Carole and Pippa Middleton visit Kate and Princess Cambridge at Kensington Palace

Carole and Pippa Middleton visit Kate and Princess Cambridge at Kensington Palace

Carole and Pippa Middleton were seen driving into Kensington Palace to visit with Kate Middleton and the new Princess Cambridge. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall were also spotted driving into KP. The Queen is currently at Sandringham and will not visit the baby today. It is possible she will not meet the new baby until Kate and Prince William move Prince George and Princess Cambridge out to Anmer Hall.

Carole and Pippa arrived at KP before Charles and Camilla. So the Middletons were the first to see the new baby, just like last time with George.

Carole drove herself and Pippa, while Charles drove himself and Camilla.

Kate’s “good friend” and godmother to George, Emilia Jardine-Paterson, was also spotted driving into KP.

Michael Middleton was also spotted going into KP.

visitor to kP

More pictures of Princess Cambridge and Prince George, because cuteness:

112 thoughts on “Carole and Pippa Middleton visit Kate and Princess Cambridge at Kensington Palace

  1. Okay, if this is really the first time that Carole is seeing her new granddaughter, it kind of explains the face. She’s not smiling, she’s not happy. Carole got shut out of the hospital visit in front of the press, didn’t get to bring George to the hospital and didn’t get her hands on the baby until the morning after??? Me thinks Carole is not a very happy grandmother right now. Could this be part of what William was referring to as a game changer?

    1. Wasn’t there chatter that they were at KP with george yesterday? I find it hard to believe they didn’t see the baby yesterday.

      1. From what I’ve read, Carole left KP after William picked up George for his visit with his new sister. I imagine that W&K wanted to rest and relax after a sleepless night before the birth.

        I thought is was rather odd that none of the Middleton’s were smiling. They are going to see their new granddaughter/niece for the first time, I would think that would warrant ear-to-ear grins. Nice to see Camilla smiling though.

        I can’t wait to hear what name has been selected. I’m thinking it will be Charlotte.

        1. Hopefully they are being put back in their place.

          I agree with red snapper – Maybe they aren’t allowed an extended stay at KP? I bet they’ll be off to bucklebury palace this evening or tomorrow.

          I doubt kate likes being around the grey men or nosy neighbors at kp that much and prefers the privacy of her mother’s house.

        2. Carol is p…..! The middletons carol was not allowed (HM The Firm/POW putting their foot down – back to RF traditions); Carol was not able to ‘have her press day at the Lindo Wing front door, so she is not happy – too bad!

          Km baby is not about carol and the middletons. Prince William’s wife is – any woman he marry would have gotten this attention (not because km is a middleton or carol’s daughter). I say good, it’s about time the personal gain/game of the middletons climbing ends.

        3. Charles and Camilla were both smiling, which was nice to see.

    2. I have this idea that the one of the reasons Kate spends so much time in Bucklebury is that Carole isn’t allowed to live at KP with her. Or maybe she’s just strongly discouraged. Those courtiers/grey men can be pretty ruthless and it’s been said many, many times that when Carole is around things become very “middle class”. Carole doesn’t seem to be able to rule the roost at KP the way she does at Anmer, that’s for sure. Then again, maybe it’s not the grey men, maybe William has had enough of Carole tugging at Kate’s apron strings. That would certainly explain a lot of the discord between W and K.

      1. I actually think it is because London is a dirty polluted city. Also, because Kate is a spoiled child who can’t be bothered to manage her own household so prefers to be a guest.

        1. “Kate is a spoiled child who can’t be bothered to manage her own household so prefers to be a guest”


      2. I would love to be a fly on the wall for a day in Kate and William’s house. Just to see what really is happening.

        Then, when the day is done, I would want to return to my life.

        Yes, I am nosy that way. These two have so much PR flying around them, I would like to know the truth.

        1. It would be fun to peek into their private lives and see what’s really going on. I wouldn’t normally care, but, as you said, they have so much PR BS flying around them that it would be interesting to see what the truth behind the PR is.

    3. Agree, Carole is not a happy camper. Her face looks like thunder. I’m wondering if it was suggested that she wait to visit after PC? But being the tough and controlling woman that she is insisted on visiting before PC and Camilla anyway? Perhaps MIchael Middleton arrived later out of respect for protocol. He always struck me as someone happy to stay in the background and abide by the rules.
      Anyway, hope someone eventually reins in Carole. Though not sure if anyone is strong enough to do so.

    4. Of course scarol and the middletons teed – she the middletons didn’t get the Lindo Wing front door press paps she prefers … But who cares – they are NOT royal!!

      No one would be interested if km had a baby with anyone – and any woman Prince Williams marry, would have had the same importance; its not due to carol or the middletons.

    5. I believe she looks rather like the main character from 101Dalmations! Perhaps Prince William has finally out his foot down and is determined to put an end to his mother-in-law’s dominance in his marriage and life. It seems Carole Middleton can be found almost everywhere the royal couple ventures and spends an inoridinate amount of time with them sans her husband Michael who remains in the background. Obviously Carole Middleton enjoys being in the spotlight and press and ‘rides the coat tails’ of her eldest daughter at every possible opportunity whereas her husband remains quietly in the background and out of the press and photo ops. I suppose one could accurately describe Carole Middleton as an opportunist who is living her life vicariously through her daughters. She should return to Bucklebury and her husband and concentrate on running the family business with him.

  2. I hope William will be able to run his family his way and if The Stone Face Claw (aka Ma Middleton) doesn’t like it then tough!
    On a lighter note- how cute were William and George! And for those who think William isn’t round his son much? Little children don’t put their arms up like that to be picked up to strangers, only people they trust and are around heaps. I think it was really cute, and George was really good to not freak out when he saw the media pack and all those cameras! Well done George! And well done William for making George feel safe in a strange setting!

    1. Cathy, my cousin runs a baby/toddler creche – 2mths – 3yr olds for the past 15yrs at which we’ve helped from time to time.

      It’s my experience that babies are instinctively trusting. I don’t think I have that good a bedside manner, but i’ve been able to hold babies/toddlers like i’m their best carer having met them a few minutes earlier. And babies are selfish in that they will demand what they want as they want it. People saying PGtips demanded to be carried because he was nervous are reading too much into it. He may have simply wanted to be carried and demanded it because that’s what he wanted at that moment.

      Babies tend to be more fussy if they are helicoptered by one person. They take on their anxieties and idiosyncracies. Aside from needing to be calm around babies, a baby like PGtips, that has had lots of different carers aside from his mother is more calm about meeting strangers especially where William is occasionally present. That becomes their normal as opposed to being around just one person such that they distrust strangers. I’ve been surprised by how much the babies I haven’t seen in weeks react to my presence since I didn’t think we’d bonded to extent that they’d remember me.

      Also, a calm baby is never a sign of bonding especially if the carer is calm and reassuring the baby as William was doing. The true test of bonding is where the baby becomes upset. They ALWAYS have just one person they seek reassurance from. That is the person they’ve truly bonded with.

      We haven’t seen PGtips upset, at least in public, so we can’t know for sure who he has truly bonded with.

      1. Somehow I doubt that is Carole or Kate. I think Kate could be a bit more comfortable in her body language which would help. I am guessing Diana parented William which is why he had a strong bond with her along with her anxieties. Wasn’t there a story that when Diana was upset, William used to pass tissues under the door for her. The only time William was sad was when that friend of his was killed. I am rambling sorry.

        1. I just think it was cute that when George didn’t want to walk he put his hands up to his Daddy and Dad picked him up. Also, George snuggled into him and he seemed way more comfortable with William than any photo I’ve seen of Kate holding him, apart from that time at the Plunket event in Wellington, NZ.
          Hi Herazeus, you must be instinctively good with Babies and Toddlers because from what I’ve seen – they will freak out and cry more often than let a stranger or someone they hardly know pick them up.

  3. Interesting side note – the Queen is staying at Wood Farm because Sandringham has just opened for tourists. Meaning if W and K go to Anmer they’ll have to occupy the same 10 bedroom mansion. Plus Carole. Oh noes! Either William will have to borrow another cottage from Granny, or Kate will go to Bucklebury.

    1. Possible carol mike the middletons will NOT be staying at AH – BP/CH/KP already found/have househelp at AH.

      HMs remaining there to ensure keeping the middletons away.

      Does it seem to anyone – baby Princess has uncle Prince Harry’s red hair?!

    2. Why would they have to share the same 10 bedroom mansion? Wood Farm and Anmer are two different houses…….

      1. Yes. The Queen is staying at Wood Farm, so it is occupied. Therefore, Will and Kate will have to share Anmer, which is a 10 bedroom mansion. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

        1. Why do you think they don’t live together? Am sure the British press would be all over that.

          1. The reason I don’t think they live together is because, for most of the four years of their marriage, they’ve been sighted in different places from each other by random twitter users. They are *rarely* together. That’s not an opinion, it’s verified fact. The press don’t comment on it because… William will sue them? Because it doesn’t fit the fairy tale love story that has been concocted for them? Because they rely on the goodwill of the RF for other stories? Take your pick. FYI the press knew about the discord in the Wales marriage for several years before a word was mentioned in British papers.

          2. Maybe it’s a work thing? My parents don’t stay at the same house all the time. My father has an apartment near his work because he is needed a lot. On his off days, he comes back home to my mother.

  4. With grandchild #1 we’ve already had the “Charles is being kept away from George” articles, “Carole takes the nightshifts so exhausted W&K can sleep” (despite the maternity nurse they said they didn’t have) business and then Carole speaking before to the press before the royals about their heir and future king. I think the Middletons or someone who cares about their public image discouraged another public showing of the ‘March of the Middletons.’

    After the articles about Charles refusing to be draw into a “who gets there first” battle with the Middletons two week ago, I think a decision was made that instead of both Kate’s parents seeing the new royal before the Royals that Michael should hold off and wait for Prince Charles.

    Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t seem too pleased and none of them are smiling. Or perhaps an intentional decision so the photos reflect them not thinking this moment is about them and smiling for the camera. I might be reading too much into it but maybe they’re trying to rehabilitate her/their image, let the nation warm up to Carole and change the existing “she’s always meddling” public image.

    1. She is probably concentrating on driving. I would be weirded out if someone was smiling maniacally while driving.

      1. I can drive while smiling. So can Charles. He drove Camilla and he over to see the baby. I do find it odd Carole looked so unhappy. She is going to meet her second grandchild! You wouldn’t be able to wipe the smile off my face if it were me.

        1. Charles was beaming and waved as he drove into KP, why not at least a smile from Carole or even Pippa? Especially if the photogs were out in full force, I’d think she’d want to show for the press that she was over the moon over her granddaughter. Odd goings-on.

  5. With grandchild #1 we had the “Charles is being kept away from George” articles, “Carole takes the nightshifts so exhausted W&K can sleep” (despite the maternity nurse they said they didn’t have) and then Carole speaking to the press before the royals (Charles) about his heir and the nation’s future king. I think the Middletons or someone who cares about their public image discouraged another public showing of the ‘March of the Middletons.’

    After the articles about Charles refusing to be drawn into a “who gets there first” battle with the Middletons two week ago, I think a decision was made that instead of both Kate’s parents seeing the new royal before the Royals that Michael should hold off and wait for Prince Charles.

    Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t seem too pleased and none of them are smiling. Or perhaps an intentional decision so the photos reflect them not thinking this moment is about them and smiling for the camera. I might be reading too much into it but maybe they’re trying to rehabilitate her/their image, let the nation warm up to Carole and change the existing “she’s always meddling” public image.

  6. Gie, I think your theory is interesting. I wonder, though, maybe it isn’t the Middleton’s image that is being cleaned up. Perhaps someone in the RF, or advisors, has realized that the image of the RF is tarnished when someone like Carole is allowed to come in and “run” things.

  7. Dag, I hope that’s true. I hope the RF has realized that they don’t want the future Royal Family to be Middleton!! I think when Charles becomes King, he will put Carol in her place. I expect to see that sour face from Carol more often when that happens. The title of this article should be that Charles and Camilla visit the new Princess…… Carol and Pippa…ugh!!!

    1. I agree. Prince Williams’ children are /belongs to the BRF and should be interacting/bonding/ living with the rest of the Monarch’s family- NOT isolated, hidden in buckleberry with ‘commoner’ middletons (which has nothing to do with being regular but more about the middletons benefit-climbing and personal gains by association.

      May 2 – the new addition of Princess C, was a very good day for dad Prince William and the memorable photos of P Will and George as well (following royal tradition of POW – Will visit to brother Prince Harry at the same age as PG).

      Especially, photos of P Will setting down George to walk – PG getting scared by the cheering crowd and wanted to be picked up again (not wanting to walk)) – Wills bending to again pick up George; both waving together. We really haven’t seen P Will being dad per se – and Saturday it was P Will and George alone…lovely photos.

      Also photos of young Will with his dad POW P Charles heading into Lindo to visit newborn Prince Harry – the way Wills climbed the steps – and from behind g=holding his dad’s hand (we have seen before entering Lindo). .

    2. Only Carole and Pippa had arrived to visit the baby when I posted the article. That’s why their names are in the title.

  8. Hopefully Camila put the smack down on Carole. I am surprised that Carole or Pippa isn’t smiling. I’ve always wondered about Michael. What is his role in this? Is he willing or is he just along for the ride?

    1. There was a story during the dating years. Small, but significant. Around the media hullabaloo of the wedding that didn’t happen when they were 25, Michael was said to have enquired about a coat of Arms at the institution that assigns them. That was part of the reason the press went wild about the wedding rumour because why would Michael ask after a COA if a wedding wasn’t imminent.

      Ever since that story, i’ve always thought that whilst Michael holds back publicly, he is in the thick of it. Right there with Carole. He is the springboard that allows them to leap and supports all the scheming despite the quiet low profile he takes.

      1. That explains a lot. I’ve always looked at him as being cuckolded.He just doesn’t rub me the wrong way that Carole does.

        1. He does rub me off the wrong way, in some ways more than Carole (which is hard to admit). I think when he took the first amateurish snaps of newborn George I lost any respect left for him. Without the criticism of people who said he was an opportunistic grandfather trying to make a profit by owning the copyrights to those first pics, he would have made a handsome sum from pure royalties. It was only later, and in small print, that they later said he released the copyright to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

      2. I always thought it was interesting that it was Michael who got the coat of arms instead of just Kate. Kate could have requested her own coat of arms herself (and it would have applied just to her and not her family). But Michael got the coat of arms which applies to the entire family, not just Kate.

        And I agree with you about Michael. I’ve always gotten the feeling that while he comes off as harmless, he is much more involved that we realize. Carole overshadows him so much, but he is right there with her.

      3. I’ve never underestimated Mike’s role in securing Prince William for his daughter. Didn’t they book all those vacations – including the one in Scotland where PW did a no-show, complete with 4-poster bed for his daughter and her then-boyfriend? What respectable father does that? I think he “whored” his daughter just as much as Carole did. He always looks shifty to me, and whilst he tries to downplay his role, he always happens to somehow be around where the action is…

          1. Mike has known what was going on since day one. He may have/had his own doubts/issues with the pursuit or he may have been cheering it on from the start. For all we know he is henpecked and dominated to within an inch of his life. We rarely hear this man speak up about anything. He just smiles and moves on. It’s all about Carole. And the asking about the coat of arms thing could have been something he was put up to as well. We just don’t or won’t know unless someone really gets fed up and blows the whole thing out of the water.

          2. Gawd I would love a Middleton tell-all. That would be amazing!

    2. Royal Protocol rules!

      That’s what carol km the middletons waity several years for…the new Princess don’t need such grooch visitors.

  9. I find it very intriguing that Carole arrived slightly before C&C, and without Michael. My guess is that this time, C&C were given first time and Carole ignored that & deliberately came first, hence overlapping oddly with C&C.

    Michael, on the other hand, was having none of Caroles nonsense & stayed away until the appropriate time – arriving & leaving separately.

    The tide is turning, KMR-ettes. William is trying to run his own family now & Carole is digging in. William will win – Carole has bitten off far more than she can chew & with Michael not supporting her, its a quick drop.

    Any stories about the march of the Middletons will be fed by Carole in future.

    1. Mike Middleton may not have organized Will and Kate’s relationship the way that Carole has, but he knew what was happening. He helped pay for it. He has, at the very least, stood idly by while his daughter whored herself out to get a ring. If his arriving at KP later than his wife is a sign that he has put his foot down, it is the first time he has ever signaled his displeasure.

      1. Mikes timing doesn’t indicate he put his foot down – that would have been if Carole had listened to him & turned up later, with him. It’s an indication he’s not supporting Carole in her pushy ways and that is a jolly good thing.

    2. I agree with you. I think Michael went at the appropriate time and Carole and Pippa jumped the gun. I can’t fault them for that. They were probably excited after all but I have a feeling Charles and Camilla were given the go ahead to see the baby first this time around to counter all the “William doesn’t let me see my grandchildren” stories and Carole “reigned” on their parade.

      And she and Pippa probably look all glum because they know when they smile the press labels them as the cats that ate the canaries. They can’t win at this point after all the negative “controlling” stories lately.

  10. I dont think Carole was supposed to be visiting at that particular time….she has that “its my daughter and nobody is going to tell me when i can see her” look on her face. It appears that Pipshit is just along for the ride…Carole looks way too determined, like she is storming the palace gates.

          1. Love your guys’ posts.
            I had to sadly decide to stop posting at another blog, whose author I really do like. I just can’t fake not being put off by the blatant vanity displayed yesterday, and the resulting “OMG she’s a superhero!” posts by superfans.

    1. Not sure if she has a corn cob in her hair but that sounds like a good guess to me. Whatever look she was going for ended up on the gnarly side. Unhappy Carole combined with corn cob is not a good combination.
      Pippa looks like a hesitant participant in that car. She should’ve waited and gone with Pops Middleton instead. Wonder why we haven’t seen Boomf Boy pop in yet?

        1. Totally agree Stephanie…i saw a post a while back that actually compared Catherine to a Saint. Bluhare…i always appreciate the fact that your posts are rational. Couldn’t stand the attacks over there anymore and quite frankly some of those people are a little on the creepy side..IMO

    2. OMG, I’m dying right now!! That ‘do is the only thing that really caught my eye in all those visitor pics. Seriously, I stared at it FOREVER ( time I’ll never get back!), trying to figure out what was going on there. Corn cob works for me! Thanks jenndog 😉

  11. Seeing PW holding his son and even a kiss is quite something. I’ve never seen any picture of PW so affectionate with his son.

    I am with J. Carole was driving so perhaps she was more focussed on not running a photographer over. Probably why she looked so serious.

    Did the Middletons not hang out at KP at all? They must be very happy since they have a chance to be at Kensington Palace now.

  12. Ma & Pa Midds arriving separately sure is strange.

    If I was expecting a child, was close to my mother, and had a home with 20+ rooms like Kate, I would have my mother living there waiting for the birth and then when I return with my child she would still be there. I guess because Ma Midds couldn’t go to the the hospital for that photo op, she was gonna make sure she was seen driving in like Prince Charles.

    The drama goes on and on and on…

    1. It’s possible the men in grey won’t let Carole stay at KP for any great length of time.

    1. Lol I was thinking the same thing. Definitely a hair piece in the back.

  13. I would so have loved to be a fly on the wall during that meeting. Can you imagine it Carole with the corncob hair do, Pipshit, Prince Charles and Camilla all in the same room with Wills and Waity? I bet that conversation was stilted and very polite. I also think that Charles and Camilla were supposed to see the baby first and that Carole and Pipshit ( sorry I love this name) came before they were supposed to. I really hope that Wills starts to stand up to Carole.

    I have a feeling that someone has had a word in his ear about the performance that Carole and Michael put on at the hospital when George was born and Wills was told that there was not to be a repeat of it. Wills respects and listens to his Grandmother, so I am guessing that HM has had a word to him and he has listened.

      1. Was just going to post that. I think it’s a very pretty name. I wonder what the thinking behind Charlotte is. It could be a feminine version of Charles, or allude to another family member.

    1. I really like it! Named for a (future) King, a Queen, and one of the most beloved members of the Royal family. So basically named after Will’s Dad and Mom – but nothing for Scarole! No wonder she looked like thunder yesterday.

      Maybe if they go for three she can get a taste. Until then, I’m glad they’ve gone with traditional royal names. Maybe they’ll start acting more like a traditional royal family.

      1. I love that they honored William’s parents and grandmother and didn’t honor Kate’s mom at all.

        1. Unfortunately, I think they gave her an honor just as grand as Elizabeth and Diana. “Carolus” is the Latin form of Charles. Think Carolus Magnus for Charlemagne a.k.a. Charles the Great. That’s ultimately where Caroline and therefore Carole are derived from. :/

  14. I am quite shocked about Diana. I love that they added it, but thought they would go with Frances. It’s a sweet homage to his mom and glad the Queen approved it. I still feel like little Charlotte will be saddled with the burden if Diana’s name and legacy.

    1. I understand wanting to pay tribute to his mother, but that’s putting a big legacy on this little girl.

      1. I think this little girl will be burdened with the legacy of Diana whether or not she bears her name. At least Diana falls last in the list of names, Charlotte will always be known by this lovely name or (hopefully not) a nickname and it does honor Diana.

  15. Hate the name Charlotte. Only good thing about it will be dubbing her Charlie. I’m glad that Elizabeth and Diana are in the names, too. Diana would have loved to be around to see her grand children Just disappointed about Charlotte. Ugh!

  16. Now, to get back to the Carole and the Pipster crashing the gates at KP, wow, Carole’s face says it all. “I’m miffed. I won’t be treated like this.” Yes, well, we guess you will! Odd that Mike Midds came separately. And, where was Kate’s brother?

    C&C looked so happy. I think Carole must be feeling the squeeze a bit. Her antics are not being received the way they once were.

  17. Charlotte is pretty, it will be a shame if that name is always linked to PipPip as she is not a good role model. But at least she trys? Has The Marshmallow Man come calling? Did he visit in the early days after George’s birth? I can’t remember.

    1. Oh, Cathy, love The Marshmallow Man, title for Kate’s bro. Yes, where was he? Harry, at least, has an excuse. So many, many, many miles away. I don’t recall where the brother was when PG was born.

  18. Oh, I don’t like the name Charlotte, either. Never have liked it. I agree that “Charlie” is cute, though, for a girl. Just the way Sam is cute for Samantha. Not that the Royals would have named their girl Samantha, though. I am happy that Princess Diana has been honored by giving her name to the baby, too. I see nothing wrong in doing that. The child is not named Diana, so how will she be expected to live up to her dear, late grandmother? If Diana’s name had not been given in any way, I think that would have been detestable. I am sure Carole is miffed that her name isn’t in there anywhere.

    Speaking of Carole, she and Pippa did not look very happy at all in the photos. Carole’s face always reminds me of stormy weather. Where was the joy, the excitement, the happy anticipation of seeing the baby?

    Yes, perhaps, she is finally getting her due for all her controlling ways. I am sure she can’t wait to move in with the Cambridges and start shaping little Charlotte’s future. Her days might be numbered there, though.

    1. “If Diana’s name had not been given in any way, I think that would have been detestable.”


    2. charlotte is pippa’s middle name. elizabeth is the middle name of both kate and her mother. The name is very middleton.

  19. I am pleased they honoured Diana, and that HM was honoured too. I don’t dislike the name Charlotte and I do not like it. I wonder if that was William’s suggestion. It definitely is a popular name at the moment.

  20. I think that William’s strong love for his mother’s memory needed to be honored in naming his daughter. More so than giving Kate her engagement ring. I am glad that the name Diana is “allowed” by the Royals. After all, in her lifetime, she was not treated so well, was she?
    That is what I meant, KMR. I feel as if I am being graded on an exam, actually.

  21. Carole is the only grandmother Charlotte has. At least she cares about her family, although her daughter Kate seems excessively spoiled. I believe she may be unconsciously using a bit of “over-kill” just to make sure what happened to Diana doesn’t happen to her daughter. I also believe they just might be a very close knit family and would be a bit overbearing no matter who Kate had married. They have done an awfully lot considering no one that we know of ever handed them anything…. they earned it themselves. How can you hold that against them? Carole does seem to have a strong personality, but that is most likely how Kate arrived at where she is today, Princess Kate.

  22. Why shouldn’t the Royals “allow” Prince William to name his daughter after her grandmother Lady Diana? She is as much the child’s grandmother as Queen Elizabeth is the child’s great grandmother. The name Diana is also a very regal and historic name; I think it is lovelier than the name Charlotte. I am disappointed that it was not chosen as the first name because the little girl would have had the recognition of all the wonderful things that Lady Diana represented in her short life time.

  23. Oh, yes one more thought: unfortunately sometimes as women age their muscles sag making them look sad or Stoney when they really aren’t; of course men seem to have an advantage as regards aging. Prince Charles has been groomed from birth about waving and smiling for the public and Carole Middleton has been thrown into this public role in her past middle age. This said, I am glad PC was allowed to see his granddaughter 1st this time; he looks splendid and joyful just as Michael Middleton does.

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