Even more photos of Prince George published; Prince William criticized as lazy

Even more photos of Prince George published; Prince William criticized as lazy

The Great Kate Wait 2015 for Baby Cambridge 2: The Sequel continues, for now. In the meantime, Prince George was photographed at the park with Nanny Maria last week, and the photos were bought and published in an Australian magazine. Plus, Prince William was criticized by two different people for his laziness and self-indulgent attitude. Also, Kate Middleton was supposedly out shopping last week.

The new photos of George out with Nanny Maria last week were published by Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine (both in print and online – go here for the online photos) and show George, with lots of hair and wearing green sunglasses, out with Nanny Maria and at least one protection officer. This is the third set of George photos published in two weeks (in the previous photos George was with Kate). We went so long without pics and now we’re getting a ton. What’s up with that? And I know the photos were all published out of the UK, but I think it’s weird that so many George photos have come out and William hasn’t made a peep.

The anti-monarchy group Republic released a survey to the Express calling out William’s lack of work in the year following his leaving the RAF. Republic calculated that William only worked a total of 46.7 full days from September 2013 to September 2014 – after adding how long all of his engagements were to find how much time he actually spent working.

    Graham Smith, Republic’s chief executive, said of William: “Despite continuous claims of being a hardworking royal, Prince William has been anything but. William has done fewer than 47 days of work in the year since leaving his RAF job. A lot of these engagements have been entirely self-serving, promoting the royal brand as much as performing any kind of public service.
    “This research… shows William to be every bit as lazy and cynical as any other royal.”

Smith also throws shade at William’s convenient early training completion and six week paternity leave, saying: “There’s a pattern there.”

Over at the Mail, Amanda Platell called out William’s ridiculous, “self-indulgent” ways of wanting total privacy and control over the press as well as his and Kate’s ridiculous desire to be normal while still living the life of royals. Among other things, Platell said: “It’s all very well for William and Kate to hanker after a normal family life. But they can’t have it both ways — they can’t bask in royal privilege, while failing to fulfil their royal duties.”

This is nothing we haven’t been saying for a long time now, but it is nice to see it published. William, especially, and Kate need to be called out for all their BS. This needs to happen more (and not during a time when it gets buried by all the royal baby coverage).

Kate went shopping again last week. According to People, last Monday, April 20, Kate was spotted shopping at Zara Home in London. She was there, alone, for a reported 45 minutes, wearing high-heeled wedges (the Wedges of Doom?) and minimal make up. The staff at Zara Home seem to have dished to People about Kate’s trip:

    The sales assistant said of Kate: “She looked so calm – you couldn’t really tell that she was pregnant because she looked so great; I mean, she was wearing heels. She was so nice and polite, I was really impressed.”
    “Because she had quite a few little items that needed wrapping, she was at the till for a while, and you could see shoppers just staring, pale-faced; they couldn’t believe their eyes! She didn’t say anything or react – she was so sweet and polite.”
    “She likes blue definitely! Everything she seemed to look at was blue but not for babies – she must just like the color.”

I don’t understand why someone would be impressed that someone else was nice and polite. Being civil isn’t something to be impressed by.

In terms of our birth poll – having taken out the dates we’ve already passed – the highest vote-getter is April 29 AM (Will and Kate’s anniversary). I think it would be cool to have an anniversary baby. Not cool for Will and Kate who will always be having to celebrate their child’s birthday instead of their anniversary for the rest of their lives, but cool for me as a spectator. The second highest vote-getter is May 1 or later. I’m cool with a May baby, but I don’t know if I want the Great Kate Wait to continue that long. We’ll see.

I want to talk about the below painting of Kate. This was brought to my attention Saturday, and I, having no knowledge of it other than looking at the photo, thought it was a painting by a super fan and wrote it off. It is not a painting by a super fan. It is a painting by artist Kaya Mar – who is known for his political satire. Of the painting, he said (via People): “She can’t answer back, so the satire is quite soft. I’m not really making fun of the princess, but of the way we all look at her.” So this painting is not saying “Kate is the Virgin Mary” it is saying “You people treat Kate like the Virgin Mary”. It’s a comment on how we treat Kate and the royal baby as the second coming – waiting for her to debut the baby Lion King style.

Mar did a similar painting of Kate when George was born.

More photos of fans:

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  1. In the French tabloids, they’re selling the “poor Kate” line: William absent, she’s all alone, Charles is a meanie who keeps on vetoing baby names, the Queen is ignoring her….
    She’s pretty popular here, if people bother to pay attention to her and the BRF at all.

    1. Other than the Charles vetoing baby names thing (he’s not the one who would be vetoing baby names; that would be the Queen), I think this is probably pretty accurate. William is absent because he and Kate live pretty much separate lives most of the time, Kate is alone because she has no friends, and the Queen gives no shits about Kate so she ignores her. That sounds about right.

      1. Is it really true that the Queen can veto names? I understand that she might express displeasure (“we are not amused”) at a name like “Patty” or “Tom” (and no offense to any Patty or Tom out there!), but can she really dictate the child’s name?

        What would her considerations be? What if they have a girl and insist on making one of her names “Carole”? Would Her Majesty be able to prevent that?

        1. I would love for HM to say “Certainly, go ahead, name her Carole. From that moment forward you’ll be paying out of your own pocket for your expenses and you can start paying me back for Anmer.”

          I know she’d never do it, but I’m sure she could find a way to make her displeasure known.

          1. Didn’t the media report that W&K chose George’s name to honor HM’s father? I doubt,— though I love the comments concerning naming a girl Carole,– if Ma Middleton will be honored with more than a third or fourth name of a g’daughter. And, perhaps, Caroline or Carolyn would be more princess-like than Carole. You know, something along the lines of Alice Elizabeth Diana Caroline….
            I have started to think that making HM happy is what the naming process is all about. Margaret Rose needs to be considered then, to pay homage to Princess Margaret.
            Happy Count-Down to the Royal Birth, everyone. I hope it happens soon as this is getting rather old, rather fast.

          2. I understand that Kate and William would probably choose names that they hope would please the Queen, but I’m curious about whether she would actually veto a name. If so, it means they have to tell her ahead of time to get her approval. I’m totally ignorant about the actual rules for this. Does the Queen in fact have complete power over the names? If so, I can’t imagine she would let them use Carole or any variation of it.

          3. The media tried at first to report that William and Kate chose names based on anything meaningful: 1) HM’s father 2) The Spencer cousins.

            It came out later they they just liked the names, no actual familial sentiments about it. The press are always trying to make it out like William and Kate have these deep meaningful moments but it always turns out to be the opposite.

          4. As Sholux said, the media tried to find connections and meanings behind George’s names, but then later friends and sources insisted Will and Kate just liked those names and they had nothing to do with any sort of reference or connection.

          5. Paying them back for Anmer? I’d be throwing them out of Anmer. Anmer actually belongs to the Queen. The entire Sandringham estate belongs to the Queen. I’d tell them to go live their “normal” life at Bucklebury Palace and p**s off if they named the brat Carole… would be appropriate though, wouldn’t it?

        2. I do believe they have to have HM’s approval to name the baby. I don’t know how far down in the line of succession that goes. It’s like how they have to have HM’s approval to marry (which now only goes down six spots, I believe, since they changed the laws recently). And yes, HM could veto a name. Like, HM would not allow them to name the baby Pilot Inspektor or something crazy like that. That’s also why most likely if the baby is a girl it will not be named Diana, because HM might not allow that. Who knows if HM would allow Carole to be the name.

          1. If team Carole wanted to really stir the pot, she could spread the rumor that Kate wanted to name the baby Diana but the queen (or poor Charles, even though he couldn’t and wouldn’t) vetoed it.

          2. Not sure it’s so far off. The middleton’s have been speaking for the queen since the days of waity katie.

          3. Hmmm… I don’t think HM would “not allow” Diana as a middle name. From what I understand, HM did care about and respect Diana a lot, apparently aside from the Cenotaph, the only time HM ever bowed was at Diana’s funeral as her coffin passed. HM knows the people love her and her memory.

          4. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought not only does the Queen have veto power over names, she actually has legal control over any children in the RF; or certainly the direct heirs. I thought that was one of the reasons Diana was so paranoid that her children could be taken away from her as the Queen has legal custody of royal children until they reach adulthood.

          5. Total first time commenter, long time lover of your site. So, I thought this was the most obvious and unoriginal name. When they said it was just names they liked, I (smirked &) made the assumption it was another, “no look guys we are normal and just like these (totally royal, brf historical) names. Just naming our kid how you regular folks do…” Lol, give me a break.

          6. Could and very well may name her Frances. I think people would understand Will splitting hairs and support it. I personally would and would applaud him for a loving remembrance of his mother while the little girl having her own life, like just a shade of Diana and not the shadow. But, hey! They’re having a boy! (Fingers crossed)

  2. So William ‘needs’ 6 weeks paternity, but then why is George being photographed with his NANNY? Shouldn’t William have the time now to look after his own kid and give the nanny a break before the second comes?…
    And after all the PR that Catherine needs extended maternity this time to spend with her children looks like a pile of BS. Many mannnny pregnant women with toddlers don’t have a nanny to help and rut she is still too precious to return to work? It’s no coincidence that those pictures of George and kate saw the the light of day but the ones of nanny and George I’m sure William will kick up a fuss about…

    1. Well you know they can’t upset George’s routines with Nanny Maria. They have to keep him on schedule. Poor thing might have a huge shock if daddy is suddenly taking him to the park.

    2. Agreed Chrystal.
      Did anyone noticed when out with Kate they showed her so they could go ‘oh look she is such a good mother’ but this time the nanny was purposely left out of the majority of the pics….

  3. I like that there’s a jackass in the pic, lol! I mean an actual jackass. Tanna had some interesting tweets out there this weekend. Will and Kate want to be normal, but they want to be artisto normal, not middle class normal. Seeing HM and the DOE made me realize that they are getting older and not slowing down. They have an inherent sense of duty that is lacking in Will. People are starting to rumble and in time it will turn into a roar.

    I am going to make a prediction and say that we will not see George at the hospital. These pics are time and calculate to satiate people until Baby Cambridge 2.0 comes. The pics of George are PR gold and they are taking advantage of it. The best way to quell talks of Will being lazy is to trot out George.

    1. I’m still predicting someone will bring George to the hospital, probably William. I think so because of just what you said about using George to “quell talks of Will being lazy”. We shall see!

      1. Actually I’d love to see Willilam show up with George and have George throw a royal hissy fit in front of the press that William has to deal with. It’s not like they’ve exposed him to a media circus before.

        But George actually seems like a bright, energetic little boy and I think he would be very curious about the whole thing and behave well.

      2. I agree, William will bring George to the hospital. Probably a quick whisk in and out though, not really stopping for the photogs. They’ll have to be quick! A few weeks later, we’ll have another MM portrait for the world to enjoy (!) of the Cambridges, and probably some dogs…

    2. True about the pics of George. I think it’s so fishy that William didn’t complain. Which means they most likely wanted those pics released. I don’t understand the George with his nanny pics, though. Wouldn’t the Cambs want to show themselves with George? Like, why haven’t there been any photos of William with George? There were two sets of Kate with George.

      1. I agree that the timing is very convenient. Two negative articles directly talking about William’s lack of work ethic and hiding George away, and then we get a plethora of pictures of George to soothe (distract) the masses. Considering in the second set of pictures, it is just George and the nanny, wasn’t that basically the same scenario that Will sued Tanna for? What’s the difference now?

        Also, when was the last time that Will was actually pictured with George, either officially or in a candid shot? Was it his first birthday photos or was that Australia?

  4. The British press must be really peed off with all these pics of George being published in foreign mags or papers. Hope they dish very soon

    1. I think they are. Most of the royal reporters think it’s ridiculous that the British press is not allowed to publish photos that the British people can already see online that were published in other countries. It’s the principal of the thing but also the British press is losing revenue by not being allowed to publish the pics of George.

      1. Maybe Will teaching the British press a lesson to do what he wants or no pictures? If so, that’s going to backfire

      2. It’s a loss for w&k pr wise as well. Why can other countries see these pictures, but not the brits?

        Maybe its for the best though, She doesn’t seem to exhibit any maternal warmth with her son.

        1. Exactly. If they made PG available for ops like CP Mary does, people would see stilted relationship. If only pics, press would want more.

          1. The DRF do an annual photo with all the family at their summer home in France. Besides that, Mary and Frederik release some of their private photos of the children at their website. I quite like the latter solution for many reasons – the photos are taken in a controlled environment and by a person the children trust. Secondly, a parent photographing their child can get reactions that a stranger couldn’t. My father took a lot of wonderful pictures of me and my sister and he actually won competitions with them.

    2. Interesting that the new photos were published in another Australian magazine? (and in the NZ version of that magazine too). Was this done to distract from Harry being in Oz (and then NZ)? Or to draw attention away from something else?

      1. It would not surprise me if they were to try to draw attention away from Harry, Cathy. I do not trust Waity and Whingy one bit and I have a feeling that something has happened between Harry and Wills behind the scenes.

        1. For some weird reason I have the same feeling. And Harry has been looking more and more distant from them. If you compare video of the trio doing engagements together in 2011/2012 you notice Harry is quite happy and joyful to be with them. Then around 2012 on the boat and until now he seems really pissed and uncomfortable, especially in engagements.

          1. He doesn’t joke around with them and at the last engagement they were at, once they were outside he wasn’t anywhere near them. William is going to regret his choices and decisions in a major way. He should not isolate his brother, they’ve been through a lot together.

    3. I agree with the others that have suggested that this could be a way of pulling focus away from Harry. If that is true, that is pretty low. Harry is in a different country, working, and minding his own business. So far, all these candid unofficial photos have been published in Australian or New Zealand magazines. Why? Why not Canada or other commonwealth nations? Or why not the US?

      Finally, as others have mentioned, only letting foreign press print photos of George (and it’s become too common for it to be coincidental and not deliberate) will not win any favour from the British media for Will and Kate. Sure, they might not get a lot of photos, which conveniently for the reporters will free up a lot of their time to write more weighty pieces on the amount of time Will and Kate actually spend working and how much time they spend apart.

      1. They are published in the USA but on our American online celeb news sites of PopSugar and US Magazine. People Magazine Online’s Simon Perry is basically her American Katie Nicholls.

  5. As I said last time, I am convinced these George pics are because there was never genuine intention for him to appear in front of the media at the hospital.

    This is KPs PR trying to get ahead of the game & fend off the inevitable backlash when the public realise that yet again William has hidden him away like the public are some terrible beast that must be treated like a dirty animal.

    Screw you, William. As a Brit, its my bloody taxes that pay for you to live in luxury so show some effing respect in return.

    1. Yeah, I could see William thinking “well, they got to see all those pictures of George with Kate and then with Nanny so we don’t need to bring him to the hospital” or the far more likely “I’m pissed about those unauthorized pictures so I’m going to teach them a lesson and not bring George to the hospital”! I agree with you about the timing of these pictures, KP’s PR machine certainly lacks in subtlety.

  6. And another thing – I’m so over W&Ks rabid fans snapping back whenever they are even mildly criticised on Twitter. You can’t say anything without being lashed to justify it.

    Grrr I’m pissed off with the whole thing.

    1. I’m wondering about those Twitter fans being real. Probably a few, but could be an extension of Jason, cloaked and chasing any rational critique of of Twitterverse. The fans can be snappy, but to rabidly protect makes me suspicious. It’s not like Will’s going to come along and knight them for protecting his crown. Maybe they’re dreaming.

    2. That’s why I am hesitant to comment on Twitter anymore. Because whenever I do I end up in an unproductive argument with some overprotective fan.

  7. First, love that the press seems to be ready to tell it like it is regarding the Cambridges. I honestly hope to see more.

    On the George front, I don’t think he’ll be at the hospital either. I think these photos are a way of letting the public see him without a formal photo shoot and they are probably hoping we’ll get off of their backs now. Nope, not going to happen.

    As for that painting, ye gads, scary.

    I wonder if William feels like there’s a noose tightening around his throat. Marriage basically in the toilet, mother-in-law moving in for an extended period, press calling him out about his lack of work and now Jecca has gotten engaged. I wonder if he knew over the weekend about the engagement, could explain his expression.

      1. Hi, KMR! Madde met with Pope Francis today along with Silvia and Chris. They had baby Leonore woth them. It was so sweet. The Pope seemed delighted by the baby.

    1. I’m wondering if Jecca’s engagement is the reason he was buying all those clothes? Like a woman might change her hair after a breakup, he’s going for a new look.

      I’ll go on the record that Carole will bring George to hospital to visit. Just a gut feeling.

          1. Hi MYR, I just mean that I believe William would rather be married to Jecca. I think he knows it would be a much better “fit”. I’m not going to speculate about the word “love” because it’s impossible to know exactly what that means for someone else (as Prince Charles so infamously stated in his engagement interview). And I don’t know why he isn’t with Jecca. I think if Jecca is engaged it will be more difficult to continue his friendship with her. For example, I doubt she and William could both leave their spouses behind while they go on a hunting tryst…whoops, I mean trip.

        1. Well, he’s got no cause to complain given that he himself is married. Tanna says that Jecca is William’s Camilla. Only William knows for sure. Maybe he thinks THE ONE, maybe she’s just a friend, maybe he’s happy for her impending nuptials, maybe he’s devastated. It’s all a mystery with William.

          1. I don’t think Tanna should be speculating that about Jecca.It is poor taste. Is Tanna on Carole or Kate’s payroll maybe.

          2. Laura:

            Tanna has a long history with the Middletons, but recently I think they froze him out. Over the last year he has become increasingly anti-Middleton and anti-Cambridge, and then William sued him last fall. Tanns knows what’s up, but I don’t think he is necessarily loyal to any of them. I could be wrong, I don’t know what’s in his mind, but that’s the feeling I get.

          3. I think Tanna was all business about it. A business deal based on mutual benefit. He was never truly loyal to them, he doesn’t strike me as being stupid enough for that. Any family that would call the paps and float him information are not to be trusted. At the same time, there’s no reason to out anyone, even if they stop slipping you info, as long as they don’t try to attack you. They start getting out of hand and William suing him though, well not only is there no longer mutual benefit going on but you’re also being an asshole to him … well things start to just slide right out of his mouth, oops! lol 😉

      1. The shopping report said he was buying the same type of clothes he always wears, so I don’t know if he changed anything up. But he surely can’t be happy that Jecca got engaged.

        1. Thank you. I didn’t realise the extent of the PR history. My apologies. That would be more blue sweaters and blue jeans then.

        2. I think it’s weird that the heir to the throne is out shopping and buying his clothes. It just seems like a weird way to be spending his time. He’s too busy to be doing public engagements because he has to do his domestic chores! Not getting a powerful vibe from that.

          1. But he’s showing that he’s just like everyone else. Although I’ve never heard of him shopping for clothes before. Maybe he just wanted to get away from his wife for a few hours.

          2. But they came out with a new shade of blue for his suits! This one is slightly more pigmented and has a richer hue! It’s subtle, but worth buying a whole new wardrobe for. (sarcasm)

            PS. Will, you’re supposed to buy your favourite item of clothing in multiple colours, not all the same colour.

          3. Hey, William, put your back into doing some public engagements instead of wasting time shopping. Are you picking up bad habits from your wife?

          4. I know what you mean Art Historian. If it isn’t for books or craft supplies, I’d love to have someone else do my shopping 🙂

    2. I wonder if this engagement will stick for Jecca. Her last didn’t work out.

      I think William must feel the intense pressure on him, which is why he has become even more grumpy and hidden away. His defense of the pressures put on him by the press, by his family, is to do the opposite of what they want him to do, which ends up with them even more frustrated at him and the cycle continues.

      1. Well said. He’s got to get some sort of person he can trust and will listen to, but that seems impossible with his tyrant child attitude.

      2. I read that it was difference of opinion about moving to Africa which led to the split. I get the feeling Jecca likes William, who is married to Kate who likes William who likes?
        The PR that it is meant to do by publishing down under will only backfire in the long run whoever is behind it. George does look cute. I like the sunglasses to protect his eyes from the camera’s flash. George does look like Kate and why no smiles. He really is so grumpy.

  8. Prince George is an adorable little boy. Does anyone see a small bit of a very young Earl Spencer? Maybe, it is the hair.

  9. Interesting that the press is being critical of William’s laziness. Also, the fact that he and Kate want it both ways. All the perks of being a Royal, but extreme privacy, too. As you commented, KMR, it was said here first. Over and over! DAILY MAIL must have a staffer assigned to reading this site daily!!!

    I’m torn between seeing Carole bring PG to the hospital and having William do it. I think, if it happens at all, it will be Carole taking charge of the Wee one.

    I’m thinking the baby is arriving on April 30th. Kate will go into labor on her anniversary and give birth sometime on April 30. Getting tired of the wait and all the hoopla.

    Oh, and that picture of Kate as the Virgin Mary. Interesting!

    1. If George comes to the hospital, I hope it’s William bringing him. OR, the suggestion no one has made, Prince Charles. How awesome would it be to see Charles show up with George!? I’d love that. It won’t happen, but it would be great. I don’t want to see Carole with George because the smug look on her face would be awful.

    2. See – I hope the midds and their signet rings show up with george, if only because it will drum up some actual drama.

      If they allow him to visit it will likely be william.

  10. Wow, how interesting that these two critical articles are coming out so close to the royal birth. Usually everyone is on such a baby high that these types of reports get swept under the rug. Imo, I think that folks are starting to compare W&K to other working royals, not only the BRF but other European royals as well, and are finding them lacking in so many regards.

    Also, imo the PR machine needs to work on their lack of subtlety. For instance, I knew that they would use Kate’s visiting the Angelsey race, after George’s birth, as a way to lengthen her maternity leave this time, of course William finished his training in time to have 6 weeks off, naturally Kate & George just happened to be photographed out at a park when her and William are deciding whether or not to bring him to the hospital (I doubt they will). All this PR is so glaringly apparent it makes me wonder if George is running their PR machine.

    Rant over… George is sure a cutie, I love his little curls!!!

    1. Yes, it is interesting that criticism of PW is coming so close to the arrival of Baby 2.

      PG is adorable in the photos with Nanny. He’s rocking those sunglasses, isn’t he? The photo with them off is just darling, too. You just want to pick him up!

    2. It really is interesting that there is more criticism this time than last time. I guess it’s because last time we didn’t know just how stingy W&K would be with the baby, and now we know and we don’t like it.

      1. I really think it is just a PR move. Think about it, everyone will forget about those articles criticizing Will the minute the baby arrive, it is not the first time that reporters use this type of guide line: ‘bad story – good moment – good story: and they are living happily ever after.

  11. What do you think, what’s going on ??? Day after day and STILL NO KATE’S 2ND BIRTH. Kate disappered. Whe is she now ??
    Day after day passing away after due and the is no decision of inducing labour !!!!! Why ??? I really don’t understand what’s going on.

    1. She’s apparently only 4 days overdue… is that supposed to be a big deal?

      Apparently she’s been spending her time shopping and wandering around?

      1. We actually don’t know if she overdue.
        Due dates are not an exact science, if I’m not mistaken only less than 10% are born in the calculated date.
        We were never given a due date just a due month, uncorroborated sources said 25th of April.
        So she might not even be overdue.

        1. True Snowsie, I’m thinking she was due on their anniversary and they just didn’t want to share the information.

          1. Dag,

            You bet she did! She was very very ready not to be pregnant anymore. It was a hard labour though because he was a big baby but she healed well. He’s 13 now and he is just such a wonderful, kind and well-mannered boy who makes friends in the most unlikely places and has a great curiosity about the world.

  12. Hopefully this is the week that she has the baby! PG, so cute and adorable. IMO, PW/Kate, want the pictures of PG out in the public so that no one is focusing on the fact that PW isn’t working, hence no temper tantrum from PW. Nothing is leaked out without their consent and when it is, PW lets everyone know!!! Their behavior is just odd! They would get more support if they learned how to be truthful and transparent. All of this childish behavior and cat/mouse behavior is exhausting!!

    1. “They would get more support if they learned how to be truthful and transparent. All of this childish behavior and cat/mouse behavior is exhausting!!”

      So very true. If they were more open about stuff and didn’t play as many games, people would like them so much more. Their games are just exhausting, as you said.

      1. Plus, if they actually shared something of themselves they would create much more affection.

        During the festivites for QMII for the last couple of weeks there have been quite a few in-depth interviews with her – and I love how she shares such much of herself, her thoughts and feelings about her role and its responsibilities as well as her feelings about her family, both parents, children and grand-children. She may be Queen and live in palace in a style the rest of us can’t really realte to, but we can relate to her as a human being – and she is very well-loved by her people in Denmark.

        You can’t just wall yourself off from the public you are supposed to serve, live in luxury funded by the tax-payers and give nothing back, both in the form of work but also of yourself – affection because of past events won’t last forever.

      2. Plus, if they actually shared something of themselves they would create much more affection.

        During the festivites for QMII for the last couple of weeks there have been quite a few in-depth interviews with her – and I love how she shares such much of herself, her thoughts and feelings about her role and its responsibilities as well as her feelings about her family, both parents, children and grand-children. She may be Queen and live in palace in a style the rest of us can’t really realte to, but we can relate to her as a human being – and she is very well-loved by her people in Denmark.

        You can’t just wall yourself off from the public you are supposed to serve, live in luxury funded by the tax-payers and give nothing back, both in the form of work but also of yourself – affection because of past events won’t last forever. PR is just a band-aid, not a permanent fix for the situation Will and Kate have placed themselves in. The critical articles may be buried under the baby mania for now, but they’ll keep coming now that the first step has been taken by the press. It’ll only get worse if they continue on this course.

  13. How long before kate takes her pap walk in KPG with the empty pram?

    It’s about time someone called lazy william out, but the critical articles get lost in the wait #2 sugar.

    Have the final totals for the anmer renovation been released or is that in June?

      1. Didn’t Charles help pay? If so, I think they have to release some, if not all of the costs during the annual review.

    1. The financial reports are released in June. If Charles did help pay for any of it, we will know then.

      1. They probably have to release the final numbers because the house was only just finished it.
        How many more kitchens did they add? Bet the press will love that 🙂

  14. What do you think, what’s going on ??? Day after day and STILL NO KATE’S 2ND BIRTH. Kate disappered. Where is she now ??
    Day after day passing away after due and the is no decision of inducing labour !!!!! Why ??? I really don’t understand what’s going on.

  15. Kmr im in shock cause one journalist here in Brasil said that baby already born prematurely!i dont know if its true but this presenter its a serious journalist that not use to lie i dont know if she was kidding and she said it was a girl!!! another journalist in the same program said it will be a girl!

    1. You wrote: “she said it was a girl”. WAS ??? This journalikst mentioned that in her opinion BABY IS DEAD ???? And she mentioned that Kate born her alive or dead and in Februabry, when Kate was in hospital due to stomachache ??

      Another strange thing. Prince William took now 6 WEEKS PATERNITY LEAVE !!! SIX WEEKS now when he took only 2 WEEKS when Prince George was born,.

      1. Let me clear this up for you, so you don’t have to ask/mention it EVER again. No one is dead. Baby is possibly overdue. End of story.

          1. It was a response to Konrad’s very very strange posts about Kate and baby having died aan all sorts of other nonsense that isn’t worth discussing because the claims are so weird.

  16. Konrad everybody here in this blog knows that i dont speak english very well i trying to learn sorry!but kate was in hospital in february i didnt know!

  17. It doesn’t make sense for these new George pictures to be PR, imo. It’s not even close to good PR to show George out with his nanny instead of his parents (especially since William is on a suddenly extended paternity leave and Kate seems to be planning on a longer one as well).
    I also don’t think there’s any way Carole would bring George to the hospital, unless they were snuck in the back. Yes, the Middletons are very involved in the Cambridges’ lives, but they aren’t as public about it as people make them out to be. Like during Christmas, they attended the same church service as the royals but arrived separately so that they wouldn’t be photographed. In the same way, I cannot imagine Carole would be the one to bring George in to see his new brother or sister (unless, again, it was done privately). Given that Charles has never been seen in public with George, I don’t think they would insult him (and the royal family) in such a way. I also just don’t think they will be bringing George to the hospital. I doubt they ever wanted to to begin with, and I have a feeling that with all of these new pictures of him, William is probably pissed and wanting to “punish” the public/media for not respecting George’s privacy. My guess is that George will be in the new family pictures released in a few weeks and that will be that.

    1. This is such a great blog, been following it for a while but first time commenting – thank you KMR.

      I agree with you Maggie, I do think William and Kate (or mainly/only William perhaps without Kate’s real input, cause she doesn’t seem to object to William’s thoughts or have such assertiveness) were not intending on bringing him to the hospital and were only going to release a family photo in a couple of week time.

      I do think W is pissed but won’t complain so soon to the birth because he does’t want to ruin and good feelings baby#2 is reigniting towards the Cambridges – especially after the March of the Middleton’s / who’s keeping George way for Prince Charles soap drama madness a few weeks ago.

      A part of me thinks William is so stubborn that he might want to stick it to the press/public/Charles’ friends that are anti-the March of the Middletons/Carole by having her bring George to the hospital as a statement to them she’s not going anyway, get used to it, she’s an important (more like indispensable if those articles are anything to go by) part of their lives/future.

      I think the media is over it and are subtly turning anti-Cambridge but because of some of the Cambridge lovers among the public have to do it slowly – hence the seemingly Carole is supportive articles that are laces with negative “third person in their marriage” Diana references. Or Kate has friends articles that expose her lack of friends – no one outside of William’s circle, except for people she (or rather Charles) pays to be around her. Or they actually had a maternity nurse but lied to the public because of the ‘we’re just like you’ PR – DM publishing that is quite something.

      Seriously the DM can’t be ignorant of the trigger words they keep using that have the comment section reeling with anti-Kate and William sentiment. Like that Baby Banker article, seriously.

      Maybe he’ll see the error of his ways, that if they don’t give people official George photos the media start publishing unofficial photos, and he’ll bring him to the hospital.

      1. Sorry, a few spelling mistakes, I meant to write
        *have much assertiveness
        *who’s keeping George away from Prince Charles
        *Baby Bunker article

      2. There are certainly ways for a piece that seems positive on the surface to actually contain a hidden critique. Like that article in the DM about Carol moving in and taking care of them all. The article itself was very sugary but the headline was something about a “third person in the Cambridge marriage” – and anyone familiar with the recent history of the BRF will certainly catch that oblique reference to Diana’s infamous interview about her marriage and Camilla’s role in it.

    2. In other ways, it’s very effective PR! Critical articles about William are written –> lots of photos of George = people being distracted by a cute little boy and forgetting about the criticism Will received.

  18. That painting is crazy….dont know wether to laugh or shake my head. I understand the sentiment behind it. As far as esthetics he is very good. Looks a lot like her.

    1. Better painting of her than the IMO official portrait that made her look 100 yr old hag, but many artists see what’s inside, uncomfortably so. Otherwise, you’d just take a picture.

    1. Wow – that’s quite lovely.

      I hope they really are just being nice and it’s not a case of them noticing the growing negative sentiment among some of the public and media, them trying to stir up some good will. Hence not complaining about the unauthorized George photos (right now at least) and allowing Jason to publicise the free food to the fans (not to the media though – lol).

      “intriguingly wrapped up in pink ribbons” I wonder if they are just trying to throw everyone scent off and it’s actually a boy.

      I loved the “to clear up any doubt the Duke and Duchess don’t know if it’s a boy or girl” – sure…

      Great that the media exposed them telling Zara you can’t use the name George.

      1. Hi G.,

        I think that they did this just to be nice, no ulterior motive. I know that we bitch about them a lot and they both do things that drive us crazy but I honestly think that they are both nice, polite people who are excited about the impending birth of their second child and wanted to thank those who are sharing in that excitement.

        1. I hope so. William has shown kindness and thoughtfulness in the past.

          His letter to the nurse’s family and thank you cards to everyone who sent letters congratulating them when the first pregnancy was announced.

        1. What you two said.

          1) Jason thought of the idea
          2) Charles paid for the pastries
          3) Jason ordered and had the pastries delivered

          1. Along those lines

            1) Jason thought of the idea
            2) Jason had one of the two dozen office staff order the pastries and charge it to the Duchy like everything else
            3) W&K have no idea this has happened
            4) Charles will get yet another bill, fume, and do nothing about it

            What will they do if any of the 90,000 homeless children in the UK show up for pastries tomorrow?

  19. What do you think about 1 from those possibilities (my own idceas):
    1. Kate DIED DURING LABOUR and now Buckingham Palace is looking for a double and thinking how to tell to the public about her death. 🙁
    2. Kate is alive but labour was very difficult and she was seriously injured and she don’t want to show herself to the public in this condition. If so, she would need a plenty of time (even months) to recover and until then she will hide herself.
    3. Kate is alive and good but gave birth to the ill/disabled baby and she doesn’t want show it to the public.

    1. Konrad, you really need to get off this whole Kate died/baby died train of thought. None of the ideas you listed have happened and this line of thinking really needs to stop. I don’t know how many more times it needs to be said, Kate has not had the baby yet!!!

      1. From where do you know that ?? Please give me minimum 1 argument for this. Without arguments this is only WISHFUL THINKING that with K&b is all OK.

        OK she is alive and OK and not in labour. So why she isn’t induced stiil (so long after due day) and why she is still at her home (Kensington Palace) not in hospital under doctors care ???

          1. From where do you know her due date ?? Why do you said “It’s not like she’s two or three weeks late. For Goodness sake. ” Maybe it is however true ???

            Do you think that if baby#2 was born i.e with a Down illness, hydrocephalus, or without 1 leg, both legs, 1 hand, both hands etc or with epilepsy, autism or Asperger illness the Palace (& Kate & William) would announced that immediatelly to publc ?? Do you think that Palace would not want to hide this illness ??

          1. Not clear phot. This can be a double !!!!! And 2 questions:
            1. Does Kate have driving licence ???
            2. yeah, she was allone without a security :):) hahahah 🙂 a goood fairy-tale 🙂

          2. Konrad this is a conspiracy theory you need to let go of. She had a security person with her in the seat next to her. She’s been driving for a long time. She just hasn’t had the baby yet. Nothing tragic has happened, no one is trying to find a double for Kate. Really, I’m not sure why you think all of these things are happening, but you need to let it go.

        1. I’m going to give this one rational shot. Kate’s due date might not have come yet; all we know for sure was April. The date might have just passed a day or two ago, which is completely, entirely, wholly normal. Both scenarios would mean that Kate would not be induced and, unless there were indications of complications like preeclampsia, have no need for a doctor’s constant care.

          Regarding your later suggestions of things that could be wrong with the baby, there’d be no verifiable indications of Asperger’s or autism in a newborn. In this day and age, the palace has nothing to gain and everything to lose by hiding away a child with a disability. And they have nothing to gain from keeping the death of any member of the royal family a secret, either.

  20. KMR, Why do you think pictures of the child were released outside G.B.? t does not make senses to me! Do you think billy regrets his marriage? Halia.

  21. “The sales assistant said of Kate: “She looked so calm – you couldn’t really tell that she was pregnant because she looked so great; I mean, she was wearing heels. ”

    Out of everything, this is what irks me the most. I have read similar sentiments from commenters and other bloggers as well.

    What the hell????

    Looking pregnant is rather unpleasing? Wearing high heels is aspirational???

    What the heck is wrong with people???? This just makes me hate her for promoting a ridiculous and burdensome image about pregnant women, because, whether sick, sour or glowing yet obviously enceinte and dealing with it they have my absolute respect and of course, the awwww factor. Truly, to bring another life into the world….is that not amazing, and I remain always awed even if the pregnant ladies are just wanting to get it over with. And yet, here, we see, it’s still always and ever, all about HER.

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