Royal Round Up: William and Kate to go to Canada, Harry’s IAC speech

Royal Round Up: William and Kate to go to Canada, Harry’s IAC speech

I didn’t want to make either of these things into their own separate posts so I’m throwing them into a royal round up together. Kensington Palace dropped news that Prince William and Kate Middleton will go on tour to Canada in the fall. And I’m including Prince Harry‘s speech at the International Aids Conference in South Africa on July 21 since I never covered it.

This was speculated for a while, ever since Justin Trudeau (the hot Prime Minister of Canada) publicly invited the Cambridges to Canada earlier this month, but KP confirmed a second Canadian tour for the Cambridges yesterday. This autumn, William and Kate will visit British Columbia and the territory of Yukon, having been invited to visit by the Government of Canada.

A spokesman for Kensington Palace said:

    “The Duke and Duchess are delighted to be returning to Canada. They hold very happy memories from their visit in 2011 – their first overseas tour as a married couple. They arereally looking forward to seeing other parts of this beautiful country and having the opportunity to meet many more Canadians along the way.”


That typo (“arereally”) is theirs, by the way. KP really needs to get their act together. Typos in an official press release makes them and William and Kate look like a joke.

It is not confirmed, but it looks likely that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will accompany their parents to Canada. Maybe that’s why the Cambridges are on vacation in France right now – they always take a vacation right before a tour.

When I wrote up my review of Kate’s Jan-June 2016 engagement numbers I said that I thought it unlikely they would do another tour this year, but I was wrong. Cool. Please don’t wear Erdem, Kate.

On July 21, Prince Harry was in South Africa for the International Aids Conference. Both he and Elton John gave speeches. I’m quoting part of Harry’s speech, cutting out the stuff on starting Sentebale (which he’s said in several speeches now) for space:

    “At the time of the first International AIDS conference, HIV was a death sentence. Treatment was not widely available in the developed world, let alone in poorer regions. Stigma kept HIV positive people from talking openly about their condition and kept vulnerable people from having the courage to step into a clinic and ask for a test.
    “But thanks to the work of leaders in the fight against HIV – people like Nelson Mandela, Sir Elton John, the brave activists of TAG and ACT UP, people like Dr Peter Piot, and like my mother, Princess Diana – we have made huge progress.
    “When my mother held the hand of a man dying of AIDS in an East London hospital, no one would have imagined that just over a quarter of a century later treatment would exist that could see HIV-positive people live full, healthy, loving lives.
    “But we now face a new risk – the risk of complacency.
    “As people with HIV live longer, AIDS is a topic that has drifted from the headlines. And with that drift of attention, we risk a real drift of funding and of action to beat the virus.
    “We cannot lose a sense of urgency, because despite all the progress we have made, HIV remains among the most pressing and urgent of global challenges – 1.1m people died of AIDS and 2.1m were infected last year alone. HIV remains the number one cause of death amongst adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa. In my own country, infection rates are still rising amongst important groups despite the availability of instant testing and universal access to treatment.
    “So it is time for a new generation of leaders to step forward. It is time for us to step up to make sure no young person feels any shame in asking for an HIV test. It is time for us to step up to make sure that girls and boys with HIV aren’t kept from playing with their friends, classmates, and neighbours. It is time for us to step up and acknowledge that stigma and discrimination still act as the greatest barrier to us defeating this disease once and for all.
    “What I have seen in the last few days in Lesotho gives me huge confidence that we will rise to this challenge. Seeing young people who have so little, yet who work so hard to support their friends and educate their families about HIV, continues to inspire all of us at Sentebale. They are why I care so much about this fight. I hope that their stories of courage, and not just the huge problems they face, can inspire all of you as well.
    “What I believe is that we cannot beat HIV without giving young people in every country the voice they deserve. Without education and without empowerment, HIV will win.
    “But just imagine what would happen if in places like Lesotho and throughout Africa, children were given the tools to protect their health, to speak out against stigma and discrimination, and to support their friends and family. In helping young people to fight HIV we would not just be ending this epidemic, we would change the direction of history for an entire generation.”


When I wrote about Harry taking an HIV test live on Facebook, there were some comments wondering what that really did to fight the stigma surrounding HIV and what influence Harry really had.

Well, the Terrence Higgins Trust has credited Harry with a surge in demand for a 15-minute home test offering people the chance to discover their HIV status. There was a flurry of interest in the home tests in the two days immediately after Harry’s test. Orders rose from 32 per day to 150 per day.

Dr. Michael Brady, the trust’s medical director, said:

    “We know that one in six people living with HIV do not know they have it. Testing puts you in control and, thanks to treatment, will stop you from getting seriously ill, enable you to live a normal lifespan and prevent you from passing the virus on to anyone else. It’s fantastic to see the very tangible and immediate impact of Prince Harry’s support for HIV testing.”


So Harry did inspire people to get tested.

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  1. Oh dear – given that this tour will be in cooler climates than the Indian Tour poor Kate will need to add a lot more of new and expensive clothes to her wardrobe that she will wear for a few hours – any bets on jegging style pants, and matchy D&G style lace dresses, and more samey Kikki drops. Probably outings for QE11’s jewels. And I’m sure she will be happy to flirt with Mr Dreamy aka The PM. I’m betting minimal time spent visiting the less fortunate – shelters, hospices etc. And lots of time spent in nice scenery. And of course G&C will need new wardrobes as well. The one who needs to lift his act clothes wise probably won’t (Wills) and we willl see more too tight trousers, and lots of navy no doubt.

    1. And Sophie and Edward who visited Ft McMurray after the fire get no attention, but W&K visiting and saying, “Oh, how interesting” or “How sorry for you’ about people losing everything will get heaps of press…

      I’m so cynical but ugh, do y’all blame me? lol

  2. Urgh. Why Justin??? Whyyyy??? Why did you have to invite these two dolts? They’d gladly turn up for ANY overseas trip for a jolly and at the same time pumping their engagement numbers! And the poor dears … they simply have no clue of the bad press they’re getting! The top comments from the DM are all criticizing the trip. If Kate has a brain(and if the Queen allows it), she could have announced a solo trip to Malta or something. She missed it the last time so a second time solo visit will boost her popularity greatly! Since she’s visiting a country the second time, why not make it to Malta, right? These are the things she can do to be popular once more.

    Part of me feels that Wills is telling her to do the bare minimum and to be unliked by the public because he has a sinister plan to abdicate at the very last minute and throw everyone off with the news!

    But I do know that we’ll see photos of Kate like these non-stop all day:

    I’m sorry. I had to. LOL.

    1. Cruel and personal , but I’m somewhat ashamed to say these photos made me laugh!!?
      She didn’t make these strange faces before she had her teeth done, so perhaps criticism is ok because she has actively chosen the huge toothy grin.

    2. had kate been actively working or showing any inclination towards any ambition in life beside stalking william before her marriage to him , I would’ve thought about your idea that william is influencing her , but one has to admit it , the girl is simply lazy , no matter how we try to find excuses for her , her only concern in life is her image and having a good time , no more no less .

      1. I have the feeling that they bring out the worst of each other. With another partner, someone active, engaged, supportive both would have some potential but like that…
        I have heard that Kate had the opportunity to learn from Sophie and to go with her to events etc., not sure if that’s true, but I think it would have helped. Whenever I see WK at an event together W doesn’t seem really supportive, not even if it’s Kates patronage… he also says how much he admires the Queen and his father for the job the do, but if seeing them out and about every day doesn’t ring a bell, he will never learn.

        1. I am with you all the way Kristin that they bring the worst out of each other, it’s clearly a marriage of two heads who are fighting for control and attention , no harmony or peace that you see in other royal marriages is lost here .
          As for Kate , I think with all the media’s false praising, she now thinks she’s better than everybody else, God help the British when she become a queen.
          William is another story , he’s already a difficult person,and having kate for a wife is making him even more bitter ,and we all know,a person who is not happy can’t make others happy, no matter what he says intends to do .

    3. Catherine and William were specifically invited to Canada for celebration of our 150th anniversary this coming year. There is no way they would have said no and sent Catherine to Malta instead. Maybe as well, but definitely not instead.

  3. Good speech from Harry!!

    I wonder what is the public opinion of CAnadians about this tour : happy, angry, not interested? Républican feeling : High or not?

    This blog is read by Kp (maybe) : last time I criticize the lack of speech of KAte (sometimes she is like a plant she uses as décoration) and the fact that they always together (i think the evoked reason is security cost). I wonder if there Will progres on this two elements… I think not…

    1. Hi Clem! I a Canadian living in Toronto & former Kate-Enthusiast. The general sense of what I can gather is a ‘who cares’ attitude. It’s more funds being put towards something that doesn’t really matter. From what I have seen on the Toronto Star and just out there in general, our Prime Minister (who I am not of a fan of, I will be honest, please don’t beat me) is using this as a photo-op or a way to get some attention.

      1. +1 from a fellow canuck in the west. Sophie will already be planning her copious and expensive wardrobe, ugh

  4. Does anyone know who foots the bill if they are invited on a tour?
    I am still hoping for Carole to read all the negative comments, panic and use her enormous influence to get these two to up their game.

      1. Can I swear on this site? F! As if our country needed to be leached off of buy two people who are far too busy leaching off their own country

      2. Yeah.. don’t remind me. I already hate that they take so much money from me. Now to know part of it is going to fund these 2 entitled brats?!?! UGH!!!

    1. I understood the clothing allowance was paid by the Foreign Office……sourced from Ken Wharfes ‘Closely Guarded Secret’. He said Diana would make sure she claimed it to the nearest £. Whether our FO then invoices the host country I don’t know but the sums involved when Diana was alive were astronomical according to Ken’s book. Xx

      1. They should have a fixed budget for clothes. I’ve heard Diana’s dresses were very expensive. But I would pay to see some of the iconic dresses.

        1. If you ever get the chance you should. I have seen a few pieces and it brought tears to my eyes. One of my favourites was at The Diana Exhibition at Althorp and it was the Catherine Walker day suit. Not only was it exquisite but there were little nicks in the fabric where her ring had caught the wool……it made it more real. I loved this when she wore it but to see it up close was breathtaking.

          1. I went to the exhibit here. I’m so glad I did. The dresses and trinkets left me speechless. I made sure that I studied each dress in detail. You forget how tall and lean she was. You could also see her metamorphosis from fairy tale princess to a confident woman.

            The standout was the gown. Full stop.

            Those imperfections made her so much more real and made me so sad that she is no longer here.

          2. It’s definitely on my bucket list. I have always wanted to see the Catherine Walker pearl-studded “Elvis” dress. I only knew about Diana after she died (I was 6) and one of the clips shown in the news was her being photographed while wearing the Elvis dress and Cambridge lover’s knot tiara. It’s an image that’s stuck with me. She looked so beautiful.

      2. Alright, I think I need to write the people who run my country and tell them to give Kate $0 towards any ugly clothes. They need to be approved before we give her any money.

        1. I’m from Canada too and really no one seems to be talking about this upcoming visit. And why do these 2 need to visit Canada again? The Wessexes were just here. I guess the royals are homing their attention onto certain countries, as that they want these countries to stay within or even join the Commonwealth after QEII passes. Hence the constant visits to certain countries or regions?

          1. I would hope your money will go towards the kids clothes, if they are coming. Those poor mites will need some clothes that haven’t been worn before. I can’t believe William actually likes George wearing his own clothes. I read that Kate has lots of jacket dresses by a designer and the Queen was horrified that Kate had so many.

  5. To start with something positive:
    It’s great to read that the orders for home tests rose after Harry’s puplic HIV test. It might just be a little change but every single step, as small as it might, is one into the right direction.
    Also really liked the speech he has given as he makes some important points. We’ve indeed come a long way but we still have a long way ahead of us and we also need young people to take HIV serious.

    And for the others…
    Normally tours are a good thing. Lot of work in few days, meeting people, learning, helping but here… we’ve been disappointed so often before that I don’t even have high hopes with WK anymore. It’s more like they just add another holiday with a couple of public engagements to their schedule. I don’t even mind them having some event at beautiful scenery or having some fun at sports, but it needs to be more than that! At the end we need to be able to remember more than Kates clothes!

  6. Dear #PoorJason, we know you read these blogs so pass this on to your employers. Kate, remember your underwear and hem weights. Practise your ‘I sympathise with you’ and learn some easy talking points so you say something more than gosh how interesting. For the love of God stop letting Tash tailor your clothes! Get a proper tailor! If your gonna wear repetitive boring clothes they should at least fit. William, please get a new suit that isnt blue and trousers that dont give you moose knuckle. Stop trying to emulate Jon Hamm and his hammaconda. Also stop looking so irritated and angry when Kate messes up. No one forced you to marry an immature dolt. She’s obviously struggling with royal life, the least you could do is support her.

    1. Lol! This made me laugh! I seriously hope #poorjason is listening because, humour aside, THIS is likely to be the straw that breaks the back of the Monarchy. We are fed up of same sh*t, different day from these two. Far from needing to up their game they first need to make it onto the team – talk about useless! Right, I’m out of analogies and patience. Someone just stop them, please!

    2. And Jason, I’m willing to style Kate as long as you arrange a lunch with Harry. Kate will be impeccable when I’m finished with her.

  7. I read on dm that in 2011 they don’t receive a warm welcome in MOntreal of that in MOntreal there was something. Anyone has an information about that?

    1. The Quebecois and even people who aren’t separatists in Quebec have a long history of protesting the British monarchy, because, to simplify it, they aren’t descended from English-speaking British people who settled in Canada. They’re descended from French settlers and don’t share a language, culture, or religion with the royals.

  8. Once again Harry is a class act. Using his status in the public eye to bring awareness to an important issue. I do agree with Harry that HIV/AIDS does not have the stigma it once had. People are living longer with the disease. And it isn’t the death sentence that it once was. Yet there is still no cure. A new generation needs to step up and bring the awareness to it. I believe he has the passion for all the causes he holds dear.

    Now onto the Lazy Duo. What can I say I’m so underwhelmed by both of them. Big deal your going on your second tour this year. It must be exhausting being the two of you. How many engagements have they’ve done this year? Solo and combined? I’m not a huge Prince Charles fan or Camilla fans, but they work. Granted PC is the heir. So he should be doing many engagements which he does many. William really needs to get his act together. And have his wife do the same. They want all the perks of being royal. Yet they do not work for it. It is a job. Speaking of work does William even work for the ambulance service anymore? Or is he done playing pilot?

    1. There was an article this morning claiming the following so far this year:

      William: 89 engagements
      Harry: 85 engagements
      Kate: 69 engagements

      I call BS though because there’s no way William has done more than Harry.

  9. when everything is said and done and although I pity william in this marriage , but I don’t why I have the feeling that at the end , for one reason or another , Harry will marry the “it” girl and become the king

  10. How is it that Wills & Wifey can go on these elaborate tours but cannot take the time to visit their own charities and patronages at home. How is it that they are seemly permitted to take advantage of their wealth and status to shrug off the work that they are supposed to be doing for their country. I just don’t understand how these people can publicly funded when they seem to have contempt for the very people that they represent.

    I used to love Kate. Love her. I thought she was the best. These days I am more and more disappointed by the person that I used to have so much respect for. She lacks compassion for the people that she is supposed to help. I wish that they weren’t coming to my country. I wish they would stay home and continue to do nothing rather than have a glorified vacation on my tax dollars, oh and with their kids too.

    1. I would just love to visit BC and the Yukon. Who wouldn’t? I would love someone to pay me to visit . I have no problem with them doing the top tourist things, but most of the trip should be spent on working, visiting, perhaps learning about how Canada tackle mental health issues we can all learn from each other’s successes and failures. They should take a strong business delegation with them as Brexit changes our trading status and trade with the Commonwealth must surely be a top priority both ways. Will should visit the equivalent of the Air Ambulance, and they should visit the armed services who still technically fight for HM. Then they can visit the areas sufferer ing from the result of the terrible fires.
      See it’s not difficult to put a meaningful schedule together in a way that will actually give something back to Canada as well as bring something new to their personal interests that they are so keen on.
      How does their overprotective zeal regarding the children mean that Comminwealth countries actually see more of them than the Brits?
      I’m just all sorts of grumpy about this, knowing that it is just going to be one great holiday with vast amounts of money spent on yet more coat dresses and bland boring heals, with new skinnies thrown in….please new ones if she has to wear them. Those BA ones were old and tatty.

      1. Birdy I agree with you. It’s just going to be another glorified vacation on the tax payers dime. If they were smart they set up a task force or committee of some kind. Focusing on Great Britain after Brexit with trade with Canada and other common wealth nations. Yet this would be too much work for Lazy One and Lazy Two. They half ass everything. They do the minimum of what is required of them. Which is sad. What is even sadder is that no one has any expectations for them anymore. So the Canadian tour will be a showcase of new outfits, nude pumps,a Marilyn Moment from Waity, and a creepy ode to Diana in the fashion sense.

      2. Birdy, Excellent points. So far, W&K just take and take any host’s hospitality and give nothing back. I love Canada. Disappointed Trudeau thinks these two wasters are deserving of an invitation.

        1. I wouldn’t trust either of them with my shopping list, let alone anything respecting diplomacy! We have to face it, this will be one short ‘coordinating with the environment’ and ‘gosh how interesting’ series of photo ops with lots of ‘personal time’ thrown in cos snowflakes need time off too guys! I’m just waiting to see what misspelled, grammatical awful fairytale agenda KP releases this time. Poor Canada – we feel you!

          1. The Cambridge’s have nothing to offer Canada, or to any country. They are unwilling to use their platform for the greater good, with virtually no interest in anything but shoring up their own pleasures, status and privilege.

            What does inviting a completely unaccomplished couple of ‘royal’ numpties to Canada’s 150th anniversary say about the country’s maturity? Trudeau’s invitation signals a dreadful, subservient, forelock-tugging message.

            What do William and Kate have to say? What does their ‘work’ achieve? Both are too unprofessional, unintelligent and selfish to represent their country at a local, let alone, international level. Britain should be simultaneously ashamed and pitied having these two drop kicks represent their country on the world stage.

            William and Kate won’t change because nothing is on the line for them. Do we really think they care what people think? There is enough evidence over the years to prove not in the slightest. They are a burden to their country, nothing more.

    2. “cannot take the time to visit their own charities and patronages at home” – now, that’s not fair – they spent all that time sailing recently 🙂

      I echo your sentiments re: Kate – I really liked her and wanted her to succeed, but she’s hopeless.

      Disappointed, but not surprised, that Justin Trudeau would invite them. The future pics of his wife and Kate having a pose-off of exaggerated facial expressions is already triggering my gag reflex.

  11. Why are they going back to Canada? There are plenty of Commonwealth countries they haven’t visited yet. Not that there’s anything wrong with Canada, it’s a great country, don’t get me wrong. But shouldn’t they visit somewhere they haven’t been?

  12. I’m shelving my comment on W&K to below to focus on Harry. So incredibly proud of him, and what a great speech! He’s right about how passive people are today about getting HIV (or any disease). I love that he is taking an active stance to challenge himself and others from new generations. I personally responded to him bringing up his mother and what an impact she had. That was the moment she became a hero for me, because AIDS was still this scary disease that we the public didn’t really believe the Surgeon General that you couldn’t get from touching. So that picture broke that stigma.
    I can’t see W&K tour being any different from India. Honestly, it’s a waste of taxpayer $. Will’s irritated and bored face coupled with Kate manic grins might push the Canadian narrative toward Canadexit. Charles and Cam should go.
    BTW, I took my kids to see BFG after your write-up KMR, and we all really liked it. It was a cute movie. I still want Cam’s sculpture. Hope you are having a good day.

  13. Harry is remarkable. So caring and thoughtful about the issues he champions. Who didn’t like the photo of Harry with all the beautiful, smiling people in front of the quilt? It was just another example of him being so real and everyone being happy around him. Real smiles, not ones that people were told to plaster on their faces!

    As for W and K, ugh! I can see them brining the kids everywhere with them to ensure the most positive press around . Shall we place bets now as to when and where a skirt blow-up may occur! Of course, she may be on better behavior with the young ones in tow. I’m thinking, who cares?

    1. Sorry, I forgot to make two other points. The fact that more people are testing thanks to Harry’s public HIV test is wonderful. He has brought the attention that’s needed to this issue!

      And, the typo in the press release! When is anyone going to take Jason and Company to task? Everyone who is working for W and K (except for Nanny Maria, I think) are just so incompetent. Would any of us still have a job if so many mistakes for such an “important” couple were constantly being made? It’s just a shame!

  14. Thank you for sharing Harry’s speech, it was such a nice break from the other two. I am so glad that Harry is spearheading the push to get tested. It’s just so sad that due to apathy, ignorance or superstition millions of people are infected and die each year from this disease. Thanks Harry for bringing this issue back to the forefront and continuing the discussion!

  15. Oh well, it appears that the will/cannot duo are filling up their bucket list and then some! What a pair! Perhaps it’s just us on this site who see through their *no-work scrounging tactics*. On several sites people get into serious bickering if anyone dares to mention them, (especially waity) in a derogatory manner. There are several Brit posters who feel that the sun rises and sets with her. In other words, she can do no wrong, and in those commenters eyes, Kate is holier than an angel, and can even walk on water, if the need arises. The bloggers tell every critic to “leave them alone” because they are a wonderful *young* couple. I don’t see them as a young couple, perhaps if they were in their early twenties. They are 34 and in a few years will be considered as “middle aged”. It is felt by some, that Kate’s *beauty* is incomparable. Perhaps those people don’t see the deeply lined forehead and huge open pores on the face, nor the folds and naso-labial/marionette lines. Love IS blind!

    I’m laughing at some of the Canadians here, who don’t want the will/cannot duo to visit your lovely country. All I can say is, better you than us. We had to deal with them in 2011, after they wound up the trip to Canada. They visited Hollywood and were entertained by the British Council. I’m sure that it was Kate who wanted to mix with our celebrities. She remarked afterwards, that she had never seen anything like the gala featuring Hollywood. One thing that stood out for me at that time, was a comment from someone at the Consul luncheon who stated that Kate just pushed the food around the plate. Hence, the result we have today, a skeletonized waity.

    Also, in December 2014, when Kate was pregnant with Charlotte and was supposedly very sick with the throwing up malady, the two did travel to New York City, and were wined and dined by us. Remember, the *eye-roll*? They took in a basketball game with LeBron James. In one of the pictures with LeBron, he put his arm around her shoulders. Her fans were horrified, that a “commoner” dared to touch she who is untouchable, and is more royal than the blood royals. The consternation from her blogging fans over LeBron’s action was incomprehensible.

    All I can say to the our Canadian neighbors, is better you than us. Our country cannot afford them. Allbeit waity has purchased several suitcases full of expensive clothing, after their India trip, I’ll assume that she will be doing some serious shopping which will be dubbed as work, and it’ll be charged to the British taxpayers. She has a good deal going. A clothing allowance from Prince Charles, plus KP budget for “work*-related trips. Waity has quite a racket going on. If GBR is losing money, she’ll launch them into bankruptcy. This couple is deep into the mire, and I doubt that they have any redeeming qualities. I firmly believe that their college degrees were given to them because their families have money. Those top universities have a standard/reputation to maintain to impress future students, and cannot afford to have any of their students failing. A degree on a silver platter. Having seen some letters sent by Kate to her charities earlier this year, I think that my Junior High School daughter can far exceed Kate’s writing skills. Anyway, more power to this spoon fed *royal* couple on their well-deserved,(NOT) vacations and work tours.

  16. I’ve got nothing about this tour. It’s just going to be more of the same from Kate and William. New, expensive clothes that don’t always fit properly. Over the top expressions, William having a fit about being followed about by the press. Throw George and Charlotte into the mix and you’ll have Kate posing for mother of the year photos. I expect down time to be sprinkled into this tour so they can be together as a family. I just pray they don’t dress the kids in the period clothing they are so very fond of.

    Harry, well he just keeps going like the Energizer Bunny. He’s hitting all the right notes and he obviously cares about the subjects he’s taken on. Once again, bravo Harry!

  17. Knowing I’m a royal watcher, my sister told me, yesterday, that she heard about Harry’s work with HIV/AIDS. And then she said to me how much good work the young royals are doing. And this is why KP keeps chaining Harry to these two lazies. KP wants them to benefit the fallout of Harry’s good work. Remember when William was at the IG2014. We kept hearing how it was the “Foundation of the DUKE AND DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE and Prince Harry” that set up the game. If you don’t follow closely the Royals, it’s easy to be caught up in the lie and believe it.

    William and Kate has always been a PR couple. Always hyped but nothing to show for it. And it has always been the case even pre-wedding.

    When the engagement was announced, the level of whitewashing that happened was astonishing. You would hear how Kate is perfect, how she would save the monarchy because she is a commoner with the common touch, how they love each other, how they waited so long so that Kate would understand what being royal would entail, how she is the most-prepared princess.

    And then, this, apparently, most-prepared princess, who has never given a speech before marrying, has never learned a foreign language, has never volunteered, has never worked with a charity (that disco-ball was a joke, a way of passing fun for work), spent more than a year figuring out which charities to be patron of.
    So you’d have to ask yourself, what has she been preparing to? The truth is nothing except the life of luxury that being a Royal brings. To Kate’s credit, she has improved her shopping tally and the holidays destination masked as Royal Tours.
    5 years after joining the BRF, I look at William and Kate and I’m still baffled at the level of, at best incompetence, at worst disinterest.

    William OTOH is a lost cause. Someone who got away with everything he’s done, whose every whims and wished were catered to, who has never apologized for any misdeeds, won’t ever change.

    This Canadian tour will improve their CC numbers which will give the illusion that they are hard-working. They’ll probably bring the kids to capitalize as much PR as they can.
    And when we’ll hit 2017, we’ll hear the same BS we hear every new year, about how they ask their staff to fill their agenda, how they’ll hit the ground running, how they’re keen on such-and-such.

    I, honestly, have no idea how long they can still play this game before the press starts to actually print the truth about them.

    The BRF are playing a very dangerous game here. We’re living in an era where people are openly asking the need of a monarchy. The best they should is to prove their worth by being useful and not be seen as lazy scroungers. So instead of using the press by covering their misdeeds, Charles and the Queen should tell them to work or to step down.

    PS: Sorry for the long post but these two are just… UGHHH

    1. I’d like to add that I’m grateful to be on a blog where I can openly share my point of view on Will and Kate without being insulted for it. Thanks KMR.

    2. Fantastic words Maya86, and you are right when you say that here on this blog we can openly share our point of view on Will and Kate without being insulted for it. This blog IS THE BEST.

  18. Hmmm, I wonder if Kate will be debuting/butchering any French designers clothing on the Canadian tour. She is there and may have time to languidly click through someones web site.

    The thought actually makes me more than a bit nervous.

  19. We’ve talked so often about Kate’s ageing skin and the fact that she is even skinnier than the year she got married. These photos of her in Canada really highlight that. What is she doing wrong to be looking as old as Sophie?

  20. Unhappy about the fact that my tax dollars
    Going to go to fund WK’s travel bucket list. At least I hope she uses the public money to buy some hem weights for her flyaway skirts.

    As for Harry: I am absolutely impressed and happy that he is doing some big things and using his role to change the perception and conversation around this still- deadly disease. Bravo Harry and may you live long like Queen so that you can continue to do your good works.

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