Kate Middleton visited Buckingham Palace with Prince George

Kate Middleton visited Buckingham Palace with Prince George

Kate Middleton was spotted and photographed leaving Buckingham Palace earlier today, driving herself and Prince George (and Nanny Maria and a bodyguard) in a Range Rover. She was presumably there taking George for a swim in the palace pool as reportedly George loves to swim.

So now we have a visual Kate update. I wonder how long until she gives birth. I really hope it is sooner rather than later.

Early this morning, around 9AM UK time, Prince William and Kate sent pastries to the royal fans camped outside the Lindo Wing. Royal staff brought over ten cups of coffee and two boxes of pastries – four croissants, two Danish pastries, an apple turnover and fruit bun – purchased from a local shop. The box was wrapped in pink ribbons, which they say is just a coincidence.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “The Duke and Duchess have seen the news reports about these people camping out and they just wanted to let them know they were thinking of them.”

I know we all will side-eye this gesture because we’re in that habit now (by Will and Kate’s own design), but even if this gesture is just PR, I think it is very sweet of them (or whoever thought of it). The people camping out are loyal fans and it’s always nice to see celebs and royals treat their fans kindly.

Too bad the press didn’t get any pastries, though.

Some more photos from outside Lindo:

100 thoughts on “Kate Middleton visited Buckingham Palace with Prince George

  1. Both Tanna and RFM are saying it’s a boy. I’d be surprised if it turns out to be a girl.
    I think they are trying to stir up excitement. Not to mention – butter up the last people who care about them.
    Nothing for the reporters? Why are they so rude to the people who have a decent amount of power when it comes to their public image?

    At this point shouldn’t she let one of her FIVE (major eye roll) RPOs drive?

    1. I thought about her driving at nine months pregnant and was going to comment on it until I thought of a reason she might like driving herself: she feels sick when others drive her. I can’t stand riding in a car with other people in my normal state, because I usually get a headache or feel sick. It’s possible she, at nine months pregnant, feels sick when riding with other people, so she prefers to drive herself. Don’t know if that’s true or not for Kate, it’s just my own experience with riding in other people’s cars.

      I do think it’s a bit rude not to acknowledge the reporters who are also waiting outside the Lindo Wing. But it was nice to acknowledge the fans.

      1. I’m confused. I’m 9 months pregnant and I drive my toddler around. What’s the big deal. If you’ve had a healthy pregnancy and didn’t gain tons of weight, you can manage to do other things besides sit on a couch all day long. It’s good she’s staying active. I am. I’d go crazy with the waiting if I couldn’t do stuff and I’m sure she’s feeling the same way.

        1. That’s why I didn’t comment on her driving herself in my post, because there are many reasons she would drive herself.

      1. Really? Why would those two risk their rep?

        Then you have uncle gary trying to placate the plebs, in case they end up with another boy.

        Hopefully – it’s a boy.

  2. Not clear photo!!!! This can be a double !!!! And does Kate have a driving licence ??? Yeah, she was without a security, Duchess without a guards:) Good fairy-tale but i don’t believe in it.

    1. She had a RPO sitting in the front seat next to her. But whatever, there is no convincing you, so if you want to believe Kate died during labor and that anytime we ever see her again it’s a body double or a clone or a robot or whatever then that’s fine.

      1. Some days ago, a real body double of Kate and of Willliam were in front of St Mary’s Hospital and this is a fact !!!!!

      2. Hi KMR,
        I don’t want to step on your toes but I have to say to Konrad that this type of comment is sheer nonsense and I don’t plan on participating in this never ending back and forth any longer.

        1. Yeah, I’m not engaging anymore. If this continues I’m going to remove their posts. It’s ridiculous at this point.

        1. Oh man, Red Snapper, how did we miss each other! Tell me you didn’t miss PW have that meltdown cause they were out of everything bagels? 😉

    2. Konrad,

      Having a unique perspective/ opinion is one thing, being a ridiculous twat is totally another. Why don’t you shut your pie hole already konrad. Maybe the lindo wing has a spare room for you to get your head checked. KMR, i understand if you don’t want to post my comment, im just so tired of the garbage this idiot is posting….this irrelevant scum bag needs to be stopped.

      1. I’m betting Konrad is some die hard butthurt Kate fan who is irked by the less than stellar opinions about their idol here and is posted exaggerated conspiracy theories as a way to make fun of posters here who don’t believe WK 100% and give the side eye 99% of the time.

    1. The superfans really seem to be having a great time with each other! Nice to see their camaraderie, even if I find the baby watch ridiculous.

  3. Good for her, getting out and getting some exercise in. I’ve heard that swimming is great for pregnant women as the water helps take some of the weight of the belly. For as tired as we all are by this wait, I imagine that Kate is about 10x’s more tired of it and ready to have that baby. Neither of my kids went late but I remember being done about month before they were due 🙂

  4. I think they fudge the due date so she can get an extra week of not doing anything and nobody questions it. Yeah, I said it! Skipped work at the beginning of the pregnancy too. HG my arse.

    1. I agree. I think that her due date is early May. People fudge their due date all the time in order to take the pressure off. I’m ready for this baby to be born already.

    2. Absolutely. I think she lied about her due date on purpose. Kate starts *maternity leave* super early & perhaps to bore the paparazzi and followers. Like now that she is so “late” and Xdays “past her due date” we start to forget about “the great kate wait” ¬¬

      Oh, and to get back at Paparazzi & media/press, followers, curious people, royal fans, and everyone. Don’t they hate us ALL? LOL! Wasn’t it like 100°+ the summer Prince George was born and the press camped out for like 3weeks? 😛 Yeah, I say it was on purpose all those people were out in the heat sweating like pigs. Isn’t just horrible for all those covering the royals – the prolonged wait???
      Anyway, nice of them or their advisers (whatever) to send pastries to the fans outside of the Lindo Wing. Again: BAM! WE HATE YOU MEDIA PEOPLE :p LOL!!!

      1. Yes. They caught flak because they waited hours to announce George’s birth and it was so hot. Glad they were a little nicer this time.

      2. Yes, there was a heatwave the summer George was born when all those reporters camped out.

      1. It would be to much for her to be a “normal” woman and have to work until she gives birth. Literally to the minute. I was induced with my son. I was on a conference call and started to go into labor with my daughter. I emailed a partner and said “Yep, it’s happening. Here’s my report and I’ll catch you in 12 weeks.”I had her five hours later on my birthday. So, taking time off well before your due date is a luxury that many don’t have.

  5. Life has taught me that here are three people you always want to have on your side; the janitor, the Secretary, and the reporter. They will make your life so much easier. It was great for “Will and Kate” (yeah, right!)to send coffee and pastries to the fans, but to include the press would have bought them some much needed goodwill. They need to think ahead and realize that the royal love affair is officially over between them and the press. Some kindness and photo ops would go a long way to repairing some damage. Clearly, they are not going to actually WORK for the goodwill, so kindness is the only other option, IMO.

    1. Perhaps maybe now the media will stop with the butt-kissing. I feel they always have white gloves when dealing with William

    2. By focusing on the “superfans” they only bought coffee and pastries for 10 people. The press would have been a bunch more and we know William is incredibly tight fisted. Not to mention, there’s no way he’ll ever treat the press to anything on his dime.

      1. We all know Charles paid. So why would Will give a crap about how much of Charles’ money he spent on coffee and pastries? Clearly Kate gets all the money to buy expensive tiny jewelry and clothes that all look the same. They don’t mind spending lots of money to go on expensive vacations. I don’t think it’s the money, I think it’s that they didn’t bother to think of the press – or intentionally didn’t think of the press.

        1. “Expensive tiny jewelry.” So apropos. I wonder what outrageously expensive tiny trinket she’ll buy herself as a reward for the new baby.

        2. I’ve heard that the press that traveled with them on their tours also complained how W&K never spent any down time with them as other royals will do. Will’s deep seated hatred of the press will be his ultimate undoing.

          1. I completely agree. They have nothing, but the goodwill of the press to cushion their bad attitudes and work shy behavior. And yet, they treat these people like dirt.

            Harry takes them out for drinks after the tour and talks to them both publicly (It’s been said, that he tries to give the press good quotes and pictures) and privately.
            (Does any member of the family give more interviews than Harry?)

            Charles and Camilla are quite friendly as well. It’s just common decency.

    3. I completely agree with you. How nice would it have been for them to send something for the reporters. Especially after the last time where they had to wait and suffer in the heat for 22 days before the birth. It would have gotten them such goodwill from the press.

      1. It would also be a smart move to start a new chapter with the press. After #2 is born, to have a few scheduled photo ops with the kids would do wonders for W&K, and reduce the tension with the public and press. I would guess the British public doesn’t like being seen and treated like a pack of ravenous animals. The love and care the people have for the BRF is being demonstrated by these sweet people camping out and others who even care to follow (like us). Will could turn this train wreck around but he’s got to start with better press relations, and not the stupid drivel crap like in People.

    4. Yeah, at first I thought the sending of the pastries and coffee to their “fans’ was a very nice gesture. I didn’t know that reporters were also there waiting as well, so now what was originally a nice gesture doesn’t seem so nice. Sigh….when will those two learn?

  6. I don’t understand all the negative comments. Reporters are there to do their job, the fans were there of their own accord so I don’t see the problem with only giving treats to the fans. Also- does it really matter if Will and Kate “actually” were the ones to send them? It’s the thought that counts.

    1. But whose thought was it? If it’s Jason’s thought, for example, he should be applauded for it, not William and Kate.

        1. I get what you’re saying, Crazy, and you’re right–that’s exactly why he was hired. But I’m not going to say, “Good job, William and Kate,” for that exact reason.

    2. It would have been a nice gesture for them to include the press in their coffee and pastries sending. The press are out there waiting the same as the fans.

      1. While it was thoughtful to do that for the fans, it would have been even better to include the media as well. Why exclude them, unless William is sending his own message? Even though they are paid for their work, it wouldn’t have gone amiss to treat the reporters as well. They get hungry, too, and are waiting for excruciatingly long hours. I get paid to do my job and every so often we workers get treated to bagels and coffee and pizza at my office as a gesture of appreciation.

      2. No kidding. They don’t seem to want to foster a relationship with the press, which can really only hurt them in the end. Or maybe they are just rude snobs. Maybe that’s why the people in the shops, etc. that they visit are seemingly surprised at nice they were. As if they would tear around a store yelling at people and rolling their eyes.

    3. I agree with you Whitney. The reporters are working and they have expense accounts for food. And they are getting paid. So getting something for the people who are there because they want to be was a nice gesture — no matter who thought of it or who paid.

    4. I was wondering if it was the café’s own idea, some of the fans look from an older generation so maybe they were thinking about the older fans? And the press pack are younger and are waiting in shifts and not there all the time like the fans?

  7. They wouldn’t need to send pastries to people who are camped out waiting for her to go into labor if they didn’t announce what month she was due! W&K created this circus by telling us the due month, why not just announce the day she arrives to the hospital, then rely the on police to put up the barriers? Gah, I can’t wait until its over!

    1. I don’t think not announcing a time frame for when she is due would work. People would get very suspicious of that, especially when she stops her royal duties. I think they should just announce the actual due date to stop the speculation and give everyone more of a specific time frame for the birth.

      1. It seems now that even announcing the due month is a problem because there is one day left in April and she still hasn’t given birth lol. I had a feeling back when they announced in September 2014 that she was a already 1 month preg and that she would give birth in May. We’ll see what happens on April 30th.

  8. The first scan is done between 12-14wks, they were photographed coming out of the scan – if it was bang on 12wks, their due date was 29 Apr, if it was 13wks the due date was 22 April and at 14wks it would have been 15 April.

    You could be any date between the 15th and 29th, of course, depending on how far along they were at the scan.

    Whitehall (our Government) sources said they were told 23Apr was a ‘special Royal event’, which would tie in with her scan being neatly in the middle of the 12-14wk bracket.

    It would also tie in with the original parking restrictions 15-30th, as being a week prior & a week after the due date.

    I think its most likely she was due last Thursday, so can only go to next Thursday before induction as 42wks is the longest any Dr will allow. So she’s 6 days overdue now, George was 10 days &; we’ll know for sure by next Thursday, May 7th.

    1. I read somewhere that Kate pissed off the palace courtiers last time she was pregnant by not telling even them her due date, hence press sitting in the hot sun for a month. While I understand wanting to keep the birth of your child as a special, intimate time in a couple’s life, they are not an ordinary couple, and their refusal to work with their courtiers and the press is just rude. I hate to say it but they seem to be getting a kick out of winding everyone up and then letting them sit and stew.

      As with so much of their behavior they are ensuring that they will be able to live a life in private because by the time William ascends the throne the only one’s that will care will be their 5 superfans.

  9. Sending pastries to those waiting is simply an act of kindness. To exclude a different group of people who are also waiting is blatant unkindness. It doesn’t matter if the people waiting are pensioners with nothing else to do, crazy people with nothing else to do, regular people with nothing else to do, or people who are actually doing their jobs. Whoever thought to do this was unkind.

  10. If Jason were the one who decided to send baked goods to the fans who are waiting outside the hospital, I think as a smart PR person he would have included the press, too., So, I shall say it was the kind wishes of W&K to send a little something to their devoted fans. (I don’t know if fans is the right word. Sorry). Nice gesture. If Jason were smart, he would have followed up and sent something to the media from W&K, too.

    As for Kate driving, she is probably going stir crazy and needed to break free from KP with George in tow for a nice swim. Can’t say I blame her.

    Here’s to Baby 2 finally deciding it’s time to be born! Hope Kate has an easy, uneventful delivery. Then, onward to maternity leave followed by some work, please.

    1. Disclaimer: This article was written by a royal watcher, who is not a legitimate journalist and does not have any firsthand knowledge.

      (Sorry Lauri – I just felt people should know this comes from a less than reputable source.)

      1. No problem Kip, I didn’t even think this person was a reporter, just someone with opinions about W&K. Some of the points made here are similar to ones made in this article. Just thought it might be an interesting read while we wait:)

        1. I agree, it’s interesting. The author apparently has quite a notorious reputation on the forums. I just thought a disclaimer would be appropriate.

      1. Wow, now I see where Kate inherits her hand gestures from…her mother! Carole has that same claw-like pose as Kate; she looks ready to rip that guy’s face off, lol.

      2. They are bleaching his hair! He was born with dark hair and no one in that Middleton family has blonde hair to give a recessive gene to George. His hair color is different in the April 19th photo from the one taken after with the nanny.

        1. William made a genetic contribution to that child, too, and his mother was blonde…

          And didn’t the queen have light hair when she was young?

          1. …. both my families have dark hair and my brother and I both had white blonde hair the first 2-3 years of our lives. Now our hair is almost black.


          2. I’m not sure if you meant to reply to me or to the previous poster, Stephanie, but I think you’ll find that we’re basically saying the same thing (that George’s hair color is no big deal and quite likely natural).

  11. Seeing Carol in the photo solidifies that this was a staged photo op! As far as the color of PG hair, every time I see it I am shocked by the color. Not in a bad way, its just that it is this beautiful blonde color and there is so much of it!! I don’t believe that Kate would bleach his hair and yes it is possible for his hair color to be blonde.

    1. I don’t profess to be an expert on genetics, but the Queen and Princess Anne had very blonde hair as children. Princess Anne in particular had white blonde hair which developed into a dark dirty blonde brown colour as an adult whilst the Queen’s hair developed into a dark brown colour.

      William was lightish brown blonde as a child so there is that.

      I’ll also point out that Philip was a white blonde as well. I can’t remember seeing colour photos of Philip as a young adult plus he’s always slicked his hair back so it’s difficult to say when his white blonde hair darkened, however there are enough pictures to show that he was white blonde into his teen years.

    2. Both my sister and I were very blond as children (that changed as adults) and our parents had dark brown and black hair. It is a very common thing.

  12. Ok, the longer this goes one, the crazier the press gets! From the mirror today: The parking sign council workers, a video of them putting up the parking restrictions sign, a picture of the press taking pictures of the parking sign, a video of a man changing the parking sign. It’s all so riveting! I never knew that a parking sign could be reported in so many ways and from different angles!!

      1. Your welcome! 🙂 That sound you hear is the sound of the reporters scraping the bottom of the barrel for new stories.

  13. Totally unrelated, but I was looking at pictures of the Crown Prince of Jordan and thought he is so cute with his glasses. I realize now that William wears one too [occasionally] and he’s a registered pilot?? I thought pilots were supposed to have perfect vision??

    Btw. The CP Hussein of Jordan is totally cute. You should use hims as your Hot Guy of the Month for May.https://instagram.com/p/1zCRNxmIR0/?taken-by=alhusseinbinabdullahii

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