Prince William and Kate Middleton eat clams on Day 4 of Royal Tour of Canada (updated)

Prince William and Kate Middleton eat clams on Day 4 of Royal Tour of Canada (updated)

I’m dying right now, you guys. Prince William and Kate Middleton ate food on Day 4 of their Royal Tour of Canada (September 27). But not just any food, phallic-looking food. And they made comments. And I’m giggling like a 12 year old boy right now.

UPDATE: I have updated this post with the rest of Day 4’s activities. Updates at end of post.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

Okay keep it together, because the food was not the first stop of the day. The first stop of their visit to Kelowna – which Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited in 1986 – was to the University of British Columia Okanagan campus – which opened in 2005 and is home to over 8,000 students.

The couple were greeted by more than 1,000 students and members of the public when they arrived and attended a ceremony outside.

UBC Chancellor Lindsay Gordon welcomed the couple to the campus and said: “A particularly warm welcome to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who we hope are enjoying their first visit to Canada. We also hope this is the first of many more family visits.”

William and Kate listened to the Song of Okanagan performed by former UBC student Amber Cardenas before Chief Jonathan Kruger addressed them in both his native language and English. He said:

    “I am very happy right now. This is our beautiful land and I’m so happy that you are all here for a beautiful event. Welcome to your Highnesses, please enjoy this beautiful land with your beautiful family and create beautiful memories on our lands here in BC. True power is human spirit. Please use that power to allocate for true reconciliation and advocate for the indigenous people in this country so they can be all great and good. Enjoy your stay and enjoy the gifts we are giving you, Prince, Princess and your beautiful family.”


Kate was presented with a gift bag of traditional foods from the region by children from the First Nations before she and William unveiled a plaque to mark the 10th anniversary of the campus. William and Kate then viewed a native art installation.


William and Kate then watched a short game of women’s volleyball. The couple were given personalized jerseys with “Cambridge” written on the back, and two UBC teddy bears for George and Charlotte.

The royal couple left by walking up the stairs and shaking hands with the crowd before meeting the school’s mascot outside.

Finally we’re to my favorite part of the day. William and Kate visited Mission Hill Winery for the “Taste of British Columbia” event where they sampled food from British Columbian chefs. The event was also a fundraiser for “Chefs in the Classroom”.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

William and Kate toured the food and wine festival and sampled several foods. One such food was Pacific geoduck (prepared by Japanese chef Hidekazu Tojo), which is a very large, edible saltwater clam.

About the name, from Wikipedia: “The name geoduck is derived from a Lushootseed (Nisqually) word gʷídəq either a word composed of a first element of unknown meaning and əq meaning ‘genitals’ (referring to the shape of the clam), or a phrase meaning ‘dig deep’.”

[Rebecca English ‏@RE_DailyMail]

Of the whole geoduck, William said: “Presentationally they are quite challenging.”

After tasting it, Kate said: “There is a slightly firmer texture to this. It’s really unusual. I’ve never seen it before. It’s so fresh from the sea.”

I can’t stop giggling.

To the “I’ve never seen it before” line… Clearly Kate’s never watched Chopped, because geoduck has popped up on there a couple times.


From Chef Vikram Vij the couple ate Maharaja Style Coconut Curried BC Vegetable Curry With Basmati Rice and Wine marinated BC lamb popsicle.

Asked if she liked cooking, Kate replied: “Yes, especially curries.”

William said: “This is amazing. It’s the right level of spice for me. I’m very glad you did not surprise us with a vindaloo. I can’t manage that – it’s too much for me.”

William also tried a Laird of Fintry single malt whisky, which William pronounced “delicious” and said, “You can tell the Scottish element – there’s a peatiness to it.”

Kate turned down the whisky, but tried their cassis – a blackcurrant liqueur – instead, which she said was “like sloe gin”.

[All food quotes from the Daily Mail]

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

Kate wore a new green dress from Dolce & Gabbana – a customized version of the “Pocket watch-appliqué crepe midi dress” ($3,545) without the pocket watch detail.

When I first read on Twitter that Kate was wearing a green D&G dress, before there were photos, I went looking at the green D&G dresses available and saw this dress and was hoping Kate chose it because I love the “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” inspired pocket watch detail. Then when I saw the first grainy photo of Kate getting off a plane, her dress looked like this one and I was so excited that she chose something so whimsical. Then I saw photos of the front of the dress and all my excitement was dashed: she chose this dress and then got rid of the one detail that made it interesting. Sigh.


Kate wore her boring LK Bennett Fern pumps and Nina clutch again, along with her Cartier watch. Instead of her usual go-to emerald drop earrings for when wearing green, Kate chose a new pair of earrings: Monica Vinader “Siren Wire Earrings” in Green Onyx ($195). Queen Letizia has the same earrings.



William and Kate flew to Yukon after the food festival. They arrived at Whitehorse Airport where they were met by a gaggle of people. William and Kate then spoke to members of the Canadian Rangers as well as Junior Canadian Rangers.

William and Kate then traveled to the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre where they were welcomed by Chief Bill and Chief Kane before watching a performance of “Land of Gold – A Yukon Cultural Celebration”. Afterward, William told the performers, “That was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen you should be very proud.”

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

For fashion, Kate threw on her green Hobbs Persephone Trench over her D&G dress, clipped the front pieces of her hair back, and carried a scarf in Maple Leaf tartan. Her other accessories were the same from earlier in the day.

Kate previously wore this coat for St. Patrick’s Day 2014. I liked this coat when she first wore it and I still like it now, though I don’t like the nude shoes with it and I’m wondering why she didn’t actually wear the scarf. If she had worn the scarf, it would have looked really pretty.

Below is Kate in the coat in 2014 and in 2016.

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  1. Oh well – quite clearly the Day 1 arrival is the sartorial winner. The green dress – the bodice area doesn’t fit properly – the tie at the neck and the gold buttons don’t go together, and the sleeve shape is not good. The skirt on its own would be OK but as an outfit it fails. I don’t understand why a customised dress cannot fit – I guess if you don’t go to fittings, or don’t give correct measurements then this is the outcome. Earrings don’t grab me either – why not wear one of the numerous Kiki pairs she already owns that would go with green. At least they sampled the food and looked less bored today. Waiting with baited breath for her take on Yukon wear – Annie Oakley perhaps

      1. Boring and tight around the torso/thigh area. Cannot rid the dress of the interesting design for yet again boring and showcase, skinny look for that cost!

        Her face look as if she forgot how to chew/eat and seem to be trying hard not to vomit!

      1. I saw that too. Do you all think that hat could possibly have cost $4000?
        $400 seems more likely. Still, ridiculously expensive.

        1. Lock and co hats retail for an average £700 for a ready to wear creation and an average £300 for a basic fedora or boater.

          Given those prices, couture hats will be much more expensive though i’m surprised they are that expensive.

  2. According to the DM, Charles doesn’t read his briefings either, so William is okay.

    Now KP is throwing the Prince of Wales who is always prepared under the bus to make William look better?!

    At least they looked less miserable today. I like the green on her but the execution as always leaves very much to be desired, and William needs trousers that don’t show us which way he tucks his bait and tackle.

    1. Yes – I thought the same – proper size and proper tailoring – these are too tight even with out the issue of left or right “dressing”

    2. It’s always the same. William makes a mistake, someone else has to be thrown under the bus as well. Can’t citicize the Golden Boy without criticizing someone else and making it seem as if he didn’t know any better.

    3. OMG as if throwing Charles under the bus is making William look any better! It’s more like a childish argument “he didn’t do it either!”
      And even IF Charles wouldn’t read briefings, he is still informed, prepared, interested when meeting people! He works hard and a lot, something we can’t say about William at all!

      1. Exactly Kristin. It doesn’t matter if Charles or anybory doesn’t read their briefings, William SHOULD be prepared. It is the same as saying that he can steal because others steal. Justify your mistakes because others also make mistakes in the same way does not make him look better. William is still an idiot.

  3. , I actually really love this dress. I’m partial to Green though. I think it is a nice style and I actually like it better without the pocket watch. The pocket watch makes it look a little more Juvenile and it looks more sophisticated to me without it. I don’t even mind the nude accessories with this dress. My only comment is it’s too bad she didn’t get it tailored to fit her. You can see the natural waist of the dress and then see her actually waist below it. I don’t know if it’s the pantyhose or Spanx that cut into her natural waist but you can definitely see the indent mark in the dress, which makes her natural waist stand out from the dresses waist. It’s a small thing and it really just comes down to tailoring. But I actually think she looks very pretty today

    1. Me too.

      It is a cross section of all the silhouettes she tends to wear coming together barring the usual adjustment of the waist.

      Meaning, it’s a slim fitting pencil dress that has a floucy skirt at the bottom, is long enough for protocol, no fear of fly ups. The nude shoes tone down the intense green colour. Let’s be thankful she didn’t decide to add green shoes.

      I like the green colour too. The pocket watch is too frilly for me and dates the dress already.

      This dress is very reminiscent of Wallis Simpson’s wedding dress.

    2. I liked this dress too, which makes three days in a row that I’ve liked her outfits. This is also one time where beige shoes are appropriate. See, all you people who think us on KMR are a bunch of negative nellies, we can say positive things! I don’t think Kate has done anything wrong or shocking on this tour. The big gaff was William admiring he doesn’t read his briefings. Didn’t see that coming.

    3. I love it too! I think the watch detail is better left off for an event like this and if she has any plans for wearing it in the future.

      In my own opinion, she’s killing it fashion-wise this week. We are seeing her taking some risks and look better put together than most recent times. I LOVED the McQueen dress she wore the other day.

      1. Speaking of watch, I felt she should have left off the wristwatch (as it doesn’t match anyway) and gone with a gold bracelet of some sort. I loved the one she received from Camilla with the C’s on it. May have gone better with the whimsical details on the dress, most especially the buttons.

  4. Apart from the necktie/ribbon thing and buttons, I like this dress. It’s a great color, one of my favorite shades of green actually. I’m also happy she didn’t pick the version with the Alice in Wonderland inspired pocket watch. D&G should have let Alice & co keep the watch (which is the first thing I remember when thinking about the Alice book). But I’d have loved to see some other pair of earrings and different shoes and bag.

    1. As crazy as i am about fashion, i always feel sorry for the gimmicky read-to-wear collections because they are easily identifiable by those gimmicky details which in turn dates them immediately that particular season is over.

      It’s always better to buy the classic, non gimmicky items or remove the gimmicky details if said gimmicks are decoration rather than tailoring so that the clothing can be worn in multiple seasons and on different occassions.

      That said, i’m sad that we probably shall not see this dress again since her clothing is a once and done deal.

      ETA: though she had good pieces in her first Canadian tour, looking back on it, it’s so dated. I would repeat only the sailor dress and the departure from heathrow outfit.

      1. We plebeians have limited budgets so we opt for the classic stuff that we can restyle into a party outfit and dress down to work at a different time. That’s how I am anyways. I never spent money for a one time party dress unless it’s a wedding or I can get it for very cheap. Since I started to sew, I am actually owning lace dresses, party dresses that I do re-wear here and there.

        For the rich who have deep pockets and for the royals, they don’t have to earn their money so they can go for these whimsical stuff and never wear them again. I don’t ever buy designer stuff since you can’t wear some of those stuff anywhere and look appropriate.

        1. My high school job was in a tailor shop frequented by seriously wealthy people. They would have stuff repaired that I would have thrown away. Though they could spend, they were frugal and expected things to last.

    2. Another boring style from Kate. The watch, I did not care for, so I am glad she removed it, but the buttons killed it for me and it’s just so much like so many of her other styles. I did like the dark green, though. Hated the shoes!

      There will certainly be many gifts for the bonfire,won’t there? I hate to think of that when people take the time to choose items and present them . I realize there are so many little bears and jerseys that the children can be gifted, but it bothered me when I heard many of the gifts are burned.

      1. I think it should be the other way around! Rather than them being given piles of things they will never look at again – they should be gifting the people/places they are visiting. Your presence is not a present, but a country’s hospitality when hosting you certainly is. It doesn’t have to big, just a token of appreciation from the BRF for the warm welcomes they receive.

      2. I wonder if they burn the gifts in Canada or haul them all to the UK. I’m guessing they are giving them away to hospitals, etc.
        I wonder if they have to pay duty for anything they bring back.

  5. I’m beginning to feel sorry for Kate, because D & G should certainly produce a better dress for this price. The material creases, the fit of the bodice is off, the buttons are pulling, and there are weird little bodice darts that look unfortunate. I can’t believe it’s all her fault. I wish she had left the watch on, though it would be in Wallis Simpson/Schiaparelli territory.

    I don’t think the dress silhouette flatters her, and this green is not a good color for her, and I hate the tie at the neck. I like the earrings.

    KMR, thank you for sparing us the worst pictures of William’s obscenely ill-fitting trousers.

    1. If he insists on wearing budgie smugglers at least wear a dark colour – not a lighter one. It is not a good look on any man – even one who has something to show off – and in his case an all round miss.

    2. The creasing around the midriff made it seem as if Kate has muffin top issues and she’s so thin, that’s not possible!

      The dress was a big snooze to me. Just too tame and boring,although the skirt did protect her from any flare ups!

      I’m hating the fact that there’s so little of substance to discuss. Instead, we are all focused on the clothing because of not much else.

      This could be a private vacation. Instead, it’s a trip that is designed to show a strong and solid relationship between Canada and Britain. Wondering just how Canadians feel. I would like to see W and K going out of the way to understand the places and people they are visiting. It just all looks like photo opps. And, at such a cost!

      1. I know a girl who is super skinny but insisted on wearing clothes that are too tight. Always looked like she had a muffin top. Some people just can’t embrace their size. Vanity? Insecurity? A bit of both? Something else? Eho knows.

        This Canadian is annoyed at the price tag my taxes are covering. And to be honest, I haven’t heard much mentioned about them in Toronto. Granted, we’re basically half way acriss the country, but still. We have better things to talk about

        1. This Canadian agrees with you. We’re paying an obscene amount for their holiday and PR for them and Trudeau (what a dolt). I’m outside of Toronto, and there is no enthusiasm here. But then the West Coast might as well be in a different country as well (just moved back east from Vancouver). BC certainly doesn’t need a bump in tourism.

          The Dolittles’ indifference to and exploitation of Canada is offensive.

  6. Dadgum stinkin’ pumps again. I’d probably like the dress more if it were accessorized better. (I’m like a broken record.) Imagine how cute this would be with some brown vintage 1940s-esque heels. Or even some criss-cross type bootie heels. Or heck, go crazy and complement with orange! But no. Same boring pumps. Ugh.

    I wish the dress were a plum or eggplant. Something just a bit different.

    I’m never satisfied. Wait! I loved last night’s red dress! Just hated the matchy red pumps. Nope, never satisfied.

    And oh, my word. Those clams are awful. ::blink, blink:: Nature has a sense of humor, obviously.

    1. Wow, thank you for giving examples of other shoe options besides the nude pumps! I am terrible at that sort of thing, so I sympathize with Kate in always reaching for the same boring/safe option every time.

      I never would have though of brown vintage heels, or booties, or orange. But now that I’m imagining it in my head, it looks so good!

      What would you have paired with the red dress from last night? The only thing I can think of is plain black pumps – boring, I know :/

        1. I really like that shoe! Would the Queen allow the little straps though? I wonder how much control she has over all of the outfits.

          1. KM has complete control of the outfits, otherwise we’d see her dressing to protocol. With the sky-high heels she chooses to wear, she’s always against BRF protocol.

          2. I can understand her love of heels. I LOVE heels. Anf I don’t think I own a pair less than 4 inches tall. My boyfriend is 6′ tall. I’m 5’7 on a non slouching day (Lauri please don’t shoot me! :P). I wear them because I love them. Boyfriend could care less what I have on my feet. But with Kate, I think her need for such high heels is a vanity thing and wanting to be closer to Will’s height. It’s all about her looks with this girl.

        1. Look at the shoes she wears with the red coat today! Still heels, but the block heel is on trend right now and there is some detail to the toe. Those would have looked GREAT with the green dress!

  7. I like the color but the bodice area is too tight and the rest of the cut is a bore. I think the watch on it would have looked neat but she’s not a daring or whimsical dresser.

    Didn’t sample the whisky! Maybe she’s preggo! Unless the other thing she sampled was also an alcoholic beverage.

    Those clams hahaha I giggled too!

  8. “It’s so fresh from the sea.”

    Shellfish tends to be from the sea Kate.

    Even though she’s repeating her beloved 1950s theme I actually like this dress.

      1. I actually eat these on a regular basis. It’s really good. But I do love my seafood. And KMR, you’re right. I’ve had it a few times straight from the ocean as opposed to from a tank. It does makr a difference in the freshness

      2. I live very close to several beaches so if we want shellfish for dinner we go to the beach to collect and then go home and cook it up.

        I’m not keen on eating seafood which is more than a couple of hours out of the sea. And if the shellfish smells then it’s probably too long out of the sea and shouldn’t be eaten.

    1. Oh Cathy that made me laugh. I like seafood and will eat Salmon or cod. I don’t get the opportunity to eat much.
      What is the difference between Whisky and Liqueur? I think I could drink Whisky. Not sure about Liqueur.

  9. Also I would be the worst royal ever because there’s no way I’d taste any of that stuff… I guess I could get out of it, but yuck. Seafood makes me gag. Am I alone here?

    1. I like most seafood, but not normal clams, so I would never eat those either. I think Charles was once presented with a sheep’s eyeball.

  10. her face has really changed. is it because of the weight loss. Kate always looks happy on tours. but back home she looks stressed. l think she thought royal life is just glamour 25/7. its getting boring. these two together everywhere. can’t she cope on her own. girlfriend has been in the rf for 5 going 6 yrs!!!?!

  11. I’m with you KMR, the watch detail was the only thing that made the piece interesting. Without it it’s just like every other dress she ever wore. Plus it doesn’t fit her very well.

    I think tasting something new in front of the cameras would be a nightmare for me. If I didn’t like what I was eating, I’d have a really hard time not showing it.

  12. Clearly dress-opinions are subjective – I strongly dislike colour and cut. On colour: mostly W&K seem to colour coordinate (e.g., both blue on arriving in Canada), here to my eye their colours clash and don’t look good together.

    Facial expressions have been commented on – very difficult to get right: must not look bored (NB day 3 of visit), here often the smiles look pasted on/not true smiles (e.g., when unveiling the plaque, receiving the teddy bears, shaking hands on leaving the volleyball games) – perhaps because the mouths have a smile shape, but the eyes are not taking part in smiling? The sparkle of the eyes divides real from fake smiles.

    Why another pair of green earrings – that are not even special? A waste of money in my book. (Even if they were not pricey, it all adds up over time. When spending, aim to buy things that will stand the test of time rather than being discardable!)

  13. I like this dress especially without the pocket watch. It looks more professional without it. But I hate the way it fits on the bust. She’s doing really well fashion wise this tour.

  14. I love the concept of the dress but not the execution. She must give them false measurements because almost everything she wears is ill fitting. Pulling buttons and odd bodice shaping, poor sleeves, indiscreet hiding of the natural waistline. So much of what she wears would be knockouts if only she found a good tailor and let them properly measure her.

    The shoes are not even close to going with this dress. They’re too light and too shiny. This is one of those times when a suede heel would have worked, preferably in a brown bordering on orange territory. I would’ve thrown up at the tasting. Curry, yes. Seafood, no.

  15. The green dress suits her, especially the colour, it’s really classy.
    She smiles a lot and I’m happy for her. I think it is really the case that she is much more relaxed and happy when her children are with her instead of leaving them at home. India must have been hard to bear for her. But I can comprehend it, I would feel the same.

    1. I think Kate and William are being selfish. Subjecting young children to the long journey and the the time difference adjustment and the strange surroundings – and just for a week?! It’s not even enough time for them to sleep normally. I’ve traveled with my kids trans-Atlantic twice now, and it’s rough on them.
      And for what? W and K will only see them a fews hours a day, at most. They’ll be taken out two or three times to be seen by the public, for PR purposes.
      My opinion of this family has dipped even lower.

      1. Hi Liz, it seems to me that W&K are only “working” about 3-4 hours a day, excepting today and tomorrow because they wanted to be able to spend time with the kids. I agree though, the kids probably should have stayed home since they will only be seen on arrival, one play date and then the departure. Imo, and this might sound harsh but W&K are on this tour to “work” not to make spending time with the kiddies their main focus.

    1. I think she needs th sack the hair stylist pronto! I do better dos on myself that I’ve gotten off of YouTube.
      Do we know how much she gets paid for going on the tours with them?

        1. Thanks for the info! It’s way too much for the types of styles she’s doing.
          I liked the exiting the plane do because we could actually see the brooch and earrings she was wearing. Everything else has been blah

  16. On Day 4 I have to admit I’m getting tired on commenting on her looks, what she wears, her earrings… it isn’t that she looks bad or did huge mistakes but I’d really wish there would be more to talk about!

    This tour looks more and more like a nice holiday trip for the two of them as the fly from place to place, meet some local people and get to see great places… Why can’t they use the days in Canada the fullest? Why couldn’t they prepare best as possible? Why no solo engagements to do even more?
    We also talk about the clothes other Royals wear but there is also more – some gesture, important words. Just something…

    1. I agree with you Kristen. Day 4 and I’m bored. If the highlights of the tour are what Kate wears/accessories, poor tailoring, lack of preparation, and just being the Lamebridges. It’s disappointing and disrespectful in my opinion. The overall lack of commitment from these two. It’s this attitude well we are here. We showed up and graced you with our presence. Well newsflash show up and back it up. Read your briefs and do your job. It’s not hard. If it is maybe they need to go home after this trip and reconsider they’re place in the BRF. Stop wasting people’s time and tax money. This is just my opinion.

      KMR once again thank you for your tireless work and effort covering the tour. And all your posts that you do.

      1. Kristen and Eleanor, I agree 1000%. I am so bored with this tour, the fashion and the complete lack of substance. KMR’s witty reporting and the great comments here are the only things keeping me the least bit interested.

        1. I just wanted to add that I am not bored by the work people in Canada have done. They all seem really engaged and the tour itself is not boring with what they have the chance to see and to do but It’s still a Royal Tour and because of that it should have more substance! At the end it’s their job and I think they could have done a lot more each single day – also when I look at the days to come. It should be more than just showing up somewhere…

          Also absolutely not bored by the articles! You do a wonderful job, KMR!

          1. I think the people of Canada have done a wonderful job. They have put the time and effort in. The deserve more respect. They are the ones footing the bill for the Lazy Duo. William and Kate should be more appreciative and respectful of their hosts.

          2. Oh I agree completely Kristin, the people who have hosted the royals have done an outstanding job of highlighting the best of Canada. No, for me it’s the lack of substance. Are there no palliative care facilities in Canada for Kate to visit? Is no one using sports or art to help children in Canada? No, it’s that this seems to be a very expensive vacation for W&K, the kids are stuck in one place, that bugs and bores me.

      2. I also agree. There are so many unique and wonderful people they have been visiting so far and yet they really lack to show sincere interest. If you ask me, anyway.

        I guess we comment on the clothes because there is little else to talk about on the trip so far. When planning such trips, if they did any research at all, wouldn’t something crop up in their minds? A place they would want to see? Special things they would like to do? People they want to meet? I am really bored. Not with your hard work, KMR, which is always appreciated. However, this little personal vacation — with so little shown interest by the couple — is leaving me cold.

        1. But jenny, she DID do her research… of all the good vacation spots. Why are we still hating on her?! LOL… I’d kill to go to BC, but they make it insanely expensive to fly within Canada. It cost me less to fly to London round trip last week than it does for me to fly to Vancouver. These 2 are so lazy. This tour hs really soured my feelings towards them.

      3. I’m with ya. Yesterday I was thinking only William and Kate could make BC seem boring. The one thing I was excited about, tour of great bear rainforest, they didn’t really do. I do hiking and back country backpacking, sometimes it rains but you still go on. I get the sea plane cancellation but they could have still gone out on boat…
        Grizzly bears are still active there, they could’ve seen some great wildlife!

  17. I like the color of the dress. But the darts at the bust, ill fitting bodice, and waistline are a miss. Plus it looks like every dress she owns. Same silhouette, different color. I love the idea of the following shoes: burnt orange, leopard (my fave), rust, gray, heck even a navy or eggplant. And the wiglet is giving me fits. I agree that Day #1 was a win. And Will’s pants. No. Just no.

    I’m neutral abiut this trio so far. Nothing special just yet. Hopefully we will see the kids. At this point, I don’t see the point of even bringing them.

    Thanks for the up to date coverage, KMR!

    1. My first thought for shoes was one of the 9 million pairs of navy blue that she already owns. Then bring the green and the blue together with a handbag in the black watch tartan. I also like the idea of brown with the green. I am glad she ditched the clock embellishment. To me it looks like something you would wear in kindergarten. The only way I could see an adult wearing the clock is if you are a kindergarten teacher teaching kids to tell time. Of course, a teacher couldn’t afford the dress.

    2. I agree, the darts at the bust were a little distracting. I was thinking a great leopard print or even one of numerous blue shoes would’ve added something else. Kate has three color combinations for accessories it appears: nude, blue and red! I get she may have to dress conservative for “work” but where she could make it fun and exciting is her accessories.

  18. Very pretty dress, and one I think she will re wear. But when on tour, I would advise her to really promote all British and Canadian brands…it’s only a week of events, there have to be plenty of options. We are halfway through and the only Canadian designer item she has worn are the kite earrings, I believe. I’m starting to think my final impressions of this tour will be that Kate and William enjoyed themselves, Kate had some good fashion moments, and that Kate is choosing 1940s and 1950s silhouettes because publicly she is the ultimate 1950s wife. She’s not doing any solo events. The quotes that will be remembered will be about her children. She will be admired for her beauty. I understand William is the heir and he is expected to make the speeches and agenda, but there’s got to be a way to combine a respect for history and tradition with a more modern approach where the marriage partners each have gravitas. In the early 80s, Diana shocked the world for doing so, but nowadays, I think it’s shocking for Kate not to.

    1. Not sure about the “beauty” – yes she is attractive but no more than many girls walking down the street. She could look really good with nice clothes that fit and great accessories – but she is not there yet

  19. I actually really like the dress on her. And I’m glad being an Indian myself, Kate and Will have SOME knowledge of Indian food, if not Bollywood films

    1. Hubby and I are obsessed with Indian food and Hubby has been teaching himself how to cook authentic Indian fare. There is a rather famous Indian restaurant near to where we live that does cookery courses for Brides-to-be and they have agreed to let hubby be an honorary bride and be the first male ever to join the Bridal Cookery course. So exciting for both of us as I will get to taste all that he makes.

    2. Everild, I am also of Indian heritage. Kate and William probably eat the Anglo-version of Indian food or fusion style, which is generally not spicy, bland and over-compensates by putting too much butter in it.

      1. Yep.

        Anglo Indian food is a pale imitation of the real thing.

        William admitting he doesn’t like it spicy is an indication that they are eating an more Anglo than Indian version of Indian food.

    3. Mrs BBV if made right, Indian food is amazing! Its just an explosion of flavour.

      Red Tulip, Herazeus you both are probably right. That’s probably what they did in India too

  20. Like the colour but remain constantly irritated by her use of Dolce & Gabbana? I mean why? Re. PoW not reading his briefing notes. If you read Patrick Jephson’s book about Diana, Charles was so well informed on most things that when Jephson didn’t prepare him with a brief at an event because no one had asked him to, PoW spoke off the cuff. I cannot imagine for a moment either of these speaking with knowledge in any subject matter of the cuff for 5/10 minutes unless it’s about what George likes. The U.K. press seem to have tour fatigue. Even SKY news have this visit right down the news bulletins and then the clips are seconds and it’s not even a particularly busy news week. I think we just need to face up to the fact that these two are not particularly newsworthy or charismatic and there is only so much commentary about the frocks and nude shoes one can do. The UK press are so short of things to say they are now forced to commentate on how ‘in love’ the Royal couple remain after 5 years of marriage.

      1. Hit the nail on the head. Either get the program or do not. I think the two of them do not understand that actions speak louder than words. They both come off as hollow. No substance. The attitude of just showing up isn’t cutting it. I just do not understand why they don’t get it. A constitutional monarchy can only survive on the popularity of the Royal family. The need to be out and seen. Not just seen on tour, but seen in England as well. They’re reclusive nature puts people off. I understand that everyone needs privacy. These two take it to a paranoid state. What I find most disturbing is you use your kids as props to boost your image. Terribly sad.

      2. Great article. The tour so far can be summed as an indifferent “meh”. The best thing I can say is I like Kate’s clothes, which means the bar is set really low for these two. They do the minimum amount of work required and no more.

      3. Yup……blander that Mr & Mrs Bland who have been fed a diet of bland. I’m bored of them and their buttoned up resentment of having to get out there for 10% of the year to be seen doing something. The only time Kate looks happy is either on foreign soil or when she has William’s partial attention. Jeez even a flash would be preferable to this diet of monotony…..only joking, seen it once & you’ve seen it all and boy have we seen it all.

      4. 100% agree. Check out the events CP Mary and Frederick will be attending and participating in over the next 3 days while in the USA and that perfectly illustrates what this article has said. K & W are their own worst enemies when it comes to PR.

          1. That sounds like a great programme! I like that one can see the purpose of their visit and that they split up to attend and cover even more events!

            And I do not mind some “fun events” as sports, museums or festivals as these can also be important and serve a certain purpose but so far I couldn’t see that with WK! Like you write, it just seems to be “we are here, look pretty and that has to be enough” tour. Disappointing.

      5. Thanks for sharing this! It’s great and I think sums up exactly what most of us here feel. Loved the dowdy dressing comment and reference to their “private time”

      6. What a great article.. and infuriating for so many reasons!

        Private time? Uh no, you’re ‘at work’. You have private time when you’ve finished the engagements publicly listed on your itinerary, not during them.

        This, combined with this yawn inducing tour, is just making me like them less and less with each passing appearance.

        I wish the British media would take a stand to send a message. I had no idea about the Tiger’s Nest monestry incident, I wish it was more well known so people can get an idea of how selfish and greedy these two actually are.

    1. Hi Mrs BBV, I just don’t understand how a British royal on a tour of Canada decides to highlight an Italian designer, did Canada and Britain run out of dressmakers?

      1. Shocking isn’t it? I don’t understand her fixation with that brand in general……they’ve dressed her in some real horrors usually involving lace.

      2. Lauri, I’m just glad she has busted out an Erden yet. He may be Canadian, but his designs are horrid! And watch, I just jinxed it. She’s gonba wear a fugly Erdem creation to the next event.

      3. Jason Wu is actually Canadian and I love some his designs. She could’ve worn him. At least she didn’t pick anything from the bleh palm tree line from d & g

      1. Isn’t Kate supposedly reading Girl on the train? =)
        I wish they would go to the theater or ballet, a great excuse to wear some bling! I think Charles and Camilla are seen there

  21. I can not believe that her dress is made by D & G, it is just nothing. I think it is cheap looking as well. Does Kate actually try on any of her clothes before any engagement because it sure looked to me like a dressmaker should have fixed the darts and bodice. Also, she is back to being buttoned up to her neck again and having little poofy sleeve and shoulder details. I think she accentuates her shoulders to make sure she will look super slim-which in her case is not really necessary.
    Another observation I have for this morning is that when you go to the DM Femail webpage, the first person that prominently pops up is CP Mary of Denmark.
    KMR hoping you do a brief post about CP Mary and Frederick, who will be in the US for about 3 days starting yesterday. I do not want to threadjack, but if you see what they are doing and the events they are attending, to me this is what a visit to another country should be. In conclusion, I will say that neither William or Kate have the intellectual curiosity or native intelligence to participate in some of the events Mary and Frederick will be attending. It would be way too much work for them to have to prepare for something like this.

  22. Yawn! Kate dear, the 1940’s called and wants their dress back. Gosh I’m so bored with this tour, the fashion (maybe excepting the red cocktail dress) has been a giant yawn and since that’s all Kate brings to any event I feel like we’ve been forced to watch someone else’s boring vacation slides.

    I just don’t know what to say about this dress, except wow what a way to highlight her nipples. This girl must really be a frustrated exhibitionist, since she can’t flash us (probably under strict orders about that) she really must show off some part of her body.

  23. I live in Ontario and know how bad things can be for First Nations communities here and although I am not overly familiar with how they are in BC, but I am sure that they cannot be overly great.

    Addiction and mental health are a huge issue that these communities face and would have perfectly tied into W&K’s ‘passion’ for helping these kinds of people in need. I think this tour is a missed opportunity for W&K and our own PM to shed more light on the plight of our Native peoples and their health.

  24. Meanwhile……

    Beatrice did this yesterday

    And Harry did this….

    If you can’t see the page, it says Prince Harry was in Norway to take part in military exercises involving civil protection and emergency planning in his role as Patron of Mapaction. The aim of the exercise is to practise humanitarian aid response and civil protection. This exercise is carried out every 3 years and i guess Harry joined them this year.

    1. Thanks for these links, and good for Beatrice. We know Harry always does good things. Meanwhile the press concentrates on Kate’s clothes.

    2. Thanks for sharing the articles! It’s always great to see what other royals are up to and to learn about their work too.
      Wish media would focus more on these kind of events…

  25. I’ve an idea…..seeing as the Cambridges are boring us to death why don’t we all put one picture up of our pets. That’s far more interesting than nude pumps and Royals who would rather be having ‘private time’. ?????

    KMR Please, please do not for one second this is a reflection of you and your hard work. I have walls drying with plaster and paint with more life in them that these two.

  26. I like the dress, the colour the way it is. No stopwatch please. The darts are very distracting but the waistline is OK to me. I had a closer look at the bodice over at the DM and I don’t understand why the dart? The princess seam would have been quite alright by itself. The nude stuff don’t go with the dark green colour. The Duchess looks quite radiant actually.

    So, I thought the royals cannot eat seafood or shellfish??? Has that ban been lifted?

      1. Not just this one, are any of the Duchess’ dresses worth the money?? But then, we don’t have the money to actually know how luxurious those materials are. I buy lower end fabrics to sew my dresses (since my sewing skills are not there yet). I do buy more expensive fabrics and notions and there is a huge difference. I can’t imagine the fabric, the notions used in the high end designer clothes that the Duchess wears. I buy from a high end Japanese lace and ribbons here and there, I just drop to the floor looking at the quality of the lace etc…

        All I know is my Coach purse is not the same as my Louis Vuitton purse. As for the Birkin bag, when I win the lottery. I can’t justify spending over 10k for a bag. I was eyeing another LV purse but I am crazy??? I would never spend money that much money for a purse ever again.

          1. And it will never date, it will gain in value and the more distressed it becomes, the better it will look. Also you get free lifetime repairs at LV. Xxx

        1. Can I just say I always wanted a Birkin but now when you see them plastered all over Instagram in the hands of Eurotrash, Footballers wives and Essex girls they are fast losing their appeal. Same with Chanel although I could probably be forced to carry a 2.55 in black leather.

          My most precious bag is my Lady Dior that I bought after Diana died because Dior said that bag was always sent to her every season in the new fabric & colour ways. They also said the bag was named after her too but I’m not so sure about that as they style was around before she started using it but unofficially it was know in Dior shops as the Lady Diana bag by staff & by customers. Regrettably I chose it in black suede when I should have retrospectively bought black leather but it’s still stored in it’s box in tissue paper and I only use it for very, very best. And I think of her every single time I use it and it always draws compliments. It is a proper Lady’s bag. Xx

          1. Mrs. BBV, this is so lovely. You have such an eye for fashion and such a love for the late Princess Diana. If I could have, I would have purchased one of those precious bags, too. I always wished I had been older when Diana was Princess. Yes, as a child, she captured my imagination, but to have been a teen, or a young woman, or a woman of any age, she must have resonated so greatly with so many. She was one in a billion, I think.

  27. This is the 1940’s fashion flashback tour it seems for Kate. The royal jewels tour for William. A real snooze fest these two. KMR coverage is great as always, thank you! Canada probably won’t ask them

      1. So I guess he’s like most non-Jewish, European men huh, Maven? LOL and “ewwww” at the same time.

        (Gross but I had to do it. 😉 ).

        1. Actually I read that the males of the royal family are all circumcised and that it is done by a mohel, which in Judaism is a person trained in the covenant of circumcision.A Jewish baby boy undergoes this ritual 8 days after being born.

          1. William is not circumcised. There are naked peen pics on the Internet. He pissed infront of photographers at a polo match ie against a fence facing out as opposed to a private situation, and pics were taken.

            Pics are still on the Internet if you google. Clear as day.

            There are also naked pap pics of Charles and Andrew from the 80s. Not circumcised either.

            So I don’t know where this Jewish myth came from.

      2. LOLLLLL!!!! But in all honesty, I’m surprised Kate lets him wear his pants so tight. Isn’t it suggested that men give their jewels some breathing room to boost fertility? Kate’s always wanted more kids. Or is this Will’s silent protest against having more kids?

        1. Maybe it’s something they both enjoy~how long can the other get away with going “commando” before the press finds out/comments on? I’m all for keeping the spark alive but geez, keep that behind closed doors or at least be more subtle than this!

  28. She should look better in the dress but she doesn’t. First lumberjacks, the flag, safaris, and now a shout out to BC forests (Emily Carr did it better)? All her outfits are super expensive and the cost makes my head reel.

    So they hit the Okanagan, eh (which I adore)? Think of Napa valley. Life is rough.

  29. Pros: Green is one of my favorite colors and I like that shade and it looks good on her.

    Cons: everything else. The cutesy bow, the gold buttons and the blah shoes. I would have preferred if the shoes were gold or even green or black!

    I’ve seen online the prices for these dresses/outfits and holy shinikies. When I add it up, the cost could take care of my rent and utilities for a year! Must be nice….

    P.S. I didn’t comment in the previous thread but I liked the red dress. It’s a flattering style and color on her.

    P.P.S. This tour is boring the you-know-what out of me.

    P.P.S.S. It appears Princess Beatrice is participating in a “Strive Challenge Triathalon” right now–way to go!! She’s also fundraising!! Perhaps this can be mentioned in a future “Royal Round-Up” or an individual post?

  30. This tour so far can be summed up in word for me-meh.
    I will say, I don’t know if someone talked to them or they finally got that it’s rude not to try food people are offering them but yay for sampling. I get if you have an allergy or something but I was always taught that it’s not gracious to take something.
    So, even tho it’s something they should have been doing at the beginning (and I think William used to) I give them kuddos for finally getting it.

  31. PLEASE remember – she isn’t Kate Middleton any more! She is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. Do you call Mre Trudeau or Mrs Obama by their maiden names?

    1. Hi SPaul, I can’t speak for the others but once she starts acting like a Duchess and wife of the 2nd in line to the throne of England I’ll gladly refer to her as that but since she still acts like a silly school girl I’ll most likely continue to think of her as and refer to her as Kate Middleton.

      1. Plus, the public knew her as Kate Middleton for almost a decade, where as she’s only been the Duchess for what 5 years? The general population probably wouldn’t know who you were referring to if you said “Duchess of Cambridge” but most people have a passing knowledge of the name “Kate Middleton”. I’ve only know Mrs. Obama and Mre Trudeau by their married names and if you referred to them by their maiden names, again I’d have no idea to whom you were referring.

        1. The majority of people who Google Kate do so by searching for “Kate Middleton” nor “Duchess of Cambridge”.

        2. Exactly, Lauri and KMR. She was in the public eye for 10 years as Kate Middleton. It makes it easier for searching to stay with that name, so it keeps being included in many of the press articles written.

          She also doesn’t act, dress, or work like she should. Likewise, William is referred to as William not Prince William by many posters. Calling them by their titles is highlighting something they themselves do not honor. She coveted a title for years, but neither honors the work that is required for the title.

          1. Why do people get bent out of shape about Kate’s maiden name yet ignore William’s pre-married name?

            If you insist on calling her the duchess of Cambridge, then William should be The Duke of Cambridge.

            Ditto The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke of York, Sarah Duchess of York (not Fergie and definitely not Sarah Ferguson), The Earl and Countess of Wessex.

            Queen Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh.

            How about the Dowager Queen Elizabeth as opposed to the QM.

            Or The Duke and duchess of Windsor as opposed to David (or Edward 8) and Wallis Simpson.

            Or even going further back, the 6wives of Henry 8, often referred to by their maiden names as opposed to Queen Consort of England 1-6.

            We talk about Elizabeth Woodville or Margaret Beaufort instead of their marital titles

            Etc etc and so forth.

            BTW, googling duchess of Cambridge brings up the other recent title holder, Fat May aka Queen Mary’s mother who was known for her charity work.

            If I said in a sentence that the duchess of Cambridge was a tireless charity worker, you’d think I was taking the piss when I was referring to Fat May, not Kate Middleton.

          2. It is Robinson, I believe. Michelle Obama’s maiden name. And, she has been married for a long time. She will always be a FLOTUS and former FLOTUS. Kate is finding it difficult to be a Duchess, I believe.

      1. The short version of Catherine/Katherine is always Kate in English culture.

        Frankly I had never heard of ‘Cate’ until Cate Blanchett and I thought it was an affectation to stand out.

        Once I started posting on American blogs, I came to discover that ‘Cate’ is apparently a real name.

    2. “Mrs. Trudeau” is usually referred to as Sophie Gregoire Trudeau in news articles.

      If we’re doing titles, Michelle Obama should be the First Lady, or as we often shorten it here, FLOTUS. The wife of the Canadian Prime Minister doesn’t have a similar appellation.

      I will call her by her name, especially when I’m writing on the internet and not addressing her directly.

      1. Actually it is the law in Quebec that women retain their family name upon marriage. I’m surprised that Sophie got to tack on Trudeau’s name. She kept her own for years after marriage until, I guess, it became politically expedient to become hyphenated. Some rules I guess don’t apply to the Trudeaus.

        1. She can’t change the law she just asked the press in English Canada to call her Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. Besides in common law provinces you only assume the married name. It is not a legal name change unless your birth certificate changes. But you can change your drivers licence and passport with proof of marriage. That is why you need to produce them both when you apply for a passport.

    3. Please remember SPaul, that no one really cares if others refer to her as Kate Middleton. She waited for Will for so long (10 years), that is what the public has come to know her as. The only people who are adamant about calling her by her title are those obsessed with Kate. No one else really cares. She is Kate.

  32. I finally got around to updating the post with their arrival at Yukon. I didn’t have enough for a separate post so I just included it in this one.

  33. Not much to say about the clothes. I like 30’s and 40’s style, too, and she looks good in that color. Shoes are still boring but actually appropriate this time. Shame she couldn’t jazz up her outfit with better jewelry or a scarf.

    Ok, I’m giggling about the clams, too. Kate did well to eat these and make reasonable comments.

    I’m wondering about William’s need to constantly make himself sound like a twat. He has children, and he’s wearing clothes to highlight his manhood, but he keeps making unsolicited comments that make him seem less competent, less knowledgable, and less daring than your average middle schooler. Does he think that his audience feels inferior to him in some way and that it’s his duty to diminish himself to make us feel better about ourselves? Or, more likely, was he finally told to stop insulting people? If that was his go-to brand of humor, his fall-back version seems to include making himself into a bit of a joke. Or maybe it’s not any kind of a strategy, and he’s just… Casper Milquetoast from the neck up. Thoughts?

  34. I like the coat and it’s a good shape for her.

    Why carry the scarf?

    Did you all see the photo of her with the beautiful orange bouquet? It really popped with the green coat and I thought of all the accessory suggestions here. This is basic color wheel stuff and I’m surprised that Kate Middleton the art history major seems to have skipped it.

    1. Me too! I’d love for them both to do a tea party type of engagement that Madeleine did for the equivalent of make the wish foundation (don’t remember the Swedish name)
      The BRF doesn’t seem to do much interaction with other royals tho. If so, it’s usually Sophie and Edward going.

    2. This would be awesome! And maybe Maddie can show Kate how to dress properly and how to be a princess. But I doubt this will ever happen. I can already see Kate be threatened by Maddie. Maddie is wayy too cool for Kate.

      1. I don’t see it happening either Miss K, for the exact reason you mentioned. Plus, when William and Maddie were younger there was some talk about the two of them getting together. I don’t think either of them were interested but as I recall it did go around in the press now and again.

        1. I would have thought if William were interested he would have pursued it. Are William and Maddie related? From what I remember William had a crush on a model? Diana invited her over for dinner and William was stunned that the model was smart. I am a bit confused. When someone says cool what does it mean apart from the temperature? I mean is that bad when you are described as cool? Is it good?

          1. “Cool” is slang. It means “good”.

            Yes, Maddie and William are related through Queen Victoria (because of course). Victoria is William’s great-great-great-great-grandmother through Charles. Victoria is Maddie’s great-great-great-grandmother through Carl Gustaf.

          2. Wasn’t that model Cindy Crawford? And wasn’t she going to school to become an engineer when she was discovered? It really shouldn’t have surprised William she’s got a good brain in her head.

      2. I also think Kate can appear awkward with kids and then throw into that sick kids and she could be even more so.
        I loved the tea party with the aquamarine tiara!
        We can always hope tho =)

        1. Princess Madeleine, I hate to say this, but dream on. While I think it would be wonderful for Kate to invite Madeleine and the children over the next time the Cambridges are at Kensington, I cannot ever imagine it happening!
          Madeleine is too beautiful and too secure to be included in any teas at the Palace.,

          Of course, Estelle and Charlotte would be a handful and the boys might be more tame as their sisters ran amuck through the Royal apartment.

          Oh, well, we can all dream, can’t we?

  35. And in other news the England football manager has been sacked following a newspaper sting. One of his many indiscretions was to say that Will was a useless President of the FA.
    I am watching the Channel 4 hour long evening news. It is 19.53 still no mention of the royals. Diana on tour was always headlines.
    KMR I concur with everyone else that you are doing a brilliant job, I am now reading up more about the First Nations and their issues. I also really appreciate Canadians giving us their honest opinions.

  36. Thank you for the update! 🙂
    The coat is beautiful, I like the colour of the purse and the scarf.
    When I see the photos, I get the feeling of a holiday atmosphere. That’s great work, travelling around the world! (I know, in reality it’s much more exhausting). But nevertheless, great memories for both of them. 🙂

    1. I don’t think it is that exhausting considering they have only been working about 3-4 hours a day. And mostly they just sit there watching other people doing things. Not really exhausting. Everything is planned for them. I imagine it is actually quiet easy when you have an entourage doing everything for you.

      1. Plus their days don’t start until about noon most days (except for today which started at 9) so they get to sleep in and spend a ton of time with the kids. So I’m wondering why they need “private time with the kids” during the 8 day tour when they are only working a few hours each day.

  37. I’ve been lurking for a while, but haven’t been posting. This has been an interesting year 🙁

    I used to live around Vancouver and love Kelowna! It’s strange to see Will and Kate visiting there. I hope they have enjoyed it. I’m travelling to Vancouver next week, so unfortunately I will have missed them.

    I’ve never tasted geoduck, but I should since it’s a delicacy that is only found in one spot in the world. I do hope that they ate more than just a bite or two of all that food. Those chefs are the best of the region!

    I almost wished that they had gone to Vij’s restaurant in Vancouver. It’s very popular even among celebrities. But the interesting thing is, he doesn’t take reservations. It doesn’t matter if you are Meryl Streep, you stand in line and wait with everyone else. He does it deliberately because he truly believes that everyone is equal.

      1. Sorry, my apologies. I had googled them previously and thought that I had read that they were only found in the one part of BC. Guess it goes to show you that you can’t believe everything that you read.

    1. Hello, Bookworm. So nice to read your comment.
      Wow, can you imagine W and K on line waiting for a table?! That would have made my day! I love the owner’s belief that everyone is equal. Good for him!

    1. They are too tight all round – he needs a size up and proper tailoring – there are many “well endowed”guys who dress properly and your attention is not drawn . . . . If he thinks he looks good then he needs his eye checked.

  38. Update – I like the green coat – it fits and the style is good. A wrap is for wearing – not carrying – particularly in cold weather. It would have added interest.

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