Royal Round Up: Royals Christmas cards & photos

Royal Round Up: Royals Christmas cards & photos

I doubt this will get much attention at all since it’s Christmas and since my last few articles haven’t gotten much attention, but for those who don’t celebrate Christmas of for those who want something to look at during any downtime during Christmas celebrations, here’s a quick wrap up of various royals’ Christmas cards and photos, and various royals at Christmas-related events recently.

Here’s just a quick refresher of the Christmas photo from the Swedish Crown Princess Family featuring Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, and Prince Oscar out for a hike which I previously covered here.


I’m still so bummed that the Cambridge clan denied us a Christmas photo/card (Harry didn’t release one either even though he did last year, also a bummer), but Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall released their Christmas card. The photo chosen for their card was taken during their tour of Croatia where they met local performers wearing traditional dress in Tvrda, the old town of the city of Osijek.

This isn’t Christmas related, but Clarence House recently released a photo of The Queen and Prince Charles taken in May 2016 by Nick Knight in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, prior to the final night of The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations at the Royal Windsor Horse Pageant. The photo was released to mark the end of the year of celebrations for The Queen’s 90th birthday. It’s quite a lovely photo.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince of Wales
[©2016 Nick Knight]

This is the Christmas card from the Spanish royals: King Felipe, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor, and Princess Sofia.

The Belgian Royal Family attended the traditional Christmas concert at Royal Palace of Brussels on December 21. King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Princess Emmanuel, and Princess Eleonore all attended, as did Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz.

The Belgian Royal Family released this Christmas photo of King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Princess Emmanuel, and Princess Eleonore.

The Royal Family of Norway – King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, and Prince Sverre Magnus – took part in a Christmas photo session in the garden of the Royal Palace in Oslo on December 20.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene brought Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella to the Christmas Gifts Distribution at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco on December 14.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene released photos of themselves and their children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, along with their Christmas card.

102 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Royals Christmas cards & photos

  1. Merry Christmas KMR! Yours is the first site I read every morning. So I want you to know how appreciated you are. I love this roundup, everyone looks wonderful. But hands down the SRF is my favorite. Enjoy your day and to everyone here Merry Christmas or have an extra special Sunday if you don’t celebrate the holiday

  2. Merry Christmas KMR!! I’m currently sitting and relaxing, the first time today! I’m so full and officially quit food for a couple of days. Loved this round up, Iove the Spanish royal family and the Monaco twins. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas. 🙂

  3. Love Albert & Charlenes card. Their kids are so cute! Charlenes fashion game has been. On point recently. All of the other pix are nice too. Feliz navidad everyone! I hope we all have a great new years too!

  4. Merry Christmas to you.

    I want you to know that I was looking forward to this round up of royal Christmas cards and photos. I wish the junior British royals, the junior Belgian royals, the Luxembourg and Liechtenstein royals would also make some family photos public for Christmas.

    I like how Charlene and Albert are gradually introducing their children to the public and the press, unlike the Cambridgeshire.

  5. Beautiful christmas cards! My favourite is picture form Monaco. Jacques and Gabriela are so big!

    Ps There are new pictures of Will, Kate, George and Charlotte going to Church!

  6. Merry Christmas KMR and everyone here.
    I really like seeing the photos of the Royal families at Christmas. I especially like the Swedish Royal Family photo, the Spanish Royal photo and the Belgium Royal family. Elisabeth looks stunning in her red dress and the Spanish princess’s look so grown up. I do like the out door photo with the Christmas tree with the Norwegian Royals. Different and not so stagey. The photo of Charles and Camilla looks hilarious. Savannah attended the church and walk at Sandringham this year.

  7. Feliz Natal (Merry Christmas) KMR. As VickiV said before Yours is the first site I read every morning. And one more time Thank You Very Much.

  8. Well, if we didn’t think there was something up with the cambridge s we now have confirmation in my opinion.
    William and kate rocking up with the kids and the middleton family at church in bucklebury rather than at sandringham with the brf.
    I can see wanting to spend Christmas alternatively with both families but there is just something about this scene, including the carefully matched clothing that seems like making a point to me, almost like an alternative court.

    Anyway. Goodwill to all on this day and for 2017 my fervent wish is peace on earth.

    1. These appearances by the four of them always seem painfully staged, very “look, we are the perfect family”.

      I don’t know what’s up and what they are trying to prove, but it’s very foolish and selfish of William. His grandmother is 90 and won’t live forever.

      1. I agree. It’s so fake! There’s nothing genuine about any of their pictures. Everything is staged and micromanaged beyond belief. There’s nothing to learn from pictures like theirs. That’s why I love candids. You get to see what the person is like.

        Will is an idiot. I read HM didn’t end up doing the walk to the church because of how sick she is. Goes to show, life is fragile. And Will is a total idiot for not realizing that his grandmother won’t be around forever. What I would do to be able to spend another Christmas with my dad.

          1. Wanting to be king or not has nothing to do with having simple respect and common sense. We all know HM is aging. Her being sick and missing the walk for the first time in years is evidence of that. He’s a total idiot for not realizing that she may not be around for much longer.

          2. Am I the only person here who doesn’t think William cares about HM and PP’s health? It’s about him. I doubt he cares if anything happens to them. I know, it’s callous, but he seems so callous and cold.

          3. @Miss K, I agree with you! But its obvious with him breaking too many royal traditions he does not want to be King.
            @Ellie yes I agree.

          4. @ Ellie No, W doesn’t care about anyone.

            KM looks just as wooden and lifeless with her family as she does with tryingthe royals, so now we know that she is a lifeless mannequin.

      2. I’m hoping I don’t post this twice. I wanted to add that Kate has such a smug look on her face. It looks like she literally wants to say “haha.. I got my way.” I wonder if part of the reason they went to Berkshire is so they could take the kids out on this parade/show/walk. It screams “look at how perfect we are”. Is there are rule that the kids don’t go on the Christmas walk with HM? You never see any of the younger kids there.

        1. Kate should share William and the children with his family. I thought that when she married Sandringham would be a highlight. Kate cannot cope or fit in with his family.

        2. I had a similar thought, and then I saw the photos from the Sandringham walk. Both the Phillips’ girls were there. It was nice to see them, but I wondered why. Was it because HM wasn’t there to forbid it? Was it in response to the Cambridge pap stroll — if they can do it, so should we — or an attempt to keep the photographers’ attention on the Sandringham crowd? “Look, guys, we have cute royal children here too!”

    2. Oh my goodness Debra, I thought exactly the same thing. Billy and Katie holding their own court with ma and pa Middleton. The more I see of them the less I like them. I’m sorry for such harsh words today but these 2 are just brats.

    3. What a performance from a family that neither attends church regularly nor demonstrates faith by giving to others. If the Middleton’s and Cambridge’s attended church locally in their respective parishes, it would have been just another Sunday of private worship. But we know that’s not the case; I would have had more respect for them had they stayed home and got into the sumo gear. Instead, they are all painfully aware of themselves in this contrived parade, with Pippa barely concealing a smirk. They seem to have no problem in using their children to present the perfect family to the world. What about their precious privacy?

      This dog-and-pony show looks very pointed in the context of the annual Sandringham church walk. Unfortunately, whatever message William was sending is lost in the wake of a couple of events: his grandmother being too unwell to attend church, a grandfather being stoic even when unwell himself, and the absence of the Tindall’s under tragic circumstances. All point to the fragility of life and if ever there was a moment to step up and offer solace and kindness, this was it.

      Someone opined earlier that this kerfuffle might be due to the Middleton’s not being included in the RF festivities at Sandringham this year. Perhaps the Middleton’s thought they had their feet well and truly under the royal table?

      1. @Jen I also have a feeling that the Middleton’s, Kate and William aren’t religious people at all. As a fellow Christian; I’ve noticed they only go to Church in the presence of The Queen or Christmas and Easter. What message does that send from William who will one day be Head of the Church? Talking spiritually, I believe the reason why The Queen has been the longest reigning monarch of all time in the UK is that she is a strong believer of God and has faith. I also believe once The Queen dies the monarchy will be on its knees because after The Queen are Charles and William even religious or have a strong faith in God or do they just live in the world and not for God? Also I really don’t like the Church of England and the teachings it teaches. It’s history is flaky and they teach a lot of their teachings based on world and modern views which I know is not true.

        1. Charles has deep religious convictions and shares that with his mother; I don’t think William does, nor the Middleton’s.

          1. @Jen oh I didn’t know that. Well what about Harry? I think the monarchy will last with Charles but a lot of Commonwealth countries will leave. But no monarchy for William.

      2. Jen, The contrast between the BRF and the Midds is very sad. As you say, whatever W’s message with this defiant Midd display is completely lost when compared to the BRF pushing on in the name of tradition. Couldn’t the Midds show compassion and give up their plans to strut about with W? No.

        Carole and her clan are relentless and very cold.

        1. They are also delusional. The Middleton’s are con artists who have been able to take advantage of William’s weak, defective character.

    4. The Mids’ church stroll, the paps duly notified, is the usual canned, stiff, smug circus.

      The Mids have W&KM in Technicolor and the rest of the family in a gray drabness. This family is just awful in how they stage a family scene because they are controlled and dictated to by Carole. There is no warmth, joy or real connection.

      1. Carole parades W as though he is her prized pig at the fair. The Midds try to appear regal by aping the BRF as they stop at the door for a chat with the minister.

        I just have to laugh at the cheesiness of Carole, W, KM, and Pips.

        1. It’s uncomfortable to look at; as you say, no warmth or connection. I wonder if Terribly Rich James Matthews is wondering what kind of mess he’s marrying into.

        2. His grandmother is sick and who knows how long her or Phillip have left.How did he not see this smug attention seeking family for what they are?The whole Middleton clan want to betray an image of being semi royal,well your not.Kate campaigned for years to get the ring and now she just can’t be bothered to do anything remotely royal unless it involves the Middleton clan.Before they got engaged she would have done anything to be at Sandringham for Christmas.I guess now she doesn’t have to pretend anymore. Her and Carole seem to run William Middleton and what they say goes.I can see in years to come Carole and her clan will be walking in the future to church amongst the royals once Her Majesty and Prince Phillip are no longer with us.

          1. @kitty,i think your right he just can’t be bothered with them and I don’t blame him.William has already chosen the Middleton clan over his own brother and father.

          2. @Erica I agree. Its also sad Charles barely sees his grandkids. But once Harry is married and has children I can see Charles spoiling Harry’s kids and his wife. Harry and Charles seems closer.

          3. Erica…..I would say that over Prince Charles dead body will the Meddletons (or the Fockers as Camilla calls them) be at Sandringham when his court is sitting. I think hell will freeze over first. When PoW takes to the throne it will be payback.

      2. I finally saw the pics. Poor mike, Carole can’t even be bothered to walk with him, has to bring up the end by himself. I’m surprised Pippa had gloves on considering she likes to show off her ring at every chance.
        I find Felipe’s beard sexy as all get out yet find James Middleton’s gross. I think it must be e length. Bleh
        Kate is wearing the shoes from the Canadian tour that I liked. I think they were the tods? I wish she would go back to her old colorist. They did a great job color wise on her hair.
        William looks peeved even doing this walk

        1. Peevishness has become William’s default expression. Yes, it’s an awkward sight, with Mike bringing up the rear; if you recall, last year he and Carole were not walking together after the Sandringham service either. And he was absolutely nowhere in sight when they both went to Balmoral earlier this year. Something’s amiss there. Imagine being a fly on the wall in Middleton Manor…

          Perhaps the Middleton’s expected a repeat invite along the lines of Christmas 2015. Didn’t they also have lunch after the service at Sandringham too? Carole’s smug smile to cameras was quite puke-making. I’m guessing that when an invitation did not materialise for Christmas 2016, the faux Royal version of church/pap stroll and rent-a-hunt was organised. No good will come of it. The Windsor’s no doubt have the measure of the Middleton’s and imagine they don’t react well to being played by them either.

          1. It’s obvious Mike and Carole are separated. Carole basically lives at Anmer to help with the kids when the nannies need a break.

            If they wanted to confirm that their marriage was ok they would walk together. They can’t even pretend to do that.

          2. Nic919, it must be draining to live a life of such self-imposed lies in order to keep up an illusion of middle-class family perfection. And for what? The public already loathes them for their pretension.

          3. I was thinking the same thing. If they are indeed separated why stay together? The pretense would be harder and more draining than the divorce. He looks sad. I know it’s none of our business but still inquiring minds need to know =)
            Same thing with fergie and Andrew but in reverse. Why does she still live with him and supposedly have a joint mortgage with him on the Swiss chalet?

  9. Releasing a Christmas card on W+K and H’s respective websites is such a small gesture of goodwill towards people, isn’t it? I can’t imagine why it would be such a problem unless they are completely resentful of such perceived ‘intrusion’ as well as being far too swept up with themselves. If so, it’s odd given three-quarters of their year is spent in the pursuit of private activities. And, should they choose, spent very much under the radar.

    Thanks, KMR, for your dedication and commitment to this site. Wishing you and everyone here joy and fulfillment for 2017. A special shout out to those who are conquering health conditions (mental and physical) with all their considerable might, day by day.

    1. +1

      Merry Christmas, Jen. Thanks for all your brilliant, funny, incisive comments.

      And Merry Christmas, KMR! Your prolific, resourceful posts have entertained and informed us during 2016.

      1. You too, Indiana Joanna. I’ll happily accept the compliment – and can easily offer the same back to you! Christmas Day is officially over in my neck of the woods; our temperature reached 105.8F (40.6C), the hottest since 1945… Prawns and salads were the order of the day.

    2. Harry is just probably upset the public turned on him that’s why. His fault for the stupid letter and he and his GF relationship aren’t popular at all.

  10. The card Charles and Camilla released last year will always be my favourite.

    Merry Christmas everyone, and a big thank you, KMR, for your hard work and for the lovely community you have assembled here.

    1. Oh I so agree Paula, I loved the casual, affectionate pose in C&C’s card last year. In fact, it was the most relaxed I’ve ever seen Charles and imo, Camilla had a rather saucy look in her eye. lol

    2. + another. They just looked so happy but in a “we’re not showing off, this is just our default smile when we’re together” smile. I disliked Camilla for so long but I think they really are settled in contentment together.

    3. Ahh the 2015 card was lovely. It’s what warmed me to them – they looked so happy and at ease with each other!

      Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

  11. Thank you KMR for this wonderful community you have created! And Thank You to everyone here who has shared their ups and their downs, their joys and their sorrows, it’s lovely to be a part of such an incredible community. I pray that this coming year will be filled with laughter, joy and light for each and every one of you!

  12. Happy Holidays to you, KMR! Thanks for posting during the hectic holiday season. Your work is always appreciated.

    I love these cards! The Norwegians look nice and comfortable and the twins from Monaco?!?!? I cannot handle all the cute.

    1. I like how they (Monaco card and the other photos) showed the kids acting like kids.

      Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all this holiday season.

  13. Thank you so much for this post, and all the other wonderful posts throughout the year.

    I want Mathilde’s gold brocade pants suit.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. I’m not sure about head-to-toe brocade on Mathilde. She looks like she’s wearing the palace curtains. Maybe the top worn with wide-legged black pants instead?

      The Monaco card is lovely, although I wish Charlene was wearing something that toned better with everyone else. A silver or gray instead of brown and gold.

    1. I did too. And, the photo of Charles with HM Truly a loving look on his face.

      The Spanish Royal Family photo is especially dear.

      And, those twins . They are so cute.

      I wish that W and K put out a photo of their kids, but the photos of them at Church, despite my disgust with William calling the shots, were a pleasant surprise.

  14. The Swedes won this year, again! So lovely!
    Liked the picture from Norway too, but missed Marius.

    Thank you very much KMR for this round up, and for the other posts too as well! I check out your blog several times a week but I don’t comment so often, due to language barriers. English is “my third language”, so I don’t feel comfortable expressing my thoughts in English (although I have many!), compared to Finnish or Swedish. But I do read almost every post! And I look through the comments too. The ones about the Swedes, the Norwegians and the Danes are my favourites and I often subscribe the followup comments about the Swedes.

    A Happy Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year too!
    Hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!
    God jul och gott nytt år!

  15. With fondest love to you all this Christmas. So glad to have found this wonderful community. I have been educated and entertained in equal measure here and like so many of you it’s my first port of call in the morning.

    As for the rival court at Bucklebury this morning. ?????
    But I Will say that if they were giving Oscars for smugness those Middleton’s would have swept the board but the children looked just adorable.

    1. Yep.

      I still can’t believe the rical court set up. William apping his mother and not realising he has aligned himself with people without influence ( aka establishment ties, and Terribly rich James doesn’t count) who are insular and do jot wrlcome outsiders, who parade him and his progeny like proze pigs!

      1. Also the fact that James girlfriend Donna was yet again excluded from the Meddleton Court Christmas. Not rich or posh enough to join the nouveau riche at the alternative middle class Court? When the lunchtime news came on showing the Sandringham alternative Christmas I felt quite nauseous. As if HM didn’t feel poorly enough without having to endure that. Still at least Good Old Harry worked the Sandringham crowd with his usual star quality. James Matthews must have spent millions getting that close to ‘Royalty’ at Christmas.

      2. I should really spell-check before posting!!!!

        This obvious stunt is appalling. I really don’t want to live through another war of the Wales.

        They are all dressed as if attending an official engagement complete with being met by the priest at the door and Kate observing official protocol of walking behind William.

        Kate hasn’t looked this put together since her blue Canadian outfit in October or was it September.

        And those kids would not gave been paraded at Sandrigham. They are too young for the church pap stroll, but if you want to pull focus………

        How can you claim to want a middleclass christmas tradition with no royal traditions and then ape said traditions?!?!

        It was a believable sentiment the last time because they didn’t show up at church all gussied up and being differed to.–1xo/UNmiqwgXh9I/AAAAAAAAaOI/4TrqK6DrsM4/s1600/gty.jpg

        And whatever opinion i had of terribly rich James has calcified into negative one for taking part in this stunt.

        1. And it’s so funny that Kate looks happy, well put together, and walking with decent posture on the Middleton family church Pap stroll. Heck even William looks like less of a sour puss! It’s all fine and dandy if they both feel more at home with the Middletons and want to spend the special day with them- but they aren’t just any family. WK forget that whatever status and deference they get, it is solely due to William’s connection with the Royal family. Whatever expensive clothes that Kate gets to wear without ever having to pay for it herself, it’s due to being the wife of the Royal family. Whatever fawning attention their completely ordinary kids receive, it’s because of William’s connection to the royal family. Whatever “affection” Ma & Pa Middleton gives to William, it is due to Willie being part of the royal family. They both forget this at their peril, when they give a middle
          Finger to the Royal family Christmas traditions and go and ape the said traditions with the Middletons, as part of their war on Charles and their revulsion for the media and the disdain for the public.

          If they wanted to spend a quiet and normal Christmas with the Middletons, they would’ve been perfectly capable
          Of showing up to the Church with no prior announcement and media attention, done their thing and left- just like they manage to sneak off to their multiple luxury vacations- again paid for by the public through the Royal
          Family (their security costs).

          I hope 2017 give WK everything that they actually deserve

        2. Spot on Hera!! And she was wearing HM’s pearl drop earrings! Wow. Though her hair color & texture looks pretty ratty from the back, so not completely pulled together ?

      3. @Herazeus, William thinks he has enough influence for all of them. They can shelter under his ‘royal’ umbrella. He has no sense of *how* power is maintained. He thinks he’s walking on water, unaware there is a steel bridge beneath his feet, built up over a thousand years.
        It only remains to be seen how this scene is viewed by the *actual*, yet hidden, wielders of power. There is a red line he won’t be allowed to cross. I’m just not sure what it is.

        1. @Elaine, Once The Queen passes, I think the people and Commonwealth will have enough of William reluctance of being a royal and King to be and hope they all vote with an act of parliament to make Harry king.

  16. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Seasons Greetings to you all. It’s been a rough year, but coming to this site brightens my day. Thank you KMR and fellow readers for creating this community.

    In the last picture of the RF of Monaco, is that Princess Grace in the portrait in the background?

  17. Those of us that have to work and not celebrate with their fams until later appreciate the Christmas Day blog. William may not know this but hospitals don’t close just becuase it’s a holiday!
    I wasn’t much of a Monaco Royal follower until now but those little munchkins are cuties and Charlene has legs for days!! Makes a short girl jealous!
    Love the Spanish. They look like a loving family and felipe has me thinking that I need to get myself a silver fox!!?
    Do the Dutch release a Christmas card?
    And bah humbug to the cambridges! May 2017 see they get what they deserve in the press
    Thanks for all your hard work

    1. HA! I said that in one of the last posts. Will’s “job” at the EAAA is suck a joke. And him saying his “last week before work”? Yeah.. clearly showing he doesn’t work there. The ambulance doesn’t close. There are no opening or closing hours. We’re literally a 24/7 job. He doesn’t get it.

      Thank you for working. I totally get it. I’m working the day shift too. And heading out to my boyfriend’s dad’s place for Christmas dinner after.

      1. William got a mention in the Queen’s speech at work with the EAAA. He volunteered for the falklands gig though. I just don’t understand.

      2. Miss K, you are helping so many and those who do the work that you do, as well as those who work in hospitals, and those first responders, deserve the thanks of everyone. Hope your holiday was a happy one.

    2. Sarah, I always marvel that W doesn’t understand that patients who need ambulance services and health care do not take a three month holiday over Christmas. I was an RN who worked in the ER for years and if anything Christmas day was even busier with sicker patients. W is unbelievably selfish.

      Thanks for your professionalism and care during the holidays.

      1. Thanks to you too to your time put in and the same to miss k! Here’s to all of us that work the holidays past and present and realize that it’s part of the job requirement.
        It’s just as bad that his job puts up with it in my opinion.

  18. Thanks KMR for doing a Christmas blog and all of your other hard work.

    <3 the pictures of the Monégasque Royal Family.

  19. Happy Christmas and Hanukkah to everyone, and especially to you KMR! This is such a lovely place to come that some days I read the initial posts (I think you and I must be in similar time zones, KMR, because often I see your posts with no comments, or only a few), and then come back later to see everyone else’s thoughts.

    As for cards, I adored both the Spanish and the Monaco. I love that Charlene looks happy here, and the twins are just so cute. And the interaction between Letizia and Leonore is pretty much a dream interaction for a photographer!

  20. It’s official….the monegasque royal,family is my favorite. Everything they do is classy and graceful and well…royal. Charlene has impeccable style and class and those twins are so damn cute. They are doing a fine a job of responsibly introducing their children to royal life. I love their cards and I feel like they want the public to see their children grow.

  21. Thanks for a great 2016, KMR! You always do such a great job with your coverage. I love that the Monagasque family has Princess Grace in the background! Would love to see Diana remembered that way by W&K. I’m hoping to go to UK in August 2017 – I really want to get there while HM is still in charge. I really think the monarchy will go downhill quickly when she is gone.

  22. I know I’m late here, but just wanted to add my biggest thanks to KMR for her great and interesting and entertaining work:) This post in particular was one of my top 3 favorites of the year! It’s given me the warm fuzzies – we have been so busy over Christmas (and will continue to be till the New Year) that is was an absolute treat to sit and read with my coffee this morning.

    I think Charlene looks so glamorous, she absolutely owns that red lipstick/platinum pixie cut look. And she is a lioness with those babies of hers, I’m so happy for her that she has them.

    The rest of the royals look happy and relaxed. I must add that this is one of the very best pictures of Letizia I’ve seen EVER!!! Just love it.

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