Prince William & Kate Middleton take Prince George & Princess Charlotte on vacation to France

Prince William & Kate Middleton take Prince George & Princess Charlotte on vacation to France

Reportedly, Kate Middleton flew to France yesterday on the £8 million Cessna plane owned by the Duke of Westminster.

According to local paper, La République des Pyrénées, Kate landed in the small south western airport of Pau-Pyrénées, near the border with Spain, at 1:30 PM yesterday, July 26, and got into two blacked out Range Rovers waiting on the tarmac.

The plane is registered to the Duke of Westminster, and although the passengers were not in view of the photographers it is thought that Kate, plus Prince George and Princess Charlotte, got off the plane. The UK-registered cars then headed north to Béarn and Gers. Supposedly the trip is to “visit relatives”. There was no mention of Prince William, but Victoria Murphy tweeted that he was there as well and that it is a family holiday.

The Duke of Westminster’s plane seats up to eight people and would cost £12,000 a day to hire. William and Kate have used his plane before. Since this is a private holiday the cost would be paid for privately, but the cost of the security team is of course at taxpayer expense.

Obviously this has not been officially confirmed, there aren’t even photos of Kate, but supposedly Kate (plus William and their kids) is on vacation in France right now.

I saw comments that Prince Harry’s summer work in Africa is also a vacation and that he’s there because he loves Africa and the conservation thing is an excuse for his vacation. But… vacation with some conservation work on the side or straight up vacation in the south of France with no work at all?

Links: La République des Pyrénées and Daily Mail.

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192 thoughts on “Prince William & Kate Middleton take Prince George & Princess Charlotte on vacation to France

  1. No surprise, the Daily Mail is on fire!

    I was trying to think of what to say. Then this DM comment struck me. And I’m curious as to everyone’s opinion of it.

    Judging from online comments, plus everyone I have met thinking the same, it”s obvious the damage is done and Kate can never redeem herself. She probably is cocooned from the public dislike but William may be aware of it. I like William, and feel sorry for him growing up in a bad marriage, and losing his Mother so young. Who knows what made him choose Kate Middleton as a wife, but the general dislike of her family, and growing dislike of her personally, worse each year, is a high price to pay. All this publicity of the other Wisteria Sister, “Lady Glen Affric” rubbish, the obscene cost of the engagement ring etc etc is making things worse. Poor William, he truly opened Pandora”s box , Hope he does not regret it…..

    1. I think that comment is painting William as some poor innocent in all this and he is not. He has proven what his personality is and it’s not great. Yes, his parents’ marriage was bad. Yes, he lost his mom when he was a teenager. But he has shown himself to be not a nice person. So sure, feel badly that he had to deal with the breakdown of his parents’ marriage (just like many, many people do) and that he lost his mother when he was a teenager, but don’t feel badly that his public image is in tatters. He did that himself.

      BTW, it really bothers me when people say William “lost his mother when he was so young”. William was 15 when Diana died. He wasn’t a young child. It’s not like he was 5.

      Also, I don’t think it’s impossible for Kate to redeem herself. With every day that passes without her trying, it gets harder, but it is still possible.

      1. I agree that Kate could still redeem her image, but that would require her to put her head down and her boots to the ground doing some real work. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. *Could* she redeem her image? Yes, of course. The public forgets things quickly in the 24-hour news cycle. *Will* she redeem her image is a whole other question. Her current work ethics indicated she won’t. I think she will have to or it’s going to severely impact her marriage and the image of the monarchy as a whole. One poorly liked member of the family who refuses to work could bring the whole glass castle crashing down.

          1. KMR, I agree with you. My father died when I was 15. My mother was always emotionally unstable (2 nervous breakdowns when I was 4 and 7 with hospitalizations) and I was an only child so I bore the brunt force of the death and had to “be strong” and continually coax my mother off the ledge all the time (coax her with working, emotional support, physically with constant hugs and cuddling plus most of the household chores). That being said, I grew up and I worked hard and still do and ended up a normal, fairly pleasant, well-rounded mother of six and a pharmacist who can display compassion and caring to my fellow man. I am (IMO) not a Dick. I am not (IMO) selfish; who can be when you learn that the universe absolutely doesn’t revolve around you and others need you whether it is your remaining parent, your spouse, or your children? I didn’t speak of the trauma of my father’s death until about 10 years ago (I am 49 now) because I didn’t want and couldn’t. Some folks are just wired that way. But my point is that it is a choice on William’s part to be an ass or be kind. We have constant examples of him just not caring enough to be nice. .. and that is sad. It is also sad that his parent died at 15…but sometimes you have to move forward and decide how YOU want to behave and live your life and want to be remembered and stop blaming your current behavior on something that happened in your past. Our lives are puzzle pieces made up of many experiences and we can’t allow one or two pieces (no matter how awful) to define the whole.

          2. Hey Sequin Queen! I guess I was thinking more along the lines of that the media scrutiny will be very hard on their marriage. It will be emotionally straining for a king to be married to someone who isn’t well-liked. Although, Charles has proven that it can be done. Tying into your correct assessment that William doesn’t like work, he also doesn’t seem to care much what the media says, so he probably won’t care if they are hated!

  2. They are free to have a holiday – but this seems like a repeat of the snow trip and the attitude of “we got one over as we weren’t caught out while there”. They just don’t make the grade – minimal “work” and maximum “slacking off”. Every other Royal Family in Europe announces their vacation plans – ie Grand Duke of Luxembourg always spends July in France and is very open about it – who do the Cambridges thinks they are – he is the “spare spare” in his 30’s doing nothing much at best

    1. I can understand for security concerns why they wouldn’t want to publicize their vacation whereabouts until after they got back. I mean, I would do that and I’m not even famous. I wouldn’t post anything about a vacation on social media until after I got back for security concerns (for me it would be about security of my house and not being robbed while I’m out of town and such).

      1. Security isn’t an issue with the Cambridges, whereas it might be for you or I. They have their mansions protected and tons of security people with them on their vacations. They may as well be open about it – either that or stop going on publicly funded VACATIONS like India/Bhutan! Their homes are protected as closely while they are out on tour as they are on their never-ending vacations/holidays.

        1. It’s all about William having control. He doesn’t want to tell people, he’s not going to. He comes off in many ways as an immature child who will pitch a fit if he doesn’t get his way.

          1. I agree about William wanting to have control. He didn’t even want to give an answer to a child who asked him what Prince George received as a birthday gift.

        2. I think security is an issue for them, just not the burglar breaking into their house type. They have to worry about nutjobs kidnapping them or other acts of violence and/or terrorism.

          1. That’s what I was thinking when I said security concerns. They’re not worried about their house being burgled like I am. They are worried about crazies trying to kill them. That’s why they don’t want to advertise where they are going ahead of time.

          2. Well in the nicest possible way then and genuinely no hurt intended why the hell are they going to France now?? It seems to be the country suffering the worst of ISIL for now although I know we are in their firing line too.

          3. In France, July and August is the worst period of the year (IMO) to visit (July and August are the rush period for holidays). In terms of security concerns, it seems really odd they chose this time period for a holiday, in France….
            I’d personally recommend visiting France in June or September (for summer holidays), the weather is still nice and warm (+ the rush hasn’t started or is done)….
            As someone already mentionned (I think KMR), they could announce they’re taking a holiday without mentionning the destination. I honestly think it would be more accepted than them not saying anything and learing about it by other means like the press or someone reporting it after being spotted somewhere…

          4. I don’t think they did mention the destination. Someone took a photo of their plane and posted it.

            Why not France? Nowhere is safe in Europe if someone puts their mind to it. And WK are unlikely to be milling about in public where most of the attacks occur.

          5. I had a cop friend that once said all a thief has to do is monitor Facebook and know the perfect time to burgle someone because people post vacation pics Or when they’re out and about. I never thought of it like that

          6. Exactly. That’s why I wouldn’t say publicly if I’m on vacation until I got back.

          7. Yes, BIrdy . I posted below that I wondered why France and why now? The loss of all lives is horrific. If they are so frightened for their security, I would stay as far away from such terror hot spots. And, I wish other people had opportunities to stay safe, too.

            I do agree that much of William’s paranoia must involve fear of violence to his family and self. How does one protect their huge home, I wonder. It just seems as if it is just “out there” and easy to target. I’d rather live in Kensington Palace, if I were them.

        3. I read an interesting book on people who become control freaks as an adult. The main idea is childhood trauma or abuse (including emotional) parental mental illness and/or marital instability can lead to an adult who is hypervigilant about being in control of the circumstances around him/her because they are trying to avoid more pain.

          One of the specific things mentioned that is so William and Diana is an adult (Diana) making their child (William) take on an adult role too early like when Diana dumped her adult emotional needs onto William as a child to the point where William feels like he needs to protect his mother from the world by becoming a police officer. Basically Diana turned William into another one of her counselors. Diana and Charles made a lot of mistakes with William.

    2. Exactly. Other royals announce their plans. Especially when they stick to their traditional haunts. It’s the consistent slyness, the sneaking around that’s maddening. And they were there six months ago, got flak for it, and…here we go again.

        1. Totally agree!

          As to up thread of whiny bill childhood….he had a wonderful,loving family childhood,with a loving and caring father even before Di’s death. And by all accounts and photo ops with it dad both princes seem close to Prince Charles, his protective of his sons especially Whiny Bill who seem to have benefited the most.

          Reliving his parents marriage (which should not be a concern a child to the extend) , seem to have resurrected by a role and the middle tons with the nonsense that entitled bill needed a regular family life with Carole,waity Middleton’s in buckleberry. To try to convince that will love waity and the middletons.

    3. I can undertand seurity concerns, and I can understand you don’t want cameras in your face on your holiday. But I’m afraid the more this couple decide to hide, the more interference there will be in the long run, and I’m not talking about their holidays only. People want to see their royal family and have a feeling the family represents them, gives something back to people and promotes good causes. However, I hope there won’t be pap pics from this break.

      1. Whiny couldn’t give a rats a…. About the people and media having information on his family of four entitle luxury lifestyle. The fact that they went to France at this time shows no care for tthe millions that will be spent and on this trip’s security. He loves that taxpayers will pay the extra cost for his fAmily of four security .

        Let’ hope the entitled lambrige is repeating Wallis and Edward – that is, shopping for a place to live, to remove himself from the Line of the Monarchy.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back pregnant. It’s about time for another one if she wants them close in age and she’s using the excuse of wanting another child so she can’t be around the tiny chance she’d get Zilka going to the Olympics in Rio.

    1. Considering the kids are with them I hope they spend time with their kids instead of trying to make a third.

      1. William has let it be known he only wants two and as we know William gets what William wants. Wouldn’t put it past her to have a surprise pregnancy though.

        1. Neither would I Mrs. BBV. Charlotte was sooner than William would have liked, but it happened. I think if Kate puts her mind to it then three will happen.

          Besides, new babies are good will gold for these two. At least for the sugars. Loads of others are tired of the game playing.

          1. I’m curious to know if she gets any time off. My parents had a nanny when I was first born. She got 1 day off each week to do whatever she pleased.

          2. I doubt she gets a day off every week, as inhumane as that sounds. I don’t get the feeling from Kate that she actually enjoys spending time with her accessories, I mean kids 😉

      2. I don’t think the third will happen until after Pippa’s wedding. She won’t want to be pg for all those pics on that day.

      1. She is fine, thanks for asking! As we pass her 1st month, I hope she starts calming down, sleeping better at night, etc. She is much more fussy than my son was!

  4. I guess with nearly every other Royal I would have written that I hope that they enjoy their holidays and will have a good time together with the kids – but here? What’s the difference to their everyday life? They haven’t done much lately and neither have smt big coming up after holidays so it’s just the same old…

    And for the comments on Harry, he could have chosen to do nothing all summer long, to spend weeks at the beach but instead he choses to go back to Africa to help and to learn. Pretty sure there will be also days off and he will also have a great time there but he is doing something! He uses his position to do good… he isn’t lazy as the other two.

    1. Harry also doesn’t have as much of a responsibility to be involved as the Cambridges because he won’t be the monarch someday (unfortunately). I think this makes his charitable work, especially on his own time, even more admirable. The Cambridges should be the workhorses of the family. Young, athletic, able-bodied, heirs to the throne.

      1. Exactly. Harry isn’t the one who will be king one day and yet he is the one with a strong sense of duty, he is the one involved with different charities and causes and the one who is improving his work more and more…

        Alone if one has a look at the last couple of weeks, Harry was involved in Aids/HIV work, visit Sentable, went to conference etc. while WK mostly be remembered for what they wore at Wimbledon and some galas.

        WK have every chance to use their position to change something, to help people, to learn, to care but they don’t even show interest… just sad

  5. What I don’t understand is why the french sources only mention Kate and not Will and the children. I think that they will be more informatif than Uk sources. The evokation of Will and children only comes when criticisms of Kate appear. Funny to read the commente of dm : they have a bad image. I wait to see photos of the family before believing that they are all together. So in January february april june and august Will has not worked many as copilot.

    1. They mention “Kate Middleton et ses proches” as the people supposedly exiting the plane in the text under the picture, so I guess that’s what has been interpreted as a reference to W & the kids.

      1. Ses proches is a vague formule : it can mean people who helps her (bodyguard, friend, family…). I think that if witnesses see children, they will clearly speak about that. But maybe it is me… Anyway interesting to see that when there is spéculation about KAte being alone we hear about the whole family, when there is critics about their lazyness, there is information about the trip in CAnada. It is clearly bot very futé like we said in FRench, because it is clearly seen like a new vacation in some comments..

        1. Yes, it’s vague, but it’s the only expression I can think of having been interpreted as a reference to the whole family. Can’t honestly think she’d have gone alone… Has she ever made a solo trip since they got married?

    2. Hi Clem, my first thought was that Kate made this trip on her own but when the KP PR team realized how badly that would go over they quickly spun the story to include Willy and the kiddies.

    3. I wonder too. Until they are identified and verified as on that plane with her I won’t believe it.

      If she is solo, she may be meeting up with the Midds. Or were they on the plane?

      1. Maybe the story of Kate meeting relatives in France was true: her ghastly family could have arrived beforehand?

      2. One thing to look at is this is an eight seat plane. William, Kate, the kids would be four people, Nanny Maria, five and security. Would there only be three with an advance team already in place or are other people also flying with them? Not a lot of room for the roving caravan that I am sure they require when vacationing.

        I liken it to when kings and queens of old went on their summer progresses to visit and be seen. They carried households with them and hundreds of people. I can’t see W&K just popping off somewhere with the kids and only NM and security. No way, no how.

        1. Considering the vehicles that met them on the tarmac had british plates, i’m going to assume there was a team that went by road. Some guards travel with them, and another lot + staff artive by road.

  6. I really don’t have much to say about this jaunt, I mean it’s pretty “normal” for most families to jump aboard a friend’s private jet for vacation, I know I will be jumping on my flying monkeys for my annual vaca.

    However, this article did get me thinking that we are starting to see how the monarchy will look under Charles’ reign. I recall reading some time ago that Charles wanted the key senior members to focus on more specific endeavours and less on the day-to-day royal work of ribbon cuttings and county fairs. And then it hit me that the Royal Trio do no ribbon cuttings, no opening of factories, no visiting of hospitals of which they are not patrons, in fact they don’t do any “work” that doesn’t pertain to their charities. The Queen believes that ribbon cuttings and factory openings are the events in which the monarchy can acknowledge the work and endeavours of the common man, that these routine day-to-day events are important not only to those whose work is being highlighted but to the monarchy which needs the support of the common man and woman to survive. Of course, the Royal Trio would be more on board with Charles’ vision as neither of the brothers care for ribbon cutting but I believe that this vision will only hurt the monarchy in the long run because it further removes the royals from the public at large.

    1. I’m kinda torn here. I can see what you’re saying. It could just be that I don’t really pay attention to stuff like this, but you hardly see ribbon cutting or opening factories these days. So I can kinda understand that it’s a bit out dated. But at the same time, these nimwits need to do something to make it so that the public can relate to them. And so far, the only one who has even come close to doing that is Harry. You can see what’s important to him and he does what he can to promote those issues. With Kate & Will, it’s almost become a “oh, let’s see what they’re keen on now” farce. I wouldn’t mind Charles’ vision if the people he’s going to be relying on to carry the monarchy would actually work. I hope that makes sense.

      1. Hi Miss K, well of course we don’t see the ribbon cutting or factory openings because the media only seems to cover the Royal Trio and they don’t do that type of thing. However, recently Sophie was at a county fair handing out ribbons and awards and Charles is frequently at those type of events as well but as you said we just don’t see them. Imo, it’s these types of events that mean so much to those that are being honored that a member of the royal family is taking her/his time to recognize the work being done. It kind of seems to me that Charles is setting up the monarchy is such a way to best suit his petulant son and wife, a big mistake imo.

    2. “The Queen believes that ribbon cuttings and factory openings are the events in which the monarchy can acknowledge the work and endeavours of the common man, that these routine day-to-day events are important not only to those whose work is being highlighted but to the monarchy which needs the support of the common man and woman to survive.”
      This hits the nail on the head. There is a relationship between the public and the royal family that must be nurtured and maintained. The royal family need the public’s approval to survive, and to connect to the public they need the press. This is what William does not understand (or if he does, he simply doesn’t care).
      I watched a youtube video where the Queen was talking about award ceremonies and how she felt recognition was important. She said something about how everyone needs “a pat on the back” every now and again. She has worked so hard her whole reign to travel throughout the commonwealth and meet as many of her subjects face to face as possible. The whole “I have to be seen to be believed” thing. I really respect her. I heard a historian say that Queen Elizabeth hasn’t done anything with her reign and that Queen Victoria was better. I disagree. I am fascinated by Queen Victoria. But she really didn’t travel. Queen Elizabeth’s legacy will be how she was devoted to her subjects and to speaking directly to them as much as possible.

      1. I definitely agree. It’s like the whole “if it’s not on fb/twitter/instagram, it didn’t happen.” It needs to be seen to be believable. And I agree about the “pat on the back” thing too. Nowadays, people very rarely get recognition, but the minute you do something bad, the ax comes down on you. It should be the other way around. As for Kate and Will, I doubt I’ll ever see them doing anything of this sort. Right now Will does investitures, but I think he only does them because the Queen asks him to. I don’t see it as him taking the initiative to do it on his own.

        1. Miss K, i’m definitely not a fan of social media, but i recognise it’s usefulness in marketing or keeping public interest in any given subject.

          It’s funny that for all their complaining about invasion of privacy, these young royals don’t appreciate that social media is on a par with portraiture and court gossip of old.

          The reason we know so much about the Tudors above all other royal periods is because they really embraced the marketing of themselves. They had reasons for such blanket self-grandising, but the lesson is something they really understood.And not just marketing, but controlling the message in terms of how they wanted to be seen.

          They didn’t just rely on court gossip to spread the message. They actively promoted themselves AND went on Summer tours around the country.

          The summer tours were actually to get away from filthy London/Windsor palaces, but they turned it into a self promoting country tour of all their Lords and the subjects.

          An earlier monarch who did the same was Edward 2 and that’s why we have so much information nee PR about him.

          Charles 2 understood this as well.

          Victoria was actually closer to William in how she handled her monarchy. She was lucky in Albert. His actions went a long way in cementing her earlier reign as a populist one. Her 40yr long seclusion nearly resulted in her being toppled by a dissatisfied public who had began to question the point of her.

          She tried to keep the public at bay with her frequent family photo updates complete with bust of Albert, but it was a close thing.

          Her son instituted a series of public show events or co-opted those already in the national calender like Trooping the Colour to reverse the public resentment of secluded monarchy.

          He revived the Tudor policy of showing yourself to the public to great effect. Queen Mary and George V took his ideas and improved on them. As humourless as they were, they never forgot the lesson learnt from Bertie and Victoria especially in light of other monarchies being toppled across Europe.

          As remote as the current BRF had become at Charles and Diana’s marriage, they still managed to carry out the public show and ribbon cuttings.

          The young royals seem to resent the public show AND the ribbon cutting, yet they aren’t coming up with an updated or different version of making themselves relevant.

          1. I’m learning a lot too! Thanks! The solution for their updated version is simple. Social media. I know it’s not for everyone. But it’s a great way to get around their control issues. Their problem is they don’t want to be seen or heard from but still expect us to kiss their feet. It just doesn’t work that way.

    3. Maybe they need to find the right balance between ribbon cutting events and just shaking hands and the kind of work Charles has in mind. One can actually open a new hospital ward and do more than shaking hands… talk to doctors, nurses, inform on illnesses and work etc. Especially for the younger Royals to put in a bit more time and effort should be possible…

      And I actually agree that it makes more sense to send one royal to one place for a day and let her/him do a couple of events on one day instead of having 6 Royals there over a week. It’s never wrong to coordinate some work and try to save some money.

      At the end it will always be important to be seen, to give smt back to people in one form or another… and I can’t see that Charles doesn’t see that as he is involved in charities, talks to people, is informed, caring… with WK I see a bigger problem but they have a work problemin general.

      1. I agree with you in saying Charles thinks being seen isn’t as important because he’s doing things behind the scenes. He’s involved in his charities. Kate & Will aren’t. They don’t do anything seen or unseen. They’re basically entitled brats who only show up because they have to. That’s why you see them with their scowls unless it’s sailing with Ben or Wimbledon or something else that they enjoy.

        1. Charles does 500 engagements a year. He obviously believes in getting out there and being seen *and* in doing loads of big things behind the scenes too.

          1. Hello my name is Heather and I have been reading your blog quiet frequently
            To add to your comments above it was the sandringham flower today as usual Camilla and Charles made an appearance why don’t kate and william it is over the road from them and they would get to meet people in the community where they are living another missed opportunity

          2. I follow some royal blogs on tumblr and it actually surprised me how often Camilla and also Charles show up on my dash… they do so much we don’t see on frontpages. Unfortunately media rather focus on clothes stuff like that than important events and causes.

          3. Hi Miss H

            You have made great point , Charles and Camilla are doing the “bread and butter” engagements, turning up and meeting people. It’s nice to see they out and about. What is wrong with Kate and William that they can’t do the same? Or is someone just a bit too grand now?

            It’s ridiculous W&K couldn’t be available for an event just over the road from them. Oh no, wait they can’t as they are on holiday?

        2. I think that being a public figure you have to be seen to be believed. If you think about Queen Victoria was the first to move into Buckingham Palace which is kept for the nation rather than KP is a private residence. Through paintings which took ages to sit for until the camera took over it showed the public what the monarchy were doing. Now with social media, that proves what taxes are going towards and in return information about where that money goes. I am not interested in what they have for breakfast but I do like to see them attending events with the odd photocall to placate the public. After all William, Charles and George are the main heirs and without seeing George grow up how are the public going to be connected. Charles is rather secretive and I think always has been for one reason or another.

    4. “We are never tired and we all love hospitals.” – Queen Mary

      “I have to be seen to be believed.” – Queen Elizabeth II

      The local visits are key to keeping local support in smaller communities. The idea that royals will come and visit you, they care about your daily lives, and they want to be there with you. Take that away and make them Howard Hughes recluses supported by the taxpayers and they’re out.

      Queen Mary realized they’d needed to get out there and appear useful – or be thrown out like so many of their fellow monarchs of the time.

  7. All the European royals are taking their summer holidays now, so *shrugs shoulder* Its just cos its them that people are complaining. They really have used up whatever goodwill they had after the wedding

    1. I don’t think that people are complaining simply because it is Will and Kate. People are complaining because a taking a vacation generally implies that you have been working and need time to recoup. I don’t begrudge them use of a private plane away from the eyes of the paparazzi or time to spend with their family sans obligations. I do mind, however, that both collectively and individually, Will and Kate have spent so little time working during the first 6 months of the year. William and Kate haven’t earned an expensive vacation.

      1. Your quite right, they havent earned it. But why the secrecy? Is iy just cos Will is so paranoid he acts all secretive even when theres no need to

        1. William has often been decsribed as sly since he was a child. He was also described as secretive. The secretiveness is said to have worsened as he grew. I read somewhere, though i can’t find it now, that his secretiveness is almost a malais. He is our very own howard hughes minus germ phobia.

          1. He’s not even that: Howard Hughes was brilliant, creative, and hard-working. He suffered from mental illness, drug addiction resulting from chronic pain, syphilis-induced brain deterioration, especially as his life went on, but he still managed to run several businesses, set multiple flying records, develop new aircraft using unprecedented designs and technologies, and establish plans for a medical institute in his honor. Many of these things he accomplished in his 20s and 30s. William would curl up and die if he had to do even a fraction of what Howard Hughes did.

            Sorry, I’ve long admired Hughes, so I have to do what I can to point out that the image most of us have of him undermines the genius he really was. In his later years, he was largely a victim of manipulators, addiction, and mental instability that the treatments of the time were not prepared to address.

  8. Just saw the tweet from KP that Kate & Will are headed here for their next tour in the fall. Can we please start a petition so that she doesn’t bring her skinny jeans over? Or if she does, wanna send me some matches so I can light them on fire and take her shopping for some new pants? LOL… Now this France vacation makes sense. She needs to start primping to get ready for this tour. And ugh.. I just thought of where my taxes are going. So not cool!

      1. Hmm.. can I take some of the stuff? I’d totally wear it and rock it with some awesome accessories and shoes! I’ll show her how it’s really done! 😀

          1. I’ll take that off-white McQueen coat with the flounces below the waist. I think she wore it to the Trouping of the Colour that first year she was married.

      2. Hi Kimothy!
        Hope you are well and not too hot?
        Now, as for those items of clothing Kate could donate or even (shock horror) wear again? I don’t think any charity shop would be interested in any of Kate’s clothes that have been hacked about. I’m thinking of the red McQueen she wore on the first day in India, that waistline alteration was a mess! Plus Kate has the bodice part of most of her clothes taken in so they are skin tight, if she lifts her arms then she is most likely to be putting strain on the side seams and ripping the underarms. Definitely one wear only. Charity shops usually bin garments that come in like that.

        1. Hi Cathy!

          Still hotter than heck and I can’t believe it is almost August. Where has the year gone?

          True but I’m just trying to think of ways we can re-use those crappy-looking clothes instead of automatically tossing them out. 😉

      1. OOOO… I’ve recently discovered putting chocolate/fruit/marshmallows/etc into an ice cream cone, wrapping it in tin foil and throwing it into the fire. I’ll take that please! 😀

          1. Thank you KMR. I think someone on facebook made smores but used digestive biscuits as I am not a fan of graham crackers. But it definitely sounds a treat.

          2. Oh, rhiannon. SHort bread cookies. Making some tonight for the kids. S’mores, here we come!!! Thanks for the suggestion. Graham crackers are good, but sugar cookies….. Yum!

    1. Because a tour automatically bumps up their end-of-year engagement figures so they won’t look so pathetic. Week long vacation in Canada filled with 30 minute light events and lots of private time built in like their last Canada tour.

          1. Nobody was making fun of Canada. Just saying that the poor people of Canada have had to put up with so many visits from the Royals. And, then another person laughed at that comment.

        1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I really don’t want to see any of her body parts while she’s here. But from the looks of it, they may be visiting the west coast. If so, she can stay there. I’ll just wait until next year for when Harry comes around to my neck of the woods for Invictus.

          1. Well beyond covering herself in maple leaves I can’t imagine Kate doing the extensive theme dressing that she did on the India/Bhutan tour. And that, in and of itself, is a blessing.

            However we will be subjected to lots of gurning, several appearances of the nude, black, blue court shoes and if George and Charlotte go a ton of hands on mothering. I imagine Kate will carry Charlotte down the steps this time leaving George to William. And as someone else has said, I’m sure she’s reading up on Mr. Trudeau. He’s in the Ben Ainslie mold so she’ll get her flirt on. Prepare for much fist clenching and jaw grinding from William.

      1. I still cringe when I see pics of their cowboy/cowgirl “costumes” they wore to the Calgary Stampede. OK, fine, wear the hat. But it goes with everything. It could only have been worse if they showed up in chaps. One of my favorite dresses of hers is the yellow one she wore at the Calgary airport to greet Diamond. Yes it flew up and gave us all a cheeky view, but the dress itself was very pretty. I didn’t see them then, and if they are focusing on down east, won’t see them this time either. But will watch with interest!

    2. And where are they travelling here? To BC and the Yukon, gorgeous scenery. I doubt they’d visit the pulp mills, or a gritty city (none in BC). Why aren’t they going to Manitoba or Saskatchewan?

      It’s another taxpayer funded luxury holiday for these gluttonous tourists where they will be feted and live off the land and backs of people like me. Makes me sick. It makes me even sicker because they are such blatant parasites, so avaricious. And what is the point of the tour anyway? Who needs ’em? Grrrrr.

      On another note, does anyone believe that Willy actually works at the EEAA any longer except to show up for a couple of minutes for a photo op?

      I doubt that I’ll follow the coverage. My head will explode.

      1. Please don’t remind me of where my tax dollars are going in the fall. 🙁 Even though I think we were kinda expecting this when Trudeau was elected. Time to get the younger generation together. Hopefully this won’t be a complete waste of my taxes.

      2. Especially in light of the Ft. McMurray fire…. you think they would do something useful for those people. I know it’s under control but fall isn’t that far away. (Not Canadian, just read the news ;p)

      3. I love Victoria! My mom and I had high tea at the empress hotel and still talk about how great it was! Buchart gardens are absolutely fabulous as well.
        We can see Kate enjoy the Yukon wilderness in inappropriate attire.

    3. A fellow Canadian! Nice to see you here! I was just thinking the same thing about our tax dollars being put towards “tour” of these two

  9. Why does the Duke of Westminster let them borrow his plane so often? Is he expecting some sort of favor from them later down the road or is he just so wealthy that it doesn’t matter? I understand his son is one of the children’s godparents, but I didn’t realize the families were close enough for the Cambridges to ask for charity rides on the plane instead of renting their own…

    1. DoW’s wife is William’s Godmother and she was a close friend of Diana’s when her and Charles first married. DoW is as rich as Croesus. He owns a vast part of central London real estate primarily in Mayfair, Belgravia and Kensington…..I believe the American Embassy is / was part of his property portfolio amongst many other landmarks. The original London property billionaire before all the Russians and Arabs started buying up land. He’s had a few scandals but is very close to the Royals. He also lent his private jet to W&K for their honeymoon. I don’t know whether they pay for it, borrow it or make donations in lieu of using it but the whole family have been recipients of his largesse for many, many years. Xx

      1. Gerald Grosvenor also owns huge swathes of Cheshire and Lancashire, and was responsible in part for the redevelopment of the centre of Liverpool (also part of the portfolio). The new Liverpool One shopping and entertainment complex has trasformed the city centre.

    2. That is actually the purpose of the aristocrats to provide for the royal family. They derived their titles, power, and wealth because it was given to them from a previous king/queen. It was Queen Victoria who made the ancestor a Duke. Their closeness to the Crown creates opportunities for them to enrich themselves. Don’t forget – the Queen sees all dealings of the British government and has unprecedented privileged access to information.

      So no. You are not going to see William/Kate pay them back in any financial way. But being a godparent to a Future King has incredible influence and power. The Duchess of Westminster is William’s godparent. And if you have a title – you owe it to William’s ruling ancestors.

    3. They’ve been giving W&K free jet rides, free yacht trips, free vacations from day 1. It’s good business for the Grosvenors to keep W&K happy. It will benefit them later, they assume. It’s why young Hugh is a godfather–the Duke has been providing for William’s vacations for years.

        1. William would whine that he was broke and use that to bully, for example, the folks at the Mustique Company into giving him free vacations as long as he donated to charity–which he never did (I read one of the owners once confirming this; she asked, he said of course, to a hospital, she thought this was great, and he never did of course!).

          They’ve been benefiting from the Grosvenors’ generosity for decades. The yacht trips while dating, I’ve read were thanks to the Duke of Westminster and family.

          Pretty messed up huh?

  10. Kate is getting the bad press she deserves, imo. And, William has not been such a stellar representative of the Royal Family, either. So, off they go — or, perhaps just Kate, or Kate and kids, on a vacation because they so deserve one. I don’t begrudge people holidays, but I do take offense when so little is done by them during the year to deserve such high and mighty ones.
    Going to France now, well that needs extra security, I suppose. So, the taxpayers are footing some bill. How about the poor regular people who are living in a hot spot, now? My heart’s with them.\

    I’m glad Kate’s press is negative. And, William deserves flak, too. I will say, however, that I don’t care if William was 14, 15 or 16, or six when he lost his mother. I’m 34 and if my Mom were to pass, I know I would be devastated. So, please, let’s be a bit kinder, everyone. If I am out of line, forgive me. Not everyone has a great parental tie, I am sure, but when you loved your mother, as he apparently did, losing her must have been just awful.

    1. I don’t think people care so much that he lost Diana at a young age. It’s more that he milks it. He does the whole “woe is me, I lost my mom.” You don’t see Harry doing that. I lost my dad a few years ago and it still bothers me. As I’m sure it would on anyone who has lost a parent, regardless of their relationship with them. The difference is people don’t use that as an excuse to behave poorly. They act like adults and carry on.

      1. I did not mean to imply that he does harbor the loss. If “milking it” for all its worth is the way some think of it, ok. I just don’t think anyone should judge the suffering the boys did after they lost their mother. And, yes, Harry has handled things far better.

        1. The problem with William is that he was a spoilt, entitled brat at 15 and continues to be one. People have always enabled him to be this way and losing his mother is an excuse he uses to justify his poor behaviour. My cousins lost their father when they were young, the eldest was 16. He did not use this as an excuse, life went on, he stepped up and helped his mother care for his younger siblings. My aunt also would not have taken his crap had he tried acting like an ass. The real issue with William is that there have never been any expectations placed on him and rules were different for him compared to Harry, being the next heir he has received special treatment his whole life. No doubt losing his mother would have crushed him, but using this as an excuse to explain his behaviour is imo, wrong.

  11. I’m not surprised about this. These two are the gifts that keep giving. Both of them don’t care and this is going to end badly. I just wish they would step aside. Enough with the cat and mouse games.

    Thanks for posting this so quickly, KMR!

  12. Here’s a perspective to consider. Harry is unmarried with no children and is only accountable to himself. Therefore he can do adventures like traveling to foreign countries where he has no position of power and take part in activities which are not dependent on him to exist or thrive. (That would be the work of the folks who actually work for the organization.) Harry going to Africa is like Harry hanging out in Antartica or Pippa riding bikes across the USA. What Harry is doing in Africa has no impact whatsoever on the people/society that gives Harry his position. Hanging out with elephants does NOTHING for the people of the UK and Commonwealth. But I bet it is fun as shit. Whereas hanging out at your Grandparents estate in Norfolk (Sandringham) might be a bit boring and somewhat sad if you did not have your own family (wife and kids) to attend to.

    Meanwhile I have always suspected W&K are travelling far more then we know. How convenient that Kate’s future brother in law also owns a private plane. I seriously did not imagine that they were at KP or Amner playing house as much as we think they are. With this tip off of the plane – we might get pap snaps if they can figure out where they are.

    1. I totally agree about Harry. In fact, why isn’t Harry doing something in the UK with animals? He, like the rest, is always away on exotic trips and rarely gets down and dirty with people in the UK.

      1. Yes, we know Harry loves Africa. But in my eyes he’s a man who feels he has some responsibilities on a global level. That’s why I believe he’s founded Sentebale, that’s why Invictus takes place on an international level. At least he’s trying to make the world a better place, and I can imagine his freedom to act in the UK is rather limited as he can’t overshadow his brother. And I can imagine he’d be papped to death if he tried to do some real hands-on work with animals in the UK:-(.

    2. It’s usually very easy to tell when they’ve been away on holiday because they tend to holiday in sun drenched locations.

      Every time they show up looking sun kissed or vaguely tanned, you know they’ve had a recent holiday. It’s happened often. In recent times, it was in January where they were winter white at the Queen’s sandrigham memorial stop, and vaguely tanned when Kate appeared for the Air cadets during the first week of February.

  13. I now question their basic humanity. Following 9/11 Laura Bush appeared in a public service announcement. A sort of gentle reminder to consider the effects of that horrific event on the minds and hearts of little ones: “Let’s make sure our children know that they are safe, and that they are loved.” A simple, apolitical sentiment. No matter what our differences let’s focus on what matters to us all.

    William and Kate will ostensibly be public figures for the rest of their lives. Possibly as King, Queen, Defender of the Faith. Over the coming years and decades they must cultivate a deep, profound bond with their people. During the most trying times they must declare in good faith, “We stand together as one.”

    Small, everyday gestures and outreach solidify the bond. A trip to a children’s hospital, for instance. The memory of a hug from a prince or princess, king or queen, is one that a child will carry into adulthood. Multiply such gestures and memories by the thousands. Wimbledon, yacht races, luxury holidays are by comparison meaningless.

    Their cold, selfish actions and choices should be denounced on the editorial page of every major British newspaper.

    1. I agree with you, but honestly, do you think the Cambridges are capable of well-timed, empathetic words of encouragement or sympathy? William insults people as a way of bonding with them (I’m being generous here) and Kate thinks it’s “interesting” that children are mutilated in order to make them higher-earning beggars. I think they’re well suited to each other, but neither is suited for the job.

  14. **sighs and shakes head**

    I just don’t get it. They have all this power and could rock the world with their voices but instead, they only shout whenever they feel like the world is being unfair to them and only DO something when the public starts whispering loudly/calling them out on their *blank*. I would kill to be able to have the world’s megaphone in my hand to let my voice be heard!! I know that one can be apathetic but this is ridiculous!

    Changing topics: I’m into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator stuff and whenever I take the test, my personality is always the same (ISFJ) *but* whenever it lists famous people who are also ISFJs, they list celebrities like: Mother Teresa (YAY!!), George H.W. Bush (wow but I believe it), Kanye West (huh??), Prince Charles (totally can see it) and……our very own Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

    I think the main reason she’s placed under that personality type is because we know so little about her and, what little we do know, the public assumes she’s an Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging individual.

    Do you agree or disagree? What Myers Briggs personality type do you think she is behind closed doors/in real life? How about William? Harry? Just thought it might be fun and hope it’s okay to discuss something like this. 🙂

          1. Thanks for the help, NOTA!! I saw the post but wasn’t able to reply (my sweet dog, Missy, has been giving this mama a scare for the past few days but, YAY, she’s turned the corner and seems to be back to her old self).

            Yes, ISFJ= Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging and that’s me down to a T especially in the little things such as remembering things about people in detail (I could tell you what so-and-so wore when I first met them 30 years ago, what kind of backpack this friend had in Kindergarten, where I was when I met this friend, etc), I certainly do enjoy giving/making creative gifts for those close to me, and I’ve always been an introvert and it’s only those who know me who can really bring me out of my shell.

            Anyway, the pages I’ve gone to have pegged Kate as an ISFJ (as is Charles but I just do not see Kate as one), Diana and Harry as INFP (Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perception) though Harry might be ExxP (x=not sure) and Diana actually took the MBTI test and she confirmed that the personality type described her perfectly. Nooo idea what William’s Myers Briggs type is.

            Any guesses?

    1. Hello Kimothy! I’m also an ISFJ. I get that every time I take the test. I do not consider Kate an ISFJ and was also puzzled when I saw her on the list. I was much more excited to see that QEII and Catelyn Stark (PLUS BEYONCE) are also listed as ISFJs by 16 Personalities.

      I mostly do not consider Kate and ISFJ because she comes off as too self-centered. The ISFJ is hard-working, altruistic to a fault, enthusiastic, and reliable. I don’t see these qualities in Kate. Of course, we don’t see much of her personality at all, so perhaps she exhibits these qualities in private. Another trademark of the ISFJ is their ability to connect with others even though they are introverted. The photos and videos of her interactions with others do not indicate an ability to connect. She also doesn’t come off as particularly affectionate with her children. Always seems a bit distant to me.

      Sorry for my ramble! I’m also a huge Myers-Briggs fan. My whole office is obsessed and it’s a regular topic of conversation.

      1. I’m into Myers-Briggs too and a close friend of mine is too. She’s an ENFP (though I’d personally peg her as more of an “I” instead of an “E” and she’s said that she goes back and forth between them) but I’m an ISFJ through and through!

        Diana had read a book about a particular personality and identified herself as an INFP or “Healer”

        Any ideas as to what Harry and William’s personalities might be? I know that they haven’t taken the test but it’s fun to guess!

        1. Kate may well be an ISFJ. She is definitely introverted. I think social interaction (all the gurning) really exhausts her and maybe that’s why she thinks in her own mind she works enough. Introverted sensing dominant types like ISTJ and ISFJ tend to not be very adventurous and very reluctant to change things. Her earring collection, wedges, blue dresses etc scream Si to me. She has found something that she likes and is familiar with so is more comfortable repeating it rather than looking for new stuff. I know lots of isfjs that like to follow sports, scores etc, the type of detail oriented information gathering Si loves. ISFJs are also very devoted and loving, serving people, but in my opinion, they tend to give themselves fully to those they love and can come across as a bit cold or unsympathetic with the rest. I can just see how she her being Whiny’s doormat but appearing uncaring to others. The isfjs I know find it hard to appreciate sometimes what is outside the realm of their experience. they tend to assume things are how they have experienced them, so that could account for Waity’s bubble or coming accross as fake, because I genuinely don’t think she gets a lot of things outside her middleton brf bubble. This is not a description of all isfjs, just how in my opinion some common traits “could” be asscioated with waity’s behaviour.

    2. Unless those celebs took that test and consented to their results being listed, there really is no way to know what they truly are and the people who made up those lists are just guessing.

  15. KP announced that they are going to tour Canada in fall this year.I wonder about its length,but nonetheless good news.

    1. Is it good news? The cynic in me sees an opportunity to bump the engagement numbers and foreign tours mean a clothing allowance for the Duchess courtesy of the Foreign office. And why Canada again? Has Kate been flipping through the Royal Travel guide? Are there not any other Commonwealth countries in need of Royal support?

      1. Oh Mrs BBV I think you’re right. Kate probably wants to visit BC because it’s “on her bucket list” like India was. I can’t believe my tax dollars are paying for these two to come on an exaggerated vacation.

      2. Unfortunately, our PM thinks he is a rock star. I feel his invitation/request to the Cambridges had as much or more to do with his own personal (ego) agenda, than a political one. Because he could have invited any member of the royal fam for the 150th birthday celebrations. But whatever

          1. Please no. It is just embarrassing seeing Kate flirt. I get the feeling William is a little puzzled by her behaviour. How can a girl flirt with a guy if she is already in a relationship? I don’t begrudge the Cambridge’s a holiday in fact it is good they are spending time with kids. They have worked apart from St Patrick’s day. I think Kate has tried. Even the trying becomes trying. Surely Kate knew this was part of the job description that she was expected to work, as William’s business partner. Nanny Maria does most of the babysitting and taking care of the kids. I really do wonder what Kate’s role is. Queen Mary must be spinning in her grave that her mantra of never being tired to visit hospitals. Whom did Queen Mary say it too? Was it her own daughter?

        1. Something about PM Trudeau makes me feel very uncomfortable. He’s too good looking and I don’t trust that! I’m sure Kate will be all over him. Another Ben to visit in a different hemisphere. I hope I am wrong about Trudeau, but I just don’t get a good vibe from him. What do I know, anyway?

      3. I said good news because it was a positive thing to hear about them going on another tour,you know going to do work.But as I said before I wonder about the length.I felt that their previous tour to India was very short compared to their previous tours.They didn’t even visit South India,so they didn’t even get the full flavour of India.

    2. I think it’s interesting that they’re doing a Canadian tour when Harry’s indict us games is also in Canada next yr. I know Trudeau issued an invite but still. Why have them come when Harry will already be there?

        1. Like almost all of the Commonwealth countries, the Queen is popular but something like 75% of all Canadians think eventually the head of state of Canada should be Canadian.

  16. I can imagine the palace men scratching their heads to come up with an excuse to justify this supposedly secret trip , which comes after a serious of lovely parties and celebrations considered work , and as it’s difficult to expect real work from our lovely princess , they came up with this official trip to Canada , which means a trip to justify a trip or at least take the attention from it… oui mes amies,c’est vraiment la vie en rose

    1. You’ve got them banged to rights Alia. The grey suits at the palace must think we’re so stupid. A good day to bury bad news as it’s known in the trade. Xx

  17. Most people, even most other royals, I wouldn’t care if they were on Holiday and would be excited for them. With these two, essentially their whole existence is a giant holiday, so instead it irks me that they’re trying to sneak in another one. And really France, right now? I love France but am hesitant to go right now because seems to be a hotbed of crazy right now. I was supposed to go to Istanbul but changed to Norway instead because of the current situation…if Kate loves her walks so much why not go to the Lake districts and promote a UK location?

  18. Canada tour in a nutshell: A week of incredibly hideous and boring outfits from Kate, along with her crazed expressions. What will she wear to pay homage to the Canadians….a hockey uniform? Just not excited about this.

    1. Maybe she can wear her own “flying skirts” version of the Mountie uniform and wear moose antlers as a hat? Now that theme dressing!

  19. So about the Canadian tour 2.0 and Kate’s wardrobe… Erdem’s Canadian. He’s from Montreal. Oh the horror of more fugly crap on Kate!! I know some don’t like her Smythe blazer, but I like it a lot. I may also be biaed though because the designers behind that label graduated from my high school. Granted it was before my time there, but they did come and give speeches frequently. Ugh… hey universe, can you make sure Kate doesn’t show up in Erdem?

    1. I liked the white sailor outfit dress but to me Kate pointed out her front rather blatantly in the white jacket and skirt outfit. I did like the Smythe blazer though. Kate looks and behaves like she is auditioning for the role of William’s wife. The least Kate could do is cover up.

  20. Any mention of this on British tv? The BBC coddles the royals. But is there any televised criticism? Fifteen-hundred nasty posts on the Daily Mail. One would think it will spill over to other mediums.

  21. I reckon Waity is insanely jealous of her sister about to have the lifestyle she wants – wife of a rich man who doesn’t have to work or justify her spending – and is in a tailspin and has had to dash to France to comfort herself. Ironically Pippa will probably do more charity work than Waity. Has anyone ever compared Pippa’s charity numbers to Waity’s?

    1. LOL to Kate being in a tailspin.

      I believe KMR did a comparison of Pippa vs Kate’s charity endeavors…. Am I dreaming or making this up?

  22. This really sounds like Charles pr man downgrading his son and family. That is the same loving father who brought in a pr man to reinvent his and Camilla’s past and he doesn’t care if it makes his son’s look bad. I would guess he and Camilla would be happy about it. Her name is not Kate Middleton. William wants Kate to be a stay at home mom. Has anyone thought she might enjoy getting out from under his control and her becoming popular by herself might be more than wills could handle. I still think Charles and Camilla have a very long hand in bad press on w&K great loving father eh?

    1. I wouldn’t call that a smoking gun at all. In fact, I read the story at the Mirror late last night and decided not to cover it because: There are no photos; there are no true “sources” with quotes; it reads like the hotel wanted some from press so leaked that W&K were there but didn’t give any details, just enough to get their name in the paper. I’m not saying W&K didn’t stay there, just that this article is not definitive proof that W&K were there and it reads more like an advert than an update on W&Ks vacation. Again, not saying W&K aren’t there, just that I didn’t want to devote an entire post to what I feel like is little more than a hotel advert.

        1. I wasn’t trying to be mean, I was just giving my interpretation of that article. I apologize if I upset you.

    2. Considering there were only 2 cars to get Kate at the airport I’m thinking it’s probably just Kate, or W&K without the kids. Not enough room for all of them and their RPOs–and imagine how many RPOs they’d need to bring with the issues France is dealing with right now being on high terror alert.

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