British royals attend The Patron’s Lunch

British royals attend The Patron’s Lunch

I’m a bit behind on posts now since I went out of town on Sunday (to Orlando – I’m fine; my friends are fine; what happened at Pulse is a terrible tragedy and my thoughts are with victims, and the families and friends affected by this hate-filled crime), so I’m playing catch up. This post is for The Patron’s Lunch which the British royals attended on Sunday, June 12; I’ll have a post on the Order of the Garter service later.

A nice dose of rain didn’t stop 10,000 people, with more than 600 charities represented, turning out to celebrate Queen Elizabeth‘s 90th birthday at a giant street party on The Mall yesterday. The Patron’s Lunch included lunch (of course), a parade, and the Queen riding in an open-top car.

HM wore a cerise Karl Ludwig couture coat and matching hat by Angela Kelly to stand out among the sea of people (she also wore Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooch), and gave a short speech saying:

    “To everyone here today, and to those holding street parties elsewhere, I would like to say thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement that you continue to give me.
    “I hope these happy celebrations will remind us of the many benefits that can flow when people come together for a common purpose, as families, friends, or neighbours. And I pay tribute to the commitment, selfless devotion and generosity-of-spirit shown by the hundreds of charities and voluntary organisations represented here today. You are an example to us all.
    “I much appreciate the kindness of all your birthday wishes, and have been delighted and moved by the many cards and messages I have received. How I will feel if people are still singing “Happy Birthday” to me in December, remains to be seen!”


Here is a video of the Queen’s speech:

Prince William also gave a speech, saying in part:

    “My family has had plenty of reason to celebrate since The Queen turned 90 in April: The Queen’s strong health and relentless energy; her sharp wit and famous sense of humour; and the fact that The Queen remains very much at the helm of our family, our nation and the Commonwealth.
    “The Queen at 90 is the one Head of State that world leaders can turn to for a first-hand perspective of the arc of history over the last six decades. At 90, The Queen is the leader of our country, who we all look up to in good times and in challenging moments to set an example, and to guide the way ahead.
    “But the reason we are here today is to celebrate a role that matters just as much to The Queen as the one that she holds on the world stage. We are here to celebrate The Queen as Patron. Her commitment to the more than 600 charities to which she lends her name and support is unwavering.
    “From national military and sporting bodies, to small local associations, to charities that champion children, faith, education and arts, The Queen’s pride in her role as your Patron is absolute. Through The Queen’s association with you, she is not just shining a spotlight on the individual causes you care about; she is reminding us all that being active and engaged in society has virtue in its own right. Service to those around you is what unites you all.
    “So on behalf of my entire family, can I say thank you. You have been partners in The Queen’s service for so many years. Before I finish, I hope you won’t mind if I say a personal thank you to The Queen – and to do so on behalf of all her grandchildren – and great-grandchildren. Granny, thank you for everything you have done for your family. We could not wish you a happier birthday.”


Kate meeting crowds The Patron's Lunch
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

In the afternoon, the royals arrived and did a walkabout with the crowd.

William arrived just as the rain stopped, and told a member of the crowd: “We are magnets for the sunshine! We were looking out at the rain earlier and really felt for you guys. I hope you have been having a good day despite the weather.”

Kate Middleton was asked about how much Prince George had enjoyed Trooping the Color, and Kate said: “I’ve honestly never seen him so excited, he was absolutely thrilled and his little face lit up.”

Kate wore a new dress from Roksanda Ilincic – the “Blue Marwood Color-block Wool-crepe Dress” (was £980, currently £490) – with her Mappin and Webb “Empress” necklace and earrings. She wore her LK Bennett “Fern” pumps and carried her “Nina” clutch. Eh.

Prince Harry joked about the bright neon green outfit the Queen wore for Trooping the Color. Ann Gimson, from Bromley, Kent, said: “He said ‘Neon at 90, should we encourage more?’.”

Harry also danced a bit:

Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie arrived on foot to mingle with the crowd. Bea and Eugenie took many photos with the crowd. Eugenie wore a dress from Whistles, and Beatrice wore a skirt from Saloni.

It was Lady Louise Windsor‘s very first solo walkabout, though she was accompanied by a member of her parent’s staff.

Edward and Louise meeting crowds The Patron's Lunch
[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex were nearby, and took photos with the crowd.

Sophie meeting crowds The Patron's Lunch
[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

Prince Albert of Monaco was also in attendance (before heading back to Monaco for an event which I’ll cover later this week) and said: “I’m having a great time. It’s wonderful to be here to celebrate with friends from Monaco and from the UK. It’s very relaxed and the rain hasn’t hampered the spirits here at all.”

[All quotes from Mirror]

Andrew took a family photo at the end of the event. Kate really does stand out in her blue.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall were not at The Patron’s Lunch on The Mall, they were in Gloucestershire for a street party which was put on by The Big Lunch, of which Camilla is Patron.

Charles and Camilla at Big Lunch
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

Charles and Camilla joined more than 100 residents from three local villages surrounding Brimpsfield to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. There was apple bobbing, face painting, and a royal-themed costume competition for the children.

Camilla presents cake at Big Lunch
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

I’ll leave you with some more photos from the event.

Kate curtsying.

William, Kate, and Harry got to ride in an open-top car on the way back as well.

99 thoughts on “British royals attend The Patron’s Lunch

  1. Glad to hear that you and your friends are safe KMR. Thoughts and prayers to everyone who was touched by this tragedy.

    On the royal front, I think I would’ve preferred to hang out with Charles and Camilla. They looked like they had a good time talking to everyone.

    HM is really going for the bright colors this past week. I absolutely love it! Louise on her first walkabout!!! And while someone was close by they weren’t hovering like Rebecca tends to do around Kate. I love that James had his own thing to attend. I was actually surprised to see them do so many selfies. I wonder if there was a discussion about it beforehand.

    Loved Eugenie’s dress and Bea looked very nice too. I hope they release a copy of the photo Andrew took. The only thing I don’t particularly care for is Kate being plastered right in the middle in her bright dress. Ah well, that’s just the way it will be.

    And finally, I love the closing photos of Harry. I wouldn’t even complain if they were included in reports about the other royal families… 🙂

    1. It’s very weird to me that this type of senseless tragedy happened in a city that I’ve visited many, many times and where I have friends.

      It is very odd to see the royals take selfies with people like they are celebrities at a movie premiere, but I guess I can understand why the public would want a photo with a royal – I would, not going to lie.

      I really do hope the release that photo Andrew took.

  2. HM and fuschia just fabulous!

    Kate’s color blocking, striping and colors don’t work for me. The peach is so fugly. I’m not body shaming her, but this dress would have looked better on someone with a curvier body shape. Those trite nude shoes…throw em out already. Just another ho-hum ensemble overall.

    1. +1
      I hated this dress as soon as I saw it. It works better on the model. Sorry Kate, odd placement of the peach band and just unflattering on your body type.

    2. Lol, as someone with a curvy figure, hell no to a giant block of color dissecting my midsection.

      1. Me too. I have had six children and would look like Tweedledee; a little roly-poly ball with boobs. This dress reminds me of the old Space 1999 uniforms that Barbara Bain and Martin Landau used to wear. Ugh…as in UGLY.

        1. Ha ha, you’re right. We must be pretty old to remember that tv series, I for one. You had six children LoriB? What a blessing to have a big family! I hope they all enjoy good health and you’re a proud mother.

  3. I like the dress, and I do think the family is enjoying this week’s activities. Too bad about the rain.

    1. I don’t know anyone who was affected, but I know people who know people who were. Not to talk religion or politics, but those people were completely innocent and it’s just so stupid that that level of hatred exists in the world.

      1. This non sense tragedy is terrible. My thoughts are with the with all that are suffering with this terror.

  4. Kate’s been plastered front and centre in her looker me clothes during all the Queen’s birthday celebrations.

      1. Yes, her vanity is disgusting, and her PR want to sell her as “just one of us”, a normal and simple woman/housewife. Pathetic.

  5. Kate’s dress just leaves me kind of Bleh despite the color. It’s not flattering and makes her look dreary, boring, and older than her years. I also think leaving her hair down really ages her.

    Bea and Eug looked fantastic! HM is so cute I just love her so much :’) And Camilla’s shirt dress was so classic and relaxed! I adore her and Charles together, she really seems to relax him which is really nice.

    Peter did a great job with this event, it seemed like everyone really enjoyed themselves including the royals and I felt like William actually seemed a little softer at this event and less pompous.

    Andrew taking the family photo just made me smile. I’m not usually a fan of his, but it was such a dorky family moment–all they needed was matching t-shirts and they’d be set LOL

    1. The press also didn’t photoshop her for this event like they did for the other events this weekend and today’s. It makes a big difference when she isn’t photoshop. That could also be why she looks more aged in these photos 🙁

      1. That is very true, Overit. I didn’t consider that at all. It’s odd that they didn’t photoshop their precious Kate for this event like the others.

      1. The dress? I really disliked it. In the first photo, I thought the peach waistband made it appear as if that was her flesh and she had donned a sexy top and straight skirt. Then, I realized, oh, that is the color of the waist. Why the stripes had to add that color to the skirt is beyond me. Why the stripes had to be there at all was also beyond me.

        I loved Lady Louise greeting people. She is darling and how poised she looked. Her parents must be thrilled.

        Harry is amazing. His comment concerning the Queen wearing Neon at 90 was wonderful.

        Agree, no photo shopping of Kate’s face here.

        Loved what HM said and how she looked. She is amazing.

  6. Kate’s dress is okay. I think it looked better on the model. The problem is the peach horizontal bit is supposed to be lower down. The top of the peach is supposed to start at the natural waist line, and the bottom of the peach is supposed to hit more mid-hip. On Kate, the peach starts above her natural waist so it falls a bit funny. I don’t know if the dress naturally draped that way on Kate or if she had the peach raised since she likes to change the natural waist on dresses to hide her long torso. I am guessing she changed it since she also had a full length zipper put on the back of the dress instead of the natural half zipper it came with. I think the dress is nice, but doesn’t work on her with the changes. I am happy she didn’t wear a floaty skirt that could have blown in the wind.

    Good on Eugenie again! She has looked great this whole weekend.

  7. Loved the Queen in pink. Kate’s dress is boring, as usual. Eugenie is on a roll this weekend, all her outfits were great.

    I had the impression Charles and Camilla were kind of left aside in the celebrations, while WK seemed to be more the center of attention. Maybe it’s because we’re not used to seeing them much? I found it so odd that they stood next to the Queen on the balcony. And then parading in the car… I don’t know, Charles should’ve been there imo.

    1. I also missed Charles!
      It was also quite strange that Harry stood between William and Kate on stage, right? I wonder why he was placed there.

    2. C&C have been shoved aside all weekend. Really quite strange.

      I’d much rather hang out with C&C than W&K. They sound like a lot of fun and Charles always has interesting commentary and I enjoy his and Camilla’s sense of fun and humor.

    3. It’s very odd to me that William and Kate were seemingly pushed front and center this weekend more than Charles and Camilla.

      1. I think this is only PR. The Cambridges were receiving bad press and criticism and this was a chance to make their image better.

      2. I agree with Jamel. The RF is trying to combat the Cambridge’s bad press by associating them with the Queen, who is the most popular royal and known for her devotion to duty. It will probably work on the average citizen who isn’t paying much attention.

        And condolences to those in and around Orlando. I live on the other side of the state, and I know we expect the weird in Florida, but the hate, the fear, and the sadness are too much.

  8. So glad you’re safe. My world is pretty rocked right now.

    I actually liked Kate’s dress but not necessarily on her body. And she is so very bright. But I loved the other royals, especially Eugenie, and Louise with her walkabout debut. There are some adorable pics of her on hrhcountessofwessex.

  9. I did t care for the color blocking on Kate’s dress… Better on someone curvier I think. Good on Lady Louise for her first solo walkabout! I bet she does better than Kate for sure on those things. I wonder why Kate wears that empress necklace and earring set so much. I don’t find them attractive and I wonder if she fancies herself an Empress for real. Ugh. I bet she does. I wish she would wear the gift she got from the Queen of Bhutan, that was a nice necklace. I bet it will never see the light of day again until she is back in Bhutan or in the company of a Bhutanese Royal. :-/

    1. as I mentioned above, no to a giant block of color on a curvy girl’s midsection. I think that would be very unflattering.

      According to Anna at the Countess of Wessex blog, the response from people who met Louise was very positive and that she did a great job.

  10. Uh Oh, it looks like Sophie copied Kate in the shoulders and clutching. I really hope it is a bad photo.

    I hated Wills speech, it was awful. QE2’s was awesome. I loved her joke.

    I am becoming a huge Eugenie fan….

    1. What irked me about William’s speech was that it came across as being very insincere.
      Yes, he is the heir to the heir and was the most senior royal present but if I were one of his minders, I wouldn’t have even let him think of going anywhere near a microphone.
      You cannot have him, or anyone for that matter, praise the virtues in others or talk about how great being an active and engaged person in society is, when he himself displays little positive attributes and is actively avoiding his role in society.
      To me, that speech, however poorly written, just drew attention to his shortcomings – shortcomings that were being overlooked on such an occasion. I couldn’t help but wonder if William would ever start to practice what he preaches!
      Politicians are called out for their hypocrisy all the time and rightly so but I guess royals, or mostly William and Kate, get multiple free passes.

      1. Anytime William praises the Queen I also side eye it. He’s always praising the virtues that he himself chooses not to have and live up to.

  11. I love the pcture of the Queen walking to give her speech. She looks so little. Small but mighty I’m sure!

    I think hair up on a rainy day, but Kate looked pretty in my opinion.

    Love Harry’s dance. He is the the Royal I would most like to visit me in a walkabout. Then maybe prince Phillip!

  12. Boob darts! My eyes went straight to those boob darts. Poor tailoring? Poor design? The dress is meh, plain with plain accessories. But she just had to get front and center in the group photo didn’t she. Just like on the balcony the other day. I’m surprised the other women in the family don’t pull rank and tell her she belongs on the side. She shouldn’t have been in the middle, it was a picture of the Queen’s family. She isn’t blood, she only married into it. Stand to the side.

    While I’m happy to see B&E and L&J out and about, they are not part of PC’s plan for a slimmed down monarchy, right? It seems strange to make them part of this if they have no future as working royals.

    1. It seems so sad to just give them the boot. There is no way that family isn’t full of resentment and anger towards each other.

      1. I don’t understand how Charles thinks all of Sophie’s patronages are going to be covered, let alone all of QEII’s, when he drops everyone else.

        1. Somehow I wish when and if Charles drops the others, all of their workload will be on Kate and Wills. I am being a meanie here and I am not even the slightest bit guilty for wishing it on the two nitwits. It’ll be fun to watch Charles trolling them.

          Imagine the look on Kate’s face when she finds out she has to take over Sophie’s duties and part of Her Majesty’s. She might even go the lengths of seeking IVF treatments to get pregnant all year round in order to continue using the HG lie as an excuse to hide away until her mid 50s.

        2. My understanding (no idea where I got this from) is that the sovereign and all the sovereign’s children and spouses will work, but none of the grandkids except the kids of POW. So Sophie and Anne will work, but their kids won’t. Harry and his spouse will work, but their kids won’t. Charlotte will work, but her kids won’t. I could be making this up.

    2. Beatrice, Eugenie, Louise, and James are the Queen’s grandchildren, and since this was a celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday, I think it’s very appropriate that they were included in this weekend’s festivities.

    3. I think the plan is to seriously downsize the number of charities to just a few. Of course, that runs the risk of royalty not being seen too much and with that comes the question of why the public should pay for upkeep. I wonder if Harry’s recent plan to take on projects signals the way they wish to proceed?

      Personally, I think it is a good idea to limit the royal duties to the immediate family. So many of the royal family have difficulty integrating themselves into the real world because they have lived a rarefied existence and are somewhat in limbo. Their abilities are rarely tested or developed, their desires cannot be met simply because of birth and ‘position’. It is living life in a gilded cage and I cannot think that is healthy.

  13. The first view I saw of Kate’s dress was just a front view. I actually liked it which is amazing considering I think most of her stuff looks awful. Then I saw the stripe on the side and assuming that there was another one on the other side, I thought it was starting to look like sweat pants. When I realized there was only one stripe, I thought it looked silly. When the dress was identified and the original posted, I have to say the orange looks better than the peach and the larger orange color block also looks better. What totally killed the dress for me was seeing the back of both dresses. An exposed zipper is a cheap way of avoiding putting a zipper in properly. Using a zipper like the one on my winter parka on a day dress is just tacky. Kate’s version with the zipper running the entire length of the back is hideous. Once again, Kate has taken a designer dress and changed it to the point that if you put it up against the worst Walmart has to offer, Walmart would come out on top. This is an amazing talent that she has – possibly her only one. Unless you count taking expensive usually overpriced jewelry and making it look like a prize from a box of Cracker Jack.

    I thought the Queen and Lady Louise were the best dressed of the weekend. I wish Beatrice would stop with the horizontal striped skirts. As with Mathilde and Maxima, they don’t do her any favors. They all have nice figures, but those stripes make their hips look as big as the side of a barn.

  14. What is on Kates nose? Maybe it’s a shadow effect. Ok her dress would look better on someone with an actual figure. From the front I didn’t mind it but from the side it went ugly early..
    KMR I’m so glad that you’re safe. I’ve been praying for the victims and their families

  15. I’ll say that I loved Kate’s outfit especially he hat and the flower from Trooping the Colour. It was unexpected of Kate to wear something that bold and that’s why I loved it. This dress, while pretty enough, is ordinary and cheap looking. It’s the same old Kate look with no jewellery game. And I agree with the other posters that this dress would suit a curvier woman. Would look incredible in fact on a woman with a beautiful figure.

    I just find it appalling that the Charity staff who attended this giant street party had to PAY to attend! Isn’t the whole point of a birthday party is that you invite people and maybe even treat them to something, esp if it’s such a historic and landmark birthday?! They didn’t even have tents set up for the guests in the event of rain in rainy London?!? How cheap and greedy and poor planning on Peter Philip’s part, who was mysteriously ‘awarded’ the contract for organizing this bash! Frankly, I do not admire HM like many people here (I respect your opinion) because I think she is a miserly and a corrupt woman with a rotten and corrupt family overall. What is QEII’s legacy and great works from her life? The most notable things about her is that she lived a long life, is one of the wealthiest property owners in the world (thanks to The horror of British colonialism) and once had Diana for a daughter in law.

    I think Kate and her laziness is just part of the larger problem but Kate is certainly not the biggest problem here. I actually hope that Canada drops the British monarch as Head of State after QEII dies.

    1. I didn’t know this was a party by Peter! So people paid to attend, and got nothing other than a walk-about? Where did the admission money go? That makes me sad. He turned his grandmother’s birthday into an opportunity for grift? If Charles does slim down the monarchy, I hope it ends nepotism like this.

      1. As far as I understand, Peter’s association has received some criticism because his company was paid a fee. Imho, he shouldn’t have been involved in the first place. £150 for a ticket was way to much. The picnic basket from M&S was overpriced, to say the least. Had the weather been better, it would have been more agreeable for all the people who payed all this money, especially the charities.

        Having said that, one has to admire the British spirit of doing things and enjoying the closest thing they have to a national day, even under the rain.

      2. According to Peter, the cost of the tickets was to cover the cost of organizing the event. They had corporate sponsors but that wasn’t enough to cover the cost of everything, so they had to charge ticket prices. That’s where the money is going; it’s not a grift, it’s to pay for the event.

    2. If it wasn’t Peter and the company he works for, it would have been someone else at a different company.

      1. I felt a bit for Peter with this. He was trying to do a good thing and he wasn’t getting anything out of it and he kept on being criticised for it. I did read that he had actually stepped down from his position but I am not sure if that it is true or not?

        Maybe someone can advise if they know more?

        1. I saw a picture of him early on the day, busy with preparing the site. He looked a bit stressed but hands on with everything. I can’t blame him for his efforts and the job he did however imho, it shouldn’t have been his company involved, for ethics reasons. If he wanted to be involved personally, he should have worked for free.

        2. Peter did step aside a while ago when the kerfuffle erupted about the cost of of the hampers etc. I agree with Ellie that it smacks of nepotism for Peter’s company to win the contract, but if they went ahead, his fee should have been waived or donated to charity. It is important to set and maintain standards of propriety. I don’t believe the BRF does that but they should if they purport to lead a nation.

  16. The way all the royal family members interacted with the people was adorable, but watching the pictures and video in the daily mail I had one comment , poor Rebecca

    1. That stripe really cheapens the dress because it does remind me very much of sweat pants.

    2. I too liked the dress. It reminded me of the sixties. Until I saw that single stripe: it’s totally out of place.

  17. I’ve thought about my comment carefully and I know some will shoot me down.
    Kate is wasting away she is far too thin. This dress, specially tailored for her, was probably altered several weeks ago. Yet it is falling off her around the hips.
    A sugar site has this weekend banned all mention of Kate’s weight.
    I believe Jason et al read these sites, so Jason please get thislady some help. This kind of continued weight loss cannot be good for her, especially as a young woman wanting to expand her family. Mrs Simpson got it wrong , you can be too thin.
    I’m not a fan of Kate but I think she puts so much pressure on herself to be perfect that she cannot cope hence her lack of work

    1. Why shoot you down, Birdy? I think most of us here agree that Kate is too thin. Now, I would prefer us not to comment on a woman’s body & weight but when we do comment on Kate’s fashion, we can’t help but notice that nothing fits her properly. She’s way too thin and shows even in special made clothes. I have said it before, I don’t think she can wear anything but bespoke outfits. She has to alter everything she wears, one way or another, and even then they don’t fit either.
      Some of us have even thought of an eating disorder and is also so strange since Kate is supposedly fit and into healthy foods. Didn’t Kate mentioned before her wedding or the early years, I’m not sure, that sliming down was part of the plan? How sad this is.

    2. I support you, Birdy. It is alarming. In my humble opinion, I also blame Will. He knew what that did to his mum. But on the other hand he seems to be the type to tell her she’s gained weight.

      1. I am also worried about her. I do think that she needs help. We do not want to see history repeating itself. If Jason does read these pages, I do hope that he does get her some help.

    3. You are right Birdy; Kate is very thin. I’m not sure why thinness equals perfection and why society at large buys into this myth. Kate seems to be committed to exercise (as opposed to sport) to a level that is unhealthy. She needs some help.

  18. Sorry to say it but I’m underwhelmed, again.

    Kate was sold to us as the girl next door, the girl who lives next door to me is way prettier!

    Boring dress, boring hairdo = would be able to get lost in a crowd very easily.

    1. I agree witb you!!!
      in the streets there are thousands much prettier girls.
      And her dress is hideous. That pink band on the waist is terrible

  19. I love : Eugenie, Beatrice, Sophie and Louise style here.
    I hate her dress : the colors, like some other people said : this dress is better with person with more curves (not offense).

    Maybe it is just me but her hairs seem dry and damaging here (but good yesterday for the Garter) : for one time, they don’t moke people with the traditionnal costume.

  20. Love that ypu included Charles and Camilla in this post. I find it a bit weird that they weren’t in London celebrating with the Queen but everyone in Gloucestershire seemed to have such a wonderful time and think it’s great that they did smt at other places too!

    And Idk, I actually kinda like Kate’s dress but often it seems like she can’t make the clothes work. It just looks boring and you never see /her/.
    Queen Maxima also wears some clothes I wouldn’t wear but she makes them work and it’s still her personality in focus and her work.

    But what actually bothers me is Williams speech or his words in general. One point is that it wasn’t a great one overall but I find it worse that he praises the Queen for her work all the time and mentions her as such an inspiration but yet, he mostly hides in North and doesn’t do anything to support her. He is also not willing to learn, to try, to engage with people and help. We often get the argument that he has a normal job but that just seems to be an excuse. A lot of people volunteer beside a 40h job, family and a household to run. He could easily be in London one or two days a week and do something. Same for Kate! They just don’t seem to be interested to learn from others… it’s just sad.

    1. Yeah, I think it would have made a lot more sense to have Charles and Camilla celebrate in London with the Queen while other royals attended festivities around the country, perhaps even in their respective duchies, counties etc.

      1. That sounds like a lovely idea, Em!
        I get that then idea was to celebrate the Queen so the family is with her in London but so it seems weird that only Charles and Camilla celebrating elsewhere. Beside one could have celebrated the Queen, like you said, all over country. Also with smaller festivities. She also is patron to charities all over the country

      2. I think Charles and Camilla should have been in London too, after all Charles will be the next King – not William.

        And sharing out the other Royals would have been a lovely idea too.

  21. God save the Queen!

    I loved Eugenie. Too bad she’s not a working royal. She would be an asset. I’m not going to comment on Kate because it will make me angry. Let’s just say that it’s a no for me.

    Mr. Rhiannon looked peeved. It’s sad to see him when he’s with them. It’s as if they stifle his spirit. He lights up on his own.

    All I can close with is thank you to KMR. You’ve created a wonderful community where all are welcome. The world can use the things we do here: love, support, compassion, and the willingness to listen.

    1. Mr Rhiannon needs a Mrs Rhiannon – no doubt about that. He looks lonely when he is with the family because they are all couples, and Andrew has his daughters with him for support. He is clearly such a kind, thoughtful man albeit with a naughty side, I cannot understand why he cannot find the right person.

      1. My guess is that he dates within the same circles. I think he could find a match in his work with vets or Sentabale. He just needs to broaden his horizon.

      2. I agree, however I don’t like the pressure put especially by the media on him, to find a partner. In a way, the same thing happened and even more so, with William.
        Harry has to be left alone to find a partner he deserves, maybe a dynamic American whose name starts with ‘R’, maybe a European or British aristocrat, either way someone who loves but also someone with a proven work ethic and drive to make a difference.

  22. I find that blue dress so tacky. Is it only me??
    The back zip is terrible, the band on the waist is even worse and also it is big for her

  23. Very short points from me……

    Harry can’t half work a crowd. The ladies in the crowd weren’t far off throwing their knickers at him like a pop concert from the old days.
    Well done tp Peter Phillips for a lovely afternoon.
    Lady Louise did so well.

    1. Haha! Oh Mrs BBV, do tell us more about Harry’s ability to work a crowd! Were you in the crowd? Do you have firsthand experience?

      1. I wasn’t in the crowd but I saw some footage and heard accounts of him dancing, giving out hugs and kisses on request and doing selfies. Just generally being all lovely and Harry like whilst the Lamebridges moved along the crowd with proverbial sticks up their arses by comparison. Xx

  24. I am sick of Harry being made to be part of the photos with W and K. He needs a woman of his own. He is not a third wheel. He is numero one to us all. Rhiannon, he needs your grace, charm, beauty and connection to others. Soon!

    Good luck at the doctor’s. I hope he helps you and that you are truly feeling better soon.

    1. Even without a woman by his side there is no need to make him the 3rd wheel all the time! Of course sometimes it makes sense doing engagements together but he is so much better alone! And he for sure doesn’t need WK for a better public image

    2. Thanks Jenny – yes, please let us know how that doctor’s appointment went Rhiannnon!

      And Jenny, while I’m being nosy… how is Miss Madde? Is she getting ready for summer? I love seeing little ones at their first trip to the beach, first dip in the sea and of course playing in the sand!

      I hope your project with Mary Elizabeth is going well too? (hi Mary Elizabeth!)

  25. Prince Charles and Camilla at the street party. So engaged with those with whom they sat! That was lovely. They seemed to make everyone feel so comfortable.

    The photos of Harry were wonderful. He is so appealing! So very handsome and charismatic.
    In the group photo of everyone waving to HM and Phillip as they drove away, whose is behind Harry with her hand on his shoulder. So sweet! Also, was William bowing his head toward HM? If so, I was happy to see that, as he often is so lax in his respect.

    I really did not like Kate’s dress. I found it truly unattractive. The one racing stripe down the side? What was that all about?

    When Harry is forced into those threesome shots with William and Kate, it makes me feel sad. He needs his own love interest. I hate seeing him as the “extra.” He puts the Cambridges to shame!

    1. I think it was good to have Charles & Camilla celebrating with people outside London. It wasn’t only the capital celebrating so this acknowledgement was spot on from them. They seem to have had a better day than the soaked people in The Mall!

      I loved that selfie of the family by Andrew. Yes, it looks like William is bowing and Kate is her usual self, but for the rest of the family, I just love the informality they have. The lady behind Harry might be Autumn? Oh and Louise has a pretty pink bag! And am I right that I see Lady Sarah Chatto at the back?

      Imho, Kate should have left her clutch home and just interact with the people, for once without her safety crotch clutching.

      Harry, what a charmer he is but I kind of refuse to think that he’s miserable being single. I’d like to see him settled and happy as all of us do, but he’s also very much his own man, and in his own way, he has shown us the difference between him and his brother.

      1. I don’t think he is miserable either and thankfully he found his own causes and charities to work with so he is not the 3rd wheel all the time.

        Beside that there is nothing wrong with being single. Even if he would be single for the rest of his life, it would be okay as long as he is happy. (Though he said he is looking forward to have a family so hope he finds the right person)

  26. To me, William’s comment sounded like he always sounds, like a spoiled rich man whose attempts to connect with the plebs fall flat. “We were looking out at the rain earlier and really felt for you guys.” That sounds like, “We were standing in our cozy palace and felt really bad for you average people standing out here in the rain waiting for a glimpse of us. Sucks to be you.” Maybe my negative opinion of him is coloring my interpretation of his remark. But he could have expressed it better. If he were a more positive person or making an attempt to be a more positive person, he could have said, “We really appreciate you braving the rain for this. It’s lovely of you to come and celebrate the Queen with us.”

    1. I too felt his comment about the rain sounded rather inappropriate and out of touch with the people. Almost bragging, he has no idea. I think he was trying to be funny but instead managed to patronize the plebs…

  27. ClaireB and Cat, I agree with you both. William nearly always comes across like this. Patronizing and boring. The times he seems nicer are the few times we see him interacting with his children. Now, if he’d only stop those “jokes” when he talks about George and says some warm things about the children.

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