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Kate Middleton doesn’t know if baby is a boy or a girl, will take summer off – KP says

Do you remember when I thought Kate Middleton‘s statement to the Times was a PR diversion to take the heat off of the court ruling on Prince Charles‘ “black spider memos”? Some of you suggested it wasn’t a diversion but rather Prince William and Kate’s attempt at stealing the spotlight from Charles because they want to make Charles look bad – especially since Kate’s statement made her look good and Charles’ court ruling made him look bad. I think I’m on that train now. Because today, April 9, is Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall‘s 10th wedding anniversary, and today of all days Kensington Palace decided to hold a briefing for journalists on the plan for the birth of the new royal baby.

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Back to Black 2: Kate Middleton’s revenge

Kate Middleton visited Brookhill Children’s Centre in Woolwich yesterday, March 18 to see the work of Home-Start – a family support charity supporting families with children under five to help parents build better lives for their children; with 15,000 volunteers supporting 32,000 families. The two biggest headlines? Kate talking about her due date, and her cheap dress selling out. Seriously, that’s what the papers focused on.

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Kate Middleton and Baby Cambridge 2 polls + details of their Mustique vacation

In the last Kate post, a few commenters suggested polls on different Kate Middleton related questions – like how many engagements Kate will make in 2015 and will she wear red when leaving the hospital – and I think it would be hilarious if we could accurately predict things like how many times she’ll wear those LK Bennett Sledges. Also, it’ll be fun to see how many people think Baby Cambridge 2 will be a boy or a girl. Sadly, I don’t have a “Treated Like Royalty By Prince Harry” prize at the end. PS. Since alleged details of the Middleton Mustique vacation were released, I threw those in at the end.

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Duchess Kate wears light blue maternity coat for three appearances in Kensington

Huzzah, Kate isn’t in mourning! Kate Middleton put on her big girl panties and finally stepped out of her non-maternity mourning clothes for three engagements in Kensington today, January 19. Kate visited the charity Family Friends for a coffee morning (BTW I’m so used to typing “mourning” that I typed that first and had to correct myself), then she officially opened the Kensington Aldridge Academy, then hopped over to the Kensington Leisure Centre and officially opened that.

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Prince William will officially visit Japan and China in early 2015 without Duchess Kate

Dear Kensington Palace: I know America is not the center of the universe, I know America isn’t even the center of the British Commonwealth, but did you have to announce Prince William‘s Japan and China tour on Thanksgiving? I mean really, I’m sitting here preparing for a turkey food coma; you’re lucky I was even paying attention to you at all. But now I’ve got to spend time thinking about the New Grumpy Face (because he’s got a serious case of Resting Bitch Face) instead of getting my comfy pants ready for later. I mean, I know we kicked your butts in two wars, but we’ve also helped your butts win two wars, and we’ve been tight since then, so why you got to be like that, KP?

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Duchess Kate visits EACH to launch hospice appeal (updated)

Kate Middleton was at the Norfolk Showground in Norwich today, November 25, to attend the launch event for East Anglia Children’s Hospice’s (EACH) £10 million fundraising appeal to build a new children’s hospice in Norfolk, called The Nook. The Duchess of Cambridge joined 700 guests to learn about the proposed hospice EACH plans to build and hear from people who had been helped by EACH.

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Will Kate Middleton not take the China tour due to pregnancy?

Quick note before I start the post (because it interests me), I took a tally of responses from the last Prince William and Kate Middleton post about the dress code memo. There were three camps people fell into: It’s rude for guests to dictate to hosts; Will and Kate (especially) have not earned the respect the memo is asking for; It’s a non-story blown out of proportion. The Rude and Respect camps were tied, but the Non-story camp had almost the same amount of people (I’m including myself), which was surprising to me. I thought I would be mostly alone in that one. Of course, when the Rude and Respect camps are put together they far out weigh the Non-story camp. Many more people thought negatively about the memo than didn’t mind it. This just goes to show how bad Will and Kate’s PR is getting, and how low their image has fallen. Maybe that new American PR guy will have to start earlier than the New Year.

There have been reports that the China tour that was hinted at earlier this fall will happen in the first quarter of 2015, while Kate is still pregnant, which throws her participation into question.

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