Kate Middleton stuns in red at Order of the Garter 2016

Kate Middleton stuns in red at Order of the Garter 2016

There isn’t much to talk about with Order of the Garter except history and who attended – especially this year since the parade got rained out – so I’m going in with fashion first since I was so darn excited when I saw photos from this event. I put it right there in the title: Kate Middleton stunned in red at the Order of the Garter ceremony yesterday, June 13.

I think Kate looks stunning here, to the point that I think this is the best that Kate has looked in literally years.

This outfit is full of repeats: A bespoke red Catherine Walker coat and dress from the Canada tour in 2011; a bespoke red Lock & Company hat from the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla in 2012; bespoke Robinson Pelham diamond acorn earrings from the royal wedding in 2011; diamond bracelet thought to be a gift from Charles first seen in 2011; Mappin and Webb “Empress” necklace first seen in 2014; red Alexander McQueen clutch from 2012.

All of these repeated items were put together with one new item – red suede Gianvito Rossi pumps ($670.00) – to create a fantastic outfit that looks better than the first time she wore all of these pieces.

See, Kate, you can still look great, you have that potential, so just do this more.

Kate wearing the coat and dress in 2011 on the left, and in 2016 on the right.

The hat in 2012 on the left, and in 2016 on the right.

The Order of the Garter was founded in 1348 by King Edward III and has the motto “Honi soit qui mal y pense” (“Shame on him who thinks this evil”). The patron saint of the Order is St. George (patron saint of England) and the spiritual home of the Order is St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Every knight is required to display a banner of his/her arms in the Chapel, together with a helmet, crest, and sword, and an enameled stallplate. These are taken down on the knight’s death, but the stallplates remain as a memorial, and these now form one of the finest collections of heraldry in the world.

The Order of the Garter is the highest order of chivalry in the United Kingdom, and one of the oldest orders of chivalry in Europe. The Order includes the Sovereign, several members of the royal family, and twenty-four knights (23 currently as there is one vacancy). Knights of the Garter are chosen personally by the Sovereign. There are also “Stranger Knights” which are foreign royals. The Royal Knights and Stranger Knights are not included in the list of 24 Knights.

Each June, the annual Garter Day procession takes place at Windsor Castle where the Queen and the Knights – in their velvet robes, insignia, and plumed hats – parade on foot from the Castle to the Chapel for the Garter service. This year, because of the rain, there was no procession and everyone traveled by car to the Chapel.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrived together, and Prince Charles and Prince William arrived together.

In the background of this photo of William and Kate, you can kind of see Prince Andrew and Princess Anne, who are both standing behind Kate.

You can kind of see Prince Edward in the background of this photo behind Camilla’s hat.

The Wives of Windsor are no longer coordinating, does that make you sad? It kind of makes me sad.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wore a very familiar outfit: the champagne gold silk dress and champagne and green embroidered coat by Anna Valentine and a hat by Philip Treacy that she wore to William and Kate’s wedding in 2011.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex repeated her Alexander McQueen “Pink Floral Ruffle Dress” she wore to the Chelsea Flower Show and wore a new black hat by Jane Taylor.

I’m telling you, those red shoes really make this outfit for me.

Kate and Camilla Order of the Garter 2016
[Cpl Lee Matthews/MOD Crown Copyright 2016]


It must be really odd getting in and out of those cars in heels.

BTW, today, June 14, William and Kate will travel to Northern Ireland to attend the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland’s Garden Party. The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has hosted this event annually since 1984 and every year a royal guest of honor attends. Last year it was Edward and Sophie, and the year before it was HM and Philip. This is the first year William and Kate will attend.

152 thoughts on “Kate Middleton stuns in red at Order of the Garter 2016

  1. I like the red on her a lot but I find all this way too much red. The clutch and shoes in a different color would have been nice, making it a home run. She even looks like she has light in her eyes. I do love the shoes, that bright red is really a great color, but man, it’s just so… same-same-same. At least they’re all in the same red color family, right?

    Maybe something is going on considering William and Camilla are on the Privy Council now.

    Sophie looks divine as she almost always does. Camilla looks lovely and dignified.

    1. I thought someone would say that, and I almost wrote something about it in my post but chose not to. I don’t think it’s too much red; I think it’s a home run as is.

      1. I do love the coat though. If I wore coat dresses I’d totally be wearing that style all the time. It gives us rectangle gals a shape!

    2. Normally i don’t like the full matching of colors that Kate likes to do. But for some reason i think it works this time. Minus the clutch, which just blends in with the whole outfit-seriously, Kate, just leave the clutch at home.

      1. I think it’s because she got rid of the bland shoes, they did nothing for this outfit first time around, they blend into her legs somehow. Love the red shoes…

    3. No no don’t jinx it lol! Had she worn shoes and clutch in a different colour, Kate would have brought her nude heels and beige clutch for sure! So glad that she did not! I love this look on her. Even though the shoes are a different shade of red, those are some divine looking heels!

    4. I agree. The red shoes were nice, but again, plain suede pumps. I wish she would mix up her shoe game a bit more! Overall though, this red is a lovely color on her.

  2. Has she ever worn red heels before?? I’m thinking she has but am struggling to remember when, if so. Canada, perhaps?

    I almost forgot she could look this good.

    1. She’s worn one pair of red heels that I can remember, and that was in Canada in 2011.

  3. KMR, what do you think put this look over the top for you? Can I try to guess your criteria?
    1. Colorful shoes (not nude!)
    2. A very nice updo
    3. Jewelry that coordinates well and is bling, not bland, without being over the top
    4. Coatdress fits nicely and is suited for her body shape and proportions
    5. The clutch is at least interesting and not one we’ve seen a million times. (I would like to see a bag with a strap someday — to free her hands for collecting all those posies and shaking hands)

    How did I do?

    1. You pretty much nailed it. Yep, that’s why I like this look so much.

    2. Ditto. The clutch isn’t a favorite, but that is a minor detail. The shoes really made an impact compared to the nude.

      I love Sophie, but she needs to hide this dress in the back of her giant wardrobe.

      I just want to say a big thank you to our French friends. I saw on CNN the Eiffel Tower was in red, white and blue for Orlando last night. What a beautiful gesture.

      1. I agree, G. I typically love what Sophie wears, but I’m not a fan of the pattern or cut of this dress. Add that to the fact that I’m sure it was exorbitantly expense.

      2. I didn’t read that but thanks for sharing, and please allow me to say thank you to our awesome French friends as well. A heart breaking senseless tragedy but it brings out the best in the good people, which is a blow against evil.

    3. You got it. She even accessorized appropriately, with her earrings and necklace in proportion. She looks really good here. The shoes really do it. If she had worn those horrible nude shoes I would have liked this a lot less.

  4. I also think she looks stunning here. The coat itself is meh, but combined with all those wonderful details it makes her look regal AND stylish. I think it’s the shoes that stand out most, she finally was brave enough to wear shoes that are not nude, black or navy. And I have to say that I find her smile more natural these days, she seems more at ease.

    1. I, too, think it’s the shoes that make the outfit. I kept trying to imagine nude shoes with the rest of the outfit and I really think it would have changed it to make it more blah.

      1. You don’t have to imagine it, she wore nude shoes with the coatdress the first time and nude shoes with the red hat (and red dress) as well. The red heels just stand out. I love a good red heel! Now, if she were to wear these with a white dress or blue dress, then she would blow my mind since that is really out of her comfort zone 🙂

        1. I meant nude shoes with this coat and all the accessories. I actually really loved this coat the first time she wore it with the nude shoes, but this wearing is just so much better to me.

          She actually did wear a white dress with red heels back in 2011, and she looked great.

          When I was thinking about this outfit from Garter Day, I was actually thinking that this look is very 2011/12, in that she looked as good here as she did in 2011/12. I really don’t think she’s looked this good since then.

          1. I actually liked the nude heels the first time as well. I am just sick of her nude heels all the time now, so red was a great change. It made this outfit more sophisticated to me.

            I remember those red shoes with the white dress. She needs to have more fun like that (although, i did not like those red shoes, they were like an orange-red). Even though these red pumps are her typical style, at least they are a vivid color….baby steps right?

            Today really reminds me of Kate from 2011/12. Honestly, i think her attitude today had a lot to do with her. She appeared more relaxed.

    2. Yay for Kate finally accessorising with an oomph! She does look stunning!
      As said, the coat is just OK, but combined with the shoes and hat, it’s really something. I also like the repeat of her wedding earrings, I don’t think we’ve seen them since. I’m also glad she repeats from her Canada tour, that’s a good thought.
      Although it seems this is a ‘look at me’ outfit, I kind of like the confidence in that. Besides, Camilla is repeating an iconic outfit, the one she wore at W&K’s wedding, which is also a fave of mine. At this event, I don’t think Kate upstages the Queen with her glorious costume or Camilla for that matter. It’s not like pushy Kate in the balcony.

      1. I think the Canada/US trip had many of her best outfits to date. So, I agree that she should keep repeating them! She really glowed on that tour and I hope she is able to her sparkle and happiness back.

  5. Looks like Tash is back at work from her holiday in NY as Kate looks way better than she did last few outings?

    I think she looks great, well presented, but all that red is a bit in your face look at me, look at me look at me for my tastes. She isn’t the star attraction and the reason why they are all there. I would have gone for a more muted tone and shown respect, any other day i would have given her 10 out of 10.

    1. Cathy, it reminds me of the Diamond Jubliee, when they all rode on the boats. It was the first time she wore this red hat. Her Majesty’s people sent out a dress code about the women should wear white or cream. Camilla followed it, but Kate chose not to and wore the red outfit. Yes she looked beautiful, but she was not supposed to be the one who stood out and be the star attraction. She was told what colors to wear, very muted and subdued, but instead chose a color that stands out. Thus making sure everyone noticed her on the boat. Kate didn’t show respect on a day that was all about the Queen, so I am not surprised she doesn’t show it now. She likes to be the center of attention.

      1. It does seem like she likes to be the center of attention. She wears bright colours when on engagements with the rest of the royal family including the queen. She rarely wears bright colours when on her solo engagements.

      2. Cathy, I am with you, totally. It is a woman making a statement, “Look at me.” Any other day, I would have said, she looks stunning. Ok, she still looked stunning, but will she ever stop thinking everything is all about her?

        I do think the red look was amazing and she looked happier than she has looked for a while. On the Daily Mail website last eve, there was a photo of the coat blowing away from her body in the wind and I thought, “Oh, dear God, no.” But, no flashing, so another bit of good news.

        As for it being difficult getting in and out of cars with heels on, the other ladies do it. I still recall photos of Diana in form fitting, but elegant dresses, when she was divorced, getting out of cars with grace and poise. I’m mean, I guess. Let me say that overall, Kate’s look was smashing. But I did think she was calling major attention to herself.

      1. Yes Overit, kathy and rainbow. Kate loooooves to be the center of attention. She knows exactly what she is doing and her purpose. And she was called “britter”. Pathetic.

    2. What?? She wore red. Eugenie wore red to the church service a few days ago didn’t she? And she was gorgeous! Who cares?? It’s so dumb. And Kate wore something muted that day. And the press still focused on her. The reason the press and everyone pays attention to Kate isn’t the color of her dress. She has worn a variety of colors- mute and bright- over the last several days of appearances. I don’t really understand why the press pays attention to her more than other Royals. But they do. And blogs like this show that others do too. I don’t know. I don’t care. The last few days have been brutal to those of us in the LGBT community. Wear whatever the fuck you want!! Seriously.

      1. I agree. Eugenie wore red to the church service on Friday and no one said anything about it being “look at me”.

      2. Dear Zoe
        I’m sorry about what happened in Orlando and applaud the courage of those who survived and those who have told about what happened.

        I do agree with you when you said “I don’t really understand why the press pays attention to her more than other Royals”. I don’t understand that either.

        Yes, you are right to point out that Eugenie wore red to the church service. I think she looked lovely and in that dress she did remind me of photos of The Queen at about the same age, I think she’s inherited The Queen’s body shape.

        As to the difference between Kate wearing red and Eugenie wearing red? It seems to me that, from the photos I’ve seen, Kate was wearing red and placing herself so she was most noticeable where as The Queen should have been centre of attention, Eugenie (IMO) shows respect and stands where she should.

        I’m wishing you the best with getting through the next few days and weeks.

    1. Agreed! She looks nice but her look is the same old, same old – in a nicer colour. She bores me…

    2. She’s only worn these earrings one other time and that was her wedding day. I’m happy to see them out again.

  6. I loved this coatdress the first time she wore it and i still do.

    I like the red heels and it is nice to see something other than blue, black or nude. I said it up above, but will mention it again. I would love to see her wear these heels with a blue dress, flower dress, white dress or really anything other than red. I think they would add such a nice contrast to some of her more boring outfits. She definitely plays it safe.

    To me what made this look is her hair! This is the best up-do from this whole weekend. It is sophisticated yet stylish and youthful. It works so well with the hat as well and red looks great on Kate. I think she looks beautiful and more like the Kate from years ago! I am not sure i would go as far as saying she stunned though.

    1. And she really does seem genuinely happy and relaxed. It is amazing how much better she looks when she is more confident.

      1. Of course Kate looks much better when she is more confident. She is getting all attention she wants. She really thinks she is the “star” of the family. Her smug face at the balcony showed this.

        1. +1 from me as well. I loved her hair but you guys are absolutely spot on with the ‘look at me and where I am and you can’t be because you’re not as important as I’. I rather wondered about the balcony thing, some say that Kate and William shoved their way forward and others say no, it was proper for them to be front and center. I don’t know how to post pictures but there was one where George had the cutest smile.
          Red is a color of power so Kate is for sure sending a message.

  7. The hat looks just like my floor mop.
    Love the shoes but this event was not one for her to stand out from the crowd.
    I like the updo from the front but from the back it looks very odd.

    1. Interesting and fun the different viewpoints here. I thought that the hairdo looked really cool from the back. Seemed like the hair across was holding the bun or whatever in place. Usually her up dos tend to look loose and like they’re going to come apart.

  8. Too much red but I still think she looks lovely. I always love it when she has an updo hair & a smile on her face that reaches her eyes but not the maniacal grin. Still, she looks too thin & getting thinner & her bad posture doesn’t help with her looks.

    1. Yes there is a photo on DM that looks alarming: it’s a side pose of Kate and you can see the bones on her back shoulder sticking out from her red coat dress and her poor posture. She is going to have a massive humpback within he next 10 years if she doesn’t try to correct her posture now. And never mind that these expensive and beautiful outfits never reach the realm of the iconic (for me at least) because of her poor posture.

  9. KMR excellent post. You posted some really good photos..many I had not yet seen. I think Kate was gorgeous..red is such a good color for her. Thank you.

  10. I honestly love Kate’s look here. Too much red? Could be. But I was too happy to see her accessorizing and trying to style this outfit to care. I think what excited me most about this is her wearing her wedding earrings. I’m bored with all the dinky jewelry she has. But my favorite part is the SHOES! I don’t even care that it’s basically the same shoes to her navy and nude suede pumps. I JUST LOVE IT.

  11. Red is not a colour that appeals to me – except as an accent perhaps. And I don’t like swinging coat dreses. But points for hair up and a repeat of the wedding earrings – thought they were destined to be a one time wear and displayed with the Wedding Dress at KP. As for suede shoes – umm – no. Hat ??? Agree with Birdy about the floor mop underones. I get an overall sense of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz

    1. I, too, thought we’d never see these earrings again unless she wore the Halo Tiara again. So it’s a nice surprise to see them.

  12. Great post! I love the red too, and I’m really loving her hair up.

    Did anyone else notice the heels on Sophie’s shoes? They look….odd. And unstable. Thought it might be the angle of the shot, but one looks to be photographed dead sideways. I don’t like them.

  13. All these throw back photos are sure emphasizing (to me anyway) how drastically her teeth have changed since the Royal Weddinf.

    1. I think she looked much better then. Much healthier weight, and the slight imperfections of her nose and teeth made her more interesting to look at, to me. I dislike perfection in looks which is rampant in USA celebrity culture. The Swedish actress who starred in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an example of an interesting natural beauty. She is stunning, but not “perfect.” Princess Diana was another example. Absolutely gorgeous, but not perfect.

    1. Well, KP’s twitter is about William, Kate, and Harry, so it makes sense they wouldn’t focus on Camilla.

  14. Kate does look pretty and confident. She looks awesome in red. She should wear it more often. I just don’t think it was the right event for this. Her shoes! I recoiled. They do not match. At all. This is where I would wear a leopard, or electronic blue, or even a navy shoe. Her hair was okay. Her hairdresser needs to learn how to properly style as it was uneven in the back.

    I love Iearning about this event. It was also nice to see William and Charles together. I would love for them to do engagements together.

    Thanks for the double posts, KMR!

    1. The red shoe was a big No-No for me too. Just way too much red from head to toe. I would have loved to see a printed shoe or some jazzy black/white.

    2. Rhiannon, hope you are doing better. Hated hearing that you were experiencing tingling in your hands and feet besides your stomach issues. Maybe, this is one mean virus. I do hope you get the medical assistance you need.

      Loved what you said. Kate’s look was amazing this time around. But, I also felt that she was calling attention to herself on such an important day. She does that, though. Right?

      Leopard shoes, or electric blue? WOW!

      Kate looked smashing in the red and really was happier than she has looked in a while.

      Sorry the weather did not hold out. Nobody does these special events better than the Brits. Such pomp and majesty. The Queen continues to amaze me!

    3. Leopard would have been okay, but blue would have been too Red, White, and Blue for me since she wore diamond jewelry.

  15. I too am happy to see her in this outfit…red patterned (alligator) shoes would have been fun! I wonder if Eugenie’s red outfits prompted K. to wear red? Just a thought….

  16. Hi everybody, I liked the outfit but there is too much red. I love red and I think that Kate looks good in that colour, but she has the habit to put the outfit and hat at the same colour what sometime it is too much, IMO.

    This is totally off topic but I want to say that I am a fair woman so I want to comment about the picture we saw where William, Kate and Harry are greeting the Queen at St. Paul’s Cathedral. In the picture it seemed that only Harry made the correct bow and that William was rude in his bow, but I saw a gif and a picture of this moment and I can say surely that William made a correct bow, almost as good as Harry’s. But Kate’s curtsy is really bad. Here is the link for the picture of this moment:


    Off topic again but My God, yesterday for the first time I read a forum about Charlotte and I was horrified about what it’s written there. They call George and Charlotte “sprog I” and “sprog II” or Bruiser and Viperette. Terrible. One commenter posted about Carl Philip and Sofia with their baby: “CP and S proudly showing off their baby. It’s almost like Wimpo and Waity are ashamed of the sprogs(aka the people under the stairs) unattractiveness.” And other commenter reply: “We all know why they keep them hidden away.” One comment says about the Charlotte and George at the balcony: “Poor Char. At least George looks like your average little boy. She looks…not like your average little girl, to put it nicely.” Other said: “So I ‘m not the only one to think she’s not a pretty baby. I don’t want to be mean but she does not look real in pictures, like the baby in twilight. And other said about Charlotte: “She’s hardly setting the internet on fire with only 100’s of Twitter users exhaulting her cuteness. This kids arent lookers, that’s for sure…they’re lucky one is blonde and the other is blue-eyed, without this ‘qualities’ no one would give 2 hoots about them” The reason I love this blog is that here there is respect, specially about the children. Everybody is free to think George and Charlotte are cute or not, but everybody should not be cruel about these kids. It remember me what Chelsea Clinton went through as a child, having the media openly mocking her looks. When Charlotte’s Birthday photos were released, I had seen comments elsewhere about “Oh thank goodness, she is cute there. She looked creepy in the photo with all the great grandkids & that must’ve just been a bad photo.” Many people who don’t like William and Kate put this feeling on George and Charlotte, too. I want the kids to be really very happy. I hope they receive all love they deserve from their parents. Only one thing I agree with a comment on that forum: We can see Charlotte the less than George. I think William’s (and Kate) paranoia is bigger with their daughter, IMO. They have definitely been more guarded with Charlotte than George. About Chrlotte’s looks, I think the thing is the media are making her to be this incredibly cute baby and many people don’t think she is. If they were not trying to sell her so hard people probably would not have reacted on her looks. But they are calling for a reaction when they say the internet is in love with her. One commenter said that, seeing Charlotte’s behavior in public, she (the commenter) was not going to be surprised if something is devepmentaly wrong with her (Charlotte). Personally I think Princess Charlotte is not the prettiest baby in the world (nor is George the prettiest boy) but I like her, she can be kinda cute like any other baby and I am happy to hear about her and her brother. The problem is that it bothers many people when she is portrayed as the cutest baby in the world just like when they paint Kate as the most beautiful woman ever with perfect figure. I think Kate is pretty, but no super beauty.

    Anyway I don’t mind, the kids they are innocent children. Charlotte is too young for us to have a clear idea of her personality. I think George is a good child but I never saw him really laughing with his parents or them being playful with him, running after him, tickling him etc…He only ever looks happy and normal with nanny Maria.

    Sorry for the long post. Have a great day, everyone.

    1. Those people are insane. They think George and Charlotte are not W&C’s kids but the result of a surrogate planted by “Viper Ma” Middleton. They have more than a few screws loose there. A lot of those people have been banned on other forums, AFAIK–and for good reason.

    2. We really don’t know Charlotte and barely know George, apart from a few photos here and there. Children change all the time as they grow. It is incredibly unkind to demean them and totally unnecessary to infer that something is amiss with their development. Personally, I’d avoid visiting sites that find comments – such as you quoted – acceptable.

      I agree that the press – in their zeal to pump up sales – makes too big a deal about the children. They are just babies and should be spared snide innuendo.

    3. There is no place for making ugly comments about children. I would never stay at a site that allowed this type of discussion.

      1. It’s been said several times. Babies and little children look one way one day and on another, they look entirely different. Shame on anyone who says a nasty thing about a baby or young one. Special thank you to KMR. I believe there was a negative post recently about the looks of George and Charlotte, according to the commenter. I think it was pulled off the blog.

        My heart goes out to any child brought up in the spotlight. I think George and Charlotte are adorable. What I sadly will recall about the recent appearance on the balcony is the sadness of the little Charlotte teething. She was hurting. And, she is adorable, as far as I am concerned. So is George.

      2. I agree. and to take it a step further, I generally find it rude and unkind to talk about people’s natural looks. i.e. when people call Beatrice and Eugenie ugly or fat. I hate it when people talk meanly about Beatrice’s mouth. I think things that you make choices to do that change your appearance are fair game. Like hair cut, smoking, staying too long in the sun, and of course fashion/make up. But commenting meanly about something one was born with just seems unkind to me. FTR, I think Charlotte and her little bows are adorable, and that Beatrice has really grown into a beautiful young lady.

        1. Agree with everyone. Making nasty remarks about anyone’s appearance is cruel. When doing so about a baby or little child, or any child, it’s just so awful.

          Charlotte is a very darling little girl and George is a little dynamo. He is so very cute.

          I remember one of my friends coming back after seeing her niece for the first time. The baby was only three weeks old. My friend kept saying, “Oh, she’s so ugly. So ugly.” She was beside herself. I really was so upset by her comments and told her so. Fast forward three years and my friend is so enchanted by her beautiful niece, she never stops talking about her! But, it should not matter if that child is beautiful, or not. She is darling in every single way! Physically and other ways, as well.

          Thank you, KMR, for reminding people not to criticize babies and kids.
          Shame on those who think they are fair game for their own nastiness. Thanks to others with common decency, too.

          1. As my boyfriend says: “All babies either look like aliens or have potato heads.” And he means that in the sense that you can’t really tell who a baby resembles. They are constantly changing every day. People who can criticize a baby based on their looks clearly has some anger issues they need to deal with.

    4. Are we really congratulating ourselves on NOT attacking a baby on her looks? Is that really what we’re doing?? How fucked up is that?

      1. We are suggesting that we are right not to attack babies. We are suggesting sites that allow such attacks are terrible. We are not saying hey aren’t we amazing special people , just that we are sane normal people. I don’t see an issue with that.

        1. But seriously- why do we have to congratulate ourselves about that? Why isnt that the norm? Also- I have to say- not personally to you Birdy- but this site is NOT immune to people attacking the kids. I have read and commented on this before. I know I’m being reactive because of how sensitive I am at the moment due to recent events. But maybe this is the reaction I should be having. How messed up is it to attack anyone on their looks?

          1. Well I think I general we do all resist making personal comments about things that cannot be changed and kids. We all have our grumpy days and perhaps overstep the mark occasionally but we tend to be brought back into line and apologies are often made here if one commenter feels they’ve offended another or indeed said something they want to retract. We are all human. I have commented yesterday about Kate’s thinness because to me her people should be concerned and it is something that she can change. I dislike horrid comments about the York girls because these are often targeted at their looks. If people want to moan about their holiday schedule that’s fine!
            I am sorry that you have been so personally affected by the horrors of Orlando, I hope you are ok. It’s a tough and horrible world out there.

          2. Yes, there have been rude comments about Charlotte’s looks, and I said something about it and since then there have not been.

          3. Thanks Birdy and KMR for your responses. I know it’s probably naive but I have a hard time accepting comments about anyone’s looks. I just think it’s mean and unnecessary. I think discussions about the Royals work ethic is interesting and appropriate given their responsibilities . But discussions about teeth, posture, weight, attractiveness …. Really bothers me.

    5. Comments like those about William and Kate and a then-still-in-utero-Prince George are one of the reasons why I started my own blog and got off the forum I was on. I don’t know what forum you’re talking about but the one I used to post on also called the then-unborn-Prince George “sprog”. That was a terrible forum to be on.

        1. To me, it’s not the word that’s the problem, but the obvious venom behind the word that the posters on that forum had. They were using “sprog” in a very demeaning way to insinuate that the child was not legitimate and that Kate wasn’t really pregnant. Basically, one could change “sprog” to “demon spawn” and the tone of the sentence would have been the same. They were very nasty over there.

          1. Thanks don’t know the blogs you refer too and don’t want to. I called my boys the sprog lets when they were little as an affectionate term, so it is all in the context.

          2. Please excuse my ignorance here. And if this is inappropriate feel free to delete this. But what is a sprog? How/Why is it disrespectful?

          3. Rhiannon to me the word sprog is the same as kid….I called my three boys the sproglets. KMR is saying that in the context used on some blog it was extremely offensive. In the UK in general it is pretty common usage.
            The English language is forever interesting.

  17. 99.9% perfect for me. Just didn’t need a clutch in the same colour but I love the Gianvito Rossi suede pumps. So many gorgeous colours to choose from. Just hope that one day she’ll really hit her stride and we’ll see her in some Blahniks, Charlotte Olympia, Sophia Webster or Casaedi. There are so many heavenly shoes out there and so little time.

    As for the forums that belittle the children and refer to them as some medically engineered experiment……I had the misfortune to stumble across one in particular before I landed here. I’ve never read such energy draining, vicious, troll like bilge in my life. I look forward to the day that someone takes legal action against sites like that. It has absolutely nothing to recommend it and speaks volumes about the type of people that post on it. It likes something from a mad world with absolutely no grip on reality.

    One last thing……Kate’s curtseys are week. They are more bob like IMO. She really needs to sort that out because the deeper the curtsey the greater respect it implies. Sophie has the best of BRF but Camilla even given her age does a lovely one too. Diana’s were amazing, especially in a knee length skirt. The grace with which she delivered those and controlled the hemlines was stunning.

      1. MrsBBV, I don’t think Kate has any respect for the queen or anyone else, including herself. I think her curtseys are a way of once again, sending a message. She sure does seem to love it when people curtsey to her which makes me ill. I think that it’s demeaning and degrading for one human being to be so subservient to another. I’m American though so that may play into it. Personally, I bow/curtsey to no one, except for the King of Kings. That’s all I will say since I’m not wanting to incite anyone.

        1. If that’s how you view giving a curtsey then that’s absolutely your perogative. There is no requirement to give them and they mean different things to different people. I’m not saying ‘my queen I’m your serf and inferior’ what I’m trying to say to my queen is I love, respect, support you and all you have done for this nation. She’s the only one I would curtsey too. The rest would get a bob. And when I say the rest I mean the Queens children & partners. I’m not bobbing younger Royals or ones younger than me anyway. Well maybe Harry. ?

          1. I would only curtsey to the queen. No one else would even get a bob. Harry would get a hug and I’d slip him Rhiaanon’s phone number!! I can understand Royals I would never curtsey to a President.

    1. MrsBBV , you took the words out of my mouth , whenever I see Kate curtsey I remember the graceful way Diana used to do it , it was epitome class and elegance .

      1. Hello sweet Alia……Diana visiting Japan and greeting the Emperor & Empress was glorious. High heels, straight knee length skirt and about 12 inches taller than them both and she still managed to get to their eyeline with the grace of a ballerina. The best I can manage I’m afraid is a bob and that was taught to me when I was 10 at boarding school. Somethings never leave you though. My poor Dad learnt a bow about ten minutes before he met Princess Anne and to do it well is not as easy as it looks. Balance is key in all these manoueveures but I would never be presented without dropping a curtsey (no matter how rubbish it was) to my Queen. It’s not about her, it’s about me showing her what she means to me. ??

        1. yes yes , I swear Japan was in my mind when i answered you :))))) I think princess diana was very graceful princess she learned ballet when she was young , and definitely being brought up among royalties help . oh MrsBBV now you remind me of when i was a teenager and used to buy all those magazines when diana was on cover , and again yes I do believe we are all human and equal , but showing respect to others shows that you’re a considerate person who was well brought up

          1. After she died I felt so guilty because from when Lady Diana arrived in the news and became PoW I bought and collected magazines with her pictures and articles. I did school projects about her, had scrapbooks filled with pictures of her. And of course now we know that all these pictures and articles fed a whole industry about her, encouraged the paparazzi and the magazine editors to use her image because of the sales uplift if there was an article about her. But I just idolised her and all these things made me feel closer and I thought helped me understand her more. I never stopped to think of the damage it did. I sound like some mad stalker woman! I can assure you I’m quite sane but she was so uniquely complex and special I think most people felt ‘touched’ by her. Even my first hubby cried when she died and he had no time for her dramas and theatrics. I do so hope Harry manages to sort out a proper memorial for her by 2017. Xx

          2. Please don’t feel guilty , you’re such a sweet person , we were all obsessed with her , I remember when i heard of her death and went to work , my friends thought a relative of mine has died , she was one of a kind , as I said she suffered pain and knew how to sympathise and how to interact with people not because she had to but because she wanted to and it showed , people felt it and loved her for it .

          3. So glad to have another Diana fan here Mrs BBV. I adored her even with all her flaws and I still miss her. She had magic and I think Harry does too.

          1. Of course I’m not offended. You couldn’t possibly offend me unless maybe if you called me a Royal brown noser. ((Xx))

    2. @MrsBBV

      I agree with you re Kate’s curtseys, they hurt my eyes! It’s yet another thing that Kate needs to go to classes to learn how to do properly.

      There is no harm in going to a class (or two) in etiquette. The girls/ women in the royal/ aristocrat circles would have either learnt from their parents and had etiquette classes at school or would have even gone to finishing school where they would have had to full works taught – including a court curtsey, how to give a speech, how to make small talk etc.

      Kate would benefit hugely from something like this, in some ways I’m surprised there wasn’t etiquette classes at Marlborough.

      I do bet that Kate would be furious if someone dropped a “bob” type curtsey to her!!!

      1. Marlborough is mixed (boys & girls) with a huge extra curricular emphasis on sporting achievement so the finer part of being a lady is not something Marlborogh would do. Even the singles sex schools such as Cheltenham, Malvern, Westonbirt, Downe House, Beneden, Stowe wouldn’t do that kind of stuff these days. You might have elocution but apart from that it sort of develops through families who are used to being around the court than by sending a daughter off to have specific lessons. But the whole finishing school thing got replaced by girls being chalet maids for the ski season. By 1990 formalising being a lady was archaic. There are places in London you can go to but they are usually used by foreigners who want to be taught British etiquette. I doubt any self respecting British family would send their own children to one though. More likely book a private lesson for the issue that help was needed with.

        1. Had Kate been permitted (by William) or asked herself (since she is technically an adult) to have an experienced person guide her when she married into the BRF, or even prior, her gaucheness would have been dealt with years ago. And perhaps even her lack of manners – like not pushing herself ahead of her father-in-law at BP balcony – might have been addressed too. I wish there was less attention on Kate’s clothes and more on her behaviour. While she is being endlessly flattered for being a ‘style icon’, there is no need for her to perform her duties seriously. The clothing becomes a distraction.

          1. William being the arrogant arse that he is probably thought she didn’t need it. He’s actually done her a massive disservice as it’s become more and more apparent that she doesn’t understand how to carry herself. She might get away with it at the opening of charity shop in Norfolk but some of these finer nuances can very easily become ‘political incidents’ in other Royal courts. She’s not done her homework and sadly it shows.

          2. MrsBBV homeWORK? Not for our Kate!
            I have been stunned all weekend by her behaviour always trying to be centre of attention either physically or by her outfit choice.
            All weekend C&C seem to have been playing second fiddle. Very strange.

          3. I don’t think its william’s fault for I don’t think it even crossed his mind that people like kate or us take lessons to learn etiquette ,people like him take these refined manners for granted since it’s their way of life , so in my opinion her shortage of etiquette was either carol’s fault or kate’s lack of initiative or willingness to learn these things out of the facts that she knows better ,i mean i was disappointed the other day when someone pointed a video of i think kate’s first appearance in trooping the colors and kate forgot to curtsy to the queen then did it afterwards and laughed about it . So right from the very beginning she is here for the attention not caring about work or anyone else , and i don’t think she takes anyone’s advice and behind that angelic grin there is a nice temper that even william is afraid of. watch their video at embassy yesterday , and how she reacted when william put his hand on her back , and how he withdrew it immediately , don’t let sweet or fake weakness appearances deceive you .

        2. Hi MrsBBV
          Thanks for your insight. I knew girls who went to Lucie Clayton when I lived in the UK so had thought maybe girls of Kate’s generation would have done something similar.
          I do agree with another commentor that William probably never even realised that Kate would need to learn these things as his peer group would have learnt by watching their parents, grandparents etc. That’s why it was easier for Diana as she already knew what was expected and more importantly how to move and socialise in royal circles.
          IMO It’s Kate and Carole who should have done the social etiquette homework.

  18. Kate has been looking better, maybe someone has finally gotten through to her on the fashion front. Her only fashion miss over the weekend was that hideously boring and unflattering Roksanda dress. Interesting that in all of the events with the Queen close by she has worn her hair up, but when she was at the block party and not in the immediate presence of the Queen that hair was back down.

      1. There have been quite a few anecdotes about BP issuing instructions for various events but my understanding is that this doesn’t happen. When Margaret Thatcher became PM she contacted the Palace about dressing to not clash with the Queen and was told it wasn’t an issue as the Queen didn’t notice what other women wore. I would like to think that these days Angela Kelly sends advance warning of what the Queen is planning to wear colourwise to the other ladies so their dressers can steer away from any obvious clashing but I don’t really think it’s as prescriptive and coordinated as we might think it is. I rarely see Camilla in anything other than pastels simply because Prince Charles likes his women in pastel colours as it reminds him of the Queen Mother. And I do think Kate dresses to attract attention but hey Diana was the world leader in using her clothes to send messages and attract attention. Personally I think Kate looks gorgeous is pastels and reds. The monotony of various shades of blues and greens are so nondescript on her.

      2. HyacinthBucket, I thought the same and the instructions may have included sensible dresses which make flashing impossible.

        1. One would assume that you would not need to spell that out but clearly after 5 years it still does. Although no flashing since India / Bhutan do we have a record of sorts.

    1. I’ve liked all her recent ensembles, except the dress you so aptly described as hideous. It was! So awful in every way.

  19. I agree this is one of her better looks, but style icon she is not. She has stepped up her jewellery game, ie seems to be wearing more precious stones – diamonds in this case – rather than just expensive high street pieces. But her thought process seems to be ‘it’s diamond, it matches’. Is it just me disappointed by this weird mishmash of styling? She could do so much with the resources at her disposal. Sigh.

  20. I personally like the all red look. The continuous line of one color is elegant. I also think it would have worked with a black clutch and shoes. I don’t get her fascination with suede shoes which I always think of as a winter thing. While I am really thankful that her hair was up, I wish her stylist would try something different than the low on the back of her neck or the off to one side she wore the other day. The only thing I would change is the necklace – I have never liked that one – looks like something a teenager would wear.

    It was nice to see Camilla’s outfit from the wedding. I like that one. Sophie needs to burn her dress. It was ugly the first time she wore it and it is still ugly.

    1. I thought Sophie’s stockings were so white that they drained that dress and took all the attention to her legs and shoes. Not often she gets it wrong these days but I agree yesterday, she looked well not her best.

  21. Any comments on the body language between Camilla and Kate during all of the latest occasions? I mean that’s Frosty McSubzero vs the Duchess of Antarctica.

  22. The whole outfit is lovely , for someone who wants to steal the show , and she did , and she knew it and it showed in her eyes , as I said she thrives when she’s the center of attention among royalties . Now to be fair we all love attention , but a bit of consideration to the circumstances around us won’t hurt , especially to those who are older than us and definitely if she is the queen , and here I will talk about the queen who maybe because she is confident enough , or because of the humble way she was raised up or maybe the years has taught her to take people as they are , and she is definitely doing this with kate , leaving her to upstage everyone when it’s all about the queen , some people turn senile and eccentric when they get old , but I love the relaxed way the queen at her age is accepting everyone around her , it shows a person who is comfortable and content with herself and other people , she’s very sharp yet classy enough to go peacefully with her life . So yes it’s beautiful to steal the show and be the center of attention , but dear kate here is a chance of a lifetime to learn from one of the best women in the world who became so popular and loved not because of the way she dressed but because of her dedication that stems from being an open minded person who is clever enough to know when to draw a line between her ego and caring for her country .

    1. alia, absolutely love the part in your last statement, “…clever enough to know when to draw a line between her ego and caring for her country.”

      1. C. you can’t imagine how the queen’s personality intrigues me , she is one of the most powerful women in the world, yet very feminine , sharp but polite , strong minded but knows when to be lenient , and we all know that her life has not always been a smooth fairy tale , what would I give for a week to sit and learn from her

        1. The Queen has no real power. She is certainly not one of the most powerful women in the world? Quiet influence perhaps but not power.

          1. Thank you Birdy. I thought the same thing but feared that I have already put my foot in it so wasn’t going to say it. 🙂 Love your British pov.

        2. The queen also has blocked any oversight and transparency into her finances, in a supposedly democratic country. Strong minded and sharp she is indeed.

          1. Yes, this is an often over-looked fact that clever PR obscures. I’d add ‘canny’ to your list of the Queen’s attributes. Most families want to shore up advantages for themselves; the BRF is no different except that they are doing so with public monies and do not want scrutiny of what’s being spent, and who’s getting what. Unbelievable in today’s world of accountability and if all is kosher, why not be transparent? The BRF does not quite fulfill its ‘model behaviour’ role in Alia’s list. Not by a long shot.

          2. Alia forgive me if I appear rude I don’t know if you are British but I suspect not. I can assure you however that the Queen has no power. For eg ‘the power to dismiss and appoint prime ministers’ . She has absolutely no say and no vote in such matters, and if she tried to influence it she would be out. Her role is purely ceremonial. She personally meets our PM each week. She has been queen for years so probably can give some advice and she has a good ear. Many PM’s say it has been useful because they can trust her confidence absolutely so they can almost think out loud. But power – no absolutely not.

  23. Team Kate, are you listening? Kate looks way better in sinched waist, full skirt coats and dresses than straight up and down. Slim dresses make her look momish and frumpy, but she looks radiant here. Red is her color!

    Why does Sophie keep doing the crotch clutch like Kate? It’s odd and awkward.

    I wish Harry received an Honor of the Royal Garter today, he deserves it more than Will as Harry has done better things with his spare time (ha!) like created charities, for instance.

    1. I wanted Harry to be admitted and Tim Peake. TBH I can’t understand why Harry hasn’t because we know Her Majesty & DoE are just dotty about Harry. (Aren’t we all?) The look of love that shines from both their eyes when they are talking to him……don’t see that with William. Apparently Sky News did a sample in the Mall on Sunday who did the crowd most want to meet? After the Queen, Harry was the choice nearly everyone made. ??

  24. THOSE SHOES. I mean, she could have shown up in a gunny sack with those on her feet and I wouldn’t have noticed. LOVE! I am also a huge fan of her wedding earrings, wish she would wear them more often. Very pretty, delicate, but interesting. Her outfit was a yes for me. I approved of having the updo, but was not a fan of the style itself, when seen from the back. Something about those stands of hair pulled tight across above the low bun. Just didn’t do it for me. Anyway that’s ok, because THOSE SHOES and sorry…what was I saying…lost my train of thought…but did you see those shoes;)

    1. Oh I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the updo was odd at the back!
      I want those shoes…..can’t afford one pair though let alone all the colours in that style that she has.

  25. Kate looks good in strong colors, but still too much matching for me. I was glad she didn’t pull out the nude pumps again. I may have thrown something at my monitor if she had with this outfit. I’d love to see her with shoes that have more personality. Some kind of design, something, anything other than plain pumps. Being suede doesn’t make them special.

  26. Apart from the fashion though, I have to say, all of Kate’s recent flurry of engagements have been Royal family and events for the Queen’s birthday aka glamorous and fun events. No wonder she looks genuinely happy and confident. It’s only the visits to charities/ the actual work events where she looks bland, anxious, miserable, bored and her hunch back is worse than usual. I guess KP knew that Kate is not going to become a hardworking, intelligent woman now or ever, so best to increase her “engagement”
    Numbers via fluff events and turning up in expensive outfits so that she can get media frenzy over her “fashion wins”. This is all there is to Kate and all there will ever be- the writing’s on the wall now. If after 5 years, she has not done much actual and serious work to promote her causes, then she will never do them.

    Has she or her office have even mentioned the mental health campaign that they launched with that giggly video a month or so ago? To my knowledge they have not. She and her husband just go about gallivanting in their unearned medals and finery, while the actual charities continue to do all their work behind the scenes with little support from William and Kate.

    Frankly, this woman and her husband disgust me as people. I wonder what values they are going to reach their children?

    1. I think you are absolutely right, Red Tulip. Any woman marrying William would attract an inordinate amount of attention. The questions confronting her would surely be: how do I wish to proceed in this role? How can I best use this platform? I doubt Kate ever did that, and further, suggest that William advised her not to worry a bean about it. Neither of them have a work ethic: she needed to be dragged to her Jigsaw job of days worked here and there for a few months; he gets bored quickly (or simply can’t hack it) after opportunities have been given to him without being earned. So Kate defaults to spending money on clothes and anything she does is viewed through that lens alone simply because there is nothing else there: no intelligence, no empathy, no sense of duty.

      There was always going to be a bunch of family engagements in the Queen’s 90th birthday year – a great way to build up numbers. And of course, there is the duo/trio configuration of engagements where minimal interaction is required. With her solo engagements, as long as she is the centre of attention and with good-looking men around she’ll sparkle. If not, forget it.

      I don’t think they have anything much of value to teach their very anxious-looking children.

  27. I love the shoes but wish she’d break away from her monochromatic color scheme. She should have her accessories be in a different coordinating color. I do have a question for the ladies in England-do y’all wear suede year round? I grew up in Oklahoma and was always taught suede for fall/winter. That could be due to temp tho as it gets to well over 100 degree so that alone would make it icky to wearing it during summer

    1. There’s certainly no rule about it, it doesn’t get so hot here so yes possibly people do wear suede all year.
      At the moment we all tend to wear wellies it just never stops raining and around me a lot of flooding – not dangerous just wet.
      But most people with half a brain don’t wear suede to somewhere where they have no option but to walk on damp grass. Her heels will ruin, whereas leather heels could be more easily cleaned. But hey guess who doesn’t have to clean her own shoes!!

  28. Red is a flattering color for the DofCamb. An all red outfit does not reflect a spring/summer color palette – more like winter holidays. Same with the suede shoes; seems like fall/winter. Seems like DofCamb is ‘shopping’ out of her closet lately. All the 4 & 5 yr old outfits are seeing the light of day again. Did she finally unpack it all & catalog her wardrobe? Knows which residence closet each outfit is in(London/Anmer)? The wedding jewelry is being worn (5th anniv?) though the little pendants on fine chains are not duchess worthy. Needs some bigger pendants on more substantial links and a pearl necklace too. It’s nice that she’s been putting her hair up off her shoulders. It frames the face along with the hat and makes her outfits look much neater and less 1st year out of college.

    Considering all the exercise we’ve been led to believe that she does, her shallow curtsy doesn’t reflect her ‘fitness’ regime. I think the BRF ought to move into the 21st century and let the bow of the head be sufficient for men and women. If a 1st born female can now be the heir then it’s time to retire the curtsy.

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