Princess Charlotte joins Prince George and family for Trooping the Color 2016

Princess Charlotte joins Prince George and family for Trooping the Color 2016

Princess Charlotte made her balcony debut at this year’s Trooping the Color, while Prince George made his second balcony appearance in another set of Prince William‘s old clothes.

British Royal Family Trooping the Color 2016
[MOD Crown Copyright 2016/Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC]

Princess Charlotte did not seem too thrilled to be on the balcony: it was bright, and loud, and she looks like she’s teething.

Charlotte stuck her fingers in her ears throughout the balcony appearance, and at one point Kate pulled her hand down. There were eight parts to a thirty aircraft-strong flypast, so yeah, lots of loud.

Kate pulling Charlotte's arm down Trooping the Color 2016
[BBC screengrab]

Charlotte looked cute in a little pink dress and bow, while George looked familiar in a blue and white outfit that William wore to Prince Harry’s Christening in December 1984 (instead of the modern copy he’s worn three times now).

George has got his little wave down.

George waving Trooping the Color 2016
[BBC screengrab]

Charlotte threw her hand up at one point, too.

Anyway, let’s actually talk about the Queen now, shall we.

Queen and Philip Trooping the Color 2016
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Almost fifteen hundred soldiers from the Household Division were on parade at Horse Guards Parade to mark the Queen Elizabeth‘s official 90th birthday. This year, the Color being trooped was that of Number 7 Company Coldstream Guards. The Coldstream Guards were formed in 1660 by General Monck from the republican New Model Army and marched to London to restore the monarchy and put King Charles II on the throne. Their service to the Crown has been unbroken since then.

Ride past Trooping the Color 2016
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The Royal Colonels rode with HM on parade: Prince Charles, Prince William, and Princess Anne.

William Trooping the Color 2016
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Royals participating in the carriage procession to and from Horse Guards Parade include: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate and Camilla Trooping the Color 2016
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Prince Harry

Harry Trooping the Color 2016
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Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie

Prince Edward, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Lady Louise Windsor, and James, Viscount Severn.

After the Trooping at Horse Guards Parade, the royals went back to Buckingham Palace for a flypast. The flypast included thirty aircraft in eight parts, from the Spitfire and the Hurricane, made famous in the Battle of Britain, to modern multi-role Typhoon fighter jets, transporter Voyager, and the Red Arrows.

Flypast Trooping the Color 2016
[MOD Crown Copyright 2016/Corporal James McAllister RLC]

The Queen wore a neon green coat and dress by Stewart Parvin and hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan – cuz a queen’s got to stand out, yo. HM wore the Brigade of Guards Badge – which combines the symbols of the Grenadier Guards, the Coldstream Guards, the Welsh Guards, the Irish Guards, and the Scots Guards – like always.

I’m surprised Prince Philip doesn’t topple over from the weight of all those medals.

The Merry Wives of Windsor color coordinated again, this time in white.

Camilla wore a white Anna Valentine dress and coat and Philip Treacy feathered hat. She wore her pearl choker with the larger diamond clasp, and she wore her pearl and diamond Prince of Wales feathers brooch.

Kate repeated her white Alexander McQueen coat she wore to Princess Charlotte’s Christening and paired it with a pink Philip Treacy hat – the OC 147. She wore her Mappin and Webb “Empress” necklace and new giant pearl and diamond earrings. Kate carried her new oatmeal Mulberry Bayswater Clutch which she debuted in India.

I’m meh on the coat repeat, the hat is cute from certain angles and I like the flower, but I love Kate’s updo.

Sophie wore a new white Emilio Pucci Embellished stretch-wool jacket and a new flower hat-let from Jane Taylor. I think the hat looks too twee for a 51 year old woman, but I like the rest of her outfit.

Louise wore a floral dress and blue sweater, with a heart-shaped necklace and a hair piece that features acorns and oak leaves.

I want to take a second to highlight Princess Eugenie because she’s killing it this weekend in the fashion department. This green looks phenomenal, and I love the color combination with the hat.

I think Beatrice also looks lovely – even though her hat looks like an orange peel.

And an extra photo of Harry.

Here’s a video of the entire event.

I’ll leave you with more photos of the Cambridge kids.

225 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte joins Prince George and family for Trooping the Color 2016

  1. Loving Kate’s hat and hair…..both were stunning and the Alexander McQueen coat dress is one of my favourites. William was just so unWilliamlike with his children. He clearly adores them and he really does have his act together with George. All positive here from me but I’m sucked in everytime they bring out the children because their children are just beautiful.

    I think the Queen got the shade of green wrong. I know she has to stand out but she looked like Kermit the Frog. I love you, your Magesty but did you give Angela the day off today because that green was so unforgiving.

    Eugenie…..that hat was awesome. I quite liked Beatrice’s orange peel. The colour really suited her. The beading detail on Sophie’s coat at the waist was gorgeous. I really like that but sometimes Sophie really gets it wrong with Lady Louise. She underdresses her and it makes her stand out for the wrong reasons. Today was not a day for a cardigan. I understand them wanting to keep her age appropriate but poor thing looked like no care had been taken over what was chosen for her to wear. But Lady Louise’s updo was so pretty from the back.

    Autumn Kelly had another good day and Princess Michael of Kent again looked a really sassy minx. I don’t know where she gets the money from because she’s always pleading poverty but she looked a million dollars.

    Hope the weather is nice for the Patrons street party in the Mall tomorrow. I saw the lunch they’re having tomorrow in M & S today…..OMG who the helll uses piccalilli in anything these days but apart from that it looked quite nice. Anyway I bought some Coronation chicken, scones and strawberries with pink champagne cream so Mr. BBV and I shall have our own little picnic and the dog will have strawberries while we watch it all on TV.

    Busy few days KMR but as ever you are so appreciated. Xx

    1. HELLO MrsBBV , how are you , please forgive me but I love what the queen wore , I think here is a woman who can pull any color “i’m not sure if the expression is right” and it’s fabulous on her , or maybe because I love her :))))
      Wish you a lovely evening Xxx

      1. Hi there Alia….You’re right of course and my opinion is wholly subjective. I just wish it had less harsh tones and had a more softening effect. But hey no one was going to miss her on the balcony today! Xx

    2. I agree with so much that you said, but I like the electric green color the Queen wore. The Queen has to be seen to be believed, and boy can you see her in that color!

    3. Personally I love the green. But I laughed out loud at the Kermit comment. Years ago i worked in a firm where there was a very stylish VP who came in one day wearing a very expensive bright green outfit. One of the young men under her commented she looked like Kermit. She called him in to her office and said something to the effect of, “Let’s review the org chart. I am up here. You are here. Don’t call me Kermit!””
      i couldn’t help bringing this up, because I think the Queen at 90, like that VP, can wear whatever color she wants.

      i love her in bright colors!

    4. I liked the funny side of Beatrice’s orange peel and also Eugenie’s hat.
      I think my favourites of the day are Sophie and Camilla. I wish we had full body pictures of all the ladies’ outfits though.
      The Queen’s green is remarkable. I really love it!

      Enjoy your picnic today, MrsBBV. I wish I was in the Mall for the party!

      Thank you KMR for your working overtime!

  2. I couldn’t see all of the pictures (after Charlotte’s wave and before Eugenie and Bea in the carriage) but they are nice pictures. **I can see them now**

    HM killed in her bright green. You definitely know it’s her on the balcony. Kate was Kate, nothing exciting, just more of the same.

    Charlotte is very lucky there wasn’t a sister for W&H or she would be wearing those hand me downs or copies. Charlotte looks happy. That’s all I have to say on that front.

    I was a bit disconcerted at the Cambridges pulling an act similar to last year when they basically pushed everyone to the side and back and took center stage. PC should have been next to HM.

    There were a lot of people on that balcony, I sometimes wonder what the weight limit is.

    Eugenie has been spot on this weekend. The colors she’s chosen are perfect for her and I really like the hat she wore today. Coordinates well with her dress and her eyes. Bea was much better today. If you’re going to wear a fascinator at least have fun with it and that seems to be what Bea is doing.

    Harry definitely played second fiddle today. I’m sure he was squinty eyed because of the sun, but there appeared to be a couple of moments where he looked a bit frustrated.

    Well we have another day of work for Kate tomorrow. Wonder if she’ll re-wear another outfit or debut something new.

    1. You couldn’t see those photos because of an error I made in the code. It’s fixed now and the photos show on page load or reload.

    2. If you watch the video on DM where the royals come out onto the balcony, the Cambridges followed PC and Camilla out on the balcony. It seems like the Cambridges place was preplanned as it seems as though there was a stool for George (he seems to almost fall off it a couple times). It wasn’t obvious there would have been room between the stool and the Queen for PC and Camilla, so perhaps that is why they are not immediately next to the Queen. FWIW, I was glad Kate wasn’t shoved into the back row like she was last year, although it was unfortunate that happened to Harry. As many others noted, it seemed like he was a bit upset today, hopefully all is ok with him.

  3. For once, I have nothing critical about Kate because these are such different pictures. I will note that the absence of hunching and crotch-clutching and excess hair down is fantastic. She is clearly good with her children, and to see both kids on the balcony was welcome and results in a totally different energy in pictures. Her smile looked happy instead of manic. And her outfit looked so much better than last year’s.

    Charlotte is adorable. She truly looks like William with Kate’s coloring, while George looks like Kate with his father’s fairness.

    As for Beatrice and Eugenie, I feel for Beatrice since she seems to choose things that just don’t photograph well. Eugenie is getting really savvy with her style choices, and she looked good.

    I thought Lady Louise looked a little too casual in cardigan. A jacket would have been a better choice, but if her parents were all right with it, then I am too.

    Last but not least, the Queen. If anyone is going to look vibrant, it certainly deserves to be her. She looked really happy too.

    Awesome job KMR. Thank you for putting out this post so fast!

    1. ONe thing I’ve noticed about the children is that she only ever seems to hold Charlotte. I don’t recall any photos of William holding her or giving her affection.

      1. Hi Lindsey, the thing is there are very few pics of both of them with the kids. I can only recall those from the ski holiday and the recent ones from the horse show. It would be really nice to have more images that showed some interaction, not only from the four of them, but with the rest of the family as well.

  4. Well Kate has her padded bra on again, so that’s nice. That flower on her hat is too big and looks ridiculous.

    The kids are cute.
    Harry is handsome.
    William is unattractive, as usual.

    1. I’m not a fan of the flower either. The pink flower matches Charlotte’s pink dress, perhaps this is why she decided to wear it…

    2. What bugs me is everything is on the same side. The big flower and the updo . I think her hair should have been pulled to the opposite side of the flower.

      But then I’m big on symmetry.

      1. I thought the side bun was a better up do, has Kate been looking at photos of Maxima?
        I would have preferred to see the side bun on the other side of Kate’s neck, tucked under the hat as the side bun plus the rose seems too much.
        The earrings seem too large as well for the size of Kate’s face. Was Carole styling Kate again too?

      2. Re Kate’s hat and hair-do: the hat and flower were giving plenty of asymmetry – to me having the bun off-centre as well was too much… To me it looked as if the bun had slipped.

        Re Kate’s jewellery: I mentioned elsewhere the earrings did not seem to justify their price tag. Also: the earrings and the necklace just did not match…
        And why is she constantly wearing new jewellery? Camilla mostly wears the same necklace and it does not offend – instead it seems prudent, while constantly wearing new things seems spendthrift….

        1. I don’ t like that pearl earrings at all. They looks so fake and they are too big. Not classy at all, not something a duchess should wear

  5. Everyone looked very nice indeed! George has the cutest facial expressions when he’s intensely watching something. Charlotte looks adorable! I love Kate’s hat, and the fact that she seems to have laid off the massive amounts of black eye liner she is so fond of. Harry. *Sigh* Getting better-looking all the time! I am not to keen about the shade of green H.M. chose to wear, but that’s really the only negative thing I have to say about the clothing today. Wishing Her Majesty many more healthy years, and a one-day belated “Happy Birthday” to The Duke. He and my mom were born the same day, same year.

      1. Thank you, KMR. I didn’t want to rain on the parade, but she passed away last year this time. On the funny side, she used to joke that she and Prince Phillip were twins separated at birth.

      1. Although I’m a fan of hats too, sorry, I don’t like the shape and angle of this one. It’s like a disproportionate flying saucer taking off to space while a huge flower is carried away with it. 🙂

    1. Happy Birthday to your mom, Lisa. Guess who else shares a birthday with your mom apart from Prince Philip? Princess Madeline of Sweden!

  6. This is my first time commenting here on KMR, usually I’m quietly lurking on here lol. But KMR, I want to commend you on the great job you have done critiquing Kate whilst not be mean or nasty. I mean that sincerely, you are able to point out the not so good things, yet you aren’t afraid to compliment her on the good things either! This is one of my favorite sites go visit:)

    But I digress. I liked Kate’s outfit today, though her earrings were odd and reminded me of something clip-on my grandma would wear. The flower on her hat also reminded me of salsa dancing if I looked at it too long…But overall this is one of her best looks in a long time, I think!

    Charlotte and George are absolutely precious and I loved seeing them in pictures today. Charlotte’s dress was the sweetest and George will be a heartbreaker when he grows up! (Although I’m hoping they’ll stop dressing him like Will by then.) Although, after I saw the pictures here on KMR I realized that Charlotte looked pretty miserable and overstimulated on the balcony (I can’t blame her) and it makes me feel terrible that they dragged her out there, even if we enjoy the pictures.

    On a side note—Harry looked pretty serious and sober today and I hope everything’s okay with him. Maybe he’s just thinking it’s cruel to tote Charlotte put like that, too.

    Anyways, keep up the great work KMR (and commenters!) I enjoy everything you post 🙂

    1. Welcome, Annie!

      I also though Kate’s earrings were comically large and distracting. Some smaller pearls would’ve been a better fit IMO. I think W+K are pandering a bit too much by dressing George like young William all the time. They are just begging for the Diana comparisons.

      1. I agree with you: I didn’ t like the earrings at all, they look fake, not classy and I agree with the Diana comparison. They should let Diana rest in peace

    2. I didn’t notice Charlotte looking unhappy in the video, there are many pics where she is happy and in the video she seems to be doing okay, a bit in awe of course, clearly she doesn’t understand what is happening, but she was mostly just too busy sucking on her hands.

  7. I think Kate looked elegant and I enjoy seeing William and Kate with the the children. The only criticism I have is George deserves to have his own clothes and not be a mini William circa 1984 at all public events.

    1. The children again seem unattached to the RF, lacking warmth, energy a huge difference from the SRF and their children.

      Many photos on different site, the PoW – DoC and uncle King Henry seem not allowed close to the kids. And th.e only adult interacting are the parents – w*k lambridge.

      1. Totally agree Dolittle. I watched the entire Trooping live on CNN and I noticed what you said about George and Charlotte. And also I agree what Anee said abou George deserving to have his own clothes. It’s pathetic Kate insists on having her son dressed like a mini William. For once this time Charlotte wore a different dress.

        1. I agree – PR yes! Both kids seem fussy for nanny Maria.

          Also, and No offense but again the SRF Princess mums have best delicate dresses for their young Princesses, maybe HM POW should assign someone or nanny Maria to shop for the children formal wear; that baby dress material seem low end for a royal …

        2. Frankly George, who is a cute kid full of personality, looks like a dork in William’s out-of-date clothes and replicas. I get it if once in a while in public outing, George wears these throwback outfits- it can be cute. But this is now happening all the time with his public appearances, however few they are.
          But hey, they are his parents and they can make a decision on what to put their kids in, as long as it isnt something totally obscene…

          Also, I have wondered about this before: why do young female babies from rich/aristocratic families, wear such simple looking dresses? Charlotte is wearing such a plain and ordinary dress with no colour or design to it.

      2. Because W&K use the kids as *their* PR tools. A photo of Harry or Charles holding either of the kids would have wiped W&K off the front page.

      3. I’m just catching up on all this – but it sure seems that G&C are nothing but PR props and no one can touch them except W&K. I feel sorry for Charles – I think he has more interaction with Camilla’s grand-kids than his own. I feel bad for Harry as well. He always sidesteps the niece/nephew questions during interviews, and he’d be such a fun uncle.

    2. I agree about George. The first time they did it was cute, but at this point is just ridiculous. I’d love to understand why they do that.

      1. Paula I was thinking the same thing. The first time was cute but not the second. Kate looked nice, but as someone had written in an earlier post I would think the christening coat,suit, or whatever it is would never be seen again. Not sure why I thought that, but it was a historical event.

        1. Agree with all the above – can’t help but think that had Charlotte been little Mia Tindell she’d have been passed around like a hot potato so keen on hugs would she be to be given and receive. It’s very clear the Cambridge children do not know their relatives nor will W&K allow any interaction – even with Uncle Harry or Grandad Charles! And as for dressing George like a mini William, it’s got to stop. Let him have his own identity, it’s 2016 not 1916 and the Downton Abbey ‘thing’ is over. As am I with this family, they bore me now.

          1. Mia Tindall would have been hanging upside down over the balcony she’s such a livewire. Mike Tindall says they don’t want to constrain her natural exuberance……they must be knackered. That kid is awesome. Things are definitely changing as they’ve already said no boarding school for her.

  8. Aww Charlotte was so adorably cranky. It’s good that Kate finally came to saying that Charlotte is the terror and George is the peaceful one.
    I have nothing bad to say about any of them really, and I agree that Eugenie is killing it fashion wise.

    1. I thought Eugenie’s colours were too autumnal, not suitable for early June / mild bright weather.
      Beatrice I thought looked messy with wavy hair under the swirly fascinator – it was a bit breezy today, so hair could not stay neatly combed, would have been better to give it some structure (tie it back in some way).
      Kate earrings did not look their price tag in the photos (maybe they did in real life…).
      Charlotte looked unhappy – it must have been very loud during the fly-past – I personally would have covered my child’s ears, not pull their hand down!
      I too thought Charles and Camilla ought to have been next to the Queen.
      I thought the Queen’s colour worked – when I first saw it I thought it made her clearly visible, and marvelled how she can pull off any colour – I have not seen a colour on her that did not work.
      Sophie’s dress was elegant, her head piece too small, I thought.
      I too thought a cardigan on Louise was not quite right for the occasion.

      Are there any images of people who were in the carriages watching the parade from the windows?

      On the balcony during the fly-past:
      Who was the boy in the sailor suit, roughly in front of Camilla and Charles?
      Who were the two girls with flowy brown hair next to Louise?

      1. Rose asked: Who was the boy in the sailor suit, roughly in front of Camilla and Charles?
        Who were the two girls with flowy brown hair next to Louise?

        The boy was Albert or Leopold Windsor, one of the two elder sons of Lord Nicholas Windsor, younger son of HRH The Duke of Kent (a first cousin of the Queen). The two girls were his first cousin – Eloise and Estella Taylor, daughters of Lady Helen Taylor, sister of Lord Nicholas and daughter of HRH The Duke of Kent. Also in that picture, Zenouska Mowatt, granddaughter of HRH Princess Alexandra of Kent.

  9. William’s interaction with his children is great, deep and simple without over smiling or over acting or gurning for the sake of people , it shows how patient he is and how he would rather hunch and take his time in explaining to george without caring how this would look for the camera, apparently his children really do come first for him . On the other hand I wish someone would tell our lovely princess kate that we are in the 21 century not the forties era she is so fond of , which shows in her clothes ,hats fascinators and hair .
    I wish someone would watch the video on the daily mail post and see how kate interact with charles and camilla , charles is trying to talk to her and her reaction is not very warm, maybe that or maybe she wants to keep that smile pasted on her face and doesn’t know how to keep it to keep the look of the perfect princess while talking to him and calming her daughter ..I don’t know . A real pity when a person’s only achievement is clothes and looks .
    As for the queen,I think she is gorgeous , I mean here is a lady who in my opinion can wear any color and still looks classy and lovely .

    1. The front page of the Sunday times had a close-up photo of Kate with Charlotte on her arm – not of the Queen (!) …. I did get the impression watching the balcony scene on television that W&K + children were their ‘own little world’, i.e., not connecting to others around them – as if ensuring that photos could be taken of them as a little unit – Kate’s facial expressions and body language also looked as a if geared to a personal photo-shoot, rather than being ‘just’ a member of a larger group. I don’t think she looked at the Queen at all, which is a very simple way of relating to another person and moving attention away from oneself to that other person…. No, Kate was certainly not trying to move attention to someone else….

      1. Rose, I agree, as I have already posted downthread that Kate’s only concern is to take center stage. I just wanted to add a detail from the video: the minute the door opens, if you look at Kate, you see her taking her position, putting on her staged smile and arranging Charlotte’s dress. What a difference with the queen and the rest who come out naturally! Instead, Kate has her smile ready, in place for the photo shoot!

        I also agree with Alia up thread that Wiliam’s interaction with his children is natural. He’s not afraid of PDAs and is not showing them off either. I’m glad for this and proves to me what I’ve always suspected, that Wiliam is actually a great father

        1. Elina , ” if you look at Kate, you see her taking her position, putting on her staged smile and arranging Charlotte’s dress ” , spot on , and I even think william now has an aversion to smiling because of his wife’s over grinning or gurnning or whatever

      2. Rose ,it is not only kate but the way the media is promoting kate ,i mean here they are idolizing a person for wearing this or that, is that what we want our daughters to be ?? clothhorse !! look at the daily male front page now,the garter service, kate is the center picture and the queen ‘who is the center of all this ” is on the side,it’s all about kate,and she’s thriving,i mean why would she think of achieving anything if the media is praising her for showing up just to show off what she is wearing. I’m sure they’re promoting her as the next queen, all this praise for someone who did nothing is not just for the sake of it…a pity , a real pity

  10. Loving the neon green on the Queen, it’s her celebration and she should stand out! Poor Charlotte, I would have left her home, not an appropriate event for a 1 year old. George is a real sweet heart, I hope to see more of him. Kate’s outfit choices are blah, I’m so bored with her style and as someone else has pointed out, how sad that her only contribution to the BRF is her style (lack of nowadays) and her children. I hope the last few days of doing engagements and speaking at the event a couple of days ago are sign that expectations from higher up have changed and both Cambridges will be working harder and consistently.

  11. HM looked wonderful. That green was a little “oopmf”. She was meant to be seen and she was. I love this pomp and pageantry. I loved Kate’s hair. I mean, loved it. I might have even clapped a few times. My only issue is those earrings. Let the statement be your hat and hair, love. Those earrings are meant for a low pony.

    Mr. Rhiannon looked very pensive today. I feel bad when he has to third wheel. But he looked amazing in his uniform. I’ve decided he will wear this one or the white when we get married, lol!

    I think Eugenie looked amazing. She’s finding her footing. Bea’s hat was fun and cute. Georgie and his cute grumpy face slays me. He is an adorable boy who clearly loves his daddy. Charlotte, at first glance, looked like Pippa to me. I felt bad for the wee one. While it was nice to see her, she probably should have sat this one out. Will? He would have to inherit Mr. Rhiannon’s charm, personality, sense of duty and kindness in order for me to find him attractive. He’s starting to look like Mr. Burns from the Simpson’s.

    KMR, thank you for such a beautiful post today. I love when the BRF brings it. It is a shame that Will doesn’t become an full time royal and accept his fate.

    1. Charlotte really does look like Pippa, and as someone said on another post, George resembles Michael Middleton so much. I had never seen it before today’s photos.

      1. It’s exactly what I think, too, Paula. George resembles Michael Middleton very much and Charlotte does look like Pippa. Some people said Charlotte was “the spitting image of the Queen” but I see nothing of the Queen in Charlotte. I never did. And seeing her (Charlotte) at the balcony only confirmed my impression.

    2. Hi Rhiannon

      Your man looks great in that uniform!

      I would like to see him in the front row though.

      Something did seem to be bothering him, hope it is sorted now

      1. Yes, Cathy, Rhiannon’s man looked great. I hate seeing him as the third wheel, though. In the carriage, sitting across from C and K, he seemed as if he wanted to be anywhere, but there. He deserves rhiannon by his side.

        BTW, in the photo, Kate and Camilla didn’t look too friendly toward one another.

          1. I never thought I would warm to Camilla. Except, Camilla being frosty to Kate just might do it.

          2. I agree, it’s obvious there is a frostiness there. If I add Camilla’s reaction to Kate’s pushing on the balcony, well, I can see there is no love lost between these two.

  12. I’m a little tired of these little hats that are worn so far forward they cover the face (like Beatrice’s today) or off to the side in such a way that you wonder how the hat stays on. I’m guessing staples. Give me a traditional head-covering, full brimmed hat over these fascinators any day.

    Kate looked nice but it seemed strange to me that her earrings were bigger than her necklace. That looked out of proportion to me. That “empress” necklace is so small as to be barely noticeable.

    Umm, Harry? Looking fierce in those photos!

    1. I’m not a fan of hats in general. Some of the fascinators look ridiculous, but then I also don’t really care for a lot of the bigger hats. I’m surprised Kate chose these earrings; they are not her usual style.

  13. I may be in the minority here, but i really didn’t care for Kate’s look today. I think she looked good the last two days, but there was something off today. I didn’t care for her hat, earrings or hair. I normally like up-do’s on her, but today’s side bun with the hair and earrings did not look her best. It is obvious she is using extra hair in the bun since today’s was larger than yesterdays. Her side hair just didn’t work with the hat and huge flower.

    Kate’s team are obviously paying attention to comments, since people always talk about how small her jewelry is, but this week 2 of the 3 engagements she has worn large earrings. I’m glad she is trying something new, but today’s earrings remind me of something my grandma used to wear. They are large and gaudy, not elegant at all. I think Kate really doesn’t understand how to accessorize. The earrings and necklace did not go together at all. She kind of just throws stuff together. I get the feeling Kate is one of those people who thinks because it costs more it must make it better.

    I’m also not surprised that Charlotte and George were on the balcony. They always bring Kate and William good press. I have read that the royals are always jostling over spots on the balcony and vying for attention. Bringing out the children will automatically give Will and Kate the attention and they know that. Poor Charlotte shouldn’t have been brought out on the balcony so young-she looked so unhappy. They waited on George and they should have on her as well. But Will and Kate are selfish. Sorry to be negative, but today i have nothing positive to say.

    1. Kate’s earrings today remind me of earrings from the 80s and 90s – very big and gaudy and cheap looking.

      I’m not surprised at W&K bringing out the kids because it’s Trooping and all the royals always bring out their kids. Harry was brought out at not even a year old, I think. I just feel badly for Charlotte since it’s obvious she was having a hard time with the noise.

      1. I didn’t know Harry was brought out so young. Poor Charlotte was trying to plug her ears and Kate kept pulling her hands out. That is partially why i feel bad. And it is selfish since Kate only cared about appearances. The poor thing couldn’t even plug her ears. I just think for the kid’s sake they should wait until 2 at least. At 1, she doesn’t know what is happening.

        1. Kate should have taken Charlotte inside. Most mothers would have soothed their child by removing her from what was distressing her. Kate loves being photographed and is out of her depth being a mother, imo this further proves nanny Maria does the bulk of the child rearing. Kate & Will look happier and more relaxed with each other when the kids are with them, perhaps the glue keeping them together.

          1. I agree, with you Cat, Kate should have taken Charlotte inside, the noise would have been loud and if she were teething on top of it, very painful.

            I second your Memo to Buckingham Palace about the earmuffs Cathy. They have them at concerts for the performers kids when they come on stage, so some cute fluffy ones for Charlotte would have been easy to arrange. I know that this is going to sound horrible but I still don’t get any “Maternal” feelings from Kate. It is like she is trying to be a Stepford wife with the kids and this is how she comes across to me.

            As someone else said, she seems more concerned about how the pics will look rather than the comfort of her daughter. Not good in my books. the kids comfort comes first.

          2. Agree with you to a point, Tanya. I felt so sorry for Baby Charlotte. Teething and all that noise. I think in one photo, Kate showed concern for her and she had one of her hands on George in a sweet way, too. William just loves his kids and shows it I am sure Kate does, too, but is more reserved in public,

            Windsor wives in white. Boring. Did like Kate’s hat and hairdo, though.

            I wish the Queen had chosen a less glaring green, but she’s amazing and I wish her health and happiness.

            The children really are cute. It must have been difficult for them out on the balcony. Little Troopers, they were- -at the Trooping of the Colour!

            P.S. Eugenie looked fantastic. She’s bringing it! Bea? Not so much.

        2. I would cover my child’s ears or have her wear earmuffs for the noise while on the balcony. I think it’s interesting that Kate pulled Charlotte’s hands away from her ears, like she was more concerned about what the photos would look like than the comfort of her daughter.

          1. I thought the same thing! I definitely would have covered her ears to soothe her not pull down her hand to make her more miserable. That really surprised me because even if you are not the mother – that seems like instinct to me.

          2. Oh yes, Memo to be sent to BP (no point sending to KP, right?)… Please give the littlies earmuffs before anything with loud noise, no just give the little ones ear muffs anyway!

            And I agree with you KMR, Kate was looking for the photo op and not thinking of her child!

            IMO Kate has that look on her face she seems to get when she knows she will be the one photographed and that she will be pulling attention away from The Queen.

            This celebration is not for you Kate – shame on you!

          3. On the last day on the football season at Manchester United it’s customary for all the players to bring their families onto the pitch. 75 000 screaming fans in quite an enclosed space. What they do for the little ones is pop a small,pieces of cotton wool in their ears for the hour or so they are on the pitch. Not sure why Kate didn’t do that with Charlotte so I suspect it’s related to her teething. Xx

          4. They could have given her ear protection, small-enough to not be noticeable. I don’t expect W&K to think of it, but I’m surprised Nanny Maria missed that.

          5. Yes, I was upset that she pulled the baby’s hands away from her ears. In another photo, she seemed mores concerned about her child. I flash back to the christening when Kate pulled a crying Charlotte from her pram and was laughing. Like, laughing at her baby’s tears? I guess, she was saying, “Oh, it’s not that bad,” but still., When your baby cries….. you will do all you can to soothe the wee one.

          6. There is the very real possibility that Kate was not aware of the teething/ear tugging connection. I don’t think she’s had very much experience with small kids and was so focused on getting great pictures and standing her ground on the balcony that she didn’t think of Charlotte’s movements to be as a result of some physical pain she may have been feeling.

            Nanny Maria was probably watching the whole thing from behind and was just waiting for it to be over so she could get Charlotte soothed. Also, being so hung up on getting a good picture over the comfort of your child kind of shows the lack of maternal instincts she has. If anything taking Charlotte off of the balcony could have won her a ton of kudos and furthered her hands on mother fairy tale.

        3. One thought as to why Charlotte was playing with her ears, is that she’s teething. Both of my kids were obsessed with their ears when they were teething, in fact lots of kids (both of mine did) can get ear infections while teething, just another fun side effect of an already painful process 🙁

          1. And that is why Kate should not brought Charlotte out to this, as teething is an ongoing and painfully drawn out process, so Kate should have known beforehand that this event would be miserable for Charlotte. But, on the flip side, I can see how WK would have been criticized if they did not bring out Charlotte and just George…mayne that’s what prompted them to bring Charlotte, along with the promise of good PR.

            But I wonder why Kate would not have just taken Charlotte inside after a period of time on the balcony? Poor Charlotte looks unhappy and in pain and probably has not been sleeping too well due to her teething, so it was making her cranky.

            And it is telling that there does not seem to be much interaction between WK, their kids and the rest of their family…William needs to realize that the only reason he and his children have their privilege and birthright is due to being a member of this royal family.

      2. They look exactly like earrings Diana has worn. It’s creepy.

        I have a kid a bit older than George and if my hypothetical daughter was fussing and clearly not happy–I think it has to do with teething, though, not the sound–I’d have taken her out of the environment or maybe given her something to fuss with. A toy, a teething ring, something.

        1. or I would have given some children’s tylenol or camilia, which are known to work for teething pain…along with a teething ring. Poor Charlotte…

          1. Yes, poor wee thing. At least Nicolas at Oscar’s christening had his tooth brush as a distraction and soothing means. Poor Charlotte was only chewing her fingers and was used as a prop for the perfect photo op.

  14. Oh and i see that the photographers are back to really airbrushing Kate. They had stopped for awhile and now they back to really touching her up. I wonder why the shift back?

    1. The press is weak. I wish they would not Photoshop Kate, or anyone for that matter. I suspect that KP has given the press more access to William and Kate; we have had quite a few ‘candid’ shots eg Kate strolling with the kids, plus more official events. Hence, they are appeased. As a general rule, I’d like to see people appear as they are, not as the unreal version of themselves. Recently, people have commented on Kate looking haggard etc. opining that things are not well when really the truth is simpler: the press just stopped Photoshopping her image.

  15. Sorry for another comment, but i wish we had a full length photo of Princess Eugenie. Her outfit looks beautiful from what we can see. I am so glad she is killing it this weekend. I think she should be the one getting praised for her style this weekend not Kate (I’m excluding the Queen of course).

    1. That hat was perfect with her coloring. Eugenie has such a sweet face. I wish the “ugly step-sister” comments would cease.

    2. Eugenie and Beatrice are lovely, I think. I really like them though I understand a lot of people don’t…

      I loved how they were both dressed!

    3. To me Eugenie will always be far more stylish than Kate, even when she gets it wrong. Loved both of her outfits from today and yesterday.

      1. Paula, I agree. I would say Kate dresses “well”, but she is not “fashionable”. Kate rarely takes risks and doesn’t seem to have any creativity in her look. It’s the same thing over and over. Quite yawn inducing most of the time. I think some screw ups, like Eugenie and my all-time favorite Queen Maxima have, show a willingness to try new and trendy looks. It shows confidence!

  16. Finally! Something different for once and I actually like it. Maybe her hairstylist does know more than one updo. Or maybe she read our posts! Anyway, I’m glad to see her with something different. I also like the hat. Didn’t really like the earrings. They were too big. Good to see that she wasn’t hunched over either. But I think that had more to do with the fact that she was holding Charlotte. It’s kinda hard to hold a child while hunched over. I liked Will’s interaction with the kids. Very genuine. It appears he does have a connection with them.

    Can they please give George some new clothes? I’m glad they had a girl. At least we know that everything she wears will be new.

    Another thumbs up for the York girls. They looked awesome.

    And wow HM! Super bright. I love that she stands out. She really can pull off any colour. Kudos to her and her wardrobe staff. They know what they’re doing. And love that Kate didn’t try to steal the spotlight for once.

    I’m glad to see that they are out and about more. And hopefully it’s an indication of what’s to come.

    1. Miss K, I am curious. What do you think about the DoE? IMO I disliked the tone of his skin. I hope I am wrong and it is poor lighting in the photos.

  17. Kate totally looked like she pushed Charles out of the way. I watched a video where it looked like Camilla was gesturing to Charles to tell him to stand in front of her but he didn’t want to push his wife (Camilla) out of the way after Kate nudged her way forward with Charlotte. I’m sorry, but as heir to the throne he should have been standing by the Queen. If the balcony is too crowded maybe they should have organized things differently so that Philip and Charles were on the Queen’s sides and then William and his family by Charles. It just didn’t look right to me. I swear I saw Kate push past Charles. This isn’t the first time she has done that. One time for Christmas Kate walked out of the church before Charles and I saw William have to hold his wife back and allow Charles to walk before her down a flight of steps on a boat. It almost feels like she doesn’t understand the protocol still.

    1. Cookie , this is what i have been thinking of , and looking at the way she is standing beside camilla on the balcony without the children, i have the feeling she is 100% sure she is next in line after the queen , she thinks by being sweet to the people they will push to have william and her instead of charles and camilla

      1. Km may feel even more entitled with now two children; to HM the lazy entitled duo of b&;k middleton are just another body.

        1. which reinforces my idea how she now thinks herself more royalty than the royals themselves , I’m waiting for her today to look hard at william if he doesn’t hold the umbrella for her,I mean the queen holds her own umbrella, but not our lovely kate

    2. They did know that the Cambridges were going to stand there, though. There was a box of some sort for George to stand on right there, and when Philip came out he pointed to it and asked about it and The Queen said it was “for George”. So the Cambs standing there was prearranged.

      1. I guess that makes sense, I just think it looked quite odd. Maybe Charles didn’t mind standing behind Kate but I just felt that for such a historic moment the Prince of Wales should have been standing next to the Queen. Maybe the issue is the balcony was just overcrowded. I didn’t even know Harry was there at first. Did they take pictures with the immediate heirs and Harry? Like, The Queen and D of E, Charles and Camilla, Will and his family, and Harry and maybe Andrew and his kids and Edward and his kids and Anne with her children THEN make all of the extended family come out? It would have made for a less congested looking picture if they did that. It just looked weird to see Camilla gesturing for Charles to stand next to Kate and Charles not being able to so he stood behind Kate and Camilla. I just think in general Charles should be more prominent as the heir.

        1. At what point will some of the extended family no longer be part of these events? For example, will Lady Amelia still attend as a married adult? Will her children attend? It just seems like the balcony is so crowded because they invite too many of the minor family members to participate. I wonder where the line is drawn.

      2. Prearranged but considering the size of the balcony you could have had Charles and Cam there as well. I think it was just W&K’s way of shoving themselves into the center spotlight when they want it. They know the cute kids give them great PR so let’s show them off once a year sort of thing. I’m so cynical, I know.

    3. I saw it too Cookie, just on the news here and I was furious. Charles should have been there beside HM, and instead we get Kate with poor Charlotte dragged out to make Mummy and Daddy look like involved parents. I think that William is as George looked at ease with him, but I still don’t think that Kate has a maternal bone in her body.

  18. For me, KM has stepped over into Stepford wife territory at this event. I did not think she was that great with her children. Charlotte was obviously overwhelmed by the noise, but Kate pulled her hands away from her ears. Having her child show signs of distress obviously does not fit the bizarre, perfect image that Kate has of herself. As a mother wouldn’t you cover your child’s ears to lessen the roar? Kate also stared right into the camera to make sure everyone noticed her. And she kept that cheesy, creepy smile plastered on her face. No one else in the RF does that. And to dress George in Wills’ clothes as Diana did is so disturbing. She is desperate to eclipse Diana. Diana was always a relaxed mother in the public, and she reacted appropriately when her children misbehaved. Even though I can’t stand him, I think Wills is the more natural parent.

    I also have thought recently that the press photoshops alot of her photos, like they did today. Eugenie and Beatrice, no matter their fashion sense, are still much prettier than Kate.

    With apologies to Rhiannon, I was disappointed in Harry’s joking around with Kate in church. I think he just can’t help himself and he knows Kate will snicker and giggle at anything. I think someone spoke to him about his behavior and that’s why he was more subdued today. Just from reading her posts, I hope Harry finds someone as bright and compassionate as Rhiannon (if it can’t be Rhiannon herself).

    I get the feeling Carole is coaching Kate on how to act “royal” and because they are desperate for validation Kate never approximates any behavior remotely genuine.

    1. Indiana, i noticed the same thing with photoshopping. The press has really stepped it up again, especially today. It is obvious how much they edit her photos. It makes me want to see her in person. I think Kate is pretty, but i don’t think she is naturally as pretty as Eugenie, who i think, has a very pretty face. The press doesn’t have to photoshop her that much. With Kate though, when the press is really mad at her, they don’t photoshop as much. I think that is more what Kate naturally looks like. Still pretty, but not a natural beauty like they want people to believe.

    2. Agree with everything, Indiana. Kate is never spontaneous, she always acts like she thinks she should be acting. I also dislike William, but he seems pretty at ease around his children, and I don’t think that’s something you can fake. I love how he crouched to talk to George.

      1. I agree Paula about William being at ease around his children. When the National Anthem was being sang, William was serious but watching George. I dislike William very, very much, but I think he has a much more parental side than Kate. She seemed unnatural at the balcony, touching George’s hair, looking to show a very wonderful mother, very fake. I read that Kate is not a maternal woman and I believe that. William looked relaxed with his kids, and I’m very glad about it.

    3. Agreed. Kate was prepared to be photographed today, and made sure she was holding her child, looking up, and smiling the entire time. She even looked into the cameras. Ugh, she is so transparent.

  19. Just playing Devil’s advocate for a moment, it could be that Charlotte is teething and sometimes that makes their ears sore. Maybe that’s why she was sticking her fingers in them. Not standing up for Kate, but just wondering since Char is biting her fingers, too.

    1. Good point, Lisa. But I still don’t understand Kate’s behaviour of “adjusting” her daughter — it seems that other, more comforting behaviour towards her daughter should supercede the continuous gurning and preening for the cameras.

    2. Lisa,

      I also wondered that. Ear infections can go hand in hand with teething and tugging on their ears, is often a sign of an ear infection. If KMR had not commented about the noise, my first thought was that Charlotte has an ear infection to go along with her teething. In Kate’s defense, maybe she didn’t realize what was going on. Are we sure Charlotte was covering her ears due to a loud sound?

      Not saying Charlotte wasn’t covering her ears due to a loud sound, she may have indeed been doing that, but she could also have an infection brewing. 🙁

      1. I think that might have been the case. Better ask Nanny Maria, though, because I am sure she is much more aware of what is going on with the wee ones than Kate.

      2. Actually, just watched the part where they were all on the balcony and Charlotte starts tugging on her ears before the fly pass even starts. Not saying Kate doesn’t have her flaws, but she wasn’t pulling her child’s hands from her ears when there was a loud sound. It looked kind of like she was trying to point out the planes to Charlotte to distract her from chewing on her fingers and tugging her ears. Charlotte seemed to enjoy the planes, as did George. I think she should have someone check out Charlottes ears tho, she may have an infection.

        I guess it’s no different than taking little kids to an air show, which plenty of people do. However, totally agree with the above poster who mentioned the SRF. In the SRF, the kids would’ve been allowed to run around the balcony and be adorable. The SRF kids would’ve been just as much of a show as the fly pass. 🙂

      3. Any mother who has a teething baby understands that cry. Also, the look on the baby’s face, the putting of one hand in the mouth, the other up to her ears. Poor little Charlotte is at the age where back teeth, or those closer to the back are coming in. The pain is horrible, docs say. My heart goes out to the baby, every time I see her face in the photos. If Kate is more interested in photo opps than her baby, as some people think (I am not sure if I can go that far), then, shame on her.

    3. Oh gosh, I wish I had read your post Lisa before I commented on Overit’s response upthread, I thought the same thing when I saw Charlotte playing with her ear, she teething and it’s part of the territory. Poor baby!

  20. Charlotte is their PR prop and dream because she’s the princess and DIANA. Of course they’ll bring her out. Love that dress and bow. I wish I had a little girl to dress up in cute things.

    George is a precious little guy. It always makes me sad when they speak so negatively about him, he seems like a fun, sweet little boy who is your average kid.

    They got to jostle Harry far away who stood in the back looking pensive, and shove Charles and Camilla out–proving who is the future. Not Charles, but Workshy William, Kate and the kids. Charles looked disappointed or upset when I watched the video insofar as he doesn’t seem to have much of a chance to be around his grandchildren; I hope I’m wrong. The look on Harry’s face surprised me in that he looks genuinely cheesed of being shoved out of the way and standing in the back as if he were no better than staff to William.

    Kate looked ridiculous with the tiny pendant, the wig-hair and the giant Diana-esque earrings . I did like the idea of the outfit but as always she never knows how to accessorize so looks, well, silly and simple.

    Poor Charlotte must be teething and upset. I noticed they were more affectionate to her than George. Favorites being played already–the girl is superior to the boy. I see this a lot with my BIL and SIL: their daughter is the apple of their eye and perfect, while their son is basically just…there and unloved. Not that I’m saying George is unloved but that’s the behavior I’m seeing and it reminds me of that.

    One thing I noticed at the Thanksgiving service, sorry if I should post it there or here, with Kate is that she clearly wore nothing under that coat and it bugs me. The end!

    Thanks for the Trooping post, KMR. <3

  21. Does anyone else think it is odd that Cams and Kate – and Sophie today seem to be color coordinating? I don’t think there’s some big conspiracy theory or anything, but it’s not what we are used to seeing. Maybe all white so that the Queen stood out even more??
    I thought Kate looked pretty good. I agree with KMR 100% about the hat looking good from some angles and tragic from others. I never liked that suit (or coat dress or whatever the heck it is) when she wore it to the christening. Just so blah. Hair – a triumph! Earrings – WTF?? They totally looked like cheap clippies. She really needs to start borrowing some of her Maj’s jewelry. A beautiful broach, possibly with a little color, would have enlivened that dull outfit. Look at Cams! Necklace with some gravitas and diamonds!
    What is it with Kate’s seeming fear of broaches? They are lovely pieces of jewelry and can do so much. I’ve always worn broaches and fun pins because a metal allergy limits my ability to accessorize with flair. My wedding bouquet was made up of dozens of broaches that I can now wear one at a time. Embrace the broach, Katie!!
    And one final note (yes, yes – I am an unabashed fan of Charles), but I do agree with some of you that he is not the third most prominent person on that balcony, but he should have been. I don’t think Kate muscled her way in front of him, but he was not given his proper place. And it disturbs me still that we haven’t seen pictures of Charles holding or heck – even interacting with his grandchildren. I know there was one well-placed pic at Highgrove with Chas and Georgie seen on the background of the Prince’s Trust doc, but I absolutely LOVE the picture of Charles holding Camilla’s granddaughter Eliza on the balcony at W&K’s wedding. It’s close, casual, and endearing. Why does he have this type of relationship with his step-grandchildren, but not his actual grandchildren. I get Will and Kate wanting to be with the kids on the balcony – they are very young, scared, etc. but what about the rest of the time? I have a feeling that he doesn’t get to spend much time with them for probably lots of reasons (some likely controlling nonsense) and it saddens me.

    1. I think the Queen is supposed to stand out and to be seem so the other women are supposed to wear less colourful clothes or no bright colours. Read somewhere as they get information/orders on clothes when doing engagements with the Queen but not sure how that works exactly.

      About Charles and his grandchildren. Noticed that too, once absolutely gets the feeling that he doesn’t see them often and not because he doesn’t bother but because WK hide in north and so the opportunities are limited. Same for rest of family…

    2. It would have been lovely if Kate at one point on the balcony, would hand little Charlotte over to her grandfather. It would show that Charlotte can be safe and secure in Charles’s arms too, an acknowledgment of his grand parenthood.

      Instead, Kate was mainly interested in taking center stage. It was natural that anyone holding a child would be at the front row. I remember last year when George was in William’s arms, George and William were of course in the front and Kate was pushing to be next to them by talking and trying to interact with George.

      Harry at the back seemed that he was not allowed to interact with his nephew and niece. He probably didn’t want to spoil it for W&K, as parents, to have their big – PR – moment with their children.

      1. I have just seen the video of them all coming out onto the balcony and Kate did manage to shove Charles to the side. I watched as Camilla was urging him to get in front of her, but he didn’t want to do it.

        I swear Kate is an attention seeking who*e.

          1. It doesn’t even look like that Kate is taking the center stage by accident or that others made sure she and kids would be able to see most. From the position, big smile on her face, George’s outfit, taking Charlotte’s hand down it all looked like she was preparing for the best pictures.

            And we’ve seen Harry’s interaction with kids he just met couple of seconds ago, so it always seems bit odd that there is hardly anything.

          2. I would pay good money to know what was said on that balcony. I know that the stool was there for George but he and William could have stood there and Charles closer to HM and Kate on the side where Camilla and Charles ended up standing.

            Selfish girl that she is.

          3. So true, Kristin, about Harry! He’s the ultimate hugger – Diana’s true successor- but he not only looks like he’s just met these kids, but that their parents have told him to back off.

        1. Oh, my gosh. That’s terrible. There really is tension between the family and the Cambridges. It’s sad. But, to shove, Prince Charles? That’s rude beyond belief!

  22. One more thing! Love love love Lady Louise today and yesterday! Say what you want about her cardi, her hair up like a proper lady and even some age-appropriate headgear. And no white tights in sight! Coming of age gracefully.

      1. Louise is lovely. I find because of her resemblance to her dad, that she also looks a lot like the Queen when she was young and sweet, too.

  23. I’ll also play devil’s advocate about Harry and say that, at least on the balcony, it more looked like he didn’t have anyone to talk to, as opposed to being somber. He had an exchange with his father that made him smile and then one with Edward and Peter where he was laughing. I think he was just sort of awkwardly placed back there and W+K were so busy with the kids that Harry didn’t have anyone to (cutely) goof around with.

    1. They should have given Charlotte to him when she started to fuss. He would have had her laughing in no time. It would’ve been adorable!

      1. Harry normally interacts with everyone. A small smile, a few words here and there like he did the day before with Edward and Louise or with Charles so it seemed evenmore odd that there wasn’t anything on balcony. It feels like there is a gap between WK and rest of family.

        1. I agree, Kristin! W+K seem to be in their own little world away from the family. I’ve often wondered how often the family interacts privately. Does Harry come over for dinner? Do Anne and Charles get lunch? Etc.

          1. I doubt it. They’re so far away in Anmer. I’m not sure where everyone else is based. But it seems like they aren’t very inviting to the Windsor side of the family.

          2. It’s hard to tell as WK are sooo private. In an interview William said that Harry comes over for food in Kensington but judging by the time WK are even in London, that can not happen often.

            And rest of family works hard and cannot simply drive north for couple of hours. Also are they older so shouldn’t be them who travel around.

  24. I have to say this is my personal favorite of Kate’s looks. (Even better than her wedding which I didn’t think was that amazing.) The earrings were a bit too large, but overall I loved it.

    I love seeing all of the extended family. Wish we could have seen more of them on the balcony.

    Charlotte and George are adorable. Dressing George like Wiliam and in his clothes is now starting to border on creepy. I agree with others as I think Charles should have been next to his mother. Balcony gatherings are starting to look like The Queen+ Will and Kate show.

  25. This is why i love this site. It is amazing how we can all look at the same photos and see different things. I hated this look with the big flower and big side bun and big earrings. It was all to much. But then so many people loved it. LOL. I just love that we can all have different opinions on here without being mean. So thanks ladies 🙂

    1. Very true! I think that’s why I got a bit bent out of shape when the photographer posted here a bit ago. I thought to myself- If you are trying to stir up something, you are clearly on the wrong forum. That’s why I love it here, too.

      1. Agree, Tanya S. They probably will show up at Wimbledon, or not, depending if they have suddenly decided to stay away from the cameras. James and Pippa have been MIA from the paps recently.

        Everything the Middleton family does is planned. And that goes back for nearly 10-15 years. My personal feelings is that Kate has very planned actions and you can see that from her appearances and interactions with her charities. She rarely seems natural compared to someone like the Sophie of Wessex.

          1. Ccoop said Charlotte, there is always a plan to what Kate does and I am sure that there is a reason for the absence of the family. We will have to wait and see what it is though

          2. The divorce of Carole and Michael, perhaps?

            I am sure Carole and Pips will be at Wimbledon. If Mike comes, that will be intriguing.

            They are keeping a low profile. Perhaps, the powers that be asked them to back off! Not asked, but “Told.” We can only hope.

        1. I am waiting for a book. Someone should write, Family Secrets: Inside the Middleton Family. Except, this family is full of mafia behavior. Never tell. No one go against the family. No outsiders. Take the Middleton family secrets to the grave.

          1. I would stand in line to buy this book.

            However when the book comes out about the marriage of Wills and Kate and air the dirty laundry. I will be front and centre and heaven help anyone that tries to get in front of me LOL.

          2. Tanya, you make me laugh. If such a book does ever come out, can you imagine the book stores in our individual areas? Especially, if the author stops by to discuss and sign the book?
            We must prepare KMR t-shirts, so we are ready. When the time comes, we need to be properly dressed for our stampedes at local book shops!

          3. mary elizabeth we should have someone design a KRM brooch/pin for everyone to wear and discreetly identify each other while also poking fun of the fact that Kate never wears the things or she covers them with her mop of hair.

        2. Carole plans everything down to the last detail like one of her theme parties. The problem is that her themes look laughable against historic settings. Carole comes across as so stupid. She got her place in history, but only as a coarse, silly snob.

          1. Lisa, so true., Is anyone here a designer who could put together such a brooch. I’d pay for mine and I know others would buy their brooches, too. Or, so I think.

            Can you just imagine us all with our KMR logos?!’

    1. They have been very low profile this year. I do wonder if the rumours are true that Mike & Carole have separated?

  26. What a green outfit by the Queen but she can really make it work, can’t she. It’s her way to stand out so people can see her, love it!

    Eugenie and also Bea imo looked great this weekend and love that they seem so comfortable in their own skin, and they smile, seem caring, are present at engagements. It’s easier to ignore “bad choices” when there is more about a person than her clothes.

    Sophie and Camilla hardly get it wrong and looked great again. Louise is going to be tall. And didn’t mind her cardigan.

    Kate looked good too but it’s always like the same. So I’m mostly like /okay seen it before, next one/ It feels like it’s all about her clothes and not about her personality… she doesn’t carry the clothes, the clothes carry her.

    Also not surprised to see Charlotte and George there. The kids are they way to get good PR and the guarantee to be seen and to be spoken about, so ofc Charlotte had to be there. Guess there is no wrong or false age to bring children but afer she clearly looked uncomfortable one could have brought her in. And cute George but I feel likenI need to look up Williams outfits to be prepared for next events.

    And Harry, looked great, but guess next year he stand in hallway or so…

      1. tracy, she probably prefers it that way. Then she doesn’t have to pretend to be interested and/or make small talk. Besides if you aren’t in William’s circle she doesn’t want to know you.

  27. Greetings Everyone,

    In satnav range for a hour at the max so flicked through 2,800 emails and hit this – I am still way down in the “Roaring Forties” nautical term when dealing with latitude (Auckland Islands) middle of nowhere, rough south sea territory.

    1. My very, very best thoughts to Her Majesty and Prince Philip. They just amaze me and I have the utmost respect for them.

    2. Prince Harry looks amazing however he does not want to be ANYWHERE near his useless, lame, self entitled brother and grasping sister-in-law. END OF – he is fed up to the back teeth knowing that they do sweet bugg@r all and attention grab at every opportunity. He will walk and it is obvious that he does not have much to do with the lamebridge kids – probably cannot stomach his arrogant brother and controlling atmosphere.

    3. The York Ladies are coming into their own. They do not need to starve themselves to look like a stick insect, have a charity dinner in a screaming blue thousand of pounds dress (yet not even kneel down to speak to or acknowledge the people in wheelchairs (referring to an earlier post).

    Sorry to be blunt but screw the clothes on middleton and the surliness of bill – they are grifters and freeloaders, so to make sure they are not missed they then trot out the kids thinking all will be forgotten. Well like hell –

    4. The Princess Royal, Camilla looked regal and my absolute favourite dress of the ones I have seen is actually what Sophie wore (she looked stunning in that pale/icy blue coat with the shaped hem). It may have been at St Pauls. middletons monstrosity looked like the one her mother wore to her wedding with lace slapped on it.

    5. The York Princesses are of the blood Royal however they are not funded by the Duchy of Cornwall (aka Prince Charles and the public by default) so they give all to their charities and work. So it is about time people laid off their size and concentrated on what makes a good person.

    Starving yourself, spending money that is not yours, pretending you are “raising two kids” and are normal are the lies that are getting harder to cover up. Prince Harry can see that a mile off.

    6. There are no redeeming features in the micro managed, cocooned, cotton wool, pampered Anmer Hall inmates that will save these two from destroying a Monarchy. They are dead in the water.

    Whether or not it is 5, 10 or 15 years until they get to the throne their personalities are both ready made narcissists and selfish – nothing will change them.

    The scrawny madam has only shown her face so she can give a legitimate reason to flaunt herself at Wimbledon – and I am over the pair of them.

    The Hardest working members of the BRF are Her Majesty, Prince Philip, Prince Harry (greatest assets) The Princess Royal, Sophie Wessex and the York sisters who are not paid out of the public purse.

    I may sound harsh, however having seen screaming headlines pop up on various devices in the last 2 days with sketchy coverage have made me realise how much the lamebridge duo are out for themselves and stuff anyone else.

    Take care of yourselves, and your loved ones – being out in the wild water for so long makes you think deeply.

    Since I have been away I have lost two family members in 7 days, relayed by maritime radio – unable to get anywhere near a port to make my way home, refuelling while at sea so that is why an hour of stability affords me this time.

    As for my mail (it is stockpiled until I get back so there should be my responses from The Queen and Prince Charles when I eventually make it home).

    I wish you all the happiness your heart can hold, a bright light to guide your way and a hand to hold when you need it the most.

    The Wild Rose

    1. Sail safe in calm seas, Wild Rose.
      QEII with her gravitas, her presence today and during all celebrations in her favour, does justice to your utmost respect for her. You should be truly proud of your Queen and Prince Philip.

    2. Sorry for your loss. I agree with what you think and I look forward to hearing about your response from HM & Prince Charles.

      1. Dear Wild Rose, you amaze me. I send the same wishes of others. And, thanks for all your hard work to help others. I am sorry for the losses in your family and hope your memories are comforting. Be well.

    1. I wondered that. They could have even been reset? With that enormous hat and flower she should have worn smaller earrings really. She just doesn’t get accessories does she? Rather ironic that she was an accessories buyer for Jigsaw. That gorgeous picture of Diana made me tear up…..just because I wasn’t expecting it. What a woman she was, I still miss her. I do hear that Harry wants something tangible in London to be made for the anniversary of the 20th year since she died. I do hope so. I want somewhere I can take flowers now the Althrop exhibition is closed and there needs to be somewhere accessible that’s free to everyone…..the water feature & the children’s play park aren’t right for a reflective memorial.

    2. Ugh! You may be on to something. Even though they scream 1980s, they could still work today, but not with that big flower on the hat and not with that comparatively puny necklace.
      It’s natural for Kate to own and wear some of Diana’s jewelry (shudder), but she needs to really embrace them and wear them correctly and appropriately. All of her new stuff is so very different from Diana’s jewelry it will be hard to mix and match.

    3. Thanks for the link Haze. I think you may be right. And if the earrings are not Diana’s then she just bought a pair that looked like them. Lets be honest, they do not look current, so she went out of her way to buy those. Gosh, she really does want to be Diana.

  28. Let’s start with the positive side. I was absolutely bowled over by HMs green outfit. I actually wolf whistled at the tv set. Seems, at 90, HM has finally run out of effs to give and she is so much better for it. She rocked that “Kermit” do.

    The DoE with that bearskin. I mean, these things weigh a ton! And him standing for a length of time, straight as a rod. At 95. I was really really impressed.

    Now…for…the…Middleton woman.

    “Middleton, take that ridiculous thing out of your hair!” in my best Minerva McGonagall voice. “And take that fake smirk off your face, too.”

    I watched the whole thing and was like “Nothing noteworthy” when it came to the Middleton woman. Then came the balcony scene and poor Charlotte. The moment she took the poor baby’s hand off her ear for the cameras I hurled a few choice German swear words. The little girl was teething and was feeling some discomfort. Add the noise and the unfamiliar situation with all those people she was really stressed. What did her “mother” think, rearranging the little hands to suit the camera angle?

    The Middleton woman could not be bothered to attend the Shamrock ceremony, because she didn’t want to create the expectation, she’d be there every year. But the very moment where you should dampen expectations on behalf of your 13 month old daughter and either retire from the balcony once things got loud or not bring her out in the first place, you rearrange the poor thing for the camera angle. You call yourself her mother?


    End rant.

  29. I think the entire family, including Waity, looked great. The children certainly resemble the Muddles side of the fam.

    If Waity is doing a copycat Diana then why would she wear a dinky necklace and not the pearls shown on Diana. Waity seems to get so little right although I thought she looked good today. Hat, dress etc acceptable. Why we keep expecting anything different is puzzling….I suppose we live in perpetual hope!

  30. I’m sure you’ll be hard at work on this KMR but I have just seen Lady Louisee doing her first walkabout. Oh my heart burst with pride. She looked so nervous and unsure of herself but the crowd are so charmed and encouraging her. Harry’s doing selfies with the crowd. ??

    1. I’m watching as well. Isn’t Louise doing great. Can’t wait for KMR to report on this.Hope Rhianna has her smelling salts at the ready…. Harry !!!!!!

      1. Very sensible to start her on a crowd that will offer up little surprise. She’s a bit overwhelmed but bless her for coming out and giving it a go. Sophie & Edward must be so proud. ?

        1. Indeed , and i read some lovely tweets about her “louisee” today . I think , although she’s not so much under the spotlight , but sophie is doing a good job both as a mother and a royal .

  31. What uniform was Edward wearing, it looked Scottish?

    One thing I have noticed with Harry, is that when anything involves any type of servicemen, he becomes very solemn and dignified. Not a lot of joking and laughing. He packs the fun side away, and shows his respect. There is one picture, on the balcony, where everyone is smiling and waving, except Harry, Prince Michael (the Queen and DoE were not on the balcony at that time) whose heads were bowed. Wonder what was happening at that time?

    1. Edward’s uniform is of the A (The London Scottish) Company of The London Regiment – he is the Royal Honorary Colonel. The London Regiment is very much like our U.S. Army Reserve or National Guard.

    2. Ray, that was the moment that HM and Prince Philip arrived. I think someone mentioned that every woman, except Kate, did a small curtsy as well. Harry’s deference and respect to his grandmother shows in his bows to her.

  32. I think everyone looked fantastic and if there was ever a day for the Queen to be the center of attention she nailed it in her neon green. I know many of you may disagree with me but, while I am sure George and Charlotte are very sweet, they are not very cute. They always look (to me)like a little old man and little old lady. They just seem to lack a spark of some kind. Please know I am not saying this in a spirit of maliciousness, it is just what I see

  33. My ears hurt just looking at poor little Charlotte tugging on her ear. I think she suffered from teething issues and the noise. And, what a shame to have her out on the balcony. She could have made an appearance and then been handed off to Nanny Maria inside.

    I think William adores his kids and has no problem expressing his feelings for them. Kate seems more controlled. I will say, I loved her hat. I didn’t like the fact that she didn’t interact more with her baby, who was obviously uncomfortable. Or course, I am basing this on these photos. I have not seen any video.

    I so wish Harry had Rhianon in his life. I hate seeing him alone on the balcony. Or, sitting in the carriage with no lady next to him. Harry needs to find the love of his life and settle down!

    The Queen deserves love and congratulations for a life that has been spent so well in service. She keeps going and going.

    Eugenie is just lovely. She has been looking fantastic of late. I wish her happiness. Bea, too.

  34. Poor Charlotte. She looked so uncomfortable with possible teething and the noise. I think the photo ops were more important to Waity than Charlotte’s discomfort. But even worse, I’m thinking that Waity had no clue about her daughter’s distress on several levels and certainly didn’t care. Some ‘hands-on’ mother.

    Duke Dolittle, on the other hand, looks like he cares about and is engaged with George but I think he cares about George behaving. He’s the strict, mostly absentee father.

    The Dolittles muscled out everyone to be centre stage including Willy’s dad, the heir, who should have been at the front. They could have made room. Talk about no manners and no respect. They are a vulgar pair. Honestly, they seem to live in a massive bubble of hubris and entitlement, and sadly, no one is smacking them down with an anvil.

    I hate the barrette and slicked down hair on Charlotte. They do it to George, too, that slicking down. Instead of making Charlotte look pretty with her hair all afurl, they dampen it down. I think it’s pretty telling- those children are going to be oppressed and suppressed on every level to conform with their parents’ perfect fantasy.

    1. she’s always at the center , even in today’s picture taken by andrew with the rest of the family on the stairs saying good bye to the queen , she’s also at the center , I don’t know if it’s simply her way of asserting herself or if she is reassured that she and her husband are next in line

        1. I suspect, if Harry marries a beautiful woman who starts to get all the attention, Kate will interact with her to get in all the photos.

    2. Have to agree, Maven. I’ve never been convinced that William and Kate are the hands-on parents they claim to be. The evidence is just not there, along with Kate and William spinning all manner of tales (aka lies) over the years to avoid their responsibilities.

      I don’t think it matters that Harry and George were brought to the balcony at an early age and therefore a precedent has been set for Charlotte too. Surely, whether a child makes an appearance or not should depend entirely on the child’s health and state of mind. Since Charlotte was clearly teething and in some distress, her interests should have been paramount. Not Kate’s interests: a determination to be seen as – ironically – a ‘good mother’, mugging very deliberately for the cameras. Either Kate was not attuned to her daughter’s needs, or couldn’t bear to be out of the front row. I’d go with both. Selfish, selfish woman. For a couple who bleat continually for privacy, claiming to hate the royal life, they sure are determined to milk every opportunity for publicity.

      I’d agree that both parents seemed more concerned with George’s behaviour than his comfort or enjoyment. The children seem to be props to boost their parent’s flagging popularity, dressing them like dolls. Both children appear anxious to my eyes. The unattractive, slicked down hair is a nice metaphor for a dampened down life.

      1. I agree too, Jen. I don’t think that they are hand on parents either. I felt so sorry for poor Charlotte when she had her hands in her hears. If she was teething that is a nightmare on its own without the added noise of a flyover as well. George was closer to two than one when he made his first appearance. It would have been Ok to let Charlotte watch from inside, or take her in when she was distressed.

  35. Greetings Everyone,

    Hey this will be my last “post” for a while – just finishing a refuel from ship to ship down in near the Auckland Islands, roaring forties area, heavy seas and the only comparison to the sheer cold is middleton’s demeanour.

    FIRST AND FOREMOST – thank you KMR for all of your hard work and for your good wishes from those who wonder where I happen to be lurking.

    THIS CELEBRATION IS FOR HER MAJESTY – not for a pretentious upstart and it is about time people realised it.

    Brutal as this is this hag and her sanctimonious pretence is falling apart right in front of our eyes, along with the uncomfortable marriage.

    middleton is a jealous as hell and you can see the envy seeping out of every pore – photo shopped or not.

    I would hazard a real sharp guess on this, but she is NOT OF THE BLOOD ROYAL – she maybe married to the gormless twit but NOT OF THE BLOOD. Never will be. That is the very thing that would stick in her craw. And the York sisters, The Princess Royal etc know it and trying to upstage everyone is just showing her up to be the grasping, wisteria sister that hung around for 10 years for a ring that belong to a dead woman – and now she is trying to attain the adoration that people have for Diana but her falseness is her downfall.

    She is no more a “real” mother to those two kids than billy boy has a “real” job.

    There is a God Awful picture shown in the Christchurch Press (NZ) today 13 June – I was able to get a connection briefly but if you can log into the page, World section – check it out. It is a horror and there is nothing cute about a scowling George and a distressed Charlotte with a cold hearted mother (literally with a sneer on her face) – my own was like that and I can recognise it a mile off.

    My best and hopes are that Her Majesty lives for as long as possible, if not that Prince Charles gets to the throne (even if it is not a popular concept) but I hope I am long dead before watching these two pair of fakes wreck a Monarchy by their sheer vanity and self entitlement.

    I apologise if my words upset anyone however I am done – to be honest my skin crawls when I even see a photos of the Anmer Hall inmates.

    Her Majesty, Prince Philip, Prince Charles (at least he tries), The Princess Royal, Sophie Wessex and of course the The Eternal favourite (aka Rhiannon’s man) Prince Harry are the Gold in the BRF.

    I was born in the Commonwealth, The Queen is my Sovereign – and long may she Reign, I hope Prince Charles at least manages 10-15 years but the BRF will never be the same once this great Lady has passed.

    There is also a documentary about billy boy and his hatred of the press which interestingly was shown with bbc and other news outlets being open about his pure hatred and micro managed control freak press fixation. The point being that without the Anmer Hall inmates letting go of their iron grip then there is no expectation of coverage – Goodwill is blown out of the water. Part of this was referring to both the NZ/Australian and recent Indian jolly as well. Some of you may have seen it.

    Well I now have to pass on my very best to you all – and get back to my duties. Time has come for the trip to continue however that is at the cost of no coverage. So please keep on doing what you are doing, and remember that these people are accountable even if they think they are untouchable.

    Once again, apologies if I sound harsh however this bollocks of trying to upstage Her Majesty and Prince Charles is too disrespectful for me to let it pass without comment.

    Take care of yourselves, will see you on the flip side… have just been called to close my pc and make sure that I’m off deck. Time and tide wait for no-one.

    I wish you all the love your hearts can hold, a basket full of smiles, a safe pair of arms to comfort you and a hand to hold when you need it the most.

    The Wild Rose

    1. Hi Wild Rose
      As per usual you have picked that Kate is wanting to be (thinks she is?) the centre of attention and the reason for the celebration over the last weekend. Things won’t change so it’s situation normal?

      I hope you have enjoyed the trip to the Auckland Islands, it’s a place not many will ever get to see so you are lucky to get to go there. Were you able to step ashore on the islands? I am guessing that access is restricted as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      Have a safe journey back to Christchurch!

  36. This website and the community provides me with so much entertainment and informed discussion as well. And of course I love drooling over Harry and the Royal Jewels. In light of the Orlando terrorist attacks and how upset and sick I had been feeling over this, I wanted to say Thank You for providing this fun and light-hearted community- it is a way to take one’s mind off of the truly depraved things that are happening in our world and the fear that we can become the victims of such depravity at any given time.

    1. Thanks Red Tulip for your comments.

      I hope that the members of our KMR community (and especially KMR herself) who live in Florida are safe and their families are safe too. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


      1. +1
        I hope everything’s well for KMR.
        There are no words for the people who lost their lives in such a wrongful manner. RIP

    2. I read a quote today that really stuck with me: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.”

      And I agree, I’ve only been following the RFs for a few months and this has become one of the sites I visit to unwind a bit. Maybe this is just a personal feeling, but the world seems to become heavier by the day and it’s so tiring.

  37. kate is her usual self, boring, uninteresting, she will never take risks, the european royals no how to work it, its the 21st century, and shes also dressing her kids in the same boring way, poor george what the hell is that boy wearing??? and charlotte, I feel for her she looks like pippa!!!!

  38. Kate is so, so self conscious. She really loves the cameras, seems to put herself forward front and centre, she’s in front of both Charles and William. She need not look quite so triumphant, it’s middle class.

  39. Will you be posting on the picnic event?

    I’m so pleased I found this site and you cover all royals! I love taking a peek inside their world and seeing all the fashion!!

  40. After seeing Gwyneth Paltrow cover her daughter’s ears I think ear muffs would have been a good idea Charlotte looks uncomfortable and George looks excited but the poor little guy needs some new clothes.

    I like Eugenie’s hat and Louise has a proper grown up hairstyle. I think the cardigan is ok especially as the weather is unpredictable. I like Kate’s updo and hat. Not sure about the earrings though. William is so different around his kids. Getting down to their level and engaging with George. I like the green on HM though it looks like it should be a darker shade of green.

  41. I know many readers wish the BRF would be more like the Swedish royal family. Interesting perspective on why W&K might be more formal…

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