William and Kate visit Great Bear Rainforest, attend reception for Canada Tour Day 3

William and Kate visit Great Bear Rainforest, attend reception for Canada Tour Day 3

Prince William and Kate Middleton traveled to Bella Bella yesterday, September 26, for Day 3 of their Royal Tour of Canada. The first part of their program, the aerial tour of Great Bear Rainforest, had to be cancelled due to bad weather, but the rest of the day’s program went ahead on schedule.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate arrived at Wawiska Community Hall, met with Heiltsuk First Nation community, and watched an official welcome performance (which went on for an hour longer than planned). William was greeted as a “hemas” (a hereditary chief) and Kate was greeted as an “umaks” (a woman of high rank or standing).

William and Kate were shown one of the most precious items owned by the community: a royal staff with a silver crown head given to the present chief’s great-grandfather by Queen Victoria. It was awarded to the Heiltsuk people as a sign of honor.

William and Kate also listened to several speeches from senior members of the Heiltsuk community about the battle to protect and nurture their traditional lands. You can’t tell from these photos but there were many photos of William and Kate looking very bored. I mentioned on Twitter that William and Kate need to work on their “resting but not bored” face. Both of them have a very bored expression when their faces are “resting” and it’s happened at so many engagements that they’ve done. They need to practice looking halfway interested when listening to speeches.

Then they watched a series of dances by a group of children and a large group of women who danced what is known as “A ladies’ welcome” to the sound of drums and chanting.

[The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCa]

Then the Cambridges were given a number of gifts including “dancing vests” for themselves and Prince George and Princess Charlotte, a traditional doll for Charlotte, a drum for George, and hats for both.

From the Daily Mail:

    “Chief Marilyn Slett told them: ‘On behalf our nation we welcome you and we thank you for being here as part of the healing that we are undertaking. As part of our… feasting system we would like to give our guests a gift.’
    “First the blankets and then the ‘dancing vests’ – worn by men, women and children during traditional celebrations – were placed over the couple’ shoulders.
    “‘We use these blankets to wrap the spirits of our ancestors around you and to unite your spirits together with ours,’ they were told. ‘In our way our blankets encompass the sprites of our ancestors, our history and our culture, our stories of who we are and where we come from.’
    “The blankets were printed with the outline of a grizzly bear, trees to represent the forest that surrounds the Heiltsuk community and local flora and fauna. ‘The design represents all life, not just animals but us as humans. There is no hierarchy in the importance of life, we are all dependent on one another,’ Chief Slett said.
    “They were then handed miniature dancing vests for their children – one in white for Charlotte and another in black for George, and examined them delightedly. William and Kate were also given a traditional doll by a woman carrying a baby for Charlotte. […] They were also given a painted drum for George and urged them to bring him back to the community to learn ‘how to free the spirits of the drum’.”

It makes me chuckle that a Chief is telling a Prince that “there is no hierarchy in the importance of life” considering the entire idea of “Prince” or “Chief” is centered around being more important than others, but I get what the Chief was going for.

William and Kate then moved to Elders Lodge where William gave a speech to launch Canada’s contribution to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. The full transcript is not online as of time of posting, so I’m quoting the KP Twitter account:

    “It gives me great pleasure to be here today as the Great Bear Rainforest is officially committed to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. By CHOGM 2018, it is expected that all 53 countries of the Commonwealth will have joined the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, creating a global network of forests that will benefit indigenous communities, wildlife and tourism now, and into the future. The establishment of the Canopy is a loud and unambiguous statement … that nature is fundamental to the health of our societies. Her Majesty is immensely grateful to you, and the people of Canada, for the leadership you have shown in making this contribution.”

The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) was launched at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta in 2015. The QCC is a unique network of forest conservation initiatives, which involves all 53 countries of the Commonwealth – presenting a rare opportunity to unite the whole Commonwealth and save one of the world’s most important natural habitats: forests.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The royal couple then walked through Great Bear Rainforest before unveiling a plaque to mark their visit and the dedication of the rainforest to the QCC.

Kate wore a jacket from Holland and Holland – which is a London-based gun company which also sells clothing. Kate wore their “Safari Jacket” ($780.00). Underneath the jacket she wore a blue sweater and a plaid shirt. She wore Zara jeans.

Kate wore her Penelope Chivers “Long Tassel Boot” (£475.00) which didn’t go over well when she wore them to hike to Tiger’s Nest back in April, but I actually like these boots.

Kate’s earrings are by Canadian designer Pippa Small. She wore the “Large Gold Kite” earrings which retail for £1,200 or $1,750. You can see the small version of the earrings here.

In the evening, back in Victoria, William and Kate attended a reception at Government House attended by 200 guests from British Columbia’s legislature, government and judiciary.

William participated in a “Black Rod Ceremony” ahead of the reception. The Black Rod ceremonial staff was created in 2012 for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and it had three rings symbolizing the province, Canada, and the Crown. At the ceremony, with the assistance of Grand Chief Edward John and Chief Shane Gottfriedson, William added a fourth ring engraved with eagle feathers and a canoe symbolizing aboriginal reconciliation.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, leader of the Union of British Columbian Indian Chiefs, was supposed to hand the fourth ring to William at the ceremony, but he boycotted the event. In a statement, Grand Chief Phillip said: “With the deepening poverty of our communities, remembering the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and the ongoing negligence of indigenous child welfare policies across this country, in good conscience, I cannot participate in the Black Rod Ceremony.”

Kensington Palace officials declined to comment.

Kate wore Preen‘s red stretch-crepe “Finella” dress ($1,715).

Kate carried another new red clutch (which I like a lot) and wore red suede shoes (I think they may be her Gianvito Rossi pumps she wore to Order of the Garter but I’m not sure).


For jewelry, Kate wore the Queen’s Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch again, as well as her Soru Jewellery “Baroque Pearl Double Sided Earrings” (£130.00) which she debuted at Wimbledon in July.

I think Kate looks very pretty here. I don’t mind the matching red shoes and clutch (I don’t care that the reds don’t match), although I do prefer the strappy shoes the model in the stock photo is wearing. These earrings are not my taste up close, but I like that they are large enough to be seen in photos from far away.

PS. Please stop commenting on Kate’s weight so much. It’s getting to the point where people are being very rude about it and it’s making me very uncomfortable. It’s fine to comment on the fit of clothes, it’s fine to notice her size and say “she’s thin”, but the weight comments are starting to cross a line into “she looks like a skeleton and her face is falling apart” territory and those types of derogatory comments make me uncomfortable.

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  1. Oooh….I need to see more, but that red dress looks stunning at first glance.

    At least the boots distract from the painted on jeggings. But again, blue. Ugh.

          1. I agree. While I would like Kate to wear more statement necklaces, I think the brooch was nice in this instance. At least she wore some nice jewelry.

    1. And gosh, dang, I hate the matchy red shoes. See how much better those metallic strappy heels look with it in the model photo?! Does she hate her toes or something?! Maybe she has feet anxiety and that’s why she has to hide her toes and heels. Gah, I’m so sick of pumps. And matching.

      1. Protocol requires that when she is representing the Queen and by extension, the British govt, she wears closed toe shoes. This govt reception and meeting PM at airport is representing the Queen and the British govt. Ditto that First Nations day on Bella Bella.

        It can be confusing because she’s representing herself in situations where she is visiting her charities eg that day in Vancouver despite the *presence of the Trudeaus, yet gets her position as a member of the BRF which exists to represent the crown.

        *given the presence of the Trudeaus, i keep wondering if this was an official British govt representation day or a personal charity day that happened to include the Trudeaus.

        In those situations, best to err on the side of caution and wear closed toe shoes.

        Kate’s interpretation of closed toe shoes seems to be plain courts. I can’t remember if she’s ever been seen in slingbacks or fun shoes like Sophie Trudeau’s airport shoes or CP Mary’s ascot shoes. Occassionally Kate wears sandals, but only a handful of times.

        1. Princess Margaret (the Queen’s sister) was known to wear open toed shoes, including at official functions (one example: reception at the Brit. Ambassador’s in Paris) – and was hence sometimes nicknamed ‘princess peepy-toes’ —- I have not heard about this shoe protocol before…. Where is it written/when did it come into force?

          1. Protocol isn’t really written. As Royalty you’re just expected to know the form. Princess Margaret was also advised by the govt. of the day not to wear full skirts post war as they used too much fabric which was scarce and she would influence women’s fashion. What did she do? She ordered a whole collection of Dior’s ‘New Look’ which was full skirted.

      2. I agree, the dress was really beautiful, but I don’ t like at all the matchy matchy shoes and clutch. A pair of silver sparkling pumos would have beeen perfect indeed IMO!

    2. This dress is nice for celebrities and one less bony as cannot. This is not royal regal wear and the zipper display cheapens the look of the dress.

      Why is cannot always smirking/grinning, as if not sensitive to the traditional wear of First Nation people, the reverence of the culture (entitled,dutiless cannot may not care, learn about or appreciate), like that of the BRF and the Monarchy. cannot is no Diana, PoW who touched, asked, show interested in the FN people traditions/dress/culture, like that of the BRF and Monarchy. Whiny willnot sat with legs cross-:as if to say, entertain bow to ‘ heir and i am a Prince’. They have sat this cross leg pompous entitled look above themselves, at HM Cathedral events in London and HM was looking at both.

  2. I would have loved to do the flight over the Great Bear Rainforest on Bella Bella, it would be cool to see it one day.

    It’s a shame Kate and William can’t work on their resting b*h faces, or learn to hide the boredom? I did notice a number of photos where Kate looks peeved too.

    Kate looked appropriately dressed today, expensive jacket btw. Then I took a look at what she had on her feet! Doesn’t Kate know how to look after her footwear?????? I thought she was a Brownie, they teach you to wear a smart and tidy uniform – included in that class would have been a lesson in how to shine your shoes! Were those boots even cleaned after Bhutan?

    Sloppy sloppy sloppy!

      1. She doesn’t look after shoes. Her very many pumps often have dirty heels. No attention to detail. I think the boots are both wet and dirty.

  3. It always bothers me when I see them looking bored. I know from experience that it’s not always easy to look interested – I regularly have meetings with people who are ill-prepared and boring – but I can’t let it show, so I really hope they’ll realize that too.

    I think Kate is at her best in informal clothes. Nice that she repeated those boots, which I actually like, but her earrings look heavily over-priced to me. They look like something you can buy at Accesorize.

    I also like the red dress on Kate, hopefully she will repeat it in the future. I’m very much for less is more what comes to clothing, a true Scandinavian minimalist (and that’s why I hated her frilly McQueen so much), and this kind of look is much more to my liking than the busy, embellished evening looks she usually favors.

    1. I know how hard it is to look interested when listening to people you find boring or disagree with. So I kind of want to give them a pass on that just because I’ve been there, BUT they know they are going to be photographed and should really try to not look so bored. Also, listening to other students’ speeches and looking bored is one thing, but being on official business and looking bored when these people are so thrilled to have them there is another. W&K really need to work on not looking bored in front of the people they are visiting.

      I was shocked at the price of the earrings. They look cheap; like something you could find at the mall.

      1. And in their position looking bored affects your reputation and at worst even that of your country, so they should really work on looking polite and interested. I’ve heard many people question the monarch as the head of state in Canada, so her representatives should really try to show monarchy gives the Canadians something and that they care. I can imagine this kind of events can feel staged and embarrassing, but it’s still official business.

        1. The GG David Johnston managed to look interested at all times and this is a man with an extensive educational background and celebrated career. He just isn’t an entitled brat. So really their bored faces confirm that we don’t need them there because we already have a GG who could be head of state for a set term and properly represent the country.

          1. How long are they in any one place? They can’t look interested for less than an hour? They are not there to be entertained for the most part. Oh wait, maybe they didn’t read the briefing.

    1. She is skinnier than the model wearing the dress. That is not healthy at all. Her arm is so distracting from the dress itself. It is not normal for a 34 year old to have arms like that. Muscular 34 year old arms are toned and not grizzled. At what point do they start getting her help?

      Also, the jeans were a bit tight. Do we need to see her thigh gap on official events? They do make jeans that are fashionable and not that tight.

      At least she pulled her hair back to show the earrings.

      1. I agree about Kate’ s arms. They look so floppy and untoned like an old lady’ s arms.
        OLd women have arms like that, not a 34 year old woman

  4. KMR, funny you mention the bored faces, as I was looking through all the photos on worldofwindsor, I just kept noticing how bored they looked. They definitely need to work on their listening faces, even if whatever they’re watching or listening to goes a tad too long. Just makes them look rude and ungrateful.

    I still hate those boots.

    She looks beautiful in that red dress, finally something without sleeves! But her biceps… holy moley :/

    1. They were also chatting and whispering with those around them during the welcome dances. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that people were explaining the ceremony to them, but it still makes for a rude photo.

    2. Perhaps, when W&K gives a speech the audience should look away from the podium and gaze at everything that’s in the room, except W&K, and maybe they’ll understand how they look when it’s in the reverse. Social graces, non-existent.

  5. The red dress is Audrey Hepburn beautiful. Best I’ve ever seen her look including her wedding.

    The Heiltsuk First Nation was the star today. Really interesting to learn about the community and its struggles and triumphs. The Numpty Cambs are only being themselves, can’t expect much enthusiasm from them beyond their own superficial interests.

    1. I would have been on the edge of my seat with intrigue. You are listening to rich history. It’s fascinating. Now we know that they can’t be bothered.

      1. As would I! W+K are so lucky to have been guests and introduced to the Heiltsuk First Nation people. It beggars belief to see them bored. It happens too often though and is incredibly crude behaviour. Three days of this tour so far and each day has delivered a Cambridge-generated problem of personal rudeness and/or disinterest against a background of faultless Canadian generosity and courtesy. And remind me, are ‘royals’ supposed to be superior???

        I thought the red dress pretty; the colour softens her hard face. Black would have been stunning IF Kate had beautiful accessories eg a silk wrap, and shoes, both of which had some level of texture. The block colours are tedious.

        1. I honestly don’t understand W&K’s behavior most of the time. Considering how much preparation and money is spent on these tours by the host country and the foreign office’s budget, they could at least try to show some appreciation, instead of looking lifeless and bored. They’ve been to Canada before, so it’s not like they don’t know what to expect, and why a second time? Kate’s bucket list is long, and she seems to have a hankering to travel, from her statements, but when they do, why the bored look? I view their behavior as adolescent.

    2. I deeply respect Grand Chief Stewart Phillips’ boycott of the event. I pray that some good for the community comes of this visit. The community was extraordinarily generous toward these two spoiled people. It breaks my heart to think they may not be deeply moved by this show of kindness and honor. KM should have spoken a few words of thanks, but she is not one to be grateful for anything outside her stale world of shopping and beauty regimens.

      1. I thought it was a great stance and true.
        When I was toying with the idea of going up to see them, I was looking into spirit bear tours (so that way it wan’t all about them) and most of them are done on First Nations land. I applaud them for doing the ecotourism. When I contacted them, they were all booked up and I asked how soon I’d need to book for next yr, they said they usually book a yr in advance! Good for them. It’s a way to make a profit and still be true to their heritage.

    3. I agree that the dress was beautiful and Kate actually looked nice in it. Again wish she wasn’t so matchy matchy and would wear some better bling!
      Native American lore and stories are always so beautiful with how the tie people, animals and the elements all together. You’d think mr. Conservationist would be interested in that. They also usually have great dances!

  6. Ah… the dreaded return of the jeggings…. sigh…. clearly it was too much for me to hope that this would be the first royal tour where she would dress like a dignified professional and not bring those darn pants out that could basically double as long underwear, they’re so tight…

    Red dress is pretty… not my favorite dress she’s worn, but nicely tailored and an appropriate length… I agree that the angle of the pic was not flattering to her arms, which look even thinner than usual…

    As alway– thank you KMR for getting these posts up so fast!! You are awesome!

    1. Thanks Kristin! I agree that the red dress is not the best she’s ever worn, but it is very pretty.

  7. This dress is really stunning and I think it suits her style.

    $780 for that jacket? Ugh. Give it to Kate to spend a fortune in such a boring piece. I like the boots and the earrings though, and I think the whole outfit was appropriate.

    It really bothers me that she just stands there being pretty while William makes all the speeches. There’s never anything about her to discuss other than her clothes. I wish she would say a few words publicly.

    1. I agree. I understand that when she’s with William he takes precedence, but I wish she would say things too so that we could talk about more than just her clothes.

  8. I have to admit, the red dress is stunning….just not on her, unfortunately. She looks like a housewife from the 50ies. The dress, shoes, clutch, brooch….very good combination. I really love it. It just looks so dated on her. What a pity.

    1. her weight lifting thin arms and bony neck are distracting. now l know why she always covered upwards. off shoulder dresses are not good on her. princess Charlene does it very well!!!

    2. Agree Greta, the red dress is stunning but not on her. As always, Kate makes a beautiful dress look like a boring outfit, and as always again she matches the colors of the dress, shoes and clutch. I do not care about the color combination but Kate could wear different colors of shoes an clutches to give a broken in the look.

      1. Jamel can you imagine how much more the red dress would have been elevated had she worn a royal blue or a deep velvet blue heels? Or even printed heels? Kate doesnt know how to accessorize at all. But she does look pretty and polished in the red dress; definitely one of her more beautiful looks.

        1. Exactly, Red Tulip. Kate doesnt know how to accessorize at all. With her money I expected her to do more, but no, she is always predictable. This is Kate.

  9. I view as many of the royal tweets as I can locate before any thing becomes available on the blogs. But I was quite surprised as well to observe their faces looking quite bored and then discussions began when the blogs came out the resting face poses. It makes me wonder what do I look like. I can see other celebrities having this same problem but there must be a solution other than smiling all the time. Is there an art to this to practice the appearance of interest.

    I truly enjoyed the first natives. It too is amazing what has been done to preserve this part of Canada which I would so love to visit…. so beautiful.

    I do like Kate’s boots. I am always in shock at the prices of certain jewelry and wearing apparel that just do not look as to justify the cost.

    1. Oh I have a very bored-looking resting face. Plus my mouth is a triangle shape so even when just resting I look unhappy or annoyed due to my mouth shape. So I know how hard it is to look not bored/unhappy while resting. A small smile on me makes my mouth look normal since my mouth looks downturned naturally.

    2. I noticed on a sugar site that even they were even commenting on Kate’s resting face. That she sometimes looks bored or her resting face looks snobby. I have to say that I even noticed it more this trip. The first day watching it live, I though she looked snobby/bored at times. I don’t think she necessarily is, but it is amazing how different people look when they don’t smile. I think she is so pretty when she smiles and kind of mean/snooty looking when she doesn’t.

      1. She needs to get some life into her eyes and a little resting smile. I get that this might not be natural for her, but she’s getting photos taken all the time so she needs to get used to it.

        1. Life in her eyes! A very astute comment. Listening and really trying to learn something would help. The entire culture of the people they visited is fascinating and I would have been so moved if I witnessed the ceremonies. I loved the idea of wrapping the Duke and Duchess in blankets and unititng the spirits of ancestors. To me, those types of symbolic acts are so beautiful and uplifting.

          Kate’s dress bothered me mostly because of the length. The color was lovely and the cut of the neckline was stunning. The skirt seemed a tad too long and did not balance the charms of the rest of the dress. Especially, with those pumps. I did like the red shoes, though. Maybe, with something else. I also think she looked so thin. I know we were asked not to discuss weight, but to me it would make her look healthier with a few more pounds on her frame.

          The couple did look involved when they were presented with gifts for themselves and their children. How cool would it be for PG to return and learn the proper way to play the drum! I guess we will never see that. Now, Leonore would have a field day with such an event!

          The beauty of the environment takes one’s breath away. What a lucky couple to experience such magnificence — especially on someone else’s dime.

          KMR, thank you for getting things up and running so quickly. GRRRR, did I log in wrong? I see the color of the icon before my name is a different color!

          1. Are there any events on the docket that actually include in the children? It would be nice to see them other than getting off and on the plane.

            I think a few pounds on her frame would also help Kate look healthier and a bit younger. I’ve always thought she looked prettiest when she was pregnant. I wish she would’ve gone with a different pair of shoes. I did love the neckline on the dress, though.

  10. I am pleasantly surprised by the red dress – but am intersted to know what other colour it comes in – I know we are in Canada – but surely something other than red (or their favourite blue) could get a go. Yes the earrings are by a Canadian designer – but they don’t look at their price point in the photos – hopefully better in reality. The jeans and sweater and jacket and boots – just NOOOOO. Kate is not a teenager and needs to dress better while on a “Tour”. I have been into some “wilder” areas of Canada and IMO presented better than she did. All that money is going to waste.

    1. and she’s only 34yrs gosh what will happen in 5yrs time and her workload will also increase. the European queens and princess seem to cope much better. Kate is definitely overwhelmed, why does she always look tired. exhausted???

  11. Love the dress, but wish she would have worn it off the shoulder like the model. And I don’t care for the earrings. Doesn’t she have a pair headlight sized diamond solitaires in her jewel box? She certainly should. They would have taken this look to a more sophisticated level, imo. And I thought she looked lovely, Canada seems to agree with her ?

    1. Unless that dress had a hidden infrastructure, I don’t think it would reliably have stayed put if worn off-shoulder. Then we would have really had something to talk about.

      1. You’re right, that’s pretty much all she wears. It must be a preference then. And you know, something dangly and sparkly would also have looked pretty here. The pair she is wearing are oddly informal to me and I wasn’t a fan the first time she wore them either.

        1. I’m not a fan, either. I agree that some diamond studs, or even her acorn danglys from the wedding would’ve looked better. I didn’t think these mother of pearl ones matched the brooch very well.

  12. Hate the safari jacket and the mismatch of blue, washed out black, beige and brown.
    The red dress could look stunning, but I don’t like the accessories she chose especially as they seem to be all kinds of different shades of bright red. I just hope that these aren’t yet another new pair of red pumps.
    I’m bored with her up-do. Always the same look. Same goes for all her other hairstyles.

    Their facial expressions was one of the things I noticed too, of course many papers only publish the happy faces and people will fawn, but they both looked bored out of their minds several times during the day.

    1. I think this is a slightly different updo as the bun is to the side rather than at the back, but I agree that she needs to branch out more with her updos.

    2. I agree! You’re in the rain forest not African Safari! Go visit the north face store and get some appropriate attire.
      First, I dislike when people wear black pants with brown boots!!!! Grrr.
      Second, I do like the boots but not for traipsing around out in the woods. Buy some real hiking boots.
      Third, black checkered shirt with blue sweater?!? Errr no.
      I don’t like yellow gold jewelry so wasn’t a fan of the earrings

  13. It’s Canada so it must be red? Nice dress but someone needs to stop her dressing like a flag. Also pumps ?? With an evening dress? We know she has some evening black sandals ( two very similar pairs I think from the India trip) which would have looked much better.

  14. I love the dress (I always dislike the earrings). I don’t particulary like the vest but it was appropriate for the time (even if I have the feeling of safari).
    I love that the Grand Chief boycotts the event.

  15. The red dress is stunning – for sure one of her best looks (although I’m not sure on the shoes)!

    I may be in minority here but I actually like the boots and jeggins look and I don’t think she is too old for that look. But I’m not can’t decide if the look fits the occasion. It’s still an official engagement and some less tight pants might would be needed… also the jacket is not my fav. Same goes for the earrings. Some smaller ones would have been perfect imo

    And yes, both need to work on their bored faces and actually someone shoukd have told them before! I can understand that some speeches or talks can indeed be boring but they are not students listening to their professor. They are doing their job here and their job is to be professional – informed, interested and supporting others.

    1. I’ll join you in the minority. I like the skinny jean + boots look – though I didn’t like this jacket; I prefer the white shirt she wore in April. I don’t like the skinny jeans + wedges look, though.

    2. Oh, I am totally with you Kristin. I always wear skinny jeans and boots. It is one of the things I look forward to about fall :). Although I don’t wear jeggings like Kate. So I agree that she should try a little less skin tight jeans/jeggings. Normal skinny jeans still look good and a bit more appropriate. I am also with you on the jacket :). Not the best. But I think the rest of the outfit was fine for this engagement.

      1. I live in that look too, Overit, so it doesn’t bother me a bit when she throws it on. But mine fit like Kate’s, * sheepish here*- what might be considered sprayed on??? But very comfortable and I never wear yoga pants in public and I know many people who have a closet full of them for every day wear. To each their own!

        1. Lol, I never wear yoga pants in public either. I can’t stand that look, but jeggings/boots I love :). This conversation makes me want to go boot shopping (although my husband would kill me ;0 )

          1. Boots and winter coats are my wearable weaknesses! I take very good care of what I have so they last for years (and I stay away from anything trendy) but I would never attempt to add up the dollar value haha, I might cry

          2. Same here! Can’t wait for it to get colder to get the boots out! In my opinion it’s a nice look in autumn/winter and at the same time practical as it keeps you warm and no struggle to walk on icy ground!

    3. I thought the day was an overall win other than the occasional bored faces. The outfits aren’t perfect but the tight pants were somewhat masked by her jacket, her hair was back, and the dress attractive with the front asymetrical cut. She didn’t look like a 1950s wife which was good.

      IMO, there is too much ripping down MMA style in this world. Lets cut the nasty hits at Kate’s weight.

    4. Kristen, I agree with you. I like Kate’s outfits today. The tight pants were too tight, as usual, but the jacket and boots hid a lot of it. The red dress was stunning, but I wish the zipper was hidden. Why do so many of Kate’s dresses have an exposed zipper? Is it a fashion thing today? Why wasn’t the zipper red? I think it cheapens any dress to have a bright silver zipper going all the way down the back.

      She’s worn bigger earrings on this trip and they look good. She should wear this size all the time, and throw out those tiny Kiki earrings that we can’t see.

      Overall I’ve liked her clothing so far on this trip.

      1. I guess it is a fashion thing these days, one I don’t get either. Maybe with some simple dresses an exposed zipper can add a nice detail but a dress like the red one doesn’t need it imo

    5. I think they are both dressed too casually for the day event. They aren’t supposed to dress like they are on vacation, even though this tour feels like a vacation instead of strong royal tour. Make an effort.

  16. I like the photos of them at Wawiska Community Hall and I like Kate in “normal” clothes too. It seems more connected to the people although I know that she get recommendations on what to wear on those occasions. I think, seeing the photos, that they liked it there. I hope they did, I would love going there.
    And the rainforest! I think I sometimes dream of the Canadian landscape 🙂
    The red dress is beautiful, but you’re right, she looks very thin :/

  17. Catherine looks really lovely here in the red dress and the broach is just right. Her hair is styled beautifully as well and her whole look is a ‘yes’ for me!

  18. The red dress is by far her best look ever. Why cant she always look like this, like a grown woman and not a little girl playing dress up

  19. I think the individual pieces she wore tonight ( I am not going to comment on the sfuff she wore during the day visit, IMO horrible from the 1000 pounds H&M lookalike earrings to her dirty boots) are beautiful but unsuited to the frame of the wearer who, I think, should wear things that create the illusion of more mass. Or, at the very least, help disguise her shocking fragility.
    As for Kate herself, I think now she has an air of harshness and “maturity” about her I would not desire for myself as early as 34.
    Unfortunately, her physical and biological maturity do not seem to entail an intellectual maturity that would guide her to stop looking so freaking bored while meeting first nations people. Why can’t she pretend that she cares? Is it still so hard after 5 years? Of course, this is the kind of thing a proper job can prepare you for. When the food on ur table depends on you looking interested and excited u learn fast to look interested and excited.
    I hope people notice the OBSCENE amount of money she has spent on clothes for this tour. Yesterday’s outfit amounted to 12000$ by some calculations and that was worn to meet some of the most unfortunate and challenged people in society. This is the kind of thing that truly bugs me about her: meeting such troubled people wearing clothes worth more than the annual income per family in many countries is, IMO, downright fucking indecent (not to mention inappropriate for the occasion and way overdressed). Kate Middleton listens to other peoples problems and helps them out by letting them bask in the glory of her couture. Jimmy Choos, Miu Miu and Mcqueen for shelter visits????? Have we lost all sense of proportion??
    Marie Antoinette is alive, well and English!” Let them eat cake ” has become “let them see high fashion”.
    Otherwise good job, so proud of her!

    1. 1) Please don’t curse.

      2) I literally just asked in this article not to make rude comments about her weight. Please stop.

  20. I think Kate looks very pretty at the reception. I am happy to see a dress that isn’t cap-sleeve for formal wear. I love the neckline. I also really like her up-do. And I love those boots, but didn’t think they would be comfortable on the hike in April.

    A side note: I understand the concept of giving royals gifts, but at the same time it just seems wasteful. William and Kate are never going to do anything, let alone look at them again. The gifts will just be cataloged and stored. It just seems so wasteful, especially when some of these gifts the host spent a lot of time making. They just won’t fully appreciate them, so I am not sure why they go through the effort. And let’s be honest, they receive so many gifts at each engagement that there is no way they could really savor each gift even if they wanted to.

      1. I know that Prince Charles has a colorful gift, was is it a henhouse (?) standing in his garden at Highgrove. I thought that it was really nice of him, showing also his respect to the giver 🙂

        1. Charles has regular bonfires of gifts given to him.

          Much is made of the gifts he does keep, but it’s just as wasteful to give him gifts.

          1. They are given too many things to give away discreetly.

            Flowers tend to go to local hospitals. Soft toys to children’s hospitals though it’s known some soft toys are given to the animals as chew toys eg do you remember when Kate was pregnant first time and nearly gave the game away by saying a teddybear being presented to her was perfect for her dog? The giver was clearly giving it as a potential present for the unborn child, Kate stopped herself before she said dog, but the d sound was heard and everyone assumed she meant daughter ie teddy would be perfect for her daughter…..

            The more valuable gifts are flogged. Charles once got in trouble because his valet wasn’t discreet about flogging the gifts.

            The rest are burnt.

            To be clear, this is the gifts given as personal gifts and usually the gifts received on walkabout.

            The govt gifts are kept in storage. There is a very thin line on what constitutes govt gifts vs personal gifts. Sophie got into trouble for keeping some jewellery gifted by the Middle Eastern royals. The govt thought they were a gift to the crown whilst she thought they were personal.

          2. I remember that incident where a woman claimed Kate said the stuffed animal would “be a perfect gift for my d-” and the woman made a big deal about it. But on video of the incident, Kate never even said what the woman claimed Kate said. Kate just said “thank you” or something like that.

      2. The gifts are burned? That’s terrible. If they are not going to use them, give them away. What a delight for someone to receive some of these items.

    1. I agree. Particularly these type of ‘show’ gifts. They are meant to go on shelf, but how many do they get, too many to display.

  21. Btw KMR, thank you for all your hard work so far! Almost half way done 🙂

    Also, I noticed for the first time that the DM referred to Kate as Princess. I guess they have officially crossed over now :(. I was hoping they would report on Williams blunder yesterday. But now they are fully sugared up and will only gloss over things

  22. I really liked the red dress. Then I saw the silver zipper up the back. Why do designers keep spoiling dresses by using zippers that look like they belong on a parka? A hidden zipper would have been more in keeping with the elegant simplicity of the dress.

    This is just a personal quirk. I don’t like the brooch pinned on the right. When I wear a brooch, I always pin it on the left. When Kate wears one on the right, to my eye, the look is just off. This is probably just something that bugs me and others are fine with it.

        1. That’s good. So when that fad fades, she’ll be able to have someone make an easy tweak so the beautiful expensive garment can be worn throughout the years. Who am I kidding….she’ll pull it out 3 years from now for another wear and then it will be officially buried in the back of the cold storage with the rest of her old stuff. I need to find out where that is, hmmmm

    1. I agree with you Sue on both counts. i have never liked exposed zippers, imo it cheapens the look of the dress. About the brooch placement, I’m so used to seeing the Queen wear her brooch on the left side that any other placement just seems off to me. I know Camilla’s worn brooches on the right side before and again it just doesn’t look right.

    2. Sorry, I posted this above because I hadn’t read this far down yet, but yes, exposed zippers are the worst! It looks tacky. It looks like a novice made the dress.

  23. To not hide your boredom makes you a crushing bore. Lots of people put a lot of time, effort and funds toward these receptions. They need to look riveted; this is their JOB.

  24. I loved both looks.

    The skin tight jeans weren’t offensive to me because she paired them with a long jacket so her skinniness doesn’t hit you in the face the way it usually does when she wears jeggings. I think she balanced all the elements ie flat boots, jeggings, long jacket, jumper/shirt and pulled back hair.

    If i have any criticism of the second look, it’s the hair. I’m glad she put it up, but why does she style her hair in that matronly chignon? That hair belongs on a well preserved matron. A chic 70yr old lady. It’s the only fly in the beautiful ointment of that red dress. I don’t even mind the different reds. I think, hair apart, the look was well put together.

    1. I agree with you – although I think a longer raincoat with a hood in a cute color would have been better.

      So tired of her hair.

    2. Kate will always go for the skin tight pants as it’s one item that she can legitimately get away with showing off her body. Personally the jacket for me was wrong; it smacked of safari and colonialism. I think a Burberry pea coat (not sure of the weather at this point) would have been appropriate with the outfit: https://au.burberry.com/double-breasted-wool-cashmere-fur-collar-coat-p40192131

      I agree about the matronly hair styles. I wish she would get rid of the fake hair altogether and work with what she’s got, whatever that is. A cute pixie cut would also work for her but of course, hiding in hair is her signature. Different reds bother me; there are any number of options to consider eg a texture rather than flat colour. The dress is lovely; a nice choice. She has a slender body, but looks spindly in this.

      1. I am lucky to have two Burberry coats, one a casual parka type number, and a more formal navy blue coat with a very interesting back (an open pleat with buttons concealed within). Both have removable ‘vest warmers’ which are great when the weather changes. They are both about five years old now but they are so well-made that they’ll last forever and a day. And bought on sale I might add! I do lust for a trench coat though…

  25. The red dress and her hairstyle are very pretty. The shoes and clutch are pretty, too, but not so much with this dress. I think shoes and bag in silver, matching the brooch, would have been stunning.

  26. I love Kate’s look from her visit to the First Nation community center. The sweater, blouse combination was pretty. Her hair looked nice and sleek. But I take issue with the jacket. Imho, it looks like a safari jacket and it makes me think of colonialism. Those jeggings gots to go. You can wear a skinny pant, but not second skin. Hate the boots.

    I love the red dress. The shoulders do bother me. I probably wouldn’t have worn the brooch because of the busy neckline. And I would have worn a messy, low chignon. Messy meaning not shellaced. Red is a very good color.

    I take issue with the bored faces. However, when they are at sporting events they are all smiles and giggles. I understand that the event went long and you are presented with so much info. However, you make an effort to listen and be engaged. These people spent so much time to get this engagement right and they are met with sullen faces. At this point, they are making it clear where their priorities are. WK are meeting new people and seeing fascinating places. They need to show these folks some appreciation and respect.

    Thank you, KMR! Your coverage has been wonderful.

    1. Dear rhiannon, if kate read your comments about fashion here on this blog and she even care what it is to dress beautifully, she could hire you as her personal stylish. In addition to teaching Kate to dress better, you could get closer to Harry LOL.

      1. I would love to style her. She has the hair, erm wiglets, for some good style options. I would dress her in outfits not only appropriate to the event, but also for her shape. I think the beautiful thing about women is that we all have that one feature we like to play up. For her, there’s some trial and error, but tbh, we’re 5 years in and still having errors. That being said, Jason, I offer my couture and coiffure services.

        And yes, one look at my professionalism in play, Harry will fall in love. And realize that I’m up for the task.

        1. I thought that jacket was a poor choice, for the very reason you mentioned. Also, did not like the boots OR the jeggings. Skin tight jeans are fine for private times, not on official business, Kate.

        1. Do you think it’s possible to convert the brooch into a hairclip, or something like that? Diana used to use necklaces as headbands and it looked wonderful – I think if the brooch were fastened to a piece of fabric that discretely tied back her hair (to the side, or a half up/half down), the contrast between the white diamonds and Kate’s dark hair would look lovely.

          1. E. I have done that with brooches and it always stands out more. I think that was a great suggestion! I wish Kate would put some accessories in her hair sometimes. She did it once with pearls on tour and it looked so pretty. It was one of her best up-dos. Adding something to the hair can really elevate a look. I wish she would listen to your suggestion 🙂

          2. The Swedish royals are pros at incorporating jewelled pins and brooches in their updos, and it always looks so elegant

    2. I agree with a lot of what you said here Rhiannon. I also love the red dress, but would’ve loved to see a more adventurous shoe. People upthread mentioned that she has to wear close-toed shoes when representing the queen. There are plenty of adventurous close-toed shoes out there. I think a cheetah print might’ve even been fun. Someone like Maxima could’ve pulled it off.

      I just want to put a thought out there, I think Will and Kate should’ve been dressed more formally for their visit to Bella-Bella. These people were in their most formal ceremonial outfits and Kate is in jeans. I understand the weather was poor, but I dress business formal for work even when it’s raining, that’s life. Especially once the flight was cancelled and they knew the ceremony was their big event for the day. I don’t know, maybe I’m being over-sensitive. It just rubbed me the wrong way that she showed up in jeans.

      1. I remember the Queen Mother’s remark along the lines of “when people come to see me they wear their best clothes, so I wear my best when I go to see them”

        Not that Kate should appear in floaty chiffon and ostrich feathers, but she needs some business pant suits.

        1. Yes! She said this when she was criticized for being very dressed up to visit people after London was bombed in WWII I believe. This was exactly what I was thinking of!

          1. I think people take that statement as gospel without putting it in context.

            That era was very formal. Everyone, rich and poor, dressed appropriately according to situation and always dressed up or in their best to important events or to meet important people.

            No matter how poor people were, they still tried their best when meeting the Queen.

            The QM was honouring them in the same way.

            Our current Queen maintains the maxim of her generation as do all our parents/grandparents of similar vintage.

            Our generations are much more casual in formal situations and in less formal situations.

            However, we still try to put our best foot forward in important situations, and the royals should reflect that without showing up like a caricuture of the 1940s Queen.

          2. I think of that quote whenever Kate is criticized for wearing expensive clothes to visit poor people, ie:Birmingham after the riots, McQueen to refugees, etc. I think the problem is that Kate doesn’t seem to have her own sartorial policy. She’ll theme dress and sometimes pay homage to various nations’ designers (IMO she needs to be better with this) but she isn’t good with accessories showcasing personality or style and she randomly assigns levels of formality to a situation that seems off. She’s at a disadvantage compared to previous royal women in that everyone knows the price of everything she wears within minutes of her stepping out into public, but that just means that she needs to formulate a policy to accommodate that.

          3. Graymatters, this is a thoughtful analysis.

            I think Kate should find dressmaker for her more formal wardrobe because then nobody can discuss the price. And fits would be better. Simply reusing clutches and shoes (not to mention outfits) would also take the focus on price.

          4. Absolutely Greymatters.

            That Birmingham riot McQueen outfit was so wrong for the occassion. Mind you, i also thought William’s suit wasn’t appropriate for the occassion.

            This visit required a low key approach even if she wore MCQueen.

  27. I think she seems far more confident and relaxed when dressed down rather than in gowns or even just dressed up. In real life, I think those pap pics of her are accurate, she’s prob just a yoga pants hair in a bun kind of girl more than a duchess.

    I love the red dress look. The shoes and clutch wouldn’t have been my first choice but she looks so pretty!

  28. Love the red dress. she looks very beautiful in it, in my opinion, I think red is a good color for her. The safari jacket is lightweight cotton and not a good choice for a very wet and likely chilly rainforest. But, I think the casual clothes underneath are fine. I am happy William is experimenting with different looks nowadays. I think they seem more of a team, as of late, which is nice to see. Too bad about the weather – one selfish reason I love tours is the scenery and I was looking forward to lots of pictures of Bella Bella. Guess I’ll have to just get up and go myself someday instead of live vicariously through someone else! Regarding Kate’s arms: Letizia has a similar look – The slenderness combined with weight bearing exercises. However, like Letizia, I think in these pictures Kate looks fresh instead of drawn, so I’m thinking she’s healthier than a few months ago.

  29. I think red is one her best colors. I often think blue is draining and not as flattering to her skin tone. I would wish for a different heel and shape on her shoes. I think there is not variety in her up-dos because there is too much hair to bundle up. She needs inches taken off. And I hate her earrings, especially for the price.

    William in particular often has an unpleasant purse to his mouth. Did it start when he turned thirty? However, we have all put up with Queen’s resting bitch face for decades so maybe we just have to get used to theirs.

    1. I always thought the HM resting bitch face was a bit of a defence mechanism to stop her showing too much emotion or being overwhelmed. I suppose it’s inevitable she has one given she’s had to look enthralled over the same things for 60 years. I believe that when she was first married the DoE used to tease her out of her grumpy face by whispering naughty asides to her.

      I am in no postion to complain about resting face issues. I either look completely bored, completely bitchy and I fidget and yawn like crazy. In fact having seem myself in a video in a wedding congregation I have to mindfully smile from inside my mouth when in resting face mode or I look I real mean cow. I wish I could sit and look serene but without thinking about doing it, my natural pose is not endearing.

      1. My resting bitch face is more resting “bitch, please”. Good friends and family members often rescue me from it when they notice it. I also try for the serene, not smiling not frowning, just calm. It’s coming, it really is!

      2. HM has said on the record she looks like that because she doesn’t want people to talk about what hey think she may be thinking or maybe what is she smiling about or make a big deal out of it. She’s become a lot more laid back in the last few years at least. I think it’s also she’s just naturally reserved and very introverted and shy.

        1. One of my daughters has a “resting sad face”. She will just be minding her own business, listening to music, and random folks will ask her, “what’s wrong? Why are you so sad?” She always says, “I’m not sad; that’s just my face.” The struggle is real. HOWEVER, she is VERY AWARE of her sad little facial expression and MAKES AN EFFORT to look happy in certain social situations where it is necessary (weddings, parties, etc.) The key is that she cares enough to try. Wills and Kate don’t really seem to feel this way.

  30. Love everything she wore today. She looked fresh & girly in her casual outfit. And boy did that red dress suit her. Now if we could just get a slick of red lip and some nail polish onto her……unlikely as William hates it. Yes gold stappy evening sandals would have been better but this is where Royalty draws the line from being well dressed to being a fashion plate. Shame as I know what I would have chosen and I’m damn sure Diana would have done what the outfit needed but Kate looked stunning again in jewel tones.

  31. In my humble opinion today’s looks were a fashion hit. I like these boots and would love to own a pair but I have such wide, muscular calves that I don’t think they would fit. And now that it’s getting to be fall I’m really looking forward to wearing my skinny jeans and boots too! I thought Kate’s outfit for the First Nations visit was just fine, probably with the exception of the $1000 pair of earrings. Did she really need a new pair of expensive earrings just for this engagement?

    I have to say that my favorite outfit for today was on the woman walking on Kate’s left when she entered the reception. This woman wore a cream dress with a shawl featuring a bear on it, probably made by local weavers, and she looked fantastic. The simplicity of her dress, while highlighting native culture was perfect and a look that I would totally wear. I also admired the shawl Kate received as a gift, such a shame that she will probably never wear it.

    On to Kate’s red dress…while I think it’s lovely and looks great on her and I’m loving the contrasting earrings too, I just don’t know if it was the perfect choice for this reception. There is a large Native American population where I live and I attend many gatherings, ceremonies and such and would never dream of exposing my chest like this, it just isn’t done. But Kate did the same thing in Singapore I believe, so maybe she believes this type of “exposure” is okay. I don’t know, but it just feels a bit disrespectful to me.

    1. I was admiring that woman as well. She looked really classy.

      Kate did look out of place at the reception, it didn’t seem as if anyone else was showing much skin.

      1. I wish Kate would use/wear some of the items that she’s gifted during these tours. For example, her and William were gifted lovely diamond bear-shaped jewelry during their first tour to Canada, earrings and a brooch I believe, and I was really hoping that she would wear them on this visit.

        1. That would have been an excellent idea, as well as recognising the gifts given previously. I fear the gifts given thus far will find be headed for storage. it would be nice if royals, when visiting, presented a gift themselves from the UK.

          1. Jen, the royals are giving the gift of their heavenly “presence”. These greedy royals only know how to take, take, take. Remember the cheap photo frame of the Bhutanese rose named after Jetsum Pema that they presented to a Queen, no less! While the Queen of Bhutan gave Waity Kaitey a lovely gold necklace? This should tell you how miserly and cheap WK and the BRF are in general!

          2. I’ll just bet the good stuff is kept, including Harry Winston. All the more appropriate to wear when Kate returned this time around? Why didn’t she? It would have been (a) good manners, and (b) in keeping with the area she is currently touring. Isn’t there someone on the BRF payroll who catalogues and cross-references things?

            Red Tulip, I agree wholeheartedly. The public has a very one-sided relationship with this family. I snickered when the news (BBC feed) claimed there were two future kings of Canada on the tarmac when they arrived.

    2. I completely agree! The red dress and Maple leaf brooch are nice but this was a First Nations event – if she wanted to match her attire to the occasion she could/should have chosen something more appropriate to the aboriginal Canadian population. The maple leaf / red color didn’t come around until the late 1700s.

      Also, Kate is so bad at her royal job that she has effectively reduced herself to hanging on her husbands every royal event and smiling and looking pretty in very expensive clothing. There is nothing else she is capable of doing. That’s why her and William have to do all their events together now. She can’t function effectively as a royal by herself. Sad really.

  32. These two are certainly stomping all over BC with a big carbon footprint. Just so they can fly back to Victoria every night to see two kids that are hidden away in Canada instead of Anmer? On Day 2 alone, they used cars, a float plane, a hovercraft and a helicopter. I think this holiday was poorly planned by a team who obviously doesn’t understand geography, as anyone who thinks that spending 1 day in Vancouver, the next in Bella Bella, then the next in Kelowna while being based in Victoria makes sense needs to have their head examined.

    Instead of SWFing Diana for the safari look, Kate channeled Charles by mistake: http://www.ncweb.com/users/jem630/safari.html

    I give up on these two.

    1. I agree Szolo! So it is hypocritical of this duo to go parroting about the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy and the environment (ok, they are bringing awareness to this initiative, will give them that), while they are stomping around BC with their carbon footprint. What was the point of bringing the kids then, if they are gonna be hidden away for the most part?

      1. Isn’t there a party on Thursday morning with the kids? The rest of the day is ‘private’ off-duty time for W+K. Not sure if there any other child-friendly events. If not, the last time they will be seen is getting on a plane back to the UK.

      1. No. That’s a one day trip. She’ll leave the UK in the morning and be back in the UK in the evening. No need to bring the kids.

  33. The red is a good color for her and I’m glad she wore it with the straps up and not off-shoulder like the model. Rather than red court shoes, I think this dress would have looked better with a metallic shoe. Don’t like those earrings with this ensemble. And, I would have moved the diamond maple leaf to the other side, pinned into the folds on the strap, making it look like an intentional design element.

    The safari jacket was/is overpriced and imo not a good choice for the rain forest trip. There are better looking rain jackets to be had and also more flattering. Not a fan of those boots at all.

    It would be good to see her start doing more public speaking.

  34. I love the red dress! Why does it not look that great on her? SMH. I’m disappointed- I was hoping to say something nice. There is nothing soft about her which is something that a dress with so many angles needs. I hate the theme dressing. Red in Canada- everywhere red. Does she think we are touched? It’s like India all over again. Oh wait, the brooch is a nice accessory.

    Why is she wearing a safari jacket in the rainforest? Does she think she’s on safari? I bet she knows nothing about rainforests.I won’t go on about her need to exhibit everything. The boots are so wrong.

    I feel badly for all the organisations that have worked so hard to welcome them. It’s a total waste.

      1. LOL………………yes, theme dressing. (I thought since you could see the shirt pattern under that sweater, the sweater looked really cheap.)

        There are so many better casual ensembles she could have worn to that rain forest event.

        1. At first, I thought the same thing but then decided to give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was due to the flash that we saw under the sweater.
          It was my charitable thought of the day since I wasn’t a fan of the whole ensemble.

    1. You know Maven, I can’t figure out why Kate wears some lovely dresses but they don’t seem to “pop” on her. The only reason I’ve been able to come with is the lack of charisma, the “it” factor. Imo, she had more style as the royal girlfriend but left it by the side of the road when she became the royal wife. I know that on other blogs, people just love her styling and think that she has great charisma, so much so that I have to wonder if they are looking at a completely different set of photos, ones that can only be accessed by secret code or something.

      I also noticed on other pro-Kate sites the gaffe by William regarding never reading his briefs wasn’t even brought up at all. To bad some other bloggers can’t bring themselves to report the bad as well as the good, I guess it might ruin the fairytale for too many if they did.

  35. So all we are doing is talking about the outfits. What has she actually said? Millions are going to be spent and she is basically a travelling mannequin at this point. Pretty unacceptable for a 34 year old who has been doing this for 5 years post marriage and really prepped or should have 10 years prior.

    If there is to be a point for a constitutional monarchy it has to be more than simply displaying clothing.

    1. That’s all there is to her Nic. And no, there’s no point to a constitutional monarchy, let alone one rewarded for doing so little and of questionable worth.

    2. I’m guessing she’s finally realised her dream- royal arm candy, showing off the ring and her prince. That’s all she’s ever wanted, her greatest achievement. A WAG, indeed. Work is too enervating for this fragile cornflake.

    3. Absolutely Bic919. As a Canadian originating from a former British colony and all the oppression that it represents, I am not a fan of monarchy; dislike the hereditary monarchy. However, I do want to see that people elevated to a public position and so much wealth, at least show that they are worth the adulation and the public money that they receive by doing good work, by being intelligent, by being compassionate and etc. Heck, if failing everything else, I will even take being a great beauty! WK are ordinary in every way whether talents, intelligence, style or lookswise. Why should an empty-headed mannequin like Kate and a bitter and sour man like William and their anxious, unfriendly children be elevated to such a high position and wealth, all due to a hereditary monarchy?

  36. I think the red dress is a win for her. On the accessories front, I think we all need to just accept that Kate will never be adventurous in that area. I think a red t-strap or sling back shoe would have added some zing to the look, but I would not really expect her to wear anything more fashion forward than that. A bracelet would have been nice too, I think she has a diamond and ruby bracelet that would have been perfect. The one thing I did notice in all of the events of the day is that the skin of Kate’s forehead seemed very shiny and smooth and her eyebrows were kind of lifted. I have never thought she has done any cosmetic procedures up until now, but to me it looked like maybe she had some botox.

  37. I thought the outfit with the boots and jacket were colonial. Just give her a safari hat and she could be in an ad for Land Rover with an African landscape in the background. It struck me as the wrong outfit because of the messaging given Kate’s position. More cosplay from Kate. Going out to the colonies to meet the natives in the forest so she is going to bust out her safari gear. eye roll. Kate is lucky no one takes her seriously. If she were a president dressing that way for this occasion tongues would wag with criticism.

    As for the red dress it was boring. Something that could be purchased at Macys for the prom or the winter ball happening at any high school in America.

    1. I agree India…her theme dressing is getting downright silly and childish. Especially Kate’s idea of safari wear which sorta reeks of colonial era safari gear.

    2. I agree with your take on the thinking behind the costumes. However, crazy as it seems, there are people who do take her seriously, reassured by a sycophant royal press who constantly pander to Kate’s pathetic efforts.

      Kate is excellent at playing the long game; witness the long-haul girlfriend years where even a reporter noted at the time of the big break-up, ‘This girl isn’t going to go away’. Wisteria indeed! Similarly, once married, Kate has stubbornly insisted on doing nothing so that even getting her out of the house is considered a win demanding praise.

      Critical, thoughtful reporting of royals rarely gets a look in; it defaults almost exclusively to parroting the KP PR narrative. But at essence, it is dishonest, it is not chronicling what happened with any level of insight. Richard Palmer, though a flip-flopper, had the guts to call William out on his lazy lack of prep, but did anyone else? No. Did the bored, sullen, vacant expressions of W+K make it to the papers? Not many… And yet, William and Kate are not private people; they are at work at these engagements, representing a country.

      1. I get the feeling Jen, and its not being sarky. The way that the middletons brought the flat in London so after William and Kate graduated Kate was in London where William was in Sandhurst. I mean what a waste of time. Why not train as a teacher whilst William was doing his army/navy stints.

  38. Re: the “Soru Jewellery “Baroque Pearl Double Sided Earrings” (£130.00)” … I just wanted to say, I LOVED them! (I know not many did) I hope this is OK, KMR, but I just wanted to say that Daniela Baker of ETSY did an OUTSTANDING job of “RepliKating them for a very reasonable price, and the are now my favorite earrings. I think red is a fantastic color for Kate. Thanks , as always, for your spectacular coverage, KMR!!! <3

  39. LOL I had to google cosplay. I love the Red dress. She always looks good in red and this is exceptional. The earrings are not one of my favorites. Love her hair and the brooch. Although it does seem to be pinned a tad too low. WOw she really stunned! I just googled flogging too. I was pretty sure you didn’t mean beating up on presents. I’m really getting an education here.

  40. What was the point of bringing George and Charlotte on this tour? They were seen once when walking off of the plane, today is day 4 and we haven’t seen them since. Seems like an awfully long plane flight to and from England to Canada for a one and three-year-old, wrecking havoc on their sleeping and eating schedules, only to bring them right back. It would have been easier for Will and Kate to just have a professional photographer do a photo call ion England. It’s only an 8 day tour!

    Besides that, I really like her red dress. She looks pretty and classy. I think Kate should wear brooches more often, especially when she wears all of those coat dresses that look exactly alike. She’s the future Queen, she should wear some diamonds.

    And William, get your act together. You go to a dinner highlighting Bollywood talent in India only to admit to the entire room that you have never seen a Bollywood film. Then you go to a charity that was inspired by your mother’s work and you tell them “Gee, I didn’t know that. I didn’t read my notes.”
    I swear William. If this were any other career you would have been fire years ago. What would it take to watch one Bollywood film before your tour of India? Or to read some notes on the plane flight before meeting people who have spent months planning for you to visit for 30 minutes.

    Oh, that’s right. It would take you giving a damn. And you don’t. You just don’t give a damn.

    The very first day when Will was with the Trudeaus he had a look on his face like he would rather be ANYWHERE but where he was. He seems to have disdain for the press that makes one feel like he has disdain for everyone. He is petulant and spoiled. And a grumpy curmudgeon.

    At least Kate hasn’t flashed yet (fingers crossed).

  41. The England football team manager has been relieved of his duties this evening after 40 days and one match in charge. He was expected to work closely with PW who is Chairman of the English Football Association. The now ex-manager was filmed in a covert sting by a secret camera saying allsorts but his off the record comments about William’s work ethic, involvement and summoning him to a meeting at KP instead of visiting the team Football HQ are quite telling. Prince Harry, he affectionately called ‘a very naughty boy’. Another own goal……literally.

  42. I know you’ve got a lot on KMR in reporting the Holitour, but will you be posting about Beatrice doing the Strive Challenge, A wonderful achievement. Good for Bea.

  43. Gosh you guys are harsh on Kate! I get that this is a critical blog and @KMR you do a great job balancing your criticism but jeez!

    I often read this and two other Kate blogs that are pro-Kate. But take a minute and think about where she’s from (admittedly an upper middle class background but still). And try to imagine knowing you’re going to be dammed if you do and damn if you don’t every. Single. Day. And. Appearance. For. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life.

    She’s got plenty of time to get the little things (matching shoes and clutch or not) right as she’s clearly going to make it to being Queen one day. So give the girl a break! I read many of you saying she should have her s&*t together style wise by now and should be more confident / be speaking and doing more etc….why?

    Her hubby’s not even heir to the throne yet so why this expectation that she be perfect from the get-go? I can’t see how marrying into the BRF should mean an immediate personality change. None of us know her, for all we know she might really struggle with all of this so what she does do may actually be some sort of achievement in itself in these early years.

    The fact is she’s in this for the rest of her life simply because of who she loves – rumours about her mum placing her at St Andrews nonwithstanding. For all of you who are really quite critical of everything about her, try and place yourself in her shoes and see how you’d cope with the never ending scrutiny and criticism.

    I know if it was me it’d take quite a few years, whether I had the help and the budget or not, it’s still a massive adjustment personally.

    Personally IMHO, sure she could speak and do alot more. But it seems that Wills (and yes even some of us Kiwis can see he is The Petulant One who rules against the media with a grudge unless it suits him, and that’s a double edged sword that will slash him in the butt at some point) gets his way quite alot at the moment with being the pre-heir. And that’s not her fault but yet she bears the brunt of decisions that I’d say are made for her.

    However once the Queen dies that’s it for him, the semi free days are over and a life of true and lets not forget never ending duty begins. Not excusing his petulance but that’d be a daunting thought for anyone, multimillion dollar lifestyle and all, its still just life in a gilded cage isn’t it? Just because of what family you were born into….what a bummer.

    So I say don’t be too harsh on Kate. She’s probably a much stronger personality behind the scene so lets not all jump on the band wagon. We’re only seeing one side of the story all the time.

    Imagine being her, coming in dealing with the BRF and the machine behind it (even if it’s changed somewhat) and knowing the whole Diana back story. How intimidating. I’d be absolutely terrified of putting a foot wrong, let alone showing some of my own personality, until I really got into the swing of things especially while Granny’s still alive! You know what that older generation can be like….

    Just look at that video of the Queen telling Wills off for bending down to George’s level on BP’s balcony. Talk about duty before all else! The look on Wills face was classic considering he’s probably never told off by anyone – or not for sometime! And you wouldn’t be intimidated by Her Maj?

    Things will probably be vastly different by the time Wills becomes King and so will she.

    Anyway for my two cents worth on her red dress – totally loved it. Thought she nailed it. Also thought the hair was great. She was showing respect I think by dressing up in an appropriate way for the most formal engagement of the tour.

    That length is a fabulous and classic look for someone in their mid thirties, who cares if others were not as glam but I bet they all expected it from her. And more fool them for not taking the opportunity to dress up!

    Red shoes red bag maple leaf brooch…tick. She’ll wear this dress again and accessorize it differently – probably in London or wherever it might be more appropriate to bling it up with loaned jewellery and metallic strappy heels. Not so appropriate here as that would be showing off.

    The casual gear for Bella Bella. The jacket’s just a jacket and the key word is casual….who cares?

    Loved the red and white layered number she wore on Day Two was it? An Alex McQueen number – now that sort of number shows a whimsical side to her personality and it’s not the first time she’s worn something like this. Big tick.

    The green day dress by D&G and the blue arrival number by Jenny Packham. …hey she’s worked out what works for her body shape. Good for her!

    Lastly the body comments. Come on you guys. She’s thin but she’s tall and I think she’s totally fine. She’s just lucky to have that androgynous body type and I don’t doubt she works out. I certainly would if I were in her position. The arms? What’s the big deal…they’re slim and toned and frankly I’d kill to have them!

    Right my first and probably last comment on this blog – that’s it from me! Out….don’t hate on me lol 😉

    1. I enjoyed your well-written comment. I think we are too hard on Kate, too, as far as her hair, makeup, skin, clothes, shoes, etc. go. I would “hermitize” myself if I were photographed and discussed the same way whenever I showed myself in public. Kate has her own style and preferences, and I thoroughly enjoy following her. I wish her the best in her role.

      However, IMO both she and William are work shy, ill-prepared and arrogant. William wants nothing to do with the throne, and with his work ethic, how is he ever going to be a good King in this modern age? He may go down in history as the final monarch. They both enjoy the lavish perks, but not the royal work that goes with the perks. And the sad thing is that William has the raw material to be an outstanding King and Kate an excellent Queen Consort. How did they both get so lazy with the workhorse grandparents & parents they have? HM, DofE, PC, Diana, Mr. & Mrs. Middleton – all are hard workers and achievers.

      I hope you write again, KiwiGirl! I enjoyed your opinions.

    2. I think if she was actually a worker bee a lot of us would be forgiving of her lackluster wardrobe and blah accessories.
      I don’t think anyone would say Ann is a fashionista per se but she is one of the hardest workers the royal family has and since we can actually focus on her work , we don’t have to focus on her wardrobe. Same with Camilla, I don’t always love what she wears but she usually has great accessories and again she’s a hard worker.
      With Kate, all we really have is the fashion so that’s all that gets reported back. When/if she decides to not isolate herself and do the bare minimum amount of work, then her fashion style can take a back seat. Not a great speaker? There’s people who could help her that but she would have to actually want it and work for it. Instead, she tries to talk in fake posh accent that most people can’t understand. If she spoke in her real voice, people could focus on the substance and not the style. She could also hire a real professional stylist to help with wardrobe but she doesn’t seem to want to do that either. So many of my superficial complaints against her could be easily fixed.
      it’s her abysmal work ethic that isn’t easily fixed and in my opinion, hard work forgives a lot. So until she fixes that, everything else is fair game.

    3. I agree on the harsh part. Sometimes I see pictures of her outfits and I love them, only to scroll down and see people trashing the sequins on a flipping dress and the sew (does that make sense lol) of it — she doesn’t handmake her outfits people. She has no control over things like that. I love her red dress and was honestly stunned when I first saw it.
      BUT, as a middle-aged woman she has no excuse for the laziness she displays. Period. It’s an insult to people struggling to make ends meet while she sniffs about walking around and meeting people being hard work.

  44. I just wish she would stand up straight. She looked very pretty in the red dress except her shoulders appeared slouchy. They need to make her walk around with a book on top of her head….and carefully pick the book. Maybe the briefs from one of her charities or the next stop on the tour so that it would kill two birds with one stone…the information would trickle into her head via osmosis AND she might stand up straighter. Goodness, as a person of 5’4″ height, if I was that tall and slender, I would OWN it and march around ramrod straight and tall.

  45. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3809659/They-love-Body-language-expert-says-Kate-William-s-displays-affection-Canada-tour-tell-genuine-love-story.html

    Hahahahhahah the DM is now posting all these sugary articles on WK. I wonder if they cut a deal with KP while the useless duo are on tour; only sugary and positive articles then! There is one today about how truly in love WK are based on their body language and smiles. From the pictures, it is only Kate I see showing open laughter and smiles and leaning into William. But then again, from what we have seen, Kate usually looks fresh faced and happy when she is on a holitour, getting gifts, wearing expensive new clothes funded by others and getting praised and cheered for doing the bare minimum. No wonder she looks like she’s about to give William a handjob in public at the First Nations dance ceremony, rather than watching the performance and being actually interested in the performance.

  46. Enough of the boots. Give ‘me a rest! It is entirely possible to be outside England and outside a city and not revert to safari gear. There are so many wonderful casual outdoor shoes/boots/trainers and great pants/jackets to choose from.

  47. She is wearing a “safari jacket” to go visit “the natives”?!?! Good god, we’re so keen on modern and normal, meanwhile performing a 19th century colonialist dream fantasy (just like their Africa fetish). (Hey folks, how about casting a gaze on Britain,you know, your realm, where parks, schools, libraries, the NHS, our common history, public space, public services, affordable housing, all forms of community life, etc etc. is pushed on down the skid road to oblivion more every day.) And furthermore, the commonwealth gonna be gone in a hot second once granny shuffles of the old mc, and you’re ploughing your investment into that? Out and about amongst the most exploited people on earth (and by their own family no less!), they are accepting presents and tribute?!?! Shameless shameless shameless. It’s grotesque. And will come back and slap them (by which I mean not just them but the monarchy) upside the head. It’s a new world now.

  48. I’ve noticed that Kate tends to hold her fingers together near her waist area, you know, hands in the front, index fingers together…I kinda like it when she walks with her hands by side. It makes her look confident!

  49. I hate the jacket and those good earrings. I like the red dress neckline but it does look so plain like a regular American dress for prom or military ball. Maybe if the material was different, idk.

  50. How lovely of the Heiltsuk First Nation community to welcome William and Kate.
    I am sorry to be the last one to post again. I do like the jacket that Kate is wearing and the gold earrings. It looks like something Jecca would wear though. I like the blue sweater that does compliment Kate. William looks like he would rather be anywhere but there and wearing a black sweater. I do like this casual outfit though on Kate.
    I like the red dress. However I can’t help but compare it to Eugenie’s red dress. That was a stunning dress because of how Eugenie wore it. I think the dress needed a necklace. The neck looked too exposed and the earrings. I don’t know. Thank you KMR, for your coverage of this tour. It would be nice though to have something of substance though from the couple.

    1. It would be nice to have something they said to write about. I wish Kate would actually say stuff. And not just “that’s interesting”.

      1. KMR, that phrase ‘that’s interesting’, was used by a group of my classmates, including me about a school trip to the Zoo. I think it could have been described much better but we were thirteen years old at the time. Now I would like to think my vocabulary had expanded, without showing off.

        1. “That’s interesting” is so generic that usually when I use it it’s in a “I’m not really interested but you are so I’ll say it’s interesting” type of way, or when when something is actually interesting and my tone of voice reflects that but I can’t think of a good, clever comment.

          1. I see KMR. I did mean that I was interested in the letter I wrote. However tone of voice, etc is important too. I think nowadays you can’t say anything without being in trouble because there is always someone who gets the wrong impression and will not drop it.

          2. I agree. And I didn’t mean to insult you or your use of the phrase “that’s interesting”, I was just adding my interpretation of my own use of it.

    2. Laura, here’s an article from the BBC that interviewed Chief Stewart Phillip and he talked about the high suicide rate amongst the First Nation and Inuit people. With Willaim and Kare being so “keen” on their mental health push, it would have been an ideal situation to bring that up. Suicide is probably too heavy of a mental health problem for them tho.
      It also brings up some of the other problems they’re facing.

      Will and Kate’s Canada tour highlights First Nations fury

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