Prince Harry will work on conservation projects in Africa this summer

Prince Harry will work on conservation projects in Africa this summer

Just like last year, Prince Harry will spend his summer break in Africa working with wildlife conservation projects.


Harry flew to southern Africa earlier this week to start his summer work in the region, which aides say is privately funded. Kensington Palace issued a press release today about Harry’s summer conservation work:

    “Prince Harry will spend the next few weeks working on front line conservation projects in southern Africa.
    “Following the summer he spent in the region last year, Prince Harry has once again worked with experts to design a programme that will enable him to support important wildlife conservation initiatives that focus on protecting southern Africa’s wildlife and local communities.
    “One of the projects he will work with is African Parks’ “500 elephants” initiative, which will see one of the largest and most significant elephant translocations in conservation history. Up to 500 elephants will be moved to a wildlife reserve in central Malawi from two parks in the southern part of the country. The elephants are being moved to reduce pressure on the habitat and alleviate human wildlife conflict while helping to repopulate the local herd in their new home. In the future, the reserve may also help restore elephant populations in other parts of Africa, where numbers have significantly declined due to poaching.
    “This summer’s work will further enhance his personal first-hand experience of initiatives that support some of Africa’s most pressing conservation challenges.”


Wasn’t wildlife conservation supposed to be Prince William‘s thing? Like, that was going to be his Big Cause. But that seemed to peter out toward the end of last year. William and Kate did go on safari and fed baby elephants while in India in April, if that counts toward William’s wildlife conservation work. Aside from that, the last time William did any work with his two wildlife conservation patronages were in March 2016 William signed the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Buckingham Palace Declaration and gave an interview about conservation, and William attended the Tusk Trust Awards in November 2015. So did William give up on wildlife conservation as his Big Cause? He seems to have changed to anti-bullying as his Big Cause in 2016 but even that he hasn’t done much work with. He’s like Kate, getting a new Big Cause every other year.

I still think it’s interesting/hilarious that William the Conservationist gets outshone by his younger brother at conservation work when wildlife conservation isn’t even one of Harry’s Big Causes.

Anyway, I think it’s great that while all the other royals are going on holiday Harry is using his summer break to do real world conservation work in Africa.

PS. This can’t have been quick to put together. So does this announcement that Harry will spend August in Africa debunk the idea that he was ever considering going to Rio?



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57 thoughts on “Prince Harry will work on conservation projects in Africa this summer

  1. My understanding is that these sorts of trips are planned well in advance for a variety of issues, including security and to avoid clashing with other important royal events. I doubt Harry was ever going to go to Rio, the lazy duo imo would have seriously considered it had it been offered to them, as they’re particularly fond of their ‘fun’ sporty events. I’m impressed that Harry is working during his summer break. He seems to have a strong connection to Africa, it’s nice to see him expand that connection by working on conservation. Will lacks passion and empathy, two qualities needed to engage in any philanthropic work, in a meaningful way.

  2. I remember last year when a lot complained about him not getting a job after he left the army and just thought he would be another lazy member of the Royal family spending the money of taxpayers for holidays… and I’m not saying there aren’t things to improve or that he couldn’t do more but looking back he has done and achieved so much with his work for Sentable, Invictus Games, now the Aids/HIV related work.

    And it’s wonderful to see that he is going back to Africa this summer. Maybe it’s not one of his causes but the stay last year and conservation must have left an impression on him and as usual, he seems eager to learn more and his willing to do his part to improve things.

    I really hope he will have a great time in many ways and will be able to use the knowledge, experiences and connections in future as well!

    1. Harry is building a relevant future for himself. He is putting in a genuine effort and I applaud that. I think it’s a wise strategy to just get on and do things that need help and to gradually ‘consciously uncouple’ from W+K – if able to do so – without incurring the wrath of his volatile brother.

      Look, anyone with a pulse can outperform William and his dozy wife. No-one can get them moving. We’ve seen the same patterns now for five years: PR feverishly announces something, followed by an ‘awareness’ event or maybe a few, then it peters out. William likes to blame others for his inability to do things whereas he is able to do whatever he sets his mind to. He is incredibly immature with his ‘position’ enabling this mindset his whole life along with very poor decisions overall. It is a shame William did not not have sufficient strong guidance growing up.

      As Cat pointed out above, if passion and empathy are missing, there is really nothing to offer philanthropic endeavours. I’d also add the absence of a work ethic kills all stone dead. Too many engagements for this couple default to whatever will entertain them. It must be akin to dealing with obstinate children.

      1. Isn’t it amazing that even where he commits to something eg his job at EAAA, he still does the bare minimum, if at all?

        He, and his enablers and fans, like to say that his destiny is a block which stops him doing stuff, but not only is that untrue as demonstrated repeatedly by his ability to take on stuff unprecedented for a royal, he also doesn’t apply himself, is bored easily and gives up as soon as possible.

        1. Exactly, Herazeus. William has whatever takes his fancy made available to him and he still can’t deliver. I sometimes wonder, seriously, whether this explains at least part of his discontent. It is a terrible mistake for anyone to be given unearned privilege; ultimately it cripples.

          And what if William’s ‘destiny’ disappears should a monarchy be either minimised or abolished? What excuses will be offered up then?

          1. When I commented yesterday I also began to write about WK but then deleted it as I didn’t think it was worth it. It’s always the same problem with them, lack of work and interests, spending tons of money on holidays and clothes, necleting their patronages…. they take on a topic and forget about it a couple of months later.

            And I don’t even have a problem with them having staff, buying clothes, having holidays too, all Royals do that, but others also work and that’s the point! You have to earn your money and holidays… but there life is an endless holiday with some fun events in public in between.

            Also, even with the argument of having young children or Wills “job” they could do so much more. A day has 24h and GB isn’t that huge… but they do not seem to care at all…

  3. Good on Harry. He keeps doing the things he knows he can do to make a difference in the world. I hope he doesn’t totally disappear like he did last summer!

    I’m surprised KP is even publicizing it but I’m just bitter of their treatment of Harry vs the Cambridges. This is William’s pet cause, but he just takes credit through other organizations, and complains he can’t do anything because of the kids.

  4. Thanks KMR for keeping informed about all the great work Harry does, if it was up to the regular news we wouldn’t be hearing much about it at all.

    Kudos to Harry for finding causes he is truly passionate about and finding ways to help and be of service to others. I imagine as a royal there are certain areas that would be off limits but he has taken the privilege his life affords him and uses that privilege to craft a meaningful life. In this respect he reminds me a great deal of his father. It’s wonderful to see a young royal doing something with his life other than flitting around piloting helicopters or driving race cars.

    All hail King Harry!!

    1. I agree with you whole-hardheartedly, Lauri. I have a feeling if things were different, and he hadn’t been the son of the Prince of Wales, with all of its obligations, Harry may have decided to work in conservation or perhaps even gone back to school to become a veterinarian or a vet med tech after his stint in the army. He seems like a man who desires a purpose in life and wants to make a mark in his own way. I love that he has been able to weave one of his life’s passion into his philanthropic work, despite the confines of his regular “job.” I also admire how this is on his “own time.” When the rest of his family is taking a month’s lazy vacation, he will be working for projects largely outside of the limelight and its accolades.

  5. I really do admire how Harry is leveraging off his privileged position not only to draw attention to but to work on the ground for a range of important causes. He is incredibly lucky to have such programmes tailor-made for him and to learn firsthand from leading figures. I’m glad that he seems to realise this and is open to actually listening to, learning from and sharing expert advice or firsthand experiences with the world at large.

    It is easy to respect him and his work because he, himself, comes across as respectful towards his causes and people in general.

    As for William, perhaps the powers that be thought it best give him a new big cause instead of rehashing the backlash he received from praising conservation and endorsing trophy hunting in the very same interview. At any rate, conservation just seemed like a convenient excuse for him to book out of his own life and have fun in abroad eg. Jecca’s wedding weekend turning into a conservation trip.

    It’s just so hard to take William and Kate seriously as they don’t seem to stand for anything at all. They’re like a business without a vision or mission statement, or a shop with nothing to sell. Unless they actually sit down and define their public personas and interests and actively work toward cultivating them, they will almost always come across as a self-serving bundle of contradictions eg. normal middle couple vs holier than thou duke and duchess.

    1. …”they will almost always come across as a self-serving bundle of contradictions eg. normal middle couple vs holier than thou duke and duchess.” I could not agree more Em! Thank you for wording it so succinctly.

  6. Willy also spent a few hours in Kenya on safari with his favourite photographer before spending two days on a wedding. The pictures were only released recently and it showed William doing “hands-on work”. No word that his visit only lasted a few hours. Story of his life.

    Harry is using his off time wisely, I too believe he was never considered going to Rio at least not for the Olympics. I always thought that the Cambrigdes might have attended the Olympics, while Harry woud have been there for the Paralympics.

    1. William tried to dress his attendance at a private wedding by adding in conservation work as a smokescreen/ justification. The dolt fooled no-one.

      We all know that William is close to Jecca Craig and her family. No-one would think poorly of him attending her wedding. That’s what friends do.

  7. Once again Harry puts his words into action. That’s the one lesson William has yet to learn. If he chooses to spend his vacation time helping to move elephants for repopulating an area then more power to him. He’s not flying in for down time on a private jet, he’s getting up close and personal (and probably quite dirty while doing it).


  8. I so glad that Harry is embracing the real “role” of royalty and using his privileged position as a spotlight to really get involved, helping to push social issues in well-reasoned directions. It’s not an easy task by far and takes a special person to be comfortable walking into unpredictable situations that can’t be completed with a wave or uncomfortably shaking a few hands. I don’t see William wanting this role at all. I think he wants the cookie-covered center without being inconvenienced. His body language clearly says “don’t touch me!” I don’t blame him for this, but then he should be comfortable being passed over for King. Sorry for Harry though that he has to carry the group.

  9. Are those animal in the photos ok? Is the elephant alive? It looks like a rhino had its horn removed in the last one. Shudder. Africa needs to become a continent of animal preservation. I hate safari hunting (although we know Harry has done it). Maybe he has changed his mind. The only thing I want to point and shoot at an animal is a camera. Big game hunting is some serious BS.

    1. At the time the pictures were released I think they said the elephant was alive. Maybe just tranquilized? I hope Harry changed his mind about hunting. I heard Diana never liked it.

      1. Diana wasn’t necessarily anti-hunting. She grew up in that set and that’s what they did. She did recognize early-on that photos of her engaging in hunting would be bad PR.

    2. When i was a kid in the 80s, Africa had moved solidly into conservation. My family moved around many African countries and conservation was very much a priority.

      Animals were de-horned to stop poachers, and poaching was a death penalty crime in many countries. The animals were protected, and some nearly-extinct species started to grow in numbers again. Poaching was at record low to extent that many believed it had died out.

      I remember the Kenyan President at the time Daniel Arap Moi holding a big bonfire of captured ivory tusks as a signal of the new attitude towards poaching.

      The reason we’ve gone backwards is the rise of trophy hunting in the past 15yrs, something unheard of in the 80s or 90s. Sanctioned by govts and ruthless Western people. The idea of organised canned hunts that eventually led to trophy hunting is definitely something imported from the west.

      Traditionally organised hunts were an Asian pursuit, not an African one. Western travellers would travel to Asia, particularly India, to bag all sorts. That’s not an option anymore since they wiped out most, if not all, the trophy animals.

      The only African country with a tradition of organised trophy hunts was Kenya due to the presence of colonialists. However, it wasn’t as organised as the Asian hunting tradition. Many African communities are settled farmers, not hunters or poachers. Wild animals were only killed if they wandered onto farms, not because they were valuable in themselves or could be domesticated. Trophy hunting and poaching was stopped with independence, and remains illegal in East African countries unlike Zambia, Zimbabwe or South Africa where it has been revived. You only have to look at the efforts to preserve gorillas in East Africa. Prior to the total ban on hunting/poaching them, there was a market for gorilla interior decorative items in western markets. Their hands as side tables etc. They were hunted/poached ruthlessly to near extinction. The gorillas in East Africa remain the only group on entire continent, and their numbers are rising again because of zero tolerance and lack of a market for them.

      Somewhere in the late 90s/early 00s, those countries decided they could make big money from canned hunts and trophy hunts as opposed to conservation and safaris, and willing hunters from the west have revived an industry.

      The other event not really discussed because they might be offended and we all need their money is that the chinese have been quietly moving into Africa. Since the mid-90s, chinese workers and labourers are moving to Africa in big numbers to work on projects financed by chinese companies and govts. It’s like the British programme of importing Indian workers to Africa in the 19th century. The chinese, as we know, love their horn and ivory. Their presence re-ignited the market for horn and ivory. What had been a small trickle has become a flood. Poaching and hunting are much worse these days because modern weapons are much more damaging in the number of animals they can take down as well as their range.

      And the new hunters/poachers are indescriminate about the animals they kill. From giraffes to Lions.

      Govts like Zimbabwe not only support the new industry, they participate in complimentary programmes eg taking baby animals from their mothers and shipping them off to countries abroad for whatever reason the chinese want them. There is a steady stream of this particular side-trade that also goes unmentioned.

      Our efforts in the current climate are not good enough because we also don’t care for the planet anymore. People either shrug or they only see their own backyard”s problems and wilfully refuse to participate in anything that might jeopardise that. Yet the world has never been a utopia. If anything, it’s much better now in terms of understanding than it ever was, yet people as a whole do less than people in the past.

      1. Fantastic explanation Herazeus. Thanks. Many people wants Harry to get back together with Chelsy Davy, but how her father makes money making hunting saffaris, I don’t see how Harry would get his conservative job being with Chelsy.

      2. Thank you for that explanation, it was very enlightening. I just don’t understand people who see a magnificent elephant or rhino and think, hmmmm, I want to kill it.

      3. Thanks for a wonderful explanation.
        I am from East Africa and it’s sad what China moving into Africa has done to conservation efforts. Poaching increased in the 90s but it’s only been the last ten years that the population has dwindled exponentially. It’s unfortunate because governments let it go in order to get the free roads, schools etc.
        It’s not just baby animals that are smuggled out of the countries, even full grown ones. I believe Tanzania had a full grown giraffe almost smuggled out end of last year. The guy at the head was Chinese and he had paid some higher-ranking military men to do the work because they wouldn’t be questioned as much as an ordinary citizen. They were all arrested but I have no clue if the head was sentenced or a deal made with China to extradite him.

    3. The elephant was tranquilized as they put on new collars. Harry has never done safari hunting, the picture you are most likely referring to was taken on a farm in Argentina 11 or 12 years ago. Water buffalos are a source of meat there and not protected. It’s like huntig deer in Europe. While I hope he would stop hunting, he never did anything illegal.

  10. That last picture makes me want to cry. I can’t imagine how much pain that rhino must be in. It is hard for me to look at.

    Harry is a good guy who puts his words into action. He puts William and Kate to shame. What more can be said? By the time Charles was William’s age he had already established the Prince’s Trust which has done a world of good for many people. Harry started Sentebale when he was 19 (with Prince Seeiso). What is William passionate about? What about Kate? Do they give a damn about anything besides attending Wimbledon and going sailing? The world outside of this blog may still believe in the fairy tale of Cinderella Kate meeting her prince at University and living happily ever after. But when Will and Kate become the laziest Prince and Princess of Wales that the UK has ever seen…The poop is going to hit the fan, folks. If W and K think they got bad press when Kate wouldn’t do that event with the Irish Guards just wait for the landslide of criticism that will come their way once people see that their behavior won’t change when Charles becomes King. If Charles is smart he will find a way to give Harry the investiture of Prince of Wales. No matter what it takes. The monarchy won’t survive with Will and Kate, but Harry would make a great King.

    1. It is so disappointing when one compares what Charles and Harry have achieved by the age of 30 to what little William has achieved by the age of 34. As much as I try not to compare Kate to other royal women or William to other royal men, in instances such as this it’s really too difficult not to. I really don’t know why I continue to complain about William and Kate, as they are very unlikely to change and become the royals I once hoped they would be. I guess I just need to accept it and spend my energy supporting those royals who are working hard to make a difference.

      1. I’m with you Lauri and doubt William and Kate will change. I doubt Kate ever will change and change can only happen with William once he is far away from Kate and the Middleton influence.

        I hope you are well Lauri and you and your family are no where near the fires in California?

  11. Kudos to Harry, highlighting what is nothing short of brutality being done to animals. That’s all I have to say.

    Meanwhile, apologies for highjacking the thread, but I don’t know where else to post: Leticia was out today, in a lovely flared A-line dress, and not once it seemed to fly up:

    Is it fabric? I do not see any weights. She looked phenomenal. Maybe this is what Kate is going for – but it’s like she is cursed, the skirts fly up every time. So how come they don’t do that with Leti?

    It baffles me.

    1. Hi Ecelos, I just loved Leti’s dress today! I wish I could afford it! It is interesting that Kate is the only royal woman I can think of who consistently flashes the crowd. It must be her special gift 🙂

    2. Kate and her flying up skirts? Yes, it is her special gift as she wants us all to see what lies beneath? It happens to her because she is stubborn and wears dresses with loose floaty light fabric on days when it is windy. The rest of us dress for the weather but not our Kate. Otherwise she has to wear tight tight jeans like she wore to see Ben, or dresses so tight across her butt that you can see the outline of her butt cheeks and underwear (?) like the white dress she wore to the Museum function. The purpose of all this? I don’t know but it seems to me Kate is still that teenage girl who used to flash her bum at the boys. I think it’s really sad that she hasn’t moved on from this behavior and wish there was someone who could talk to her and help her.

      1. I think Kate’s behaviour stems from a deep-seated need to feel special and be noticed. Rather than excel at studies, sport, or the arts, sexualisation became key thanks to mother Carole’s tips. It worked, and still does, but there will come a time where this approach will look desperate, grotesque and embarrassing. Trading on looks and sexuality always ends badly.

      2. Cathy, Yes, I think Kate is using her dress blow ups and her tight jeans and leggings to show off! She has an issue and it should be addressed.

        Bottom line (Pardon the pun) is that Leti is a lady. The dress is gorgeous and I love the waviness to her hair. Leti probably is wearing a slip, too. I don’t see her, or any of the other Royal ladies of Europe going around and waiting for the winds to blow so that they can give people a view. Kate has many problems. This is a huge one, though. Yes, someone should talk to her, but does anyone think she would listen? The white dress at the Indian memorial ceremony was the worst. The look on her face when she struggled with the dress showed that she was all knowing that she was doing something wrong . Still, she chose that dress on a windy day. And, didn’t bother with a slip, either. Probably just with a thong.

  12. Let’s wait to see some photos and work in action. I think Harry is going to Africa because Harry likes Africa. And the only “work” for a royal in Africa is Conservation. Not dogging Harry in any way — if I had the time and resources that he had – I’d be spending my time in these gorgeous amazing settings as well. It is probably just as accurate to say Harry is going on holiday in Africa and while there will check in on Conservation projects.

    And to answer your question – I think these private trips can be put together very quickly. All they did was book a plane and tell folks Harry’s coming to hang out.

    1. True LadyBlueRibbon. While Harry does do more work than WK combined and will most likely get his hands “dirty”
      And do actual conservation work- Harry also is going to Africa because he likes Africa and will use it as a chance to do a bit of vacation too.

    2. Well African Parks is he charity he works with and they invited him to join them after his trip last year. According to accounts on the ground last year, he spent his time there WORKING. I doubt it will be any different this time. I love my job which includes travelling as well, doesn’t mean I’m vacationing while doing it.

      1. I can imagine it was always Harry’s plan to go back after last year’s stay, he seemed to be very committed to what he was doing for wildlife in Africa. I believe there are easier ways to spend your holiday than actual fieldwork, I really respect that he never hesitates to get down and dirty when needed. Would do a world of good for his brother to do a trip like this. It wouldn’t need to be for the whole summer, but I can’t help thinking two or three weeks would do no harm to his family life.

    3. Have you forgotten that Sentebale is centered in an African country, but they have announced plans to expand it to other African nations? That he was just at the international AIDS conference in South Africa, speaking about Sentebale and leading a panel discussion. He does a great deal of work with Sentebale whenever he is in Africa.

    4. Well he could easily stay at beach or sit in front of tv for a couple of weeks and do nothing but he choses to go back to Africa to learn more about conservation and to help. We also knownhe isnvery involved in his other projects and does work behind the scenes too so I wouldn’t doubt the statement. He is not the type of guy who stays for 5 weeks, shows up for 2 days and calls it work.

      And actually there is more than conservatory work Royals do in Africa, Harry has Sentable and recently took HIV and Aids into his agenda, Crown Princess Mary does work for women’s rights, princess Mabel fights for the end of child marriage…

  13. This is where the rubber meets the road. Good for Harry for being true to his word and work about conservation. We all know that Harry is the only one working at KP. I agree that, at this point, William and Kate will not change. It’s useless to think it will happen.

    Good King Henry is the only hope for the continuity of the BRF.

    Thanks for spotlighting him, KMR! Mr. Rhiannon continues to do good work.

  14. Yes, Harry is an exceptional, caring man. I am happy to hear that he is working in Africa on such a special concern He really cares, doesn’t he? Whereas, W and K are jut “keen” about everything, but don’t know how to show it.

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