Royal Round Up: William, Harry, Mary, Maxima, Victoria, Sofia, Letizia

Royal Round Up: William, Harry, Mary, Maxima, Victoria, Sofia, Letizia

Kate Middleton is still pregnant as of the time of this posting, BTW. There is even more Kate/William/royal baby mania stuff I’ll get to later, but for now let’s have a palette cleanser. This week’s royal round up is a catch up with some of the other European royals who got lost in the shuffle last week because of Margrethe’s 75th birthday celebrations and all of Kate’s stuff. This week we have the royals commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli (including Prince William, Prince Harry, and Crown Princess Mary, among others), Queen Maxima, Crown Princess Victoria, Sofia Hellqvist, and Queen Letizia.

Yesterday, Saturday April 25, was ANZAC Day, and the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli. The Gallipoli land campaign, in which a combined Allied force of British, French, Australian, New Zealand and Indian troops sought to occupy the Gallipoli Peninsula and the strategic Dardanelles Strait during World War I, began on April 25, 1915 against Turkish forces of the Ottoman Empire. The Allies, unable to advance more than a few kilometers, withdrew after eight months. The campaign cost the Allies approximately 50,000 killed and up to 200,000 wounded, the Ottomans approximately 85,000 killed and 160,000 wounded. Multiple royals came out to commemorate this occasion. In England, Princess Anne (in an awesome green coat) and her husband Sir Timothy Laurence came out for a Dawn Service, while Prince William joined the Queen (who made a hat change for a Service of Commemoration at Westminster Abbey) and Prince Philip at the Cenotaph. Prince Charles and Prince Harry were in Gallipoli, Turkey to mark the occasion (they look like they had a good time together).

In Copenhagen, Crown Princess Mary attended an ANZAC Day memorial ceremony.

Queen Maxima was out and about this past week with her husband, King Willem-Alexander. On Saturday, April 25, the couple took part in celebrations in Zwolle, Netherlands marking the 200th anniversary of the kingdom (grey skirt and jacket, mustard turban). The couple attended the Long Live Club festival organized by the National Committee 200 years Kingdom. The 200th anniversary celebrations last until September 26.

On Friday, April 24, Max and Willem-Alexander attended the King’s Day Games in Leiden – nearly 8,000 students from 30 schools participated (tan shirt, burgundy skirt). The games are part of celebrations marking the 48th birthday of the king on April 27.

On April 17, Maxima spoke at a meeting for ‘Universal Financial Access 2020’ at the IMF/WB Spring Meetings in Washington, DC (red dress). She was there in her role as special advocate of the UN Secretary General for inclusive finance for development.

I’m including a photo where Max rested her arm on Willem’s shoulder, and the photo (above) where she held the crook of his arm. I like when royals show these little bits of affection for their spouses in public.

Crown Princess Victoria at the Hague 1

Crown Princess Victoria was in Brussels at the Hague on April 22 and 23. On the 22nd, Victoria attended several meetings including one with the International Criminal Court (ICC). On the 23rd, Victoria attended more meetings with organizations such as the UN refugee agency, UNHCR. On the agenda were issues of migration, integration and refugee challenges.

On April 14, Victoria attended the Global Child Forum along with King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, and Sofia Hellqvist. They discussed how children’s rights can be integrated as part of core business activities, values ​​and strategies.

Crown Princess Victoria at the Hague 3 Crown Princess Victoria at the Hague 2 Crown Princess Victoria and Sofia Hellqvist Global Child Forum

Speaking of Sofia Hellqvist, she apparently had her bachelorette party last night. Victoria was there, apparently.

Alright, now let’s talk Queen Letizia. As many of you know and have already commented on, Letizia debuted a brand new bob hair cut on Monday, April 20 at the “Woman Awards” in Madrid where she presented Salma Hayek with an award. While the haircut caught people’s attention, it wasn’t the only thing that did. What also caught people’s attention was how Letizia looked in her dress (which is by Felipe Varela), namely how her back looked in her dress, raising concerns of a possible eating disorder. I know many of you have commented about Letizia’s weight many times, saying she is too thin, while others have said she has always been thin. I went back and looked at some old photos but I couldn’t find a photo of her exposed back, so it’s hard to compare photos of her now and photos of her when she was younger.

Let’s talk about the speech she gave before presenting the “Woman Awards”, because she did give one. She said in part (full transcript here): “We have every reason to think that in the world of women there are many things that can be done differently. There are many things that need improvement and change. To mention a few: illiteracy rates, marriages of underage girls, female unemployment, violence, inequality in wages and time that men and women engaged in the house and children.”

On April 21, Letizia attended the “Barco de Vapor” (“The Steamer”) and “Gran Angular” (“Wide Angle”) children and youth literary awards at The Real Casa de Correos in Madrid (Mango navy Zip Long Jumpsuit previously worn in March at the Teresa of Jesus exhibit). Letizia spoke before she presented the awards (full transcript here); quoting the opening of The Hobbit and then saying: “It is the beginning of a book that had a special significance in my early days as a reader, many years ago. Sharing with you the fact that Tolkien was one of my earliest and most beautiful readings gives an idea of ​​how comfortable and how grateful I am to be back here recognizing the work of two young authors that are now awarded two prestigious awards for children and youth literature.”

I wanted to quote her comments about the Hobbit because it showed so personality that we rarely see from her (which a number of you have commented on). I had no idea she loved the Hobbit and it’s great that she shared that.

On April 22, Letizia and King Felipe attended a lunch at the Royal Palace for the 2014 Cervantes Award winner Juan Goytisolo Gay (repeated white Felipe Varela jacket and blue full skirt with new TOUS pearl drop earrings).

On April 23, Felipe and Letizia attended the actual 2014 Cervantes Award ceremony at the University of Alcala de Henares (custom Felipe Varela red dress with floral embroidery, ruby cabochon earrings). They attended the ceremony and then stopped to listen to local musicians as they left.

97 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: William, Harry, Mary, Maxima, Victoria, Sofia, Letizia

  1. Love the round-ups. My weekly dose of royals who get it right.

    Did anyone else think that William looks like he grew a little sympathy tummy in that coat he’s got on. And can we talk about the coat, his grandfathers looks worlds better than his. I wonder if it was one of his new purchases. Because if it is, he shouldn’t be let out by himself to shop.

    Harry and Charles are an amazing team. Harry looked so good in his uniforms and Charles looked like he was thoroughly enjoying being with him.

    I really like Leti’s hair. She is a tiny thing, but it works for her. I can’t believe that Salma Hayek is shorter than Leti. They are both in these towering heels…lol

    1. I love seeing Charles and Harry together. They always seem so happy together.

      I adore Maxima, full stop. I think she’s amazing and I love how she always lets her joy and interest shine through on her official engagements.

      I also love when the royals show affection for each other in public. In fact, most of the European royals do that fairly regularly, it is just the BRF that appears to be still subscribing to the idea of the “stiff upper lip”, which is a shame.

      1. I so agree about Maxima. her personality shines through. And her husband always looks like he’s a pretty happy guy. 🙂

        1. I followed the Dutch state visit to Denmark intensely and it was very clear that there are very warm feelings between the two RFs, which I never had suspected. They were just all so very happy and had a really good time – and QMII said in a recent interview that CP Mary and Frederik have an very warm friendship with Maxima and W-A, who is QMII’s godson.

          The Danish journalists joked a bit about W-A still looking at his wife thinking “I can’t believe I got her”.

          They seem very down to earth – W-A doesn’t insist on bowing, curtseying and your majesty’ing. They don’t live in a palace either but in a large villa, which I suspect is much more comfortable, if not so glamorous, than a historic palace.

          1. I really like W-A and Max. They have a chemistry and he looks like adores his wife. I love that the Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and SRF get on so well. Their warmth is a stark contrast to their relationship with the BRF.

          2. Hey ArtHistorian, I don’t know if you’ve gone to the Margrethe dress exhibit yet or when you are planning on going, but if you wanted to write about your visit as we talked about before, you can email me at

          3. KMR,

            Thanks. I haven’t visite the exhibit yet but will do a report for you. Would you be interested in a profile on QMII (even if her b-day is over)? She has done of lot of in-depth interviews this year and there’s an interesting angle about her and the DRF’s relationship with the press.

          4. A profile of QMII would be great! I didn’t cover all of the interviews she gave during the festivities. Anything you want to write on her would be great.

          5. Will do then because there’ve been some really good and very in-depth interviews but only in Danish, which isn’t the most accessible language.

      2. After following Kate and William and their lack of body contact for so long, it is so refreshing to see the other European royals show affection to each other.

    2. I’ve never been a Leti fan, but she knocked it out of the park with that red dress (April 23). She looked regal and fierce at the same time.

    3. I love the pictures of Harry and Charles together. They were talking and laughing to each other in many photos. They seem to get on well together. I specifically chose a photo of Harry in uniform because he looks so good in uniform.

      1. Hi KMR. Thanks for the great photos and blog re Anzac Day. I watched the Dawn Service and the NZ service at the Chunuk Bair Memorial on TV. Both Harry and Charles attended both services and spoke at both. It was great to see them there and speak. So nice to see the synergy both those two. Thanks for including CP Mary as well, sometimes it’s easy to forget that she’s also an Australian as well as being Crown Princess of Denmark.

    4. That’s funny about William growing a sympathy stomach. I had not noticed that at all, but will look again. What I do see is how unhappy William appears to be. It’s not just that he has his public face on, it’s as if something is terribly wrong inside of him He was such a happy looking child,. Diana’s death truly impacted him and he does not seem to be able to get over his grief. There have been only a few times that I have seen genuine joy on his face. Even during serious moments, Harry looks more at peace with life. It makes me feel badly about William.

      1. Weird if he did grow a sympathy tummy since he should be in shape in order to do his flying.

        I was just thinking re William not getting over Diana’s death. Do we know on what terms William and Diana left off before her death? Like, was their last interaction/conversation a happy one or did they fight? Because if they fought, and he said he hated her (which is a possibility, he was a teen when she died and teens do that sort of thing), and then she died, that could really mess with his head. He may feel incredibly guilty over it if that’s what happened. But that’s just a thought, I have no evidence to support it.

      2. William was known as a bully and a kid with a temper early on. He may have looked like a happy child in some photos, but his entire character did not change the second Diana died. Didn’t someone (on here?) remind us recently that one of Diana’s sisters said William was eerily like Diana in his nature?

        Yes, her death would have had an enormous impact, but it didn’t change his entire character. The way he is now is the way he was long before she died.

  2. Great summary, thanks! I don’t mean to be nitpicky, but in the second paragraph, I think it’s supposed to be a “hat change” instead of a “hate change.” Otherwise, I hope it was a positive attitude change for QEII! 🙂

      1. She probably does! I can just picture the look that she would give someone if they tried to change something.

        On a side note, I remember reading that the Queen loves it when things go wrong during official events. She thinks it’s hilarious.

        1. I remember reading that, too. Because things are always so planned out that she likes when things go wrong just for the entertainment.

  3. Thank you for a great palette cleanser! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m a little tired of the Kate nonsense, have the baby and let’s get back to our lives!!

    What on earth does Max have on her head??? She does wear the most bizarre turbans and head pieces sometimes. And I’m sorry but no one should wear mustard yellow anything, not even Max. Other than that I love the easy affection shown between her and Williem, they are obviously smitten with each other.

    Loving Leti’s new bob!!! This cut really works for her and she’s even found a way to put her hair up with the help of hair pieces so thank goodness this cut will work with her new tiara!!

    It looks like Sofia had a fun party and how great that Victoria was there. I had heard before that Victoria was the first of the royal family to meet her and that they were close. I wonder if Victoria will be in the wedding party?

    1. I’m a bit tired of all the Kate stuff, too. I didn’t think I would be but when I went to type up this round up I realized it was so refreshing to talk about the non-Kate royals. I am still very curious if the baby is a boy or a girl and what the name will be, but I just want it to be here already so we can be done with it.

      Max seems to enjoy her turbans, but I’m not a fan of them at all.

      I think Sofia has sisters, so I doubt Victoria will be a bridesmaid. It would be interesting if she were, though.

      1. Both Max and Mathild have worn the odd hal-turban or “bandage hats” lately. They are simply not flattering. I prefer when Max brings out the big, wide-brimmed hats she’s also fond of.
        Not many women can rock a turban.

        1. Love Queen Max in her wide-brimmed hats. Also, love her, but she is due for a good trim on the ends of her hair. She may be growing it out, but it is looking a little sloppy.

          1. I’ve noticed her hair has looked a little ruff around the edges lately.

        2. Victoria has also worn the wrap hat thing. I don’t like it. I love MAx’s big hats.

    2. Hi, Laure, I agree. The turban in mustard yellow was not so great. But, I love Maxima and her apparent love of life and family. The photo of her resting so comforbably on her husband’s shoulder was wonderful. She just is the complete package. That’s all.

      Leti’s hairstyle is growing on me. Still think — and I know I will be slammed — she is too thin.

      PH is the man! Looks so great in uniform. He just has it rings around PW.

      All in all, a wonderful round-up of Royals who are making a difference. I so wish the British Royals were more demonstrative in public. Not overdone, of course, just a natural showing of love. If there is any, that is.

      1. You won’t be slammed, or shouldn’t be, for thinking Leti it too thin. I mean, we’ve all talked about Kate’s weight lots of times, so talking about Leti’s shouldn’t be any different. It’s fine to notice her weight and to have an opinion on it. As long as we’re not being too rude and attacking, it’s fine to notice someone’s weight – it’s human to notice stuff.

    3. Victoria was there but it doesn’t look like she took part. She is fully dressed and she seems to have taken a walk on the grounds instead of partying with Sofia and her friends. (Not sure why this showed up here; I must have clicked the wrong Reply button!)

  4. Thank you for the summary KMR. I was pleased to see a good turn out for the Gallipoli Commemorative service. William looks very unhappy though. I adore that photo of Queen Maxima with her hand over her hubby’s shoulder. I hope Sofia had a good bachelorette party. It was nice that Victoria was invited. Will Estelle be a flower girl? What age are flower girls normally?

    1. William does look very grumpy in all of the photos from ANZAC day. I wonder why.

      Estelle could definitely be a flower girl. I think it depends re age of flower girl. I’ve seen some that were really young, like 3, and then I’ve seen older ones that were 10-12. So it kind of depends on the couple and who they know with daughters.

      1. William just does not seem happy. As M Elizabeth said above. Harry is far more relaxed in all his appearances. I loved seeing him with PC. They appear to have a very close father/son relationship. Harry looks great in uniform and in a suit. Also, in his polo uniform. Harry is the best thing to hit the Royal Family in decades. He really is so much like his Mum. As far as his ability to shine on in public! Hope his personal life is happier than hers.

        1. Harry really does shine. I predict he will be the one carrying the RF in the future because William won’t want to.

      2. He might be more upset/uncomfortable/angry looking because of the unofficial George photos… How ironic, published in Australian and New Zealand magazines…

        I bet if they hadn’t publicly announced this ANZAC engagement he would have pulled out.

        He looked similarly angry/upset after the Kate – France photos came out.

        (Particularly the first photo in the gallery of the Mirror article, ridiculous headline. Sorry, couldn’t find the actual article I saw that was mainly about how he didn’t smile one single bit the whole time at the airport)

        I would have been pretty upset… Kate seemed okay though. She really used to come alive on these overseas tours, just through looking back through these pictures.

      1. And me. It’s the spare of the heir to the heir. Whether she has it today, tomorrow or is induced, big deal. I just literally yawned typing this. But I’m also tired.

  5. I love Leti hair & It’s the best! Please understand my comment about S.H. Sofia had a chance to have an education, but chose stripping for a living. I am not a prude, i believe she is not a good role model for young girls! Km is also not a good role model for young girls. Halia.

    1. Was Sofia ever a stripper? I thought she was a nude model and reality show contestant.

      1. I don’t think she was ever a stripper. While I don’t think that nude modelling is a great choice as a career path for a young woman, let’s not confuse the issue by equating nude modelling with being a stripper.

          1. You and I will never agree on this one, Tuppence, but I feel compelled to point out the operative word in your comment is “past”.

          2. Seeing as she went on her reform kick only after bedding the prince, the past is still relevant. It speaks to her character, bluhare, and her type of character is not one in which I find value. As she’s in bed with the tabloid industry, it will make for an interesting future too.

  6. I wish we could skip the month of May and go right into June because I can’t wait to see Prince Carl Philip’s wedding 😉

    Prince Harry looks absolutely delicious in his suit and military uniform. I hate that grey coat that Prince William wore, every one else wore black.

    1. I am excited for the wedding. I can’t wait to see the dress, and more importantly which tiara Sofia wears.

  7. Thanks for the round-up KMR! I don’t get the hot tub for a bachelorette party. In fact I think it plays to Sofia past vs. her future as a Princess. Not a good choice IMO. Queen Letizia looks great! Love the hair cut. She is very thin, so any weight loss would show up on her body frame.

  8. Sexy Mama! Wow. Queen Letezia looks absolutely stunning! LOVE the bob. As far as her weight goes, my two cents is that she is naturally thin and probably loses and gains small amounts in times of stress. I have her exact body type and I can’t tell you how many people have accused me of having an eating disorder. The truth is that I have a fast metabolism and a petite frame. I love my body just the way it is and love that I can pretty much wear anything and get away with it. My only issue is that when I get stressed, my appetite nosedives and I have to make sure I eat more than I want to. I think that’s the case with Leti and I sympathize. Regardless of her weight, I think she is drop dead gorgeous and the bob suits her to a T.

    1. Hi Bets,

      Sorry to hear that people have accused you of having an eating disorder. It’s such a shame that others feel free to comment about the body shape and weight of others without thinking how hurtful their comments can be. And we wonder why young girls and even grown women have such trouble with body image. I’m glad that you love your body just the way it is, you are an inspiration!

      I too love Leti’s new cut, it suits her facial structure well.

      1. I agree Bets, glad you shared about body type and people rushing to judgment. I have a question to pose, and as someone who also has a small body frame and was 90 pounds at 20 years old, how would you recommend talking to someone about health? If we are concerned, it can be seen as negative judgment, and if you say nothing, the person could have an eating issue and not realize it. It’s like mental health, and I think has a lot of people paralyzed for fear of saying something wrong. If I said anything, I lead with “How is everything?” and listen, then try to bring gently around but sometimes that doesn’t work.

        1. it is a very sensitive issue. However, I do feel that it is quite legitimate for family or close friends to voice such a worry to the person you’re worried about. As a stranger or an aquiantance, not so much.

    2. A lot of people don’t realize that there are so many different body types and different frames. Not everyone is going to look the same, even with the same amount of weight on their body. People gain and lose weight in different ways, different areas. And some people gain weight easily while others don’t, and some lose weight easily while others don’t.

      I think it is fine to notice that Leti is a thin woman, because she is, but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions based on her thinness, because we don’t know what her situation is or what she is thinking.

      1. I think it is definitely wise to be very cautious to hand of a medical diagnosis from an armchair when it comes to people we don’t know at all.

    3. Bets and anyone else, I am sorry if I offended anyone with my remarks about Leti being so very thin. I’m not one who has a problem with a fast metabolism and a petite frame, so I could not possibly know what that feels like. From my perspective, I feel tired of all the “fat” complaints aimed toward women with a more curvy frame. We are told we are overweight and need to lose weight. My scale does not show over-weight, but my curvy frame leads people to think I need to exercise more. Too thin, too heavy, or in-between, women seem to be always questioned about their bodies.

      When someone’s spine is showing the way Leti’s was in the photo of her in the backless dress, I immediately thought,” unhealthy.” If I offended anyone, please forgive me.
      The mother in me still thinks she needs to put on a few pounds.

      1. I’ve always given my opinion on Leti’s thin frame. I assume it’s ok to have this opinion, (as long as I’m not making up false scenarios on WHY she looks the way she does) especially on kmr’s blog. When Leti wears certain outfits, her body shape is exaggerated (yes, THAT black dress), and that’s what I respond to. I can’t be sorry, I just don’t like it. Everyone has their own opinion on what they find aesthetically pleasing…I like how Maxima looks and dresses. And Mary. But hey, that’s just me. And like I posted earlier, Leti rocked it in that red dress and hairdo….she looked awesome.

        1. I’m going to copy and paste what I just wrote to mary elizabeth:

          On here, as long as we are not being rude to either the royal we are discussing or each other, I think it’s fine to notice someone’s weight. People on here can have and state their opinions and give reasoning for their opinions, and others can either agree or disagree and give reasoning for their agreement or disagreement. As with everything, as long as we are being civil, I’m okay with the discussion.

        2. Ray, you’ve made your opinion clear in a previous post. You find Letizia’s natural frame to be wrong, skeletal, and unattractive and she should cover up so as not to offend you.

          I find bashing someone for their natural build and metabolism offensive.

      2. “Too thin, too heavy, or in-between, women seem to be always questioned about their bodies.” So very true. It seems like women just can’t win sometimes.


        I won’t speak for anyone else, but you haven’t offended me. I think it’s fine to notice a person’s weight (both thin and not), because we as humans are visual creatures and we notice things; it’s in our nature. It’s also fine to have an opinion on the things we notice – again, in our nature.

        In terms of saying a person is unhealthy, I think looks can be deceiving. I’ve seen women who were thin and looked healthy, who actually had a ton of body fat and were really out of shape in terms of cardio and lifting weight. And then I’ve seen heavier women who had a ton of muscle. So looks can be deceiving in terms of whether someone is healthy or not. That’s why I said I don’t like to jump to conclusions in terms of weight and whether or not one is healthy. Who knows if Leti is actually healthy or not. But I understand where you are coming from in terms of noticing Leti’s thinness and wondering about it.

        (This is kind of in reply to Sugar and ArtHistorian up tread, but I’m putting it here) In terms of whether one should approach a person and comment on their weight to them, I think weight is a very sensitive issue for most women and it should be handled delicately. I know for me I don’t like people commenting on my weight at all, even if they are giving me a compliment, that’s how much of an issue it is for me (I’m getting over that, though, which is good). Telling someone they have weight issues, even if it is true, may actually hurt them because of how they perceive themselves and what mental issues they have. So it’s best to proceed with caution. Find out how they feel about themselves and their weight before saying anything, then comment in a way that would help them, not hurt them.

        On here, as long as we are not being rude to either the royal we are discussing or each other, I think it’s fine to notice someone’s weight. People on here can have and state their opinions and give reasoning for their opinions, and others can either agree or disagree and give reasoning for their agreement or disagreement. As with everything, as long as we are being civil, I’m okay with the discussion.

        I think it’s good that Bets can express her experience with a fast metabolism and I think it’s good that you and I can express our experiences with not a fast metabolism (because I’m in the same boat as you – I have no idea what it’s like to have a problem with a fast metabolism and a petite frame). Listening/reading different points of view only help to broaden our own understanding and points of view.

  9. Harry is adorable. He seems happy as he changes gears in his life. Wondering if the change for him is in part so he can see Chelsea off the press radar since not on the beaten track, while giving him access to new interests. It would be nice for him to develop a private relationship without a lot of media, but it is too much to ask for that millions of hearts won’t be broken.

    1. If he does marry Chelsea, I think that he does have affection for Chelsea What a lovely surprise for Kate. I can’t believe Kate has not had this baby yet. The baby’s arrival will be announced on Twitter according to Daily Mail.

      1. They said this in the announcement thing from KP two weeks ago. They will alert the press then two minutes later announce it on Twitter. Then they will send the paper announcement to BP where they will set it on the easel.

        1. Thank you. I hoped they use the easel. It would be a shame if they didn’t use that tradition. I wonder how long we will have to wait for the name. I wonder why it takes so long?

          1. We only had to wait a few days or so for George’s name. I actually was surprised at how quickly we got George’s name. I thought it would take much longer than a few days. I doubt we will have to wait too long for the name of this new baby. Just a few days or so.

          1. They said several weeks ago that they would use the easel again this time.

          2. William is the most special snowflake in all the land, don’t you know. Of course all his special snowflake children get the easel.

    2. Harry seems to be coming into his own recently. I think the changes have been good for him.

  10. What a refreshing roundup! Seeing Harry and Charles together was wonderful. They looked at ease and as of they enjoyed their time together. Harry in a uniform makes me smile. Too bad that I’m a tad bit older, and married, etc. Max is my she-ro. It looks like she has moss on her head, but I have to give it to her. She’s not afraid to take risks. While she’s smart and accomplished, I like to see her a little rumpled. Why? Because she is not concerned with looking like a cookie cutter queen. She’s a woman in her own and confident right.

    I love Leti’s haircut. I think that it works for her. I would like to see a few pounds on her, but let’s face it: she rocked that black shift. It was also nice to see Mary out and about. As for William, ugh. He has lost all of his hotness and attractiveness. He looks and acts like a bitter old man. He looks too old and worn out to be 32. He’s going to look like a old, cantankerous mess when he’s 40.

    1. I love Harry in uniform. The only thing that beats Harry in uniform, for me, is Harry in a polo shirt on horseback.

      I like Max. She seems very personable and like she has lots of personality and charisma. Not being too perfect is what makes her awesome.

      I was looking at some old photos of William and it is shocking how much different he looks. He used to look so good and now he just looks so grumpy and old.

  11. Awesome site! So great to have a way to see more than just the British royals.
    The info about Kate and William’s separate shopping trips makes me wonder – do they ever spend any time together, besides public appearances? Ever take George anywhere together? They weren’t even pictured together at Carole’s birthday getaway. Does NOT bode well . . .

    1. Hi Amy!

      It really doesn’t seem like Will and Kate spend much time together, doesn’t it. They are always doing things separately. They don’t really even like doing public appearances together either – William is always clenching his fists when he is on an appearance with Kate, whereas no clenching when he is alone.

      1. Good point! The only royal couple I can recall spending so little time together was Charles and Diana. And we all know how that ended.

  12. Queen litiza is a very beautiful woman…but omg her back looks absolutely dilapidated in that black dress….and i thought Catherine was too thin…this is a whole new level of “thin”.

  13. 27th of April and STILL NOTHING!!! And duchess kate disapeared!! Where is she right now ?? The due date is missing already!!! IMO sth very bad happend to duchess or/and her baby!!!
    1. Duchess gave birth already and she died during it. The Palace is looking now for a double or is thinking how to announce to public that she died.
    2. The baby died during labour (duchess is OK) or duchess gave birth to ill/disabled baby and Palace is thinking how to tell us about it. The baby is not able to show to us.
    3. Duchess and baby died during labour.

    What do you thing about my ideas ?? Do you tking that all is OK with Kate and her new baby ???

    1. Hi Konrad,

      I don’t think anything bad has happened at all, Kate just hasn’t had the baby yet. Her due date was never told to us for certain all the due dates that were put out there were just guesses by the press. Also, it’s not uncommon for babies to come after the due date, my granddaughter was born 5 days after her due date and nothing was wrong with her at all.

      You can relax, I’m sure everything is okay and certainly neither the baby or the Duchess have died.

  14. Yes, I am sure all is well with Kate and Child. It’ s just that the media and people all over are so fixated on this. I’m getting tired, too. Just have the baby, please. A healthy child and an uneventful labor and delivery. As any expectant mom past her due date can understand, it is so difficult when people keep saying, “Oh, you haven’t had the baby yet?” “When do you think you will?” How does anyone know that, unless one has scheduled a C-Section!
    It’s tough enough being “past your due date” when you are a regular person, but the Duchess may be going stark raving mad. Such attention focused on her. Stark raving mad? Perhaps, a bit too much. I mean would she ever be allowed to become so emotional?
    Here’s to the baby coming soon and all of us getting some relief from this.

    1. Kudos to you, Mary Elizabeth and Laurie from Ca for responding so nicely to Konrad. Seriously. I had “concern trolling” described to me few posts ago, as someone thought I might have been exhibiting it. So I researched it. This post fits the exact description so well it could be the poster child. Yikes

    2. My cousin’s first child came 14 days after his due date and she was sooo ready to be not pregnant anymore. It was a very hard birth but she recovered ok. He is 13 years old now and he’s just such a wonderful, polite and well-mannered boy with a lot of curiosity and an ability to make friends in the stranges places.

    1. KMR, would it be possible to do a post on Harry’s Australia events? He is doing quite a few engagements and looks like he is enjoying himself!

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