenditures for William and Kate to come look at stuff and chit chat? I don’t get it. Thanks KMR for providing funny and insightful coverage.

    1. Hi Lauren!

      Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are Commonwealth realms and have Queen Elizabeth II as their Head of State. India is a member of the Commonwealth but QEII is not Head of State.

      The benefit to the countries the royals visit? Tourism is trotted out often as a benefit from these tours, but considering royals who get no press coverage at all of their tours still go on these tours, I doubt “tourism” is boosted much by their visits. Mostly the benefit of these tours is a PR one for the royals – except for the ones who get no press coverage. Really, your guess is as good as mine for what real benefit these countries get from these tours.

      1. Thank you very much for the response. While we’re on tour topics, would you (and other readers) mind answering another question? I’ve seen in the comments here that the royal tour of India was considered a failure, but I never understood why. From my perspective, it seemed about the same as the other tours. Would you mind providing some insight into that? That may even be a good blog topic! Royal Tours: the aftermath.

        1. There are others on this site who are more knowledgeable on the subject, but I’ll take a stab at it. A tour is a success if the host country gets business or tourism and if the royal(s) get lots of positive press. William and Kate didn’t get as much positive press as they’d hoped, and several media outlets questioned what the point was, like you. When the public isn’t fawning over the royals, becomes indifferent, people start asking questions. Why are they doing this? How much does it cost? What is the host country getting out of this? When these questions get asked by enough people, it means the mistique of royalty is finished. I honestly think these tours are just a holdover from when the British monarchy actually had power.

          1. Other royals take trade delegations with them working behind the scenes but benefitting from the Royal glow. Charles as the most senior Royal who travels, now the Queen does not, also ensures high level political links are maintained. Meeting other HOS face to face is always useful, just as it is in business where so much can be done online , conference calls etc, actually meeting physically is still important.
            Will and Kate just seem to be on holiday having fun, being rude to their hosts, flashing ( not this time) and generally showing up what a poor job they do. Also from a British perspective I find it rude and insensitive that we get little or no access to the kids where overseas countries do. We are the ones funding this idle family and yet their desire for secrecy comes out in spades at home.

    2. Welcome Lauren. As a Canadian of South Asian/Indian heritage, I can tell
      You the following:

      1.) what’s the point of these tours?
      Answer: None. The host country doesn’t benefit much except for the public getting ripped off, in this case to the tune of at least $1million CAD which can be utilized elsewhere. Monarchists will tell you that we need them for tourism: ummm India is a historic and colourful country and Canada is known as the land of lakes and for its immense natural beauty and diverse climates ; so neither of these countries need to pay for foreign royals for a tourism boost.

      The tours are being done more for the British Royal Family to play the public and in turn the media, in order to convince the world that they are still needed and are still admired. God forbid that people in a functioning democracy like Canada decide that there really is no use for a hereditary monarchy=> that kind of rebellious thinking could spill over onto UK and kick the the monarchy off of their stolen wealth and power for good. They wouldn’t be able to lead a life of luxury off of public funds anymore.

      2.) what’s the affiliation with Canada and India to the British crown?
      Answer: it’s a historical one. Both of these countries were stolen from their indigenous peoples and were “claimed” as territories of the British Empire and its denizens the subjects of the Empire, forced to swear their allegiance to the British monarch or risk losing their lives or their freedom. This conquering of sovereign lands and oppressing it’s native populations began in the 17th century. I believe that modern day Australia had started out as a penal colony of the British Empire.

      Hope that answers your questions 🙂

      1. British colonization of other lands started in the 16th century with America and the Caribbean.

        1. Actually British colonisation of other lands started in Ireland in the 12th century, in 1171 King Henry II invaded Ireland. Both Waterford and Dublin were proclaimed Royal Cities.
          Pope Alexander III, ratified the grant of Irish lands to Henry in 1172.
          Henry awarded his Irish territories to his youngest son John with the title Dominus Hiberniae (“Lord of Ireland”). When John unexpectedly succeeded his brother as King John, the “Lordship of Ireland” fell directly under the English Crown. This led to many attempts by the English to control Ireland over the centuries through numerous plantations.
          Several people who helped establish the Plantations of Ireland in the 16th century also played a part in the early colonisation of North America, particularly a group known as the West Country men.

        2. The French and the Spanish were the ones who came to the Americas in the early to mid 1500’s. The Brits came a bit later and started making their presence felt more around the 1600’s. It’s funny how the Brits ended up with the most colonies and became the European superpower when they came into the colonization business a little later in the game.

    3. A question occurred to me: who actually initiates these visits? Do the BRF ask to go? Does a potential host country ask them to come?

  20. So on our Canada tour bingo we got sprayed-on pants, a bunch of “George loves…” statements, and mild flashing (yes, I’m counting the kneeling in the white dress with the kids, we could see waaaay up there). We didn’t get wedges though. What else did we say?

    1. I count the squatting in that white dress as flashing too, JET Texas. Maybe we didn’t actually see any nether-regions, but Kate sure was trying to show us. That was entirely too much thigh & shadowed area for my taste. Bleh!

  21. Thank you KMR for the coverage. And I have loved reading all the comments. Finally a look I really like from Kate when she went sailing: jeans, sneakers, practical coat and a ponytail! Also like her non-wedge shoes – not sure about them with the skinny jeans – just wish she would try some other trousers. Already news reports out about that being the last trip for the kids.

  22. Her stylist needs to take away all her jeggings ASAP… I don’t care if they’re black, they are still skin-tight, poor excuses for pants and unprofessional…
    Blazer looked very nice, but hated the white shirt underneath, the ribbing and thin, cheap material made it look like an undershirt..

    Despite all her continued style misses, she did not flash anyone (that we know of) during this tour, so I consider it an overall success… Maybe someone at KP is finally getting the message that seeing blurred-out shots of her hind regions is not very professional or royal…

    Thanks KMR for your excellent coverage of this tour! Hope you get some time to relax now that the Cambs have officially left Canada!

  23. Thanks for all your hard work KMR. If it hadn’t been for your research and reporting I would not know what the Cambridge family were up to, the only time they seemed to be on the news here was when the kids were involved.
    My impression of the tour is that Kate seemed to be phoning it it most of the time and only came alive during the sailing. As for the hand placing on William? It seemed a bit fake, like she’s been told to show affection?
    I do like her hair worn in a low pony like the photos in this post, is Amanda trying something new?
    The fashion- some hits, a lot of misses usually it is the styling that lets her down.
    I keep thinking of the things that could have been done with the money instead of buying expensive, badly tailored clothes we will only see once. Add that money to the donation going to the First Nations and really make a difference?
    We’ve seen some lovely photos by Chris Jackson, i do feel for the rest of the royal press Corp who didn’t get the same chances as Chris and therefore haven’t had the same amount of photos to sell. These people aren’t pap photographers so do deserve the same opportunity to earn a living too.

    1. I was actually wondering on this tour, if at some point other photographers will have an uprising at some point.
      Is he getting preferential treatment because of who he’s dating or was he preferred photog. before the dating started?
      Either way other people need the same exposure and since these aren’t private events, he shouldn’t always be the one to get the exclusive pictures

  24. I noted a few improvements/fewer of their old unforced errors. But there were also never-before-seen gaffes so I suppose it could be said there was no net improvement. Anyway, I reserve the right to revise this list though because KMR posters are smart cookies and could easily change my mind plus we all know that more negative parts of their tour and new photos trickle out only after they are sequestered back at Anmer.

    1. NAVY SUIT Willy did not wear the same navy suit every day. He mixed it up with at least one navy sport coat with a very subtle plaid pattern
    2. NEKKED BUM Kate did not wear floaty skirts on windy tarmacs. AFAIK there are no photos of her naked bum from this tour. Yes she did flash us during the kids’ outing which is one reason why I said there was the possibility of no net improvement.
    3. ADULT CLOTHING Kate wore at least a couple of outfits for adult women. Twee is a subjective concept, but imo the only twee outfit Kate wore was the flouncy, double-tier McQueen dress. Some would say her jeggings were twee but I think they don’t qualify as twee because none of the tweens and young adults I know or have ever seen wear their pants that tight. They do wear skinny jeans and leggings but none of them look like they were poured into them i.e. 2 sizes too small.
    4. CLEAN SHOES – Kate didn’t wear her dirty Sebagos! Her brown Penelope what’s-her-name boots were the only footwear I saw that looked in need of cleaning. Many of her shoes were new, but still progress.

  25. I like the idea of the first outfit. If only she wore proper trousers or slacks this would’ve been perfect. Alas, she wore Zara pants again. You get the feeling she was preparing more for the sailing part of the day?

    I could forgive the shoes even if it’s tweed. It’s nice that she tried to wear two different styles of shoes for this tour though I wonder if we’ll see those again.

    KMR I don’t know why you’re surprised that she participated in the sailing. It is literally the one thing she is pretty consistent in doing.

    1. She has pressed buttons in the past, too, but then declined in Luton and had to be forced into it. So who knows with her. That’s why it was surprising.

  26. KMR I just want to say thank you for your excellent coverage of this tour! I just can’t believe how fast you consistently put posts up every single day. You definitely put much more work into your posts than Kate did for any one of her events, in my opinion. You must be so exhausted!! I went under a rock and have barely checked any of my social media or news sites, but coming here every day has been such a pleasure. Thank you, please take yourself a well-deserved break! 🙂

  27. Your work over this tour has put the Cambridge’s to shame. As ever I’ve throughly enjoyed the discussions, the entertainment and being educated at the same time. Thank you KMR and to all the posters who contribute to this rather wonderful community this blog has evolved into. And roll on His Royal Gorgeousness in the Caribbean. ??

  28. This tour has demonstrated the lack of substance by the Cambridges. Also it has illustrated who they really are deep down inside. They are rude, spoiled rich people.
    I am not going to be forgetting that any time soon. They were unable to cover it up this time. Kate can’t make efforts to learn how to make a speech nor can she dress appropriately for someone in this official role. That suggests she is lazy, self-centered, and uninterested. William did a bit better, but even he failed to dress appropriately with his tight pants and all. The children were darling, but if I were British, I’d be peeved that they will now go into hiding again.

    Thanks to KMR for the posts, very interesting and I loved reading the commentary by everyone. This is a top notch blog.

  29. I am going to start off on a positive note, because I am in that kind of a mood, despite gray skies, cold temperatures and threats of rain!

    I loved Kate’s low ponytail and the smiles and comfort she showed during these appearances. She really seems to have realized that she’s been lacking and she is trying. Good for her.

    At first, when I saw the initial photo, I thought, “Yes, trousers! She is listening!” Then, as I clicked through the photos, I thought, “NO. Tight leggings! Burn them, please. Not the presents you received.”

    Tired of hearing about all George’s likes. I think, as others have mentioned, he likes what so many children do. Now, what does Charlotte like, Please?

    Kate did seem relaxed and happier during these visits and I hope that is a sign of things to come. THe tour, for the most part, didn’t rock my boat. But, your coverage, KMR, was wonderful and I’d like to end this post by joining others in complimenting you and saying, “Thanks.”

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