Kate Middleton and Princess Cambridge leave the hospital

Kate Middleton and Princess Cambridge leave the hospital

Less than 12 hours after giving birth to her new daughter, Kate Middleton left the Lindo Wing with Princess CambridgePrince William was there, too.

Kate and William came out for the photo op, presenting Princess Cambridge to the press and waiting crowd, but unlike last time with Prince George (who went back to KP following his visit to the hospital) the royal couple did not speak to the press before getting into their Land Rover and going home to Kensington Palace. Kate and William briefly held hands as they walked to their car.

Kate wore a yellow bespoke Jenny Packham silk shift dress with a buttercup print, her Annoushka pearl drop earrings, and her nude “Gilbert” pumps from Jimmy Choo. I’m genuinely surprised at the yellow dress. I thought for sure she would wear red.

Princess Cambridge was wrapped in a shawl from GH Hurt and Son Ltd. She looks like she has brown hair like Kate, but George also looked like he had brown hair when he was born and then his hair turned blonde later. So we’ll see about Princess Cambridge’s hair color.

**It looks like this video will not play, but it will. There just isn’t an image there when it is not playing.

Kate and William present Princess Cambridge 1 Kate and William present Princess Cambridge 2
[Rebecca English Twitter @RE_DailyMail]

William also held Kate’s hand to help her down the stairs when they first walked out.

195 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Princess Cambridge leave the hospital

    1. IMO, she was holding the baby in a way, that the press can get a good shot of the little princess 🙂

    2. Yes, somewhat detached and I kept thinking she needed to better support the baby’s neck. And wearing those heels while carrying the little one down those stairs made me nervous. But I guess vanity will always win in the end with her.
      Anyway, glad the waiting is finally over. The baby looks healthy and beautiful. Hope she won’t be hidden away the way they did with George.
      Home to Claw Midds now.

      1. I have a feeling we will see even less of this baby than of George, if you can believe that lol.
        Off to hide the baby and sprinkle in one or two “duties” in the next 6 months.

      2. Km used one hand to hold the newborn; something is strange and immature about this mom.

        Also, as a member of a highly regarded and respected RF with charities towards the less fortunate, and causes – it’s not a good message to new moms, women, appearing in high heels, all hair and made up after just delivering a baby (yes, I know a team is helping and the wealth is available for press appearance); but P Will was casual too; why not be more natural – KM is so VAIN!!

        1. Great comment. I agree it is an unrealistic image to display after giving birth less than 12 hours ago.
          She looked more vain today than usual to me. Wearing heels after just giving birth is ridiculous but hey, it’s Kate. What do we expect?

          1. I can’t blame Kate for wanting to look good before the world media and she did look wonderful. However, yet again, she should have pulled her hair back so she wouldn’t have to carry her newborn infant onehanded while fussing with her hair. And wearing 3-4 inch heels after newly delivering a baby, sore and carrying her infant down those stairs while fiddling with her hair makes me crazy over that risky behavior. A pair of dressy flats would have looked just as good and been much safer.

        2. Well she wasn’t going to go in front of the press without wearing a nice dress and getting her hair and makeup done. Hell if she hadn’t been glammed up at least a little bit people would have criticized her for that. I agree that the heels were kind of dumb but of course she was going to look glammed up to go in front of the press. Most new mothers don’t have to face the world’s press when the leave the hospital so it doesn’t matter for them what they look like and if they are glammed up or not.

          1. KMR,

            I agree with you…Catherine looks lovely and I dont think there is anything wrong with getting a little glamorous for the WORLD’S press….and yes, why wear heels? Geez Catherine…this is the absolute most appropriate time ever to break in a pair of flats…seriously wtf was she thinking, wearing heels, while holding her newborn daughter (with one arm) and walking down concrete steps….just absolutely stupid. Seriously Catherine!? Anyway, criticism aside, the Cambridges are an absolutely adorable family. I am so happy for William and Catherine. I see a resemblance to William in the little princess, which in turn, i see a likeness to Princess Diana. I always thought William looked so much like Diana (before his face turned knarley….he did not age well, then again, none of the windsor men do) Congrads to the Cambridge family!

          2. I agree, I don’t blame her for getting dressed up. These pictures are going to be plastered everywhere and she wanted too look good. Although, I will say that I think her choice of outfit with George was more casual than this. Her hair was less ‘done’ and so was her makeup. Combined with the wedges, it all felt less dressy. It made it look like she spent less time getting dolled up. This time though, everything was perfect. Her hair, makeup, dress, shoes. She obviously spent much more time getting ready. I agree with everyone the heels were silly, but I don’t fault her for wanting too look good. Though I think she should have stuck with a little less dolled up.

            I am with everyone else though, it was ridiculous that she kept fixing her hair. She would push it behind her ear due to the wind and then pull it out so that it looked better for photos. But then pulling it back out blew it in her face, so she would push it behind her ear again, thus starting the cycle all over. At least with George, she kept both hands on him for most the time. With this new princess, she really didn’t seem to care.

          3. I don’t begrudge her getting dressed up and getting her hair and makeup done. These photos will be seen all over the world, dissected and live forever.

            But I agree about the heels. She wears flats when she is out and about privately, and carrying a newborn down stairs is a perfect time for flats.

    3. If you watch the video Kate takes her hand off the little girl to fiddle with her hair every couple of seconds because it is breezy and her hair is in her face. Typical Kate.

      1. Huh? The baby’s neck needs to be supported, no matter what. She looked awkward and detached. It’s obvious that the moment was maximized to show off her hair and the ring of doom.

          1. Me too! She had panache and could pull off such a large ring.

            Whereas Diana’s ring wears kate.

  1. I was shocked when I first heard she left the hospital today. Then again, her yellow dress also surprised me, along with the fact that we saw Prince George (who looked very uncomfortable with Prince William IMO) .

    1. I’m really surprised Kate was up to getting ready and being in front of the press today, 10 hours after giving birth. I understand her wanting to get home as quickly as possible but the getting camera ready and being in front of the press is surprising.

      1. I had two very easy births for both my children and was up and in great shape less than two hours after the delivery so I can understand it easily. Also I guess that they might have wanted not to leave PG for the night, as it is probably a quite challenging day for him.

    2. No, i don’t think so. PG felt unpleasant because of the crowd, which doesn’t surprise me, it was his first official appearance in GB since his birth in July 2013. He is a little boy….

      1. Yeah, George seemed very uncomfortable with the crowd, like “Who are these people?”

        1. Yes, his discomfort seemed to be due to the crowd…he looked puzzled as opposed to scared. I thought he seemed comfortable and secure with William.

          1. You can tell George is comfortable with William (or at least more comfortable with William than without him when facing the crowd) because William wanted George to walk on his own, but George wanted to be picked up so William carried him.

          2. Those farm park pics of Kate and George, he always had his hands at his sides, not touching her. But he held on to William. I agree, the crowds confused him, not his father.

          3. Yep he was comfortable with his Dad and I really adored the little kiss that William gave him. He also seemed to make eye contact with PG more than Waity ever does in pics with PG.

          4. George seems to have a sweet interaction with his father which makes me think that William has a good involvement in his son’s life. George wanted his daddy to pick him up and while he looked bemused at the crowds, he seemed very comfortable in William’s arms. And that kiss William gave to George just seemed very spontaneous and very sweet. Don’t make me think better of you, William lol!!

        2. I haven’t watched video of George and Will yet, but I’m happy that George seems comfortable with Will.

          Even adults who are unused to being around that many reporters would be uncomfortable, let alone a small child. George seemed to take it in stride. I hope Will doesn’t pass his disdain for the press onto to George.

          1. I think William was very loving toward George. There’s a lovely bond between them. It’s nice to see that.

  2. I am very disappointed in how quick they jumped in that Land Rover and got the f*ck out of dodge.
    Of course I am happy they are healthy and all but glad this is all over.
    I hope everyone can clearly see now that they want to be left completely alone and have no interest in speaking to any peasants if not required by royal duties. William clearly looked as if he couldn’t get out of there fast enough and so did Kate.
    I am really bored with the both of them with their way of handling their public image and their relationship with the press. I really am.
    I was on twitter and saw some prople saying they were “literally crying” and ecstatic. I wanted to puke because these idiots don’t realize how much less the Cambridge”s could care about anything or anyone besides theirselves.
    Over it!

    1. In the video it seemed like Kate was asking William if they should talk to the press and William said no.

      1. Oh yeah it was for sure William who called this shot.
        He makes me want to vomit!!!!
        If that wasn’t the clearest “F@CK OFF” ever I don’t know what is!

      2. What could they possibly say that is of interest? Honestly, there is no story except – we had a baby and here she is. We’ll drag this out and tell you her name in a couple of days. Also, I suspect Kate is drugged up and feeling no pain. She’s got quite the makeup going on… and I feel sorry for any woman who just had a baby who now thinks leaving the hospital with heels on is classy. It’s not. Kate is no female leader.

        1. Well they could have at least spoke like they did with George. There is something cold and rushed about standing on the steps and smiling for 90 seconds with Kate touching and swinging her hair and rushing off. William looked very uncomfortable and forced smile.
          Those people had been waiting for a while and while Willy and Kate owe them nothing, it would have been polite and classy to have did a very brief talk.

        2. I am disappointed she had a girl. Kate in no way is a role model for a strong independent twenty-first century woman who is going to take on the world.

          Kate will teach that poor girl to wear heavy makeup, dress like a middle aged matron and find a man to pay for her lifestyle.

          1. I think this little girl just may give her mother a challenging time. She took her own sweet time entering the world and I think she will rule the roost. With her Dad and possibly her Mum.
            After giving birth to a baby who weighed over 8 lbs, I don’t think any woman should want to sit for hair and make-up. And, Kate’s hair must take over an hour to style. It’s so thick. Sure, she wanted to look her best for the cameras, but I think she is a nice enough looking woman that with her hair naturally done and a tad of make-up, she would be fine. And, everyone was really looking at the baby, who is very lovely. Looked like a C-section baby to me. So perfect. Big baby, too.

            William did look very happy. I am sorry he did not want to say more to the media.

          2. mary elizabeth:

            If it were a c-section, would that explain why Kate was able to be up so quickly after the birth?

        3. Any sort of sound bite would have been better then nothing at all. They didn’t say anything “of interest” last time either, but it was still nice that they spoke to the press.

          1. William could’ve said more than we’re happy, it’s wonderful. He is such an ass.
            Throw these people a bone, they have been reporting on a set of doors for two weeks, while you knew the baby was due 4/30ish and were sitting in your beige palace.

          2. Let’s see, let me write a few possible phrases: “We’re delighted to have a daughter, George will now have to share his toys and be a big brother, the grandparents are over the moon.” Yada, yada, yada. See, it can be done.

          3. @Kip and Feeshalori: Exactly. They could have said something nice about the birth of their daughter. Is it going to be something hugely philosophical and ground breaking? No of course not. But something nice would have been great for the crowd and the press, and us.

          4. I had two c-sections and I wasn’t able to walk like that. I was bent at the waist and did a shuffle. I wasn’t able to walk 100% upright for a few days.

          5. Oh. Hm. I guess a c-section doesn’t explain why Kate was fine so quickly after giving birth then.

      3. Apparently, this is what professional lip-readers said of the conversation between Will and Kate:

        The Duchess emerged from the hospital and stood on the steps with Prince William as they introduced their daughter to the world.

        Despite being used to the public glare, the Duchess still expressed shock and amazement at the crowds gathered to meet her daughter.

        “This is nice,” she said to William.

        “Lots of people out there. Look up there on the top.”

        She then waved upwards to everyone desperate to get a glimpse of her daughter.

        Waving, she said to the crowd: “Hello”

        Prince William turned to her at the top of the steps and said: “Do you want to step down…be careful.”

        He encouraged her to wave to the crowds and to keep showing their daughter to the people on either side so everyone could get a glimpse.

        The new mother then looked down adoringly at her daughter, and said to William: “She’s fast asleep.”

        The doting mother expressed fears the little princess might be “cold” but Prince William reassuringly said: “No, she’s fine, she’s good.”

        But she lovingly replied: “Let’s take her inside.”

        So I don’t know that she really asked Will if they should talk to the reporters and he said No. It was about the baby possibly being cold.

    1. As much as I hated her wedges last time I think I would have preferred those. At least they add a bit more stability.

    2. I said it above – but it bears repeating — Kate is no leader wearing heels out of a hospital after just having a baby. She is an incredibly vain person. I hope folks realize that and don’t copy her.

      1. True, she really is a vain woman. And that mop hair she kept playing with, I was so afraid she was gonna drop her daughter!

  3. At least she didn’t wear red lol. I watched the video and I really don’t want to be mean but the entire thing including hand holding and smiles just looked like it was for show. Kate was more interested in her hair than the baby, but at least she she would have spoken to the press but it looked as though Wills said no.

    They really could not wait to get out of there. I thought that Wills might have at least helped Kate into the car.

    And those shoes were ridiculous for someone who has just given birth. Wear something that you can feel comfortable in and can walk in.

    1. “Kate was more interested in her hair than the baby,…” I know! I was beyond irritated to see her fiddling around with her hair. What’s it going to take for her to realize that she’s no longer a school girl romping around a hockey field? Kate…grow up!

      1. I was just going to post the same thing about her hair. In the video, she touches it over and over again! Wtf is wrong with her? Couldn’t she wear it up and out of her face? Just silly… and plain vain.

        1. She also let go of William’s supporting hand going down the steps to push her hair out of her face. And they couldn’t wait to get out of Dodge, either! What can you say….. On a positive note, that is a great closeup of the little princess; certainly better than what we saw of George. Look closely, everyone, because that’ll probably be the last we see of her for a long time!

    2. The hand holding when leaving the hospital was so brief. Like 2 seconds brief.

      1. It was just to help her down the stairs with those heels. Nothing affectionate in it at all, just a helping hand.

        1. I noticed that as well. Apparently Diana said after Harry was born, it all ended, the warmth, etc. I wonder if these two will drift now. Although I do hope they go all Duggar and have like 15 babies 😀

        2. Are you talking about when Kate was holding the baby in the beginning? Because I was talking about when William was carrying the baby was in the carrier and they were leaving. William and Kate held hands going down the stairs for all of 2 seconds. It was completely pointless. William grabbed Kate’s hand in that instance so it wasn’t even about Kate needing help.

          1. Oh okay. It didn’t seem to me like Will grabbed Kate’s hand to help her down the stairs that time. It seemed like he grabbed her hand to fake that they are connected or loving or something. Then he dropped her hand so quickly it didn’t even seem like there was a point to me. It didn’t seem to me like she even needed his hand that time.

    3. If KM can be so dressed to the nines and in heels full hair and make up, a few hours after giving birth – she should return to royal duties and have a full schedule in no time.

      Having a girl is only going to add to km shopping/ spending tax payers funds/POW Duchy/less time for charities – the less fortunate and representing HM/ POW.

      A boy would have been better to be around the middletons – historically, their work ethics/stalking Titled gents for years (at all cost even their lives) – living for someone else just for the waiting to succeed – is not a good example for young girls.

      1. I agree as well. She looks as if pregnancy barely phased her and giving birth is as easy as lacing your shoes.

    4. I think he may have just remembered late to help her down the stairs again and realized the moment was over, hence 2 second hand hold.

      He did seem genuinely protective and concerned, mixed with I guess pride/excitement, first time round. There were probably a lot of emotions at play.

      And those stupid heels, she initially was looking for a railing to hold onto when walking down the stairs.

  4. I think this baby looks just like George did when they brought him out of the hospital.

    Are there photos of George leaving the hospital?

    Why didn’t they say a few words to the crowd?

    1. There are no photos of George leaving that I am aware of. He must have been sneaked out the back and driven home by an aide or RPO or something. And I agree Princess Cambridge looks a lot like George did when he was born.

  5. If Kate is right-handed that’s a very odd way to hold the baby! I’m right-handed and it seemed far more natural to hold the baby nestled in my left arm than in my right. Was it all to show off her ring?

    1. Yep!!! Great minds think alike here.:))

      Is the Duchess left-handed? If you’re right-handed, you would hold the baby with your left arm to free up the right arm for other stuff. At least that has been the way I held all of my 6 nephews and 2 nieces and I am right-handed.

      1. Yes, Kate is right-handed. I’m right-handed, too, and I hold babies with my left arm first (until it gets tired). I think Kate wanted to show off the ring. It’s such habit for her now.

    2. Kate is right-handed. But let’s not forget that she has been doing “opposite of right-handed person” moves ever since she got the ring. When a person clasps their hands together, they usually put the dominate hand on top. So a right-handed person would clasps their hands with the right hand on top. But Kate clasps her hands with her left hand on top in order to show off the ring. So Kate has been training herself to do things the opposite of what comes naturally for right-handed people. It’s not too shocking that she would continue that.

      1. I find it quite amusing that the Duchess always flaunts her ring. Only four years into the marriage.

        I stopped wearing my wedding band and engagement ring after my husband lost his (about 2 years into the marriage). I took a look at them the other day and thought maybe I should start to wear them again. But then at work, I wash my hands a lot since I handle prescriptions, money and patients some time cough all over the counters so I decided not to.

        Maybe if I don’t have to work for a living, have Carole to look after my house and Mike to work in my garden, I may re-wear my wedding band.:)))

        1. I can totally understand not wanting to wear any rings if you work with and wash your hands a lot. I wash my hands a lot (not for work, just because I’m weird like that) and I find it annoying to wear rings because of that.

        2. It did seem like a photo-op of the ring just as much as for the baby. I think it’s curious that she would have the ring at the hospital with her anyways, unless her glam squad brought it with them. It seems very impractical for labour and for being around a new born.

          But then again, I might have it all wrong. Maybe Kate uses the ring as a focal point during labour. “I got the ring, I got the ring! 12 carat priceless sapphire! Push!”

      2. Def did this to show off the ring. Kate held PG with her opposite arm when leaving hospital. But PG was not covered in a dangling blanket, so the ring still showed. I note Diana did not come out of the hospital wearing that ring after either birth.

        I think it’s amazing they did not speak with press. I think they decided the appearance of PG with Will was enough.

      3. I do not think so…. I am righ-handed, however I do many things the way a left-handed person would, even when playing tennis.

        1. “When a person clasps their hands together, they usually put the dominate hand on top.”

          I bowl with my left hand even though I a right-handed.

          There are always outliers for everything, but usually people use their dominate hand for most things.

  6. Kate looks absolutely beautiful!! The new Princess is so sweet! IMO, this is the most loving I have seen PW/Kate in a long time. I am happy for them and I hope they don’t keep the kids away from the public to much!!

  7. I’m fairly new to the critical view of Kate and William, so I’m afraid my reaction was to mist up at the beautiful baby girl and her happy parents. However, I do see the point about their not saying a few words; it seems to me that that would have cost them little and would have been a nice recognition of the crowd of well-wishers.

    1. I got verklempt when George was born. I didn’t with this one because I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t a boy. But getting misty isn’t bad or wrong.

  8. I will call her the Princess Cheeks and that shall be her name, lol! She is a doll. Okay, I hated Kate’s dress. It looks like my Nana’s place mats. The shoes are ridiculous and they did not seem warm or loving towards each other. It looks so rehearsed. She didn’t seem engaged with the baby.

    I was surprised that she left so quickly. But what angers me most is that they didn’t speak to the press. I found that insulting. These are people’s livelihood to report and take pictures. Or even throw a compliment to the folks who’ve been camped out. But, I guess that’s the purpose of the pastries. They could have taken a few moments. But, I think that this is a clear picture of what an *sshole Will is. By snubbing the press, he’s now put a bounty on paparazzi pictures of his daughter..

    1. Princess Cheeks. That’s cute!

      “By snubbing the press, he’s now put a bounty on paparazzi pictures of his daughter..” Yes. William still doesn’t seem to get it.

      I don’t really mind Kate’s dress other than the fact that I don’t think she looks good in shift dresses. I understand wanting comfort, but the dress was so baggy, and with that print it kind of looked like a hospital gown. Like she forgot to change before going in front of the press.

  9. This is a woman who gave birth 12 hours ago? Why isn’t she swollen? Her waist looks tiny from behind, are we supposed to believe she had an 8 pound baby.

    Not to mention, she seems far more interested in her hair, than the baby. Totally detached.

    Still not buying it

    P.S. Carly Simon wrote ‘You’re so vain’ about waity and her extensions.

    1. There was a picture of Chelsea Clinton after she had her baby. She looked rough. I say that with love. I say that to say she looked like the most realistic vision of a woman who gave birth. She looked tired, swollen and puffy. She did look more worried about her hair versus the princess.

      1. I find it baffling to put it nicely. I’ve seen the CC/Waity comparison pictures and there is quite a difference.

        1. I agree, I looked extremely rough even days after delivering my babies – exhausted, puffy and still looking pregnant. All I can think of is that Kate had such a fast labor that she wasn’t exhausted – as opposed to my much longer labor. Chelsea may have had a longer labor as well. But seriously, there is no hair and make up crew that could have made me look glamorous that first day or two.

          1. You probably didn’t have a team that included a stylist for your hair and clothes. You probably didn’t have people running around to make sure that your every need was taken care of. All Kate had to do was “push”! I’m just saying its not fair to you to compare yourself to Kate…. I know a lot of people disapprove of Kate, but she is a Royal and that’s what a future Queen looks like after she has delivered a baby!!!! If you need to compare her to someone…… Remember how beautiful Diana looked after having William and Harry! KMR thank you for the coverage. When I heard she had delivered the baby I came to your blog first to get the updates!!!

          2. Exactly. All Kate had to do was labour and push and yet she looks no different. Not swollen or exhausted. But her hair looks fantastic.

            She was more worried about how her hair was in the pictures, then the baby.

            I feel quite sad for those kids having her for a mother. She isn’t a maternal woman. Very cold.

          3. Thanks CrazyAMG!

            I agree that Kate looked the way she did because she had a glam squad and because she was greeting the world’s press upon leaving. Normal women don’t have to have their pictures taken and splashed across the papers and internet 10 hours after giving birth. It’s not actually fair to compare normal women to Kate because of course Kate is going to have a glam squad get her glammed up before leaving the hospital because she knows she’s going to be in front of the world’s press. Normal women don’t have that kind of pressure to look presentable when leaving the hospital. Normal women have the ability to look however they want when leaving. Kate has to look a certain way or else she would be criticized for looking bad.

        2. I seem to recall still bleeding after, the need for a large maxi bad, and walking like I was sore between my legs. The pictures in the Daily a Mail show another couple leaving the steeps of the same hospital. The new mom in running shoes.

          Like Kip, I don’t buy this…I could have bet she would go in at night, be out in no time, and not looking sore. Too bad we could not see how fast she sat down in the car. Last time, she sat down quite fast not looking sore.

          1. I had a difficult time walking, was bleeding like a son of a gun and wore those huge hospital pads, granny panties and huge drawstring waist pants – plus I sat on one of those inflatable “donuts” – so glamorous!

          2. TMI!!! I’m guessing you didn’t have hundred of cameras from around the world waiting to capture you leaving the hospital with your new bundle of joy!! Kate is probably having the same issues! But do you really think she would leave the hospital in running shoes and looking a hot mess!!! I mean really.. give her a break!!

          3. Because of the maxi pad I would have felt very very awkward wearing a dress for a photo op. I understand her desire to look good (I’d have slathered on the make up if I knew these photos were going all over the world) but why not just put your hair in a bun?

          4. CrazyAMG I agree with you – give this woman a break!! These photos are going to be on every newscast, in every paper & wheeled out for generations to come.

            She wanted to look nice – well dur! So would you if you had up to a billion eyes looking at your image. Really ridiculous to criticise her for not coming out with hair in a ratty bun, joggers & trainers. She’s a future Queen, fgs.

          5. What new mom wears high heels? It is the height of insanity.

            There is a medium between looking nice and looking like you spent the afternoon at the spa, rather than bonding with your new baby.

            I’ll reserve my sympathy and support for the other mothers who don’t have a full staff and will be returning to work in twelve weeks.

          1. Thank you for saying that KMR. I was going to comment, but didn’t want to feel like I was going after another person and get something started.

  10. I’m disappointed they didn’t say a few words, but in fairness they’d had little or no sleep…maybe they just couldn’t handle it. They’re human, after all.

    Thrilled to see George – obvious warmth between him & William, and that was lovely to see.

    I’m very proud to be British today, it’s been a wonderful 12 hours!

    1. I’m surprised it was all over and down with in 12 hours. They announced she had been admitted just before 2AM where I am, and they went home just before 2PM.

      It was so lovely to see George. I’m glad William brought him.

    2. They probably didn’t say a few words because of all the hoopla before when George was born. PW saying that they just met him or some such phrase which sounded odd to some.

      Beyond the stylist, she does not move like a woman who has just given birth.

  11. I forgot to say a huge Thank You, KMR! I appreciate how quickly you updated your blog throughout the day. Your coverage is as informed, thorough and wonderful as ever.

  12. Maybe it’s just my impression but I would say that they looked much more happier when George was born than today or at least Kate had a better bond with PG as a newborn baby than with this little girl. Today seemed a bit fake to me…
    Anyway, best wishes to them, especially to the little one! 🙂

    1. I would give them the benefit of the doubt. They are probably exhausted. And they really did need to put on a show (however brief) for the world’s press. So, perhaps they were faking it, just to get it over with and go home. And I don’t think that’s a terrible thing.

  13. I just looked at the photos again, and honestly…it looks like Kate is using the baby as background to showcase The Ring.

    1. Omg the ring. Who gives birth and can focus on showing off the ring. So obvious!! Where are her priorities??!

      1. The more and more I read about Kate Middleton and her family, the more and more I see parallels to the Kardashian family. I believe Kim also used her baby to showcase her engagement ring, posting a picture of North holding the rock on Instagram. Perhaps this was Kate’s way of doing the same.

        1. I’ve thought Kim K and Kate were soul sisters for quite some time now. So many similarities between the Midds and Kardashians.

    2. Especially with the close up shots of the baby. Ring is front and center.

      1. Kate should have been given her own engagement ring and had William felt it was important to honor his Mum, too bad that her ring was not given as a family heirloom to be worn on special occasions. That ring was Diana’s engagement ring and frankly, has some bad vibes surrounding it. I guess Kate was just so thrilled to FINALLY have PW pop the question that she didn’t want to jinx anything and calmly point out that his Mum’s engagement ring needs to stay Diana’s engagement ring, but that she would be honored to wear it on other occasions in tribute to her.

        1. I agree jenny, I think Kate should have gotten her own ring.

  14. The baby is cute, and JMO she looked quite happy for a woman who just gave birth, and William was definitely happier than usual as well, but sheesh… Watch the video again, she spent more time touching her hair than looking at her baby.

    Kudos for not wearing red though.

    1. Is it just me or did she touch her hair more this time than when they presented George?

  15. I’ve come to the conclusion that she fiddles with her hair when she’s nervous. She would have gladly spoken a little bit, but he said no. I’m also thinking he’s a freaking PEACH when he gets a hair across his arse.

    1. Yeah the hair touching is a nervous tick. And yeah, he was the one to put a kibosh on talking to the press. She would have talked had he not said no.

  16. Yes, the Ring was out in force!

    I also don’t get the feel of the same ‘happy couple’ , as when Prince George was born.

    The best photos and most original (not what PR advised), of Prince Will and George were the ones with P George wanting to be picked up/held – P Will interacting bending to lift and telling PG to wave – it was endearing and fatherly-side of Will that PW hides; while PG was scared of the loud cheering from the people happy to see him.

    P Will expected PG to walk into the hospital holding his hand (tradition as he did with his dad POW visiting Prince Harry) – that playbook went out with George becoming scared of the loud cheers. Also, highlighted that isolating PG is not a good thing /wont work for a royal… PG need to be out /seen -get use to the people.

    1. W & K did look much stiffer here. Personally, I think their relationship has hit a rough patch over the past few years. However, it could also be due the fact that Kate had just given birth that day. They might have been tired with the early morning arrival.

      The BRF should take a leaf out of the Swedish Royal Family’s book. The SRF has gradually introduced Estelle and Leonore to public events. At four, Estelle already seems somewhat comfortable in front of others, and Leonore has been seen in public and at events more times at 14 months than George has in 2 years. The SRF is easing their girls into their positions so that it won’t be such a shock when they’re older, unlike the BRF.

    2. Yeah it did seem to me like William wanted George to walk so he could recreate the photo of himself walking into the hospital with Charles. Like he was actively going for that comparison. Then his dreams were squashed when George wanted to be carried.

      I agree that it is not good for George to hide him away. Him being so uncomfortable in front of the crowd is proof of that.

  17. I was away from my computer all day, waiting until i could get home and see if they emerged with the new Princess. I came home, immediately clicked on the telly to watch W&K introduce their daughter to the waiting media and fans, say a few words and then leave with their new bundle of joy. Wow, what I saw was sooo different from what I thought. Firstly, Kate was made up to the nines which takes some time so when did she spend time with her new daughter, who was just born!!?? Secondly, the way she held her hours old baby was so odd, the word detached has been used here quite frequently and it really suits this occasion. I mean it looked like she could barely be bothered to hold her precious newborn, but was much more interested in how her hair looked. Thirdly, the hand holding between W&K was so uncomfortable looking. You can tell that they don’t hold hands often, even in private as they had no idea how to reach for each other. Fourthly, they couldn’t be bothered to say a few words??!! Kind of like thanks for waiting out here all this time, now piss off.

    God, I was so hoping to get through this day without bitching about those two. I was hoping that all would be right for just one day, just one day is that too much to ask??

    Rant subsiding now…Prince George was certainly adorable and I have to chuckle because you know he’s going to ask “when will she go back”?? The new princess looks so very cute and seems to be a very calm, mellow baby.

    At least now the wait is over, Kate can run home to Mummy and hand off the new baby, plan her next trip away from her children with Wills. So pretty much things will return to normal.

    1. Lauri you made several good points. I had not even thought about how long it took her to get camera ready and how that took away spending time with her newborn daughter. And I agree, the way she held the baby made me cringe. Her poor neck. I think William seemed much more excited by this birth than Kate. And I can’t believe how good Kate looked (makeup and professionals aside). No puffiness or swelling at all! Good genes I guess….

      1. Good genes?! Not from Carole, I don’t believe I have said it before and I will say it again, Carole is one nasty woman. Kate, at least, has a kind smile.

        I agree with Lauri from CA on many points I am torn, however, thanks to the actual words that Kate and William supposedly spoke when leaving the hospital. I do wish Kate had held the baby with both hands. I also wish she had stopped fixing her hair and focused more on the infant. The heels? Bad choice. Very bad.

        Kate did not seem as attached to the baby as William did. He genuinely seemed happier than I have seen him in ages. Also, happy with George. Very sweet and a good father/son relationship. Kate, however, might be given a bit of slack since she is the one who just gave birth. I am sure she must still be uncomfortable and her hormones are an issue, for certain. If the words they spoke to each other are true, then Kate is concerned about the baby and that is something that needs to be acknowledged.

        I’m sorry that they did not make more of a point to make a few comments It could have been done quickly, but with a sense of knowing that everyone is interested and is eager for the “sound bites.”

    2. Lauri, You are a much better person than I!

      My cynicism for these two clouded the entire occasion. How can people be happy and excited for the new baby when the cambridge’s treat the public and press with complete disdain.

      The sugar press for them is total overkill.

    3. I was hoping they would say a few words as well, like they did last time. Sadly that didn’t happen. It does seem rude, especially for the fans who had been camping out there for so long. W&K didn’t even stand out there very long. They left in a hurry.

      George is going to be in for a rude awakening in regards to the new baby. He will no longer be the center of attention.

      Quick thought, though, re her getting camera ready. She couldn’t have been holding the baby when the hair and makeup people were working?

    4. Well Lauri as someone on twitter pointed out she spend more time with her hairdresser inside the hospital than given birth…

  18. How perfect that she had a girl. Kate couldn’t have been a better broodmare. First, the boy- had it been even one generation before and it would have been a requirement for succession. Then she has the girl, the second child Charles had hoped for. She pleased everyone with her spawn. People may criticize her, but she’s actually been perfect for what’s required of her. I only hope she isn’t cheated on constantly and ends up like Diana. Hopefully she enjoys her life.

    1. I have a really hard time sympathizing for her if she gets cheated on and treated poorly by Will. She pursued this life and even had been cheated on when they were dated. I think she knew what she was getting, but found it was worth the Royal title. Besides, who knows how difficult Kate is. You need not worry about her enjoying her life. As Dag said, that is all she cares about sadly.

  19. Congratulations on the new baby. I understand they wouldn’t feel like talking to the press so immediately.

    The vanity is astounding however. I can’t believe I actually imagined her in flats or short platforms like last time and I somehow am not suprised she had her hair down and played with it in the wind.
    Very unfortunate she looked to detached and unfocused on her new child.

    I think I am done with them.

  20. I think she looks so much better when her face is filled out. She actually looks like a nice person. Other times she looks like the real life embodiment of the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid, when Ursula wears the shell necklace and pretends to be a brunette lady.

  21. I get the feeling that Kate wants William’s attention. How she could hold her daughter like that with one hand. I could not hold my niece’s like that. I like how William picked George up and how George reached out to him. I hope Kate bonds with her daughter. It seems William wanted a daughter for some reason. They should have taken PG out to meet the crowds when they attended Church at Christmas. The poor little guy is only used to his bubble at Kensington and Amner Hall.

    1. When my cousin’s son was 10 days old I held him and eventually it became with one hand while I used the other to eat.

      They really need to acclimate George to the press and public. This outing confirmed that to me. He was so uncomfortable with the crowd. If he is going to be royal, and the heir no less, then he needs to get used to his life and role, not be hidden away in his fortresses.

      1. Well to be fair that didn’t work with Will, he had a good exposure with the press as a toddler and yet he was very uneasy with them. The best examples are the Swedish little princesses.

      2. Yes, but KMR, you were sitting when holding the baby and eating, am I correct?
        You were not wearing high heels and preparing to descend some cement steps.
        I think every new mother holds her new one with both arms wrapped lovingly around the babe.

  22. The baby looked like a plastic doll, it did not look big enough to be 8lb 3 oz. She was holding it like a bag of spuds, no head support, very short in length and strangely pointed at the foot end. The White shawl was strategically placed over fake belly bump. She did not have that maternal look when looking down at ‘it’. As for George he was terrified by the crowd and wanted to feel safe, he did not look comfortable with William because he is a virtual stranger to him. Watch the ‘kiss’ again, it ia perfunctory and not warm, it is hasty and quite aggressive. The sooner these fakes are revealed for what they are the better for us all. Fake baby, fake marriage, fakery fakery and more fakery! !

    1. Hmm that is interesting. Does postpartum depression hit that quickly after birth? The article sounds like they are stressed which leads to depression. With George she carried him on her left arm. We are probably all reading too much into this 🙂

      1. …. really, could it just be that Will carried the baby from the hospital room to the front door then passed the baby to Kate and it just ended up in her arms that direction?

        I really don’t think its a big deal….

  23. To be honest, when I watched them come out with the baby, I was more than a little concerned about her supporting the baby’s neck and head. She was just so out there, almost hanging. I kept wanting to reach into the screen and fix the way she was holding her.

    I can understand wanting to look nice for the masses, but if there is one day people would have cut her some slack, it was that day. The heels were ridiculous, flats would’ve been much more appropriate. I also noticed the strategic draping of the blanket over the tummy.

    If you think back to Diana and Sarah presenting their babies, they both dressed a lot better for the second presentations than the first. She’s just continuing in that SWF mode. William looks pretty happy to have a girl, but I do have to point out that when they came out to get into the car in the picture above, Kate looks thrilled beyond words that William is holding her hand as they come down the stairs. It’s like the baby doesn’t exist it’s just the two of them again.

    I bet Carole was spitting nails that she couldn’t get down to that hospital to get her hands on the baby and/or bring George with her. I’m really glad they told them to stay at home. Probably had something to do with them leaving so quickly though. Have to placate the Svengali.

    1. Yes, I though Diana looked much better debuting Harry than she did debuting William. Don’t know about Sarah because I’ve never actually seen pictures of her debuting her kids.

      1. Sarah gained a lot of weight with Beatrice. The press eviscerated her for it. When they presented Beatrice, she even tried to go pick up some flowers from a fan and almost tripped. When she presented Eugenie, she was wearing Yves Saint Laurent and was glam med up. Let me find a link.

        1. Thanks for info and links rhiannon. I feel sorry for Sarah re the press eviscerating her for her pregnancy weight gain. That’s just cruel.

          1. I remember how unkind they were. While Sarah is no saint, I’ve always had a soft spot for her because of that. I am still looking for the video. It was if she skidded and almost fell. I remember a hush went over the crowd and she just popped up smiling.

          2. Sarah has done some dumb things, but no one should be treated cruelly for gaining weight while pregnant. Good for Sarah that she was able to recover, both physically and emotionally, after almost falling.

          3. And they wonder why they can’t get decent women to marry in anymore.
            What sane woman would put up with the press abuse?

            In that respect, I feel for sarah. She had a really rough time with the british media back then.

  24. I hope she grows up to be more mature than Kate. More like a Princess Estelle who has a better work ethic than Kate.

  25. Congrats to Will and Kate! Their daughter is gorgeous! I’m hoping that they name her either Victoria or Charlotte.

    1. I must be the only one, but I don’t think newborn babies are cute at all. I never thought George was, but now that he is a toddler I think he is adorable. I think all newborns are the same. I can’t wait to see what this princess looks like as she grows. As of right now, she like all other newborns.

      1. Nope, not the only one! Newborns resemble very tiny (often angry) old people. Eat /poop//sleep/cry- repeat. Till the 5ish month point, and then cute factor starts ramping up 🙂

        1. Sometimes the fact that they look like grumpy old people is what makes them cute.

      2. I think it depends re newborn cuteness. Some newborns are really cute, but I’ve seen newborns who were really ugly and didn’t understand why everyone fawned over them.

  26. I think Kate and William both appeared to be seasoned parents. Kate held her baby with one arm because she has been carry PG around all the time and he is 3 times as heavy, as a parent of a young child you develop a skill for handling a child with one hand out of pure necessity. I think the blanket was draped because of ignorant comments the day she presented PG with regards to her belly size. The choice to carry PG with her right hand I assume was meant to make it easier for William to assist her if she needed a hand, he could easily take her arm closest to him and offer support, after all she had just given birth hours before. So silly that people are carrying on like old yappy hens over this. I also find it interesting that she looks too perfect having just given birth, if she looked worn-out you would criticize that too. The moment they step onto the steps of the Lindo Wing the pictures and video are broadcast around the world, the pictures preserved forever for various reasons, history, archives etc, If you new your photo would be pasted on magazines around the world, you too would want to look your best. They are a beautiful happy family with an excellent relationship with the Middleton family, something I suppose William cherishes because of his own upbringing. Diana craved the life William is living, in affect his life and it’s relative normalcy is a tribute to his late mother.

    1. “If you new your photo would be pasted on magazines around the world, you too would want to look your best.”

      I said this upthread. She is not the normal woman who just gave birth. She knew she was going to be photographed by the world’s media and the photos would be all over the world and internet. Of course she was going to be glammed up a bit.

    2. So, I appreciate people’s different opinions and had you just stated why you though Kate carried the Princess on her left arm, as well as the blanket, it would have been fine. And they were an interesting perspective. However, you then call the rest of us ‘old yappy hens’ for wondering about her doing so. Most of us wonder because there is always thought behind what Kate does. It is never what you see is what you get. This is a critical blog, so why are making personal attacks for people criticizing Kate’s actions??? Sadly we do this because most of us have been let down by Kate and a lot of things with these two seem fake. It is fine giving a different point of view, and may make some us of see differently, however, please don’t attack the posters for their opinions. Honestly, you come across as a sugar with your comment, especially by making personal attacks whenever anyone criticizes Kate and Will. I’m not trying to be rude, but if I want blindly-adoring comments who put down people who question Kate, I will go to a different blog. That is not something we do here. Sorry, but your comment and dig rubbed me the wrong way!

      1. I enjoy this blog because I appreciate the critical review of the Royals’. I like looking at things with a balanced perspective. Having said that I think a number of commenters on here are saying things to be cruel. “She is post partum psychotic and detached because she holds her baby with her right hand”….? I could go on but I wont, I think criticisms are good, when done in the right way they promote personal growth, but there is huge difference between constructive criticism and insults. My “Yappy Hen” comment qualified as both an insult and a generalization but certainly not a “personal attack” it can’t be personal because I don’t know you and my comment wasn’t directed specifically at you but rather the low blows directed towards Kate. I am not a loyal devotee or a royalist just a person that appreciates a myriad of views, critical and otherwise sans the low blows. You didn’t like the “Yappy Hen” comment? That’s probably because it crossed the line from constructive criticism to insult.

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