Royal Round Up: Kate Middleton and the royal baby press mania

Royal Round Up: Kate Middleton and the royal baby press mania

Prince George first official photo 2

Here is a round up of some recent articles (and betting) about Kate Middleton and the royal baby.

* Ladbrokes/the betting public think the royal baby will be a girl (8/15) named Alice (5/4), and Kate will wear pink (4/1) when leaving the hospital. So not a boy named Philip with Kate wearing red then? What I find super funny though is the picture they used for the royal baby betting sections: a pic of Kate and HARRY. Seriously, Ladbrokes, seriously? [Ladbrokes]

Ladbrokes Kate picture

* Katie Nicholl wrote a sycophantic fluff piece about how Prince William and Kate are just so private and normal and want to protect their family from the horrible media and evil public. They just want to be normal, you guys, leave them alone!

Nicholl keeps insisting that Will and Kate JUST finally moved in to Anmer Hall… which we know is BS since they and the Midds spent weeks there during and after Christmas. Also, Nicholl said last summer that Will and Kate were going to spend the summer at Anmer, so they had already moved in by then. I don’t know why Nicholl keeps insisting they JUST moved in.

This whole article just goes to show how messed up William is. He wants to isolate himself away from the press, public, and royal family. [Daily Mail]

* When Kate went to that reception at the Goring Hotel, she spoke to a luxury travel agent named Claudia Gordon who asked Kate about Prince George. Kate reportedly told Gordon that when Kate told George William was in China, George went to the china cabinet and opened it and said, “Daddy is not here.” Because while 21-month old George doesn’t know his geography, he apparently knows what a china cabinet is. My question: If Kate said “Daddy is in China”, and they had been calling the dishes china (which must be the case or else the entire story doesn’t make sense), why did George look in the cabinet and not at the actual dishes? I mean, if he’s taking things literally then he should have taken things really literally and thought daddy was in the actual dishes, right? Am I overcomplicating a story Kate probably made up? Yeah, I’m overcomplicating a story Kate probably made up. [Hello]

* The press is trying hard to make William’s possible “mad dash” to be at the hospital for the birth into a thing. They mentioned William would most likely be working in Norfolk when Kate goes into labor in London and he would have to drive two hours to be with her for the birth. And now the press is saying William might be making his “mad dash” from the Cenotaph (in London) instead because he is scheduled to be at the official commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli and Anzac campaigns, along with the Queen and Prince Philip, on April 25 (Kate’s supposed due date). If Kate’s due date is the 25th, I think it’s interesting William scheduled work for that day (he committed to the event in February, well after he would have known the due date). [Daily Mail]

* I wonder how much Carole Middleton paid for this article in the Telegraph – it’s one giant advert for Party Pieces. [Telegraph]

* Seriously, the Telegraph is up Carole Middleton’s butt. Here is another sycophantic fluff piece about how great Carole is, and how she is more involved in George’s life than Princess Diana ever would have been, and how the the creepy codependent relationship Kate has with Carole is totally normal. [Telegraph]

* The CEO of Silver Cross prams, Nick Paxton, is kissing major Cambridge bum. He said: “The Duchess of Cambridge is certainly helping us with our product development. We supplied a couple of extra accessories including an insect net. It was a very good summer when Prince George was born. Our head of design went to the Middleton family home and presented it to the Duchess’ mum. We did a full demonstration so that the product was safe and used correctly. [Designing the future King’s pram is] a huge honour. Safety is a top concern in all of our products but obviously for a future monarch. It was made in the same manner as all of our products, it was just made with that extra special ingredient for an special extra customer.” Insect nets are now standard on all Silver Cross prams, which, I mean, cool, but you’re really giving the credit to Kate and Carole Middleton? [Hello]

* Here is an article about Kim Kardashian (Kate’s soul sister) partnering with Alice Temperley (one of Kate’s regular designers) for a clothing line. I don’t care about that, what I care about is the quote (which may be old, but I’m going to comment anyway) Temperley gave about Kate. She said: “The Duchess is an inspiration, a brilliant ambassador for British fashion. She mixes up designer and high street, the perfect modern woman.” Can we stop calling women “modern women” for simply wearing clothes. So a woman rewears clothes or mixes designer and high street; big deal. I’m not saying women can’t love fashion, but a “modern woman” is not defined solely by her clothes. [Mirror]

I really hope they hire a professional to take the photos this time – no more of Michael Middleton’s crappy photography. PS. I never noticed the second dog in this photo lying behind Kate.

Prince George first official photo 1

Photos: Michael Middleton/Kensington Palace / Getty

161 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Kate Middleton and the royal baby press mania

  1. Wow, the PR machine is in overdrive. I read the Daily Mail piece solely for the comments. And boy, are they brutal. Jason really needs to pay attention to that section as it seems telling and quite troubling. I wish Kate a safe and healthy delivery, but all of this Kate the Great stuff is getting out of hand. My bet is that we won’t see her until November.

    Did you see the the DM that Andrew is going to advocate for sex slaves now? I find it to be a tad ironic. If he’s doing it for the right reasons, then good for him. If not, then I’m offended. It’s like Kate advocating for working moms.

        1. The article seems to suggest that Andrew was working on this project for several years now, and the timing seems odd because of the US court filing. Who knows why he decided to get involved with this

          1. Maybe b/c he has two daughters? I don’t know, according to his former girlfriends and associates, he’s the most boorish of the male royals. Could he be settling down in his old age?

      1. Can’t post a link, sorry, but there’s yet ANOTHER article in the DM about Uncle Gary’s 50th b day party and how none of the Midds will be attending. The reason? “Protocol”. The article calls them extended members of the RF. WTF? Incidentally the party is scheduled for the 29th, Will and Kate’s anniversary.

          1. The ‘protocol’ of whitewashing their previous lives away so that people only see the post-Windsor part. It’s interesting b/c they should realize that Google can turn up all of Gary’s ‘mistakes’ in seconds.

        1. Yeah, there is no reason for them not to go other than they are on the outs with him for whatever reason. The Midds are protecting their own image; it has nothing to do with royal protocol.

          1. Also they don’t follow royal protocol; they AREN’T royal. The Duchess of Cambridge, strictly speaking, is not “Royal” with a capital “R.” The staff make distinctions based on pedigree. The Princess Royal? “DEFINTELY Royal”. Princess Beatrice and Eugenie? “Royal.” Camilla? Probably not. Sophie? Maybe but not likely. Katie? HELLS NO. The Midds? LOL.

          2. Exactly. They are not royal so there is no royal protocol involved with them.

        2. Uncle Gary boycott is more snobbery by km hangers on climbing ma carol and the middletons – and after funding sister carol and the middletons in university stalking of P William.

          1. I would like to know how their cutting Uncle Gary out will affect them should their fairy tale life end? Uncle Gary financed or helped finance quite a few things for his sister only to get straight armed by the now “royal” Middletons. If I were him and they came crawling around looking for help once they get the boot, I would laugh long and loud as I showed them to the door. Then I’d write a book. (I just think it would be the perfect payback.)

  2. KMR: The Daily Telegraph is very traditional Establishment small c conservative. Which means they are deferential to the Royal Family to the point of delusion. Anything–I mean ANYTHING–any of the major royals do is worthy of the highest praise, even if it’s looking at a 3-D image of themselves at a software company while the workers behind them wave Union Jacks in the air and sing “God Save the Queen.” The Telegraph seems (to me at least) to be slightly more moderate on British politics, but still favor the Conservatives. If we’re talking sugars, the Telegraph (or “Torygraph” as the Brits call it), is a soothing golden honey dripping downwards from on high to remind us little people how lucky we are to have such selfless people willing to be the royals for us.

    1. Excuse me, i’m british and I can tell you that the torygraph is so called because it’s 150% tory AKA conservative with a capital C!! Ditto the DM. They are different versions of a message going to the same markets ie the DM is the tabloid of choice for middle class home counties demographic whilst the torygraph is their broadsheet of choice for the same demographic. The only difference between the two is that the DM, and in particular it’s website, is prepared to ran celeb stories. The DM’s print edition has only a page or two about celebs and looks nothing like the website which has a more murdoch type celeb obsession as seen in the print pages of The sun and The mirror which isn’t a surprise when you know that Piers Morgan, former decades long editor of the Mirror is the Editor of the DM’s online website! However, you are right that the torygraph worships the royals, and would never print anything strictly negative. It leaves that for the DM and then quotes from it. However, the DM is seen to be more influential which is why many royals plant stories in the DM above all other newspapers.

      1. Excuse me I’m happy for your nationality. I would consider the Telegraph to be the bible of the middle classes and favoring One Nation Conservatism. To me, conservative with a capital ‘C’ would be Thatcherism.

    1. I’ve just never noticed their dog before. And yes, those photos are bad. Michael Middleton knows nothing about photography. Horrible mistake to let him take the photos.

      1. They’re fine for private family photos but terrible as official photos. Kate should have known that because of her supposed talent in photography.

      2. KMR, do you know if the Middleton family financially gained any royalties from taking those awful backlit pictures? I’ve always wondered if William chose Michael Middleton to take pictures to get some revenue of some sort.

        1. That was a topic of conversation at the time, because people were upset at the Midds making money off of the release and sale of the photos. But I believe that at the time KP said Mike relinquished ownership or something, and that the photos were a handout, so basically Mike would not be getting any money off of them. But I’m not sure.

  3. Kate or someone prolly taught George that the dishes are called china and china is inside the cabinet. I don’t think the story is made up because it sounds like something a kid might genuinely do.

    1. Yeah, I agree. George would know the china is in the cupboard, so Daddy is in China means he looks in the cupboard. KMR, don’t over complicate it! It’s a cute insight – and rare too – let’s not piss on it.

      1. Yes exactly he said “daddy” I believe the majority of UK uses Papa for father not daddy, especially within the royal family. I’m just saying it’s weird Georgie call him that…

          1. I am British too. I used daddy and now dad. Mumma or Mamma I have heard relatives children use. I guess that is the middle class influence on George. Not that I mean that in a derogatory way. Cute action of George though.

        1. Nope, us Brits use Daddy when young & Dad when older, though I understand Will & Harry used Mummy and Papa. There are no ‘Papa’ cards in the shops, ever.

      1. That’s what I thought. He seems too young to put all that together. So I think Kate potentially made it up because it’s a cute story and makes for better conversation than him throwing tantrums. But I don’t know.

  4. Well seeing as Kate is neither modern nor a grown woman, she shouldn’t be called that. All of these stories are giving me hives. For people who don’t want media attention they are getting an awful lot of press. They can instruct their media person to keep things quiet. But not them, they are so passive-aggressive.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I agree with you, they really want it both ways. Kate wants to be seen as a modern woman but behaves like a 50’s housewife and William wants his privacy but doesn’t want anyone to forget about him. I have to say I’m kind of enjoying all this royal fluff, I look forward to seeing what dribble the press comes up with each day.

        1. But Pence, they are the perfect modern royal couple, don’t you know. Like, they are so super modern and they break royal protocol all the time because they are “doing their own thing” because they are super modern royals. They are modernizing the monarchy with their down home modern royal ways.

    2. Amen – totally agree!

      P William may want to be secretive (for his solo private vacations/lifestyle away from km … etc), while Km carol and the middletons wannabes want the world to know they have climb in as ‘royals’ (not), and for all the gains advantages and benefits associated to PW PG, to come their way.

  5. The only reason I can think of as to why Katie Nicholl keeps insisting that they just moved into Anmer Hall is maybe it wasn’t completely finished before. With 10 bedrooms, it would be possible for them to host Christmas, while 3 or 4 rooms were still undergoing painting and decorating. I don’t know for sure of course but just a thought. I do wonder though if the plumbing will go out after the spare is born so then Kate has a perfect excuse to decamp to Berkshire Palace?

    Yes, Jason has been quite the busy bunny. The PR floating around is truly stunning and he seems to be earning every cent he is paid. I wonder though if his conscience is bothered by the amount of people he has sent into a diabetic coma with all the sugar and honey he is filling us with?

    I bet if Diana were still alive there would be major cat fights between her and Carole. I can’t imagine that she would put up with the way William has kept the royal family out of George’s life and I’m sure she would tell him to cut all this “privacy” and “we are so normal” crap off. While I have never been a huge fan of Diana’s, I think she would have been a fantastic grandmother. As the article said grandparents are all about doing the little things parents either don’t have time for or are too tired for, the coloring, storytelling, game playing, etc… I could see Diana on the floor playing with George just as easily I can see Carole doing the same thing. However, Diana would be able to guide the future King in ways that Carole simply can not do.

    While I wish Kate a speedy and safe delivery, please, please, pretty please hire a professional photographer!! Someone who will get the lighting right and maybe actually get a shot of the baby not of a blanket wrapped bundle.

    1. Diana would have been in her element with George. I do think that Kate wouldn’t be around had Diana lived. But, if Kate weren’t marry William, Diana would put Carole in her place. Quickly. And Kate. And William. She wouldn’t put up with this shirking of duties.

      1. Diana would of loved George. However how much would Diana have seen of PG? I have to say at least Kate is trying with George. Maybe being a mother doesn’t come naturally to Kate. Carole is smothering and should not have interfered with their relationship. Diana would have let the two get on with their duties or seen what Kate was after from the start. Or more accurately what Carole was up too. William needs to review his priorities. I think the baby is due late April/early May.

        1. Whilst I agree that if Diana was here, the middletons wouldn’t have set foot in William’s heart permanently, I think she would have been an involved grannie. She was known to take care of all her friends’ children and really enjoy them. There is a fantastic story (can’t remember which paper, but probably the DM) from one of her friends, Rosa Monckton or Vivienne Parry, in which Diana helped her throughout her pregnancy and helped shop for the baby and gave general advice when the baby was born and was always involved with the baby. There are many stories like that, of Diana being very involved with all her godchildren. If Diana was here, she’s see PG as much as Carole sees him.

          1. I’m skeptical of how “different” Diana would be from the Middletons. She was the first Princess of Wales in modern times to divorce. She was the first Princess of Wales to renounce her titles, her allegiance and withdraw from public duties b/c it was “too much” for her to bear. She was the one who began the ‘normalization’ of the Royal Family, taking the boys on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls and to water parks, insisting they stand in line and pay for their own meals at McDonalds or wherever. Diana started all of that. The first sugars (namely young women born between around 1955 and 1970, schooled in Cinderella and Jane Austen fiction) lapped it all up and made Charles out to be a villainous fuddy duddy eccentric (which he kind of is). It was when Diana died that the Queen had to break precedent about six different ways to avoid a braying mob of hysterics whipped up by the Murdoch press.
            Things would be terribly, terribly different though. I doubt Charles and Camilla would be married.

          2. Prince William is a godfather too. I forget who too but it seems that he has forgotten. If Diana were here, she would have made sure that her ring was passed on to someone worthy. I do not understand why Kate keeps flashing the ring. Her copy cat dress style is bad enough. Though I gather from reading, that Ma Middleton was obsessed with Diana. I bet Carole is shopping for red fashionable items of clothing. That is why it is so quiet. William is certainly getting a huge dose of deja vu.

          3. Laura,

            I believe William is godfather to the Van Cutsem girl who was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding.

      2. If Diana were alive, Waity would not have been around for nearly as long and there would have been no marriage between Whingy and Waity. Diana would have seen her off years before Carole had a chance to get her claws into William and if she had of come back for a second chance, Diana would have wiped the floor with Carole.

        I really miss Diana at times like this.

      3. SO Agree!

        Imagine POW, Diana would be at KP insisting P William attend his royal duties as Prince Harry do. Seem only HM dare to ‘move’ P William serve as an heir should (if there ever is King Charles (depends if PC passes before HM…).

        1. Does anybody remembers that Diana was not exactly a role model? Adultery, bulimia, pretend-suicide attempts, a childish attitude… not my idea of a good grandma….

          1. She had a lot of flaws. I could probably add a few more to the list. But, she was a good mother and introduced her sons to empathy, service and the life that so many outside of their social class live in.

          2. By the time she died – she had matured a great deal and was starting to move on.
            Charles and Diana were on fairly pleasant terms with each other.

            I don’t think Diana would have been the easiest M-I-L. She could be a very jealous and territorial person.

            Like all people, Diana wasn’t all bad or good. She tried to do her best, in the unusual circumstances she married into.

          3. She was very young, immature, and her husband was indifferent. She matured, and I believe would have continued to do so, had she lived on.

          4. Also there’s the whole “I can’t do these royal duties anymore, I have to find myself” nonsense which she started around the time of the separation in 1992. By the time of the divorce in 1996, any engagements she did were private and for herself, not on behalf of the Queen. She’s where Willy got this whole “I just want to be normal, leave me alone” crap while also the “Don’t forget I’m a Prince” B.S. As middle-class as Carole and Katie are, Diana started this whole nonsense. She’s where Willy gets his personality from, lucky him. Harry is more like Charles.

          5. From the time he was a toddler, William has had a foul temper, hated the press, and hated the idea of being king. Diana’s post-separation behavior may not have helped, but William’s anti-press anti-duty anti-royal character was formed long before that.

          6. He has her personality though. There was an old article where one of her sisters’ described William as being eerily like his mother.

            Yes, she made stupid errors and misjudged things and William learned from the best.

            Unlike his mother, who could faff around doing this and that, wills is an heir.

            Also, willy has twisted her “normal parenting” to mean that he doesn’t have to work and still gets all his heir to the heir perks.
            That was not her intention.

            He definitely inherited her wonky thought and decision process.
            Her knack for playing the media was lost on him.

          7. William totally thinks he has her natural ability to play the press, though. He thinks he’s all that when it comes to media manipulation, and doesn’t realize that he is really terrible and everything he does backfires. He thinks he knows best when in reality he doesn’t know anything and should leave the media manipulation to the professionals. At least Charles was smart enough to learn from his PR battle with Diana that he needed to hire the best PR people he could – hence the PR turnaround with Camilla.

          8. I read a lot of comments about Williams lifelong hatred of the press, and maybe so, but it seems to me that until he went to Uni he was at least willing to play along. Agreements were put in place, and he showed up for his photo ops and smiled. Maybe he hated it but he did it, and then something changed, and he stopped cooperating. IMO the change involved Kate and Carole whispering in his ear the things that he wanted to hear. That he was perfect, and so clever, and he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to, and he bought it. Now that Jason is on the team, it seems things have changed again? Maybe? We’ll see how it goes with the new baby and the new job. He’s definitely out of gap years, that’s for sure.

          9. RS, there are photos, video, and news reports of him hating photographers and the press from the time he was a toddler. Diana tried to address it and failed. It has been there all along, better hidden at times only because that’s when the press did what HE wanted (left him alone).

      1. So true!

        A lot of sites are about this never ending bump —pregnancy speculation was made in advance to counter separation move in with ma carol/buckleberry from the fight km was in with P William; then there was km ‘morning sickness’ statements to avoid Malta trip representing HM BRF (do seem a year long pregnancy).

    2. About hiring a professional photographer. Would that REALLY help? Look at all their ‘official’ pics taken by professionals the christening etc.. All of them have this weird filter and they are dark and without life. Even the pics that Michael took look more beautiful and colorful them the ones when they hired someone…

      1. Don’t forget overly photoshopped.

        As for the ones that Michael took, that were run in the papers, from what I’ve read they were also photoshopped over before before they were posted by on the news official websites.

        So far, nothing tops William and Harry’s christening photos in my book. They were lively and nicely done and no one was photoshopped to death.

        1. The press photoshopped the Michael Middleton photos in order to fix the coloring/brightness of the photos. They fixed the backlighting problem and highlighted the faces to make them easier to see. They also fixed the background so that it was level and not tilted.

      2. I really hope that the baby does not come on QE’s birthday. I know that you cannot stop nature, but I can just hear the headlines now. I share a birthday with my daughter and there are pros and cons about it.

        1. Agree – not on HM birthday.

          Especially when the baby will grow to be an example of carol and the middletons siblings – lack in work; the sense of duty (royal tradition that will affect the monarchy that our hardworking dedicated Queen has held for decades); a child of parents who will be of the monarchy/BRF downhill trend).

          1. Say what you want about Carole Middleton, EXCEPT that she lacks in work ethic. This lady is a go getter in the most ambitious way. Whether or not we like what she accomplishes, this is one person who won’t sit back and let life just take it’s course. It would be difficult to break away from a parent so dominating and saturated in your life, especially when you’re floating along fairly well set financially. The Midd kids may have the desire to cut the apron strings, but it would take A LOT of willpower, I’m sure. So much easier quid pro quo!

          2. I agree with you Ray. Carole is a horrible mother, but she put in the work. It’s like Kris Jenner, a horrible mother who pimps out her own daughters, but that woman has hustle and knows what she’s doing.

      3. At least the photos by professional photographers look like professional photos. The Michael Middleton photos look like any old family snap – actually they look worse; I can take better photos than that.

      4. Oh, no, Snowsie.. I cannot agree with you. Michael Middleton’s photos are as bland as the couple he is photographing There’s no spark in them. Nothing you fall into when you gaze upon them,

    3. If the renovations weren’t completely complete (since the house is so large), then I could understand her when she says the renovations were just completed. But she says they just moved in like they haven’t been staying in that house for a year. It just seems so weird that she would keep insisting they just moved in when they have spent so much time there over the last year.

      I think if Diana were still alive there would be no Kate Middleton. There would have been no need for a surrogate mother figure in Carole if William still had his mother around. The Midds never would have gotten their claws in him the way they did.

    4. I don’t think there would be a Kate-William marriage if Diana were alive. Thus, I douibt Diana would ever have been at Carole’s throat.

      The article about Carole really made me dislike her even more. What a piece of super-fluff.

      Carole needing to give William and Kate time to sleep. Oh, now isn’t that Nanny Maria’s job?
      How about Carole horning in so much, William will probably never have a chance to bold that marriage.

      Oh, and please if there is a God, let this spare be a boy. Phillip, I so agree. And, if a girl, no no to Alice. George and Alice. It sounds so horrible.

      1. P William would not have crossed or be interested in the likes of km, would not be a regular in buckleberry, had his mum Diana lived!

        PW would be just as hardworking as Prince Harry (no made up pretend civilian job unless he actually was a volunteer as a low key Pilot).

    1. Maybe Will doesn’t want to be there. Maybe he’s finally clued in on how the Midds run him and by giving him “their happy normal family, sheltered life,” they got him to bite Kate’s apple. Or it could be that he’s not needed because Carole is labor-coach-in-chief.

      1. LOL I could totally see Carole kicking William out of the delivery room in order to be the only one by Kate’s side during the birth. And the first one to hold the baby, of course.

        1. Yeah, if I were Willy, I’d pull the “Biotch, I’m Your Royal Highness, so curtsy your 60-yr.-old arse off and get the hell out of here b/f my policemen have to take care of you.” I’d also say “And I’m her husband, get a move on.”

          1. We’d all be cheering him, but it will probably never happen, but if it does, Britain will have a new national holiday to celebrate

    2. William better NOT decide to not attend the Anzac Day service on the 25 April! This year marks 100 years since the start of the campaign on Gallipoli. It is a very important date in Australia and New Zealand. If William avoids going, even if Kate has gone into labour he will find that both countries will turn their backs on him. It would be very foolish to be so rude. If Kate was an understanding and appropriate spouse to the 2nd in line then she would understand that, in this case, duty comes first.

      1. I doubt they’ll turn their backs on William, if he decided to not attend, as I don’t think the people of either countries give him much thought in the first place. The more time he spends sequestering himself away and hiding behind playing pilot, instead of out doing engagements, the further he’ll slip from the minds of people.

        1. Exactly. I thought opinion polls in Australia say they want to abolish the monarchy after the Queen’s death. Is that not true Cathy?

          1. I’m in New Zealand so I can’t comment on opinion polls in Australia. Maybe Tanya (another commenter) can help us out with that questions. It’s always possible that it will happen here. If we have a Prime Minister who is anti royal then William ignoring the 2015 Anzac Day Commemoration will be used as a reason to drop the royal family.

        2. It would be a huge insult to Australia and New Zealand if William does not turn up. He is meant to be there, his office confirmed he would be there. To not go would mean he is letting down his Grandmother and we all know how dedicated the Queen is to duty. It would send a message that William does not care about his obligations.
          Anzac Day is really important here as it signifies, for NZ and Oz, the birth of both nations as stand alone countries and that we are not just part of the Empire. As time goes on it is not just a day off for us but a time to remember those fallen in battle. Many go to Dawn Services, even more as younger generations are taught about Gallipoli.

          1. So it’s as important a day in New Zealand and Australia as Memorial Day is in the United State or Remembrance Sunday is in Britain and Canada. Good to know. Thanks Cathy.

      2. I actually think his wife going into labor would be a perfectly acceptable excuse for missing the commemorations. Like, people would understand if he needed to be at the hospital with his wife while she gives birth.

        If she were to go into labor that day, depending on when she went into labor and what time the commemoration ceremony is, he could still make the ceremony AND be there for the birth since labor takes several hours (which would be the most preferable if she does go into labor that day). But, like, people would understand him wanting to be there for the birth and having to miss the ceremony.

        Him taking a vacation or playing pilot or just f-ing around instead of showing up, that would be super rude, but needing to be there while your wife gives birth is understandable. Like, it is literally the only understandable reason to miss the ceremony (aside from personal injury or death).

        In fact, if William did decide to attend the ceremony instead of being with Kate for the birth, there would probably be many people who would frown at that. And many people would probably use that as evidence of William not caring for Kate and/or the baby, saying William has never shown dedication to duty or country before, so why would he randomly start the day his wife gives birth to their child?

        Just my thoughts. I think if Kate goes into labor on the 25th, there really is no winning for William. He better hope she doesn’t go into labor that day.

        1. I remember from nursing school, sometimes women have very quick labor, which is not good for baby. Just mentioning some medical occurances are sometimes outside of the norm. I wonder if they are trying to make a quick return to be by Kate, into another frenzied type story.

        2. I think attending the ceremony is much more important than standing by Kate’s bedside. That baby will come out whether William is there or not, as millions of babies have already done.

          1. Nothing will ever be drama-free with Middleton’s or Will involved. You know, I wrote the preceding sentence, and then realized that I still think of Kate as a unit of her family. Does anyone else? It’s interesting because I dialed out for years and never paid attention even through the wedding. The first I really “looked-in” on Will was when Kate flashed her naked bum. I thought, “who is this bimbo that he married? Seriously, press everywhere and no panties?” It says something about Will too that the girls he did want to marry didn’t want him, even with his not bad-looking young self, position, $, lifestyle. Not everyone wants to be a social humanitarian like Diana (God rest her soul), but he couldn’t appeal to an independent fully-autonomous woman.

          2. Sugar, I was looking for a way to reply to you, but did not see a Reply area. So, I clicked above on the Reply after Dag’s post.
            I am thinking about what you said in regard to your thinking of Kate as a Middleton always — not a member of PW’s Royal Family. I agree. Kate is definitely a Middleton. That’s the way her mother wants it! And, sadly, I am seeing PW as more Middleton now, too.

          3. @Sugar:

            “It says something about Will too that the girls he did want to marry didn’t want him”

            It really does. He must have treated them terribly for them to run from him the way they did. He really seems like a piece of work and a hard person to live with.

    3. OK, going to try not to step on anyone’s toes here. Charles and Harry are going to be at Gallipoli (so I have read), and I would really much rather read about them being where we fought at rather than William going to the Cenotaph in London. There is a lot of focus on Gallipoli this year, as Cathy pointed out it is the 100th year commemoration.

      As for abolishing the Royal Family in Australia, I think that it will eventually happen. I would not like to say when, but republicans get their backs up every now and again and I am sure that they will eventually win. There might be a vote after the Queen passes away, but I do not think that it will happen then. There are too many people still fond of Charles and of course Whingy and Waity for that to happen.

      I think that William is going to be dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn’t. The best thing that Waity can do is keep her legs crossed until the 26th so that this is not an issue.

      1. Yeah I already predict a damned if he does damned if he doesn’t thing if Kate does go into labor on the 25th. It’s best for everyone involved if she just doesn’t go into labor on the 25th.

      2. Ha So true. Of course if it comes on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th, that solves the issue too, unless Willy decides to immediately take “paternity leave.”

      3. Last para – km legs may be crossed/on hold until May – who really knows when …

        I agree P Will is scheduled to attend with grannie HM in London, while POW Prince Charles and Prince Harry will be in Gallipoli together (then P Harry returns home from Aussie assignment).

    4. Is William attending this because it’s likely Harry will in an Australian ceremony while with that country’s armed forces, and therefore is keeping up with little brother rather than being a dedicated royal? (He’s a sneaky one, that William.)

      1. Probably. A lot of us have pointed out that William doesn’t like the attention to be focused on Harry too much. Whatever the reason he wants to attend this commemoration, it’s not because of good intentions or it being of importance to him.

      2. Potentially. It really does seem like William hates when Harry gets any sort of attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if William makes Kate have the baby on the 26th when Harry is doing the London Marathon thing, just to pull focus from him.

  6. This is my first time reading or commenting here. I have been commenting on another blog for quite sometime….tired of all the attacks from Catherine worshippers. What ever happened to being balanced. I like that the readers here see Catherine for what she is…a human being…flawed like the rest of us….not something divine and the epitome of perfection.

    1. Hi jenndog!!

      Though this blog is fairly critical, I do strive for balance (being critical of her faults while acknowledging the good things) after being attacked by both super pro-Kate people and super anti-Kate people on other blogs/forums. Hope you enjoy the blog!

      1. Thank you KMR! I am really looking forward to being apart of this blog community. I feel more at home….this blog has a much more realistic take on the royals. Keep up the great work!

    2. Some of us royal standards and expectations seem hard for km carol the middletons hangers, leading to km followers ‘shock attack’ on feedbacks.

      1. Doolittle,

        Totally agree! I was just sooo tired of the negative almost hateful feedback i was receiving on my comments. I commented once that catherine and her mother have a codependent relationship and oh my gosh!….the feedback i got was unbelievable….how dare i state the obvious….ugh

        1. What kind of feedback did you get? Because on here we’ve talked a number of times that Kate have a codependent relationship with Carole. It’s really obvious.

  7. Kate really is a legend in her own lunch time! Is she sitting propped up in bed with Ma Middleton reading her all the sugary articles, but missing out the comments of course? And is Jason behind all the “positive” PR on Carole? It seems that Party Pieces is getting a good push thanks to Kate about to give birth! Will that raise enough revenue for Ma and Pa Middleton to take the “reported” 6 months away from the business to play Mrs Danvers and Mellors for the couple?

  8. My guess is that the baby will be born on Thursday – our St Georges Day, Patron Saint of England. Hello, brother! Plus a cute symmetry as W&K married on St Catherines Day.

    I also think the recent farm pics were released because we’re NOT going to see W bring PG to the Hospital, like we all hope. The farm pics are a sneaky offering to appease the criticism when they (again) hide George from us.

  9. I’m going to stick my neck out and make a prediction. I say William will bring George to the hospital. I think Jason will communicate to W how much people want to see George and how “perfect” it would look for him to visit his mum and new baby sibling. Just a thought.

    1. Having hidden him this long, I doubt they’d take him in front of a screaming crowd. The events they did on the tour were small and private, not crowd situations. We might learn later that he was “snuck in” and magically no one managed to photograph it (except Tanna).

    2. I kind of agree with Pence that William will not want to bring George to the hospital because he has hidden him for so long. But I think it would be really nice if he did bring him. I just hope if George comes to the hospital that it won’t be Carole bringing him.

  10. Wow, KMR. I just took another look at Michael Middleton’s photo of Kate, William and Georgie outside Kensington Palace, and you are so right. They better hire a professional next go around. What an absolutely horrible photo. The lighting is so terrible. Shadows all over PW, while Daddy captured Kate glare-free. And, the way Kate is holding her little bundle of joy There’s no connection between her and the baby! Seriously! New moms seem to be bonding with their little ones even during professional shots. There’s just no missing that connection when you look at the pictures of women who really seem into their new wee ones and motherhood. I’ve seen that photo several times before and knew something was amiss. This time, I pinpointed exactly what bothers me.
    To be fair, however, the photo of her looking down at PG on his christening day really was amazing. His little face smiling up at her and she was beaming. Real photography and a real insightful look at Kate’s early days as a Mum.

    1. Hi mary elizabeth. 🙂
      I’m responding to your comment on my comment above, here, it’s getting a bit crowded up there. I might not been clear in my opinion.
      I agree with everyone who says the Michael Mid pics where bad, my point is that I don’t think hiring a professional photographer would help them.
      The pics taken by professionals are equally bad in my opinion, if not worse bc someone is paying for them, for starters. Almost every pic with them (especially after George) has a very dark setting that doesn’t match their propaganda of “young happy loving family” – sometimes I wonder if this is some sort of insight about what is really going on closed doors, you know ‘a image is worth more than a 1000 words’. I still think the Mid pics are better bc it shows them in a open espace that goes way better with the whole ‘so happy’ PR.

      I agree with you Kate doesn’t seem to be a beaming mother, with exception of that particular christening pic we don’t have any other signs of there mother-son connection. Even in their private time (in Australia and in those farms and walks) George seems to avoid her completely which is very awkward for a small kid they usually search for mom eyes…(I think Kate’s profile on that pic is creepy and makes me feel weird so I’m glad George seems to like it)

    2. Micheal Middleton is even worse of a photographer than Kate.

      I like the Christening photo of Kate looking down at George because there did seem to be a connection between them. William, however, seemed to be photoshopped in because he had no connection to either of them.

  11. I’m going to bet Monday April 27 around 6pm-ish, and it will be announced just before the cutoff for announcements at 10pm.

    I am hoping for another boy, but it may be a girl as Will expressed something enthusiastic about the baby’s arrival a few weeks ago. And we know he is not that enthusiastic about his family, so… maybe it is a girl after all.
    Unless Jason took him aside and told him to seem more excited because everyone can tell he grits his teeth around his family and bitches about them all the time.

    1. If it’s a girl, and since she’d be the spare, Will could name her Josephine Catherine, and nickname her Jecca.

    2. I’m hoping for another boy, too, but I have this sinking feeling that it will be a girl. No girl should have to grow up to become another Kate Middleton, which is what I fear would happen.

    3. I’m really hoping for a boy. I have so much dread in me right now of it being a girl. Even more so since your point about William actually being excited meaning it’s a girl is a good one. I know a lot of people think they know the sex of the baby, but I’m hoping not because then him being excited doesn’t mean anything one way or the other.

    1. I actually like her hair and love Leti in general. I know she’s a small woman, but she’s a little too thin right now. Hope everything is okay with her.

      1. I agreed with you Lisa about liking the cute new hair, but will probably be in the minority on not liking the lace dress and her skeletal back. IMO she’s hurting herself being so thin like this (maybe she has a lot of nerves or private eating issues). She should have chosen something else to wear, because a lot of talk will be on how thin she was, and not on the award winners and event. A smart woman (and Leti seems smart because she’s willing to make an effort to make speeches and try to connect, not just photo op),knows when to play down something that’s not giving off the right vibe. For example, I have severe allergies, so I never wear black in the spring to any events even though that’s my go-to, because no amount of makeup completely dims the raccoon eyes. Sunburn, don’t wear red, etc. Leti, drink some Ensures!

        1. Oh, Leti is way too thin. Others have said, she’s small boned, but she is just beyond that in my opinion. The hair is ok, but how many different ways can you wear a cut like that? I think she and others will get tired of that look really fast. She’s a sensational woman who is dedicated to her causes and her country and family, but way too thin.

      2. If you look at photos of her from her news days, you’ll see she has always been this small. There is always a mix of genuine concern and concern trolling when it comes to Letizia’s size, but she really has always been this little.

          1. Agreed, small doesn’t have to equal bony. IMO based on her facial expressions, she felt good how she looked. I can understand wanting to look chic and sexy getting older. But it can quickly turn the corner into unhealthy. I don’t think she’s there, but she’s dancing with it. My mother was shorter 5’2-beautiful, wasn’t skinny and ruled a gathering. I’d hate to see her lost to the superficial.

          2. Leti’s skeletal look is unattractive. She is obviously proud of it, or she wouldn’t be showcasing it in that outfit. She may be very smart, but she also appears to be quite vain. Sorry, no one wants to look like that in a strapless dress, unless you’re the equivalent of a clothes hanger (model), walking the runway for Chanel, and it’s part of your job description. Take a page from Max’s book! She looks happy and healthy, and so much more real. Of course, this is all IMO 🙂

          3. It is her natural build, shown since she was a child. You’re calling her skeletal, unattractive, vain, and demanding that she cover up. I think she accepts that this is her natural body type and she’ll dress it however she wants.

            Maxima, MM, Mathilde have naturally larger, heavier frames and carry more weight.

            Mary and K Middleton have medium frames and have dieted themselves down to fit into smaller sizes. That is vanity.

            Letizia has a small frame and carries less weight naturally. But in your mind, the way Letizia is made naturally is wrong.


        1. Again this verges into concern trolling. It is her natural body type and you’re saying she’s too thin and it is a problem. She has always been built this way, since she was a kid. It isn’t pressure to be thin or superficiality, it is the way she is made.

          Compare photos of Kate Middleton before the 2007 breakup to see someone who has deliberately dieted themselves down to an unhealthy weight for their frame.

          1. I have never heard of concern trolling. Is this a new thing? I’m so behind on internet terms, ugh.

            I have given my opinion of Leti many times on this blog. I can say, unequivocally, that I am not concerned about Leti. She is a grown woman who, I assume, can look after herself. I was just sharing my personal opinion on my perception of Leti. On the other hand, I am a huge fan of Maxima and Mary.

          2. I agree with Ray, Pence. I don’t think either of us- I know I wasn’t dissing Leti. In fact, I said she probably felt (and is) sexy/strong and confident. But she may not have been aware of how skeletal her back looks, and if I was her friend, I’d gently mention because I’ve had women friends slide into unhealthy so easily from outside and internal pressure. We all know that the monarchy can be just like politics, and something changes them from the level-headed person to a zombie snap fast, so I just don’t want to see Leti change into that. If she’s good, more power to her.

          3. I agree, My2. Leti has a small frame and is thin. If someone made the same negative comments about an over-weight woman, it would be considered insensitive and bullying. I think this may be concern trolling and envy.

    1. Just read this article and others along the same line in other sites. My first thought was “Of course, he finished early”, sigh, I hate being so cynical. But my nice side thinks “great, he can be around when the first labor pains start just as any father would want”.

      I find it interesting that the papers are making a bit deal about Kate taking a longer leave this time. I just knew they would use her appearance in Anglesey, look she’s so dedicated to her role that she went back to work after giving birth only 8 weeks before, as an excuse for a longer leave this time around. Big sigh…

      To finish off without all the snark, I truly hope that Kate has an easy labor and delivery and that the new baby, either a girl or a boy, will be healthy.

  12. The psychic within me says the Royal Baby is arriving soon. If not, today. Then,after midnight. I’ve had those feelings all afternoon and then looked online to see that some reports say Kate is already at St. Mary’s. Others are saying she’s at the Middleton home.
    I don’t know why, but I have a feeling.

    1. If I had any say in the matter, I would be pulling for Sunday. I’d rather HM’s birthday and the Anzac Commemoration be about those events. If the baby arrives before then, it will all be about the baby instead of the fallen.

    2. Hi Mary Elizabeth,

      My inner psychic says that the Royal Baby will be born on Wednesday. Since both of our inner psychic’s say the same thing, it must be true 🙂

      1. Hi, Lauri, It’s still Wednesday in the UK, so we still have time!
        If the wee one does not arrive today, I don’t think I have a clue when he/she will.
        Of course, these “flashes” come when they will, not when you want them to. Just like babies!

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