Prince George visits his sister in the hospital

Prince George visits his sister in the hospital

Prince William brought Prince George to the Lindo Wing to see his new baby sister, the new Princess of Cambridgem and his mother, Kate Middleton. George and William wore matching blue sweaters, and William even had George wave to the press. George looked fairly bewildered. William must be in a very happy mood.

When William emerged from the hospital to go get George, he said: “We’re very happy thank you.”

William gave George a little kiss. How adorable.

24 thoughts on “Prince George visits his sister in the hospital

    1. Yes it really is. More than not having a Carole/George photo op it’s nice to see William actually holding his son.

      1. So nice, indeed. The kiss was so sweet, too.
        PG does not know what he’s in for, does he? Someone else to grab attention.
        May it all work out happily.-

        1. George is in for a rude awakening. He’s probably well used to being the center of attention and he won’t be anymore.

      2. I thought for sure it would be a boy and Carole would bring George to hospital. Sorry to be a downer but I kind of don’t give a crap about any of this. Baby, shmaby, you know? I’m glad she’s healthy, don’t care about her name, probably won’t see her very often.

        The DM says Carole will be moving to Anmer, wonder if it’s true, or if Kate will go to Bucklebury.

  1. That was really cute. I wonder how long they practiced the wave with him…lol George has a look that says “who are these people and why are they acting like that.” He’s adorable. I’m glad it appears that he spends a good amount of time with William.

    1. I know George is all “What is going on with you people?” So great to finally get some good pics of him.

      1. Very sweet to see Grumpy George and William bringing him. William probably said to him in the video to wave to the peasants and he’ll give him a lollipop or a toy to rip apart as a reward.

        1. It really does look like William is saying “wave to the peasants.” I watched it twice. I’m not a professional lip reader or anything, but, seriously, it looks like he’s saying exactly that. It’s a two-syllable word that starts with P, and William’s mouth doesn’t move in the right way to be saying “people.” If he really is saying “wave to the peasants,” what a gross way to shape your son’s view of humanity.

  2. Ah, congrats to W&K and big brother, George. Finally! The baby is here.
    So, PW did bring PG to the hospital. I’m going to get all sentimental, but I am glad.
    Here’s to a healthy life for all! As the mom of two little girls, I can’t help but think how great that PG has a sister and W&K have a daughter.

  3. NIce to see PG with his dad at the hospital. Very loving images of PW with his adorable son. So glad he took him and not Carole!

    I wish the Cambridge Family all the best. A little baby sister for PG, a daughter for Mum and Dad.
    A granddaughter for PC and the Midds. A step-granddaughter for Camilla. And a niece for PH!
    This little girl will certainly have everyone wrapped around her little finger. Like you, ME, I get very gushy at such times.

  4. Doing a happy dance! So happy that Wills bought him to the hospital. And I loved the little kiss it was gorgeous.

  5. With the matching sweaters and jeans, dear GOD it’s like “Me” and “Mini-Me”. Haha. George looks SO adorable even if he’s like “Who are these people?”

  6. These pictures warmed my cold, black heart. Kinda sad that Georgie didn’t throw a tantrum. He is a cute little boy. But, I just need to say this: it would have been nice to see him wear something pink for his sister or bring his mom flowers. William and George looked like a color swatch in all that blue.

    1. That would have been adorable if George was clutching a small posy of pink flowers for his mom. But most likely he’d have ripped it apart! lol

  7. George is pretty cute. I thought it was sweet that he wanted william to carry him.

    (Driving the car himself. Oh william, you’re soooo normal.)

  8. Little George looks shell-shocked. It’s not all about you anymore little buddy! lol. His usual aggressive expressions are gone, looks bewildered. Funny

  9. William should train his children how to deal with the press and part of that is getting used to the paps. The media will always be there. If william doesn’t like it, he should abdicate and move his ass elsewhere.

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