William to take six weeks paternity leave; Kate photographed with George again

William to take six weeks paternity leave; Kate photographed with George again

First, let’s give a big Happy Birthday to the Queen who is 89 yrs old today. Happy Birthday, Your Majesty.

Now for royal baby stuff. Prince William and Kate Middleton are now finally at Kensington Palace ahead of the birth of their second child, having spent much of their time at Anmer Hall and last weekend at Middleton Manor in Bucklebury. Coincidentally, KP revealed this morning that William will basically be taking six weeks paternity leave (though he will do a few engagements in May) after completing the latest stage of his air ambulance pilot training.

William finished his training early and is not required to start the next stage of training until June 1, so he is taking the time off as unpaid leave.

    The KP spokesman said: “The Duke of Cambridge has completed the first phase of his in-work air ambulance helicopter pilot training with Bond Air Services earlier than anticipated.
    “This is due to a combination of The Duke performing well in the various modules and having very good flying conditions that allowed flight training and assessment to progress more quickly than had been planned.
    “His final block of in-work training requires an uninterrupted three week block of working time and the availability of the new EC145 helicopter that will be used for missions. This has always been scheduled to commence on 1st June, following a pre-planned period of official royal engagements in late May, details of which will be announced in due course.
    “As he now will not have any further training to complete after returning from paternity leave, he will not return to duties with Bond until that time, and will remain on unpaid leave until then.”

I think it’s interesting that William couldn’t take and pass his pre-training exams on time and his start date had to be pushed back, yet he is able to finish this round of training early. We all know William doesn’t actually like working. My gift to William on finishing his training early is a huge dish of side eye.

KP also announced that Prince Harry, who will be in Turkey on the 24th and 25th for the Gallipoli campaign commemorations with Prince Charles, will be in London on the 26th to attend and present medals at the London Marathon. He will return to Australia on the 27th. So if Kate gives birth before then, Harry will actually get to meet Baby Cambridge 2.

Links: Daily Mail. Mirror.

In Kate news, she was photographed taking Prince George to Bucklebury Farm Park on Sunday, April 19. The pics were published in the NY Daily News. I have only seen the (below) cover pic with Kate holding George, not any inside pics. The photo looks photoshopped to lighten the coloring.

Kate and George cover Daily News

Remember those photos of Kate and George at the park from last week? Well OK Magazine bought some of the photos and posted them online (go here to see). I hadn’t seen some of the photos OK published so I was surprised when in some of the photos the photographer got REALLY close to Kate and George. Like, the photographer must have been really physically close to them. Photo number 11 in OK’s album, where George is hugging a girl… yeah that is not zoom, the photographer was right there next to him taking that photo. There is no way Kate did not know that there was a photographer there. I know most people on here thought Kate knew there was a photographer (and thought she knew who it was), but there are some people elsewhere who still think it was a long lens. It can’t be. From the angle of the photos, it can’t be. Kate knew someone was taking photos, and she most likely knew who it was. This was basically a low budget photocall. **I know we had pretty much established this last week, but since OK’s publishing is new, I wanted to reiterate.

Police were searching the area immediately outside the Lindo Wing this morning (EST; early afternoon GMT). Nothing came of it today, and it is well past 10PM in the UK so nothing will come of it until at least 8AM UK time tomorrow (that’s, what, 3AM EST).

A couple of you mentioned having a feeling the baby would arrive on Wednesday, and I’m getting that feeling, too, but only because of the Lindo Wing searching. I wasn’t feeling Wednesday until news of the searching AND it became too late in the day for a possible Tuesday birth (it’s now past midnight in the UK). But I’m hoping the baby doesn’t arrive until after this weekend.

**In Abed from Community’s voice** New poll? New poll? New poll? New poll? New Poll.

186 thoughts on “William to take six weeks paternity leave; Kate photographed with George again

  1. Thanks for the poll KMR! It will be fun to see how we all come in, and a whole lot more comfortable and sensible than the people camped out in front of the hospital! Cheers to you Baby 2! George, hide your toys!

  2. Ok, and I’m thinking they might (God help us)if it’s a girl name her Mary Alexandra Elizabeth reversing the Queen’s name and add Lily for Kate’s great-grandmother. Will won’t name her Diana. Not a bad name overall.

    1. God save us all (instead of the Queen). That would be TOO clever by half, so I HIGHLY doubt it. In the “British Princesses” page of Wikipedia, they have the most popular female “royal” names. Elizabeth will be there somewhere, maybe as Ella or Isla or something clever. Maybe Jana to slide in Diana or Jessica to slide in Jecca? I don’t know. It’ll probably be a male spare, which won’t be a bad thing from continuity standpoint. British royals have always preferred males to females, even with supposed ‘gender equality’. If there’s all this “equality” why do they still request us mere mortals bow or curtsy to them and call them “Majesty”, “Royal HIGHness” instead of simply Mr./Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor?

      1. I completely agree. But then, there wouldn’t be an elite. There was a time though, especially when Plantagenet’s were everywhere, that they were six foot plus of beauty, brains and guile, where Edward III was compared to Robert E Lee, and you can see some bowing, but now? But I would give a respectful bow to QE for all her dedication and service. The rest, forget it!

        1. Oh I love Her Majesty. I’d be scraping the floor bowing to her and the Duke of Edinburgh. Willy and Waity? That would be funny.

        2. To me it is about the respect awarded to the office. When people stand up because QMII is in the theatre it is not about her being superior but a sign of respect accorded to the Head of State. There’s a difference between giving a bow, a courtsey or a salute as a traditional sign of respect and bowing and scraping to someone because they are deemed socially superior, and it sometimes seems to me that people confuses this distinction.

          1. Technically the Crown is not an “office.” But yeah there is misunderstanding about that. Of course until the 20th century it was about being superior, being higher and mightier than others.

          2. Agree . about the respect to HM.

            Except all HM DOE family should curtsey bow to HM after all, HM as sovereign/Monarch allows all the BRF the luxury, wealth of taxpayers funded lifestyle – a bow curtsey, salute all the above must be mandatory – (especially km who is workshy to service/duties/ancient royal traditions) – is appropriate!

            Is it possible – end of to May baby…we hear of km recent shopping in high heels – maybe we were given pregnancy whispers to cover the ‘fight’/buckleberry extended stay and refusal of Malta trip.

    2. I don’t think Diana will be a girl’s first name. I posted below, but will post here, as well. I’m partial to Mary Elizabeth Diana. A name fit for a little princess!

      1. That would be nice! I was surprised Mary wasn’t original suggested. It’s a nice, if traditional name. And Carole would be satisfied that her granddaughter had Diana as a middle name. She’d hug herself every night.

  3. Now I’ve seen all the pictures, I think it was an opportunistic visitor at the park. The photos with other kids in them are really clear, the others like they might have been taken from further away. In number 7 a kid is turning to face someone who is maybe calling his name for the photos?

    1. I agree. I thought it might have been someone who went with Kate on the outing, but now I think it was likely a parent or savvy older sibling of one of the other children in the photos. Kate does not look like she is posing, especially the one in which she is basically dragging George.

      1. …but Prince George seem to know the person with the camera, and km allowed him to stand on the fence so the photo could be taken, she even returned to the fence and stood behind PG before taking his hand/ lifting and pulling along PG who did not want to leave.

        Some photos show P George playing as he is use to with his nanny Maria, km seem amaze Prince George was singing while sliding – in another shot he was hugging a girl in red sweater.(unless he knows her).

        PGeorge may be lonely, and should be playing- enjoying granddad Prince Charles/ HM estates with animals and his cousins, instead of isolated with carol and the middletons.


    2. I wondered that, but the photo of George hugging a girl is taken from so close that Kate must have seen the person taking the photo. Like, Kate would have been just out of frame, you know. Why would she be cool with some random parent taking such a close up photo of her kid, you know?

      1. My theory is she needed to pee 😉

        It’s a good point, but I wonder if she let someone do that because you cant see George’s face? I also wonder if it’s two people taking the photos, one of whom is the parent of the three girls who are in a few shots, which might explain the picture quality variation.

        I think she’s happy to see the pictures leaked and that’s why she let them be taken, not an arranged photocall but her strategy in the age of mobile phone cameras.

    3. These pictures are from someone in camp middleton.

      Otherwise, there is absolutely no way the royal protection officers would have let the person snap at least one picture and follow them around the park taking pictures.

      That leaves Kate selling out herself and her kid out to the foreign tabloids because the uk press won’t publish them. For money? For pr?

      (The rpos have been known to delete pictures of Harry, Kate, and others off of people’s phones when they are on private time.)

      1. I agree Kip, it is someone from the Middleton camp for sure. There is no other way that other people were able to take those photos. When Whingy and Harry were at School Concerts the RPO’s made sure that they were not videoed. I cannot imagine that they would have sat idly by while someone took photos of the future King and his Mum.

        1. And then we have thickheaded Whino still not realizing that she’s the one selling herself and George out 99% of the time.

      1. Can’t post a link, but there’s an interesting new piece in the DM about prepping for the baby.

        – it reiterates Carole as being large and in charge of Kate and George
        – it confirms that W and K knew George was going to be a boy
        – for the first time ever, I think, it says that K is a “reformed smoker”!
        – it says outright that WK hired a maternity nurse for George, and lied about it
        – Charles is in Scotland now and refuses to engage in an “unseemly race” with the Midds in who vists first

        I’m fascinated by all these pieces that seem sugary, but upon closer reading are really quite snarky and shady.

          1. I guess because any dirt/dust/spills etc will be seen clearly? I loved where they called WK liars about the maternity nurse. And about how Kate used (?) to smoke. And how Charles is effing DONE with Carole and her striving ways.

          2. That was my thought as well. That with all the messes that come along with a baby, you want something that won’t get dirty really easily or keep stains.

            I like how the author just snuck that description in.

          3. There were photos of cigarettes in Kate’s purse during her clubbing/ break up days.

            Pic of Kate getting in cab with cigarette pack in purse:

            Kate will NEVER have to clean anything or pay a bill again. Period. I laugh when they say they are “just like us”. Well can I never pay a bill again and be just like them?

        1. So she’s just like Bridget Jones: “drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney, and dresses like her mother” tee hee!

        2. Middletons will be the downfall of the British monarchy yet … Nanny Maria will be the person take control of Prince George from his hospital visit -i.e. if P W choose to follow this royal tradition.

          HM QEII DOE, Prince Charles may have developed high pressure from the likes, they have never seen -training in Traditions Duties, service in protecting the Monarchy (as Grannie queen Mary/G-grand QEI expected.

  4. I’m calling BS on the whole William story. This was planned from the get go. First they ran all these stories about how he was going to be working like everyone else and would be making a mad dash to get to Kate in time. (Because they couldn’t afford private helicopters or anything.) Suddenly he’s aced all his work because he’s that good a pilot and has to wait around for six weeks until the job starts? Bull. S^it.

    1. Yeah, I don’t believe it just CONVENIENTLY worked out so that Will would be off for the whole 6 weeks just bc of his bad-ass skills 😛

      1. Agree. Reports have been out, asking/upset as to km P Will location – if they were breaking another tradition (with three hospitals on alert for km travels, including buckleberry).

        Shopping PR showing PW km at KP not with carol the middletons (HM POW BP insist a London birth). PW is too secretive hardly seen shopping (use most his inheritance on middletons house) and to help km shopping ‘tick’.

    2. What do nonroyal air ambulance pilots do if there is a lapse between their rounds of training? Do they get sent home on unpaid leave? Doubt it.

        1. Very true. People rarely mention the fact that he shouldn’t even have been allowed to get a pilots license in the first place due to his poor vision.

          1. From the DM (not saying that is a great source)

            “Although insiders admitted it was highly unusual for a trainee pilot with anything less than perfect vision to be admitted. Normally, only fully trained pilots are allowed to wear spectacles if their vision deteriorates well after they have qualified. William, who is believed to be short sighted, has needed glasses for several years. He owns a pair of trendy metalrimmed spectacles, but prefers not to wear them in public.” (He’s worn glasses since he was 22 or 24)

            He’s also rumored to be color blind.

    3. Yes, it all seems very convenient. I side eye most things William does, but this especially seems fishy.

  5. Also, I would like to mention about the OK photos – Kate IS wearing makeup on this playdate. And I do think the photos were taken by someone who was in the park because of the various angles. Particularly the one of George hugging the girls is telling — because it’s taken from the perspective of where a mother (or grandmother) would stand while waiting for her child.

    1. She’s also wearing Diana’s ring, which suggests she wanted to be photographed. She only seems to wear the ring when she knows/wants to be photographed, and doesn’t wear it when she doesn’t know/doesn’t want to be photograpehd

      1. I can’t imagine wearing such a massive ring on a daily basis. But then again, she did wait for a ring for 10 years. I wonder what her personal choice for a ring would be?

        1. I think it was a real cop out for William to give Kate that ring. Or at least that’s how I would feel if I were Kate and got that ring. I understand it’s history, but it’s not personal at all. I would want something personal.

          1. KMR, I think of it as just the opposite. It seems to me that was the most personal and meaningful thing William could give her. I think at that time he was all excited about getting married. All his friends were already married or about to be, and Kate was adoring and scandal-free. And he was doing what he knew he had to do at some point. I believe now he is miserable, but he was happy at the time and his mother’s engagement ring was the most valuable thing he could give Kate. And he even had to ask Harry to give it to him first, as he didn’t even own it, Harry did.

          2. That’s the thing though, the ring is personal to William not Kate. I think a ring should be personal to the woman since she is the one who has to wear it. I’m not a fan of heirloom engagement rings. I would want something personal to me. But that could just be me. Other people may like heirloom rings. Kate may love having that ring.

          3. Video at the time showed Harry surprised by the news of the engagement and the use of the ring. The Africa engagement story is a copy of that of another member of “the set” who told it a few weeks earlier.

            I think using the ring was 1) William doing whatever he wanted even if it hurt Harry 2) William being cheap 3) William wanting to transfer people’s love of Diana to Middleton.

          4. Harry chose to keep his mother’s engagement ring after her death, in 1997. I wonder how william managed to snag it for waity, I can’t imagine Harry was too happy about it.
            I don’t buy the nonsense about the first brother to marry. It seems like willy demanded and received it.

          5. The more I hear about William and Kate, the more I think they really are still children playing at being adults. Petulant children.

            Obviously, we don’t know what went on behind the scenes for Harry to give the ring up, but I just feel so sad for him to have lost it. And to someone like Kate, no less.

        2. I know from experience that wearing a ring this large on a daily basis is highly impractical. It gets in the way of things and if it has sharp prongs like Diana’s ring has then it tends to get snagged on clothing, etc. That’s why I think that engagement rings shouldn’t be too large. It is a ring that most women want to wear every day, like a wedding band, so it shouldn’t be too impractical to wear.

          1. Didn’t someone on this blog (can’t remember the thread, sorry) say that William got the ring and Harry got the dress?

          2. According to Burrell’s book William chose the watch, Harry chose the ring. The dress? The dress was controlled by the Spencer family and was trotted around for years. Last year all of her belonging that were in that collection have (finally) come to W & H.

      2. Hey, friends, what if she lost that ring in the hay stack?
        Looking as grubby as she did in jeans and unkept hair, did she really have to wear that gem? I mean, now really?!

  6. I don’t really think William needs any paternity leave at all…….Isn’t Old Mother Meddleton moving in for 6 months !!!!!

  7. “His final block of in-work training …. This has always been scheduled to commence on 1st June…As he now will not have any further training to complete after returning from paternity leave…”
    Did they not proofread their statement before releasing it?! It looks as they’re scrambling to course correct after too many negative reactions/comments.

  8. I’m at the point right now where I just want the baby born, born healthy and for them to slink away to Anmer and let Carole continue to run/ruin their lives. So I’m not voting on the poll. All I do ask for is a boy.

    On the photos that were leaked, I’m still thinking it was someone Kate knew because there is no way that the RPOs let some random person take all of these pictures. They are known for rapidly putting down anyone who whips out a camera around them. And William hasn’t so much as blinked about the release of the photos with cries of intrusion of privacy.

    It all reeks of a set up.

    1. I really hope for a boy. Why? Because the world will go batsh*t crazy for a girl. We’ll see more sugary stories on how she’s Diana incarnate. That is a hell of a legacy that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Plus, Carole will pimp her out for all she is worth. I do want Kate and baby to be healthy. But please, Sweet Jesus, let it be a boy.

      This whole thing is a set up. The pictures was from an inside man. Hell, I get nutty when someone takes a picture and gets a little too close to my daughter and she gets in the frame. So, this is someone who Kate and her RPOs knew. As far as Will, I give up. He is a spoiled child. He was given this job to shut his whiny butt up. He will stick with the job for a year max and then quit. He will find another flight of fancy next. He will continue his ways until he is an ill tempered POW and ill prepared King.

      Sorry for the grumpy rant.

      1. A girl who looks just like Carole… now that’s quite an image… and there we have it, the Middletons – Mike and Carole – reincarnated as legitimate royals!

      2. I would pity a girl. You’re right, the world would go nuts, and the pressures put on her from the time she is born would be immense. She would never be able to live up to the expectations. She wouldn’t ever be allowed to just be herself, she’d always be expected to be Diana 2. And she would inevitable get crucified in the press for dressing wrong, or gaining any sort of weight, or anything like that (like the York girls got). And then of course there’s the fact that she would grow up with Kate as a mother and Carole as a grandmother – she’d never have a chance to grow up independent and be her own person with those two around.

          1. I actually do not agree with this. I think Carole actually did a great job raising her girls in the earlier years. They went to great schools, played sports, had family holidays and learned to stay close to family. There is no drama anyone can find. In fact all they could find is that other local moms claimed Carole was too perfect as a mother.

            While I think Carole is a bit too involved with Kate now that she is married, she did a great job making sure they had a good upbringing. I do not like the whole “work shy” thing Kate had/ has going on but she was obviously cared for very much and still is. It was up to Kate whether she worked or not. Whether Carole told her not to work or not and wait around for William, we don’t really know.

            Kate was sent to University and it was her choice to make something of it. Not her parents. They did more than many parents can afford or care to do. Kate could have been a career woman while dating William but she chose not to (lazy) and to wait around for things to come. Her mother supported her decisions because she was dating a famous Prince. I am sure it might have gotten messy but what could Carole do? Cut her daughter off (which would have been cruel) and be the laughing stock of UK? I am sure the “broken, dis-functional family” is the last thing Carole would have ever wanted.

            While I do not believe the Kate and William movie was accurate in many ways, there was a scene where Carole took Kate aside on the street and asked her if this was the life she really wanted while they were being chased by paps. I can see Carole doing this in real life and then supporting Kate in the end and seeing the benefits they could reap by allowing her daughter to string herself along. While in modern days this is not considered a healthy image for a woman, British history shows that marrying your daughter to a well off family, especially a royal or aristocratic one, is ideal and a tradition. Not only in British families but all over the world. Kate would have married well in any case after dating William but she was supposedly in love and was willing to wait. Hence her famous nickname, “Waity Katie”. While this is not really a “healthy image”, this is a repeated history over and over again that is still widely accepted in rich families and not so much by the working class.

          2. “what could Carole do? Cut her daughter off ”

            Yes. Lots of parents do this. There is nothing wrong with a parent cutting a child off financially to teach them to get a job and fend for themselves.

          3. Apparently that is not the type of parent Carole or Mike is and I see nothing wrong with them being there for her in the end financially and beyond. Like I said above, Carole does not seem like the type that could bear to have a “broken family”.

            The fact that they are not like many other parents is what makes them different and in my opinion, a strong unit.
            Most of the parents who kick their kids out on their asses have their own reasons, for whatever they may be and that is fine. It is just not what the Middleton’s do and they still remain very close, as we can all see.
            I know many people who got kicked out, became very successful on their own and have ZERO relationship with their parents or family. Once again, for their own reasons but I am just saying. It depends on the individual family and what their values are.

          4. I do not see any of the Middleton children as functioning adults. Their parents have given them an extended adolescence which has made them incapable of functioning like adults. They never deal with their failures, uncle gary’s money buys them out of it. They are never held accountable for any of their actions.

            That coupled with the “lose weight, act sexy, do whatever he wants” advice Carole seems to have given her eldest, and I’m still going with, I pity a female born to this union.

          5. Anonymous in the USA, I respectfully don’t agree with you. I buy into the notion that Carole was scheming from Kate’s earliest days to marry her off to Royalty. Mothers do want their children to do well, but Carole never seemed to let go of Kate. And, Kate likes it that way. Perhaps, there is something in her emotional make up that makes her so dependent on her Mum, but a good parent seeks professional help for a child like that and helps the child grow.

            I think both of Kate’s parents are very into climbing the social ladder of success. Something is wrong with a grown woman in her 30s who clings so strongly to her mother. If BABY 2 is a girl, I hope she has a rebellious streak and pulls away from her Mum to be a highly independent princess!

    2. I hope it’s a boy for two reasons – one, I’d like to have another Will & Harry growing up and two, because I’m a grumpy moo & don’t want perfect Kate to have the perfect boy + girl set, like a damn Disney film.

    3. I really hope it is a boy.

      Yeah, William hasn’t complained, I think, because he knows Kate had a hand in the photos release.

  9. I think the baby will show up next week as well, I don’t believe they announced the “right” date.

    It was super convenient to release the 25th. That way whenever it happens, the will and Kate drama will be the highlight of this weekend.

    It would be nice for media to chill out on overhyping the Cambridge non-story during the Gallipoli commemorations.

    I voted for Monday PM – let Harry get back to Australia first.

    As for billy – is there anything he doesn’t excel at? So far he is super smart university student, super duper raf pilot, devoted husband, father of the year, the greatest farmer ever, and hero pilot.
    I worry he is doing too much – another holiday?

    I forgot to add that he will be the greatest king (let’s not mention his distaste for any royal duties.)

    1. Hi Kip,

      Hahaha, I too am worried that poor Billy is doing to much. I do see a holiday in the cards for them, just the two of them, before the end of the year. Somewhere warm and tropical and of course a multi-hour plane trip away.

    2. William the super awesome royal who totally doesn’t detest his royal role at all is eclipsed in awesomeness only by Kate the Great who never puts a foot wrong – even when her naked bum is out for all to see. Phew, I don’t know how they can be that awesome at everything. Give them all the holidays.

  10. I say the baby would be born tomorrow. Why? Kate has shown a proclivity for significant historic days. She was married on the 29th, which is St. Catherine’s Feast. April 23rd is St. George’s Day. Or, today as both her kids will have been born on the 22nd. Or, my theory can be wrong.

    Happy Birthday to Her Majesty. I am in awe of her service during such historic times. God save the Queen.

  11. In that article linked above, it says William won’t announce the birth until the next day.

    Say whaaaaaaat?

  12. Ugh, I forgot how stressful it is waiting for a baby to make it’s appearance. My boss is taking all the office staff out to lunch today and I’m kind of stressed thinking about being away from my computer that long LOL 🙂

    1. I actually was off when Georgie Porgie was due to leave the hospital. Yahoo flashed the watch it live event thing so I tuned in. I waited, waited, waited and waited then they appeared. Can’t remember if they had the baby with them. Then I waited and waited and waited til they came out. I think the Duchess said a few words.. then they drove off with PW at the front driving and mom sat at the back just like us common folks. What PR garbage!!!

      It took over an hour of my sunny day off just to see a baby. I will never waste my time again. I think I was more interested in her dress and how PW’s shirt was too tight on him than little Georgie Porgie.

      I woke up at 4am when Charles and Diana got married. We waited, waited and waited and some of us went back to sleep. I never woke up early for any royal weddings ever again. I just checked to see what the wedding dress was like. For Kate Middleton, when I saw her flat veil and a hairdo that did not do the tiara any justice, I was absolutely disappointed. I was very glad that I didn’t wake up at 4am to find disappointment. Unthinkable, they compared the dress to Grace Kelly’s.

      But then I rant. Have a good lunch Laura from Ca.

      1. I DVR’d Will and Kate’s wedding and watched it later in the day (and skipped the boring stuff). I watched the baby reveal live and got annoyed when they took so damn long to come out.

        1. Me, too. I really did not like Kate’s dress at all. The veil was horrible!
          I got up so early to tune in to the Big Day and was so disappointed. I guess it was a prequel to just how boring the Royal Couple was going to be. They were probably just as boring prior to the wedding, but I wasn’t following them back then.

          Mmm, I just thought of something if I think they are so boring, why am I following them? I guess I keep hoping for more from them.

          1. I liked Kate’s dress enough, but it wasn’t the wow I was expecting. I was expecting something truly breathtaking, and that just didn’t happen. Kate’s dress wasn’t super hideous or anything, but it was just “nice”. Nothing spectacular, nothing terrible, just nice.

            I’ve asked myself on many occasions why I bother to follow them, especially since I am disappointed most of the time. I guess I must be much more of an optimist than I thought of myself because every time I keep hoping they will be better.

        2. I didn’t like her dress, either. I thought the lace looked cheap rather than delicate, and the cut of the neckline and bust said, “LOOK! LOOK AT MY BREASTS!”

          1. Absolutely! just my thoughts on the dress – it looked like a bra walking down the aisle – I’m sure with all the expertise around the bra bit could have blended in far better – there…I feel better now

          2. It was a prelude of things to come, the world getting to see them in “the flesh” and since she couldn’t wear the sheer piece down the aisle like at the fashion show years ago, it was the more tasteful alternate (snark emphasis). My shout-out to Kate though is congrats on using what you have to bring down the big game.

        3. I’m reading “Maeve’s Times”, right now and her essay “Maeve on Margaret Thatcher” has an interesting line (from a buyer in a big London store on MT’s fashion): ” There’s never anything really smart but there’s rarely anything quite terrible either. She’s dressing as Mrs Middle England.” It struck a chord with me after reading this thread on KM’s wedding dress.

      2. Beatrice, I am with you. I hated the fact that Kate’s dress was compared to Princess Grace’s amazing wear. Kate’s veil reminded me of the flat “veils” that Mother Theresa used to wear, escept Kste’s was all netting and MT’s were heavy cloth.

        The veil and her hair did nothing to create wedding magic. And, Pippa’s dress got all the attention for it’s tight fit and how her rear end looked in it. That dress did not go with Kate’s choice in style at all! Pippa looked like she should be in a totally different wedding ceremony.

        1. I think it’s sad that Pippa’s dress got more attention that Kate’s. If I were Kate, I’d be pissed. Of course, if I were Kate, I never would have picked that dress for Pippa to wear. I think it was rude of Pips to try (and pretty much succeed in terms of the dress) to steal Kate’s thunder like that. Pips used that as her launching point to fame, when she should have taken a back seat.

          1. I think Pippa’s dress got so much attention because Kate’s dress was boring. Seriously, I see better dresses watching that show “Say Yes To The Dress”. Also, I’m sure Kate had the final say so on what Pippa wore and probably figured the plain slim shape wouldn’t overshadow her in any way.

      3. Thank goodness our lunch got cancelled 🙂 I admit I was up at 2am for W&K’s wedding and enjoyed the coverage immensely. Around 4am I was drinking coffee and sipping champagne. It was a great day!

        Lucky for me the baby reveal happened after I got home from work and my poor husband was banished to his workshop for fear he might interrupt. lol I felt kind of emotional watching Kate come out of the hospital with George, at one point it looked like she might start crying and I did feel for her having to face all those cameras less than 24 hours after giving birth. Seeing pictures afterward of the media presence shocked me at how many people and cameras were there. If it was me I would have burst out crying, so good on Kate for holding it together.

        1. I watched them presenting George too. I shed a tear as Diana isn’t here and felt for Kate. It indeed looked like she was about to cry and could t imagine facing that crowd.

          I am a suckered for royal weddings. While William and Kate’s wedding was high on pageantry, there was no love or warmth from what I felt. Her dress was okay, but she had the makeup if a clown. I also agree that Pippa was dressed for the wrong event. I remember the Archbishop said “Be yourself and set the world on fire”. I loved that quote. It is sad that they haven’t done so.

      4. Kate and Wills’ wedding was the first royal wedding that I watched almost in its entirety. I didn’t get up early to watch it, but PVRed it. It was nice, but didn’t have a ton of personality. It was nice to the point of being bland.

        I’ve since watched clips of Victoria and Daniel, Madeleine and Chris, and Maxima and Willem-Alexander’s weddings. While they are very formal, you can see and feel the love that these couples have for each other. With Will and Kate, not sure if it was nerves, or not wanting any PDAs, but it was stilted. And honestly, if there is ever an occasion for public displays of affection, it’s your own wedding!!

        1. Exactly! I cried during Dan & Vic’s wedding. I really wanted to root for Kate. She finally got her man after 10 years. I know that love changes over time, but that was a day to celebrate that time. It was too somber.

          1. I watched Victoria and Daniel’s wedding speech on youtube (sorry). I really saw the warmth and love between those two. Watching the Royal Wedding of William and Kate, I sensed William was reserved and Kate was I am apologise was smug and wanting the big wedding compared to William who just wanted a small intimate Wedding. Being the heir I know it was virtually impossible. After 10 years it just felt as KMR said signing the contract.

        2. I teared up over Vic and Daniel’s. They are my favorite couple, surpassing Di and Charles for the notable fact that they BOTH love each other. Huge props to her for risking all to marry her personal trainer. He’s the male Cinderella.

        3. I watched Maddie and Chris’ wedding and thought they looked adorable together – you could see they loved each other.

          I watched some old footage of Diana and Charles’ wedding on Youtube and their wedding seemed off to me. I didn’t see a ton of love from Charles and Diana either. Charles looked like he was going through the motions and Diana seemed like she had no idea what she was doing, nervous. But then again I’m seeing it knowing how it ended, so that could be clouding my judgement on their wedding.

          1. I re watched some of it not too long ago and compared to Maddie and Chris’ wedding, it was so much more of a ritual, so I see what you’re saying. I was just a little girl myself when PC & Di got married but I got up at three am to watch the wedding live. The moments that stood out for me were when Di’s smiled. It flashed out (nervous naturally) but bright, along with her eyes when she looked at Charles at the alter. He looked nervous, naturally, but only one or two smiles and seemed more fidgety about his hat and where his hands were. i was hooked from then on. Charles is reserved, that’s ok, but the jealousy I could see early on, and in little comments he made about her like Crowd’s lining up on her side to shake her hand , wishing he had two Di’s. Di would look uncomfortable, and he said those things within a short time of their marriage. Growing up in an abusive household, I picked it up faster than many that Di was not happy and it was because of little hurtful things PC would say. Too me, sHe reminded me of a puppy, she just wanted to bounce around and lick everyone. They make a mess and chew up your stuff. Some people laugh and love them, some people take the pup to the pound. Di’s eyes at the Taj Mahal were that of a puppy as her person drives away. Please, no offense to anyone, I am not demeaning Di or vilianizing Charles. Marriage is complicated and she was too young to say “this is what I want, so no.” I think she would have called off the wedding if she’d been older.

          2. I thought Maddie looked beautiful on her wedding day. Loved the bodice of her dress. Did not like how she wore her hair, though.
            She and Chris really do seem in love. As do Victoria and Daniel.
            Kate and Will’s wedding was stiff. The way she was escorted down the aisle seemed ridiculous to me. She was too tightly controlled throughout the ceremony.

            I think William may have been thinking of his Mum as he walked into Westminister. After all, wasn’t that where her funeral was held? He must have flashed on her many times throughout the ceremony.

            I had to laugh when I read the latest posts on Kate’s wedding dress. I loved that some people had the “guts” to say what they did about her bra! I thought that, as well. Was just hesitant to say it. To me, it was a sign of things to come. “Look at my body. Look!” If her breasts were bigger, I think more would have been said about that part of the dress. Still for a small-breasted woman like Kate to focus on that part of her anatomy on her wedding day, it seemed rather tasteless to me.

          3. PC did not show one bit of affection toward his beautiful bride, Diana. And, she was so young, so inexperienced! To have Camilla, her husband-to-be’s mistress in the Church must have been horrific for Diana to realize as she walked down the aisle.

            Despite the fact that it was such a formal wedding — the Prince of Wales taking a bride — Diana and Charles’ wedding was far less stiff than PW’s. Perhaps that was due to Diana’s youthful appearance and the honest emotions she expressed. Diana looked scared. She also summoned up her courage to look quite Princess-like, though. She had dignity, charm and a sweetness that won people over.

            For a couple who want to be just like everyone else, PW and Kate had a stiff and uneventful wedding! Boring, boring, boring. Just like they are!

          4. One thing that really bothers me about their wedding is the way they held hands as they were leaving the church. It was just too proper. Would it have been wrong of her to slide her hand into the crook of his elbow. It was like he was leading her to a formal dance in the age of Elizabeth I. Nothing personal, very formal. Very just going through the motions of an act in a play.

      5. Wow, I’m a lousy follower. I didn’t wake up to watch the wedding. I have never actually seen the whole thing, or any video for that matter. Only pictures. I liked her dress but hated her hair and her makeup. Her hair ruined the detail on the back of the dress and her makeup :S well, a bit overdone.

        From all the pictures I always got the impression they were both too stiff and thought maybe it was just a picture thing. Glad I didn’t wake up for this wedding.

        Grace Kelly’s dress and her whole look were beyond amazing.

        I saw when they exited the Lindo Wing but I was at the gym and they had it on CNN. Wonder about this time…

        1. It’s not just a picture thing. Will and Kate did seem very stiff during their wedding. Especially William. I don’t know if it was the uniform or what but he seemed very stiff and uncomfortable.

    2. I know!! I’m constantly checking my phone for any sort of update. And I was up at 3 to check if she went in overnight.

  13. From what I remember of last time, I was more excited about my second niece’s arrival. That is ok isn’t it? and my niece born 18 days earlier. At least the sun is out for the reporters having a camp out. I wish Kate a safe delivery. I think if it is a girl, Elizabeth will be a middle name as that would cover Kate as well. I think Victoria, Alexandra, Charlotte or Alice will be the first name.

  14. Happy Birthday to QEII. May she be healthy and reigns until 100.

    But then that would expedite the PW’s ascension to the throne since I don’t think PC would last that long. If he does, he may not reign for very long. Poor Camilla, she may just not get to be queen. But then when you marry for love, who cares about becoming queen right???

    1. 100 is only 11 years away for HM. Charles is 66. He could definitely last that long. He won’t get to be King for an extended period unless he lives as long as his mother and father.

      1. People say “Oh poor Charles, he won’t have a chance to reign.” Nonsense. First of all, he’s already de facto reigning through his mother: centralizing press operations, downgrading the Yorks and Wessexes, dictating balcony appearances, etc. Second of all, he doesn’t smoke (unlike William and Harry) and looks to be trim and healthy. His maternal grandfather died at 56 and paternal grandfather at 62, but they didn’t have the healthiest lifestyle (smoking for His Majesty the King, living the high life in Monte Carlo with his mistress for His Royal Highness Prince Andrew) and lived in an era when medicine was not as good as it is today. The Queen Mother lived to 101 and Princess Alice (his paternal grandmother) lived to be 84. His father is 93 and his mother is 89. Charles could live another 20-25 years, which could give him a reign of 10-15 years. After that, the British people may abolish the monarchy if his son and daughter-in-law don’t get their act together.

  15. I was sure Kate was going to have the baby yesterday. Oh, well.
    I thought PG was going to be a girl and I initially thought this baby would be a boy. Now, I am thinking it is a girl. As for the date, I don’t know for sure. I love that you got up so early in the morning to check your phone for updates, KMR. I did not go quite that far.

    I had dreams the night before each of my daughters were born. So vivid. That I was hurrying to the hospital with my husband and that the doctor was caught in traffic and might never get to me in time. The next day — after each of those dreams, I went into Labor. The first time, I was six days after my due date. The second time, a week before.

    As for the photos in OK Magazine, it does seem like the photographer did get very close. I do think it was someone Kate knows and that she or the Midds leaked the photos to the press. Without her make-up — or a ton of it — and with her hair natural, she does look like any other woman taking her child to the park. I think she definitely looks pregnant in the first photo. I’m surprised, if she leaked the photos, she let that one slip into OK. I think she is so obsessed with her fit, trim body that she would not want anyone seeing her looking so naturally pregnant.

    Yes, Happy Birthday to HM. And, many more healthy, happy years to the Queen.

    I wish Kate a safe delivery and may the new baby be a healthy one. On a personal note, I am partial to Mary Elizabeth Diana as a name for a little princess. If Baby Cambridge 2 is a boy, I think he will be named Phillip Charles Michael.

      1. Thanks, Lauri. My friends want me to go into the baby naming business. For parents who are having a hard time finding the perfect names for their little darlings.
        Don’t think I could handle that pressure!
        Enjoy the day!

      1. Too funny, Sugar. I was actually kidding that they should name her Mary Elizabeth, but after two Queens (Mary of Scots just may not be appropriate), it might happen. Or, perhaps, Victoria Elizabeth Diana? I hope “Diana” gets in there somewhere.

    1. Philip Charles Michael would be a good name. It would get all the grandfathers in there. And I like the name Philip.

      Mary Elizabeth is good for a girl. It honors the Queen without actually naming a girl Elizabeth. And they can stick Diana in there as a middle name if they want.

  16. Tanna has posted on his Twitter account a You Tube video of Rod Stewart singing Tonights the Night.. No other comment. Is he trying to tell us something ?

  17. I really hope it isn’t a girl 😛 I want another boy. Not only will the media go NUTS with a girl, but Prince William might just lose it in his quest to protect her, LOL! Seriously, the media and world interest in Diana’s granddaughter will drive him MAD.

    I also don’t want them to name her ALICE bc that is my mother’s name and I planned on naming my first daughter that and every other person will have an Alice and I don’t want that for my baby-girl :p

    1. I think everyone here is fingers crossed that it’s a boy. Not sure what will happen to the poor little guy if so. He’ll probably be dumped somewhere until he’s 18. Wonder if Kate would go for three? She aims to please…

      1. I have the feeling they will have 3. William is so in love with the Middletons, he sees them as the perfect family unit, etc. I think he will try to recreate what they have in his own family. That is why he let’s his in-laws (Carole) control so much in their lives.

    2. Lol I suggested the name Alice for a girl last time, and then they had a boy. I also suggested the name Arthur for a boy and they went with George. Then I fell in love with the names Arthur and Alice and now I don’t want them to use those names for my own selfish reasons – so I can use them if I ever have kids.

      And yeah, William will lose his shit if he ends up with a girl. He may want a girl for whatever reason, but he would end up getting even more paranoid than he already is.

      1. I think he’ll have a problem too with the amount of press she’d get. George would be in the shadow, with the press trying to turn her into mini-Di. PC has to be loving all this. No one would chose Will over him now, I would be willing to bet $ that PC had a lot of heart-burning over it prior to Will marrying Kate. The best thing that’s happened for PC is a good PR team and the Midds. Now a granddaughter and he’ll be in clover. Alice is a nice name, and not in common use right now. A warning to you KMR and Beatrix, as soon as you name your daughter Alice, there will be an explosion of Alice’s. I named my oldest Megan back in the 90s and there was a tsunami. we should hide their names until they are two or three. Nothing worse than calling for your daughter at the playground and fifteen kids look at you (true story). Our babies could be like Prince and be known by a sign, lol. Still hoping Kate has a boy though. That way both boys can support each other through dysfunction.

        1. I think it sucks that Harry doesn’t have a royal sibling that is not heir to go through life with. I do think the Cambridges will have 3 so the 2nd has someone to share the experience of not being the “chosen one”. Pippa and James hang out a bit and are an example of this – Kate’s the “golden” one and they endure being not the center of attention together. Harry’s got such a dysfunctional family situation – I do hope this summer is actually an attempt to get things right with Chelsy in Africa so he can have a family of his own to be a part of.

          1. I think everyone on here agrees we wish Harry all the love and happiness he deserves. He’s an amazing, very unaffected young man who I would absolutely love to talk with and work beside.

          2. I don’t know if I want Chelsy for Harry, but I do hope he finds someone whom he loves who loves him and that they are happy together.

      2. My boys are Arthur (2 years old) and John (4 months old). I’ve said since I was a very little girl that I was going to have a son named Arthur and I’m really, really hoping they use any other name out there except Arthur as a first name. I know I’m safe with John, but the popularity of Arthur is a little worrysome!

        1. For your sake I hope they name him Phillip Charles Michael as suggested by our own Mary Elizabeth. Your boys are about the same ages apart as George and the spare will be, how are you managing without a nanny, housekeeper, personnel assistant and lest we forget a hovering mother?? You poor dear 🙂

          1. Well, we do have a neighbor kid cut the grass, so technically I do have a gardener! Though, I don’t think he would like it very much if I had my mom come over and boss him around 🙂

        1. KMR, see what I was talking about how names become super-hot? I swear, one person says it and a million say, hum? Then you have twenty cute kids at the sandbox stare at you when you call for nap time.

  18. She went 2 weeks late before and my doctor told me you are likely to go late with all of your children if that’s the case. so I’m thinking we have a wait for us yet. also, i’m almost positive it’s a boy. everyone i’ve ever talked to said boys are all in the stomach and girls make you put on weight everywhere. considering she’s skinnier this pregnancy than her last I’d say it’s another boy. So there’s my scientific hypothesis! 🙂

    1. Kate being late with George made me think she would be last with this one, and may not deliver until May if her due date is in fact the 25th. But then the Great Kate Wait 2 started and everyone freaking out is putting me on edge. Before Monday I was calm and thinking the baby wouldn’t arrive until the end of the month or even early May.

    2. Most women are “late” having their first babies. Perhaps, due to the fact that they miscalculate the time when they actually conceived. I never heard, “if you are late with your first delivery, all your others will be late….”

  19. I watched the entire wedding!! Loved every bit of it, except Pippa’s ass! I am hoping for a girl, that looks like Diana!!!

    1. So funny, Crazy AMC — your loving everything except Pippa’s bum.

      Better the baby — if a girl — look like Diana than Carole! Carole Middleton is one nasty looking lady. It’s her expression, not her features. She just always looks angry, bitter and bitchy. Why, I wonder, since she has apparently gotten everything she wants!?!

    1. Lily, thanks for the link. So, Kate does have friends other than Pippa and Carole! Thank heavens. I had to laugh at the descriptions of such “sensational” women. One thing that really irked me, though, was the way Kate was sitting at that sporting event. Wearing what appeared to be jeans, she had her legs stretched out in an upward position. There was a railing in front of her and I imagine her feet were planted there. For a future Queen to be sitting like that! For a Duchess! She really hasn’t a clue how to behave, does she?
      Do I sound like my grandmother?!

      1. This article is absolute BS. Kate is never out shopping or anything with these women, and she and Zara have nothing to do with one another. I can’t believe the DM can make up this level of just complete crap. Kate has no friends, except maybe Tash. On a side note, Kate looked like a smirky B^tch in the pics with Tash IMO.

        1. The D.M. does just make up crap to sell newspapers. They’re barely one notch above the Star or Inquirer (like the ones that said two years ago that the Queen was dying and had only six months to live). Zara Tindall and Kate close? WHAT? Since when?

          1. Exactly! What garbage! I absolutely hate the way the DM is trying to pit Zara against Kate, hoping Zara will say something that they can use to play up poor Kate. Zara is a happy, healthy mom with girlfriends she gets snapped with who doesn’t need the BS. Kate’s going to have to start developing her own life, but I don’t think she is emotionally capable. Neither is Will.

      2. Ok Granny :), I sit like this at sporting events all the time, so much more comfortable, but only if you’re not propping your feet up on a seat that’s in front of you.

        I too was surprised that Kate actually has friends outside of her immediate family. I wonder how often these “sensational” women actually offer support or advise? Of course she only has William approved friends and while it’s nice that she is still friends with women she went to school with, doesn’t see have any friends of her own, that aren’t connected to the royal family in one way or another?

        1. OK, Lauri, you may sit like that. Others may, too, but come on, she’s the wife of the future King. I think she is clueless!

          I was kidding when I said the women were sensational. They received the same sugary treatment that Kate does. I agree, one never sees Kate with any of these so-called “friends.” And, I also was not aware that Zara and Kate were ‘So close.” I basically think Kate’s friends are Carole and Pippa. Sad, but true.

          1. That article made me laugh. I think if they were friends of Kate’s that they don’t see each other now or involved with the wedding somehow. I notice Kate made friends with all Will’s female friends. You know what you say keep your friend’s close….
            I could understand Wills and Zara being close. If I were kate I would drop Carole’s advice as her controlling nature is only making matters worse. Will and Kate could make a go of things if only they realised it.

          2. I don’t see Zara and Kate being close, they are so different. Zara has publicly spoken about not having nanny, she’s very open with her daughter, she is certainly not a fashion plate, I can’t see what they could talk about except of course their children. I do hope that George and Mia will grow close as they grow up but that would depend on whether or not William can tear himself away from Carole’s coddling long enough to interact with his own family.

            I did realize you were kidding about the “sensational” women that’s why I was wondering how close they really are. 🙂 I just don’t see Kate doing anything really, even making her own friends, that might take her away from William’s side. She spent too long in his shadow to make a life for herself and at this point with all of Carole’s involvement she might not even know how.

    1. I saw on Tumblr Tuesday night that Kate was in labor and that didn’t pan out. So we’ll have to wait and see.

  20. I don’t think Diana’s memory looms as large as it once did, she has been gone for nearly twenty years already.

    I doubt there will be ‘stop in your tracks’ furor over her granddaughter. The public doesn’t seem as enamoured with willy and waity, after the wedding hype amounted to nothing.

    I still think they will get another boy this time.

    Also, a young, fresh faced English rose is not going to come out of hard faced, aging middleton. It’s just not.

    I think the kid will arrive sometime early next week at the earliest.
    The lamebridges totally fudged the dates. I bet the Lindo wing told them they couldn’t allow the reporters to camp out again and William was madly disappointed by that.

      1. It is so apt. They are the epitome of lame! I am unable to take any credit, some other genius was brilliant enough to coin it.

    1. Even without a Diana connection, the press and public would be way harsher on a girl than a boy.

      “a young, fresh faced English rose is not going to come out of hard faced, aging middleton.” LOL

  21. “A young, fresh faced English rose is not going to come out of a hardfaced, aging Middleton..” That sentence gave me life.

    1. “A young faced English rose is not going to come out of a hard-faced, aging Middleton” Wow, like Rhiannon, those words were amazing to me!

    2. It’s so true though!
      A child with the middleton and windsor genes combined automatically receives senior citizen discounts.

    3. Upthread there’s already been a discussion of a bably girl possibly looking like Carole. Just like the photos that Mike Middleton took, Getty images may have to do a full photoshop overhaul of them if the baby looks anything like Granny Middleton.

      I recall someone pointing out at the time, that one of the photos taken by Mike Middleton actually had a dog relieving itself in the background, and seeing that myself, I was aghast with disbelief. I don’t think that photo is still around. And isn’t there anything that the Middletons couldn’t “profiteer” from? Carole would hit the double jackpot if a baby girl got her eyes!

      1. Ack, please not the eyes!! She must not know that when you rim your whole eye in kohl it makes them look smaller. Half the time, I can’t tell if they’re open or shut.

      2. OMG. Is that true? A dog relieving himself in the photo? Hello, Grampy Middleton, did you really look through that lens before snapping the photo?

        BTW, one of my friends that when Mike Middleton is all dressed up he looks like a Chimney Sweep from Mary Poppins! Is that too mean?

        1. Hi, Mary Elizabeth. Our friend is right. She also said Michael Middleton reminds her of one of the Cockney men from My Fair Lady! “Get me to the Church on time!”
          A tad mean, but soooo funny!

  22. So, Willam takes 6weeks off to spend at home with the family. Seems they couldn’t even last a couple of days before they needed to be out of each other’s way. Kate goes shopping on her own one day, and Will’s goes shopping on his own on another day!

    1. Yes, but how many couples do shop together? Maybe, the time Will is spending home is with Ma Middleton, Kate, PG and Nanny Maria.

  23. It’s 26th of Aprill and STILL NOTHING. What do you thing?? On the net there are rumors that Kate born a few days ago, but if yes why the is no confirmation from the Palace?? What do you think about sth like that: Duchess Kate died during labour and now Palace is looking for a double lor thing how to tell to the public about her death ??

    Question to the Lndon inhabitants: what is going on outsiide the Buckingham Palace? When little Prince George was born there was a table with announcement. Is there a table now ??

    1. When George was born they put the announcement on an easel in the courtyard. They will do the same thing when this baby arrives. The easel does not go up until there is a notice to put on it. The fact that the easel isn’t up yet is no cause for alarm.

      And Kate did not die in childbirth. The baby just hasn’t come yet. The palace will tell us when she is in labor and when she has given birth. It just hasn’t happened yet.

      1. From where did you know that she DIDN’T DIE DURING LABOUR ??? Give me a few of aguments for this, please. In my opinion now there is 50% for that she isn’t in labour yet and 50% for that she died during giving birth for 2nd chilld. Rumors were that she was due on 20th of April, 25th of April and many others. So that fact she isn’t in labour yet is very strange in my opinion.

        1. I don’t know where this Kate dieing came from, but I really think the world would know if that happened. She just hasn’t had the baby yet. Relax.

  24. There’s a comment above by Anonymous in America and I do think they make a good point. I’m copy pasting it here so we can continue the discussion (getting pretty crowded up there)

    “I actually do not agree with this. I think Carole actually did a great job raising her girls in the earlier years. They went to great schools, played sports, had family holidays and learned to stay close to family. There is no drama anyone can find. In fact all they could find is that other local moms claimed Carole was too perfect as a mother.

    While I think Carole is a bit too involved with Kate now that she is married, she did a great job making sure they had a good upbringing. I do not like the whole “work shy” thing Kate had/ has going on but she was obviously cared for very much and still is. It was up to Kate whether she worked or not. Whether Carole told her not to work or not and wait around for William, we don’t really know.

    Kate was sent to University and it was her choice to make something of it. Not her parents. They did more than many parents can afford or care to do. Kate could have been a career woman while dating William but she chose not to (lazy) and to wait around for things to come. Her mother supported her decisions because she was dating a famous Prince. I am sure it might have gotten messy but what could Carole do? Cut her daughter off (which would have been cruel) and be the laughing stock of UK? I am sure the “broken, dis-functional family” is the last thing Carole would have ever wanted.

    While I do not believe the Kate and William movie was accurate in many ways, there was a scene where Carole took Kate aside on the street and asked her if this was the life she really wanted while they were being chased by paps. I can see Carole doing this in real life and then supporting Kate in the end and seeing the benefits they could reap by allowing her daughter to string herself along. While in modern days this is not considered a healthy image for a woman, British history shows that marrying your daughter to a well off family, especially a royal or aristocratic one, is ideal and a tradition. Not only in British families but all over the world. Kate would have married well in any case after dating William but she was supposedly in love and was willing to wait. Hence her famous nickname, “Waity Katie”. While this is not really a “healthy image”, this is a repeated history over and over again that is still widely accepted in rich families and not so much by the working class.”

  25. I could see the question being asked. Though it was said that Kate wanted to be a teacher at one of the schools she attended. I could see Carole going mad if Kate had said that after all the trouble I mean care that Carole had planned that she wanted to walk away. If you love someone you let them go.

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