CONFIRMED: Kate Middleton is in labor

CONFIRMED: Kate Middleton is in labor

Kensington Palace confirms: Kate Middleton is in the early stages of labor. She was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital at 6AM GMT after being driven by car from Kensington Palace with Prince William.

Live streams: Telegraph. Mirror. ABC.


It’s a girl!


A bit of the scene outside the Lindo Wing: Press gathering out front, armed police officers around the side, and members of the public have started showing up as well.

armed police outside lindo wing
[Tom Steinfort Twitter @tomsteinfort]

pulic at lindo wing
[Catherine Wylie Twitter @wyliecatherine]


KP says Kate’s labor is progressing normally.
KP says all royal family members were informed this morning.
Prince George is at Kensington Palace with Nanny Maria and his grandparents, Carole and Michael Middleton.

Kate's labor progressing normally

RF told of Kate's labor

George is at KP


KP confirmed Kate was admitted to the Lindo Wing in early stages of labor.

KP tweet Kate in labor 1

KP tweet Kate in labor 2

10 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Kate Middleton is in labor

  1. First time commenting. I love your site and I must say after sooooo many weeks of waiting I am excited she is finally in labor!!

    1. Welcome to the comment board Kayla! I’m with you, I’m glad she’s finally in labor after waiting for so long.

  2. Ah! Finally! Not that I really care but for the attention to stop. I’m more curious to see if it would be a red dress when she comes out.

  3. Woo! Was so excited to hear this finally. Lets hope for a safe and speedy delivery… And for maybe a boy.

    I won’t be too bothered if it is a girl but lets just wait and see.

    This is my first comment on here as well but I have been reading for ages. Love this blog, very well written and thoughtful.


    1. Hi Jemma!! Thank you, and glad to have you commenting! I think we all are either excited or relieved (or just want the royal baby mania to be over with) to hear the news of the labor and imminent birth. Kate was in labor for about 10 hours with George and it’s already been 5 hours since she was admitted this time, so not too long now.

  4. Oh and should we call it 4.00 am that it took Carole a total of like two hours to get her name in the mix.

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