Prince William and Kate Middleton send their first tweet on Day 5 of Canadian Royal Tour

Prince William and Kate Middleton send their first tweet on Day 5 of Canadian Royal Tour

The Royal Tour of Canada is already half way over, and on Day 5 Prince William and Kate Middleton were in Yukon.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate’s first stop of the day was at MacBride Museum of Yukon History in Whitehorse (which The Queen and Prince Philip visited in 1959) where they sat in on a story circle with children and elders from the Language Nest program at Kwanlin DΓΌn First Nation’s Dusk’a Day Care, who read a story book in Southern Tutchone.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

Then the fun begins, because William and Kate joined Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry, and Sophie Countess of Wessex and tweeted. And by “tweeted” I mean they let someone else write the tweet and then they hit send. But it wasn’t any normal tweet, it was part of the “Telegraph to Tweet” guestbook at Yukon’s first telegraph office at the Museum where they use an old telegraph machine to type Morse code which is then translated into a tweet.

[Telegraph to Tweet @telegraph_tweet]

Former Yukon Commissioner and telegraph operator Doug Bell wrote out the tweet, and William and Kate hit the button to send it.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

Here’s a video of the tweeting.

And here’s the actual tweet they sent. They wrote: “THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE, SEPTEMBER 2016, WHITEHORSE YUKON” #ThisIsSoPersonal #YoureBlessedForMeetingUs #IAmAPrince

Even the Queen’s tweets are more personal than this. I realize that this was written on an old telegraph machine and that this is a guestbook, but still.

Kate is really touchy-feely with William this tour. This is the second time she’s touched him.

After William and Kate left the Museum, they viewed a Healing Totem, met members of Bring Youth Toward Equality (BYTE), walked through the Youth Art Festival, and then greeted the crowd.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate wore red again, because Canada. Which is fine; she looks good in red and at least it’s not blue. Kate wore a red coat by Carolina Herrera from the CH AW16 collection, her Annoushka Pearl Drop earrings, Cartier watch, carried her Maple Leaf scarf, her Mulberry Baywaters clutch in red suede, and new Tod’s burgundy Leather Fringe Buckle Detail Pumps (in black, they retailed for $665.00 but are on sale for $498.33). The pumps are really cute.


After the events in Whitehorse, William and Kate traveled to Carcross where they were given a traditional welcome by the Carcross Tagish First Nation people. The couple were given a hand-carved wooden totem as a gift.

William and Kate were given a tour of recently completed buildings and public spaces and met locals in the community. They painted the eye of a Tagish 35ft totem project, which takes a year to carve, to mark their visit.

The royal couple then traveled to Montana Mountain, which is known for its scenery and biking trails, where they met bikers from the Single Track to Success (S2S) project, which builds world class trails and provides life changing experiences to local youth.

Apparently, William spoke about how Prince George would have loved the biking trails. From the Mirror:

    “William and Kate watched children as young as three-year-old Prince George cycling around a small circuit as part of their training with the Boreale Warriors club. The couple told their hosts George might have enjoyed it. ‘They said he has been bombing around on a bike lately,’ Currie Dixon, sports minister for the Yukon said.”

I believe it. We’ve seen pap photos crop up of George riding a bike while out with Nanny Maria.

William and Kate toured a steam train (which was not scheduled but they decided to anyway once they were told that the Queen and Prince Philip had traveled on the train when they visited in 1959 – apparently William was super excited about learning this), but when they climbed down from the cab the train was stationed on a bridge on the White Pass and Yukon Route railway, so they had to sidestep their way back onto solid ground.

In a shocking to me move, Kate hugged a fan. From the Express:

    “Gwen Wally, 48, from the Carcross Tagish First Nation shouted out to Prince William, interrupting as he and Kate were chatting to her son, Shane Wally. ‘I love you. I loved your mum. I’ve been watching you since you were little,’ she shouted.
    “‘Is that your mother?’ William asked, laughing.
    “‘That is my mother,’ Shane, 26, said slightly awkwardly. ‘I was pretty nervous but also pretty proud. She is their biggest fan,’ he said after talking to the couple about a mountain bike trail scheme his family helped to set up at Montana Mountain in Carcross, Yukon, in northern Canada.
    “William and Kate walked across to a group of parents and grandparents involved in the project, including Mrs Wally. They hugged her and another member of the Carcross First Nation band, Susan James. Mrs Wally told the royal couple: ‘You just made the top of my bucket list. I’ve been following you since the days of Diana.’
    “She told Kate she had made some slippers for Prince George and Princess Charlotte but had been told she could not give then to the couple so planned to post them instead. ‘I’ll look out for them,’ Kate said.”

That’s really nice that Kate could make that woman so happy. I’m glad she did that.

For Carcross, Kate changed into a Sentaler “Wrap Coat with Ribbed Sleeves” in grey ($920) (the coat also comes in black, navy, and pink), skinny jeans, and a shirt underneath the coat. She kept the undo from earlier and wore earrings by Shelley MacDonald from Whitehorse (her Etsy shop is here).

Sentaler is a Canadian designer, as is Shelley MacDonald.

Kate also wore brown suede R. Soles cowboy boots. I don’t hate to be a cowboy boot snob: suede boots are dumb and impractical for anyone who actually rides horses, works on a farm, etc. Your boots are going to get dirty, you’re going to want to hose them off, and suede is super dumb for that purpose.

BTW, during the day, Tourism Victoria tweeted about how Prince George and Princess Charlotte had visited a petting zoo on September 27, but they were asked to delete it.

248 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton send their first tweet on Day 5 of Canadian Royal Tour

  1. Several pros on this for me. I actually really like the chunky heeled shoes. Something different for her. I also like the grey sweater. I also like the red coat but not the buttons and honestly how many red coats does she already have?!
    Yes, the hug was nice but in the pic she looks extremely awkward doing it. Not quite fully committed.
    The pic with William and the mini totem pole looks like he’s thinking ‘Hmmmm, what are going to do with this?’
    The real yay was actually getting to see some of the beautiful BC scenery!
    Thanks for the quick post. A happy before work!
    And really what’s with the deletion of the tweet about the kids?

    1. To me, the chunky heels looked like something the Queen would wear. I liked the red coat, but I thought it was a repeat as she has coats that look just like this one. So why was a new one needed, I can’t understand it. The grey wrap coat is just wonderful, it actually is the first Kate piece of clothing ever I’d buy if it wasn’t so expensive. What comes to deleting the tweet, I just don’t get it. After this fuss everyone gets to know where the kids went, and if they decide to bring the kids with them, they should understand it’d be a nice gesture to tell a little bit about what the kids have seen in Canada. Posting a pic of them at the zoo after their visit would have been a nice gesture to thank people, but obviously they don’t think that way.

      1. I honestly think she has no clue what she owns so to her what does it matter if she spends more of Charles’s money on another coat. There’s no real stylist working with her, only a PA who they have do her alterations so that’s one reason her clothes are altered so badly. It’s ridiculous.

        I am sure Kate thinks, I can always get another one! I doubt they catalogue anything she owns. It’s just – let’s buy another! I can have 20 red coats, right?!

  2. So a tweet about G&C visiting a petting zoo had to be removed – how precious – I could understand it if it was in advance of a visit – but afterwards ? Eye roll

    1. It was a day later, so I’m not sure why they were forced to delete it. It’s not like it was a security problem or anything since they were long gone by the time the tweet went out.

        1. Why bring them? If the kids went to a petting zoo and the tweet was posted after that, why delete it? It’s not a security threat and I am sure the public would like to know that Charlotte and George are having some fun, too. When’s that fishing trip with William, btw? We won’t be privy to that, even after it happens, I am sure.

    2. A post event tweet would have created goodwill which these two ding dongs sorely need. No one cares about this tour and the only time people really paid attention was when the kids were with them.

    1. I know! These shoes are probably the most “personality” filled shoes she has. I think they’re pretty – too bad they are out of my price range.

    2. I am so glad she wore shoes with more personality. However, if the heels were lower, they look like something the Queen would wear or someone over 60. Not exactly youthful or very fun in my opinion. I wonder if she will ever wear these again? Sorry, I love shoes and I really want to take Kate shoe shopping

    3. Ugh, I hated the shoes. Ugly heel, ugly color, old style. Bleeegh. Not belonging on the foot of a young Duchess. I would prefer any of the beige shoes to these! She seems to go from bad to worse. To each his own, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, blah blah, but those shoes were ugly.

      1. I think they’re clunky and awful in the way they are presented. But they could work given the right styling and attitude. To me they do resemble the queen’s probably because lacklustre Kate is wearing them teamed with a boring coat.

  3. I swear, something seems different with them – with Kate, in particular. If I were a betting gal, I’d put money on them having seen a counselor on that last getaway. (Was it France or Italy? I forget.) Maybe she got some help with anxiety? Maybe post partum has calmed down? Something seems to have changed between her and Will, too.

    1. Or maybe Kate is loving the fact that she’s getting another free vacation and a brand new wardrobe? I would be laughing and try to give handjobs in public too, to the man who made this dream life possible, lol.

      1. Kate touched William’s leg near his knee and then his arm. How is that “trying to give handjobs in public”?

        1. WK are at work. Period. So they should keep the touchy-feeliness to a minimum. I say this as a working woman with a happy marriage myself, mind you. I don’t go giggling and falling over my husband and touching his thighs, when he does occasionally visit me at work.

          1. I agree with you. Boyfriend and I met at work. And our boss had no idea we were dating for a few years. We kept it a secret for as long as we could. Eventually our friends started noticing that we drove to work together and figured it out. But we always were told that we were very professional. No PDA at work.

        1. When he does, it’s the hand on the lower back to guide her and the articles are all Williams is so on love and affectionate!! Bleh, I know we joke about the Brits being cold fish but that isn’t my idea of being affectionate! I think it’s more to move her along =)

    2. I noticed the “touchy feely” moments too. They’ve rarely (since first being outed as a couple, back in 2002) been the affectionate type, especially in public. Something is going on and I’m curious (and feeling uber nosey πŸ˜‰ ).

      1. I think it is just PR for the firm. They have to sell us the fairy tale of the beautiful, perfect royals, living happily ever after. Pictures say more than words, and so PR people gave them instructions how to look in love, caring, being engaged etc., in public.

      2. The argument back then was to keep their privacy. Now they’re married. Their romance is no secret. Makes no sense to me for them to keep hiding being affectionate.

  4. So what’s the point of the Royal children visiting and living in Canadian taxpayer funded nurseries, if the host country cannot even stand to benefit their tourism numbers from the Royal children visiting a petting zoo? Get over yourself WK! I doubt that your children will grow up to be King and Princess (I don’t see the big fuss with George and Charlotte. They seem to have closed off, unfriendly personalities and are definitely not the amazingly cute kids that everyone makes them out to be) , as UK will hopefully kick your sullen and lazy butts out long before then! And Kate doesn’t look like she wants to hug that lady; her body language looks uncomfortable and like she is wanting to pull back! I bet their advisors told Kate & Will to try and be more tactile and spontaneous during this tour; hence we are getting Will being super animated like a hyper clown, Kate’s near handjobs of William and now this hug.

      1. KMR, I am not insulting them. It seems to be their personalities or from what we can see of it anyway. And if I don’t think they are super adorable, then that doesn’t mean I am insulting them either. However, if it offends you, I will respect your wishes and refrain from commenting about G & C’s personalities.

  5. I want those Tod’s. I need them. Badly. I would rock them with a wide legged trouser and a cropped sweater or crisp blouse. I love the gray sweater. It looks so warm, cozy, and stylish. Not a fan of the painted on jeans and suede boots. I like the color red on Kate bit the button placement was unfortunate. She was holding a beautiful tartan that we never got to see πŸ™ My gripe is the hair. It seriously dates her. A slick pony would have been perfect. This is my favorite look of the tour.

    I am so glad that she hugged that woman. That was probably the sweetest thing we’ve seen her do. William even looked good.

    Here is my issue: Kate needs to speak. Or take the lead. William never prompts her to sign her name first or press a button on her own. I feel that the only thing I can talk about in regards to her is her clothes. And after a while, it gets old.

    Thank you so much for your coverage, KMR.

    1. I agree. I thought about that when they visited the rainforest and William said a few words on the conservation initiative. That was a speech Kate could have easily taken on (since I doubt William actually wrote it). This tour has been so light it would be the perfect opportunity for her to start speaking publicly.

      It’s disappointing. She has the power to do so much, to change so many things. This will sound mean, but I’ll never understand how can anyone admire her and see her as a role model.

      1. I totally agree rhiannon and Paula. I remember when the Obamas visited Brazil and Michelle Obama had several separate engagements. She was fantastic and spoke very properly on the subject and she was very well informed about what she would find. Of course you can not compare Kate with Michelle Obama, but Kate could at least read a short speech and show some personality. Like you Paula I’ll never understand how can anyone admire Kate and see her as a role model.

    2. I agree rhiannon, it really gets old to just speak about Kate’s clothes. She really needs to speak and do her “own thing”. The tour in Canada would have been perfect opportunity to solo engagements. Visit a charity focusing on mental health, a hospital, even some sports thing to help people… she needs to learn to speak in public and to make small talk but she won’t be able to do that just standing around and looking pretty!

      1. Yes, rhiannon. I think we need to see some stand up performances from the couple. The kind that will really stand out. This trip is one of exceptional beauty for them. The scenery, the people! I would be so delighted to make such a jaunt.

        I think Kate does seem more relaxed and I guess she is still too insecure to get out there and make some amazing talks, but wow, would I like to see that. William, too!

        Despite the magnificent scenery and a well thought out number of visits for the Cambridges, this tour seems to be falling on its face. I agree with others. It’s as if they don’t want to be there. And, why not? Maybe, they feel they are being jerked around and used. But, for goodness sake, aren’t they using others? Who gets so much for so little in return?

        I would like to give Kate credit for being more relaxed and friendly in some instances. Overall, though, I am bored and I wanted this trip to soar!

    3. I could talk about clothes all day, but you’re right. I’m even running out of steam on this small tour. At this point, I’m most interested in seeing the children and not because of what they’re wearing!

    4. Rhiannon, as always, you hit the nail on the head.

      I, too, was glad to see Kate hug the woman and in the photo, she does seem to be sincere in her warmth toward the lady. I am sure the lady’s day was made. I do hope Kate does look out for the handmade gifts the woman wants to send Charlotte and George. That woman really was sincere in her love and interest in William and Kate and I think Kate was showing her some warmth, too.

      Loved the grey sweater, too. So cozy. The red coat? Not so much. I think the red buttons really did not do it justice.

      I didn’t like Kate’s hair, either. Not very youthful, at all.

      The totem pole — the large standing one- was so beautiful I laughed at WIlliam’s face in the photo where he was holding the smaller one he was gifted. Ah, the photographer may have caught one quick look of confusion, but still…

      The scenery is so beautiful and makes me long to head back to that area someday. It’s spectacular!

      Thank you, KMR.

    5. Rhiannon, I agree 100%. I loved the grey sweater look, probably because this is how I dress, on a muuuuch lower budget of course.

      But you touched on a key issue, Kate still seems dependent on William. 5 years into this job she should be doing separate engagements, giving her own speeches, showing some initiative. Instead we applaud her for not flashing anyone and touching her husband casually. She isn’t a role model. She is barely a Duchess. Is this the best she can do? I think this is all we are ever going to get from her. And him. They didn’t mess up (except for William’s admitting he doesn’t prepare) but they didn’t do a good job either. This is how they will be forever. And it isn’t good enough.

      1. You know, JT, I don’t believe that Kate is dependent on Willy out in public. I think she just wants him to do any work while she works at being royal arm candy. She is so lazy that deferring to him is really about maintaining her slacker status.

  6. The only good things that I’ll say:

    – she wore a Canadian designer finally! And the sweater coat is lovely! If I could afford it, I’d buy something like this with my own hard earned money. If Canada is paying for her clothes, then this selfish woman should at least wear Canadian designers in order to promote them!

    – the stunning scenery! Yukon is on my bucket list, as a Canadian!

    – glad that their advisors have organized a tour where WK will be meeting First Nations communities. Even though there is far less media coverage and interest in this tour, than previous ones, at least the various First Nations culture and their current challenges are being highlighted. How Canada treats the First Nations is deplorable! Look up Attawapiskat for more info.

    1. I loved the scenery on this day of the tour, too. The Healing Totum is beautiful. I also love that sweater and those cowboy boots on KM.

      KM’s touchy moves seemed to have appeared after the Trudeaus were seen being so affectionate. I know that sounds cynical, but KM mirrors other people’s behavior if they get praise for it. Remember the announcement right before they left for Canada that she’s leading a round table on mental health in the Netherlands? I felt that her PR team needed to show that she could do something professional because Sophie Trudeau is a dynamo. Also Crown Princess Victoria’s work in New York was featured in the press. Too many coincidences of her copying a certain behavior right after some other royal or public figure is featured for their accomplishments. I think all the praise lavished on the Trudeaus’ marriage has something to do KM’s constant touching (although Wills doesn’t reciprocate). Maybe Carole sent her a text to spur her on to show more affection because of reports that KM looked dull and disinterested. I think her mother is her biggest counsel in her life and Carole would be watching what’s reported in the press like a hawk. Also, KM’s enthusiasm has jumped as the week as progressed. Someone told her to act more lively. I think it’s Carole, master minder of the dull duo.

      1. Yes. Diana appeared disinterested in Charles and suddenly the Wales’ marriage was over. Kate has always displayed over-the-top adoring looks at William (though she may actually feel that way) and it’s hard not to be cynical about her doing it as a PR move that the Cambridge marriage will be the fairytale love story the Wales’ wasn’t. I think you’re absolutely right about why she’s more touchy-feely.

    2. I think any time a host country has to pay for her tour clothes and she intends on wearing them again, she needs to pay the host country back for the clothes.

      Why should we pay for her wardrobe? (I’m from Australia).

      1. What is this bullshit that the host country has to pay for her clothes? I can understand the cost of travel and accommodation but she has enough clothes already and could wear what she has. I don’t need to see a new boring dress when she doesn’t even bother picking mostly Canadian designers.

        More reasons to push for the end of this nonsense.

      2. Charles pays. The host country pays for the rest–security, accommodation, food, etc. The accommodation is taken care of by being in the official residences, most of the time. W&K though get luxury hotel stays and private days at luxury retreats in their tours, like in Australia and in Canada in 2011 there was only a tiny cabin with an outhouse so the government fixed it up and made it luxurious for just them. afaik it was near Lake Louise I believe?

        1. Charles does not pay for the tour wardrobe. With each Royal tour a grant is given by the Foreign Office of the U.K. Hence all the new clothes for every tour and very few repeats. This is referenced in Ken Wharfe’s ‘Closely Guarded Secret’ If we want to be really exact that means the British Tax Payer pays.

          1. I’ll add that where Charles pays eg the hairdressing bills, he gets it back on tax so really her clothes, grooming and hairdressing bills are tax payer funded from the British purse via the Foreign office/ HMRC whilst everything else is covered by the host country.

            You’d think she’d throw a bone to her various funders eg the Tourism canada thing ( though i can understand the commercial endorsements by royals trouble that might have landed them in), support the designers of the countries she’s visiting or stick to British designers or both.

            By shopping mostly at, William is also buying mostly European brands and has clearly abandoned Saville Row tailoring which means that industry isn’t getting a boost from the royals.

            Mrs BBV: imagine afew years into the future when WK are handing out royal warrants. Clearly Dolce & Gabbana will receive one, no? Which will be a headscratcher for everyone.

          2. D & G have a real image problems IMO being that they are openly against same sex parenting. I don’t understand her fixation with them as designers.

      3. I think their clothes should just come out their being Royal payday!! They don’t have rent/mortgage payment, I’m sure they electric p/water/trash bill is payed by someone else too, so all that hard earned money can go towards all their clothes.

  7. Well, what should I say? Appropriate attire, that’s for sure. The shoes are way better than the usual nude court shoes, the hair is great also. This should become her standard look for official engagements. BUT! The placement of the top buttons on the red coat! Oh my God! That’s what I would call a royal nipplegate πŸ™‚ Couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the pictures on the DM.

    1. She has a style team – are they asleep at the wheel ? Head Shake – I have to think that someone else chose the arrival outfit on Day 1 as it is by far the best she has looked so far

    2. Seriously, I think she does it on purpose. It’s blatantly obvious that those buttons are mini headlights! Without them, she would appear to have no bust. Same with the directional darts in the green dress…look here! I think she’s run out of any free passes with her flashing, and something was said after the near disaster at Ghandi’s memorial, so she wears things that will –pardon the pun — titillate herself/William/the public. It gives the viewers something to talk about!

  8. Am I the only one that thought this coat looked like so may of her other ones? She buys so many similar coat dresses. But I loved the second outfit of the day.

    Do you think they bought the earrings last minutes, like said in Whitehorse, because it was being commented on that Kate has not really showcased any Canadian designers this trip?

    1. ALL her clothes are the same. Just different shades. Her million pairs if the same black/navy/nude/etc shies. Her coats.. all the exact same!

      1. Emilia Wickstead teal coatdress in Dunedin for Church and (repeated) Rebecca Taylor navy suit in Porirua for departure. Plus 3 three more local pieces whist in AU

        1. Hi Sydney. Both those designers are already well known. I had been hoping for Kate to wear and show support for some lesser known designers. We have some great designers in NZ and if Kate had worn some of their work it would have been great publicity and a great way to showcase New Zealand. That is what I expected from someone who is meant to be fashion icon, according to DM that is.
          I should have been more precise in my previous comment.

  9. I really think that the process for clothing for Royal Holidays – opps – Tours needs to be re-thought. We don’t need to see numerous $5k dresses, coats, jewels etc that the Canadian taxpayer has to pick up the bill for. How about High Street or boutique British and Canadian designers ? No more that $1k per total all up for anything new that she wears to any one event. Exception for any formal evening events. She can re wear her own shoes and accessories and earrings that POW pays for if she wants higher end things during the day – and to be fair – she has done so on some occasions. This would give a boost to less well known or non couture designers. D&;G etc don’t need a plug, and most probably are not happy that the clothes are later altered to ruin the fit and style.

    1. It bugs me that Kate chooses such well established design houses so frequently. For the more formal occasions, sure go with the big design houses, but for day events choose less well known designers in order to help them out and keep things interesting.

      1. I recently read that some of the smaller Commonwealth countries have declined the opportunity of Royal Walkabouts from W&K – with the suggestion that they can’t afford the full cost of hosting them and their entourage. It is one thing to have Harry particiapte in sporting events – the cost is minimal – probably a few new rugby shirts with event emblams – otherwise he is in his normal clothing.

        1. I wonder what will happen when Harry marries and his costs go up due to his wife’s clothing budget. I wonder if the smaller nations will want him to visit.

          1. I wonder if his wife would be given the huge budget Kate has been given. (IMO probably no budget at all–she gets what she wants and Charles and his accountants suddenly blanch when they see the bills.)

          2. I doubt Harry’s wife will have the same sort of allowances that Kate gets. Neither Harry nor his wife and children will have the same sort of allowances that William, Kate, George, and Charlotte get. I actually feel sorry for Harry’s wife and we haven’t even met her yet: won’t get the clothing allowance, won’t get as nice a house; will constantly be compared to Kate, and negatively because the palace can’t have the spare’s wife outshine the heir’s wife; and so much more.

          3. Fergie tried to keep up with Diana’s spending on Andrew’s very limited (by comparison to PoW) income. No wonder she ended up in so much debt. Also in those days the gifting / discounting culture was in full swing. The only way she could keep up was by becoming Freebie Fergie. Of course what she failed to understand was that she didn’t need to keep up but when she did recycle the press called her Frumpy Fergie. I too am fed up of the use of foreign designers. Diana used British in public and in private did exactly as she pleased. Kate should be doing the same.

          4. Harry’s wife either needs to come from a very rich family, so she doesn’t need to rely on a meager? allowance *or*be the kind of woman who doesn’t need to be the best and the richest and just loves her man and they are happy working together with his charities. I’m hoping for a combination of the two!

      2. There is an article on the Daily Mail today about how Kate is finally finding the perfect style with “appropriate” designers, rather than low budget designers – calling it Hollywood style. It totally ripped on her India clothing for this reason. Seems that the press can’t make up their mind about who Kate is. I thought she was supposed to be more in touch with “real” people with her fashion sense? Now, she’s finally hit her prime? Can’t have it both ways.

        1. I just went and read it. Ugh. Having a “movie star” quality is not about the amount of money spent on clothing, it’s about having charisma and confidence to wear clothing, and styling. You can wear a cheap dress, style it in a fun way, and have a ton of charisma and it can look fantastic. Or you could wear a $5000 dress, style it the most boring way possible, look insecure, and it will look terrible. It’s about the person wearing the clothing, not the price tag of the clothing.

          I think it’s funny that they did a side-by-side comparison of the red McQueen from Day 2 of this tour and the Topshop dress from the India tour, saying the McQueen is better, because I dislike that McQueen as a dress (though as a skirt it would be fine) and really like the Topshop dress.

          1. I also thought it amusing with the side by side of the McQueen and Topshop, because immediately I thought the Topshop look was much better, she looked lovely.

          2. You got it, KMR. I read that article yesterday and was rolling my eyes all the way through it.

            Charisma is not part of Kate’s make-up That’s fine, but when the press keeps building her up for such a stellar persona, it just irks me greatly. She does not have to be Diana Two. She doesn’t have to be the most trendy of dressers, or the most out there individual. She just has to be herself and I don’t think she knows who she is. She does seem happier on this tour, but I still don’t think she has found her true self yet. Wish her luck in doing so as then, she will really be happy and it will show!

          3. A couple years back a couple stars wore H&M to Some red carpet events. I think the cost was under a $100.
            They looked lovely and now I wish I could remember who it was. I think one was a short ensemble. Anywhoo, just proves that as long as your confident in your self, you need the exorbitant price tag

        2. Nothing about Kate is Hollywood. Nothing. Except maybe her hair. In which case I look forward to articles on her bald spots due to traction alopecia in a few years.

        1. If you look at her high street clothing as a GF, with limited clothing budget, she still wore only the more expensive clothes on the high street. Occassionally you’d have a topshop dress, but for the most part she was buying according to price rather than quality. And when she went to Bicester village, an outlet mall, she often shopped in the expensive designer outlet shops.

          It has to be said that high end high street stores like Jigsaw, Reiss etc tend to have good finish compared to outright designer clothing.

          Shopping by price as opposed to really understanding how to shop to suit her body, how to accessorise, how to dress to occasion etc is how she shopped as a GF. Now she has Charles’s black amex, the sky is the limit.

        2. Yes, Kate thinks that an exorbitant price tag is what makes anyone look fabulous. So, I guess she thinks she’s getting more stunning as the price increases over the years. Heh.

    2. You know what would be a great idea? What if all the clothes and accessories the host country “buys” for Kate are kept by the host country after the tour and then auctioned off for charity?

      1. That would be great… expect that Kate has debuted some really nice pieces while on tour that I want to see repeated (like that LK Bennett Poppy dress which I love).

        1. I always wanted to see a re-wear of the pretty pale blue dress with the lace overlay that she wore during the Asian tour. Now that I think about it I don’t recall her re-wearing many items from tours, I could be wrong but I don’t think she does.

          1. She doesn’t rewear many times at all. She has a ridiculous number of clothing that we’ve only seen once.

      2. I personally think Lauri that this should be done. All the charities and causes that WK visited and that are so close to their hearts should reap some financial windfall from WK’s short visits, no?

  10. I have an observation and was curious if anyone else noticed:

    This tour has felt so different from other tours. They are normally more hands on, such as the first tour racing each other or playing hockey or planting a tree. This tour they just seem to be more observing than participating. This tour has just given me such a different vibe from William and Kate. I don’t want to say they are coming across aloof, but far more restrained I guess. It is almost like they were forced to do this tour. It is just weird to me that they are just sitting there watching others do things this tour instead of participating like normal. Has anyone else thought the same thing?

    Also, I think it is ironic that a article came out the other day about the lack of spontaneity from them on tour and then today they decide to tour a train which wasn’t planned. Not a big show of spontaneity, but it was something unplanned. Obviously their advisors are paying attention.

    1. I think they are aloof and detached living in their ivory tower aka Anmer. They don’t want to get near us plebs, they are too good for that. I mean look at Kate and her blowing thousands on a wardrobe for no reason; their threats all the time about anything (the tweet being removed, all the other insanity); etc…

      I never expect Kate to participate. She’s vapid. It’s sad she’s supposed to be some modern woman who lived with him and waited a long time to be ‘right’ for the role and she’s just a clothes hanger. And they still push this image of someone cultured, intelligent, etc, so the majority believe it when it is nothing short of the truth.

        1. Oh, me too, but it’s the PR talk. How right she is for being a royal because she waited and William gave her all the time in the world to wait (snort).

          She is naturally NOT right nor is William but so many nations are stuck with these two who are little more than spoilt children.

      1. I watched a Youtube video of Diana on a few tours when she was a very young 22 year old. I remember being so impressed with her poise as she spoke in Welsh, Italian, and just thanking her hosts in short speeches before large crowds. She was so exceptional. People noted after her death when they could speak about her that she was always a leader even as a young girl among her circle of friends. She was greatly underestimated.

        KM has never been described as a leader or spirited. She never will be. It’s not who she is.

      1. Oh ya, I forgot that. Even in the last tour, India, Kate played soccer in wedges. I just wonder if they asked to not participate in this tour but rather observe. I just get the feeling they don’t want to be there

        1. William and Kate are not naturally warm individuals. It shows in their lack of energy and curiosity. Over the past few years they don’t appear to be interested in much, no matter the unique and wonderful experiences provided. Kate turning her back on the Trudeau’s on the tarmac summed up the attitude for me: I’ve met you, can we please move on now?

          I wish the tour had done more to highlight the extreme poverty and problems faced by First Nation peoples; what initiatives are in place and what could be done further, particularly from FN perspectives. That the Grand Chief made such a gesture by refusing to be trotted out as part of the dog-and-pony show is telling. Rather than just see it as protest, I hope journalists might unpack that gesture further into really informed articles leading to action.

          Other things: Having the tweet removed about George and Charlotte’s day at the petting zoo saw the Cambridge mask slip to reveal their usual pettiness, along with a lack of grace and appreciation to their Canadian hosts. And what’s with carrying a folded scarf? It’s meant to be worn around the neck, not carried as a companion piece to the useless clutch!

    2. Overit: you took the words right out of my mouth!!!

      They do engagements in a similar aloof manner where there is a clear distance between them and everyone else, including their hosts.

      They don’t engage with others even if the photos show them smiling and laughing. It’s more an aloof patronising sort of thing as they watch the lower orders entertain them.

      The reporters try to jolly up the resultant articles, but it’s impossible to hide the aloofness.

      1. You nailed it. “Aloof patronizing” is how these two come across. All the expensive and boring clothes in the world can’t hide their disdain at having to do this “work”.

  11. It’s not very often that I like Kate’s clothing selections but I do like the grey wrap jacket. That was a hit, the red coat with the nipple buttons are such a miss though! Could she not have found a suitable red coat at home?

    Sorry for the threadjacking here KMR…
    This is a shout out to Jen.
    I hope you survived the weather and the blackout in yesterday’s storm in Adelaide ok? When you are able, and have the time, I’m hoping you will be able to let us know how you are?

    1. Cathy, thanks for bringing this up. I am so ashamed of my lack of news. I come to this site, work at home and just am asleep at the wheel. All best wishes to Jen and those who were in the blackout and storm.

      1. Thanks for your good wishes too, Jenny and Indiana. All good here; we were advised to prepare just in case storms took out power. No-one thought the entire state would go black! There will be a big clean-up, as well as some hard questions for government to answer. As I said, my thoughts are going to those still affected in South Australia, as well as flood victims in central NSW. Hoping Tanya S is okay in Condobolin.

    2. Thanks, Cathy. I got stuck in the lift for just under two hours yesterday when the whole state blacked out. Fortunately I had the company of three others. After getting out, it was surreal navigating home through a dark city; luckily my swipe card to my building still allowed entry to it and the stairs. Luckily, I had candles, torch, radio, a thermos of hot water, food supplies plus had charged my Macbook Pro and phone earlier in the day. The power was restored at c. 1.00am to the city though parts of the state are still without. There were some 80,000 lightening strikes and a twin tornado yesterday/last night. Tonight, there were outages again in the Adelaide Hills region; the weather today was pretty similar. To my knowledge, there have been no fatalities and people have been very good checking to see if more vulnerable neighbours are okay. More storms are forecast but hopefully we are over the worst. What the ramifications are has yet to play out – wine regions have been hit.

      I had been concerned because Condobolin (central west NSW) has been issued with flood warnings. Nearby Forbes was evacuated and Condobolin is just downstream. There may be more on the way. If you recall, Tanya S and family recently moved to Condobolin to take over the town’s Post Office.

      1. I can confirm that Tanya is ok, they are very unlikely to be flooded although they have had trouble getting the mail through. She’s actually more concerned about the snakes that may be in the flood waters…. Well she is a city girl and I can understand her fear of snakes.
        I would hate to be stuck in a lift, so glad you are ok.
        Also hope no KMRers were involved in the New Jersey train crash today.

        1. Thanks, Birdy. That’s good to hear. I was wondering about the mail getting through. Yeah, snakes… I’m with Tanya on that score. They turn up in cities too in unexpected places and of course, urban backyards and houses too. They’ll definitely be about after floods in the country.

          1. Thanks for getting back to us Jen. That’s great you are ok, I’m not sure I’d be ok trapped in a lift though! We will apparently get that storm here in Auckland on Monday, here’s to it losing power while over the Tasman! I still can’t believe they just turned the power off to SA! The news has been following what happened here and has lots of politicians with lots of excuses.including “it’s South Australia’s fault because you guys have a lot of wind power making your electricity”. Still getting my head around that one.
            Glad you are OK, stay safe and watch out for snakes!

  12. I just don’t quite know where to start…let’s start with fashion. This red Carolina Herrera coat is beautiful and the color looks great on Kate however, the button placement is unfortunate and with her poor posture it appears that the buttons are lopsided. While I do like to see her in an updo, this particular one is very…well matronly. I agree with Rhiannon here, a ponytail would have looked fresh and youthful and would have gone great with the second outfit. The second outfit was nice, the sweater was great and I’d love to own one, just not at that price. However, I agree with you KMR, who wears suede cowboy boots?? Although, they might fit in well with Kate’s fantasy of being a “farmer” as a farmer who wears suede boots is probably the farmer who doesn’t really do the hard work but takes credit for it anyway.

    I have to agree with others here and the reporters who feel that this tour is a giant snooze fest. I am noticing a distinct lack of participation from both William and Kate, are they just too precious to join in and have some fun? And what is with all of the one-sided PDA? Kate is trying so hard to be loving with William (which is disturbing to watch) and he is having none of it. All those body language experts that claim these two are so in sync and in love must not be seeing the one-sidedness going on here, Kate trying so hard and William bored to sobs. The other thing I’ve noticed more and more on this tour is the constant hand wringing by William. It seems to be his “tell”, when he’s nervous or tense he wrings his hands and he’s been doing to constantly on this tour.

    I have to say that if it wasn’t for KMR’s great posts and all the wonderful commentators here, I don’t think I would be paying any attention to this tour. So thanks KMR for making William and Kate’s So-What Tour of Canada bearable!! (this is the title of Tom Skyes’ article)

    Edited: regarding the demand to delete the tweet about G&C’s visit to the petting zoo, check yourselves William and Kate, just check yourselves because you’re wrecking yourselves.

    1. The farmer who wears suede boots is the farmer who is only a farmer for the Instagram post. No real farmer would wear suede boots – it’s just not practical.

      1. Maybe they are a cast off from her Vogue photo shoot? They have that high end ” I wear Burberry to weed my organic garden and pitch hay to my rare breed sheep” vibe.

      2. Farmers wear boots that are easy to clean when there is mud or cow poo on them. I am the granddaughter of a farmer so I know.

        Only dilletantes and posers wear suede boots and claim to be farmers.

        1. Yep, my parents have a small cattle ranch. Boots are muddy and worn after one day. You take them off and leave them outside the door when you go home. Any type of suede footwear is only good for indoors.

    2. I just read Sykes’ article. That’s a post right there. Definitely something I will be writing about once this tour is over.

    1. I wonder if after the comparison of how many tours Charles and Diana had taken compared to William and Kate, 100 to 44 days abroad, at the same 5 and half year point in their marriage but Charles and Diana only took their first tour over two years after they married, 41days to Australia and New Zealand with baby William.

      I wonder if the push back from KP is sure they work less but they are in a happier marriage. Or if Kate’s just happy remembering their first tour here and year of marriage. Or if they want to remind the North Americans of their great love story.

      She’s way happier than she is on home soil and she’s more affectionate (hand on his back a few times) then we’ve seen, even on other tours. During the Asian tour the day the balcony pictures came out Kate did a one or two hand on his back. It was that tour too where we saw straw dancing. When they go away before a tour they are generally happier on it.

      p.s. KMR this is actually the third time photos of Kate’s putting her hand on his leg this tour. Day one as William sat talking to the Justin Trudeau, greeting dance by the indigenous Heiltsuk in Bella Bella and above mentioned.

      1. You’re right. I thought it was three and then when I went to type it up I could only remember the one from Day 1 so I wrote two.

      2. Agree with you about the fact that she’s way happier in tours than in UK : maybe it is because she discovers other countries and cultures, she is with William…

  13. The first thing I thought of was.. geez, not more theme dressing and not another red coat.

    I thought at first that it was that hideous Zara red jacket.

    Love how she wore heels that were different and more interesting. They suited her so well!

  14. I thought it was a good day stylewise. Liked the coat and the sweater jacket. Shoes with a block heel and a bit of pizzaz that weren’t beige. I don’t even mind the suede cowboy boots as they’re just fashion. We all know Kate isn’t mucking out stalls.

    I think asking for the tweet about the kids to be removed is incredibly rude. The paranoia that gesture shows is over the top. Asking privately to not have info tweeted in the future would have been better, but it would still be concerning. This was not the press exploiting the kids with papparazzi photos. Those kids, like it or not, will be leading very public lives, and the public rightly has an interest in them. They can’t suddenly at eighteen appear in the public eye saying here we are to rule over you. It’s like William being magically ready for duties when the time comes.

    1. I think asking for the tweet to be removed is more than rude- it is arrogant and overbearing. What a way to treat the members of your host nation. That should be the real headline in MSM.

      1. I agree. Plus, I think it’s good the kids were able to actually do something other than play in the yard with a bunch of rubber ducks. William and Kate need to get it together.

      2. Also did they pay the full entrance fee to visit the Zoo or was it a freebie? I suspect the later. And if so it makes this even more egregious.

      3. Their hosts did everything to make Charlotte and George feeling happy and comfortable.They even made sure George gets his favourite Spaghetti Bolognese dish. How disrespectful of Kate and William to disappoint them and have the tweet removed.

      4. It’s when they do stuff like that and suing only certain newspapers for privacy, that makes you realize what jerks they can really be.

    2. Let me get this straight. Someone else types their first tweet, and they hit the “send” button 2 days ago. The the Canadian government tweets that the kids went to a petting zoo and they cancel it quickly because the kids (who were brought along on this holiday only to serve as good photo props) should not be used as props in a tweet, because privacy? How stupid are these people?

  15. Just a short commentary : I love her look here : honestly they were paid to visit the world and help people, it is amazing!

    I wonder if the cost of her clothes will be more importhant that for the India’s tour?

    Interesting to see that W and K makes a tweet with their titles, when Harry just writes H :honestly they could write something more personnal (happy to be here or something like that).

    Interesting to see that two days ago, some events counted on CC for W and K but these events don’t occur because of the bad weather (transport’s engagement -> see on peppermint count on twitter)

    Interesting article from Tom Sykes : thanks for the link

    1. I’m going to do a post-tour round up of her clothes and designers and cost, etc. So I’ll include a comparison to the India tour in that post.

      Only the events of Sept 24 and 25 are on the online CC, so I can’t check to see whether the canceled events were included there. I think the CC in the Times was written before the events of the day in Canada occurred due to the time difference, and because of the time difference the canceled events didn’t reflect in the already-to-print Times. Possibly? I don’t know. We’ll see what the online CC says once they post it. If they do include the canceled events, then KP has some explaining to do.

  16. Another new red coat, very unneccessary. I would have liked to see the shoes with the green outfit, the reds kind of clash.
    She looks a bit hesistant about the hug. People only comment about it, because they are not used to it coming from the Cambridges.

    I like the wrap coat, but don’t understand why she is using a well-known Canadian designer. Perfect opportunity to use smaller local designers.

    Anyways bored with this tour, the engagements are all very short. They either start their day post noon or start early to end in the early afternoon.

    1. Speaking of local designers: they’re staying on Vancouver Island and they both or one could have worn a Cowichan sweater, made by weavers from the Cowichan First Nation. Duh. Talk about living in a self-absorbed bubble. Their staff is incompetent.

      1. They are incompetent as well. Not surprising that they’d hire people who are equally as clueless as they are. It’s time for Kate to sack that hairdresser, and also Tash. Both are amateurs.

      2. Their staff seems very unsophisticated and amateurish to me and solely focused on KM. The itinerary is planned by the host country. Camb team thinks they need only show up (in their mind they are doing all the work). No research is done about the people or the history and very little preparation to know local customs and crafts. The entire team is self absorbed and dull.

        1. Agree with you two. I wish they had a cracker jack staff. Would it matter, if they don’t extend themselves, however? I wonder. They just don’t seem to have the interest in learning about new places and people. They are being offered opportunities many of us can only dream of having. I bet their kids are more interested in what they are seeing and experiencing. Study those two and learn, W and K.

        2. The staff is roughly the same age as W&K (early to mid ’30s). No wonder they appear amateurish – they have less experience than W&K!

          1. William got rid of the experienced more established advisors Charles had help the boys from when they were teens, one of them I think is a godparent. When the boys moved from Clarence/St James’ and set up their own office it wasn’t long with those familiar with Royal traditions and custom were fewer and fewer. The ladies-in-waiting Kate had on a few occassions were the Queen’s and Kate always look so glum when they were around. They’ve had staff that worked for the Queen for years only work at AH for a few months. Seemingly Carole and thus Kate had other ideas. Harry’s Private Secretery and even personal assistant have served and known, are familiar with the royals and finer details for years.

            William is strong headed and has said himself he will purposely go against what advise he’s given, he’s surrounded himself with yes men and women. It took ages for them to get a media Comms person and they ended up getting someone who handles spin.

  17. Great post again, KMR!

    Out of interest, can I ask you how much time does it take to do such a post with research before, getting pictures, looking for quotes, and actual writing? It seems like a lot of work so even more respect for that!

    Other question, do you plan to cover Frederiks and Marys trip to the US? I know you already have a lot to do, so I don’t expect it. Just would be interesting to see another royal tour in comparison.

    1. I second you Kristin, I must say this is my favorite royal blog as all the research is done so well and the viewpoint is critical in a healthy and constructive way!

    2. I too would like a post on a different royal tour, just to see how they should go, for comparrioson’s sake. I realize this assumes Frederick and Mary will do better than William and Kate, but….that really isn’t an assumption.

      1. I don’t know much about Mary but read a couple weeks back wear she wore a seal fur coat!! The only people who should get away with wearing seal are native people! I’m a vegetarian that struggles with leather accessories but somethings should be a great big No and that is seal!

        1. I understand where you’re coming from, but just to play devil’s advocate: seals have virtually no natural predators left in the wild. They feast on fish — often fish that humans farm and upon which livelihoods depend. As they are nothing like an endangered species, why wouldn’t it be okay to legally hunt them? As long as their population is kept consistent with their environment, it’s not such a bad idea. Keep in mind, much of the meat is also used. I completely understand, though, that as a vegetarian your worldview won’t be comfortable with that. As an unrepentant omnivore, I see seals much like deer. Cute, and worth respecting, but huntable.

          1. At least the seals that live in the Baltic Sea have no natural predators. There are so many seals that they cause harm to fishermen by eating all the fish from their nets and damaging the nets. There are seals which are endangered species, but they live in Russia (lake Ladoga) or Finland (lake Saimaa) and are fresh water seals. There may be others as well, of which I don’t know. But what I know the fishermen in the Baltic Sea area understandably dislike the seals.

            If I remember correctly, Mary has been given a seal fur coat in Greenland. Can imagine it would have been awkward for her not to accept the gift and wear it. Queen Margrethe has one as well.

  18. She looks fantastic in red……my favourite colour on her by an absolute mile. It brings her rather wan colouring alive. I love the Tods shoes. And my goodness she did burgundy shoes with a red coat, we are in new territory here. Love the wrap over jacket / cardigan piece. I love big snuggley wrap knitwear anyway. Perfect for Winter. A good day for her fashion and a better day the Cambridges on a personal performance level. They seem to be getting into their stride a bit now, well as much as these two are able to do.

    Re. The request to withdraw the tweet over the petting zoo. Could be that they plan to use it again before the end of the tour or it could be they didn’t want to be seen as giving publicity to a commercial business? It does seem a bit heavy handed though.

    1. If they didn’t want to give publicity to a commercial business – well, then the first thing they should do would be to get Kate stop giving so much publicity to established fashion houses… Cannot see it’s any different, particularly as she chooses so many non-British and non-Commonwealth brands that hardly need help from her to keep going.

    2. That would be some serious micro managing, if that’s the reason. And wasn’t part of this trip billed as aiming to boost tourism in the provinces they were visiting (not that BC needs it, that’s for sure)? So…wouldn’t the children visiting a petting zoo feed right into that? I’m lost- too many contradictions. Maybe William didn’t read the press release from KP about his tour, I could certainly believe that!

    3. What is it to them that a commercial business which probably hosted their kids for free want a bit of publicity? Kate gives free publicity to every designer she wears. What is the difference?

      What happened to graciousness? This is not egregious. They should have found this unremarkable and rather sweet. They should have been grateful and *thanked their children’s hosts*. Instead it’s all about these sourpusses and their rarified divinity.

  19. I love the pumps in burgundy, they’re beautiful.
    It’s very nice of Kate hugging Mrs Wally πŸ™‚
    The landscape is absolutely breathtaking, Canada is beautiful! πŸ™‚

  20. The good: the sweater coat looks warm and cozy and it’s a Canadian designer, the earrings are local (like the Bhutan trip) which I think is lovely and makes for a meaningful souvenir. Interestingly enough, I think the locally made earrings are more interesting than her entire Kiki collection. I think she and William are in sync more lately, which is nice to see. I read on a fan board that someone met a royal photographer and he is personally really fond of them, so it’s nice to hear anecdotes like that. I love the hug! I’ve seen multiple pictures of it and it seems very genuine to me. Yay to a different style of heel – it actually has detailing and an interesting color!

    The bad: their tweet lacks any creativity and warmth. It was nice to hear the children are seeing things and not just stuck under guard at the hotel. Since one purpose of the tour is to encourage tourism of BC, a tweet after their visit promoting the petting zoo is good PR and harmless. Having to remove the tweet was silly. The red coat – what is the purpose of it? She has plenty of nice red coats, this one doesn’t fit well (the buttons!) and it is a well known expensive designer item that does not even promote Canadian nor British design.

    The neutral: I’m really glad they are showcasing the First Nations community but it’s in a tourist brochure way and not showing any in depth understanding of their community. For example, when Harry went to Nepal, yes, we saw the friendliness of the people but we also heard a lot about the poverty, and Harry really focused on how people can help. He spent an additional week with Team Rubicon, which combined his tour agenda with his personal involvement with veterans causes. It was a full picture of the situation, not just happy photo snaps. I’m not sure if this is Will and Kate’s doing or if the Canadian and British governments set the tour agenda, but they are missing an opportunity here to start a discussion about how Native American communities suffer from poverty and what is being done/can be done to alleviate that situation. They could easily combine that with Kate’s addiction charities or their mental health agenda. Maybe they are discussing this with local officials, but we’re certainly not seeing it in the media which is a shame.

    1. When they visited the Downtown Eastside, I can guarantee you that all the beggars and drug addicts hanging around were swept away with the garbage (Vancouver removed the beggars by ticketing them during the Olympics).

    2. With certain areas experiencing alarmingly high youth suicide rates, the prince and princess of youth mental health could have visited those places. But those places are remote with no quaint rustic inn.

      1. The BBC had an article taking several issues facing the First Nations people, in the quoted chief Stewart addressing the high suicide rate amongst his people. At first, I thought this would be a great time for WK to talk about their mental Heath iniative. Then I decided suicide is too serious an issue for me to want these two to address it in any way.

    3. Harry takes an interest in the planning stages of his tours and it shows. Of course there will be events or causes he has to do whether he’s interested or not, but there are always a few engagements that he specifically asks to be included. In NZ it were his lenghty walkabouts and the pub quiz night to meet as many locals as possible. In Nepal it was the homestay in a remote village and so forth. It makes his tours so special imo.

    4. I would like to see verification that their tour is to encourage tourism. I lived in BC for decades and the one thing that BC doesn’t need touting is tourism. BC is continually overrun with tourists year round.

      1. The Canadian government was mostly responsible for putting the itinerary together, so clearly they wanted W&K to do touristy stuff.

  21. First off, thanks KMR for all your hard work this week.
    I think I had a coat in that style when I was 10. First, I hate those Peter Pan collars on any grown woman and Kate seems to have quite a few pieces with them and yes, she does look good in red, but the coat to me is very blah. Second, I agree with those who think she looks better when she is dressed down, she looks more comfortable, it kind of screams this is the real me, who would prefer to live a very cushy life in the country, doing nothing until I become queen.

  22. Due to her long torso, Kate looks practically the same height as William when sitting.
    Also her grey coat looks like an empire model, the belt is very high up.

    1. I know. It’s like she’s proud of her inability to accessorize. She seems to be saying, “you can give me the scarf, but you can’t make me wear it!” Shame, really, as it’s such a lovely one.

    2. It just has the effect of looking like a total sop — look at my diplomatic dressing! I can’t possibly WEAR this, but I’ll display it so you all feel good about yourselves.

  23. Overall, not impressed by the events of the day. Kate’s behavior seemed rather manic, and William sounded idiotic with some of his comments. I feel sorry for the Canadian people having to put up with these two AND to pay for their trip. They both seem very elite and aloof.

      1. Looking at the news from a local perspective regarding this tour: yes, it is making the newspapers and news websites. But the coverage is definitely not front-page or in the main section. For Toronto Star (Canada’s largest daily I believe), WK’s arrival was in the Entertainment section. And the coverage of the arrival was written in terms of Trudeau failing to get a high-five from Prince George and how cringe-worthy of a moment that was for Canada and Canadians.

        The other days of the tour are making it into the entertainment or the lifestyle sections and it has more to do with Kate’s outfits or how laughing and lovey-dovey they seem. The mainstream media is not covering the content of the visit, the purpose, the organizations being part of this tour…which is a wasted opportunity for the organizations and the First Nations groups involved.

        The only time WK’s visit made it into the main section of Toronto Star is when the First Nations Grand Chief boycotted the Black Rod Reconciliation ceremony. In all honesty, how can a real reconciliation happen if heartfelt acknowledgement and reparations are not made to the aggrieved party?

        1. UK frontpages only when the kids are involved. There was a time not too long ago when Kate was on every frontpage the day afer an engagement.

      2. I think it would be funny if they got back then Canada decides they no longer want the Queen as HOS. Does your parliament vote for that?

        1. Speaking as a Canadian, I imagine it would take a referendum. Parliament represents the people so can’t decide without consultation to make that decision.

          What is interesting is who would have to begin this process. I have no idea. Perhaps an MP. And then there’s the Senate after that to ratify stuff. I hope it happens in my lifetime. Enough already!

          1. If any changes to the Constitution were made in Canada, I believe it would need the Senate and House of Commons consent along with Legislative Assemblies’ consent for 7 of the provinces, representing 50% of the Canadian population.

  24. I’m going to take Thumper’s mom’s advice and not say anything at all about this dull holitour.

    However, tomorrow they are going to visit Haida Gwaii. It tops my bucket list of places to visit, specifically Skidegate, so this is the one and only time I’ve ever been jealous of Kate. My favourite summer tv show is CBC’s “Still Standing” with Jonny Harris, which highlights a struggling small town every episode. It’s funny and heartwarming. Skidegate was featured earlier this year and it solidified my need to go. I’m having a hard time finding a link to the episode that I know will work outside of Canada, but here it is for now:

  25. Hi KMR & Co.-
    I saw this and was hoping you would have commented on it. “me or Harry” Geeze! Really?!? I’d love to hear your thoughts. πŸ™‚

    “The telegraph machine operated by Mr Bell, a former commissioner of Yukon, was wired up to a micro control unit, which converted the electrical signal into letters and was connected to a PC.

    Mr Bell went on to tell the couple about the time he chatted to William’s parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, when they visited Ottawa in 1981.

    The 90-year-old said: ”I met your parents” and the Duke replied: ”It seems pretty much everyone has met my family here.”

    Mr Bell added: ”I asked your father if he’d been to Yukon and he said no, and I said we ought to do something about that so I called the governor general and we made arrangements. Then I got a call saying ‘They can’t go, the princess is pregnant’.”

    ”Wow, that must have been me or Harry,” said William.”

    1. I read that and rolled my eyes so hard. Why can’t William come up with better things to say so he doesn’t sound so stupid?

      1. I think we all know that a candidate for MENSA William is not!
        It also proves what a waste a college education was for him. Harry who didn’t go to college but has a natural ease with people, is much better at small talk and seeming to relate to people.
        So maybe I should amend his college statement and say that some thing’s can’t necassarily be taught.

    2. Omg-thanks Captain Obvious, lol! He could at least have changed it to ‘I wonder if it was Harry or I’. Obviously, William didn’t get into college due to his intelligence.

      1. Actually, “me or Harry” is grammatically correct. Rude, as it should have been “Harry or me,” and stupid, well, because. But the rule is to use each part of the phrase as though it were the only one in the sentence.
        So… That would have been me. Correct
        That would have been I. Not so much.
        That would have been me or Harry. Surprisingly, he got it right.

    3. Geez, Willy is such a doofus. And so indifferent to events.

      He doesn’t need to bright. He just needs to actually care. This demonstrates, once again, that he is not remotely engaged.

  26. About 5 more minutes until we see George and Charlotte. $5 says they are all wearing some shade of blue and that George will be in shorts and knee socks. πŸ™‚

    1. OMG!!! Just saw a clip on twitter. When Kate put Charlotte down, the cam was pointed right at her crotch! And of course you got a bit of the upskirt action. Looks like we have our first flash of the tour! UGH!

      And after seeing the few clips, I feel like Charlotte is similar to Lenor. Ie. running around all over the place. That play date totally needs to happen so I can see the 2 girls running around giving their moms grief!

      1. Charlotte appears to be the only Cambridge who thinks she is there to play and have fun and run around. Practically flung herself out of Kate’s arms to get to those balloons.

        1. I think she’s adorable. I hope she keeps being feisty and rambunctious. Give Kate & Will a run for their money. Give them hell I say!

    2. Ugh… Does this woman not know what pants are!??!? All this bending over to pick up Charlotte. I’ve seen her crotch too many times! EWWWWWWWWWW

      1. These prurient remarks really ought to result in a ban from the owner/ moderator of this site.

        This sort of thing really lowers the tone. The site is reduced to the level of the real swivel-eyed loons found on trash like “Royal Gossip” I expect this comment probably will not get published but at least the site owner will have read it and will realise that balanced criticism is one thing. Puerile nonsense is quite another.

        1. Is there a reason why you are here? You are rude and disrespectful, so I don’t get it unless you really believe you are putting us in our place. I would suggest you send your comments to Kate and perhaps she will start doing what she is suppose to do without flashing. Just a suggestion.

  27. I still have no idea what the purpose of this trip is, but anyway:

    Story from Macleans says “…Gwen Wally, a member of the Carcross Tagish First Nation grabbed the duke of Cambridge in a giant bear hug this afternoon…”

    Macleans is totally sugar-laden but not as much, it appears, as Richard Palmer (today anyway – we know how often his spin changes about W&K). No photos of the expression on Will’s face when he was bear-hugged by a pleb?

    I was just reading about the Queen’s tour in 1959 (the whole steam engine thing). She and Philip were in Canada for 6 weeks, opened the St. Lawrence Seaway, visited every province and territory, went to the US as Queen of Canada for a state visit, AND she was in the early stages of pregnancy with Prince Andrew. Sorry but that’s a royal tour.

    I had to laugh at that grey sweater. It looked like a cross between a dryer vent hose and the robot from Lost in Space (if you’re old enough to remember that TV show – hint: it was in black and white LOL).

    I wish Mr. and Mrs. Mental Health would have been more personally involved with the people there. It seemed like all they did was sit and watch them dance or sing, giving me the bad vibe that the First Nations population was there solely for their entertainment much like a tourist attraction. Hope my perception was wrong, really.

    Hopefully Harry’s tour will be more interesting!

  28. I just have to say that Charlotte with the balloons today was adorable. I loved seeing her attack them with the big smile on her face. It was really sweet to see her so excited. I hope you include that video in your next post, KMR.

  29. Oh, I forgot to mention that there were 4,000 lbs. of leftovers from the Day 4 Kelowna phallic clam extravaganza. It was donated to area food banks, but were the crowds that much smaller than anticipated?

  30. I laugh because at the french TV ( a show called Quotidien) : they speak about Prince William and Princess Sourire (Smile) : they give a list of the activities of the couple (pretty much a vacation), they talk about Kate’s clapping and about the habit of William of touching his cravate.

  31. The cowboy boots are new, according to the designer. There’s an article on yahoo. These new boots are similar to 2011, but higher. I can’t tell the difference. What happened to the original pair? I don’t picture her wearing cowboy boots regularly to wear them out…I’m really starting to think royals may get free samples now, as celebrities do, being seen by the designer as advertising their new fashion.

    1. Anne: ”What happened to the original pair [of cowboy boots]?
      I wonder if her sister took them west with her when she was trying out for a spot on the GMA chat show.

      Suede cowboy boots are for city slickers.

      Really, I don’t any outfitter who would recommend cowboy boots for use in BC. Had planned a long summer trip to Alberta & BC and the recommended footwear was hiking boots, waterproof preferably, but nonetheless sturdy hiking boots or hiking shoes. The trip had to be cancelled but I had already bought my hiking boots. They have served me well and I can’t imagine walking around rocky ground in cowboy boots unless I wanted a sprained ankle or sore feet at day’s end. Some woman on the Canada trip is unclear on the concept of travelling in the back country. Maybe she thought all the paths were paved like roads in the UK. :-/

      KM’s MO is to wear high-heels whenever and wherever so cowboy boots it was on this stop. Bet every local had a good laugh that evening over dinner.

  32. My first three thoughts on the playdate – what sensible mother would wear a cream dress of all things – here we go again re the kids clothing – William please buy decent trousers that fit – if my husband dressed like that he wouldn’t be my husband – he wouldn’t have got to boyfriend stage.

  33. LOVE the red coat. And the closeup of the heels really made me appreciate them. I think it’s an odd color to pair with the bright crimson coat, but hey! It’s pretty! I think her sweater/jacket is too overpriced for how it looks…
    As for the hug, that’s only one shot of it. It would be ridiculous if Kate can’t even hug properly and I highly doubt she was extremely awkward — I mean, it’s pretty hard to mess up a hug.

    1. Kate hugs very, very awkwardly, even her own husband.

      She always holds her body in a way that discourages any type of touching. The few times she’s been hugged in public, even by her own husband, she’s been caught unawares and it’s incredibly award because it’s never a reciprocal hug.

      Whilst William rarely participates in PDAs, he has been known to hug like Harry. Google pics of him hugging various cousins or his children.

      Kate’s hugs are awkward because she’s probably one of those people who do not like to be touched.

      1. To play devil’s advocate with Kate’s hugging: It’s possible she just doesn’t like hugging, or touching people she doesn’t know well. I’m like that. I hate hugging people – even best friends and family members – and don’t like touching anyone I don’t know well.

        1. I think you are right.

          My comment turned into a word salad because I was trying not to come across as judging her and also trying convey the notion that she doesn’t like people to touch her without judgement and obviously armchair diagnosis based on photos and videos.

    2. It’s one shot of the hug in mid-going in for the hug. That’s the only photo that was available to me but there are other photos of the hug out there.

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