Royal Round Up: Queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday, day two

Royal Round Up: Queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday, day two

This week’s royal round up is going to be a little different. Instead of the usual round up, this post is dedicated to Queen Margrethe‘s second day of birthday celebrations on April 16 (her actual 75th birthday) that I didn’t have time to post during the week.

Balcony appearances at Amalienborg Palace:

L-R: Crown Prince Frederik, Princess Isabella, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Vincent, Princess Marie, Queen Margrethe, Prince Nikolai, Prince Christian, Prince Felix, Princess Athena, Prince Henrik, Prince Joachim, Princess Josephine.

L-R: Prince Daniel, Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Silvia, King Carl XVI Gustaf.

L-R: Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, King Harald.

L-R: King Constantine, Queen Anne-Marie, Princess Benedikte.

There was lunch at the Copenhagen Town Hall:

Queen Margrethe looked nice in mint and her diamond daisy brooch.

Crown Princess Mary wore navy and accessorized in grey. Her hat is by Jane Taylor and the same style has been worn by both Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Zara Phillips.

Princess Marie ties for favorite day outfit due to the nice green color and the bird brooch.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Princess Victoria both wore white. Victoria wore pearls while Mette-Marit wore some skull earrings (love!).

Queen Silvia ties for favorite with Marie because I love the purple and the cape.

Princess Benedikte wore a nice pink color while Queen Anne-Marie wore an oatmeal color.

Earlier in the morning Margrethe was woken up by a traditional morning greeting of singing.

Margrethe waving out of the window of Fredensborg Palace.

L-R: King Carl XVI Gustaf, King Harald, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, King Phillipe, Queen Mathilde (who is no longer using crutches), King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, Princess Isabella, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Vincent.

L-R: Princess Marie, Princess Athena, Queen Silvia.

L-R: King Harald, King Carl XVI Gustaf, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima.

Here are some photos from the gala dinner at Fredensborg Palace in the evening of April 16. This was a black tie dinner without tiaras, which is a shame. Also a shame, most of the royals were already at the palace and did not have to arrive for the dinner. There are only a few photos of a few of them arriving, so sorry for the lack of certain people like Victoria.

Queen Margrethe repeated her light blue gown from the Dutch State Visit back in March. This time she wore it with turquoise and gold jewelry (gifts from Prince Henrik – the necklace was her birthday gift this year). I much prefer this dress with the pearls she rocked back in March.

Crown Princess Mary wore a shiny 70s-looking dress. It’s really shiny, but I like the brooch near her neck. Crown Prince Frederik looked good in his suit.

Princess Marie didn’t wow, but she looked nice. At least there was no peplum. I like Prince Joachim‘s velvet, but the jacket is too big on him; he needs a tailor.

Princess Benedikte… that’s a lot of floral.

This is King Harald of Norway and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece chatting. Anne-Marie wore a very similar dress to the one she wore the night before – the pattern and color are only slightly different.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit also rocked a floral dress.

Here’s a side view of Crown Prince Haakon sitting next to Margrethe.

There was lots of wind during the day events and some of the lady’s hats fell off. Here are some funny wind incident photos.

20 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday, day two

  1. Thanks for another great Royal roundup KMR! At first I didn’t care for QM’s choice of the turquoise jewelry with her lavender gown but now that I know they were a gift from her Prince that makes the clashing color okay. However, the mint green dress was fantastic, the cut and color were perfect on her. I love the photo of her leaning out of her bedroom (I suppose) window, very charming and casual.

    I have to hand it to CP Mary, obviously her first gown ripped or got stained but like the trooper she is, she popped down to the kitchen got some foil wrap and abracadabra, a new, shiny dress. This is the only way I can explain this rare fashion fail.

    Hey Prince Joachim, Hugh Hefner called and needs his jacket back!

    Thanks goodness Victoria saved us from complete fashion failure, I knew we could count on her. She looked stunning in Maddie’s sequined dress.

    The best item for me was CP MM’s skull earrings!! What a quirky choice and I love her for it! I bet they are from Alexander McQueen, as skulls are a signature design in his accessories and wonder if the eyes are rubies?!

    So maybe someone can answer this question, the queen’s family showed up in the morning in casual clothes but then appeared for the balcony wave all dressed up. Do they have apartments at this palace where they can store other outfits and have places to change?

    1. That silver gown is just awful. Too tight, her bra tag showed in the back, weird sleeves. I liked Marie’s casual sparkly dress, and really, who wants to compete with J’s red velvet?

      1. I like the bodice but I don’t like the sleeves. Perhaps a different color would’ve been more suitable than the silver.

    2. Lauri, I thought exactly the same as you about Mary’s gown. The palace must have a lot of foil to make that horrible dress. It was just terrible. Fred should have said something to her but I always get the feeling that he is like a little boy who is allowed in to play with the grownups and he is delighted to be included.

    3. Hahaha foil wrap dress. that’s funny.

      I love MM’s skull earrings. That type of thing is how you have fun with fashion while staying within royal protocol.

      From what I understand, and anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but the royals showing up to the palace in the morning was one thing, then they presumably went home to change for the lunch at the Town Hall, then from the Town Hall came back to the palace for the balcony appearance.

      1. – morning song at Fredensborg
        – balcony at Amalienborg Palace
        – carriage ride to Town hall with the Quuen and the CP Couple
        – Town Hall, Copenhagen
        – party at Fredensborg

    4. Benedikte has an apartment at Amalienborg Palace because she often represents the RF. The CP couple have their own palace at Amalienborg (which actually consists of four palaces). Joachim and Marie have a large villa in Copenhagen – and the Queen also have guest rooms.

      Amalienborg is a collection of four beautiful rococo palaces from the 18th century that was built by a group of Danish aristocrats. It only became a royal residence after Christiansborg Palace burned for the second time in 1884 and when it was finished in 1928, the family prefered to stay at Amalienborg. The Royal Reception Rooms at Christiansborg are used for official functions like State Dinners, and the rest of the castle is home to the Danish parliament.

  2. Whew…I love the big events because we so much jewelry and fashion and royals in one place. However, that being said, how many ways can you celebrate a birthday? What happens at 80 – 85 – 90?

    1. More tiaras and galas. There was the same sort of events as these for Daisy’s 70th birthday back in 2010.

      1. She and Henri will have their golden anniversary in two years.

        I also want to point out that the RF had saved up money for a couple of years to pay for these events instead of asking the government for extra funds.

  3. KMR, thanks for another fantastic round-up. It’s interesting how different things appeal to different people. For the Town Hall lunch, Princes Marie’s green is my least favorite look, but I love Crown Princess Mary’s navy and Benedifte’s pink outfits. Crown Princesses Mette Marit and Victoria both looked so wonderful and spring-like in white.

    1. I like how MM and Vic matched in their white outfits. Mary and Benedikte looked nice, but I like green and purple better. And of course the big bird brooch didn’t hurt.

    2. Generally I don’t like the type of hat that Mary wore but with a proper hairstyle is wasn’t so bad.

      Daisy looked wonderful – and I loved Silvia’s purple cape! Benedikte looked amazing in pink and fuschia.

      Marie’s whole look was just too busy. The loose hair with that odd hat/hairband thingy and though I liked the brooch it was just to busy with the commemorative medal on the other lapel.

  4. Thanks for the great coverage KMR. Love seeing the Tiaras and the other jewels! It’s great to see the royal families from other countries apart from the UK. I had thought it was a shame that no one from the British royal family attended, then I wondered about Kate attending something like this and how she would have a bit of trouble making the grade?

    1. Oh my god, if Kate had been at the day events she would have flashed all of Denmark and the European royals. The other royals suffered from the wind, could you even imagine how horrible Kate’s wardrobe malfunction would have been? It’s a good thing she didn’t go.

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