Prince William & Kate Middleton end Canada Tour with Prince George & Princess Charlotte

Prince William & Kate Middleton end Canada Tour with Prince George & Princess Charlotte

I wasn’t going to make a whole new post for Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s departure from Canada because there isn’t anything to write about besides fashion, but then I decided to because this is probably the last time we’ll see Prince George and Princess Charlotte until they release a Christmas photo (if they do) so just enjoy the photos.

The Cambridge family ended their Royal Tour of Canada by taking a seaplane ride around Victoria Harbour. They took a Royal Canadian Air Force Airbus to actually fly back to London but the press was not allowed there.

Kate wore a cream Catherine Walker coat with her LK Bennett Floret pumps (which look just like the Ferns but with a slightly lower heel), Annoushka Pearl Drops, and the Queen’s Maple Leaf Brooch (which I didn’t even notice at first because it blended in with the color of the coat). She also wore her Cartier watch.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

George was much more lively than he was at the children’s garden party. George was waving to the crowd quite emphatically, using both hands.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

Unlike Justin Trudeau, the Governor General of Canada got a handshake out of George.

But then George totally left this kid hanging.

George wore basically the same outfit he did the other day – some of the individual pieces are different, but the overall look is the same.

I saw several articles and people on Twitter saying that George stole the show at the departure, but I disagree with them. For me, Charlotte was the one to watch.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

Kate was holding Charlotte for a portion of the walk to the seaplane, but Charlotte was squirming to be put down and walk on her own. So Kate put her down.

Though Kate picked her back up once they got to the plane.

Charlotte got in on the waving action.

I’m going to do a wrap up on Monday with overall thoughts and a poll on whether the tour was a success or not. And I’m also going to do some fashion polls next week as well. I’ll intersperse those posts with some catch ups from various royals.

I’ll end with some close ups of the kids. You can see George’s brown eyes, and Charlotte’s green/hazel eyes.

199 thoughts on “Prince William & Kate Middleton end Canada Tour with Prince George & Princess Charlotte

  1. What a nice way to end the tour. Thank you so much, KMR for your prompt and interesting posts.

    Is this a new coat? It really does seem to have come to a point where there are just so many similar items of clothing.

    1. At a quick glance, I thought it was her goldish coat she wore to Zara’s wedding and in Ireland. Too similar, but today’s coat was lovely. Boring, but lovely.

      And again, Kate constantly carrying her kids. Charlotte has shown for the second time, she just wants to be put down so she can walk.
      There’s no harm in letting her walk, but holding her hand so she doesn’t run off.

      And because I’m feeling grumpy, I’m getting sick of Kate smoothing George’s hair constantly. It happens every appearance. It was cute the first time, but now just leave him be!

      1. I tend to do that with my boys. It is more of an affectionate habit, rather than fixing their hair, so to speak. I wonder if she does that like I do – a way of making physical contact.

        1. I used to when my kids were little as well, and they grew up and walked on their own same as any other kid! I often miss those days, now that both are about to fly the coop (and getting a hug out of my 17 yr old son is a rare occurrence) but am so grateful to have had them❤️

      2. Totally agree with cannot with george hair.

        These kids have much more personality that crazily outshine the parents. Let’s hope they are not suffocated by the lazy entitled secretive willnot and waity cannot bc by the look of George now compared to his curiosity on his first tour- whiny seem to have started and the hiding at AH is stubbing his socializing growth. Loving super nanny Maria will need to be vigilante working with POW and BP with her contunied guidance; which I attribute the kids as a reflection on super nanny Maria.

        Whiny Willnot ‘I am a prince ‘ and waity middleton seem to not want the snowflake kids to interact with the regular people (middleton traits); there are clips that entitled cannot middleton seem to ignore VIP dignitary spouses, by using the kids as diversion to not speak, the same with the military families.

    2. It’s bespoke Catherine Walker apparently. Probably why it was so much a better fit than some of the other coats she’s worn. I loved it……classic, simple, elegant but I would have worn different coloured shoes for sure.

    3. For anyone interested here a DM article (March 2016) on Kate – saying her nickname is D of Do-Little, and, in a nutshell, describing her social climbing.
      It also describes that apparently Camilla advised her “always look interested, even if bored stiff, always do your homework” – hm – exactly the things she seems to have difficulty doing….

      1. Interesting read. Yet Catherine reminds more of Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair. A complete social climber who is never really accepted into the blue blooded society of England. She is a Do Little as well.

        1. Social climber Kate must be thrilled that son George is the spitting image of her father Michael Middleton and Charlotte looks exactly like her mother Carole. The next generation of royals will be Middleton clones.

          Interesting that Pippa also cashed in on Kate’s fame by securing a very rich husband who is willing to marry her for access to Royal Family (reciprocity?) When Kate finally achieved her long awaited goal, it was time to advertise Pippa prominently at the royal wedding in a highlight-the-bum dress down the aisle.

          None of the three Middleton children ever had real careers or success on their own, separate from RF connections.

  2. I LOVE the coat but I normally don’t wear this bright cream colour and nude shoes at this time of the year. Kids are cute. That pix with Charlotte pointing her finger, wow, a force to be reckoned with. But Charlotte’s hair bothers me. Can’t they groom her hair less messy?

  3. I don’t understand why the family had to dress up for a seaplane ride, I would think the outfits W&K had on early in the day would have worked better for their long flight.

    1. Arrivals & departures Lauri. In etiquette / protocol terms these events and the photos they produced are supposed to officially define a tour. Of course the bit imbetween that provides the memories but arrivals & departures are the formal, respectful bit. Xx

      1. Did she need to get a new coat for this ? She has so many and as a Canadian taxpayer I would appreciate it if she saved money and wore and perfectly decent coat she already owned.

        So much waste.

        1. With all due respect it wasn’t the Canadian taxpayer who paid for it. It was the British tax payer courtesy of our Foreign Office.

          1. My understanding is that the Foreign Office then submits receipts to the Canadian government. At least that’s what I have been able to ascertain from postings on here. Maybe KMR can clarify?

          2. Herazeus has written a full account of how it works in a previous thread. It really is a misconception that the country being toured is paying for the Royal wardrobe.

        2. +100

          And boarding the seaplane carrying a child in those heels – soooo useless, dutiless and VAIN is the BR bespoke mannequin.

  4. The kids are darling as always. A shame they’ll be hidden away at Anmer Fortress. It’s really not good for them nor the future of the monarchy but W&K don’t care about those things, I guess. All about their image.

    The coat would be cute with burgundy heels or something. I don’t mind the cream color and I like the style.

    1. That was my exact thought. Bring in some burgundy heels to match Charlotte’s gorgeous dress and sweater, and boom. Instant classic. Instead she went boring again and the outfit is just meh.

        1. Yes, burgundy pumps to match Charlotte’s adorable look. She is darling. Just a force to be reckoned with and so full of spunk!

  5. I wasn’t terribly interested in the tour, but I have been to a lot of the places so I wanted to see how much things had changed. Overall I thought the whole shtick was a huge waste of money and resources.

    I felt really bad for the boy who gave Kate the flowers. After Charlotte smelled them, Kate couldn’t wait to get rid of them so she could flip her dang hair. Then someone dragged the poor boy out of camera range. Rude…

      1. Cannot carol the mddletons bolynlike snobs, see themselves as more royal than the true BRF- they are not interested in the public, care or be bothered to learn about the British Monarchy – service and duty since willnot receives millions of tax and Duchy pounds to keep them entilted, lazy and selfish spending other people’s money and status. At least not many people were bowing to these two toffs.

        The PM and the boy got first hand unroyal treatment of entitled whiny and waity family of four.

        1. I was really surprised the Prime Minister,wife and kids were not at the play date. I read before the tour they would be there. Also even more surprised they were not there to see the Cambridges off. In several pictures I saw Kate always had her back to the PM wife. Never not one picture of them talking and socializing (just the two ladies)

    1. I feel badly for the young boy; that will be a disappointing memory for him. It would have been empathetic for Kate to take the flowers to the plane, even if they were left there/given to someone else later. Such a rude, thoughtless woman.

    2. Obviously it was absolutely essential to flip her hair right then. Immediately. It was a very dismissive gesture. She is very foolish if she thinks the only thing she needs to do is look good for still photos. Also, I have no idea about rank but that wasn’t some lowly sailor who took them was it? From her posture I assumed she was waiting for her maid to take them, not a stranger. So they didn’t go with her then? Just dumped, two feet from the giver. She couldn’t wait to dump them at the end of the receiving line?

      1. Another demonstration by Kate in rudeness. She was awful this entire trip, starting by turning her back on the Trudeaus! Honestly, this woman needs a talking to, she is so full of herself.

        1. Yes sequin queen, you are totally right. When I think that Kate can’t be ruder she excels. Poor boy. Sometimes I think Kate carries Charlotte as if the girl is a trophy.

          1. “Sometimes I think Kate carries Charlotte as if the girl is a trophy.” Spot. On. Kate in public treats both kids like a trophy because they, well, are: two tokens of her successful insertion into the elite upper tier for life. I’m sure she’s a great mother but the impressions I get in public is (as everyone is saying) artificial.
            Or maybe I’m being too harsh.

          2. No, Shay, you are not being too harsh, just calling it exactly as it is. I’m not so generous with the good mother tag because good mothers don’t see their children as trophies.

      1. Poor boy, he seemed rather nervous to begin with and guess the bit awkward interaction, trying to get rid of flowers quickly, turning back on him and being dragged out of pic didn’t help… ofc they do follow a tight schedule and Royals don’t carry things they get around all the time but this could have been handled a lot better! Show a more friendly, warm and open side, especially if children are involved!
        Guess it wasn’t the guys job either to carry her flowers, where is their stuff!?

        1. I think the flower carrier was their Equerry. Normally a lady in waiting would take the flowers but Equerry’s do assist in walkabouts too. Before Patrick Jephson became Private Secretary he was an Equerry on secondment from the Navy and much to his chagrin was frequently a flower carrier at Royal engagements.

          1. It’s funny that if you squinted, you could make out Rebecca somewhere in the background, yet the Equerry was squarely in the foreground throughout the tour.

            I can’t remember another set of royals whose Equerries were so prominently in the foreground in recent times.

            JLP managed to fade into the background or was it the fact that he wasn’t unformed when he followed them on tour.

          2. Much as her irrational spending grates she does need a LIW on tour at least. Having other dignataries and their wives helping to carry her flowers & gifts is poor form. I’ve seen Miguel Head in a few pictures behind William too but no Natasha Archer or the Hairdresser visible on this tour. Why couldn’t one of them help out collecting flowers? Xx

          3. Kate’s assistants haven’t been around to pick up flowers on more than one occasion. At the arrival it was the wife of the Governor General helping out because no one else was around to help Kate.

          4. And that’s my point….where are they because it should not be the Governor’s wife or the Equerry doing LIW work by default. As Herazeus says Rebecca, JLP and Miguel were bobbing around.

    3. Not to worry: Becca Deacon will have gotten the boy’s name and address; Becca Deacon will locate the thank-you notes; Becca Deacon will compose and probably write the thank-you note; Becca Deacon will hand the note to Kate, perhaps, for her signature; and then Becca Deacon will post the note. Just to show how courteous, thoughtful and appreciative Kate is. *snort*

      1. This is exactly what will happen. Charles & Diana would do a meet & greet and present small gifts like framed photos and keyrings to a tours key players but I doubt the Cambridges will do the same. I do hope the poor hotel team that were snubbed at least get a signed photo they can display in their reception area but somehow I doubt it. Sadly I don’t think the Cambridges realise or care how much these things mean to the people they encounter.

        1. The Cambridges don’t send out thank you notes.

          When they send a thank you note, it’s actually a factory produced postcard of themselves with a factory produced typed generic message on the reverse. No signatures and no personalisation. Rebecca probably has a job lot produced every few months, like she has of Kate’s signed headed paper.

          In otherwords, a factory machine is more thoughtful than these two. And as we have seen on this tour, Kate doesn’t always thank people without being prompted.

    4. That was rude. Diana or Harry would have bent down and talked to the boy a little to give him a nice memory. Kate acted like she couldn’t be bothered.

      1. Yes, how true, Cookie. I can just imagine Diana in that situation, making the boy feel appreciated and it would have been a memory he carried with him his whole life. People remember things like that. When I was in my 20’s, I met a very famous U.S. celebrity and when I went up the steps to shake his hand, my ankle, sitting atop my high heels, twisted and I fell in a heap. This was in front of a bank of photographers, and the celebrity had his hand extended. I didn’t even have time to get up when the actor was right there, and he actually picked me up and made sure I was all right. He could have just as easily let someone else see to me, and see, all these years later, I remember his kind gesture. So this young man is probably going to grow up thinking Kate is just a little witch and a snob. Kate is the Queen of Missed Opportunities, it seems to me.

        1. I was 7 when Diana passed away, so I don’t really remember her. But I have been watching videos of her lately and I am always struck by how warm she was. She would always take the time to make someone’s day. There was this video of her I saw in a documentary or something on YouTube. She was holding a tennis racket in front of her face to hide from photographers who were swarming all around her like a circus. I think she was in an airport or hotel. I can remember that she was walking really fast, but when a little girl approached her to say hello, Diana paused and knelt down and smiled at her and gave her a little of her time. Even though Diana wanted to get away from photographers. I know she wasn’t a saint, but anyone who says Kate is the new Diana don’t remember why Diana was special. It wasn’t just about clothes or posing for pictures, she had a way with people. And Diana had manners, Kate seems to be lacking in that department.

          I am so curious about who the celebrity was who was kind to you. But no matter who it was, it was nice he helped you. Kate didn’t even try to speak to the soldier who fell in front of her a few weeks ago. William ran to his aid, but Kate barely reacted at all. She doesn’t want to risk getting a bad picture of herself in the press.

        2. Did anyone notice when they got out of the vehicle to walk to the plane George was standing by his dad waving with both hands. Kate couldn’t move away from the vehicle so the people could see her and the Princess. So she pushed George out of the way. I had to watch the video twice to make sure I saw her push her own son out of the way. Another thing why don’t William ever carry PC or hold her hand when they are walking?? Kate really does over do it what ever it is when it comes to her daughter. The more I think about it this could be why George acted the way he did about the balloons at the party. His sister was hitting on them and mommy is laughing at her so he will do it bigger and louder to get mommys attention. That is evadence Kate dotes over PC more than George. The child was trying to get her attention like she was showing his sister.

          1. I was just coming here to ask if anyone else saw her push George out of the way! Not only did she push him, she did it so she could stand in his place and wave and smile at the crowd. Nothing like competing with your own toddler for attention…

    5. Thank you for the link, Szolo. My positive mood that I wrote of in the other thread is officially over! This took the cake for rudeness! How insensitive. And, the flick of her hair, too! I feel sorry for the youngster who gave her the flowers, which were lovely, btw. At least, Charlotte got to smell them before the poor man had to scurry over and take them from Madam!

      Just horrible and says so much about her character, which I was beginning to soften on after what I thought were kinder gestures during some of her recent appearances. Well, live and learn, Jenny!

      Tanya, so nice to see you on the comment section again. How are you and your family? How are you liking your new life? I trust all is well!

      1. Hi Jenny, we are settling in well. Just dealing with floods in town at the moment. We are fine but farmers have been flooded and lots of them have moved into town until the water goes down.

    6. Maybe we can have a poll on Kate’s rudest moments.
      It’s one thing to toss the flowers out of sight but jeez, this was in view of everyone. Then to be dragged off so. It to ruin the pic =(

    7. Well, she may have avoided flashing during this trip, but her flick of her hair and the callous way in which she “dumped” that beautiful bouquet on someone else, is the ultimate in rude behavior. Shame on her. That poor youngster. How proud he must have been to have been chosen to extend the flowers to the Duchess.

      Hope Charlotte is too young to pick up on the rude act. I hope Nanny Maria is teaching manners in a way Kate just could not.

      Adios, Duchess. You have made a lasting impression on many. And, it’s not one of love and light. Ugh.

    8. Here’s the thing I don’t get. It is OBVIOUSLY a photo shoot. That kid was selected as a representative from a charity (I forget which), and the whole thing is staged for photos. Why doesn’t she just carry those flowers on the plane? What was the point in staging this at this point in the procession, if she’s just going to turn around and give the flowers to some lackey? I mean, how do they not know the whole thing will be videoed and look insensitive and elitist?! We don’t live in a day before video cameras!

      In all the articles I’ve seen about their procession to the plane, this part is carefully edited out and the boy is just so happy he got lucky enough to stand next to them.

      I HATE this kind of set-up. Stop treating the public like idiots. It reminds me of that little girl set up to pose with Hillary Clinton when she came out of her daughter’s apartment after her health scare at the 9/11 memorial.

      1. You took the words right out of my mouth. She held out those flowers for someone, anyone, to take away like they were a poopy diaper.

        1. I should know better than to read comments while drinking wine – now I have to clean my keyboard due to your “poopy diaper” comment!

          Spot on description, JT 🙂

          1. William should have bent down look George in the eye and say high five this young man NOW. That’s twice George turned his head away while someone is trying to welcome you. If his dad would have corrected him at that moment and not let him get away with it Mr George would stop turning his head away and the very rude behavior would stop.

          2. I disagree. I don’t want to see George admonished in front of the world’s press. Pictures like that will be stuck in his and the national psyche forever like that tragic photo of Princes Charles as a toddler shaking hands with the Queen.

    9. That’ s really really rude of Kate’ s.
      Why didn’ t she carried the bunch of flowers as well, it was a nice present !!
      I can imagine how the boy took it amiss

      1. Or here’s a concept – she could have released her death grip on Charlotte and put her down, hold her by the hand and carry the bouquet in the other. Problem solved and rudeness averted.

  6. This is the nicest coat I’ve seen Kate wear for ages, so I decided to give the pocket flaps (which I generally dislike) a pass. I was just going through the coverage of their departure and when I read in their statement that Canada will play a big part in their children’s lives, I was confused. I really don’t understand what was the purpose of that. There has been so much talk of what will happen once the Queen passes that I felt they very much wanted to state that they want Canada to keep the monarch as its head of state. But why use the kids to express it? Do they think that is what the public will buy or are they just planning to start holidaying in Canada regularly? And it seems odd to introduce their kids to Canada this way as long as the British public has yet to hear that Britain will have an important role to play in the future of the children and practically nobody in Britain has been given a chance to create their family any special memories in such a public way as was done in Canada. And the way they included Charlotte’s future in the statement just made me feel they don’t even want to think Charlotte may want to have a life away from the role as a royal and if so, they should allow her to. I understand it’s difficult for them as parents as George is destined to be king, but I’m not sure at all that the public wants to pay for an extended royal family forever.

    1. My first thought: what if they already know that they won’t be King and Queen Consort? What if Will already decided to abdicate? What if this wasn’t a tour but a house hunting trip? Well, it’s just a thought and this will probably not happen. But what if….?

      1. Greta, maybe you are right. When the tour was announced, William said something that sounded like in the future they would be in Canada many, many times, and in his statement at the end of the tour he said: “We will see you again soon.” An interesting thought anyway.

      2. They’d only be hunting for a house if Canadians were paying. Canadians are very polite, but I’d say they’d riot if they had to fund this family. No, the Cambridge’s are the UK’s burden to bear financially. William is simply trying to stem republican sentiment.

        1. They freak out over $16 orange juice and moving expenses so yes there would be freak outs. The only reason why it hasn’t happened for this tour is because the true cost has not been divulged yet. And most Canadians are not paying attention to them anyway.

  7. Their clothes are their formal departure outfits, as if they are flying directly out. Then they get to leave at their leisure, in secret, comfortably attired and with their precious privacy. No doubt expensively. Possibly the kids fly separately with nanny!

    1. That would probably explain why they wanted to leave privately. Perhaps Kate also wanted to step into the Canadian taxpayer paid plane wearing a floaty dress with no underwear underneath- she has done that before. Wow! Canadians are paying for their vacation and they manage to insult so many people while they are on this said vacation. And who the hell cares if George and Charlotte waved enthusiastically- that’s what most kids who have a normal upbringing surrounded by others, and not hidden away in the castles, end up doing!

      1. Or if they aren’t seen in public, returning to the UK or at engagements or just randomly papped in the UK, can we be sure that the private jet is returning to the UK or is it going somewhere else for a private holiday?!

        1. I never thought of that. It would not surprise me one bit if a private departure meant a private jet went via the Carribean for post tour recuperation and the Cambridge working party all went home. Well except Maria obviously. ????

          1. They have been known to vacation without the kids, so Cambridge party + kids + maria head to the UK whilst the parents head to the Caribbean.

          2. I bet the media know if they got a plane back to blighty. Who’ll break ranks first? I think I’ll ask Niraj directly on Twitter. ???

          3. I doubt the Caribbean right now. There’s a huge hurricane going through. Plenty of rain and wind to be had by all the islands in proximity to the storm.

  8. Cute kids shame about the lazy rude parents.
    Kate’s rudeness has shone through on this tour.
    The coat reminds me of the flashing dress in Delhi…. Could she not have had that weighted and worn that?

    Thank you KMR for all the posts, looking forward to Harry’s tour. I think Harry and Charlotte would have fun together! Similar personalities.

  9. Perhaps in the eyes of the BRF these tours will re-ignite royal sentiment in the Commonwealth and help entrench their position in the UK a little longer? It’s going to be harder to justify their existence in the UK when other large countries are peeling off. In that context I found William’s statement self-serving and presumptuous.

    Nic919 put it really well in the last post with her thoughts that a foreign monarchy has no place in a modern country. Sums it up perfectly. Certainly for Canada and Australia, the death of QEII will signal the start of severing ties. I hope Canadian posters here will keep us informed with reports of how Canadians interpreted the tour.

    For me, the melancholy in George’s eyes was the most lasting tour memory. I thought it might be shyness or anxiety over the last year or so, but no, it is melancholy.

    1. Or he might have inherited his mother and great grandmother’s b!tch resting faces such that he looks grumpy or miserable unless he smiles which lights up his face.

    2. I think it’s because he realizes that he’s not dressed like the others! My mother tells the story of my sister at that age, going through her closet and saying yes, yes, no on what she would and would not wear. My niece is the same way. I don’t know if boys are different but kids may be little but still have opinions on what they like and don’t.

      1. My nieces are the same, Sarah. Maybe I am over sensitive but my sister in law threw a brand new dress on the floor that I brought my eldest niece. My sister in law informed me that my niece only likes pink or purple. Which is confusing since my niece told me that she liked the colour green.

  10. Thank you KMR for your wonderful coverage.
    I to think the Duchess’s coat is lovely. It would have to be my favorite of recent times. It is a good fit, lenght and today she looked elegant.
    Little Charlotte looked so sweet, loved what she wore, she seems to have a lovely demeanor.
    Little George, what a treat he is, beautiful smile, warm brown eyes.

    1. For my part, the two little ones do not look cuter or sweeter than the majority of children I know. ‘Clothes makes man’ – as soon as you dress someone nicely and tidy their hair they look appealing. For me the two little ones do not change my feelings that the monarchy has lost its reason for existing – and I used very much to be a monarchist…. As I said elsewhere, W&K’s, especially K’s, way of doing things have led to my revised opinion. Just because there are two little ones does not change that.

  11. Finally flying home to Europe, hurray! 🙂
    There is nothing like coming home after vacation.
    I think the children are also quite glad going back to their usual surroundings.
    Nevertheless, I think Canada did a great job. It’s a beautiful place and I, for myself, learnt something new about the people there.
    I like Kate’s coat, Charlotte’s clothes are beautiful and George is adorable. And William, yes, I like him too 🙂

  12. Yes such a lovely beginning middle and ending with those 2 adorable children…my absolute favorites of the tour. I wish we could see them more frequently. I became attached quickly. They both have unique special personalities. Wills and Kate should be so proud…I am sure they are…very well behaved kiddoes…which I am aware the time period wasn’t large but still was impressive…no problems even for Char to hang on to hand while walking. I would bet lots of practice behind the scenes. No glimpses this tour of Nanny Maria. She must be a fantastic nanny…as I am sure alot of what we see is because of all of the adults in these two little lives.

    1. A lot of the well behaved demeanour that you and I have seen are most likely the result of the highly trained Nanny Maria. That’s what the taxpayers of UK are paying for. Raising kids is hard work and we know how much WK dislike hard work- so why would they be willing to actually raise their own kids in the daily grind when the public is paying for a full time nanny? Don’t get fooled by these photo ops designed to show WK as doting parents, when the Nanny is most likely lurking nearby, ready to step in at the first sign of the kids throwing a fit. It should be the Nanny that should be proud of the kids as she seems to be doing a good job.

    2. I have to disagree about the children’s behavior being very “well-behaved,” and my criticism isn’t directed at all at the kids–they’re behaving normally–but at the parents. Both George’s ferocious attack on the balloon arch and Charlotte’s bouncing up and down on the dog should have been stopped. Right then and right there. George is old enough to learn to respect other people’s property, respect other people’s work and also when it is and is not appropriate to try to destroy something. Charlotte, for her own safety, needs to learn that animals are not stuffed toys–you don’t bounce on animals, you don’t pull their tails or ears, you don’t squeeze them tightly, or poke at their faces.

      Also, George is most definitely old enough to learn to wait briefly for his parents’ attention. He should not be interrupting them while they are greeting people or in the midst of a short conversation. In these situations, by stooping down to him and especially turning their backs on whomever they were talking to, Kate and Will are reinforcing that George’s want for attention will be granted immediately, no matter where. Simply by giving his hand a short, slight squeeze or even turning and saying to wait a moment, he can learn a bit of patience.

      Kate and William remind me of those very doting, loving parents who you see trying to rationalize with their demanding child in the checkout lane, while holding up a line of people, or who watch with puzzled amusement as their darling little one tears open every sugar packet on their restaurant table. Yes, George and Charlotte are cute–like every young child–but Kate and Will need to start setting some limits.

  13. Holy crap, I don’t get what was the point in dredging these 2 poor kids halfway around the world for a playdate and boarding a plane. Wow.

    1. What were their best/most photographed moments? When the kids were out. So sadly, their trump card is still the kids. They know that. This trip would have been an epic snooze fest if they hadn’t brought them. They’ll be hidden until they either need some pr or Christmas time.

    2. It surely limited the amount of time they had to spend in public. Had to spend time with kids in the morning and be back to tuck them in in the evening. The kids party was their way of showing that they are hands-on parents it seems.

    1. God knows. She has similar ones at least 2-3. Maybe she wants to reach a certain number, and when it is done, she goes after a new colour.:)))

    1. 93,000 total.

      Now that included her jewelry and some of her clothe that she previously owned. But the majority of it was brand-new. My lord!

  14. I actually like the coat. I just don’t get the point of a new coat like this when she has already a lot of similar ones in closet! Also don’t get the point of dressing up like this for a seaplane ride but maybe that’s just me…

    Overall this tour was just boring, lacked substance and most often seemed like a nice tourist trip for WK. Don’t get me wrong, the Canadian people did a wonderful job through the whole tour and I for sure would have loved to visit all these places but for a Royal tour this was just bad! They spent more time travelling, and having ended the day early than actually working… and yes, the kids have been cute but if that what stays of a tour, they did something wrong!

    1. Exactly. And she will wear this coat, almost identical to literally tens of other coats she owns, once against the press will fall all over her for her thriftiness.

    2. I thought George would have really enjoyed meeting the Canadian Indians and watching their dancing especially the children dancing. Now that would have been great PR pictures. Why bring the kids and not let them enjoy all the country had to give.

  15. Hello everyone. First I would like to say a Thank you very much the KMR for the excellent coverage of this tour. As always you expressed concern to cover every detail of the event. Overall I thought this tour was extremely boring, even more than the tour of India. It did not made headlines and the most exciting day was the party with the kids, which is worrying because when two children call more attention to a so-called diplomatic event is because the power and influence of the Royal parents is really minimun.

    On the issue of fashion (in fact the only thing about Kate that we were able to discuss) I just enjoyed three looks: the blue of the arrival, the red dress and the gray sweater. Others I found boring as usual. Kate once again demonstrated how much she is dependent on William, no speech, no solo engagement, which shows that she is certainly only a mannequin.

    On the issue of parents, I find Kate extremely artificial with her children, without any spontaneity, always running behind Charlotte and keeping some distance from George when she bends down to talk to him. She knows she is being filmed and therefore acts for the cameras. The white dress (completely inappropriate for a children’s party) shows that she is not concerned with the event but to show a regal pose sounding too artificial for me. As someone wrote, “she was not dressed for the party, she was dressed for the cameras.” Perfect words. Kate acts as a “regal mother” and everyone has to praise her for it. I’m not saying that she does not love their children, I just think she works for the cameras as she does in many engagements she attend. I think William more natural, he does not sound artificial when he is with his children and I am very happy for it. The picture of George hugging him is gorgeous.

    On the issue of kids, I loved seeing Charlotte run to the balloons, and her smile was contagious. I think she has more personality than her mother, which does not surprise me. I just think tha someone shouldnt have stopped her from bouncing on the dog. It was sad to see. Poor dog. Even though he was a trained dog, otherwise he could have gotten up abruptly and dropped Charlotte or worse he could have bitten her. Of course she did not know what she was doing, so I blame her perfect and hands-on mother for not having interfered. Teach your daughter early Kate that dog is not pad and has to be handled delicately. It irritates me the fact that the DM is insisting on making Charlotte look like the queen. I do not see similarity between Charlotte and the queen, especially with Elizabeth as a child, but this type of report draws attention to the appearance of Charlotte and leads many people who do not find her cute to write words that are often classified as rude when people are just saying they do not find Charlotte cute. Of course there are sordid comments about the appearance of Charlotte but this is due to this kind of reporting. It is a relief Charlotte resembles nothing Diana, so she (Charlotte) can have her own identity.

    As for George, well I did not see the boy described by William and Kate but I can understand. I have a nephew who is very naughty at home, but when in public he is quite shy. At school a teacher nicknamed him “Lord” by how he’s behaved. But at home the “Lord” is a true “Imp”. I think George is like my nephew: naughty at home but shy in public.

    On the issue of William, more gaffes, which really proves that he and Kate are completely unsuitable for the role they occupy. My God, what will be the UK if William is king? I say “if” because I still have hope that somehow William comes out of the line of succession and take his lineage with him. Someone deserves a stupid and arrogant king and queen whose interest is aroused only in what she wears? Absolutely not.

    Well, this was my summary of this “tour” which for me was just a vacation of Cambridges.

    Everyone have a good day.

    1. I see a teeny tiny resemblance to the queen, but not much.

      Lady Sarah Chatto, on the other hand, the similarities there are undeniable. They look VERY much alike.
      I guess that comparison wouldn’t draw as many sales, clicks or cutesy comments about likeness, as opposed to QE2.

      Charlotte also seems to have Carol and Pippa’s hooded eyelids.

    2. I’m a 65 year old Canadian pensioner and I can tell you that the Canadians did not give a damn about these ignorant spongers. Our selfie prime minister Trudeau probably did not initiate this invite to them, but rather was ‘told’ that Queeney needed them to bring back some good publicity from the colonies. Don’t be fooled, Canadians saw through that from day one and it all went downhill from there

      1. I suspected as much, Claudia. It is very self-serving ie trying to convince people that monarchy is relevant to their lives to ward off republicanism. There’s been quite a focus on Canada in that respect. The Windsors just cost too much money to support, serving no purpose to modern life.

        The use of the two kids, the spooky little ‘thank you Canada’ video, plus William’s ‘we’re going to be in your lives forever’ speech are crude attempts to keep the status quo. I can understand if high profile Brits are sent to enable diplomatic efforts re. trade, educational initiatives etc but the Cambridge’s are lightweights in this respect. Plus, they don’t prepare for anything, so, why bother with them?

      2. Claudia, your comment speaks directly to questions I had, namely, why would Trudeau have offered the invitation, and why would the Queen have approved it? I had wondered what benefit Trudeau saw in this tour – for Canada or for himself politically.

      3. Claudia, your comment brought a light about the reason of this tour. I am relieved that Canadian people saw what the real reason was and that they were not fooled by the “perfect Cambridge family”.

    3. Jamel, so well stated, as usual! Hope all is well with your mother and you!

      May I add, that I think this tour will be remembered for the admission that William made in regard to never reading their briefs. Way to go, Prince Charming. You surely know how to work a room!

      1. My mother is well jenny, thank you very much for asking. And yes this tour will be remembered for William’s admission about never reading his briefings. Pathetic, arrogant and rude man.

  16. Very classy coat, but since she’s got a billion of coats, it was disappointing. It did make me chuckle though how to go home she changed her daytime outfit to wear a coat dress, long hair, and beige pumps…makes me think her experiments in fashion only happen abroad. I adore the children but I think it was a very long trip to see them for only a short while, and they won’t remember it. I’m glad we got to see Charlotte more though, in particular, since she’s been a mystery to me. She’s got a great personality. I also think William is at his best when with his kids. He seems genuinely content with life, which unfortunately is not often the case. He needs to better prepare himself, though, his comments on not reading the notes are inexcusable. I liked Kate’s arrival outfit, the evening red dress, and her final day outfit (but that is more because I thought she was really friendly with people). Some videos show her being rather thoughtless (if not downright rude), this one video of the flowers being a prime example. The article about the hotel staff also irked me. She’s clueless at times, and that’s a real shame, since when she does show warmth towards others (the hug of the First Nations woman, some interactions talking to people in the crowd), she has a lovely smile and can leave a positive impression. I’m really curious about her solo engagement to the Netherlands since she didn’t get any public speaking assignments on this tour.

    Kate always wears cream or white with Charlotte, aside from the arrival outfit. The christening, the Alps, the trooping, the garden party, the departure.

    So, which tour did you all prefer? India or Canada? They both seem like a lot of money for the meager results. But, I give the edge to Canada since Will and Kate seemed happier together and they did do some visits that dealt with difficult issues with no “How Interesting!”moments, thankfully, as far as we know. And although the children were a photo opportunity, they also were great fun for Will and Kate. Whereas, I got the impression the Taj Mahal trip was just for the picture alone.

    1. In terms of outfits, I liked India better.

      Apart from the blue JP, red Preen dress, the Sentaler (?) jacket and the green DG (if it didn’t have the big gold buttons), I didn’t like any of her outfits on this tour.

      In terms of making a difference and highlighting particular areas, Canada is just ahead. Mostly because of the two engagements that happened on their last day, and highlighting Canadian Indigenous culture.

    2. Loved the Canada tour, but I’m biased? Our country pulled out the stops for them and Mother Nature did the rest. I will add that I loved the Bhutan stop during the India tour just as much- what a beautiful country and warm welcoming people as well. Plus Kate’s faces during the archery contest (while wearing her traditional style skirt backwards!) were a highlight for me- too funny

      1. Yes Ray our country’s natural beauty just killed it during this tour! I went to Vancouver and Victoria a few years ago and it was so stunning! I loved seeing mountains in the distance, in whichever direction I looked.

        1. Ray, your words are so spot on I hope many people who have yet to visit Vancouver and Victoria will have the chance to do so! Spectacular!

          I love your sense of humor, too. “Kate’s faces during the archery contest, indeed. All the while wearing her traditional style skirt backwards!” Perfect!

  17. Charlotte for the best fashion. I love her outfit. I also like Kate’s coat (I would lose those pocket flaps). Catherine Walker still has the impeccable tailoring that the brand is known for, and I think less frou-frou flatters Kate. Yes, it was a bit boring, but that is good for royalty, puts the emphasis on the person and what they are doing, or should be doing, instead of a fashion show.

    I’m torn on the cost. If she wears a lot of recycled clothes, would we criticize her for insulting the host country by not having new fashions? I wonder what the Queen’s clothes cost? I think it’s telling that the outfits I like best were not the most expensive. Kate is paying a lot for shoddy fabric and bad tailoring. I do think she is spending far too much on clutches that nobody really cares about.

    The whole tour? Pointless. The Queen or Charles touring makes sense politically, but WK are too far down the pecking order. They need to stay home and do a lot more nitty gritty stuff in the UK. They are far from representatives of the people now.

    I’m giving her a pass on the bouquet; a toddler in one arm and a big bouquet in the other hand is too much. William should have been holding Charlotte so Kate could accept the bouquet. Inept staff failing to plan.

    1. The Queen has a huge wardrobe, but she goes to the same 2 couturiers for decades as well as having a personal tailor who makes her clothes. The tailor says that they often re-work already worn clothes or fabrics to create entirely new outfits all the time.

      The two items she’s extravagant about are her hermes scarves and her white gloves. If i recall, there has been a repeated suggestion that she wears new gloves every day that she wears gloves and her scarves are replaced quite frequently.

      The shoes and handbags tend to be replaced seasonally, but she often prefers repairs rather than outright replacement.

      She’s worn practically the same hat style each year (meaning she wears the same style hat for an entire year or two before changing the style to a different style which is then worn for an entire year) for the past decade except for the colour and fabric and occassional which makes me think they aren’t as expensive since they are the same hat.

      As for Kate/William + the babies, Kate is always mindful of the image she is projecting and would rather be uncomfortable than take the eady option – see those airplane descents. William seems much less intent on the image he is projecting even if the wife is pising so hard next to him.

      1. I’d love to see the Queen’s wardrobe. She is an interesting mixture of frugal and extravagant, but I think she dresses for the job, not Vogue covers. Her team does a great job designing clothes that work for her position.

        Where do you think Kate keeps her clothes? I picture a big BRF warehouse, with generations of clothing.

          1. Yes, I have that book. Everything was so well organized. I remember the row of color co-ordinated umbrellas.

            Perfect example that Kate should follow. She should have a dresser and a LIW instead of that poorly trained inefficient staff.

        1. I’m guessing that Kate keeps her clothes on her floor’d’robe, I’m basing this on the number of times we’ve seen photos of Kate wearing badly creased coats.

  18. Thank you KMR! 🙂 Once again you did a marvelous job with your posts, selection of photos and thoughtful comments. 🙂

    And what is the quintessence of this tour? Hm,…. at the end of the day it was great publicity for Canada. But in days like these, post Brexit the purpose of such a Royal tour should be soft diplomacy, building bridges between different countries, networking,….not only for/with charities (as important as charities are!!!) but for British economy. Whenever other Royals go on a tour (the Danish, Swedish, Spanish) you will see them visiting production sites, universities, laboratories. They will meet people with economic, scientific, political background.

    All we got here was a Duke who can’t be bothered to read his briefings and a clamp munching Duchess. That’s it. What a waste of time and money.

  19. As ever, I suspect we don’t see them leaving on the ‘big plane’ home because it’s holiday time! Someone wake me up if reports come in about all four of them landing in the UK, my money is on a quick break to ‘recover’ from this gruelling work-week.

  20. Dear Kate
    Please don’t rush and take your usual long strides when walking with your daughter, she will get left behind as her legs are shorter than your legs.
    She will enjoy walking with you so much more if you don’t rush her.

    1. Thanks, Mrs. BBV. All I can say is, I’m shocked. The most expensive tour ever wardrobe-wise and that is what she had to show for it? Shameful to be spending so much when so many people are in dire need.

      1. Well to be fair if the jewellery was taken out of that bill it would be £30 000 less but still clothes for an official ‘casual’ tour with no evening engagements costing £35 000. It’s staggering…..and I like buying high end. But I wait until sale time, save for months, trade on eBay to generate extra spends and buy very few cheaper items to justify one designer piece. Even if I had her unlimited budget I just couldn’t justify 20 green coats that all look the same. I’d love to know who and how they are cataloging and curating her wardrobe because there is no cohesion or strategy that I can see. It really is just a case of buy what she wants when she wants it.

        1. And if we buy a nice item, it will last for many wearings, because we made sure it was classic and well made.

          I don’t think anyone is curating.

        2. Is it just me but did Kate seem to not pay George any attention. It was like he was on his own unless William would try to keep
          him company. I felt sorry for the little guy when they were leaving to hoard the water plane. George was reaching for his mommys hand and she shoves him away so the people could see her and her daughter. Shame on her.

    2. That’s a lot of money to spend for barely uttering a word in public, waving and baring lots of teeth.

      And like Fifi, no, there is no ‘curation’, just thoughtless, indiscriminate spending.

  21. Can you imagine how much the outfit would have popped with deep red/mahogany shoes (the color of Char’s sweater, essentially). *sigh*
    I’m getting sick of George’s outfits…they look so outdated and it’s like he’s wearing the same outfit over and over and over again. Love the cream coat.

    1. Yes, and with her brunette hair I think that she could use some darker shoes for balance. Burgundy would have been a beautiful choice! I hope she gets a personal stylist to help her with her outfits next time.

    1. When I first saw it I didn’t realise it was official but thought it was from a fansite. It’s almost stalkerish in execution.

    2. That is odd. I bet these are the same professional videographers that filmed Will and Kate wishing the Olympic athletes good luck.

    3. What the…?? That is beyond bad. Plus the quote “We have created such happy memories for our children during this visit” confirms 100% that (a) the kids were just props for the parents, and (b) the trip was a holiday. It’s all about them, again.

      Where is the video about wanting to meet as many Canadians as possible? Where is the video about being enriched by, and highlighting, the First Nations people? Where is the video about meeting people from mental health organisations and drawing together common threads from their observations (let’s not call it work) in the UK?

      1. You said, it Jen. Better than I could.
        My mood has turned around so quickly that I need to sip some herbal tea and play with my daughter when she awakens from her nap. Her smiles will lift my spirit. I’m on a downslide.

      2. Well said Jen. And KP wants people to see W&K as world mental health ambassadors. Really? It is a joke. I always thought about this tour as a family holiday and the thank you video only confirms this. By the way, this video is hideous.

    4. Proves what we’ve been saying for a long time that Jason and/or his office staff are complete idiots.

      What kind of numbskull doesn’t critically review? From top to bottom this was bad. It’s elitist and the worst kind of arrogant and insensitive to use native music to put with the children’s party highlights.

      It tries to make W&K look in tune with native people and Canadians while at a handpicked party that their children didn’t really interact with the Canadian children at.

      It should have been used to show the native dancers as the active point and W&K passively appreciating, then beautiful scenery and other quick cuts from them shaking hands and mixing with the people.

      The slow motion is disturbing and odd. Just bad! If he doesn’t get fired after this awful year, I…. F@$$#% ….

      Yes, it’s about like that @%#$$@.

      Thanks for linking for us Lauri.

      1. Oh same here! I felt like I was watching the beginning of a horror movie, waiting for something bad to happen!

        I don’t get how anyone could think this was a proper way to thank someone. Ugh, just so bad

      1. That’s interesting if true about Canadian Heritage crafting this. I have a hard time believing that someone could be that clueless but you never know.

    5. Haha! I wasn’t going to watch but then I read all the comments about how creepy it was!! Pennywise comment was spot on! WTH was that music. Not only creepy but it showed that the people were just kinda standing around watching them vs them interacting with the people. They should delete that asap!

      1. And George is so often alone in the shots… maybe that is all they had to pick from but is almost seemed like an SNL parody film.

        1. It’s freaky, isn’t it? I’m still shaking my head over this one. It’s right up there with Will saying he didn’t read his briefings.

          KP may not have made it, but they should have immediately seen that it had an off look and not put it out. People will make all manner of things; that doesn’t mean they have to become sanctioned by KP. No excuse.

    6. Another weird thing KP did was post a pic pf the four of them thanking Canada, but it is a picture from such a weird angle, that Charlotte can’t even be seen. It is so weird, why would they choose that picture?

    7. Latest update from DM is that KP put the video together, so no blame to Canadians. This was all KP yet again with no taste, brains, edit ability, or anything in between.

      What’s worse–Will admitting that he doesn’t read briefings and this video or Kate’s bare bum fly-up? Not really sure right now but I’m glad we didn’t get any bare shots.

    1. Exactly and when you read Fred and Mary’s schedule, there are no “private time”, they seem to be working a full day and having diplomatic receptions in the evening.

      They are meeting and networking with people from various industries in order to advance Danish trade interests, and they are also splitting up and doing solo engagements so that they are making the best use of the limited time. And Fred even managed to get in a charity run in. And all done in 4 days! This is what WK should be doing when they are at home and abroad: not on sightseeing, parties, learning about mental health (time to take concrete action like raising money and donating it to the Cdn charities via your foundation) and watching dance performances with plenty of private time thrown in for good measure.

    2. I wouldn’t be that quick to praise. In the past 10 days, Mary has worked about 4 events and worn $3000 worth of new clothes (all foreign designers) and $5000 in new jewelry.

      She and Kate Middleton are spendthrift. Both have huge wardrobes and need to wear what they have instead of constantly buying more.

      1. I too think that Mary is a spendthrift…but imo Mary does work more and tries to contribute to her role more than Kate does…but it is of course all relative. As Mary and Kate really do not work as much as most people with full time jobs do.

    3. I’m not a fan of this tour either. Mary spends plenty of money on how she looks. She is acting more as the ambassador and intelligent representative that a modern monarchy needs to be like, but she also comes off cold and sometimes arrogant. It’s a tough juggle that I really feel only Harry gets the closest to right.

      1. I was watching videos today on YouTube of the garden party. A few times a mom would walk up to
        Kate to talk with her and Charlotte. After a few words Kate would just walk off leaving that mom and child standing there. I’m praying the Queen will watch these videos. She will be very disappointed in Kate for her cold snobby ways. She was just about as rude as a woman could be. She made it clear she did not want other children around Charlotte.

  22. KMR, I need to add my thanks for your amazing coverage as well. You run a unique blog where people are able to like/ love Kate but also call her out when they feel she is slacking, and be comfortable with it. Glad to be part of this worldwide and so very interesting and diverse community you have created?

  23. Sorry, I know this is a post about WK Canada tour but just saw the short video of Crown Princess Mary reading to children in a hospital and found myself thinking how easy, yet intelligent and meaningful this was. Beside making the children happy, which may be the most important thing here, she read a story by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and imo that’s such a lovely way to share a bit of Denmarks culture!

    1. I think that the children would have difficulty understanding Kate with her OTT accent if she read to children. Besides, that’s almost like delivering a speech, something she does not do very often.

  24. So, after dressing up to leave, did they fly back to the UK after the seaplane tour, or have they extended their stay privately in Canada for a holiday eg in a luxury lodge somewhere, or go elsewhere for same?

  25. Have you seen today’s Mailonline? They have shown and costed all the outfits, it’s very interesting. I’m not sure why Kate wore a low cost jacket and jeans to the last event, expensive dresses to others?

  26. Canada tour was boring .. lacked substance.Could not understand why they brought the children on the tour .They were hardly seen .
    Can’t Kate just tie her hair .What is the necessity of show off all the time??She is always distracted by something.
    Both of them never appear genuine just fake attention.
    The tour sounded more like an holiday.

    1. May I say I was a teensy bit disappointed that she’s not batting 1.000 anymore? I actually bet against a full monty this trip, but the garden party crouch came close…

      1. Szolo I’m a bit disappointed also! I enjoyed waaaaay too much telling sugars from time to time that Kate has never had a successful tour without a flashing. Guess I can’t say that anymore. Although, I remain convinced she was trying as hard as she could to give us full frontal at that children’s party. All her squatting with her knees open was so unnecessary unless a flashing was her intention.

  27. Off topic, but Princess Beatrice visited Napal today after completing the strive challenge and raising funds for big change. “The UK’s Princess Beatrice of York, who is currently in Nepal, visited Tilganga Eye Hospital, and the Pashupatinath area in Kathmandu on Sunday, October 2, 2o16. Princess Beatrice, who is a grand daughter of Queen Elizabeth, spent around three hours at the hospital where she observed different services provided by Tilganganga, Nepal’s biggest eye hospital. She was then accompanied by her personal and embassy staffers to Pashupatinath, one of the holiest Hindu shrines in the world.”

    Now that is how a royal visit is done . She spent three hours in the hospital unlike some who arrive late and do minimal work

    1. I saw that. She’d completed a triathalon for charity as well. She was in the hospital with no make up, dressed down, she looked lovely.

  28. It can’t be said enough. They parade their children in a far away land, in front of people they’ll never see again. But an indistinct pic of George taken in public from a distance in Kensington Park throws Kate into a hissy fit. If you’re going to be king and take a bloody fortune in tax money until that far-off date, you can’t shroud your family like this. You can’t put up a wall between you and your subjects. You have to ensure that people see you as “one of us.” You’re British, for godsake. Your children are British. Stop acting like you’re something apart.

    1. I’m not even British, but I am beyond peeved at the way they parade the kids in Canada and then raze hell over blurry images in public places back on home soil.

  29. Just watching World News Tonight and they left us with the image of the foursome in back of the anchor who said, “This will probably be George’s and Charlotte’s last overseas visit for a long time. They return home to try to live a ‘normal childhood’ – whatever that means.” I just burst out laughing! Here is comes again, the barrage and cries of The Children must lead normal childhoods. *Sigh* Anyone else sick to death of hearing this? I would love to hear Kate and William explain how their children could lead anything close to normal lives? Even the – pardon my expression – “upper crust” children can’t really lead normal lives so I really would love to hear the weak explanation they would give about “normalcy” and how it relates to having Christmas dinner with the Queen and never having to worry about bills, being mugged, etc. That aside, the children, particularly Charlotte -or “Char” as I am sure she is “normally” called – really were scene-stealers during this tour. I loved Charlotte’s dress and she seems to have a fun little personality. (Just like her mum – wink, wink).

    1. ME!!! I *hate* the “normal” childhoods crap, because they use the word “normal” with the intention of getting middle class/poorer class people to care without telling anyone that by “normal” they mean super rich and entitled. They trick average people into thinking they normal by average standards, but that’s not at all what they really mean. The “normal” childhoods line is such a BS lie.

      1. I know, KMR, it gets me every time. Here’s normal, Kate and William: You both come home exhausted from jobs that you hate yet hope you don’t lose, only to discover that one or both of your children are coming down with colds. You have to miss a day’s wages at work and hope your doctor can squeeze you in so your kids can get checked over and some medicine. Because you love them, you hope that they are better the next day, but you also worry that if they aren’t you will have to lose another day’s wages. In the middle of the night, the little ones awake crying with fever and an earache, so you take them to the e.r. By the time you get home, you can either stay home from work, or try to get everyone some fluids and rest and crawl back into bed. You are happy the next day because your children are getting better and you tentatively send them to school. If you are lucky, your spouse helps you get some food and a shower in. There is no Nanny Maria to help and despite being severely sleep-deprived, you have to drive yourself to work. This is how 98 percent of families live. They are normal. You are rich, spoiled and will never understand what normal is like, despite the sugary media reporting how Kate came from such an average background and Diana made Will wait in line at McDonald’s.

        1. Lisa.S: you described my life right now. My husband has gotten sick too, but he’s been able to use his banked up vacay days to stay home and look after our son, while I am at work. Began a new job, so cannot afford to take time off, or I risk being terminated.

          1. Hi, and all best wishes to those who have sick spouses or kids.
            I’ve been home yesterday and today with two sick kids. Challenging, but something I want to do. Making chicken soup and giving get well cuddles is more important to me than any projects I am working on And, friends have jumped in to help me out, so I feel lucky. My husband, thankfully, has health insurance, so that is not a concern for our family now.

            This blog was a great diversion for me yesterday during the times my kids slept. They are both resting easily now, too.

            So best wishes to all and I hope that life is better for each of you. KMR, thanks again for building such a strong and caring community.

          2. Red Tuplip: My life at the moment too. THAT is what’s normal. Sorry for your troubles. I commiserate. I hope your husband feels better soon, and that one day, us peasants are treated as human beings who get ill.

          1. Cathy, Thank your for your kind regards and my family is feeling much better now. I hope you are well, too!!!! Lisa S and Red Tulip best to you and yours, too.

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