Prince George & Princess Charlotte join Prince William & Kate Middleton for church in Bucklebury

Prince George & Princess Charlotte join Prince William & Kate Middleton for church in Bucklebury

These photos make me so happy. I legit didn’t think we would see Prince George or Princess Charlotte until their birthdays or Trooping, so the fact that Prince William and Kate Middleton took them along on their Christmas pap stroll official walk to church which was covered by accredited photographers and reporters is a wonderful surprise.

The Cambridge clan, in coordinating maroon, headed out to church on Christmas morning at St Mark’s Church in Bucklebury, Berkshire with the rest of the Middleton clan, not in coordinating maroon: Michael Middleton, Carole Middleton, Pippa Middleton with fiance James Matthews, and James Middleton.

The Cambridges walked slightly ahead of the Middletons, so the photographers could get their shots of just the Cambs, and were greeted at the door of the church by Rev Nick Wynne-Jones.

The same thing happened when they let the church, with a send off from Rev Nick Wynne-Jones. The best part of this video is around the 1:00 mark when Charlotte runs away from Kate into the grass and Kate has to grab her.

George and Charlotte were given candy canes before they left. George started to eat his, but Charlotte had other ideas for it.

Oddly enough, the Duchess of Cambridge chose to repeat the same coat she wore last time she spent Christmas in Bucklebury.

Kate wore her brown Hobbs “Celeste” coat that she’s worn several times now. This time she added the ASOS Faux Fur Mini Slot Through Collar. Surprisingly, to me, Kate brought back her Tod’s Fringe Buckle pumps which she debuted in Canada – I didn’t think we’d ever see these again, but I’m glad we did.

Kate wore the Queen’s Diamond Stud and Pearl Drop Earrings again, and carried what looks like her Mulberry Bayswater Clutch in red suede.

Over at Sandringham, things weren’t going so well for the royals. The Queen has been suffering from a severe cold, and for the first time in forever (30 years), she missed church on Christmas morning. So the rest of the family had to do the 9AM and 11AM services without her. Also, heartbreakingly, Zara Tindall, who had announced her second pregnancy with Mike Tindall not too long ago, announced on Christmas Eve that she had lost her baby. Condolences to Zara and Mike, and best wishes on a speedy recovery to HM.

Prince Charles led the family on the walk to church, followed by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, Princess Anne and Peter Phillips with Autumn Phillips and their two children, for the first time, Isla and Savannah.

Prince Edward with his two children, Lady Louise and James, walked to church with the group. Prince Philip and Sophie, Countess of Wessex arrived to church by car. They also left church by car.

Here’s a video of the royals walking to and from church at Sandringham.

Here’s a video of the Queen’s Christmas message. Note the photos around her are of Philip, and of herself and Charles which was just released recently.

A couple more photos of the Cambridges:

While I am loving the fact that William and Kate brought George and Charlotte to Christmas church, it is definitely a product of the fact that they are in Bucklebury. The Queen doesn’t allow children as young as George and Charlotte to attend church, and this definitely would not have happened had the Cambridges been at Sandringham. Considering it was George and Charlotte who made the front pages of several UK newspapers (that and the Queen missing church), I’m almost certain this pap stroll official walk to church which was covered by accredited photographers and reporters was a targeted insult to the royals. While I think William and his team are incredibly stupid with their PR most times, they knew what they were doing here and the did it well. Great shots of the loving family complete with kids. They even got photographers and reporters who usually go to Sandringham to come to Bucklebury instead.


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  1. The children are adorable and it’s great to see them. With that I shall end my post since my thoughts on billy, katie, and the rest of the middleton clan are not very nice. I hope everyone had a lovely day and it was spent the way you wanted

  2. Much smaller walking group – just the immediate descendants — none of Margaret’s family. Thanks for posting the video at Sandringham. Sorry not to see Zara and Mike – but obviously need their privacy. Don’t mind the split Xmas – slow news day anyway – it’s just folks walking to church. I do think when the Queen passes – it will be Sandringham for everyone where the Middletons can be housed at Anmer.

  3. I really like the way she accessorized her coat today. The faux fur stole is more of a fashion risk for her.

    I’m really surprised we got photos today. But the whole thing just seems really set up and thirsty to me. I personally find it in poor taste considering the Queen must be pretty ill to not attend church and the announcement of Zara and Mike’s sad news.

    1. The wrap is definitely not something she usually does so props to her for accessorizing, and for making a four times repeated coat more interesting.

      1. I covet that stole!!

        Happy to see Charlotte, what a sparky little thing, looking forward to watching her become a force to be reckoned with (buckle up Carole, I have a feeling this girl won’t be led about like her mother!).

    2. I agree, it is very poor taste, but then this is the ‘Middletons’ we’re speaking of here. George and Charlotte are cute. In my opinion this was simply a knock off and quite planned. I don’t know what they hoped to accomplish, but it’s pathetic really. I feel horrible for Zara and Mike, to lose a baby early is hard enough but I can’t fathom what they’re going thru, no amount of money or prestige can ease the pain of losing a child. I haven’t any use for the queen, she’s basically seeing the fruits of her pampering and indulging, and not wanting to act. However, be that as it may she’s an old woman and even a cold can be dangerous.
      These people look very ordinary to me, but I’m a fat jealous dog hoarding old cow w/o a life:) I don’t like that fuzzy thing on Kate’s coat at all, reminds me of matted fur for some reason.
      George and Charlotte are cute. I read a comment somewhere (a place I walk on egg shells) that said that they will be blessed with a far more stable home life than Billy and Hank. I didn’t respond lest I be an instigator but my reaction was ‘say what?’
      George and Charlotte are cute. End post.

  4. Firstly merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a lovely day. Mine was tiring with lots of cooking.

    My heart is with Zara and Mike. Bless them. It’s so sad but so brave of them to be open about it. Both women and men often bury the sadness of miscarriages and struggle with it. ๐Ÿ™

    I have nothing nice to say about this pap stroll, clearly organized for a reason by W&K and the Middletons. AFAIK HM doesn’t mind babies in church–the public can go to the church for Christmas, you have to enter a ticket lottery for it in the autumn, and people bring babies and little ones–but this was all about the kids being Middletons IMO. And taking attention away from what’s going on in Sandringham, pretty calculated, I think, but it also shows their PR working as intended selling them as some normal, down to earth family. William sure is loving the top dog position here, where with the RF he’s one of many. Here he can dictate to and Carole can spend $15k on a one day’s shooting for her precious son in law. I think this is totally a William-led insult to his family, who pay for everything for him. A middle finger, pretty much. I find it sad the kids never see their grandfather Charles and instead you see Charles fawning over Peter and Autumn’s girls, holding their hands to church. George and Charlotte should be with them, IMO, but William wants what he wants and Kate is still attached at the hip to her mother…

    It just smacks of disrespect and nastiness. William likes the paparazzi and media when THEY call them to get these shots. HM is so ill she can’t go to church; this is worrying, and they care more about making a fuss for the cameras when they hide these two precious kids away from the world.

    The kids are darling. I still don’t think W&K spend much time with them and this is all, you know, look at our picture perfect family, it’s not…real. Does that make sense? It’s all manufactured. I love Charlotte running away from Kate, though, she sounds like far more of a handful than timid, shy, sweet George who gets complained about constantly. :/ Um. I like Kate’s outfit. Put George in pants, please, the poor kiddo must be cold!

    And William, hey, why aren’t you at work like your co-workers, huh? Oh wait. HM mentions you in her speech as if you actually work! Yeah right.

    OMG that was long. I’m sorry I am so snarky, long day. I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and lovely holiday no matter what you celebrate!

    1. Thank you for this I would have said the same but stronger. To deliberately take the attention away from Sandringham by bringing out the kids is disgusting and unforgivable. They could easily have gone to Church quietly . Kids are cute of course but that is not the point. They are being used here.

        1. What hypocrites too because William aphas complained enough about being used in th press when he was a kid.

          I thought kate was silly for bringing a clutch while having to carry a child. Most moms have a purse they can sling on their shoulders because they should know their toddlers are going to need to be handled. Makes me wonder how often she deals with her kids outside of pap walks.

          1. Right! The Cambs complain about wanting privacy, until they need to use the media for their own purposes. I guess they didn’t learn that lesson from Diana. The media can’t be used that way, at least not for long….

        2. Absolutely right on!!! And Ellie your post was awesome, KMR this whole farce needed to be called out for exactly what it was, and like another poster I haven’t anything nice to say other than the kids are cute little props. I’m not sure it’s not going to backfire in those smug Middleton’s faces, I sincerely hope it does. This was pepto worthy. Just because Bill and Cath don’t give a toss about others, the public does. Zara’s pain and the queen’s being too ill to attend church is not something that is to be underestimated, and this little show was stupid. JMO Oh, and I learn a lot from the other posters, and quite frankly I hadn’t thought of Billy’s being the center of attention, but it makes perfect sense. I am Prince William of Wales and don’t you forget it!! Sometimes, Billy, that can have an unpredictable and very unpleasant after math.

      1. Birdy, I agree. You, too, Ellie.

        Shame on W and K for blowing off the Sandringham walk and calling attention away from it when Willilam’s grandparents are ill.

        Yes, the children are darling and yes, I liked the new look for Kate’s coat, but all in all, the Middleton Christmas left a nasty taste in my mouth. Using the kids for PR is terrible. Take a lesson from the Swedish Royals who know how to share their children with others in a natural and loving way.

        I hope all those on this blog who celebrated Christmas had a joyful time And, Happy Hanukkah and to all who are celebrating, too.
        Wishing everyone a New Year filled with health and happiness and thanks, KMR, for always doing such hard work! You are appreciated for all your efforts.

    2. Charles wasn’t holding Peter and Autumn’s daughter’s had, Autumn was. The angle of the photo is misleading on that front. Autumn is right behind Charles, and in other photo’s it’s clear Autumn is holding her daughter’s hand, not Charles.

      I was wondering if William is rethinking his decision not to spend Christmas at Sandringham given how sick the Queen is. I read on another blog that the person thinks these photos of William and George would put a smile on HM’s face, and I’m like I bet actually having William and George at Sandringham would put an even bigger smile on her face.

      1. Thanks for correcting me about the picture. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Seriously. Seeing your grandchildren when you’re ill, and at the holidays, would be way better than seeing pictures of them. I’m sure HM doesn’t see the kids much, but look at her with Louise–she isn’t some cold, unfeeling harridan, she adores that girl.

        My grandmother is Philip’s age. It would have thrilled her to see me and my kiddo, or her other grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is a very formal woman like HM, but she still loves our company especially at holidays.

        This is all PR and smoke and mirrors, any time we see these poor kids who are hidden away. It makes me sad for them in a way. How will they deal with growing up? And in the public eye, when they are hidden away and God knows what they’ll be told about their position in life?

        1. …the getaway from bad royal traditions for the kids to carol and buckleberry was planned and announced before HM and Duke became ill.

          Waiting for Prince/ess Henry kids having much fun with their RF and grandpa Wales, maybe then g and c will have nanny Maria plan escape visits to see royal grandpa and enjoy the beautiful treehouse the Henry’s cousin/s will be using.

      2. While I agree that seeing her grandkids would probably cheer up HM immensely vs. just seeing photos of them, I wonder if maybe we’re not considering that it’s not exactly advisable to bring your small children around people who have the flu. If HM actually does have a very bad cold or flu, I don’t think it would be a great idea for W&K to have their kids visit her. I have 5 nieces and nephews and I wouldn’t haves dreamed of handling any of them when I’ve been as ill as it sounds like HM is. Just some food for thought.

        Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

        1. I have read that when they are ill they isolate themselves to avoid spreading germs and cancelling engagements. Maybe Christmas break is different, as few public obligations?

        2. Research has shown that children who are around people continuously actually build up a better tolerance than those who are kept away. Just food for thought.

          1. Yes. You need to expose them to the germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens so their immune system can learn to function. Keep them in a bubble and the immune system never develops into a robust system.

            Ex. If kids don’t go to day care or spend time with other kids. Don’t experience all those colds and other infections running around while young? When they show up at kindergarten they are hit by all kinds of new viruses and cannot fight them off.

          2. I’m aware. I’m simply suggesting that if their cold is as bad as it sounds, maybe none of them (including HM!) want the kids around. I don’t see the benefit of exposing kids to someone who has a really bad flu. Have you ever had the flu? I’m assuming you have so you know it’s awful. Obviously you shouldn’t quarantine your kids away from any human who has the sniffles, but there are certainly limits to what’s reasonable to expose them to. Clearly doesn’t just have a case of the sniffles.

          3. One of the researchers in this is a family friend of ours, and he said that early on they were interacting with families who were dealing with childhood cancer. They would ask about illnesses and many of the parents had the same response: “But she/he hasn’t ever really been sick.”

            That being said, though, he also was really bothered by the idea of intentionally exposing your child to sickness, like the popsicle parties where popsicles (or lollipops) are licked by a sick child and then given to others who haven’t been exposed for things like chickenpox or the flu to develop immunity. He told her that exposing a child to a severe illness was really unnecessary, that his research was related to only needing to have had simple colds, coughs, etc. And a child as young as Charlotte should not be intentionally exposed to the flu as for her it could still be more likely to be life threatening.

          4. You probably don’t want to open the door to this but anti vaxxers host “pox parties” to deliberately expose their kids to a sundry different infectious diseases…
            I’ll leave it at that.

          5. I don’t remember saying that if they have a horrible flu you should sit the child right next to them. The Queen is 90 and is said to have a bad cold as is Philip. Completely different than a flu and it appears that the cold was bad simply based on their age.

            So fine, let’s go with your theory that they have ebola and shouldn’t be there, but why the whole I’m going to focus Christmas Day on my family in order to spite my other family members who are dying from ebola, the flu, or a simple cold.

            To attack me as if I don’t know how bad the flu is just sounds pettish. I nearly died from septic shock in January while battling cancer. My granddaughter, who is 3, was there and not a sniffle to be heard.

            I go off of sound research because I am a licensed child psychologist. Yes, it is not a physical medical arena and a psychological arena I do know that if their great-grandparents were as bad as you want everyone to believe then no one would have been there and how irresponsible of Philip to attend church because now everyone is going to die and world chaos will ensue.

            It’s obvious that when it comes to anything I write or say there is no reasonable ground with you and because you seem to be even newer here than I am, I will respect KMR as I’m sure she hasn’t noticed it yet and probably feels I can take care of myself.

            I will do my best to just ignore the silliness and continue with the fun I enjoy with KMR and her annoying articles and the rest of the lovely ladies on here. I never throw out anything without analyzing my thought process (probably the result of 12 years of higher education), but I realize not everyone is able to do that. ๐Ÿ™‚

        3. Keeping children away from small things such as a cold can seriously impend their immune system as they grow. Besides, the Queen is 90 – which means that a simple cold that only gives us a red nose can turn int pneumonia and be very dangerous for her. And while the kids don’t have to spend time in close proximity to their great-grandparents, I’m sure they could have spent time with their grandparents, uncle and the rest of the family. But of course, none of that matters because William made the announcement of spending Christmas with the Middletons before the Queen got sick, the walk to the Church is a tradition for the royal family that William clearly doesn’t care for, and he made a whole show of having a separate court instead of showing solidarity with the royal family in these difficult times.

          1. Lol. I was only presenting an alternate and not at all implausible explanation. It certainly wasn’t my intention to “attack” anyone by voicing it.

            In any case, none of us will actually ever know the real reason but goodness gracious how horrible it would be if it actually were Ebola (a super hilarious thing to be flippant about too!).

    3. Great post!
      What does the Queen say about William during her speech?
      William doesn’t smile on each photo I saw : hate against journalist and photograph, guilt (? I don’t think so…)…

      1. She just spoke of William’s work in the air ambulance and how essential emergency services are and how she admires and thanks them. Typical stuff but bringing William into it irked me. lol Considering he never works! But it plays into their PR angle: look at nice, normal family man William with a job.

          1. Yea if I were Harry, I would be upset that William’s non work with the EAAA gets a special mention in granny’s Christmas message while the real work behind the Invictus Games were completely forgotten. And WK have the gall to do this on top of all the largesse that they have received from the BRF. It is to Harry’s credit that he didn’t skip out of Sandringham over this glaring error and what should be his justified annoyance over it.

          2. @Red Tulip; I hope WK don’t get jealous of Harry and his future wife(whoever that may be) get all the attention and popularity while they don’t and play second fiddle.

        1. His crew would probably appreciate more if he actually worked a holiday! If he can jaunt off to Africa during the Easter weekend he could have just as easily worked a shift.

    4. @Ellie in your opinion do you see william and Kate as King and Queen in the future? I can’t wait until Harry has kids of his own so Charles can spoil them!!! Harry and Charles seem to have a better relationship. I wonder if Charles and The Queen will spoil Harry’s family more than they have and will do with William’s?

      1. Queen mentioning William is part of her ongoing vattle to counter the ‘workshy wills’ image he acquired this year. She’s been doing a sterling job of signaling her public support of him.

        Yet, she snarkily didn’t put any photos of him or Kate in the background of her message. That is significant. Just Charles and Philip. She’s had a tiny pic of WK every year since the wedding except this year.

        1. The DOE awards and he Prince’s Trust got the briefest of mentions, but Will and the EAAA got a huge shout out with footage of TQ’s visit. The theme of the Xmas message was inspiration, but the Invictus games didn’t rate a mention.

          I literally can’t get over how much TQ does to prop Will up. She gives him everything! Helicopters, mansions, pap shots of her with Carole. Carole! TQ lends him her approval and respectability at every turn and to thank her he spits in her face and takes his kids to Bucklebury.

          1. He’s the heir, so she probably feels she has to cover for him.

            How awful Invictus didn’t get a mention though. That pissed me off.

            It plays into how people will believe William is a guy who works like everyone else when it’s just his whirlybird hobby to show up once in awhile.

          2. She covers for Andrew all the time and he’s done far worse than William. So my guess is she covers for the people she likes, so she must like William enough to constantly be covering for him.

          3. ++1
            if the POW step children/wife family, other in laws stay out of HM RF events and Traditions, why is carol the middletons allowed to interfer….

            whiny lazy bill and km should be ordered to be present or take away AH and the perks for the four plus and middletons.

          4. Yes, TQ’s support of Andrew is equally inexplicable, but the difference is the way she is treated by them both. Andrew has no doubts which side of his bread is buttered and has been nothing but respectful towards her. At least publically. But Will throws passive aggressive shade constantly. No matter how much largesse she gives him, his life is misery, as he will tell you. Will thwarts his family at every turn, and instead of bringing him to heel. TQ just lavishes more luxury on him.

          5. My respect for the Queen has gone downhill remarkably in the last few years after seeing how she has shamelessly promoted the lazy Cambridges and supported Andrew, none of whom have any excuses for their behavior. I’ve never thought the Queen was all that bright but thought that she displayed such a sense of duty and service to her country that was exemplary; now, I look at her differently. Her number one priority is not her country or her commonwealth, but preserving the monarchy, no matter the cost to the people or the moral lines she has to cross to do so.

          6. I think she covers for Andrew because he is her favorite.

            With William? I don’t think she’s doing this because she likes him best. She does all of this because she thinks she is protecting the institution of monarchy. The shadows of abdication and Diana still hang over her. She doesn’t recognize that coddling William is damaging the monarchy far more than kicking him aside would.

        2. **snicker** I would never have caught that but it delights me. Pretty sure Bill and Cath noticed, I hope so and I especially hope that the Midds caught it. I generally don’t respond directly to you out of respect, but want to say your posts are awesome.

          1. Maybe William doesn’t bother them as much as he bothers other people.

            My guess, and admittedly it is more of a gut feel than anything, but I don’t think that the Queen is all that disapproving of William either as a person or a royal.

            I suspect that things are less than rosy between William and Charles, but I still doubt if Charles and William are completely estranged or anything to that degree. What I find interesting is that Charles not only lets William do what the heck he wants to, but Charles foots the bill. I think that William really lucked out because he has a materially generous father who will foot the bills even when his son does not always toe the line.

    5. I totally agree+100!

      Bill middleton is actually holding competing Court with a sitting Monarch, and heir to. The Queen BRF is bad for his children and his wife {from her FU smirk to the POW Prince Harry, HM and the BRF), then he need to get out of the palaces, give up or take away status, all the tax payers funded perks and luxury lifestyle, heli, staff, millions per year funding, waste of millions for security cost in 3+ locations (that others dont abuse), and get rid of his royal membership so he can remove from duties, Traditions.

      These children will be no good as a royal, for duties, they are constantly in carol presence, common upbringing and Nanny Maris training will be forgotten. This is one time of a long year to be present with the Royals POW without carol every presence, and this seem hard work for a ungrateful whiny, lazy useless wife who wait 10 years – sad this wont end well. No RFO – so whiny snowflake break another sacred RF Tradition. They should sta at carol and reassign the security to the RF.

      carol entitled lazy snowflake the middleton’s will be the end of the Monarchy!

      1. @Dolittle, maybe Charles will hold his own court once Harry gets married and has kids. I don’t know why but I have a feeling Charles would really spoil Harry’s wife and kids. Maybe The Queen will gift Harry and his wife more stuff than she has with William and Kate.

        1. And with Queen publicly showing her support for WK’s selfish antics, it undermines Charles as a father because he cannot Demand that WK show more enthusiasm and respect for the ‘Firm’, or else Charles will cut off their funding entirely which WK and their kids are completely dependent on. Watch how quickly WK will run back to the BRF with their tails bwtween their legs, if Willie actually has to put in full time shifts at the EAAA for his livelihood and Kate has to now go back to wearing clothes now from H&M and Zara and Georgie has to wear trousers like a commoner boy….oh the horror!

    6. Ellie, I agree with everything you said. Every word. I really can’t think of anything more to add to that, you sum it up perfectly for me in all points.

    1. She was putting the wrap back on after taking it off inside the church and had to adjust her hair because it was caught in the wrap, and because she was holding on to Charlotte she only had one hand. Her actions seemed pretty normal to me, not excessive preening.

      1. And she had to do it at the exact moment she was also speaking to the Vicar? Very rude in my opinion. She should have done it before she picked Charlotte up, or waited til she’d greeted the vicar.

        1. I’m with birdy on this one, attending to one’s attire while speaking to a clergyman is bad manners. She could have given charlotte someone else to hold and sort her coat out before exiting the church and the exit line.

          1. That seemed odd to me too, but from the perspective that it looked like she was being rushed out for some reason. Probably by William. I would be super annoyed if my husband walked ahead of me and out to the car before I’d even had a chance to fully put on my coat. That’s the impression I got from that whole sequence. Not preening, but rushing.

      2. I don’t think they she was being purposefully rude but unintentionally rude it was. I feel for the girl as I would hate to know that every time I walked outside there was a group of photographers capturing my every move. She was trying to get herself perfectly attired to look her best when photographed. Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. I would not want to be Kate for all the jewels in Christendom.

    2. The managing of hair and fake fur while talking to the priest looked like typical KM airhead behaviour to me. You can tell she wasn’t brought up in church. If had been she would have been fully attentive and thanked the priest.

      I don’t care about someone being religious. But it’s another sign that attending the Christmas services is a foreign concept to KM and the Midds. When you grow up going to church you learn a certain etiquette regarding respectfully meeting the priest after the services. KM was worried about her clothes and how she would look on camera. She could have adjusted the hair and fake fur before leaving the pew. This church visit was the Midds’ attempt to imitate the BRF and they used the church as a prop.

      1. Well, it’s really true to her character to care more for her appearance than pretty much anything else. Appearances are reality in her world.

        I actually quite like this coat and overall look. If I could, this would be one look that I would (pardon the pun) “replicate”! She looks really nice and appropriate for the occasion.

        I’m not sure I follow how this is a PR move by William Middleton and Court. Since the Cambridges have family in both sides, it does make sense to alternate where they spend the holidays. My parents are both deceased, and at times I wish we had the chance to share the holidays with my family.

        I get how much the Cambridges want to be normal, but all their behaviours scream “We are special!” Quite the pomp and circumstance for their Christmas service…

    3. I agree, should have been done before she rose to leave. William probably barged out without checking to see if she was ready.

      1. +1

        Fifi, How exhausted KM must be! Chase after W, adjust clothes for photos, hold hand of C just so, stop at door to speak to annoying vicar, walk behind W, pretend this is all normal.

        She must be ticking off the must do list because none of it is comes naturally to KM. And if she seems more relaxed around the Midds, it’s because she has their default demeanor of smugness.

        Actually, some of the most wonderful, thoughtful people I’ve ever met don’t believe in any religion. But they respect people and have a natural ease when interacting with anyone. KM’s present problem reminds me of reports about her younger days’ churlishness towards people, her indifference in not responding to invitations and other kindnesses. She was not brought up to be considerate, only to gain some silly social advantage. Perhaps that’s why she’s so ill at ease with people outside her family sphere. She was not raised to respect other people, royal or not. I think this explains how backward she is socially.

      1. This made me laugh because…a family friend became a pastor and was advised to wear gloves when shaking hands with the congregation. He didn’t & after one month gloveless he began to wear gloves. The story was he was tired of shaking hands with people that had sneezed in their hand just before shaking his, feeling the hair products residue in his hands from preening attendees and feeling the sticky remains of candy lozenges in kids’ hands. He caught back-to-back colds & a contagious rash and that convinced him to wear gloves no matter the season. He never explained even when asked why he wore the gloves; just smiled and shook hands. Later he admitted it solved a lot of problems from cold hands in winter, sweaty hands in summer, holding candles and other accouterments and he understood why his older female relatives wore gloves no matter the season or social setting. He admitted he had 4 pair for each season, laundered after every use. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sorry but this is so contrived!!!! Also does only The Middletons go to Church on Christmas Day and William and Kate as well and also in the presence of The Queen?
    Off topic; why does The Queen and Charles gives in to William’s every needs?

    1. What does it matter if the Middletons only go to church on Christmas? They are private citizens and free to live how they choose.

      1. Yeah, who cares about the Midds not going to church. I sure don’t. If they want to, good; if not, cool!

        Kate used to wear a cross a lot so I think she is probably nominally religious. I mean, I don’t go to church much and I am a pretty religious person. The problem is how William will be head of this church one day and shows no inclination or inkling of belief. In a way it’s unfair–royals have no freedom of religion–but it is what it is.

        1. William’s beliefs are the only ones that matter because he’s going to be head of the church of England. Kate’s and the Middletons’ don’t matter at all. They can believe whatever they want.

          1. @Ellie and KMR isn’t it important though for Kate to be religious like William since she will be his consort(I personally believe it won’t happen)? Well what do you guys think about William’s religious beliefs?

          2. Religion is a sensitive topic and KMR’s rules for commenting state to avoid religion as a topic so we should probably change the topic to avoid an argument ๐Ÿ™‚

          3. I agree. This is getting to be a bit too much now, so let’s move to a different topic please.

          4. George is also going to be head of the Church, so it would be nice to think he was being brought up in a Christian household. I’m not religious, and don’t think the HOS should be head of the Church, but if that is the way it is then it is problematic if the direct line are not being brought up in an overtly religious home. IMO anyway.

          5. I am new to this very interesting blog so please excuse my ignorance but was does +1, +100, etc. mean? Thanks in advance. I feel like I am missing out on an inside joke!

          6. It’s like Liking something on Facebook or giving something a thumbs up. It’s just saying you agree with what the person you’re replying to said without having to type “I agree”.

        2. During the timeframe that Kate wore a cross, it was a fashion accessory. Tiffanys and Theo Fenell diamond encrusted crosses were the rage in 2006 – 2008.

          Kate didn’t get confirmed until a week before her wedding. That is a good indicator of her lack of church attendance/commitment.

          You don’t need to be confirmed to attend church, but people who don’t bother with church certainly do not do it in adulthood unless they have to. Like marrying the future head of the church.

          Since then, we only see her at memorial services or christmas and occassionally easter, weddings.

          The middletons only attend church for private weddings and funerals. They do not attend for Easter or Christmas unless they are with the royal family. Ditto any other church occassions involving royal family. it’s just a pap stroll to score points. To burnish their public image.

          I’m not saying any of this to judge, but to clarify a few points.

          1. I’m not Confirmed (for various reasons) so I’m not going to judge someone’s religiosity upon that.

            I do find it interesting she got Confirmed as it’s not a requirement, and seemed more posturing to me. And the statement about how it was because she wanted to… Pfft.

          2. Thank you Herazeus. The Middletons didn’t attend Christmas church until they started the rival pap strolls. Easter every year for 10+ years was for a skiing holiday.

        3. Actually Royals do have freedom of religion. In the past, exercising that choice removed them from the line of succession, but since 2015, that isn’t a problem anymore.

          In this age of sincere beliefs and the need to marry private and public beliefs, it’s probably better for William to be an atheist than an actual religion because he can endure the services without betraying faith in a different religion. As hypocritical as that situation is, it’s more offensive for him to believe in a strongly held religious faith whilst outwardly heading up another.

          I would say the same if he was head of any other religion.

          1. Doesn’t that make him trotting the kids out to church even more offensive then? Going to church just because it looks good isn’t the point of going to church.

          2. My reasoning is pretzel logic, but i think atheists tend to endure other religions better than people within those religions.

            As offensive as it is to use the church as a PR prop, it would be more offensive if he was head of the church of england who in principal upholds their values and beliefs whilst he was actually of a different religion.

            It would be a betrayal of both religions. And in the past caused civil wars, and a removal of the Stuart dynasty.

            As an atheist he is standing outside all religion.

      2. Using church as a prop for a pap stroll is objectionable. Using children as a prop for PR is objectionable.

        If W+K and the Middleton’s have no religious conviction, why bother with church in the first place? It’s their right not to believe, but not okay to use people and institutions as backdrops to feed their own insatiable egos and delusions.

        The Queen’s Christmas message palled once her indolent grandson was referenced visually alongside emergency workers. William has no right, absolutely none, to be classed in the same revered category as those who do this work day in and day out. And the Queen has no business in doing so either, just in order to prop up her ridiculous twat of a grandson. No doubt the EAAA is counting down the days until the end of William’s contract, such as it is.

        1. +1

          Jen, I just posted your exact thoughts up thread. KM rustling her fake fur into place was very tacky and telling that she doesn’t have clue about church etiquette which is basically showing respect towards the priest. The church, minister were used as props.

          1. Indiana Joanna – exactly. If you grow up in the CoE, or any church really, you learn to embrace the traditions and interactions with clergy effortlessly. Fake fur, fake, hair, fake faithโ€ฆ I wonder what’s real in their world.

          2. Whether it’s leaving church or another event most people put themselves together before they leave the pew to queue up to greet the minister. Especially when you have little children to wrangle. Or they wait until after the greeting.

          3. I’m guessing that Kate expects people to wait on her, even the clergy. All that fussing makes her the more important centre of attention in front of the press.

        2. @Jen, do you have a problem with the royal family’s church pap stroll every year at Sandrigham? Because in my mind they are exactly the same thing. Both are using family attending church as a means for good PR.

          1. @Carter, I do not have a problem with it. It seems like all of them are believers of Christianity. Not a big deal.
            William IDK if he is atheist.

          2. Carter, yes I do and made that exact same point in a previous KMR article. You are right โ€“ the apres-church stroll is a PR exercise at Sandringham too. My point with anything is: if it’s real for you, do it; if not, sit it out.

        3. With nothing but props, it sounds like the BRF/monarchy with the queen’s help has become a hollow thing. There is no longer a ‘there’, there, just mere theatre.

          I no longer respect her.

          1. @MavenFirst; I hope Harry marries someone who brings the aura of royalty back and has charisma and a magnetic charm and a star the shines so bright within and make an impact as a princess like Grace Kelly and Diana did. That would make the Royal Family not dull and popular again.

          2. …yet taxpayers are funding in hundreds of millions, this lazy entitled younger normal bill middleton family to pretend to be normal except when living in palaces, lavish lifestyle and millions of ponds handed freely for no return – to upholdi royal traditions, duties, special regalness that is Royalty. and around the head and chief supporter of disrespecting the RF (who is walking around with arm sling that may have happen due to drunkeness) , who worship normal ‘i am a Prince’.. now is throwing childish tantrums, as he lazy entitled wife and kids ordered back to to KP from hidout at AH forest….taxpayers should force the Line out.

        4. And if he found the sandrigham walk so objectionable why do the exact same thing in bucklebury? They could have gone quietly none the wiser. Then to bring out the props/kids he’s playing a game at this point.
          Didn’t they essentially do the exact same thing with the Middleton’s last year but at sandringham so why does this year need to be away? Especially with the queen being 90 and ill. It makes them hypocrites in my book.

      3. Whether the Middletons do or do not attend church shouldn’t be an issue, but the fact that it reportedly only began once Kate and William married points to how fake the Middletons are. Their church attendance is not something that comes from a strong faith or even a Christmas/Easter-only routine. Rather it is a completely superficial and recent act, just like the wearing of the signet rings. Yes, they can do whatever they choose but this is just another example of how false and affected they really are.

  6. She looks so much more relaxed and at ease than when she is with the other Royals or at official engagements. She might be a wonderful wife for William, but obviously she is not princess material (ugly expression but I can’t find a better word).

    To me it seems like Kate was in dire need of a good amount of loving family. Maybe Christmas at Bucklebury was more therapeutic than egostic.

    1. After reading more articles and comments I came to the conclusion that this (first) thought is wrong. Yes, she looks far more relaxed and at ease, but that is probably due to the absence of Charles & Co. and that she knew she is center of attention.

      I also get more relaxed vibes from the Sandringham Royals.

      1. +1

        Greta, I thought the BRF looked more relaxed too. Maybe it’s a relief W&K weren’t there to disrupt with sulkiness or rude behavior. In a way, I’m glad they stayed away. I appreciate the people there such as Harry, Charles and Sophie as well as Philip. It may be his last Christmas.

  7. I think this may be the happiest we’ve seen Kate in a long time. George and Charlotte are just adorable. I don’t understand putting little boys in shorts in the winter, but apparently it’s a traditional British upper class thing.

    I think I’m in the minority here but since we got to see the whole family, I don’t mind as much that they weren’t at Sandringham. The whole point of that Sandringham walk is so the public can see the royal family. It’s all PR. I really thought that they were going to Bucklebury to hide away, but they came out and we got pictures of the whole family. I don’t know why William and Kate decided to not go to Sandringham, but I think in this instance W and K played the game well. The royal family gives me such dysfunctional vibes that I wonder if they even talk to each other behind closed doors.

    1. That’s a good point. Being At her parents means they could avoid the pap walk to church. It’s not as if they are regular goers. So why stage the a duplicate walk when they could do it and their duty at Sandringham. So immature.

      1. Because the dueling pap stroll is all anti-royal PR. If they wanted a “normal Middleton Christmas” it would involve never going to church, as was their tradition for years.

        1. They basically set up a rival court with a rival church walk and rival shooting event the next day. If willy wants to be the centre of attention and Carole is the only one who will do it, then maybe she can also pay for Kate’s 200k wardrobe.

          He wants everything and doesn’t want to wait his turn. To me this speaks of immaturity of both Will and kate and the arrogance to try to rival the Queen, someone who has actually spent her life working. At least in the context of Royal work.

          Kate looks relaxed because she is the centre of attention and there is no queen or prince Charles in her way.

          And maybe not in these pics, but there is one with Carole where she has an ugly wiglet tacked on her head… now we know where kate gets her taste for bad wiglets.

  8. This is flipping the bird to his father, no? Put yourself in Charles’ position. How wounded he must feel. Not seeing his grandchildren on Christmas. Especially with HM ill. Most of the family was there. I’m sure Philip would have loved to see them too. At this point in his life he doesn’t know which Christmas will be his last. The heirs belong at Sandringham. Full stop.

    I’ve never put myself in the paps’ shoes. But imagine having to work on Christmas, having to schlepp off to Bucklebury waiting for the most boring, overrated people to walk by. At least Sandringham would have a bit of grandeur and tradition.

    1. The paps make the choice to go, or at least the bosses do. The pictures of the Cambridges made the front pages so the paps who went to Bucklebury were likely rewarded monetarily and / or in the wider distribution of their photos.

      1. To clarify just in case, the photographers were not paparazzi, they were accredited Royal photographers from PA and Getty and such.

        1. Thank you so much for making that distinction, I used the term from the post I was responding to but it is a good idea to note that these photos came about due to efforts on the part of KP media staffers working with whomever they work with when they want the media to cover the Cambridges or Prince Harry.

          1. Indeed. The ‘private ones’ seeking out PR coverage very deliberately, and yet, William feigning irritation at the photographers being there? That sounds a tad hypocritical.

      2. It is bashing Charles and the rest of the BRF. The first year they did this silly alternate pap stroll, they told the photogs they would be there but it was a private event. Nevertheless, that year they allowed the photogs to be there, they weren’t removed by the RPOs, and W&K got their rival Christmas stroll in the news.

        It is all deliberate to draw attention away from the royals and to themselves. Ditto what KMR said upthread. Every time the kids show up, it is PR.

        William was used as a PR pawn by his mother. Now he’s using his children as PR pawns. He is the worst of his mother and Uncle David personified.

        1. Why would they bash Harry? What has he done?
          Don’t worry he will be close to Harry’s kids which in turn will make William jealous.

        2. I am not convince that it was an alternate or rival pap stroll. The key is for the royal family to be visible, and undoubtedly George and Charlotte’s presence increased the media’s coverage of the British Royal Family at Christmas.

          My take on William is that he is more of a pathological control freak than he is pathologically adverse to sharing he and his family’s life with the media and general public.

          1. They were dressed for an official engagement with all the eccroutement of one. Including colour coordinating the family and walking according to protocol. They also brought along the children who would have been kept behind if they had walked with the rest of the family at Sandrigham.

            They notified the AP, cordoned off a press pen. This was deliberate because by contrast the Middletons were not as pulled together.

            Given his privacy stance/cloak of the Middletons, there was public/media expectation that his spending christmas with the middletons was to be a private affair NOT an official engagement/pap stroll.

            The last time they did this, they were low key, mixed in with the congregation and could justifiably hold to the line that they wanted a private, non royal christmas.

          2. Oh I definitely don’t think it was happenstance that there were reporters there, as I mentioned a few posts up “these photos came about due to efforts on the part of KP media staffers working with whomever they work with when they want the media to cover the Cambridges or Prince Harry”.

            Sitting here with my bored self, I would love to think that there was some behind the scenes palace intrigue going on, but I am not sure if that is the case here. I guess we will find out if one of the “courts” starts spilling to the media.

            As far as it was the “public/media expectation that his spending christmas with the middletons was to be a private affair,” that was an assumption / expectation that ended up being wrong. ((shoulder shrug))

          3. I completely agree. I think William is like a lot of public figures: he’s not completely opposed to media coverage – he just wants it to be on his terms.

  9. On another note, I think it is sort of funny how KP’s twitter chooses to retweet some tweets of the royal family (about the Queen’s speach), but not to retweet the one about the royal family present at Sandringham (sorry for the orthograph) when Charles and Harry are present…

        1. Seriously, what is it with the plasters? I’ve never known a person with forever plastered hands/fingers.

          I used to speculate that it was kitchen accidents, but an experienced cook/kitchen hand doesn’t injure themselves this frequently.

          1. The few times I’ve seen the plasters they are always on her left hand. Another way to bring attention to the Ring of Doom? No one cuts themselves this much in the kitchen.

          2. Long time reader, first time poster.
            As someone mentioned, DM had a piece on Kate and her plasters.

            Kate had truckloads of people that wait on her hand-and-fot, so that her “injuries” are related to this, I dont believe that for a minute. She does not strike me as being a hands on mother/cook/gardner etc.

            My two cents worth: perhaps these finger/hand injuries come from stressinduced self harming and/or Bulimia

          3. I am not trying to be rude or unkind but actually, I think that she has warts on her hands. I have noticed small dots on the tips of her fingers when she waves. She shakes a lot of hands and cannot risk transferring them to someone else.

  10. The children are so sweet, Charlotte already has such a big personality, I hope Carol and co don’t snuff it out of her. I find the united family/hands on parenting shtick they continually try to sell to the public as contrived and false. Poor George must have been freezing, couldn’t they have dressed him in some warm, comfortable trendy pants?

      1. George may just be at that shy, self aware age, but children quickly sense when their parents are anxious and irritated, so I think George is now anxious about photographers because William has taught him to be. Charlotte may escape, since Kate likes the attention.

      2. She also won’t have the added ‘ burden’ of being the heir. I hope she gives her parents & Carole a run for their money…

        1. I hope that both George and Charlotte are complete throwbacks ie not at all like their parents, and refuse to bow down to Carole. George looks somewhat mystified as to what he’s doing with these people.

    1. Minor point, but I wish that William would carry Charlotte during these few public outings that they go on. She’s clearly strong and a handful, but he still chooses to take George’s hand. Makes me wonder if it’s Kate who insists on carrying Charlotte and if she’s more attached to her daughter. (I can’t forget how she gave George that shove in Canada.) Hope it’s not the start of another clingy mother-daughter relationship that we already see in the Middleton family.

      1. I was about to say the same Lizzie. Same when they walk down airline steps. He is in flats she is in heels, yet she has to carry whatever child. (It was George downunder and Char in Canada) .

    2. I don’t think anyone can snuff that darling personality out of adorable Charlotte. She and her brother are so cute. Those candy canes were just what was needed during Church time for little ones!

      I thought Kate looked great and loved the way she added the trim to her coat. Really nice.And, she went outside her comfort zone! With great results, I might add.

      As for the two different walks. Well, HM and Prince Philip are ill and I don’t think they should have been around young children, but William really does run the show, doesn’t he? He just seems to move further and further away from his flesh and blood. Sad that Charles and Cam didn’t get to see the kids, too on their walk.

      I am sorry for the miscarriage that Zara suffered. She and her husband must be very sad. Their little Mia certainly lights up a room and I am sure their hearts, too.

      I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas enjoyed a very Happy Day and for those who celebrate Hanukkah, may each day bring you happiness, too.

      Here’s to the best for everyone in 2107. It was a lovely surprise to see these photos.

  11. While I’m happy to see pics, I also think it’s in very bad taste how orchestrated their church arrival was. They knew exactly what they were doing and that the attention would be on them, especially if the kids were with them. They wouldn’t be so outfit coordinated and the Midds trailing behind if they didn’t know all eyes would be on them, rather than the rest of the royal family.

    They would’ve known Zara’s situation and that the Queen wasn’t going to attend in Sandringham, so I’m guessing that they decided to take full press advantage of the situation.

    Having said all that, I think Kate looked lovely. I adore that coat and every look that it’s been part of, and the fur stole added that extra elegance despite how cheap it was.

  12. Also, isn’t Sandringham a hop, skip and jump from their Norfolk home? So they went way out of their way to avoid the royals. Unbelievable. The British public need to stage an intervention with these two. My suggestion? No taxpayer funds for a year. A good healthy dose of austerity would do them good.

    1. They aren’t at Anmer now, that’s the point. Bill and Kate Middleton are with the other Middletons at Bucklebury. Costing the taxpayers who knows how much additional in security every day.

    2. I thought that one of the reasons they chose Anmer Hall as their country retreat was that it would solve the Christmas dilemma by allowing them to be with both families. But it seems that William and Kate wanted to make an even bigger break. And it’s not even as though Kate and crew grew up in the Bucklebury manor so there are no fond memories there to recreate. Just as notasugarhere says, how much will the extra security at Bucklebury and the church and the Boxing Day hunt cost the taxpayer? Obviously the Middletons, the Cambridges and even the Queen simply don’t care about that.

      1. I don’t think HM allowed them to live at Anmer knowing they’d let the Middletons move in for months on end. That was an unpleasant surprise, tolerated for 1-2 years then they were kicked out. The staff that fled Anmer after 5 months had tales to tell to HM.

        W&K were rumored to be looking to purchase a private country house after the wedding. That would have been a PR and security nightmare. They’d already rejected the Duchy property Charles had rehabbed for them. Other choices were a Crown Estate property at Windsor like Belvedere and Frogmore, but both are problematic.

        That left Sandringham, but I’m sure they would have rejected the smaller Wood Farm and demanded the largest property – Anmer. Even though that involved kicking out paying tenants who had years left on their lease. Same house where Charles and Camilla used to meet, but William seems to have no problem with infidelity so why not live there?

        The Middletons moved in and acted like they belonged and were members of the royal family. Pap stroll attending the same service, William faking a sprained ankle and subbing James into the Windsors vs. village football match.

        IMO, HM had enough and put her foot down. Anmer is for immediate family, not extended Middleton clan. This is W&K’s response. This may also be why KM spends so much time living with her mum in Berkshire. Just like the KP apartment for Carole wasn’t allowed, Carole isn’t welcome to lord it over staff on HM’s private estate.

        1. Then why does The Queen keep giving them huge properties like Apt 1a and Amner? Ugh when Charles is King I hope Harry gets Clarence House as the Duke of Clarence.

        2. Anmer was a gift from the Queen. As such, it is now their home and they can invite anyone to stay there for as long as they wish, whether they are immediate family or not.

          1. Anmer does not belong to them, just as KP doesn’t belong to them. They live at Anmer rent-free but it continues to be HM’s private property. If she doesn’t want the Middletons on her private property, they aren’t allowed there.

  13. Everytime I see videos of Charlotte I remember William saying his daughter is a “ladylike”. Well, Charlotte in Canada showed me that the “ladylike” is only on William’s mind. Kate was right when she said Charlotte has a fiercy side. I see a curious and joyful girl and I always smile when I see her. It’s wonderfull to see the innocence of a child who was delighted with baloons and pets. I see her videos many times and this make me happy. When they left the church Kate had to run to take Charlotte. This girl has much personality. But I still think George is anxious. He never seem relaxed. I liked Kate’s outfit. After that printed dress from her last engagement (AWFUL) she looked lovely at the church. Terrible news for Zara and Mike, I adore them and Mia is one of my favorite Royal children (even if she has no title).

    1. Yes I like that charlotte is curious and spontaneous, in comparison George always appears initially anxious and fearful. I hope he grows out of it. I agree Jamel, terrible news for Zara and Mike, Mia, is so lovely, I hope they are able to try again.

  14. I’m so tired of seeing George in shorts and knee-high socks. Didn’t Waity say she dresses him like that because long pants are too “common”, or some such nonsense? That really made me angry. Like who the hell is she, anyway? And George ‘s coat looks like something Charles would have worn as a boy. I hate how she tries to make the kids look so royal, it’s ridiculous. I’d love to see George in some cute cargo pants and a puffy winter coat instead of looking like a British Blueblood child from 1940.

    1. That’s the reason people have been taking about but Kate never said it herself.

      Most people have a nicer coat they wear to more formal events like church. I think it’s fine that both George and Charlotte have nicer coats for things like church than the puffy everyday coats George wears when out and about with Nanny Maria.

      1. I love George’s little coat! But put him in some slacks or darling boy’s wool pants. It’s how I dress my son on Christmas – a tie, blazer, coat if he needs, and burgundy cords or maybe tartan patterned pants that match the tie.

    2. It’s funny that they want to project a normal, middleclass christmas yet insist on dressing the kids in 1920s cosplay of aristo kids.

      1. I don’t think they want to project a normal middleclass christmas, they just want their christmas without the other member of the royal family.

          1. Exactly. The smug faces made by Carole during the pap walk said it all.

            I hope Charles sends her the 200k bill for Kate’s clothing too.

          2. Did any one else think that Carole looked weird in that cape?

            I think Kate married her mother, another control freak.

            This was William showing the BRF who’s really in charge. And it worked as far as press coverage, aided by the Queen’s absence.

          3. Fifi, I’m not a fan of the cape trend in general. Carole seems to have one arm out of the arm hole tho and makes it even more unflattering. I saw one pic from the back and she she some how appeared to have a tumor. Don’t know if her dress bunched up or not.
            The Phillips girl is wearing one and it does look cute on her.

          4. @Sarah

            Laughed at the Carole back cape comment! Yes, the cape looked strange especially from the back. Carole draping herself in medieval aristo cloak? Anyway, Carole sees herself as quite the fashion maven, but always looks slightly ridiculous.

          5. I am kinda embarrassed that I have a serious response to the mystery of Carole’s cloak. I think that she was carrying one of George’s toys under the cape. Earlier today I watched a DM video of the Cambridges arriving at the church, when William got out the car, he next opened the back door to get George out, reached in for a few seconds, pulled out and then started looking back to the other cars and people. My initial thought that he did not know how to get George out of the car seat and he was summoning Carole over to assist him, but then he reached in and had George in his arms before Carole arrived, so my guess is that William did not like the visual of George walking into church clutching a toy but at the same time he wanted the toy to be close by during the service in case George wanted it or became fidgety, so he asked Carole to come up and get the toy.

          6. Carole clearly has something bulky under her cape on her right hand side as she is keeping it from falling out. You may very well be right in a toy to keep one of both children engaged during the service. Although why a bag containing the toys couldn’t have been slung over Carole’s shoulder is beyond me. But if you’re correct it does point to the kids being too young to attend church which makes sense of the Queen’s directive to let them attend when old enough to both understand and get something out of the experience.

          7. If Carole has a toy I think it shows that Kate is more concerned with her image than that of a parents concerns. Most parents I know regardless of the duration, carry the mom/diaper bag. I don’t think anyone would begrudge Kate this and considering how they try and say she’s a hands on mom/modern day woman would actually expect her to carry one instead of tiny clutch. What were they going to do if they needed a diaper change? My sister always has diapers, spare clothes, munchies, books and a toy in hers. You never know when a blow out is going to occur.
            They make some stylish ones these days.
            @Indiana, Richard III indeed =)

          8. I agree that it’s probably toys to keep the children busy. As to why they couldn’t just put everything in a bag and sling it over a shoulder? We all know this family is about their appearance. God forbid they be caught holding a bag that isn’t some tiny useless clutch. There are a lot of pretty stylish diaper bags out there. All the brand names that they love have them. Another solution, have one of their many staff carry the bag. A simple situation that they couldn’t deal with because of their need to look perfect. A whole bunch of vain control freaks.

        1. I think we all know who will really reign when Charles is king. The Middletons, especially Carole has a Huge influence on Kate, therefore William, the future king. I think he should hold on more on his father and his family to avoid this scenario.

  15. On the video of their exit it is painfully obvious that William keeps his back to the photographers the whole time, blocks views of George and leaves as fast as possible. Kate tries the devoted mama pose to crouch down chatting to charlotte but she did not oblige by staying still, ha ha. Watch kate at the door, not exchanging pleasantries with the vicar, but fussing with and adusting her stole the entire time. Vain.

  16. This was the sort of stunt Diana used to pull during the war of the Wales. I guess if we can’t have her replicated in saintly works and adoration, we are going to have the war of the wales 2.0 her son vs the royals.

      1. Diana did alot of damage to the family as a result of her stunts.

        I’m not saying they are saintly family or that she didn’t have aggrievances, but the poor image of the royals, especially Charles can be directly attributed to her.

        Using her charity work or her sons, she created an inage of herself as a saintly mother theresa vs the cold, unfeeling royals.

        William is doing the same here.

        Superficially there is nothing to see, but the royals use their public outings to signal messages to the public. Silent actors you might say. Perception is everything. And they are good at manipulating their public images via photography/portraits. It’s never a occum’s razor.

        This stunt was to pull focus and show the rival court. There shall be more of this from now on unless Charles or HM do something about it.

        1. Herazeus, what is it about the way the RF treats him that you think pisses him off? I get why he hates the press and possibly the world, but TQ and the RF has caved to his every whim. What on earth does he want from them that they have denied him? I’m trying to understand what you mean.

          1. I think he suffers from afflenza. As simple as that.

            Compounded by the utter lack of challenges in his life to shake him out of it.

            His way is always smoothed for him. And his natural inclination is to stick with the smooth road, not the difficult one – see requests for easy tasks/calls when he goes to engagements or not reading briefing papers – an act of sheer laziness that no one except William would publicly admit to.

            I think his family try to force him to go on the difficult road and he doesn’t like it. His instinct is to go against advice yet is incurious to any advice AND lacks good instinct. On the one side the Middletons tell him he is a genius and on the other the RF tell him to buck up. He can’t stand criticism.

            Part of the initial article that called him workshy mentioned the fact that last christmas his workshy ways were the talk of Sandrigham.

            So this year, he boycotts it.

            Instead he goes to the Middletons who will provide him with a Sandrigham christmas without the criticism.

            I think that the Middletons have been a very bad influence on him. They raised 3 idle children and when William started dating Kate, they extended that penicious influence to him.

            They’ve pandered to all his base instincts and it has calcified into a resentment of his blood family for trying to make him do better.

            The Middletons pat their children for getting out of bed, imagine what they do to William, the golden goose.

          2. I’ve wondered that too. What makes him so surly? Having to get up in the morning? Does he take after his mother, who threw everything HM and RF gave her in their face? Is it narcisissm? I’ve wondered the same thing about Trump. Rich boy from intact family who got even richer. Yet he’s always angry. What does he have to be so angry about? It’s just his nature, I suppose.

            Wm has the opportunity to have the most interesting, exciting life possible. To do great good. He has a healthy family. If he doesn’t appreciate it then there’s something wrong with him. Better get Harry up to speed, just in case.

          3. That makes sense. When I look at the difference between Harry and William, it seems that Harry turned out much better. It’s probably due at least in part to the influence of the Middletons on William from around the age of 19 onward. Harry on the other hand probably grew closer to his father during that time and really committed to the military, where he was most assuredly disciplined and taught how to stay disciplined himself.

          4. And William is proud of saying he doesn’t take advice and listens to only himself, and does what he wants. Tradition is bad, let’s get rid of it, etc. People say this is modernizing. Uh, no.

          5. Herazus, I think you just articulated things perfectly. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle that’s becoming more and more entrenched. It’s so sad to me because they could take the best from both families but it seems more and more like they instead they derive the worst. I know that there are lots of reasons to dislike the Middletons but they must have worked hard at some points to build up a successful company.

        2. Herazeus, I agree. I am curious what actions you think HM or Charles could take to stop this childish behavior? He would still have the Middletons if the stipend from Charles suddenly dried up.

          He’s playing a dangerous game, particularly with his children. History is at risk of repeating itself.

  17. I was amazed when I saw these pictures, because I thought WK were at Bucklebury for privacy, and to avoid photographers, but obviously not. It’s a strong message to go against the Sandringham tradition. I hope Charles sees his grandchildren this Christmas, though.
    The children look gorgeous, especially with the sugar sticks! Sweet.

    1. AFAIK there was no official reason given regarding why the Cambridges chose to go to Bucklebury for Christmas. There was a Daily Mail article with the headline “The REAL reason Kate and William are shunning the Queen’s Christmas celebrations – and it has nothing to do with favouring the Middletons,” but the article itself quotes “parenting experts” who are basically giving their opinions. Neither the Cambridges nor their spokespeople are quoted, not even “insiders” or “sources close to…”

      1. Irrespective of this mischievous article, it has been reported ad naseum by Middleton surrogates that they don’t like the formality of the royal christmas, that they prefer the regular christmas as seen at Middleton manor, that to alternate christmases also included bonus ‘giving the kids a normal view of normal non royal traditions’.

        Cosplaying a cut price royal christmas is NOT giving the kids a normal christmas especially when we know the Middletons do not do christmas church services before the two attended by William AND the kids would not have been paraded at Sandrigham because the Queen decrees that toddlers should stay at home instead of attending the service.

        1. It is an assumption as to who it is sharing insider / behind the scenes info about the Cambridges.

          I don’t think that the Christmas Day church service and the Boxing Day shoot are the most odious part of participating in the Queen’s Sandringham Christmas Program, it is up to three days of following a regimented schedule, adhering to precedence and protocol, and added onto that multiple wardrobe changes – according to Sarah Ferguson she underwent 7 clothing changes in a 24-hour period.

          1. It is not an assumption. It is fact.

            I agree with your assessment about this specific article, but in terms of Middleton surrogates, those exist.

            Starting with the editor of the DM, Paul Ducre.

          2. Have two or more credible sources come out and stated that there are Middleton surrogates providing info to the media? Is there a paper trail? If not I think that it is too strong to state that it is a “fact.”

            However just to be clear I am not so much disputing the idea that the Middletons have surrogates providing info to the media, I would be more surprised if they did not, but when a story comes out and there is an unnamed source, insider or whatnot being quoted it is an assumption as to who those sources are and their closeness to the subject being discussed.

            It is anyone’s prerogative to assume that if ten stories come out about the Cambridges that the Middletons are behind most or all of them, but it is still an assumption.

          3. Actually, if 10 or more stories come out about the Cambridges, it’s easy to tell which are from surrogates vs the media created ones. As an example, the article you’ve posted is a good example of a media created one rather than a surrogate planted story.

            If Editors and paps saying on camera that they receive information from the Middletons or accurate information is given out by paps/journalists or exclusives to certain paps/journalist for years.

            If a court case involving paps and the Middletons reveals that the Middletons directly provide information

            If all of that doesn’t convince you then nothing will.

            It can all remain a coincidence to you.

            For what it’s worth, journalists, editors AND paps acknowledge that for accurately sourced articles on the royals, the ‘sources’ are either Palace staffers or the royal themselves. It’s how it’s worked for years.

            This is reinforced every time there is a documentary about the royals and the media.

            Editors of mainstream media, paps, ex-royal staffers all confirm all of it.

            This is how we know for a fact that Camilla was Charles’s surrogate to the media during the war of the Wales. We know that every time there is an accurate story about William it comes straight ftom the middletons.

          4. I will start off by stating that I read stories all the time and/or see pap pictures and feel strongly that the celebrity, their PR staff or someone close to them tipped off the media.

            OK I apologize if my brain is not working here but I am kinda confused about the second and third paragraphs, are you stating that there was a court case that revealed the Middletons directly provided information to the paps? Are you saying that editors and paps have openly admitted to getting information from the Middletons? Will you please elaborate on those points? Also I am not following the second part of the second paragraph.

            I know that I follow the Cambridges more than I follow Camilla and for some reason I feel like I have come across solid and credible tidbits about Camilla tipping off the media, the Sun in particular, and for that fact Diana tipping off the media, and Charles’s friends and staffers tipping off the media but I have not come across those same tidbits about the Middletons except for the curious situation with Niraj Tanna. There is a two-part BBC documentary called Reinventing the Royals that came out in 2015, maybe it was discussed in the second part but I keep falling asleep before they get to William and Kate.

            Regarding Niraj Tanna, there is an interesting history there, apparently William and Harry loathe him, and he was the photographer that Harry had some kind of dust up with outside a nightspot, but he seemed to be on friendly terms with Kate and her family. I know that there was a legal case involving some pictures he took of Kate and her family, that case was quickly settled. AFAIK no “receipts” were produced but there was definitely a lot of educated guessing going on about how he seemed to be in the know about Kate’s movements.

            I am not resistant at all to the idea that the Middletons have interacted with the media, but given that their end-game was to get Kate married into the BRF, I find it hard to believe that they engaged in War of the Wales or Black Adder level tactics. Considering the target, that would be counter-productive at best, but could easily have turned out to be a kamikaze mission.

          5. Aaa: I am not just reading articles and deciding to make an educated guess.

            I work in media. I recognise a surrogate planted/ straight forward PR story when i see one.

            The Middleton surrogates are well known and include the editors of the Evening standard and the DM and the DM on Sunday. There are several journalists as well who are directly connected to the Middletons who supply accurate information or PR propaganda according to need. The goal is to promote Kate and themselves.

            They succeeded very well because the media from 2007 upto engagement was very favourable to Kate. A few snipping articles, but mostly favourable, calling her the perfect bride for William and the best thing that could potentially happen to him. This was when the Middle class Midfletons vs snobby aristos/royals narrative was crafted and it’s source is the editor of the DM on sunday. Blaming the Palace (and paps) for her difficulties including getting or keeping a job.

            Granted her image was further boosted when the engagement was announced, but their surrogates were already at work.

            Tanna is a curiosity in that he started to become a liability to the Middletons and so he was frozen out. His connections to the Middletons were valued by the media because he was a reliable source of accurate Middleton information and not because he had sixth sense, was lucky or possessed a well-oiled, paid machine that somehow enabled him to acquire this information. The curious thing is that he was hated by William and Harry for years yet managed to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the Middletons which extended to his providing copies of his pictures for family albums – that bit came out in the legal case.

            Btw, in the industry, an exclusive to magazine coupled with exclusive to one photographer is a red flag to deals being struck between subject, pap and magazine. Especially when the images are clear rather than grainy. It’s never hapstance. Especially when the subject is well guarded and elusive. A tanna specialty for years until he was frozen out.

            The legal case simply confirmed the Tanna connection though Kate won the case. There was speculation as to why Kate sued on this occasion with the finger pointed at William pressuring her to press charges.

            As for documentaries, there is one every few years on the theme of royalty vs the press. And every single time theee is always a revelation from the *accredited talking heads who admit how they get their information.

            *accredited in the sense that they are editors/journalists/ex-staffers of the royals or mainstream publications.

            There is one documentary about paps specifically ie how they covered the celebs and royals that was on C4 years ago which had a segment on the Middletons that flat out confirmed their links to media organisations/ people.

            Btw, that documentary on reinventing the rotals doesn’t go into depths on WK.

            It’s primary goal was to expose Mark Bolland and Charles. It shades light on how they planted stories in the press. It discusses some stories that have become facts in the public mind when at best they were *exaggrations and at worst made up lies to make Charles and Camilla look good after Diana’s death.

            *exaggarations / lies by Mark Bolland.

          6. What is the title of the Channel 4 documentary?

            So it seems like the court case being referenced is the one involving photos taken of Kate playing tennis, that case was settled so no information came out in the case itself but it did prompt the Sunday Express to do an expose about Kate taking legal action over pictures taken by a photographer that she’s chummy with but that her boyfriend and his brother loathe. ETA: Also Kate could have taken legal action against Tanna directly, and William allegedly was eager for her to do just it but she refused.

            The Express article states that Kate’s parents “are understood” to have asked Tanna for pictures for the family album, so that tidbit is part of an article about the court case and was not part of the court case itself.

          7. @Herazeus, thank you for that link to the Express article. Tanna clearly has been used and abused by the Middletons. How those photos possibly can be an invasion of privacy is beyond me–when taken in plain, even close view of Kate; when taken on a public footpath; when Kate showed no signs of distress at being photographed; and evidently Kate didn’t even ask him to stop. No harassment at all. There’s no evidence whatsoever of Tanna trying to get photographs of the Middletons inside their rented property, and it’s rather ridiculous for anyone to have suggested that an experienced, quite respected photographer such as Tanna would have done so in the first place. Obviously royally manufactured, fictional claims to support Kate’s cry of harassment. A tactic we’ve seen used several times since.

            And aaa, what I understand is that Kate did pursue legal action directly against Tanna himself in addition to the photo agencies. What the article makes clear is that Tanna could not afford to defend himself–a fact that the royal officials and Kate’s legal team must have known.

          8. I’m with you in thinking that it’s the formality of the weekend entire, and not simply the dressing up for church. One outfit change to church is cake, and well within the realm of “normality.” But I am inferring is that what they’re wanting to give the kids is the happy Christmas morning under the tree, the family hangout time in the evening. The way that Kate has described their Christmases sounds much like my family traditions and I love sharing that now with my girls. I kind of like the idea of Sandringham, personally, but I can imagine wanting to share my own experience with them as well.

            And while their outfits may be traditional they also look very similar to my church coat, my husband’s, and those of my girls. My coat is JCrew, though, and everyone else is from Nordstrom.

      2. Agreed; I think this is another instance of Will “making his own Court” along the lines that the DM and other papers discussed earlier this year with only those he’s deemed appropriate and trusted around him. How sad if he’s that paranoid. I can see Carole playing that up for all she’s worth to have him dependent on her.

        I really think Will dislikes a lot of traditions and what he feels are restrictions that he would do away with. He probably sees the Middletons as an extension of how things SHOULD be rather than how they are, despite the fact that his continued association with him has encouraged him to be even more entitled and petulant. Kate scraping and crawling behind him, nervously waiting to sign her name until he does, while Carole waits on Will’s every need and wiping crumbs from his royal lips does nothing to make the Boy King ever grow up.

        It’s a different relationship between monarch (a token position now) and the public now, but Will, and to an extent HM and PC all play a game of chicken with the public. People are concerned about losing a living tradition and maybe the patronage and public interest from a current monarchy, but are sick of entitled, work shy and unskilled people. There is no indication that Will is ever going to grow into the man he needs to be in order to be a King for today’s demanding world.

  18. Merry Christmas! Always a great blog. Is it me or does it look like Kate has had her upper lip done? They had to bring the kids out because of the going to the Middletons. Always thinking of the kids I mean PR?

  19. I enjoyed your take KMR on this outing. I smiled nearly through out.

    I was just so thrilled as well to see the little ones as yes it almost sounded like we weren’t going to see them for a long while after the Canada tour. I adore George in these dressed up outfits. I love knee socks on him…on any child they are adorable. Loved his coat too. He seems to be conscious of those cameras and his father doing his best to distract as soon as he got out of vehicle. Some of George’s expressions remind me so much of his grandmother Diana. Charlotte is spunky and pays no attention. She seems quite independent for so young. They both have great unique personalities. It is going to be fun watching them grow up even through these few glimpses we get.

    That church is gorgeous and seems to be out in the country. It is going to make a gorgeous place for a wedding. The history of the church was most fascinating to read. I love England because so much is so old and full of colorful stories.

    We haven’t seen much of the Middleton family this year so it was a nice treat to see the parents and James Middleton. I just don’t understand the relationship of James M. and Donna Air.

    I hope the Queen feels better soon. And my thoughts are with the Tindall family.

    1. I don’t get the James and Donna relationship either, but Donna has a child and I suspect that she feels the best Christmas experience for her child would be to be with her own family.

      I think the Cambridge kids are cute and yes, G has cute knees. With that coat, though, it looks like he’s in a skirt. What I don’t like about the shorts is that as the potential monarch of the 21st century, they’re making him look like a product of the 20th. It’s not timeless. It’s fossilized.

  20. Kate looks great, the best I have seen her in a while. At first I thought she got the botox and fillers right, not that I am going to rule that out, but I guess Christmas in Bucklebury really agrees with her. Also maybe her mother and sister are better fashion advisors than her paid dressers.

    When the Duke of Edinburgh slipped his coat off before going into the church, I was like “he looks spiffy, I want a better look at what he’s wearing” but I guess I should not hold my breath thinking that pictures will emerge of a coatless 95 year old recovering from a cold showing off his Christmas togs.

    George, Charlotte and Savannah look adorable.

    1. Phillip’s coat is beautifully lined; must be so comfortable to wear. There was a closeup somewhere of his trousers and cuff; beautiful woven wool, just divine.

    2. Philip isn’t even wearing his (ugly) red scarf this year! I know he’s Mr Navy which is why he refuses to wear gloves. But seriously, you’re 95, put on your damn scarf or you’ll never get over your cold.

    3. I thought Philip looked really well and spry, especially if he was ill. We talk about what a dapper dresser Charles is but he clearly got it fro his father, I think the DoE is just as dapper.

    4. For some reason the photo of Philip slipping off his coat really struck me. A 95 year old man, recovering from a cold, walking unaided into church, his wife still recovering–really quite a touching moment, no matter what status or setting.

      1. Yes! He’s keeping the Christmas routine just as he would if his wife was present. It is what one does because it is important to them. I’m guessing that he will tell her all about it when they are alone later in the day. I’ve seen the same attitude in my older relatives and it sustains them.

  21. Hello to all,

    I was really angry at W&K when I first read that they wouldn’t be at Sandringham for Christmas. I thought that the way they handled it last year was quite perfect : Christmas Eve with the royals, church with the royals with the presence of Kate’s family and then Christmas lunch with Kate’s family. It was very respectfull of both sides of the family.

    They organised it differently this year and I was disapointed but I can also understand that for the Middleton it can be annoying not to be home for Christmas.
    And when I saw the official pictures released from the church, I thought that it was a good way to handle the Christmas away from Sandringham : either ways, they walk to the church in front of the press, to worship in public as the future head of the church should do it.
    So, I am always very critical against W&K (because of the lack of work) but in this case I see not reason to be negative : of course it’s PR but their entire life is a big PR. And I think that it’s a good thing to have taken the children to church, because I see no reason why they shouldn’t… Or then Christmas is just about the presents which I think is quite sad if you’re christian.
    They did the job in allowing the photographesr to take pictures, as if they had been in Sandringham.

    I hope my comment is clear, it’s always difficult to give an opinion in a foreign langage.

    Have a nice day !

    1. You are right. The way they handled it last year was far more diplomatic, fair and mature. The signal they send out with the way they did it this year is “Seperated family”. The Royals are not only a family. They are a symbol for unity, discipline, strength, dedication… What is going on there? What’s next? First Brexit, then Bucklebexit? I really can’t see this Christmas with the Middletons as “modern take on monarchy”.

    2. I think the way they’ve handled it this year is selfish, inappropriate, and designed to attack the royal family. This was obviously at PR pap stroll to provide the “image” of William as family man, spending the holidays with his loving in-laws instead of the evil royals. Those evil royals who, through the family firm he refuses to support, provide every penny he and his spendthrift wife spend.

      What W&K have done here is mimic all the royal traditions, complete with pap stroll to church and the Boxing Day shoot. They aren’t spending a “normal” Christmas, they’re trying to make the Middleton Christmas the Royal Christmas.

      Complete with the Middleton clan deferring to The Prince, instead of W&K and their kids walking behind Carole and Mike as would happen in many “normal” families. Honor the elders and walk behind them? Not on your life. W&K two want their PR closeup and the Middletons have organized this entire stunt to make sure they get it.

      The Middletons aren’t welcome to stay at Sandringham and play act they are members of the royal family? Fine. Then Bill and Kate Middleton will play this ridiculous, public game at attack the royals. They’re using Christmas and their kids as a PR game. Nothing to admire here IMO.

      1. It’s the brave new “normal” court where they are like thee and me (with untold free millions of pounds). When is the Willy smackdown coming? What the heck is wrong with the real BRF?

          1. I doubt it. I suspect Charles has no idea how to deal with William, just as he had no idea how to deal with Diana. William knows that, jabs the knife into his father’s heart and twists. He’ll continue to get everything he wants, and do basically nothing in return.

            I see Charles as the last monarch of the extended realm. Everyone else will leave after HM passes, they’re only waiting out of respect. All that will be left is the UK, perhaps without Scotland. Once William takes over, what’s left of the UK will end the monarchy for good.

          2. @Nota I agree with the Commonwealth leaving once The Queen passes and little for Charles but barely for William. Hey then why doesn’t Charles spoil Harr likes he does with William?

          3. Well, I’m not so sure. This whole Bucklebury situation seems to be a symptom of something major going on. What if the family war is already going on? What if this pap stroll of the Cambridges came as a surprise for the Windsors? One of the photographers on location in Bucklebury was from Getty…. Isnt Chris Jackson kind of a Cambridge family friend? Hm, Im trying to channel my inner Mata Hari, but I still can’t put my finger on it….

            And regarding Charles not spoiling Harry: the reason might be that it’s simply not necessary. Harry is a mature and stable and reliable adult. He made mistakes (big time) but he is able to learn from his faults. That’s what being a normal human being is about. Walk, trip, fall, get back on your feet, find a better way, continue your path.

            Mentally unstable people will always repeat their mistakes and when everything falls apart they blame everyone else.

            Long story short: Charles can trust in Harry but not in William.

          4. @Greta, I meant will Charles fund Harry’s future wife clothes and will The Queen and Charles give them big homes in Kensington or in the country? I really hope Charles gives Clarence House to Harry once Charles is King.

          5. @Kitty: Sorry. Obviously I misinterpreted your thought. I’m still under the impression of a Christmas with my own mentally unstable parents. Wasn’t the best Christmas of all times, but still a happy time ๐Ÿ˜‰

          6. I’m not sure why anyone would think Harry isn’t spoiled. His life is also funded by Charles. He wants for nothing I’m sure. The major difference is that he is a bachelor (for now) so his life costs less compared to the Cambridges. He doesn’t have a wife or kids yet, which will increase his spending by a lot. Harry and his family I’m sure will be kept in luxury. I wouldn’t worry about them.

          7. Carter, I think of Harry as being far less spoiled due to PR. Charles willingly threw Harry under the bus while protecting William (both the drugs at Highgrove and the costume party. William was the instigator of both, Harry was punished William was protected).

            The difference in treatment of heir vs. spare isn’t just in the media, it is in the royal family. Harry hasn’t been nearly as protected, has had to own up to mistakes, and grown because of it.

          8. I agree that Harry at the very least seems less spoiled, but I was more commenting on the fact that I’m sure he’s still spoiled, just less than William.He certainly isn’t a self made man who lives in luxury because he earned it. I don’t think it makes him a bad person. In my opinion, there is no way a member of the royal family could grow up and not be spoiled.

          9. Carter, I agree. Whilst I do not think that Harry is as spoiled as William, I do think he he feels entitled to privilege, because this is all he has ever known. Even in the army, he had privileges stemming from being a member of BRF that other soldiers did not.

            What makes the public think he is without entitlement is that he is genuine with the public so they tend to overlook the small ways in which he demonstrates entitlement. This was clearly shown by his tone during the Afghanistan documentary interviews. He seemed at the time petulant and whinging about his favorite institution, the army, and I’m seeing it again with the statementgate and the press. Not that he doesn’t have a reason to whinge regarding the press, but the tone and (somewhat) the focus are off.

        1. As much as I would love for Charles to talk to wk about work ethic, I think at this point that wish is just as delusional as the people thinking that after years of not working, that wk will all of a sudden be worker bees when needed. =)
          Here’s to eternal optimism on both sides

      2. I am German and, naturally, we have a German Christmas once a year. And let me tell you, it is really fun. Of course, it’s not that kind of party I.e. Americans know as Christmas. It’s centered around family, it’s not glittery, noisy, party time. It’s festive. It’s delicious food. It’s the children, waiting for the Christkindl (Baby Jesus) to come to earth and bring happiness, joy, peace and presents. It’s that evening of the year when the family sits together around a beautiful tree, having a good time, children playing with their new toys, sharing memories, laughter (and booze :-)). At midnight a lot of people go to church together, sing, praise the lord and again….are having a good and heart warming time together. There is nothing strict or dark or spartanic about it. One of the few real differences is that we celebrate Christmas in the evening of December 24th.

        1. We celebrate Christmas on the 24th as well in Denmark – and we dance around the Christmas tree whilst caroling (and there’s a special song we sing when we dance around the entire house hand in hand).

          There’s also lots of delicious food which included finding the hidden almond in the christmas dessert.

        2. I love hearing about the different traditions from around the world!
          I had a friend scrim Spain and she said they would put their shoes out! Much prefer stockings, you can get more in them =)
          Art historian are you talking about the Kringle pastry?

        3. We are American, however my father’s family is full Norwegian (traced to the 800’s and don’t ask me how). We always celebrated Christmas Eve with father’s parents and then Christmas day with my mother’s father. It was fair to both as they weren’t the best of friends. What they did last year seems perfectly sensible.

          Now this isn’t where I intended to actually talk about this subject, but when I saw them get out of their car separately and walk quickly ahead of the Middleton’s looked anything but a happy, loving, we are all celebrating together Christmas and rather I am going to do my own thing and take the focus away from the Royal Family.
          Honestly I expected that they would all be walking to church together, instead of with their noses up in the air, clearly leaving the Middleton’s behind because they aren’t royal. That doesn’t sound like an exciting, inclusive Christmas with Kate’s family. To me it would have made a much better picture if they were all laughing together intermingled.
          In my opinion it appears that Kate now believes she is far better than even her own family. The Sandringham Christmas seemed a much happier affair without Kate and Will….that’s only my perception, but they appeared to have fun, whereas W&K looked miserable and looking for positive press.

          Anyways that’s my opinion and that and .50 will get you across town on the bus. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I’m going totally superficial first–the fashions. I thought Eugenie looked great, but hated Bea’s hairband and belt. I usually like Sophie, but her hat was awful, took away from a flattering dress. Loved Louise’s coat, but her dress was too short. Camilla fine, but dapper Charles’ camel coat looks worn out. The Cambridges, I liked Kate’s outfit but hate the matchy-matchy. They are not a family of dolls. And they need to let George stop copying William and have a look of his own.

    Now the serious stuff. I think this rival Christmas is partly the Queen’s fault. I would hate the Sandrinham Christmas. Children locked away in the nursery, everything run to a timetable, constant clothes changing. This surely isn’t the way the the Queen celebrated Christmas as a child. And why aren’t the children normally allowed to go to church? Sure they might be restless or noisy, but there are remedies for that. And why should the RF be forced to gobble lunch to watch the Queen’s speech? Seems kind of self-centered of her. So I’m inclined to understand why they want to escape the stilted and dated formality.

    Why does the royal go to two Christmas services?

    1. Children are welcome in the local church, they attend this service as said by others.

      The royal kids are not locked away in the nursery away from everyone else. They do apparently eat at a separate kids space, which frankly would be nicer for the kids. They get to spend time playing with their cousins, the people that understand their role in the world and “have your back” as a royal. They have a silly Christmas filled with HM singing and playful gifts. Oh the horror.

      W&K are denying their children the ability to be part of their extended family. They are isolating these children from the other members of the royal family who could be such great support to them now and in the future. William who freaks out so much about trust issues, and he’s denying his kids close relationships with young members of the family who have no reason to sell them out.

      I suspect HM thinks it is up to the discretion of the parents at what age to bring the kids. If they can keep their children under pretty good control, they bring them to church. Savannah is there, B&E went for years, William and Harry attended when young as did Zara and Peter, etc.

      Several members of this generation (Zara, etc.) talked recently about how much they love Christmas at Sandringham and the traditions. They embrace it and clearly have a wonderful time. All these stories about how horrible the royal christmas is, given how much the rest of the family love it? I can only think they come from the Middleton PR hack who is trying to convince people the royals are terrible and W&K are justified in all their anti-royal actions.

      1. “They are isolating these children from the other members of the royal family”

        This is what you do to gain power over, and to manipulate your targets – divide and conquer. The Midds have done this with weak Willy and now the kidlets. I hear Carol right now- “who loves you best, Georgie, Char? Nobody loves you as much as we do”. Those kids are being groomed as puppets.The Midds are sick puppies.

        1. The children aren’t the only ones isolated. I think WK have isolated themselves, clearly by choice, so sadly makes their kids isolated.

    2. I used to think how horrible it sounded to have such a strict timetable at Sandringham, but now I think it’s much more respectful of the people who are working there. Perhaps that isn’t the reason for the strictness, but how horrible would it be to count on getting home to your own family in time for a late dinner on Christmas Day and you can’t, because the people you’re working for are dilly-dallying? That said, I do think Christmas Day at Sandringham sounds anything but relaxing.

        1. Maybe if you grow up with it it’s lovely? But… I don’t know. I love tradition. I love dressing up. But an entire formal weekend, much of it away from my kids, sounds exhausting. I understand their desire to spend a year here and there apart. However, I think they should do that at Amner. They could still do the Church walk but have the rest of the time be in a different tradition.

    3. I have opposing thoughts about children in church. As some one who grew up in the church, I see how you need to be exposed to the traditions and how it’s done at an early age. My BIL is a minister and my sister got a lot of flak for putting my niece in the nursery during the church service but an hr is a long time for a kid to stay still. She stayed for part of the beginning and then she would go get her for part of the end.
      As an adult who generally dislikes most kids, hearing them crying and misbehaving makes me want to rip my uterus out of my body, I can appreciate not being subjected to it. I also understand that I’m in the minority and it’s the 1st view that teaches them how to behave properly.
      I’m working on my patience levels =)

      1. I need to join your minority as I feel the same way. There’s a significant difference between learning to behave in public (not being disruptive to others or the situation) and whatever the family dynamic dictates at home.

        For a service to be meaningful, a child needs to be able to understand what is going on at some level. I doubt Charlotte and George had a clue. George would have been told to be quiet; if he is anxious, it may be because of such directives as well as being too young to understand what is going on.

        I think you can introduce very young children to religion at home through stories and general behaviour ie by living your principles. Should formal religious education follow, maybe 6 is a good time to send to Sunday School? When I was a child, we stayed for part of the service and were then shepherded to SS activities. As we grew older and understood more, we attended more of the formal service.

      2. Every church i attended in childhood came with a sunday school for the kids. The adults go into the service and all kids below 14yrs old head to sunday school.

        Sunday school was like a creche for the congregants. Church volunteers took turns to help out with sunday school.

        For the most part we were taught bible stories, songs, lessons etc in a fun filled hour or however long the service lasted and then went home.

        As an adult, the bible stories i remember tend to come from sunday school rather than church.

      3. At my childhood church there was (and remains) Sunday school. For Christmas Eve, there is a special Children’s Mass. Shortened, but still a full mass. Since it happens after 4pm, it “counts” as attending mass on Christmas day.

        They dim the lights near the end and everyone sings Silent Night. During the song, Santa quietly walks in, kneels to pray next to the Christ child at the altar, then leaves. He has work to do that night, don’t you know? But first he has to remind everyone of the reason for the season.

        There are 8pm and midnight masses too. Children are not forbidden to attend those, but due to the Children’s Mass earlier in the day, the evening two are mostly child-free. Ditto the Christmas Day service. Most families take advantage of the Children’s Mass and don’t attend on the 25th.

  23. I just can’t find anything negative to say about these photos. Kate looked gorgeous, George and Charlotte were completely adorable as usual (and it was a nice surprise since we didn’t think we would see the children). William looked grumpy as usual, but that’s nothing new and barely worth remarking on.

    Why do people complain that this walk to church is a PR-motivated “pap stroll” when the one at Sandringham is clearly the exact same thing?

    That said, I think it was a mistake for W&K to not release a family photo – or photo of the kids – for Christmas. Didn’t most other royal families release holiday photos?

    1. Sandringham Christmas is a decades-long tradition. When the monarch attends the local church, with everyday people, and her family comes along. It is a sign of unity, from the family that is supposed to be representatives of their people.

      Instead we have W&K’s PR hack banging on constantly about how this is all about a “normal” Christmas, not a royal one. W&K turn around and do a royal-style pap stroll to the church, complete with W&K leading the way instead of being behind Mike and Carole. They organize a separate Boxing Day Shoot, just like the royals do.

      They are doing their best to have a royal christmas, they’re just having a Royal Middleton Christmas. Hopefully because HM has finally put her foot down and kicked the Middletons off of her private estate.

      Oh it is all “private” and “normal”, but here’s the time we’re going to be here, we’re going to pose for the paps, bring along the children we hide all the time and only bring out as PR props. We’ll sue multiple times about privacy in public places (she just won another one of those recently), but here we are, prancing around in a public place, happily getting photographed, and not claiming invasion of privacy. Allowing the photos of the hidden children to be taken.

      Obvious PR is obvious.

      1. I’m surprised that they didn’t say something like Kate decided to go to church in Bucklebury because she was taking attention away from the Royal Family and didn’t want to be a distraction.

  24. I was laughing watching the video of Kate leaving the church. She was clearly in a tizzy to get her hair and scarf thingy just so before leaving the church before the so “naturally” staged walk to the car. I can’t help but wonder if the rest of the royal family at Sandringham was secretly thrilled knowing W&K would not be there. It is a shame that Charlotte and George did miss out being with their younger cousins because their parents have chosen to distance themselves from the rest of the royal family. Lastly given the fact that this was the end of the year of the Queens 90th birthday milestone, celebrating Christmas with her should have been a priority for the Cambridges.

  25. Who knew that the Dolittles/Middletons could get even more appalling? What a bunch of maroons. This is the face of hubris, smugness and vile spite. I have nothing good to say it’s so sick. Especially in the use of the kidlets. No wonder there was no Christmas card- this was their plan, this hypocritical pap stroll.

    Meanwhile, the BRF look so fresh, natural and happy and relaxed in each other’s company.

    1. I’d guess that any occasion without the Cambridge’s would be more relaxing and less tense for everyone concerned.

      I’m surprised that none of the royal reporters have signaled the schism between the Windsor’s and Cambridge’s and competing narratives. The DM wouldn’t given their ties to the Middleton’s but where is Tom Sykes? And even Richard Palmer if he is in form?

      1. The DM has called them out for their timeliness. I didn’t read the article, just saw the headline. They should have called them out for their work ethic but timliness is as far as they’re willing to go. Their version of a subtle dig.
        Jen are you in the flooding areas of Australia?

          1. Thanks, I could get the pics. It looks like waterfalls instead of rain coming down.
            Uluru national park is on my list of places to go. =)

          2. Indiana Joanna โ€“ Thanks, I’m in an apartment and nowhere near Uluru so all’s fine here! It’s the heat you have to watch – we’ve been warned to keep air con on.

            Sarah โ€“ the pictures are just amazing; I’ve never seen Uluru like this.

        1. I think that was about bad manners and how they kept everyone waiting in Canada. The unofficial excuse was sorting out the children, to which the journalist said royal tours are not for children.

          1. Sorting out the children when they had a full time nanny in tow?!?!

            Not to mention the other 11 members of their entourage travelling with them.

    1. I think its truly obvious once The Queen passes a lot of Commonwealth countries will leave the UK leaving Charles with so little and there might not even be a monarchy for William. Scotland and Northern Ireland may leave as well!!! Truly shows William and Kate’s Candian tour was a total bust!

      1. Yes, the 5 or so years after the Queen passes will determine the fate of the monarchy in the Commonwealth. I don’t believe Prince William will be king.

  26. Thank you KMR for the post. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I find the Cambridges and Middletons photo op so contrived. Using your children for your own PR game is disgusting. Yet they continue use George and Charlotte all the time. They cry privacy. Drag them out when they need good PR. What a bunch of low life classless scum. The CamMidds have no shame. Smug and social climbing at its best.

    With that said. I will say that Christmas with the children was probably more relaxing at Castle Middleton. In contrast, to the more formal sense at Sandringham. Yet, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have spilt the holiday with the Royal Family and the Middleton family. Sandringham is more formal yet these children are royal. And the Queen and Prince Philip have been under the weather. They probably would have loved to see the children. They are getting on in years. They may not have many more Christmases left. Also Prince Charles would have loved to have seen his grandchildren and enjoyed the time with them. I feel like they punish Charles. That William has the lingering issues with his father. That they punish him with not seeing the kids. Waity just goes along because she doesn’t have an original thought in her head. This is just my opinion. Enough of my ranting.

    1. I agree Eleanor, this is williams way of punishing his father. I get the sense he prefers the middleton clan to spending time with his dad and cams.what makes me sad is that it is universally accepted that after Christmas dinner with the royals camilla goes to her own house to see her children and grandchildren. This must leave charles with just harry, which is sad given the Middletown see more of the kids regularly.

        1. I feel bad for Charles. He may a crap husband to Diana. Yet I do not think was a bad father to William and Harry. I think by losing they’re mother at such a young ages. Charles and HM over compensated with William especially. You reap what you sow. He is an extremely spoiled man child. That has been given way too much time to flounder. I understand he wants to be a hands on parent. How hands on is he or Kate? They have Maria. He hides behind his own children. Along with his “when I grow up/fake job”? How many hours has he clocked in this year? As for Waity she just looks so not at ease with her children. Charlotte is going to give her a run for her money. By the way who carries a baby while carrying a clutch? A little hap hazard to me. Also while walking why does she never look at her children? I find it odd.

          1. For all the ‘hands-on full-time parents’ talk, W+K do not look particularly practiced with their children in this little turn to and from the car. They just don’t look at each other; it’s hard to get a sense of intimacy between them. Nanny Maria does most of the familiar, day-to-day care, and of course, we have seen her on many occasions taking the children for walks. I guess it depends on your definition of ‘hands on’; for aristocracy it might be a wildly different proposition than for the rest of us?

            I agree with you that these children are being used by their parents to garner attention and positive PR. The kids will spit it back at their parents in spades when they work it out. I am hoping that George will be more temperamentally drawn to his grandfather, Charles, and Charlotte to Sarah Chatto.

          2. It just occurred to me that maybe the reason William and Kate walked the way they did, with her so far behind him, was so the photographers could get clear photos of each of them.

          3. That was exactly my thought, KMR. I wish they’d reversed it, though. They could have had the Middletons go first and then followed. It would have made photographing them easier as well because there’d be no chance of catching an M in the background.

  27. Kate entered the church with a suede clutch bag. Exited the church without one.
    George entered the church with his coat buttoned one way, exited the church with it buttoned the opposite way.
    William entered the church clenching his jaw. Exited the same way.
    Charlotte was cute and the most appealing of any of these people.

    1. I still can’t figure out the button switch from one side to the other. I’ve had a peacoat that allowed L or R buttoning. Never seen it in a child’s coat. Learn something new every day.

  28. I hope Christmas was a happy day for all who observe the holiday. And, I send greetings and best wishes to all who are celebrating Hanukkah, too.

    The photos of Charlotte and George were a delight to see. However, it does seem to me that William is just so happy to be getting his own way. I, for one, am not a fan of the Midds and they surely know how to take over, don’t they? Sad, that Mike was relegated to the back of the line, so to speak. Everyone else in his family seems just fine with handling the limelight.

    My sympathy goes out to the Tinsdales So sad to have lost their baby. Little Mia is such a very cute and all over the map little girl. I hope the couple will find comfort from one another and from loved ones and that they can have another precious child when they are ready to do so.

    Such a special time for people to be together. With HM and Prince Phillip ill, I don’t think it would have been good for the children to be around them . Still, for Charles to be separated from his grandchildren so much is very cruel.

    On a fashion note, I thought Kate made some creative additions to er coat and overall look.
    She did look nice! The children are really cute. That Charlotte is something else! George is darling, too.

    Sad that Christmas was turned into a PR stunt for W and K. They surely know how to use those children! Carole was in her glory! And, like said above, what was under that cape?

  29. In the first place, who carries a clutch purse with one child in your arms and another on the hoof? No mother ever, and I notice she managed to shed it before the grand exit, because what with greeting the parish priest, keeping a hold of one’s daughter, and compulsively flicking and tossing one’s pageant hair, the only place to clutch your clutch is between one’s knees, then how does one walk to the car? (Pippa Tip #983) It’s not Ascot and she’s not a horse.

    happy new year to especially the savvy Dukes of Earl, Sixer and Herazeus. Witty women of the world unite!

    1. To make sure their church walk would pull reporters away from Sandringham and overshadow everything else, of course! It’s all supply and demand. Why lower the demand of the church pics by providing a supply of pics of the children?

    2. It’s to allow you to grab your own copy of the photo of each child from a web site. You could also DL a photo of each parent, if you want to, but the child photo’s will be there for you to choose. It’s their gift to you, the public.

  30. I think W&K are being selfish. The first thing I thought of when I saw the pics of them going to church with the Middleton was, “Here are 6 unemployed adults who can get together any time they want.” A slight exaggeration, but not much. Meanwhile, Christmas is the one time the queen gets to be with her entire family, and who knows how many Christmases she has left? They could have easily gone to the Middletons on the 27th and done Christmas there. It’s not like opening presents and spending time with your family has to happen on Dec. 25th. The reason most families have a real decision to make in regards to family/in-laws and the holidays is because work schedules preclude them from easily getting together any other time. That’s not the case here. Part of marrying into the royal family means you forego the holidays with your family in deference to the royal family and the role you all play.

    I think the queen made a mistake by allowing the Middletons to join the family last year. Give an inch and they take a mile.

    And how much of their decision to not release a Christmas picture this year was to guarantee their church walk would overshadow everything else? This whole thing shows William’s lack of maturity. His one job is to support his grandmother and monarch and instead he wants to make sure he gets the attention. They don’t want the children to ever be seen by human eyes unless it can serve the purpose of giving the middle finger to his family and the role/institution he will someday inherit.

    1. (I’m replying to my own comment because I have more thoughts and the option to edit already went away.)

      Remember, William said in an interview for one of the recent documentaries about the queen that he should probably get around to asking her for advice on what it’s like to be the monarch (implying he’s never spoken to her about it which blows my mind) so of course he should be spending time with the Middletons rather than taking time to learn from his family.

      William does not respect his grandmother. In his world, her sole purpose is to spoil him and make him feel like he’s making good life choices. I loved my grandparents and would take every opportunity to listen to their advice and stories and none of their stories ever started with, “Well, I remember once when Winston Churchill…”

      1. William’s words correct an often told ‘truth’ that when he spent weekly afternoons at Windsor as a teen, he was receiving tutelage from the Queen about his future role.

        1. The royal strategy is probably to put memes and images out there to craft the image/illusion of a future head of state carefully prepared and groomed from childhood for his destiny. Stories like “weekly teas” with the queen are part and parcel of this objective. Gives him legitimacy. So his future “subjects” will assume he’s gotten the best job training possible and is fit to rule.

    2. @Lilibet; George won’t have a sense of duty or how to be a royal. Neither will Charlotte. But I don’t see a monarchy for William to inherit anyways

  31. Other posters have all already said everything I would have said. So all I will add is that I hope the Queen gets well soon.

    If this is, God forbid, Philip or the Queen’s last Christmas I wonder if William will feel guilty for putting on this disrespectful display. Somehow I doubt it.

    When Charles becomes King the proverbial poop is going to hit the fan you guys. I see this as a clear sign that there will be a war between the House of Windsor and the House of Middleton. Let’s pop some popcorn and put our feet up because this is going to be quite a show.

    1. I think it’s already started! No need to wait until Charles is king. Between William’s reluctance and adversarial ways and the ridiculousness surrounding Harry’s new romance I think there is a lot more drama to come! We will need popcorn indeed!

    2. Charles has more control over William now because Charles pays the bills. When Charles become King, William becomes the Duke of Cornwall and will have millions at his disposal. IF a war erupts between the House of Windsor and the House of Middleton, William may arguably have more resources to fight that war than Charles.

      1. True, but William would first have to be created as the 22nd Prince of Wales by Charles, much like HM did for Charles at age nine. The Duchy of Cornwall is not an automatic inheritance for the eldest son of the monarch.

        Lack of ‘inheriting’ the duchy may be what finally brings William to heel. It’s a 20+ million pound purse per year with almost a billion pounds in assets. William has already sat in on the Prince’s Council meetings which advise the Charles on how to run the duchy, but we’ll see if William becomes the Duke of Cornwall.

        Aside, if William does ‘inherit’ it, I wonder what he will do with Highgrove House. It’s not like he’s keen to move from Anmer Hall.

        1. Actually, I meant created the Duke of Cornwall, not the Prince of Wales. It’s still not automatic though. You can be the Prince of Wales and not the Duke of Cornwall and vice versa.

          1. Yep you can be Duke of Cornwall without being the Prince of Wales and vice versa.

            If the heir is the Duke of Cornwall and not the Prince of Wales it means that the monarch hasn’t gotten around granting the POW title.

            If the heir is the Prince of Wales and not the Duke of Cornwall, it means the heir has not met the criteria to be the Duke of Cornwall, usually it means that the heir apparent pre-deceased his son. For example if Charles pre-deceased William before he (Charles) becomes King, William will not become the Duke of Cornwall because he does not meet the criteria, namely he is not the eldest son of the current monarch.

          2. William will automatically become duke of Cornwall and inherit the duchy upon Charles becoming king, as he will be the eldest son of the monarch. He does not automatically become Prince of Wales. He needs to be invested as Prince of Wales. Prince of Wales is just a title, there is no income attached to it. Once Charles ascends the throne William will no longer have to depend on his father for income.

        2. Becoming the Duke of Cornwall is automatic as long as the heir meets the criteria and William does, and since he is over 21, the income comes directly to him. The Prince of Wales is granted.

          Charles became the Duke of Cornwall on February 6, 1952, the date his grandfather died and his mother became Queen. He became the Prince of Wales on July 26, 1958.

  32. What’s sad is that, through a surprising turn of events, Zara & hubby did not attend Christmas lunch. From reports, Zara & Will were simpatico about the demands of the RF. The younger cousins could have met and played with each other this Christmas, building relationships. Instead, P&C were set apart at BuckleSham House with no kids of their near age to play with, only adults to herd them through the holidays. Isolation. Not good.

    1. As you say, the sad turn of events makes W&K’s deliberate separate Christmas and staged walk an acutely rude gesture towards his family. I am not sure that the Queen’s absence allowed the presence of Savannah & Isla in the church for the first time. The fact is that other royal children were there, so could have George & Charlotte. I feel more for Charles and Philip. Charles for being ignored by his son. Philip for walking unaided to the church and respectfully removing his coat before he goes inside. He is truly the symbol of another generation who lived with both stamina and grace and created traditions that we honour today. I wouldn’t miss any Christmases with him if I was his great son.

      Having said that, I am officially a Charlotte sugar and was delighted that William decided for whatever his reasons to give us this Christmas stroll with the cute kids. It was better than a Christmas picture.

      I wish KMR and everybody here to enjoy the rest of your holidays and have a healthy and peaceful new year.

  33. No waves. No smiles. No “Merry Christmas, everyone!” What was he hoping to achieve by this? What benefit does it bring? Is it purely spite? Does anyone else detect something sinister in this man? Has his Spencer side emerged into the light?

    1. I firmly believe his Spencer side has come out fully.

      And when i think about his Spencer temperament, i pity all his family and especially Kate. When a Spencer is disagreeable, they are especially hell on their spouses.

    2. This is exactly the point I made recently when reviewing the video of him and Kate attending their first public Christmas event in Dec. 201. He was waving, smiling and shouting to the crowd. Now he won’t even smile. What has happened? He should realize by now how important it is to acknowledge the crowd…

    3. I know, right? It’s Christmas morning. People have been waiting for hours to see you. Can’t you wave and smile a bit? William is such a grouch.

  34. Furthermore, he’s completely lost sight of the true purpose of the media in his life. To put himself out there in order to make a meaningful connection with the British people. That’s what it’s all about, Willy Boy. Instead, he acts like a celebrity being forced to relinquish a bit of privacy. What kind of favor does he think he’s doing for everyone, merely walking a few steps from car to church door? Bring something else to the table. Perhaps a bit of humanity?

  35. In light of the obviously preplanned Christmas church stroll with photographers, I’m not entirely convinced on the motivations of William and Kate spending the Christmas with the Middletons. If they wanted a quiet holiday, why the publicity event? I don’t believe William sanctioned return to the strategy of his youth where a ‘public photo opportunity’ was planned in order to leave the rest of the holiday undisturbed. With the Queen seriously unwell at Sandringham, this is upsetting.

    Furthermore, I have reservations with trotting out George and Charlotte for unofficial Royal duties when several years ago they made a serious plea for George’s privacy. I do understand that these are not paparazzi but sanctioned photographers so therein lies a difference, but the reticence of Kate and Prince William to have their children photographed even when it would be appropriate makes including their children in this publicity opportunity inconsistent with their previous actions and requests.

    I sense a change in PR tactics and I hope it’s not a last chance effort by Kensington Palace to reverse the recent slide in popularity. Using ones own children as a publicity draw is never a good idea. If Prince William and Kate do only one thing in 2017, I would like them to hire better press officers.

    Gah, I’m so disappointed in these two and their press advisors. ?

    1. It looks to me that the press strategy is working as evidenced by the overwhelming coverage of the pap stroll compared to that of the real royals. Though I do think it only works because they brought the little props. I also wonder how this was worked out, with all the staging that went on. This was discussed and planned in detail and I wonder whose idea it was.

      It’s clear that Willy wants to stick it to the royal family, but the real question is why? That’s the real story and one that no reporter seems to be interested in exploring.

      It’s also rather pathetic how, even though Willy treats the media like crap, they keep coming back for more. All they are is free sanitised advertising with nary a single, choice, juicy tidbit to make it interesting. If, indeed, Willy has declared all out war, you would think someone would be smart enough to capitalise on it. As someone above mentioned, where is everybody? Does rare personal access to the holy kidlets behind closed doors make sycophantic believers of professionals? Or does the threat of litigation cow them so much that they have surrendered their spines?

      Similarly, are the queen and Charles so cowed and threatened by Willy, too, that they will sacrifice all dignity of the position, their legacies, just to thrust a great pretender on the realm, a pathetic paper doll? It’s like everyone’s given up.

      1. When the rarely seen Cambridge kids are dragged to church, of course photographers are there, while the ‘real’ royal pap stroll, a bit drab and predictable, comes in second. The Cambridge’s used their trump card and bet they had greater leverage than the rest of the royal family and they were right. Coverage favoured them. It was a message to William’s family that he holds dominance (popularity) and will decide how things work for him and his family. I think that means deciding on the level of work undertaken (or not) and how his thirsty in-laws are treated. Of course, the Queen and Charles have set up this scenario over the years, driven by perpetuation of their streak of unearned status and unearned money. There is no thought to what the nation needs. None.

        Meanwhile, William and Kate know that their kids provide the winning formula: (1) They are young, innocent and cute (2) Provide a ‘get out of work’ card for their lazy parents (3) Are a distraction from their parents’ all-encompassing ineptness.

        Maven, I wonder what it will take to break the cycle of sycophancy from the press. It’s not as if these media ‘insiders’ get anything more than tittle-tattle from family members who do nothing but perpetuate petty jealousies toward each other. But the public doesn’t demand anything more either, preferring their daily dose of gossip to anything approaching a critical questioning of the need for a monarchy. Things will change only when inertia gives way to a forensic assessment by real journalists of what amounts to greed and self-interest by one family and their hangers-on.

      2. I think the release of the photo of Charles and the Queen in a fairly casual pose was a response to Williy’s tantrum. It came out after the news of the a Middleton Christmas. I also think that the younger kids walking out at Sandrigham were also added to show that they aren’t as stuffy and Will pretends them to be.

        Besides, there is the trial about the topless photos coming in 2017 and the press is going to cover that, confirming how Will and Kate skipped the Paralympics for fun in the sun.

        Charles knows how to play the press too. He is being subtle but I bet his press people are looking at the comments and getting a sense of the reaction of the general public. Most don’t like the Middletons and a rival court with Carol in charge won’t play as well as willy thinks.

        2017 will be very interesting..

        1. That photo of HM and Charles was taken in May. I think it was always going to be released no matter what William did.

      3. Maven, Yes, I worked. That is what worries me. What I meant about new press advisers was that using their children as publicity bait is a bad strategy. Do you think William and Kate would have made the Times front page if it was just the two of them strolling to the church? Perhaps not. They had to use their children to get there.

        Using their children for bait in a publicity game with the other royals is a terrible strategy in my opinion. This is why they need new press officers.

        Whoever advised William and Kate that trotting Charlotte and George before sanctioned photographers at Christmas in a PR war was a good idea should be shot, particularly after all the whinging over privacy. The reversal of the decision not to have their kids photographed unless absolutely necessary is the change in tactics I am sensing. I predict we will see them more, particularly when William and Kate wish to stick two fingers to Clarence House and, in some sense, Buckingham Palace.

        I feel terribly for the Queen.

        1. Don’t feel too bad for the Queen. She has made it abundantly clear this past year that she does and will continue to prop W&K up at all cost.
          They were front and center during her 90th year, with the diplomatic reception picture finale. She herself, promoted eaaa numerous times.

          QEII must be of the opinion pampering and placating william is in the best interest for the future continuation of the monarchy.
          Which is pretty ironic coming from the daughter of a second son never meant to be king.

          W&K do not have the stamina or personality to be sovereign and consort. Instead, the firm and press shit all over the one guy who seems tailor made for the top job in modern times.

          And what do the cambs do to return the Queen’s favor… Skip off to BB and KM wears the queen’s earrings to church. The nerve.

          The press are biding their time.

          1. Of course she will support them, but I understand she does not enjoy strife amongst her family members. There must have been a terrible disagreement for William and Kate to do this.

            Maybe they have been asked to do more work by the Firm?

          2. There’s a part of me that wonders if HM even cares what happens after she passes. She’s lived a good long life. She’s reigned for most of it. And her legacy is pretty positive. She could just be thinking “Who cares? I’ll be long dead when it’s William’s turn. Not my problem.”

  36. DM trying the story again that they’re moving to London to be full-time royals to help out the Queen. Pointing again to *thinking* (no proof) that they’ve put money down at Wetherby.

    William and Harry didn’t start at Wetherby until they were roughly 5 (William 4.5, Harry weeks from 5). If they move to London, I don’t see it happening and their son going to this school until he is 5 or 6.

    I could honestly see them never moving to London and having their kids attend school in Norfolk. Then a day school at 8 instead of boarding school.

    1. Pretty much the same article from the last few years about how they’ll be in London at KP and yadda-yadda and are ready to work!

      Just change some details with the kids and voila, reuse it…

    2. At a slow news time this story is trotted out again? The Cambridge’s will live wherever gives them the greatest amount of cover from prying press or family. EAAA has also provided cover for William; we have no idea how many hours he actually worked or how often (apart from a photo op with Granny) or what charity benefited from his salary. Stepping up ‘to help the Queen’? Watching Welsh rugby and men’s Wimbledon is the most the Queen will entrust them with.

    3. Nota- Like you, I think a move to London is not in the cards either. They are settled in Norfolk and relatively happy there so unless there is a reason to go back to London permanently, it is unlikely to happen. I don’t particularly care where they settle (PC and C spend most of their time at Highgrove House and Birkhall as a comparison), but I hope that excuse that Norfolk is too far for engagements does not start to pop up.


    So now after all the backlash about William disrespecting the Queen with his Middleton pap stroll on Christmas that took attention away from the royals at Sandringham the Daily Mail is reporting that Will and Kate are moving to KP permanently next year to “help the Queen”.

    Note: The uniform for Wetherby School consists of long trousers. So if posh upperclass boys can wear long trousers at school, there really is no reason why George always has to wear shorts. I have seen pictures of Andrew, Edward, Will and Harry wearing long trousers. This is just Kate’s preference because she has to make sure her photo props, I mean children look as royal as possible at all times.

    I really hope the Queen recovers soon. For me personally, I often get sick if I am under too much stress. The Queen lost two of her bridesmaids the past month or so including Margaret Rhodes who was her best friend. Plus her granddaughter Zara lost her baby. PLus there has been a lot of negative press coming Harry’s way after statementgate. Plus whatever is going on with William, and I believe that he may have had an argument with Philip to refuse to attend what may be Philip’s last Boxing Day shoot.

    The Queen is under too much stress. She is grieving her best friend on top of everything else. I know I always manage to get a stomach bug or sinus infection when I am under a lot of stress. William is being a brat.

    1. Haha I said on a post from the other day at least the articles of them eager to fill their diary with engagements hadn’t started because no one would believe them! I spoke too soon=)

      1. Easier for them to bash Harry than to bash W&K. Always has been thus with the media: the studious golden boy Will and the alcoholic loser Harry.

  38. I don’t know if this is appropriate or not so I’m sure KMR will decide.
    I’m actually sadden by the death of Carrie fisher, not becuase I’m a Star Wars fan(not really) although Kate could take lessons from Princess Leia, she was smart, not helpless and saved herself but because of her work with mental health and addiction. She talked openly about her struggles with having bipolar in way that is relatable to people. She gave both sides names that described how she was when manic and when depressive.
    I wish William and Kate would take note and do more. Kate’s asinine reasoning for wanting to work with mental health should have been a clue to how it was going to be handled.

    1. +1. Carrie Fisher was honest and brave about her mental health and addiction issues. I can’t even write the names of the trio โ€“ pretenders, nothing of substance โ€“ in the same comment. RIP Carrie Fisher.

    2. I’m so sad. I grew up with a mom suffering from bipolar disorder and listening to Carrie talk about it helped me understand some of it.

      My dad has some stories of working with her and only has glowing things to say about her wit and kindness. RIP Carrie.

      1. If KP put out a statement about Carrie Fisher and mental health right now, especially if they promoted Heads Together while doing so, they would be crucified for cashing in on her death. Carrie’s fans would give KP hell if they did that. I would give them hell if they did that.

  39. People living in a bubble, or those with big egos, often don’t realize that others can see right through them. It was the secret ski holiday in France that finally confirmed my suspicions about W&K. Then I did some searching and found this forum, where I discovered multitudes who have reached the exact same conclusions. I wonder if internet/social media/phone cameras will prove their undoing. When will they realize that they’re not fooling anyone? That people know exactly how the p.r. machine works? If/when they finally do so, will it be too late? It’s a brave new world. The number of minutes they spend at engagements can be reported instantly, for goodness sake. There are 300+ comments here by people from anywhere and everywhere who can see the situation plainly for what it is. Something is going to break. It has to. The ways of the 21st century have caused disruption in business, technology, and now government. Inevitably the monarchy will experience disruption as well. And I don’t think W&K will weather the storm successfully.

    1. I’m confused. Was this his official Christmas card that he sent out to everyone, or did he make this card privately and sent it to this family? I would assume that his public Christmas card would have been reported on before Christmas and not outed on instagram days after, right?

      1. I don’t know. Usually the Christmas cards from William, Kate, and Harry are more like postcards than this and are never signed personally by the royal – just a printed statement. Since this was sent personally to the family from Harry, who wrote a message and signed it, this may be Harry’s “private” Christmas card which he sent out to people he actually knows, and there may be a “public” card that gets sent to regular people who sent in letters. We’ll have to wait and see. There are royal watchers who write to Harry every year and when they get replies they post them on blogs or social media. Gert’s Royals is one who writes to the royals, so when she gets her card from Harry and posts about we’ll know whether this card is his private one or public one.

  40. W & K looked lovely but they did NOT seem happy at all to me. Kate’s smile seemed lackluster and even more forced than usual. William just looked surly. And who goes into church with two young children and no toys, coloring books nothing for them to do for an hour? it’s just weird. What a sad christmas they must have had.

    1. Goodness, the mistakes in that article are bad. The chart for royal ladies first five years of royal work is incorrect. George was not born in Kate’s 2nd year as a royal, he was born in her 3rd year as a royal. Also, why are Felipe and Letizia in the “Losers” column? The negatives the articles stated are not on them but on others. Why should that make them losers?

    2. Hmmm. I think it’s interesting that she has them in the winners column because of heads together. What parameters is she using to base the success of it? I can’t tell you what it does except the catch phrase of “end the stigma of mental health” issues. Then puts William in the loser column for not being prepared but says Kate is??? Bwahahahaha
      We always knew they fell short in the work arena. At least they were honest about that!
      I don’t think I knew fergie was involved in the panama papers scandal.
      Why put feeling and Letiza in the losers column for canceling a state dinner when their country was struggling for a majority government? That should be respected!
      Thanks for the entertaining read =)

  41. I read above that Chris Jackson was at Sandringham for Christmas. So would Tash be with him, or did they spend Christmas apart? How much of an entourage would Kate need when staying with her parents, besides security detail? Really not a big deal, just a small point I wondered about.

    1. Photos at Sandringham were credited to him so he was there. I don’t see why Kate would need Tash. Pack the bags with church walk outfit, the rest is casual. The 3 women could figure out how to tend to their hairstyles before church. No need for extra eyes around the Middleton home. Was Maria able to see her family in Spain for the holiday? Would hope so.

  42. I’m sorry, I just don’t have it in me to go through all 369 comments right now so if this is a duplicate question please forgive me.

    Didn’t W&K say at the end of the Canadian that we wouldnโ€™t see G&C for quite some time? The way it was worded made me think theyโ€™d be preteens before it happened again. At yet here they are using them for click bait on their Christmas morning pap stroll.

    And why the color coordination? Ughโ€ฆthese two canโ€™t seem to do anything without it having some kind of motives.

    That being said, the kids were adorable. George the Brute looks like a very sweet little boy and Charlotte looks like a spunky little thing. Come on Charlotte, be just like your great aunt Anne and run circles around them.

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