William and Kate celebrated 4th anniversary at BP

William and Kate celebrated 4th anniversary at BP

I can’t wait for the royal baby to be born. Not because I’m super excited for the new baby, or even interested in if it’s a girl or boy and what the name is, because those feelings have passed. Now I just want the baby to be born so the madness will stop. As of right now, Kate Middleton has not gone into labor yet.

Westminster Council extended the parking restrictions outside the Lindo Wing. They run until May 5th now. As cool as I think it would be for the baby to be born on Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), I really hope we don’t have to wait that long.

By the way, to clarify things, KP never told us an actual due date. They said April, and Kate said at an engagement that it was mid-late April. The press came up with the due date of April 25th. So we don’t actually know if Kate has even reached her due date yet. Because of the dates of the original parking restrictions – April 15-April 30 – one could guess that her due date fell in between those two dates to give it one week prior and one week after, so April 22/23. Which would make her a week overdue at this point. But the due date could have been later. 28 weeks after the 12 week scan visit would have put the due date on April 29. So who knows. It seems the only people who will win our birth poll will be the people who voted for May 1 or later. I really thought she would have given birth by now.

Yesterday was Prince William and Kate’s 4th wedding anniversary. To celebrate they apparently visited Buckingham Palace together. They were spotted leaving. Not sure if Prince George was with them. The Queen is not currently in residence at BP, so no, they weren’t hanging with the Queen. It is speculated they were using the pool. Apparently swimming helps induce labor or something.

The Kensington Palace press office decided to troll everyone on Twitter by posting a throwback photo of the Cambridges leaving the hospital with George a few minutes after there were reports of a convoy leaving KP. I guess the KP press office is as bored of waiting for the new baby as we are.

The DM has a sickeningly sweet article about Kate in honor of her 4th wedding anniversary yesterday.

    “No longer a private citizen, her life is now one of endless engagements, royal tours and a constant battle for normality in the face of a constitutional role that makes doing so all but impossible.” – Endless engagements?
    “Assured, confident and always impeccably dressed…” – Um…?
    “Looking marvellous in a floor-length beaded gown by designer Jenny Packham, the Duchess played nervously with her hair and looked slightly abashed by all the attention as she made her way down the red carpet.” – Because Kate never plays with her hair anymore *eyeroll*

Please make it stop!

Today is Terry Hutt‘s birthday. Hutt is one of the superfans camping outside the Lindo Wing. Hutt turns 80 today. He said (via People): “It would be a bonus for me if she had the baby today. I would feel closer to the family.” Happy Birthday, Terry!

UPDATE: Kensington Palace sent Terry Hutt a birthday card and a cake wrapped in pink and blue ribbons.

The card reads: “Dear Terry, This comes with our best wishes on your 80th birthday. from the team at Kensington Palace”

The card is William’s letterhead but the handwriting is neither William’s nor Kate’s. The KP press people are paying attention to the news and sent him a card and cake when the reporters reported that it was Hutt’s birthday. I think this was such a nice gesture from the KP team.

Terry Hutt received card and cake from KP 1

Terry Hutt received card and cake from KP 2

120 thoughts on “William and Kate celebrated 4th anniversary at BP

    1. Well said.

      Truly seem like a W*W/ carol and the middletons circus show. Doubt Km was close to a due date April 15 to 30- and it’s sick, sad and desperate PR for a member of HM POW BRF to behave this way – really cheap commoner.

      Where is the sincerity and well meaning in all this… why pretend and give the public the wrong idea a baby would be here a week ago, just to resume the workshy, lazy behaviour PW*W. These people outside the hospital – the hospital/staff all dedicated to a fake date, when the best doctors know this is not the real due date. Such behavior is sad, a waste of medical staff- degrading/common for HM POW the BRF to be associated with – no dignity from PW *km and the middletons.

      So weird km is now looking well/driving when a few weeks ago at those multi days fake meet and greet -PR events, she had the look of in pain and near labour.

      1. They are so fake! Kate straight up lied about the baby being due mid to late April. Straight up lied to confuse the public!
        With them having the best docs in the UK, they play games and pretend not to know the due date. The due date is so private and that’s just selfish and wrong to play games with the general public and followers.
        Then she is driving and shopping all week long…. but refuses to do any engagements. This just tells me they knew all along the baby was due in May but they wanted the confusion and extra press. Eww. Tacky and just wrong.
        I don’t really care for them like I used to. Before all the games and selfish behavior, I really had a thing for Kate but now she is just as boring as any other celebrity to me.

    1. If the baby is born on Star Wars Day they should name it either Luke or Leia. That would be amazing.

  1. I don’t think they were at BP at all and certainly not as a THEM.

    “It is not clear whether her son, Prince George, was with her, but it is BELIEVED that her husband, Prince William was. The pair later returned to Kensington Palace together.”

    Yesterday we got pictures clear as day of Kate driving herself from the palace, now all of a sudden the lookout person has lost his sight and camera and isn’t even sure if William was in the car. Honestly, when it comes to these two, unless we get pictures or confirmation from people outside of the press sphere, I tend not to believe it happened. I think this is just PR to make it seem as though William is around in some capacity.

    1. IKR? The wording is so sketchy. Maybe William was there, maybe he wasn’t. And no reports of a romantic dinner for two like we’ve had in previous years? Weird. TBH I wonder if William doesn’t have his own place in London. At Sandringham he reportedly stays at Wood Farm when Kate is at Anmer, o it would stand to reason he’s got a place in London too.

      BTW, KMR, did you see the latest pic from the Apr 19 farm visit? Carole is in the shot. No surprise that she was there of course, but releasing a photo OF her would seem to imply that she didn’t take them as we assumed. Or maybe it’s a ruse, a misdirection. If I were Carole I’d be pissed at all the bad press I’m getting. She’s been slaving like a house elf for years, got her dim witted daughter to the alter, got her royal grandchild, and not only does she not have a title yet, everyone keeps saying she’s a social climber. I know it’s mean and awful (I’m dead inside maybe), but I would love to see the expression on her face when/if someone whispers Doors to Manual in her presence.

      1. It was the other visit to Snettisham Park that we thought Craggy Carole had taken pics at, not Bucklebury Park.

        In those photos it looks like she’s telling the RPO off, and he’s pissed at her. Bad body language!!

        1. “Craggy Carole” – I love it! I saw the same thing in the picture. I will say that I had a bad taste in my mouth about Carole on the day that the engagement. She seemed a little too self satisfied about the prospect. She seems a little high handed to me.

        2. I’m starting to wonder if Carole thinks the RPO is there for her? and not Kate? He’s there for GEORGE!

          1. No definitely he’s there for Carole. B/c she’s the most important of the trio of them. Unless Her Royal Hotness needs him to recon a venue for her next book.

      2. If they had wanted to paint William as the loving attentive husband who is faithfully at his wife’s side while she awaits the birth of the second child, they could have come up with some drivel about him having a special dinner made for her since they couldn’t go out to a restaurant, blah, blah, blah. Instead with get this possible sighting with her at the wheel. Did. Not. Happen. William is bunking at another apartment in KP while they wait for the run to the hospital. Although their apartment should be plenty big enough for them to stay away from each other, but at least claim they were together under the same roof.

      3. I saw those pics too. Doors to Manual is such an awful looking woman and Kate looks just like her and just as bad. Makes you shudder. She should thank God everyday for photoshop.

        I don’t think William has his own place but I think it stands to reason that he could be camped out elsewhere in KP.

      4. I saw some on Facebook. Those pics are not the ones we thought Carole took herself. These ones are from the Bucklebury Farm Park on April 19. The ones we thought Carole took and released are from Snettisham or whatever Farm park in Norfolk from earlier in the month.

    2. That’s why I said “apparently”, because there was no picture evidence.

    3. ALL PR – to be seen, kate middleton has access to BP and is ‘royal’.

      These PR photo trips all seem weird, entering BP while HM is at Windsor Castle; or is this a ‘middleton takeover’ (Boleyn for sure…?!). Never seen photos of HM children the RF at BP without HM present (loving nanny Maria P George could continue their low key swim lessons).

      Only time/the future knows if this will last or PW as heir, will come to pass.- until King Charles and the powers… (km carol middletons is ‘waiting’).

  2. Oh yes, I can’t wait for baby to be here. Especially because after they disappear to the country home or in-laws’ mansion we’ll get a break from the press and the Cambridge-mania.

    That DM article (big eye roll¡). Seriously ¡? Was it meant to give a big laugh or annoy to death?

    1. Get a break from the cambridge press? They’ll just insert them in the other royal articles.
      Harry may be all the way in Australia, but he can’t go out for dinner without them tagging along via the daily fail!

    2. It could be that she’s over the due date because she/the baby didn’t gain much weight or baby is too big. If baby is too big, he/she can’t descend and they’ll have to induce–that happened with my son. With my daughter, I barely gained any, she came late because she was so small and didn’t have much weight to push through even though I was having weak contractions. It was like the party couldn’t get started. So it could be that the due date was right, but the baby can’t hurt from gaining another pound or so, and the Dr is waiting, probably just a few more days max.

      1. That’s interesting. I didn’t know the baby’s weight affected it being born.

  3. Happy Birthday, Terry Hutt! He seems like a sweet chap. If I were in London, I’d buy him some celebratory pastries myself to enjoy as he waits.

    1. I totally agree! I think it is because of people like him that make the BRF still relevant. And not to be crude, those folks are a dying breed.

  4. Since when has Carole been in charge of the RPO. He looks seriously pissed off.She needs telling they are paid to protect Waity and George not to take orders from her. Come on HM or Charles get this awful woman out of the picture and I don’t mean photos.

  5. This is absolutely frickin ridiculous. It’s the second born child of the 2nd in line. It makes very little difference and at this point I just want her to pop the kid out so this nonsense can be over with. The press are, as usual, morons. No one ever said April 25th as the due date. The best we have is late-April. So the baby’s overdue. Have her ride a horse at Windsor for a few hours. If that doesn’t work, have her fall down the stairs, I don’t really care. Tell the all morons camped outside the Lindo wing to go back to their lives. If I were them, I’d petition Will and Kate (or Charles) to pay for their lost wages and time, f they had to take off work to see a bundle in a blanket leave a hospital and get into a Range Rover driven by Mr. Nearsighted. Enough of this madness!

        1. Penelope: I have a life and I’m done caring when she has the baby, not about the Royal Family. There’s a difference.

    1. Saying “have her fall down the stairs” to induce labor is a bit much. I’m fed up with the wait and the press madness as well, but telling her to cause physical harm to herself and the baby is not okay.

      1. Thank you KMR. Seth, that was almost crossing into K territory, and I think we’ve all had our fill of that line of chat. I’ve been overdue, and if she actually is, her life is one big ball of extreme discomfort till that baby comes out. She wants it born more than any of us!

        1. Don’t want to speak for Seth but I think he was just being provocative. A lot of things that are being reported are getting out of hand (not from KMR)! If Kate/PW had been honest with the delivery date we would not have these issues!! Again they don’t want the attention but do stupid things to put the attention squarely on them….so odd!!!

      2. I was not hoping it would cause harm to the baby, KMR, I never would do that. I was hoping it would just induce labor already.

        1. Okay. When I read your comment, I was taken aback at that line. That coupled with calling the fans morons made the entire comment read very mean in my opinion. Though others seem not to have read it that way. I apologize if I was too touchy.

          1. It’s ok. I just prefer my opinion to anyone else’s. It doesn’t mean I’m necessarily right. Sometimes I go over-the-top in my effort to make a point. I (usually) don’t intend to cause offense to others. I can see where that comment would. I was referencing when Diana allegedly fell down stairs at Sandringham when pregnant with William and was found by either the Queen or the Queen Mother depending on the source.

          2. That’s what I thought of when I read your comment. I thought Diana did that out of depression, not as a way to induce labor. So when I read your comment, I thought you meant it as a way to harm herself and/or her baby.

          3. I appreciate when others let me know when I perhaps go a tad too far. We need to look out for each other here. 🙂

    2. True. She could just get induced.

      Not sure why they haven’t. Maybe they need renew positive public interest.

      I wonder if Bill will go back to work/continue his training on the 1st June or if his paternity and unpaid leave will be extended?

      Interesting how few super fans have gather, like just over a hand full, and these are old hard core royal fans, and still though so few.

      1. According to reports she wants a natural labor with out medical interference. But if she goes too far past her due date the doctors will induce.

    3. Seth, I know you have the right to refer to the fans camped outside the Lindo Wing as “morons”, but it seems so unkind and unnecessary. They appear to be pensioners who are excited by all this. They aren’t harming anyone. I always enjoy reading your comments because you are so knowledgeable about history and about the royal family in particular. It makes me sad to hear you refer to the old folks as morons.

      1. Respectfully Dag, if someone wants to camp out for over a week waiting for a fleeting glimpse of a blanket being put into a car by Will and Katie, I think they have a problem, not me. I didn’t mean to cause offense to so many people, to what I consider calling a spade a spade but I will retract said statement and replace it with “Tell all the people who seemingly have nothing better to do with their lives.” I refer to the press as morons because they ARE acting like morons, especially the Daily Mail, especially when it comes to Will and Kate and this second child. They make everything they do sound like the biggest frickin’ deal ever when it is the most ordinary mundane thing. It is very annoying.

      2. Eye roll your way Dag. Please pull the stick out of your backside and have a little fun.

        We can have some snarky hyperbole here. If not, I’ll start a blog where we can. Only people with thick skins allowed.

        (You’re not the only one who seems thin skinned around here today.)

        1. I think it’s ok to do a little internal policing on the blog (as we’ve seen lately). We all listen to a lot of opinion; I’ve been called out a time or two for mine, and I’ve done it to others. I’ve seen Seth called out before; that’s the price you sometimes pay for “putting it out there”. It doesn’t take away from the many good and interesting posts he’s had. It’s not personal, just keeping it classy without getting too violent or disrespectful. I’d say we’re a pretty open minded bunch, overall! IMO, of course 😉

    4. Uncalled for remark about Kate throwing herself down the stairs. I love your other comments, Seth, but I guess we are all on edge. If we are, imagine how Kate must feel.
      Sorry, but I had to point this out. I do really love your other posts, Seth.

    5. So agree.

      P Will*km already knew the due date is later (and a sign of how small km bump is…); P Will could have found the care to attend with his dad P Charles at the 100 year War Rememberance in Turkey, Prince Harry did, after travelling very long distance from AZ back to London, to be with his dad POW at the ceremony in Turkey. Surely PW could as well who was already in London and have not worked in almost two years.

      Now we see after comments about PW laziness reported in the news – he found the energy and PR to travel to the Napalese Embassy to sign the Book of Condolence (on behalf of HM POW/BRF) – Wow! must have been a very hard duty to perform (and may require another holiday and definitely extended paternity leave). PW has become irrelevant as will km and the children if they continue at this pace of workshy, reclusive (and only seen by carol and the middletons).

      PW finally pushed to look as if he cares – that is, chauffeured to represent GB UK CW solidarity with the poor people of Nepal for HM, POW who is not in London (although from Windsor HM and POW did together pledge support and financial aid – I believe).

      How will William manage – to become this uncaring royal heir (raised by such a caring mom POW Diana and Prince Charles dedication) – he seem to have not a care for any charity and have abandon the homeless/needy – his and Prince Harry Centerpoint and others.

  6. KMR: The DM article was sickening. Your comments were the tops!
    Happy B’day to Mr. Hutter. ABKM, you are so sweet. All of us on this blog should chip and help foot the bill for a nice cake for him, too! If we were all there, that is.

    Grrrr. The wait continues for Baby 2. I bet Kate is as tired of all of this as we are.
    Interesting that she and PW did not have a nice, cozy, romantic Anniversary Dinner. I doubt Kate feels like that at this point, but the Spin Master, Jason, could have at least acted as if they did something special on the Big Day.

    Carole is annoying. I agree, HM or PC need to straighten her out!

    I’m thinking Kate does into Labor tonight and either has the baby prior to midnight or a bit later. Quick labor.

    1. Seriously, they need to stop drinking whatever coolaide they’re on. Like seriously, what parole universe do they live in where Kate actually works?! Really, I’d love to go there cause watching her waste a great opportunity to do some good while setting woman back decades with her never applied uni education and distain for the public and British history she’s now became a part of is too much.

      The comment section is gold on these sugary articles, hit the ‘best’ tab. I wish someone at BP would and straight up KP and K&W, can’t take the good will of the people forgranted. Or maybe will just wants to destroy the monarchy… who knows.

      1. I don’t like Kate Middleton much, but I will say although she is paid so very well to do it, shaking hands with the masses even once every two weeks or so can be very boring and tedious not to mention all the smaller events that are not reported such as obligatory parties and such. I would say someone like Kate couldn’t care less and that makes it work to have to smile and be attentive. Another person would relish the job and do it more often. She does go to some events so I assume she thinks that is enough, tedious, laborious and such. So she does work to some degree, just not what most would think is really working. But again, I think she got lucky and is living it up.

        1. Km is not bored, that is all she want to be want to spend any time on – Km did not marry PW to serve in Royal duties, tradition and to the people….only royal Title, lavish lifestyle – and two kids will guarantee for most her, carol and the middletons hangers on lives. KM makes no effort to bond with the RF, to represent HM POW BRF / GB UK CQ.

          By multiple reports, Prince Will used his inheritance to purchase carol the middletons buckleberry house (they did not sell their first home); Will need to inherit the Duchy; KM carol the middletons hanging on for all that and a Title.

          It would be masterful if somehow Prince Harry is designated the Duchy caretaker – or the Yorks/Wessex -PRoyal somehow become HM’s heir. Interesting time ahead…

        2. Normal people have incredibly boring 9-5 jobs without the luxury perks.

          I find it revolting that these two struggle to attend 100 engagements a year and wear a bad attitude on the job. Not to mention the way they disregard tradition, if it interferes with their holidays or a personal dislike. Thankfully they have staff to handle everything.

          The private parties are far and few between. 99.5% of the “work” they do is public and fêted by the media.

          William and kate are horrible value for the millions that have been spent on them. Live it up now. Those two will end the monarchy, if their self-serving behavior continues.

        3. Honestly, I think it would be so tiresome to go make small talk with so many people all the time. And I know we and the press have gotten on her about saying the same thing to everyone, but there are only so many things to say when all you have is a few seconds to talk to someone. I would probably reuse a few questions every single time, too. But then again, I’m not doing that job nor am I looking to do that job. Kate knew what she was getting in to and if she didn’t like the job she shouldn’t have married the man. Or marry him and then not accept a title or the perks, you know. I understand why she may not like the job, but I don’t understand why she would sign up for a job she didn’t like or didn’t want to do.

          1. Agree about how making small talk with others would be tiresome. However, I agree, KMR, that Kate knew what she was getting into. She had so many years of dating William under her belt to have a clear idea of what would be expected of her.
            Signing up for a job that she didn’t like or want to do is easy enough to figure out, though. She wanted the perks. The Royal world. And, let’s not forget that her Mum was pushing, pushing, pushing her.

          2. I can do the dress up part but I would never be able to talk fair weather stuff to strangers and pretend to really be interested in what they do.. I clam up meeting new people. To me, I think it’s a really hard job if you’re not witty and quick.

            Who marries in to the Royal Family to go to work?? The Duchess is a very clever and shrewd girl. Now she doesn’t work but she knows she can get away with it. She knows she gets a ton of attention and applause just for what she wears, how she does her hair …..and oh, she’s just like you and me pushing the shopping cart, taking her son to the park ..so family oriented..

            When all of that fades as she gets older and she doesn’t get any more attention for her clothes, then she will become a workhorse. Once we focus on her workhorse nature, the little work that she did when she was younger would be forgiven …well now, she’s a workhorse… she would still be the ever popular queen consort and does so much for the monarchy…

          3. Ever heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”

            I don’t understand where or when she is going to develop this killer work ethic. She and her husband are one and the same. Absolutely useless.

            As for the “Who marries in to the Royal Family to go to work??”
            When you live off of taxpayer money, the married-in is expected to respectfully represent the queen and do charity work.

            The small talk and witty banter is not easy for some, Kate had a very good idea of what she was getting herself into.

            At the end of the day, william and kate are making themselves irrelevant. Once you lose the interest and respect of the public, it’s very very hard to gain back.

          4. I honestly don’t think she thought there’d be any real work besides the baby, and even that would be taken care of by nannies. Seriously, go back to her engagement interview, she had no intention of serving the British public, it’s like she was thrown by the question/idea of her helping people. She couldn’t solidly or genuinely talk of any passion or desire or commitment to.

            William wasn’t really taking on any royal engagements. Kate, knowing him far better than we do, must have known how much William would fight tooth and nail to do the bear minimum and hold off being a working royal for as long as possible, in fact for how ever long he wanted, which we are seeing.

            She would have seen William getting his way and figured with William not wanting to work and trying to distance himself from the royals, the tradition and the duty, that together they would be getting their way and coasting along.

            I think she honestly thought she’d just have to wear bespoke outfits, attend pretty galas and state dinners, live in and redecorate grand properties and travel the world on someone else’s dim and of have a few children… to be looked after by nannies.

            In all the unofficial photos with George she looks stressed and in over her head. If the nanny is not with her than it’s Carole. Kate either can’t or isn’t prepared to work. Carole probably knows all this and is fighting to keep the dream alive – hence the cheese on toast, running Kate’s household, setting up the nursery, etc.

          5. Gie,

            I agree km is always stressed and over her head with baby PG. Nanny Maria seem more his mom. PG is so relaxed and cool with his loving nanny Maria – enjoying his walk in London, April 27th.

            Km was too busy with carol and her middleton family hangers on sibs – partying, going on expensive luxury vacations all over the world, with P Will – to find the time to research the BRF duties/ history/traditions and service, what is expected to be a marry in member of the royal family for the lavish lifestyle.

    2. I think it’s an interesting coincidence that William hired an American for PR and now the little people are getting some attention from Kate and William. Maybe it took someone out of William and Kate’s social set to get the lazy two to think a little about the people who are rabid fans?

      Personally, I don’t think it is any of William and Kate’s doing. More like Jason and Kate’s lacky taking care of making their bosses look like they give a crap. I seriously doubt Kate was on the phone calling the pastry shop.

  7. Actually, @Konrad, it is quite normal, and generally healthy, for women to go overdue without complications. My first child was two weeks overdue. After my due date passed, I went in for regular checks to the doctor where the baby was monitored. My OB did not allow me to go longer than two weeks and I had to be induced and eight hours after starting pitocin, my healthy 8 pound, 5 ounce daughter was born!

    I am sure Kate is receiving regular checks from her OB and the baby is well.

    1. No you’re right. Both Kate and the baby and the Queen died three months ago in a car accident involving a white Fiat and they’ve been using anamitronic robots to fool the public until they can assassinate all the witnesses. They *think* North Korea is responsible, but it might be the lizard aliens. You keep at it Konrad!

      (Sorry/not sorry for feeding the troll)

      Edit – Konrad is gone. Alas.

      1. According to Doctor Who the royals are all werewolves since Queen Victoria was bitten at Torchwood house in Scotland.

        1. There is also series of steampunk adventures where Queen Victoria has been turned into mostly-robot to keep her alive well-beyond 100. If nothing else, the royals provide fodder for entertainment in lots of ways.

  8. HM needs to bloody well get to grips with that Middleton crone, before its too late. Enough pussy footing around – William will never listen to Charles, so HM is the only chance of dragging William in to line.

    1. Remember, Camilla is available to take out the Craggy Crone. If Charles wants to lock up his popularity, he should set up a “title” match between Camilla and her Craggyness. She can go live on Majorca, and Kate might stop being a zombie.

      1. My money is on Camila. She could check Carole so fast. I’ve always said that Kate could learn so much from Camila. She was once the most hated woman in the world and she is much more respected. She gets on with it and enjoys her role. She is a perfect example of a woman who waited decades for her husband, but learned how to be working royal during her wait.

        1. Camilla is a sheer wall of ice on the face of the mountain Carole is climbing. No obvious toe holds to gain traction on there, and she won’t even notice till the hypothermia sets in. I’d never put money on Carole when Camilla’s around; one can’t “fake it till you make it” forever. Camilla will be the one standing when all the dust settles…

          1. Yes she will. I think that Kate missed her mark by not trying to learn from her. But I have to give it to Carole. She isn’t going that route. She realizes the best way is to isolate Will.

  9. Well, nice to see that KMR banished Konrad. His posts were getting everyone all riled up.
    It’s a lazy day here in the NY Metropolitan area. Just had a moment to pop online and check out my fave blog.
    Thought it was sweet that Mr. Hutter received birthday greetings as he waits the arrival of the new baby at the hospital. Greetings and best wishes to you, Sir.
    I must say I can feel for Kate as the wait continues. Everyone keeps asking “Any signs of labor yet?” It gets old. So does the discomfort of the end stage of pregnancy.
    We need something else to focus on. Soon my youngest will be up from her nap. Before that occurs, I need to proof a story I am about to submit to an editor. Work comes before play, Mary Elizabeth!

    1. If they floated a false date then I don’t feel sorry for her if people ask her a zillion times about the labor because they brought it on themselves. If it were May, they just should’ve said May. There’s no need for the drama.

    2. Konrad’s posts were getting ridiculous. I understand questioning W&K and what they do (especially given the number of times they’ve lied), but basic logic that is easily proven? Come on.

      I’m going to have a post on the Swedish royals a little later to take a break from the Kate drama.

  10. IIRC – The April 25th due date was released out of nowhere to quickly to divert from something else that was about to become a negative headline.

    The Lamebridges don’t want people questioning their lack of engagements and they get to throw their weight around with their dramatics. win win. whah wa.

  11. Well if tabloid articles are to be believed, Kate must be getting close. Reportedly she just had a beautifying session of mani-pedi, facial and leg waxing. If her due date was last week wouldn’t she have taken care of business earlier?
    Wouldn’t be surprised Carole shows up at the hospital with George in tow. She seems to love the attention and this would be just another opportunity to throw more mud in PC’s direction.

    1. Carole had a beauty session over a week ago – well in time for a last week birth.

      1. Exactly!

        After km fake PR due date, to continue PW*km workshy ethics; KP should have given Mr. Hutt Birthday – a night at the Goring Hotel. That would have done nicely for his discomfort outside the Lindo 😉

      1. If so, that is beyond creepy. Let the poor woman rest in peace. Sometimes I wonder if she’s like, move on already people! I did what I did because it was who I was, but I’m dead, let me be at peace. The BRF seems to either be trying to live like her as a hybrid (PC never did as many social humanitarian events as he has since she died)–all this focus now on going to homeless shelters and hospitals, he never did that when she was alive. He does it now because he almost lost his throne. The others are either always trying to be style icons or connect with all the biggest names. None of them other than HM and the DofE, maybe Sophie have their own personalities. Sad. By the way KMR, I’m missing Sophie and haven’t seen any news. Anything you’ve picked up?

        1. Sophie was absent for a bit, then she was in Africa and there weren’t a ton of photos. She did an event with photos this past week which I’ll include in the royal round up. The royal baby’s birth may bump the round up post to Monday, though. But I’ll post about Sophie here soon.

  12. I too am fed up with the stupid articles and pictures in the Daily Wail while the Great Baby Wait rolls on. BUT this week they have posted non articles and pics of Pippa.She was papped walking down the street,chatting to another woman then caught in a downpour of rain. Today there are 2 pieces, One of them a builder walking behind her and looking at her famous derriere. The third one shows pics of her and Nico in Venice on holiday…..walking hand in hand. I wonder how the photographer new where she would be….Hmmmmm

  13. Aww. Happy 80th birthday, Mr. Hutter. I’m only sorry W&K don’t deserve the pure-hearted sweetness of his attention.

    I’m starting to think this chica lied about about the expected delivery time. Who knows if she’s even 9 months pregnant? She’s much smaller now than she was with her first. Was she even as far along as she was when they announced during the Invictus Games/Scottish referendum?

    Ugh. She needs to pop that kid out like a Pop Tart. I’m so over all her good press.

  14. I am tired of the baby wait. Everyone is on pins and needles and Kate is probably getting a giggle out of it. I just want the baby to be born healthy. I truly think that the public and the press got played by the Cambridges.

    I had huge hopes for Kate 4 years ago. And 4 years later, she has done nothing. Nothing of substance, nothing of merit. And I think that this is a marriage of convenience: Will has a woman who will let him do what he wants, how he wants, and when he wants. She has the title. Her family is practically Royal, so it works out for all. I have never picked up warmth or love from them. They look ice cold compared to W-A & Max, Daniel & Vic, heck even Carl Gustav and Silvia.

    1. Thanks, Lauri from Ca. Great photos of some really intriguing and hard-working Royals.
      Isn’t Maxima the best? I just love her. She is so real when meeting people. So kind and open. I loved the photos of her with the darling little girl. Maxima just was so sweet with the child. Also, Leti looks fabulous. Her make-up with the color of that dress — fantastic. I’m liking the hair better, too.

      The photos of little Estelle and Leonore were precious. Maddie really does look pregnant. Do you think she’s carrying twins? Or, is the baby a big boy?

      I don’t know what to say about the Royal Baby Wait in Britain? Yes, indeed, we are all getting bored. So, thanks, Lauri, for some fun and lovely photos. The other Royals in Europe do it right. K&W need lessons. Doubt they think they are doing anything negative, though.

  15. Hi KMR, when I am posting a reply and hit the comment button my reply appears in some random spot not with the comment I was replying too, ie my comment on the big teeth was a reply to your post on the royals being werewolves. Am I doing something wrong? I’m not very computer literate. Help!

    1. Which comment are you trying to comment on? Because two comments were in reply to Konrad. When I removed Konrad’s comments, the reply comments remained, but it won’t let you reply to them for some reason. I ran into that same problem when I went to reply to one of those comments.

        1. I think it’s because I removed a post and the comments in reply to that post are now going crazy because they don’t know where to go. Replying to other comments seems to work. It’s just the comments relating to the removed comment that are bouncing all over the place.

  16. I would like to know how many crazies are there waiting outside the hospital- From what I see the number looks tiny . Wouldn’t it be great if baby is only born mid march- wonder how long they would camp outside?!?!

    1. about 10 judging from how many coffees the KP team sent round earlier this week.

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