Royals send condolences for Orlando

Royals send condolences for Orlando

Several royals have either sent condolence messages or signed books of condolence for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Prince William and Kate Middleton visited the US Embassy in London, while King Felipe and Queen Letizia visited the US Embassy in Spain.

Prior to flying to Northern Ireland for a garden party, William and Kate stopped by the US Embassy in London to sign a book of condolence. In his message that both he and Kate signed, William wrote: “With our deepest condolences and with our thoughts and prayers to all those affected.”

Over in Spain, Felipe and Letizia visited the US Embassy in Madrid to sign a book of condolence for the victims. Their message reads:

    “Deeply shocked by the attack in Orlando, Florida, we share the pain of the Government and People of the United States to so much death and injury so great that they have suffered; an attack against life, peaceful coexistence and values ​​of democracy.
    “The unity and cooperation will always be the best way for those who want peace, democracy and respect for human rights we manage to overcome terror and any form of totalitarian ideology.
    “All our affection and solidarity, especially for the victims and their families.”

Felipe signs book of condolence for Orlando
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Letizia signs book of condolence for Orlando
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Felipe and Letizia's book of condolence message
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall signed the virtual book of condolence for the victims of the shooting. Their message reads: “Our hearts go out to all of those who have lost loved ones and to those who have been injured in this unspeakably barbaric attack. You are in our special prayers.”

Charles and Camilla book of condolence message
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden sent this message to President Obama: “With profound sadness I have received information of the tragic and brutal event in Orlando. Together with The Royal Family I extend our sincere condolences and our heartfelt sympathies to the families of the victims and to the American people.”

And Queen Margrethe sent this to Obama: “Mr President, I was deeply shocked to learn about the tragic and terrible events in Orlando early Sunday morning and express my most sincere condolences and sympathy to you and the American people. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims.”

Queen Elizabeth sent this: “Prince Philip & I have been shocked by the events in Orlando. Our thoughts & prayers are with all those who have been affected”

Prince Albert of Monaco sent this:

    “Mister President, I learned with consternation the heinous massacre in Orlando. I bow before the memory of the victims, the grief of their families, the sufferings of the wounded. Hate will be defeated. Mister President, please accept the assurances of my deep sadness and of my highest consideration.”

Prince Albert condolence message

63 thoughts on “Royals send condolences for Orlando

  1. Why were they smiling after signing.?? Atleast they could hide such expressions on such occasion..

    1. They were taken through a receiving line and also taken through the embassy to see an exhibit of a new, forthcoming US embassy.

    2. They met with people from the LGBT community, so the photo of them smiling may have been taken while they were talking to people.

  2. KMR thank you for covering this and even more importantly, thank you for not talking about what they wore. Other sites have mentioned what Kate wore and i find it very inappropriate considering the reason Kate and William were at the American Embassy. I am glad to see that Felilpe and Letizia as well as Charles and Camilla did something after the attacks. Terrorism is becoming more and more frequent, with the recent attacks in San Bernardino (close to where i live), Paris, Brussels and now Orlando. It is nice to see different countries stand united and support each other in these difficult times. We must never live in fear or they win.

    1. Yeah, what Kate or Letizia wore is not important here.

      It boggles my mind that there is so much hate in the world. After Rapist Brock Turner only got six months in county jail and now this shooting at Pulse, my heart just aches for humanity.

      1. KMR. I agree with you. There is way too much hatred in the world.
        You live in Florida, so I know you must feel especially saddened. Know from all that is written here, we all share the sadness. I keep thinking of the courage and great joy that was brought to Orlando recently in the form of the IG. Now, this.

        This is a time for us all to reach out to one another. Hope and love mean more than hate. I am sorry for the losses and the hurt that this has caused to so many and to those they love.

        The messages from around the world are kind and full of care.

  3. I think I loved Albert’s the most, but it means so
    much to see so many countries reaching out, particularly for my friends from Orlando.

    1. I liked Albert’s response too.

      I hope it’s a very long time before something like this happens again, I will be very happy if it never happens again.

      1. I would love to never have to write another one of these posts. But I fear I will.

    2. I liked Albert’s and Felipe’s the best since they seemed the most specific and sincere. William’s was so generic and cold.

      Hugs to you and your friends, Em.

  4. Sigh. It could be that I am super-sick of the phrase “thoughts and prayers”, but I wish William wrote something else.

    I thought Prince Charles’s was moving, and even felt like something Diana would say. I am also truly touched at seeing the royal families reach out.

    1. William’s message here was the most generic thing he could have written. He wrote a more personal message in the book of condolence for the Paris attacks.

      1. William writes the same thing each time he has done this, pretty much, except I remember at least with the Paris attacks he mentioned it by name.

        William is cold and doesn’t care about anything but himself and his needs, so it’s not like it surprises me, but…

        1. He seems to have trouble tapping into his inner most feelings and expressing them verbally, or in writing. William, I mean.
          Albert’s message meant a great deal, I thought. The others, were also most thoughtful.

      2. But I do think that William really cares – he revealed that he would be in a gay magazine I think it is called Attitude or something similar… and to be honest I was quite shocked when I heard that, this is really unusual for the royals and I was surprised the queen gave her ok as she is usually so devoted/involved in church…
        I think it is a big gesture feom William and apparently was planned already before the orlando attacks… If I can find the link I will post it but several royal reporters or photogs reported it on twitter

  5. Agree with you about the generic message from William : I think (If my memory is good) taht it(s the same message that he wrote for the attacks in India in the hotel.
    I Ddon’t know the context of the smile, but maybe she can stop play with her hairs…

  6. Felipe and Letizia’s message is heartfelt.

    I notice how Kate always looks at William for approval and he stands there glowering at her as if he’s daring her to somehow mess up signing her name. It is sad her self worth lies in making him happy It’s not that she’s afraid to mess up being a royal, it’s she is afraid to make him angry. Her whole world is absorbed into doing as he pleases and it has been since they started dating. /end armchair psychologist, but watching the gifs of her going to sign and her wary glance to him and how he stepped back and glowered and looked very annoyed and judgmental really struck me–his behavior to her… just…ugh no.

    1. Ugh, I have also noticed this and wanted to write (above) that it must be terrible to have him as life/love partner- because William only seems to care about William’s needs and Kate only seems to care about his approval and needs.

      Kate’s sick relationship and codependency (with Will + mom Carole) makes me both sad and angry.

      1. I agree, Ellie and Beatrix. It is almost as if William takes on the role of parent, and Kate is looking for approval in a parent-child way. Can you imagine living under William’s glares and scrutiny all the time? Maybe he is different in their private time. I doubt it, though.

  7. Albert’s message made me tear up a bit, I always forget that Albert is half american so maybe that’s why his condolences to me are the most heartfelt. I don’t even get why W&K even went to the embassy to write just a very generic sentence. If that was all they had to say they could have just signed the virtual book like Charles and Camilla, no need to make a show of them arriving and signing.

    1. I agree, Lauren. Since they took the time to go the embassy, they should’ve written something more specific or brought a wreath/flowers to lay outside. I also found it inappropriate that they mixed in a tour of the new embassy plans.

  8. I feel quite ashamed that our offering from W & K seems so trite and cliched. If I didn’t know any better I would say that William is so dumb he can’t manage to remember more than a one sentence platitude that he’s used before. When you compare W & K with F & L the lack of teamwork with W & K is so evident.

    At least Madam didn’t turn up at an expression of mourning in a hot pink coat…..again. And that’s all I have to say about that.

    1. It is a little disappointing that all they could manage was a single generic sentence. The others, while similar in thought, sounded genuine and heartfelt, and even offered words of encouragement. But any gesture, no matter how small, is welcome at a time like this. We need to show the hateful ones that we stand together in love and brotherhood, that we celebrate our differences, and that we are stronger for it.

  9. My heart aches for the victims of this tragedy. I made a point to say each name aloud a light a candle for all of them. That being said, I appreciate all of the royal responses, except William & Kate’s. Why? The same reason that Ellie, Lauren, and MrsBBV stated. This has personally impacted many people and all we get is a Google copy/paste in a book. One thing that really bothered me was Kate’s hair flip before she signed the book. Yes, it may be petty, but when she did it, it turned the signing of the book about her versus her act. Call me vapid, but I thought it was done in poor taste.

    1. + 1 !!!! And as said up thread to to then take part in the tour. My my God forbid they should just quietly leave even if invited on the tour. Yes, it would have been more palatable had they just signed the virtual book or even written one of their ever so poignant (sarcasm) letters and let it go at that. I may be out of line here but to use such a horrendous tragedy as good pr is despicable. The letters from the other families and the French tribute are beyond words beautiful and awesome, simply awesome.

    2. I agree….as soon as I saw her throwing her hair around like a model on the catwalk I switched over. I’m glad some of you found comfort in their personal appearance, I guess that’s really what matters but as a Brit I felt embarrassed by them……again.

  10. As an American I am deeply touched by the messages of condolence sent by members of the royal families around the world.

    The effort to sign a book of condolence in person is very much appreciated by F&L and W&K. Thank you.

  11. If this is inappropriate, KMR will make the decision. Her blog and her rules.

    I was sickened to hear an 18 year old girl died from an extremity GSW while trapped in the bathroom in Orlando. While I do not know the details, it sounds like she slowly bled out.

    I mean this in a kind way and I hope it is received as such (fingers crossed). Please, consider taking classes in CPR and some basic first aid. Everyone should at least know how to do CPR. If you know a few medical basics you are armed with some power in a crisis.

    1. Very good suggestion, G. I will add my 2¢ FWIW.

      I live on a narrow, winding BUSY road, and there is an accident in front of my house, on average, 1.5 times a year. Next to my front door is a wicker picnic hamper filled with first aid supplies so I can grab and go. A few old towels, latex gloves, sanitary napkins (great compresses), flex bandage, a rubber mallet and razor knife, stuff like that. Also there are always reusable ice packs in the freezer.

      I know basic first aid – for both people and animals. Unfortunately, it comes in handier more often than I would wish for.

      1. Szolo, that is amazing. It’s comforting to know there are people who think ahead and are prepared for an emergency. Well done! And great idea about a first aid course, too.

      2. @Szolo
        I also have a first aid kit by my front door and after reading your comment I will be adding a few extra things to the kit as your ideas are great. I will also add a couple of pairs of surgical gloves to my handbag after hearing what happened to a friend who came across an accident on a quiet country road.

        G. and Szolo
        Thank you for the great reminder to brush up on CPR and basic first aid.

  12. I wish Harry would have gone instead. He at least has a connection to Orlando and knows how to be respectful and comforting.

    It seems there is a dark cloud over the city. The singer being killed, Pulse, and now there has been a child snatched by an alligator at the Disney resort. I do hope the area will recover from all these horrible tragedies happening in less than a week.

    1. I read that Harry was too upset to go with William and Kate. I don’t know if that is true.
      I can imagine he has only the most warm and loving memories of the IG in Orlando. He will probably do something — perhaps, with no fanfare, to show his sorrow.

          1. Harry! From the heart. Mr Rhiannon well done you echo the thoughts of our nation. Teach your brother to really care.

      1. And mycrarringthings post this from DM : Prince Harry was unable to join them (K and W) but he has been speaking at length to people out in Orlando privately because he spent a significant amount of time out there recently for the Invictus Games.

    2. My heart aches for what has been going on lately…..all those people and their lives changing in such a sudden and brutal fashion. I so wish that it didn’t have to happen.

  13. Prince Alberts letter was truly moving,I think that is the general elegant style of French writing.

  14. According to People magazine, Harry sent a letter to the mayor of Orlando. I don’t believe they released the text of the letter, but the mayor said he was very thoughtful.

  15. Did this take place after they went to ascot? The horse races? I’m a little confused by the timeline and dates of all these recent events.

    I felt more moved by Prince Albert’s and King Felipe’s words.

    1. William and Kate signed the book of condolence before going to Northern Ireland for a garden party on Monday, June 14.

  16. It makes me well up that tragedies like this happen. I am pleased that you and your friends are safe. It is good William and Kate made the time but King Felipe has gone more in depth rather than a sentence.

  17. I am surprised that the Royal Family have not publicly given any condolence to the British MP who was so brutally murdered by a political extremist and terrorist! One of their own has been killed; it’s an affront to UK democracy and yet no one from the BRF has said anything? Maybe I’m mistaken and they have, do let me know if that’s the case.

    1. I read that the Queen will write a letter to the husband of the Bristish MP. I think they don’t want to talk too much because of neutrality in politics…

      1. Neutrality or no, it is a public servant that was brutally murdered while going about doing her job. But I don’t expect the BRF to have much sympathy for people who actually work for a living and attain a public position without it being handed to them.

        1. I too am surprised and it has nothing to do with neutrality. Politicians from all sides have rightfully spoken out. I know it is a very sensitive time with Brexit next week, but no excuses.

    2. I *think* the Royal family would consider this private correspondence and it would be up to the recipient to choose to make the content public.

      When my husband died recently, I received many cards and letters. One, in particular, was so funny and sweet that I wanted to share parts of it with others. I did ask the person who sent it if that would be OK. And I certainly did not share it with the world as would be the case in this situation. Just my take for what it’s worth 🙂

      1. So sorry for your loss, hope you are ok.

        It is usual in circumstances like this for the queen to make a public statement as well as sending a private letter. This time there seems to have been nothing from BP.

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