Prince William and Kate Middleton name their daughter Charlotte

Prince William and Kate Middleton name their daughter Charlotte

Sorry I’m several hours late to the party on this one, but Princess Cambridge has a name! Kensington Palace announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Charlotte will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

In a statement, Kensington Palace said:

    “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.
    “The baby will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.”

There are seemingly three tributes in Princess Charlotte’s name: Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and the late Princess Diana. **The Queen and Diana are obvious, though Will and Kate may have just liked the name Charlotte and the fact that it is the feminine version of Charles may be a coincidence.

I really like the name Charlotte, and Elizabeth was kind of a given. Ugh about Diana but of course William was going to have that in there.

Interestingly, Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, and William’s uncle, named his youngest daughter Charlotte Diana. So Princess Charlotte shares a name with her Spencer cousin.

A fun little info graphic about the names:

Princess Charlotte name graphic

There was a 41 gun salute by soldiers from The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery in Hyde Park today.

41 gun salute for Princess Charlotte
[Crown Copyright/Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC (photgrapher)/Army in London Facebook]

41 gun salute for Princess Charlotte2
[Crown Copyright/Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC (photgrapher)/Army in London Facebook]

171 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton name their daughter Charlotte

  1. That name is going to get Willy loads more gap years. Diana must be rolling in her grave. Her name on a middleton spawn. Ugh.

    William gets the ring of doom and his mother’s name. Fortunately she only had one son…

    I feel bad for Harry at times like these. Cue the stories about Harry being sooooo understanding and willy happens to get what he wants.

    William’s jealously issues and his choice of wife are already pushing Harry away. Diana would be very sad to see how their relationship is becoming increasingly distant.

    charlotte elizabeth is better than george.

    1. Maybe Harry had good sense not to saddle his future bride with that ring. It was their mother’s ring true, but also a symbol of a famously miserable marriage. Diana must have other jewelry that could be shared and that has less bad juju.

      1. Out of all his mother’s possessions, he chose the ring. It must be special to him. I doubt he would’ve been careless enough to propose with it though. How he could be happy with it on kate?

        Imo willy bullied his way into getting the ring and harry relented.

        1. Diana left William her ring in her Will. Harry was left her wedding dress.

          The proof is there to see online, if you don’t believe me.

          It’s become a myth that William snuck it away from Harry, but its absolutely not true.

          1. I knew someone very close to BP around the time of the funeral, and their firsthand account was that the boys were asked to take a personal momento from Diana. Harry chose the ring whilst William took the watch. At the time, It made more sense for William to have the watch because the watch he took was very close to Diana as it was her father’s watch and her personal momento at Earl Spencer’s death.

            It’s common knowledge that Diana’s wishes as written in her will were largely ignored especially distribution of her estate and timings of disbursements of her estate.

            She may have willed the ring to William in her will, but at her funeral, Harry chose the ring.

            I also need to point out that the will was written long before her death with no expectation of imminent death. I’d venture to speculate that is why her executors felt empowered to change her wishes.

            Harry taking the ring at her funeral is not a myth.

            If nothing else, we have the creeper Paul Burrell swearing an oath in court on this fact, not to mention his various memoirs dining out on it.

            Paul Burrell *is* a creeper who was obsessed with Diana, many of the household staff said as much, but he wasn’t someone who lied *about* Diana. If anything he relished knowing stuff about her and the boys.

          2. That simply isn’t true.

            Her will doesn’t reference the engagement ring or wedding dress at all.

            Apparently, she had intended the wedding dress for a British museum

            It was made clear soon after her death that Harry chose her ring and william chose a watch.
            “CALLER: Hello, Larry, hello, Paul. I’d like to just ask you if you know whatever happened to Diana’s engagement ring? She thought an awful lot of that.

            BURRELL: I know exactly what happened to her engagement ring. It isn’t a secret to tell you this. When the boys were asked what they would like of their mother’s possessions, William chose her watch, which she wore every day of her life, and Harry chose her engagement ring because he knew it was so special to his mother.”

            So it was surprising for everyone to see it on kate and then they had to try and explain it.



            The only link I found, which says that william got the ring was written in 2015. Talk about rewriting history!

          3. Hi everybody, I was just over at the Daily Mail and they’ve got a Richard Kay article up about what a swell guy William is for making sure his mother isn’t forgotten (??), and he says in it (not contradicting, Herazeus, more like wondering if the narrative is changing as we look) that William chose the ring and Harry the watch when they went back to KP three months after she died. The article also says that the reason they’re in KP was that William wanted to “go home” and that they don’t have Diana’s old apartment because it wasn’t available. I swore I read at the time that it was available but Kate didn’t want it because it would be “creepy” to live there? Is my memory finally going?

          4. Thanks for your insightful knowledge Herazeus.

            History being rewritten before our eyes.

            There were story that it had been given to Harry but they both felt the future Queen consort should wear the ring and that’s why Harry gave the ring to William when he asked.

            Well, that’s at the spin they fed us as to why Kate and not Harry’s future bride would have the ring. I definitely remember.

            Don’t trust Woman’s Day, they make up crap ALL the time.

    2. What’s left of Diana for Harry? William got the ring and the name, because SHUT UP, that’s why. The only other iconic thing I can think of is the (gorgeous) sapphire choker. I’m not a jewelry porn sort of person, but I love(d) that choker. I’ve been wondering if Kate would wear it at some point, but she seems to have nothing of Diana’s except the ring and maybe a pair of earrings. Maybe they’re waiting for Harry to get married before they divide up the bling, in which case I hope Harry’s wife grabs that choker with both hands and snarls at Kate to step off.

      1. I love that sapphire choker as well; to me that’s just as iconic a piece of jewelry as the engagement ring. I hope Harry inherited it because William when/if he becomes king will inherit the crown jewels. But I just want to seen it worn again!

      2. Harry got Diana’s spirit, personality, charm, hard work ethic, and compassion.

        Much better and more important than a ring and a name.

        Also, he can still totally use the name as the middle name for his future daughter, I don’t think it would be a big deal.

        I’m fine with the name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

        1. I agree, Stephanie.

          I think we can all see that 🙂

          It wouldn’t surprise me to see DIANA as a middle name again. I get the feeling it will happen.

        1. The sapphire choker would look ridiculous on Kate. She just doesn’t know how to rock big jewelry.

          1. This comment is for Dan Tagart, but I couldn’t see a “reply” option for your comment, sorry. The hair twirling has always driven me nuts and made her look like a vapid twat, but I was talking to my psychologist mother about it and she thinks it might be a mental illness called Trichotillomania, which usually manifests in people pulling out their own body hair (eyelashes, head hair, etc…) but can also manifest as an uncontrollable urge to play with, touch and twirl hair and would also account for the crotch clutching. It’s an interesting idea because I think Kate is essentially a very vapid, sheltered and spoiled person, but that she is also very shy and feels a lot of pressure in her role, that she really is very unsuited for. She just doesn’t have the class, personality, presence and warmth that is needed for someone in her position and if after over the decade that she has spent closely linked to the Royals and then later being a part of the Royal Family, she still isn’t able to hide her nervous tics in public, I suspect that she has some pretty serious mental issues that make her unsuitable as a public figure. Right now she is coasting on having fulfilled her main duty of producing heirs, but doesn’t have anything else to offer and is squandering her position and privileges by not giving back. She is not a true Royal, she is just married to one, and I think her personality and nervous tics, if they haven’t been curtailed by now, probably never will and will contribute to the downfall of the British Monarchy.

      3. Harry got his mother’s way with people. He also got her amazing zest for life. None of us truly know the story of the ring vs. the watch. I just wish Kate had received her own engagement ring and that Harry’s intended (whenever and whomever) will receive her own, too. And, perhaps that special bride will wear the Spencer tiara on her wedding day. Much greater bling than what Kate sported on her day.

        And, Harry may have the edge when it comes to naming a future daughter. He won’t have to justify giving his child his Mum’s first name . And, truly, I see nothing wrong with that. Just love.

        I think William’s giving his Mum’s name to his little girl — even if it’s the third name, is lovely. And, oh, I am sorry, but I just don’t like the name Charlotte.

        1. The Spencer tiara belongs to the Spencers’ (i.e. Earl of Spencer) and not the royal family. As Harry is not a Spencer, but rather a Windsor, his future wife will wear a tiara (if she chooses) from the collection of the Queen and not the Spencers’.

  2. I’m underwhelmed at this choice. For some reason I wanted them to pick something other than the three names everyone has been saying they’d choose for months now. If I were them I would have done! I do like Lottie as a nickname though.

    1. That’s how I felt with George. Everyone had been saying George for so long that it was just the super boring, vanilla choice and totally underwhelming. At least Charlotte is better than Alice or Victoria in that way, but not by much. Elizabeth and Diana are super boring and obvious. It would have been nice if the Cambs had been a bit more interesting in their baby name choice. But I like Charlotte, it’s fine. At least the first name isn’t Diana.

      1. I agree to a point, that they are very safe, vanilla names. However, if they were to name their children more popular names, they might get a lot of side-eye. There is nothing wrong with top 100 names, but they don’t have the same history behind them. I also can’t really imagine a Prince Liam or Princess Madison. JMO.

        1. I loathe the name George. It’s an old name. It was said that Kate wanted him to be named Alexander. But, she had to relent to Will. As usual.

          1. That’s interesting. I liked Alexander and was hoping for that. George always reminds me of an old man :). Where did you hear about that Rhiannon? I never knew that before.

          2. I have always liked Alexander as a name more than George. Too bad they didn’t go with that name as the first name.

      2. Sorry, KMR ,and Alice is not boring? I know you like that name, so forgive me. From my perspective it sounds like a waitress at some dive on a USA Highway.

  3. I think it’s a lovely choice to honour Williams Mum & Dad – I bet that went down like a bucket of cold sick at Middleton Manor.

    I also like that Kates initials are the same as her daughters – both CC.

    Good on ya, William & Kate. You’ve had a very good week showing us George & honouring the Royal roots with the babies names.

    1. We’ve got
      Carol Elizabeth
      Catherine Elizabeth
      Charlotte Elizabeth
      – Charlotte is Pippa’s middle name. The female line is represented/recognized.

  4. And yet… there is also a strong Carole connection to the name Charlotte: Carol(ine) is the French feminine version of Charles. I think the name is about as vanilla as can be.

  5. I like this name so much more than George Alexander Louis (I always wished Alexander was used as a first name, but I’m clearly biased and not in charge.)

    Charlotte Elizabeth Diana seems like a great nod towards everyone it pays tribute to without saddling the baby with comparison down the road. I even love that Charles gets a nod, even if it wasn’t fully intended.

        1. They would not have been allowed to call him Alexander as if he ever inherited the throne it would be complicated to name him Alexander I as there was a king Alexander the I in Scotland, and they can’t name him Alexander II as Scotland and England had separate Royal Families, also its a popular scottish name more than English, the monarchy has to name according them possibly inheriting the throne.

          1. They could have named him anything they wanted as long as there was a “King name” in there somewhere – like if George were a middle name. Queen Victoria’s first name was Alexandrina, and George VI’s first name was Albert. They both chose a middle name when they inherited the throne. The monarch does not have to chose their first name as their King/Queen name.

          2. If PGtips went with Alexander as his Rex name, he’d be Alexander I and II of the united Kingdom. It’s been done in the past with James I and IV of England who ruled over England and Scotland, and it can be done with PGtips.

    1. Agree about Alexander. Much better name than George. And I also agree that Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is better than George Alexander Louis.

  6. I love the name!! I understand the tradition of naming children after members of your family (my family does the same thing). The connections to the Middleton’s are understandable, I am just happy that “Carole” isn’t apart of the name (yikes and yuck)!! I think it was obvious that Diana would be apart of the first girl or any girl (s) born to PW/Harry. PW doesn’t own that name, Harry can use it just as Charles Spencer. This issue with the spare is the reason that I am happy they had a girl. I think that a female spare has more opportunity to carve out a life, vs a male. I mean look at poor Harry and Prince Andrew. The fact that she is a Royal Princess and that there are very few in the BRF makes her so special!! I just hope she grows up comfortable in her skin and with a sense of responsibility and duty (unlike her parents). Maybe she can make a difference, you know the opposite of what Kate does today!!! Take note Kate/Carole, we would like to see a Royal Princess not a Middleton!!! I hope they don’t keep her from the public, I’m more interested in her growth/developed than PG!!!

    1. Sadly, I think that the name Charlotte honors Carole equally as much as it honors Charles. Somehow the Cambridges managed to get a twofer and slyly nod to both grandparents with the new princess’s name.

      Carol(e) is derived from Caroline, which is the French feminine version of Charles. Remember Carolus Magnus is the Latin name of who we know in French as Charlemagne and in English as Charles the Great. Charlotte is the French feminine diminutive of Charles.

      1. Even if Charlotte and Carole end up similar in meaning or derivation, the more obvious nod is to Charles. And if Carole tries pointing it out to press or social circles, she just looks like an even thicker social climber desperate to ride the Royal coattails- even a baby’s.

        1. I think you are right, Lexistential. I would never have guessed that Charlotte and Carole are connected as names. If Carole pointed that out, it would be her demise! It’s an obvious nod to PC.
          Not a fan of the name, but it is their choice. People can be so sensitive about what they choose to name their children. I have a friend who never divulged the names she and her husband decided upon when she was pregnant, because she said “You can just tell what people think of what you have chosen by the looks on their faces. That’s bad enough once the babies are here, but when you are pregnant, you are not eager for such looks.”

      2. She was named Charlotte not after anyone in the family, simply because as daughter off a prince of Wales she needs a name that had in the past belonged a princess of Wales, one was Queen Charlotte married to the Mad king George, and the other was a Princess married to Leopold, who died whilst giving birth, she was a much beloved princess, the country went into mourning on her death!also Kate’s daughter was born on the day of the marriage of Charlotte and Leopold

        1. Where are you getting that a daughter of a child of the Prince of Wales has to have a name of a former Princess of Wales? I have never heard that before.

          1. All the princes if wales share a name, look back in history… RichardIII his brother was prince if Wales and his name was George, all the names kings used to have were if course used to pick which one was suitable to use. But not nowadays if Charles ever becomes king, even though he has many names, he will be King Charles, times have moved on a little bit

          2. Almost all royals share a name with a former royal (save for some of the younger generation like Zara and Isla Phillips). They are a very traditional bunch. It doesn’t mean the *have* to have historical, familial names, but they choose them because they are so traditional and whatnot. Also, if W&K did have to choose a familial name, they could have gone with Alice, Elizabeth, Anne, Eleanor, Mary, Victoria, Jane, several others. They chose Charlotte because they liked it and possibly as a nod to Charles.

            And my point about the King name not necessarily being the first name is that it is not an absolute necessity that the King name be the first name. So if W&K had wanted to name George Alexander as a first name they could have and it would not have made too much of a difference because he could still have chosen George as a King name for if/when he becomes King. There are only two monarchs who have done that, so I’m not saying Charles is going to, but it is a possibility for any future monarch.

          3. Hayley, KMR is correct about the potential king’s possible names. Charles could very well choose another name when (if) he becomes king. He probably won’t, simply because it’s easier not to. But he could.

    2. I too am fine with having the spare a girl. It’s great to have a princess to focus on rather than the significant other of the prince. I hope she and her brother will be very close and she will lead a life full of purpose and change a lot of people’s lives.

      I just think of the late Princess Margaret and how unfortunate that she didn’t carve out a purposeful life for herself in her younger days. She was definitely more beautiful and talented than QEII and could have done so much.

      And CrazyAMG, may I ask why you adore the Duchess so much but can’t bear the Middletons? I ask with sincerity.

      1. Beatrice, there is apart of me that really feels sorry for Kate. I think she really believed in the fairy tale. I think that her mother is very controlling and had she not married PW she would have made Kate’s life miserable! I also believe that Kate is probably very smart but hides it to lift up PW! I really want the best for her. Now that she has the Princess Royal it is even more important that she believes in herself, step out of PW shadow. If she could just separate herself from her mothers control, I think she would make a respectful queen one day. Somewhere alone the way Kate lost all of her confidence. I am not sure if it was the long humiliating wait for PW or all of the bad press she received the first year of her marriage, but something happened to her spirit. My issue with Carole is that it seems she has no respect for the traditions of the Royal Family. I get the feeling she thinks she knows what its like to be royal and that Kate should listen to her vs Prince Charles or even the Queen! My gut tells me that if left unchecked she could destroy the BRF. She has complete control over Kate and manipulates PW. I also think she is going to make sure she is very close to PG and PC to manipulate them as well. This is my opinion of what is going on…. I could be wrong.

        1. Charlotte is a royal princess, not the Princess Royal. The Princess Royal is the first daughter of a monarch. The title can only be held by one person at a time and once bestowed cannot be taken away even if/when the monarch passes. Hence why The Queen never held the title and Princess Anne had to wait to receive it until much later. Princess Mary, George V’s daughter, was Princess Royal until her death in 1965. Anne didn’t become Princess Royal until 1987. Charlotte will only become Princess Royal if/when these two things happen: 1) Princess Anne dies, and 2) William ascends the throne.

        2. Wait CrazyAMG, I agree about Kate’s lack of confidence. But what bad press the first year of marriage? Kate only ever received praise. Especially in the first year of marriage. All the media was praising her for not setting a wrong foot and commenting on how she seemed like she was born Royal. I do think Kate lacks confidence, but that is not due to the media. They were mean to her when she was dating Will, but since the engagement, all the do is praise her every move.

      2. I absolutely LOVE the name Beatrice, you lucky dog, and was hoping it would be at least one of her names. I really like the name Charlotte (especially the nickname Lottie), but was hoping they would put Beatrice or Alexandra in there somewhere. I think the Diana choice is cringeworthy, but I approve of the Elizabeth, as it is the Queen’s name and also Kate’s middle name (mine as well, haha). Altogether, I think it’s pretty blah and them conforming to pressure, which I can’t respect. Could’ve been worse though. I am so relieved they didn’t go with Alice!!

    3. My prediction: she will become a sportswoman like Anne and Zara – and Charlotte Casiraghi. (Not necessarily in the horse world). Since it seems like that’s how Pippa and Kate spend their time – working out and being sporty. I don’t think Charlotte’s destined to be a humanitarian – she won’t have any influences in her life that will expose her to it.

      1. I agree about not becoming a humanitarian. Where would she even learn that from since her parents give no shits about humanitarianism?

        1. KMR, this may be a controversial statement, but I believe most people are born with a humanitarian spirit…. its a calling. If it was learned, we would have a kinder world. Diana had it, PH has it and maybe Charlotte. PW/Kate don’t have it and choose not (at this time) to try and embrace it!

        2. Ah, but all she needs to do is look to the memory of her grandmother, Diana? This child could do a great deal for humanity when she is grown.
          I am sure William will tell her many loving stories of his Mum. As for a sportswoman, methinks a dancer. She was so active in the womb and let’s not forget Diana was a lover of the dance. I am too hopeful, perhaps?!

        3. Fingers crossed that Charles can possibly intervene in Waity-inspired lack of direction, but she may be 1) a keen equestrienne as a sportswoman, or 2) environmental activist who continues Charles’s legacy.

          If she becomes humanitarian, it’ll be because she’s got Harry as an awesome uncle.

    4. Sadly I think Charlotte will be seen even less than George.

  7. I’m not a fan of Charlotte. I would have preferred Mary. It shows that Will and Kate are very predictable and only like vanilla and unoriginal names. It would have been nice for them to choose a name that wasn’t on the bookies list. I only worry that having Diana in her name is a big burden. Regardless it is a lovely name for a lovely baby. My hope for George and Charlotte is that they learn duty and service from their Uncle Harry.

    As for Harry, I think that he’s dodged the bullet. He sees all of the SWF that Kate does from the ring to just about everything else. Hopefully he will not make the same mistakes. He will have a bride who has her own identify. I do not think that Kate neither strong enough nor interesting enough to have her own.

    1. “It would have been nice for them to choose a name that wasn’t on the bookies list”

      Or at least farther down the bookie’s list. It’s just boring that W&K chose names we’d been hearing for months.

  8. I personally hate the name Charlotte. I have never liked this name. It reminds me of the movie Charlotte’s web and the woman who runs hrhduchesskate blog. It’s harsh and just not pretty.
    Elizabeth Diana Victoria would have been much better. Why put Diana’s name last?

        1. No doubt I think Charlotte from the blog was very intelligent and a great writer. I just never liked her name unfortunately… nothing pesonal against her. But when I hear the name, her blog comes to mind.

        2. I still read that blog but just don’t post comments anymore but I’ve seen some of snarky comments leveled at you. I have to say I always look forward to see what you have to say 🙂

          1. Same here.. Apparently, you cannot have an unpopular opinion or discussion there. I like the level of respect and discussion amongst commenters here by far. Charlotte is a class act but some commenters, not so much.

    1. I too think Charlotte is a harsh sounding name. The press are going to have a field day with the name especially if she acts up when she’s old enough to start dating. I can already see the headlines … Charlotte the Harlot. But I’m sure her daddy will protect her from such vile headlines.

      1. The only way her daddy can protect her from such vile headlines is to never let the press see her ever. William does not control the press as much as he would like to think. Also, given that she is the spare, she will most likely be thrown under the bus numerous times in order to make George look better. It happened with Harry. If they were going to have a girl, she should have been the heir. That way she would have been more likely to be protected by the press as the first born Golden Child.

        1. If William would give the press some photo ops with his kids as they grow up, the press would be more likely to be kind to them.

    2. I don’t like the name Charlotte either, but I do like names that can be changed, in this case to Charli or Lottie. As someone who has never liked my name, I gave my kids names that could be changed to suit their personalities if they wished.

      Charlotte is better on an adult than a baby. Charlotte of Cambridge…I like that!

    3. It reminds me of the name of the boat at the beginning of the movie National Treasure.

  9. I don’t mind vanilla names at all. As a teacher I get tired of trying to pronounce the creative ones. From the look on the kids’ faces, I think they’re tired of having people mangle their names too.

    I also live near Hollywood and roll my eyes at the crazy baby name competition they seem to have going on down there.

    Also having so many kids with the same name in the same class is tiresome. That’s what I hate when a name becomes trendy. I have had three or four kids in the same class with the same name.

      1. I understand. I have a unique name, it’s Welsh, and heard every iteration of my name. I’ve gone on to give my kids common nes because I got so tired of mine.

    1. When I was in school there were multiple people with my name. In one class there were 4 girls all with my name. It was horrible.

  10. I like the Princess’ name and all the meaning behind it. I thought it was lovely for them to pay tribute to William’s grandmother, and how nice that they wanted her to hear the name first before making it public.

    I just wanted to weigh in a bit on the whole Diana’s engagement ring debate. When I first saw Kate wearing Diana’s ring, my very first thought was “he couldn’t buy her something more original and fitting for her personality?” To this day I’m not thrilled with Kate wearing this ring. Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful ring, the stones are stunning but I wouldn’t want my late mother-in-law’s ring, especially given the history and all. Now, if William had taken the stones and had a new ring made with maybe just the diamonds and used the sapphire as a necklace for a wedding gift, I could have gotten on board with that. I almost feel like he took the lazy route, didn’t take Kate’s style or preferences into consideration, and went with a ring that he wanted Kate to have not a ring that Kate wanted to have.

    1. I agree with what you’ve said, but I honestly don’t think Kate would have the same feelings about a re-designed ring. My feeling is that she wanted Diana’s ring, exactly as it was because at that point in time she was determined to be the “next Diana,” so anything that would draw comparisons would be welcome. We now know that Kate has little to no personality and always kowtows to William’s demands, so maybe William wanted to do what you suggested, but drew a blank when he had to think of her personality so he gave it to her as is.

      1. I also think Kate wanted the ring as is. I think Harry’s future wife has dodged a bullet. If or when he gets married all Harry’s wife has to do is be herself, not SWF Diana, work hard and she will immediately look good next to Kate. Hopefully the Middleton’s fame whoring ways will also take the glare of the spotlight off of Harry’s future wife.

        1. Hi lazykins and Jennifer,

          You might be right, that Kate did want the ring exactly “as is”. It could certainly be rubbed in the faces of those who thought she was/is too “middle class” to marry the prince.

          I also agree that Harry’s future wife dodged a big, ole bullet. I’ve heard rumors that Chelsey is planning on meeting up with Harry in Australia and that she no longer works for a law firm in London. Maybe she’s ready to settle down too? She’s not a favorite for me, the dress she wore to W&K’s wedding was ghastly, but at this point the bar is set so low that as long as she’s been gainfully employed at one time or another she’s a winner. lol

          1. I hated how Chelsy was pitted against Kate. I, for one, love her. She had a career and wanted to pursue it. There was great love and affection between her and Harry. I’ve always felt that their timing was wrong.

          2. I think there was a lot of passion between Chelsy and Harry, and they held on to it as long as possible, when they should have ended it sooner, because it was their first real love. But I don’t think they are meant to be together long term and get married. I just don’t see that working long term.

          3. I’m with you on that one KMR. I think it was a first young love for both of them, they had their passions, their break-ups and reunions, but ultimately decided for their own reasons to end it. I can see them being friends, but I don’t think a marriage would work for them.

      2. I think William realized later in life (when he was about to propose) what a great idea the ring was. I don’t know what’s up with the Harry getting the ring but Willy stealing it away. I don’t think William thought much of it except it was a ring that belonged to someone special to him and decided to pass it down.

        I hate it that Kate has it. They should’ve chucked it into a museum. The ring is special to everyone who loved Diana. Kate is ruining it.

        1. Totally agree. I hate that Kate has it, and that should be worn as an heirloom for William’s and Harry’s daughters, like for 18th birthdays, or one girl gets it for Diana’s birthday celebrations. Not wives marrying in.

          Every time I see that ring, Kate has a maniacal Joker grin on. “See? See? I have The Ring.” UGH.

          1. The way she tried to subtly flash the “ring of doom” on Saturday was obvious and appalling behavior.

            She should have held the baby, in a more secure manner. The ring is NEVER going to turn her into a well-liked and popular Diana 2.0.

    2. They wanted HM to see her before making the name public, but HM has yet to see the baby, apparently she is coming to London to do that tomorrow.

      1. I read that W&K are going to Anmer today and will the Queen will meet the baby there. I wonder if Carole will be there for that visit?

        1. I stand corrected apparently the Queen will meet the new princess today at KP, then the Cambridge’s will leave for Anmer Hall. I’m assuming that William spoke to the Queen and told her the name before it was made public. Now I’m doubting that Carole will be there for that visit but is probably at AH making sure all is ready for the arrival later today or tomorrow.

    3. Diana’s sapphire ring is only famous because it was Diana’s. The design is very dated and rather unexceptional. The sapphire itself is good quality but it really is too large to be comfortable for everyday wear. While gemsstones are never hideous in themselves, they can be incorported into a piece of bad design – and IMO Diana’s sapphire ring is a piece of bad design – as in not very pretty, deeply unoriginal and rather impractical.

      1. I’m so happy to see your response, ArtHistorian! I always appreciate your perspective. I agree about the ring. It screams the 80’s for me.

        1. It doesn’t for me. That “halo” thing on engagement rings is very common right now.

      2. It is very impractical for everyday wear. I don’t necessarily think the design is ugly, but rather just boring. Stone with a halo of other stones. So common; so boring.

        1. What makes the ring special is that it was given to her by her husband, it was the ring of a much beloved mother and historical figure!

          1. It’s also the symbol of one of the worst marriages in recent BRF history. The “ring of doom” is bad luck.

            The stones should have been placed in a new setting and given to a grandchild of Diana.

    4. Maybe it’s because Kate doesn’t have a style or much personality of her own… surely something would have translated by now – in her interaction with the people she meets or her charities or even clothes but no. I mean seriously, in the decade she spent waiting for Will to marry her, or in the 4 years since, what bit of personality and style have you seen from Kate?

      She shares clothes with her mom, who helps her, along with Tash, to dress.

      The closest think we’ve seen to personality not the facade the palace or the Middleton’s feed us (whoever is telling her how to behave) is the eye roll in NYC and Dick Van Dyke skip.

      Surely even in the scripted moments there should be traces of who are. I don’t know.

        1. There is a long lens pap video of William and Kate strolling in the gardens of government house (I think) during their AUSNZ tour. Everyone agrees that this was one of their set up pap strolls! Anyway, long version the video shows Kate leaping in the air and clicking her heels. The short version doesn’t show that bit.

          1. Oh okay. I remember that heel click. I have never seen it referred to at a Dick Van Dyke skip.

          2. Yes I know, but they still wouldn’t do it, it’s a scottish kings name and they wouldn’t go through with it, it all about protocol, and I an very well aware of what happened in the past, but what worked for two opposing countries in the sixteen hundreds is not what would be done nowadays, I am British and live here, it’s completely different to what the rest if the world thinks or likes to imagine thecroyal family to be like!

  11. I like the name Charlotte. Im so happy Diana was honoured….and the name Elizabeth speaks for itself. Good choices

    1. Charlotte is Pippa’s middle name as well. The little princess has so many family cross overs in her name! I like it, but was sort of hoping for something “new” old. Wasn’t the last princess of Cambridge named Mary? So many names on the royal list they could choose from. I hope she’s fierce and able to assert her own identity from a young age! It will be a struggle, maybe the fairy godmothers will bless her with her great grandma’s tenacity 🙂

  12. SIGH… What is it with the ring hitting my eyes!!! It totally distracted me from looking at the baby. Picture after picture and I focus on the ring only.

    I don’t mind the name Charlotte at all. There’s nothing wrong with old fashioned names.

    A lot of people told me, wow you don’t hear people naming their daughters Beatrice anymore. When Princess Beatrice was born, my friend in highschool said Andrew and Fergie picked such an old fashioned name. Hey, I had no problems with her name.:))

        1. Pilot Inspektor would be a great name for a British Prince. Prince Pilot Inspektor. See, such a ring to it.

  13. I love the name, I am so happy that they honoured Diana and HM. I am just glad that “Catherine” was not in there somewhere!

      1. bluhare, I think Halia is referring to an article that Russian women are saying that Kate must have had a surrogate because she looked so good. That’s all.

        1. Yeah I saw there was some Russian article saying some woman thought Kate used a surrogate and that the baby had been born three days prior to when she was born because both Kate and the baby looked “too good” or something.

  14. Please check dm, i am not kidding! No wonder the middleton look serious yesterday? It is coming out!

    1. I’m just going to come out and openly contradict you – she didn’t use a surrogate. Not this time or last. No surrogate. And she didn’t die in a car crash months ago. And she’s not plotting to kill anyone so Will can ascend the throne faster. And OMG with these conspiracies.

      1. But, but, Red Snapper… Kate is a robot werewolf created by The Doctor in a galaxy far far away by using The Force and ginger snaps!

    2. I checked the DM and did not find what you are refering to. Please provide a link.

  15. Kmr what do you think its possible kate made a cesarean because the head and face of the baby looks very different from george!!!

    1. If Kate had a c-section she would have been kept in the hospital for longer than 12 hours. I had 2 c-sections and was in the hospital for 4-7 days, as it’s considered major surgery. Of course mine were almost 30 years ago but she would have been kept at least 2 days.

      1. I don’t know – I think they’ve got KP set up with all private staffing to handle this. The choice to have the baby in the hospital is just in case there is a problem during delivery – everyone did fine – no reason to hang out there when you can afford to have private care at home.

        1. That’s a good point. I remember reading that they have a surgical suite at BP so maybe they have one at KP too. But could she have walked down those stairs in heels if she’d had a C-section 10 hours earlier? I wouldn’t have thought so. I think she did it the non surgical way although I note nothing has been said about Kate’s lack of medication or the delivery method. But wouldn’t a midwife mean a vaginal delivery?

          1. There wouldn’t be any way Kate could walk to the bathroom unaided that soon after having a c-section let alone get dressed, have hair and makeup done and wear 3 inch heels.

    2. It seems that Kate gave birth much quicker this time than with George, so if the baby isn’t in the birth canal for very long the head shape would definitely be more rounded as opposed to cone shaped. Also, little Charlotte had a little hat on which could make her head appear more round.

      1. I think its quite possible they put a hat on her because her head was cone shaped… it sort of looks like it might be.

        1. I had a c section tree years ago and in Australia they do not let you get out of bed the same day as you have the baby, so there is no way that she would have been walking around 10 hours after the birth. And when I was able to get out of bed there was no way that I was able to walk like that for a good few days, and I have a very high pain threshold. There is no way that they would have allowed Waity to leave hospital that soon after the birth. I left 5 days after my daughter was born and we were seen at home by a midwife the next day to make sure that she and I were both well.

          1. Oops, that should be “Three” years ago not, “Tree” years. I need to start typing with my glasses on

    3. I’m going to defer to those who have actually had a cesarean for what it possible and not possible about that option.

      1. I had a “c” in 1998 and 2010. There was no way that I could walk swiftly or in heels or upright 7 hours post delivery. I could walk 100% upright by day 7. But, I walked at an angle for days. Heels? No. I was afraid of falling and busting my sutures open.

        1. I at first thought a cesarean was an option given how quickly the baby was born, but giving your account and the accounts of others I now don’t think Kate had a cesarean. Just is not possible given that she left the hospital so quickly.

          1. I had both of my children via c-section, they are 5 and 7. Yes, it is possible to be up and about after 10 hours. In fact in the US it is encourage to move around as soon as you can so you don’t develop a thrombus/embolism. Rhiannon is correct that it would not be good to go out for a jog or a brisk walk because you could rupture your sutures. A c-section is surgery, so one must be careful. However, putting on a dress/heels to stand outside for less than 10 minutes is perfectly fine. Not to mention, Kate looks to be in very good shape so her recovery will be quick. I know that I was up and about within 3 hours of both deliveries. My biggest issue was nausea from the anethesia. I was given pain meds and refused to take them because I hate taking medicine. I spent 2 full days in the hospital, because in the US most insurance companies will pay for 2 full days after a c-section. I see know issue with Kate’s appearance if she delivered via c-section.

          2. Hm… well now I’m confused. I’ve never had a c-section so I wouldn’t know what the standards are. I guess it’s different for everyone. I guess it’s possible Kate had a c-section and felt really good afterward. I just don’t know.

          3. For some reason, I’m thinking that if she had gone through a C-section it would have been possibly noted. It is a surgery and I do believe people would have been very understanding if she hadn’t come out right away.

    4. No way did she have a c section at all. I had one when I was 19 and could barely walk after 3 days! It hurt so bad and the only way to describe it is that I could not stand up “straight” and I was hunched over trying to walk even when I got home after 5 days. It wasn’t awful but it was painful and glad I healed very well. Fortunately for me, I have almost no scar and people can’t even tell I had one.
      I also want to add that the nurses did not try to make me walk until day 3 and did not advise me to get out of bed unless I really felt up to it.
      I still find it hard to believe Kate wore a white and yellow dress after giving birth less than 10 hours earlier. The bleeding is crazy after you give birth and just shocked she wore white outside to meet the paps. All the pads in the world can’t be trusted after you give birth IMO.

    5. I don’t think she had a c-section for several reasons: look at the way she goes up the stairs when getting back in, she spreads her legs a lot so I guess it indicates a vaginal birth, also I really don’t think she would have been able to get ready, sitting for a while while her hair was done with a c-section so soon after the birth.

      On some other subjects:
      I quite like the name though they were a very obvious choice.
      I have not been shocked by the fact that she got her hair done, and lots of make up (always too much to my taste, when will she drop the eye-liner?!) and the heels and the ring etc.
      I was not surprised either by the way that she handled the baby, 10 hours less the hours to get ready is not a lot to bond with your baby, and bonding is not always immediate. For my second child, though I was overwhelmed with joy, I think it took me up to three days to really start bonding (and no I did not have post partum depression or anything).
      The only thing that really disappointed me was that they did not want to talk to the press. Versions vary to who was responsible but a few kind words at least for the fans waiting if not for the press would have been a minimum showing of respect.

  16. Speaking of names, I have always wondered why Catherine is spelled with a ‘C’, but her nickname Kate is spelled with a ‘K’? Does anyone have an idea? Everyone Catherine I know, spells Cate with a ‘C’. Just as the other Katherine’s I know, spell it with a ‘K’. This has always confused me since her full name is spelled with one letter and her nickname is spelled with another :). The name game made me want to ask this. Sorry for being off topic.

    1. I’ve always wondered that too. Although I’m sort of amused how she hasn’t been able to make Catherine happen. Even People mag calls her Princess Kate (incorrectly). And the pro royalty Telegraph still call her Kate Middleton in their headlines. Ha ha!!

      1. Hardly anyone calls her Catherine. William always refers to her as Catherine. I guess since she was Kate for so long the press are unwilling to call her anything else. Mostly because of brand confusion and tagging of articles and such.

        1. I think it is a more formal thing that he has been doing since the wedding as I believe that in the terrible engagement TV interview they gave he called her Kate several times.

      1. I’ve never heard of Kate spelled with a ‘C’ until the actress Cate Blanchett became famous. Growing up, I was taught that the short form of Catherine or Katherine is always Kate with a K. In much the same way that Teddy is the shortform of Edward or Jack for John or Liz for Elizabeth or Harry for Henry. Kate spelt Cate seems to me like it’s a newfangled way to spell a name, like Jazmyn instead of Jasmin (Prince Albert of Monaco’s daughter).

        1. Teddy is short for Edward? I have never heard of that. I’ve heard of Teddy being the short for Theodore, and Eddie being the short for Edward, but never Teddy for Edward.

  17. I think the name is beautiful and by royal standards it’s pretty fresh, I think it suits her, it’s lovely.

    I’m glad they honoured HM. And Charles. If by Charlotte that’s what they were thinking… You never know with these two.

  18. I can’t imagine Harry giving that ring to his future wife. I think he took it because it was special to his mother and wanted to keep it as a part of her. Maybe the ring would have stayed with Harry’s family as part of the family jewels but not as an engagement ring.

    1. It could have been a nice cocktail ring for his daughter if he had no.

    1. Hi curlyLady!!

      I would hope it’s not Tanna. Tanna is married with a baby.

    1. “a photographer known to be close to Kate’s PA Natasha Archer turned up”

      Hm. I’m guessing it’s not one of the regular royal reporters, then. Because if it were, they would have already been there with all the other reporters and photographers waiting outside the Lindo Wing everyday.

      I went back through the archives to see which photographer W&K used for their official pictures of George. There are two: John Stillwell and Jason Bell. Stillwell took the 1st b-day pics, while Bell took the Christening pics and the pre-tour/mother’s day pic. Both of them are older so probably not them.


      1. Hi KMR – Now we all know Tash has a pet pap does this mean that some of the positive press out there could have been leaked through to him? Or is it ALL coming through Jason and his office? It’s just a thought as it wouldn’t be the first time Middletons have used a photographer for positive items – right (eg Niraj Tanna)?
        Or I could be wrong and Tash is kept around so she can be a stylist?

    1. It is because Kate coming out of the hospital made up like a doll wearing a white and yellow dress with heels is not the usual after a woman gives birth. It is not realistic for women without a team of hairdresser, makeup artist, etc. to expect to look like this. I find it crazy but stranger things have happened.
      I personally do not think they used a surrogate. I read that some women who give natural birth without drugs are up and walking around immediately, feeling great. It depends on the person obviously, how much you tear, how long you were in labor, etc.
      It is fun to read conspiracy theories and all but not too sure I believe this one. Although, anything is possible, I doubt it.

    2. They will print anything to get people’s interest. Obviously it works, as it’s gotten yours. Halia, they did not use a surrogate.

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