CONFIRMED: It’s a girl!

CONFIRMED: It’s a girl!

Kensington Palace confirms: Kate Middleton gave birth to a daughter weighing 8lbs 3oz at 8:34AM GMT. Prince William was present for the birth. Both Kate and Baby Girl Cambridge are doing well. The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, and the Middletons have been informed and are “delighted”.

Kate gave birth very quickly. She was admitted at 6:00AM GMT and gave birth at 8:34AM GMT. That also means they waited almost three hours before informing us of the birth.

Baby Girl Cambridge is now fourth in the line of succession and will be titled Her Royal Highness Princess [Name] of Cambridge. This is HM’s fifth great-grandchild (4 girls and 1 boy).

Links to the live streams: Telegraph. Mirror. ABC. **I’m embedding the Telegraph live stream at the end of the post.

kate gave birth to a girl

A town crier came out to announce the birth.

town crier

I don’t want to be rude or anything, but damn I was really hoping for a boy.

Telegraph live stream embed (for whenever something actually happens):

Here is a better picture of the town crier and some of the crowd and media gathered outside the Lindo Wing. Plus the Royal Navy wrote a message for George.

royal navy sister for george

51 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: It’s a girl!

  1. Congratulations to the Cambridge family! It sounds like the birth was very quick. I hope that both are resting soundly.

    I really wanted a boy too. I totally saw Kate as a “mother” to boys. I will say that this little girl is gonna have it tough. She will be compared to Kate and Diana for the rest of her life. Either the press will be kind or they will treat her like the York girls.

    Tanna announced on Twitter that Carole was seen entering KP. I am sure that she is going to make sure that her, I mean Kate’s, house is running smoothly and to see George. I will also bet that we will have a strong chance of seeing her bring him. I would love for it to be Charles. Or even if Harry were here. The universe would explode if it were Harry. I would be unconscious for days. But it will either be Ma Midds or Will. I think someone posted that they would love to see George throw a massive tantrum on Will. That would make my day.

    Now, let’s let the name wagers begin…

    1. These kids will have a very tough life and little support to deal with it.

      How much are Harry and Charles actually allowed to see william, let alone the kid? William seems very distant and isolated from them. But ma midd makes his snacks…

      1. I do feel bad for the kids. Kate cannot or will not stand up to Will or her mom. What is that teaching her kids? They are already the legacy of Diana and that is a huge burden. Then add to that the lazines of their parents. Sprinkle in some of the opportunist attributes of the Middletons. I do think that George is Carole’s golden ticket. The Princess is money for concession snacks. If there is a 3rd, then she has front row tickets.

        1. Honestly, I have very little hope for them. Carole raised a waitress, (what does pippa actually do?), and the boaf marshmallow guy.

          They need to deal with william. I think it’s the height of insanity to let him fly off when his grandparents are in their 90s!

          It’s going to be a massive change from queen to king. Then you’ll have a pow, who hates royal duties and the media. His wife is even more useless.

          Diana would’ve loved to be grandma and would’ve seen William make a better choice in wife.

          She was a once in a lifetime person. Her ginger comes close, not nearly as glamorous though πŸ™‚

        2. I don’t think Kate Middleton has any desire to stand up to her mother. She likes things just as they are. She gets huge homes, an endless bank account, all the vacations she wants — and mummy takes care of the details. Kate Middleton doesn’t want to run the show. but she needs mummy’s help keeping her husband anywhere near her.

          1. I really don’t know how these kids are going to turn out with Carole ruling the roost. Considering her three, I am actually worried about George and his sister. But there’s nothing I can do about it except pray that someone comes to their senses and that these kids are very strong willed.

            Now that she’s got one of each, do you think she’ll go for a third to completely emulate her mother or will William pull a Fred and get a vasectomy?

          2. My2, I think you’ve summed it up. Most of us see her life as privileged but empty, yet she is so shallow that she’s quite content with the status quo.

    2. As soon as I heard that Carole was at KP I thought, ugh. She’ll be dragging George to the hospital! Although I heard that Kate’s hair-tresser had arrived, so maybe she’s leaving today.
      How odd that for CENTURIES royal houses have been run by courtiers without a middle-class mother-in-law being involved. How did they ever cope without Carole around to make sure things were running smoothly??

  2. I’m glad the baby is born safely.
    But I do worry for a girl with Ma Middleton being way to close. Not a good influence and way too creepily close. Good luck to the baby and please stand back and let Kate be the mother Carole!

    1. The Queen should just abdicate for Carole. She’s the only middlebridge who really wants it. The entire monarchy is heading in that direction anyway.

    2. Well, we all know that this new little girl will have tones legs, wear coat dresses, and count an hour of work as doing her duty. They’ll be keeping her hidden too; Will’s going to be a paranoid nut now. Organized photo calls would solve the problem but Jason doesn’t seem to have that much focus or influence. Best wishes to little one and the family. Carole, you continue to be a lucky, golden child.

  3. I said it to you in 2014 i had a dream that GOD gave me about me and kate was in it and had an angel that told me it in true he gave her a cup of tea that had a pink tipe of ice cream with a cherry above it!!!

  4. I just want to Congratulate William, kate and George on the safe arrival of a little princess. Carole being close is creepy. I hope William and Kate take control. I hope the Royal family get to see the children more. These children need guidance and love and discipline. I am pleased that the couple had privacy for a few hours. What is the average wait do you think?

    1. W&K appear to like things just as they are. They are overgrown adolescents who are not held accountable for their actions. Carole runs the show because they don’t want to and they want her to.

      1. The Mrs. Danvers of Amner Hall…..brrrrr! She’ll certainly have a thing or two to say about the rearing of her royal granddaughter.

        I was also hoping for a boy because of the circus a girl will have surrounding her, but I’m glad Kate was delivered safely of a healthy baby.

    2. I’m assuming they would wait at least a little bit to be able to inform the family members of the birth before announcing it publicly. Don’t know how long that would take. Don’t know how long W&K would want to keep the baby to themselves before sharing even the news of the birth with the public. With George it was 4 hours. With this one it was about 3.

  5. Finally it’s almost over. I really wanted them to have another boy because of the buckets of weight that come from her mother’s family, but all I can say now is God bless her and keep her safe from the claws of her grandmother. I also hope she grows up to stand on her own two feet and doesn’t look to her mother as a source of inspiration on how to live her life.

    I really shouldn’t be snarky right now, but if there’s one thing Kate seems to get right, it’s carrying and delivering big, healthy babies. Guess she does have some talent.

  6. *for the name. sorry. I think Victoria will be in there somewhere as Queen Victoria stipulated that her name had to be used in each generation, I read somewhere.

      1. One of Eugenie’s middle names is Victoria. HM only had one daughter though. Fab name though. Thank you for the coverage today KMR.

  7. I am happy that the little Princess is here safe and sound, but scared of how her life is going to be.

    I also feel sad that Diana is not here, as she often said that she would love a little girl and she would be over the moon at the birth of this little grand daughter.

    Now as for names. everyone can forget about the baby’s first name being Diana. Wills, as thick as he is at times, knows the hell that his Mum went through and there is no way that he will want his daughter to go through the same, so there is no way that he will pick Diana as her first name. HM would also not want it has a first name either.

    Maybe Diana will be in there somewhere, as one of the middle names towards the end, but I think that maybe Frances would be a nice touch as it would also include Diana’s Mother in there as well.

    I am just waiting for the front steps appearance now and I swear if Waity wears red you will hear me screaming from Australia.

    I also think that Carole will bring PG to the hospital. As someone else said, she knows that he is the important one and she will focus on him and any other grand child will not matter as much. The Queen Mum did exactly the same thing with Prince Charles. He was the heir and therefore apparently the only one who mattered.

  8. Just for today I’m not going to complain about W&K&C. So with that in mind….

    Congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their daughter!! A daughter will bring an endless supply of joy, laughter, giggles, drama (teen years) and wonder. I’m sure she already has Daddy tied around her little finger. I wish the Cambridge family many blessings in the years to come for their family.

  9. I had a feeling it would be a girl and hoped it wouldn’t be. Well, at least everyone came through it in good health. Good luck, little girl. You might be as rich as Midas, but you and George will need all the help you can get.

  10. Welcome to the world Your Royal Highness. Sorry you were born to such a dysfunctional family. Took your bloody sweet time!

  11. I am so excited!! Congratulations to PW and Kate!! I look forward to watching the little Princess grow up!! WOW, I wanted her to have a girl so much. Being a mother of a girl changes you tremendously! I can’t wait to see Kate transformed!!!

    1. CrazyAMG!! You just said everything I was going to! Great minds and all that ;). It IS exciting, can’t wait for pictures.

  12. So it seems that she wore that bright pink coat at her last appearance as a clue. I was really hoping for a boy too, but I think its cute that Prince Charles’ has gotten his granddaughter; he should design a new tiara in her honor to wear when she marries.

    Now the name, I like Princess Mary Diana Charlotte Elizabeth. Charlotte for Prince Charles of course. But they only chose 3 names for Prince G, so will they put Diana’s name next to th Queen’s (gasp).

    1. Thanks for that link Alina, it is a very interesting read. And I agree, they need to throw that ring in the nearest river and end the cycle.

    2. When was that written? Because it said their first baby would be born in July 2013. If it were written in 2011 as it claims, then damn they totally predicted George’s birth month and year.

    3. I’m sorry, I’ve read that chart very carefully and even though there are coincidences, it seems to be a lot of rubbish to me. If you want to believe in such things, feel free to. Just make sure to clip your fingernails to the south away from the setting sun on the fourth Wednesday of the fourth month or the moon will not rise in ascension. πŸ™‚

  13. William has just returned to the hospital with George…..No old mother Meddleton…..I’ll bet she’s breathing fire and brimstone left behind at KP. No doubt she’ll be off the starting blocks asap !!!!

  14. Oh, welcome to this great big world, Little Princess. May it always be a safe and happy and healthy place for you. I get so teary eyed when I hear that a baby is born. Like Lauri of CA, I just want to type happy thoughts here.

    Kate must have stayed at KP for much of her labor and then gone to the hospital. Presto, there’s the baby. Good for her, PW, and PG. Pictures of PW with PG were so touching.

    I hope this little girl is a feisty one. I hope she has some of her grandma Diana’s amazing way with people. I hope she has a happier life, though.

    Here’s to the Cambridge’s. I hope they are allowed to enjoy their life together without too much interference from grandparents.

    1. Such happy news. Congratulations to Prince William and Kate and welcome little one. I hope you have a blessed life. Your big brother, too.

      As tired as we all were of waiting for the news, imagine how Kate and PW felt! I’m glad to see such happy wishes here. There’s nothing like a new baby, is there?

  15. Congrats to Kate and Will! Babies are always a source of joy everywhere. Let’s hope we get to see some photos along the way okays πŸ™‚

  16. Just saw the DM photos of Kate and Will leaving the hospital. Kate is in heels immediately after giving birth! On another note, George is too cute!

  17. Awwww. Welcome to this funny world, Princess Cambridge. I am happy very happy she’s here and a girl. For one thing, I’m especially happy for Prince Charles, because he’ll be extremely determined to be involved with her upbringing. I also think she’ll be able to push William in ways George won’t be able to do. (I also hope she gets Prince Harry as a godparent.)

    On the con side, I hope Kate doesn’t become the kind of mother whose jealousy of other women extends to her own daughter. After all, she’s a daughter of Royal blood and will be loved and respected by William and Charles as their own, whereas she’s Waity.

    1. “whereas she’s Waity.” LOL

      Yeah, Charles was really hoping for a girl. I hope he really appreciates her and is involved in her life. She’s going to need all the help she can get.

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