Kate Middleton and royal baby mania continues

Kate Middleton and royal baby mania continues

Kate Middleton is still pregnant, as of this posting. And because Kate is still pregnant, the royal baby mania continues. I’m posting a few royal baby mania things including the most loyal royal watchers and some articles (that some of you guys already discussed in the comments, but I want to comment, too, so I’m posting them anyway).

Quick update on the royal baby birthday poll from the last post: The first four options are no longer an option (sorry guys – Thursday afternoon was one of the top vote-getters, but since it’s 10PM in the UK, it is very unlikely for there to be a Thursday birth). The majority of you so far think Kate will give birth Friday afternoon. I wonder, if Kate does give birth Friday afternoon, will she leave the hospital the next day (Saturday April 25) like they did with Prince George? Because that would interfere with the ANZAC/Gallipoli commemorations. Would they wait until Sunday, Monday? Hm.

I saw the below photo on Twitter that I want to talk about. These are two very dedicated royalists with a fake baby George in his Christening gown. When I first saw this I thought it was creepy, but after thinking about it, I don’t want to be mean to these people. They clearly love doing this and it makes them happy. While I personally don’t go that far, I do pay a lot of attention to Kate and the royals (obviously) so I can’t really say too much against the staunch “camp out days in advance, make a replica Prince George” people, you know. I wouldn’t do it, but it makes them happy so more power to them.

Here are some quotes from a DM article about how Kate is preparing for the birth of Baby Cambridge 2 and whatnot. There are some oddly snarky bits in there that the DM usually likes to ignore. Who knows how much is true, but the interesting thing to me about much of this is that the DM is actually willing to say it.

    “Intriguingly, a source says that an official announcement will be made only the day after the birth.” – What? That does not follow what KP said previously, but then again they have lied before.
    “Carole… is already ‘the interface between the tired Kate and the rest of the world’, and it is she who will be making sure that the hospital room remains calm and controlled when the time comes.” – Which seems normal for how Carole and Kate operate.
    BUT “Aside from her doctors, Kate will most probably be just with William.” – What about Carole? She’s supposed to be the one making sure the hospital room remains calm and controlled.
    Prince Charles and Camilla are in Scotland and refuse to come to London to see the new baby in a game of “who gets there first” with Carole. “Neither Charles nor Camilla has been closely involved in preparations for the birth and will visit only when invited.” – If Charles really doesn’t show up at the hospital, that just goes to show how not close he and William really are. BUT Charles is currently in Turkey, not Scotland, so… yeah. Probably BS. Charles will probably show up at the hospital. But the DM does like stirring stuff between Charles and Carole.
    “A neutrally decorated nursery described as ‘so pale it’s impractical’.” – LOL Kate does love to decorate in beige. And LOL at the DM calling out Kate’s decorating style.
    “William and Kate claim they don’t know the sex of the baby, but friends are deeply skeptical about this. ‘They definitely knew last time round because another young royal expectant mother was told that if she had a son she couldn’t call him George,’ says a source.” – So Kate told Zara she couldn’t call her baby George. Got it. Also, why insist they don’t know the sex of the baby if they do? Why the lies?
    “Whatever the sex of the second child, William and Kate have decided to hire the same, highly qualified night nurse they engaged for Prince George. They didn’t broadcast the fact that they hired her… as there had been a lot of talk about being low key and not relying on staff.” – We all suspected this, and Emily Andrews confirmed this on Twitter a while ago. I’m surprised the DM is actually saying it now.
    “A reformed smoker, Kate not only doesn’t allow smoking anywhere near the children, but anyone who smells of smoke will be quickly dispatched, too.” – Wow they actually mentioned that Kate used to smoke.

[Daily Mail]

Here is another article from the DM about Kate’s “inner circle”. It’s the normal “innce circle” article that has been posted many times before, but there were some interesting bits I thought were funny/intriguing. I highly doubt Kate is actually really friends with these people since she is never photographed with them and there are never saying press reports of Kate hanging out with them, but whatever. The interesting thing to me is some of the things the DM is willing to print now:

    “Indeed, it was Ms Fox-Pitt who recruited Kate for the now famous Sisterhood rowing team, which planned to cross the Channel for charity… The Duchess, who was midway through her temporary separation from Prince William at the time, bowed out when the couple reunited.” – LOL, Kate was so invested in her friendship with Fox-Pitt and the charity rowing team and stuff… until William came back and Kate dumped the charity thing like a hot potato. Which we already knew, but it’s still funny to see the DM print it.
    Zara Tindall (nee Phillips) and Kate “are said to be really ‘good chums’ who were thrilled to have had babies so near each other. They are on the ‘same wavelength’… ‘They like to live and eat organically and Zara has helped Kate get over her fear of horses. They share many jokes and Kate can relax in her presence more than any other royal cousin.'” – Is Kate really that close to Zara? Kate didn’t even attend Mia Tindall‘s Christening in November 2014. I know Zara is George’s godmother but I assumed that was William’s decision. I’ve never heard anyone mention Kate and Zara being close. I call BS.
    Lavinia Brennan (designer partner at Beulah London with Will and Kate friend Natasha Rufus Isaacs) said of the Kate Effect: “We never know when she is going to wear something, but we do know she has when we see a push on the website. It’s only ever a little one and it’s always from the US. We don’t sell out overnight.” – So Brennan is basically confirming that the Kate Effect really isn’t what the press likes to make it out to be. I’m surprised the DM – which usually likes to push the Kate Effect myth – actually printed that quote.

[Daily Mail]

Here is another “inner circle” article, this one from the Mirror. It is much more boring than the DM one, but one thing is the Mirror insists that Prince William and Kate are not going to hire another nanny, which seems contradictory to the DM article. BUT the Mirror can be right AND the DM can be right, too. A maternity nurse is not a nanny.

Us Weekly claims William went shopping yesterday for blue clothes for himself and dropped $1,200 on clothes that look like all his other clothes. Seriously, all he ever wears are blue sweaters and blue suits and blue jeans. He has one purple sweater that he went all matchy matchy with Kate for a photo op once. Other than that, blue. This is probably why Kate wears so much blue, because William loves blue.

Unlce Gary tells Hello that Kate and William probably won’t stop at two kids. He said:

    “I don’t think they’ll stop at two, so if it isn’t a girl this time round, people shouldn’t be too disappointed. I’m sure there’ll be a girl in the mix at some point. As long as the baby is healthy, that is the important thing… Kate was a beautiful girl and if she were to have a girl, she’ll be equally as beautiful.”

If they do have a third kid, can we stop with the HG crap. First, they shouldn’t even pretend it exists. Second, if they do pretend it exists, no one should feel badly for her. She has “had” HG twice in a row and should fully expect to “have” it a third time with a third pregnancy, so no sympathy if she knowingly chooses to suffer HG for a third kid.

Here are some more photos of die hard royal watchers waiting outside the Lindo Wing:

100 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and royal baby mania continues

    1. I think the “official announcement” is the equerry who drives to BP to put the notice on the easel deal. That’s the thing that will happen the next day, not the general news about the baby or the birth. I could be wrong though.

      LOL at the articles saying Kate has friends. She does not. Did you see that Tash made the list? Her PA/stylist? Her lack of friends is one of the most interesting, least talked about parts of her life, IMO. Is it because of Carole? Is it because of William? Is it because she’s not good at making or keeping friends? She’s so isolated.

      1. She doesn’t seem to have any friends, except those with a connection to William. Kate has some women “close” to her, but they also work for her. She doesn’t seem to really have a “bestie”, without an agenda. It’s just Carole, and I guess Pippa? Any girl knows, a close trustworthy friend is worth her weight in gold. I give thanks for mine every time I phone up for a good old vent session or just want to get away from the fam for pizza and Stella. Men are from Mars; some things they just don’t understand ;). Yep, my girls keep me sane. I do feel bad for her, if she has no one to trust with confidences. Is it because she’s alienated them herself, or just doesn’t trust anyone not to “sell”out?

        1. http://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/572704/Prince-William-Duke-of-Cambridge-RAF-work-record-Kate-Middleton

          My first time posting a link from my iPad! Yay! This is an article by Richard Palmer reporting on a group called Republic. Republic has issued a study showing that W worked less than 50 days from Sep 2013, when he left the RAF, to Sep 2014. Specifically they’re claiming that most (40 plus) were dinners, galas, parties and the like. The word lazy is used a couple of times. KP is pointing to the ten week course he did, but theres no mention of the fact that he spent fourteen of those days in Spain and the Maldives. They also note that there’s a pattern of William “finishing” things early, giving himself plenty of extra time off, like his bullshit six week paternity leave.

          Richard Palmer is leading the pack with his outright jabs, unlike the Mail who dress their criticism up as sugar.

          1. Google isn’t telling me when this study was released, but the fact that this Richard Palmer article has been posted on a Friday night before the Anzac memorial and amidst the baby hype ensures that it will be lost in the shuffle. Richard Palmer may be braver than most, but he’s not suicidal.

      2. I agree! I’ve always thought it was bizarre that she doesn’t seem to have any friends and is NEVER spotted with any girlfriends. I think it’s because she has been so focused on trapping William and all the girls she could have been befriending were seen as threats. She is famous for her cold “death stare” and I can’t see her being secure enough to have female friends. I think it’s telling that she surrounds herself with very unattractive women (Maria, the nanny, for one). She clearly doesn’t want any pretty women around William because he obviously has a wandering eye and settled when he married her. She has to know that she wasn’t his first choice and is threatened by the women Will wanted to be with. It’s embarrassing for her that he basically kept her in the background and pursued genuinely beautiful and aristocratic ladies and finally gave in to pressure because he HAD to settle down with someone and no one else wanted the job. There is no passion there and I think he married her because he knew she wouldn’t say no and he wanted the commoner family experience. He always looks irritated by her and just doesn’t act like he really loves her. I think they are friends and due to her “mattress” years, knows that she can be trusted not to blab to the media. Her life is hugely embarrassing because she had no life other than chasing him, no job, no friends, no personality, no passions or talents and isn’t very pretty. I would feel sorry for her if she used her position for good, but I don’t and I think him marrying a completely unsuitable person is going to majorly contribute to the Monarchy falling apart after QEII passes. Her position doesn’t excuse her not having any friends, because other members of the Royal family are spotted all the time with their friends and the only time she is mentioned spending time with “friends” is when she and William go out (rarely) for group dinners with Will’s friends. I think she must have dropped the few friends she had in her youth and now only reluctantly spends the rare night out with William’s friends, who have to be nice to her because of who she is married to. There is just something wrong with a woman that has absolutely no friends.

        1. “I think it’s because she has been so focused on trapping William and all the girls she could have been befriending were seen as threats”

          I agree with this.

  1. I get the feeling that Zara tolerates Kate more so than the York sisters do because of her affection for William. But I’ve never gotten the “pals” vibe from them. Zara doesn’t seem like she gets involved in the York/Cressida Bonas pettiness because she has a life and a family and her horse career. She probably could care less. When Kate’s around she talks to her, when she isn’t then she doesn’t. No big deal to Zara.

    It’s just telling that that sort of a relationship is considered a true friendship for Kate. It shows that she really has little time for people outside of Carole, Pippa and Willam… did I mention Carole?

    1. Zara seems a lot like her mother in that she doesn’t have a lot of time for BS – unless she’s selling something or thirsting for attention. I don’t think she would care about Kate or her crap. In fact I’m surprised she puts up with William’s crap since he seems so high maintenance. I know they are each others godparents but I wonder just how close Zara and William really are nowadays.

  2. I like to see pictures of these fans. I am sure that they’ve been around for many births. I would not want to snark on their joy.

    The Cambridge family is a box of contradictions. They need to give up on the “normal” thing. They are royals and need to act as such i.e. do their jobs.

    1. I think the fans are kind of adorable actually. The baby threw me, but I could see how that would be a display thing in the home collection of royal stuff. Some comments online said the baby was creepy and I could see people making fun of the fans for it, but I don’t want to because th are having fun with it so I don’t want to be too harsh.

      1. I agree KMR, these fans are pretty cute! I wonder if they have children of their own or if the royal babies are like their surrogate children?

        1. Could be both. They are older so they could have adult children out there, and have the surrogate royal babies now to fill the baby void left by the adult children.

  3. Oh my goodness, it looks like those royal fans are having a hoot and a half!! I certainly have my little “royal obsession” so I can relate, although I don’t think I’d camp out. I remember watching a documentary about the Queen and they did a little segment on two women who show up at all of the Queen’s engagements in England. The Queen recognized them and went over to speak with them a bit, which I thought was nice. I guess even the royals have their groupies.

    I love reading all the stories going around and catching the DM contradict themselves from one article to the next. To me it’s very entertaining!

    As I noted on the last post, I don’t see Zara and Kate hanging out together, they are just too different. But I guess at family affairs they talk and share baby stories, which of course in DMLand that means they are best friends. Too bad Kate doesn’t have any of her own friends, ones that aren’t also involved with the royal family in one way or another. I really hope this life she built for herself, the life that revolves completely around William will satisfy her as she ages and matures, I know it wouldn’t be enough for me but maybe it’s enough for her.

    1. There is nothing in life I care enough about to camp out for. In some ways I’m a bit envious because I want something in my life I care that much about, you know. What a cute story about the Queen and the super fans.

      It really is funny to watch the press spin themselves around to come up with royal baby coverage.

      I don’t see Zara and Kate being friends either.

  4. KMR, great summary! Some random thoughts as I read through:

    * I really enjoy how the DM is starting to sneak in some snarky comments into their articles. I’m sure that will grow over time.

    * I agree with you KMR, that they need to stop with all the lies. They can’t keep track of them and there really is no need for them. Honestly, people don’t care if they have maternity nurses or nannies. In fact, it is somewhat expected. Just don’t cover them up and say you are doing it all yourself and secretly hire staff!

    * In regards to her inner circle, sure she might be close friends with these individuals. She just doesn’t talk with them, go shopping with them or see them anytime. She is a super busy hands-on stay-at-home mom who also dedicates her limited time to charities that are near and dear to her heart!

    * Every time the charity rowing team is brought up it makes me so mad! It would have been a great opportunity for Kate to show some personality and have something outside the realm of William! Whatever excuse they used (I can’t remember right now) was complete BS. The same with the rumoured photography exhibit. Even if her photos aren’t great, work on them, practice and contribute something to the world – more than just what’s on the checklist for being a royal wife!

    * And finally, can I just say how much I hate blue suits? Dark navy is fine, but Will needs some more diversity. Considering how often he wears a suit – branch out! I never made the connection between Kate wearing lots of blue and William, but now that you mention it, it makes sense. On anyone else it could just be coincidence, but with Kate, you can pretty much assume it’s deliberate. Is there anything about her tastes, hobbies, preferences that are authentic?

    1. I think Kate could do a lot of her charities if she developed her photography abilities to a high level and donated her pieces to be auctioned off for their benefit. If the pictures were good and interesting, with Kate’s name attached they would be prime items for a lot of people. It would let her contribute in a meaningful way and give her some personality to boot!

      …So, in short, it’s not likely to happen any time soon.

      1. “If the pictures were good and interesting…”. I think that even if they were NOT good and interesting, they would still sell for a lot of money, simply because there are people who would pay a lot to have a photo done by the Duchess, possibly future queen. But I agree it won’t happen since it would require some effort (minimal, but some effort nonetheless) and imagination. Kate just doesn’t have the substance it would take to pull off such a project.

        1. I think one of the problems was that when they released Kate’s photos, the reviewers didn’t fall down to their knees and universally worship what she did. They gave her constructive criticism. If they had praised her to the heavens we would see a lot more of her work.

          This is a girl who needs, really needs, constant adulation, support and encouragement. It would be exhausting to be a friend of hers.

  5. I’m hoping to either be at work or asleep when she has the baby so I can just hear about it after it’s all done. I’m more than a little over the whole drama and will she, won’t she they are trying to stir up.

    Didn’t they publish a story about her “friends” before? Maybe around the christening? If these girls are so tight with Kate why don’t we ever see or hear about them visiting, going to lunch, shopping or even walking with her in Kensington Park with George? Because she doesn’t have any close friends! Carole and Pippa are her “friends”. Tash is an employee and the others are from William’s circle and have been adopted by Kate.

    I think the super fans are kind of cool. It’s always nice to know there are people out there who are so enthusiastic about the monarchy that they’ll get dressed up and celebrate. The only thing is, none of them are younger. Makes you wonder what it’s going to be like if/when W&K are on the throne.

    1. I too believe she does not have any friends. She would be seen out and about with them at some point. They have been married for years and we have never, ever seen an article about her going to lunch with a girlfriend… Seems like she dumped all of her girlfriends from university and her clubbing days.
      I honestly wonder why this is? Why would Kate not want to ever be around a female friend again? We have only seen her out with nanny Maria!
      I remember seeing an article the other day about one of Kate’s old friends that throws orgy parties now! LOL! Here is the article and oddly enough, there is a photo where they are having lunch back in 2007:

      1. If I were Kate I would be pissed that that chick kept using my name to drum up attention for her business.

        1. Kate is paranoid that her friend would take a shot at Will. She’s probably right to keep other women at bay. Carole taught her well.

      2. I think Kate lost touch with most of her college friends because she needed to focus all of her time and energy on William and that just didn’t leave room for friends or a job. We need to remember that William was starting his military career then and his schedule was always up in the air, so that meant Kate couldn’t make any plans in order to be at William’s beck and call. Also, I seem to recall Diana saying that once you enter the Firm, they don’t have any interest in your friends and you are expected to be friends only with their friends. Luckily toward the end of her life she did start making some friends outside the royal sphere.

        1. It’s mentioned so often how much focus Kate needed to/wanted to put on Will and to always be available. If that is true and what he expected, he sounds like an exhausting individual! I’m all for giving attention to your relationship, but to the detriment of your friendships, hobbies and career?

        2. Yet Diana still managed to have her own friends, regardless. The BRF have already said that she sets her own schedule, so I’m sure they’ve no problem with her having her own friends.

          Kate has no friends because Kate chose being William’s mattress above any and all else.

    2. I noticed they didn’t include Jessica Hay who, according to New Idea (and a source of many New Idea stories) is Kate’s oldest friend.
      If these girls are friends with Kate then why don’t we see Kate going out with them?

      1. I have a theory about Jessica Hay. I don’t think the Jessica Hay who keeps running to the Oz/NZ press is the real Jessica Hay. *Puts on conspiracy theory hat* I think it is possible the Midds paid off Jessica Hay to keep her quiet and now the Midds use her name to leak certain stories. Just a (ridiculous) theory.

    3. It’s probably an effect of the phone tapping scandal – information about William was getting leaked out and he suspected it came from her and her associates. She can’t trust anyone – except maybe her sister in confidence. I think they only have “couple” friends.

      1. I don’t think they even have that, remember when he went to the weddings a year plus ago alone. If they were her friends, and they should be because they all clubbed together, she would have gone. I think all his friends tolerated her but never thought he’d marry her. When Will announced they probably put on a good face, but when the naked pics hit, his friends said “I told you so,” that she was manipulating him and low class. Will seems very isolated now. And all Kate has is her family.

        1. I agree with this. William is painfully aware that he made a mistake marrying Kate and so are his friends and family. So he’s distancing himself from everyone, including Kate.

        2. I agree with this also, especially the part about them tolerating her and never thinking Will would actually marry her. Hanging out with someone in a bar is not friendship.

    4. They have published “friends” posts several times before. I don’t know why they need to keep telling us who their friends are.

  6. I believe that Kate is to insecure to have close girlfriends. I think she would be constantly comparing looks, clothes, husbands, weight, hair, etc. I don’t believe she understands the bond that women share that has nothing to do with competition, IMO. I feel sorry for her, because she is really missing something special! Also, Carol probably supports Kate lack of friends. She wants to be Kate’s only influence…..very controlling.

    1. But to me part of having good friends is that they’ll hold a mirror up to you and say “yeah, looks good” or “no, you need to burn that.” They are the ones you can gossip with, turn to if you need a shoulder, keep up to date with things, ask if they had similar problems with husbands, kids, whatever and can trust with that information because they are good friends. Kate doesn’t have any close friends at all, she has acquaintances.

      1. Yes, it does seem very sad that Kate does not seem to have close friends. Just Carole and Pippa. I think Carole prefers it that way. Still, doesn’t Kate need a good friend or two to commiserate with now and then?
        Her life does make me think that she is not a well-adjusted woman. She needs to break out and become a bit more independent. She needs some friends to have fun with. Friends whom she can relate to and whom she can confide things in. I guess that is the problem, for both Royals, though. Maybe, they just feel they cannot trust anyone. Surely, there are reliable, caring people, but they may be too scared of having anything revealed to the press.

      1. Kate is used to being controlled, so I guess it’s not shocking she would marry someone who is controlling. I keep laughing whenever anyone tries to sell her as wearing the pants in the relationship.

  7. It wasn’t Zara, it was Sophie & Freddie Windsor that were told not to use the name George. They may also have been told not to use whatever their first choice girls name was too, they may not have lied about finding out the gender.

        1. But would it really be a great tragedy if there were two children in the very extended family named George? Everyone would know which one was William’s George and which one was Freddie’s George; there wouldn’t be any confusion about Prince George of Cambridge vs. regular George Windsor. If Kate and William thought they could dictate names of others’ children, I don’t have enough eyerolls for them.

    1. Thanks for clarification re Zara/Freddie Windsor. I agree Will and Kate may not have lied about knowing the sex of the baby. My guess is they picked out names well in advance, so they could have told Freddie both a boy name and a girl name (or several) not to use.

  8. Great roundup of info from the DM articles.
    I, too, feel very sad that Kate does not seem to have female friends outside of Carole and Pippa.
    Surely, she needs them. I think life for Kate does revolve around William. Perhaps, a bit around PG, too. But, Nanny Maria is there for him.

    Amazing that the DM pointed out that the couple will be hiring a maternity nurse for Baby 2. I guess that was to be expected, but like everyone else, I am tired of K&W pretending they are just regular folk. And, with Carole around, do they really need a maternity nurse? I guess for nappie changing. Can’t see Carole doing that!

    1. Carole can’t be expected to get up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby while Kate is sleeping. Carole needs her beauty rest, too!

      1. LOL. Carole surely does need her beauty rest! Ms. Nasty Face needs to learn how to smile — really smile. THe kind of smile that envelopes your entire being!

        1. It will really easy to get that kind of smile out of her. First she’ll need to get a title, then a giant, and I mean giant, pile of money for her to wallow around in and toss about while proclaiming her new title to the world.

  9. KMR, I really appreciate that you are kind to the couple celebrating all this with a fake baby George. As you pointed out, they are just having a good time. I say “Cheers” to them and fake baby.

    Bookworm, you are so right about the rowing. At the time I thought Kate could have agreed to reconcile with William and still remained a part of the rowing team. I don’t know why she didn’t do that, except that she really doesn’t understand the concept of “team”. Also, probably Carole told her to quit rowing and take back William and she would certainly do what her mother told her. Whatever happened, it was a missed opportunity.

    1. I was curious so I went looking for why she quit. Here are a couple of articles from 2007, saying it was the Palace that forced her to quit due to concerns with publicity and the paparazzi.

      I don’t know if that’s true, or was just an easy out. Considering that it was after this in 2008, we had the article saying the the Queen was asking what Kate actually did and that she should get involved in things (paraphrase). It seems strange that the palace would push her to quit a charity event to then complain that she wasn’t involved in anything.

      Considering that Kate was a private citizen at the time, it should have theoretically been her choice. In comparison, Princess Beatrice ran the London marathon!




      1. The Palace would never have made her quit anything. Never. She quit because William called. Just like she threw Charles under the bus for the 2007 breakup, the Midds would have been the ones putting out the rumors that the Palace didn’t want her doing anything.

        I’m sure the royal advisers would have been THRILLED if she followed through on WORKING and doing CHARITY WORK at any time in the last 14 years.

        1. I read somewhere that the organizer begged her not to drop out. She stated that this would be something that Kate could be proud of and one thing that she did for herself. Even if she decided not to race, she could have supported from the sidelines or fundraising. She just quit. That is telling. Very, very telling.

          1. I agree. Her one shining moment to do something that’s her choice, mom’s on the bank and not in the boat, will push her and she quits. IMO she chose the Sisterhood because it afforded great press access to watch her post break-up and her decked out in hottie shorts with sculpted legs to show him what he’s missing. I honestly have doubts that she has any kind of personal identity.

          2. Sugar, I agree with you completely. She just doesn’t have any depth, or character, or personality. Being a friend means one is genuinely interested in and concerned about another person. Kate is interested and concerned about herself. That’s it. I’m not sure she’s really even concerned about William. I think she is concerned about keeping her position as William’s wife and she is interested in what William says and does, but only as it relates to her.

        2. William, Kate, and Carole are all guilty of being high handed with BP and the Queen. According to “sources”, the Q loves Kate, wanted Kate to have a two year settling in period after the wedding, is perfectly happy with the amount of engagements W and K do, is perfectly satisfied with W and K in general. BP has never said any of these things but somehow they are held as gospel. If I were the Queen I’d be pissed people keep putting words in my mouth like that.

        3. I was also sad that Kate dropped out of the rowing. But then she has never been any good at following something through. This isn’t a habit she has picked up since been married but I think it is something she has always done. The best example of this, to my thinking, was that she went to Brownies but never followed through and became a Guide. I’d never heard of someone joining Brownies and not becoming a Girl Guide before Kate. Maybe she wasn’t good at joining in activities? But with a social climber for a mother I would have thought Carole would have made her keep attending so she (Ma Middleton) could use it as a chance to meet more upper class Mothers? It seems Kate went for a while and then just faded? A pattern which she has continued?

  10. Kate’s friends may have told her early on that William wasn’t exactly serious about her or being respectful of her – things she did not want to hear. Mummy could have easily turned that around by telling Kate that they were just jealous, and Kate would have been happy to squash what she perceived as her competition.

    1. I agree. in one of the photos at the café, Kate s friend looks like Kate is not living in reality. When you breakup your friends are the ones who tell you to move on. Carole wouldn’t use dirty tricks to make Kate, William’s wife. Would she?
      The baby does look kind of creepy. However I say let the couple have their eccentricity.

      1. The fake baby reminds me of Victorian post-mortem photography, but the enthusiastic couple are cute. Hey, at least they have personality, unlike the baby’s parents!

    1. Usually no.
      Kate has been reportedly shopping wearing high heel wedges. Is that possible when expecting. I would of thought that would place more pressure on her feet. William has also been seen shopping. About to do a runner to Africa presumably. If Kate is only friends with William’s mates her and Jecca must be best buddies, or not. I think William confides in Jecca as he looks to her as a sister. That must be hurtful.

    1. He is a cute kid. It’s funny that she can wear her hair up on a casual day, but then have it in her face during her “work”.

    2. Taking a closer look at these pictures I have to wonder why did Kate wear her priceless engagement ring and her $6000 Cartier watch to a kids park?? Because of course “normal” people wear their best jewelry when taking their kid to the park, so out of touch.

      1. Agree. It looked ridiculous with the ratty jeans. And, what if it came off while little PG was ;playing in the hay? Attention all Park Goers, we have a lost sapphire with diamonds missing in some hay. Or, was it straw?!

    3. I think it’s really interesting that George never seems to be grabbing a hold of Kate whenever I see pictures of her holding him. I could be totally wrong since I’ve never had a child of my own, but whenever I’ve seen someone hold a baby/toddler on their hip (or when I’ve held a baby/toddler on my own hip) the baby/toddler always grabs a hold of the person holding them – grabs their shoulders or arm or in some way holds on to the person holding them, even if it’s just a little. So I think it’s odd and interesting that George doesn’t seem engaged at all with the person (Kate) holding him. I’ve not seen anyone else hold him like that so it may just be him and he may do that with everyone, but it seems off to me.

      1. KMR I swear I was just about to write this after looking at those pictures. He always seems to be arched away from her. And yes, I know toddlers squirm, but not always. There was one photo from the play date in Australia (or maybe New Zealand) where Kate is holding him close and he is snuggled against her chest with his head on her shoulder. Kate told someone it is her favorite photo simply because he is snuggling and, she said, he never does that.

        Babies and animals know who is comfortable with them and who isn’t and they respond to that instinctually. They haven’t learned to play any “games” nor have they learned how to hide or disguise their true feelings.

        It would be interesting to know if he is like this with other people.

        1. I always loved that photo of PG snuggling against Kate’s shoulder in Australia. Sad to hear that she reported that he never does that. Where did you read that, Dag? He really looked very comfortable in that shot.

          All my nieces and nephews, as well as the little ones of my friends, do snuggle with their moms . Sad, if PG does not feel comfortable doing so with his. Perhaps, he just doesn’t see her enough He’s such a darling little boy — the photo of him hugging the little girl was adorable. I hope he is a happy child with his parents.

          1. I’m very much of the opinion that George has been raised by Maria from the get go and that she’s his mother in everything but name. I also don’t think Carole raises him either. I just think she likes to give off the appearance that she controls everything that has to do with him but the fact is that while she may not be bent over with a cane or one foot in the grave, her chasing after toddler days have LONG been over.

            Kate has only ever used George as a prop. If she truly recognized the fact that he doesn’t snuggle with her, then it shows that while she may recognize what mothers and children do, in the end, I don’t think she has it in her to do what a mother needs to do, to gain her child’s affection. There’s nothing in her history that points towards her having any of the qualities that make a good mother and on top of that she’s in her early thirties and still has an unhealthy codependent relationship to her own mother.

            Not to mention, it’s also hard for a child to snuggle you when you’ve got them constantly facing forward. I think the only reason why he snuggled her then was because for once she faced him towards her and of course, babies will always have their curious and spontaneous moments.

      2. I agree with you, Dag! I have two kids and they are my shadows. My daughter, who is 4, is constantly underfoot. So, it is telling that George is not tactile with her. Or, he can be a daddy’s boy. IMHO, she always looks like she’s posing with him. Even from the beginning. It’s as if she Googles pictures of Diana with the boys and try to mimic those pics.

        1. I don’t know if I get that from the pics of Kate and George- she does hold him, it’s more of her not having a personality, likes and dislikes to share with her children. She’s going through the motions Because her programming doesn’t cover this. I’m in the extreme minority that feels sorry for Will. I think he got snowed by the Midds and, like his mother, he’s a romance-novel mind person instead of a realist. Didn’t work for either of them.

  11. I don’t trust the DM anymore unless the writer is Katie Nicholl. I also don’t find it strange that Kate doesn’t have many girlfriends. According to that biography Nicholl wrote, most of Kate’s girlfriends are the girlfriends of William’s friends. I do understand that it’s hard to gain friends in her position especially since she seems to do nothing but hide away at Anmer. If you’ve read Morton’s biography of Diana, you’d notice that Diana’s girlfriends are childhood friends (Fergie was one); daughters of aristocrats and other highborn ladies. Kate doesn’t seem to have childhood friends.

    1. Kate doesn’t have any childhood friends because she ditched them in order to be with William. Kate was too nervous about people leaking info about her and William so she jutted her friends and became friends with his friends instead.

      1. I wonder if Kate ever made friends with any ease. I suspect Kate comes from an ‘enmeshed’ family, not a ‘close’ one. These families do not know boundries. I suspect the controling Carole is the one who started the whole family problem. Thank goodess the family has money, because therapy is expensive. I know because I married someone who comes from one. My MIL EXTREMELY controlling. I know the fallout from these kinds of famlies and my husband has suffered the consequences.

        1. It ties into the stories of Carole calling the parents of artistos at Downe, saying her daughter was having trouble fitting in, and could they please encourage their daughters to be friends with Middleton. She never asked any of the parents of “commoners” to be friends with Middleton.

    2. Using this logic makes it sound like aristocrats have childhood friends and commoners do not. Regardless of Kate’s background, she should have had friends from her childhood. Either she never made friends, or, as KMR points out, she ditched them to follow William.

      Let’s keep in mind, playing on a sports team, clubbing, and having lunch with someone doesn’t constitute friendship. Yes, friends may do all those things, but just because people are doing those things doesn’t necessarily make them friends.

      1. You misunderstood me. I meant to say that Diana’s friends were people from her childhood while Kate doesn’t seem to have any childhood friends. Being an aristocrat has nothing to do with it.

        Kate befriended William’s friends. She doesn’t seem to have her own circle.

  12. I am surprised at William. Normally a guy would be shouting a birth announcement on the rooftops. Maybe not Buckingham Palace roof. I think it is a mixture of privacy, paranoia, Carole’s made up rule to protect the baby and annoy Prince Charles. They are actually intending to inform the Royal family of the birth.

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